Murder, Mystery & Makeup - The Ken & Barbie Couple - A Deal With The Devil

hi friends how are you today

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my name is bailey syrian and today is monday

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hi my name is bailey

syrian and on mondays i sit down i talk

about true crime

story that’s been heavy on my

not again and i do my makeup at the same time

so today i do have to add a disclaimer

i would do my normal like warning blah blah

blah but like today’s story is pretty intense it’s

pretty brutal

it involves like everything

i don’t really like to go into

graphic detail in my stories if you haven’t noticed

i just kind of like

vaguely mention

things it’s just heavy it’s very very heavy i think

a lot of times we just want to hear the

story and not necessarily hear all the gruesome details

but with this

story it’s almost like you can’t

avoid some of the details

so i apologize in advance for how intense it is

but it just kind of involves everything this

story has been highly recommended

since day one

and i’ve been

avoiding it just because i felt like

and it’s been talked

about a million

trillion times like what else can i add to it

but you know i’m doing it for you guys because

you’ve been asking and honestly i had the

story so wrong i thought i knew this

story turns out i did not nene

other than that

i will shush my little

mouth and let’s get into

today’s story

today we’re talking

about paul bernardo and carla

homoka carla

was seventeen years old and a high

school student

she had a part time job working at a

local pet shop when she

first met paul bernardo

at this time paul bernardo

was 23 years old

and attending the

university of toronto

and he was studying to become an accountant

now it was said that he was doing well in

school and he was on his way to

graduate october

seventeenth nineteen eighty

seven carla was attending a pet food convention

in scarborough



toronto ontario

canada so mm hmm

so carla is working at this convention

they’re doing like pet food stuff ooh

and as the night

ended she and a coworker went down to the

hotel restaurant

to grab some food

so the two of

them they’re eating they’re sitting you know

and then that’s

when paul bernardo walks into the restaurant

now carla and

paul they made eye contact like when he walked in

and they they say

or it was said that it was just an instant

connection lust

at first sight

paul was over six feet tall

he was said to be an extremely good looking guy he was

quite charming

he approached carla and the two

started chatting

it up now the two of them

they just clicked

and the coworker that was with carla was like okay well

i guess i’ll be

going now you know

cause she saw that they were just hitting it off and

she didn’t wanna

get in the way of that so she takes off

carla and polly

end up sitting there at the restaurant just talking

about anything and

everything for hours

and when the restaurant closed

that’s when the two of them headed up to carla’s

hotel room where they involved in some

sexual relations

from my understanding the

age of consent in canada is sixteen years old so

not illegal but she

still you know there’s just

a big age difference and

still fairly

young but okay

so carla you know

she was just believing that paul was the man of her

dreams and the two made a very good looking couple

paul also told many

of his friends that you know it was just a

match made in heaven

that he had

found his soulmate

and how he would do anything for carla and carla

would do anything for him

now carla she was the oldest of

three daughters

and she was

well liked in

school she was pretty she was somewhat popular

and growing up she

lived in st catharines

in the province of ontario with her family in

school it was said that carla

had many boyfriends and many boys interested in her

but when she met paul it was all she could talk

about with her friends

you know he was a much older man

he was in college and like she

would just brag

often to her friends about paul

and they all just thought it was so cool

now paul he was the youngest of

three children

it was said that he was a

sweet kid and had a charming

smile but that he had a very difficult upbringing

or a difficult childhood

his mother was

verbally abusive

towards him and his siblings then when paul was 16 he

found out that the man he called dad was not his

biological father

now this was upsetting

and it broke all

trust he had with his parents

i don’t know because i read different things

some people say like it was an accident how he

found out and then some people say like his mom just

randomly like said it

when she was being

verbally abusive towards him

either way it just it really affected him

so again around the

age of 16 that’s when paul

began peeping

through the windows of his female neighbors

he would watch them as they undressed

and he would do this like at any chance he

could get he

would watch

women through

their open windows

so aka a peeping tom

but as he got older

peeping through

windows just wasn’t cutting it for him anymore

paul said that his

fantasies just

started to become darker and darker

and he would dream

about taking advantage

or just taking control over women

but at that

age she wasn’t acting on it just yet but it was like

starting to happen

so yay so in september of nineteen eighty

three that’s when paul

started studying at the

university of toronto in scarborough scarborough

come on bailey


he’s studying

there his friends and the people who knew him

they really liked him he had

again this charm

about him he can make friends with anyone

and overall

everyone just thought paul’s a

great guy you know

just people wanted to be around him

often paul was seen as the life of the party

and if paul was at the

party then you knew was like it was

gonna be a good time

paul did have a few

girlfriends throughout college

things would always

start really well

it would be like this

picture perfect relationship

but then as time went on

the relationship or at

least their

sexual relationship

would turn more

abusive violent and sometimes controlling

and then at that point

is when the

women would

break it off

in the spring of 1988 a

sexual predator was roaming the streets in scarborough

by may there had been

seven different reports made by

women to the

local police

sharing their

their attacks

the local police they got on tv

and they were just warning

women who are watching

look there’s this predator he’s

still out on the streets

they were telling

women to not walk around out

night alone

to not stay out late

unless someone was with them and just

trying their best to warn everybody

whoever this attacker was

would grab women when they were leaving the bus stop at

night and were walking alone

some women were attacked when they were on

their evening run in the park

they’d be approached from behind

the person would

get them behind some bushes or kind of like in a little

secluded area

and that’s where they

would be assaulted

his victims were forced to perform

oral intercourse sodomy

and were sometimes beaten

afterwards it was

pretty intense and

pretty freaking scary

the first reports that were made

about this predator were just

not that it this is like not as bad it’s

still bad but it was just

about a man groping the victims

but then after

about a year went by was

still no suspect in custody

the attacks turned more violent

um the media gave this person the name the scarborough

rapist everybody in the city was just on high alert

many statements were made from witnesses

and the victims

but the police

could not seem

to get an accurate description of who this person was

because the

women had been

attacked from behind they really didn’t get a

clear shot of

their attacker’s face

all that they

could tell was that whoever this guy was

was a guy for

starters he was

young he was good looking and he had

light colored hair

so that didn’t really narrow it down too much but

that’s what they had to work with

now as time went on

police were able to collect about

a hundred different dna

samples from potential suspects but

so far like nothing was a match

that’s when

the toronto police had called in an fbi profiler

to help create a profile of who this guy was

so the profiler

analyzed the police reports

and was able to link

four more attacks to the


rapist i’m so

sorry i keep butchering this name i’m

trying my best

but they linked four more attacks to this person

which brought the

total to eleven

victims so the fbi

analyst determined that the attacks were

anger based

and sadistic in nature

which was like a rare combination

but whoever this person was was very dangerous

now the profiler

they felt that this was a high functioning intelligent


sexually sadistic offender

and they believe that whoever it was

lived in the area most likely

in a family household

had to be in

their early 20s

and had to have violent relationships with

women so again

when paul and carla

first met in the fall of 1987

there had already been

three attacks linked to the scarborough rapist

now carla she

never suspected

paul could be the one linked to these

crimes because

their relationship seemed

picture perfect

paul would show up with flowers and he

would do this pretty often

he would give her

gifts at every chance he could

and he just

treated her really well

always thinking of carla

and just expressing how he wanted to

just be with her forever and take care of her

their relationship seemed to move

quickly but they were

infatuated with one another and they just couldn’t keep

their hands off of each

other so they had been dating for over 18

months and paul

would drive over 80

miles to st catharines

to visit carlos several times a week

now carla’s family they

they loved paul it was said

that they loved paul

they thought he was a

great catch he was well educated

um he was handsome

his life was on the

right track

they didn’t mind the

age difference

between the two they just thought

he was great

it sucks this is a side note

i think a lot of us have this

image of what we

think these

awful people look like

right we just think of

these monsters

these atrocious beings

right like ugh

but we need to get out of our heads that

these sickos look like

monsters they don’t look like

monsters they’re

attractive normal

you would never

guess type of people so

yeah i don’t

know what to do with that information though because it

sounded like there was no red flags with this guy

well yes there was i

think they were being okay we continue

in the spring of 1989 carla

graduated from high school

and was really now trying to plan what the next

chapter in her life was you know but when it came to

carla and paul like

their relationship

it went from carla telling her friends that you know

everything was

great and perfect

to now carla

telling her friends that paul was

becoming verbally abusive towards her

but soon after they

would have an argument carla

would forgive paul

and apologize for his

wrongdoings he

would maybe show up with a gift to show he was

sorry and then they would just

move on yeah so

things just kind of

we’re changing

in december of 1989

paul and carla

they went on a romantic getaway to the niagara falls

and that is where

paul got on one knee and proposed to carla

and she said yes

so carla went back home like all excited

and told her parents

that they were engaged

and the parents were thrilled

cause now they’re

gonna have paul like

their son in law

and he was such a

dream to them

at that time

so paul and carla decided to set

their wedding date

for the spring of nineteen ninety one

on may twenty

ninth nineteen ninety police released a

sketch of what they believe the scarborough

rapist look like

to the public

now when the

sketch was released it was on the

front pages of the papers

and so everybody was seeing it right

so friends of paul pernardo were like hey

have you seen this like it kind of looks like

paul a little bit if you squint

like it looks like paul

with this information

one of paul’s best friends actually

contacted toronto police

and said that the drawing looked just like

his friend paul bernardo so they make a note of this

and then by november of

1990 so a couple

months ago by

there were several people who had contacted police

saying that the

sketch looked just like

paul bernardo

so with this information the police find paul

they bring them in for questioning

and then they ask if they can get a dna

sample from him

which paul willingly

gave them the dna was sent over to be tested

but at this time they had hundreds upon hundreds

of dna samples waiting to be tested

so it sat on a shelf

with all the

other ones just waiting for its turn

a very very

unfortunate move

now it was said that at this time dna

testing was

still somewhat

new and the

technology was just a lot slower than it is today

so going through all of the dna was

gonna take some time

and it did take some goddamn time

way too much time so

after paul was questioned i don’t know if he got

freaked out or he just didn’t

he didn’t care

but he decided to move from scarborough

to st catherine’s to live with carla and her family and

now they thought carla and paul thought it

would be best to move in

with carla’s family because then they could save

money and then

once they had enough

money they could get a

place of their own

but it was kind of

funny because after paul

moved all of a

sudden all the

crimes stopped happening in scarborough and

seemed to pick up around

saint catherine’s

the family really did not

think paul could be

related to these

crimes in any way

they just really adored him

especially carla’s younger

sister 15 year old

tammy she looked up to paul as like

the older brother she

never had paul was developing very dark

urges towards

carla’s younger

sister tammy

it was said that you know he

would watch her undress from time to time all creepily

when she was unaware

so paul gave into his

urges and he told carla that

he really wanted something that carla couldn’t give him

and that thing was a virgin

he made carla

feel bad because you know she wasn’t a virgin

but the closest

thing to carla’s virginity

would be her younger sister

tammy’s virginity

so paul pressured

carla to let him have her virginity

and carla said that she wanted to please paul or he

would he would

leave her so

she and paul came up with a plan to

drug her younger

sister so paul

could have sex with her

yeah yep yeah

i told you the

story is disturbing okay

now this would be carla’s christmas present to paul

okay so december 23rd

1990 carla’s family went to bed

but carla and paul they asked tammy to stay up

and they could sneak some alcoholic beverages together

while everyone was asleep

so carla made the

drinks for everybody

she would end up

crushing up pills to put in tammy’s drink

now at this time

carla was working at a

veterinarian clinic

and she stole animal tranquilizers from there to use on

tammy now these pills

would knock anyone out

and karla thought like it

would be best to use these to keep her sister asleep

while paul raped her karla also soaked a rag in

halithane which is a general anaesthetic

she held it over her sister’s face

while paul raped her they also busted out a

video camera and recorded the entire thing

you know for christmas memories

sick now when paul was done

he told carla

it’s your turn your turn to assault your sister

which she did

and they also recorded on tape

now soon after

tammy began to

vomit and then she started to choke

so paul and carla they’re kinda

freaking out they quickly

dress her they hide the camera

and then they call an ambulance

so when the

paramedics arrive paul and carla told them that they

tried to revive

tammy after she passed out from

drinking but like

they don’t know

tammy ended up being

taken to the hospital

where she was

later pronounced dead

so one of the doctors that was examining

tammy noticed

a burn around her

mouth um where

carla was holding the hallow

thing soaked rag

she had like a burn around her mouth

carla and paul said that

it was rug burn on her face when they pulled her

they pulled her off the bed onto the

floor they’re

trying to revive her she she got rug burn on her face

and like that was a good enough answer for them

it was concluded that

tammy died of natural

causes at 15

she died of natural causes

so that makes sense

carla’s parents were devastated

but they honestly thought that her

death was just a

tragic accident

teenagers you know they just

experiment with drugs and alcohol so like

tammy must have just been

experimenting and she just took it too far

and it was like nothing more than that

which is just awful

it’s so sad

so a month goes by

carla and paul have

saved enough

money to get their own

place it’s a two

story home in port delhuzzi

it’s a small town near st catharines

it’s a cute little house too

well since been

knocked down but it was a cute house

that they just ruined

so when the two

moved into their own

place it said that’s when paul’s

abuse really went up a notch

he would jokingly tell carla that he was a scarborough

rapist and went from just being

verbally abusive

which is still

awful to now physically abusive towards carla

now when carla

would tell paul

that she was leaving him or she wanted to leave

he would threaten her saying that he was

gonna go to police and tell them

about her involvements in

tammy’s death

you know and he had the

video tapes to prove it

so if he was

gonna go down she was

gonna go down too

carla said that she felt like she really

couldn’t leave

june 15 1991

two weeks before carla

and paul’s wedding

paul came home with a surprise for carla

now you would

think like flowers or something but no

of course not

paul came home

with a 14 year old girl

named leslie mahaffey

paul said that

leslie was in her own backyard and

he pulled up in his car he offered the girl a cigarette

which was back in his car

and when she

approached the car she got in and then he kidnapped her

carla and paul

ended up holding her captive in their home

assaulting her repeatedly all

while recording the tax on

videotape so

after holding her captive for

about 24 hours the couple

ended up strangling her then dismembering her body

they took different parts

of her body

and they like

mixed it in with concrete blocks

then they dumped it into the local lake

lake gibson

they dumped it in there

on july 29th 1991

carla and paul that’s when they got

married in a ceremony

with over a hundred friends and family around

to celebrate

their special day but

on that very same day a fisherman came across

some of the body parts of the 14 year old victim

leslie mahaffey

and the lake

it was all over the news

people were just like

in the community

were just horrified like

it was it’s

i mean it is like such a

brutal what the heck

so it was just everywhere

so over the next year police looked for any clues into

who the teenagers killer could be

that’s when they brought in the same fbi profiler

from scarborough

rapist case

now at the time the fbi profiler he said

he had no reason to connect the two cases

which sounds

absolutely ridiculous

but he didn’t

so there was no

connection being made between the two

and they didn’t really have any leads either

so time went on and

you know paul and carla’s

life continued

as newlyweds

but of course like paul was just

probably i don’t really know

cause you know i don’t know but i’m

assuming he was probably

getting cocky because he’s like getting away with this

and he’s just wanting more he’s wanting more

cause he feels like he can get

away with it because he is getting away with it so paul

asked carla to get in

touch with some of

her sisters

tammy’s best friends

he was like hey get them on the phone

invite them over have them come over to the house

where then we can drug them the same way that we did to

tammy so over the next year carla

actually was able to get several

young women to go over

to not even

young women

young girls

to come over to the home

and hang out where they

would then drug and sexually assault them now

these victims

would survive

their attacks

they would wake up the next day having

no memory of the

night before

or of the assaults some of

these attacks were also caught on

videotape or they

videotaped it

and it was captain paul’s

growing collection

april 16th 1992

paul and carla went on a

drive on an afternoon cruise

but only with the intention of

bringing home a new sex

slave to keep

that’s when they spotted

15 year old kristin french

she was walking home from

school they

drive past her

and they pull into a church parking lot

like it was a little ways

ahead of her

and then they were just waiting for her to walk by

carla was sitting in the passenger

seat and she called out to christian asking like hey

can you help us with directions because like we’re lost

and carla was holding a map so it just it seemed legit

she walks up to the car and then that’s when kristen

was shoved into the car

and then the couple

drove off heading back to

their house

now it wasn’t long

until kristen

was reported

missing and then many witnesses

came forward

saying that they saw kristen

in the church parking lot

and she was

talking to a car that had two people inside of it

the witnesses

also reported seeing them

drive away in a beige camaro

so now that they had a description of the car

police started

searching heavily

for a beige camaro

now there were

tons of billboards put up or posted around

saying have you seen this car

have you seen this car

and then on the billboard there was a

picture of the beige camaro

but what they didn’t know

was that the eyewitness reports were actually incorrect

paul actually

drove a gold

colored nissan

not a camaro

i could see the confusion how that

could happen

but it still wasted a lot

of time because they were looking for a beige camaro

and you know it wasn’t a camaro was any song

so the media

started linking

the disappearance of chris and french to the murder of

leslie mahaffey

they were just like hey

these things

gotta be linked right

now the fbi profiler

i’m laughing because like

you just think he

would have made this

connection but he didn’t

the fbi profiler

described the suspect as being a

white male in

their late twenties

probably had a history of

sexually violent

crimes a history of domestic violence

someone who was most likely violent in

their personal relationships

kind of like the scarborough

rapist but still no

connection was being made

paul and carla

ended up keeping kristen

french for several

several days

they videotaped

her assaults

just to add to

their growing collection

and then when

paul was satisfied that’s when they strangled and

they killed her

on april 30th 1992

kristen’s body was

found more than 30

miles away in burlington

and it was left in a

ditch not far from the

local cemetery

just all around

awful and then

in january of 1993

paul ended up beating carla up

like so bad to the

point that she went to the

local emergency room to receive

treatment paul had attacked her with

a torch and he

ended up giving her two really bad like

black eyes a broken rib

and severe bruising

after two years of

marriage it was at this

point that carla decided

to leave paul

now around this same time

finally paul’s

dna was being submitted and tested for the scarborough

rapist case

his dna was positively

identified as the man responsible for

these attacks so police

finally are connecting the two

the murders in st catharines

they finally had

their person

so before going straight to paul

police actually they

reach out to carla

and they wanted to like create a

wedge in the relationship

knowing that they

could probably get more information from carla

now carla thought

that she was being called into question

to be questioned

about the domestic assault

but after the interview with police

carla went back to her family home and she ended up

breaking down

she confessed

to everything

carla was afraid

that the police they already knew what she

what she was involved with

or at least the police were

close to uncovering the truth

and she wanted to tell her parents before

you know shit hit the fan

i’m sure her parents were like devastated

i mean i don’t even know i don’t even know but

her parents suggested that she hired a lawyer

which carla

ended up doing

so she told

her lawyer that paul was indeed the scarporough

rapist and also

admitted to being involved in the two

local murders

and the death of her own

sister carla

would end up

agreeing to testify

against paul in court

in exchange for a reduced sentence

for herself so police end up

agreeing to this

and then carla

sits down with police and gives them a full

confession the

great debate

around this

well there’s a lot of

great debates around this

story but one of them is like carla’s involvement okay

she told police you know that

she was a victim and

stuff and paul

like forced her to do this and what not

i saw clips

of her being questioned by police and let me just say

i think she’s like new

she’s a little

smarter than she let on

because when she goes to like

be questioned by police

first of all she’s

dressed like a very innocent little

school girl

okay which is fine like that’s that’s fine

but that’s not normally how she won

dress okay so she

was trying to play up this like i’m so innocent thing

and then she

would answer

all of her questions just very like very innocent

she like then he

chopped her up

and i just was so scared

yeah so i was just there

like that’s how she talks the

whole time okay so

after paul gets arrested

which i’m kind of jumping here but pockets arrested

and then they

asked carla to go around

their house

and show like

where paul did

things at like describe in detail

where things took place

i’m not kidding she takes them into the bathroom

the police and all them

she’s like this is

where we put

her and then we we bathed her in the bathtub

and then we just remembered her

and then she turns around to like

where the kitchens not the

kitchen the bathroom sink and all that sad she’s like

can i ask you guys something

where did all of my perfumes go i had a

bunch of perfume

samples in here and i’m just wondering

where they all went

because the detectives took

everything and i don’t know where my

stuff went and you’re just like girl

read the room

you just talked

about dismembering a girl and you’re wondering

where your perfumes at like it was just like

okay and then she

doesn’t really

show a lot of emotion but then the moment she talks

about one of the

victims came over

paul like took out really expensive

um champagne

flutes is that what they’re called like the

glasses that you put in champagne

and you could just see all of a

sudden she just her motion comes out over

these these

glasses that

paul decided to use to drug the girls with

so she was like

those glasses

they were from

france and they were very expensive and we

never used them

they were only for a special occasion

and i was so

mad and like she’s getting all worked up over paul’s

choice of glasses that he used

and like that’s

one of the only times you see her like getting

worked up over something and you’re like okay girl

this isn’t make okay

okay and then like it just keeps happening

because then she’s like describing

again like what’s what happened and then she’s like

can i ask you something

do you know

where all of my furniture

went because they just came and they took all of the

furniture and i’m just wondering

where they went with my

furniture can i get it back

do you not understand like what’s

happening right now like

hello and then another one

they were in like the basement she sees a book

on the ground she goes

excuse me can i have this book because my

sister really wants it she’s been asking

about this book and i’m just wondering if i

could take this book

and that’s like the only time that you get

these little snippets of like hmm

hmm hmm hmm

huh so carla kept telling police

that paul forced her

to participate in all of the attacks

against her will carla also told police that there were

videotapes in the

house that would have

everything they needed because

everything was recorded so she’s like you have to get

those tapes they’re in the house

on february

seventeenth nineteen ninety three

that’s when paul bernardo was arrested

they began searching the home

their goal being to find

those tapes because that was

gonna be their smoking gun

they would end up spending

seventy one days

searching the home but the police

could not locate these video tapes which

karla claim showed the attacks

now without these tapes they had no direct evidence

that linked paul

to the crimes so they arranged the plea

agreement with karla

because they’re heavily relying on her to

give her testimony

that’s what’s gonna put paul behind bars

and in exchange carla

would receive a reduced sentence for her involvement

which this deal was kept

secret from the public and that caused

a whole upset

on june 28th 1993 carla appeared in court

for her involvement with the

crimes and the

court put a publication ban on her

trial which was very unlikely of the courts to do

this caused a huge upset with the

media and the

public was angered because

their right to know was being denied

and this was a really

really big case so people are just trying to figure out

what happened

oh and by the way i forgot to mention like

correct me if i’m

wrong here but from my

understanding it was the us

who gave them the

title the ken and barbie killers like they

would you know

because of their good looks

like oh my god they’re so good looking how

could they be killers

so carla was convicted

on manslaughter

charges and she

ended up receiving a 12 year sentence

which again

caused a lot of

upset the plea

agreement was said to be kept a

secret in order to make sure that paul had a fair trial

so carla was sent to prison

and then on august 2

1993 she ended up filing for divorce from

paul on may 18 1995

paul’s trial

began paul pleaded not guilty

on nine charges and

connections with the

deaths of leslie and kristen

including kidnapping

unlawful confinement aggravated

sexual assault

and murder the prosecutors had

presented new evidence during

trial that was not

known about

they ended up finding the

videotapes in the couple’s home

i know it was

kinda like a surprise i don’t know where they

found it or like

where i don’t know i didn’t

they found it though i

think that’s great

now this was the

first time that they had

direct evidence

against paul but also

carla as well

now these tapes revealed a

completely different version of events

and they felt that carla had

completely misled


because on the tapes carla was seen

fully participating

in the attacks had the tape surfaced

sooner or earlier

it most likely

would have affected her plea

deal so paul’s team was like ah shit like

but they got the tapes you know but they’re like

yeah paul’s on the tapes but they

never show him murdering anyone you know

paul instead was like it wasn’t me who murdered

them i was not the killer it was actually carla

who murdered the victims

on june 19 1995

carla testified

against paul

and that’s where she stated that she was also a

victim to paul

and he was the mastermind

behind it all

when carla was

asked about the

video tapes

she said that she suffered from battered

spouse syndrome

and that was her reasoning many

believe that yes she was indeed abused by paul but she

could not be

classified as

a person suffering from battered

spouse syndrome

when talking

about battered

spouse syndrome

they’re mainly talking

about people who are

suffering from tremendous

psychological abuse

these tapes showed

that carla was more of an accomplice in the horrible

crimes versus

a victim the

judge allowed the jurors

to watch the

videotapes and only

allowed the public to listen to them but not view it

they didn’t want to put the family through more

grief by viewing

these tapes because of just how

awful they were

pulse trial lasted

months at the end of it

the jury deliberated for five hours

then on september 1st 1995

31 year old paul bernardo was

found guilty

of all nine charges

against him

including the two murders

paul was sentenced to life in prison

while paul is sitting in prison

he also confessed to 14

more sexual assaults of

women in the scarborough area

and the judge

declared him

just a dangerous offender

which will most likely keep him in prison

without the chance of parole

for the rest of his life

cause he does have a possibility of parole

after like 25 years i believe

but let’s hope that he does not get out because it

sounds like

he would do it again

like come on

so the great debate around this case

was if carla got off way too easily

many believe that carla was just as sick

if not more sick than paul was

now whatever was on

these tapes showed a

completely different

side of carla but also just a different

story i didn’t see them

i don’t want

to see them so i didn’t look it up but just

based off of what i was hearing

from interviews with the police department and

stuff and jurors

it was really bad

carla seemed

thrilled to be there

do you know what i’m saying

carla’s plea

deal became

known as one of the

worst in a canadian history

the following year an investigation was done

on the investigation into paul

and carla’s case as to why they fell through the cracks

and how this could

be prevented in the future

i guess since then

they have tried to

implement a new

system for tracking serial predators

improving communication between police departments

and hoping to

never have a

case like this go unsolved for as long as it did

so then on july 4th

2005 35 year old carla

was released from prison

having served just 12 years behind bars

now carla couldn’t go back to st catharines

okay she was not welcome there so instead she

moved to montreal and

started a new life there

carla said that she

still had nightmares

about the girls and felt

great remorse

for what she did

and then she also went to the

courts and hopes to get a name change

but she was denied the right

changing her name

because she

is a public figure so

she wasn’t allowed to do that

so over the years she remarried and she went on to have

three kids of her own

from what i

could find as of 2020

it was said that she no longer lives with her children

or husband and there was a period of time

where she was like a volunteer at

a primary school

and like that

caused obviously

a lot of outrage because she was working with kids or

young adults

and like nobody did a

background check and

maybe thought

that’s not a good fit

it seems like wherever she goes

she’s just not welcome

anywhere she goes

i mean for a good reason

i personally believe that carla yeah she

should have been locked up for a lot longer

okay and like even

cause okay so i went to the

museum of death in los angeles

and they have

their personal

photos there

on display you can go there and oh it’s just

be prepared you go there and they have all the

photos and this was like before i really even knew much

about the case but this

image has been burned into my brain

because it’s carla like smiling all big and

she’s holding up she’s like holding up someone’s head

she’s like she just was

excited but yeah i

think she should have

spent a lot more time behind bars

i mean she killed her own damn

sister the hell i forgot

about that yeah girl no

no no mmm out out

go and that my friends is the

awful story

about paul bernardo and carla homolka

um thank you for recommending this

awful story you

happy do you

think that carla

should be in prison for a lot longer that’s

hot debates

love and appreciate you guys i hope you have a

great day you make good choices

and i’ll be

seeing you guys later bye

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