Rituals - E14 • I’m King James, Witch!


We’re talking about King James today, and let me say this, if there was social media in the 16th and 17th century King James would be a top influencer.

Oh, an influencer and influence are like you and me.


Well, I was verified like 14 months not that anyone’s counting after you were.


So I feel like if anyone’s a top influencer, it’s you, I’m not sure.

On his verification yet.

We’ll have to check.

So James got to be king.

When all of Great Britain came under one Monarch, but the thing about James is he had a major obsession with witchcraft and not necessarily in a positive way.


Oh, I’m glad I waited because I was about, say, saying, and then you said that, so glad it’s not me.

We would be verified for two very different things.


Hi, everyone and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from Park asked i’mi’m Schultz, and I’m Christine cheaper every week.

We’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices and the impact on Modern culture.

So, we are talking about King James today, I feel like as a recovering Catholic gu Have anything to say about him because as a Jewish person, I don’t you don’t even though you’re going to have to narrate this whole episode, I don’t have anything up.


Until I learned about King James for this episode, I knew nothing got it.

My only thought on King James is Bible question mark me too.

That was all I knew.

Oh, wow.


Well, I guess our upbringings differ in some ways but not that one.

I actually tried to look up fun facts, about King James to throw in here.


But I Couldn’t find any fun facts, just facts, just a normal fat, but now I have a pretty well-rounded idea of who he was.

I’m very excited to share them with you because I don’t know how we have uncovered him yet.



Yeah, I really have no idea what’s coming.

So let’s I’ll let you say it, but let’s crack into it.


As for King, James before we get into how he’s involved with the Bible, I will ask you more about his Royal lineage.

I wanted to know how much do you know about the Royal lineage to begin with.

You just said you’re going to ask me about his Royal lineage and I hope you’re not because I really don’t have any answers for you as we’ve just are you someone who celebrates like the royal families and things like that.


Do you know anything about like oh certainly What I consider English, pop culture English pop up.

Certainly not even a little bit.

I mean, the most, I’m trying to think.

I watched a little bit of the crown and I was like, oh cool, who are these people?

And then the internet was like, really intense about it and I said, I think I’m in the wrong group here.


My first thought when I was perusing, these notes was, oh, who get, so obsessed with, like, just some random family, even if they are Broil, and then I was like, wait a second and he’s obsessed with the Duggars of all people on their Our from royalty, no offense asked a fundamentalist and they will beg to differ.


Okay, Fair Point fair.

Point point.

Hey, I am obsessed with the Duggars and their friends, the Bates and purely out of Fascination people because it’s just so unlike what how I grew up, but it’s shocking that I know as little as I do about the Royals because I feel like I am someone who 100% feeds into agreed I guess like to a lot of people they’re considered like another version of like the Kardashians Ryan and I Our into the Kardashians.


So I guess I was the team.

I picked, oh my gosh, you were right, you’re ripe for the Pickin here.

I know, I do know all the names of like the their kids, but I also know that about the Kardashians.

So I don’t even know the names of the Kardashians that I worked at e.

So I feel like and you don’t anymore.

So, and I wonder why.


Yeah, exactly.

I was not so, kindly removed from the premises.

I do have a fun fact about the Royals.

Before we move on though, oh, you do have some fun facts.

Just not about King James.

It’s my personal favorite fun fact which may be to Else they already know this but I found out late in life and so it’s special to me.


But do you know what the last name of the Royals is highness actually, you’re not totally far off.

So they end up choosing the last name of like whatever their land.

They represent so like how William and Harry are like the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex.


They would just be like William Cambridge and Harry Sussex seriously.

Yeah, and like how they got their dukedoms if You don’t have a labeled title like that the standard in the family to use in case like you need to like fill out a passport or something is mountbatten-windsor as the last name.


Okay well M you pretended like you didn’t know anything about the Royals and now I feel like you’re knowing way more than the average person.

So that’s truly the only fun fact I have but anyway and you don’t know much about King James you know, as much as I do Bible May probably perhaps even less.


Yes, I know King James Bible, that’s about it.

There are some major literary works that he wrote are influenced.

I did not know this, especially one that he wrote called demonology, which I had no idea.

I had no idea.

He was involved in witchcraft hindsight’s 20/20 because a lot of people have suggested King James as a topic.


I look into one day and I always felt like I feel like this is a trick because he loved the Bible trap but he wrote a book called demonology.

So I mean you Me, I’ve heard of that, and I guess I sort of knew that, but I never put it together that it was the same King James who also did the whole Bible thing.


So, I guess I’m kind of putting it all together now.

Well, moving into it.

There’s actually a reason you might have been confused by his name.

So if you’re not 100% clear on the history, which I was not James 6 of Scotland, and James, first of England, or the same person.

See this is where it’s confusing.

I’m like Windsor, and Cambridge, and James, and James, and James.


It’s all very valid point.

There is also a few Henry’s and Louise in there.

So so many.

So the way that that happened is because James was born to Mary Queen of Scots and June, 1566 and Mary abdicated her throne in July of the following year.


So even though he was King James after his mother sat down, he didn’t take full control of the throne until 1581.


And five years later and 1586, James and Elizabeth.

The first became allies under the Treaty of Berwick.

Sure sure, sure, sure.


We know her, obviously we don’t I think Elizabeth.

The second is currently Queen rate.

See, this is don’t look okay.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what, I’m not the one don’t look at me.

So here’s the silly thing is, despite Elizabeth having executed his mother.


What I know is it in, take a breath for that was a pause there.

I was taking a moment to inhales Mark so there’s a whole dramatic Side Story that I don’t even think we have time to get into.

But yeah.

So they became allies and Then and then she executed as Mom my God.


And despite that James stayed and Elizabeth good graces, because he wanted to succeed her on the English Throne priorities.

I was going to say, I feel like that’s maybe the only time I’ve found something 1% justifiable for why you would keep someone in your circle.


After they killed, your mom is like to rule a king to take the throne.

Yeah, that’s very Game of Thrones of them.


Wow, that’s a lot.

I mean, maybe I should get into the Royals this Like I said, the same thing.

I was like if I thought of history class as like drama class like drama, not theater, but drama like gossip unless I’m absolutely.


So then this came did this thing and then she died.

If that’s how I thought of History I would probably become like an archivist years ago.

You know, an archivist.

We would be on the board of Harvard.

Probably you said it, not me.

So in March, 1603, Elizabeth died.


And James.

Did actually become king of England and Ireland, which created the Kingdom of Great Britain.

And that’s what earned him.

The title of James.

The first, I see.

So the collab, if he will, I’m trying to bring this into like today’s world, so we retain it better.


Well, he is an influencer.

Ha ha, I am following it.

Under that guys.

See I thought you might so he remained the King of Scotland England and Ireland until his death in 1625, okay?

King James was considered a shrewd ruler who was a To control all of the various religious, and political groups in Scotland, which big shoes, because he’s wearing, and one of his most notable contributions to England was the Bible is the answer.



So he published in 1611 and so this day, a lot of people, sure do love that King James version, they love it.

They love the stuff.

You know who also reads it, but dr.

Joggers rocks of bring them in but hi.


I do know because they like to talk about their Bibles, they let me know every time which ones they use and if every now and then some of them will buy a KJV.

If you know what I’m saying, I know, unfortunately what you’re saying.

So there’s a reason why we’re talking about King James on this show rituals which up until now probably makes zero sense.



And that’s due to the fact that he was known to be very superstitious and he was known to love the occults.

What more be fascinated by?

The occult then love it.

Because otherwise, why would he have written a Bible?


But also, he was responsible for overseeing the largest witch trials in Scotland.


Oh, no, uh-huh.

So he loves people for all the wrong reasons.

Oh no, no, no.

I see where this is going, okay?

And that’s why we talk about him today, so that’s why we drink honestly.

Leave that in Spotify.


I’m gonna put a moratorium on that phrase.

Not the same anymore.

We’re just going to hear a loud beep, sensor bar.

So before he became King, The Witch Trials were not happening that often.

But in 1590 the fleet of ships, carrying his bride-to-be and of Denmark had to turn back because of a dangerous storm.


Oh no.

And James did not like that.

So he was like, I’m just going to go get her myself, but then he also had to turn around because of bad weather, which is the mostly dudebro energy.

I’ve ever heard of like, oh yeah, everyone the weather’s not looking great.

We should probably stay off the road and he’s like, I’m fine.


I’m just going to go do it.

And then five minutes later, he’s like, oh my God, the weather’s bad everybody.

Did you not?

Did you know what anyone warn me?

Yeah, eggs.

So that’s how it feels.

What I read that it feels like.

He’d like was given clear instruction and he had to find out for himself, 10 minutes later and let me guess he blamed it on someone else and he ugly which claimed it on read episode 1.


The weather, which has gosh, you know, yikes.

Yeah I can run.

He’s so As you may have learned from our first episode of rituals, if not please go listen but this is when the concept of weather which is was a thing.

So Lorne when he couldn’t get to his underage bride.


Hmm he blames it on the weather which has Ironically in today’s world I’d be like.

Yeah, The Witches were trying to stop you from hanging out with your underage bride but okay honestly it tracks again feminists AK spooky.

I don’t I’m writing my own narrative there but he just couldn’t he couldn’t get it and of done bark and Blames it on the witches.


He said, they were manipulating the weather and stopping him from being with.

And so he wanted to rid the world of them which also fed the public sphere, as well.

Because if your leader is saying, hey, which is are no bueno, which by the way, I think is a direct quote from the Bible, it sounds like really familiar.


Yeah, I think so.

Yeah, chapter and verse estas brujas.

No Wes.

So, yeah, he said he was not down with the weather witch.


And he eventually attended the North Berwick Witch Trials, which was the biggest persecution of witches, in Scotland, okay?


Saying attended, it sounds like a music festival.

Like he attended the he dominated.

Let’s put it that way.

I, as far as I’m concerned, star of the show, he had a great time watching from like the best seats in the house.

I would say VIP entrance, got it.

Not to make this more about the influence, the influence our analogy.


But here we are.

I feel like we started with that slight narrative.

And now we’re just forcing it in and Love it.

Coming up I’ll talk about the North Berwick Witch Trials and the book King James wrote to Rally his people against the existence of which has great.


I can’t wait.

So before James became King of Scotland and 1581 The Witch Trials were rare and though the belief in witchcraft was Out there King James really solidified, this for everyone, he took the reins and tried to bring his new bride over, got stopped by bad weather and that bad weather was clearly the work of witches, okay?


I mean obviously so that’s same your James, attends, the North Berwick Witch Trials and it started with a man in Scotland who became suspicious of his made.

That was how this all started out boy, okay?

He was suspicious of his maid because she kept sneaking out at night and helping cure people of On this.


Oh God forbid you got to stop her.

There were so many naughty event.

There were a few directions, we could have gone here.

You could have seen it as my maid is sneaking out to help people what a saint, or maybe we should put her on a medical board since she’s clearly good at this, but she’s a witch.


Obviously you’re like, hey, you’re not cleaning my floor, boards very well because you’re so tired from sneaking out all night.

Why don’t you go do that for a living instead of cleaning?

My floor boards, or hey, you’re fired.

So you can go do all of these wonderful.

Human acts that you’re doing.


Nope, nope, choose just a witch.

So because she, by the way, was helping cure people of their illnesses.

She was brutally tortured until she confessed saying that she was doing the devil’s work.

Like, how do they even put that together?


Like, oh, she’s helping cure people?

This must be Satan.

The ways she was doing.

It were like not common, I don’t know like what like how crazy must have been the way, she was dried oregano.

Now, potpourri.

And by the way, if I ever meet someone who’s curing people of their illnesses successfully over and over again, in a way that like, is not known to the common, man.


That’s a golden ticket right there.

I’d be like I have the front row to like, wonderful Healthcare, hang on a second.

Well, I’ll be honest.

I know that I said we’re forcing this narrative but it does sound a little influencer e of like, oh this magical cure-all potion.


You know, that’s true.

It could be essential oils for all we know that.


Yeah, you said it, not me, but yeah, I feel like that.

It could have gone that direction in a modern-day setting, but they would have not been brutally tortured until they confessed to Witchcraft.

They would have just made be admitted to Witchcraft, I don’t know.

I feel like that’s a win, but what do I know?


I feel like, at least people aren’t being Mass executed anymore at the very least, but yeah, for all, we know, maybe her talents even if they weren’t working though, like, what is this?

Dude’s problem.

Sorry like well, then next Sochi, Named other Scottish women as witches in the middle of her confession.


Oh no, which we can all probably guess that she was confessing under duress and did not actually mean any of this, but moving on.

Can you imagine though like she spouts out your name and you’re like, wait a minute, no one was safe.

Truly no one was safe.


One of the people she mentioned actually was Agnes Sampson, which throwback to episode 230 of and that’s why we drink.

If you want to go get a full detailed history of That oh, Agnes was a well-known Midwife and North Berwick.


And she was put in front of King, James and interrogated, and tortured and confessed that she had tried to use witchcraft against the king and was burned at the stake.

Super, so there you go, there you go.

So other than Agnes Sampson the made also confessed that dr.


John Feehan might be a witch and so he was named and questioned by the king and he confessed and recanted his work with the devil and he Briefly escaped, prison only to be recaptured and I can’t imagine what type of torture he had.

Oh no, those are just two options.


But just to remind everybody like The Witch Trials were coming into full swing.

This was before the Salem Witch Trials, but this was not a good time for people over there.

No, by 1592 more than 70 people had been tried as part of the North Berwick, Witch Hunt and dozens plural were burned at the stake.


So terrifying terrifying, following these Each trials King James must have considered himself a which experts since he just was friends Center for all of it.

And he decided that he was going to spread his knowledge to the world.

What you think, God, what a humanitarian compared to people like you the maid and everyone who was actually helping people who is now burned at the stake.


Well, so he decided I’ve seen and heard enough about which is that I of all people should be granting people, the sage wisdom, I have.

So So he wrote demonology, I see I’m getting it now, I know when you hear it, just as he wrote the Bible and demonology you at least I see it as a quite a jekyll-hyde moment.


I’m like absolutely, which camper you in?

But, you know, I know the truth.

Now, I get it a little more.

It’s sort of like a catchy title for something that we would not enjoy, that’s the truth.

So, in 1597 James published this book about witchcraft called demonology, while he was the king of Scotland, by the way like wasn’t he King should get a better job.


What were you not doing?

Well, you wrote demonology, you know, what was like, being put on the Wayside, I’m nervous about this these duties of yours are not being prioritized, well methinks.

So so demonology explains how James fully believes in Magic and Witchcraft and wants to prove its existence to the reader and lays out how to handle it with trials and punishments.


I do not like the first half, I was like, cool.

On board.

And then it quickly does a 180.

I mean, this also reminds me of the malleus maleficarum.

I forget how to pronounce it but we talked about it earlier episodes back malefic areum.

You nailed it.

Thank you because I was like, oh God I’m just saying this very quickly but it reminds me of that which we talked about a while ago.


What yeah.

Also was like a written by a villain.

I’m pretty sure another villain.

Yeah, there’s so many of them.

Well, here’s my thing though, he’s the king and he is writing about how he fully believes in.

In Magic and Witchcraft and he’s laying out how to handle them with trials and punishments.


Can you imagine like the leader of your home is just right in books?

Like this just saying so this exists, this exists.

This is how you’re going to punish them.

They could be anyone.

How were those allowed to merge?

I feel like this should have been like, Hugo Strode it and we find out after he was King but like he was the author of this or something but he was very publicly announcing.



I guess it.

Just goes to show how much this was part of the norm you know?

In like how it was just like oh that person’s which it’s just as part of our duty is to find these witches and punish them and bring them to justice.


Also, I just can’t imagine being somebody at this time who could have been accused as a wedge and knowing that like, the king is also making the entire Pearl.


The pretty unsafe spot for you but like, yeah, even the Kings encouraging.

Like, oh, go look for these witches.

They could be anyone and they’re midwives, they’re helping people.

Well, yeah, birth their babies and it’s like, actually we should murder that person.

Okay, I guess.

Nobody’s safe, hmm.


And then, my first thought was, like, all the women should have just ran and like I moved into the woods together but guess what?

That’s like, what they would have totally seen as witchcraft at the time.

Like oh, a coven is outside.

I see is witchcraft now.

I’m like, yeah, let’s all move into the woods together.

Sounds great, sounds fun.


Here’s another Point.

Christine, how was this book being published at the time?

Like, was it being mass produced in the 1590s?

There was everyone just like sharing the same book in the library.



Because what this not like every little town and Village has its own library with a copy.


It’s a good point.

And like, what are they doing?

I imagining is a little scribe who’s like handwriting, this like, well certainly should really be helping the grain storage.

I don’t know what they did like he was once like a higher up in the kingdom and he’s just like somehow been slowly demoted to like just writing this book over and over again by have guys, personally, All rantings and ravings of lunacy.


Was this a time when people did like the hear ye hear ye thing and maybe have a chance?


He maybe he just read it but every door.

I don’t know who I imagine it being 6,000 pages, so I feel like that would be quite I mean, I’m sure it was not 6,000 pages but I imagine.


It was quite a Tome actually.

I don’t know what the length of it was but it was divided into three whole sections, so you’re probably on the something.



So it was a Tome of three sections and the town scryer had to Read these allowed to ever imagine the sky are only getting through the first section.


He’s like wait, there’s more here.

He here you here.

Are you here?

Sounds like an improv sketch, we’re trying to.

So it was divided into three sections and here are the three.

But I also think that King James shockingly as king, he probably was not fit 100% to be an author because he organized this in a weird way to me.


Also, the three sections.

The first one is Magic and necromancy.

So necromancy is basically talking to the done, right?

So magic and necromancy, the second one is Witchcraft and sorcery.

And the third one is Spirits inspectors.

I don’t know why.


It wasn’t just two sections of Witchcraft, sorcery and magic.

And then spirit, specters and necromancy.

Well, he didn’t have you to copy edit.

I feel like nowadays cause you’d be like get me a ten percent.

I will help you spread this to the masses.

You know, I would have absolutely hustled him been like, I’ll do it for free and then I would have taken the only copy available and burned it with witches.


So, so when he took over the throne in England, 16:03.

He had it published their to especially because at the time he was surprised that in England there were more Skeptics and fewer judges willing to prosecute people for witchcraft.


Oh, that’s so bad.

So he was like, that won’t do.

So he brought his own book and maybe the scryer and he brought his England of his like, definitely this handle this.

Yeah, so he wanted to change the laws in England with the Witchcraft Act of 1604, which Christine I’m not And you it made hanging mandatory for a person’s second offense of Witchcraft stop.


You get one shot at defending yourself.

And if someone thinks you’re a witch again, which by the way, was every goddamn person in town and what you do it once and they’re not going to blame you again.

I don’t think so.


Or like, people are already on high alert and super suspicious and the king is so suspicious.


He wrote a book called demonology and all about how he should punish people and torture them.

Well, I had a quick thought about the book book being disseminated because the ACT then, as we were saying it’s not like every small village, you know, people were even literate.

And so, I mean it’s possibly even I wouldn’t say worse, but it’s probably just as bad because that just means the people higher up, who have more power are the ones, reading it and being influenced by.


Yeah, so then they’re just handing down this information and the laws and they’re the ones in power who can presumably read.

No, that’s so smart.

That the only people who had access right, Be able to learn about this, were people that were higher up and it just kind of trickled down yuck, what a good point.


Thank you.

Yeah, they’re rare, but sometimes they happen that was a gem.

That one was a little diamond in the rough.

So, but yeah.

So he changed the laws in 1604 that literally made hanging mandatory so he don’t even have a chance.

If people still think you’re a witch.


After you’ve defended yourself, you’re just going to die boy and when he was ruling, all of Great Britain, his actual royalty Duties, finally became more important and oh, so he started working as king.

He clocked in for a second and then he slowly lost interest in which persecution, which means that isn’t that fun?


His little hobby he just like threw it aside.

I literally was going to say so he just had like a random Hobby and then what it wasn’t of interest to him or when he got too busy at his job.

Then like he’d already written in all these laws about how easy it is to die at 10.


Ation or to accusations and then he’s like, yeah, it’s not my thing anymore.

I’m bored and he’s did say he was born in June and I’ve been thinking, ruminating that he could perhaps be a Gemini like us.

And I don’t love the feeling but I am sensing a little bit of that kind of flaky attitude.


Here I you know what flaky is probably the nicest thing you could call him.


Let’s leave it at that.

Up next, I called King James and influence our when this episode started and I’ll tell you why he gets that title officially, despite it being as you can assume for a pretty dark reason.


Okay, how do you get that blue check?


King James died in March 16, 25.

But his which Obsession lived on.

Well, past his death and we experience it today without even realizing it.

Oh no.

So you can thank old KJ for that.

Thank God, James was succeeded by his second son, Charles and under his grandson.


Charles, the second more witch hunts took place from 1661 to 1662.

Keeping James has belief system in place.

So, just to remind you, he got bored of his own hobby after creating a bunch of really Vicious laws.

And now Generations later, people are still dealing with his grandsons like, oh, and honor of Grandpapa.


I’d like to pick up his old hobby of fishing and needlepoint, and also persecuting women who probably are just trying to help people birth children.

Yeah, just torturing helpful people selfless people.

So that same year that the new Witchcraft Act was passed in 1604.


Christopher Marlowe’s, play was published, and it was called the tragical history of the life and death.

Death of doctor Faustus, I know about this, I don’t know about it.

Oh, let me make that very clear.

I don’t know about it, but I know the title and I always got it confused with Faust.


All right, so so not interesting but I’m excited to finally, if you’re going to tell me what this play is actually about because I feel like it’s one of those things that sticks in my brain but I don’t have any clue what it is.

You and I can do a personal Deep dive later if you’d like because I also want to know the lovely people at Park asked left it very Spooky and cryptic, which you just how we like it, I appreciate it.


But now, like the my need for knowledge is very thirsty.

So, here’s what we know about the play.

So its portrayal of Witchcraft during the performance, it was reported as shocking, and allegedly, really affected those that watched it.


People claimed to like, see demons on stage, because they were so rattled by whatever this dark place, It was about and really it was me being cast as an extra like running across the stage in like a black sheet.

Like whoo, it was just like you were just a shadow and the wings and people were freaking out.


But no people left, terrified?

And if the whole point of it was to scare people.

If it was like a fear-mongering tactic against witchcraft, people went to go see this play and were so scared of Witchcraft, but not only did it like bolster their reasoning to hate which is but also it kept them from not wanting.


To practice witchcraft at all.

Oh boy.

So that’s one again.

I would love to like, I know it was from 1604 but like my stupid Millennial brain was like, I’ll have to YouTube that later and see if there’s like a version of, you know, I think my Elementary School actually did that play and so we could just watch.


I could just watch you be the demon that you were talking about that.


You were talking from experience.

Oh my gosh.

Has there been anything that’s ever affected you vet badly?

That’s like scared you out of your wits.


Well, Everything scares me a lot.

So I would say a lot of things including paranormal activity including The Exorcism of Emily Rose, all really frightened me.


I will say something that really stuck with me.

I feel like there are plays like waiting for Godot that stuck with me.

I’m so uneducated and uncultured and don’t know what you’re talking about.

Oh ok, NVM.

Well, what is it?

It’s a play, was it written by dr.


Faustus or something?

Where were you in it as a demon?

I don’t know.

Like, there were definitely some place I’ve seen that really shook me, but I wonder if we would have watched this and been like, oh, that’s pretty cool.

Oh, that’s my fear.

Is that you.

And I would have been the witches who were like.


Oh, that’s kind of fun.

I think, without historical context.

It would have.

I think if we saw it before knowing the background, we would have thought.

Oh, how silly?

And then once we knew the background of it, we would have been like, so the fur the way that this influence that entire region in generation of people to kill witches.


Each has well.

So it, is there anything that you have in mind that affected you?

This is almost unfair to say because it’s comparing that a Marvel.

No, but it’s comparing apples, oranges.

Because this is nothing like a whole land of people being traumatized into wanted to torture other people.


But the only thing I can think of that has permanently scared me into a rational fear is, I had a dream when I was a little kid about a fish eating me alive and to the Say I can’t go to aquariums and I can’t, I have a true.


It’s true phobia fish, where I like I feel like people make fun of me for it, but like people say like, oh, we should like go to the lake for the day or like, I, like I won’t get in water.

I won’t touch fish, like I won’t.

Look at fish at the grocery store.

I won’t go to aquariums.

I’m so fully physically terrified of fish that it’s the only thing I can equate to like an experience traumatizing me for the rest of time.


It’s All I’ve got sounds horrible, realistic fish flops.

I know, I say this every time, but like, I wish that, that had at least benefited me in the fact that you would never have worn those horrible shoes.

I’m trying to conquer my fear.

I actually, I did throw them away.

Thank God.

People are going to find out on here and not on and that’s why I drink, but I did throw away.


It’s about time they were getting funky, but that’s the only thing.

And, again, I know that is like, almost insensitive comparing that to like what those other people went through all those years ago.

But it’s the only thing I can think of where, I Have had long-standing trauma because of something that really more or less should have not affected people.


The way it did, the Wild part is that you wrote this play in your own mind, it wasn’t even like a work of art.

It was like a work of art in your head.

I was three.

So everything was pretty scary.

At the time, things are still scary, three year old me was just a real basket case.

So, man, ditto that much I can relate to for sure when I was three.


I sometimes later my mom’s bed and I had a dream one night, it was like I was like half awake.

He’ll sleep paralysis.

I’m not sure I had a dream that she rolled over and instead of a face it was all skin.

Oh and so to this day which to this day I’m so freaked out when I’m lying in bed next someone and they roll over.


I get like freaked out that they’re going to have like all skin on their face that they say no, I don’t know why it opens up the floodgates but usually I’ve always got something to say of that.

Really Took the cake.


I also didn’t mean to totally like, dismiss your fish story.

I was just trying to think of what happened when I was three in it.

No, honestly, thank you for giving me a reason to like re-evaluate.

The fact that it’s fish.

It’s even better that she’s scary.


I agree.

Fish and birds are scary.

They don’t blink.

I don’t understand how they move.

If they have no one bleep, nobody knows scientist.

Have never figured it out.

One time I tried to get in water and one like one hit me.


It was like I’m going to be brave and then I felt Something hit me know this day.


I can’t actually think about it fully without know.

I it’s so scary.

That one, I think is a sensible fear.

You can’t see them, they shouldn’t be touching you.

Yeah, you would think if you kick your legs violently enough, they will leave you alone, but they won’t swim their giant eyes at you.

Yeah, and my mom desperately tried to, at least tell me, like, when I was a kid, like, oh, like, they don’t have teeth, they won’t bite you.


They have to have at least some of them do.

And then there was, I don’t know where we were, but we were in some sort of waters.

I was on the But I heard them saying like, oh yeah these fish like to come out and like give you a little bit B and I was like I would rather die plus those fish when you put your feet in the water and they like eat the Dyson vacuum time.


I could not.

Imagine that would be.

How anyone could torture any information out of me?

It’s all you do.

You wouldn’t even need to put your foot in.

You’d be like Christine did it.

I just take it wide like I feel like whatever you want me to confess to.

I’ll do it.


I’ll give Christina right?

This very second.



And if Christine asks if she’s saying no, just show her like a Italy skin to face and oh moving on quickly as Spotify edits, all of that out, they just hit the delete button.

They’ve been highlighting that whole section.

I know how it goes.


We don’t mind.

We won’t be offended.

If none of that big said anyway we were all the way back when talking about King James if you remember and part of him influence this play he but he also influenced another famous literary work which was Macbeth.

Okay, heard of that guy heard of.


So here’s actually.

Fun fact.

So when King James became king, he loved the theater and he sponsored Shakespeare’s company.

That’s so cool.

I think that’s where they got the name.

The King’s Men from and around.

When he became King, Shakespeare, who welcomed him, becoming King by writing Macbeth for him, which was about witchcraft, that’s a nice gift.


Allegedly for King, James apparently, King James had a very quick patients and so the play was written, short on purpose, give me a quick.

Like he had no patience.

He had no patience.

I can’t see same.

Yeah, he’s definitely a Gemini.

I’m solving this right now is very fidgety and so because he was short, on patience, the plays were also short.


So I love that funny story.

The inaugural performance of Macbeth was seen by Queen and of Denmark’s, brother, and 1606, which is ironic since Anne of Denmark, was the whole reason.

You started blaming things of other witches.

No, you’re right.


So, Shakespeare actually worked in several.

All references to James, Denmark, trip, and the North Berwick witches.

And another thing that he influence or very directly influenced King James is good old trusty Bible, right?

We still have the King James Bible with scriptures Rewritten to include his which agenda by the way.


So way anyone out there who loves to talk about Miss translations of the Bible, the King James has a few of them.

Anyone who hates to talk about it.

Well here you go.

I love to talk about me to translation survival of the Bible is it’s so fun.

So one of them Exodus 22 18 was originally thou must not suffer a poisoner to live, and it became in the King James Bible.


Thou must not suffer a witch to live.

Oh that’s a convenient little translation there.

That’s very convenient.

Very very very cool room for creativity.

You know I would love as an adult’s to take a class on Bible mistranslations or just like I think that’d be so fun.


That would be fascinating.

Are you waiting for someone to sign you up?

No, I thought should I keep going?

And I went no, we already did the fishing skin to enough tangents.

Anyway, that’s King James for you.

No wonder I didn’t learn about this in Catholic school where they going to tell me o witches and we did talk about that.


I do wonder what people who are religious.

I wonder what they know about King James.

I mean I am really into Witchcraft and the Occult and everything and still didn’t know about saying it.

So I wonder if people who read the Bible for like, actual true fun.


I wonder if If they know this, and use it to justify why they’re against witchcraft, or something.

Because, I mean, it’s beneficial to them for their side of the story of like, oh, with Christianity, we shun Harry Potter, we shun Harry Potter King.


James would so, not be into Harry Potter.


But yeah, I’m just shocked that this isn’t more common knowledge because I feel like the more powerful Christians out there would use this argument whenever talking about something they didn’t agree with and paganism or Wicca.

I All because in the US The Witch Trials are such a dark part of history that I don’t know.


That people want to be associated with something called a witch trial.

Say, that was us.


I was our guy KJ.

Totally makes sense you’re right, but I do well now knowing what, you know, would you say?

I King James is probably one of the bigger antagonists are witches.

Yeah, no doubt.


What about you?

Oh, yeah.

I think he’s at least the longest and most pervasive influence somewhere in his tomb.

He’s like clapping for himself.

He’s so proud like we thought he wanted but yeah, I think considering it’s been since the like the 1500s and he has literally changed the Bible.


I mean, how powerful do you have to be to just change arrival, you know, can we change the Bible?

Oh, we could try and see the poor scribe, who was like, we are, you sure, we should change it from poisoner to witches and he’s like do as I say yeah.

Also like why didn’t you just say poisoner or which like you could have had both powerful, you know, you just want to be like Annoying, nice annoying.


I mean 100%.

I went from not knowing about him at all to.

Now it’s just emboldening my love for which has the same.

I’m just like, wow, fuck that guy.

He had the opposite effect on us, I guess.

But yeah, it didn’t work.

Unfortunately, you can’t get them all cage.


A nice try.

Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.


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