Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Sex, Drugs & Cannibalism - What Happened to Rose Larner

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so Little Warning

the following presentation is intended for

mature audiences

it contains graphic descriptions of crime scenes

adult dialogue and strong language

viewer discretion is advised okay

so today we’re going to be talking about Rose Larner

and what happened to her

and it’s wild it’s weird

it’s rose Lerner

was the second of 3 children to the Lerner family

who lived in Lynxing Michigan

when Rose was 4

her parents decided it was best to get a divorce

and the couple separated

so she would spend time in between both families

house in school

it was said that Rose did pretty well

she got straight a’s and did really well

when it came to

like the grade school spelling bee in 1993

rose was 18 years old

and a lot of her friends and family

would call her a vampire

or like as a joke

it was because she would stay up all night talking

on the phone

or she would be out with her friends at night

just roaming around the streets

so everyone kind of called her the vampire

her family would say that Rose was going through her

angry teenage years

she was mouthy

she was pretty

street smart

but she was very friendly

when she was younger

she was diagnosed as hyperactive

go go go go

go all the time

and the only time she would slow down

was really to sleep

it was said that she would take 3 showers a day

hog the home phone

catch up with her friends

she sounds like an average teenager

besides the 3 showers thing

I don’t know about that

she was very big hearted

a bit of a pain

but craved attention and acceptance

as many do in their teenage years

her mother said in an interview

that if Rose were ever kidnapped

and being held for ransom

the kidnappers quote

would pay me to take her back end quote

rose’s former stepmother

she said that quote

rose wasn’t every mother’s dream

but she was generous

and if you needed anything

she was there end quote

I mean like

at least I didn’t sugarcoat anything

I mean I guess

I don’t know

I was like dang

okay and overall

I mean based off of what I was reading

I don’t know her

she seemed like a really great person

just going through like

the angry teenage years

what I was kind of understanding

rose would spend most of her free time on the phone

talking with her friends

one of those friends that she was always talking to

was a guy named Billy Brown

and they both met when they were in

like 5th grade

after school

they would play tag

they would build that

would play in the woods

around the area

and just were always together

by 8th grade

their friendship was pretty firm

and you wouldn’t find one

without the other

another friend of roses

was a girl named Bailey

I’m always shocked when I hear about another

like another Bailey

who was in a dog you know

there’s a lot of people who name their dogs Bailey

for some reason

anyways doesn’t matter

so Rose and Bailey met in 3rd grade

and they were also very close

hang out all the time

after school

they’d walk around town together

looking for things to do

Bailey said that they would get into a fight

at least once a week

a couple days passed

they would get over

and hang out

like nothing

Bailey and Rose also shared the same birthday

August 19th

anytime Bailey spent the night at rose’s house

they would sneak out okay

and they would walk around the neighborhood

looking for friends to hang out with

or just something to do

rose though

she did have her enemies

okay some would say that

she had a pretty bad mouth

and an even worse attitude

she didn’t care what she said

or who she said it to

when Rose was left in charge

cause her parents were out of town

she decided to

throw a little shindig

where she invited some people

to come over to the house

and hang out

you know throw a little party

parents are gone

this party so

she had her friends come over

they drink some alcohol

and when some girls

who were uninvited showed up

Rose was the one who would stand up

and start some shit

you know when Rose was 15

or 16 years old

her mom actually

I guess she exaggerated her

her daughter’s attitude a bit

so she could admit her

to the Rivendell

Psychiatric Hospital in St

john’s rose’s mom

first of all

her name is also Rose

so I’m just

gonna call her

rose’s mom rose’s mom

was hoping that it would help

calm Rose down

a bit and like

bring some peace

to the turbulent household

because back at home

Rose was fighting

with her brothers a lot

she was throwing

things at them

should be locking them out of the house

and it’s like

30 degrees outside you know

and the kids

would have to break a window

break into the house

it was just

kind of like

there was always chaos

and fighting going on

her mother felt like

she just couldn’t get through to Rose

so she went to the

psychiatric hospital

to get some help

and her mom

was working 2 jobs

so she just couldn’t help her

like she needed to

so when they

first arrived

Rose was a little upset

to say the least

cause she didn’t know

she was going there

and she would end up

agreeing to stay

so after the 3

months though

she actually had really

grown to like it

she was receiving

ongoing counseling

she made new friends

and just overall

like the individual attention

and recognition

she was receiving

from the doctors and staff

and most of all

she felt safe there

but once the 3

months had passed

it was now time for her

to go back home

and it was said that

she was very upset

she didn’t want to go home

she’s like made all

these new friends and stuff

and she found a little love interest

and just didn’t want to leave

but she had to

soon after leaving

that’s when Rose

got her first job

working at KFC

during this time

her mother said that

she noticed

a really big difference

in her attitude

and it wasn’t good

her mom personally

believed that

Rose wanted to be

sent back to the

psychiatric hospital

rose at this time

she was skipping school

she was arrested

for shoplifting

she would bring alcohol to school

things seemed to just be getting

worse one day

Rose and Bailey

decided to hang out

and go down

and play basketball

they like to like

shoot woohoo

what’s it called

shoot hoops but yeah

they decided to hang out

and go play basketball

and that’s when

Like a man came

and he hung out

near the tennis courts

which wasn’t far

and he seemed interested

in them and Like

was watching them

eventually he approached

Rose and Bailey

and started chatting

with the 2 of them

him and Rose

seemed to hit

it off like

right off the bat

and at some point

Bailey felt like

just out of place

like Rose was more

interested in talking

with this guy

and wasn’t so much

into hanging out

with her anymore

so Bailey just decided

to walk home

later that night

though Rose

ended up at

bailey’s house

okay she knocks on the doors

kind of late

and Bailey answers his door

and she notices that

Rose seems to be

very shaken up

she’s crying

she’s just having a hard time

like talking

and that’s when

Rose told Bailey

that the guy

from the park

ended up sadly raping her

yeah they went

they called police

the man ended up

pleading guilty

to a lesser charge

and spent only a

month in jail

we can end there

that’s pretty shitty

she tried to just

move forward

like it never happened

which is just

really sad and I know

some of you are

going to be thinking

like oh well

why did Bailey

yeah Bailey

why did she

leave Rose at the park

with this guy

by herself you know

they were teenagers

she wasn’t thinking

so let me just add that

little disclaimer

if you’re hanging out

with a friend

and a stranger approaches

you guys yeah

don’t leave

your friend

don’t leave

your friend

so at 16 Rose ended up

dropping out

of high school

but she did end up

getting her GED

when she was 17

so Summer rolls around

and she was just

ready for some

freedom again

she just got her to ET

she’s just ready

to have some fun

so rose’s mother

decided okay

let’s set a

curfew for you

so curfew is 1 am

and she also

gave her a pager

to keep in touch

if she needed anything

but this summer

Rose ended up meeting a

local rapper

named John K

Home I think

that’s how you say it

rose’s older brother

remembered that

she really liked him

and she would talk

about him like

he was a god

she was like oh my God

this rapper

he just thinks yay

I do not miss

being a teenager

it’s easy to fall for

these things

for some weird reason

and then you get older

and you look back

and you’re like

god why why

was I obsessed

with this person

she wanted to

do whatever

he wanted to do

he was a little bit older

and Rose really liked John

and John seemed to

really like her

so they just

you know began

to date so Rose

her best friend

Billy and John

they would all hang

out together

and they would

mostly hang out

at billy’s house

in October Rose

asked her mom

if John could

move in with them

because he needed a

place to stay

at first her

mom was like

I don’t like this idea

okay no the

Rose was 18

and she thought

she was an adult

and she pushed back

and eventually

her mom gave in

and allowed

John to move in

and stay with them

her mom actually thought

that John was

really nice

and she didn’t mind

having him around

that is until

she walked into

rose’s room

and she saw

like a bunch

of guns laying out

and there was wads upon

wads of cash

yeah allegedly

yeah allegedly

John was making

all of his money

or most of his money

as a drug dealer

so as any parent would

she kicked him out

of the house

and this was

the beginning

of the downfall

because when John was

kicked out of the house

that’s when

he started to

distance himself from Rose

and they’re

just relationship

in general John

was no longer

calling Rose up

giving her any

time of day

and essentially just like

ghosted her

or was trying to

rose was deeply

upset by this

John was dodging her

and she knew it

so John was

ignoring her

and this seemed

to just fuel

her fire okay

the more he

ignored her

the more passionate

she got at getting

his attention

in November

there was like

a party going down

and it seemed like

all the kids

from the town

were going to it

and Rose knew

that John was there

so she showed up

some kind of

argument went down

and Rose ended up

ramming her van

into john’s truck

John told Rose

if you don’t

leave me alone

I’m going to

kill you but

Rose wanted

answers okay

and she couldn’t

seem to stop

December 6 1993

Rose she worked a

night shift

at her job and

she ended up

getting home

around 11 30 p

m Rose went

straight to

the dining area

and she called

a friend on her

the house phone

and her brother

who was sleeping

on the couch

remembers rose

getting into a

small argument

with whoever

she was talking to

on the phone

he had no idea

what it was about

or who she was

even talking to

after Rose hung

up the phone

she told her brother

that she loved him

and she headed out

it was like

30 degrees outside

but that didn’t stop Rose

from walking

down the street

to the convenience store

that her mom

worked out so

around 1 30

in the morning

Rose shows up

at her mom’s work

her mom said that

she knew something

was off like

she seemed upset

but it was late

and it was cold

so she insisted

that Rose take

the family van

instead of walking

around that night

rose pushed back

and insisted

like I’m fine

I’m just gonna

like hang out

with some friends

tonight don’t

worry about me

so she told

her mom that

she loved her

and then she left

to go hang out

with friends

so the next morning

at around 8 AM

rose’s mom she just

had this weird

gut feeling

that something

wasn’t right

rose was not home

and that feeling

was really heavy

so she ends up

calling up the

local police detective

she’s telling him

that Rose is

missing her

mom didn’t have any

details to give

other than her

gut feeling

was telling

her something

was terribly

wrong and that

mother’s just

they just know

so about a day goes by

and there’s

still no Rose

her mom was

driving around

the streets

where she would

hang out normally

with her friends

nothing she called

Billy Brown

remember her friend

and she learned

that he wasn’t

home either

so instantly

she’s thinking

okay rose must

be with him

because like

they’re always

together so

she’s probably

with him she told

billy’s mom

I believe it was

hey can you

like have him

call me once

he gets home

or ask him like

if he’s been

with Rose at all

and she says

okay and then

that’s it a

day goes by

Billy ends up

calling up rose’s mom

to tell her

that he hadn’t

seen her in

a couple of days

and that he

had no idea

where she was

friends who had

normally talked

to Rose daily

hadn’t heard

from her since

December 7th

and again Rose

was on the phone

all the time

and in contact

with her friends

non stop so

her mother had

that feeling

that she was

gone and would

most likely

never see her again


searched the area

police searched

all over on foot

nothing ever

seemed to come up

so police asked

for help from

the community

like if they have

any information

please come

forward send tips

something so

tips start to

roll in okay

someone thought

to have seen her

at a local mall

someone else

heard that she

was beaten to

death with a

baseball bat

another caller

said that Rose was

in the river

more tips kept coming

and over a hundred

of them had

mentioned 2 names

Billy Brown

and John Kehoe

kaho kaho I

don’t know so

those names

kept coming up

nobody seemed

to have real

proof other

than they heard

at a party or

from a friend

that those 2

were involved

mm hmm Billy

Brown ended up

being brought in

for questioning

he kept saying that

he had nothing

to do with it

he didn’t know

he didn’t know

what to tell them

cause he had no idea

where Rose was


said that they had

talked to him

enough times

to know that

they were talking

to someone who

was involved

somehow I mean

it was obvious

to them that

he was lying

but he also wasn’t

cracking so

they had nothing

on him so the

months just

keep going by

and there were

still many searches

going on by air

foot and they

were searching

all the local

water areas

that they could

as well and again

nothing was

ever turning up

I poked myself

in the eye so

then in April

1996 guess who

called up detectives

well it was

Billy Brown

of course so

he calls up

detectives and

he’s like hey

can you talk

so Billy said

the night that Rose


that night involved

drugs sex murder

and body parts

inside the home of John

the previous


john’s grandparents

house so Billy

told them that

they drove out

to john’s brother’s house

his name is

Tim and they

hung out there

to lay low so

Billy who was

now 20 said

that he was

not the one

who killed Rose

John was so

Warrens quickly followed

charging Billy

and john’s brother

Tim with being


to murder and

John being the

one who was

actually charged

with murder

John though

he seemed to

get word that

a warrant was issued

for his arrest

and he fled

police went out

to the house

that Billy was

talking about

it was john’s


house inside

the bathroom

crime lab experts

found a single

drop of blood

that later through

DNA testing

would confirm

that it was

indeed from

Rose oh yes

baby oh yes

3 years later

a little speck of

blood inside

of the bathroom

linked I mean

mm hmm so police

continue to

search for John

and his brother Tim

they were able

to determine

that they fled

to Mexico so


in Mexico located Tim

and they did like

a little stakeout

waiting for

him to lead

them to John

which he does

and in 1996

Mexican authorities

arrested John

and Tim and

sent them back to

Lansing Michigan

according to

Billy Brown

here’s what happened

exactly that

night buckling

kitty cats cause

it’s horrible

horrible on

December 7th 1993

Rose called

up Billy and

asked him to

get a hold of

John to see

if they could

all hang out

and smoke some weed

have some sex

and do some

average party

things I guess

at some point

John picks up

Rose and Billy

around 3 am

after driving

around for a bit

John pulls over

on a dark road

him and Rose have sex

in his truck

while she rested

her head on

billy’s lap

I’m not sure

but it’s according to Billy

what happened

so once they

left there they

stopped a store

that was on

the way to john’s


house okay so

John tells the crew

like hey I just

wanna run inside

really quick

grab some things

for tonight’s


Billy said he

later learned

that the bag

contained a

fillet knife

2 bottles of charcoal

lighter fluid

a hatchet and

some trash bags

I feel like

grocery stores

for at least

like the checkers

they need to

have like a

panic button

so when people

are buying some

really shady

looking items

they could push the

the panic button

red flag it

I don’t know

what the button

would do yet

I haven’t thought

that far ahead

but I think

it would be

a great idea

so the 3 of them

drive out to john’s

grandparents house

they were away

at the time

so when they get there

John had busted

out his supply

of marijuana

and cocaine

Billy said that

Rose and John

had sex again

and then all

3 of them decided

to take a shower

together I think

I think they were

trying to have

a threesome

or something

I’m not sure

I guess it really

doesn’t matter

because they take

a shower together

and then all

3 got dressed

in the bathroom

and John stepped out

for a second

while Rose and

Billy brushed

their wet hair

from the shower

you know so

John comes back

into the bathroom

and he’s holding a

cord yes he’s

holding a cord

and he slips it

around rose’s

neck now Billy

said that rose

started laughing

because she

thought that

John was just

like playing

around until

he pulled the

cord so Rose

ends up falling

to the ground

gasping for air

and the only time

Billy stepped

in was to ask

John why he was

killing her

and John said

that bitch has got to

go and that’s

what’s going to

happen end quote

minutes later

Rose was dead

on the bathroom floor

once he knew

that she was dead

John picked her up

and put her

in the bathtub

where he grabbed

his knife and

cut her throat

after doing

this John and

Billy did some

cocaine together

and then John

returned to

the bathroom

to do some more

business he

grabbed a hatchet

and a block of wood

and began to

cut up Rose

just like no

like nice way

to say that

you know he

started with

her arms then

cut her feet

and hands and

then he came

back out of

the bathroom with 1ft

sticking on a knife

holding it up

for Billy to see

John then put her body parts

into the basement fireplace

burning them until they were just cinders

afterwards they cleaned up the house

put the remaining body in a trash can

grab some shovels

a trash bag

10 gallons of gasoline and left

Billy and John drove about 100

miles to billy’s family property

it was far away

and it was pretty secluded

and they wanted to burn what was left of her body

until there was nothing left

John and Billy dug a hole in the ground

and laid a bed of logs in the pit

they unloaded rose’s midsection onto the pit

and poured gasoline all over it and lighted a fire

they burned what was left of rose’s body

for about 10 hours

Billy said that at one point

John took some of her burned flesh from the pit

put it on a piece of bread with some mustard and ate it

he said it was just for the experience

I just feel like

when people want to experience something in life

it doesn’t involve mustard and flesh

I’m always amazed when I do

these stories

you know you know

what I wanna experience the Grand Canyon

I’ve never been before

okay when the fire was done

the 2 filled the garbage bags with rose’s ashes

and then they spread them the ashes along the roadside

and highways

all the way to Big Rapids Michigan

this is where john’s brother Tim lived

and that’s where they were heading

when they got there

Tim told the boys not to worry about the gasoline

hatchet and shovels in the car

and that he would take care of it

so they just kinda like

tried to lay low a bit

but they also sat down and decided like okay

what’s our alibi gonna be

you know fast by police

and they both or they all came to the decision

to say that they were at tim’s place

the night Rose vanished

Billy ended up being offered a lesser sentence

if he decided to testify against John in court

several months later

during john’s trial

Billy did indeed testify against him

in exchange for a year in jail

for being an accessory after murder

a year in jail

but John ends up taking the stand

at his own trial

and he was swearing up and down

just repeatedly

that he did not kill Rose Larner

John claims that he is the innocent one

and the only proof they had on him

was Billy brown’s testimony

but that Billy was the one who actually killed her

and when he realized

that investigators were coming for him

Billy ended up getting 2 investigators first

to set his story straight

and blame John

so that was john’s defense

that Billy was the one who actually did

what he was saying

does that make sense in the end

John would end up being sentenced to life

without the possibility of parole

one thing that really rubbed everybody the wrong way

when they were watching this trial

was that when John received his sentencing he laughed

so it wasn’t

it didn’t help his case

you know earlier this year 2020

John who is now 45 years old

he’s trying to get a new hearing

to discuss his original trial

due to COVID

though things got put on hold

but John stands by the fact

that Billy was the one who did it

all fueled by anger

because Rose had rejected Billy for sex

several times

on the day of her death

John said that he was the one who was

nothing more than accessory after the fact

in rose’s murder

Billy on the other hand

Billy he stands by the truth

saying John was the killer

and that he helped cover it up

so John wouldn’t try to kill him next

these arguments are

expected to be a part of the new trial

if the new trial is even awarded

and oddly enough

it’s so weird

John has been active on social media

I believe it’s his fiance

who is in charge of posting for him

like it’s like

a podcast and a blog

and Instagram

yeah but it’s all dedicated to proving his innocence

and you know

I looked through it

and what not

and it’s like

I was just kind of waiting for a smoking gun

and they’re really not

that I could find one

it was his word against

billy’s word

and billy’s word

against john’s word

and then the speck of blood

in john’s grandparents house

like that’s really what they

have at first

I kind of wanted to believe it

cause I was like

you know what

that could be it

because Billy was

like the friend

maybe he was jealous

but when John

first got word

that there was a warrant issued for his arrest

he tried to flee right

so he went from Chicago to Denver

Denver to El Paso

and then he went to Mexico

and this is

according to his own blog

so it’s like sir

if you’re innocent

why are you running okay

he seemed to have a lot of money

if you are innocent

why not just use all that money

that you have

to get a good attorney

instead of running

I’m sorry but running

just doesn’t help your case

it makes you look guilty

so allegedly

he was making just a lot of money

with his drug hustle you know

so it’s like

why not use that

I just don’t get it

I just don’t understand

people’s actions sometimes

I don’t think any of us

Joe either way

it’s just a really sad

sad story right

rest in peace

to Rose Lerner

and I hope her family

and friends

have found or find

peace and happiness in life

let me get on my soap box

really quick

I personally believe that

John and Billy

should be in prison for life

because what the fuck you guys

you didn’t just kill her

you cut her up

one of you ate some of it

with mustard

and I don’t care

if one of you

didn’t actually do it

you still allowed it to happen

and didn’t go to police

until a couple years later

so you both fucked up

and you both

should have been sent to prison for life

or at least

for a long time

what the fuck

I think John

probably got jealous

that Billy only got a year

that’s probably

and he’s like

oh actually

that was me

and that my friends

is the awful

tragic story

about Rose Larner

and I would love to hear your thoughts down below

I just feel bad for Rose

because when she

first got like

when she was raped

when she was

at the park

playing basketball

that person only got a

month in prison

if Billy did do it

then he only got a year

this John guy

trying to get out to

like I feel bad

I poor thing

but other than that

I want to say a big

thank you to

you guys for hanging out with me

today anyways

I hope you guys

have a wonderful rest of your day

you make good choices

let me know

who you want me

to talk about next week

but other than that

I’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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