Rituals - E25 • Hitler's Jewish Psychic


Today’s story is going to be a wild ride to say, the very least.

It is the true story of a showman / psychic / tabloid publisher who advised Hitler and was known as the prophet of the Third Reich, right Reich.

I don’t know how you say it, your German.


So I don’t want to sound like to German, you know what I mean?

Well I don’t know if there’s such a thing.

How do you say it again?

Like I’ll take it.


No one’s gonna say you’re doing it wrong.

So well if you didn’t hear about this one in history class, which I hadn’t, you’re getting our rendition of the Jewish psychic who it could be.


Argued helped push Hitler into the powerful position that he ended up in cool.

Finally a medium.

I cannot defend.

That’s awesome.

Yeah, it’s going to be a bumpy ride to say the least.


Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m Christine Schieffer.

And I’m M Schultz and every week, we’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices and the impact on Modern culture.

Today we are covering a doozy of a story.


This guy have, let’s just call him Eric for now he It is one that was not in my history book.

No, I feel like it should have been but I don’t know how much it would have taught us except yeah, some people don’t choose integrity at the end of the day, that’s a great moral of the story.



Great point.

I feel like I had heard of him when bouncing around the on the internet.

I like the name looks familiar, but I knew nothing about this going in.

So now that I’ve gone through the notes little bit, I am nervous, I don’t like him, let’s crack it, do it.


This guy was a lot of things.

One thing he was was a showman, so to speak.

And I feel like when the occult was big, like, her in the early 1900s Showmanship was a big part of being in the occult, would you agree with that?



Oh yeah.

Well I feel like most stories that we even cover on and that’s why we drink when there was Any version of spiritualism or any Talk of the occult in the early 1900’s late 1800s.

It’s usually like people who are fraudulent or using the system or where narcissistic or maybe slightly delusional and they were taking advantage or exploiting people during a really popular movement.


Yeah I almost feel like the more showy and dramatic you and flashy you were the more likely people were to believe you which I feel like nowadays might be the opposite.

Yeah, I’m totally.

We agree with that.

Well, because back then they had me, there were people that were claiming to be able to like shoot ectoplasm out of their nose and it was for doing it.



And so horrific, and I get that at the time, especially in a world where there weren’t like special effects or like CGI.

Like there was a Photoshop and all that you’re very little explanation to it.

So they could be as showy as they wanted and probably get away with it, but that’s such a good point that as time has gone on and we’re aware of technology and special effects.


It’s almost like The less you do, the more convincing you are.

Yeah, it’s kind of a weird turning on its head.

Well, we just already mentioned that we have not heard about this guy, much.

We didn’t learn about him in school and the history books.

Do you consider yourself like a history buff at all or not?


Really no I’m getting into it now later in life.

I didn’t have fun in History Class growing up if that’s what you’re asking.

I took AP History and I was like fine at it but I think it just didn’t piqued my interest.


Like I can go down a rabbit hole with the best of them on the history of like one very specific thing but like as you and I both do a lot but yeah.


History in general, in high school, not my jam.

I started getting into history only maybe a year or two ago but it was because I think it was a conversation with my girlfriend and I had some point and shoots it like oh history is like gossip, but it’s like just drama.


I like like and then this guy said this and then he was pissed and then he started a whole War about it.


And I was like, honestly now I’m so in love with history that honestly now that I have a child I feel like that’s the angle.

I might take I think so.

I think your interest and that’s how she’ll be president one day.


So and then one day I hope not I think we don’t need that kind of drama in our lives.

You know.

I would say I’m a brand new history buff.


Yeah I could get on board with that.

Well, we both know, we have not heard of Eric Yeon ha no seen yet before really, maybe in the annals of the internet somewhere, but we don’t No, the story.


Until now what he did was he published this tabloid that was very influential in spreading Nazi propaganda.

So right off the bat very Troublesome and speaking of gossip and tabloids, and that kind of thing, I feel like it’s safe to say things haven’t changed much in terms of the press or the media being used to spread, hmm, gossip information, that might not be fully contextualized or true.


Ha, while just take a look at the last, I don’t know two years.

What a bold statement I’m making exact not even a little bit full, not considering some news, outlets are like won’t even report on the Insurrection, you know, like, let’s put it that way.


Some news outlets, which I don’t want to call it that.

Yeah, definitely do a lot of fear-mongering and buzzer words and have maybe built a little group around.

I don’t know, I don’t know.

Maybe, I don’t want to use the word cult, but I do what I say there are people out there who thinks I’m crazy things, and the News isn’t helping the news, isn’t necessarily helping Yeah, but there is something and I feel like you just completely walked into this exact point.


This bullet point, which is like why do we love tabloids so much and you just said you didn’t really care about history until it was presented to you almost as like gossip.

Yeah so he feel like that’s kind of the same thing.

Like we love the gossip of it as human.


I do love tabloids and I was raised by someone who’s only like subscription.

She would have sent to the house was the like National Enquirer.

Like no.

Yeah so I grew up thinking like that was the peak of news explains a lot.

It explains why I didn’t understand why history was so dry and boring because I would come home to the National Enquirer but now I just love a good round of Gossip.


It’s such a dopamine Rush.

That’s why I need to think of it as gossip.

If I’m going to pay attention to history because then I get the real boost.

I want to know the drama.

I actually also I guess there’s a science to why people follow gossip especially Celebrity gossip.


I looked it up to double check that things hadn’t changed since I learned this in a psychology class in college but apparently wasn’t celebrity news.

People are really invested in that because it’s almost a way to see into their life to almost climb the ranks themself of like, which sounds so backwards because you’re hearing almost the worst Parts about these people.


Yeah, so it’s like a way to make yourself feel better or what’s the?

I would think that.

That’s how I’ve always described gossip where I’m like, oh, it’s so fun to know something.

I’m not Clear Dedenne.

Like right.

It’s just a version of looking within the world and just feeling slightly more involved in a fancy celebrity, nay lest experience.


So you’re sort of like in the in group.


In a really probably subconsciously delusional way.

But yeah, and so way of feeling like part of the group and then on top of it, it’s a way for people to see how others navigate social situations to almost like prep you.

Oh, very interesting.


Okay, yes.

So, the next time I met like a Gala, I’ll be like, what did I Learn from you.

Let me know how that guy Alex Wyse.

I’ve learned that splashing water and a lot of people’s faces actually gets you pretty far.

So, yeah, or champagne.

If they’ve got access to that, you never know, never know.


We’ll see.

Well, this episode is not about the housewives.

It is actually about a guy named Eric Ian, harnason originally named, get, ready?

For this hashman Haim Stein.

Schneider cool.

So I’m so glad you got this story, so, I did.



Can you imagine hashman?

I mean wowza that’s quite a name and shine Schneider I can see why he was like it’s time for a redo Rebrand going to Rebrand it.

Yeah so hashman.

Hi I’m Cheyenne.


Schneider was his original birth name but Han ocean.

He was a Viennese Jewish psychic, okay?

Who became friends with Hitler and became known as the prophet of the Third Like yeah that’s not a title.


Anyway shuttle one to by the way know and something I feel like you wouldn’t expect from a Jewish man.

Yep, I sure do hope we cover how that happened?

Oh certainly, we’re not going to jump straight to the end because there’s a lot of meat in the middle of the story.


Okay, good.

Yeah, because all I hear is a Jewish person like becoming low buddies with Hitler and it it sounds like a really bad bad bad screenplay or Yes, the Inglourious Basterds.

It feels like it’d be like a weird stick moment.


Trying to ingratiate themselves.

Yeah, well, I’m gonna tell you how he got there.

So honest, and like we said, was a showman and he was born in 1889 and actually grew up with a dad who was a traveling performer.

So as a teen, he would follow in his Father’s Footsteps and kind of learned the ropes as far as being showy and flashy and that kind of thing.


He even worked in variety shows and cabarets and then in 1903, he joined a traveling circus.

Oh, I know as the clown of the group, you probably have a little slight affinity for this sort of behavior.

No comment.

No cause I would say in the tabloids in 1903, he joined a traveling circus after pawning, his bar mitzvah watch for cash.


I would also upon a watch to go join the circus to be clear.

I’m so this bullet alone and this one alone to be clear is you in a nutshell, Pon Di River.

Mitzvah watch for cash and join the circuits.

I mean I know he turns out to be a villain but I currently am on board with 1903 him.


Yeah, yeah.

Just flashy Tradin in one life for another joining.

The circus that’s me part of us can all sort of understand that move and then by 1910 he was in Vienna and got into writing.

So he was writing Cabaret Jingles.


So that’s fun.

Love a good jingle.

Love a good jingle.

Also love a good tablet.

Tabloid journalism.

That’s the other thing he was doing with his time so far.

I approve of it, all the Hobbies maybe we should say so far I can get on board with but as a writer Hanna was researching the secrets of telepathy and he had a personal realization that he could perform these sort of Tricks better than anyone else so he saw in himself a talent and he wanted to put it to use to kind of like climb the ranks basically.


So I’m already kind of getting a sense of The same thing we see in every story where there’s like either not to say that he’s a fraudulent medium or anything like that but he does share the personality traits so far of like a little bit of a narcissist where he’s like oh I can do this better than anyone else.


I’m going to blow them all away and he does which I feel like as we see many times at least in True Crime, especially people who are diagnosed as a narcissist it’s because they’re good at it, right?


They get to a point where they’re very Filet manipulating people there, right?


Yeah, you’re right.

So as a showman, he took on the identity of quote, an aristocratic Scandinavian Clairvoyant named Eric Ian, hanussen okay.

Well, I feel like, if you’re going to Rebrand yourself as an aristocrat, I’m like, okay so this does feel a little like you think you’re better than everyone else.


Are you at least gonna play the part so well people will believe you.

Yeah yeah.

I mean I guess it worked here worked.

So the occult at the time was very popular.

Invite, Amar, Germany in the early 30s.

And even though publicly the Nazi party who were, you know, building up their ranks.


At this point, they were against a cult practices in a public-facing way.

But in reality, there were Nazi officials that believed in it, especially, of course, when it benefited the Nazi party.

Oh yeah.

Okay, makes sense.



So far, we have a born showman who capitalized on the popularity of the occult.

It’s something, the Nazi party has an Interest in so honest and found himself in the company of these guys.

And then while hannes and wrote for some newspapers he also became a self-publisher and this is how he started to spread his.


Let’s call it Nazi profit propaganda gross.


There was a very small window of me appreciating his talents talents.


Very small window.


It was almost like he saw where the success was in his environment and was like, oh I’ll jump on that bandwagon.




And use that to my advantage.

It just so happened to be the Nazi party.

And that was extremely unfortunate for obvious reasons.

So, we’ll talk about it a bit more, but basically, in the 1930s hannes and published a tabloid that combined militaristic language and astrology.


I mean this is just it feels like a fever dream.

I’m just going to say it.

It’s just so wild that they’re using the occult so make Nazis look good.


Like the occult is something.

I hold near and dear as a very amateur enthusiasts and I’m like, huh, man?


Like it’s so weird that there’s that connection and also, how did we never hear about this in history?

That’s what I’m wondering and I feel like it’s almost being sullied here, you know what I mean?

Yeah, we use it in this kind of horrible way.


So this tabloid that we for some reason have never heard about combined, militaristic language, like I said and astrology to help lift up Hitler’s image and vision urtis.


Yikes, big fat jokes.

I feel like I need to protect astrology.

Like, I’m like, don’t do it through me like that, dude.

Are you okay?


Coming up we’ll talk more about Eric Ian hon.

Oceans Rise to a cult.


Fame and how it brought him.

Yikes face-to-face with Hitler at this point.

I have no idea where this is heading.

So thank you for joining me on this ride.

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So Eric Ian hannes in the man who combined Showmanship with the occult was, a huge hit during World War one with the kind of flashy show that he put on.

It was actually described as a telepathy and circus show routine.

So well that combination of words telepathy and circus show like that.


I feel like you could even maybe call our podcast.

I don’t know if it’s like a fun combination of words basically.

Like it’s like maybe like one of the first people to do.


I mean it feels like something that you and I would have absolutely bought tickets to right context aside by 1918, he’s basically selling out shows and got billed as Europe’s greatest Clairvoyance.


So he was a big wig was a big name.

He moved to Berlin then in 1930 and a lot of people in Berlin didn’t go to a traditional church.

Instead more people got into Politics the occult, or superstitious beliefs, and the city was Filled with thousands of fortune.


Tellers astrologers tarot readers, hypnotist crystal ball, gazers Faith healers Mystic brotherhood’s and doomsday.


Well, okay, Berlin sounds like a wild ride.

By the way, let me tell you as someone who lived there for a while, it has not changed that much like it really is the town in Germany.


Where you go, if you’re like unique or different Germany’s Salem, maybe a little bit a little bit.

It’s very because it known as like a spooky town or is it Nothing.

But no it’s just like known as like The Eccentric quirky Town alternative maybe is a better word.


No it’s a great place.

It’s so just different like it’s so not traditional.

It’s so I mean, let me just say there were two different bars and clubs.

I went to that for like, totally separate reasons, had like alien animatronic themed dance parties, like that.


It’s just a wild place.

That sounds like a Time.

And it also makes sense.


Because you travel to Berlin like you go there on trips and stuff with your family?

I do.


I mean, I lived there for a while.

It makes sense.

Why you have your interests y-yeah?

I will say as someone who visited family and other cities and then went and visited Berlin, I was like, oh, this is very different from just traditional German living.


All right?

Hey, well now I know if I ever have to flee to Germany, I will be going to Berlin and you can find me there.

I think you’ll fit in.

I do you can find me under Alien animatronics, I’ll find you probably inside the display, but he’ll replace it with you now that he was in a city that was perfect for this kind of Niche Showmanship, hannes and got to work.


He performed all around Berlin.

He started a private Consultation business that catered to the wealthy and all of this.

Put him in cultural Elite circles where he was constantly surrounded by artists of all kinds.

He eventually became wealthy himself, which I guess you would, if you were Running around performing and Consulting with wealthy people.


Yeah and he had a yacht that he would throw parties on.

Wow I like to thank it was like just a yacht full of people in the occult cruising around like doing it together some portion Cruz.



It was like a Gatsby like a spooky Gatsby.



Rollin well that’s you know I mean our Dream except minus sign the other half of his life story, right?

I wish the rest of it weren’t involved, but here we are.

I mean, first of all, I have to Give him credit on his business Acumen to like, I mean, he is really finding a niche area and yes.


Profiting well, yeah, but I do Wonder like if he was in so many occult circles.

If I were a skeptic which we all know I am not.

But if I were a skeptic, I would be using the argument right now, of like he is in a town, full of fortune.

Tellers, and no one has claimed his fortune to say like hey, this is going to happen to you and also the Holocaust is coming like it’s It’s interesting that he is in circles.


Were no one’s mentioning like stuff that’s coming up.

Maybe they are maybe they are, you know what, you’re right.

Maybe that’s just part of the story.

I’m not hearing, I mean, he’s hiding his Judy like his Jewish background.

So I’m assuming the people he’s with are not Jewish.

So I don’t think that like, that’s a good point.

That’s a necessarily fearing.


I mean, you know, obviously I think everybody back then had a very different experience but you know generally I don’t think like I think he was pretending to not be Jewish.

So that was part of probably avoiding any.

He was willing to talk about it or was predicting that I think maybe just sidestepping the whole I’m Jewish and this should matter situation well and we’ll get into it.


But like at this point the Nazi party is like dropping off anyway.

So it wasn’t okay, right in the midst of their meteoric.

Rise, like, we’ll get to it, but I think there was just so much happening.

I don’t necessarily think It’s a big thing to Merlin predict it is I, it is, I don’t know the context on that, but I do know this story is so wild.


Okay, what I can’t wait for the bullet after this one.

So, oh God.

Okay, in 1931, hannes and lunch both in a cult journal and a biweekly tabloid and both became pretty darn popular and like I said he was making quite a bit of money and so he used the money that he made.


From these the Bi weekly tabloid and the Occult journal to buy a mansion that he called the Palace of the occult, that’s what I call our recording studio.

You know, it’s just such a shame that this story end so tragically because so far I want to like him so badly.


I know such a bummer because he really had such a cool like angle on life before things went wrong.

Well I think it’s just it is a good reminder that history repeats itself.

Many ways and right now a lot of us are dealing with a lot of people that we always have in our lives.


That we considered really nice people and had some really cool interests and we could Vibe with and we are learning things about a lot of people and we’re having to set boundaries and I mean, there’s splintering going on and social groups, and that kind of thing families.


So that’s a good underbelly moral of today’s episode.


Mmm, that’s a good point.

So he called this Mansion of his, the Palace of the occult.

And in this mansion, He He had an interactive theater for his occult shows.

All right.

Well sign me out.

Sign me up, being rich and famous in Berlin.


Ha notion.

Of course, soon became friends with some Nazi officials and this is where things take a turn, including us liking him.


Yeah that ends here.

So the early 30s not only saw the rise of Eric Ian hanussen but also Adolf Hitler, and his National Socialist Party.


Which we all presumably did learn a bit about at least in high school, so that puts this story into a little more context.

So armed, militias from communist, and nazif actions, caused a lot of chaos around Germany.

So, support for the Nazis started to drop, which is what I was trying to mention earlier, like, I think I think putting it into thinking about today’s world, puts it in good context.


Like you said, history repeats itself, because if you think about how much was probably happening, right?

And then and support for the Nazis dropped.

And there must have just been so many moving parts that I don’t know that anyone like, hindsight is 20/20.

Yeah, I guess you’re right.

Trying to say totally right.


So, with this drop in support for the Nazis at the time, came second thoughts about Hitler being the party’s leader.

And there was serious talk about replacing him, meanwhile, ha no sin wanted to be viewed and respected as an intellectual.

So, on March 25th, 1932 he made his first political premonition in This political magazine that he published.


So the headline of this political premonition, red-hot mostyn in trance, predicts Hitler’s future.

Wow, so he capitalize on something that could have maybe already been ending on its own.


Isn’t that interesting?

Is it wild in terms of a butterfly effect I think that maybe he really emboldened him and yeah it was responsible for maybe a few things that happened, I mean right are at least Partially responsible.

Yeah you never know and it’s like impossible to say Obviously but it’s weird to think about a scary thought.



So Hannah Wilson said that Hitler would be Chancellor in exactly one year’s time and a lot of people kind of laughed at this idea because like I said they were thinking about replacing him but the Nazi press doubled down on Hannah since premonition and printed a headline that said, Hannah Wilson the man who is never wrong, so they’re officially tag-teaming this together.


They’re saying, wow, look at this guy.

He’s probably 100% there.

Scratching each other’s backs.



So, one of the Nazis hannes and had become friends with and invited to his parties, was this guy named count volonoff held off or wolf?


Hell dorf for doing the fun American way.

So, held off would come to these parties that Hanna would throw and complain about the amount of Jewish people at the parties.

And that is where any allyship is.

Tanked his be good.



Why are we not saying okay then you can leave.



Helder if introduced hannes and to Hitler in June of 1932 what a fateful meeting that must have been hannes and got real cozy paying off debts and buying equipment for the essay, which was the Nazis paramilitary group.


He also changed the font and his Publications to a more Germanic typeface that was used by the National Socialist.

So I don’t know if you’ve seen it kind of like that.

Yeah, like that.

Intense German writing, so he changed the font.

So, I mean, it just goes to show like, how good up being manipulative.


This guy was.

Yeah, just kind of even just the subtle things in front of your eyes.

You’re not paying attention to or happening.


And so, he was getting real cozy with the Nazis.

He also changed the content in his Publications to include more positive, astrological analysis of Hitler, I mean, yeah.


You got to astrology, please Hitler and Hannah since Spent time together and found they had a lot in common which I’m like, okay, you think Hitler has great astrological readings?

That’s the only thing I can kind of Yas us out so far.

But okay, but what Hitler didn’t know, obviously was Hannah since real identity.


Most significantly that he was a Jewish man, born of Jewish parents.

Seems like a very dangerous game for, Hanna be playing, and especially because he had even been married three times in traditional, Ceremonies at this point.

So he was born of Jewish American Jewish?



Super Jewish as the Jewish person on the podcast.


Super super Jewish Diamond very involved in Jewish culture.

Like I like the fact that he’s even marrying in the in the facial and yeah.

Faith it.


So he is completely hiding all of this Hannah Wilson lied to Hitler said he was Danish.


So he’s kind of still promoting this new character.

Our of his, I mean, he had to know what he was doing.

Well, it was first, I mean, he knew he had to protect himself against this person but still wanted to be in business with him like ingratiate himself.


Well, yeah, he was truly picking like money and power over dignity at this point.




That’s a great way to put it, huh?

Nelson also started doing regular sessions with Hitler in the summer of 32 that included horoscopes and helping Hitler with his body language and speaking skills.


And that’s when it gets Also, very like Hands-On involved with helping Hitler and his rise.

I mean, to happy helping him with his body language and speaking skills, which is a major part of what actually helped him.


Yeah, succeed in Germany.

That’s very scary.

Thought to me.


Hitler in return, told hannes and that he’d be named as director of depth, has an Aryan College of the occult Arts.



I can’t imagine that felt good.


I don’t know.

But I mean maybe did he feel Pride like he couldn’t?

He shouldn’t I hope not.

But also was it sort of like a I’m In Too Deep you know it’s hard to say we don’t really know but either way, it’s pretty effed up.


Yeah, that’s one way to put it.

I mean, there’s no way you were, I would know this, but I wonder if there is any behind the scenes that we never got to hear about where he was trying to use, hopefully his abilities.

Talents for good and like try to sway Hitler against his views.


Now that sounds like a screenplay.

I would like that screenplay.

It’s like you say that the world’s by saying you know what?

Actually I think you know the stars are telling me you need to be checked into a mental hospital like yeah or go away forever or just leave and pursue the painting your pain.



That you used to do.

I guess that would be a more palatable version of the story but I just can’t believe that didn’t even cross as might like even if you’re going to pretend you’re Danish, like they Of your own parents.

Like, I don’t know, obviously we all feel the same way.

I’m just, I mean, the number of stories we cover on this show where people aren’t really the most ethical moral version of humanity.


Right now, I just think that seems to be how history goes so that same year ha.

No snow was getting a lot of press, not all of it was good.

And this is around the time one publication called him, the prophet of the third, like, and Hitler’s spiritual father.




And then they uncovered the truth and revealed on oceans, Jewish background in August of 1942.

Yeah, someone was doing some digging and basically got salt in the headline of his own tabloid right there.

I know, I know, I know for somebody who’s writing these kind of Gossip mags.


Yeah, to be called out like that oof.

But so, he was confronted and hanison, instead lied and kind of doubled down on his life saying he wasn’t Jewish, but to explain it.

He said he had been adopted.

Opted by a Jewish couple.


And so to kind of further this lie, he even forged some adoption papers to sell the lie and it worked for his parents alive they would buy a do disgusted.



I don’t know, but either way, the Nazis believed it save his own skin.

It doesn’t skin.

And then a big boost happened for Hannah.

Lawson his premonition came true in January of 1933, when Hitler became chancellor of Germany as he had predicted, Did the previous year and then came Huntington’s most famous prediction that would change the world.


So this is a wild story on February, 26, 1933 Hannah Austin, held a seance in his Palace of the occult and during it.

He predicted that the reichstag building which was the home of the German Parliament in Berlin would catch fire and 24 hours later it did.




So I don’t know.

Oh, what that was about but he made this prediction, it came true, a member of the Communist party was blamed for the fire and Hitler outlawed.

The Communist party that March which meant that.


Now, the third like began and Hitler was in charge.

Well, I mean, he really had like a direct hand.


In all of this, or not a hand necessarily like causing this to happen, but just was like on the scene when all this was going on at the very least.


Yeah, at the very least he could have advised Otherwise like, he, you know, I don’t know how much pull he would have really had, but he definitely had more pull than others.

Yeah, yeah, it’s true.

So I don’t think it’ll come as a surprise that Hannah sins luck would run out up.


Next, I’ll tell you about the as we probably predicted tragic ending to this wild story.

I’m reeling over here.

So let’s get to the end of this because I got to know what happens.


At the beginning of 1933 Hitler became chancellor of Germany.

As Hannah, said, predicted the previous year, which meant the third guy had officially started.

So Eric, Janos and had become Hitler’s, personal psychic AKA they call him as spiritual father, yikes, the secret that he was Jewish had been revealed and Reflected.


So when the third of I started ha notion was still booking shows around Berlin.

He was still pretty popular.

His Publications were even being given to prisoners in the newly created concentration.

Oh, Jesus!

That’s it.

Just gets worse and worse, which, I mean, we all kind of saw it coming and to start of waffle.


It’s just awful.

But how Dustin was a, liability for a few reasons.

Some Nazi officials owed him.

A lot of money, doesn’t It really put you in a good position in that regard.

He also knew a lot of their personal secrets because they were attending these private parties of his.


So he had a lot of, let’s say, Intel and not everyone was buying this story that he was adopted by Jewish parents, or they felt that he was too close to the Jewish people.

So even if they did believe him about being adopted, they still were uncomfortable with his proximity to Judaism.


That makes sense to me, because I’d be like, oh, so You’re okay with everything, we’re doing, but your own parents are Jewish, I don’t know, even if they are, adoptive parents, yeah, Ali, so March 24th 1933, the Nazis paramilitary arrested Hannah, Austin at his apartment, and this was so shocking to him.


That he actually thought it was a joke.

I would do this is some sort of prank.

Like he was if I were him, I would totally think it was a joke because I’d been.

So, in the fold in the fold, exactly.

They made sure to collect all the debt receipts.

Showing how much Nazi officials owed hon osen So, of course, you know, they covered up the evidence that they owed him, any sort of money that the party owed him anything.


And then they drove him to gestapo headquarters where he was charged with being friendly to communist, and submitting fake documents to gain entrance into the Nazi party, shoot.

Okay, a few hours later on Assassin was executed, it’s just such a sudden.


Yeah, and to the story, complete twist a complete, just like tragic sudden, abrupt Ending so Nazis shot him three times and then dumped his body in a field north of Berlin and after his death, his Mansion the Palace of the occult was looted.


And that’s pretty much the end of Eric.

Ian, hanussen story.

Wow, the ending really is coming hot because I doesn’t it.

I actually thought he was gonna get away with it just because he had for so long.

He had for so long he probably did too, you know.




Very tragic story.

Very, I feel like it picked up speed really fast, like he just suddenly had this like meteoric, rise.

And then just like abruptly halted in the context of his whole life is just very tragic.


It makes me wonder if he were living in a different time period if things would have been different or or not, who knows?

But it’s just very sad story.

Also makes me wonder what other people out there did the same thing and we just never heard about them.

Like yeah, you know, found an inn And was happy to exploit others or do the wrong thing for, you know, to protect themselves.


I just wonder how many stories are out there like that.

Even in today’s inroads, you know.


Especially in today’s world that we would never even read about in the history books.

A hundred years from now, so it’s all very sobering.

I guess the story is a good way to end it sobering.


Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode.


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