Rituals - E23 • The Evil Eye


All right, picture this someone you know, who can give the most serious dirtiest look in the world.

And here is that me?

And how does that look make you feel em every time.


It makes me scared and intimidated and got wrenched, you name it and I’m that tough.

Well, okay, it’s working.

Well, I guess I’m doing things, right?

Okay, great.

You’re very good at it.

Now, imagine taking that person’s glare and putting it in different cultures, who believe you can actually curse someone with that intensive Astaire.


This is called the evil eye.

It’s simple in execution but it’s dangerous.

If you really believe the consequences of it.


As someone who’s been on the receiving end of many people’s evil stairs, I can confirm they work and they’re real.


Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m Christine Schieffer.

And I’m M Schultz and every week, we’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism.

And the Occult through stories practices and the impact on Modern culture.

Today, we are getting into the evil eye.


This is one, I’ve been very eager to cover because it’s something I know.

Preferably a little bit about but not not an extensive amount, so I can’t wait to delve into it.

Peripherally, like, your eyes Vision.

With peripherals.

I tried to make a pun.


It didn’t work.

Let’s crack into it.


We’ve talked a lot about believing in curses on this podcast and I know we’ve kind of discussed it, but I’m curious.

Do you believe in protection spells or even amulets?

That could protect you against curses or bad luck?

I don’t know.


I’ve never had the experience, I guess my own version of a good luck charm which I don’t know if they start out lucky, or if something causes them to be lucky but I think it’s just more Basin the energy.

You give something, which I feel like is my answer.

Every time you ask me, Yeah, saying if I believe in something, I feel like it’s just if you’re giving the energy to it tension the intention then it becomes lucky burn off any object starts that way or can be created that way?


It might just be a mental game.

Yeah, interesting because I do feel like you know, there are certain crystals and things that are meant to ward off certain energies and and that kind of thing.

And I do believe that but I also feel like it’s how you use it and how you, you know, the intention you place behind it.

So I think yeah, kind of a mix of both, I kind of agree with you.


On that one.

It’s such a weird back and forth.

I have with myself because I feel like I am totally a believer in, like the power of crystals and things like that, but I’ve never firsthand felt like it, any of them have done anything for me.

Maybe part of the mystere is it’s doing work around me and I don’t even know it, but sure.


I feel like I’ve never had any like, real clear-cut sign of something working.

So I really don’t know how it’s a great.

I don’t know.

Thought I’d like looking at my crystals now and thinking.

Wow, I They should be more intentional probably with how I use them, maybe that’ll help.


But do you wear any sort of amulet?

I don’t, I will.

So I was trying to figure out how to answer this question because I feel like my idea of an amulet or a good luck charm is like a very critical thinking for like I think I’m confusing the idea of an amulet or a good-luck charm with something that I it becomes a good luck charm because I have almost forced it to be 1.


So like I know I don’t wear anything, but I was trying to think of days when I’m super stressed out or when we’re on tour, and I have a lot of anxiety issues.

So I’ll bring like fidget toys and things with me.

And I feel like they accidentally become an ambulatory good luck charm.

But I feel like that’s also kind of based in Psychology where I’m putting it into a routine to make me feel grounded and I feel safe.


I feel like that a big part of it you know if you have an amulet that’s kind of the like I know a lot of people wear a Saint Christopher to protect them.

I don’t really.

An amulet.

I feel like I have a ring that I own.

That is the birthstone of my baby and there’s like a whole story behind it but I wear that and I feel I don’t know if that necessarily counts but it feels like a symbol to me when I wear it if I’m gonna count it feels like it’s like a connection like a reminder.


So I’m not sure if it really does anything actually physically but mentally it works.

So yeah I think just like The energy.

You give to something.

I think the feeling something gives you as it almost it.

Yeah, turning a favor.

So if it makes you feel safe and grounded and happy and loved than it’s probably working.


Yeah, that’s a really great point.

So how much do you think you can affect someone?

I mean in a literal way with just a look or a stair depending on that person’s anxiety level a whole lot speaking from experience, speaking from experience and also that I kind of going into the The same talk, we were just having I think it fits really nicely that.


I feel like my thought of giving someone the evil eye as it were, I feel like it’s also energy.

I think the power behind an evil eye is very much real, but I think it’s because let’s pretend it’s me, who has severe social anxiety and paranoia at all moments.


If someone gives me a dirty look, yeah, they certainly cursed me for the rest of the day because I’m going to fight that day withered my soul.

Here comes a fish.

At spinner, you have a sudden, I’m stressed out.

I don’t feel good about myself.

I’m like questioning that I’m thinking about that moment my whole day.

So I think in a roundabout way.


Yeah, they are cursing me to have worse luck because I’m probably just in a worse headspace and right.

Yeah, yeah.

I do feel like there’s probably some sort of element of Truth and I don’t know that, I believe how someone can look at you and like curse you for, you know, but then again, I do believe in Reiki and positive energy and instilling that in someone else.


So, I’m just being hypocritical here.

I’m not really sure, but it’s an interesting concept.

I can’t tell if I’m being wishy-washy or open-minded whatever the good-intentioned one is.

That’s what I, that’s how I feel about all that.

Yeah, I agree.

So how much do you actually know about the concept of the evil eye?


So both the look to curse someone and then there’s also the opposite side which is the amulet or term that you wear to protect from that curse, the phrase, the evil eye.

I know better because it I think it takes less to learn.

I think you just experience that you’re like, oh, Okay, that’s what that is.

But as for like the actual amulet or Charm itself, I don’t know.


I always knew it was called The Evil Eye.

I know it was this that, like, little blue eyeballs looking thing, and I know they sell it at a lot of stores and a lot of formats.

And I never knew if that was, like, I never bought one because I was, I didn’t know enough about them, and I was always afraid.

It was like, kind of appropriating something?


Yeah, we actually will get into the kind of capitalism volchok experience of how they Swooped in unsurprisingly and took that and ran with it to make some money.

The only thing that I didn’t know, well, I knew that it was supposed to like protect you, but I was always confused by the concept of an evil eye protecting you.


It feels like you wouldn’t.

Yeah evil.

I had that same thought because it’s called the evil eye but like the idea is that it’s protecting you from the evil eye so it yeah that used to throw me off too but we’re going to get into all of it and hopefully explain that and answer any questions.

You have what we’re talking about is the ancient symbol of protection called The Evil Eye.


This like em said, is usually a blue and white glass eye, sometimes it can be green, it’s usually a necklace or a bracelet, or some sort of pendant that you wear.

But the concept of the evil, eye goes back to at least the sixth Century BC and it was referred to in Greek as Monte, okay?


In ancient Greece, classical authors, Plato hesiod Plutarch all tried to explain how the evil.

I worked Plutarch actually gave it a scientific Explanation basically saying that it was a human look or stare that someone gave you and their eyes gave off a malevolent glare and cursed the person on the other side of that look, okay.


So the very intentional process like sure with a direct outcome.


So if you have the ability to stare Ackerson to someone the idea is well can you protect yourself from it or can you deflect it if you’re on the receiving end of that curse.



And the answer was yes, and this is where the evil I am you Uhlet’s entered the picture and the evil eye amulet was meant to protect you from evil spirits or a crisis that was you know maybe put upon you.


So as I mentioned it’s usually green or blue in color which represents protection and it comes in many forms including pendants, bracelets earrings Rings Etc.


Even like how steak or oh yeah I see them like I see them like hung on walls all the time.

Yeah but like a little tapestry you know type thing.

Hmm they’ve also been made into a glass bead and Hung over the front door of a home to keep the whole household protected, which I think is a cool concept.


Yeah, I like that.

It almost has some symbolic undertones as far as biblically speaking you here for like eye for an eye.

Yeah, if you’ve heard that phrase and it comes from Exodus, which talks about an eye, for an eye, tooth for tooth hand, for hand a foot, for a foot, a burn for a burn, a wound for wound, a bruise for bruised.


And basically, the meaning behind it, is that the punishment should match the The crime, right?

So, it’s if the evil eye that you bring into your home is to cancel out an evil eye.

That might be coming your way, exactly.

So if someone is giving you the evil eye, you can block the curse with an evil eye.


And I don’t think it necessarily was linked to the Book of Exodus or anything but it is an interesting parallel, just yeah?

Symbolically there was a scary movie.

I watched growing up about the tooth fairy and oh yeah, they use this phrase.

As was a tooth for a tune-up.


No, no, no, no, no, no, no, very silly.

You should not watch that.

That’s horrible, but it was too late, it happens.

But it is kind of funny that someone in history was like, oh, you’re giving me kind of a side.


I like an evil look.

Guess what?

I’ve got a necklace.

So nice.

Try you know, right?


You do you think if asked, by the way, if a Sinister look can be deflected, I would hope other looks can also be deflected.

I would like to thank like you could have a whole set of jewelry.


That just reflects different things.

Do you know the leave me alone?

Like you could have like, a necklace for the evil eye.

You could have earrings for the look of like disappointment.

You could have bracelets for like I rose with your jokes, don’t land like earlier that.

Be a nice like a be like armor, you know, and it just like deflect all these like negative emotions coming your way to deflect any negative energy.


You know, unwanted passes from from suitors from suitors.

It back, tell ya.

All my students, my many suitors, I guess also.

That is where crystals come in, right?

Like maybe they actually do do that.

And I’m just like, wow, I feel almost like with crystals and I could be wrong.


I’m far from an expert in this but I feel like crystals are also meant more to work on yourself rather than like affect other people.

Do you know what I mean?

I feel I’m bad.

Well, I guess, I guess maybe they’re similar, I guess some crystals can be used to like ward off other people’s energy.


Gee, I guess that makes sense.

I wonder if you can stack beliefs and you can like have crystals from here.

Your evil eye from here, like and do they make like, one big powerful force like to provoke to?

I’m sure you can.

I mean I’m sure there’s some crystals that would work well alongside an evil eye symbol.


What if you made an evil eye out of a protective Crystal?

Oh, that feels silly.

But in like, feel School in a fun way.

As long as we’re like all in good Faith that we’re not being rude at all.

I think that’d be cool if you could do that.

I just don’t know if that’s like right or wrong to do.


Yeah, I’m not sure either.

We should probably do a little more research before we open our new Etsy Shop, okay.

So in art, history professor in Istanbul told the BBC one’s that quote, the earliest version of I emulates goes back to get this 3300 BC.


Whoo, that’s why I’m, and that the amulets have been excavated in one of the oldest cities of Mesopotamia, which Is modern day Syria which means legitimately amulets with eyes.

The eye amulet specifically has gone back that far, which means it must have some really, really strong cross cultural meaning to having.


Yeah, amulet first of all, I feel like the history and the length of time that this is existed either gives it a lot of a lot of credibility and being true.

Or at the very least, gives it a lot of power for all those years of energy to be built up into the symbol.


I absolutely.

We agree.

I mean it clearly holds meaning and has held meaning for thousands of years so I think that’s pretty powerful either way.

I wonder if it’s like a it’s become like a groupthink situation were like now.

We’ve almost made it actually powerful because we’ve spent literally thousands of years.


That’s how we’ve been using it in this energy into that.

Right right.

We can also Trace glass beads back to the Mediterranean around 1500 BC.

So evil eye beads became popular with Phoenicians Assyrians Greeks Romans and The Ottomans some historians say that because people had mostly dark eyes in the Mediterranean area.


During that time, blue-eyed folks were thought to be the ones who could use the evil eye best and or maybe the most dangerous with their evil.

Eye ability is also people with blue eyes, every human with blue eyes can be traced back to one ancestor, follow I guess we could all be traced back to one, handsome.


Ugly, We’re All God’s Children.

I’m sorry, excuse me, I don’t know what I was talking about.

Made in God’s image, and okay.

And so, the idea that blue-eyed people were the ones who could use the evil eye, best kind of led to the blue-eyed, ambulance, to reflect that back to protect against them.


So blue, I vs.

Blue, I Exxon.

If you were unlucky enough to not have the amulet and got cursed, folklorist Alan Dundas says, it’s probably because you had either Good Fortune, good health or good looks seems kind of unfair, but Okay, so you’re more likely to be attacked for one of those things you better watch out em.


I was gonna say thank God, I’m an l.a. five.

Like, no one is coming at me for the and I’ve got my bad heart and I’ve got, you know, it’s, you know, yeah, you’re I’m in the clear health problems.

The looks were, probably pretty safe.

I would say good to go.

I think forgot my brown eyes so like, hey, like I’m, yeah, kids see anything, okay, he wrote that you could get symptoms.


That included, quote loss of Tight.

Excessive yawning.

Oh wait you may have incurred your excessive yawning.

I’m scared for the rest of the certainly I think we break even at the loss of appetite though because I don’t have that it’s okay.

Actually it’s so far we’re even you the loss of appetite has may be overridden, the excessive yawning.



So we got loss of appetite.

Excessive yawning, hiccups, vomiting and fever.

If the object attacked as a cow it’s milk.

May dry up.

If a plant or fruit tree, it may suddenly wither and die.

Why that’s frightening.

I wonder if there was a way to confirm that you were cursed or like like exhibit.


A like what if I started yawning all the time and then I just went, oh no, like this is the end or like, maybe you were just sleepy like imagine the paranoia that would come and that time period, if you just weren’t hungry for the day and you were just like, oh my God!

This is, it will, especially if you were walking around that day and somebody did give you a look and then you went home and were suddenly not hungry.


He probably my mind would go straight to that, I’d be like, uh, oh I’m handsome and have the hiccups.

We’re in trouble.

Also like I wonder did you have to make direct eye contact with said, evil Avatar with said amulet?

Because you might not know, you might just be yawning.


And then you’re like, oh oh oh, I don’t know.

Well, I don’t know, I feel like there, there’s gotta be a better way to vet whether or not you were cursed or if you’re just having an off day, I would hope so.

And actually, we do get to a point.

Right here, where I’m going to mention, like some ways that people have sensed whether or not, okay, a curse has occurred.


So I know, there are ways that certain different cultures have been known to kind of test with, like, household objects and stuff to see if a family member has been cursed so objects and buildings, believe it or not, could also be cursed by the evil eye.


Mmm, the evil I could make cars break down.

Could make a roof leak or your house.

Could get infested with bugs.

And this is not looking good for you and your cockroach.

And you know what?

I think the curse is lifted but I certainly was cursed by Karma or the devil or something at some point out, know if it was the evil eye, but something had me really struggling there with those cockroaches.



You were in a tizzy therefore, and the thick of it a bit.

So I guess that means you don’t have to stare at back at something to be cursed, building a building.

Can’t look at a building.

Well, yeah, but I guess the person doing it, maybe has to stare at you, or maybe it’s just symbolic like Evil eye, they’re just giving you a glare.


Or maybe it’s actually cursing a person where that building was important to them, maybe, but it says objects could be cursed as well.

So I’m not sure.

I don’t know, I don’t know what have to Deep dive on that.

I’m happy to know as little as possible though, because I don’t want to know why so many roaches were in my apartment.


Coming up.

Now that we have the basics, we’ll talk about how the evil eye has gone Global and why one author thinks.

If you’re on the ugly side, you might be safe from its wrath.

Oh, thank God.

I am I think you’ll be okay.

Loving the confirmation here.

Whew, we’re in the clear folks.


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Anytime listen free only on Spotify, So let’s talk about the evil eye and different cultures.


The concept of importance of the evil eye.

Varies across different cultures but there was a time folklorist John Roberts said over 40% of cultures believed in the evil eye.

Whoa, okay.

Yeah, big chunk.

It’s a Really prominent in the Mediterranean as I mentioned earlier, and in West Asia followers of Islam can find the evil.


I referenced in the Quran, the Old Testament, mentions the evil eye in Proverbs, 23 6.

Cautioning, eat, thou not the bread of him that hath, an evil eye.


Now you listen up to this, neither desire thou, his dainty Meats.

So, I finally found a phrase.


I can get behind in the Bible and it’s dainty Meats.

Not desire, thou, not his dainty means Which of his meats are be Desiring or not.

Just hiring the dainty ones.

Oh, right.

If he’s talking about steak, dainty steaks, I will be Desiring buzz and I’ll just be a sinner once more.


Oh, no.

Once more, you’ll just break another rule from the Bible wouldn’t be the first wouldn’t be the last won’t be the last certainly Celtic and polish folklore also include the evil eye, including Lady Jane Francesca Wilde who wrote about it in her. 1887 book ancient legends, Mystic charms and superstitions of I End quote, there is nothing more dreaded by the people nor considered more deadly in its effects than the evil eye.


So I’m just fascinated already that like in so many different walks of life parts of the world.

This is such a powerful symbol for people.

Yeah, you know, he said oh and at one point almost around 40% of people believed in it like the hold that it must have.


But I also think that goes back to the fact that it’s it’s one of the beliefs that we can.

See going really far back as still carried.

Wait a half-hour this whole time.

Yeah, so yeah, maybe that’s why so many people were scared.

They’re like this one goes way back and yeah, you’re still afraid.


Well and it’s interesting.

I think the i in general like the human eye has such a powerful symbolism behind it.

In general, just like, oh, eyes are the windows to the soul?

Like, I feel like there’s a lot of.

I symbolism that I could see why that symbol in and of itself could carry a lot of weight throughout different cultures.


Yeah, I totally agree with you.

So, in some countries, it’s believed that babies and children are said to be the easiest targets of the evil eye, which makes me sad.

I mean, I get it that they’re the most vulnerable.

But I mean, geez.

It feels unfair baby.

Like, what feels unfair?


They do to you countries including Greece Romania.

And India said, publicly complimenting.

A child is thought to grab the attention of the evil eye.

So essentially you’re complimenting a baby In public and this draws this negative attention because remember, at the beginning of the show, folklorist Alan done and has said, it’s probably because you had good fortune, good health or good.


Looks that you might be kind of compromised by those and be more likely to suffer this evil eye consequence.

Yeah, I wonder if it’s because babies for the most part are often like, I mean, it’s brand new health.


I mean, I know unfortunately not all babies are born one.

Two percent healthy.

But most babies, I think represent like a youth and a purity and a newness to life.

And also most babies are very cute.

So I feel like we’ve got like the good looks.


So that’s two out of three.

Maybe get Fortune like they often don’t have to worry because her parents will handle it or I don’t know, maybe that’s just like, it’s all the, the innocence and the goodness they’re in is another good they’re pure and like that probably is prone to draw some neck.


Elysee and yeah, Chelsea and we see that too.

I think in other aspects of the Paranormal where people talk about children or people who are more vulnerable, who might be sick, which doesn’t really go with the health thing here but just people who are more vulnerable in general can be more strongly affected by negative presence has.


So yeah, under if that’s related to I’m not sure that actually is a great comparison.

I feel like across a lot of spiritual beliefs, it’s the Young More and more new to this world.

You are the more open-minded.

You are.

The more receptive, you are like the closer.


You are to that Veil.

So to speak the other side.


Very close to the other side.

I feel like things just kind of are able to leech on faster or easier.

Yeah, hmm.

So if you compliment the baby and the parent wants to ward off the evil eye just buckle up, they would ask you to immediately spit in the child’s face.


So if you say, oh, your baby is cute, you’re implying that the baby has good looks and upheaval.

I might have overheard that with its evil ears and then and curse.

The baby was, I like, first of all, thank you for explaining that part in My Big Fat Greek Wedding because I’ve always wondered why she spat on the children, but oh she goes to 22.


Yeah, I have.

I’ve seen in other cultures to the you like spit on them for good luck or to keep evil away and I never understood.

Now I get it.

That’s exactly it.

Yeah, it’s especially in Greece to, I went to Greece once and I remember that evil eye symbolism was all over the place, so that doesn’t make sense.


I guess the spitting is like a quick portable way to like cleanse.

Somebody instead of like she’s way to cleanse somewhere, be like if you don’t have water to like cleanse them from Evil, you just use your spit, like spit shine, your your super holy cleanse.


I thought I was not ever going to find out why some cultures spit on their family, too.


Or tell people, I guess that means your family thinks you’re healthy and pretty.

Can you imagine if you were the only kid that didn’t get spit on in your family and I have a complex sad because they’re like, please spit on me, I don’t know.


So I guess what they’re saying is 0?

If somebody says Oh, what a beautiful baby then the family says you got to spit on him now because you just open him up to being cursed.


So spit on him will fix this.

So every time you get complimented, you got to get spat on that.

Really stings?

That really stinks.

But I also now totally understand where that comes from.

I was always like people’s worlds and now like why you’re constantly getting spit on it’s because everybody’s just so enamored with you, you know?


Honestly it.

Yeah, it’s almost like a complement to get spit on.

We thought you were getting spit on for negative reasons, but I guess it’s all positive.

It’s just because I’m too cool to handle.

I’m too good-looking.

What did you say earlier that?

I had so many suitors.

Yeah, so many suitors, just follow the leaders.


Who keeps spinning on you.

It’s the weirdest thing and now I’m okay with itself.

So Ethiopia also believes in spitting to deflect the evil eye, and Latin America calls the evil eye Mal de Ojo in Cuba.

Some newborn babies are given a good luck charm to protect them and in Mexico.


The egg is a universal symbol of Purity and birth and people make the sign of the cross.

With a raw egg over the baby, I have seen the symbolism a lot in a lot of Can take stalkers that I follow, who talked about using the egg for symbolism for kind of discovering.


If you have been cursèd, that kind of thing.

So here’s an exact example.

The egg is then broken into a bowl of water after it is, you know, made sign of the cross over the baby.

They break it into a bowl of water.

And if people see an oval or an eye shape than the baby is protected, from the evil eye, what a risky, a little game that it is.


I know if the egg is not an oval or eye shape, what do you do?

You just think you’re probably her story.

I don’t know how much either I would imagine you have to do a cleansing because I have watched some tick talkers who have shown how they do it, where they take the egg, you kind of put it all over your body just to, like, I guess, get the energy, then you charge it into a bowl of water and watch what comes up.


And, you know, there’s differences between like if the whites are Separating from the yolk if the yo-yos, if everything’s kind of contained.

And so it symbolizes different things.

What if it’s a rotten egg?

But it’s an oval or I shaped.


What does that mean?

What if you get one of those eggs, you crack it and there’s actually two in there.

So that’s a, that’s a legitimate thing.

Mm, I got to know all the roles that’s part of it because somebody wrote in ones too, I forget which podcast and they mentioned that they cracked an egg and there was like Fetus like a baby fetus of an, what does that mean?


I know, what does that mean in this scope?

Apparently it meant nothing.


Oh my God, it meant nothing good.

So I’m sure there are practitioners, who will be able to, you know, actually legitimately answer the questions, but those are some of the stories I’ve heard from fascinating.

Yeah, it is really fascinating and I really, like the symbolism of the egg too.


Kind of has like a fresh, like birth, you know.

Yeah, new life and to use that as, like a pure way to test the energy.

But in Brazil, Will they actually call The Evil Eye, the fat, i instead of the evil eye, and instead of compliments, they believe that the fat eye goes after those who have been insulted.


Okay, I love that.

They just absolutely flip The Logical.

If the script they were like, no, actually, but also I like that because it encourages you to be nice to people to protect your community.

I think that’s very sweet and protect yourself, because if you’re complimenting people, you’re probably going to get some of that, back your way.


I wonder if you can compliment yourself and Protect yourself.

I don’t know if it works like daily affirmations in the mirror like, is that gonna?

I don’t know, you know and the interesting thing is Brazilians have been called the most beautiful humans on the planet.

So I feel like oh it was not in their best interest to propagate this myth that or this idea this notion that being insulted as the safest way.


Like, well also like I love that they have now tricked the world and we, I’d like, now all of us are globally saying they’re the most beautiful people on Earth.

So now we’re all protecting them from the It s, they’re tricky tricky, Bring It On trick so they kind of played that into their favor, which I love.


So basically the idea is, if you get a compliment, your fine call, as we’re letting everybody know, they’re the most beautiful people on it.


The entire people is a currently saved, exactly Turkish people created a charm or amulet called the Turkish evil eye.


That is hung everywhere including on pets and kids.

I have definitely seen these in Europe as the charm and or ambulance starts to crack over time.

That means it’s doing its job, which is kind of cool.

So basically the idea is like it’s almost absorbing the energy for you to protect you.


I feel like we’ve heard about that with crystals too.

I feel like I’ve heard that if some crystals like a crack, like, if they’re meant to, like protect your stress or something.

Yeah, that’s it.

They crack and it’s like it absorbed all the negative energy for it means they’re like doing their job.

They’re like absorbing that energy instead of getting it sent.



And so once the amulet breaks, it’s time to get a new one, to continue the Protection, keep it going, those living in the Indian.

Subcontinent are known to wear red thread on their wrist or reflective mirror charms that are sewn into clothing hair and jewelry.


And there are also some European countries who believe pointing your index and little fingers toward the other person, casting the curse, or receiving the curse.

So, I actually did this yesterday by mistake, I was pointing At some people in the room with me and I went like this.


Hmm, double horns with an and like, if you go like this growing up, my mom always said don’t do that.

You’re cursing.

Someone that’s the devil.

You are seeing someone.

And I was like, what are you talking about?

So, when I read this, I was very interested.

I mean, obviously, she’s European to.


So, I wonder if that is where that came from, but oh, I remember I did that.

And I went, I’m sorry, I’m not cursing.

You guys.

And they were like what that’s like.

I just wanted everyone to know that was not my intent.

I love that.

We have enough accidental power to curse somebody but like I just like it makes me feel so powerful of like I don’t even know what I’m capable of apparently.


I’m just cursing people left and right with my reckless, little fingers, Booth million, a little fingers.

I hope it’s one of those things where the intention behind it has to be in place because yeah, I did not intend to do that so I hope it didn’t actually curse anybody.

It reminds me also o of this actually hit.


It has nothing to do with anything.

I guess I know in the, if you work at Disney, you’re not supposed to be able, you don’t point with one finger you point with two fingers, why?

But need Someone, I don’t know, I think it’s because like this is considered rude.

It just made me think of like oh you can’t point at somebody with your fingers but apparently it does knee.


If you ever talk to someone who’s working there, you’re like oh how do I get somewhere?

They’ll always point with two fingers because one finger is like wagging a finger at someone and being rude.

See the symbolism of all these fingers.



Next Here Comes capitalism, will talk about celebs in fashion brands that have used the evil eye as their latest accessory, and if we think it’s lost all meaning because of that.

So it is like maybe a little.

I’m excited to find out that I was right all along.


Maybe it’s a little appropriation e good to know ya.


Let’s get into pop culture and how the evil eye has kind of made its way into pop culture.

I don’t think any of us are surprised.

This tends to happen with any sort of symbolism from other cultures that, you know, get kind of just snatched up and used for money-making purposes.


Accessories will get into it.

But the first example I have here is that Megan Markle.

Has recently been known to wear an evil eye amulet and has been seen with both a pendant with a blue topaz eye and a gold evil eye bracelet.

I would argue that she has if anyone’s getting some evil eyes sent her away Megan, Marvel has received plenty more than most people in her position.


You know, I agree, I can understand why she might feel like legitimately that that was something NG symbolic that she might have actually needed the amulet.

Yeah yeah for more than just a fashion.

I mean I don’t know that for sure but I wouldn’t blame her if she was using that as like more more than just a fashion statement.


But uh yeah symbolism in 2017.

Gigi Hadid designed a line of shoes with evil eyes.

Then in 2020.

She was dating Zayn.

Malik and they were both spotted wearing matching evil eye bracelets that year.

Oh so of course now we’re getting into the bigger fashion designers and Who obviously jumped right on this bandwagon.


Chanel put an evil eye necklace on Willow Smith for their eyewear campaign in 2017.

Elie, Saab created.

I embellished dresses for their spring Couture.

Collection coach put an evil eye on sweaters.

So, now it’s becoming kind of just like a fashion statement.


More than the real symbolism behind it, you know.


I feel like somewhere in there.

There would be a joke from The Devil Wears Prada on like surreal.


But like make it about the evil eye.

He’ll like, are you think it’s as big thing but really, it was started from like an actual history.

Yeah, yeah.


Nicole Miller put eyes on, jackets, dresses, and skirts.

For the fall, 2019, show Asos launched a home where collection that included an eye shaped mirror and the phrase.

I can see you on cushion, covers, Beds Bath mats, okay, I whatever you’re going, whatever the fashion industry’s obsession with the eyes.


Symbol has had a big impact on social media.

For example, the hashtag evil eye has been used on Instagram millions of times and evil eye, jewelry sales have skyrocketed over the years.

I personally, like I’ve always wondered about this because I growing up the had an evil eye necklace from a Turkish friend of the family.


Oh, cool.

Who gave it to me.

And so, I was always really and my mom had 12 and it was always really special to me and then when I went to Greece, got him was been like 10 years ago now.

I bought some really beautiful art and like pendants and, you know, like the little tapestry with the, with the evil eye.


And I bought those as gift for my family, and one for myself.

And a few years later, when I really started spending more time, learning about cultural appropriation in that kind of thing, I started to feel like maybe I was perpetuating that by.


I’m like you had known before and all that.


Like by purchasing those Bowls and using them in my home.

So, I’m not really sure where I fall on that Spectrum, but I just wanted to be like transparent, that, you know, I’ve definitely had.

I mean, you know, I wasn’t putting it on my Chanel, sweaters for fashion, but I guess the symbolism behind it.


Always really spoke to me.

And I, yeah, I’ve always really founded a powerful concept.

It also does seem like it has crossed several cultural line.

That’s your to.

Yeah, it seems like there is a global understanding of the Evil eye.


And right.

I think there’s a there’s different ways to appreciate it.

I do think.


Maybe like capitalizing and on it is probably not the best, but I do think like, I don’t know.

I also don’t know if it’s even my place to say, but I feel like buying something that’s as well, known as an evil eye and well-known for the same thing across all cultures.




I feel like it’s probably a safe one.

I think there’s also like as long as there’s cultural appreciation or the artist or yes, Work symbolic appreciation.

Yeah, yeah.

Usually, if I ever get something and I’m unaware if it’s something that I should be owning, if I feel like it’s on the fence, first of all, usually I won’t get it.


But if I already own something and then I find out later, I feel like once you just do your work and know the research and share their share of the history you’re doing your part.


And I think part of it too, is that it fell?

All the more I don’t know.

Special or powerful because I was buying these pieces made by artists like Local spa areas, local artists who are hand, making these little designs and jewelry.


And so if it felt at least to me a little better than just you know buying shouldn’t like buying Chanel is if I have ever had the fever will by Chanel but sorry me and all of my suitors and we just bump into you at Chanel every now and then no but I do definitely think like if you’re if you are going to get something that has a history to it I’m definitely team getting it from that space or some people learning the history of And you know, if you find out that something, if you shouldn’t have something, then donated, kindly back to the community or right, go straight.


But yeah, I think there’s always space to to learn and share the information.



I just wanted to throw that out there just because you know, I don’t know if people have seen any of my I don’t have much around but just if anybody sees it, I don’t want them to think.

I’m totally unaware of, you know, there to giving you that for my history.


Yeah, I don’t know.

Well, they better not because I got one right above my My daughter so yeah, I think it’s a really cool, really powerful symbol a really awesome story and I think it’s fascinating the fact that it has been I guess so widespread throughout so many thousands of years the symbol.




How do you feel about the evil eye in terms of like literally casting a curse or deflecting that curse or deflecting that look, I kind of mentioned it earlier, but I don’t know if it’s my thing, but it’s also not really my thing because I’m not giving energy to it.

I do think that Is something to be said for the fact that it has spread all over and it’s known for the same thing.


I think its historical context is important.

I think the fact that it has carried this much power and since like what 3300 BC?

Right, I definitely think there’s something to it, even if it’s just enough people now have given it energy to make it so, so I don’t know if I personally believe in it, but I know if someone else believes in it as probably working for them.


Yeah, yeah.

I think Honestly, I’m on the exact same page.

Do you think people miss the history lesson behind the eye when it’s opted by social media?

Because I mean personally I don’t see how you could really get the full history and meaning if you just see it on a Runway.


Oh 100%.

If it’s in a space without information, then it’s the information, isn’t there?


You take it out of the cultural context and then what I mean, then it’s just a fashion statement.

If there was a way for like Chanel, to like have Evil eye on their sweater and then, like, on the back have like some history sewn into their sweater or like 300 BC, the Babylonian Empire and Mesopotamia.


If there was a way to incorporate the history into it or to educate someone as they’re buying your product, I would respect it a lot more of an excellent idea.

Chanel, why don’t you put a QR?


Are you listening to know, ding, ding, it’s us.

Why don’t you put a QR code on the back?


That’ll just linked directly to this episode.

I love that and then we can just wait.

Oh wait, are pisode, I thought you meant like at least like the Wikipedia page.

No, no no, no, no M stop it.

Listen to my pitch, you put a QR code to our episode on anything with an evil eye.


Just so you know promo speaking of capitalism if we might as well feed completely into it.

I might as well just jump in.

I do love the idea of there being a Peril with QR codes that lead to history.

I love that that lead to my podcast.

Oh, okay.

Actually only took a picture of Christine, just one go.


OMH her favorite one.

Christine and the throne and I’ve been photoshopped out.

Well yeah, of course, how much does superstition play into the story of the evil eye versus what people think is?

Truly real.

Do you feel like, I know, I guess we sort of talked about this as far as the intention behind it being.



What causes any sort of actual energy being shifted?

But yeah, I don’t know.

What do you think?

I think because I’m not, I’m a little stitches.

Yes, I think because I’m not very superstitious about it, I’m not giving energy to it.

So I feel like the, the superstitious Community, the spiritualist community, anyone who’s more open to the concept of the evil eye, is going to bring more energy to it.




And it means something and it’s real to certain people.


So I would say Superstition has a huge role in it because if you believe in it and you’re giving it energy then that’s what makes it real, right?



I think that makes sense.


Anyway, this story or a story this topic so good.


I think this is my favorite episode of rituals, really?


Oh, I’m so happy to hear that.

Yeah, I was just so excited to cover this because like I said, I’ve always had kind of a, I don’t know, just an emotional attachment or like a, it’s had a space in my heart, the evil eye symbolism, and my necklace that I got from a family friend.


So I was just excited to really get to the bottom of it and see, you know.

Whether I had crossed some lines or you know, where I ended up in the equation.

So I just am really happy to have gotten kind of a full full picture here.

I’m glad you got into the bottom of the case, detective cheaper, but thank you male.


Thank you.

I tried.


Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.

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