Murder, Mystery & Makeup - On The Run Sugar Baby or *STRANGE* Coincidences?

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and let’s talk about Louise

okay Louise

she was born September 30th 1880

but the crazy ones were in like the 1800s

early 1900s

I don’t know what it was

something was in the water she was born in a

bennville Louisiana did I say that

right I probably did not bennville

Louisiana okay and her father was super wealthy oh yes

very wealthy man

he ran a newspaper company

and honestly it was very

clear to Louise

that she came from a very privileged life

at the age of 15 she

would go on to attend a private school

in New Orleans

New Orleans do you remember

a couple videos ago I said New Orleans I got

roasted in the comments

I get it so she goes to a private

school New Orleans um but she

wouldn’t last there too long because she was expelled

she got caught

stealing from her classmates

and then the

final nail in the coffin

was when she was caught engaging in some

sexual behavior with other boys in the

school you know so she got

kicked the heck out there’s really not much information

about her upbringing like I was trying to figure out

where her mom was at and stuff and

again cause it’s such an old story it’s like

the look so some of the details are missing but

you’ll get it it’s

still a very interesting one

so she grows up very privileged family wealthy great

and then in 1903

Louise she marries her husband her first husband

his name is Henry Bosley

and he worked as a

traveling salesman

Louise seemed to like the fact that

Henry was away all the time you know

cause he’s a

traveling salesman so he’s like not home

and Louis like that

because while

he was away

Louise did indeed play if you know what I mean

she was having many affairs

it’s not very nice Louise

anyways so after 4 years of marriage

Henry comes home one day from working

comes home early

he opens up the door and what does he find

Louise is inside with another man

he’s absolutely devastated

like he’s heartbroken

over this and because he walked in on Louise

the love of his life

cheating on him he

was he fell into like a really deep depression okay

and then soon

after he ended up committing suicide

yes it’s rough in the

first 5 minutes I know

after her husband’s

death Louise decides to move to

Shrevenport Louisiana

another part of Louisiana

so she moves

and she’s in need of a job

right she’s got bills to pay

she’s new in town

great so she

starts looking around for a job

and Louise figured the easiest job for her

I’m not saying this is

an easy job it she felt like it was an easy job for her

was to become like a high

class sex worker

but she could

make even more

money extra

money on top of that by simply

stealing some

money from her clients when they

weren’t looking so

she would you know when

they were like doing something else she was

sneaking off and like taking some

money from them

and Louise she pulled

these tricks for

about 2 years but decided she was over it

and then in 1911

Louise moved to Boston

where she wanted to

change her name for some reason she needed to rebrand

and she changed her name to Louise

M gold Louise when she’s in Boston she gets a new scam

going and she

starts telling people that she’s a 19 year old

heiress from

Dallas Texas

who has been confined to a convent

by her family

and she had run away she had escaped

I mean there’s no Internet back then or anything

right so it’s like yeah sure you are

whoa you know

I know we don’t know too much

about her upbringing but

we know that wasn’t true it was fake

that was a lie

Louise is kind of

spinning this web of lies

while mixing and mingling

with the wealthier families of Boston

now it’s said that Louise was a very beautiful

woman and she was very charming

it’s not long before she manages to convince one of

these wealthy families to take her in like almost adult

adopting her

very bizarre but okay

but it’s also not long before Louise is up to her old

tricks again okay

she decided she was

gonna start to scam the family she

would run up

large bills at some of the most

expensive stores in Boston

and she was also

stealing money

not only from the family she was staying with but also

their friends

and their employees

this is like the olden days

where you could be like put it on the card

put it on the Johnson

account you know and it’s like you

could just pay

later or something no one

would let you

do that now but this at this time that was a

thing so she was doing that like put it on the tub

yeah she was

she was running up a big Bill

not having to pay anything now it’s not

clear how but

someone catches on to her lies and

like what she’s really been up to

okay so they

tell the family that she’s been staying with hey

she’s lying to you

she’s doesn’t come from a wealthy family

she’s been stealing money

and she’s been running up a Bill

I don’t know but I’m

assuming it was something like that you know well

again this is

the olden days 1911 at the

time and the wealthy family she was staying with was

super embarrassed

that they were duped in the

first place

their first thought was if anybody finds out

they would suffer

greatly from public embarrassment

okay and that’s like

the most important

thing public

embarrassment so they don’t want that okay

so the families

like we’re not

gonna press charges

but they tell Louise

if you go away

okay if you promise to

leave town we won’t

press any charges

she’s like okay

promise I mean what a deal

no lessons to be

learned there

sounds great so Louise

goes to Waco

Texas where

she meets right away a wealthy oil boss

named Joe Apple

now Joe loves

diamonds oh yes

he has diamonds on

everything rings belt buckles even the buttons on his

shirt had diamonds on them

and he loved

to flaunt his wealth to the peasants with

their basic belts and

shirts you know

so he’s just a douche

a rich douche

well Louise

sees the diamonds and she’s like hell yeah sign me up

she goes straight to him

b line for that guy and

I don’t know I don’t know what

her deal is but she’s able to get a man very easily and

things between Joe and Louise they get pretty hot and

heavy pretty damn

quickly okay

um but the relationship itself is pretty

short lived

one week after they met

Joe was found

dead his cause of death

he was shot

but not only that

all of his diamond jewelry was missing

now many had seen Joe and Louise together so naturally

Louise was arrested

she was arrested for the crime

and she went all the way to

trial for the

crime because

it was believed she was the murderer but

again people just really seemed

to enjoy just like Louise I don’t

freaking know man she sat on the

stand and told the jury that Joe had

tried to rape her

so she killed him in

self defense

she had no diamonds in her

possession so

the jury they side with her

self defense

and they find her not guilty

and she’s released

now that’s all fine

and dandy you know

because like that does happen and

self defense is important but as we go on in the story

you’ll such a question

if that’s true or not

you know so Louise to science that was a pretty

close call I mean she went all the way to

court she almost got

in trouble for murder

she needs to move

again and rebrand

herself because now people know her in town

as you know this questionable

woman so in 1913

she picks up and she moves again

this time she goes to

Dallas Texas

look I don’t know how she did it but she did

she would find a rich guy on day one it was

literally weeks

after being there

she meets and

marries a man

also named Henry

no no no no his name is Harry

sorry his name is Harry

he works as a

night clerk

at a hotel called

Saint George

in the 19 thirties

Saint George

would get like a

$100,000 makeover it was a really big deal

and the hotel

would be renamed as Hotel

Whitmore one

night Harry is working his his

night shift at the hotel

when a robbery happened

there was 20 000

worth of jewels

stolen out of the hotel safe

he tells Louise like there’s been a robbery like all

these these

jewels are missing

and Louise is like oh my God

that’s crazy

you know and so he calls up the police

and police come and they interrogate Harry

but he’s eventually

cleared of any involvement with the missing jewelry

because he doesn’t

have them investigators then look into Louise

right because she’s been hanging with Henry like

maybe something’s up with her

so they look into her thinking

maybe she did it

but at the end

of the day there was 0 evidence linking her to the

crime and none of them had the

jewels in their

possession so

it couldn’t have been them now

sadly even though they had both been

cleared by police

Harry allegedly

wasn’t able to like

really move past the embarrassment of being accused of

stealing from the hotel

and it was said he fell into a major

deep depression

leading him to

commit suicide there’s a lot of speculation that

Harry did not actually commit suicide

rumors were

going around that Luis

actually was the one who pulled the

trigger but again

there was no evidence to actually

prove that this was true so

it was just all speculation and

rumors but ain’t that little fishy

that’s 3 boyfriends who are dead hmm

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this episode

so now Louise is done with

Texas and she decides that she’s

going to move to Denver

Colorado in 1915

and this once a

freaking again

she meets and marries a salesman his name is Richard

Pete so they get married these 2 they get

married and they go on and they have a daughter

named Francis Ann

they call her Betty for short

and this happens about a year after they meet

so like clockwork Luis

she seems to struggle with

married life which leads to the couple

to be constantly fighting disagreeing about stuff

and then 4 years later in 1920

the 2 decide its best to separate

so they do Louise seems to only have

about a 4 year threshold of people and

places because she then leaves her husband

and daughter

and then she moves to Los Angeles California

I don’t know how she’s doing it I really don’t okay

great so she moves to Los Angeles wow

and guess what

you probably guessed

right she meets a guy

named Jacob

Denton who was like a recent widower

and he had a teenage daughter

leaving her own

daughter to be a mother to someone else’s child

it didn’t seem

to be louise’s

cup of tea you know she’s like damn it no

but it turns out

Jacob is also a mining engineer who made millions

before he retired

so she’s like

I’ll give it a whirl

you know she’s whatever

she just sees dollar signs

their meet Cute love

story starts when

Louise inquires

about a 14 room mansion

she is hoping to rent

and what she wants a 14 room mansion for

we may never know

but she does

and Jacob the guy

he’s the one who’s renting it and he’s asking

$350 a month

to rent his 14 bedroom mansion

and Louise is able to

sweet talk him all the way down to

$75 a month

first of all

$350 a month for a 14 room

mansion in Los Angeles

a tragedy on its own what the hell cannot

even come close

to relating Louis

350 for our 14 room mansion

I know that was a lot to them back then but still

anyways so Louise

sweet talks

him she gets him down to $75

great Louise

moves in on May

26 and then

she and Jacob

start hooking up

it wasn’t long

until Louise

she proposes

marriage to Jacob but

he turns her down saying that he was

going out of town for a

month and like

I just wasn’t

gonna work out

wasn’t in a

schedule and when Louise hears this she is

quite upset

I mean she always

gets her way I mean nobody has told her no

so far you know

so she’s just really unsure what to do with

these new emotions no

huh you know

so now during this time

rumors are circulating around town as to what role

Louis plays in

jacob’s life

is she really

his living girlfriend

like Louise

claim she is

is she the housekeeper is she the tenant

she never signed to Lee so who is she

you know people

aren’t just talking gossiping trying to figure out

who this lady was living in this big old mansion and

where she came from

well a couple days

after louise’s proposal

Jacob just poof

vanishes disappears

gone now he was supposed to go out of town for a month

but no one can confirm if he did indeed actually go

so Louise tells

the neighbors

that oh yeah he went away for the

month yes yes I saw him off don’t worry like

he’s just gone for business calm down girl

and like don’t

worry about it

cause they were kind of asking like

where is he it’s been a

while and then sometime goes on things

carry on but you know people

deep down are having that

funny feeling that something’s not

right with Louis hmm

so a few days

later Louis

hires a gardener to come out to the

house and spruce it up

spruce it up a bit you know

so she brings

a gardener in and she’s like hey can you come into the

house and unload a

bunch of dirt into the basement of the house

now the gardener is like

um that’s a very odd request what exactly

is a dirt for

in the basement

you know and Louise tells him that she’s

planning on growing

jacob’s favorite kind of mushrooms

down there as a surprise so when he comes home he’s

gonna be like oh my God

mushrooms my

house just what I always wanted you know

super strange

but she has money

and these gardeners are here to work so it’s like meh

sheriff will do it makes enough sense

so they load in a

bunch of dirt into the basement

and she’s gonna grow some mushrooms I guess

then on June 5th

Louise shows up to the

local bank with a

permission slip from

Jacob to withdraw

$300 from his bank account

and it’s also giving her access to his

safety deposit box

now the bank teller notice that

jacob’s signature

it looks a little suspicious

it didn’t look so

right you know

so she’s kind

of like this is off let me say something so she

points it out to Louise

like you know the signature doesn’t

girl it’s fake you know

and Louise is

she just gives the teller some

crazy story

about how she

had to help

Jacob write his signature with his left hand because

his right arm had to be amputated

after he got an argument with the mysterious and very

angry quote

Spanish looking

woman who shot him

super believable

super believable

she’s like yeah that’s what happened this is a real

story that’s what’s even better

about this whole nonsense

and the teller

I don’t know I guess she’s like

oh wow that must like that does happen I hear

and she gives

Louise access to the money and the safety deposit box

she gets away with everything

but Louise seems to be having a hard time keeping her

story straight

maybe she just

doesn’t give a

rat’s ass I don’t really know but she retells the story

again when she comes back to the bank at a later time

but this time saying that the

woman cut off his arm

and his leg but this time with a

sword very dramatic situation

she then said that

Jacob was so

embarrassed by his amputated arm not the leg though

but just the arm that he had locked himself up in the

house and will only

speak to her

and her only

so as the weeks go by

jacob’s friends neighbors and business associates

they start worrying and they’re questioning

Louis a bit they’re pushing a little bit harder

like where’s

Jacob we haven’t seen him

meow meow meow and Louise

she just always had an answer she

would tell him like oh his business trip got extended

I’m sure he’ll be back soon like don’t worry

about him he’s totally okay

depending on who was asking her

story would

change sometime he lost an arm sometimes he didn’t

it just whatever

you know she’s free balling it I think I’m

using that term correctly free balling it anyway well

Jacob was out of town

air quotes Louise

seemed to be

quite happy running the show she was

spending his money

driving his Cadillac

renting out the rooms in his mansion and just

in turn she was pocketing the rent

money smart

I’ll give her that

she bought 2 very expensive

dresses at a

local high end department

store under

jacob’s name

while claiming to be his wife

she also pawned a

bunch of his jewelry

and more valuable possessions

I mean she is doing the most

and she wasn’t worried

about damn thing

she was like doing it so confidently and very openly

there was no

secret you know this girl’s bold I

think cause she knows she

could just pick up and

leave again she’s not worried

about it Louise

found out that

Jacob had some rental properties out in Phoenix Arizona

and she’s able to contact the tenants

and she convinces them to

start making

their rent checks out to her

instead of Jacob wow you know

she was really doing it she was she was


scammer okay so you know how I mentioned

earlier that

Jacob had a teenage

daughter okay well if you don’t remember

he had a teenage

daughter and

while all of this was happening Louise

running around stealing

money and just being a shitty person

jacob’s daughter

knows something is

up with this

shitty woman now

jacob’s daughter she was living with Louise in the

house but my

guess is that

it’s a 14 bedroom mansion

so like you

probably really don’t have to interact with one another

if your house is that big

that’s what I’m imagining

right she’s probably like on the left wing

and you’re on the

right wing and you

never really see each

other unless you have to

so that’s why I’m

thinking she wasn’t

like so concerned with the daughter

I don’t know

I’m really guessing but eventually the

daughter really

starts to question Louise

I mean her father

has been missing or gone for far too long by this

point so she’s like you know what

I’m not getting any straight answers from this Louise

woman let me hire a lawyer in hopes to

help find my father

so a lawyer comes out and questions Louise

like you know

where’s Jacob

and she just kind of

blows him off saying that she really just

doesn’t know

he’s on a business trip but whatever but she does

agree to give the lawyer

Jacobs financial

and business documents as soon as she can

it might be a few days

until she can gather that information

but she’ll hand that over to make sure there wasn’t

any unusual activity

going on you

know hopefully

track where he’s at

she’s like yeah I’ll get that

right over at this

point Louise had rented out

every room in the mansion

and she decides

this is her cue to go

okay she’s like

well my time has expired here and she packs up her

stuff and she ends up

going back to

Denver Colorado

what Louise

does is she goes crying back to her ex husband Richard

the one that’s taking care of the baby

yeah she goes crying back to him like

take me back I want to be a family

again I miss you

just so messed up

and Richard is like dude I just been taking care of our

daughter for the last 4

months and trying

to figure it out and now you just want to come

waltzing right back in

okay so you know

she’s a good talker or something and she’s like okay

you can come back you know

let’s be a family

again she wants to be a wife now

but back at the Los Angeles mansion

now that Luis

is gone jacob’s

daughter she decides that she is going to

search the house

up and down

and search for any type of clues

just anything

okay evidence

something that

will help her figure out what the heck just happened

so the daughter is

searching the

house and on September 23rd 1920

she finds Jacobs or her father’s decomposing body

he’s tied up in like a number of

courts he’s

wrapped up in

blankets and he’s buried in the basement mm hmm

but he’s buried like in the basement

under some stairs

I couldn’t figure out if it was like in the dirt

maybe the dirt was preventing people from

going down there

cause he wasn’t necessarily in the dirt he was

under the stairs

my understanding

either way he was dead

okay so the autopsy

report determined that

Jacob was shot in the head and strangled so

Louis is obviously

their number one suspect so the police try and

track her down they go out to

Denver to question her so they

knock knock

on louis’s door

and they’re asking her hey

did you have anything to do with

jacob’s death

and she has

a number of theories as what

might have happened to him

one of them involved the mysterious Spanish

woman who shot

Jacob causing his arm to be amputated

it must have been

her but no one was buying that theory anymore because

jacob’s body

still had his arms and his legs attached so

no and then Louise

tries to change her story

again this time

claiming that

Jacob isn’t dead at all

that the body they’ve

found inside the mansion oh nae nae that was not him

that was a double

who Jacob had killed himself

she’s like playing clue or something I don’t know

she thinks this is a murder mystery dinner now at

first when I was researching this I was like let me

guess they believed her

right because like everyone seems to believe her

anyway so police are like what do you mean double

what do you mean

does he have a twin or a look alike or something and

Louis she had no answer for that specific question of

theirs so with that being said they placed her

under arrest for first degree murder and

dragged her ass back to LA now here’s what you probably

think that those stories gonna end no

it does not it goes on and on and on

on and on and

on but okay

so Louise she does get arrested and she does get put on

trial for the murder of

Jacob Denton

which starts in January of 1921

and it was the hot gossip at the time

there was thousands of people lining up on the

Daily to watch Louise

walk into the courthouse

and see what she looked like what she was wearing and

stuff cause they were interested

they were super interested newspapers

were reporting on this

trial and they were selling like

crazy so the

media was loving it

cause it was selling newspapers

there was just something

about Louise that had many people captivated

anyhow so the trial

would only last

for a few weeks and then in February of 1921

Louise she was convicted of

first degree murder and she was sentenced to life

in prison now

great beautiful we love that she deserves it

but there’s more to the

story okay so during her

trial and her

first 2 years of her life sentence

louise’s husband remember him Richard

he stayed super

loyal and supportive he pretty much

was the only one who believed that she was innocent

I mean she wasn’t

but she believed that she was Louise

she told him straight up listen

you should move on

okay I’ve been convicted

of murder you can be free to divorce me and remarry

like find yourself a nice

woman you deserve it this is what she’s telling

and now this was

heartbreaking to him but he agreed

and he was like fine I’ll get a divorce but

he tells Louise

that he he was

gonna wait forever for her

cause he knew one day she’s probably

gonna get released and then they

could be together again

there was just no

other woman out there for him

and Louise was like yeah yeah

yeah move or lose it bud

now something

super strange happens let me tell you

because as soon as the 2 of them divorced

Louise she stopped answering richard’s

letters and she refused to see him when he came to

visit her at prison

well first of all Louise

claimed that

poor Richard felt so guilty over her conviction

and the fact that they’re not together

that he committed suicide

I was trying to figure this one out

because we know that Louise didn’t do it

because she was in jail

great right

so my thought was like

maybe she put someone up to it but like why would she

you know I was like well

maybe he did commit suicide

but what are the odds that

every freaking

ex of yours

commits suicide like what is this

you know this lady is deadly

they are dropping

I don’t get it I just I don’t know but

maybe he did and then I feel bad

cause I’m like yeah

okay so Louise

she’s using this to her advantage

she’s telling

others in jail that no man can resist her charm

and she’s just kind of

using this to brag

about it all of

their husband’s

deaths I guess I

guess maybe people are impressed by it I don’t

really know

well get this so Louis

started her sentence at San Quentin

State Prison before being

transferred to like a

women’s institution

in California it wasn’t far

but she’s there for a

while and she plays the

role of like this perfect prisoner she’s like oh my God

hi I’m so happy to be here

like using her

southern charm to make

those around her just

think she’s such a splendid

little lady

she maintained the prison’s flower garden

she worked as a dental assistant

even wrote for the prison newspaper

now she would end up serving 18 years

before Louise was paroled for good behavior in 1939

yeah she’s paroled for good behavior

at the age of 59

so she gets out

okay so there was this

woman named

Jesse Marcy

she was like

lobbying for

Louis Louis

louise’s release when Louis

was released wow

she would go into

jesse’s custody

but the deal was that Luis was

going to be

jesse’s living

housekeeper okay

I don’t know the

connection between the 2 but it

doesn’t matter because get this

it’s like a

sweet deal but

Jessie ends up

dying of natural

causes like not even a week

after Luis is released

I think she’s awkward

to Fauna in

everyone’s ass

she has to be how is she doing this natural

causes where

either she is killing them

or people just are

dropping like

flies around her

I mean that’s not a coincidence

come on Luis

then she moves in with her probation officer

her name is Emily

so Emily takes her in

and Luis was like okay I’ll work as your


and also as your nurse

and take care of her

cause she’s a little bit

older so this arrangement it didn’t last long

because Emily died of a freaking

heart attack in 1943

I mean come

on why is everyone who comes in contact with this

woman just dropping dead it’s so bizarre

for some reason police

never looked further into

these deaths

like since they died of natural

causes there wasn’t much to look into

but it’s also because this is the the thought here

that the local police they didn’t look into Louise

is like Pastor

Louise at all because

they had no idea that she was on parole in the

first place

because when she was released from prison Louise

changed her name to Anna

Lee yeah she

changed her name

to Anna Lee

lordy lordy lordy

Louise just has

everything all figured out she’s one step

ahead so after

Emily died Luis

found another living arrangement

for herself this time it was with an old prison friend

named Margaret

and her husband Arthur

Logan now Margaret and Louise

were good friends

and she always thought Luis was innocent in the

first place

Margaret did

she thought Louise was innocent just a

sweetest little lady

so when she

heard that she was in

trouble she

wanted to help her out so she invites Louise to come

live with her

she was like

hey if you move in with me can you be my living

housekeeper in

trade you know

but also if she

could be a nurse

to Arthur who was suffering from dementia

so she’s like can you be his nurse

I’m sure you can imagine

where this is

gonna go but as we have

learned something is off with this

woman and Louis

starts telling neighbors

these rumors

she’s like hey Arthur

yeah he goes into terrible fits of rage

and he beats his wife Margaret

every night

she’s telling

everyone this

and she’s telling them this rumor

and I don’t know why well it’ll make

sense later

she’s telling

everyone this and they’re like oh my God like that

sounds so awful and

Louis is telling

the neighbors like don’t don’t mention it to them or

Margaret because like

you’ll just really upset them

so they’re believing it they’re like oh my gosh

poor Margaret

is just in an abusive relationship okay so once

again in June of 1944 Margaret

disappears nobody’s seen her nobody has any clue

where she she went

nothing 3 days

after Margaret goes

missing Louise

decides to put

Arthur in a

state hospital

oh yeah she

wheels them

right off the

state hospital

I think this

woman is the actual

devil Louis

moves herself full time into the house

my house now I cannot believe her

so of course the neighbors

are asking what happened to the Margaret and Arthur

and Louis is telling them like

oh my God you guys

Arthur attacked Margaret bit off her nose

and she’s so disfigured

that she’s like too embarrassed to come outside

mm hmm that’s what she tells them the

cycle continues

but okay look

right before Margaret went missing

Louise had met a new guy he’s a banker his name was Lee

and she met him

and they went on to get married

you know how

she does it so she left out that tiny detail

about being in jail for murder though

so he really had no idea

plus he thought her name was Anna

so they’ve been dating Margaret

goes missing

and Lee had met Margaret once before

and he’s asking Louise like hey

what happened to Margaret like it’s been a while

where she been you know just asking

just genuinely asking

so Louise repeats the same

story that she’s been

feeding to the neighbors

but adds that

after the attack Margaret went into isolation

and preparation

for plastic surgery

on her nose

now it’s weird because Lee and Louise are

actually living inside of Margaret and arthur’s home

for about 6

months and he

doesn’t further wonder like what the hell is going on

where is Margaret

like he doesn’t know or question or I don’t

now it’s believed that he didn’t question anything

like what was

going on because Louise was 14 checks and

spending Margaret and arthur’s

money on herself

and her new hubby

Lee like you want anything I’ll buy it for you

so maybe that’s why he didn’t care too much and didn’t

keep asking

I I don’t know but

that’s what it’s believed

to be true so

the spending spree is cut

short when Arthur dies

in December of 1944

and the bank notices that

there are still

checks being cashed with his forge

signature and that

doesn’t make

sense because Arthur

passed away hmm

so how is a dead guy

signing checks

right so the bank teller calls up the police

who naturally

head over to

where Margaret and arthur’s

house where Louise

and Lee are living

and they’re investigating they’re just doing

their questioning

they’re like hey

you know we

gotta call your fortune

some checks whatever

and they’re just getting a

funny feeling

about the couple

no arrests was made

I think Louise was telling the

police it must be Margaret but margaret’s out of town

so the police was like okay we’ll come back in a couple

of weeks when Margaret is back and we’ll talk to her

so the police come back a couple of weeks

later to further ask questions and maybe even

speak to Margaret at this

point but margaret’s been missing for 6 months

so they ask Luis

like okay you know what can we just look around the

house this is just

weird like what is really

going on here

so they’re looking around the house

and in the backyard they discover

a shallow grave

it’s under an avocado tree

and in the shallow

grave is margaret’s decomposing body

Louis is immediately arrested

this time only taking a couple of

hours for Louis to be

charged with murder

again so the autopsy report determined

that Margaret had been shot in the back of the neck

and she also had a fractured

skull so during questioning Luis

tells police

that Margaret was actually attacked

and shot to

death by her

husband Arthur

during one of his anger fits

of rage and that she had been telling the neighbors

about it and if they didn’t believe her

they should go ask the neighbors because they knew all

about arthur’s

abuse honestly

I’ll give her a

point there

cause that’s

kinda smart

that’s kinda

smart I’ll give her that

she’s literally

thinking ahead

you don’t see that too

often with most killers like this much

so Louise admits to police that in a

panic she had buried Margaret

and didn’t report the incident because she was afraid

that they would charge

her with murder because of her previous convictions

or you know

because maybe she murdered her

but she insisted

she was innocent she did not kill her

so louise’s husband Lee

he was also arrested and

charged with murder

and like his wife

he also insisted that he was innocent

the murder charge

against him was

dropped because there wasn’t enough evidence

so Lee was released but

his freedom was

short lived because

guess what happens

the very next day

Lee jumps to his

death off the 9th

floor of an office

building in Los Angeles

you guys this is too strange

because I don’t know

I don’t know if people are just offing themselves

I’m not trying to be funny but

if that’s the case or if they are being killed by

Louis Louise seem to be with in police custody so

maybe he did I don’t know

I just don’t

understand how this is happening I really don’t like

are they killing themselves or are they being killed

I wanna say that they’re being killed

but I don’t know anyway so for the

first time Luis actually shows some emotion when she

learns about her new husband’s

death and she openly cries

and she tells reporters

media and she felt she was the one to

blame for lee’s

death that’s because you are

I wonder if

there’s some life insurance she’s collecting on

these guys or what the deal really was because

again this is just bizarre

so louise’s

3rd and final murder

trial begins on

April 23rd 1945 they get some

media attention

but nobody really cares as much as they did as like the

first time so the prosecution believe that Louise

killed Margaret in

order to gain control over the

Logan family finances

which makes the most sense


thought that Louise got in an argument there

must have been an argument between her and Margaret

after she discovered

a check that Louise had forged

which then led to her

killing Margaret

that’s what they believe

happened and it must have

been a very compelling argument because on May 31st

the jury found Louise guilty

of first degree murder again

but this time Louise received the

death penalty

okay not life in prison

this time she was

gonna be put down no more of her shenanigans

count was said during her sentencing Louise

sat calmly reading a book

of Chinese philosophy called The Importance of Living

and she only

looked up once to make some kind of mocking facial

expression before

going back to her

so over the next several years

Louise attempted to appeal several times she

maintained that she was innocent

but each appeal

failed her day of

execution finally

arrived April 11th

1948 exactly

8 years after she walked out from the

women’s prison the

first time this lady has way too many coincidences

going on in her life huh

anyways Louise tells like

you know her friends in the jail or whatever that she’s

ready she’s

ready to go she calmly like

walks from her cell to the gas chamber

and it was said she was smiling and

she’s like yeah I don’t know yeah and everyone’s just

watching her as she’s

entering the room now she had a really big

crowd of people

watching her

like one of

the most ever I forget how many it was like 80

I wanna say 80 people are

watching her

be put down

which is very unusual

as the guards left the chamber one of them offered a

final farewell saying

goodbye good luck

breathe deep and don’t

fight the gas thanks

and at 10 03 am the deadly gas

pellets dropped

and 10 minutes

later Luis was

declared dead

she was the

second woman in the

state of California to be executed

honestly good

she cost way too much

chaos my God oh my God and that my Friends is the

story of Louise

I don’t even know what her name is because she

changed it what was her name Louise

Pete I don’t even know Louise Pete

great so this

story it totally

sounds fake

it totally does

but it’s a real

story she was

I don’t wanna call her

crazy but she was crazy

something was off I don’t

even have any words because it’s like good there’s no

place for her I’m

sorry girl like you had many chances

oh a lot of chances

and you chose violence

over and over and over

again goodbye

I’m not a big fan of the

death penalty

but in cases like this totally makes

sense you know like she literally

proof that she

doesn’t want change

and women back then seem to be real different

real unique

passionate passionate killers I must say anyways

thank you guys so much for hanging out with me

today I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day I

appreciate you so much for hanging out with me here and

you know just being a friend I really

appreciate you

I hope you have

a good rest of your week you make good choices

please be safe out there

I love you guys

and I’ll be seeing you later bye

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