Murder, Mystery & Makeup - The Comic Book Creator Gone Mad?? Trust Fund Killer - Blake Leibel

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story today’s

story let me

tell you it has been described as one of los angeles

most gruesome

crime scenes in history

history it’s

often compared to the

black dahlia murder in terms of

level of gore

that’s what we’re getting into today

blake label yeah

he was born on may eighth nineteen eighty one in canada

and he was just a normal guy right

always friendly

people liked him

but i think it’s safe

to say that he had a very privileged upbringing yeah

his dad his name was lauren

he’s a prominent toronto real estate mogul so he

blake’s father

had developed thousands

of homes with his father and brother so grandfather and

uncle to blake

anyways so it made the family

pretty well off you

could say they were doing

pretty damn well for themselves

anyhow so his

mother blake’s

mother she was

she was not a nobody you

could say blake’s

mother her name was eleanor

she was an heiress of a

major plastics

production company in canada

yeah this company they made all kinds of like different

plastic products

and her dad

blake’s grandfather he owned a

bunch of patents

so we’re talking

about like rich rich rich

super rich blake

he also had an

older brother and his name was cody

so with parents

like that you know very

successful parents

they this is an assumption here but they probably felt

like they had to do something big and important with

their lives

i don’t know

i don’t know though so don’t quote me

so unfortunately

blinks parents

mom and dad

they couldn’t make the

marriage work so they

ended up splitting up right

but they also decided to

split up the boys

which is weird

i guess like

not only are you not living with both of your parents

anymore but now your brother is gone or your dad

because you’re just

never gonna see them again

because he didn’t like

switch it around

so the two boys they were only a year

apart so it’s like they had a pretty

close relationship but

one went with the dad and one went with the mom

not was that so the boys

ended up growing up

completely apart

once their parents have split

cody went and lives with his dad and

blake went to go live with his mom

and it was pretty

safe to say that they did well

you know it wasn’t like hard times they were both

still growing up in their

life of privilege and luxury

and all that

stuff you know

i guess it was said that

blake was feeling some

sort of way because he was jealous that his brother

got to hang out more with the father

and his father seemed to

favor him a lot more

i mean how could you not

think that when

you’re a kid and you don’t get to see your

dad i mean it’s probably true no offense i don’t know

so it just seemed like he had some like very deep

jealousy issues

but we’ll circle back to that

so the boys grow up and

then they both end up moving to los angeles california

cody decide to follow in his father’s footsteps

and he became a real estate developer

and he would be working on

multi million dollar projects

he was also a

founder of a record company that

didn’t last long

but he tried

you know he tried

and cody was also a business with a

major restaurant and

nightclub owner

so i mean he always coming seem to find

something to do they all did

cody also had some more


claims to fame

he kind of was like a big man on

campus in the hollywood scene

he definitely liked

to be out in the public eye and like rub

elbows with the

famous people

cody was also

known for the

super secret poker ring that he was in

which is not

so much a secret if it’s like part of your

identity but you know

did you ever read the book

molly’s game

or watch the

movie it was really good you

should watch it

or read it whatever you prefer

molly’s game okay

cody was supposedly part of that poker ring

and played with big celebrities like

tobey maguire

leonardo dicaprio

ben affleck

and matt damon

so i guess cody was in on that

and he was also known for

honestly being really bad like not winning any games

i guess rumor has it who knows

but rumor has it

that there was one time

where he lost over a million dollars in just one game

i know fuck us

we get it so blake

he was like


trust fund kid okay

he joined in

with his older brother

in the high

stakes celebrity

poker games but in terms of his career goals

blake pursued more of the creative arts

he was an artist

after attending the

university of western ontario

in two thousand four

blake joined a bunch of

his college buddies

who had moved out to los angeles

so blake really wanted to direct

movies and he

definitely had the

money to help pave the way for him you know

nothing stopping him

great blake was also

known amongst

his friends to be like he had really cool ideas

but he never was able to execute

these ideas

you know like he was just

full of ideas but

never went anywhere with it

it didn’t matter how much

money you threw

at it he just

i don’t know

he wasn’t reliable i

guess we could say

a lot of people thought

blake was like this genius

but others felt like he was

maybe just a really

smooth talker

and he was just trying to suck you in to like some

grand scheme that just

never paid off

finally blake was able to use his

money to get like

in the door a little bit okay

blake ended up

directing a low

budget film called bald

yeah bald it got two

point six stars on imbd so

that’s better than no stars

spare the no stars

so he directs that movie

and after he

directed that

movie he went on to work on an animated

series with mel brooks

now i had no idea that they turned

spaceballs into an animated tv show

did you i didn’t

what did they do that

i forgot i forgot to look that up

but i didn’t know that

and they did

and blake worked it on it well he

directed and consulted on it

and blake also did some


but one thing that he was

kind of successful at

was writing

graphic novels

that’s where

he was pretty good

he was pretty good

so he was pretty

successful at writing graphic

novels so if you don’t know what a

graphic novel is

cause i really didn’t know what a

graphic novel was a graphic

novel is kind of like a more intense comic book

you know so the

story is told through art like a comic book

but it’s usually longer with more complicated and in

depth storylines

i guess blake’s most successful project was a graphic

novel titled syndrome

yeah syndrome was originally published in 2010

and it’s about a


who was hellbent on figuring out

what is the root of all evil

so he experiments on serial killers and helps to try

and find a cure for the evilness that is inside of them

no matter what it costs him

and the scientist he never seems to find the cure and

blake ends the book by saying quote

in the end we all become

monsters end quote

which is so freaking creepy when you know

where this goes

now the story in the graphic novel is also pretty

freaking violent okay

and the images

that help tell the

story are very disturbing i mean for example like the

cover of the book is a photoshopped

picture of a baby doll head

with most of the brain and

skull removed no the skulls removed

and the brain is exposed

big difference so right off the bat

that’s a little

warning of the type of

stuff you may be seeing inside the book

and the book itself

it included some incredibly gory illustrations of

two people hanging by

their feet completely

drained of blood

which again

it’s creepy

knowing what’s coming up

there are also illustrations of

women’s body laying on a

blood soaked mattress

and she’s missing her head too

yeah maybe just

store this information in the back of your noggin

cause it’s gonna come up and you’re

gonna be like what the fuck

i’m sorry you can be like what the hell

what the heck

what the sam hell

one of those what the chicken scratch salad

what the bob barker

likes chicken scratch sandwich

what the chicken scratch sandwich

so if you put that disturbing

graphic novel side

i guess blank would be considered

a catch i mean he had money

he came from a well off family

he had celebrity friends or at

least hung out with celebrity so it’s like oh my god

he’s somebody

and bitches

love that so with that being said in two thousand six

blakey he meets a woman

named amanda

now amanda was or is

she’s a former model okay

now just like everybody else

she’s got some baggage

okay so she meets

blake she’s like oh my god yes

you’re so great

and she tells him like my last

relationship was such a disaster

and this guy

blake like he is just the opposite of my last boyfriend

he’s not dead or in prison

many would say that when it came to

blake and amanda

it was like a opposites attract

type of deal

you know like amanda was this outgoing

party girl and

blake was introverted

nerdy whatever the hell that means but you know

maybe she was trying something new

because her last boyfriend

didn’t work out for her

not blaming her not blaming her

just saying to me she’s trying something new

amanda and blake date for a few years before

marrying in 2011

but at that time amanda was already pregnant

with their first son

and they seem to like genuinely just love each other

some speculated

i don’t know

that they were getting married

because they’re having a son and it was for like

legal purposes

i feel like that’s a rich people

think so kind of makes sense but

maybe they just

loved each other

maybe okay so

blake wasn’t really making a lot of

money from his

graphic novels

he was actually getting a monthly

allowance from his parents and then

using that to pay for everything

blake was getting 18 000

a month from his parents

for just being born

and he got just over

17 million dollars over

eight years

until 2011 and that’s when his mom

blake’s mom had died of brain cancer that’s sad

and that’s when the payments ended up stopping

so blake is kind of panicking because he has no

other source of income at all

how he’s gonna support his wife amanda

and their newborn son what’s he gonna do

get a job of course not

blake is like i know what i’ll do

i’ll sue my dad for the money

from mom’s estate

you know since they split up

and i live with her it’s only fair that i get

everything it kind of makes sense because like

no it doesn’t but it kind of makes

sense because a lot of

stuff went to

his dad and they were like divorced for so long

maybe they said they

still liked each

other though

well obviously she left him a

bunch of stuff

what i’m getting at

is his mom’s estate was

worth about

twelve million dollars but the court

only ends up awarding blakey

about half so six million dollars

great math i’m sure you and i

could be like wow

jack fucking pot

great i’m retiring

you’ll never see me

again but but

but but but

and there’s a big but

but lake was not

happy he was very

disappointed with this amount he wanted the full twelve

million i was

about to say

twelve thousand

okay so blake’s not happy

now he’s trying to fight this

right because he

thinks he deserves it all

now the two main reasons why the

courts only awarded him half

the first reason was because

blake didn’t go to his mom’s funeral

yep blake’s friends said that

blake couldn’t handle it because he was

super close with his mom

and like it was just too much for him you know

and and his friends also said that

his mom was his whole

world and her

death was like really hard for him

and that’s why he didn’t go

but the courts didn’t see it that way they’re like hmm

they see it as like

you not wanting to go and now you just want money yeah

why didn’t you go to the funeral

i said last time you get to say goodbye

so he didn’t go to the funeral

and the courts they saw it as cold and

as if he only cared

about her money

the second reason was because in the will his mom left

blake her condo in florida

and her really nice

house in toronto

and blake already got this

and guess what he did with it

he instantly turned around

and sold both properties

and made several million dollars from the two sales

so it’s like bud

where’s your

money going

cause you seem to be doing pretty well

oh gambling duh

maybe that’s where it’s all going

in the courts eyes this kid had already made

so much off of his mother

and all he was doing was turning around demanding more

money you know and to them like the courts

it’s not a good look

you seem real greedy

so they only gave him six million they only

gave him six million

only six million

blake keeps going back to the courts like

can i have some more please

like you’re good blake

you’re good

some believe that

maybe blake was doing this because he was

angry at his dad that his dad got so much money

and like they

weren’t even together and

he felt like well i deserve it more because i loved mom

yeah so that’s what some

people were speculating but it’s just an observation

we really don’t know it just

sounds like he’s

greedy honestly

he doesn’t want to work

so it’s around this time that blake’s friends are

starting to

drift away from him because they noticed like

a change in his attitude

a shift in his character

it kind of started when his

mother was sick

he became more aggressive like he started acting out

he would throw really

awful tantrums like if like a freaking

three year old

and if he didn’t get his way

he would just explode at his friends

he wasn’t physically violent but he was definitely

verbally abusive to them

so he like yelled

a lot and he would verbally harass his friends

and then call him up

and apologize the next day like i’m so

sorry i didn’t mean what i said so

his friends

they weren’t going to put up with his abuse anymore

no they were not

they were like

we don’t need this we don’t need a friend like you okay

we don’t need anybody

like this in our lives so his friends

started dropping them and nobody

needs friends like that in

their lives if you have a friend

like that you get rid of them you do not entertain

that kind of behavior

no you do not

just ghost them you

could be an

adult and like tell them

i guess but

ghosting is easier

but either way

get far away from

those people

one of the issues that

blake seemed to have was that he didn’t like to be

alone and he was getting more more lonely

so it was kind of like i hate you

don’t leave me

kind of deal

you know and with his bad behavior and no one wants

to be around him but he’s like please don’t leave me

just toxic and

never ends and it’s gross

why shouldn’t be

yeah yeah i

should he’s

gross he does terrible things

with all that

money you think he

would have like got a therapist

i don’t know why people are so anti therapist

they are just the best

so over the next four years

blake became

super erratic

and very paranoid

and then one day during the summer of

2015 just out of nowhere poof

blake just picks up and he

leaves his wife amanda

who might i add

was eight months pregnant with their

second child

he just upped and left okay

it was like a

light switch went off and like he just

by she’s eight

months pregnant

middle of summer

okay i hear that’s like the

worst time to be pregnant

and he just up and leaves her

goodbye so blake

going through some kind of midlife crisis

he had met a new woman

and she was just his new world

who is this mysterious woman well

her name is yana casion

yana i’m just

gonna call her yana

that’s her name

great anyways she was born january

twenty seventh nineteen eighty six in keef

in keef ukraine

don’t come for me yana

is apparently this beautiful

tall brunette

dark eyes and a very warm and

inviting smile

her friends and family

would describe

yana as like a very

happy person

with a strong character and

a fighting spirit

most she was just

smart as hell too okay because she was

studying law and college

and later she

would work as a tax office prosecutor

in the ukraine

so she’s got

brains okay

she was fluent in english

and russian

and she had really big

dreams of traveling the world

and working as an interpreter in 2014

while she was in her late 20s she decided to follow her

dreams and and that’s when she came to the united

states in hopes for

i don’t know like a better future you know

so she settled down in california

of course like los angeles

that’s where a lot of people you know

i’m not hating i’m just saying like

so she settled down in

california and she was able to land

modeling jobs okay

and she started to make like a career out of it

now it’s not

clear how or where blake and

yana met amanda’s friends

they spread rumors that yana

remember amanda is the ex wife

so one night they find out that blake is seeing the

siana girl right

so they’re all over you know typical

girls are all over and they start

researching her like looking into her

background and they believe that she was working for an

escort service and that’s probably

where they met because they found racing and nude

photos of her on a

certain website

escort service or not blake was smitten

and he was like taking her out on lavish trips

expensive dinners and just

spoiling her

blake also bought her a condo

for the two of them to move into

and a mercedes she’s believing that this guy is

magical okay he bought her car in a condo

great now blake

did tell yana

about amanda

the ex wife

he didn’t hide

his past from her and he didn’t want like any

double life

vibes going on but he did tell her that his

marriage was over

when in reality

he was still very much married

i’m sorry i already called her the ex wife but at this

point they weren’t

exes yet because he did file for divorce

later that year

but by no means were they anywhere

near it being

finalized and being exes officially

so technically he was

still married

you get it you get it you get it you get it

you get it you get it good

so after a few

months of dating

blake he proposed

to iana he’s like i just love you so much oh my god

and he proposes to her

and then not long after that

he was now expecting

not one kid but two

because his ex wife was pregnant

jana was pregnant she got pregnant in august of

twenty fifteen

yeah just being very

it’s being very messy

and yana was really

excited because she

always knew she wanted to be a mother

she just knew it was something she wanted to do

and on may third

twenty sixteen

yana gave birth to

their daughter

she was thrilled

so after giving

birth to her daughter

it seemed to yawn

that her life was pretty perfect

she had a new baby girl right

she was totally in love with this guy

blankie and

she was with like a pretty wealthy man who loved her

can’t be mad at that

but blake was

definitely not on the same page

okay he was a little stress aholic over here

he based off

some text messages that he had sent to his friends

he was worried that some of his brother’s gambling

debts might

cause him to lose

everything i guess

his brother

cody had developed a bit of a gambling problem

which we knew

about this from the

celebrity ring

that was going on but

he now also owed

quite a lot of

money to some russian mobsters

and blake now was afraid that they or

other people

associated with his brother’s gambling game

would come after him and threaten his family

it was just

gonna get messy and he knew it was

gonna get messy

and he didn’t know what to do

so it’s kind of panicking

okay so gambling debt that sucks

but that wasn’t the only

thing that was stressing

blake out you see

this little bozo over here bozo blake

yeah he seemed

to have gotten himself into a little bit of a pickle

and it came to his love life

you see how

he had a wife

right that he was in the process of divorcing

a fiance that had just

given birth to

their child

and a mistress

so he’s juggling

three women like

how do you have the time

how do you how do you do that

i don’t know what’s why

would you even want that that

sounds like you’re

gonna have a

heart attack or an

ulcer in like two minutes

three women in her life

okay so blake’s

third girlfriend the mistress

she actually worked with him she was like a

storyboard artist

her name was constance

and blake also

he ended up buying her a condo to live in

and it wasn’t

even that far from the home that he shared with iana

yeah it was like down the

street and i

guess i just made it

super easy for him like just

very convenient he just pop on pop on out go down the

street pop on into his mistress

this guy is so

stupid i know

this guy is such a dumbass

okay so he’s got all these


he’s doing the most we don’t know why and she

sounds so stressful

but what blake didn’t know

was that constance the new mistress girl

she contacted

his ex wife

amanda okay

she found her somehow

cause you know how we are investigators

so she tells amanda

who she was

and her reasoning behind the introduction

was to tell amanda

about yana because this constance

girl was like i

found this other girl named yana

and i believe like

she’s girl number two

constance just seemed to be very jealous

and wanted to make sure that amanda knew what was

going on too

you know if i’m

going down we’re all going down

but they kind of formed a

weird friendship over

their hatred or

mutual hatred for yana

yeah yana not the guy

blakey not him

they hate the girl

so they would text each

other saying shit like we

should get yana deported

they were just being evil little rodents

okay just nasty

and they were they’re mad at the

wrong person

that’s not who you

should be mad at you

should be mad at

blake the douchebag over here

what’s he doing with

three girlfriends

nobody’s worth that i’m like foaming at the mouth um

so they are just being evil little rodents

okay and either

way the friendship between amanda and constance

it was just

weird and they

should have been more

focused on taking

blake down but

why do girls do that so yana

she’s having problems of her own

it seems like blake is

extra stressed lately

and it just seems like

things are really bubbling up inside of him

she’s just like

becoming more controlling over her

um for example

while jana was

still recovering from her c section

blake threatened to

leave her if

she didn’t have sex with him when he demanded it

yeah gross ass pig

but i mean this is the

freaking kind of person this guy was gross

and like if that’s not bad enough

blake would

apparently also ask her if he

could leave her

to go out with another woman

i mean i was

about to say at

least he’s telling her

but doesn’t make it better

because he’s demanding

sex from someone who just gave him a baby right

and she’s healing from surgery

and then he’s asking or telling her that he’s gonna go

sleep with another

woman it’s just like

i don’t know

he just had this poor girl

under his thumb like she was

caught up in it all poor thing

if you’ve ever been in one of

these relationships

look a lot of you are

thinking why

doesn’t she just

leave and let me tell you right now

if you’ve ever been in one of

these relationships

they’re really difficult to get out okay

you become brainwashed

you become stuck you feel you can’t go anywhere

that without them you’re nothing they’re

gonna destroy you they threaten

you they just

consume your

whole life and you become like very addicted

to this person’s love it’s very

strange and

you truly feel like you can’t get out of it

so yana’s mom was coming out her name’s olga

okay so she’s coming out and she you know she’s

gonna help her

daughter just had a newborn baby

you know so mom wants to help and be there for her

daughter in this moment and you know you know

you know great

so her mom comes out and then somehow

blake convinces

um yana’s mom

to keep the newborn baby at the

apartment she was renting

so yana could take like take

better care of him the baby was distracting

that baby no

distracting you need to take care of me i’m the baby

that’s what

blake is saying

i’m the baby

he asked can your mom take it like

anyways olga

ends up telling her

daughter like this is not okay okay

he’s controlling you like a hawk

he wants you to do

everything he wants and

yana is like well i love him so it’s fine but her mom

is trying to like warn her and help her get out or at

least see what’s really

going on so

super late on the

night of may 20th

like it’s after midnight okay yana gets a call and it’s

blake you know

bring bling

bling bling

bling yeah bling

bling she’s like

where are you

and like why aren’t you home helping me with our baby

three questions and

blake is like i need you to come family out of jail and

ion is like what do you mean you’re in jail you know

surprise he’s in jail

while she agrees to go out there and post his bail

which is a hundred thousand dollars

she’s like why the hell are you in jail

well let me tell you

blake was arrested on suspicion of

sexual assault

constance girl number three

she accused

blake of raping her

and now prior to this

jana she didn’t know

about this constance

girl but boy

did she know

now she knew

she knew now and she was very

upset to say the least yana

didn’t just find out

about him cheating

everything was uncovered she found out

about the condo he bought for her yeah

that it was just down the street

she could look out the window and be like oh

okay he was there

it all came to the surface

like all of his lies

how long it’s been

going on i mean

i’m just that’s sad that sucks

so jana finally

stood up for herself and she told blake

that she was done

right she was done and she’s

gonna move in with her mother and

she can’t take it anymore good for her

so yana and the baby move in with her mom at the

apartment that mom was renting

and a couple days

later yana and mom are out

shopping for a

stroller and

blake is like texting yana

saying like i’m so

sorry i love you like i can’t live without you

and mom saw

giannis attitude just

completely change

she was like

happy again

and she tells her mom like i’m

gonna go see him

will you keep the baby for a bit

and her mom’s not

excited about that she is not thrilled

but she cannot convince

yana to stay home

but she takes her

granddaughter the baby and

yana goes back

over to blake’s

house or their old condo you know

so yes the next day

on may twenty fourth

jana had not returned to her mom’s

apartment so

olga is sending her

daughter a bunch of text messages like

where are you

you know yes

and she’s getting no response

so then she

tries to call

yana and she’s getting

no response

so she keeps calling she keeps texting like a

dozen times no answer she

leaves voicemails

and yana just

never calls her back

so all the resorts to i’m

laughing because

she resorts to sending emails

which means like she’s really not responding so she’s

emailing her

daughter like what the hell

where are you

nothing at this point

olga knows that something is not

right something is very

wrong so mom

decides you know what i’m just

gonna go down to the

apartment not far

and i’m just gonna see

what’s going on

you know she has a

three week old baby with her

and her daughter’s missing right

so she calls the police

okay she calls him up

and they just kind of blow her off

saying that yana hasn’t been

missing for long enough and they’re sure that she’s

gonna come back

and she i mean what are you supposed to do in that case

one of the police

officers tell you that you know it’s frustrating

mom decides to take matters into her own hands

so olga she goes down to

blake and yana’s west hollywood apartment

and then she sees that there’s an open window

right so she’s like

standing outside she’s

screaming she’s like

blake open the door it’s me so she’s yelling

blake blake you know

and blake ends up coming over to the window

and he doesn’t even acknowledge

her he just

closes the window

and then he just disappears back into the

apartment so all goes like oh fuck no

she ends up

going around to the backside of the

building and then she finds that another tenant

is like leaving the complex

so the doors open

and she’s able to get in because it’s locked you know

she ends up getting into the complex

and then she goes to

blake’s apartment

and she’s knocking and she’s ringing the doorbell

and she’s getting no answer

and she’s like i know you’re in there i just

literally saw you

stop being dumb

so olga calls the police

again and she’s

finally able to convince two officers to do a wellness

check on yana

so they come out

they’re knocking on

blake’s door but

blake refuses to answer

so blake ends

up opening the door and he kind of like starts

talking through the door being like what do you want

to the police

yeah and they’re like we’re looking for ayana

blake’s like

yana’s fine you can go

but the cops are waiting because they want to

see her right

and so they’re

standing around and they’re not leaving

and blake is telling the police officers and

those outside like

yana’s fine she

doesn’t wanna come out i don’t know

why cause this to me

doesn’t sound

right but whatever

cause they didn’t have any

proof that there was a problem so the police

ended up leaving

but i feel like the fact that they didn’t see hannah

that should have been

proof enough that

there was a problem cause i

never saw her

like was just like yeah she’s fine

what’s that sweetie

yeah she told me that she’s fine

no you should

leave so olga

her mom ends up

going home cause like there’s

feels like there’s nothing she

could do poor thing

so she ends up

going home and then the next day on may 26

olga she’s had enough

okay she’s had enough and she’s

gonna take matters into her own hands

she calls 911 saying that she needs their help

and this time the police come to the apartment

and she tells them that

she fears yana

might be in medical distress

because she had just

given birth

so the police arrived

at the complex at 11 50

a m on may 26

they get a key from the realtor

but when they try to open the door

they find that the

apartment had been locked from the inside

they had like one of

those bar locks in the

hotel rooms

you know so this

leaves the cops with the only option to

break the door down so once they get the door

down they walk down the hallway

and they see that the door lean to the bedrooms

it was not just locked but it was also like barricaded

with furniture

and it’s like oh that’s

weird right

whenever it’s

going on it’s

going on in that room

so after cops get through the barricade

they take the door off its

hinges and that’s when police get

their real first


of what they

might be in for

as they make their way

into the master bedroom they look in the

guest bedroom and see

blood everywhere

there is blood all over the headboard and on the walls

so when they got into the master bedroom

they discovered that it was also locked and

barricaded and blake

he got the mattress from the

guest bedroom

and he put it up

against the door

so the police were like hey

come out if there’s anyone inside like you

should come out

we’re here and

blake calls out from inside the bedroom

he’s like i’m not coming out because you guys are

going to beat me up and

and there the cops are like well yeah of course we are

we’re not gonna beat you up

we’re looking for yana

but we might beat you up you know

they’re trying to

reassure him that they’re not

gonna beat him up so they’re asking like

where’s yana we’re just looking for yana

and blake’s yelling at them like she’s not here

and the cops are

thinking like yeah freaking

right right

so at some point

prior to the police showing up

blake from inside the

house he had called his accountant

um i thought it was i

would think it was his attorney but i

guess it was an accountant

for some reason

the accountant

went to the

house okay and they

showed up with the police

and the accountant is trying to talk to

blake to come out of the bedroom with the police

cause this is a man that like he trusts so

it was gonna work

finally blake

is like okay i’ll come out but can you pass me some

clothes that are in the living room

and the accountant is like sure let me go get them

and the cops are no

dummies so they

search to close and

first they find

blake’s passport in the pockets

and also four thousand dollars in cash

so clearly the guy was trying to make

an escape right he’s probably

gonna jump out the window or something

and run for it

the accountant calls out like hey man i’ve got your

clothes and then finally

blake opens up the door

and he walks out and only

a pair of his boxer shorts

and behind him

the police see a naked body

of 30 year old yana

laying on the bed

covered by a red

mickey mouse

blanket so they go

in and yana is pronounced

dead at 1 02pm

so police ask blake

how did you

wanna die you know and

blake was like

oh i didn’t even know she was dead i thought she’s

still alive

yeah he’s like i know she was dead

i hate this guy just a

waste of our damn time

and the cops are like yeah she’s dead in that bad

right behind you

and then blake looks at them and goes well i

guess you’ll have to find out who did it then

science is gonna tell you who did this

yeah science is

gonna tell us blakey

i want to say this guy has gone

completely mental but

i mean i don’t know

the crime scene

is reported as the

most gruesome murder in the history of los angeles or

west hollywood i

should say if not los angeles

and then when the cops are finally able to get

to the master bedroom they find iana laying on the bed

her head was on her pillow and she’s covered

again by that red

mickey mouse like

blanket it looks like it

might have been

taken from the

daughter’s room and she’s

covered all the way up

to her chin with the blanket

there’s a pillow next to her and it has like a

fresh indent

in it as if someone had been

lying next to her

cops describe her as almost looking peaceful

but there was a

large blood

stain on the wall that looked like someone

had tried to

clean it up

when the police

first inspect

the body they discovered that she okay this is

gonna gruesome

kind of gruesome it’s a lot gruesome actually fyi okay

when the cops

first inspect

jana’s body they discover that she had been scalped

yeah scalped

police find

pieces of her

flesh in the bed

behind the mattress and on the floor

they find one of her eyebrows

one of her eyebrows

cut off removed

thrown thrown on the floor near the bed

and they noticed she’s missing an ear

the cops also noticed something

weird about giannis body aside from the

mutilation she was extremely pale

and that’s not all that’s weird what’s super weird

was that there was like

a lack of blood at the crime scene

there wasn’t a lot of blood like where was the blood

she was brutally attacked she was

scalped and you know she was brutally murdered

there should have been more

blood there should have been blood everywhere

and there were only some spots on the

floor next to the bed

but the bedsheet that jana was laying on was

completely clean

so police begin to inspect the crime scene more closely

and that’s when they

begin to understand what really

really happened

blood spatter evidence suggested that

yana was on the bed when the attack first started

and then in the bedroom they find a

knife and a razor that were probably used on her to

do some shit that’s messed up

and after removing the bed sheets

cops find that the mattress is

stained with blood

but the sheet was clean and the mattress

at the time was dry

so they’re like well she must have been

moved somewhere else in the

apartment so the police come out and they use

um that blue star it’s that like a

what do you call that stuff it lights up all the blood

like you spray it onto a surface

and if there’s been blood on the surface it

lights up blue you’ve seen it and all the crime

stuff right

okay it’s actually fascinating right

because you just

spray the stuff and it finds blood they

spray it okay they

spray it in like the bathroom and

stuff in the living room what not

and the blue star it reveals

where the blood had once been and like

where cleaning

substances had been used to remove it because it wasn’t

visible to the eye but it was

visible to the blue

light so cops

spray the room and it just lights up

okay it was bright it actually lit up the hallway

there was evidence that

blood had been on the

floors and the walls

same thing with the

guest bedroom it just look like

are super fucked up like

nightclub cause it was so blue it said it was very

very bright

also investigators go and

check the bathroom

and in there they find a

razor with clumps of dark hair

stuck to it

and there are some

blood stains and hair in the tub

but otherwise it looks

super clean

but of course when they

sprayed that blue star

stuff it the

whole bathroom just

shined bright

like a diamond

it just like was

everything was covered in

blood and he

cleaned it up

yeah just i got you

police think that maybe after

blake dragged her around the apartment he then

got her into the bathroom and gave her a bath

and when they first arrived they had noticed that the

water was running in the tub

and someone went and turned off

the water when the cops first arrived

like yesterday

or you know the yesterday in the story

i mean clearly there’s

concrete evidence that

the bathtub was heavily used

clearly blake had used a lot of cleaning supplies to

clean up that much blood but there’s no evidence of

those cleaning supplies inside of the apartment

that’s when the police notice that there’s a

trash chute

like right near the door to their apartment so

they hurry on downstairs

to the basement and that’s where they get 11

trash bags that are full of evidence

that’s where they find the bloody sheets bloody clothes

and then in the trash bags they also find a couple

of jana’s body parts

they found like her ear and stuff it was just

not ideal but i mean they found it but that’s still

whatever you know

blake sucks ass

cops and find a bed

skirt and on this bed skirt it had a bloody handprint

but not just any bloody handprint oh nene

it was a handprint that was an

exact match to blake’s

they’re like yes jackpot

hello we did it mystery solved

so cops know for sure that this guy

he’s involved because

blake at the time was missing the top part of his pinky

on his right hand

and so was the handprint

mystery solved


just another one that could have been prevented

so obviously blake

arrested okay

taken down to the station

and they take his mug shot

super weird mug shot because he’s like has all

these scratches and bruises all over his face

and he’s like smiling

it’s just creepy yeah

so on may thirty first blake makes a court appearance

he’s wearing his padded

he’s wearing a padded suicide jacket

he has chains wrapped around his wrist and they cuffed

they cuffed in the front of his body

he was being formally charged with murder torture

mayhem and aggravated

mayhem mayhem

mayhem mayhem

mayhem great

it’s just funny because like

there are so many cases

where people plead not guilty you’re like dude

i don’t think they are guilty you know like they might

actually not be guilty

but then there’s like dumb little

rowboats like this guy

and it’s obvious that he’s guilty but he’s like hmm

not guilty like what’s he

think is gonna happen

they’re gonna agree with that don’t you just be honest

save us all some damn time

so they gave him a test with psychiatrist to see if he

could stand trial

he passes with flying colors he can

definitely stand trial

the prosecution gets to work

building their case

right so the

biggest question for them was like what was the motive

why did blake kill yana

so during interrogation

blake told cops at one

point quote

women don’t like me if it wasn’t for

money women

wouldn’t like me

end quote we also know that blake

tried to control jana

after she gave

birth forcing her to have sex with him

so maybe he felt like he was losing control over her

during the investigation police had a lot of roadblocks

no one who knew

blank want to talk to them

like nobody

no family no friends

no one want to

speak on camera

no one to go into court

didn’t even want to like show

their face in

court at all in the pews is it

are they called pews

i always forget to look that up

but no one so they’re 100 relying on evidence

for this whole case

well and the autopsy

which good thing they have like hardcore evidence

so some of the biggest

pieces of evidence for this case

was the autopsy report

which was finally

released to the public on september twentieth

twenty seventeen

it said that yana

she was killed

between may twenty

third and may twenty six

on her autopsy

report it said that she had

a lot of head trauma

but most of all

she had no blood in her

system like

she okay look

the average

human contains

about five liters of

blood correct

yes which is

about one and a half gallons

that really

doesn’t seem like that much huh okay

well she was

found with less than a teaspoon

left in her so

ultimately this poor girl bled to death

but it’s just like not a

super common way to

kill somebody

the autopsy report also clearly

spells out exactly what the police saw when they

entered the bedroom

jana’s scalp was removed from the body her

skull had been stripped down to the surface of her bone

actually there was no

scalp present

except for like little bits and

pieces on the back of her neck

portions of the

right side of

her face were torn all the way down to her jawline how

what the fuck was this guy doing

i don’t what was he

her right ear was missing okay there were a shit ton

of bruises and cuts on her face primarily

on the left side of her face

she had a human bite mark on the left side of her face

she had lived for at

least eight

hours approximately

after receiving the

scalp injury

and the bruise on her collarbone

which is awful

cause that means she was alive

during scalpage

this poor yana

she just poor thing

and you know what’s sad is like yana’s

mother olga

she was there at

the court listening to all this like i

could not imagine

i say with blake it’s just kind of like

some people just deserve to go

like off with his head

that’s one of

these moments

remember his book

just saying

just saying he

might have used it as a blueprint

so when the

trial first gets

going the prosecution

starts with

olga’s testimony

she spoke she didn’t

speak english

so she had several

court appointed interpreters for

trial which made it a little bit

challenging but

the prosecution showed a lot of

photos from the

crime scene

just describing how

blake probably used the

knife and the

razor found in the bedroom and the bathroom to scalper

and they also just went into really

graphic details

about what he did to her

and the prosecution also had access to newer

technology that was able to

show like a 3d

model of the

crime scene that allowed them to turn on and off the

light that showed the blue star

so the jury


got to see exactly what the police saw at the

crime scene when they were there

which is fascinating

prosecutors also provided text messages showing that

blake had ordered food from postmates

on several occasions

during the time

when yana was

most likely dying

he’s getting postmates

oh god right he’s

still hungry oh good

he like left specific

instructions to the postmates person like do not

knock on door just

leave it outside

when he ordered the food he was

using on his phone

maybe he wanted to make it look like she was

still alive

ordering postmates

you know hmm

so then the prosecutors they also brought up

blake’s graphic

novel remember syndrome

and remember remember it had

those guys hanging by

their feet and the woman

lying in the bloody bed

the prosecution felt that

like the book pretty much

was a blueprint

that blake might have followed for murdering jana when

blake was questioned as to why

those graphic

scenes were in his book like did he

did he get the ideas from the book

he pretty much told him that he

had done a lot of research on serial killers and that’s

what inspired his book not what his

what he did to yana

no just defense

so the trial

ended up lasting only a week it was a easy

trial it seems like

in june of twenty eighteen

after a ninety

minute deliberation

the jury thirty

eight year old

blake was convicted of

first degree murder

and supplemental charges of torture and mayhem

on his fiance jana

oh yeah as he deserves

he was sentenced

to life in prison with no chance of for all

and he is still serving his sentence at

california correctional institution

he should have got the

death penalty let’s be honest

cody he was the only family

member to show support for

blake but he refused to make any comments to the press

come out say anything

he’s like nope not

touching that

remember amanda

blake’s ex wife

she only showed up

after the verdict had been read

and despite her

initial hatred towards

jana because

jana stole her husband

amanda was shocked when she learned

about jana’s death

and she also cut

ties with constance

thinking she was a threat to her and her kids

and she eventually even got a restraining order

against constance

at no point during the

trial or after the verdict had been read

did blake or anyone from his family

reach out to

olga to offer

child support

for the baby remember there’s a baby

there’s a baby

no one reached out to help

they didn’t even ask for like for custody

not that they

should have but it was like

do they not care

so olga she went

ahead and filed a

sixty five million dollar lawsuit a

civil lawsuit

and a los angeles

judge ordered

blake to pay her

forty one point six million dollars

to yana’s family

will he pay it i don’t know how that

stuff works

cause it seems like they

never pay it

right i don’t know

i should look into that

so that my friends is the

awful story

about blake lapel and how he’s

completely what

would you call this guy

i wanna call him a psycho but i feel like

that word just

doesn’t do it justice anymore because it’s so overused

overused for

everything like oh my god that’s psycho

it’s like so what do you call this guy

like satan he’s fucking satan

okay he is um a clown

not even a clown he’s

worse than a

clown he’s ugh

he ugh a spoiled little brat

who wanted money

didn’t get his way

and then just got really

angry and then did some sick shit

that’s who he is just a little brat

this one actually

a lot of you guys

asked me what stories give me nightmares and stuff this

story actually

gave me a nightmare i did have a nightmare

i did i thought

about the eyebrow on the

floor and i was like holy shit

what would possess him to do that

just an eyebrow on the

floor i mean the whole

scalp yeah but the

what was up

what was he doing what why was he skinning her yeah

like i did have a nightmare

so i’m really

sorry if you have a nightmare

i hope you have a wonderful rest of your day

make good choices

please be safe out there okay

but other than that i hope you have a wonderful day

and i’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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