Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Edmund Kemper III - Wannabe Cop Turns Deadly

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hi guys how are you

today I hope you’re having a wonderful day

my name is Bailey Sarian

and welcome to another episode of Murder

mystery makeup

was that a good

intro probably not if you’re new here every Monday

we sit down or I sit down and talk about a true crime

story that’s been

heavy on my noggin

and I just kind of like tell you what happened what was

going on and then

just to keep me busy I do makeup if you like true crime

and you like makeup we’ve

married the 2

and now we’re here

welcome and

other than that I will stop rambling and let’s

get into it

Edmund Kember III

he was a serial killer

and he also was a necrophile

and he would become

known as the Coed Killer

so Edmond was born December 18th 1948

in Burbank California

and Edmond he had an

older sister and a younger

sister so he was the middle child

I’m a middle

child as well so no we don’t always turn

into serial killers it’s okay if you’re a middle child

so Edmunds father

his name is

Edmund Kemper

the Second he was a

World War 2

veteran so he

would describe his

marriage to his wife Clarnelle who is

Edmunds father mother

well I’m being confused

anyways so Edmunds father and

mother they

would describe

their marriage as loveless

and damaging

the father he

would describe his

marriage to his wife as

well this is a

quote he said he

suicide missions in wartime

and the later atomic bomb

testings were nothing compared to living with Clarnelle

so based off what I’ve read

about Clarnelle the mother

she was not a nice

lady and if there’s anything we’ve

learned here

on these Monday

episodes is that when

Mama ain’t nice

it doesn’t end well for the child’s

right like we can we can

gather that

based off what we’ve discussed here

it’s not always the case

but for some people it

doesn’t end well and

yeah so Clarinell

she was just

she was very

verbally abusive

towards her husband she

would make him feel like crap

about his job

I mean nothing was ever good enough for her

so she would do a lot of belittling

she would attack

not physically it was more emotionally and verbally

when she had

Edmund her son she

would refuse to coddle her son

in fear that

she would turn him

quote turn him gay end quote

we’ll call him Ed

but this is not the same

Ed as last week okay this is a new Ed

so Ed began

to display dark

fantasies relating to sexuality and

death it was said that he

would decapitate his

sister’s dolls

and in second

grade he ended up

stalking his

second grade

teacher outside her house

I was trying to look

a little bit more into this like what they meant by

stalking but I

guess he would just like follow her home

and in second

grade I mean you were so

young so when he was

stalking his

second grade

teacher outside her

house he’d be

carrying his father’s bayonet

she’s like a

knife from the war I

think could be

wrong on that but it’s a knife

in second grade

1957 Edmund

the Second the father

he left the family now the kids were pretty much

stuck with their mother ed

would describe his relationship with his mother

very difficult

she was an alcoholic

she was emotionally

and physically abusive

towards just Ed

like not the

other children

maybe because

Ed reminded

her of her ex husband

that’s just my thought

ed’s mom said that

she feared him because at the

age of 15 he was already

6ft 4 at 15

the boy was big

so she ended up making Ed

sleep in a locked basement for fear that

he would harm

his sisters

in an interview I was

watching with Ed

he said it it

definitely made him feel

really bad because

everybody else got to go upstairs and go to bed

while his mom

forced him to go down into this dark basement

and sleep there so Ed

would say that his mom on the reg

would insult him

abuse him constantly telling him that he’s

never gonna be anything in life

she put an emphasis on like

that no woman

would ever love him

so Edmund grew up to hate his

mother and at the

age of 14 he ran away from home

and he went to go

search for his father

to go live with

him and his father was living in Van Nuys

California ed

would stay with his dad for a little bit but

his father ended up

having to remove

Ed from the

house because of the stress that

Ed was causing onto his new wife

she said that she had been suffering from

migraines due to all the stress from Ed

but when I dug a little bit deeper

I couldn’t exactly figure out what the stress was

everybody has opinions as to what it was but

I don’t know

and I don’t

wanna give wrong information

anywho so then

Edmunds father

was like okay

go stay with your paternal

grandmother and grandfather

in North Fork

California so Ed

moves in with his grandma and grandpa

and then Ed

claims that his

grandmother was very similar

to his own mother

she also just like

ed’s mom was very abusive

verbally abusive

I don’t know if there was

physical abuse

going on but

still verbally emotionally abusive and

Ed would say that he disliked

his grandmother

1t okay I forgot to mention something when

Ed was living with his

his mom and his

sisters and

stuff I mean I said that he

would he would

decapitate is at the word

he would cut off the heads of his

sister’s dolls

but he also

would ask his

sisters to play a game he called gas chamber

and in this game he would

blindfold his

sisters and then tie them to a chair

with like some kind of cord

and then he

would pretend to

be in agony

until they died

the game doesn’t make

sense to me it

doesn’t sound fun

but that was a game that he played

he also said they

had like a big rug or something and in the room so they

would take turns like

wrapping each

other up in the rug

and then you

would have to try and get out

with no help he just like to see them struggle which

okay and then at the

age of 8 or 9

Ed would describe

going to a magic show

and it was at like a

comic bookstore

this magician was there

and he was doing a trick

and you know

those things

I’m drawing a

blank on the name it’s what they used

in the olden

days to chop people’s heads you know the holes

anyways he went to go see a

magician the

magician took

a volunteer from the audience

to chop their head off and Ed

describes being there

and he was like oh what

kind of getting

excited like

he’s gonna chop

some someone’s head off I I have to I have to

watch I mean he’s 8 or 9 you

gonna be intrigued a little bit

so then the um this girl

that was pulled from the audience

she comes up on

stage to get her head

chopped off

awesome Ed would say

that the girl was just so beautiful

she was smiling and laughing

and she put her head into the

chopper and the

magician pulled

the string the

blade came down

and because it’s a magic

trick and it’s not real the blade like

doesn’t chop your head off it stops

and the girl survived

but Ed would say that this kind of

like this introduced him to

control of like

chopping off

a pretty girl’s head

but in an interview that I watched of

Ed in prison he

you can tell by the

way he’s describing it it played like a big part in his

childhood he just

remembered it was such

great detail

and he just seemed to be getting

excited over it

and that’s kind of

where it would like it was introduced

you know say

he was like what

you could chop the head off

it was said at 10 years old and he had

taken the house cat

and he ended up

bearing the

house cat alive

in the family backyard

and then at 13 years old

he used a knife

and he killed

a cat he buried it also in the backyard and his mom

found it and there’s one

thing that’s constant

when it comes to serial killers or people who end up

killing they always tend to kill animals at a very

young age like it’s a big red flag okay

ed did have that pattern as well

flash forward to Ed

now living on the farm with his

grandparents and

ed’s grandfather gave him a

point 22 caliber

rifle to shoot and kill rabbits

and gophers this

did worry like his

grandmother because he would see

some kind of rage happening with Ed

he would be

shooting and killing birds

trying to shoot

other animals

so his grandmother would

like hide their

their handgun that they had in the

house she would hide that because she was afraid that

Ed was gonna

take it when she wasn’t looking or

something so

his grandmother did have feelings of like let’s

let’s not do that let’s not let’s take the gun away but

the grandfather

said it’s fine

let him shoot

these animals that are coming up and like

ruining our farm

let’s give him something to do

so then August

27th 1964 comes around

ed has this rage that’s been

building inside of him for years

he was now 15 years old at this time

and he was with his

grandmother in the kitchen

and they got into

some kind of argument no idea what the argument was

about but they had gotten into an argument

I guess his

grandmother was sitting at the

kitchen table

ed goes and

he grabs the handgun he comes into the

kitchen he gets behind his

grandmother who’s sitting at the

table and he

shoots her in the head 3 times

now at this time his grandfather was out at the grocery

store like running errands

or something

but his grandfather wasn’t home

so his grandfather pulled up

he was coming home he was in the

driveway and

Ed thought to himself

I should probably kill my grandfather

so before his grandfather

could even get into the

house okay he was

still out in the

driveway ed

comes out with the gun and he shoots

his grandfather

in the head as well

and later Ed

would say that he did it because

he wanted to

protect his grandfather from seeing his wife dead

and then possibly having a

heart attack

so after he kills them he then

Ed he calls his

mother calls up his

mother on the

phone and he’s like what do I do you just shot 2 people

your grandparents what do you mean what do you do

and his mom said you need to call the police

and if you don’t call the police I’m

gonna call the police

so Ed he ends

up calling the police okay he does turn himself in

and then police take

him into the station and they ask him like why did you

shoot your grandparents

and Ed said

quote to see what it felt like

so I don’t know

about you guys

but for me personally like he needs to be locked up for

some time so then

Ed was handed over to the

California Youth Authority

so there he he met with different

psychiatrist to see um

if he had a mental illness like what was going on

and they also gave him an IQ test

that is the

first time that he

learned and

had learned of his high score

he took this IQ test and he scored a one

36 which is a genius

level and then

later on down the road he took the test

again and scored a one

40 which is like

super genius

oh he’s just a

genius okay

now they probably

shouldn’t have done this because it did boost

ed’s ego he’s like

I’m a fucking

genius so psychiatrist did some testing like I had

mentioned to see if he suffered from any mental illness

and Ed was diagnosed as

paranoid and

psychotic by a

court appointed


ed was sent to a maximum security facility

for the mentally ill convicts

not just any

mentally ill for

mentally ill convicts

and then in 1969

he was released and he was only there for 5 years

which had me so confused

he killed 2 people

he killed his

grandmother and grandfather

and his reasoning for killing

is because he just he wanted to know how it felt

and then after 5 years

they let him go because he was doing really well

and his juvenile

criminal record was expunged

which means like it was

pretty much erased from his record

like he had

never done it

so when he got out he was now 21

doctors had

told him it’d be best if he did not move in with his

mother or live with his mother

again because of her past

abuse but I feel like

he also didn’t have anywhere else to go so he ended up

moving back in with his

mother in Santa Cruz

California and she had

moved there

because she took a job at the

University of

California he

still had to

check in with probation


within those 5 years

of being in prison he knew exactly what to say to them

does that make

sense like he just knew how to work it so

Ed was considered low risk like

when he would check in

he seemed fine

everything seemed to be

going really well seemed

quote unquote

normal whatever the you know yeah

he seemed fine

so he was considered low risk

since we’re here talking about him

we know now that he was far from

fine Ed began living in

places across

Northern California

and then periodically he

would return to his mother’s

house when he had run out of

money and he

had nowhere to stay

and he also attended community college for a

short time and he worked a variety of jobs

and eventually

he got employment

with the Department of


in 1971 now Ed

really wanted to become a police officer or a

state trooper

ed was rejected

because he reached the maximum height requirement

which I didn’t even know

that they had a maximum height requirement to become

a police officer like I

would think they

would want big

buff dudes because I don’t know like when it

that’s what I thought he had weighed

£300 and he was 6ft 9

that’s a big

boy he became friends with a lot of the guys who were

state troopers and they gave him a nickname of Big Ed

and he would kind of hang around the

Santa Cruz police officers and he

would hang around like the bar that all the guys

would hang out at

he just really

wanted to become a police officer

so that was like kind of

crushing to him

because that was his goal ed

ended up buying a

motorcycle because he

he couldn’t be a cop

but he want to like act like one so he bought

a motorcycle and

thank God he didn’t become a police officer

so while Ed

was out riding his

motorcycle he

ended up getting hit by a car

and his arm was badly injured

now some reports

say that it was his head that was injured

but others said it was his arm

so it was either his head or his arm

maybe it was both

it was injured

he ended up receiving a settlement of 15

000 from the

other driver

because they were at fault

and then with the settlement

money he ended up purchasing a new car

which resembled an unmarked police patrol car

so Ed was feeling some type of way

he couldn’t become a police officer because

he was too tall

now he couldn’t even ride his

motorcycle because he got hit by a car

he couldn’t even work at the time because

he was badly injured so

like what do you do now a normal person

would find something else to do hopefully

but Ed decided

to just go down a

completely different path

ed had noticed a

large number of women

hitchhiking in the area

he would start picking up hitchhikers and

would refine

his technique

of how he picked up

these hitchhikers and got to the

point where

he could easily

pick up hitchhikers and seem


and approachable and


so he would pick up lady hitchhikers and then he

would let them go

he offered a ride to 2 Fresno

State students Mary Ann

and then another girl

named Anita

and they were

both hitchhiking just trying to get home I believe from

school unfortunately

they did not make it to their


so the families of Mary

Anne and Anita they had

reported them missing

and then on August 15th out in the wood

like a wooded area in

Santa Cruz a

woman’s head was

found and it was

later determined that it was

Mary anne’s head

Anita unfortunately was her remains

was never found

later on down the road he would

explain that he

stabbed and killed Anita

and he tried to strangle Mary

but that didn’t work so he

ended up stabbing her and cutting her

throat he then brought the

bodies back to his

apartment and removed

their heads in

their hands

ed also said that he engaged

in sexual activity with

their corpses

later that year September 14th 1972

Ed picked up 15 year old Iiko

she caught on to his

scheme and tried

to escape so she was hitchhiking as well ed

he had taped her

mouth shut and

tried to suffocate her by putting

his fingers

in her nostrils

so she will suffocate

and realizes that this isn’t working

so then he ended up taking a

scarf that she was wearing strangled her sadly

and then he raped her

she’s 15 like come on

dick I hate this guy he’s disgusting so then he

places her body into the

trunk of the car and

and then he decides I want to go get

an adult beverage at the bar

so he goes to

the bar that he normally always goes to with a

bunch of police officers like that’s

where they all hang out

he goes there and he grabs a

drink with them

like who does that

ed does apparently

he then brings her body back to his

house and he

starts to just

I don’t know if dissect dissect

I don’t know if dissect

is the correct or dismember he takes off her limbs okay

he had this obsession


his victim so he would

chop their heads off

and then he

would drop his the heads somewhere

also take off

their hands

oh my gosh like the magician

duh god okay I was sitting here forever

trying to figure out why he just took off the head

that’s why he put a big emphasis on that

magician thing

oh he takes her head off and then he

drove around with her head

and hands in the car for the day in a bag

and then he went to a court appointed meeting and

after his meeting he then disposed

the hands and the head in separate locations

January 1973

ed continued to act on his murderous impulses

and he picked up another hitchhiker

named Cindy

Cindy he he shot and killed and then while

ed’s mother was out of the house ed

took cindy’s body to

the house and he hid

cindy’s body in his room and just like his

other victims he

dismembered her body the following day he took bits and

pieces of the

of her body

and he threw them into the ocean

he took her head and he buried it in his

mother’s backyard

and he left it facing upwards towards his

mother’s bedroom

and according to him

he did that because his

mother quote

always wanted people to look up to her

and then February

5th 1973 Ed

and his mother got into a

fight was filled with rage

and he was just

ready to kill

so he gets in his car and he uses his mom’s

campus parking

sticker you know like a

community college or college in general

you normally have like a parking pass so you can

get onto the

campus or whatever so he takes that

and then Ed

stated that the next good looking girl he saw

would die so he sees 2 students

rosalind and

Alice are their names

he sees them they’re both good looking

he said he was like attracted to them and then

shortly after picking them up he didn’t stop the car

so normally he would like

pull over and

kill who was ever in the car with him

but he said

this time he didn’t stop the car he was just driving

and he turns

to Alice in the back seat

and he just

shoots her several times

and then he shot Roseland

point blank

then he pulls over into

a cul de sac

and he I guess it’s just like a quiet

cul de sac there

weren’t many

street lights or anything

and then he

takes the bodies and he

places them into the

trunk of his car once again

decapitated both of the girls and then he dismembers

their bodies

he also removed the bullets from

their head and then he disposed of their

body parts in different locations in March

there were some people out hiking

on Highway 1

in San Mateo

County and then

these hikers came across heads

called the police

now at the time of

ed’s murders 2

other serial killers John Frazier and

Herbert Molins they were also


their own crimes in the area

which then resulted

in Santa Cruz

receiving the nickname the murder Capital

of the World

in the press

so there was just like a lot of murders happening

in that area

and that time for Ed

he was dubbed the Coed Killer and the Coed

Butcher by the

press so then

April 1973 Ed

would commit

what would be his last 2 murders

Edmund is a dick

so on Good Friday

Ed went to his

mother’s home

he says that he had like a very unpleasant exchange

they got into a

fight did his mom know you

think then his

mother decided to go to

sleep and I guess

Ed just couldn’t take it anymore it’s been

building up for years

4 years and he’s been

dreaming of the opportunity

to kill his mother

while she was asleep

he beat his

mother to death with a claw hammer

he then dismembered her body

just like his

other victims

he removed his

mother’s head

I mean okay look look look look

look side note this

whole story is

absolutely disgusting what he did to his mother is

he removed his mother’s head and then he raped her

severed head meaning he forced his mother’s head

to have oral sex with him

and this is like what he says this is what he says okay

had oral sex with his his mom’s head

he then takes her head he

places it onto the fireplace mantle

and he used her head as a dart board

something I thought I’d never say in my lifetime

but he did that okay he cuts out her

his mother some

tongue and her Larnix

aka the voice box

he cuts that out

and then he places them into the garbage disposal ed

would describe that the car the garbage disposal

it actually didn’t

he’s so stupid he says that

as he was trying to get rid of these 2

things the garbage disposal kept spitting it back

up like it wasn’t

taking it he was like I have a great idea

I’m gonna call up my friend my mom’s friend

Sally and he invites her over for dinner

so he’s waiting for Sally

to come over

once she comes over and she enters the house

shortly after she arrived

he strangled her

and once she died hit her body in a closet

and then he ended up having sex with her body

later that night

so then Ed fled the area the next day in

sally’s car

he went to like a rent a car place

and then he switched out the cars

so he first took

sally’s car

used that drove

for quite some time

stopped at like a rent a car place and got another car

then drove 18 hours

stopping only for gas and soda

that’s what he said

gas and soda he drove east all the way

until he got to Colorado and then on April 23rd he

made a call to Santa Cruz

police to confess his crimes

so at first they didn’t believe him because

they knew him as Big

Ed remember I said

they hung out at the bar and

stuff and he became friends with all of them

so now Ed was calling them and saying

I’m the one that

killed all these people

just they couldn’t believe him but he did confess

and he turned

himself into the police who then handed them over

handed him over to

Santa Cruz Police Department

and then during interrogation

he led police officers and investigators

to all the evidence they needed to

prove that he was in fact

the Coed killer the police

department was

completely shocked that this guy was

literally right in

front of them this

whole time so

Ed was taken into custody

and confessed to all

8 murders in

great detail

he took the investigators to various

disposal sites

where they thought the investigation

would never end he

was arrested in

April of 1973 at the

age of 24 years old

and at the age of 24 he had murdered 6

women students his own

mother and her best friend

Ed was charged with

8 counts of

first degree murder

he went on trial for his

crimes in October of 1973

he was found guilty of

all of the charges in

early November 1973

concurrent life sentences

so he’s never getting out so currently

Ed is serving his time at

California Medical Facility

here in California

Ed was asked by a Cosmopolitan

magazine reporter during a prison interview

how he felt when he saw a pretty girl

after killing his

mother and he said

quote one side of me says

I’d like to talk to her

date her the

other side says

I wonder how her head

would look on a stick

so that’s good

ed was up for parole on July

25th of 2017

and the California parole board

quietly denied him parole

during his last parole hearing he actually

tried to take back his confession that he

gave to the police because he said that he was immature

at the time he was

young and he thought by pleaing guilty

he said he thought it was helping

build a case supporting his

psychiatric plea

of not guilty by reason of insanity

some reports say that he was a cannibal that he

ate some of his

victims but there’s actually no

proof that he did so

and Ed had claimed that he did it

but he also says that he was lying

I didn’t read anything

about him being a cannibal

but that doesn’t mean it’s not true I

guess we don’t really know if it’s true or not only Ed

knows that it’s true

because different sources say different

things so it’s really hard

to know what’s true and what’s not true I’m not

gonna say he is because I don’t I don’t

I don’t know so currently he’s

still in prison

for a while he was

teaching computer science inside the facility to

other inmates

also he says he

routinely answers his fan mail

at the prison

like I mentioned in my last

video get better idols be better

could you imagine if

this guy who was a

quote unquote genius

genius like you do you know like the

things he could have done for this

world and actually helped it

become a better

place but instead he

chose to be a

piece of shit you know like that sucks

be better be

fucking be better

I think the

biggest take away from this is please don’t hitchhike

don’t get in a car with strangers

oh Uber I don’t

think people really hitchhike much anymore but I don’t

know what you guys do out there just don’t hitchhike

okay anyways I hope you have a wonderful day

today make good choices please

be safe I appreciate you guys so much for

hanging out with me I’ll be seeing you guys later bye