Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Haunted Bunk Beds? The Tallman's Haunted Dream Home

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hi guys how are you today my name is Bailey Syrian

and it’s Monday

which means it’s murder Mystery and Makeup Monday

sanaaaa sanaaaa

if you are new here hi my name is Bailey

and every Monday I sit down I talk about a true

crime story that’s been heavy on my noggin

and I do my makeup at the same time

so if you are interested in true

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since it’s October and things are kind of

spooky ooky out there I thought it’d be nice to kind of

throw in throwing it in you can either

catch it or you could

dodge it a little bit of a ghost story

whether you believe in

ghosts or not that’s up to you baby

but I’m just gonna share this one

so let’s get into today’s

story about Ali and Debbie Tolman

so this story takes place in

February of 1987

Alan and Debbie Tallman and their

3 children moved into a new home in Horricon Wisconsin

let me double

check that is it Horikon

I have a feeling it’s not

okay it’s Hurricane

Wisconsin now at this time it was a very

small farming community and there was like

under 3 000 people who live there

I forgot to check what it is now but it’s probably

still small I’m assuming

so they have 3 children

2 little girls and they are

about 3 years old and then they have a little boy

and he’s about 7

they didn’t want

their kids be named at all they wanted to keep them

them anonymous

I’m just going to

be referring to them as like the children and whatnot

the family moves

into this new home and Debbie described

this home as being her

dream home I mean

everything she

could want or

could have wanted for her family

it was the perfect

3 bedroom suburban home

the house needed

a little bit of fixing up you know some like

painted walls

maybe some new carpet eventually

but for the most part they

could move in

and like it’d be great

now upon moving in

Debbie kind of took notice

that her kids seemed to be getting sick

all the time

now kids get sick a

lot because they’re constantly around germs and whatnot

little rascals

she just thought it was strange because the kids

rarely got sick

she couldn’t figure out why they were getting the flu

back to back

to back I mean

she says that the kids were just

constantly sick

Debbie would take the kids

to the doctors

and they would have a fever

they would get some

medication they’d be fine and then again

they would all get sick and it was just strange but

Debbie and Alan just assumed

it was I don’t know stress from the new

place the weather changing

so the 2 youngest

daughters would be sharing a room

together and then they have

their younger son who

would have his own room

and then the parents obviously have

their room Debbie decided to go to a

local thrift

store because she wanted to see if she could find

like bunk beds for the daughters

I mean that’d be perfect she comes across

a bunk bed that was in perfect

brand new condition

and it would be

great for the younger girls bunk beds

who doesn’t like bunk beds

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so once the bunk beds were brought back to the home

they assembled it

and they set it up in the bedroom

voila it was perfect

it’s May of 1987

and the first

night all the kids are finally

sleeping in their own

rooms Alan the father was in his son’s room saying good

night to his son in his bedroom like tucked him in at

night and his son

tells Alan his father can you turn on the

radio for me because I like

sleeping with the

radio on he likes that noise

Alan turns on the radio

kisses his son good night

turns off the lights

and goes to his room so his son

is in bed and he turns over and he hears that the

radio changes channels

it’s one of those radios that has the dial

to find the channel

he doesn’t really know how to

find his way back to the correct

channel it was on so he gets up out of bed

and he goes

to his parents room and he’s like can you come fix the

radio for me it turned channels so Alan gets up out of

bed and he goes back to his son’s room and he adjusts

the radio for him

Alan just goes back to bed

few minutes

later the sun is in his room

right and he’s just like trying to sleep

this time he sees the

radio dial was

turning on its own

like it was just turning

stations obviously it

freaks him out so he

screams and he goes back into his parents room

terrified he just saw

a radio dial turning on its own

and he’s trying to explain

to his parents like I saw the dial moving on its own

can I sleep in here please

and at this point Alan

is a little bit

upset because

he’s trying to

sleep Alan even

says in an interview that he got pretty like

upset with the

sun told him to go back to his room so Alan unplugs the

radio he takes it from

his son’s room and is like no now you don’t get this

radio because

you’re making stories up

and I just need to go to bed so let’s just take it out

that’s that

now he doesn’t get the

radio and now he’s in

trouble for

something that happened and no one believes him

so summer now turns into winter

and by this

time the family is just not doing well they were all

really struggling

to get like a good night

sleep either

nightmares would wake

somebody up like the children

would wake up

because they had a nightmare or even the parents

Alan and Debbie

they said that

they were like having just really strange

dreams and then some

nights they

would hear noises

just like cranking noises

things that

could easily be dismissed

like it could be the wind that was causing that

noise nightmares

are happening because of stress

and it really wasn’t anything for them to

fully worry

about because

again it was just

things that you

could brush off now Debbie said

sometimes in the middle of the

night she would hear the 2 youngest girls in

their room it

sounded like they were giggling

they were laughing

they were playing

but it was like 2 am

so she’s like what the hell

are they doing up and Debbie

would go into the room she

would see that all the kids were asleep

no one was up nobody was playing

so it’s like okay

I must be losing my mind I don’t know what is happening

so a few weeks

later Allen

is down in the basement area because he decided he’s

gonna give the basement a little makeover

well first of all it needed to be

painted because it was just grimy looking

and he wanted to turn it into like his man cave

so alan’s like okay I’m just

gonna be down here I’m gonna be

painting so Debbie comes downstairs and she tells Alan

hey lunch is

ready let’s go have it together as family

so Alan is like okay cool and he puts his

paintbrush down

he’s gonna come

right back when he’s done having lunch

and finish the job

he sets his

paintbrush on the

table making sure that the bristles are kind of

like hanging off of the edge Alan goes upstairs he has

lunch with the fam

and once he’s done he comes back downstairs

he sees that the

paintbrush is now

sticking into the

paint container itself the

brush is in there and it’s just kind of

standing straight up

alan’s thinking like

I know for a fact that I set the

brush down on the edge of the

table and everybody was upstairs having

lunch so who the fuck

move the brush

into the pink container now Alan

is just one of

those old school dads

where he’s just like a logical dad he’s like

there’s nothing

going on in this

house it’s me

I’m just like

losing my mind I must have placed it in the bowl

in the container

and I just forgot

about it or something

Ellen didn’t want to believe that there was like

ghosts or anything but deep down he knew that this is

weird suspicious

that night once

again one of the girls

sleeping in the bunk beds began

screaming in the middle of the

night Debbie and Allen

they both ran into the bedroom because it was just like

an intense scream

not a normal

scream but like a

scream Debbie and Allen they run to the bedroom to find

their daughter just

screaming and crying

and they ask you know what’s happening what’s going on

their daughter

claimed that there was a

witch in her bedroom uh huh

a witch okay

and the daughter said that this witch

was watching them

she was by the door

and she had red eyes

and she liked to hide

behind the bedroom door when the parents were around

she goes on with saying that the

witch had set her room on fire

and that’s why she was

screaming cause she was

trapped in this fire

they kind of told her the

daughter you know it’s just a nightmare

don’t worry

everything’s fine you’re safe there’s no fire

just go back to bed

everything’s okay then

their son comes rushing into the room

cause he heard the

screaming as well

and he said

to his parents I saw the same

thing she’s an old lady

and she’s watching us

and she keeps setting

things on fire

now Debbie is the one who

starts believing her kids I mean she feels like

there is something weird

going on around the

house obviously she doesn’t

wanna mention this in

front of the children

but Debbie is taking what her kids are saying seriously

like fuck I hate this house

like it’s giving me the

creeps I just don’t feel safe here

now as the days went on

the family would be having dinner

and then they

would just hear doors kind of creek open

they would hear

a door slam shut

and just really like

weird noises just continued

which if I was hearing this

stuff I would just run out of the house

slamming shut no mm hmm

but they stayed I mean yep they stayed

anyways and then when Debbie was doing her laundry

or just doing laundry in general she

heard strange

voices calling

out to her either calling her name or saying

like come here

come here no no

no no and Debbie

would tell Alan

about this he was just like you guys

stop it then at that same

night that Debbie

heard these weird

voices calling out to her

their son woke up in the middle of

night screaming

and when Debbie or Allen went in to

check on him he

claimed that he saw like a dark

cloud by the

door of his room whatever it was like it was

watching him and it was telling him that they were

going to kill his family

so then a week before Christmas

they got the Christmas tree all set up supposed to be a

happy time and

their son is out

sleeping on the

couch because he wanted to

sleep next to the Christmas tree and like all the

lights and stuff

but really I

think he just didn’t want to sleep

in his bedroom anymore

so the sun is

sleeping out on the

couch in the living room and he opens his eyes and he

starts screaming again

because he sees an

older woman

and she was evil

and she had

these red eyes and she wanted to hurt the family

and she was

going to set the

house on fire

this is what she’s telling the little boy

and he’s just

screaming for his parents

and his mom comes running in and he’s

begging and crying to his mom

like please can we

leave can we get out of here

which I don’t know how you say no to that

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now at this

point Alan has just grown

sick of this shit okay he’s

tired of it

he’s not sleeping

everybody is just like

freaking out over nothing and he’s just

sick of it all so alan’s like you know what I’m

gonna tell this ghost

to go F itself pretty much

so he Alan just has like all this

anger that’s just been

building up and then he explodes

and he starts just

screaming at the top of his lungs at

these spirits

to get the hell out of his

house they were

not welcome here and then he goes on to say what you

should never do

leave the kids

alone and if you

wanna fight somebody

come fight me

mother ever

come on you coward

whether you believe in

ghosts and not

or not that’s up to you if you’re new to

ghosts you should

never challenge them

okay actually I don’t even

think you’re supposed to acknowledge them really

cause as soon as you acknowledge them

it’s just game over

which this is a side note I did that

I was not really

fully a believer in

ghosts ever

it was kind of like yeah it

could be true

but at the same

time I don’t want to know if it is or isn’t

I just kind of like let it be

and then once we

moved out here to Los Angeles the last

place we lived at

unless you’ve experienced

experienced it I

swear to you

it’s easy to be like no

it’s X Y and Z

that are causing

these issues but once you

experience it it’s so it sucks

these damn spirits and

and I tried to be nice and offer a lipstick to my

ghost in the house and

apparently that was not very good

and everybody says that like oh Youtubers always have

ghosts in their house

well that’s because a lot of Youtubers

live out here in Los Angeles and Los Angeles is a very

very old city

I mean people have

lived and died here for a very long time

like the old

apartment we

lived in was

built in 1920

so the next

today Debbie and Allen decided to contact

their pastor

who then came over to the house

to check it out you know to see like

there’s something evil in the home

and this pastor said as soon as he walked into the home

he felt a presence of evil

and he wanted to help because he

could see that the family

whatever this presence is is using like

energy from your children

and that’s why there’s like getting sick all the time

cause the kids were

still getting sick

and he just

wanted to help the family so he comes over and he

blesses the

house telling

whatever’s in that home that it needs to leave

cause that always works

so 3 weeks later around 2 AM on January 7th 1988

this is when Allen returns home

from work pulls up into his

driveway right

it’s late at

night he’s working the

night shift so he gets home at

about 2 a m

He gets out of his car and then he

starts walking towards the

front door and

while walking he hears eerie

howling sound you know that

noise of like a really

heavy wind outside

he’s hearing that

noise except

there was absolutely no wind

going on it was like a completely

still cold night but no wind was happening so he’s like

what the fuck is that noise you know

and then he’s like continuing to walk towards the

front door and he hears a

voice that’s coming out of like this howling noise

and this voice is saying come here come here

so Alan went around the back to see if anyone was there

which if you hear someone saying come here and it

sounds like creepy and suspicious

don’t come here

keep it moving well I

guess he has to he’s Dad

dad’s have to it’s in the rulebook

anyways so he

goes around the back to see like what the hell that is

he sees nobody

so he walks

again around the front

grabbing his keys to unlock the

front door before

he’s able to unlock the door he looks over

and the garage is

right there you know

and he sees like this glow

that’s coming from inside the garage

and he’s like what the hell

is that there’s just a lot of what the hell is

going on so he

kinda moves closer to the garage to go

check it out and he sees oh my God like there’s a fire

smoke Alan is just like unlocking the door he had a

lunch bag that he was carrying

he sets that

down he runs inside he grabs the fire extinguisher

and then he runs

back outside to come put out the fire and

when he comes back outside there is no fire the fire

the fire was gone

no fire the garage door was

completely undamaged and it was

clear that there was no

there was no fire like

there was no obvious sign that a fire was happening

so Alan just goes back and he grabs his

lunch pail that he sat down and he’s just

carrying it and he’s moving on with his life

that’s when something came up behind him and like

punched or just

threw the lunch pail across the room

and it broke a lamp

now it’s super easy to sit here

and be like why don’t you move out why don’t you move

what are you doing but here’s the thing kids

you can’t just pick up a move sometimes

that costs money

a lot of money

you see you need this

thing called a deposit

security deposit it

doesn’t make much

sense because a lot of times you don’t get

the security deposit back but it’s like you have to pay

double the rent up

front are you

gonna have to

break a lease

it just costs

a lot to move you can’t just pick up and move and

everything’s fine

after this incident

that’s when Allen

started sleeping in his

daughter’s room

he said he was there to protect the youngest kids

that’s why he started

sleeping in their room

but you know

maybe he was scared

after a few

nights of sleeping in there

Alan said he

would hear something

whispering you’re dead

you’re dead

which like he’s not dead so the

ghost is just being lazy with

choice of words

if you wanna be

spooky say you’re

gonna die or something you know anyways

after that everyone

slept in the same room

I don’t blame him a few days

later Allen

was working

late and asked his brother to

watch the girls

he wanted a man there to protect

kids Allen got in the habit

of all of them

sleeping together but

since he was working late

and Debbie was

alone Debbie was

gonna sleep with their son

and then the brother

could sleep in the room with the girls

and just make sure you know nothing happens

so it gave Alan

peace of mind knowing that

his brother was there

to watch over everybody

so Demi was

going to sleep with

their son and protect him and then alan’s brother

would be sleeping in

the bedroom with the girls Alan told his brother look

there’s something weird

going on in the

house we think there’s a

ghost or like some shit but I can’t

leave my family there

alone Debbie

doesn’t like to be

alone so please stay the

night and make sure nothing happens

his brother’s like yeah yeah yeah sure

buddy ghosts

sure Alan sure

needless to

say his brother was a non believer here okay

while sleeping with the girls

the brother wakes up because he hears like a loud bang

it scares him it just kind of wakes him up

and when he wakes up he kind

of looks around and he sees a dark figure by the door

he couldn’t make out what it was but it was

watching him

and he just

knew it was

watching him

he screamed and he

grabbed the children and yelled to Debbie

to get the hell out of the

house that they were leaving

right now Debbie

is like oh thank God

because Alan

doesn’t want to

leave but okay

we’re leaving yep Debbie puts like some important

stuff in a little bag some

clothes the

stuff she needs and then they get the hell out of there

they never went back to the home

on that note let me put on my

final look and I’ll be right back

I’m a cat meow

okay so let’s finish the

story though

2 weeks later the Tallmans had

the bunk beds destroyed

you see they kind of thought that

maybe the bunk beds had something to do with it

because it seemed like

things really got amped up

once the bunk beds come in

came into the girls room

now the kids were

getting sick and what not before the bunk beds were

there but they thought that it was indeed the bunk beds

we ended up

dropping the bunk beds off

at the dump

place where it

would be destroyed

because they didn’t want anyone else to go through it

and then afterwards once they

moved out the family

moved to a new

house and everything

they had no further paranormal


no more voices

nightmares everybody was

great in April of 1988 a family

moved into the old

tallman’s house they

had reported to have no haunting

experiences many

media outlets had

heard about this

story and that there was a

haunting in the family

and at this

house too and many

people came to them asking to

cover the story

and also the

local gossip was happening

about how they were making

it all up for attention that they were just drunks and

that they just wanted

money but the Tallman family

stood by their

experience they also wanted no

media attention

they had turned down a lucrative

tabloid offer

about their

experience they didn’t

think it was

right to make any

money off of

their children’s

misfortune that’s

great good for them the Tolmans did

agree to share their

story with Unsolved Mysteries in 1988

under 3 conditions

one they were censored during

their interview

they didn’t want

their faces to be shown 2

their children’s names were protected

they didn’t want anybody to know who

their kids were

3 reenactments

of their experiences

be done by actors playing the Tallman family

which I thought they did in

every episode but

that was their request

the tallman’s

House activity

was described

in a greater extent in a book called

haunted America by Michael Norman

and Best Scott

but at no time in

their research do they link the

hauntings to the bunk bed itself

they believe that the activity

was linked to the property as being located on a

former burial ground

I’m bad at putting sentences together aren’t I

and that is a

story about

the Tallman family and the paranormal activity they had


in their home

a lot of people do not believe

in paranormal activity

but you know I don’t know man

carbon monoxide poisoning is always like the number one

thing that they say is linked to paranormal

activity carbon monoxide poisoning can make you see

things hear things

it starts to make you feel like you’re

crazy it only

happens in your home if you’re having like a leak

and a lot of people confuse that with

ghosts because

I mean the side

effects of carbon monoxide poisoning you hear

things you see things you

start having

nightmares your

chest starts to hurt you

start to feel dizzy


you can’t smell it you can’t see it

it’s hard to know if you’re having a leak

that’s always the first

thing that people mention

in these types of stories it

could be the case

but who knows anyways let me know your thoughts down

below do you believe in ghosts

thank you so much for hanging out with me

today meow meow

see I’m a great cat I hope you have a wonderful day

today make good choices please be safe out there

and if you leave here with only learning one thing

that one thing I’m gonna tell you to not do don’t ever

ever ever challenge a ghost

nene and I’ll be seeing you guys later bye