Rituals - E22 • The Occult Legend You’ve Never Heard Of

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You’ve heard of rags to riches, but today we have a rags-to-riches shules story.


I see what you did there.

It’s a man who faced tough obstacles in his personal life and you spiritualism and the Occult support himself up.

Whoo, I aspire to be that way.


One day, using a cult to pull myself up, you’ll get there.

And if you don’t know, Pascal, Beverly Randolph, there may be a reason why you don’t know him.

He’s someone Whose teachings and Legacy have been lost to time?

Well, that’s probably why I don’t know about him.

You’ll find out there’s a lot about him.


We should discuss.



Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m M Schultz, and I’m Christine cheaper every week.

We’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices and the impact on Modern culture.

Today, we’re talking about Pascal Beverly Randolph, who I feel like it’s even though the show was called rituals it should.


Be called men who have a crisis in find spiritualism.

We’re doing another segment today with fancy names.

I’m gonna call him PBR, hi.


Have him listed as PBR in my notes, amazing.

Okay, I’m on board, very fun.


Love a man in a crisis.

Who finds the occults at the end so I feel like they should all find each other and just give each other.

A big spiritualism hug, what do you think?

Let’s let’s go.

Let’s crack into it.


So you’re going to hear about Pascal Beverly Randolph and how he had a rough start to life.

And a lot of times when people fall on hard times, they generally find religion and Pascal found in the occult, is this shocking to you.

It’s really shocking to me.



And I feel like we’ve talked about that to wear like the similarities between religion and the Occult as far as like having A practice that you follow and rituals to use that word.

Again, a community like something to like, like some higher power.

So yeah, but I totally think that makes sense.


Yeah, I also feel like a lot of facets of it fall into religion, if you’re getting into that world because you’re seeking answers.


That’s true.

So I feel like if a lot of people usually find religion during hard times, it is not hard for me to understand why one of those belief systems, we just happen to be a little spookier, you know, I Completely agree.


Do you think that spiritualism and the Occult and Magic speak to certain people versus others?



I do.

Yeah, right.


I don’t know what type of person.

Maybe maybe someone more open-minded, I don’t know.


That’s what I had in my mind.

I feel like you kind of have to be open-minded to hear some craziness, but that’s it say that I’m not into it to.

I’m super open minds and I’m super down with it, but I definitely think it may be also.

Who are not seeking religion, but are seeking some sort of guidance.


Do you know what I mean?

Like, oh, I’m seeking that kind of same safety net, or Comfort level.

Maybe I’ve removed myself from religion or I don’t want to be part of like traditional religion, maybe that’s a branch.

Maybe they’re switching religions and they want to find something else.

Especially if you’re like someone who like you said that has left religion.


Maybe you’re more curious about that world because you were told your whole life to avoid it.

So now you’re like oh that’s a good point.

It’s like, what if I had been I’m missing all these years.

Do you know anything about Pascal?

Beverly Randolph, PBR OPB are funny?


You should ask.

No, I don’t know anything about him.

Yeah, per usual.

The lovely Folks at Park a star.

The reason I even know that this man exists, but I’m glad that they brought him to my attention.

Lastly, it’s amazing.

How many of these people we’ve just never heard of before.

You want to know why?

It’s because I’m, that’s why you drink.

Very rarely do I cover Med and crises who fall into spiritualism?


I’m telling you there is a niche here, then we’ve found it.

I’m At.

So one of my favorite parts of Pascal story is that he brings together science and Magic.


I feel like science and Magic are kind of shockingly, similar to me.


You know, my first gut instinct is to be like know there are the opposite but then, if I think about it, I feel like, yeah, there’s similarities.

I mean people used to think, like the way Galileo looked at the universe was like sorcery, you know, and now it’s like traditional science.

So I guess there’s some crossover there it Makes a lot of sense that you would first think to like, oh, Sciences logic and magic, midway Reckless, and irrational, but I think magic is just science yet to be explained, right?


Like, oh, and that’s deep.

Wow, I think I might have stolen that from Neil deGrasse Tyson, because he has some, I’m not sure.

I did say it out loud, but as I’m saying it, I feel like it was from someone and I remember, Neil deGrasse Tyson a while ago, did a comparison on science and religion and he pretty much said the same Because people used to look at the sky and be like, wow, the gods look what the gods day for us.


And then science is like, well, so as the more science we learn the less religion there is because we have answers to things that men face.

So I feel like magic is similar and a lot of ways plus and Magic you need like steps to successfully make things happen.


You have processes.

True magic has like a scientific formula or a way to it.

So I think memory similar.


I like that.

I’ve apparently found the one thing I can stand on a soapbox and talk about for 10 minutes.

Is that’s not the only one I can promise you that I heard money.


But yeah I think there’s a science to Magic and I think there’s a matter to science.


That one has to be trademarked.

I’m sure there’s said Miss Frizzle on her very silly bus, okay?

Well anyway let’s move on so PBR.

Pascal Beverly Randolph, he would grow up to report.


Become a multi-hyphenate, which I can only aspire to all meet to like, oh, I have too many tiles to pick from you.

Look at the basket of labels and you pictures, for me, which one like speaks to you, you know?

So he it was a doctor.

Okay, I don’t need that one.

Already late to have a bar for me, haha, a cultist.



See, that’s where I can do that, a spiritualist.


A medium.

And a writer, which, by the way Shameless plug we can officially call ourselves writers, because we have a book out right now called a haunted road out.

This please go check it out in all your stores.

Thank you.

We could call ourselves or multi-hyphenate.


We are a cultists and writers, and that’s about it, and I can die happy.

But here’s the thing.

He didn’t get there with all of his hyphenates without some struggles.

And he did face.

Some very legitimate struggle, so he was born in October 1825 in New York City and he was a mixed-race child out of wedlock that seems like it would already be uphill battle.


So she had that time you got it sister.

So When he was just a kid, his dad abandoned him and his mom died.

Oh good.

Okay, so super duper on top of already having to live it like so good old-fashioned racism.

He also doesn’t have any parents with them so this leaves Pascal broke and living in an almshouse so tough right away.


Life is pretty tough for him.

Hmm, he begged for a while on the streets of New York and the Five Points slum District would not an easy start either, and between his mid-teens His early 20s.

Pascal got a job as a cabin boy on a ship for a few years until an accident ended that.


He then worked as a clothes dryer and a barber and during the same time period he started teaching himself to read and write.

And he also studied medicine, which is what how he starts up his doctor label and Arcane science which had I known this was a genre of science, I could study, I would have not become a podcaster, I would become a scientist because I thought Test.


Arcane science is the combination of magic and science.

Whoa, okay so it’s no fun who soon earlier just having our own little dumb debate when there’s like a full field on this, you got it, that’s what I’m saying.

Honestly if I were a teacher today and I were teaching science, I would spend a good chunk on biology.


A good chunk on chemistry.

Good chunk on physics 90%, though.

Arcane science, I’d be like and if your parents have a problem with this, they can take you right out of the school.

They can take you somewhere else.

I would do 40%, maybe a strong enemy, but I would call it a strana me and then just study astrology instead of throwing them up and then probably Arcane science.


Also, you know, it’s so bears like in college there was an astronomy club and I joined thinking it was astrology, and I got there and I was like, why are we looking at the sky?

I’m it didn’t even click.

I was like, I feel like I walked into the wrong room and I just, I mean, I do feel like, even in astrology Club, you’d probably also look at the sky, but That’s true.


But I was expecting a like, we would all this about Annabelle Scorpios or something.


Yeah, I know what you’re expecting.


Well, I just thought we were, is it going to be like a chat session like have our birth charts out?

And instead, we were learning like real.

Like the science of gases basement plants and stuff.


Yeah, it was not my vibe but alluring I’m sorry.

Teddy astrologers astronomers anyone out there me too.

So his early Is brought about this deep interest in spiritualism, and the Occult, which makes sense.

Because if you’re learning something as cool as Arcane science, you’re probably going to fall into that deep.



And he also married three times.

He ended up having around six kids across these marriages and while some of these kids, sadly died at an early age.

Having so many kids also didn’t help with his financial situation so sure, I mean, raising one kid alone is expensive.


So yeah.

However, many you have yeah, especially when you’re already starting at a disadvantage.


So yeah, it’s a lie.

It’s pretty Kick-Ass that he taught himself to read and write and then jumped straight into Arcane science and medicine, right?

Like that was a big leap, that’s a hustle move.


Yeah, some of.

So, along with low finances, Pascal also dealt with the light brown.

Color of his skin holding back his professional career and he made some decisions to reinvent himself publicly and that included making up a fake genealogy to make his lineage see More impressive which again was a hustle move that I can respect but also just so sad that he had it is to begin with to resort to that.



So like make up a fake family to be taken, seriously because your current situation is like give yourself credit.

Yeah, that’s yeah.

Shitty at the same time, he really solidified.

His occult belief system and there were two different trips to Europe in the 1850s that helped Define this.


Even more for him.

Hmm, one in particular was an 1854 when he claimed that he met Famous French occultist, eliphas Levi, despite making some huge strides in his spiritualism and occult career like becoming friends or at least acquaintances with literally Abraham Lincoln, okay?


So that’s casual sure.

That didn’t make it on the multi hyphen.

It is like Lincoln’s best, bro was BFF.

Yeah, I feel like if I had that on my resume, I would delete everything else.

Writing else would rely wouldn’t need to be a multi hyphen it.

So despite strides like, Hmm, at some point around 1850, Pascal was still facing racism, which sure, which surprises, me 0% right after Lincoln was killed, there’s a frequently repeated story that Pascal was on the train for Lincoln’s.


Funeral procession to Springfield Illinois, but he was asked to get off the train because some passengers didn’t want a black man there.

So thank God, just a little smattering good example of a class out of 211 tail.

Yeah, exactly.

So, despite Pascal claiming to be a Sure, he actually ended up finding opportunities to travel and give lectures on spiritualism so even though he was a boy, he studied medicine and Arcane science at the same time.


So I guess he was fine with either direction, he ends up taking right.

So he was a doctor, but spiritualism seem to be working out for him pretty well.

So now he’s traveling and giving lectures on spiritualism the occult Clairvoyance, sexual magic, which I would have absolutely taken a class in out of sheer curiosity, medical potions, but also He’s giving lectures on the abolition of slavery and women’s rights and the importance of literacy.


So hey that’s pretty badass.

This guy is I’m a big fan.

I’m into it while he covered a lot of ground in his talk.

Spiritualism ended up kind of winning out and really became his legacy.

So despite his activism lectures it became more about spiritualism.



Up next, we’ll talk about how Pascal found success as a spiritual and a cult leader.

But there were a few bumps in the road that may have cost him that legendary status.

Oh my gosh, what a tail.

This guy’s already weave in for us.


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Anytime listen free only on Spotify, So the 1850s Pascal Beverly Randolph PBR really came into his own.


He’s pulled himself up from the streets of New York, literally to educate himself.

On many topics, most importantly, spiritualism and the Occult by the mid 1850s.

He’s traveling across the United States and Europe giving lectures and he might have been out there spewing spiritual knowledge, but Pascal.


At the time he was still learning himself which I like that he is on the Fly educating himself and also trying that long learner one might say you know asti’s never stop learning what a little spin.

You just stood there, I love that ride.

So he was experimenting with spiritualism.


He questioned the afterlife and he found Rosicrucianism.

Oh yeah.

I learned about that in high school at my Catholic school.

He ended up developing Rosicrucianism after having a very disturbing vision, and February 1861 while in a trance like state.


So, this Vision that he had, basically he witnessed a skeleton hanging from a pole and the skeleton claimed to be the manifestation of one of his dark childhood fantasies, what a fantasy was to hang a storekeeper who was mean to Pascal and his friends when they were young, and the skeleton was calling Pascal a murderer, because he would have been the hanging storekeeper.


Oh my God.

And Rosicrucianism is one of many occult groups that you’ll hear talked about on this show that share, similar aspects, you said that you learned about it in Catholic school.

I don’t know why because it is like an occult group but something to avoid probably know.


I think he probably learned about it in one history class and the name was so wild that I’ve never forgotten it.

It is a wild name, it’s a lot of syllables.

Yes and simply put basically anyone who falls Rosicrucianism.

They follow a belief system that hopefully He brings you to spiritual enlightenment via learning hidden, esoteric wisdom, which yeah, I could totally fall into that very easily because all I’m hearing is, you can learn a mystery.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Be part of a secret spooky club.

I’m so sucked in, of course, Pascal Beverly Randolph for his own reasons.

Found this, to be the group, he was most attracted to, I can agree and he even used the pseudonym, the rosicrucian for his List and a cult writings.



So he really took that and ran with it a devout follower.

Also, why did we not use pseudonyms like that for our book?

Because we wanted attention.

Aha, yes.

September 1861.

This is when Pascal went to California for a few months on a lecture tour and he was considered a pretty persuasive speaker.


As most, a cult leaders are, by the way, her and that November while still in California on the tour, he founded the first supreme Grand.

Lodge of the rosicrucian fraternity in San Francisco, which is the oldest rosicrucian organization in the United States.




Wow, the first supreme Grand Lodge?

All those words, they always seem to be falling into these secret societies like a lot of adjectives.

That mean kind of the same thing.

Yeah, like, Supreme Grand Lodge, you know, lat every single one of them’s got a lodge and it’s supposed to be a lot, fancier, than a lodge, you know, it’s like some pick a different way.


Anyway now one area that isn’t talked about much today as how Pascal’s a cult system included sex, which was bold for the time period.

I beg to differ in say it’s still bold and today’s time period.

But I would say fold, I don’t think people are really still very open about that.


Kind of thing, I would say, people would still be shocked today.

If you said oh this is the belief system.

I’m in tune.

Mmm, it’s definitely not commonplace traditional anyway but I think he was one of the first, which is why it was even I’m more bulbs than yeah.

For sure how things end up, so after California, Pascal headed to Europe and the Middle East.


And during this trip he stopped in Palestine which would prove to be pretty impactful and his teachings.

So after traveling the world he settled down in Boston and 1862.

Shout out to Boston.

Hey, and the next year, he did something interesting.

He wrote a book under another pen name, okay?


He called himself Griffin Lee and published, do you know that name?

No, it’s just Like such a Twist like it’s not the rosicrucian know, it’s certainly not the rosicrucian.

In fact, I would argue it’s kind of the opposite of the spectrum.

Like the most generic kind of name, like just a casual bro, name her thing.


But the smartest move with pen names as come up with something as a wild as rosicrucian and then in your next book, do something.

So common, it couldn’t possibly be the same person, they would never know.

Yeah, I’m on their toes.

So he called himself Griffin lie, and he published this book with the longest title known to Man, so, bear with me, it’s called pre-adamite, man, demonstrating the existence of the human race upon the Earth 100,000 years ago.


Whoo, at some point out glancing at the nose, here it does end in an exclamation point and I feel like that’s important.

I hope, that is actually what it said on the book.

At the time.

I think it must be part of the title because it is italicized.

It’s to exude excitement about this topic.


Yeah, Punchy Punchy.

I like that.

I like that.

The Pascal believed in Pre atom is MM which is the belief that humans exist in on Earth before the biblical.

Adam okay that’s interesting which is why he had that little exclamation point in there.

He was like you’re gonna so be into this buckle up for my belief system.


So despite the success of that book, if there was any Pascal, did hit a few rough spots in his life, as we’ve already tackled early on, but just to give you a unfortunately, some more scenarios where things Didn’t look up for him, right?

And 1866, he had a bad experience at the southern loyalists convention and a political pilgrimage to Lincoln’s tomb.


That was a speaking tour that he took part in and after facing Prejudice and rejection.

He stopped getting involved in politics and went back to just medicine and opened a practice in Boston specializing in sexual disorders.

Which again, right?


I am very interested.

I feel like that should have ended in an exclamation point But Don’t feel bad but like it was just too much for him that he just like gave up his activism sad.

We talked about Abe Lincoln earlier and how he was acquaintances at the very least acquaintances with him.


And every time he tries to, like, pay homage or respect to him, he gets somehow like rejected by other people or like faces Prejudice.

Like he got kicked off the train during the funeral procession.

He’s now trying to go to Lincoln’s tomb and like, nope, not allowed there either.


It’s like, yeah, never ends.

I also wonder what the relationship with them was really like because Lincoln with the immense Proclamation was definitely like a political move and not because it was something Lincoln actually wanted.



So I wonder how he reconciled that relationship, right.


I wonder if it was acquaintances and yeah the end of it or yeah I don’t know.

That’s a story for another time I think but it is interesting to me and it does stink but he was just so over having to deal with all the crap that he was like, oh I’m out of politics.


Also, the way that you read the note minute ago of, he went back to just medicine, right?


Just plain old medicine.

He just went back to being a doctor and thriving.

By the way, because of a life, he built with his own hands and doctor in Boston pretty casual and specializing in sexual disorders.


Very, very interesting life.

This guy feels like a cat.

He’s had like nine lives.

So when 1872 and February, another struggle, by the way for men, showed up at his apartment, to a It’s time for obscene literature and search for evidence boohoo, I can’t deal with these people.


And the obscene literature was I assume about the sexual disorder.

Yeah, ranked as he was doing because in 1872 I can’t imagine you’re able to write about sex and get away with too much.

I don’t know.

I feel like it was such a not certainly not talked about like it is today.


No, but he was freed by a judge after serving only a couple days in jail and weeks later.

He was arrested again for The same thing writing which encourage people to adopt a free love attitude.

So being sex-positive, it wouldn’t have liked that.

No, he had to defend himself in trial because he couldn’t afford a lawyer.


So that’s another thing to remember, is that as successful as he has been, he still has some Financial issues.


And he must have been convincing though because he was found not guilty.

He’s without a lawyer or law.

He represented himself without a law degree in somehow still kick us.



Like it’s hard.

He is not a generation he capitalized on his situation by publishing a semi-fictional book about it called, the Great free love trial.

I’m all about capitalizing on a really rough time, you know.


Yeah, get it.

I’m like, I support you.

If you went through this hellish situation and you want to write a book about it, listen, make some money off it, you know, you might as well.

I know, I keep saying like, oh that’s a hustle move but like every single time he just thrives in a different direction.

It’s like Amazing.


It’s like he Dodges it and then like comes back stronger.

Yeah, but here’s the other thing, sadly in 1872, he loses everything.

In the Greater, Boston fire know, he basically only has some plates for publishing, his book and his copyrights.

Oh, that’s really, really sad and again, because the world is just unkind to him for some reason he ended up moving to Toledo Ohio.


Oh yeah.

That is rough.

Yeah, trust me.

I’ve been there.

Well, he moves as As a spiritualist and a doctor.

But while he’s there, he falls and paralyzes his left side and his arm.

Oh my God, while walking on railroad tracks and he was rumored to be drunk at the time.


Oh no.

So let’s just rough us up one thing after another.

Coming up after a hard fall from Mystic Grace, what survived?

A Pascal’s Legacy.

I don’t know if that was meant to be a pun, but it did sound.


Like I did hear it.

The fall the fall.



Part of Pascal’s Legacy is his complicated relationship with his mixed race.

And it is speculated that had he been, which I’m totally on board with the speculation, by the way.

Had he been 100% white his teachings and published work would have not gotten the type of pushback that it did.


Oh sure.

I mean, I’m sure even when he’s doing his teachings and he’s getting like kicked out of places or his lectures.

Yeah, that alone proves that to me.


Or Is getting arrested for his writings and it’s like, just, I mean, because they were sex-positive God forbid, but also I feel like if a white person wrote that a doctor right doctor, I think if they wrote about it, it would have been either not.


So vilified or people would have been like, oh, that’s off-color.

But, you know, that’s just him like easier to dismiss, I think.


So I would have not been arrested for that.

He also said that he labeled his ideas as Rosicrucian because it helps make his ideas more clear to everyone, but yeah, sure, sure, sure, sure, sure, yeah.


So, what talking about, I’ll take it.

I can’t follow that, but I do appreciate his efforts.

I guess when you’re you’re on the inside and you can see clearly on the outside.

Maybe you’re probably right once you’ve fallen for it.

Once I’ve read two pages in history book on it, so that’s not probably giving me enough Clarity.


I think maybe at the time I would have understood it a little better.

I’m glad he’s making sense of it.

He deserves that He’s confident.

So there’s also some mystery to Pascal’s death.

So most historians agree, that Pascal took his own life while living in Toledo and 1875 when he was 49.


Now, sidebar, I thought he was way older than 49 based on how many things, he’s accomplished.

Yeah, he’s very young.

So most historians think he took his own life, but one of the members of his rosicrucian fraternity claim on his deathbed that he killed Pascal.

What I know I can with these deathbed confessions because this time we have like not to just totally, you know, sidebar but reminds me of d.b.


Cooper and like the four different men who have claimed on their deathbed to be d.b.

Cooper and it’s like what are all these deathbed confessions.

Like they hold such like gravity like they seem like they would be the truth but then I’m like they can’t all be true.

You know what it is?

My friend narcissism you think of course they’re like I’m about to go but I want to keep people thinking about being impact, I’ve got five seconds to really Blow their mind and freak them out.


You know what else?

I think maybe the drugs you’re put on at the end of your life.

Maybe this sounds like to Haze like maybe you’re kind of not fully with the program.

Aha, I think that makes less maybe AA.

Happy combo of both.

Yeah, well so someone in his fraternity said that he killed Pascal which I don’t know why you would if you got away with it this whole time just take it to your grave you got away with it might as well and Court Records in Toledo, do list his death as accidental so we Oh, so all who know series, who knows what that would happen with him and whether it was intended or not, while Pascal’s were covered a lot of ground on spiritualism and the psychic experience.


A lot of modern occult groups who have a sexual Focus use his teachings.

Oh okay.

As part of their belief system, which I guess makes sense, because if he’s one of the original ones you can work off of his tenants and his absolutely.


That was like a big part of it.


This does include the Ordo.

Templi orientis, AKB Oto.

The good old Oto as we’ve learned about on this show.

Well, I’ll show ya tou, but there’s the lingering question that’s been asked about Pascal, which is did his ideas.

Survive outside the small fraternity?


He founded.

Mmm, many rosicrucians and Pascal’s ideas did blend into the theosophical society, but in 1994, which feels way too close to present-day historian.

Jocelyn Godwin said, Pascal Beverly Randolph had been ignored by Buy a lot of esoteric historians.


Oh okay.

So I think they’re saying probably not.

I think his beliefs have kind of been pushed to the back.

Yeah, I mean and he did say at the beginning when you were saying, you know, we haven’t really heard of him before now that like a lot of his legacy was lost to time seemingly.


So I think that kind of matches that theory and also I wonder if it’s because his beliefs the parts that stuck out longer and history where more about the Aspect of it.

And I wonder if because that’s even taboo and some spiritualist circles, maybe his whole belief system, kind of got cast off, or yeah.


Shoved off being like, oh, we don’t we don’t do that in our Circle, so we don’t need it.

And so, it’s just not as prominent and the spaces, right?

It’s just not relevant to certain groups.

Yeah, I think that’s interesting.

I know we’ve already talked about Abe, Lincoln plenty on this entire podcast.

Let alone, you know, just as episode.


But I feel like having that connection you would think think he’d be more prominent in our minds.

Like, so the other people Abe Lincoln kind of cavorted with, but he talked about how he PBR kind of got lost to time a little bit.


And I wonder, you know, sometimes you hear about the very origin story of a movement or something where maybe the first people involved, like the Trailblazers aren’t necessarily widely accepted.

Does that make sense?

No, that’s totally makes sense.

I know one of our sources actually refers to him as Pioneer, a cultist.


And you know what?

I think it might also have to do with his race.

I feel like if he was one of the first ones out there, and people were already disagreeing with him, on other topics, it would make sense.

Why his beliefs would not be taken as seriously, and maybe that’s why going forward.


His beliefs were kind of put on the back burner, and why it’s kind of been lost to time.

Now, I wonder if he just scared people with his beliefs, I don’t know.

Just the story alone of the four men just showing up at his house to, you know, turn his place over for evidence and arrest for his like, sexual writings, or sex positivity, that alone tells me like, okay, people were kind of crime to not be on board.


With this guy, from the beginning, I feel like this would make a great movie.

I don’t know if this has been an made into a movie, but I feel like this would be a great story to follow, you know.


On video.

I wish I could have learned more about his other interests on top of the Spiritualism.


Yeah, it sounds like this guy had ADHD but also he had a you’re projecting I’m projecting.

But it sounds like are hyper fixations.

Could have really Blended very easily together.

I’d really do want to do a deep dive into arcade science now.


So, yeah.

And Rosicrucianism.

I mean, you could probably take this episode the top to the top, okay?

I wasn’t gonna go that far but you could probably take in a bunch of directions and really like pick it apart.

I feel like on and that’s why I drink we could probably do like deep dives into many different sections of this whole story.



I mean that it is about to be my new your new high professional interest.


I’m about special interest.

Also, I gotta say, we mentioned his relationship with Lincoln earlier.

But man, the more stories we do, the more Lincoln keeps creeping in, I feel like when we covered the White House seances, I remember saying in the episode like, oh, Speculated that Abraham Lincoln was also into spiritualism.


I don’t think it’s speculated anymore, folks.

He is not a lot of across-the-board hanging out with a lot of people in the spiritualist world.

So yeah, I think he’s made his point pretty clear.

I would love to do like a web of friends.

See how many people of that time.

He knew and kitchens I’m glad business.


I want park has to do like a special slumber party, like Abe summer party.

Who did he invite to the Ouija board slumber party sleepover who all’s coming?

In who’s bringing?

What to the table?

Who’s bringing what snacks?

Like, I just feel like we could do like a full kind of assessment of all of his relationships.


You heard it here first, par cast would like a six degrees from Kevin, Bacon situation, with Lincoln and all the occultus of that time.


Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.

On today’s episode came from black past, the New York Times, the rose Cross by Professor Carl Edwin Lindgren, African American registry and the thalamic order.

Pascal Beverly Randolph, America’s Pioneer, occultist by J Gordon.


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