Murder, Mystery & Makeup - A Jealous, Bad Actor or Monster? The Dark Case Of Daniel Wozniak

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today’s story

so julie kibiwishy

she was born on valentine’s day in 1987

she was the

first daughter

to her mother june and her father masa

she was the baby girl that they had been

dreaming of she was

treated like a princess

of the house

but growing up

with two brothers

it brought out more of the tomboy

traits you know she was

super athletic and it was said that she loves

sports but when

she was five years old that’s when she really got into

dance and dance became like her passion she did

every kind of dance

she did tap dance

lyrical jazz and ballet

plus her artistic passions really didn’t stop with

dance she was just

overall a very artistic girl she

loved design

and she also enrolled at

orange coast college in

southern california

as an art major

while living at home with her parents

so on friday may 21

2010 julie told her mom that she was headed to long

beach to meet with her brother for

dinner to help him and his fiance

plan for their wedding

um she told her

mother not to stay up because she’d probably

you know she

wouldn’t be home until late

so she says bye mom

love you and then

heads out the door and then that was the last time june

saw her daughter alive so

while at dinner with her brother and soon to be

sister in law

julie her phone kept

going off because

she was getting text messages from her friend sam

hair now the text messages suggested

that sam was having some kind of family problem

and he just needed like a

shoulder to cry on

i think the text said something

along the lines of quote

just needed a girl’s

shoulder to cry on

julie told her brother

about sam saying that he was just

a friend but that he was like a big brother and that

if he got the chance to meet sam

he would definitely like him now sam

was the only

child of steve and raquel

and he was a decorated combat

veteran in the us army he had served in afghan


and sam had

come home and enrolled in college so that he

could get his degree and go back into the army

because he really liked to

travel his father

would describe him as a

a big bloop

he was one week shy of his

27th birthday

and sam and

julie they were

again they were just friends sam was like a big brother

to everyone

and always there for anyone who needed him

he was just like an all around

person it sounded like and

julie ended up tutoring sam

in anthropology

and she helped sam get an a in that

class and julie

she was very loving and a giving person

the kind of person who

would bend over backwards for a friend so

they just really cared

about each other

but julie was feeling a little concerned

about sam because of the text that she had received

so she tells her brother like hey i’m

gonna go over to sam’s

apartment and kind of see what’s

going on with him

cause he doesn’t seem like he’s doing too well

so she ends up leaving her brother’s

place and she heads out to sam’s apartment

so the next morning comes

along it was saturday morning and

julie wasn’t home

so her mom wasn’t

like immediately

worried but

you know she sent out a text to

julie asking like hey

where are you at

but she knew that like if

julie had been

drinking at all she would

often stay at her brother’s

place cause

you know don’t drink and

drive so she wasn’t like too

worried she just need to figure out

where she was at

but when julie

still wasn’t home around noon

that’s when june

texted her daughter

again and she didn’t get a response

so she’s like okay like what’s

going on so she calls her

daughter and

the phone just

rings and rings and then it just goes to voicemail

so that’s when june was like really

started to get

worried cause

it’s just unlike her

daughter you know

so june called her son

to see if he knew

where julie was

and that’s when she

learned that

julie had gone to sam’s that

night so she

doesn’t have sam’s number but june had a list of

julie’s friends

phone numbers

so she’s like okay

maybe i can like you know

call them all up and somebody has to have sam’s number

or maybe somebody knows

where like julie is at

so she goes down the list and she

starts contacting everyone she can

now nobody had seen julie

and her mom said that she had that

that like sickening feeling

in her stomach you know when something is just not

right you know so when she couldn’t get a hold of her

daughter figure out

where her daughter was at

she decides to call the irvine police to

place a missing persons report

but julie wasn’t the

only person not responding to calls or text messages

on saturday may

twenty second

sam was also supposed to like

spend the weekend with his family

saturday came and his family had not

heard from him like

where’s he at you know

hours go by they try to call him

but the calls are just

going straight to voicemail okay

weird you know

so sam’s father

he had a key to sam’s

apartment in costa mesa

so he was like okay maybe

i’ll just go down there and

see if sam’s there

maybe he lost his

phone maybe

whatever you know let me just go down there

so his dad goes down there

and what he finds

is just an awful

scene something he did not expect

so his dad goes out there

right cool so he lets himself in and when he

first walks in

that’s when he finds a

young woman

lying face down on sam’s bed

with a gunshot wound

to her head

some of her

clothes had been ripped off she was also wearing a

tiara it’s just so

weird but there was also a message that was written

on her clothing it was on the back of her

sweatshirt it said

quote all yours

fuck you i know

creepy and so

steve obviously horrified

he calls 911 immediately and he’s just

hysterical poor guy

i mean any of us would be

right i would hope

but there was no sign of sam it was odd it was

weird so the

young woman was

identified as julie

on her cell

phone police

found text messages between sam and

julie asking for her to come over

back at julie’s

house police were questioning june

about her missing daughter

cause they came over for the missing person report

so the police are already over

there you know getting some information and what not

and then i guess

like one of the police officers they like step out

they go to the police car and like they’re in there for

quite a bit

and the police officer comes back in june

julie’s mom said that he looked different he

sounded different

and to her something

something wasn’t

right you know

the only thing that june

could think was oh gosh

you know was

julie in a car accident

did something happen to her

sadly the officer told her that they found

julie in sam’s

apartment and

all june could say was like no no no no

no that wasn’t her no but it was julie

police found

julie’s purse

and her id at the scene

to police it seemed pretty cut and dry

a pretty cut and dry case i

should say it seemed that sam

had raped and killed

julie and was now like on the run

despite the family’s

claims that

the relationship

was platonic

detectives wondered if the message on julie’s

sweatshirt was

alluding to some kind of love triangle gone wrong

but the fact that sam

wasn’t there

made detectives and police

think that he was just on the run

sam also had a bit of a criminal past

at the age of 18

sam had gotten

mixed up with like a rough

crowd that included

different members

of different gangs i guess

and in this group

there was a person murdered and then there was

another person who was killed in

connection to that so sam

along with 23

other people they were arrested and

charged with murder sam

was eventually acquitted

but with this little

brush with the law confirmed

police’s suspicion that sam

was probably responsible for

julie’s murder

so his father

understood that sam is

going to be the primary suspect because i mean

hello julie is

found in his

apartment murdered steve

understands like okay it’s not looking good for sam

but he had this gut feeling that

sam was not the one who did it so steve

took it upon himself to

prove his son’s innocence

because police

are already like okay sam’s the one who did this

it’s in his

apartment he texted her to come over

sam did it but his father is like heck no i’m

gonna do some investigating myself and

make sure and prove

that sam didn’t do it i feel like

i made that way more complicated than it needed to be

but you get it

so steve starts calling all of sam’s friends

none of them had seen or

heard from sam they all wanted to help though so

they were like here are some

phone numbers of different friends to call

and steve called

those friends

one of those people that he

spoke to was

sam’s neighbor

who lived in the same

apartment complex as sam

and it was a

guy by the name of daniel wozniak so he calls him up

he’s like yeah i saw sam on friday but i really haven’t

heard from him since

on may 24th

steve was able to get access

to sam’s bank account records

and immediately he noticed that there was

money being withdrawn from one bank on

three different days

it was being withdrawn

from an atm next to a pizzeria

in long beach

not far from sam’s apartment

there was also a charge

from the restaurant

on the card as well

so somebody was eating some

pizza and getting some cash you know

very suspicious

so steve goes

down to the location of the bank and the pizza

place and he’s just waiting outside to see if anyone

someone is coming

going i don’t know maybe

he’s looking for sam

maybe sam’s around or his car he’s just thinking

if his son is on the run

maybe he could at

least spot him

talk some common

sense into him

before everything came

crashing down you know so he’s just sitting there

he’s just waiting

but unfortunately

like no luck no sign of sam

on tuesday morning

steve called

back some of sam’s friends and when he called up

dan wozniak

again this time it was kind of strange cause dan

changed his

story like you

know if you’re not

lying about something then your

story doesn’t need to change

so this time dan

said that sam

told him he was having family problems

now steve knew

right off the bat

that this dan guy was

lying because

steve and sam

father son extremely

close okay their relationship

super tight

as far as he knew there was no issue

going on between him and his son

nor with any of the family members so

try again you know like that’s not

right dan dan

no steve’s little detective work

got his senses

tingling when he realized that out of all the

phone numbers he had called dan’s

phone number was the only one that had a long

beach area code hmm

the same area

or the same area code of the atm

and the pizza restaurant

so it doesn’t like say a lot

but at the same time it

like got that little gut feeling of like hmm

something ain’t

right so police were able to get security footage

from the atm

machine so the security tape showed that the

someone went to the atm machine

right it was a young

white male somewhere between the

age of 17 to 20

they were wearing a baseball hat

using sam’s car to withdraw

money from sam’s bank account

it was shown that whoever this person was was not sam

so it was actually this kid

named wesley

they’re like

great who the heck is this wesley guy

so once you’re able to id who this person is

police are able to get

the whole shebang

two police cars an fbi van

and a helicopter

were all dispatched to go

to this wesley guy’s house

believing that he was helping hide sam

or maybe helped sam in some kind of way

now when they show up to wesley’s he’s like whoa whoa

whoa whoa hold on

you know like this is a little much

wesley was like he got the wrong guy

so obviously he’s

freaked out like i don’t know what the heck is

going on this guy dan wozniak he

approached me and

asked me if i

could withdraw

money from his bank for him

because he was busy or something and he couldn’t

get the money himself and that’s why i went to the atm

so investigators

were like well how do you know this dan guy

and wesley was like oh dan yeah

dan and i know each

other way back when from like middle school

dan was a part of some

local theater

group where his mom was a teacher

and that dan was a fantastic guy just one of

those guys that he wanted

to be around because he was so kind and he

could make everybody and anybody

laugh so when dan

asked him if he

could do this

favor wesley had no reason to believe that there is any

issue you know

well both wesley and

steve were pointing the fingers at dan

police charged dan

with accessory to murder of

julie and arrested him in hopes of dan

giving them information on

where like sam was at

so dan was getting

married in a few days

and he was actually having his bachelor

party when police came in and arrested him i know

he probably thought like the police were hired

strippers or something nene

it was a real deal

he was like am i

under arrest officer i’ve been real bad

and like he was really actually

under arrest

so dan gets arrested now

who’s this dan guy well let me tell you dan wozniak was

26 year old community theater actor

and a part of the

local theater company

people often described him as a

super nice guy

he was good looking

and very personable

now he was engaged his

fiance her name was rachel buffett

they had met each

other when dan was doing a play

she was also an actress

and she worked as a disney princess at disneyland

the two had fell in love and in

2008 dan proposed

during questioning dan repeatedly

told cops that he had nothing to do with anything

but over time his story

started to change

he did admit to police that he had manipulated wesley

into making the atm withdrawals from sam’s account

he said it was for sam

but then later dan told police that sam confessed

to dan that he had killed

julie in his

apartment upstairs now dan said that

sam threatened him

and if he didn’t help him escape

you know he’s

gonna come for him next or something

but dan swore up and down that

he had nothing to do with

julie’s murder

we don’t believe you dan

we don’t believe you

your stories

changed like a

whole bunch

so during interrogation so they asked dan

hey can you give us some spit you know we’re

gonna do some dna testing

and then dan all of a

sudden is like whoa actually

i got a different

story for you

you know hey new story

i hate people

this time he

claimed he stopped by sam’s apartment

and he discovered

julie’s body okay

saying when he went inside he saw

two bullet holes in her head

now this was a little

light bulb moment to police because

you see you

could only see one

exit gunshot wound

on julie the

second gunshot

wound was covered

sorry to get

graphic but it was like

covered with like

brain matter

and was only discovered during the autopsy

so nobody even knew that there was two

but dan did

all of a sudden

weird you know

so with this information it was

clear that dan

must have been there when

julie was killed because nobody

would know that

dan rachel dan’s fiance

she was brought

in for questioning and her behavior was really odd

now there’s a lot of debate around

her because they brought

her in and they’re like hey you know your fiance

was under arrest

for covering up a murder okay

now they thought it was strange

cause her reaction was just kind of like oh yeah

weird like she was not it just

was just like

a normal day for her like she wasn’t

shocked at all

and they were

like okay well if somebody got this information

wouldn’t you be a little

shocked that your fiance

may be involved with some kind of murder

situation i mean for

for christ’s sake she’s an actress

couldn’t she at

least pretend

to be a little

shocked that her fiance

maybe being involved with the murder

but instead she was like oh

weird that’s so

crazy that he

might be involved but okay

so strange so she

claimed that

she knew nothing

okay but her

story was all over the place she

was saying that she had not seen sam at all then she

later mentioned seeing a mystery friend at sam’s

apartment her

story just wasn’t lining up it just wasn’t making sense

something was something wasn’t

right but they also just didn’t know what

so dan was arrested and he was sitting in jail

now he was able to make a

phone call that’s how

stupid this guy is he’s such an idiot i

swear to you

so he’s able

to make a phone call he calls his fiance

ding ding ding ding ding hello

you know hey

so he calls up his fiance

rachel so rachel

tells dan that she

spoke to his brother tim

that tim told her

that dan had

given him a backpack of evidence and

in this backpack

were shell casings from

julie’s murder

sam’s wallet

sam’s id sam’s

checkbook and sam’s bloody clothes

so dan gave this

all this stuff

so he put it in a backpack

and then gave it to his brother tim

and then tim told rachel on the

phone now on the

phone dan is begging her to not tell police

about this evidence

against him and she’s like dan

yeah the prison

that you’re calling me from

all of their conversations are being recorded so

not okay you know

he’s just like

stupid sorry

he’s an idiot

so she tells dan over the phone

that as soon as they get off the

phone that she was calling detectives

and like you can hear in dan’s

voice he’s just

worried scared he

sounds like a little baby

but also some believe

that she was just saying that because she knew that the

phone call was being recorded

and she was kind of pretending like she didn’t know

but that’s up for debate really

but dan over here just

sounds like a little

bitch if you’re

gonna murder somebody

the least you

could do is own up to it instead of being a little

bitch so shortly

after this phone call with his fiance

dan said that he knew

the jig was up

okay he just like knew it was over for him so he

asked to speak to the police

so they come in they

bring them in for questioning

or they bring them into the interrogation room

and then dan

said something

no one expected

he told police

quote he was crazy

and that he did it

so police are

like can you please like clarify what you mean by

you did it because

you know we need more information obviously so

dan confessed to killing

julie and sam

so where the hell was sam

so this new information through police for a loop

because sam was not on the run

for julie’s murder at all

he was a victim himself

now dan’s confession to the murders confirmed

steve’s belief

that his son was innocent all along but

it now was just gonna

bring like a lot

of devastating news as to like what really happened

so dan walked the police through everything

dan said that he was desperate for money

he was behind on two

months rent

and had an elaborate wedding coming up

and it was only weeks away

they also had

planned a very elaborate

honeymoon and dan

simply just didn’t have

money to pull all this off

but he didn’t tell his fiance

this she thought

everything was rainbows and lollipops nene

he didn’t have any money

dan knew that sam had

sixty thousand dollars in savings from combat pay

it was stored away from his days in the army

and at some

point he mentioned it to dan

so dan’s plan was to kill sam

and get the

money from sam’s bank account

use it for his wedding and his honeymoon

great no one will know i’ll get away scot free like

what a stupid plan dan told

police that he texted sam that he needed help moving

things at the theater in fullerton

where he was performing

sam was like sure i’ll help you out and

he arrives to the theater

dan’s like hey will you come up with me to the attic

to help me move something really quick it’s

heavy can’t do it myself

sam was like sure so they go up to the attic

they’re in this like area

dance like it’s this

thing i don’t

really remember what it was but sam bends down to pick

whatever it was up

that’s when dan

shot him in the back of his head

now he said that

after the first shot

sam was still

alive and he was asking for help

saying that something

hit him in the head it felt like an electric shock

so instead of helping damn reloaded and

fired again this time killing him

in the theater

addict now dan

leaves him there

he goes home before returning to the theater

with rachel

for that evening’s performance of the show nine

which they were both starring in

yeah so the show went on

they’re performing on

stage as one does i don’t know what they

boo but i boo boo boo

you know and

dan is acting out as if nothing happened it was like a

great performance they said whatever meanwhile

sam’s body was like right

above them in the attic

beep it up like what

what is wrong with people i don’t understand

so then dan told investigators that he killed

julie to cover his own tracks

he created this elaborate

story that he wanted to frame

sam as killing

julie and then he fled

so after killing sam

that’s when he took

he took sam’s

phone he texted

julie to come over to sam’s apartment

and said like

oh i’m having family problem so

julie goes to the apartment

dan came up

to her he was like accidentally just ran into her

and he was like oh my god that’s so

funny like i’m

here too sam just called me and said like he’s

going through some

stuff but um

i have a key

and i can let you into his apartment

he really had to fucking plan this shit you know

so he has this the key to the sam’s apartment

julie’s there

he opens up the apartment

they both go inside

dan lets julian they hang out for a bit

when they were in the

apartment dan called over to

julie and like hey come here

cause he’s like

in sam’s bedroom he’s like hey come here

come over here i see something really

weird come here

and so julie comes over

and he’s like oh my

dance like oh my god look

over there by the bed there’s something over there you

should go check it out

julie goes over there

and she’s leaning over

to the whatever it is dan was said he saw

and when she’s leaning over

dan shoots julie in the back of the head

and then he

staged the crime to make it look like a rape to

throw the police off

i just hate him

cause like okay what was just so he’s

he’s doing all of this this is the most

selfish person ever

right cause he’s doing all of this

just so he can get

money for a wedding

why don’t you get a damn job dan

and rachel once you guys get some fucking

work or something instead of getting married

bunch of losers

i hate them

so then as if it

doesn’t get any more fucked up because it totally does

so then the next day

after the murders

dan said that he went back to the theater

he went up to the attic

and he dismembered sam’s body

what in the fucked up is

going on around here

dan said that he dismembered sam’s body

which is like

a little extreme

but dan was saying as if this justifies it in some way

that he couldn’t

get him out of the attic without people noticing

right like if he’s

carrying a dead body out

might be a little obvious

so he’s like

let me dismember him cut him up that makes way more

sense to me in my dumbass brain

and then dan told police that he remember smiling and

laughing because he had just reached a

point where he

couldn’t even believe what he was doing anymore he just

found the whole

thing hilarious

anyways so he

ended up leaving sam’s

torso and other limbs in the attic because

he just couldn’t

take it down yet so he disposed of sam’s head hands and

tattooed forearm

in the eldorado park in long beach

he tells this to police and detectives end up

going out to the park

and to the theater

and they find sam’s remains

on what would have been his

27th birthday talk

about fucked up

sadly though animals had gotten to

pieces of his body in the park

and one of his hands was

never found

sam was given a hero’s burial with full military

honors and daniel

wozniak was officially

charged with two

counts of first degree murder during the

trial a witness

named chris williams came

forward and told police that he had been at daniels and

rachel’s apartment the day sam was murdered

he said that he loaned the couple some money

and was there to collect it

daniel or dan

must have known

about sam’s savings account

and asked sam

for a loan so he

could pay back chris

so together they went to go pick up the cash

while chris stayed behind with rachel

three hours

later dan returned

alone with 400

and gave it to chris

later during questioning rachel maintained that sam was

still alive during this exchange both rachel

and dan’s brother tim

were arrested and

charged with accessory

after the fact

tim wozniak

dan’s brother he pled guilty to being an accessory

after the fact

for hiding dan’s backpack full of the evidence

which included

again the shell casings from

julie’s murder

sam’s wallet sam’s id

his checkbook

and his bloody

clothes so he testified

against his brother as a part of a plea

agreement now dan’s

defense attorney was trying to

shift the blame onto rachel the fiance

saying that

she was the one who wanted the expensive wedding

that she was the one who was

smarter of the two and she

was involved

many speculated

how did she not know what happened

when she was brought in for questioning

her reaction was off like

things just didn’t add up with rachel

but she stood by the fact that she was innocent

um that she did not know anything

she was just

she didn’t know

she would later go on the doctor phil show

and she was like giving an exclusive interview

while she was out in bail she was like

oh my god i didn’t know anything i’m not a damn thing

and i don’t know

you know but she

claimed that she too was a

victim of dance

saying that she had wish she

never met him like i

wanna believe her

when you watch interviews and

stuff you want to believe her

but the same time it’s like

something ain’t right

hmm something ain’t

right something is not right

i get accused a lot in the comment section of being a

victim blamer

because sometimes i’ll call out people like this

where i’m like i don’t know

i don’t think i’m a

victim blamer i just

think something ain’t

right that’s it

you know like damn

anyways so detectives

also interviewed an ex boyfriend of rachel’s

who said that when rachel was drunk

so rachel was

drunk one night she was like oh my god

and she accidentally thought that the ex boyfriend

was dan daniel her fiance

and she blurted out

i told you to

burn the body this is what the ex boyfriend testified

now there’s an

added level of

creepiness to the

statement because behind the theater

where sam’s murder took place

was an old military hospital with a morgue

and an incinerator

rachel she continued

to deny that she had anything to do with the murder

after six years of

trials the da

did not have enough evidence to support a murder charge

but rachel was convicted

of accessory to murder for

lying to police

and sentenced to only thirty two

months in prison

sam’s father

steve he feels that justice

was not served

he think or he thought that rachel was let off easy

and she should have been

charged with murder as well

you know what i

guess there’s really not much you can

charge her with because there was really no evidence

linking her

to the murder

unless dan want to come out and and

take her down with them you know

so i guess yeah

sorry i’m just like really

thinking about it now i’m like as much as i i want to

believe that she’s involved there’s really no evidence

besides her saying like you

should have burned the body

i feel like that’s

but you can’t accuse someone on that okay i’m

sorry i’m getting sidetracked so they

ended up having like

200 hearings over the span of six years

and only two

hours of jury deliberation

daniel wozniak

was found guilty on two

counts of first degree murder

and sentenced to capital punishment

in september of

twenty sixteen

currently daniel bozniak is

still waiting on

death row for his sentence to be

carried out

but the likelihood of that happening anytime soon

is like slim to none because

you know there have been challenges over


death penalty

and no one has been executed

since two thousand six and there are over

seven hundred and

fifty inmates

on death row at san quentin

where um dan is currently sitting

so the chances of him actually you know he’s probably

going to die in

prison which

i believe that’s a fair i believe that’s

worse than the

death penalty

do you think that i need to know do you

think that because some people are all

about the death

penalty and i’m like look

sitting for the rest of your damn life in prison

that to me sounds way

worse than a

death penalty anyways

rachel and tim have both finished

their sentences

and just continue to live

their life the end

this is what happens when you

are an idiot

what a dumbass what a

selfish piece

of garbage he killed

two people so he can have

money to get

married huh

your wedding is not that special babe

no it ain’t i’m sorry

go get hitched

go to vegas there you go

now you’re not in prison

don’t be an

idiot i hate people i cannot believe

i just don’t

understand how one day

you can snap and just murder

two people and then dismember them in the attic

like there was no red flags with this guy

really people stress me out i just

and you know what’s sad both of

them are actresses or actors and they couldn’t even act

they suck i don’t know what we can take away from this

other than i’m

sorry that people

freaking suck man

julie and sam seems like

just really

great people

that were just

taken and it’s not fair

for what for someone’s wedding ah

god how dumb

what an idiot oh god what a

stupid what a

stupid man this damn woesnack guy i’m

sorry but he’s

stupid and i hope he brought some prison forever

and if the wife was involved

karma karma is real

it really is ma’am

and it’ll get you

but only if you did it if you didn’t do it then you

should be fine

so that one’s on you girl anyways

thank you guys so much for hanging out with me

today i hope you have a

wonderful rest of your day you make good choices please

make good choices

and i’ll be seeing you guys later hi