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casey anthony

she’s all sorts of

casey anthony

well she was born

march sixteenth nineteen eighty six

she was born in warren ohio she was one of two children

to her parents cindy and george anthony

now casey was said to be very energetic

okay and very intelligent from a young age

at some point her family moved down to

orlando florida which is you know home of the

home of the disney worlds but they have disney

world seaworld universal studios

casey’s father he

worked as a cop

and her mother worked as a home care

nurse and she had a brother named lee

who was four years older

or is four years older

as casey got into her

teenage years it was said by friends and family

that she had a weird pattern of lying

i shouldn’t say weird

it’s just some people do that and we don’t know why

but she had a pattern of

lying okay she would lie

about just the smallest

things that

things just

that didn’t even matter

her parents would be like hey

did you eat the leftovers in the fridge and she’d be

like no i didn’t eat the leftovers and they’d be like

well then what

about all those

crumbs around your

mouth and she’d be like

i don’t know

she was one of

those people

she’s lying

about weird

things in high

school it was said that casey

that’s when she really

started to completely push away from her family

casey was once like

the little girl who told her mom and dad everything

and then she became a

teenager in high

school and that’s when she just

completely cut everybody off

she wanted nothing to do with her family

and even though she

still lived at home

her family really didn’t know much

about her so

casey became that friend

or that person who always

had to have a boyfriend or just be in a relationship

she didn’t enjoy

being single or just on her own or

maybe she just didn’t know how to be without a partner

but she always

she always had someone

later on when her parents

would think back to casey’s

high school

age they really had no idea who

casey hung out with her friends

who she was dating i mean nothing

they tried to be involved but

casey made it impossible

for them to be

involved cause she

wouldn’t tell them anything

right casey

would go out with her friends she

would party all

night and she just went through what one

would call a wild

stage you know

the adolescent years

casey was about to

graduate high

school and her parents they want to celebrate

their daughter’s graduation

so they made some cards and they invited like a

bunch of people over to have a little

party for casey but

literally the day before her graduation

her parents were like

hey you know

what’s going on with your

graduation where is it at what time is it at they’re

just trying to find information so they can attend

her graduation right

so they call up the

school because

casey wasn’t giving them any straight answers

so they call up the

school and they’re informed that

casey wasn’t

going to be able to graduate

that she was failing most of her

classes the parents

her parents they

literally had no idea

they had no idea

that this was

going on okay

you know okay all right

so instead of trying to finish high school

casey ended up

dropping out of high

school and soon

after she got a job working at universal studios

in the hard rock cafe

now after work she

would come home and she

would talk to her parents

about her co workers and

how her work day was but overall

she seemed really happy

and she seemed to really

enjoy her job

in january of 2005

that’s when

casey met and fell in love with her boyfriend

jesse grund

now it just kind of seemed like

things were just really good for casey

she enjoyed her job she had this new boo

thing that she really liked

you know things were just looking up

later that year again

still two thousand five

casey is nineteen years old and she becomes pregnant

so she finds out she’s pregnant

and she’s telling her friend that she doesn’t

wanna keep the baby but she wants to

maybe give it up for adoption

um so she can continue her lifestyle and not have to

worry about a kid but

months went by

casey still living at home

and she doesn’t like tell her parents

what’s going on

she’s still

carrying the baby and it wasn’t

until she was seven

months pregnant

that casey finally told her parents that she

was seven months pregnant

now casey’s very

petite she’s like she’s very

she’s very petite

okay casey said that she was wearing

baggy clothes

loose fitting

clothes she’s a petite girl so it was like

she wasn’t showing too much but i

think at the seven

months mark it was like okay she couldn’t

hide it anymore so she had to tell her parents

she tells them and she was telling them

i’m thinking

about placing the baby up for adoption

but her parents were like heck no you are not

putting your kid up for adoption they were just

completely outraged

that she would even

think about doing this

they forbade

her from giving the baby up

so august ninth

two thousand five

casey anthony gave

birth to her little baby

daughter kaylee

marie anthony

casey she said that

her boyfriend

jesse was kaylee’s father and she said this pretty

early on but

who the baby’s father was or

is it was still a mystery

nobody really knew who the father was

there were many theories out there as to who the father

could be but cindy and george they

never pressed

casey to find out who the father was

casey at one

point told her

mother that

kaylee’s father was in a terrible car accident and died

it just seemed like you

could never get a straight answer from her

um her stories flip flop and change

often i don’t

think it really matters who the father was but

just the fact that she lied i

think a lot of people kind of like

i don’t know what they were doing i don’t know

this girl’s just

you can’t trust anything out of her damn

mouth now for

some reason the family thought it was best to keep

casey’s pregnancy a

secret which

is totally fine like you don’t have to tell anyone

but for some reason

they decided not to tell

casey’s older brother lee that she was pregnant and

expecting a baby

until a couple of days before

she gave birth

and then when they finally did tell him he

was very upset he was very

angry with the family

and he decided not to even go to the hospital

when she did give

birth cause he was just so

so lee her brother he was also living at home

so why they didn’t tell him i don’t know and this

whole thing just

caused like a

major riff in the family

like why would you keep this major

secret for me

she’s my sister

they seemed somewhat

close her and her brother

i don’t know

thought process behind that couldn’t figure out why

choices were made

so on new year’s eve jesse

casey’s boyfriend and alleged baby’s father

asked for her hand in marriage

saying that he wanted

all of them the

whole family to just be together

and be a unit be a family

casey was excited

she loved him but i think

this is just an observation and an opinion but i

think deep down she knew that he wasn’t the father

and she was probably feeling some sort of way

so casey has her

daughter she’s newly

engaged and around this time

casey enlisted the help of a

nanny named

zany or zenata

fernandez gonzalez

but she called her zany

so she says

when casey’s parents

asked her like hey how did you find this zany

lady what a

wacky name zany hmm

didn’t say that

but i would

say that they said okay how did you find this zany

and casey told them that it was an it

tech who worked over at universal

studios named jeff

who introduced her to his ex

girlfriend zany

and he paid her to watch both

his son and kaylee

they’re like okay that guy’s paying for her to

watch your kid okay

you know they’re just okay

which to me

would be a red flag because it’s like who do you know

who would pay for your child care

is that that’s not normal

well i don’t have a kid i don’t know i just know

childcare is expensive

anyway cindy recalled kaylee talking about zany

and her dog but they

like no one besides

casey had ever seen or met

zany in the family

you wanna talk

about suspicion

okay so a dna test was done to determine if

jesse really was the father of kaylee

and the lie detector test determined

jesse was not the father

devastating news to jesse who

still wanted to work it out

but in may of 2006

jesse broke off

their engagement

saying that

casey’s behavior was

becoming more erratic

and she was

becoming a different person

so they broke up and a little bit of times goes on and

casey is just

ready to start dating

again so she

starts she starts

going out there she’s like i’m

gonna go out and just

thinking i just want

dance so she’s

going out and

partying a lot with her friends

now while she’s out that’s when she meets this guy

named tony who was

an aspiring dj

that’s gonna work out real well

so the two are dating and

casey would

bring kaylee over

to his apartment

that he shared with his roommates

and they would

spend a lot of

their time there casey was

still living at home during this time with her parents

and casey’s parents they helped take care of kaylee

they gave her own room they fed her they

clothed her

they pretty much took care of

kaylee as as much as they could

so according to

casey on june fifteenth

two thousand eight

there was a heated argument happening within the family

the next morning

casey left with kaylee

for a work trip to tampa florida

she was angry

and she did not

wanna come back

home so she packed like a bag as if she were

going to stay for a

while the one

thing we know for sure

is on june 16

2008 that was the last day that kaylee was seen

alive so casey had told her family that she was

going to be gone for a work related

trip to tampa

right okay so

what really was

going on was that

casey she ended up leaving with kaylee right

she headed over to her boyfriend’s apartment

but when she got there

kaylee wasn’t with her

when asked where kaylee was she always had an excuse

she was either with the nanny

or she was just

somewhere else she was always somewhere else

haley so casey

would end up staying at her boyfriend’s

house for a month

a month and

every time she

spoke with her mom

cause her mom

would call her up be like

hey you know

how’s it going

how is kaylee doing

where’s kaylee can i talk to kaylee

every time her mom

would ask casey

would have a different

excuse like oh

kelly’s with the nanny zany

or kaylee sleeping

she’s taking a nap and her


they were getting more and more concerned like

i have it’s been a month

where are you

and where’s kaylee

during this

month vacation i guess

casey began

partying more than ever

she participated in a sexy body contest

at a local club

and she was out

drinking with her friends

what seemed almost

every night

again her boyfriend the guy that

she was saying he was a dj so wherever he was at that’s

where she was going

so at this time myspace was very popular so she

would be posting

pictures of her out

partying dancing on bar tops

she’s just like yeah yeah

that’s what

she probably was doing

and then she also got a

tattoo that said bella vita

which means beautiful

life you know she was doing well like most people do in

their early 20s

but where was kaylee

so casey’s parents they gave her

their car for her to use

cause she didn’t have one

so she was driving this car around

using it for

quote unquote

work related

stuff and to make sure that casey had


right they’re just trying to take care of

their daughter

so they let her borrow

the car so one day

casey drives down to a

check cashing

place and at this time

she literally made it there

on empty empty empty

she was running on

fumes right

so she gets there and she runs out of gas

but she cashes her check

like this is all the

money that she has

and she realizes like oh my gosh getting the car towed

to a gas station is

gonna cost me my

whole check

i can’t do that

so instead she decides to just abandon

the car in the parking lot she

doesn’t realize how much her parents are helping her

and then she’s just like slapping them in the face like

you know anyways so she decides that’s her best option

i’m just gonna

leave the car here

so she does that

so some time passes and people

working in the

check cashing

place realizes

like this car has been in the parking lot forever

you know we have to call

the tow truck can get it removed

so they do that

they get the car

towed out of there

right and it goes to the pound

where they call up george

casey’s father

and they say hey you know we have your carts and

pounded this is the

vehicle and this is

where it’s at

george for good reason is like

what the heck why is

casey’s car there

you know like

okay so jorst

goes down to pick

up the car and figure out what the heck is going on

right he gets to the pound

he pays the

money to get the car out

and then the guy who’s working at the

pound takes him out to the car

so the two of them are

going out there together he gives him the keys

george says that he opens up the car door

and he says that both of them got a whiff of a pungent

smell just coming from the car

and the worker

said that it

smelled like a dead body

now i personally have

never smelled a dead body before

which i think is probably

yeah as a blessing but

based off of

everything i’ve read and researched

it sounds like

you can’t mistake the

smell of a dead body it’s a very distinct smell

like you can’t confuse it with something else

so george ends up taking the car

home pissed him and his wife cindy are pissed because

first of all why is a car in the

pound have to pay the fees to get the car out

now george is like dude the car

smells like a dead body

so he comes home he tells cindy hey

come here come

smell the car

so cindy comes out

she smells the car she agrees

that it’s a pretty intense foul

odor they pop open the

trunk and they see a

trash bag so cindy

said that they didn’t open the

trash bag they just

threw it away

then she said that she used an entire bottle of febreze

on the inside of the car

they left all of the car doors open to help

air it out this is according to cindy

so again naturally

george and cindy are just

super pissed not even

super pissed they’re furious you know why did she just

ditch the car why didn’t

casey say anything does she not have a car how is she

treat getting around

where’s kaylee i mean all

these thoughts are

going through their head

and cindy just wanted answers so cindy

tries to get a hold of

casey but she’s not having any

luck so her best bet is to go find her last she heard

she was at her new boyfriend’s

house so cindy

goes down there to the boyfriend’s

apartment now when cindy

gets to the boyfriend’s

apartment she

knocks on the door

right okay so she goes inside she’s like

where’s casey

and they take her inside to the living room

cindy says that she looks around and she just notices a

bunch of drug paraphernalia

all around and it

was morning so they’re just sitting there getting high

and it wasn’t even

lunchtime yet

and cindy’s like

she walks in like what are you doing

where’s kaylee why isn’t

where is she at why isn’t she here

and then casey

told her mom that kaylee was with the nanny

zany so cindy’s like okay i can’t take this anymore

i can go pick her up

where is she i

haven’t seen her in months

where is she

casey’s just getting more and more defensive

as her mom is there questioning her

in front of her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s friends

cindy tells

casey come on you’re

going home with me grabs her and tells her that they’re

going home casey

was feeling

super irritated cause

just stormed into her boyfriends like how

could you that’s so embarrassing mom

in front of my dj boyfriend cindy and

casey go back to

the family home and cindy calls nine one one to report

casey for stealing the car

then abandoning it

cindy ends up calling nine one one

three different times

the first time she calls 911 she’s like this is a

quote i have

someone here who i need to be arrested in my home

and i have a possible missing

child i have a

three year old who’s been missing for a month

and quote on the

phone call cindy says

that casey needed to be arrested for

stealing her car

and her money

so cindy is just waiting for the police to show up

she’s pacing around the house

and that’s when she overhears

a conversation between

casey and her brother lee

so she’s listening in

casey tells her brother that she met zany

the nanny at the park to give her kaylee

and when she

arrived zany

held kaylee

close to her pushing casey away

saying that she was taking kaylee away from her and

would not be giving her back

so casey is telling this to her brother

her mom overhears it

calls 911 again

thinking that now there’s been a kidnapping that’s

taken place

on the phone cindy is demanding to

speak to an officer

and says that she had just

learned that kaylee was

taken by her babysitter

and has been missing for

months i’m sorry for a month

so on this call she says

quote i told you my

daughter has been missing for a

month and i just

found her today

but i can’t find my


there’s something seriously

wrong i found my

daughter’s car

today and it

smells like

there’s been a dead body in the damn car end quote

so while she’s on the

phone with 911 cindy is trying to push

casey to hop on the

phone and talk to the 911 dispatcher and she’s growing

frustrated because cindy is

on the phone worried

panicking trying to figure out

where her granddaughter is

and casey was calm

she seemed irritated and

annoyed that her mom

was doing this and making such a big

deal out of it all

and she kept telling her mom that she didn’t

want to talk to police she didn’t want any of this

now cindy is pushing her and pushing her

finally casey gives in and

speaks to the

911 dispatcher saying that she knows who has her

daughter but the

phone number she had for the

nanny was a number that was no longer in service

but earlier that day

the nanny let her

speak to kaylee

and kaylee was okay

casey told a dispatcher that zinata

fernandez gonzalez

was the name of the

nanny that had kaylee

casey said that she had

spoke to the

nanny on july 9th on the

phone and then

again on july 15th

when she allowed her to

speak to kaylee

casey told her

brother lee that she had been communicating with zany

through myspace and was getting instructions from zany

on how to get kaylee back

casey said that zany told her she

would get her

daughter back on kaylee’s birthday

to cindy it’s just like this is the dumbest

story i’ve ever

heard like why are you not more concerned

about your daughter

so police finally arrive

and then when they arrive they ask

casey to take them

to the last

place that she saw

zany so she takes them to the shaw

grass apartments and

identified which

apartment was zany’s

casey said that was

where she dropped off her daughter

and the last time and

place that she had

seen her casey provided a description of ziani

she was 25 years old she was five foot

seven 140 pounds

black hair perfect

teeth from new york and a 10

like whatever that means

which is just like a really weird

thing to mention

in a description

about someone who took your kid

but okay casey tells them that zany the

nanny she was a coworker of hers at universal studios

who was born in new york in the

month of september

she moved to go to the

university of florida

she said she was

mixed she was

black and puerto rican

of course a

white girl trying to pin in on a person of color

so police go up to the

apartment in

which casey said that zany

lived so they

knock on the door

no answer you know they’re

peeking inside they’re trying to look in the window

and it doesn’t look like anyone lives there

so they go down to the landlords

and they ask if they can

have a record as to who live there a history something

right and they told police that no one had

lived in that specific apartment

since march hmm


they ask if they can pull surveillance

video from the parking lot but from the day when

casey dropped kaylee off so they ask for

their surveillance

video from the parking lot

and it shows

anyone coming and

going from the specific

apartment and they

never saw this woman

casey described over there

ever they never saw

no one was there

they would have caught someone on tape and at

least they would have caught

maybe kaylee

but nothing

so police are like hmm

like this some shit

they now knew that

casey was lying

for sure so they

start looking more into

casey and her

story so they’re asking just a little bit about her

casey told police that she worked at universal

studios so they

did some digging around and they discovered that

casey actually

she didn’t work at universal

studios in fact she

never worked at universal studios

so what was she doing with all this time you know

hmm police uncovered this information

but they didn’t tell

casey that they knew this

which i love because

they put her on

blast they took

casey down to universal

studios and

asked casey to take police to her boss

and casey acted as if she did in fact work there i

think she had worked there for a

brief period of time so i shouldn’t say she

never worked there but she had gotten

fired long ago

but she was telling everyone that she

still worked there

okay casey’s just acting like she does work there

and she walks in

she walks past security into the employee

entrance it wasn’t

until they got lost in the maze of offices

just going like

like she was just taking them in circles

that she finally

just stops she turns around and she tells the cops

i don’t work here

there’s like a

video footage of it oh it’s so

beautiful i love it when people get caught in the line

like that like ah

got you they uncover these lies

casey was arrested on july 16th she was

charged with neglect of a

child obstruction of justice

and making false

statements so cindy

casey’s mom sits down with police and she talks to them

about the car when she got it back from the

pound it had

trash in the

trunk and a box of

pizza with maggots

and she tried to dismiss the

smell as rotting

pizza she’s like no no

it was just rotting pizza

rotting pizza

smells like just dead

so the detectives

tried to knock some

sense into her that she knew what

that smell was

she set it on tape on the 911 call

so they’re pushing her like

are you sure you know

but cindy kept trying to take back her

statement saying nene

it was a rotting pizza

so the car gets

taken in for police to

search so they

bring in one of

those trained

search dogs that can confirm a scent

of a dead body

so they bring in this dog dog

sniffing around and

guess what the dog

starts going

crazy when it

smells the trunk

also they see that on the bottom of the trunk

there was a small

staining happening

which was the size of a

small body i’m

laughing because of like how

obvious this is

right the dog

smells the body

they see like a

stain it doesn’t

smell like a body but it’s the size of a body

also the mom calling 911 being like

it smells like a body

all signs are

pointing to there being a body inside the car

right it’s just so obvious

they take the carpet out of the

trunk of the car and they tested it

and it confirmed

to be decomposition of the body as well as very

strong chloroform

also there was hair

in the trunk of the car

so they did

dna testing

on the hair through


when they tested the hair

it came back saying that the hair was either cindy

casey or kaylee’s hair

the hair was longer than

casey’s and it was

untreated unlike cindy’s meaning it had to be haley’s

the hair also had what was called a decomposition

band and this is a dark band that can appear

on the hair when the body is


investigators also seize the family computer

in hopes to find any type of evidence

so when they’re looking through the computer

that’s when they find or discover

that someone had been

using the computer to google

search quote

how to make

chloroform end

quote alright baby case closed right

what more do they need

well i’m sorry

sorry where’s kaylee

i’m jumping the gun here but all signs are

pointing to kc i mean it’s so obvious

so they ask cindy

hey you know on your computer

we found that someone was

searching for chloroform

can you tell us about that

and cindy said that she

had been searching for chlorophyll

on the computer

because her dogs were eating bamboo in

the backyard and she wanted to make sure that it wasn’t

toxic and during her

search it pulled up

chloroform she saw it

and she clicked it

this is what cindy was saying


is what makes a

plant green

so i don’t know why she

would be searching for chlorophyll

and not just something simple like is bamboo

toxic to docs

so cindy your

story is not making any

sense here babe

through some date more digging around they

realized that cindy wasn’t even home when the computer

search was made

and it was proven that

casey was the only one home when that search

was made not cindy

so why was cindy trying so hard to

cover casey’s ass

it just wasn’t making any

sense to investigators no i’m

sorry it was making

sense to them because it was obvious what was going on

cindy didn’t want to

rat her kid out

for some odd

reason well i

could get it but the same time i can’t get it so cindy

she goes down to the jail to

visit casey

while she’s there she’s asking

casey what does zany

look like can you tell me what she looks like because

i don’t even know what she looks like do you have

photos of her

if the police come to me and ask me to pick her

out of a lineup

how do i identify zany she needs to know

right that can make sense

so cindy tells

casey you know police told me that you couldn’t even

point out zany from a lineup

casey was getting really

irritated with her and just

completely shut down well in fact an officer

earlier on did

show casey a

photo of a woman

by the name of zenita gonzalez

aka zanni and

casey was not able to recognize

who they were showing her

in the photos

so zenita gonzalez

she was a real person but

but whoever zany the nanny was

she simply did not

exist they didn’t

think that she

existed a couple

months down the line

zaneda the real one she filed a defamation lawsuit

against casey

beautiful good for her

when cindy and george visit

casey in jail a

month after she had been there

they inform her that people are saying kaylee

is dead to which

casey rolls her

eyes and says

surprise surprise

end quote cindy asks casey

what her gut is telling her

right now and

casey says that she believes

kaylee is not far

so casey ends up hiring

a man by the name of jose

baes as her

legal attorney

who then writes a letter to the sheriff’s office about

casey’s willingness to cooperate with law enforcement

and soon following

after that a

court judge

sets casey’s bail at 500 000

casey’s bail was paid and she got an

electronic monitoring device

and she was

released so

casey headed back to her parents home

where she would be staying

and at this

point the media had gotten hold of this

whole story

and they were

going berserk

so at her parents house

it was just filled with media

they were all outside waiting like on the lawn on the

driveway just

but the public was outraged

and furious that

casey was able to be released and go home there were

countless altercations outside the family

house and constantly

media around

it was not only

upsetting to the family

but the whole

block because it turned into this just

chaos on their street

now on august 29th

casey was arrested again

for something that had nothing to do with the case

this is why nobody likes her

cause she’s an idiot

she was arrested because she was caught writing four

checks worth

close to 650

without the person’s

permission this time

casey’s parents

post a 500 000

bond and she’s released

again from county jail into

their custody

i don’t know why her parents liked her so much

she didn’t seem like that

great of a dollar

but they kept

bailing her out and i don’t know man

i don’t know

on december 11th

2008 less than a mile from the anthony

family home

a utility meter

reader was out working and he was

about 20 feet off of the road

he saw what seemed to be something

skull he poked at it with a

stick and then realized that it was indeed like a real

skull and he calls 911 the man who

found the remains had

tried to report

these findings to police

three different times

he founded a couple

months prior

and when he had called

about it you

know someone needs to

check this out he wasn’t

taken seriously

and was told that someone

was going out to the area to

check it out but nothing ever came from it

so that’s when he went out there himself

up close to it and

again called 911 so this

time a team goes out there and they find the remains

they find the

skull they find

well okay look they find a skull

and the skull had

duct tape on it

and nearby was a bag

which included the rest of the bones

and then a baby

blanket with winnie the poo

and piglet on it was

like in another

laundry bag

they knew immediately

it was the bones of a

child on december 19th police

they came forward and announced that the dna testing

confirmed that the remains belonged to kaylee anthony

so the police they get a warrant

for the anthony

house and they discover

that kaylee’s room had been

a winnie the pooh themed room

which would

align with the

blanket that they found

with her body in the

house they also discovered a twin bag to the

white one that they

found at the scene

where kaylee’s remains

were also found it was a laundry bag and it was sold

only in pairs and the anthony

households contained just one of the pair

to the bag that was

found at the

scene these

two very specific items made it

clear whoever killed kaylee

whoever it was we just may

never know was not a stranger

and would have had access to the family home

casey now was being

charged with

first degree murder

now if any of you remember this

cause i remember when it was all over the news you

could not avoid this

story cause it was like what the heck oh it was bad

it really took a toll on the family though

it seems like this is an opinion

but based off the facts i presented it seems like cindy

she was like ride or die for

casey and she was not

gonna let her

spend the rest of her life in prison

and take responsibility for what she had done

meanwhile george

casey’s father he wasn’t

taking it so well

he seemed to be the only one in the

household with a

level head he knew that

casey was responsible for it

when he would

bring it up to his wife cindy

she would tell him no

no like she just didn’t want to

admit the truth the

media is just ripping

apart this family people were just being very

nasty towards

their parents

cindy may have deserved it but poor george

he really didn’t

anywho but in january of 2009 george he

wasn’t doing well

and he was staying in a hotel

and he was mixing drugs and alcohol and someone had

called the police to do a wellness

check and that’s when police

found him in a hotel

not doing well like he

tried to kill himself

yeah i guess that’s what he was doing because he

wrote a lengthy

suicide note that he

seem to have written like on the

hotel piece of

paper you know

and he ended it with

quote kaylee

here i come

he seemed to be taking it the hardest

and it’s just sad he got to a

point where he just wanted to end it because

he just couldn’t take it anymore anyways but they

found him and he was he was safe but

that happened

may twenty fourth two thousand eleven the

trial begins

george and cindy

would not have normally been allowed in the

courtroom because they were witnesses

technically but

they were allowed to be present because they were the

grandparents they were allowed to be there if

they promised to show no emotion

now they were heavily scrutinized because they showed

no emotion in

court but many people forgot

that they had been asked

not to show emotion

and if they did show emotion they

would be asked to leave

i’m losing my voice

casey obviously

completely lied

throughout the investigation there was no

nanny and there was no job at universal studios

so the question became

how do you live a

light like that

casey said that when she was 8 years old her dad

began to molest her

and she learned to lie at a

young age because of it

now george took the

stand and he said that he did not molest

their proof

casey didn’t go to the


until she was

seven months pregnant

and that was the

first time she had ever been to one

so can you imagine

hearing for the

first time that your

daughter is trying to pin the

whole thing on you making up that you molested them

you killing your

child absolutely

i mean how why

but then lying

that your your father is molesting and like

whispering so

i don’t know who’s listening

so might be listening

but the fact that you lie

at your father molested you

i don’t know how she

how she could sit there

and say that and her father is

watching like

this is new news to me gosh it’s just

absolutely disgusting

disgusting did i tell you i hate her

cause i really

do i don’t support hitting or beating your kids at all

but if i watched my

grown ass adult child

lying on the

stand like that

i’d beat her ass

and that’s a fact

anyways again

he wasn’t allowed to show any type of emotion

in court but this tore

him up it was a

shock to him he didn’t know that this was the plan

so it was just

heartbreaking not only did he lose a


but now he’s losing his

daughter and

his wife because his wife was just accepting that

this i don’t

i don’t know it’s a personal

opinion but i just don’t believe that it happened

i really don’t uh uh

nope so the prosecution came and they gave

their theory

casey anthony killed

her daughter by

using chloroform

to knock her


then use duct

tape to cover her mouth

and block her airways

casey then wrapped kaylee in her favorite

blanket put her body in the

trunk of her car

she then went to her

boyfriend’s that next day and then the next day they

believe that she took kaylee’s body out into the woods

in a trash bag

now the defense’s theory

was that cindy

was at work

and george and

casey were looking for kaylee

they said that george

found kaylee

drowned in the pool

and yelled at

casey look what you’ve done

your mother will

never forgive you

and then george helped her dispose of the body by

wrapping kaylee in plastic like he

would do with

their pets when they died now there was another theory

which is just cindy’s

theory now cindy believed that kaylee accidentally

drowned in the pool

while casey was

watching her

casey must have

freaked out and

tried to dispose her

but didn’t realize what she was doing

i hate her poor george i hope george is okay

now george had his own theory

he believed that

casey was giving her xanax

aka zanni the

nanny you see

some people used to call i don’t know if they

still call xanax zanni

or zans or zan

whatever they

call it but i remember there was a time when like zany

i’m gonna take a zany tonight

yes i just want to let

loose and take a zany

so it makes

sense right

so george believes that

casey was giving her xanax

and then calling

the xanax like zanni the

nanny because it

would help her

sleep and you know

babysit babysit

while casey went out and partied

hung out with her boyfriend

and gave her the freedom to do what she wanted he

thinks that he gave her too much xanax

and she just didn’t wake up

george is the

only one around here with some goddamn common

sense zany i’m

gonna take a

xanax and just

think again

where the hell was she getting xanax from

dj boyfriend i bet you

i think there was another theory out there by like the

media and just


and i kind of i

could see this kind of being true

think she was probably using

chloroform to

knock kaylee out

and then maybe she like i don’t

understand why she put

duct tape around her

it’s one thing to

knock your kid out with chloroform

to go out i

guess okay but then to like

duct tape i just

i got so many questions and no answers okay

so the casey anthony

trial was a shit show

i mean casey’s team was blaming anyone

and everyone

for what happened to kaylee it was

messy it was petty

anyone with

brain cells who was

watching the

trial paying attention

knew it was

casey jurors

were talking

about the case outside of court

which is a huge nene

okay you don’t do that but

one juror was selling information to an online blocker

for some reason

casey’s team was

going hard trying to

point the finger at her father

and include him somehow

like she really had something

against her dad

it was really sad

there was nothing

tying him to the

crime but it turned into a circus

and facts were getting confused with opinions because

casey’s team was just

pointing the finger

so then the

trial focused on

things that didn’t matter for far too long they

weren’t even looking at facts anymore

it was just trying to

clear the father’s name

disprove everything that

casey seems

throwing at them is a mess

the trial it goes on for a very long time

and on july 5th

after about 10

hours of deliberation

the jury comes back and they have an answer

many of you may remember this day

cause i certainly do i

was like she’s guilty she’s

guilty i can’t wait to see her face when they read

guilty i was sitting there just like yay bye

bitch so the jury comes back

casey anthony

is not guilty

not guilty what people lost

their shit i remember heads were exploding

everywhere okay people were

people were

furious you know why because they had distracted and

watered down the

whole story

focusing on

casey’s father

and like what

he may have done to her and how it just wasn’t her

fault casey is convicted

of four four misdemeanor

charges of giving

false information to a law enforcement officer

judge perry

sentenced casey to one year

in county jail and 1 000

in fines now at that

point casey had served

three years already

so she got credit plus

additional credit

for good behavior

and with that being said

she was good to go baby you’re free

casey would be released from prison on july 17

2011 that’s it that’s the

story if you remember

watching this on tv

like i was we were livid


it still is the jurors

in that case they were scared

because they

were receiving

death threats of

their own they kept the jurors

names quiet for x amount of time but

after that it was just like here are

their names everyone

oh it wasn’t good

i feel like they just

should have left the jurors

alone and gone

after like casey directly but

i guess that’s just me

so after the

trial it came out that

casey had filed for bankruptcy

twice and was unable to pay her lawyer jose base

so what happens when you don’t have

money to pay your lawyer

well she paid him in

sexual favors

someone even reported seeing

casey completely

naked in his office and she accidentally

walked in on it and they were like oh shit

it’s not illegal to have sex with your lawyer

okay you can and you you can but it’s

certainly unethical

i guess they were having a little bit of a relationship

i don’t know if

there wasn’t much

facts about

their relationship it was more

like just opinions

about what was

going on between the two of them

but i think it was pretty clear that

she was having

sex with him

and he must have

loved it so much that he helped her

be free i don’t i don’t

know anyways so what happened with the zenata gonzalez

defamation case you ask well

the judge toss that one

right out i don’t know you guys i don’t know

i don’t know

i don’t know

i don’t know in 2017

it was revealed that there was a

search on the family’s computer for fool

proof suffocation

and that only

could have occurred

while casey was at home

it was also discovered that 48

hours before

casey was arrested her internet history

was deleted

which is just

classic suspicious

behavior also in 2017

casey did an interview

you can watch it online

i’ll tag it download

but casey said that she remembers waking

up that morning and saying goodbye to her mom and then

going back to

sleep when she woke up kaylee was missing

her story changes again

kaylee is now

she was missing

her mother theorize that casey

might have had a

seizure like she was

known to do

and during her

blackout she’s having a seizure

she blacks out kaylee

must have died

and she was

they can’t get

their stories straight

okay why don’t you just come out and say you did it

we’re sick of the shit also in this interview

she said that she’s okay with herself and that she

sleeps good at

night in 2017 kaylee

would have been 12 years old

and when the interviewer

asked casey what she thought

kaylee would be like at 12 years old

casey said quote

a total badass

and she laughed saying she’d probably listen to

classic rock play sports and

not take shit from anybody

casey took up


when she was released

and not because she wanted to take pretty photos

or whatever

but because she wants to become a private investigator

she may be one now i don’t know

cause this was back in 2017

daisy said that

one of the reasons she’s so good at her job as a pi

is because she learned

firsthand how to research people’s


search for information

and gather all the information needed

the interviewer

then asked do you really

think that your father had something to do with it

and casey said that her father

had kaylee when she saw her last

and that she wasn’t sure what happened

after that again

stick with your story girl

literally a fish out of

water just flip flopping all over the place

with her stories

george has consistently denied all

these allegations

casey said that she

doesn’t give a fuck

about what anybody thinks

about her and she

never will hmm

and that my friends is the

awful story

about casey anthony

she got away with murder

and it was messy too

i guess what surprises me the most with this

whole story

is that like nobody’s kicked her ass

i mean like i’m not saying that anyone

should please don’t let’s be an adult

but i’m i was waiting for like a

article to come up or something

about somebody kicking her ass i don’t know

you know what’s even more

irritating like what if you

watch the interviews with her she has like this

snarkiness this this overly

confidence because

she got away with murder she can get away with anything

and that’s how she kind of acts she has a little

picture of casey on her

on her like man talks like

bitch take that off

you don’t deserve that she’s

never come out and apologize to her father

about lying her father said that he

doesn’t have really any relationship with her

cindy still

ride or die for her

daughter yeah

and i think this is a perfect

example of what can happen when you don’t hold your

kid response

accountable for

their actions

it just seems like she got away with whatever

she wanted in life and nobody ever disciplined her

over that and it shows

i hope she lives a very

miserable life i’m sure one day

and i hope nobody

gives her a book deal okay but i’m sure one day she’s

gonna come out with her

her own little version of

the oj book if i had done it i bet you she will

she’s gonna need

money at some

point she’s a loser

and i hope no one hires her i just hope she has a very

awful life i

could say that because

i hope she does

rest in peace to poor

poor little kaylee anthony

she died because her

mother is a

selfish bitch

who probably won’t ever change because

why should she

everything’s been working out for her this far you know

i hope you have a wonderful rest of your day i hope you

have a wonderful rest of your day you make good choices

and i’ll be seeing you guys later

you know what i

think she lies so much that

she actually believes it i mean that’s the only way you

could probably go to

sleep at night is if you

truly believed your own lies i mean how else do you

sleep at night knowing you murdered your own

child so you

could party

hmm hmm hmm

can you let me know hmm

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