Rituals - E19 • The Emerald Tablet

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We love movies where the plot is searching for influential, ancient artifacts and we’re kind of going on one of those fun Little Adventures today em you got Indiana Jones National Treasure and now this episode of rituals and DaVinci Code, it’s all in the same as you know.


Well we’ll be talking about and hunting for the truth about the Emerald Tablet.

Its roots are in alchemy, but its existence is questionable.

So Kind of a will they won’t they of a haunt of us?

Almost at haunted artifact?

I don’t know.

It might be haunted but it also might the Ross and Rachel of mysteries mystery of mysterious artifacts.


Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m Christine Schieffer, and I’m M Schultz and every week, we’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices and the impact on Modern culture.

Today, we’re digging into the Emerald Tablet.


Mysterious emerald colored.

I gotta tell you, this was a thinker for me because I had so I had no idea what this was.

I tried Googling it.

So I would be up to speed by the time you and I were recording and I very quickly turned Google off because he turned it off.


I turned it on and I turned it off.

Got it because I looked up.

Emerald Tablet.

All I got was like shopping results.

I don’t know what my algorithm thinks I’m up to.

But did you know, you can get a bunch of green jackets with the text of the Emerald Tablet.


Now you can just wear it if you’re a fashion forward like me.

But that’s that’s all I learned by the way.

So I ended up nothing changed, is what I’m trying to tell you.

Oh my gosh.

Well, this makes me even more excited because you’re bringing some of your own fun facts, the table.


So let’s crack into it.


All right, I mean, I think you kind of just illuminated us here, but I do wonder how much you actually know about, not just the Emerald Tablet, but like, ancient documents or tablets.

Is that something you ever did?

Like a little Deep dive in or anything?

Nice of you to ask because I do have a lot of hyper fixations.


I could have easily fallen into that rabbit hole occasionally.

You and I have discovered overlap in our hyper fixations and that can be really fun.

We find each other in the rabbit holes.

Like it’s the tunnel, oh, loves like, you know, oh, But no, I don’t know anything about ancient documents beyond what National Treasure taught me and I barely understood that.


So right said that so no, thank you for being honest.


Thank you to, you know, anything about ancient a documents.

So the only thing I really know about is clean.

I don’t even know about it.

That’s a stretch but, you know, I know about the Rosetta Stone and I learned a lot, unfortunately, in childhood about the Ten Commandments and Moses and the whole nine you had that business.


Is so I feel like they’re all kind of in the same like mysterious Vibe for me.

But the only thing I’ve ever kind of picked up on his just watching History Channel where they go, you know try to convince you that aliens wrote Every old document I’m into it.

We do I mean who’s to say?


It’s not right.

You know II certainly not I so this is what I’m saying is that the Emerald Tablet?

I’m kind of with you and I know I’m supposed to be here being the expert on the topic but After reading the research multiple times, over a period of multiple days, I still feel a little bit like befuddled about whether something was real, whether this thing will get into it.


But I just want to warn you in advance that I don’t necessarily have maybe all the answers you are seeking.

I’m no Nicolas Cage.

It’s ironic because it sounds like, that’s the Emerald Tablet is.

Maybe I need to find that first really answer all the questions, which I guess is the whole point.


So, anyway, if Could I have a question though.

But if you let’s say you could find this thing which apparently, all I gathered, I’m not trying to steal your thunder here but I do know one thing about it and the overarching theme of The Emerald Tablet.

Seems to be that it has all the secrets of the universe on it.


Mhm, answers.

If someone were to tell you, they have a trench coat and they like, they could be showing you watches on the inside of that trench coat, or they could show you the Emerald Tablet.

I do a little whip it out and they’re saying, listen, I got all the secrets of the universe in here.


You in.

Do you pick up the Emerald Tablet?

And give it a read?


I mean it was in Greek.

So maybe, yeah.

And then I would say, oh wait, I forgot I don’t speak Greek.

Put big thing to forget.

That part is maybe would be a wrench in the plant.


I think.

If someone said I do, you want to know the answer.

So Universe.

Oh my gosh.

I’m really stuck because I think I would say no but I’d really want to say yes.

See I would say absolutely but I know I should say no I’d go into it.

Knowing I was being Reckless.

And I’d be okay with interesting.


Yeah, it would be certainly Reckless and usually as a reckless person this is an easy answer but for some reason I just worry that I would really ruin my own life with that knowledge.

He made a great point that also technically if it’s in Greek or language, I don’t understand I could be told the secrets of the universe and still walk out pretty clueless.


So it’s all Greek to me.

You nailed it.


So without giving too much away and we are going to see a kind of little Venn diagram / overlap of the occult and science.

And I am curious like how often as the kind of a cult expert around here.


How often have you seen those two meet?

Well, let’s start with the fact that you called me at expert honored that you fly so confidently Bowl.

But no, I definitely have seen some crossovers between the occult and science.

Like you just said, we cover the stone tape theory on.


That’s why we drink the science of electromagnetic energy, the science of Ley lines that people have discussed.

Also, I mean, Alchemy is sciency 100%.

I mean to understand, even gemstones and minerals and weather and nature and astronomy lunar cycles.


I feel like there’s even if a lot of a cult practices aren’t considered science.

I think more than other beliefs there, at least rooted in a scientific framework or a based in science.

This is why I called you the expert.

I feel like that’s a very good point because I was just thinking Some of my favorite topics are when the occult has some sort of yeah, like framework behind.


Find it some explanation that lies in like actual science in reality.

And so you know like I love quantum physics, that kind of thing, you know, Ben’s your mind but it’s like actual scientist, believe it and discuss it.

And yeah, get beat science, folks.

But at the same time, I hadn’t even thought about how like everything from right, like crystals to astrology to all these different aspects of the occult also have a science background, sort of.



Even when they’re considered like woo, woo science.

It’s still like, at least.

Based in science.

And I am not saying that all witches are scientists, but I am saying all witches.

I feel like have at least all scientists are witches.

Wait a minute, I will.

Oh, I thought that’s not gonna confirm or deny that.


But I will say, I guess that’s for them to decide feel like practitioners, have it.

The very least like a biology 101 background.

Like I feel like you have to understand the basics of a lot of things to at least get started so I’m into it.


All right, one more.

A thing before we get started on the actual Emerald Tablet, I’m just curious.

Why do you think that we’re prone to believe things like these legends that we see on the History Channel places like that.

Like the Emerald Tablet when it’s possible, it’s just all fake.

I mean, I think it’s maybe the same reason people find comfort, and spirituality, and religion.


I think it especially with the Emerald Tablet.

Which, again, all I know is that it’s said to give us answers.

I feel like it’s so easy to learn to believe in something that gives Answers about why we’re here or what comes next.

Or I mean, that’s just in this case specifically but anything that’s kind of unknown.


But mysterious, first of all, I’m just nosy.

That’s why I believe it.

And I’m like, I’m just I just want to see what things are about, but I could feel your friends with that trenchcoat guy.

Yeah, I hey, I got him on speed dial.

So yeah, I think it probably usually falls into people just seeking answers and whatever path.


They want to go on.

You’re so smart.

I know.

All right.

Let’s start our adventure by saying the Emerald Tablet itself is a legendary artifact described in texts that Alchemist, became obsessed with centuries ago.

So the tablet is described.



As its name suggests, it’s a slab of emerald or green stone inscribed allegedly.

With like you said M, the secrets of the universe.


Ah and that’s as far as I got, by the way, the rest of us, all you Christine the end.


That’s all I know.

Now there’s more, there’s more.

So the text on it.

Actually organized into seven paragraphs which for some reason I find comical.

And I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I do find it a little funny that, like, the secrets of the universe can be divided into sort of like, my high school like thesis paper, or something like seven paragraphs, broken down, I thought the same thing.


I was like, I love how how many centuries of how many people have been looking for these secrets and it can just be summed up.

So neatly and just having paragraphs hair, grafts.

And I feel like maybe those seven many paragraphs could have been.

Lumped into like three or four major paragraphs, and it’s just like, that.


Classic classic line.

This could have been an email, Emerald Tablet.

You know what?

I’m going to leave it at that.

You couldn’t say anything smarter about it.

Actually go for it.

So when we say, holds the secrets to the universe, the Emerald Tablet uses the word Universe to refer to both the material Universe in which we live, so below, but also the spiritual universe.


So above and the concept is, if we can understand the human body, we Understand the universe because they’re built much the same way.

We’re all connected, we’re all connected.

The tablet seems really resonated with the occult including the Freemasons, and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, who we’ve talked about in a past episode.


Now Alchemy by the way, has a complex history in itself, even without this tablet.

And it’s something I’ve always found fascinating.

We’re basically talking about early philosophers, who questioned and experimented with scientific methods, they were these deep thinkers, who sort of laid some groundwork.

Look for what became Modern Chemistry.


So as you were saying, it really does have kind of a basis, a grounding in science.

I mean I’m not going to, I think the second someone says well there’s science behind it.

I go.

Well, I’m not the person to judge that.

I’m not the person to say that’s not true.

So so far.


I’m I’m into the fact that there are at least trying to do it scientifically.

It reminds me a lot of the spr the society for psychical research that they’re like.

Okay, this is some spooky stuff that like doesn’t have a lot of answers.

But we’re going to try to figure it out as logically as possible.


Yes, that’s a good point.

Try to debunk, what you can use the scientific method and that is a very good point.

I hadn’t even thought about ghosts.

As part of this, the hype Up is real today.

You are making it feel like I’m on cloud, nine are you?

Are, you are like killing the game.

I don’t know what to say.

I think you so where the Emerald Tablet gets a mythical angle for Alchemists is that it’s thought to reveal how to make a philosopher’s stone.


Now, do you know about the Philosopher’s Stone at all?

See this.

Is where the hype up ends because I’m about sounds.

So stupid.

Do you know what I’m about to say?


Harry Potter a literally.

I thought it was made up.

Oh, I didn’t know.

Yeah, it’s that stupid.

I didn’t know you’re not stupid.


Come on.

I didn’t know the philosopher.

I thought I transferred created that I didn’t know that this was real.

Oh, certainly not know.

So it’s actually an old very old concept that was you know, Obviously by she who must not be named, but the Philosopher’s Stone is actually the ingredient needed to change any metal into gold, which is like, I guess the whole point of alchemy so it would be like the Pinnacle of alchemy is to find this Philosopher’s Stone to be able to turn anything into gold Alchemist.


Also, believed it could cure diseases, bring spiritual change and like in Harry Potter.

Make you live longer or even live forever which I think is the Nicholas Flamel character.

In Harry Potter.

Aha, thank you for bringing it back to something I can understand.


It’s all science was taught in Harry Potter references.

I think I’d be a chemist by now.

You might be, you should show.

So when we go back to the start of alchemy and the creation of the Emerald Tablet, we get the following named M.

And this is where you start typing me up because I’m ready to say this name for you.


I’m so proud of you already.

Thank you, watch me.

Totally blender this.

No, I’m going to, I’m going to get right.

His name is her.

He’s trismegistus there to there.

The claps think I’m so proud of you.

Thank you and the name Hermes.


Trismegistus actually means Hermes the Thrice greatest.

Like, why do you need such a complicated name.

But whatever.

That’s beside, you know if someone offered you to rename yourself, you pick something that annoying.

So I’m just jealous.

Leave him alone.

You’re completely right.


I’m just jealous.

So, actually, Hermes trismegistus is a work of fiction because He’s actually the combination of the Egyptian god of wisdom fothe and the Greek God Hermes.

So now this is ABS to this mystery where I said, hold up.

I got to rewind my notes and reread this, because this guy Hermes trismegistus is fake is or fictional is not a real person, but he allegedly wrote this tablet, so it’s sort of like, so they just adds more theories, more questions and more to explore, I guess in this story.


This is where I also got lost.

Because I was like this guy isn’t real, but he wrote this thing that probably is also not real but if it is real it’s basically a recipe guide for the Philosopher’s Stone which could change the world’s.

It’s also seven paragraphs which is very specific.

It’s a long recipe but a short it’s a short story.


It’s no it’s a novella in and of itself.

But I wonder why if Hermes really did create this on an Emerald Tablet, I feel like there’s significance to why he put it on.

An emerald slab versus any other gem interested him wholly, mineral but I feel like emeralds like a hot commodity so I feel like he’s started hype.


He was like, this is going to be so rare, it’s going to blow people’s minds so rare and I mean, now it’s even a fashion statement.

Like you said, it’s a jacket, it’s a jacket.

If you, I mean, maybe if you can actually afford a jacket out of emerald, it’s not going to be a company jacket, but it’s going to be expensive, that’s for sure.


It’s gonna you probably won’t be able to sit down at the Met Gala, but you can move and shine.

And Sparkle but I do Wonder like there had to have been some sort of significance for why Emerald was the slab.

He chose and to have that big of a slab available and think I’m going to ruin it by chiseling, a bunch of words into it and hope I don’t make a typo that yeah.


Oh, really embarrassing.

The biggest scare of their time?

I think anytime you chiseled something, you know, it’s like can’t whiteout.

We can’t wait it out, you know, backspace that.

So, apparently the emerald according to American gem Society, dot-org is a sin.


Belove rebirth and is believed to Grant the owner foresight.

Good fortune and youth.

Hey, what does feel right?

That’s really spot-on.

Their am good, but he’ll feel, right?

Because that’s kind of the whole point.

How did the Emerald Tablet become?


This deeply desired artifact, and whatever happened to it coming up we’ll try our best to answer that and determine whether it’s all been one, big game of telephone, a very important game of telephone.

It’s sweet right.


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Cults, and on behalf of everyone here at par cast.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

We hope you enjoy Before we get into kind of more of the theories, I’m going to do a little mini recap here of the history of the Emerald Tablet.


So we introduced you to this artifact.

It’s an artifact, whose history and existence, we are trying to uncover today.

We’ve got this slab of emerald or green stone with just casually the secrets of the whole universe etched onto it.

Deal super casual bfd2 sits a BFD.


Yeah, a coveted artifact.

So it’s what the Alchemists were seeking this, like, type of Holy Grail item because it could basically help you create the Philosopher’s Stone, which had all these mythical amazing properties to.

It it allegedly talked about longer life or immortality.


How to turn natural elements into gold and so obviously who would not want this tablet, if it were real and I feel like this goes back into what you were saying of like.

No wonder people want to believe these things.

It’s because how amazing would that be if that were actually real sounds like they’re golden ticket.

Sounds like they’re gold diggers.


Oh, hey, well, kinda I guess just like a cerebral of the Supreme all kinds, you know, here’s was better.

So after the creation of the Emerald Tablet, some of the text on, it was incorporated into different belief systems, and philosophies, and many occult groups picked up on the text to use as part of their foundations, there’s been some very important stuff because a Two different groups, took it and ran with it.


I mean it makes sense because if this is like the seven secrets of the universe and you’re trying to set the foundation of a belief system, I mean I’d grab from it, too.

I mean, make sense, we’d make our own religion on it too.


That’s exactly, right.

Probably, what would be so dangerous for us?

Who it would be, probably the biggest mistake.

But anyway, so let’s get into more about where we got.

Such a sought-after artifact and why we don’t physically know where this NG is the Emerald Tablet was said to have been created by Hermes trismegistus.


And I’m pretty sure they just want me to keep saying this name because you got these notes to not me.

He to honestly because I feel like I might have left.

If This Were the other way around, there are different stories about the supposed location of this magical tablet throughout time, but here’s the most common story.


So the most common story told is that Greek philosopher apollonius found the tablet in it, Tomb with Hermes body.


Okay, so he like basically I guess went to die with this tab, like it was like buried with him.


Essentially if I make sense interesting.

He put all this work into something just to not share it with the world.

It must’ve just been his so special, you know, I guess I would.

Also, let’s like remind everybody, the confusion that we both share, which is that The Story Goes Up, This Greek philosopher, who is real found this tablet and a tomb of somebody who isn’t real, who is fictional.


So he found it.

He’s all immediately lying.

Like it’s just like red flags all over.

This apollonius guy.

I’m like, I’m not selling yourself continued, his gas lighting for him, but it’s not 20 22, and we’re still just straight up, telling people, not the facts.


So yeah, what we’re still propagating, this story apollonius.

I need you to bring up your sources here but bring them front and center because I have questions.

There’s a rumor that the Emerald Tablet was kept in the Library of Alexandria.

Andrea after apollonius died.

But as some of us know, I guess I don’t want say as everyone knows because I was in Latin class for many years and this might just be something, I had to learn the Library of Alexandria burned to the ground and everything inside of it was destroyed, which very heartbreaking.


So, the idea is that it was in this library and has been destroyed, okay?

So, no wonder he was buried with it.

Like, hello.

It’s in danger out here.

Makes sense with the mysterious Emerald Tablet.

Nowhere to be found the text on the The tablet seem to now be even more Priceless.


It’s sort of like we had the answers to the universe, then they got burned away before our very eyes and now we must figure them out which like I kind of don’t feel bad for them because like no one thought to just put like a piece of paper on top of it and like use the side of a crayon and shade only text.


Like you didn’t even need to copy paste it like with by hand you could literally have just done a little etching, a little shading and you would have had a copy of it in like 5 seconds and no one thought to do that arriola.


That would have been.

In so smart.

Well that’s why they should have looked to me apollonius the Greek philosopher should have come to me about how do we copy and paste this and I would have said we have a shortcut because that’s the kind of people we are to this Crayola crayon.


The first of all, the Crayola crayon would blow their mind and then would be, like, wait until you shade it.

It’s gonna get crazy in terms of language.

It was claimed, the Emerald Tablet was originally, Written in Greek, which is why I probably would have just stared at it blankly and not known all the magic right before my very eyes.



And it’s widely believed the text on.

The Emerald Tablet was adapted from an earlier, Arabic work that dated back between the 6th and 8th centuries ad.

So now we’re saying, oh, this was written by Hermes this guy, but also it was adapted from an earlier work.


So now we’re thinking there’s like an earlier version of someone did copy and paste it.

Someone maybe.

Did ya which lets me know that it was possible the second time around if we still didn’t do it and then it burned to the ground, didn’t do it.

Big mistake, whatever language was originally on the tablet, it was adapted and translated over many centuries, including into Latin in the 12th century.


Then Alchemist translated at themselves including Sir, Isaac Newton, another famously real person so this is where the story is getting.

So convoluted for me, there’s so many real people who are like vouching for it.

I click, I mean, talk about gatekeeping Like I feel like they just found out a lot of information there like you know, what’s best for everyone.


If we just blatantly lie, they’ll go with it and we have I don’t know what else to say we have.

I don’t know what to tell you Christian but I also have found ancient texts before they were created by Barney the dinosaur.

No but I am a real person I’m telling you and you need to believe me.


This is a real story.

I feel like I’ve heard rumors that you found it in Barney’s tomb with them.

This is little Our Treehouse cave.

Yeah, that’s his tomb.

A little Playhouse with several children.



Anyway, I believe you, thank you.


So like I said, Alchemist translated at themselves as well, including famously real Sir Isaac Newton which then made this tablet, become a primary and important text for Alchemist but it wouldn’t land on the show if it wasn’t connected to the world of spiritualism and the Occult.

So as I mentioned, the story says that the text revealed the secrets of the universe.


So it’s easy to see.

See how this tablet became attached to hermeticism, which is the philosophical and religious movement, that started in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance and then by the 19th and 20th Century, so much more recently, it got linked to esotericism stand occultus and this kind of like again they took it and ran with it.


These kind of more spiritual occult groups Church which is understandable, we all want to know the secrets after the Crusades Alchemy started to spread around all of Europe and take on new life forever.

It went, it was hot stuff.

The scenes out could be business.


I love it.


And the Renaissance was one alchemy’s popularity grew even more so that makes sense.

Yeah I would think so.

Right like it fits if it’s the vibe you know and so then obviously I imagine the Emerald Tablet also regained much more popularity during this time as well, but you can’t have a hero of your story without an anti hero, a villain, if you will, that’s a little yin and yang.


Yeah, storytime 101, you know?

So con artists would exploit Alchemy and cause those who practice it, to go into hiding and legitimate texts, were then destroyed or lost to time.

So basically, these con artists had to ruin it for everyone.

People, make everything people people, people, people hate myself, you know how I feel about people, I feel the same way XO, but the mystery and legend of the Emerald Tablet carried on.


There’s this author, Dennis William Hawk, who wrote about the tablet saying, quote, one of the most mysterious documents ever put before the eyes of man.

The Emerald Tablet has been described as everything from a succinct summary of neoplatonic philosophy to an extraterrestrial artifact or a gift from Atlantis.


That’s my ball park.

Let’s hey, if it’s any of those things, I’m equally excited but I do like that it’s broadened into more and more mysterious subjects as time goes on.


Like, this really does sound like a direct quote from the History Channel and I, yeah, this would be on one of the, it might be.


They probably Ancient Aliens isn’t that?



I feel like they probably do have plenty of episodes about the Emerald Tablet.

Can you imagine if the tablet was actually a sacred text?

That was from, like a different Universe with its own set of Secrets and we’re just wishes we copy and pasting the wrong ones, which is No Child on Earth, by accident.


And we’re just like, oh, wow.

This is first, has to be our secret Snowden, makes so much sense.

And they’re like, no, no, no.

That one’s not for you.

What if it’s not even Secrets?

But if it’s just like an alien tabloid, Magazine and like, you know, could be anything, The National Enquirer for extraterrestrials.


That’s the rumor.

I would like to start now because we started at gift from Atlantis and now, I’d like it to be alien tabloid and I’m tabloid.

I actually, I feel like, why not anything’s possible?

Anything is possible.

That’s what we say on the show.

There’s also esoteric scholar John Matthews who wrote quote, whatever one chooses to believe about it.


There is no getting away from the fact that the Emerald Tablet is one of the most profound found and important documents to have come down to us.

It has been said more than once, that it contains the sum of all knowledge for those able to understand it.



But hear me out M.


So I know where we keep talking about.

This guy’s fictional.

And yes, he is.

But what if it’s a cover for an actually real person, or maybe they gave someone a pen name, or it was like a group of people, you know what I mean?

It does feel a little conspiracy ish of that.


There are so many.

Real people vouching for this but all like letting this fake person fall on their sword.

Yeah, let’s totally make this a conspiracy theory of like, oh you even think it’s real, you know, I mean I guess most people already are kind of wondering that.


Maybe they say oh if it was found in this tomb but that that whole story is just like a kind of a fictionalized version of what really happened.


Maybe they got down together wrote it together and then came up with some sort of like mythical back story to kind of throw the scent off.

Yeah, throw People off a sixth sense to me.

Maybe they got it from burning, the dinosaur.

I don’t know you and they were like, that’s too ridiculous.


Let’s make it more realistic.

That’s, that’s the theme of to anything is possible for all.

We know this could just be like an old chiseled into bro.


They could have just, you know it could just be like their own little tenants like that, their little Posse followed and The Alchemist.


Maybe I got found out and then they had to like try to cover it up and that’s what made it.

So mysterious.

That’s interesting.

Like maybe they just wrote it and they were like, no for real.

This is really what happened.

This is the real secrets of the universe.

You don’t believe us.


Because we wrote it, and we’re saying it’s real.


And it’s our idea.

Well actually that’s not true because this cool guy named Thrice great at mr.

Thrice greatest, actually wrote it, not us, it wasn’t us, not even a stone think for a second we did this nice try.

But we found it in his tomb.


Well also what if like a in my mind like a frat, bro, move of like you I can’t prove us wrong, can’t prove us wrong.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, there’s no way.

It’s like a catch-22.

There’s no way to prove that they could have simply found it in a volcano and like I guess I wasn’t there.

I mean, it’s so gasps Lady.

It’s they could just say whatever they wanted and they could say it existed, and it never did because, you know, Chad was too lazy to even show as a little to the tablet.


Nobody Crayola did it.

So maybe baby.

We’re it’s just lost to time.

I do the seven secrets to the universe but like I don’t want like Couldn’t tell you if I want to tell you them, like, I would like ruin it for everyone, you know.

Like I could be such a brownie thing if we wanted it to be and I do want it to be for just for clarity here.


I do.

I would like it to be.

And speaking of that it does also I hesitate to say this, but it does also remind me a little bit of like the whole nft crypto world right now where it’s like us, whether they’re like keeping themselves on a pedestal from the rest of the world are like, creating these things that aren’t really real, but they like have so much value.


You but like how do we prove they have value but it’s all made up anyway.

You know what I’m saying?

If there’s a Thing If you happen to know, a boy who is half into like philosophy because he’s a philosopher.

He thinks he’s so edgy and Moody and are sure.

He also knows a little bit about NF.


TS, I need you.

People of the world to ask him, which in today’s world would cost more, the Emerald Tablet or an NFC of the Emerald Tablet.

Now, that is the question and watch his brain explode because Honestly, mine just said I think mine just fizzled out and tried, but you also get away just like disappeared.


Yeah, it’s baffling.

I feel like, it’s just, like, a never-ending circle.

Like, there’s no way to really prove it, especially if it’s been lost to time.

Truly loss of time, completely made-up person that they are putting all the blame on.

And also now they’ve got all these like people who are like backing it up.


So it had to have been real at least to them in spirit.

So like, I don’t know.

I don’t know where you go to start trying the fact that there’s experts out there who have made it their life’s work to find this thing that may not even exist is fascinating half inspiring half cringy because I’m like, like imagine if you end up finding out it.


But also, how could you find out in today’s world that never existed.

That is the beauty of it, right?

That’s the beauty of it.

I don’t know why.

I just got so mad at all these Alchemist, but for some reason, I started getting really annoyed.

I was like, how dare you, bam?

The less I know I mentioned National Treasure almost at every moment I can’t but I feel like at least there was a map to how to get there, you know, like there’s no treasure map to this one.


It’s like if you find it, you find it.

If not go to hell.

If you find it, you find it.

If not, it’s because it burned down in the Library of Alexandria and you’ll never find it.

But also it was never real to begin with.

So yeah.


Sorry that often goose chase running around for that story.

Up next, like many things we talked about on this show.


Pop culture has kept the legacy of the Emerald Tablet alive and find out whether we think the Emerald Tablet was ever real to begin with.

I think we, I think into that, that already think we’ve covered that Like I said, when this episode started, the Emerald Tablet story is like a movie much like National Treasure where the plot is searching for influential.


Ancient artifacts in the truth is out there somewhere or is it?

I don’t know.

Where is it?

I think we really took a turn.

In those last 10 minutes here and I really just did a 180 on these Alchemists.

I think I got fired up and then that got you fired up and then just kept our Flames kept Fanning each other and then now I’m just mad at men, you know, you know, it’s a haze.


You said Chad I said nft, we went into a spiral it happens ever triggered.

Yeah, it happens.

I think that’s exactly what they wanted is centuries ago.

There were like they’re still going to be talking about us.

This is alpha male bullshit, okay.


And when you have that kind of mystery adventure for influential ancient artifacts, it’s always going to inspire other work.


So there are many books that use the Emerald Tablet in their plots.

The novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is probably the most popular, okay?

Main character in the book is on a treasure hunt and finds an interest in alchemy, only to learn more about it from text, inscribed on the surface of an emerald.


Sounds pretty on the pretty on the nose.

Pretty on the nose.

You can even search on YouTube for celebrities who are talking Oprah about this book.

Like Oprah even chats with the author.

This talk about influential like this book.

Made its way out into into the world if Oprah had anything to do with it.


I was gonna say Oprah says that it is.

It is solid as Cannon.


That’s you know what, you’re not wrong in one video, singer-songwriter for all and Oprah, talk about the book teaching them.

Quote, if you have the desire the universe will rise up to meet you exactly where you are.


Hmm which maybe is one of the paragraphs, I’m not sure.

Triple probably know, maybe it’s the, can you imagine if we finally find the Emerald Tablet and then all of a sudden, like, Chad comes back through like a Ouija board or something.

He’s like, actually, there’s a secret eighth paragraph.


Who you can’t know about that.


Now, I have to go find that one and that’s where this is said, I mean, despite my reservations with this Emerald Tablet, I do think that quote if you have the desire the universe will rise up to meet you exactly where you are is still, I mean that’s very manifest e like Words a beautiful quote, I agree.


The rest of the text is, I don’t know about that, but I’m into this one.

I’m into this bouquet.

Well to be fair this is from the book that was written about.

Oh right.

Yeah we don’t know it’s not accessible from the actual tablet.

That’s possibly my skulls cracking i-it’s just yes.


Okay so the Alchemist mailed it but the text itself we still don’t know who knows but like this guy’s on to something whether or not the the tablet is is helping.

Yeah I really like that quote.

I think it’s pretty powerful but I will say if that It is one of the lines on the tablet.

I would be very annoyed because it’s very like metaphorical and I feel like if someone’s going to tell me the secrets of the universe, like I don’t need to have to figure it out.


It’s like I want to be very clear.

It’s almost circular where it’s like, here’s the secret of the universe.

The universe is secretive.

It’s like well, yeah, it’s like a riddle.

I don’t want that.

I wasted my whole life and my father before him try to find this out.


I already do that. 1974, a Brazilian musician, recorded an album named The Emerald Tablet and some of his songs fully quoted the tablets texts.

Now, again, I’m saying, what do you mean?

That’s okay.

See, the song that like, it’s the song, the secret of the universe.


I’m so confused like as far as I’m aware based on what you have told me today is that we never got any solid translations of the text.

So how would the song be quoting the text?

And by the way, does that?

I mean that these songs are the closest thing to English text.


We have of it, like, should I just be listening to his music and art?

Oh, it’s not even it’s Brazilian.

I don’t even know if it’s, I don’t even know what language it might be in.

I assumed it would be in Portuguese, but I don’t know because this is what’s so confusing if the songs are quoting, the tablets text, right?


Is it in Greek?

All right, hang on.

Also like if that’s the case, I’m just going to go find somebody.

Could like translate these for me, this these lyrics and I’ll be like oh so these are apparently verbatim texts of then we don’t even need the tablet.


We just listen to the song and say now we understand the universe.


It’s the it’s the new age version of the Emerald Tablet.

It’s literally just it’s an MP3.

But so then we already know the secrets of the universe.

If these are direct translations from something that by the way may or may not exist, riddle me that.

But then on top of that we already know what the secrets of the universe are.


Why is everyone confused?

This is why I have I had passed.

Had a headache for the last several days because I’m just so baffled by this whole story.

I would love to talk to the producer or artist and be like what are you exactly in yourself you and apollonius have a lot of explaining to do.


I wonder if the artist’s name is apollonius, I doubt it.

I also got it.

But, you know what?

That would be.

Again, very on the nose.

I mean, it is on the nose because the songs even reference our friend, Hermes trismegistus.

And so, He’s talking about Hermes, like he has this whole story set in his songs, but again, we still are wrapped up in this mystery of what the tablet actually says, even though this guy seems to be perfectly comfortable, quoting it.


So it’s all very baffling to me.

The Emerald Tablet, also plays a major part in the Netflix show.

Dark, have you seen it?

Probably not because it is not any harsh.

Oh yeah, no, I haven’t not yet.

It is a German show and it’s a very good show.


But when I got to this bullet point, Ain’t I told Blaze.

I was like, no wonder.

This is so confusing because darkest one of the most baffling shows.

It’s a time travel Thriller.

It’s really good.

You should watch.

I know.

You don’t like like captions, but you do like time travel.


I love time travel.


And you love me and I’m Journal.

So I feel like you could get a kick out of that, I don’t know.

Just saying I could find a way.

I would just make you quote things to me later, maybe parts that involve the Emerald Tablet so we could all get some pictures.

Well there’s even a character with a tattoo that Picks a tablet like on the show.


So they are fully immersing themselves in this tablet lure but it is a great show.

I do recommend it if you’re into kind of like sci-fi thriller time travel stuff.

It’s very confusing.

I will say, very layered and very confusing, but again, so it was a stamp tablet.

So it all kind of makes sense.



Well I am I know this is a stupid question but any other thoughts any questions you have left about?

The Skeletor has everything been cleared up for you?

Sorry that’s what I was said.

With much more aggression, that was the same attitude that came out.


Was, I mean then how did they came out?

Was valid warranted, right?

It was so warranted, but hmmm are things cleared up for me?

I want you to ask yourself if that was a question worth asking.

I’m not even gonna ask myself because I already know the answer.

I just feel like I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say this thing isn’t real and if one day I find out in the news that it was real I will eat my own words happily.


But until further notice Gilligan Should men got in a room and they’re like, you know, how we could fuck with people for eons and then they did it and it worked.

I respect the prank but I have troubles with any real spiritual texts.


I always have like critical issues with, like, who wrote it.

Like, who really wrote this like this group of men who are translating it did they come up with these separate?

I know.

Like Hermes and theory is the one that wrote it but if it was a bunch of guys just like messing around, Around.


What were their seven secrets of the universe?

Really like, you know, like I do think it could get really hysterical.

I think someone could do is the answer to all our problems.

If people who were into n of T, found out that there was a text hundreds of years ago.

That said that you would never be able to talk about that.


Pedestal talk about brains exploding.


Here’s what I think though.

I don’t think it was a prank.

Like I don’t think these guys were sitting there going like, haha, guess what we could do?

I really think they probably believed it and wanted to give it more Validation by saying, you know, oh no someone else smart and fancy wrote it, we just took it on and believe it because it what kind of value does it have?


If they wrote it themselves?

You know what I mean?

I feel like there’s something they genuinely believed and they were like, this is how we live our Alchemy lives, again, it’s hard to say when we don’t even know what it says.

But I feel like it’s probably something they really did believe in and then they just kind of tried to give it more validation.


By saying like oh no someone else, probably wrote it.

I mean, clearly other people have dedicated their lives to try to find this leg.

So I hope that they find something because I really want them to win but I don’t know if it’s real.


I feel like if the first thing that experts are you know people who were vouching for it all the way back.

Then if the first thing they’re going to do is lie and bullet point one of like, oh yeah, we found it from this person who thread flies.

Not real.


It’s like, okay.

So immediately I can’t trust anything else.

You have to say in that way?

I feel like if it is a real text, then it’s at least historically, really interesting, like it might not legitimately be the answer to the universe.

But like it would be a really cool artifact like whether or not it actually artifact a cult you know, magic or whatever.


So I feel like it would at least be cool to find and see what those fellows were up to back then and it would be cool.

And I do hope that people who are Dedicated their lives to this, you know, get a win by the end of it all.

Yeah, they deserve it to swing back to your question.


No, I don’t have all the answers.

Figure it out in my head.

I’m very confused.

I thought if anyone could it would be you, but I guess we’re all at a loss.

Now, I usually can make sense of chaos but this is just above my pay grade, I think.

So finally, I’ve reached something I’ve brought you something, you can’t unravel.


And I’m so proud of my Breaking Point.

Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.


On today’s episode came from the secrets of alchemy by Lawrence and príncipe.

The secret history of Hermes trismegistus by Florian ebeling symbol Sage Gaia William met University and ancient Origins.

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