Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Inside Sean Sellers Messed Up Head - When Satan Comes To Town

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let’s get into today’s

story today’s

story does involve satanism

today’s story is not a reflection of the

whole satanism

religion you know like we’re

adults here we could separate the two

i just have to say that because it

never fails whenever a religion is mentioned

they think that i’m suggesting that it represents the

whole religion and i

i am not we’re separating the two

right i forget to mention that in a lot of

these stories and i need to remember that because it

never fails

there’s bad seeds no matter

where you look

shawn sellers

talk about him

have you heard of him well let me tell you

drama drama

drama because

he was like the youngest guy to ever be

executed in the united

states and i’m totally jumping

ahead but that’s why the

story is like wow

so who shawn sellers let me tell you

shawn sellers was born in california on may 18th 1969

shawn’s mom her name was wanda

now she was only 16 when she had him

and his biological father was said to be very unstable

and a bit of an alcoholic

but at the age of three sean’s

mother and father they ended up

separating and then vonda

quickly met a new man

who was a truck driver named lee

his real name’s paul but they called him lee

so lee okay

he’s a truck driver cool they meet and

after meeting the two of them just ran off together

got married

and shawn’s

mother left

shawn behind with his

grandparents in oklahoma

now shawn’s mother and

stepfather would spend

their time driving across the country

and then they

would stop by

every so often like

every few weeks to visit

sean so at the age of

eight sean’s

mother and stepfather they

ended up moving to los angeles

and they took sean with them

so he went from living

in a small town

with his grandparents

in oklahoma remember

and now he’s moving or he

moved to los angeles

where he said it was a lot more hectic and

they went into the

small apartment so it was just a really

rough adjustment

sean said though he was

happy because he was living with his mom

again and also with lee

who sean considered his father

by the time sean was 16 he had

moved around 30 different

times so he’s jumping around from town to town

for reasons related to his parents jobs

i was rough because sean was

never able to make friends have a

stable home

you know if he liked a

place he knew like he couldn’t get

attached to it or get comfortable because they

would probably be moving again

like 30 times is wild

but over time sean just stopped trying to make friends

and preferred just being

alone because what was the

point they were just

gonna move again

sean would say that in the family

household he

would suffer beatings from his

mother as well as from his grandfather

when he was living with him

and then there was a

short period of time when

sean was living with his uncle

and this uncle

did not like that shawn

would wet the bed at

night so he would

force him to wear

diapers when he went to bed i

guess that’s fine

right normally like

they wet the bed wear diaper

nights but shawn was around the

age of 12 13 years old

so this was just humiliating

to him shawn

would say that if he wet the bed two

nights in a row the

uncle would

force shawn to wear the soil diaper

on his head

for the day so that

uncle’s a little

not right you know

shawn would say that he was a pretty

intense guy like he

would take shawn

hunting and

teach him how to kill

the animals by doing certain techniques i won’t go into

graphic detail

but he would

teach him how to kill the animals and sean

would say that he

would watch his uncle

kill animals in a pretty brutal way and if sean was

grossed out at all or like didn’t want to

watch or participate the

uncle would make fun of

him calling him a wimp telling him that he’s pathetic

and was just really mean

he sounded like a real awful guy

so it wasn’t

until his family

moved to colorado

that the now

teenage sean felt

happy for the

first time when they

moved there

he was going to

school and he joined the

civil air patrol

and he had been

studying emergency response

training which he

would eventually

graduate from the program with outstanding

honors sean’s

mother and stepfather they really took notice

to him being passionate

about something and him

really applying himself

towards this new interest

and they made him

really proud they were very

proud of shawn

he was just doing really well it was

clear to them that

their quiet well

behaved son

was finally like coming out of his shell a bit

teachers at the high

school shawn was attending

knew him as a good student who loved

comic books and

he had a talent for drawing

shawn wasn’t popular

by any means he had

like a few friends but for the most part he really just

enjoyed learning pretty good kid

many of his

teachers noted

that sean absolutely

loved reading

and that he almost always

had his nose in a book

bookworm again

in colorado

it was just like

day and night

shawn just seemed like a different person

he was finding himself he seemed

happy and he just seemed to really be doing well in

school right

things are great he’s

happy yay and then

things changed

not long after moving to

colorado you know

shawn’s getting all settled in he’s doing well

his parents notified him or informed him

that they would be moving again

this time they’re

going back to oklahoma

so for obvious reasons

like sean is

devastated by this news he finally

found somewhere that he belonged he’s doing well he’s

succeeding in life he has

hobbies he’s just

doing well he

doesn’t want to go and

he’s trying

to convince his parents to just let him stay like

for the first time in my life

things are doing well please just let me stay

shawn’s parents knew that there’s no way that they

could leave

their 15 year old alone

in colorado when they

moved to oklahoma so unfortunately

they had to move and

they did so they headed back to oklahoma city

and then after they moved

shawn’s attitude

changed he was

angry he’s a

teenager for

starter so that’s

not good because they’re usually a little

angry already

you know but now he hates his parents okay

and he just

didn’t see the

point in participating

or giving us all in this new city

because what was the freaking

point they were probably gonna move

again once he

started to like it there you know now

shawn’s mom

vonda she had a temper of her own

she just seemed to take her frustrations out on

shawn he was often

for different reasons she

would slap him across the face

hit him with the belt or just

punch him in the face

and all of this and the move just really

broke him and his anger was

building up inside

while in school sean

said that he received an


magazine from some guy who was

promoting the occult

he’s like ooh what’s this and like it was a handmade

magazine it was just filled with satanic

metal bands there was an

interview and artwork

from richard ramirez the night

stalker remember

there were cartoons of different serial killers in the

magazine it was just

focused mainly on satanic killers

sean said when he got this he was interested

okay he was like what is this i’ve

never seen something like this before

i don’t quite

understand this next part but sean said that he met

someone who considered themselves a

witch no idea

where they met this person

but it was said that he met a witch

okay and that this witch

taught him the ins and out of

black magic

and that he was just really infatuated with it

all it was all new it was different it was intriguing

he liked it you know

so now that he was

introduced to it

shawn was trying to do all of his own research on

witchcraft and he

would go to his

local library

and find books on the

topic now this

would lead him to find books

about satanism and know

i’m not saying

they go hand in hand but this is how sean was

introduced to it like it was in the same section

so he finds this book that he’s like oh what is this

satan oh let me read this you know and he’s just

obsessed it’s a new obsession

it just really caught his interest and shaun

said that he was so interested in it

because he was mad at god

and that satanism

it was offering freedom

and a promise to control his life and control

others that’s what really lured him in

the thing that sean

felt he lacked most in life

was control

over himself and his environment

at his age his life

could be and was easily uprooted and

at any moment

you know by his parents

and he just

loathed them

for that practicing satanism

would become like a normal

thing for sean in his day to day life

at this time he’s also playing

dungeons and dragons

and some articles

try to say that

like inspired him even more to get into satanism

but sean said

in a blog post

that it was not the

dungeon and dragons that

got him into it it was just something that people were

using to like feed the narrative

so i’m just saying that because if you

heard that you’re like when i’m out dungeons

and dragons

he said it wasn’t

dungeons and dragons

so at this time

shawn he’s into satan

cool so he’s a sophomore in high

school at this time

and shawn said that he

would bring

small vials of blood

like wear it

around his neck

and then throughout the day in

class he would

drink the blood so he turned into like that kid

maybe he didn’t have that kid in your

class but there

was like one of

those you know

drinking blood

not judging

but i can’t imagine that’s good for you

i don’t know anyway so he’s doing that

shawn said that satanism

taught him that he could make

own rules to live by in life

and the rituals

of it would

allow him to take his control

back and sean’s knowledge on satanism grew

because he was just reading anything and

everything he possibly

could about the topic and

and he said that he

would participate in various satanic rituals

more and more

often what he didn’t see coming though

was the side

effects that came

along with this

yes side effects

over time sean

started having strange problems as he called them

he said that he was hearing

voices in his head but he was hearing

voices in his head from a

young age but

these voices seemed to amplify

and would soon

sound very different than

how they once had

he said that

these voices were

demons and they urged him to do the

things that he wanted done

whatever that means you know i

think most people

would be like oh there’s a

demon in me

i need to get it out but

not sean nene

he would say that

these voices didn’t

scare him at all it just

solidified the idea that sean was doing something

right he’s communicating with

these demons

soon after sean realized that the demon

voices were showing up in his mind more

and more and he said that he

began having

blackout periods in which

like a light

switch of his

awareness would be

flicked off for a period of time and he just

wouldn’t have any memory

of like what happened

after these

blackouts shawn

could not remember what he had been doing exactly

he said that

he felt like his mind was like constantly jumbled

he couldn’t

calm the voices

down he couldn’t calm the thoughts down he couldn’t

focus on anything

and these voices

were actually

becoming more

of a serious problem for him

so at first the

voices aren’t

bothering him he’s kind of like oh yeah it’s

proving to me that i’m on the

right track

but i guess the

voices just keep

going on for so long and it’s

becoming such a problem for him that he goes to his mom

and he tells her like mom

i’m hearing

these voices in my head and i

think that i’m

going crazy

this is what he tells his mom

mom is a dumbass and she’s like oh okay

she assumed he was just being a

teenage boy just

going through

those normal

teenager hormonal changes you know

the ones where you hear

demons and such

teens so she

doesn’t do anything

with this information she’s like oh you’re crazy okay

get in line

sure so sean

finds that to be a little bit frustrating because

he feels as if his mom is not taking him seriously

cause she’s not so he ends up

going to two different teachers

and he tells

these teachers like i’m hearing

things i’m just not feeling

right like something’s not

right but these two teachers

also didn’t do anything with the information that

he gave them

he was trying to get

somebody to help him

i’m laughing because it’s uncomfortable

right like this poor guy i don’t know what i

would do so at

school sean

did have a friend his name was richard howard

and he ends up telling his friend richard at

school he’s like

i’m having these really just

dark morbid thoughts

about doing really

awful things

and his friend richard

now he was a little nervous at

first to tell richard because he could

scare him away

right like if your friend tells you i’m

thinking about

some really dark shit

you might be a little

scared i don’t know

so richard’s

listening to this and instead of like offering

any type of advice or anything

richard tells sean

that he needs to embrace the thoughts

and that these thoughts aren’t

bad they’re actually cool because i have them too

this is what richard’s telling sean richard tells sean

i too am interested in satanism

i’ve always had

these dark thoughts and

they’re powerful

let’s keep em

richard he too was deep into the darkness

sean said that

richard was way more evil than he had ever been

and that richard was the one who

initiated a lot of

their evil discussions that

they had between the two of them instead of talking

about whatever

teen boys talk

about sports

love interest or what i don’t know what boys talk

about but sean

and richard

would discuss

potential crimes that they want to commit

they would go into like

great detail

about different murders and robberies

they wanted to commit and then they

would talk about

how they wanted to rape

certain people before killing them

in a later interview sean

would say that like all of

these discussions

this conversation they were all hypothetical

they weren’t like serious

about it it was just for fun

they were using

their imagination

he also said that the two of them

never had any real intent to commit

these crimes they just thought that

these stories

would be cool to do

over time though

their friendship it grew pretty damn dark and

their chaps just became more and more serious like they

weren’t choking around anymore

according to sean richard

absolutely hated his girlfriend’s father

whose name was al

hawkes now richard

found out that this guy al

had beaten his

daughter over an argument

and left her heavily bruised so richard

tells shawn like hey you know

maybe we can borrow one of my grandpa’s guns

and use that to murder

al hawke together

wouldn’t that be fun

now it didn’t take much

convincing for shawn to then agree

sean mentioned that

he did want to like offer some sort of sacrifice that

would grant him

power in the

afterlife with

satan you know

so he’s like yeah

we should do that in

order for the two of them to feel

equally accomplished

that evening

richard said that he

would only kill l

after sean killed someone else first

that way they’re even you know

the two went back and forth trying to decide who

would be their

first target finally

richard suggested that

shawn killed the

night shift cashier at the

local circle k

now at this

point shawn didn’t really care who his victim was

i just wanted to know what it felt like to kill

the circle k cashier his name was

robert bauer

he almost always worked the midnight

shift during the week

and richard he

would usually stop by that circle k location

on his way home from seeing his

girlfriend most nights

richard said that him and the circle k cashier

robert they were like friendly with one another

but there was

one time when richard was trying to buy a beer

mind you he’s 16

so like he’s not

that’s not gonna happen

he thought that robert

and him were cool

and that robert

would allow him to get

beer but instead

robert told him

no and this was enough

for robert to move to the top of the boys kill list

because they couldn’t get beer

it’s not funny but it’s like oh my god really yes

really so on that very same

night richard

planned on killing al

hawk the two of them went to the circle k

store first

so when the two of them

arrived they went inside

and they talked

to the cashier

robert bauer for some time

they first purchased some fountain

drinks and some

snacks and they were kind of

stalling until the perfect moment came

the teenage boys

asked different questions

about the security measures inside the

store they’re asking him like hey

where are the cameras at you

guys have any cameras here do you have a gun behind the

counter and most of the answers were like no

we don’t have that

they didn’t have cameras no gun

robert told the boys that he had

never been robbed before

and that the cash register only

would carry 50

cash all day so it was like he was sure nobody

would ever kill him

for 50 cash

and for the most part that was true

but sean wasn’t interested in the

money he just wanted somebody to kill

so sean said that he exited the store

and he walked out to the

truck where he got the revolver that they had

gotten from the back seat of the

truck sean said for a moment he like really he

stood outside and he was

thinking like i don’t

think i can actually do this like i don’t

think i’m actually capable of killing somebody

and then sean said that

that light switch and his head

flicked and these

voices just

flooded in telling

him that he needed to stop being a coward

and that he just needed to go do it so once

sean got back into the

store robert

was up in his spot behind the

counter and then richard was walking up and down the

aisles pretending to

look for snacks

and richard held up a product a

random product from the

shelf and was like

hey how much is this

and robert’s back was towards him

so he turns around and when he turns around standing

right there was sean holding a gun

to robert’s face

like nothing was really sad

it was just sean

shoots the gun

luckily he misses

and robert is trying to get away

but sean keeps

shooting and keeps missing

there’s like

a struggle really goes on for a little bit of time it’s

sad and then shawn

shoots again

which at that last shot

is when it hits

and kills robert

for no damn reason to like

according to

sean the two boys they run out they hop into richard’s

truck and they

sped off laughing

that’s what he said

they were laughing at what they had just done

their adrenaline was just

pumping and

sean couldn’t believe that like he actually did it

and for some reason

they decided not to go to al hox

and commit the

second murder

i don’t know why sean

also in interviews

could not remember exactly why they decided to abandon

their original plan

yeah they just

didn’t go they didn’t really mind it too much i

think they were just so high on

their adrenaline

they were i don’t know sean was

excited because he had just committed his first

first murder

his first real satanic sacrifice ooh

it wasn’t long

after that they had

found robert bauer

the circle k cashier

there were no leads

to the murder of

robert bauer

there were no suspects in mind no evidence no cameras

it was just one big mystery

who would want this innocent

hard working man dead now when sean read the paper

with the news in it saying that they had no leads and

stuff he said that he was feeling

relieved but most of all he was feeling invincible

like he could get away

with anything

well not long

after this first murder sean got himself a girlfriend

oh it was more than just a

girlfriend it was love he was in love love

shawn was dating a 15 year old girl

named angel

who went to the same

school as shawn and that’s how they met

she would go on to drop out of school

she was considered a difficult teen

she just seemed like she was up to no good

that’s really

all that’s how they described her i don’t know

but sean’s parents they did not like this relationship

and sean really just didn’t seem to care

we’re in love mom sean’s mom vonda

she did not like

angel okay and she

would often

bad mouth her in

front of sean

she would call her a slut or a whore

reminding her of what a

loser she was his

mother was doing

everything she possibly

could to try and convince

sean that they needed to

break up and that it was for his

own good but sean was not willing to give up the one

thing that was making him

happy in oklahoma

this girl angel

eventually shawn

could no longer handle

wei’s mom was

verbally abusing both him

and his girlfriend she’s only 15 years old lady

like back the fuck up you know that’s not your just

no she had no like

motherly instinct towards

shawn in all of this

just building up inside of him

and sean said that the

voices inside of his head were giving him a nudge

telling him that sean

knew what he needed to do oh and he did it

in the evening of

march 5th 1986

well sean’s parents were in the

other room sean crept into

their bedroom

opened up his stepfather’s nightstand

and inside that’s

where he kept his 44

revolver so sean

gets the gun puts it into his

waistband the

jeans that he’s wearing

and he slowly like walks back to the bedroom

hoping not to make a peep

and let his parents know that he’s

stealing their gun

so he makes it back to his bedroom and he

closes the door

and he’s just waiting there he’s waiting in his room

until he knows how his parents are

going to sleep

sean said that

while he’s waiting

for his parents to like go to the room

he stripped down all like into his

black underwear

and performed one of his

rituals out of my own curiosity i was

trying to figure out what was this ritual he was doing

cause i was like what

are you doing but i couldn’t figure it out he didn’t

and before stepping out of his room

sean convinced himself that he wasn’t committing murder

he was just

removing an obstacle

from his way

he hears his parents go to bed

and he waits a little bit he does this little ritual

and he’s in his

underwear still

he creeps back

into his parents room with the gun in his hand and

he said that he made the last

minute decision

to kill his stepfather

first so he gets

right next to his stepfather lee and he

points the gun at his head and he

shoots yeah

and then of course the gunshot

woke wanda right up

right so she

shoots up and then shawn

shoots a couple of times

and then kills his mom

shawn said that he

fired a couple of shots

afterwards just to make sure you know can’t have him be

alive and he killed them

shaun said that

after killing them the

voices left and he then had no memory

or no idea of what he had just done

which even though like

later on he goes into

great detail

about the murders but also he

doesn’t remember

blackout like sure

afterwards sean went around the

house and he’s trying to just like mess

everything up destroying just

everything he

could to make it look like

an intruder

came into the family home and killed his parents

so that’s his goal he’s like

knocking stuff over

eh you know

and afterwards

sean calls up his friend he tells them like what a

great job he did he went on to say that he

stood there in his

under shorts

while firing the shots

so no blood

would spatter

and be discovered on his

clothing and he thought like he was a

genius because of this

telling his friend he’s like yeah

look what i did

smart the friends probably like oh my god wow genius

so police were called out to the family home and it was

clear to police that

night that this was all a setup

sean had killed his parents the way that he was out

acting the way that the

house was perfectly messed up

there was no

actual signs of there being an intruder nothing was

taken all their jewelry

their money

their tvs and

stuff like nothing was

taken the police knew like nene

this is real

suspicious sean said that he left the gun on the

floor to make it look like the intruder like

dropped his weapon

but like the gun had his fingerprints on it

so sean just really

was an idiot here

i was trying to figure out what exactly it was that the

police knew it was sean

like was it the way he was acting or something

but i really couldn’t find

the information as to

but sealed it at the family home

i just was reading different articles that said

he was acting

funny the house looked

not like an intruder came in and

stuff and then he was arrested or whatever

and like that’s really all i

could find so sean was arrested like

right after the discovery

of his parents murder when news

broke of the case

his entire community was dumbfounded this

young 16 year old kid had murdered his parents in cold

blood and more than that

now here was the really

shocking part because he

claimed to have done it because the

demon said that he should

now this was a christian

community okay this is a christian community the

devil is in our town

they are losing it

they are losing it

the christian community

especially was

using this to show

like he became the poster boy

look what can happen if your

child goes to the dark side

look what can happen

when your kids play

dungeon and dragons

they were running with the

dungeon and dragons

thing even though sean said that it wasn’t

dungeon and dragons they were

using this to try and get

dungeon and dragons shut down

they called it the

devil’s board game

so the narrative was kind of it was getting

changed it became like let’s ban

dungeon and dragons for a

while whatever it became a mess

so remember

shawn’s friend richard

well richard

who was with

shawn at the time of the murder of

robert powers

he too was initially

charged with

first degree murder but the

state would end up dismissing the charge and

recommended that he give a five year suspended sentence

in exchange for testimony

against sean so richard

being he’s like okay

i’ll testify

during shawn’s

trial a psychiatrist testified saying that

shawn was incapable

of forming the intent

necessary to commit

first degree murder

because he was

either insane or legally


at the time of all

three killings

the jury was not told

that sean was only 16 at the time of the

crime but instead

jurors were

asked to decide whether his

age was a mitigating factor

so the judge did not

allow the defense to introduce

expert testimony

that juveniles are developmentally different to adults

because the

judge said that all jurors

they would know that anyway

so shaun is only 16

and nobody was allowed to tell the jurors

that a 16 year old

isn’t the same as a

grown adult

because according to the

judge the jurors

already knew this

but the prosecution was

focusing on sean

being an adult

when he picked up that gun

that he acted like a man

and he’s going to have to

stand up there like a man

because he made this

adult man decision

to murder because he picked up this gun

he should be

charged as a man because he was acting like one

and a lot of people agreed

with that and i was like i don’t know you guys but

well eventually sean was convicted of

first degree murder

and it was concluded that he was a continuing

threat to society

now because he was considered

a continuing threat

on october 1986

sean sellers was sentenced

to death now here’s

where the hot debate

comes in because

shawn at the age of 17

was sent to

death row in prison

as he waited for his execution

shawn had a

spiritual awakening

and he would end up converting to christianity

so shaun’s friends

started a website on his behalf

and they were campaigning for a clemency

based on his religious conversion his age

and involvement in satanism

while on death row

sean made numerous appearances

in the media

he was on the oprah winfrey show

he was on a pretty notorious segment on geraldo

which was about

satanism and it was just like controversial

for this time

and he also appeared

shawn in many documentaries

about satanism

and serial killers for 48

hours msnbc

and the a and e network

so he was making his rounds

sean but he was

going around telling everybody that satanism

made him commit

these crimes

but now that he was a christian

he knew what he did was

wrong and christianity

saved his life

which is fine

right you’re allowed to say that but

it had people kind of feeling a certain way

like was he being sincere

or was he talking

about this because like

he didn’t wanna die he wanted to get off of death row

sean’s step siblings

they refused to believe that his conversion

was sincere

they thought he was doing it so he

wouldn’t get put down

prison officials

they did not believe that he had converted

except for one guy

it was the prison chaplain

he believed that shaun was telling the

truth that he

found god and was a

changed man

so this kind of had people feeling

confused because

sean was making his way

around talking

about how god

saved his life how he’s a

changed man he’s a christian now and

he loves the

bible in summary and

the christian community some were

standing behind him

pastors and

stuff they believed

him and they were like you know we have to stand by

our christian brother

but there were

other christians who were like but he murdered

three people so

it was like

creating some kind of

wedge in the christian community too

so the days are going by

and shawn’s

execution date is

creeping up closer

and closer and

shawn is trying


to get his case appealed

even a couple of days before his

execution he was

begging for his case to be overturned stopped

something but all of

shawn’s appeals were denied

it was creating

like a hot debate because a lot of people

were like okay he was only sixteen when he committed

these murders like he shouldn’t be on

death row we shouldn’t be killing kids

but then the

other side of people are like

he killed three people

it doesn’t matter

once a killer always a killer

put him down

people didn’t know how to feel

about this one

and death row

it’s a very slow process you sit there forever

so sean sat on death row

until february 4th 1999 and he was now

29 years old

so now he’s

29 years old and a lot of people are like well

should he be

put down for the

crime that he committed

when he was only 16 years old you know like he’s

grown he’s changed

he says he’s changed

the christian community

heard sean’s cries

and believed that he had

changed and some were

fighting for his freedom

others really didn’t know what to

think because he was a murderer and this is america

and you know how america feels

about murderers

so the crimes that sean had committed everyone could

agree they were

absolutely horrible tragic

awful but his punishment

was a bit much

that’s what the

people are saying

at this time oklahoma had

never executed a prisoner for a

crime committed

when they were

under 18 years old

but the show must go on

so sean got to pick his last meal

as all prisoners usually do

right but his last meal if

you are curious like myself he had chinese food he got

sweet and sour

shrimp he got

fried shrimp and

and he was on his way to be executed

which he was on february 4 1999

at 12 17 am

shawn died by lethal injection

into his arms

five minutes beforehand

during the last

five minutes of his life it was said that

shawn sang christian songs before saying

here i come father

i’m coming home

and then shawn

turned to the

warden looked him in the eyes and said let’s do it gary

let’s get it on

shawn’s last words were a prayer he made

quite the exit

and then the switch in

shawn seller’s mind was officially

flicked off for the last

time sean was the first and

still remains the only person

executed in the united

states for a

crime committed

under the age of 17

since the reinstatement of the death

penalty in 1976

now in 2005

the us supreme

court decided that it was


to execute an

individual for a

crime committed

under the age of

18 therefore

you can’t execute someone who commits an

awful crime

under the age of 18

and that my friends is a very sad

story about sean sellers

don’t get me

wrong what he did was

awful absolutely

awful he killed

three people he took

three people

i don’t know

about his parents

because his mom

sounded like the absolute devil

and to be fair like i’m not here trying

to justify murder at all but okay that one makes sense

but i’m saying like the gas station

robert bauer

like innocent man he died and he did not deserve that

right what shaun

did was awful

i just don’t know how i feel

about executing someone under the

age of 18 like that is really sad

but he murdered

three people

so it is a really i don’t know

just a wasted life honestly

because of sean’s case though

the us supreme

court stepped in

and passed a law saying that you can’t execute anyone

under the age of eighteen

which i think is good

i don’t freaking know

i don’t know i don’t like to play god i don’t like to

say when someone

should die with someone

should not i just

i don’t know some people deserve the

death penalty

truly and then sometimes i’m like man

just let them rot in prison that’s

worse than the

death penalty

in my eyes you know

but i don’t

freaking know

i’m so torn on the

death penalty it’s a

weird one the

death penalty is so strange

oh my god i just thought of something do they have the

death penalty in other

countries i didn’t even

think about that i know some

countries do for sure but it’s not a

thing everywhere huh or is it

i don’t know but i have to google that one anyways

thank you guys so much for hanging out with me

today i hope you

have a wonderful rest of your day you make good choices

and i’ll be seeing you guys later

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