Rituals - E20 • William Butler Yeats

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It feels like a good time to meet another popular figure in the world of the occult and spiritualism and if you’re going to be in the game, we have to understand the players I say as an athlete I want to.

Yeah, I want to be part of the team.

Let me in William Butler Yeats is a poet that many people have probably studied in school and he’s not the first writer poet that we’ve talked about who has dabbled in the occult, and put it in their work, and he won’t be the last time.



And if anything, I guess we’re probably.

Helping build our listeners in a cult library.

At this point with the amount of writers, we’re talking about who than in this world.

The dream in a cult library, but Kendall content, maybe can do addition only Kindle edition Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.


I’m M Schultz, and I’m Christine cheaper every week.

We’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices, and the impact on Modern culture.

We’re talking about William Butler Yeats today and I up until today, didn’t realize how involved Alden spiritualism.


He was this keeps happening in our episodes were learning that these people who are very successful on, we learned about in school.

Why didn’t they talk about this in school?

I feel like Park asses doing a real bang-up job of keeping me on my toes because I feel like every topic we’ve discussed.


I’ve somehow not known anything about it and I’ve been talking about the Paranormal for five years.

It’s actually it’s pretty impressive yet.

Everytime blows me away.

So we’re gonna have a good time because he’s quite an interesting man.

What a silly man not As silly as some other people have discussed but he’s still well, it’s a high bar, very interesting.


So let’s crack into it.


Before we get into William Butler Yeats is story.

I want to ask you as another member of the spirituality Community when you first got into spiritualism or I guess spooky stuff in general.

Did you ever feel like you ever got any pushback on that?


Or did you feel some Port right away?

I know we’ve talked about your akashic records at one point.

Don’t really like you got some pushback on that.

Did you feel like you actually got pushed back or were you just expecting push back?

No, I think.

I just was slightly embarrassed because I know how off-the-wall it sounded to a lot of people.


I feel like I’m very lucky in that my family, never maybe they just weren’t surprised, but they never really, you know, pushed back on anything that I was really into or exploring and I mean, I guess part of it was that we lived in ela.


And so, you know, looking Into Reiki and all that was not necessarily off the wall in that part of the country.

Also, your family has some background that stuff too.


So true.

That’s true.


Like I started doing a Reiki course, as my mom was like, oh I have my master certification in Reiki.


I was like, pardon that’s what’s so I think there was much less pushback I guess than I expected.

What about you though?

I don’t think so.

I’ve mentioned before that, I have been talking about ghosts since I was a little kid so I think my mom I knew early on To just accept me as like, a bit of a terror.


Yeah, yeah.

So I’m also growing up, I think I was always surrounded by friends who talked about ghosts and spooky stuff.

And I’ve never been in a circle where I got to learn anything outside of mainly ghost stories, which is why that became my bread and butter.


But as I got older, I met people who were in like Witchcraft and things like that.

I’m sure they experienced backlash from someone, but I’ve always been so interested in that kind of stuff.

I’ve never had any pushback, so I’ve never practiced it.

Every time I talk to somebody who’s really passionate about it, I makes me kind of have the bug.


Like, I kind of want to try it out.


And I think that’s a good point.

I haven’t really been practicing much of this kind of spirituality stuff for witchcraft in a long-term, very like, open public way.

And I feel like if it were much bigger, more obvious, part of my life, maybe I’d get more pushback.


But for the most part, it’s just an interest in it.

And I think it’s hard to, you know, In my life has been very aggressively against that.


I think I grew up in a pretty open-minded world like a, my personal world that was pretty open-minded.

So I never had to deal with anything like that.


Some hmm as for William Butler Yeats who were talking about today?

He unfortunately wasn’t in I guess and as open-minded of a personal world as we were in, he definitely had some pushback on his way of thinking, but he was super Unapologetic about it.

He definitely had confidence in these Lisa his and I didn’t know, do you know a lot about William Butler Yeats well embarrassingly little amount.


I will Shew.

Oh good, not as of today.

But as of yesterday yeah, at least I thought this is just another previously on where we are just simply uneducated I feel like this is one of those names again where I’m like oh yeah know a little bit about him but not the interesting stuff I cannot this stuff.


I felt the same way where I was like I know Name and that, as far as I thought, I thought that was enough for like the rest of my life.

Like, I know this name it if someone ever mentions on my won’t look that stupid.

But no, I was wrong.

I totally didn’t know anything about his life to this level.


I mean, he’s just one of many writers and Poets out there who are really into spiritualism and mysticism, and do you think there’s any connection to that or I mean that is so true like Sylvia, Plath.

I mean all these Folks are just so I wonder if it’s just having that, like, creative mind or that kind of openness, I don’t know, though.


Do you have a theory?

I have the same thought that.

Like, if you’re already kind of coming up with like, Fantastical Concepts, you’re probably more open to other Fantastical Concepts.

I mean, when I think of like the Trope of an author I think of like how a lot of them are.

You know, talk a lot about philosophy or you know why things are the way they are.


So I might see why they Be more connected to questions about the after life, or Shinning, the universe that are meaning of life.




That’s a really good point to.

They like, look in the things in more depth, maybe.


Yeah, I would guess that’s, that’s a good point that connection.


If I were a poet, that would be my excuse for, also being into spooky stuff.

So maybe we should become poets and then no one will ever challenged us.

Oh okay, that sounds weird to say, it’s part of the process.

Our creative process.

So let’s get into a Christian because I like This guy, I gotta be honest, it’s a kind of a Sharp Turf from the other care.


Yes, we’ve talked about I’m very hesitant to have opinions about people until I hear the entire story lately.

Yeah, I know it’s show quite a cast rituals of crazy spiritualist, but we’ve had some unsavory characters.

So it’s exciting to find someone who’s maybe a little more palatable.


Yeah, it’s certainly more palatable.

I feel like I could maybe go get a coffee with him and just listen to him talk when I was in college.

We had an area, it’s not there anymore because, of course, it got taken down, but it was called the wise woods.

And a lot of people, they’re studying philosophy, all their classes would be in the wise woods.


And it was literally the forest with a bunch of like wooden benches and people would just go some, they just have their classes in the forest.

I love that and I would like to take William Butler Yeats there and just have him.

Tell me, you know, all of his beliefs and I’m coming.

Third wheel in it.



Hey, I really do miss the wise words.

I think one of the dummer.

The things about my school was getting rid of that because it felt so sad.

You felt so connected and talking about spiritualism and things like that.

So anyway, that if Bill were here, I would have taken him.

So William Butler Yeats was born in June potential Gemini, hey 1865 and Dublin, Ireland and his dad was a lawyer who turned his attention to Art and Gates followed in his footsteps.


So, Yates spent his childhood time between Ireland and London because of Dad’s art studies.

But in the mid-1880s, he was a student at the Metropolitan School of Art.

And Dublin.


And as a student there, he met poet, George Russell who introduced him to and also sparked his fascination with mysticism by giving him a copy of AP.



Book called esoteric Buddhism.


Oh yeah big words and esoteric Buddhism was published in 1883 and was one of the first books to explain theosophy to the The general public.

So sure.

Of course theosophy was just to fill in the gaps for people because I was like what the heck is theosophy?


It was in a cult movement from the 19th century that focused on achieving spiritual reality and divine wisdom.

Oh la la.

Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.

In 1885 Gates got his poems published and the Dublin University review and then abandoned school to pursue other things mainly his interest in occultism, which I too would have loved to abandoned school to pursue the occult and to be fair, if I had done that, I imagine I would have received quite a bit of pushback from my family if I school too.


So like to be fair, I said like, oh my, you know, my parents, let me have my interests and whatever but I didn’t like leave college for it.

That’s an incredibly Fair Point that.

Yeah I feel like maybe I would have gotten a little more harsh criticism for like yeah.



We definitely didn’t get pushed back because we were doing other things.

Things at least on the outskirts at the very least of yeah, being under this stuff but yeah, he said sayonara school.


Time to go talk about something else.

So I mean I guess he was in his mind, it was a success and that same year after he left school, he chaired of the first meeting of the Dublin, hermetic Society.


Oh, and he was just 20 years old.

I feel like everyone was exceeding a lot earlier in life, back in the day.

Yeah, sometimes we’ll have stories were like, oh, at age 14, I became a surgeon and I’m like, what do you mean?

Yeah, that’s what he, he joined the Dublin, hermetic Society.


What was I doing at 20?

Certainly not sharing any meetings, I’ll tell you that much, I know so well, especially in the occult space, I feel like there’s a lot of young overachievers, which maybe that was, are calling the whole time.

We were young overachievers in the occult space.

Yeah, Mom and Dad.

That’s why I had a solid B average.


Our life.

It was, I was overachieving in different spaces, so right.

Yeah, okay.

I can feel the I roll.

Happening in the late 1880s.

Yates went back to London where he started networking like a boss.

Hashtag real boss.

Yeah, Billy right there.


So he met writers, Oscar Wilde Lionel, Johnson and George Bernard Shaw.


And he met his Muse also.

Oh my goodness.


I don’t know who my Muses.

I don’t know if I’ve met her but hello.

I’m right in front of you.

Really my bad silly.


Well he met his Christine Her name was mod gone, which feels like a muse named Maude and he proposed to her several times and she said no every time which makes me think that as much as I liked William Butler Yeats, he did not know how to take a hint with women.


So yeah but I kind of feel like that’s such a muse thing to do.

Like I’ll be your Muse but I won’t marry you like he’s like keep an element of like an air stance.

Yeah, some steer between you.

I kind of like this mod Person also back in the day.


I feel like being that persistent with a woman.

Despite her like obvious nose was like, somehow romantic.

I feel like all of our grandparents and they tell their love stories.

It’s like, they’re telling our True Crime Story, and I don’t know where there’s like, and when did you call the police?



G products.

Like no, no, we got married the next day?


Oh, okay.

I feel like I need time.

I’ve heard my grandparents tell their love story.

I’m like, oh, so he should have been arrested.

Got it?

Like, it’s just Anytime I hear a general story like that, so I feel like maybe to him this was romantic of like I wouldn’t give up and it’s like okay well Maude was probably over it, move on.


Yeah, but more importantly than him meeting his Muse, his return to London as where his secondary maybe actually primary love of mysticism, grew exponentially because of the people, he met in the group’s.

He joined while he was there.

How fun?

But if you do know, William Yates, you’ll know, then 1889 he Published his first volume of poetry and his work included so much inspiration for mysticism.


Okay, this is something that my English teacher should have led with what I’m saying, right?

I’m like, damn, I would have totally been invested.

It had same anyway.

Way to go way to go.

Teacher and mysticism in spiritualism were also found and later years when he began writing plays so it was a consistent theme in his writing.


Yeah, he didn’t give up on this one.

Is persistent just like with Mod.

Both of his loves ya, he didn’t give up, that’s for sure.

And you know you think more about any of the players and any of them but a lot of the plays in the 18th or 19th or early 20th century, a lot of them seem to have origins in spiritualism or the occult.


I feel like you never talking about MacBeth recently with the witches and yeah that’s so true.

I feel like maybe it’s because that was such a prominent theme and it was like more openly and interest for Everybody like at the White House, they were literally having seances.


So maybe that’s why maybe it was just like more in the Zeitgeist.

Yeah, maybe now there’s some sort of walls built up.

I think you’re still the weird stereotype of like, if you’re into spiritualism, you’re into devil worshipping or something like that. 80’s really did a number on satanic Panic.


Yeah, yeah.

Totally right.

So hey before satanic Panic there were just plays and poems is being written all over the place about this time.

Mrs. Days because those days too.

Life totally was there.

So William Butler Yeats would go on to win the Nobel Prize in literature in 1923.


Oh, good for him.

Award-winning award-winning but we have so much more to cover before that when he was swimming in his love of the mythical and Magic.


I’m all about his trophies too but I just want to hear about like this mystical stuff.

Well what’s great about it is he was not apologetic at all.


Hell yeah.

So in 1892, he got some backlash but this was a quote from him in response.

To that backlash.

Now, as to Magic, it is surely absurd to hold me week or otherwise because I choose to persist in a study which I decided to liberally four or five years ago to make next to my poetry, the most important pursuit of my life.


If I had not made magic, my constant study, I could have not written a single word of my Blake book.

Nor would the Countess Kathleen have ever come to exist.

The mystical life is the center of all that I do and all that, I think and all that.

I right.


So he was about Out that life he was invested like hardcore.


I really do feel like he would have been a thrill to like, sit down with solutely, he would have given you like that emo.

Moody philosophical talky that you always wanted when you were like 14 and you just want to had a crush on him for sure.


I feel like all of his poems in today’s world if he wrote song lyrics for gold man, Panic at the Disco, MCR forget it.


Step aside, talk about the fandom.

Up next back in London, full time in the late 1880s.

William Gates started working the missis ISM circuit will talk about the players.

The way magic started showing up in his work and keep going on Gates lifelong.


No, apologies tour.

I got a VIP ticket.

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So we touched on this a little in the beginning, but let’s head back to London and 1887 and William Gates had left Art School.

A couple years earlier and got introduced to a cult is mm-hmm.

And London is where his magical?

Freak Flag really flew.

Oh yeah, I get it girl boss.


So in 1887, he was back in the city and join the theosophical society, which was a group led by a Russian woman named Helena petrovna blavatsky.

Oh, my or madame.

Yes, she was.

No no, that’s Madame blavatsky to you.

And me just when you got a name like that you deserve Madam immediately absolutely from the womb, there’s a little infant in my Army, Madame blavatsky, and she wanted to bring together Western and Eastern mysticism.


Oh we find out in 1887.

Not only does William Gates meet her, but we also find out that she has been exposed as a fraud a while back.

Oh, but Yates, did not care that she was deemed a Rod and they became friends, or at least they, they knew each other and she was living in South London.


Trying to rebuild her movement and invited Yates to be a central part of the theosophical society and had hoped that he’d move up the ladder quickly in the group, great.

But what Gates really wanted to do was conduct magical experiments.

So this is just a stepping stone.



Yeah, I like how there is in his mind, a strategy to conducting magical experiments.

Yeah, well, you know you did say Was networking like a boss and I feel like he really is strategizing here, you know.

And even though he wanted to conduct magical experiments, the theosophical society didn’t approve of his experiments and he was expelled an 1890.


Oh no.

So that’s kind of a good thing because the theosophical society is and loss was the gain of the Hermetic, Order of the Golden Dawn.

These folks, again, they’re back the Vengeance because when Yates was a Expelled.


He’d already joined the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

So he is really strategizing this to Stepping Stone.

He always thinks has a plan.

B plan.

C Plan D.

He’s like if you’re going to kick me out, I’m going here.

So no gaps in his resume, love that for him and Yates had met the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has leader in a British museum reading room.


And his name was McGregor Mathers which sounds like an evil farmer or something.

He sounds like he went after Peter Rabbit and the Sway is like Gregor Mathers.

So Golden Dawn members followed philosophies and practices that supported the individual Spirit.


That’s right.

And Yates was fascinated by mathur’s, magic powers, and he reportedly told the story 1 saying that mathur’s, once handed him a cardboard symbol, and had him closes eyes.

And this is a quote from Yates There, Rose before me mental images that I could not control a desert and black Titan raising himself up by his two hands from the middle of a heap of ancient ruins.


And I guess he was supposed to see that because mathur’s told him that what he had just seen was quote a being of the order of salamanders, okay.


So after Yates joined, he met even more big names including several people who sound like they’re not real, they sound like they were written in a Harry Potter book, Algernon Blackwood?


Oh, come on.

Crowley who we know.

Yep, Bram Stoker, Arthur.

Edward, wait and William, Westcott.

Yeah, you’re right.

This sounds like some sort of Wizardly order or like a cowboy western.

Like I could see like William Wisconsin.

Evenin ma’am, like just tipping his hat.


From Algernon Blackwood.

Yeah, Algernon Blackwood is the scariest cowboy and all the wild west is pressure.

Definitely like, has his hands and he’s like, he like runs things behind the scenes, you know, in front of the stage.

What are you talking about in front of the scenes?

You’re right.

I used to charge of like the poas.


Police, he’s got the bars, all back in them everything.

So this is like, no, none of that has anything and it’s not real, stop saying it.

And this is where I say, this is me making stuff up, this is a stressful being chaotic.

Its housing on Blackwood is a very fine wizard, I think or something.


He’s one of the salamanders.

So one of the golden Dawn’s, most famous members was Aleister Crowley, who?

I don’t know if we know and love keeps popping on up, but we certainly know him and Yates was not a fan of his Oh, Yates felt that Crowley wanted to use his alleged powers for evil, rather than good and Gates got a lot of the other high-ranking members to agree with him.


He’s starting a click.

Oh my goodness.

Honestly you couldn’t have said it better because it’s about to get so high school.

Really like the drama is out of control.

I can’t ways jaw dropped.

So Crowley complains to Golden Dawn leader.

Farmer Mathers, I remember and he complained to him while they were in Paris and so I guess when he complained to him, Crowley ended up getting his promotion in the club there.


So, back in the London, chapter Yates wanted mathur’s to know why exactly Crowley was giving a bump up in the group and mathur’s ignored the request.

And the London chapter were announced Mathers as their leader.

So now he’s out of the picture.

Oh man, and things escalate even more when an April 1902, Crowley went to London and attacked Yates during a chapter meeting.


What I’m telling you.

If I could go back in time, it would be April. 1900.

I’m coming with you.

I need to see this.

The drama is so juicy.

If I was a member of that group, I’d be on the floor.

I watching them attack each other during a chapter meeting, after they already quite openly hated each other.


This is so fascinating.

Needless to say, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, was in a downward spiral at this point, which is also where my sanity would be if I got to watch the drama unfold in real time and to top it off.

Was also revealed that the documents that the golden Dawn’s rituals were based on were actually forged made up documents by member William Wescott.


Not William Wescott.

Not the cowboy of our dreams, he made up these documents.

So everything ended up becoming a lie.

They just found out everything that’s pretty sad for them.

Well, for them.

Yeah, for my interest in Gossip, I’m okay with it.


You’re on board.

So in 1902 the Golden Dawn, Tried to Rebrand and gate stayed on as a high-grade wizard, until the group dissolved in 1922, he has not given up on this dream.

This particular dream, he was like I committed myself a long time ago and we’re here to stifle here.


So during this time period, Gates’s Art, became highly, poetical and Niche and so he’s writing poetry, but it’s very specific to his occult and mysticism world.

Again, my English teacher failed me because Had I known about that?

I might have actually picked up the book, but by then though, Yates had turned his attention from his magical experiments to spirit communication.


Okay, now I’m listening, yeah, I love that.

He’s just bopping around all my favorite topics, he really is.

So in 1917, he said his wife tried automatic writing which Christine you know all about love that stuff.

Do would you want to describe automatic writing?


Oh boy.

It’s sort of like you are a vessel for For a spiritual being a higher, being to communicate through you.

So a lot of times you meditate and the belief is that you allow a spiritual being too, kind of right through.

You is kind of the traditional way of doing this and so when you’re writing you are not in control of it all.


You’re just kind of your hands moving and someone else in the National plane is in control of the writing.


And you are the sort of the vessel for communication.


You are.

The Ouija board basically.

Yeah, that’s a great way of looking at it, yet you Basically the stenographer of the Ouija board. 100% might I add unpaid oh I don’t think benefits or payment come with this job but it’s a volunteer basis.


I don’t know if he is stenographer is a great way to put it.


Well so if you heard me right you heard me say that he had a wife and fun, fact Yates was 25 when he got married.

A 52-year old Georgie hide Lee’s.

Oh, okay.

And assuming there was no creepy intention or Scandal there.


I love a progressive age Gap.


Why not?


Good for the two of you go for it and if there was a creepy intention or Scandal, I don’t like it anymore until the cages, put it all on the table here but until further notice, I have happy for the two of you.


So Georgie Spirit writing and communication would be what’s called a breakthrough for Yates and want to talk about that breakthrough in a second.

Coming up Yates his wife, pushed him into new territory, and we’re going to find out how that affected his work up until the end.


All right?

Bring it on.


So a couple years after Georgie tried automatic writing and 1919 Yates and Georgie believed Spirits manifested themselves in a different way, when Georgie began talking in her sleep.

Oh now that’s some creepy stuff to me.

I don’t know.


It’s creepy.

I don’t know if I like it.

I don’t like the idea of wine necklace somebody and they just start talking and it’s not them.

No thank you.

Well Allison does that right?

Like she talks in her sleep which is why I can tell you firsthand.

I don’t like it.

I lived with her two in college and I was like, what is this about?


What is this laughing in?

The dark that I was going to say.

She also started cackling like waking herself, all because she’s laughing so hard from a dream that she had.

That was not funny by the way, because she’ll then Describe the dream to me and I’m like that didn’t warrant you scaring everybody.

Here was not worth it.


Laughing in.

Your sleep is next level.

Well, I need to take a page out of this guy’s book because the next time Allison talks in her sleep, I’m going to do what William Butler Yeats did which is when his wife was Start talking in her sleep Yeats wrote down everything she would say.

I see, I like this, but, you know, that there was some weirdness in there, like my brother, once, when we were little said he yelled, go eat a fat broccoli and like I wrote it down because I thought it was funny but like, I don’t think it had any sort of deeper meaning.


You don’t know that.

I don’t know that for certain, that’s true.

But I feel like, you know, there was just some nonsensical stuff written down in that journal where he was writing this over 50 notebooks of what she said, her sleep.

Are filled which she sounds like a Chatty Cathy.


How did he ever get any sleep?

There’s no way.

He was well rested.

He had to have been taking a lot of day naps to.

I would to stay up and write everything 59 bucks worth forget.

And this became what Yates, considered his public philosophy.

Oh, and as someone who’s nosy, I would love to read all 50 notebooks of what your wife said, while she was sleeping because there’s at least one diamond in the rough.


If you know what I’m saying, you gotta believe that.

So his public philosophy has belief system evolved to include the concept that integrated the human personality with the cosmos.

So he’s on, we’re all connected and he used the lunar phases to classify and categorize the human personality AKA astrology.


Oh, this is what this woman was saying in her sleep.

I’m telling you, I’ve heard a lot of people talk in their sleep and it’s never been quite as profound or quite profound at all.

I wonder if she was like Gemini’s are chaotic.

Oh my God, and he was like, this is my new philosophy.


He was like the cosmos has spoken because so Yates is poetry also featured influences of the occult and specifically when he wrote about The Reincarnation of the Soul or the passage of time.

And it’s probably most prominent in his poem.


The Second Coming which was published in 1920 among others, okay?

And Gates as well known for his poetry but also he later devoted time to writing plays, okay?

And he also got Got involved.

I mean this guy’s all over the place.

He also got involved in politics in Ireland in the 1912.


So interesting which was an experience that is also reflected in his written work and he was actually appointed a senator of the Irish free state in 1922.

Whoa, this guy is a busy beaver.

This lets me know that he was not taking day naps.


While also staying up all night, Sir, right?

His wife’s words, he was just running on Steam, for, like, 10 years deprived.

And in 1923 after all that he was So, Award of the Nobel Prize for literature and he kept turning out more work after that you are not kidding.


You were like, oh he got the Nobel Prize but there’s a lot that happens before then and you really did Book Em that there’s a lot that went before this Nobel Prize.

Can you imagine if you just won the Nobel Prize and then like I feel like after that you’re like what else is worth my time what like I’m glad he got the Nobel Prize after the factory is like okay everything has led to this so accomplished so in 1939 William Butler Yeats Has died at 73.


But I got to say, I still think he was a cool dude.

He caused minimal trouble.

As far as I’m concerned, he himself.

He was confident, he was confident for certain.

He didn’t have a, he didn’t apologize for his interests.

Mmm, I love this, I love it.


He had a like a non-traditional relationship.

I’m just, you know, I’m about it.

Once again, I just, I kind of wish my literature courses in high Who had been kind of angled in this direction?

I might have been more prone to paying attention, but me to me problem, you know, so well, I said, the same thing, I thought that I actually want to go read his spiritual poetry.


Yeah, I would like to see if there was any, I guess drama.

Like, I wonder if he slipped any of it into his poetry about him versus Aleister Crowley.

Now, that part.

Yeah, maybe had like a poet’s version of a burn book, like Aleister Crowley is a fugly Slide, you know, like it’s like do not trust her, he hit me in the face.


Our meeting.

What did he do?

He attacked me.

What did Virginia jurors?

Say, these salamanders are the nastiest skank.

Bitch, I’ve ever met like he’s salamander there’s a lot that happened in this episode him.

I would love to see though if his writing had anything to do with the drama because then we could combine the spiritualism with the gossip.


But either way, I just want to know about his spiritualism, a cult poetry?

I feel like I’d be so interesting.

I’d We’ll have to see all 50 notebooks of whatever his wife had to say while she was sleeping, we gotta get our hands on those notebooks for sure.

Oh yeah, that’s the next task of our day.


Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode.


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