Murder, Mystery & Makeup - Candy Man - The Man Who Killed Halloween

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hi my name is Bailey Sarian

and every Monday I sit down

I talk about a true crime story

that’s been heavy on my

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let’s get into it

I thought today we could talk about the candyman

today’s story takes place in Deer Park Texas

a man by the name of Ronald o’brien

lived with his wife Diane

and their 2 children

a son named Timothy and their daughter named Elizabeth

Ronald worked as an optician at Texas State Optical

in Sharpstown Houston

Ronald also was a Deacon at the Second Baptist Church

where he also sang in the choir

and he was in charge of the local bus program

seems like a great man in the community

but you know what they say

the great ones are the most suspicious

so then Halloween night comes around

October 31st 1974

Ronald decided to take his 2 children trick or treating

in Pasadena Texas

to this different neighborhood

I mean it wasn’t too far from where he lived

you know how you go to the more expensive neighborhoods

because they usually give out the good candy

the full Snickers bars

not the minis

that’s what they were doing

so Ronald and his 2 children right

they go trick or treating

they also take their neighbor and his 2 children

little hang out time with the neighbor

so the kids are all excited

and they run up to their next home

so they go running up to the door

and they knock

trick or treat

oh my God but the house looked empty

there was no one inside

the lights were all off

it was kind of dark in this home

so the kids are just waiting though

because you know

sometimes just because the lights are off

doesn’t mean that nobody’s home

so they’re just waiting

wind blowing little bit of drizzles coming down

cause it’s raining a little bit

they realize that nobody’s home

so of course

the kids get all antsy

and they run off

they head to their next home

now Ronald decides to stay behind

so then a few minutes later

Ronald caught up with the group

and showed off 5

21 inch pixie stick

which he said

someone at the house

actually answered

ronald’s like

you guys should have waited a little longer

cause this guy’s giving out 21 inch pixie sticks

he’s making it rain pixie sticks

so of course

the kids are all excited

because I mean hey

those are some big ass

pixie sticks cool sugar

at the end of the night

Ronald gave his neighbors children

there was 2 of them

he gave them each a pixie stick

and then he gave one to his son Timothy

and one to Elizabeth

his daughter

so once they were home

someone came to the door

and they were you

know knocking

it’s still a Halloween night

it was some kids

they were trick or treating

and it was a 10 year old boy

who went to the church Ronald worked at

so once he recognizes little boy

he’s like oh

I have some candy to give you

some pixie sticks

I got these from the neighbor

but they’re left over

I can give them to these kids

so he gives the kid

I think it’s only one kid

I’m I apologize

he gives the kid a pixie stick

and then sends him on his way

so once they got all settled in

and at home

you know the kids

naturally they want to eat their candy right away

and they ask their dad

Ronald can we eat the candy

please and Ronald

being the great parent that he is

was like sure

you can have a piece of candy

but only one

and then tomorrow

you can go ham and eat 3 pieces

you know but tonight

you can only eat one piece of candy

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so Ronald actually picked out the pixie stick

for Timothy to eat

I don’t know what his daughter picked

cause she didn’t have a pixie stick

it was just Timothy

so he’s like here eat this pixie stick

which by the way I don’t know

why you would pick a pixie stick for your child

because it’s just straight sugar

and your kids gonna be wired and up all night

that’s a terrible idea

so little old Timothy

he’s excited

he rips open that pixie stick

he tries to pour it into his mouth

but you know how pixie sticks are

they kind of stick

they get stuck

all the powder

Timothy is trying to pour it into his mouth

but it’s stuck

so Ronald comes over and helps out Timothy

he’s kind of like wiggling the packaging

so he could get it into his mouth so finally

they wiggle that candy right out into timothy’s mouth

and then Timothy right away

he complained that candy tasted really gross

bitter and kind of just nasty

he was like

but he still ate it because kids will be kids

and they like candy

so Ronald was like

here have some of my Kool Aid

to wash that bitter taste out of your mouth

so this kid is just having a lot of sugar now

a couple minutes later Coral

Timothy starts complaining that he has a tummy ache

so his stomach’s hurting

he’s feeling really sick

he’s like daddy

I don’t feel so hot

and then not long after

Timothy runs to the bathroom

and he just starts throwing up all over the place

then Timothy falls to the ground

and he starts convulsing on the ground

the hell’s going on

so Ronald comes running in

because he hears that Timothy is just throwing up

he hears like a loud noise

because Timothy just like fell on the ground

so Ronald comes there to try and comfort him

Ronald said that Timothy just went limp in his arms

it’s unclear who called 911

but 911 was called

paramedics arrive

and they’re gonna take Timothy to the hospital

but sadly poor little Timothy died

before he reached the hospital

so of course because like

it’s a small town

news got out that poor little Timothy had died

from what they believed was poisoned

Halloween candy

and naturally

all the parents panicked

any of us would

parents took all of their kids

Halloween candy

but all the kids were pissed

I mean it’s Halloween

and I don’t even get to eat my candy

uh why did Timothy have to die

and ruin it for all of us

is what they’re thinking

I mean they’re children

they’re very full of themselves

and police were accepting all of the candy

because they wanted to see how much candy out there

was poisoned

and hopefully

kind of put the pieces together

and figure out

was it just Pixy Stix was it

in all of the candy

please give us all of your candy

so the parents just took everything

and dropped it off at the police station

now luckily

all of the candy was taken

and brought to the police officers

and they were able to prevent anybody else from dying

because all the candy was taken quickly

and plus with kids

I mean when you get a bag of candy

a pixie stick isn’t gonna be your first choice

you know I mean

thank God the police officers did notice

that whoever was responsible for this was very

just kind of sloppy

they opened up the pixie stick

they put whatever it was inside of it

and then they stapled it closed

so they were looking for any candy

that had like

a staple on it

and it was only the pixie sticks

they found 6 of them

that had this staple on them

so naturally

police go to Ronald

and they’re like okay

show us the house

take us to the neighborhood

take us to the house

that gave you this goddamn pixie stick

but Ronald was stumped

he just couldn’t seem to find the house

like and point it out to police officers

he couldn’t exactly remember where it was

and he also said that he

never saw the face of the person responsible

he said that a hand just emerged from the doorway

handed him the candy

and he didn’t see who it was

Ronald went on to say that the homeowner

did not turn on the lights

but cracked the door

and handed them the 5 pixie sticks

and he claimed that he only saw a man’s arm

which he described as harry

really given police the dirty details

you know wow

but he was confident that it was a man

so police are kind of like

okay sure Ron

they’re growing a little suspicious

you don’t know

you don’t know where the house is at

come on so a few days go by

and it was just becoming very frustrating for


because they weren’t getting any answers

and they knew

Ronald had the answers

I mean he just need to remember

which house was it

so they could make an arrest

I mean hello

who killed your son

wouldn’t you remember the house

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so then police officers meet up with Ronald again

and they’re like okay

Ronald you need to show us where this house is at

and they were being pretty firm with him

if you don’t show us where this house is at

we think something is kind of fishy around here

so this kind of freaks Ronald out

he’s like okay

so I just need to figure this out

cause I don’t want them to think it’s me

and taking Ronald out again seemed to actually work

because Ronald all of a sudden was like oh my God

wait I think I remember

let me take you there

so Ronald and the investigators go to the home

which gave them the candy

he pointed towards the house

and was like it’s that one

I remember it was that one

so investigators go up to the home

they’re knocking

and the man who lived there wasn’t home

so they go and they look up

okay who owns the home

try and find all the information that they can get

so they can make an arrest for this guy

who killed the kid

so they find this man who owns the home

he works at an airport

police go to where his work is at

and they arrest the man in front of his colleagues

in front of everyone

the mystery was over

case closed ta da

thank you for coming to my show

psych so they bring the man in for questioning right

and he had a pretty strong alibi

I mean it was a solid alibi

he said that he was working that night

the only people that were home

was his wife and his daughter

and they had turned out the lights early

because they ran out of candy

and they didn’t

wanna make kids believe that they had candy

leave us alone

turned out the lights

police fact check

this they see time sheets

they see everything

it wasn’t this guy

and he didn’t have hairy arms

police weren’t believing it

was the wife and daughter

and they had no reason to believe it

was the wife and daughter

because Ronald stood by the fact that it was a man

so police did run an autopsy report

on poor little Timothy

it revealed that Timothy had consumed enough cyanide

to kill 2 people

so police are thinking well shit

this is real fishy

so word got back to investigators

that Ronald was angry at his relatives

he was angry at his relatives

because they didn’t stay up

the night of timothy’s funeral

which was odd

you see Ronald had written a song

about Jesus and Timothy joining the Lord in heaven

and Ronald he had grown agitated

when his grieving family didn’t stay up late

to watch a recording of the performance

being broadcasted on television

this made investigators kind of like mmm

why is he acting all mad

he didn’t seem sad

he just wasn’t reacting like you should

when you’re supposed to be

grieving over the loss of your son

a little bit of time goes on

and Ronald was not giving any clues

or answers to investigators

so they’re like

you know what

we’re gonna just dig around ourselves and see like

what’s ronald’s deal

who is this Ronald guy

let’s find out

so they do some research

and they find some very interesting information

so they find out that little Ronald over here

over the last 10 years

this dude he held over 21 jobs

21 jobs in 10 years

do you understand that so okay

seems like he has a really hard time holding a job

they also found that Ronald was 100 000 in debt

also he was a suspect of theft at his job

at the Texas State Optical Place

his car was about to be repossessed

he had also defaulted on several bank loans

and had the family home foreclosed on

so police were looking at this

thinking well

looks like Ronald was in some real shit

hmm then they look a little bit deeper

and guess what they find

they realize that Ronald

his dumbass

Ronald had recently taken out

life insurance policies on both of his children

now it was only $10,000 per child

in January of that year

but then in September

he opted to $20,000 per child

just one month before Halloween

hmm so what are you gonna do Ronald

kill your children

and get 40 000

get this because this is like

the cherry on top of the cake ice cream

this guy is so stupid

I kid you not

Ronald called his insurers

to ask about the payout at 9 a m

the morning

like the morning following timothy’s death

he didn’t even wait that long

like he his son just died

and then he’s like

hey yeah so um

how am I gonna get that money

Ronald what are you doing

so investigators are like okay

we actually have a pretty good case

against this Ronald guy right

like all signs are pointing to him

so police then get a warrant

and they search ronald’s home

where they find a pair of scissors

oh my God scissors

on these scissors

there was plastic residue attached

which was similar to the one that was

found on the cyanide laced sweets

so of course

Ronald was arrested and taken in for questioning

at this time

Ronald was attending community college

I’m not sure what he was like

getting a degree in

or anything like that

but he was attending community college

and one of ronald’s professors

came forward

and said yeah

does Ronald

would ask the weirdest questions in class

like quote what is more

lethal cyanide

or another type of poison

ronald’s Ronald dear

what in the butt are you doing

it’s like he wasn’t even trying to hide the fact

that he was doing something

another witness came forward

and this person worked at a chemical company

and they told police

that a man had

come in to buy some cyanide

the man from the store said he couldn’t identify Ronald

but he remembered that

this customer was wearing a blue smock

like a doctor

Ronald again

was an optician

and that was the exact uniform he wore to work

this was years before DNA testing

and the contact list

debit cards

so police couldn’t exactly

pin the pixie sticks on

ronald’s hands

or prove that he bought any cyanide

but these seem like pretty

strong leads right

ronald’s maintained his innocence

he was like

nope wasn’t me

it was a person

at that house

and technically

there was no proof

so the press

ended up dubbing ronald’s the Candyman

the Candyman

On June 3 1975

the jury took 46 minutes

to find Ronald o’brien

guilty of capital murder

and 4 counts of attempted murder

the jury took 71 minutes

to sentence him to death

sorry Ronald

but like you try to kill your kid

for $20,000

I mean come on

get it together

shortly after he was convicted

his wife filed for divorce

there really wasn’t much said about her

I think she um

was pissed off

as she should be

Ronald o’brien was confined to the Huntsville unit

in Huntsville Texas

now it’s said that Ronald was shunned and despised

by his fellow

death row inmates

for killing a child

the inmates

reportedly petitioned

to hold an organized demonstration

on ronald’s

execution date

to express their hatred of him

then finally

on March 31st 1984

shortly after midnight

Ronald was executed by lethal injection

at the Huntsville unit

in his final statement

Ronald maintained his innocence

stating that he felt the

death penalty was wrong

and then he died

during the execution

a crowd of 300 demonstrators

gathered outside the prison

and they cheered

while some yelled

trick or treat

yeah they yelled that

well Ronald was being executed

to the day Ronald was executed

he maintained his innocence

he said I did not do this

God damn it

but what do you believe

you think Ronald was responsible anyways

let me know

your thoughts

of Ronald down below

do you believe

he should have got the

death penalty

well a lot of people say

that it was

a little much like

he shouldn’t have gotten the

death penalty

luckily though

his daughter did not eat the candy

and the other kids

who got the pixie sticks

did not eat the

candy as well

so Timothy sadly

was the only one

who passed away

from this awful

awful disgusting crime

how do you kill your own kid

for $20,000

like I mean no

you don’t do that

but other than that

I hope you have a wonderful day today

you make good choices

and make sure to

check your candy

because Daddy

might try to kill you

alrighty until next time