Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins - Wow, He Was The Actual Worst!

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today I am going to be talking about serial

killer today’s

story is a little

brutal so I do have to add a warning please

warning the following presentation is intended for

mature audiences

it contains

graphic descriptions of

crime scenes

adult dialogue

and strong language

viewer discretion

is advised I don’t even know

where to begin

because this man

was all sorts of just

wow wow wow

okay his name

Donald Gaskins

Donald so Donald Gaskins was born in Florence County

South Carolina on

March 13th 1933 now at the time his

mother wasn’t

married when she became pregnant

with Donald

which was hugely frowned upon

you know she just

ignored it as best she

could I guess it was said that his

mother had many different men coming and

going throughout his childhood

Donald would

later say that like a lot of

these men treated

him just like garbage they

would beat him

they would kick him

out of the home tell him not to come back for the night

mind you he’s like 5 years old

yeah some would just pick on him for the fun of it

it’s like a hobby

for some of

these lovers

now this was

upsetting to or

maybe even just

confusing to Donald because

his mother would

allow it to happen

like she would

do nothing to protect him from

these partners of hers and I

think as a kid you know it’s probably more confusing

many of the times donald’s mom

would take off go

maybe live with the new boyfriend for a little bit

just leaving Donald

behind and I’m

laughing because

it’s like why what possesses someone to

think that’s okay but

hear about it way too much you know

anyways so she

would take off she

would leave him at home

sometimes she would just

leave him at home by himself

and then she’d come back like a week

later and again he was like 05:55 years old

so he had to

learn how to take care of himself

from a very

young age eventually

though donald’s mom did settle down and she

would remarry

and it was said that his stepfather

would beat him and his 4/2 siblings on the daily

now growing up Donald was a

small kid well

you know that’s

funny that I say that because well all kids are small

but what I mean is that he was tiny in

comparison to

other kids his age

which during

school would lead

to kids making fun of him teasing him so at

school Donald was

given the name Peewee

because of how

small he was

no relation to Peewee

Herman let’s not

bring him into this okay

thank you so much

Donald was called Peewee

pretty much all of his life

I think okay look

cause I was trying to

understand I

think he hated it but then he

just kind of owned it was like yeah I’m fucking Peewee

but as a kid it was traumatizing

right just made him

angry you know he

would go home

he had a stepfather that would

beat him up pretty much

every day and then he

would go to school

and then he

would get picked on there kids

would try to

fight him at

school the poor kid he couldn’t get a break

and look what happens this

would ultimately lead

to him becoming like the most prolific serial killer in

South Carolina

you proud don’t pick on people

I’m not saying it’s

fully that but you know

come on anyways so donald’s getting

picked on and at age 11

Donald was like you know what I’m quitting

school quit in

school can’t do this anymore

and he got a job working at

a local garage

working on cars at 11

yeah different

times you know you can’t do that now but back then

you could walk up

to a place and be like hey I’m working here now

so he’s working at this car garage and

while he’s working there that’s when he meets 2

other boys named

Danny and Marsh

now they were all around the same

age and all of them were out of

school so they teamed up and became

friends and they called themselves the

Trouble Trio

they weren’t just like normal friends who

would hang out and

use their imagination to go on

adventures and

stuff no Nene

the trouble trio over here

they broke into homes they

stole expensive items

they picked up sex workers

mind you they’re

12:48 years old

okay sometimes

they even raped little boys in the neighborhood

who tried to befriend the trio

oh we’re off to a bad

start as we are

they would then threaten the little boys

so they wouldn’t go to the police

saying you know we know

where you live

we will kill you and your

whole family if you say anything

just making sure that

these kids wouldn’t say anything

so eventually the trio

broke up because they were caught gang raping Marsh

one of the trio boys

his little sister

yep so that the trio they were doing this

and they get caught I

guess marsh

his father walked in on them like

raping his daughter

and then he just lost it like any of us would

he tied the boys up beat them up pretty badly

until they bled

from my understanding he

didn’t like turn them into police or anything

I don’t know why you guys I really don’t

Danny and Marsh

moved out of the area shortly

after that and then the trio just broke up

Donald though he said that he got a thrill

from all these crimes

and even though the trio was gone he was just

gonna continue to

break into homes on his own

so in 1946 Donald was 13

and he decides that he’s

gonna break into

a home of this

woman that he has been like

watching he knew like she wasn’t home he

breaks into the house

and then the

woman who lived there

she actually showed up

and she notices

that somebody’s in her

house instead of announcing that she was there

she actually like

quietly went and

grabbed an axe yes

yeah get the

axe she got the axe

she started

swinging at him left right

she ended up hitting him with the axe

but it wasn’t

enough to like take him out she did hit him

but then he ends up getting the

axe they have some kind of little struggle

he eventually gets the axe

struck her in the head and also in the arm

and then he fleeed the scene

now luckily

she actually

ended up surviving

which led to donald’s

arrest and conviction of assault with a deadly weapon

and intent to kill

so Donald ended up being sent to

South Carolina Industrial

School for Boys

until he turned 18

now this was a reform

school it was a

bunch of troubled

teens it just wasn’t very good

Donald was almost

immediately attacked and raped due to a

small stature

he spent his time either accepting

protection from the boss boy

in exchange for sex

or attempting

just to escape

it was said that almost immediately

he was gang raped by 20 fellow students

from the school inside

the school it just

doesn’t make sense like

where is everybody

you know like

where are the

adults around here

they’re just

they’re not here or what guys on a

lunch break

I don’t know

probably watching cause

I don’t know

now Donald did end up

escaping from the reform school

and he ends up finding a

traveling carnival in the area

so he joins he

asked if he

could like work there and escape from the

school right

cause they’re

traveling so he’s like this is my one way to get out

so during this time it was said Donald

married a 13 year old girl who was also working

with the carnival

but as time went on

he realized that he

truly couldn’t be free

unless he finished out his sentence at the reform

school so Donald decided to do the

right thing

he goes back to the reform

school just to turn himself in so he

could finish his

school slash sentencing

sometimes this is a side note but sometimes I read

these things it’s so

um it’s hard to

think of a time when you could just

break out of

this reform school

and join a carnival

like you never hear that now do you know someone

broke out and joined a carnival

no so just as wild such a different time I’m

gonna join the carnival

bye so Donald goes back to the reform

school and finishes out his

sentencing I guess and

he was released

on March 13 1951

which was also his 18th birthday

so once he was out

Donald now needed to find a job

he got a job working on a tobacco plantation

it didn’t take long for him to

realize that working a normal job just wasn’t for him

he was like damn I miss doing some illegal shit

this time he got involved with insurance fraud

he worked with a partner by collaborating

with local tobacco farmers

to burn down

their barns for a fee

he would burn down the barns

and the farmers

would get compensation from the insurance companies

and Donald would get

some money from that I’m not sure how you advertise

this type of business

but he was doing it and he was making some good

money I mean to give him credit at

least this wasn’t like hurting anybody

you know I would rather

him be burning down barns than

actually why am I trying to

never mind anyway so all

these barns are burning down

and people are like

you know this is a little

weird barns are burning down

Donald seems to be around when

it happens or like working on the farm when it happens

people are just kind of putting some

pieces together

well on one of the farms that he was working at the

daughter of the farmer

she went up to Donald and was like hey

I’ve been hearing

about these barn fires

everyone thinks it’s you man so

this upset Donald

and he grabbed a hammer

which was next to him

and he bashed her head with it

he ended up

splitting her skull

and then he attempted to flee

again luckily

she was okay she

survived and once

again Donald was caught and arrested

and he received a 5 year sentence in prison

for assault with a deadly weapon

and attempted murder

5 years so that

should do it that will

teach him this time Donald goes to real prison

he ended up having the same

experience as he did back in the reform

school many of the inmates took advantage of him

he was still very small

petite yeah

they took advantage of him

they raped him and they threatened his life

over time Donald

started to realize like how the prison worked you know

the only way

to get some respect in there was to become a power man

power men were

the most dangerous

ruthless and most feared inmates

nobody messes with them

and they pretty

much call the shots and they run that prison

so Donald wanted that position

he was tired of being picked on

tired of being raped and abused

and he wanted to take charge he wanted to be respected

and most of all he just wanted to be left alone

so Donald used his noggin

and came up with a plan

his plan was to kill one of the meanest

inmates inside of the prison

so what he does is he befriended this guy

and he built

trust then when the inmate

least expected it Donald cut his

throat killing him Donald was

found guilty of manslaughter

and would spend the next 6

months in solitary confinement but

his plan did work

Donald became

a power man

in the prison

and his fellow inmates respected him

and left him alone

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the smartest way to hire

just based off of observation

I mean I don’t know I wasn’t there but it just

sounded like this was really

stroke in his ego

donald’s out

thinking like

like I killed one of the meanest ones in prison

where’s my trophy

Donald said

after he did that his prison life

or his prison

experience was more

enjoyable and he didn’t mind being there so much

so remember

earlier how I said that Donald got

married to that 13 year old

yeah well they were

still married

okay so yeah

they were still

married and she

would write him letters in prison and

stuff but eventually they got divorced in 1955

so he receives a letter in prison saying that like

she’s wanting to divorce him

right so he’s just

he gets he’s pissed

and he’s like I’m gonna

break out of here I

gotta go find her

so he does just that he

breaks out of prison and he

steals a car

and drives down to Florida

little Macgyver over here

I mean now he

drives down to Florida

and while he’s there he finds another carnival to join

he ends up becoming involved with a

woman named

Betty Gates

betty’s talking to Donald and she’s like my brother

he’s in Tennessee

he’s in jail

can he help me

cover the bail money

Donald has a bit of a

crush on this

Betty girl so he wants to help her

whoa I’m having deja vu

so Donald is willing to help and he gets her the bail

money but also he

drives the 2 of them out in the

stolen car to Tennessee

to get the brother out of jail

so Betty gives Donald a pack of

cigarettes and I

guess inside the pack of

cigarettes were some

razor blades

Donald didn’t know this he also has

money on hand he goes to the prison and he drops it off

to give to the brother

he doesn’t get

bailed out but the 2 of them they go back to the

hotel room to wait

so Donald tells

Betty like oh I’m

gonna go get some

cigarettes I’ll be

right back and

leaves Betty

alone in the

hotel room now when he comes back

his car was stolen

and Betty was gone

to donald’s surprise

this dude wasn’t

betty’s brother

it was actually her husband who had recently escaped

from prison

with a razor

blade so the police

show up to donald’s

hotel room they find him because when he

when he went to the prison he had to like

check in so police go they find Donald that’s when

Donald tells the police

about this woman

Betty and her brother

and then police tell them the

whole situation

that’s not her brother

that’s her husband

you were scammed

but also they pull up donald’s record

and they realize that he too

was an escaped convict so he was arrested

and sent back

to prison now at this

point he received an

additional 9

months in prison for aiding an escape

they’re giving this man a lot of chances

so Donald gets sent to prison

again he’s like darn it

but this time

he meets and becomes friends with the Mafia boss

named Frank Costello

oh the 2 hit it off they become

best friends and

Frank he offers

him some employment

when he gets out if you can hear all that background

noise there’s squattily ding dong shit I could do

about it you know

people gotta mow

their lawns

okay so in August of 1961

Donald was released from prison

I’m laughing because why the hell is he

released I don’t know but he was released from prison

he returns to Florence

South Carolina

where he’s decided

like that’s

where he’s gonna live you know

he likes it there it’s home once

again he realizes you know

just the normal working life isn’t for me I’m

really good at being a burglar then he decides that’s

gonna be his job

someone’s got to be the bad guy

this time though

instead of finding a job with a carnival

he found a job with a

traveling minister

traveling minister

no one will know you know so

he goes up to this minister

like hey I’ll be your driver

and your assistant

you know I’ll

drive you everywhere you just

relax in the back seat

help you out

this minister was like

great that sounds

great I love that you

know teamwork makes the

dream work and they work together

but poor minister

he didn’t know okay

but this was an easy way Donald

could travel from town to town

while the group he was working with was preaching

obviously a lot of people are not

going to look at the

traveling minister is

up to no good

it was a good cover

while the minister was like preaching and doing

his godly duties

Donald would be

spending his time just

breaking into homes and

stealing stuff

he wasn’t killing at this time he was only stealing

stuff and because

they were constantly on the move it made his

crimes harder to trace

so in 1962 Donald

would get caught

raping a 12 year old girl

and he was arrested for statutory rape

but he was able to get away once again

and escape in a

stolen card in

North Carolina

so Donald steals his car he heads to

North Carolina

okay he gets there

and he ends up meeting a 17 year old girl

who he fell madly in love with

and would end up

marrying her now you know when you’re like

about to marry somebody and you get to know one

another and you’re like oh my God I like rainbows and

long walks on the beach and

stuff well eventually

like Donald

would end up

telling his new wife that he was on the run

because he had raped a 12 year old girl and

stole a car

no big deal

of course this was

shocking information to his new wife

and she didn’t say anything to Donald at the time

but she went she turned his ass in

which bravo girl

bravo so she turns them in

once again Donald was arrested

and received 6 years in prison

6 years so he

ends up serving his full sentence and he was released

in November of 1968 Donald said that he would get

very dark thoughts and feelings telling him to commit

awful crimes but they were also getting

more and more

worse that’s not proper English well I don’t know I

think raping

kids is pretty dark if you ask me but now he was like I

wanna murder somebody

is what he’s

thinking and he felt like he had no control

and the thoughts and

these feelings

wouldn’t go away

until he actually committed the

crime in September of 1969

donald’s picked up a lady hitchhiker in

North Carolina

and he asked her

if she would be interested in performing

sexual acts

since he gave her a ride

so Donald is asking this hitchhiker like hey

wanna tickle my pickle

apparently she

laughed at him she

laughs in his face

now this this

upset Donald he

started seeing red

and he’s asking her are you

laughing at me he pulls his car over

he beats her

until she’s

unconscious he

rapes her he sodomized

and tortured her

he then went to a

swamp nearby

tied a bunch of rocks to her body so she

would sink to the bottom of the swamp

and you know what’s more

upsetting all this

could have been prevented

by just keeping his dumbass in prison

but they did it

now sadly this hitchhiker

would be the

first of many

he picked up

while driving around the

coastal highways

so Donald would kill both men and

women purely for pleasure

and on average at

least once every 6 weeks

he said that he got a thrill from it

enjoyed torturing and mutilating his

victims but he

enjoyed it more when the

victims were

alive and knew what he was doing

which is just fucking

awful he had a variety of different methods from

stabbing to suffocation mutilation

and he even

tried eating a victim

he didn’t like it though but he

tried it he

wrote a memoir

which is why I keep saying Donald said

I mean he was intense

okay he was like the

worst type scary type

he pick people up no reason

just anyone he saw

he pick them up

because he didn’t really have a

specific style

it was like

police and investigators couldn’t

figure out if this was a serial killer or just a

random killing because

there was no consistency

so in donald’s memoir

he claimed to feel the overpowering need

to commit these

crimes by the

10th of each

month most of the murders were people

that he didn’t know and considered it weekend fun

but he would go on to kill his 15 year old

niece and her friend

and he called that a serious murder

not just weekend fun

he didn’t really kill a lot

of people that he did know in real life it was always

random but there were

a few times when he killed people that he actually knew

like people owing him

money one guy tried to

blackmail him and

he’s like man

gonna kill you and then people

would seek him out

and hire him

as a hit man to kill

a victim for money

after Donald

would kill a

victim he would

bury them along the

coastal areas of

South Carolina

he would rarely

leave their

bodies out in the open he

would bury them

you get it he

would bury them

a lot of people in the

community or in donald’s neighborhood they didn’t think

much of him they just thought he was weird

like he’s just a weirdo

he had a short temper

he wasn’t very friendly

and many of them also just thought

maybe he’s just

mentally disturbed and

nothing more like he

wouldn’t actually do anything to anybody

people would

would avoid Donald

if they saw him as what I’m getting at

but then there was like another

group of people at the

other side Donald seemed to have like a good

group of friends

people seemed to really like him and

never saw this evil side come through

very mixed reviews

one of his friends

was a woman

named Doreen

who was his next door neighbor

now Doreen she had a

young daughter

and was also pregnant

carrying her second

child she was heading out of town

one day she was looking for a ride to the bus station

so that’s when donald’s offered to give her

a ride now instead of taking her

to the bus station

Donald took her to a secluded

area where he

raped and killed her

and also her

young daughter

he killed them all

after that he

buried them all together in this wooded area

super disturbing I know

so if you didn’t hate him already you

should probably

definitely hate him now

Donald just kept killing and by the age of 42

Donald had been killing for over 5 years

usually he worked

alone which he thought

was a good idea because it

would prevent him from being caught

the only person that

could rat himself out was

himself but one day

while he was driving down the highway he saw

a van that was broken down and pulled over there were

3 people who were trying to figure out

what to do with their van

this is before

cell phones and

stuff you know donald’s dumbass

he pulls over

he offers them some help

but in turn he ends up killing them all

he kills all 3 of

these victims

buries them in some

wooded area that they were kind of pulled over near

and then that’s

when Donald realized he needs he needed help moving the

victims van

so he calls up his friend who was an ex

con his name is Walter Neely

and he’s like hey can you come pick up the van

and then take it to uh

your garage to repaint it we

could sell it

hit Walter does that he goes out he picks up the van

he takes it to his garage

paint it and then they sell it so in the coming months

after the van

the van murders

Donalds he went on to kill

about 05:55 more people

then he called up his friend Walter

again to help him

bury the latest

bodies he had he just had too many

bodies he needed help

burying them

so at this time Donald

had his own private cemetery

which was property

that he had owned

so Donald took Walter out to his private cemetery

which was land that he owned in Prospect

South Carolina

and while he’s there Walter helped

bury his latest victims

in November of 1975

Walter was arrested

under suspicion of murder

so when police are questioning Walter they’re like hey

you know like were you working with somebody

because if you talk

we can lessen your sentence

that’s when Walters like you know what

I do have something

to say and he told police that he witnessed

donald’s Gaskins

killing victims that were on

the missing persons list

and he then mentioned that Donald had confided in him

to having killed several people over the last 5 years

you know police are like Walter

hey is there anything else

that you know

you wanna tell us

walter’s like

yeah actually I know

where some of them are buried private

cemetery let me tell you

so walter’s just talking talking talking

which is a good thing

but this was the one

thing Donald

did not want to happen why he always worked

alone and it was backfiring on his dumbass

fucking hat

police they go out to donald’s

apartment they end up

searching his apartment

and they end up finding

clothing that had been worn by a recent

woman that was

on the missing person’s list

oh yes they arrested him

and they took him in

and they ended up telling Donald that they knew

about his little cemetery

somebody had ratted him out

I don’t know who it was

cause he only took one person there Walter

he’s like hey that’s not cool

I thought we were friends Walter

so police say like hey we know

about your private cemetery

if you take us out there

we’ll offer you a lesser sentence

as if he hasn’t had enough chances but Donald

agrees and he ends up taking them out there to show

where all the

bodies were

so Donald takes them out there

right that’s

where police discovered

8 victims buried on his property

on April 27th 1976

Donald and Walter were

charged with

8 counts of murder and on May

24th 1974 a

convicted Donald

of murder and sentenced

him to death

so in attempt to

avoid additional

death sentences

cause he already got one so he’s like I want more he

confessed to

7 more murders in 1976

the Supreme Court

ended up ruling that the

death penalty was


so his death sentence was turned into

7 consecutive life sentences

but then because the

story doesn’t end there it just keeps

going forever

let me tell you

the story it never ends

it goes on and on and on

what’s that from it goes on

it doesn’t matter so in 1978 the

death penalty

was restored

which didn’t necessarily

mean anything to Donald and like his sentence it wasn’t

gonna change back to

the death sentence that is

until Donald killed again

while incarcerated

he murdered

again Donald was incarcerated in the high security

block at the

South Carolina

Correctional Institution

he decided to kill a fellow

death row inmate

named Rudolph

Tyner now Donald was hired by the son

of rudolph’s

victim to kill

Rudolph yes

Donald tried many times to get rid of him

lacing his food with poison

but nothing seemed to be working that’s

when he decided the only way to get rid of this guy

would be to use some explosives to kill him

a bit of a jump

but okay Donald

so Donald took a

small portable

radio and put explosives

inside of it he gave it to Rudolph

and was like hey you

wanna be friends

so listen to this

radio and like we’ll talk to each

other Donald told him hey at like 5 p m

hold the radio up to your ear

and I’m gonna

start talking to you

okay in donald’s cell he has the

ability to detonate the explosives inside of the radio

5 o’clock comes around Rudolph

is like hello

and then kaboom

Rudolph died

now because of this Donald once

again received the

death sentence

Donald knew that he was heading to the electric

chair and he

started confessing

to more and more murders in hopes to just

avoid he didn’t wanna die

so he’s like hey I got more information

hey pick me I got more information

he claimed to have committed between

100 to 110 murders the last few

months of his life Donald worked with an author to

write a book called

final Truth

which was published in 1993

where he told his side of the

story so on September 5th 1991

it was donald’s

execution day but he didn’t want to die on the electric

chair so he

tried to cut his

wrists instead and hopes to just not get the

chair which

I don’t know what the

point of that

would be like why

wouldn’t he just want the

chair at that

point you’re

gonna die either way

I just I don’t know

whatever so he

tries to he

tries to kill himself

but it didn’t work yeah

he ended up

surviving they take him to the

the nurse whatever and they

stitch him up but it kind of backfired on him

which is good because

he ends up getting sent to the electric chair

right they have to put like the bandages and

stuff around his stitches so it must have been painful

sorry Donald

that must have sucked

in instances like this I

truly believe that you

should die the same way that you’ve killed

others and I for an eye

yeah anyways

September 6 1991 at like around 1 in the morning

Donald was hooked up to the electric

chair and was removed from this planet

now it’s unclear how many

victims donald’s actually killed

many believe that Donald was just

lying just to

kind of hype himself up make himself a bigger deal

but either way

I think it’s safe to say

that Donald was a disturbing disgusting vanilla pudding

piece of shit horrible

human being

who definitely deserve the

death sentence

and had way

too many chances to

get out of I don’t know

I don’t know

this dude was so

gross when I was reading

about him I don’t know of any time of his life

where it just

sounded like oh that must have been nice like he seemed

happy at this time in his life

like it didn’t seem like that

existed at all

it seemed like it was

chaos from day one that sucks

you can feel bad for bad people

you’re allowed

to it’s okay to feel bad for him he had a shitty

life but he also

did some fucked

up shit you know what I’m saying like wow

sometimes I just see people who are like why are you

standing up for them

I’m not standing up for them

before I started my murder mystery makeup

videos I was a full believer that some people are

born just evil

but the more and more I do

these stories

about serial killers especially

it’s such a common theme

shitty upbringing

head trauma

shitty upbringing and

I’m not saying

that some people aren’t just born bad more

often it’s because of how like they’re upbringing

so be nice to your kids don’t

bully kids don’t fuck em up

so that’s the

story about Donald Gaskins aka Peewee

he was terrible he was terrible

other than that I hope

you have a wonderful rest of your day make good choices

please be safe out there

and I’ll be seeing you guys

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