Rituals - E24 • The Ever-Subversive Éliphas Lévi


Bonjour Christine, did you know?

My name is actually French, so that is a pretty fitting.

I don’t know how to say it in French usual.

Christine, I don’t know em, that’s beautiful.

Thank you were going to Paris today kids because we have to talk about arguably one of the most important figures in the Revival of ceremonial magic, Haley fast.


They be what?

Oh, my gosh.

I feel like I’m in the Presence of a Frenchman, a Frenchman, most, Tia and Wealthy.

I practiced all night, making sure I said his name, right?

So I as a as of yesterday, I am a Frenchman.

Oh, okay.

And I think everyone will be impressed by just how influential this one person was on the occult including symbolism tarot and Conjuring.


I’m ready to be impressed by him but I’m also extremely impressed already with you so let’s say at that high because it’s a downhill spiral, downward spiral, Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.


I’m M Schultz and I’m Christine sheikah every week.

We’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices in the impact on Modern culture.

Today we’re talking about a lie, fast Levi, who we just Trend in an episode about Pascal.


Beverly Randolph.


And I’m excited to get a deep dive on him today.

It’s fun that I feel like we’re slowly building out our own rituals Cinematic Universe.

Yes, that’s so true.

We’re like we’re talking about one character.

Like now we know that he exists.


He’s Cannon.

And then the next episode coming out as like his backstories origin story.



See, I like where we’re heading with this.

How are so stuff?

Let’s crack into it.



So, before we get into this, I’ve got a very important question for you.

Oh, I’m always chock full of them but this is probably one of my favorites to ask you.

Uh-huh, has anyone ever told you a story about a ghost encounter?

And you just had to believe them?

They’re our story was just so good or so.

I just couldn’t help myself but believe them you know actually yes and I think maybe sometimes I consider myself a little to believing may be too gullible but I just it’s hard for me to believe when somebody tells a very compelling powerful story and with emotion that they’re lying.


Like I have a maybe I have too much faith in humanity.

It’s hard to believe but yeah, I definitely have an even just strangers like on podcasts and things I have trouble.

Being too gullible maybe but I had the exact same response when I think about this question.


I think if someone seems truly freaked out by the experience and they did like it moved them or their I mean, there’s just there’s a way to tell a story when you’re invested in it and I feel like if someone’s I don’t know there’s just something about it where you can tell if someone really is freaked out by their own experience.


And don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard stories where I’m like, hmm sure you know I don’t necessarily believe you but I feel like a lot of times I do believe them, even if I don’t know them, and I think part of it too, is the thought of like, why would they lie about that?

Which you know what?

Some people just lie.

So yeah, to be fair, I do know that like, there’s not always a reason but yeah, I’m with you if somebody tells it with kind of an emotional with a captivating even if they tell a story that’s there, so freaked out by.


But I can kind of see the holes in it.

I at least believe that they believe that they believe it great point and that will be coming back.

But since we are talking about a lie fast Levi Which I will be Levi, who I will probably practicing this name the entire time.

But how much do you know about him before we get into this episode to be quite honest?


I only know his name coming out of your mouth.

I don’t think I really I think I may be seen the name written before but I don’t think I really know his backstory at all.

I didn’t know anything about him either except that Pascal.

Beverly Randolph claimed to meet him during one of his trips in Europe, right?



Yeah, I do.

I do recall that portion of that episode.

I feel like this is just becoming an embarrassing pattern every how much did you know, but nothing.

Oh, I’ve been humiliated since I was just like one non-stop, I think like 100 episodes into our into.

And that’s why we drink and then just just kept happening, just keeps happening.


I think we’re bringing it from and that’s why I drink because one of the beautiful parts of that show is we walk in intentionally not knowing each other stories so we can educate each other.

The fun.

And rituals is just a new Step Up where instead of one of us knows and educates the Other neither of us, do know, chicken Educators cells, and everyone has to sit along as we do it.


It’s not a super duper selling point, but it seems you working a.

So I’m just going to rock the boat.

I’m lovin it because I feel like we’re all learning together.

This is by the way, just another opportunity to give a shout-out to our research team because oh without them we would not be able to do any prep work before these episodes but I feel like I get a crash course every week in all these topics that obviously interest us We would love to learn about and for some reason, we just keep missing them in our own research.


Passed us by like ships in the night.

It makes me scared about my own research.

Like, how am I missing this?

Anyway, no I wear, I’m excited to teach you about this fella and I want to say that I lie fast Levi, questioned, his faith in the church and I feel like you’re one of the only people I can ask this to and get kind of a relatable.


You could, you might be able to relate to him at least, but I can get a relatable response but He ended up questioning his faith and that pushed him more towards the occult.

And I know that you grew up in more Catholics Circle and and you have stepped away.

Do you feel like you also felt like you were able to step towards the occult because you were stepping away from something else?


That is so interesting.

And yes, 100%.

I really, yeah.

And I don’t know, I don’t know that I had ever even really thought about it until now, in that way.

But yeah, I feel like I, you know, that I have like, I’m a spiritual person.


Not a religious person.


Like I’ve always I know it’s cliche and kind of trite, but like I do kind of relate to that saying, I guess, just because I do feel like there’s more than just us.

But I do not think I am no longer kind of in a structured Church Christian setting, I like pulled pretty much fully remove myself from that, and I don’t know if it’s, because I grew up with that, that I’m comfortable in.


Ilysm or the occult I don’t know if they’re related or if it was just like I’m leaving that behind and this has now piqued my interest, I’m not sure but yeah definitely.

I feel like I still have that belief that I feel like I took maybe the notion from Catholicism that like there is something bigger than us very vague and that like the whole point is just being good to each other.


And then I kind of found that in a different setting that wasn’t church.

I mean, looking excited.

Never was really raised with any religious background.

So, I think my mind was just kind of a blank canvas for any mini opinion, to just kind of fall on.

And I think I was very lucky that I got to just see the world from a very open-minded space or to see all belief systems from an open minded space.


And it’s certainly not my place to know what your experience was like.

But looking through the window from a, from a third-person, the stained glass window.


You know, from your Chapel window, Has I feel like I noticed a trend with my friends who are like X Christians, interesting, where it just seems like we’ve mentioned it before.


I think on the show where I feel like you were put in this box from a really young age where you were told you can’t think about that or you can’t believe in that and the second you leave you have all this opportunity for your curiosity to finally kind of search around and I feel like it’s just an easy I don’t want to see slippery slope because there’s a bad connotation to that.


But it’s just so easy to like finally be able to be curious and not be like lambasted for that.



So you just kind of start looking everywhere and it’s so true just end up there and it’s almost a more at least in my experience the Lisa circles we run in but the occult and spiritual practices is all very positive and up looking for the most part.


And I think that’s also something people probably seek after being confined a little bit.


Yeah, I’ll 100%.

Again, I’m a someone who started with a blank canvas and I still fell into or occult stuff, just because they seem more accepting and supportive and been, I don’t know enough to speak on it, like, really, and full depth, but my, my experience going into like a mature Circles of it.


Is that everyone’s just so excited to be learning about it together or it just, it just feels like a much more welcoming space.

Absolutely 100% agree.

So anyway, thank you for your opinion and also I’m For inserting myself.

But that’s no entered pleas, always, thank you.


It’s your story here today.

But thank you for opening my eyes to that pattern and I haven’t really seen before.

Yeah, give me that kind of credit.

That makes me look to sting really cool.

Also, do you happen to know anything about Kabbalah?

Not really no, I don’t either.

And I feel like a like I’m this one I really feel dumb about like I feel like I should, I feel stupid because I have a Jewish mother.


I was in by that logic and the faith.

I’m also Jewish and, and my family up.

For my mother.

They were all very religious and my mom kind of really away from from Judaism.

Yeah, I know.

Not stepped away and that she didn’t believe the same things, but it was my grandfather’s choice later in his life to stop practicing for himself.


So the kids kind of just stopped short learning to, and so I don’t really know anything about it.

I feel kind of silly.

I know it’s like a Jewish mysticism, but I don’t really know more than that.

Pretty vague understands once again, we’re all learning together.




Rachel’s can just have their research team right up, everything about Jewish mysticism for me and that can just be my takeaway from.

I’ll just read it to you and just be my teacher.

No, but I do feel silly for not knowing it and I am excited to dig into it.

That’s why we’re here.

We’re learning.


It’s a safe space to learn.


So any fast Levi, he was born with a different name.

I’m going to try my best French accent here and if you’re French, I’m sorry, phones, Louis constant.



Thank you listen.

I’m not French by any stretch of the imagination of the sounded.


Pretty good to me.

Thank you.

What’s leave it there?

Let’s never say his name again and stick with the other very difficult for me.

It really fast they be so he was born in 1810 to working-class parents and Pally, oh my God I love ah Pally no I can’t do it I can’t do it.


My throat won’t allow it cool sausage.

Okay well as a child he was a bit of a loner but very smart and inspiring The priest of his local Parish to send him to a seminary for a free education and to train to be a priest.

What a fun?


You’re smart.


Go get a priest.


Where were the doctors saying you should get on the education at Harvard Medical, but the Seminary Levi learned greek latin and Hebrew.

Wow, the Hebrew parts are very important parts of the story.

So okay, his Seminary education was short-lived because he was accused of falling in love with one of his young students.


Oh no, I’m not what you do at preschool.

I know that much.

I know you didn’t mean to make a joke of that but it’s the priest school and preschool.

Sounded a little too close.

Okay I absolutely did not do that and did not even hear his it.


A fantastic play on words but in just the worst though it worst way and I want to promise you that was not intentional.

I know but my brain played them at the same time and they harmonize it was really bad.

So rough.

I just wanted to clear the air before anyone Papa You chill for welcome that out.


So he claimed that the relationship was purely platonic but I there is The Stereotype.

So it’s hard for us to know what side to believe, sure.

The accusations though, were significant to his Direction in life, okay.

So they were like damaging whether or not it was true.



In one of his books of poetry, he wrote, this is a quote, from him, I understand that all the religion and my soul was based on this need and I could not take my vows before.

The altar of a cold and egotistical cult without remorse.



So they must have really not believed him and he saw the complete other side to Christianity.

Seriously, they did a number on him if you’ve is like, okay fine.

I’m out and also my opinions have gone from one side to the whole of her.



And basically, his theological belief, started to change, which put him more at odds with the church.

Yeah, yeah.

I can see that so Levy dropped out of school and things got real rough for him, which I feel like he already was not given the best Head Start.

If he’s got this rumor hanging over his head her again, we don’t know if it’s true or not.


So things got worse for him because his mother passed away around the same time and financially, he made ends meet by working as a tutor in a boarding school.

And he also sold his art and had at least one job and a Catholic Diocese, while they’d still have them.


Okay, so he’s like trying to, he just bopping around trying to Make ends meet.

Okay, and this is a sentence.

I think my father, probably screams about me to people once he got into his 20s and 30s lady became a radical socialist.

Um, looks like where are we going?


Oh, I read that in the notes and I was like, hmm.


Radical social big fat commie or I don’t know, whatever, whatever, whatever.

Dad say on Facebook, whatever your uncle has to say during Thanksgiving.

So while he attributed his political leanings, Choose Christianity, those political leanings, tended to run, contrary to the church, which is interesting because I have seen the argument that Jesus was a socialist, and they, but that’s what I was trying to say to.


That’s a great point because I was trying to say, like, I took the part of Christianity that’s like, oh, it’s about love and being good to each other being christ-like with, yeah, and took that completely out of the religion and found that somewhere else.

So that’s exactly, that’s a really interesting point.


Yeah, I love that note.

Shout out to all of our researchers but that’s one of my favorite.

Things that I hear my friends who are deconstructing their faith, they all say.

Like I still want to be christ-like.

I just don’t want to be Christian and I just always think that’s it’s so interesting.

How awful thing?


Yeah, and there are some people out there who can find a way to blend the two but I I happen to run circles with people who wish to separate the two.

So yeah I just I hear that argument more often and I don’t know from an outside opinion, it makes sense to me.

So yeah, I can see it.

He was really into this deep love hate relationship with his face.


Of like am I not being a good Christian by removing myself from a church?

But would Christ loved me for trying to be in His image and all the stuff so he tried to say devoted but he was also outspoken and critical of the church including the church’s conservative views on sexuality and how it vilified women oh wow Purity culture.


He’s okay when Auntie Purity culture so so far I’m totally on board with.

Are you saying Ivan?

It’s like a, you know, a long time ago to be really kick the church.

Isn’t the only group that was vilifying women and had conservative views on sexuality are, it’s very impressively Progressive view back then, especially at the time.


I mean, right?

If people in our family are calling us for radical socialists like you men.

Like they weren’t kidding about him.

Like he was oh radical.

I mean, he was probably stood alone as a feminist, probably at the time.


So Levi then gets himself in more hot water when he puts all these socialist, Lots into writing.


Whoops, after publishing his book called The Bible of Liberty.

The courts find him guilty of preaching impiety, which is the lack of reverence of God, right?

And he’s also found guilty of subversion, which is undermining the power and authority of an established system.


Wow, and he ends up going to prison for eight months.

My gosh.

Okay for just having views and writing them down announcing them.

Yeah which I guess that’s a slippery slope to because the other side that I don’t usually agree with could say like oh well I just have Views and I’m writing them down exact.


Also I don’t think they go to jail for eight months for having a view.

So yeah, it’s um this is I feel like a debate for a law school class that I would never want to feel like I can’t stand on any sort of, you wouldn’t get into, but if law school started offering bleachers and popcorn, oh, we will would technically be there because I’d be sitting front row to watch this.


This get Duke doubt, that’s a great point.

In 1846 Levi, published his other book.

Of the voice of famine and that sent him right back to prison.

Oh my goodness.

And this time, the charges were exciting hatred between different classes and Society.


Oh my goodness, and none of this deterred him.

He kept writing critical books and religious texts and his radical politics earned him even more time in prison.

So he’s just some snaps, he’s not given up, he’s saying, I know what what’s going to happen?

And I’m okay with it, as long as doing it.


My words get put down.

One of these books called The Testament of Liberty was one of the first signs of how his ideas about religion and metaphysics were evolving get a little spooky.

Yeah it was published in 1848 by the way and that was the year that the European Revolution rocked France.


Oh geez.

So they’re in context there’s a lot of turmoil.

Okay, coming up a leaf, a slave ego.

From political agitator to influential a cultist.

Thanks to a pivotal encounter with a ghost, you’ll find out soon enough.


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So, just a recap real quick on a be fast movie.

The name I cannot say, I’m trying so hard to look great.

Thank you.

I just listened to us record a whole other episode where Christine nailed every word and every pronunciation.

So I’m just a little insecure right now.

You think I did.

You don’t even know I’m sure we’ll get some tweets.


Well fingers crossed so I feel better about myself.

I’m just kidding.

Please don’t treat those.

We’re all We’re all insecure trying our best so Levi grew up to become a troublemaker and especially with the church his political religious views at writings really riled people up around the mid 1800s to a point where he was being imprisoned for his opinions and their opinions but just say their books, I would have read.



Be clear.

If you could read back then, which I thought you were saying, if you could read If You Could Read end of sentence that would have been so harsh.

I mentioned he studied at a seminary school for a short amount of Of time, and that’s when his esoteric and occult interests, really startled.


He had a professor who was really into spiritualism and mesmerism and animal magnetism.

Whoa, to be clear.

Animal, magnetism is the belief and an invisible natural force possessed by all living things.

But the way I think of animal, magnetism is when Holly talks about Michael Scott, he has, but he has raw animal magma to eat.


I’ve always concerted and warlike sexualized.


But I’m sure I’ve said something that’s not what is meant in this story.

So the belief in an invisible natural force possessed by all living things.

Okay in fact he had met this professor who was really into those things and this inspired Levy to study magic and metaphysics, cool.


Levi connected with a cultist and Mystics.

And among them was the famous polish mathematician and a cultist hose F Maria.

Hannah vronsky, he adopted both European, occultism and hebraic Kabbalah as his faith.

And quickly became a major voice in those fields.


Mmm, in 1853, he went to London where he was welcomed into the Social Circles of British authors and a cultists, I want to know what I need to do to come into the Social Circles of British authors and occultist V2.

And this was soon after his wife deserted him, which I feel like I would like the Tabloid on that story goodness, but one biographer said he was still suffering and needed a change of scene.


And that’s kind of how this happened for him.

God, Okay, life change.

And this trip to England was a pivotal point in his life and work.

This is where he claims to have conjured a ghost.

Oh, my goodness.

What a Twist?

But a blunt, was he a ghost like this?


It’s just a Pity Boppity, Boppity.

Boop, and just manifested a whole ghost in her?



I cannot wait to hear about this.

So this is him evoking the ghost of apollonius of tyana, what that sounds like a chapter of stranger things.

This is what is going on.


This is probably The most important event and ladies trip to London because this was when he famously was said to have evoked the physical appearance of the legendary and ancient Magus apollonius of tyana.

Oh my God.

And I Magus is a sorcerer for anyone wondering.


Okay, I prefer the word sorcerer.

I think it sounds cool, sorcerer.

I know.

And you might remember apollonius from our Emerald Tablet Episode, by the way, vaguely.

I’ll just say that so far.

We’ve got two crossovers to cross.

First, we’ve got this whole episode of Levi and the Emerald Tablet.


According to Levi, he returned to his hotel, one day to find a note to get sick, like kind of Escape roommate.

Yes, it does sound like one of Em’s famous virtual Escape rooms.

Please go check out my link tray for my virtual Escape rooms by the way.

Okay, so according to him, he returned to his hotel.


One day to find a note, in the note, was half a card but the other half was missing.


And the card had the Seal of Solomon which is a predecessor to the Jewish star of David.

Oh, okay.



So there’s a card in there, half of its missing and the note with the card said come to Westminster Abbey at 3:00 p.m. the next day where he be given the other half of the card.


Uh oh I see, it’s feeling mysterious.

It sure is.

So when he got to Westminster, Abbey a carriage greeted him with an elderly English lady inside the queen.

I’m just What is going on in this Carriage was an elderly.


English lady, wearing all black and she handed him the other half of the card.

Whoa, but can you imagine if it was the queen?

I can because that’s what I’m picturing, but I know that that’s not actually what happened.

So she seemed to know about ladies love for the occult.


And she invited him to her house, where she had a magical cabinet, but he had to promise to keep it all a secret.

I Want you to know if a stranger came up to me and said I have a magical cabinet but only you can know about it might work you would be in that carriage in .5 S, I would be in that unmarked.


Carriage very quickly if you would be honestly if you’re seeking a way to kidnap VM Schultz.

Here’s your here’s your chance, that’s the way.

So as they were talking Levi realized that this was sort of an initiation oh at the old woman’s house, she showed him her magical row.


Besides, which feels like a euphemism.

Yep, it does.

She showed him her magical, robes instruments, and rare books.

That would help him get ready for the experiment of a complete, a vacation.

I’m sorry, this story.


I feel like I was like following it now.

I’m just like what is going on?

I feel like that part in like Willy Wonka when you’re going through that tunnel and it’s like just chaos.

I feel like I’m having a fever dream.

I feel like you have to go through through that tunnel in a way to understand the story because I also got lost.


As I was reading these notes to prep.

I was like, did I miss a massive chunk of notes?

So I must have been do we switch stories?

Like what ya know, just he just gotten the carriage or the old lady said, come meet me in my house and she showed him her but you my instruments, my instruments and will robes wink.


And that this was where he was going to have this, this ghost Conjuring.


The experiment of a evacuate Evocation.

Is that a vacation?

Yeah, sure.

So Levi studied and prepared for 21 days.

Oh, before he was allowed to complete the evacuation which a for me I’m wondering like what those 21 days look like that.


We don’t learn about here which we had like a montage scene idea.

I would like that.

I was like, I was some raw eggs.

Read some books.

I’d like to have ships.

At least read his like, Diary of those 21 day.

I’m very curious as well.

It’s interesting.

Arresting because he’s going to try to conjure up the ghosts of a long-dead sorcerer.


Oh, but for Marvel people, this feels like Doctor Strange who is a sorcerer and he spent that x amount of days at this place learning to become Doctor Strange.

So I see it’s almost like meta.

It feels very to me.

It’s only to me.

It’s very meta.


Got it.


But yeah, so he studied and prepared 21 days leading up to this contouring and the ceremony took place in a room that resembled a temple with an altar, okay?

Levi, Priestly robes and a crown of leaves.

Oh, he carried a sword and a book that laid out the rules of the ritual.


Okay, so for this ritual, he burned fragrant woods and read the evocations out of the book.

Wow, so interesting, if you notice that I was hesitating, I was wondering if I should say something like, oh, it felt very churchy that he was at an altar and everything.



It does it now that you mention it, and I feel like I should have seen that sooner, but Especially Catholic, like it sounds.

I mean not to overuse this word but like a very ritualistic.

He has like a book.

I mean, we all know what that could represent.

He’s has like burning the wood, the crown around, I mean, yeah you’re right.


It sounds like Mass it really does.

It sounds like he just switched one phase to another and what, you know, fine, that’s fine.

But it just it’s, there’s a little, it’s a little on the nose.


The similarities.



So Levi said, the Earth Shook and that a man appeared in front of him wrapped in a grayish shroud.


Uh-oh and he claimed that he saw the man appear three times before he fainted who fainted him or the man?

I think before Levi fellow, okay.

It feels like it was such like a, like, a cosmic experience that he almost couldn’t spiritually grapple with it, and they just overwhelmed, overwhelmed, passed out and leave.


You is supposed to ask the Phantom, two questions, one for the old lady, and One for him, which I like how the old lady would.

I was like part of her compromise and think I didn’t want to, but he said the operation didn’t speak to him.

However, the questions were answered in his mind.


Well, Oh I thought you were going to say he fainted before he asked the questions, but I’m glad he got those questions out.

That would have been really disappointing if he’s such a bummer.

He studied for 21 days just to fall over and knocked.

Levi said, he couldn’t explain the science of what Bend, but he insisted that he saw and touched apollonius allegedly proving that the magical ceremonies work.



She’s like, because I was able to physically experience him in front of me.

I know he was there and he wrote all about it in a two-volume book between 1854 and 1856, which was translated into English by another occultist named Arthur E.


Wait, and that book was called the transcendental magic.

It’s a Doctrine and ritual.

Wow, it sounds like Like a heavy, read two volumes.

I would also like to say, I wonder if this is going to eventually be just like how our Pascal Beverly.


Randall story.


Mentioned just one mention Levi and then it got a whole episode.

Yep, I’m calling it now.

Arthur E weight will be getting an episode of engine on up.

I have a feeling, I don’t know, but I would like to it.

Like those dolls were like they’re nesting dolls words.


Like one doll has another doll that has another doll.

I feel like these stories like mention one person than Person and they each slowly get their own origin story.

So, and here comes Arthur the little baby doll.

Well, let you know when that happens folks, but researchers are frantically writing, okay?

We didn’t, okay, you don’t get to tell us what to do is what they’re thinking.


You’re right.


Park asked if you don’t want to do that, that’s totally fine.

It’s none of our business, we’re just eyecandy.

Wait your candy nose.

Candy just gonna we’re not that sole be created the image of the infamous, a cultist.


Icon the Baphomet.

Oh, okay.

I know we’re throwing that in, but that’s one fun.

Fact, we can ignore it, certainly not.

And in his book Doctrine ritual, he included a drawing of the Baphomet at the very beginning of the book, okay?


The drawing is, if you’ve ever seen a picture of it, it’s that image was created by Him.

It’s this looks like a more or less a image of a demon if you looking at it.

Now it’s sort of like has has horns wing The head of a goat the body of a man.


Well, the body of a person with both male and female parts.

So if you look, if you look closer, those pipes, those pecs are boobies.

That’s right.

He’s got a wing and human figure going on, he’s got breasts he’s got a pentagram on his, he has now that I’m saying he has breasts, I don’t know anything.


They they have breasts, they have a pentagram on their forehead been many esoteric symbols and the image Age and a little Crown kind of sitting in between the two horns.

Yeah, yeah I see that.

I’m sure my grandfather would look at this and go.


That’s Satan right, right?



It does have very traditional like thinking of satanic Panic, like this is the kind of imagery.

I imagine people would be frightened of back then, you know, especially if you look at the picture where I know our listeners can’t see it, but for you, Christine, if you look at it above him, there’s a white moon phase and Below him as a dark moon.


Is I wonder if that’s symbol.

That’s a moloch of anything cool.

What I was, he’s a talented artist.

He is a talented artist and Baphomet is an intimidating goal figure doing things.



Very looks very confident that as well as I say And to clarify, Levi, didn’t invent the Baphomet.


Look, simply the Goatman image.

That was later embraced by all the occult mystical writers.


Okay, I didn’t know that.

So any time you see a goat as a symbol for the devil?

Or the dark arts that is thanks to Levi, he’s interpretation of Baphomet, what?

A fun.


Fact, for example, in 2015, the satanic temple unveiled, a statue of Baphomet, which it commissioned, wow.


I remember saying this in the news like evangelicals were losing their movements or certainly, they were also in 2015, there was a horror movie called The Witch and a murderous black goat is revealed to be a stand-in for the devil, okay?


So it’s still happening, pretty commonly?


Interpretation it really has just led into like the image of yeah cult.

And in 2009, there was a movie called, Drag Me to Hell, which I Drag Me to Hell because I went on a date with a boy to see that movie.


You did not, I did.

So you did drag drag drag myself to Hell.

Yeah, to be fair, he also dragged himself because he’s now also part of the LGBT community.

We were both sitting there pretty miserable.

I think if only you knew and could like you have no idea how many times we’ve said that to each other.



Yeah, I would have been such a better day commiserate but in the 2009 movie Drag Me to Hell co-writer Sam Raimi transferred, a demon into a goat during a sound excellent.


It was actually a great movie but I just was not, just the context of it wasn’t fun.



I would probably be forever changed the way the world experienced magic and coming up.

We’ll take a closer look at how his legacy lives on today.


I mean, I’m already here and how his legacy impacted your date with a boy?

I don’t know what more I need, but I can’t wait.


While a major voice in The Occult, Levi was described as introverted.

And spent most of his time at his small Parisian apartment, which sounds like the dream to a lot of people in my circle.

Absolutely, Ooh, La La, he died in 1875 but his impact is very much felt today.


One of Livy’s major accomplishments was integrating Kabbalah with tarot on another rituals episode my gosh because episode 4 and he believed the two had a close relationship.


He was not the first to link Taro to the Hebrew alphabet.


But he was the first to specifically match elements of both one by one.


And in Doctrine and ritual, he wrote 22 chapters.

Based on the 22, major Arcana of the tarot, the Trump cards in the pack.




That’s really interesting.

So he wrote no wonder this book was so freaking long.

Yeah, good point.

He’s linked each car to one of the 22 letters of the Hebrew.

Alphabet for example.

He linked the jugular or the magician and Taro to Olive, which was the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.



Okay, and the pope s later known as The High Priestess in Tarot was matched to Beth, which is the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.


So just goes on and on from there, that’s really cool.

I love that.

I think that’s such a cool idea.


And Levi also proposed links between Kabbalah and the 10 numerical cards in each suit in Tarot and he linked to the Fort arrows.

It’s to the four elements.

What is that?

Oh man he’s smart, this almost feels like a two-parter, a spin-off of art Arrow episode sort of like a branch of it.


So the coins or they were later called Pentacles that is equivalent to Earth, the cups are for water, the scepters, our wands, or for air.

And the sword is for fire.

That is so neat.

And some Scholars of the occult were critical saying that Levi made up these relationships.


But regardless, his suggestions were Terrific well-written and stood the test of time to be fair.

The tarot were made up also, right?


Like so I don’t know.

It was literally like a, like, a drinking game or something.

Or cardiac a parlor game parlor game parlor.


Named Levi published only one modern tarot card, The Chariot, but that alone was a big influence on Tarot deck designers.

Wow, that’s really cool.

I love this.

This is so impressed by him.

I am too.

I think this is one of my favorite episodes we’ve done.



Helps to fuel the occult Revival and the Western world’s and his writings influenced other big-name spiritualists today.

Both Kabbalah and Taro have become universally recognized topics for the new-age, enthusiasts.


And every time you do a tarot reading, there’s a good chance, Levi had something to do with it because, especially if you’re like now, you know, like earth, water, air fire and symbolism.


It’s just got to be so cool, especially if you’re like really into Taro and following all the ins and outs of it.

I Wonder how many things you could put together now?

It’s absolutely.

That’s it.

That’s as far as we get with Levi.

I mean, it just to me just got better and better, I don’t know.


It was so worried because I feel like so many times we cover a topic and it just ends in tragedy.


Or it has to start with tragedy for him to have his journey or however it goes.

Yeah, this is just a really powerful story that I’m really into this.


I’m really into this episode.

It was just somehow involved in.

So many things we’ve talked about.

Yes, that’s true.

It touched on so many different things.

I mean the fact that Tara was so strongly influenced but then also like, you went to the movies and saw that and like now you’re reading an episode about it.


It’s just, it’s wild.

How many connections are I’d really dig Levi.

I think you did a great job even though you were worried about the pronunciation.

Thank you.

I will.

I appreciate that.


Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.

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