Murder, Mystery & Makeup - The Halloween Love Triangle and The Mysterious "L" Word

hi guys how are you today

my name is bailey syrian and today is monday

which means it’s murder mystery and makeup monday

every monday i sit down and talk

about a true crime

story that’s been

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for the month of

october i thought

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gonna talk about peter and

betty fabiano

have you heard of them

i didn’t think so i

haven’t heard

about them either and

i even went on to youtube to see if there’s any videos

about it nothing

so let’s start with

peter fabiano okay

peter was a former

truck driver

and during this time in his life is when he met

a woman named

betty and betty

had two children from a previous

marriage but she was single at this time

and when they met they

just kind of hit it off and they

started dating

and this was in the 1940s

he continued working as a

truck driver

while they got

married and

lived in kingston

new york and then

in 1956 the couple

moved to los angeles the both of them opened up

like two beauty shops hair salons

which is so

random like it’s so opposite of a

truck driver

i don’t know how

peter got to like

opening beauty shops

cause this was his idea but he got there

and his wife

betty helped him

manage these two beauty shops

i don’t know if he went to like

school for beauty or what but hey man

follow your dreams

so october 31st 1957

the kids are out halloween

night trick or

treating all the kids are trying to find

where the full size

candy bars at

as the night ended

35 year old

peter fabiano

his wife betty

and teenage stepdaughter’s judy

they all decided to call it a night

get ready for bed and they were just all

gonna go go mimis

go to sleep

so they all get

ready for bed

and they go lay down and they turn out the

lights they’re

right they’re

going to bed

11 pm comes around

and the doorbell rings

betty kind of rolls over and looks at

peter and is like are you

gonna get that

i’m not gonna get that

peter gets up and he’s like okay like

i’ll go get the door and

peter’s thinking

these must be just late night

trick or treaters

i mean like i’ll just get up there’s some

candy left i’ll just give him the leftover

candy not a big deal so

peter gets up grabs the

candy bowl and goes to answer the

front door now

betty’s laying in bed and she hears

peter opening up the door

and she hears peter say

isn’t it a little late for this

end quote now betty

heard two other

voices but she didn’t recognize them

and she described them as

sounding masculine

but more like men trying to

sound like women

she just thought it was kind

of strange then a few

seconds later

betty just hears a loud

pop i mean it was loud

so betty and her

daughter judy they get up

out of bed and they like they just

hurry to the

front door where

peter was at

now when they run to the

front door they find

peter just laying on his back just inside the

front door there’s blood

he’s not responding they both start

freaking out that’s when

betty kind of

puts two and two together she’s like oh my god

that was a gunshot

so right away

betty goes to the

kitchen she grabs the

phone and she calls 911

now judy the daughter

she just ran

two doors down to her neighbors because her neighbor

was a member of the los angeles police department

so judy just ran over there

and she’s knocking on the door and the neighbor answers

and judy’s telling them what happened she

heard a loud pop her dad is like what seems to be dead

on the floor

this neighbor was just called

lapd and then the police arrived

within minutes

now peter was

taken to a nearby hospital

but sadly he passed away due to

bleeding massive

bleeding from the gunshot

wound so okay

what the f what the f happened

so detectives go to the home

well okay look

first they ask

betty they’re trying to ask

betty like what happened do you know somebody that

would want to hurt him

can you tell us anything and

betty is just

really struggling

i mean she just lost her husband she’s really upset

and she can’t seem

she’s not any help

so detectives just go over to the home

and they’re gonna

search the home

or just search

where they found peter

now when they’re there

they don’t find like any

of the shells

spent shells

ammunition shell

they don’t find

that they don’t find any of that but they also

don’t find any evidence

like any clues they don’t find anything okay

so then they’re looking

thinking okay well

maybe this was like an attempt

attempted robbery

because what the hell

they didn’t know so they’re looking

and it doesn’t look like the

shooting was a part of

any type of attempted robbery

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so it said like

two days later i think it is

betty is able to obviously she’s

still grieving but she’s able to give some some help

maybe some clues or something i don’t know but

betty just tells them that she and

peter they ran

two beauty shops they’ve been married since 1955

their shops were very successful

and as far as she could remember

he had no enemies like she couldn’t

think of anybody

detectives have nothing

and they’re

like okay let’s just interview friends and relatives

they gotta figure something out

right that’s

their job but

after interviewing a bunch of

friends and relatives they

just came up with nothing it’s just

sounded like this

peter guy was a really nice guy like

nobody disliked him he was hard working he

loved his job

he was very nice

very friendly

nobody had anything mean to say about him

suspicious there

are people who are too nice and it’s like

hmm so you’re saying nobody dislikes you okay sure

sure peter sure

so they come back to betty

again and they were like

betty betty

betty can you

think of anybody anybody who

would want to harm

peter and betty’s like okay okay let me

think let me think

so betty’s thinking

thinking okay

and then she comes up with the name

joan rabel we’re just

gonna call her

joan because i don’t know if it’s rabel or rebel

or yeah names

are hard okay so joan

she was a friend of the family

i don’t know

maybe she would want to do something to peter

so police they go and they look

for this joan girl and they’re like who the hell is she

okay let’s go

bring her in

question her what not figure out what her deal is

so they find this joan lady and they

bring her in

they ask her some questions but they

they let her go because there’s just no evidence that

points the finger at her

now police just kind

of keep investigating but they don’t have any leads now

a month goes by

the police station gets a mysterious phone call

now someone

calls the station they want to remain anonymous

but this person says hey

you gotta go to this rented locker it’s in a department

store in downtown la

i believe it’s linked

to the murder of peter

what’s his name fabiano

i believe it’s linked to the murder of

peter fabiano

so because police

really don’t have any damn leads or like all

right let’s go

check out this locker

now it was in a department

store you can like

rent a lock

rent a locker to

store items in

i’ve never heard of that but i

guess it’s a

thing maybe

it isn’t anymore but it was at some

point so that’s good okay

so police go down to this locker and

they’re able to get inside of this rented locker and

guess what they

find inside this locker

they find a gun

now not just any old gun

it was the same gun that was used in the murder of

peter fabiano

we need to figure out who’s renting this locker

because they obviously know something

or they’re responsible for this

right like hello

okay police look up who’s renting this locker

and they come up with the name

goldeen pfizer

goldeen huh okay

so who the hell is this

goldeen person so they do some researching on goldeen

and they see

that she was born in illinois to german immigrants

and she moved to los angeles by 1940

she worked as a

secretary i

think she was working in

some kind of lab

as a secretary but regardless

she was working

but the thing was it’s like she didn’t work with

peter or the family

at all so it’s like what did she want with this

they see that she was

married briefly in 1994 but the

marriage didn’t work out

it only lasted a couple

months and then they divorced

after her divorce

ended goldeen was

known to date women

which was very

taboo at the time okay

this was in the 50s nope

but goldeen was out here

doing that so because they find this this weapon that

was in a locker in goldeen’s

name and it’s the same weapon that was used to kill

peter police go and arrest

43 year old goldeen

and then take her in for questioning now goldeen just

i’m laughing because golden

golden’s funny

she just like wasted no time she was under arrest

and within i

guess just a couple minutes she was like okay i did it

it was me you caught me like she didn’t even try

which i wish all these cases

would go i’d be great

she wasted no time she’s like oh you got me

and then she tells police officers

quote it’s a relief to get it off my mind

that’s good that’s great

so police are like

all right cool we caught the killer so like

why’d she do it i don’t get it goldin is just ready to

spill the tea

as you kids call it

so golden instantly says

look a friend of mine her name is joan

she told me to do it and police were like what the hell

we already questioned her like she what tell us more

so joan was a former employee of one of

peter fabiano’s beauty shops

and goldeen said

joan is the one who talked her into committing the

crime goldeen said that she and joan

they were friends for

for a couple of years

goldeen and joan they plan the murder for three months

which side note

that’s like three months too long if you’re

planning a murder for three months maybe you

should just like let it go and move on with your life

you went three months to think about it

and realize that it wasn’t worth it like you know

three months you planned it no

no no all that they would talk about was

peter fabiano

i mean joan was just obsessed

with this guy now joan is the one who described

peter as a vile

evil man and he

would just destroy anyone

who was around him anyone who is his friend he just

was a terrible

human being this is what joan told goldeen

so goldeen’s hearing this and just like oh my god like

wow he sounds

awful so goldeen

is thinking okay this

peter guy is just

he just ruined joan

and joan’s my friend she’s been in

front for a long time why

would she lie to me

about this guy

so she’s painting this

picture that

peter is just

awful and goldeen said that

she just was developing a deep hatred for him so on

october 21st

goldeen purchased a gun

from a shop in pasadena

which is like

it’s not far from

where she was at the town over

goldeen told the guy behind the

counter that she just needed a gun for home

protection so the guy

is able to get her the gun

and then joan is the one who actually pays for the gun

and she also gets two bullets

joan is the one who tells goldeen

just keep this at your house

and then i’ll meet up with you on halloween

night goldeen

takes the gun home she keeps it in a safe spot and

waits for halloween night

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so when halloween

night comes goldeen says that joan came over to the

house she has some blue jeans

khaki jackets hats

eye mask and they decided to put the gun

in a paper bag as if they were

going trick or treating

so they got dressed up

outfits i don’t know what they’re supposed to be

but okay lame costume

and they drive to

peter’s house

so they get to the home at about 9 pm

and they just kind of park a little bit down the street

but not too far

just where they can see the

house and wait for like the

lights to go out so they’re just sitting there

and they’re waiting

and eventually

the lights to the

house go out

and that’s their cue

so goldeen says okay they both go up to the

house goldeen

rings the doorbell

and nothing happens

so she rings

again or she knocks

and then that’s when

peter answers the door

and he asks

isn’t it a little late for this

so goldin says she holds up the

paper bag which had the gun in it remember

and then she fires it and it goes off and it hits

peter off and it kills him

so once they shoot

peter they go running off

right and they get back into their car

and then they drive off

so once they get back into the car they

drive off to a lady

named margaret’s house

and the reason that they

drove back to this lady’s

house is because

they were actually they were borrowing her car

jesus i’d be so pissed if i was margaret really

you’re gonna use my car to kill somebody

fucking dicks

anyway so they borrowed this car from margaret

so they drive down to margaret’s

house cause they’re like we

gotta return the car

okay so they’re driving back to margaret’s

house they get there i

guess at some point

they burn all

their clothes

but it’s it’s kind of unclear

like if they burn it and then get into the car

it doesn’t matter i

guess but they burn

their clothes at some

point evidence

so that once they drop off the car joan

turns to goldine

and tells her

forget you ever knew me

and then just walks off now goldin

was upset with like by that

that little

comment is like really made goldin just stop

what what do you mean

so who’s joe

who is this lady

well why did joan want to kill

peter i mean what was so

wrong so it all

started when

peter hired joan

to work at his

hair salon in los angeles

now joan was a 40 year old a freelance


she was also a writer i

guess but i

think she was hired for her


skills i’m not even sure like

what she was hired for but regardless she was hired

okay she’s fucking hired

peter liked her whatever and he

starts to introduce

joan to everybody in the salon

he introduces joan to

betty his wife cause

betty works there as well she comes in

and she helps out from time to time

cool now betty

would quickly become

joan’s obsession

so as time goes on

joan becomes really

close with peter and betty

and she just overall was really

enjoying working for peter

and she just really liked when

betty came in and worked as well

at the same time as her

she just liked her

she was like yay betty

yay now the friendship between the two of them fell

apart when betty and

peter they began to have marital problems

so betty thought it

would be best for the two of them to split

and for her to move out of the family home

i guess it was just really bad they

weren’t getting

along i’m not

sure what it was over or anything but they were just

bickering and

betty’s like okay i’m just

gonna move out because i need some

space by myself

i’m gonna take my kids don’t worry

and then i’m just

gonna move out

they’re fighting and

guess where

betty moves

she ends up moving it with joan

hmm hmm hmm

oh yes oh yes so this is a nineteen

fifty seven now

it was heavily frowned upon

remember to like do anything

to breathe when newspapers reported on this story

they would describe joan and

betty’s relationship as

abnormal because the

papers would

never dare dare dare

to use the l word

the l word is

lesbians oh nene

they don’t use that word

uh huh no such

thing as lesbians

even like when researching

this it’s like you can’t ever figure out if joan and

betty were like a couple or

they were having

sexual relations or anything not that it’s our business

they just were

living together

but i think it’s safe

to say that they were

lovers so it was

never confirmed

nor denied if

the two of them were in a relationship but goldeen

said that they were indeed

lovers betty and john

so betty and joan were living together

for for a little bit

it didn’t seem like it was that long some of these

older cases

it’s hard to find information on i mean they

couldn’t even say if they’re in a relationship or not

the dates are a little confused

yeah so betty

and john are living together for not even that long

and i don’t know

you know betty just decides that you know what

i miss peter

peter and betty decide

let’s work on our marriage

let’s try and fix this and be

be together again

peter was like

we can be together

under one condition

you can no longer see joan

so betty’s like well shit

thanks joan it’s been real

i’m out so betty then moves back with

peter as you

maybe are putting the

pieces together like a lifetime movie

but this ain’t a lifetime

movie this is real life

joan is hurt

but she is pissed

she is heartbroken

and she became fixated

on removing

the problem

the problem that was preventing her from being with

betty and that problem baby girl

was a man named peter

now when you

break up with somebody somebody

leaves you for another person of course that’s


that’s really hard and it hurts it hurts really bad

it does i know

but you can’t let yourself go to that

cross that line

to just becoming

a little too

obsessed okay and joan

started to just become

obsessed with betty

and getting her back she was in love with betty

and betty didn’t know

what she was missing

because betty

could be treated so much better if she was with joan

i just have to show that to her you know

joan is a little selfish

asshole when

betty moves out

that’s when joan

is like dude i’m lonely

i need somebody

let me call up goldeen

ring ring goldie

nice joan and they became very close

now you see

goldie and joan

again they had

known each other for a couple of years

goldie had like a major

crush on joan

and joan cheat was

aware that golden liked

her but she wasn’t really interested in her she wanted

betty she was in love with

betty right

so joan is just feeling lonely and she just

kinda needs somebody

and that’s when she calls up

goldeen and then they

start hanging out and they

start officially dating now the relationship

between the two of them it was moving really fast

but it was becoming more

clear to goldeen

that joan was

clearly not over her previous relationship

so joan would constantly talk

about betty

constantly talk about

how peter was abusive towards

betty and towards the children

joan then would go on to say that

peter was doing drugs he was also

selling drugs out of his

house and that’s how he like

had so much

money to run

these businesses convinced

goldeen that

peter was pure evil

now goldeen

had never met

peter or betty

but she just felt so bad

based off of what joan was telling her

and she was like oh my gosh poor

betty she’s just really

stuck in this

marriage she’s being abused by

this awful man

i just couldn’t imagine being in her shoes and

joan just wants to help her

goldie was just

allowing herself to believe

everything that joan was saying

and she then was just

becoming controlled by joan’s personal agenda

so when joan brought up the idea that

maybe they should

you know they should

shoot and kill peter

that way he’ll

stop abusing people he’ll stop abusing his children

like that’s the only way to get betty free

we have to kill him goldin just followed all of

jones instructions

she didn’t she just

was a sheep

although joan gave goldeen

money to buy the gun

technically goldeen was the one who purchased a gun

and it would be

later traced back to her but it was like

under goldeen’s name

also goldeen technically purchased the bullets

and then lastly goldeen

was technically the one

who pulled the trigger

and killed peter

now joan was a

smart little cookie

okay she knew

to have goldeen

put the gun in her name she knew

to have goldeen put the

the bullets in her name she knew

have goldeen


pull the trigger

so if anything came back to them

she could be like

it wasn’t me it was all goldeen’s idea

joan was smart in that sense

kind of i mean not really but you know

that part was

smart i guess

but it’s not

smart and i

would suggest

you don’t do that so once the murder was done remember

jones says to goldeen

forget you ever knew me and goldeen

that really

stuck with her and it just left her with so much guilt

guilt for killing someone

grief because she was officially

being dumped by joan

and now she was

stuck with the gun goldin was

so they didn’t

think of a plan

of what to do like with the

gun or like how to get rid of it or anything like that

or maybe joan just didn’t give two shits

to really even

care to get rid of the gun just left it with

goldeen was like

peace out thanks

so that’s when goldeen rented a

store lockbox and that’s why she put the gun in there

it just became very

clear to goldeen

that joan was just

using her that

their relationship wasn’t even real

and that john didn’t even really love her

goldeen was really hurt by this

do you blame her no

should she have killed somebody

absolutely not

but like i feel bad for her

joan just wanted somebody to do all of her

dirty work and then toss her to the side like trash

all of this

anger sadness

guilt and grief is what led goldeen

to confessing

why would she be

loyal to joan now i mean

joan just threw me aside and was like

thanks i bet you have joan didn’t dump goldeen

maybe it would have led to her not doing that

police arrest

joan as well

i don’t know if i mentioned that and goldeen

was arrested

and put in jail as well

goldeen pleaded insanity and stated to one of her


evaluating the case

that she had no motive

and whatever motive she had it was because of joan

she also went on to say that she was

easily influenced

and that she’s always been very


and trusting

which doesn’t sound

like insanity to me just

sounds like a lot of people

goldeen was just looking for a way out goldeen’s


later wrote that

the only thought goldeen

had was that

she had to save her friend joan from an evil person

joan pleaded

innocent okay joan

which no comment by joan

ever ever suspicious but both

women were sentenced to five years to life in prison

after taking a plea

deal to reduce

their charge from

first degree murder to

second degree murder

now their case landed in history as the

trick or treater

murderer and was

frequently cited as

an example of

women receiving softer

treatment in the courtroom

according to the la times goldeen

was eventually

released and remained in the los angeles area

in 1971 she was made an officer of the

miracle mile chapter of the professional

women’s club

goldeen died at the

age of 83 in 1998

she seemed to live like a long

happy life she

never like gave any

interviews or anything

like girl come out with a book or something

write a lifetime movie

come on anyways

and then joan

joan was released at some

point and there is little to no

trace of her

after 1957 just

off the grid

nothing there’s

nothing on her it’s just like what the hell

it’s also been mentioned that possibly joan

changed her name

which would i

guess would make

sense but it was

weird she never said a peep

nothing now

betty went on to live a very full life

and she ended up passing away at the

age of eighty one in nineteen ninety nine

now i know what you’re all

thinking did

betty love joan

do the two of them ever reconnect

after peter’s murder did

betty play a

role in her husband’s murder was it her idea

these are questions we will probably

never get an

answer to actually we were probably most likely 99

never get an answer to

none of them talked and nobody knows nothing

nothing so before we sign off here on

today’s episode

final thoughts i have no idea i

think joan was just

truly obsessed with

betty right

but then i was thinking

cause nobody knows if

betty and joan

ended up together after

peter passed away

so we don’t know like do you think

betty was in

on it i don’t know i really don’t know nothing

pointed to betty

i don’t know

what do you

think regardless

yes i do think that

their sentence was way too light

they got to live like

happy long lives

so what the

fuck happened to joan i don’t know but she did not

deserve to get out of prison

goldie and i kind of felt bad for her

cause i do think she needs to be held

accountable for what she did she got played

you know like that sucks

when you just

like are being used to give

back an ex or whatever i hope you have a good day today

you make good choices

and please please please be safe out there

don’t get played

don’t fall into anybody’s little trap

okay if somebody tells you to kill someone you say

no god damn it that’s not okay

anyways have a good day

make good choices and i’ll be seeing you guys later bye

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