Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Amato Case - Cam Girl Obsession Turns Deadly

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hi guys how are you today my name is bailey

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every monday i sit down and i talk

about a true crime

story that’s been

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and let’s get into

today’s story i

should add a disclaimer because i

think in some

parts i got a little

graphic just a little bit warning

the following presentation is intended for

mature audiences

it contains

graphic descriptions of

crime scenes

strong language and

adult dialogue

viewer discretion

is advised wow

this story’s got it’s just

let’s just get

right into it today’s

story takes

place in toyota florida

let’s start off with just the family in general there

are kind of a lot of

names that can get a bit confusing but bear with me i’m

gonna try my best

so margaret and chad amato

they had three sons and they

lived in juliota florida like i had said the oldest son

jason wasn’t chad’s biological

son but chad

adopted him

at the age of

three and cared for him

as his own so

jason considered chad to be his father and soon

after margaret and chad got

married and then

had two more sons

so they went on to have cody

who was the middle son and then

grant who was the youngest

all three boys were said to grow up really close

and they did

everything together

they were big into

sports played outside went to football games and

seemed to just have like a really

great relationship

i mean so it seems you know

you never know what’s

going on behind

closed doors but it just

sounded like

it was good so margaret and chad

they provided a pretty good life

yeah a very good life i

would say because they

lived in this big beautiful ass

house they seem to be doing financially well

they had this big home they had nice cars

they had gaming

systems computers

i mean all the materialistic

stuff it seemed

you know that they had it all

must i say more no

margaret the mom she

loved horses

she adopted

a retired racehorse

she had like a stable

she kept the

horses and she

would go down to the

stables and work with her

horse she was very passionate

about horses

and if she wasn’t inside the home

then you could find her down at the

stable margaret

worked for a health care company

as a client operations manager

and her husband chad was a clinical pharmacist

at a local cvs

but he also had a second job

hobby working on computers and

building computers as well

growing up it was said that the home was pretty loving

but chad their dad

could be very

strong very old

school type of guy you know

where there’s like

never any physical

abuse going on in the home

but also it was just like you didn’t want to piss

chat off you didn’t

wanna piss your dad off he was just stricter

and he had rules

that you had to follow and if you didn’t

wanna follow his rules

then you could get out you know

so the oldest son

jason he ended up moving out when he was

19 years old around that

age he would go on to

start his own family as well he said that he was

still really close

to his family he

would visit the home

on holidays he was always welcome and he

tried to be around when he

could but again he had his own life in his own family

so it was just

every so often

during their high

school years cody and

grant were set to do

everything together

cody was only one year

older than grant so they were pretty

close in age

they both were

like on the weightlifting team together at their high

school they played

video games together they

built their own computers together yeah

learning from

like how to do so from

their father

cause their father did the same thing

also the family

everyone seemed to own

their own guns

and they were

a big gun family it seemed like i don’t know

but they all had

their own guns and they

often went to like the

shooting range together

and both cody and grant

also started

their own airsoft league

now it was said that

grant the youngest

he was a bit of a

loner he was kind of like the odd ball

well cody seemed to be like his only friend

any friends

that were cody’s friends though

were grant’s

friends but it seemed like

those friends

wouldn’t necessarily just invite

grant out you

know i’m saying like it was that type of deal where

grant seemed to rely on cody to

provide friends

so grant the youngest

he went on to attend

ucf and then

in 2011 he got his nursing degree

and he wanted to get into the medical

fields like

pretty much the rest of his family

cause all of his family at this

point was working in the medical field

so then in 2018

grant was then

29 he was either 28 29 at the time but he

was fired from the hospital

that he was working at

because mm hmm

grant he was accused of stealing

eight vials of propofol

a heavy duty

sedative that’s

typically used during surgery

grant was caught

caught with

eight vials of it like in his pocket like he was

gonna take it home

party or something we don’t know

we don’t know

grant was caught

and he was arrested

and in the arrest report it said that grant

admitted to

stealing the drug to give to patients that he felt were

not being adequately

sedated by doctor

ordered medication

he was arrested and

charged with

grand theft

but in november the charges were

dropped it’s believed that the charges were

dropped because

grant was claiming that he was giving this

medication to

other patients at the hospital

which potentially

could open up

lawsuits against

the hospital if it were true

it’s believed that

grant wasn’t

actually giving

this to his patients that he was actually just

going to take it home and use it himself

but there isn’t any

proof of that so it was just

completely dropped because

potentially it

could open up

lawsuits and all that jazz

and all that jazz

that’s what it always comes down to

money lawsuits

not about the

right thing huh

so at this time when

grant gets fired he’s

still living with his mom and dad

and again he’s

about 28 29

and then also cody is

still living with

his parents as well so it’s cody

grant margaret and

chad all living together

under one roof okay

now his family

is just very

upset with him

disappointed with him obviously

it became a very heated

topic when the family

would push him ask him

questions like when are you

gonna get a job

you know parents

asking questions like when am i

gonna get a job

but they would get into an

argument because

grant just kind of fell

into what seemed to be

depression he didn’t seem to be

motivated at all

to get a new

job yeah anytime his parents brought it up it

would just start a

fight the parents seemed to just kind of be a little

getting frustrated with

grant because he’s living rent free you know

has no job and

everyone was paying for whatever

grant needed at that time

and when he

asked they would just give him money

when grandparents

would refuse to give him

money he would ask his brother cody who

and was the

older brother

and often times cody

would give him

money for anything that he needed

so pretty much everybody was

taking care of grant

while he was trying to find a job now grant

spent a lot of his time on his computer

computer or gaming and he was home all the time

with like nothing to do because he didn’t have a job

so what’s like a lonely

what’s a lonely person looking for some

sweet loving gonna do

you know well

he found his way to a website called myfreakam

com not sponsored

it was an x

rated website where you

could chat with or even just

view different cam girls and pay for like one on one

video sex chat

boom kind of website

now if you don’t know what a cam girl website is

that’s a great question a cam girl website is

where women

even men too don’t get me

wrong can go on

there and like you can just be like all sexy and like

and then people can pay you to

chat with you and it’s really up to the cam girl or guy

how far they

wanna go like if whether it be

like some sexual

stuff or if it’s just more

pg 13 it’s all up to them but it can get

you know way more x rated

as they say

so grant is on there

right when he’s looking around

he finds this woman

she’s a cam

model and her name is sylvie

and she’s from

bulgaria sylvie

now grant fell in love with

sylvie okay

she was beautiful she was

smart plus she

would make him feel special now

grant would

keep coming back to

see sylvie on the website they

would talk for

hours and grant

just felt like he was

truly in an intimate relationship with this

woman sylvie he told

sylvie that he was a very

successful professional gamer

and that he

drove a fancy bmw

and he was living in his own

apartment creating a new persona

for himself online

i mean why not you know

the internet

doesn’t know if you’re

lying or not

it was said that

grant would

spend hours upon

hours online

watching sylvie

model and dance online

he would also get one on one time with sylvie

where she would

model for him and

or do sexual

things online

while grant was

watching now

grant would pay

in order to

watch or have one on one time with her but he felt

the more money he

spent with this new persona he was

you know putting out there

the more attention he was receiving from sylvie

i’m sure this

attention was just nice it’s probably felt nice

somebody likes me you know

grant said that in

order to watch

sylvie it costed 90 tokens per minute and

grant had purchased

5 000 tokens

for 600 math

which means he

would get about an hour or 56 minutes of

sylvie’s time for 600

i’m in the wrong business

as their relationship continued

grant would mail

sylvie sex toys

or lingerie

that she would

model for him

and at first

grant was spending about

four hours a

night watching sylvie

which was costing him

about 2 500

a day in november of

2019 bank statements showed that

grant was spending up to 20 000 a

night sending this

money to sylvie and tips

while he watched

20 000 a night

rant was just growing more

and more out of control like this is just

sounds like a full

blown addiction

now you’re probably

wondering well how the hell was he getting his

money cause he didn’t have he didn’t have a job

he wasn’t working and he was dedicating a lot

of his time to just

watching sylvie

so it was said

that he was getting the

money from his parents credit cards and also by hacking

their bank accounts or his brother cody

would give him

money from time to time nobody really knew what it was

going towards but

yeah now it’s unclear at what

point grant’s parents

had caught on

but it was said that chad and margaret had confronted

grant about

these like 600

charges that they were seeing in

their bank accounts and

grant had told his

that he was

spending the

money on twitch

promoting his account so he

would grow in followers and subscribers

and in the long run that it

would pay off because if you are a

video game streamer

i mean i think they make a lot of

money right

so grant’s mother father and his brother

they knew that he was like

stealing and

spending a large

amount of money

they’re unsure

if they knew

what exactly it was for like what the

truth was but anytime it was brought up it was just

again like a heated

topic cody tried to be the calm one in the family

he tried to tell

grant hey i’ll be here and i’ll help you in any way

and i can help you

pay everybody back and

he was just the one who seemed to be trying to keep the

peace in the family

and keep everybody calm

cody just seemed like he was always trying to protect

grant so earlier i said that

the parents had looked at their bank

statements from

2019 it was from 2018 sorry

in december of 2018

grant and his brother cody

plus a friend

named jericho they went to or they went on a trip to

japan the group was really into

anime and was looking forward to

going and seeing the

art the culture

and just anime

i believe there was like a

studio out there that they were an animation

studio that they were really

excited about but

they all went now because

grant had no

money cody his brother

ended up covering all costs for him to go i know

it was said that the last day that they were in japan

grant told cody

and his friend

that he wasn’t

feeling very well and that he wanted to stay behind

while the two

other went out to kind of

adventure around a little bit before they left

so later on

it was discovered that

grant actually had taken or

stolen i should say

their friend jericho’s credit card

and he went to a

place with wi fi

and used the card to pay

and watch sylvie

while the other two were away the friend

allegedly i

should say he didn’t notice

that the card was gone

until he got a notification or a

phone call from his parent asking like why are you

charging this

this large amount

cause it was like 600

why are you

like what is this charge

and that’s when they realized that grant

had taken his card i mean

he sounds like a drug addict

right he’s just got to get his

sylvie fix now when the brothers had returned home

things got heated

grant’s father was

disappointed that grant

still didn’t have a job

and that he wasn’t really doing anything with his life

except for spending everybody else’s

money and putting everyone into debt

at the end of december of 2018

their father chad was

looking at his bank records

again and discovered that a lot more

money was missing

which he then

asked grant

about it and it led to an argument now grant

ended up leaving the home

that day and he just kind of

drove off into the

night right

and this was on december 19th of 2018

his mother called 911

and she expressed that you know she was

worried about him because he seemed really depressed

and she believed that he may have been

possibly suicidal

margaret then

told the police that she had received a text from

grant saying

quote i’m really

tired of everything just

going to handle it my own way end

quote grant

ended up driving out to his aunt’s home

which wasn’t

too far it was in florida i

think it was an

orange county

i don’t remember

sorry but he

ended up driving out to his

aunt’s home

he asked if he

could stay there with her and she agreed she let him in

his aunt said that he seemed very depressed

she had noticed that he just seemed like he was lost

wasn’t there

she also noticed that

grant would be asleep all day

and then stay up all

night his aunt and

uncle they also had guns in the home

and they thought it

would be best

if they took the guns they locked him up at

least for while

grant was staying

there because he just seemed very down

so a few days

go by and his aunt looks at

her bank account and what does she see yes

grant again what the hell are you doing she sees all

these weird charges

and they’re for hundreds of dollars

she doesn’t

recognize them and then that’s when she finds out that

grant had stolen her credit card information and was

using it to pay and watch

sylvie at night

while the family was asleep

like what the heck are you doing you know

also it was said that grant’s

uncle grandma

and one of his cousins

all had charges on

their cards

again from grant to

watch sylvie

so he was just hacking


bank account at

least in his family it seems so

grant’s aunt calls up

grant’s father

his name is chad remember

and she’s like hey

listen he stole

my credit card information and

have these weird charges and she’s telling them

everything right and then that’s when

grant’s father just had

a full blown

breakdown and cried on the

phone telling her that

this has been

going on and

the family was in

150 000 dollars

worth of debt

that was caused

by grants spending on

this website or whatever

150 000 dollars

in debt chad told

her over the

phone that he didn’t

think he would be able to retire for years but

that it was okay

because he wanted to do it for

grant and he didn’t want him to go to jail

asked her to please not

press charges

and chad promised that he

would pay her back any of the

money that was made from

grant grant had

stolen between

two hundred to two hundred and

fifty thousand dollars

from the family

just so he could interact with

sylvie online

so it was like a hundred and

fifty thousand

just from his family

alone and then from his immediate family

and then his aunt

uncle grandma

grandpa like

everybody else was getting hit around him too

and grant he had a

problem and the family didn’t want him to go to prison

they knew he needed help and not prison

so the family mom dad

cody and their

older brother jason

they all came up with a plan

to confront

grant at their

aunt’s house

and have like a little intervention

the family showed

up and then they waited outside of the aunt’s

house and then once grant

leaves the home

he was walking out like he’s walking back to his car

that’s when they all confront him

and they were

either taking him to a

treatment facility

or he was going to be cut off from the family

that’s what they’re telling him

hey man we think that you have a problem

you’re literally

stealing everybody’s money

and we just

wanna help you and we don’t want you to go to prison

so please just go to this

treatment facility

get some help

and you know

will definitely help you

the family just seemed very supportive

and gave him

so many chances

they just wanted to help him

now it was said that grant

was the quiet

submissive type and

that he didn’t really say anything when this happened

he was just kind of like okay yeah you

know and that he voluntarily

went to the rehab

clinic in south florida

now this clinic

is mainly for

people with addiction drug addiction and whatnot but

i mean there really aren’t many clinics that focus

strictly on like internet addiction

so okay he agrees cool so they

drive them out there they’re like

yes this is gonna be

great you know

grant’s gonna change

yippee ki yay

let’s go so they

drive him out there to the facility

and the family pays 15 000 dollars

for him to receive 60

days of treatment

and then they all just kind of went back home

cody and chad

chad’s the father

cody is the old the middle

child remember but they were able to hack into grant’s

computer back at the

house and then

that’s when they saw like this fake life that

grant was living online

this is when they find out the whole

truth you know

so they saw that

grant was claiming to be a successful

gamer who lived

alone had nice cars and just

where all this money was

going this is why i can’t be a parent

cause i would lose my shit

well they decide just to take matters into

their own hand you know let’s just

reach out to all of

grant’s friends

and reach out to this

sylvie lady and

tell her the

truth so they did just that

they go on there they message everybody

when grant went to go talk to sylvie

there’s almost like a community there’s like a

handful of people who

were very loyal to sylvie

and were always there when she went live

and they all kind of became friends

they shared this interest in

sylvie and kind of had a connection

about that i guess

i’m not really sure but he became

friends with the people who also viewed sylvie so

cody and chad

they message everybody

and pretty much tell them the

truth saying that

grant had been

lying that he actually

lived at home he had no job he had a basic

vehicle they told

sylvie that

grant had been giving her stolen

money from the family

and that they were no longer allowed to contact each

other grant’s in

treatment and he’s there for two weeks

after two weeks

grant leaves the

treatment center

saying that

he’s cured he’s

fixed i’m healed

wow i’m all good now

grant apparently

allegedly he went to the

treatment center and was just telling them

everything that they wanted to hear pretty much the

treatment center said that they really couldn’t do

anything for him

so they just kinda

they let him go

after two weeks

grant goes back to the family home

and i don’t really

know why the family allowed him to come back home

but they did and you know we can’t

judge we’re not them

so on january

5th grant comes back home

and he’s allowed to stay there but he’s

gonna have some new rules that

chad his dad put in place

so chad and

grant sat down

and he gave

grant some ultimatums like

you can either live in my

house and follow my rules

or you could

leave move out or just

join the military

you know if you stay in my home

then you are no longer allowed to have a cell phone

and if you do have a cell

phone you’re

not allowed to have one that has internet access

so it’s just like a little flip

phone or something you know

grant would not be allowed to use the internet

at night and they were

going to take away his computer out of his room

also that he needed to get a job and

start paying off some of the debts that he owed

this is what chad is telling

grant which

sounds like what most parents

would do a lot of people

do do this usually to like a

teenager you know but

grant is almost 30 years old

so it’s like

come on grant get it together man

you’re an adult

get it together

now the biggest and the most

upsetting rule

grant was going to have to cut

all ties with

sylvi like it

was done he was not allowed to contact her

so when chad tells

grant like you can’t talk to

sylvi anymore

that’s at the moment when he informs

grant like hey we actually contacted her

mm hmm and we told her the truth

and in my mind

that’s probably the moment that really just set

grant off and probably just i mean that

would be just embarrassing and

he’s probably

angry cause he

thinks he’s in love with this woman

so chad is trying to explain to

grant that you’re

literally putting a stranger that you’ve never met

over your own family and that now

the family is financially struggling because of this

i just trying to get through to

grant like open his eyes like it’s not

worth it what are you doing we’re trying to help you

now grant agreed to

these rules in

order to stay in the house

it was said that margaret

grant’s mother

she was more sad

because her son like

her baby she seemed to have like a soft spot for grant

but time went on and grant

was seeming to follow the rules

just trying to

get his life together but it didn’t really last long i

guess grant

would go to margaret his

mother ask if he

could use her phone

because her

phone could access

internet and margaret

would allow him to use her

phone and talk to

sylvie on twitter

on january twenty fourth chad

found out that

grant was using his

mother’s phone to

still talk to sylvie

and told him that

he needed to get out that he had ruined his retirement

and to just

leave chad then left for work

grant is said that he was

you know packing like a

small bag because he was

gonna leave

and then cody was at work as well

receiving text messages

about what was

going on back at home

because there was like an argument

around 9 15 pm cody

was done with his

shift at work he told his

girlfriend that he had to go home and

quote deal with

stupid shit end quote

aka the family

drama thing that was happening and

he went home

on friday january 25th

2019 the sheriff’s office

got a call from one of cody’s friends and co workers

he told a dispatcher that

he was concerned because cody hadn’t showed up for work

plus cody wasn’t responding to any text messages

and according to this friend

who had worked with and

known cody for years said that cody always had his

phone on him

and that in the years that he knew him

never came late to work so it was just strange that

cody wouldn’t show up

police went out to the home to perform a welfare

check at 9 17 am

they knock on the door

and they get no answer

the cars were in the driveway

and they also

noticed that all the windows downstairs were

covered with

paper so you couldn’t even see in the windows

they were able to use a

knife and open

the lock on the door to the master bedroom

and then the police

walk into the home and then they see

the body of chad

lying on his back on the

kitchen floor with

blood just all around him

there was a pool of

dried blood in two different areas of the kitchen

and also what seemed to

be like claw marks through the

smeared blood

as if he was trying to

crawl his way

across the floor

to get somewhere maybe get

to the phone

we’re not sure but there’s

photos i wouldn’t recommend it i mean

it’s better if you didn’t

there was chicken on the

counter defrosting and chad’s

lunch box was on the floor

it seemed like

maybe chad had just gotten home from work

he went to the

kitchen to unpack his

lunch bag take out the chicken

maybe and start dinner

when he was shot from behind

he also had a gun and

holster on his

right hip they continue

searching around the

house and they find margaret in her office

she’s sitting

in her chair and she’s

slumped over on top of her computer

she had a glass of wine

on the desk and her computer was open and she

was shot from behind

oh i’m sorry and

she was dead same with

chad as well

they also find cody who was

dressed in his work

scrubs laying on the

floor by the door to the garage

he also had been shot

and was dead there was also a backpack near him

and there were

two different handguns laying

about five feet away from cody and four

bullet casings were

found on the ground as well at first

it appeared to be a murder suicide

that cody may have shot his

mother father and then himself

but once the

crime scene was looked at more closely

they had reason to believe that this was indeed

not a murder suicide police had come out to the home

previously and they knew that there was another son

grant who lived there

but he was nowhere to be

found that day the next

day a saturday

they were able to

track down grant’s car

at a double tree

hotel in orange

county florida

and police were able to find

which room grant was in

and they knock on the door

to get grant

and on police body cam footage

you can see

grant like crawling

on the ground when police come in

and he turns around he’s on his knees

he turns around

to be handcuffed at this time they had no

no evidence on

grant there was no fingerprints

found there was no dna

linking to like a killer at all

there was no murder weapon

it’s believed that whoever had done this

made sure to

lean up afterwards and then

stage the scene

so grant wasn’t

under arrest he was just being

taken in for questioning

and so grant goes in for questioning and he

would be there for over seven

hours just talking to investigators

about what’s been

going on within the last few

months the problems they were having and the

money problems

pretty much just

everything we talked

about right now

he was really honest

well but he was he was like honest

about the money and the girl and

stuff he didn’t try and like make anything up but

he told investigators that

chad had confronted him

about sylvie on the

night of the 24th

and that chad told him he needed to

leave the house

grant said that he packed a bag and then he left

the house but before he left

cody had stopped him

and said that he

would promise to take care of

their parents and try to calm down the situation

grant told investigators

that when he left everyone was

alive and fine

grant was trying to set it up to investigators in a way

that made it

sound like cody was

going to talk to the parents

and then he left the

house and he had no idea what happened after that

so he’s suggesting like i don’t know and

cody said he was

gonna deal with it

and you can actually

watch the full questioning

video on youtube but here’s the kicker

here’s the kicker

grant grant

some of us are pretty observant

okay and we noticed something

grant he’s claiming that he left the

house and nothing to do with anything

right he’s like i left

everyone was

alive i don’t know well then grant

how come in those

hours of questioning

not once did

grant ask hey why am i here

what what happened to my family why are you asking me

about why are you asking questions in the

first place

so he’s trying to give off this

impression that he’s

completely innocent

he hasn’t even

been told what happened to his family yet

okay so and

grant if you’re so innocent

why wasn’t when police came into the

hotel you automatically got on your knees

and turned around to be arrested

if he knew what happened to his family

i would assume that you would

not ask questions

as far as like why am i here and

stuff but if you didn’t know

your first question

would be like what the

hell why am i here why are you why are you why are you

knocking at my

hotel door stupid

he’s a stupid ass

yeah grant didn’t even ask

about halfway

into the interrogation

is when finally one of the detectives pulls out

photos of the

crime scene shows it to

grant asking him

if that’s you know how he left the house

is that how your

mother looked

and like shows him a

picture of his

mother’s body and

he does again like or what

about chad and cody

and shows grant

pictures of

their bodies and

the whole gory scene

and grant appears to be very upset but

claims that he had nothing to do with this

grant said that the family had been blaming him for

months for ruining

their lives

stealing from them and not following any of

their rules

set in place so he

might as well be blamed for this too

like he was just being such a diva

grant originally said that he had packed

his bag and then left the home around 9 30 pm

and that his family was fine

and then his

story changed and he said he left around 12 30

in the morning and

spent the night in a grocery

store parking lot then

drove to a job interview in the morning


were pushing trying to get some kind of confession from

grant but he

stood by his innocence

grant’s older brother

jason the one who lives on his own

and the only

member that’s

still alive

well besides

grant but grant

is a piece of shit

jason comes down

he’s called down and informed

about what happened obviously

jason’s extremely

upset but they did

allow a one on one meeting with

jason and grant

you see jason walk in and give

grant a hug and then just sit down

and press grant

for some answers asking him if

he had anything to do with it

please just tell me i need closure

i need to know and i

would be very upset if i

heard from an attorney

or the media

that you did it

instead of yourself this is what

jason sanja grant

jason just seems like kindest person ever

completely devastated that he just lost his

whole family

and the only one who

lived at that

house and was still

alive had no answers for him

jason didn’t seem like

angry or aggressive at all just asking for the

truth it’s just

oh it’s so sad to watch

based on what i

watched and

heard and read in the

court documents

it’s like it just seemed like this family really cared

about one another and it’s just so


by the end of the meeting

jason tells

grant that he thought he had something to do with it

and that he just didn’t know what to do

now grant though

stood by his innocence

but also just didn’t even say much

i guess he just

wasn’t much of a talker in general so it wasn’t unusual

grant was released

on the 26 because

again they had no evidence

showing that he did it

they had no

fingerprints no dna nothing linking him to the

crime so detectives knew that they were

going to have to

build like a really

strong case

against him in

order to get a conviction

i mean he’s

the only one who had a motive yeah all signs are

pointing to him

but there’s actually no physical evidence and that’s

where they were struggling so they let him out and

investigators question anyone

close to the family and they get more information

about grant’s relationship

with his online girlfriend

honey cody’s

girlfriend told investigators that cody had told her

that he was afraid that

grant would kill everyone

and at the same time

crime scene

investigators are

building their case

it was determined that it was not

murder suicide due to many

things cody

his body was on the

floor next to the door

which led to the garage

but there was no

blood on the door behind him

or the door

frame which meant that

the door had been opened when

cody was shot so someone had to shut the door after

cody was shot like if you die

you can’t shut a door

also it was determined that cody’s body had been

moved there was a pool of

blood at his feet

and no blood near his head

so it was determined that his body was like

moved around

also it was determined that cody was shot from

three feet away

which again

proves that it wasn’t a murder

suicide so it was determined that chad was shot from

behind and that

the first shot didn’t kill him so

he was trying to

move across the

floor and that’s why there were

streaks in the

blood showing that he was trying to move

but then he was shot

again while on the

kitchen floor

he was again kind of

moved around

in a way that made it look like cody had shot him

and then margaret

was not moved but she was shot

from behind at her desk and

that just killed her

grant was arrested and

charged with

three counts of premeditated murder

on him they

found a pair

of leather gloves

credit and debit card

which belonged to his father

and brother cody

he also had his passport with him

which led investigators to believe that

maybe he was

gonna try and flee go see his

girlfriend sylvie

you know there was

also a hand written note

found in grant’s

possession signed from cody

and the note it pretty much said i’m

sorry for what’s going on

going on and i’ll take care of it don’t

worry i’m not

gonna go too much into detail

about what it said because it was

later determined that

it was written by

grant to kind of feed into the murder suicide

storyline that he was trying to create

which is pathetic because

it was like his own

brother i’m like

so his trial was in july of

2019 and he

still claimed that he was innocent

grant’s team suggested that

maybe someone

broke into the house

maybe it was a drug deal gone bad

because they had found a

small amount of marijuana in the home

so they were like

oh yeah they were dealing

drugs how many drugs there was lots of drugs marijuana

oh my god they’re dating

a drug deal like they just

found that marijuana

was like that’s it drug deal gone bad you know

based off forensic evidence

it was determined that

margaret was shot in the head from behind as she sat

at her desk

the last activity on margaret’s computer was at 4 44 pm

so it’s believed that this you know

started at that time

cody and chad were not home yet

when grant shot his

mother then

chad came home

around 5 30 p m

he went to the

kitchen to put his

stuff away get dinner

started that’s when grant

quietly approached him from behind

and shot his father

and investigators

knew this because on chad’s iphone was

it was tracking all of his steps through one of those

like fitness apps

you know the step

counters so they

could see how many steps chad took

and then when it stopped then cody

arrived home

from work around 10 pm

and he walked through the garage that connects to the

house he walked in the door

and then that’s when

grant just shot him

then it said that grant

spent several

hours at the home

moving bodies around and staging it

to look like

again a murder suicide

remember how i mentioned that there were four

bullet shell

casings on the ground

and it was determined

that the four

bullets that were

found did not or the shells

i should say

did not come from any of the handguns that were

found in the home

they came from an unknown weapon

and the gun

that it came from was

never found also

chad the father had a gun

holster on his

right hip and it was

later proved that this was placed on him

after his death

there was a spot of

blood on chad’s

pants under the

holster which

wouldn’t have

been able to get there if he was indeed wearing the

holster when

he was shot around midnight it was determined

that chad had logged into his banking app on his iphone

using the finger

reader on the night

that he had died also it was shown that

money was transferred from chad

his bank to

grant’s bank account through the app

jesus i know when investigators

looked at chats finger they saw that it had been

wiped clean

and it’s believed that grant

cleaned his

dead dad’s finger

clean the finger

and then use it to log into his his

phone what kind of

special fucked

up is that that’s when i read that was like what

though that same

night after murdering his

whole family

grant also used

cody his brother his brother’s credit card

to pay and watch sylvie

sending her over 600

while sitting in his car

in the grocery

store parking lot

at three in the morning so

after he murders his family he

drives to a grocery

store parking lot

sits there and

watches sylvie

what the fuck

yeah yeah i don’t even know what to say

just unbelievable so they had found

gloves in grant’s possession at the time of his arrest

and they were

taken in to be tested for gunpowder residue which it

came back positive

grant said that’s because he wore

these gloves all the time when he shot but

numerous witnesses said that he rarely wore

these gloves like ever on grant’s computer

a typed out letter was

found by grant to send to sylvie into

some of his friends he made online

and this letter was typed

two days before the murders

it’s long so i’ll give you like a little summary

pretty much

grant apologizes for

lying about himself and confesses that he

isn’t successful

and that he lives at home

that he lied because he wanted to stand out

sylvie and like get her attention

grant said that his family

found out about the money

spent and ambushed him

then forcefully made him

go to a clinic

for his unhealthy addiction to

sylvie and cam girls he then goes on to say that

everything his family mentioned to sylvie was a lie

in his image he then says that he will

never be able to forgive himself for making

sylvie sad and for betraying her

trust in him

he begs for her forgiveness and

asks for quote

an actual second chance end

quote then going on to say that he will

do whatever it takes to be able to show the real him

this letter is

eight pages

long just begging for forgiveness and how he will

never get over

sylvie and how he

never plans to replace her

and towards the end of the

eight page letter he says i can’t

give up on her and i

never will she is my

everything i will give her my life

simply be able to make her

smile again

dramatic much

the jury spent i believe like

eight hours

and they come back

and give grant his verdict

mind you he showed

no no emotion

during the trial

even when his

older brother took the

stand and just cried over his lost family

grant just looked like

a vampire like he

kinda looks like this creepy ass

vampire and he was just

cold balding emotionless

fragile looking

vampire i don’t know it was just like so

uncomfortable to

watch in the very beginning and like the opening

statements i believe

grant started crying when they showed

pictures of

you know the

parents and his brother’s

bodies to the jury

and throughout the whole

thing though just nothing it was

weird but then i

guess at one

point they show the jury like a

picture of sylvia on this screen and

grant like his eyes are just kind of like fixated on

sylvie on the big

screen and it’s just like oh my god dude really

like your whole family’s dead and you’re

still obsessed with her i don’t yep anyways

their jury decided not to give him the

death penalty

instead they sentenced

him to life in prison without the possibility of parole

grant a motto

will be spending the rest of his life in prison

to this day he

still claims that he is innocent

and when approached by

media asking for an interview he said he

would be open to doing so only if the company

would maybe help

cover costs to get him out of prison

or if they could put him in

touch with a millionaire who

would help him get out of prison

yeah he thinks that’s

gonna happen he’s still

denying denying even though all signs

point to you

grant grant says he has

quite a few pen pals in prison and people

support and

stand by him and are

rooting for him to get out and you’re

probably wondering well what the heck happened sylvie

cause yeah i had questions too

some people were

thinking you know

maybe sylvie was

involved somehow

or maybe she was pressuring

grant to do it or

maybe steal the

money you know

maybe something more was

going on well

i don’t really know what happened to her to be honest

i tried to find out

okay i went through the

court documents mind you there’s like thousands of

court documents so i mean

maybe i missed it

but i couldn’t find anything

there were two names on the witness list that were

blacked out i’m

thinking that

maybe that was one of it was like

maybe sylvie

i don’t know

we don’t know i’m

assuming that

sylvie was questioned because why

wouldn’t she be i feel like that

would make sense

but in the opening

statements it was suggested like sylvie

may not be her real name

so i was thinking that

maybe sylvie was like her cam girl name

and she didn’t want her real name out there

in the public like when it was

in court and in the

media and whatnot

that’s what i’m thinking

but i’m sure they questioned her

right they had to i personally have a feeling that

sylvie i don’t

think she had any idea

of what grant was really doing

i’m sure that she was just

you know accepting

the money from him i mean who

wouldn’t you don’t question

every customer that comes into your

store you just

take the money and they get the fuck out

so i feel like

she probably didn’t know

but who knows i

i don’t know

so that is the horrible

story about

grant a motto

and what he did

to his poor family

rest in peace to chad

margaret and cody a

motto whose lives were

taken because of this

selfish entitled brat who

sadly was their own son sheesh

stories like this are just

heartbreaking because it seems like this family

truly was trying to do

everything they

could for their son

or just their family in general a grant

who knows what the fuck was

going on with him

because he was acting like an entitled

teenager a 30 year old teenager

it’s just unbelievable

and like for what for some titties like come on

what was this plan

jeez so many questions what a

gross human being

thank you guys so much for hanging out with me

today let me know your thoughts down

below i think

naturally a lot of people want to say like mole

why aren’t the family

do this and

do that it’s like well you know we don’t know

we don’t know and the

whole thing is just sad poor family

i don’t want kids because what if i

have one of

these shitheads oh

i don’t know what i

would be pissed

thank you guys so much for hanging out with me

today i hope you have a wonderful rest of your day

please please please stay safe out there

make good choices but most of all if you have kids

i don’t want to tell you how to parent but

make sure to monitor what your kids are doing online

but other than that

i love you guys

you guys and i’ll be seeing you later bye