Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Intruder or Murder? The Strange Case Of Robert Wone

hi friends how are you today

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unless you’re having a bad day then I’m sorry

my name is Bailey Sarian and today is Monday

which means it’s Murder Mystery and Makeup Monday

my theme song anyway so if you’re new here

every Monday I’ve been sitting down doing my makeup

and then talking about a true crime story that

is on my noggin

today I want to talk

about Robert

Juan because his whole

story is so suspicious

like the definition of suspicious

the people who did this who are responsible

for his death are out there

cause it’s unsolved

unsolved the story gives me the creeps it’s creepy

that’s all I

could say there are a lot of people involved in this

story so I’m gonna try my best to keep it simple

and like we don’t get lost in this

so Robert was 1/4

generation Chinese American born in New York City okay

growing up he attended an all boys Catholic

school and later he went on to college

majored in public policy

in colleges when he met

Joseph Price now Joseph would turn into

a long life friend

so Robert ended up going to the

University of Pennsylvania Law School

and then he went on to pass the New York State Bar exam

very educated he won 1t of awards he was so

smart so in 2000

Robert moved

to Washington DC

and he joined a firm

focusing on commercial real estate and employment law

and in 2002 while attending a law conference

that’s where he met

a lady named Catherine

and they ended up falling in love

got into a relationship Catherine

lived in Chicago and for months

Robert would fly out there

every single weekend

to spend time with her and then

after a year of dating they got

engaged and they got married

so then by 2006

Robert was 32 years old he

lived with his wife Catherine

in Oakton Virginia

and then on June 30th

Robert left his

his current job yeah

and then he went to a new job and he took on the

title of general

counsel for

Radio Free Asia

which was an organization that broadcast news

pretty much giving information commentary to

in East Asia so

Robert and his wife they

would commute 20 to 30 miles to

their jobs in Washington DC

so it was like a pretty long commute for both of them

so Robert decides that he wants to attend

a law education course

and it would be held

late in the evening

which he didn’t necessarily mind

because obviously it’s

going to help him

better his career and whatnot the downside of that he

would stay late

he would commute home as soon as he got home

he then would have to shower get

ready for bed

and then like 6

hours later

wake up get

ready for work

commute to work stay there all day do the same

thing over and over

again so he figured it

would be so much easier if I

could just like

crash out here

in Washington DC

maybe with a friend or something

so then I wouldn’t

have to commute all the way back home and like I’m just

tired I just

wanna go to bed you know he was just wanting to

crash somewhere

cause it made more sense

versus commuting

and all that stuff

robert’s wife agreed and she’s like yeah you should

I’m sure it’s on she said yeah you should

she agreed though she

understood so originally Robert

places a call to a female friend asking if

he can stay at her

place on the

night of August

second rather than commuting home after

his long day but she had to decline

for some reason

I don’t know why

but she declined

which is totally fine

so robert’s kind of

going through like down his list of okay

who else can I hit up then

Robert decides to hit up Joseph

price now earlier I mentioned

Robert had met Joseph when he was in college

anyways so he hits up Joseph because they’re

still like friends Joseph

lived in downtown Washington DC so it was like

close to his work

ideally like

it’d be awesome

if he could stay there

so Robert asks Joseph can I

crash at your

place gives him the

whole rundown

and Joseph he agrees and

Robert sets his plans

pretty much into motion

Robert tells his wife that on Wednesday August

second he will

commute to Washington with her in the morning

cause they both commuted

to Washington

and then she

would go home like normal and he

would attend

that class at

night time once the

class was over he was

gonna go to joseph’s

house and stay the

night there and then

all of that

robert’s wife was down with the plan

she helped him pack a little

night bag now Joseph

lived in a townhouse

not far from

Robert Shop

so Joseph is a lawyer

and a very prominent one he mainly

focuses on gay

rights advocacy

his job working in

intellectual property litigation

trademark and copyright disputes

so Joseph had

lived in this townhouse

with his domestic partner

Victor they had been together for

quite some time

they also had another

guy living in this townhouse and his name was Dylan

their relationship is kind of confusing

but they would describe it as just polyamorous

they constantly

refer to themselves as a family

but they all kind of had

different relationships

hi I won’t go too much into

it because I feel like it’s get really confusing and

so polyamorous

Robert is friends with Joseph

let’s call him Joe it’s just

gonna be easier

Joe has a partner

named Victor they’ve

been together for like the longest amount of time

and then they

added on the

3rd guy and his name is

Dylan got it

okay so Victor he worked as a

senior marketing manager for milk

like actual milk

he worked as the

marketing manager for the Milk Processors

Education program so this

group is responsible for the famous

got Milk campaigns do you remember those

so victor’s like low key famous

what happened to

those Dylan

the 3rd guy

graduated from a massage therapy

school and he worked as a massage therapist

Victor and Joe

they shared the master bedroom

while Dylan

took a bedroom

on the second

story this house is

3 stories high so

dylan’s on the

second floor

Victor and Joe are on the top

floor of the master bedroom

so Dylan and

Joe had a sexual relationship

but I guess not with Victor when

asked about

their relationship Joe and Dylan it’s

referred to as being a dominant

submissive sexual relationship with

Dylan being the dominant I guess

Dylan was really into BDSM

some being tied up

some really

freaky stuff

which we’ll talk about

later because they do

think it’s part of the

story somehow

but like I’m not trying to

shame you if

you’re into that or anything like do whatever you want

as long as you’re

not hurting anybody like I’m not here to

judge and then

guess what god

there’s 1/4 person who lives in the

house her name’s Sarah

apparently she’s friends with Victor

but luckily

she was not there that

night that everything went down she told

the family the

household that she was

gonna be gone for the night

so she’s not in this

story but I feel like I have to mention her because

later on she is brought up but for now

Sarah lives there but she’s not there

let’s forget

Sarah I think

the best way to go through this is just like in the

order the events happened

most of the information didn’t come out until

after the murder took place

to avoid a lot of confusion just

gonna kind of go in

order August 2nd

Robert and his wife

commute together to work just like planned

Roberts wife goes home

Robert stays behind and does

his work training and whatnot

and then at 9 30 pm

he calls his wife just to

check in with her

at 10 24 Robert calls Joe this call

obviously isn’t like recorded or anything but

based off of what Joe said is that

Robert was just

checking in

letting him know that he

would be leaving

shortly to grab a taxi and he

would be over pretty soon

from work to joe’s

place it only took

8 minutes so he was

gonna be there

when Joe was

later interviewed

they asked him what he was doing at this time and

Joe said that

all the guys in the

house they had just finished dinner they were

cleaning up and then he was

cleaning up a mess

from an overflowing shower

it was also said that Victor was up in his room

and he was watching Project Runway and that Robert

had arrived sometime between 10 30

and 10 40 Joe says when

Robert arrived

Joe and Dylan were

still up and they were in the kitchen

and they’re the ones who like welcomed

Robert inside the house

so they all like

stood in the

kitchen and they had some small talk

and they gave

Robert glass of

water just kind of

lightly caught up and then

Robert expressed that

he was really

tired from his long ass day

and that he just really wanted to go to bed

and that he

would definitely

wanna catch up with them in the morning

he was just

super exhausted and wanted to

knock out when they all went up to

their bedroom Joe showed Robert

where his bedroom was at let him go into his bedroom

went back upstairs

Dylan went to his room took his

sleeping pill

started reading

knocked out whatever

Dylan says he

heard the shower

start running

so he assumed that

Robert was taking a shower and then he fell asleep

so at this point it was

about 11 o’clock at night okay

he lays in bed and he

starts watching TV but Victor the boyfriend

he asked Joe

to turn off the TV because he just wanted to go to

sleep and it was like distracting or it was too loud or

something and then they both just decided to go to bed

no TV fine so then

between 1105 and 1107

there were 2

emails that were

drafted one of the

emails was written to Catherine

robert’s wife

saying that he made it to the home

gonna take a shower and he was

gonna go to bed and he

would talk to her the next day the

second email was to a work colleague

confirming the

lunch appointment that they were both gonna have

tomorrow the next day

they were both

drafted they were

never sent they were just

unsent suspicious

the townhouse that they all live in

it has an alarm

system the alarm

system of course

was not active that

night so somebody had turned it off

but even when it’s not active there’s a door chime

that goes off if the

door the front door the back door is

opened and closed

so you know the little beep beep when you walk in

apparently the neighborhood that they

lived in had a very high crime rate

and like everybody had an

alarm system you

would just be

ridiculous and not turn your

alarm system on

Victor and Joe are

in their master bedroom they’re

sleeping and they hear the

they said they didn’t

think twice

about it because they thought well

maybe Sarah

the other roommate

maybe she is just coming home

early that was

their thought process and then what

occurs between 11 10

and 11 50 nobody

really knows what the hell went on in that townhouse

11 49 p m A 911 call is made by Victor

and he’s frantic

the 911 operator asks

what kind of services he needs and he says he needs an

ambulance he

states to the

911 dispatcher that he believes an intruder

has entered the home

and that their

guest has been

stabbed if you listen to the 911 call he does

sound panic

he sounds like how a lot of us

would probably sound

if we’re making this 911 call

which I pray none of us have to experience

so then the 911 dispatcher

is telling him okay

here’s what you need

to do you need to put or somebody needs to put a towel

over robert’s

wounds until the

ambulance gets there and to

apply firm pressure she also informs

Victor to switch the

towel out if it becomes soaked

with blood and to continue to do so

until paramedics arrive

during the call

Victor is crying

he tells the

operator that he’s afraid to go downstairs to open the

door for paramedics because he’s unsure if the intruder

is inside of the

house but the 911 operator asks like are you

applying pressure pretty much

to the victim

and you know with a

towel to stop the

wound from bleeding

and Victor says that somebody’s doing that

his partner I believe is doing that then at 11 54 pm

is when the paramedics arrive

victor’s the one who opens up the door for them

and he’s wearing a

white robe and then he

directs them

to the second

floor and just kind of tells them that way

now when paramedics go up the

stairs they run into Dylan

and paramedics ask Dylan

where’s the

victim and Dylan

also wearing a

white robe says nothing

he just points

to the bedroom and then walks into his own bedroom and

shuts the door

paramedics later said that

it was just a really strange encounter like there’s

apparently somebody

stabbed and

dying in this room

and instead of like

hey guys he’s this way

Dylan was just kind of like

and then goes to his bedroom

like it was just

weird so then paramedics go into the bedroom

where robert’s staying

right and they find Robert

on the fold out bed

lying on his back

his head on a pillow fluffed

I’m sorry for

laughing it’s not

funny but like it was just

funny that in the description of the

the room it was like the pillow was

fluffed but it does make a difference

because the pillow look like it hadn’t been like

laid on there was only one indentation

of like his head as he was currently laying

which means like he wasn’t there at all

you know the room was in perfect condition

there was not a sign of any type of struggle

or anything it looked like Rob was placed perfectly

onto this pull out

mattress thing

fluffed pillow

his body was

slightly at an angle

and Rob was on top of the sheets of the bed and the bed

underneath him was made perfectly

like you know when you go to

a hotel or a

fancy place and

the bed sheets are all tucked into the mattress

and they like

perfectly fold the

blanket at a 45 degree

angle with like the

under sheet

perfectly folded on top

well that’s how this bed was like it was perfect

condition rob had on a

T shirt and

underwear and

later Catherine

his wife would

say this is what he always wore to bed so that’s normal

he also had in his

mouth guard he was

apparently like a

teeth grinder

he wear mouth guard

every night

so when paramedics walk in they see

Robert sitting on the bed like perfectly right

and then Joe

is sitting like

opposite of him on the bed

paramedics when

they come into the room they ask Joe what’s

going on what happened and Joe says

I just heard a

scream and I ran downstairs Joe

he moves out of the way so paramedics can

work on Robert

and the paramedics they find

3 slits on robert’s

shirt one seems to be like in

robert’s abdomen

area there’s one like directly in his

heart and they just

see like there’s no sign of life now here is the really

really red flaggy

super suspicious

thing okay get

ready for it paramedics

would report that the

crime scene was

weird Robert was

stabbed 3 times

right and in really

major places his abdomen his

heart and I believe like on his side

I don’t know if you know this

but if you get

stabbed there’s

gonna be a lot of

blood right I

think we can all

agree a lot of

blood when they walk in there

there is not a single

ounce of blood

anywhere in the room

what no blood

no blood nothing

if you’re stabbed

there would be

blood on the bed

there’s no blood now here’s the even more

suspicious part there’s

blood on Robert

shirt as there

should be he’s been

stabbed but the

blood that’s on his

shirt why am I

whispering the

blood that’s on his shirt

would look like

somebody dipped

their finger in

blood and then like

swiped it on there to make it look like a

blood streak

later it was tested and like

proven that it just was a random

source bush

to make it look like it was

blood remember when the 911 dispatcher told Victor

apply pressure onto the

wound with a

towel and keep doing that

until paramedics gets there

Victor said on the 911 call that yes

okay someone’s doing that

right now they get this

towel that was supposedly used to

cover robert’s

wound this towel

it was like a little speck of

blood that they supposedly use to

cover the wound it just didn’t make sense

in victor’s defense

I will say that like in a moment of

panic I personally don’t think

like I don’t know how I

would act and I hope I don’t find out

in that kind of situation but I can sometimes

understand when like somebody’s

story changes because

in a moment of

panic you’re not

fully thinking

straight like you’re just not there

so it’s like when people’s stories change and

stuff I kind of

understand so

then the paramedics put robber onto the stretcher

and they carry him out to the

ambulance they take him to the hospital

the paramedics guy

he was questioned by investigators later on

and he said that the

3 men appeared to be

freshly showered

and acting very calm

when he came to the house

weird because normally when he goes to a home

or a crime scene

you know people

are acting very frantic of course he said like

everybody acts differently in a moment of

panic but the

whole thing was just kind it was

just really strange that they were all acting calmly

and then Victor the one who called 911 he sounded

super frantic and like he was crying on the 911 call

but the paramedics

guy said that when he got there Victor

appeared to just kind of be like concerned but not


how he was acting on the 911 call

so the EMT guy he

would later say

that it appeared Robert

it almost seemed

like he had been

freshly showered

because of the lack of

blood because of how

clean he was

I mean he just got

stabbed where’s the blood

also according to

crime scene investigators it appeared that

everything in the

house seemed untouched

there didn’t look to be a sign of struggle at all

Robert had 2 wallets and

they were both filled with cash

he had those out he had his

mouthguard case

and a watch also his Blackberry

so if somebody

broke into the

house and was trying to rob him I mean they

would take that

stuff also the

knife seemed to have come from

their own kitchen area

sadly Robert was pronounced dead on August

3rd at like

12 30 in the morning they

could not revive him

when all the guys were

being questioned they all had very consistent stories

and like none of them seemed to mess up according to

Dylan Joe and Victor

Dylan and Joe led

Robert to the

second floor

guest room where they helped

Robert pull out

and set up his bed Joe

and Victor say that

after they heard the door chime

that they also

heard weird

noises they

would go on to describe that the weird

noises was like a low

scream like a

muffled scream

and then that

caused them

to both get up out of bed

and go downstairs to investigate

they both said

that they ran

down to the

second floor

and then they

heard another

muffled scream

and then they ran towards

robert’s room

Victor and Joe

say that’s when they

would go into

robert’s room

and they see him

wounded Dylan said that the

screaming and all the ruckus is what woke him up

and he opened the door to see like what was

going on and then Joe says upon

checking Robert he

found the boning

knife from the kitchen

which was laying on

robert’s stomach

he moved the boning knife from

robert’s stomach and put it onto

the nightstand area

Joe says he lifted up rob’s

shirt or robert’s shirt

and that’s when he sees like all the stab

wounds and the blood

and it was just all over his chest

so then the EMT also said that the stab

wounds were big enough to fit like

3 fingers in they were big wounds

there was obviously a lack of

blood evidence in the room

a few small

stains on the sheets and pillow police

would report

no evidence of

force entry into the home

and that no items had been

stolen out of the home police

bring cadaver

dogs in now

these dogs are

trained to alert

the police officers if they find

blood or like

even bodies and

stuff like that

so the cadaver dogs

alert the police officers to

blood that was

they seemed to

sense on the rear

stairwell also

a drain and

the dryer so the dog

alerts them

and to the naked eye they don’t see any blood and

stuff but they’re like okay

take note of this we’ll investigate

later so the

whole scene is just weird

right okay we all

agree on that all the guys stand by

nobody in the

house is responsible for this

they all stick to

their stories

about sleeping and being in bed and hearing the muffled

scream whatever

Joe ended up being interrogated by police for about 6

hours Victor

was in there for about

8 hours and then

Dylan was in there for almost 12 hours

during the interrogation Joe

is reported to be arrogant


aggressive and

self centered Vic

Victor he was

initially tearful and then he became passive

and unmotivated to help the investigation and then

Dylan is apparently just unmoved detached

and calm like he

doesn’t give 2 shits he’s just like yeah

I’m here so then

after leaving the police station all 3 men

got legal counsel

and they stick with

their story that

Robert had to have been killed by an intruder

and I don’t

think that’s necessarily

suspicious I

think if you’re ever arrested for something you

should get legal counsel

because it’s just what you

should do you just don’t know

if something’s

gonna get pinned on you

like I couldn’t imagine being interrogated for 12 hours

I’d probably come out

saying some shit I didn’t do like you just don’t know

for these guys though they shouldn’t have but they knew

then an autopsy was done

on Robert there was a lot

going on with Robert

the lady who

did the autopsy according to her examination

she found 2 broken capillaries

in robert’s

right eye and his left eyelid

now these happen when somebody’s

fighting for air such as like suffocation

being choked


examiner did

state that asphyxia seem to be involved in this

but it’s not necessarily what

caused him to die but the

weird thing

is that the stab

wounds were perfect slit

like defects both

clean and symmetrical

which is so uncommon

when you’re

stabbed when you’re being

stabbed most likely you’re

going to like move and try and

fight back so

the stab wounds tend to be like

jagged and kind of

just not clean

because you’re moving and trying to get away and like

fighting back

so it was really strange that the cuts were

super perfect and


each wound was 04:56 inches deep there were

absolutely no defense

wounds on his body and

after swabbing his

mouth genital

area and his anus

she found the

examiner evidence of semen

in his anus

and his own

genitals so they

found semen

and I was like okay cool

not cool but like cool this is

gonna help pinpoint whoever murdered him nene

I say you see they sent the DNA

for testing and it turns out it was

robert’s own seaman

which makes

sense when it’s on your

lower region

okay makes sense that the semen is there

but how did his own semen

get into his back area his anus the

whole thing is weird

right what the F is

going on the medical examiner

found 6 needle marks

throughout his body

some on his

chest his right foot

left hand and left side of his neck

toxicology was done on

Robert but the problem with that is

you have to be looking for a specific drug in

order to find it so when they do

toxicology they look for basic

stuff like alcohol cocaine opiates

anything like over the

counter there isn’t a single

test that can be done that will find any type of drug

when the test

came back they all came back negative so that was

weird like what were

those needle marks then

right I can’t remember what I was

watching but I was just

watching something

where a girl had needle marks in her

and it was a certain kind of drug that

leaves your

system within a couple of hours

watching this

whole documentary

about it and yeah it

leaves in a couple of

hours and there’s like no way to trace it

they’re getting

crazy with these date rape drugs y’all

you need to be careful

did I just say y’all

case gets even more

weird here ready

so you know the

knife that was found

guess what it was

later determined that the

knife that was

found next to

robert’s body

wasn’t even the knife

that was used on Robert

the knife that was

found next to

robert’s body

it didn’t line up with the stab

wounds that

Robert already had

on the knife

there were no

fibers found on the blade

so if you get

stabbed or somebody gets

I don’t know

why I always use like you as an example or me

so if somebody gets

stabbed on the knife

the blood swipes

on the knife

should line up and be consistent with being

stabbed the

fibers from the

clothing you’re wearing

if you are wearing

clothing there are

gonna be tiny tiny

fibers left

on the actual

knife itself

and then that

should line up there were no

T shirt fibers

found but guess what

there were tiny

fibers found on this

blade that lined up

with the towel that had

blood on it

in the bedroom

so what they

think happened is

the blood that was placed in the room

what they did was whoever did this they got some

blood from robert’s body and then they swiped it on the

knife to make it look like it was the murder weapon

the guys aren’t

talking anymore they all have an attorney

but they do get a warrant to

search the home

take out any

evidence or anything they

could use to hopefully

piece this together they come across some weird

stuff and it’s a lot of like sexual

things that are used like

when you’re having sex

I don’t know because I honestly

had never heard of

these items

until I was reading

about this case I didn’t know this was the

thing but it is

and not judging if you have one live your life

but they think this is

could come into play so one

thing they found

was and I’m reading my notes because

honestly I need help with this one

so one item they

found was known

as a milking machine

now this is used to

force someone to ejaculate

some people believe that this is what was used on

Robert that’s

where the semen came from

they also found books such as

Erotic Bondage Handbook and Juice


for pain and pleasure

they also found a 3

piece culinary set

which was missing one of the knives

mm hmm there’s so many

layers to this

they also found

metal probes

and an electrical

shockwave generator

okay so years go by and nothing happens

so like this happened in 2006 and nothing happens until

2008 they end up selling the

place in 2008

and they all

leave the town home

October of 2008

Dylan he ended up getting

charged with obstruction of justice

the next month in November

Joe and Victor were arrested and also

charged with obstruction of justice

Catherine Roberts

wife she filed a 20

million dollar

civil suit against the men but all

3 men would end up being released

well they were trying to charge them

with obstruction of justice because they obviously like

cleaned up the

crime scene they

cleaned him up

they were hiding

stuff and then they all got out and then December 19th

2008 all 3 men

were charged with conspiracy

an affidavit

filed by authorities

against Dylan

stated that the men

were not telling the

truth about what happened that

night the judge

ended up finding all

3 of the men

not guilty and it’s

super frustrating at first but

at the same time I can

understand hear me out but

she goes on to say that there’s just like no evidence

to prove this like from us

standing back judging it’s like yeah

there is they obviously know something like come on

from the legal

standpoint there’s like

there’s nothing

there’s no fingerprints

there’s no blood on anyone’s

clothes there’s no

trace of them hiding something there’s

no weapon found anywhere but there’s no drugs

found anywhere like there’s

literally nothing

pointing back

to the guys

you know this judge

goes on to say

that she believes they know what happened and

they know a lot more than what

they’re saying

but she can’t

charge them on this because there’s just no proof

there have been no charges

placed for robert’s murder

the 3 guys in the house

stand by the fact that they believe somebody

broke into the house

they stabbed

Robert they ran out whoever they

were that’s what they

stand by there are so many theories on this

case it’s overwhelming so all the guys in the house

they swear that

an intruder came in and killed him police believe that

Vic was upstairs at the very top

sleeping watching Project

Runway or whatever

but that Dylan

and Joe wanted to engage

in sexual activity

with Robert

and maybe perhaps

Robert declined and it made them upset

so then they strangled him

they gave him some kind

of drug that like paralyzed him so he couldn’t move

and then they performed with that like electric

milking machine

they put it on him and then

stabbed him

so they think there was some kind of like sex problem

happening now even in police interrogations Catherine

Roberts wife

would say that like there’s

he wasn’t a

homophobic or anything that by any means

Joe would say that

Robert was very respectful

he was straight as can be he was not interested

in men whatsoever and they

he respected that Joe respected that

Robert wasn’t disrespectful or anything like that I

wrote down what I think

I don’t have

like a theory as to what happened it’s mainly just me

pointing out what the fuck if somebody

broke into the

house this intruder

and the door chimes

boop boop when you walk in somebody walks in

they say everybody says in the

house that they

heard it how come

nobody heard the

boop boop when the intruder

left the house

nobody reports

that the doors were open anywhere so there

should have been a boop boop boop

when somebody left the house

nobody reports hearing that my

second question is

if there was an intruder that came in to kill Robert

why the f didn’t

this intruder take anything there was plenty of

stuff to be

stolen that

night also why

would they go in just to kill

Robert I’m about to get a little bit confusing

again I apologize

when you go into this

house you go up the

stairs and directly

like in front of the

staircase is a door and that’s

dylan’s room

and then you

go past that down like the hallway a little bit

there’s another door

and that’s where

Robert was staying

so if there was an intruder that came into the

house went up the

stairs why wouldn’t this intruder just go directly into

dylan’s room

cause it was

right there why

would this intruder be like nah

not this door

I’m gonna go down here and then go down and go to

robert’s room let’s just say that they are

right and there was an intruder that came

to kill Robert

it would have to be somebody that knew

Robert was there in the

first place the only person who knew

Robert was there

was his wife and the guys in the

house reportedly

they did like a

background check on

Robert to determine

if anybody maybe

didn’t like him

wanted him dead

anything and then couldn’t find anything

it just makes you

think okay it

would have to be somebody

who wanted him

dead because they went specifically to his room

killed him and then got the F out of there

the boys upstairs

in the master bedroom they said that they

heard a scream

right like a

muffled scream

they didn’t know like where the

scream came from but

they got up to investigate so why did they run

directly to

robert’s room

because none of them say like I heard a

scream coming from

robert’s room

but say they just

maybe felt like let’s

check robert’s room so they

check robert’s room and they see that he stabbed

how come nobody ran

to check on

Dylan to make sure he wasn’t

stabbed to I mean

oh my God an intruder just came in

and stabbed my friend I gotta go

check to make sure my other

lover isn’t

stabbed nobody

checked on Dylan

so like that’s kind of

weird so if there was an intruder

why the Afton they killed

Dylan too and

steal money and

steal everything like it just

doesn’t make

sense and where was the boo boo

and like everything happened in such a quick time

frame like let’s say they did have some kind of sexual

relationship going with Robert

it all seemed to happen so

quick like 45 minutes

to clean up a

whole crime scene is weird

do you think

maybe he was

stabbed in the shower

but why did they wanna stab it what was the motive

man there are so many unanswered questions

I’m very worked up

anyways I hope we have a really good day

today you make good choices

be safe out there and try and

solve this mystery

yet why do they call it a milking machine oh

I get it

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