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story I do need to add a disclaimer

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the following presentation is intended for

mature audiences

it contains graphic

it contains

graphic descriptions of

crime scenes

adult dialogue

and strong language

viewer discretion

is advised but

other than that yes let’s just hop

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skadoodle right into it I have gotten

requested a lot to do this

story I kinda was

avoiding it

because I try to

avoid stories that are

super well known

just because I feel like

it’s been told so many times what else can I add to the

story you know

but I’m doing it anyways

I like to give in to you guys his name

is Richard Ramirez

AKA the Night

Stalker so Richard was one of 5 children and his

father was a former police officer who was working in

juarez Mexico

here it comes but he

ended up leaving Mexico and he went to work on the

Santa Fe railroad the

whole family relocated to

Texas so his father was a very hard working man

and was determined just to provide for his family as

you know a parent should

but he was prone to

bursts of anger

and he would

often physically

abuse his wife and his children

it was like a very

toxic environment

a very ANGRY

angry FATHER at the

age of 2 Richard was

struck in the head with like a falling

piece of furniture

which doesn’t

sound that bad

but you know

furniture is so dangerous

but this falling

piece of furniture

ended up cutting a big gash in his head on his forehead

and then when he was 5 years old he was

struck again

in the head

with a swing at school

and he was knocked


and Richard

would say from that point on

he suffered from

seizures side note

if any of you have been paying attention to

these back stories

now mind you

these back stories have a lot of

consistencies a lot of

things in common

right usually

the killer or the murderer the bad guy or girl

suffered from some kind of or was a

victim of some kind of

abuse at a young

age but also

there is another theme tends to happen in

these stories

do you know what it is

well you should

cause I just talked

about it a head injury

last week we talked

about Randy

Craft head injury

Edmund Kemper

head injury ed Geen

head injury Gary

Hyde nick remember him I talked

about him a while ago

head injury

John Wayne Gacy

we haven’t talked

about him here yet but he was the

clown dude boo

head injury

and the list goes on there’s something

right is that not interesting to you

because that was like wait a

minute wait a

minute wait a

minute anyways

now because richard’s home life was pretty

toxic he would

spend a lot of his time

nearby at his cousin’s house

his cousin his name was Miguel

so Miguel this cousin

he was much older than

Richard and he had been an Army

Green Beret

combat veteran

who served in the Vietnam War so

pretty hardcore dude

now this cousin

was all sorts of effed

up you know they don’t really give

much to veterans in the

first place as far as like

for their mental well being

this guy obviously Miguel had

he’s fucked up is really all I can say

Richard would go over to his

house and just

hang out with him now he was like the cool cousin

Miguel would

tell Richard just the

awful things that he experienced

while away at war

and he would also tell Richard the

awful and violent rapes

that he committed

while stationed in Vietnam

he even had

photos of this is the cousin he even had

photos of him posing with a severed head

belonging to a

woman that he had raped and killed

so he is like showing this all to Richard

and Richard is like whoa that’s cool because he’s a kid

he doesn’t know that this

is really awful or he does

but at this time Richard was 10 years old so

he just thought

Miguel was a cool

older cousin

who I don’t know what he thought I

guess I can’t really

speak for him anywho

so Miguel would end up teaching

Richard some of the

skills he had

learned when

he was in the military including how to kill people

and how to capture people as well I

guess it’s good for

10 year olds to know

on May 4th 1973

Richard was at miguel’s home

and they were just hanging out

when Miguel and his wife got into an argument

their heated argument now this argument

ended up pushing Miguel over the edge

and Miguel ended up

shooting his wife in the face

now Richard was there he was just sitting like on the

couch kind of just

staying out of it

so he witnesses Miguel

shooting now Miguel

would end up getting arrested and taken into

prison but he was

found not guilty by reasons of insanity

and he would just

spend 4 years


in the state mental hospital

for a while after the

shooting Richard decided

to live with his

sister and her husband

he really just didn’t want to go home because it was

not a good place to be

so he ends up moving in with his

sister and her husband now her husband

this is just a one big

hot mess of a family

his sister’s husband was

Nate his name was

Roberto and

Roberto over here

was a Peep Tom so Roberto

would take Richard with him at

night to peep in windows of neighbors

where like really pretty or

attractive ladies were living

so the both of them would go

and just kind of

creep through the window

and watch these

women undress or like go to the bathroom

or just simply

watch creep

it just kind of seems like

for Richard it was

just one bad

place to another bad

place to another bad

place you know

I don’t think he knew what like

about quote

unquote normal

normal life or just normal effing

hobbies are

as a teenager

Richard began

associating his

sexual fantasies with violence

while he was

still at school

he also worked part time at a Holiday Inn

which is a hotel

holiday Inn is

everywhere right it

doesn’t matter it was a

hotel so he’s working part time at a hotel

and going to

school now Richard was

using this job to his advantage

Richard Wood

uses pass key to

enter into hotel rooms and rob the

guests while they

were out so one

night when he was working at the

hotel Richard

broke into or

just used his pass key to get into a

guest hotel room

now it was a couple

the husband was somewhere he

had left and it was just the wife in there by herself

so Richard led himself into the room

and he attempted to rape

this woman the husband

ended up walking into the room and

catching Richard attacking his wife

he tackled him and he

tried to take him

out holding him down police were called but the charges

ended up being

dropped when the couple refused to testify

and I was trying to figure out well why did they

refuse to testify but

they were from out of

out of state just

visiting and they didn’t want to

travel to testify

against him

because of this

Richard did end up losing his job at the hotel

as he should

so then Richard ends up

dropping out of high

school in the 9th

grade and honestly

it’s a little unclear what he did from this time

9th grade all the way up to the age of 22

there really isn’t much

much said as

to what he was doing so I don’t I don’t really know but

at the age of 22

that’s when Richard decided that he was

gonna move from Texas

to California permanently

so when he moved to

California he went to San Francisco first

and he was staying in the Tenderloin

district so it’s

April 10th 1984

Richard is staying at this hotel

in San Francisco

it’s where he ends up murdering a 9 year old girl

in the basement of the hotel

sadly he he

just he raped and he beat the poor girl before

stabbing her

to death I’m

sorry and this would be

richard’s first

known killing

but initially it wasn’t connected to him

at all it went

unsolved for many many years and it wasn’t

until 2009 when they were able to get a DNA

match linking him

to this horrible murder

he ends up going down

south to Los Angeles

so on June 28th 1984

a 79 year old

woman her name was

Jenny she was found

brutally murdered in her

apartment in Glasgow Park in Los Angeles

and it was said that she had been

stabbed repeatedly

fall asleep in her bed and her throat

was slashed so deeply that she was nearly decapitated

whoever had done this

cause they didn’t know it was Richard at the time

but they knew whoever had done this

had gone through

the window and they had a fingerprint but no suspects

on March 17th 1985

Richard had attacked a 22 year old

woman and her name was

Maria all of

these crimes took

place in like the Los Angeles area

so 22 year old

Maria was pulling into her garage

Richard ends up like ambushing her running up to her

and he pulls out his handgun and he

shoots her in the face

she ends up

surviving because the bullet had

ricocheted off the keys

she held in her hands when she

lifted her hands up to

protect herself Richard thought like she was dead so he

goes inside of the home

and inside of the

house was her roommate

34 year old

woman named Dale

she had heard

the gunshot from

inside the house

and she had ducked behind a

counter in the

kitchen and she was just kind of like hiding there

she ends up

raising her head over the

counter where she’s hiding to kind of see

where Richard is at

right so she

raises her head and that’s when Richard sees her and

shoots her in the face

killing her

Richard then looked around the home and tried to

steal any jewelry or any like valuables and then left

and it was within the same hour okay

within the same hour

Richard had come across a lady

named Veronica

and she was sitting in her car

and Richard wanted to

steal her car so he

could get away

so Richard ends up pulling her out of her vehicle

and he ends up

shooting her

twice and then he ran

said that he wanted to

steal her car but he ran on foot

after he shot her

so I’m not so then on

March 27th 1985

Richard broke into a home in Whittier

he had broken into this

house once before apparently

so he goes back and he

breaks into this home it’s now 2 am in the morning

when he gets in there he sees

64 year old Vincent is

sleeping in his room next to Vincent

was his 44 year old wife

her name was Maisine

Richard just

shoots Vincent in the head

and of course this wakes up his wife who’s

sleeping next to him Richard

like hops on top of her and he beats her

he then bounce

her her hands

and he demands that she tells him

where all the valuables

are at inside of the home she tells him that there’s

some jewelry over there just take whatever you want

leaves her on the bed

ransacking the home

she is actually able to get her hands out of the bonds

right and she knows like there’s a shotgun

underneath her bed

so she’s able to get out of there be quiet

about it so he

doesn’t know that she’s

getting out and she gets up gets

under the bed

she grabs the shotgun

Richard comes into the room she

points it at him

pulls the trigger

click it wasn’t loaded

I couldn’t imagine her feeling in that moment

so of course this infuriates Richard

and he then proceeds to

shoot her 3 times

so then Richard ends up

grabbing a knife from the

kitchen gouges

both of her

eyes out of her face and he puts them in a jewelry box

and he takes the jewelry box

just takes it

so when Richard is leaving the scene

he actually ends up leaving his footprints from his

sneakers in the flower beds

which are like outside the home

when police went out to the home

and they photographed and made a cast and

also police had

found bullets at the

scene which had

matched to those

found at previous attacks this is the

moment when police realized that a serial killer was

was at large

so then May 14th 1985

Richard goes down to like Monterey Park and he

enters the home

of 66 year old boy

Bill and his 56 year old disabled wife

Lillian who Bill was like the main caretaker for

I know it’s

awful Bill was in his bedroom

and Richard

enters the room

they kind of have like a little confrontation


Bill went to go

reach for his own handgun that he had nearby

when he was

reaching for the gun

that’s when Richard shot him in the face

then Richard that goes around and

starts trying to

steal stuff or find valuables but then he

enters lillian’s room and he finds her there

he bound her up he

raped her then he ransacked the home

sadly Bill passed away

while he was in the hospital

so then May

29th all of these took

place in 1985 so I’m just

gonna stop saying 1985 Richard

steals a Mercedes

car he drives out to the home of 83 year old

Mabel and her 81 year old

sister Florence

both of them live together

so Richard breaks into

their home and he goes straight to the kitchen

and in the kitchen is

where he finds a hammer

he runs into Florence

first so he beat her with the hammer

and then he runs into

Mabel bounds her

wrists together

he ends up beating her

and he gets

electrical cords and he gives both

women electric shocks

using this cord

he then proceeds to rape

Florence and

then he grabs a lipstick he sees

and he draws like a pentagram

on poor mabel’s

as well as one of the walls in the bedroom

the women were actually discovered 2 days

later and they were both still

alive at the time and


to the hospital

on July 2nd Richard

stole a Toyota

and he randomly

selected the

house of 75 year old

Mary he quietly

entered the home and

found her asleep in her bedroom

he then beat her

until she was

unconscious with a lamp he then

tried to find any valuables in the home

and left she was

later discovered

dead at the

crime scene

oh it keeps

going then July

7th Richard

broke into the home of 61 year old Joyce

she was asleep

on her living room

couch Richard beat her to death

and kicked her in the head

which ended up leaving a

clear shoe print

from a sneaker on her face

and then after this attack

Richard decided that he needed a better tool

to commit these

crimes he was doing

so he goes and he buys a machete

I don’t know if I’m like a

store owner or something and some guy comes in and

randomly buys just a machete

I feel like that

would be a red flag

oh you’re buying a machete

okay yeah let me just take your information really

quick I haven’t

heard any good stories with a machete

anyways so he buys a machete

Richard keeps

stealing cars and then he wipes them down

he ditches it somewhere

and he moves on to the next so he

drives out to a home

of 66 year old Lila and her 68 year old husband Max

bursts into the couple’s bedroom

where they were

asleep kills both of them with the machete

and then after he

knew that they

were dead or he thought that they were dead

he then shoots them in the head

and then robs their

house and takes all of

their valuables

so that same night July 20th at 4 am

Richard breaks into another home

it was a husband and a wife and they were asleep in

their bed Richard shot the husband

which killed him instantly

and then he bound and raped the wife

then the couple had an

8 year old son the

8 year old son came walking in because he hears like

noise going on in his parents bedroom

so he goes into the room to see what’s

going on Richard sees the 8 year old

he bounce him up and he drags the 8 year old around the

house telling him to show him

where the valuables were

and it was said that during this time when he’s

dragging the little boy around he demanded

that he quote

I swear to Satan

that he was not hiding any

money from him

he left the

child bound

in the home

the child was able to get out and run to the neighbor’s

house for help

how are we doing are we okay

you need to

leave completely

understand when you read

about these it’s easy to just

think of them as like a character in a way

or just like not real then when

you remember that’s a real person who really did these

things you’re like what the

what you know it’s just what

moving on to August 8th Richard

steals another car

and he chose the home of

27 year old

sakina and her 31

year old husband

Elias at this

point sometime

after 2 30 am

so he enters the home

and he just walks into the master bedroom

where they are asleep he

shoots and kills Elias

then he handcuffs

sachina while forcing

her to reveal the locations of like the family jewelry

and it was said

that Richard repeatedly demanded that she quote

swear on Satan

that she would not

scream during his assaults

sure Richard

sure he ends up just taking any valuables he saw

and then he

leaves the home

now during all this time

I mean police keep finding these

victims and they are linking them all together

thinking that

there is indeed like a serial killer out there

they hadn’t made any like

public announcement

about it they didn’t want to draw attention

too much and like

scare Richard away

then a televised

press conference

had taken place

and it was during this conference

which they ended up giving Richard the name the

Night Stalker

now during this

press conference is when they tell viewers to lock

their doors lock

their windows because someone is coming and it

could be any of you

like they were

they were putting some serious fear into anyone who was

watching which I mean they

weren’t really

wrong because Richard was out here like

killing people just at

random this

press conference

ended up pissing a lot of people off especially

the LA detectives because they knew Richard was

gonna be watching and they knew

that Richard was

gonna like make a run for it

or destroy any type of evidence that he may have in

his possession

so LA detectives were like pissed off that they had

this media conference

about it I mean they were

right Richard was indeed

watching Richard saw this

and knew that everyone was on to him

he then took his sneakers

because they had mentioned in this media

conference that they had do you remember when they

found like his footprints in the garden area when he

broke out of a house

they found out like what kind of

sneaker it was so they made an announcement

about what kind of

sneaker was any little bit of information they had

Richard then takes his

sneakers that were linked to the crimes

drives up to San Francisco

he then goes to the Golden Gate Bridge

and he drops his

sneaker off of the Golden Gate Bridge into the water

he at that time

remained in the San Francisco area for a few more days

and then for

some reason he goes back to the Los Angeles area

I don’t know why I mean it’s a good

thing he did because

he gets caught but like

you know he

drives back to the Los Angeles area

and then on August 24th

Richard gets that itch or that

urge to break into someone else’s

house again

so he drives a little bit outside the Los Angeles area

and he is kind of lurking

outside of a home inside was a 13 year old boy named

James and he was awake

and he hears footsteps outside the window

at this point

everybody had

heard about this

night stalker so everybody was like just

freaked out this

James boy he hears like footsteps and

naturally he’s like it’s

night stalker so he runs and he wakes up his parents

and they’re being just really loud and

making sure that whoever’s outside is like hearing them

right this freaks Richard out and he gets into a

stolen card so

James is 13 year old boy he runs outside

rave had a little notepad

and he noted the

color the make and

model of the car that Richard was

speeding off in

and James was also

able to get just a few numbers and letters from the

license plate

James contacted the police

and handed over what he knew

or what he saw the

stolen vehicle

that Richard was driving in they

found it on August

28th they were able to get like a fingerprint from the

rear view mirror

even though

Richard was really good at like wiping down the

vehicle he just missed like one little

fingerprint police are excited

about this like they got a fingerprint okay

so they go back

and they’re

able to get a positive ID on the fingerprint

and now they had a name

for this serial killer who’s been just causing chaos

this fingerprint belongs to someone

named Richard Ramirez

they see that he’s like a 25 year old

drifter from

Texas and he had a long rap

sheet that included

many arrests for traffic and drug violations

so law enforcement decided to release to the

media a mugshot of Richard that they had on file

so they do another

media conference

and they publicly address Richard

cause they know he’s

watching and they say

we know who you are everyone else will too

and there will be no

place for you to hide

which I feel like is such a ballsy

move when you address the killer on camera I feel like

that to them

they take it as like a challenge like oh yeah

watch me you know and I just

I don’t know I don’t know if that’s a good

thing or not

it doesn’t matter okay cool

so then August 30th Richard decided to take a bus

to Tucson Arizona that’s

where his brother was living

so his brother at this time

I guess was

completely unaware

what was going on

now every newspaper

and TV program in

California was running this

story okay it was

everywhere and you couldn’t

avoid it but

I don’t know so much if in Tucson

it was anyways Richard ends up

not meeting with his brother so he takes the bus out to

Tucson and then gets back on the bus

and goes back to Los Angeles

what I’ve gathered

perhaps maybe

I’m not really sure

but I think it’s because he was

worried to put his brother in jeopardy

and then now involve him on his crimes

but that is

still kind of like unclear

so I don’t really

no but he gets

back on the bus and he goes back to Los Angeles

so then on August 31st Richard

gets off of the bus and he’s walking and he looks over

and he sees like a newspaper rack

right has magazines newspapers everything

and on the newspaper rack

it was just

every single newspaper had his

picture on the front

so he sees this and it sends him into a full

blown book a meltdown

he takes off running on foot and he

tries to run across the freeway

stops a car it’s a

woman he tries to

carjack her

other people nearby who have slowed down

and they see this happening

so then they

prevent him from

carjacking this woman

Richard gets

exhausted by all this so he takes off and he hops over

several fences attempting 2 more carjackings

now this is the good part

because he ends up in East LA

rough so he ends up in the

wrong part of the neighborhood

perfect right love that

his dumbass

tries to stop one of the cars driving down the

street luckily there were people outside like a

group of guys hanging

outside so they see this happening and they’re like no

and they attack

Richard one of them had

struck Richard over the head with a metal bar

and it prevented him from getting away

cause it like

knocked him out you know

the group ends up just taking turns

beating the shit out of him and holding him down

until police came

so Richard gets arrested

and put in prison and is waiting for his court date

so at his first

court appearance

you know there’s

press there and stuff

and Richard had

carved a pentagram

on his hand

so he’s showing it to like the cameras and

stuff and he just yells hail Satan

lots of Satan

stuff on his body

then on August 3

1988 the Los Angeles Times reported that jail employees

had overheard Richard

planning to

shoot the prosecutor with a

and then Richard Rudd was really bragging that he was

going to smuggle

like a gun into the

courtroom and how he was

gonna do it and all that and they install a

metal detector

outside the

courtroom so then

August 14th the trial

was interrupted because one of the jurors

did not arrive to the

courtroom and

later that day she was

found shot to

death in her apartment

so naturally

the jury was terrified they were all

thinking it was Richard

that he somehow directed

this to happen

from inside his prison cell

and now everyone

especially the jury was really afraid for

their own lives because you know one of them

I’m just trying to do my duty

you know and I don’t

wanna put my life at risk

I don’t blame them I

wouldn’t go heck no later on it was determined

that Richard was actually not responsible for

this lady’s

death and it was like her boyfriend

shot and killed her ugh

just what is

going on this is what is

going on you know like how

awful now this is the part that

extra pisses me off I mean this whole

story pisses me off don’t get me

wrong mmm hmm

media was covering this

story they were showing richard’s

photo everywhere a lot of people

thought he was a good looking guy that he was very hot

Richard had fans

he was getting hundreds of letters they

loved him they were a fan of his

work there were also a lot of people paying him a visit

while he was in prison

one of the ladies who was a big fan her name was Doreen

and she wrote him nearly like

75 letters during

his incarceration and they were in love

and then during his trial

women were just flocking to the

courtroom to get a

glimpse of him they were

screaming like it was Justin Bieber

would people only

scream for Justin Bieber anymore

they were screaming like it was

you know fan girls now many of

these fans believe

that he was innocent he’s innocent he didn’t do this

even though

everything points to him that one sure

she got shot and she died

so she ends up being replaced by another woman

her name is Cindy

and Cindy was infatuated

in love with

obsessed with Richard

how she got on the jury

I don’t know she is just making

googly eyes with Richard like oh my God

and she would

write him little notes and

stuff and write him letters

in prison Richard

loved this okay

because he thought with her on his side he

could have a chance of getting a hung jury so he

is making sure to

give her eye contact when he’s like in

court you know

that kind of

stuff September 30th 1989

Richard was convicted of all charges 13

counts of murder

5 attempted murders 11

sexual assaults and 14 burglaries burglary

sorry during the penalty

phase of the

trial on November 7th he was sentenced to die

in california’s gas chamber

which they don’t

even do anymore so he just sat there now Richard

ended up being

upset with Cindy the judge

because she didn’t have his back

disappointed that you know

that he got the

death sentence

she would later go on to do a few TV appearances

insisting that he had been poorly represented

and he wasn’t deserving of the

death sentence how do you do that

ladies and gentlemen

boys and girls just set better

standards for yourself you deserve better

all right I’m glad we had this talk

in 1988 do you remember Doreen

they were in love too he had a lot of like

girlfriends and

stuff anyways doreen

Richard ends up like proposing to her

and they get

married on October

3 1996 they were

married in the

California San

Quentin State Prison

we should just do a

video dedicated

like San Quentin

State Prison because that’s

where they’re all at

field trip but Doreen

would eventually

leave Richard she

found out that he had killed a 9 year old and this

upset her so she

broke it off with him but I

guess none of the

other murders really mattered to her

be better and get

better idols

get better idols okay

doreen darling hey do better

okay Richard was waiting for his

execution date

and this is when

he became very unwell very sick his health just fell

apart and he

ended up passing away at the

age of 53 he had been sitting on

death row for more than 23 years

there’s this

museum out here it’s called the

Museum of Death

there’s one here in Los Angeles

and there’s one in New Orleans

as well I’ve been to the one out here in Los Angeles

been a couple

of times you are not allowed to film in there take

photos anything

or I would show

you guys what it looks like inside it’s intense

it’s intense collection

of serial killer

stuff lots of

graphic images

wall to wall to

every corner is

stuffed with something when you walk in it’s like

it’s heavy anyways what I’m getting at is

in the Museum of

Death here in Los Angeles

they actually have a lot of letters from Richard

they’re on display

and you could see a

picture book

all the different

pictures that he got from fan girls

while he was in prison

these girls just trying to be all

cute and sexy yay Satan

and then they

would send it to him and they would

write letters expressing

their love oh it’s mind blowing some of the

things that

these girls

would do for him was

very scary over the years Richard

did keep in

touch with his

fans and what not I was reading some trivia questions

fun facts about Richard Ramirez

hey Richard what’s your what’s your favorite food

tell us your fans wanna know

richard’s response was

quote women’s feet

alright Richard tell us tell us

what’s your biggest like

what’s something you

absolutely love

his response

quote cocaine

hey Richard tell us

what’s your favorite vacation spot

vacations Richard said quote

Uranus end quote

hey Richard

one last question for your fans if you like a girl

how do you get her to notice you

Richard said quote

I pull my gun out

end quote so that was the Richard Ramirez

fun facts I

learned very

heavy story I

think we can all

agree it’s very sad he was the

legit boogeyman

people that a lot of us fear

you know someone

breaking into your home and

just oh that is a lot of our

nightmares that is the

story about Richard Ramirez

the Night Stalker

I would love to hear your thoughts down

below I appreciate you guys so much for tuning in

and hanging out with me I hope you have a wonderful day

today you make good choices

be better and get better idols

you deserve it and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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