Rituals - E32 • The Book of the Dead

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It’s the question humans have been asking since the beginning of time.

What happens after you tie?

I hope you’re not asking me because I don’t know the answer.

Okay, well, good.

We’re starting strong, some cultures believe death was just the beginning.

A chance to wipe the Slate clean and be reborn for an eternity and Utopia.


But not before a little mummification and Magic.

Well, of course.

Course, you got to sprinkle those.

In first before you go anywhere, pepper and some fun.

Yeah, well Magic.


Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m M Schultz and I’m Christine cheaper and every week, we’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism, and the Occult through stories practices and the impact on Modern culture.

And today, we’re talking about the Book of the Dead.


I cannot wait for this topic.

I am very Said I unfortunately hadn’t heard about it but we are talking about the afterlife, we’re talking about spells and passwords, that might have helped you out.

Once you die, feel like I could use a few of those.

So let’s crack into it.


Hi, Christine.

It is the, the age-old question.

So I got to ask you, boy.

Oh, boy.

What were you first of all before?

What do you think?

What were you told happens to you?

When you die, well, like, any innocent overly sensitive three-year-old child, I was inundated with information that We’ll take one misstep and end up in a fiery pit of Brimstone.


So you know, at Catholic school that’s the vibe.

We got is oh, you look at someone the same sex as you in the wrong.

Way your shorts are too short.

Whatever it might be many thousands of possible missteps in your own health.

So that’s what I was taught.



I’m definitely over it and I’m definitely not, nice card.

It’s good that you’re not at all religiously.

Traumatized got it.

No, not even a little bit.

What were you taught though?

You know, it’s weird.

Is like, I actually I’ve talked about this so many times, pretty much everywhere.


So everyone just like, say it in unison with me but I was raised by multiple people who all followed very different religions.

And so I was kind of just a mishmash.

I was given every.

Yeah, I was given every answer and I think the mutual understanding was like, I don’t know, pick one like me.


Yeah, which doesn’t really lend itself to like this is for sure.

What’s going to happen, you know?

Yeah, which like It’s kind of the weird part about it is that I never felt comfort in any one particular thing.

But I did always find comfort in, like I was very lucky to be surrounded by people, who felt like, no matter what your belief is.


Like, at the end, the day is just a belief, like no one knows.

So when it comes to the afterlife, I think the overarching theme, I’ve always been told, is that there is an afterlife.

We just don’t know how it works.


I mean, I think that’s probably the healthiest way to look at it as a child.


I’m very lucky.

I’m very privileged to not have religious.


Yeah, but I mean what do you so what do you think actually happens when we dive in?

Well you know, I don’t obviously know, but I think I’ve taken a full 180 from what I was taught in that.

I pretty much just believe a more woo.


Woo kind of way of thinking in that we die and we are perhaps reborn to learn lessons and kind of try and fix bad patterns, that kind of thing.

I’m I’m big in the belief of like we come back.

You learn a specific lesson that kind of thing.


I agree with you.

I’m definitely on board with The Reincarnation, obviously, don’t believe in ghosts.

I’ve said this before, too.

But my mom always taught me that her.

She never told it to me as fact, she was just like, I don’t know.

This is how I see it.

And I think because her voice was maybe the loudest, or it was such a nice sentiment.


I’ve just always rolled with it, but she always calls it her bubble, right, where she kind of thinks that her people in our either family line, or our friend group, or just people who mattered or had Some sort of Soul connection to you when they pass on the stay ghosts while they’re waiting for you.


And when everyone kind of dies at the same time and we’re all like, do they do a head count?

They’re like, okay, we’re all dead now then they are all dead now.

Well, if they all like, make a call on, like as asset for us and do we move on, or do we come back and like, reincarnate as different characters different relationships and stuff?


I mean, that’s a really cool idea and I think that does go hand in hand with a lot of people’s beliefs that we come back in each other’s lives.

That Yeah, I love that.

I also, she would refer to them sometimes, as ghosts, and sometimes as like Guardian Angels, but it’s always people looking out for you, who actually are invested in you doing.



So yeah, they’re like the, hey, I’m uh, I’m counting on you.

It’s like Elias, right.

Please don’t fuck this up.


But no, I think that’s again that I would never press that opinion on anyone, but I do think it’s very sweet.

I love that idea.

You know, everyone’s still around all the time comforting.



So Christine when you die one day, unfortunately, that is a No-No.

I think no.

I would love to be told.

Otherwise, do you have any particular wishes on what would happen?

I sure do hope I don’t die in the know.

My Catholic nun.


Teachers are like told you so, because that would be really unfortunate.

Well, do you have any any wishes for the afterlife?

Do you have any wishes for like a funeral?

Like what you would like to?

Are you, taking notes?

I’m taking notes, actually.

I would like to know what you would like, because otherwise I’m gonna make a lot of weird calls.


So he might think, I think I don’t Packed anything less.

You know, my biggest hope for the afterlife is that we are reunited with people and pets and loved ones that we’ve lost in general.

That’s my biggest hope.


And from what I’ve heard people with near-death experiences, that kind of thing that I’ve heard that we do reunite, we do enter, you know, a very happy so to speak place.

And so I do hope that that’s kind of what awaits us, kind of a place of comfort and Reconnection with people, we’ve lost and pets, we’ve lost and I’ve heard that that does happen, you know, I try to tell myself anyway that that’s what’s going to happen to make myself feel better as for a funeral.


One of my biggest fears in life is people feeling bad or sad.

So I don’t know how to reconcile that with the funeral I’m like don’t be sad.

I mean I want you to be sad because I died you know but don’t be sad.

Don’t cry.

Okay, so we’re going to take the audio excerpt out and we’re going to play that I hear from you girl.


Got it.

That’s what I just heard.

I don’t know.

Are you like a burial kind of person or you have no ideas creation and cremate me, cremate me?

What do you want done with your ashes?

This is not legally binding by the way you can just like tell me what you just just for fun and I don’t know, I don’t really have any plans.


I try and do you know what’s going to happen though?

Because he was going to be put in a really pretty vase or something and then accidentally Goodwill by like you go.

Well, that may be fun little Adventure.

You know, what do you want?

I don’t even know what you.

I just want to be cremated.

I don’t want to be buried that freaks me out.

And yes I know I’ll be dead and the whole thing but oh they have those cool body Farms to where you can be like re composted into enthusiasm feels very you.


I would have assumed you just want to become a tree or something.

I think maybe that’s the way to go for me.

Yeah, I don’t know.

I feel like I just assumed, I’d rather be cremated.

I always grew up with my mom, always talking about how she never wanted to be buried, because her dad died at a really young age and he’s buried in Florida, and she’s like, no one ever goes.


And so, I think her fear has always been as a social butterfly.

She’s like, I don’t want to be done somewhere for a few more.


So I think we’ve both always kind of had that in our mind of, like, what?

I, this was kind of my idea, and I think she’s hopping on board is to be cremated and have like, little amounts divvied out all the people who mattered and they can decide what to do with eyes ashes.


So, like, my mom wants to be divvied up amongst like her best friends and her family members and like if they go on trips to like bring her with Them.

That’s nice.

I need you to be proud of me though because for a while she I know was dead.

Set on me, turning her into a diamond and that she wanted me to wear her.


So I remember and I have never stopped thinking about that and it cracks me up every we’re making progress.

You have made big progress in that regard.

Well because then she was like I was like What if I just turned you into, like a really cool piece of art and she was like early, like what if I’m agent like a little Pebble they can do anything with ashes.


Mmm, they can turn you into a vinyl record.

They can turn into fire.

But so I was like What if I was turning to like a little like happy wish Stone and she was like, you would lose me in 5 seconds, don’t do that.

That’s what I worry about with the jewelry.

I’m like, I lose every piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned.

I don’t think I could be trusted.


Well, as for a funeral, I actually was literally talking to my mom last night about what she would.

Like, what her request.

It was so weird because I we had just had this conversation with her and then seconds later opened up these notes I was like oh wow, the world, how twice?

But I did say like if you were to have a funeral today, what would You want like, is there a dress code?


Like, what’s the theme interests?

And she said that she wants everyone to wear bright red lipstick, everyone.

Okay, everyone everyone I think everyone has she’s she’s known in her circles for.

She’s I’ve never seen that woman and 30 years of life.


I’ve never seen her when I don’t know what her real lip shade is.

I kind of think it’s stained on there at this.

It’s just wrist.

So that was her one request.

She was like and also maybe rhinestones.

So okay.

Okay, don’t give her too much leeway.

We’re gonna get into the bling pretty soon.


Anyway, we’ve talked a little too long on this, I’m sure.

But in case anyone needs to know what, Christine are my mother’s.

Wishes are there, you have it.

Another, we’re talking about the book of dead just to bring it back.

Do you know anything about the book of dead?

You know, I do know.


Well I’ve heard a little bit about the Book of the Dead and as you know I have a very deep fascination with Egyptian history and I think I’ve just absorbed some of this knowledge from A museum.

I’ve been to, I mean, I even went to the art museum, the other day here in Cincinnati, and they had sarcophagi.


And we were reading about which again, like this probably two days before I open these notes and we were reading all about the different talismans they put into, you know, with the mummified person all that.

So I have like a vague understanding but not, you know, the full history of it.


If that’s vague then I one of hers unless than that is what I knew.

Because I really when I first heard of the Of the Dead II.

Unfortunately, ran with my whitewash pop culture.

And sure I was like, oh Beetlejuice has a book of the Dead.

I see handbook.


Then there’s like Hocus Pocus in the mummy and all that.

That was my only frame of reference before I ever started really learning about it.

I’d say also have a vague in college, I took a class and I remember talking learning about it a little bit.

Anyway shout-out and apologies.

At the same time to Egyptian history and culture for not being represented.


Well, yeah, you’ve had it.

Tough as far as White folks turning your, you know, actual serious history into our favorite farmers of arse a fun little farce.

But anyway, now let’s do our best to make up for lost time there and teach love to.


So, we’ll go over what the Book of the Dead is in a minute.

But first again, when I quickly go over it, what?

It’s not.

Oh, okay.

This is probably even more helpful almost.

Well, it’s not any of the things I thought it was okay, as a child.


It’s how we, you might have seen.


The 1999 film The Mummy starting huh?

Some of our favorites Brendan Fraser freezer and oh God what’s her name?


Something I was just thinking, he’s a queer icon, I’m embarrassing everybody I know right now we’ll insert it later will be like I don’t know, according to Microsoft Sam, Rachel something but it’s not.


It’s not what you might have seen in that movie.

It didn’t doesn’t summon ghosts and it was never used for anything on Earth.

It only works in the afterlife.

Why is right?

Rachel Weisz.

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you park a ski to always coming in coming through for us.

Coming in hot all the time.


By the way.

Shout out everyone today.

Guiteau sweatshirt.

It’s spelled like Jay-Z but it’s lazy and I developed a new personality.

I don’t know.

My whole identity is what I that’s why I told personality new wardrobe to fit right, said personality.


Okay, so the Book of the Dead, it does not summon ghosts and is never used for anything on Earth.

It is.

The book is only meant to work in the afterlife.



That’s good to know and the Book of the Dead is also often referred to as the ancient Egyptian Bible, but it is not that okay?


Okay so if you hear that now you wave your finger at someone and go and you go well actually.

Uh huh?


That’s what you do.

And the Book of the Dead is not really a book at all.

It’s actually a collection of codes and spells that ancient Egyptians used to help them get into the Afterlife.


I like a little manual.


I see I see and the chapters are typically written in hieroglyphics script in illustrations on a roll of Papyrus.



Okay interesting.

There isn’t just one book.

They’re actually created specifically for each person who could afford one.


Okay yeah I’m feeling a little wealth class.

Such a lot of wealth class.

Middle class privileged situation here.

Good to know.

Nothing’s changed.

Yeah across cultures.

That part, we can all understand.

So they were created.

For people who could afford one.


So no, two are the same.

They’re like how cool is that?

And let’s just take a closer look at this ancient Egyptian afterlife because the afterlife was envisioned as a paradise.


But you couldn’t just head over there because I think the way that we were taught things or even if we weren’t taught at we just heard it through just living here.



Is that you die?

And if you were good enough, you go to heaven.

Bada-bing bada-boom.


But here you couldn’t, there was quite an event.

That you had to go through first before you could end up in Paradise, you had to run the gauntlet as soon as know.

I’m screwed.

I’m screwed.

So picture.


Hmm, the worst American Ninja Warrior Episode.

I’ve heard like the floor is lava times 1000.

So now there’s massive Caverns, fiery Lakes snakes and crocodiles lurking in the shadows and Gates manned by half human beasts.


Oh, geez.

Yeah, I’m in trouble.

So I hope in your living experience.

I hope You were like working out like crazy.


That was actually I was thinking that exact thought because imagine you’re at the end of your life and if you’ve lived like a long fruitful life, your elderly the last thing you want to be doing is like lifting weights because you know you have to run a gauntlet as soon as you die.


I’m if you’re me who can’t walk up stairs on my heart racing too fast, like he forget it, like you’d need this code book immediately to like skip through a lot of this stuff is what I’m imagining.

I wonder.

What’s the like the sea?

Jim’s like Rosebud or mother?

Yeah, mother lode, what’s the motherlode cheat code where you don’t have to do any of those.


Could just skip the whole thing, I’ll pay I’ll save up my money for that for that book.

The worst part is I don’t think this is enough.

I don’t think there’s even like a password or code where like you gets a pass I think everyone is asked to do this no matter what your like wealth was.



Okay, that’s so interesting.

It sounds like everyone had to do this and so if you can make it through that then you’d head to the hall of Ruth.

Oh I like how there’s different.

There’s like the physical test.

It’s not all physical and integrity test.


There’s like a moral test.

So you make it through all of these fiery lakes and things like that.

And then you had to the hall of Truth, where 42.

God’s will judge how you lived your life.

Oh my gosh.

I can’t tolerate one person being judgmental of level.


I would Cordy to just feel like I would be in big trouble in all of these stages.

I, yeah.

II, I can’t imagine so many eyes staring at you and like knowing that they’re only going to.

They’re not going to ask you like if you like chocolate or vanilla like they’re going to ask you the hard hitting, do you deserve Paradise questions?


So before each God you would make what’s called a negative confession.

And so you would declare sins that you have not committed.

So okay, basically if you were to go up to them and there’s a list of sins were saying, at least I didn’t, I didn’t do all this, you know, that makes sense.


Yeah, so you’d go up.

Say, for example, like, hey, look at me.


Number one, I have never ever lied.

Or I have never ever.

I don’t know.

Yelled at someone.

Or right, right?


Right made somebody cry or killed anyone and it was.

Yeah, it was anything.


It ran the gamut from okay.

It could be super bad or not very bad, but you’re at least you just list them out as a way to get to like the next step.

Okay, interesting interesting.

And if somehow you pass that you’re still not through and the But of truth comes with the weighing of the heart.


Oh, so again a now, you’ve got your physical tests, you’ve got a going to guess Integrity testing.

Yeah test and then you’ve got like the heart test if you’re like a worthiness test.

I suppose your heart would be in big trouble.

I think I would?

Yeah, it would fall down like a brick.


I think if we’re weighing the heart slam on the floor your heart would be weighed in the balance against the feather of ma hot.


It’s also known as the feather of Truth, okay?

Okay, and if your heart was lighter than the white ostrich feather.


Your soul would pass on toward eternal life.

Oh, boy.

Well, that’s quite a high bar to set lighter than a feather.


If it was heavier, your heart would be thrown on the floor and gobbled up by a monster, goddess called vomit.


Oh no.

I’m it was part.

Lion Park crocodile and part hippopotamus.

Oh my goodness.

This is a lie.

They’re asking a lot of people, but it’s quite a staff of people that are involved in helping people cross over.

I feel like they are just busy busy, busy all the time, not even helping people just like preventing people.



And that would be, if that happened to you.

If your heart got gobbled up, that would be it for you.

You would have what was called a second death.

Oh, and there’s no afterlife.

And it’s considered the worst thing that could happen.

Oh no, and if anyone is familiar with the If you are a Marvel person, they just did a whole series called Moon night and there was a whole episode surrounding the weighing of the heart, really?



And I don’t want to be the one to say like, oh, they did a great job but I feel like it was at least a loose interpretation.

So, as I was reading these notes, I feel like I was able to pick up on it pretty quickly.

I feel like I’m a virgin and trying to be as respectful as possible, but also keep it very Marvel.

So who knows what that means?


Here’s the thing, if this sounds impossible, if you’re it Does by the way?

Yeah if this sounds impossible and you just don’t think you could get through all these steps.

Luckily there is a manual available to you.

There you go.

This is starting to sound like an infomercial.

You’re selling me.


I you just imagine, like, one of those like everything falling apart in the right there has to be another way like, I immediately pictured opening the cupboard and all the Tupperware falls out, you know what I mean?

That’s like except it’s your heart and it just gobbled eggs, my heart got gobbled up and I didn’t pass the the gauntlet.


Yeah well luckily there is a manual which Very useful and think of it as a guide book or a passport, or a map to the underworld.

Okay, that’s your book of the bed.

That’s so fascinating.

This part I really didn’t know all these details.

I think this is so interesting map to the underworld.


Feels like are now are haunted road.

Atlas feels like a real Great Value, knock off on like comparing.

Geez, ghosts are like anything.

Like and with the afterlife I heard map to the underworld and I was like yeah, that one sounds a lot more.

Legit and like ours, now feels a little icky.



But anyway, I heard that I was like, oh, I feel like we ripped off the name that I just want to say we did not but anyway.

Are you ready to hear all about this manual on how to get yourself into the Afterlife?

I woke up early and love to I would love to Coming up everything.


You need to navigate The Land of the Dead.


The monsters and Achieve Eternal Bliss.

I need to know the secrets.

The floorboards Creak the walls, they moan the house seems vacant but you’re not alone.


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We first need a little background on An ancient Egyptian beliefs and burial practices.

Yeah, I would love to hear.

This is so also interesting.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the goal was to attain immortality in the afterlife.


And the afterlife is a mirror image of your human life on earth - anything unpleasant.


Wait okay so not at all a mirror image of family fun.

There’s no sadness pain or anger.

Just all your favorite things and favorite people which I guess is a more real No more realistic version than because in my mind, whatever Heaven is, it’s like, it doesn’t even look like this world, but I guess this is like it more palatable.


It, this reminds me of the good place.

I don’t know if you watch that.

Yeah, it reminds me of the good place as in, it’s sort of, like, Mortal life, but only the best parts of it in a way, the concept.

Yeah, yeah, it is something that you can at least wrap your head around versus like we’ve can fly away, and we’re on clouds.


And there’s a harp somewhere.


Which by the way, doesn’t really sound like somewhere.

I want to be any.

Well, yeah, I’m not one of my favorite things.

I would argue unless the harp like can do remixes or something.

So, after you die, and you go to essentially, the good places that are really, really great.


And now example, analogy, after you die, you’d first have to be reanimated in the human underworld as called the duat.


It’s a terrible sounding place.

We described earlier.

Okay like The Gauntlet thing.



And your soul would reunite with your body and that’s why we have mummies which is to preserve the body.


Hey, because your soul would need it in the next life, I see.

Okay, keep it all keep those biceps you’ve been working on.

It’s like ready gonna meet them.

You’re gonna need them.

As part of the mummification, process priests removed every organ, except the heart and ancient Egyptians believed that the heart was the center of emotion, intelligence and memory.



Yeah they were.

I mean they were onto it you know and the Heart remains with the body for the weighing of the heart they were talking about earlier you got to have that on you sure.

So the body is preserved with salt and wrapped in linen, woven with charms.



So it’s a whole shebang.


And then they’d put a bunch of things in the Tomb with the body including amulets for protection and stuffy would need in the afterlife and your Book of the Dead.

Oh, that’s great.

So they give that to you in your So they placed that book with you to take it’s like a go-bag.


It’s not a joke, right?

A bug out bag.

Yeah, I that’s so cool.

I mean when I was at the Museum the other day they had the jars and in each jar they would have a different organ and the god of that, organ would be etched into the jar to protect.


That organs would have liked the intestines in one.

And and that’s why I don’t know.

I just think this is all really fascinating.


Well, so they would put in with you.

They would Put in like stuff, you would need in the afterlife and the Spells were meant to be spoken aloud by The Mummy in its coffin.


Oh okay, so the Spells were also referred to as utterances.


Okay I see and funeral Traditions, they vary depending on your wealth or status.


As for your book of the dead, as someone of lesser means may have a ready-made or pre inscribed roll Papyrus with blank spaces for their name.


Oh But someone who like was a real baller, they could lay out a custom one and choose their spells.

So it’s like their own personal map to the under link it like the specially-made version.

I see.



Yeah, that’s really cool.

So what’s in the Book of the Dead?

And why is it so useful?

Oh yeah.

Tell me.

So the Spells basically give the dead instructions on where to go and how to address certain Gods what to say at certain times.

How to conduct Themselves in the Land of the Dead and there about 200 known spells to choose from.


Wow, some can contain as few as three or four spells or chapters and then others can contain over 100 spells and be over 100 feet long I’m like and you got to drag that thing with you through the fiery Gatlin.


Wow I also wonder like if there’s a price point to these books like How much would it cost to like just get like the Ultrabook of.



Do you pay by word by higher?

Lift you pay by spell?


What does its interests?

How much would it cost to just?

I feel like if you can customize it and have all the Spells you need, I’d be like just in case I should hate have all 200 spells.

You don’t want to be there and the one that you left out is the one you need.



So I don’t I don’t know what that would look like or how long it would be, but probably very, very long.

I mean 100 feet long is to me, seems like a pretty long roll of pirates.


Well, so as for like, what kind of spells you can expect or what cells, you could choose from, Um, some of these spells include how to control your own body, after death and prevent it from Decay.


So it can be reunited with your spear in the afterlife.

Okay, that’s great.

Another is, how to protect yourself from Attack by The Animals, insects and knife-wielding demons and the underworld?

Well, okay, that buried the lead animals, insects and also knife wiggling Demons by the way.


So like really like slowly, it’s a gradual, don’t be alarmed.


Passwords to give to The Gatekeepers and the underworld.

I feel like that one needs to be the fairy.

First one that has got to be the basic.

I feel like that’s like the big imagine if you don’t have that spell and they’re like, what’s the password?


You’re like, I don’t know.

And then even know how to get past this first section.


So then yet that’s just do you just stand there for the rest of time.

Like we’re coming, right?

I don’t know another spells.

How to answer the gods questions in the Hall of truth?

I feel like I look super important.

Yeah, definitely.

And how to make your heart light for weighing.


That’s the part.

I’m most nervous.

Us about.

I don’t know where my heart would be.

I think it’d be pretty light but it would just not make it like it would be just shy and that be the pits you get through all of that.

And then your heart is just like a little too heavy.

It’s like not.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Mmm.

And each book of the dead.

Has some standard features.

Here’s what they all generally have in like, formatting.

At least they have vertical columns, a hieroglyphic text written in Black Ink.

Sure, they have special words written in red.


Like the titles of The Spells are chapters and the names of deities, smart.

I like how they highlight the names of deities, because can you imagine if you approach one, you say the wrong thing and they’re like yeah that’s one way to lose immediately.

I think and then a small vignettes to illustrate the Spells how cool.



And there are a few gods that star and the Book of the Dead and among them are Anubis is the god of embalming.


Raw who’s the sun-god right Thoth?

Who is the Scribe of the Gods and also records the way.

Of the heart and then Osiris who is the king of the underworld and the ruler of the dead.


And boy, he is the one who gives final approval to enter the afterlife.

So he’s the one you really got to impress a big boss.

Yeah, he’s yeah, yeah, Top Dog.


And the Book of the Dead dates, back to the third dynasty of Egypt which is as far back as 2670 BC, that’s incredible.


But here’s the thing which I’m surprised by it’s changed a lot since then I guess so I guess with that much time I’m sure it doesn’t look exactly.

As a did.

But I really thought it was gonna like totally stick to how it was.

But I guess it’s kind of morphed over time.



I guess I make sense when it comes to rituals and things that people will add or 7 on it and put their spin on it.


So it originated with paintings and inscriptions made directly inside the walls of pyramids which is referred as tombs cool and early pyramid texts didn’t have illustrations yet.


Just hieroglyphs, which suggests the deceased had a high level of Of literacy or came from the scribal class, sure.


And the text gave us a view into an elite segment of the population.

Basically royalty.

Wow, that’s fascinating.


So in the next several hundred years, the funerary text started being written inside the columns and then they showed up on Papyrus rolls, linen, wraps, and shrouds well.

So the, the initial idea was okay, once you’re in your tomb and you leave your coffin, you can read all the inscription But like now with put it inside so you can read it, right?


When you yes on and wake up that’s like in terms of improvement on some.

Yeah I think that’s like what a more efficient or convenient way to like eliminates one step, I guess of, yeah, definitely.

Looks like it’s right in front of your face when you’re being buried.


That’s so interesting being buried.

Sorry, that was what they trained front of your face, right?

When they’re setting everything up.

And, at some point before, 1500 BCE the Spells had been divided into chapters, okay?

In the 500 plus years of followed, the book became more accessible and extremely popular and no longer just for the royalty or the wealthy.


I can understand why.

I mean, you would want this for anybody in your family yourself.


I feel like, even if I guess, even if someone had to, like, make up a fake one or something, like people would have bought it if they couldn’t get their hands on.


The real thing just for, like, a chance.

I imagine there’s a level of comfort there in like guy gives me a better chance of passing through.

I can’t imagine being someone like, if they didn’t have versions available to everybody, I would be imagine the, the fear or the anxiety or lip solutely.


What if you had like your friend was like, my dad has one of those books and like everyone like Huddle’s are at.

I need to be such a hot commodity, and be get stolen all the time.

So imagine it would be a very, very highly sought.

Sought after highly sought-after.

So now they have a more, I guess General version that’s available to others.


Make sense, make sense people would consult scribes make custom books from themselves and the Scribe would have to learn what kind of life the person lived.

So they could write out what to expect after death, and what spells are needed.

So the Scribe would say, I know what passwords you’re going to need that kind of thing, hopefully.


But I also feel like, if you are to give me one of these, my mom was to give me one of these.

They would describe my life lately, very different.

It’s a great point.

I feel like you have to have a personal consultation, with describe what it would be like, gin.

This is what’s going on.


In 1842, a German scholar assigned.


A numbering system for different spells based on one particular scroll.

Hmm, he is the one who coined the term Book of the Dead.


And before that ancient Egyptians knew it as the spells for going forth by day.

Oh, that’s beautiful.

It’s very got a very poetic got a flow to it.



So over time the chapters were abbreviated and standardized and Really replaced with new and different funerary texts.

And it’s said that the last known use of the Book of the Dead, was, in the first century BC.



It was a long time though that this was used.


Oh yeah.


Up next, up close and personal with the magic and mind-blowing text called The Book of the Dead.

How these Vivid images and insights survived the ancient world.

I can’t wait to hear about this.

I mean, I’m just in a murder with this whole concept is right, up your alley.


It, it really is.


If you wanted to lay eyes on a book of the Dead, there are a few places you can look well, tell me now I, yep, I should just get you tickets to each each place.

Should the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge owns several books of the dead.

And one was for a royal official named Ramos, a okay, and his name and job title.


He was the supervisor of Royal archives, Wow’s written and all the Spells.

So there was no mistaking who it was.

This is where Moses book I wonder if there were some versions at, like, had Times.

We just put in the person’s name.

Feel like all of them, maybe wanted to do that like just to make sure that we’re not sharing or like not like accidentally misplacing it.


Uh, yeah, anyone elses exactly.

It’s estimated to be on, over 65 feet of Papyrus bowl with very well, painted vignettes beautiful.

I would love to know what these look like the vignettes.

Well, you’re about to write, we’re going to go over it.

Yes, of course.



Job, as a scribe himself, might explain why he had such a high quality document makes sense.

He Had the end like if he didn’t I’d be like, wow he got you know, shafted his own job.

I kind of wonder if that was like the job to have because you were in charge of everyone’s afterlife or making it a seamless as possible or helping.




I mean that must be a big task.

Yeah, but a responsibility and the British museum in London has a great exhibit on Egyptian death and afterlife.

That includes some very fine examples of books of the dead and the Getty museum owned several Book of the Dead.

Papyrus Scrolls, and some spells written on linen.


Mummy wrappings.

Which like, Crap.

That’s so cool.

That is so cool.

And you can look at them in the Museum’s online.

Catalog Christine.

But I’m certainly gonna do after this, see you never.

I feel like you’re gonna lose yourself in that, and the Papyrus Scrolls survived all this time because they were placed in tombs and the dark and usually, in the desert.


So there was no light or moisture to speed up Decay.

It makes a lot of sense.

Many did become pretty brittle and conservators, had to use extreme care when rolling them out, but oh, I didn’t even think.

About rolling it out because I mean, imagine roll.

Yeah, and you don’t want to crack it.


Oh, that must be who very high stress.

I mean, think of like, what we do for like our documents and this country that are only a couple hundred years old.

Yeah, good point.

Remember Nicolas Cage, the Declaration of Independence, and he was just throwing that thing around.

He was just like, pouring water on it, or whatever he did in that movie.


I can, you imagine like a 65-foot, scroll?

Like, you have to roll the whole like the stress.

That job I couldn’t handle in the sweat.

You couldn’t sweat one drop on there, but you’d be sweating.


You be the have the heavy breaths like your flavor either upward.



But anyway, that is some of the, at least a very quick basic 101 on the Book of the Dead, that’s really fascinating.

I mean, I knew a little bit about the, you know, conserving bodies and how that worked and the talismans.


But I really didn’t know much about the Book of the Dead.

So that is a new element to my knowledge here on the Egyptian afterlife.

I think it’s one of the most fascinating topics, everything from that time, period.

When I learn about, it’s just fascinating and beautiful.


And I don’t know, just really gets me gets me going.

I don’t think anyone who did the research on this, as a aware of how much Christine actually truly loves the stop X.

It’s really nailed it.

Shout out once again to all the lovely people at Park as yeah they just do it without even realizing how maybe they do realize Maybe we’re just so obvious in our interest.


Yeah, probably.

So, do you think that this funeral tradition or like most of, you know, Traditions was more for the Peace of Mind of the living or do you think it was a person’s own, peace of mind as they ended up getting closer to death?


You know?

That’s a great question.

I mean, I imagine it has to be both me to know, right?

Because I feel like they’re, I think most I’m not even just talking about ancient Egyptian rituals, but I feel like even our rituals like speaking of of, you know, me wanting to be a tree and your mom wanted to be with, as many people, I insula, right?



But if we’re talking about it, some costume jewelry, or whatever she wants to be, I mean scientifically speaking.

Like we’re not going to know the difference right in the afterlife but like, it makes us feel better now to think about it.

But also I feel like I dig this one a little more than the rest because with their beliefs are without, with this particular belief at least, is that you have the ability to prepare and study for the chance.


A great point, you know, What’s coming almost?

I think it gives people if you’re talking about another person who’s passed away in your life.

I feel like before they passed, it gives you a lot of comfort to know like, well at least while you’re alive, you have all this time to prep, but I guess once they’ve passed on your like I really hope they made it like yeah.


And what if they pass away untimely you know, it tragically early or something.

I mean that yeah it is kind of stressful that and then I guess by that same token, if you are of the mindset herbal Leaf that you know, the traditional Christian way of thinking that you’re going to hell.


If you don’t follow like the specific rules of God, you know, it’s very similar Concept in that like not not as this but just a similar idea that you can prepare for the afterlife during your life on Earth and I mean going on that same know, like if someone isn’t able to have the time to prepare or the money to prepare for the gauntlet.



And then the modern Christian way of looking at it.

Say, you know, somebody who is Gay.

And you may believe that that means they’re going to hell.

I mean, there’s there’s elements that must be not comforting.


But you know, overall I guess you can hold onto.


Like I feel like this is almost nicer though because it just gives you a the ability to just know like well it’s all about worthiness I suppose but it was yet in this that you could great point.

You almost had like some control in.

I guess it’s sort of like everybody gets a shot like you, no matter what weirdly more.


I mean.

They have like the whole duat and like the fiery lakes and all that but it still feels a little more like inclusive.

No, I absolutely agree.

And like sure the part about, you know, you have to be wealthy to buy The Book of the Dead.

Sure that I mean it rings.

True across, I guess any culture.


Maybe you just have better versions of the book but the fact that there’s some general ones like anyone can that little get yeah you have her shining up on it or a great point and and it’s like not gatekeeping heaven, you know, maybe a little bit.

On the quality of the document, but it’s, yeah.


I feel like in the, modern Christian way, there’s a, let’s call it a little bit of gatekeeping there, where some people don’t even get a chance in hell so to speak to get in there, you know, which is why I kind of turned away from that whole world, a fair enough.




An ancient Egyptians are often thought to be obsessed with death and the afterlife.

But another way to look at it is that they’re obsessed with life and eternal life and great point.

That life doesn’t end, you know, when Quote, unquote.

Your body dies.



If the Trope is that you’re obsessed with death?


It’s like maybe they’re just desperately preparing.

Maybe there’s humans, aren’t we all kind of obsessed with the passion of dumbing?

So like you might as well be ready for the next, like, the one thing we have absolutely zero say and so I think it’s I think we’re still obsessed with death, quite frankly.



And especially with magic was a big part of ancient Egyptian, religion, where there’s prayers, and can tations that are being used in everyday life, like during childbirth.

Sickness are people invoke the gods and goddesses.

They also believed certain actions and special objects and magical power.


So I mean, not much has changed in that way, either obviously much different culture and religion and all that.

But you know it you can see elements of humanity in both like yeah praying to higher Powers you know especially in Big Life events and sickness it all feels surrounded with intention and yeah of power or higher power, higher power, mmm.


Anyway, That is the Book of the Dead for you, man.

That’s like the beauty of rituals.

And this whole concept, in this whole podcast is like, you know, you find this elements across all different cultures, and religions, and centuries, and yeah, lenio.

Wow, you’ve sent me into a tailspin here and I’m, I already know, I’m not going to hear from you until Monday nights.


I’m sorry.

Rubbing their temples with.

Oh my god.

Oh well, thank you for teaching me about this.

I mean, I didn’t know much about the Book of the Dead.

So yeah, I’ve learned a lot.

Thank you.

Thanks so much for listening.


We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.

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