Rituals - E41 • What’s the Deal with Crystals?


Crystal’s, they’re sparkly, shiny come in, all colors and shapes and can maybe help heal you.

So today we’re talking all about energy and the energy that crystals have.

I’m very excited about this one.

You had me at sparkly and shiny, their Glam, their Glitz & Glam.


I’ve always here for the glitz but I’m very excited.

All stuck energy.

Mine is especially odd today so let’s see.

Where this goes, I might need to overnight ship.

You some crystals to really Rectify what’s happening in your world?

I think so I’ll work on it yeah the use of healing.


Crystals actually goes far back with some of the earliest civilizations using them to ward off evil or prevent nightmares and sickness which is pretty cool.

Yeah, I think a lot of us probably still do that today.

Mmm, so I’m very excited to learn the ways of the past and see how I compared to today.


Hi everyone, and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m Christine cheaper, and I’m M Schultz every week, we’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices, and the impact.

On Modern culture, we’re getting into shiny crystals today, I’m so excited, I can’t wait to tell you all about them.


I’ve very excited to hear all about them.

I mean, I’m telling you this, like, you don’t know, but we talked about crystals all the time when we are not recording.

I feel like between you and some of our other friends, especially you because I know you’ve got a whole curio cabinet full of, and I’m definitely the new be between the two of us.


So I have really no retained understanding of how they work.

I’m just very accepting of them, probably because they’re pretty.

So they are pretty.

That doesn’t hurt their, yes, but I’m happy to finally hop on board with you and learn all about them.

Well, Let’s crack into it.


All right, so we’re going to talk about Crystal today.

You kind of alluded to this already but I know we both own crystals.

How many do you have?

Do you know?

Probably not as much as you think like a handful.

I don’t have a lot of crystals butts because so I have said this a million times, I’m like a broken record but my stepmom who has been in Wicca for 40 years.


I grew up always seeing her with all of her crystals and she’s very big on crystal maintenance.

And so, like, I love dogs, but I don’t have one.

Because I know how much of responsibility by this time Like same thing with baby, even crystals, crystals babies and dogs too much work, teacher crystals ality with the amount of like cleansing.


She’s done like, even like prep work, like, collecting rainwater and, like, all this stuff and like, having to clean all the dishes, because they’re not supposed to contaminate, like, she’s very anal about that stuff.

And so to have those crystals myself, I would feel bad for owning them and not putting that much effort into them.


So, yeah, you know what, I like a lot though, which was so silly because I feel like you need to have crystals to them like this thing.

But more than a crystal, I would rather buy one of those like really intense Crystal guides like those books.

That tell you like, every single Crystal what they do.

Split like a gemstone pamphlet, love a good pamphlet honestly.


That’s not a bad idea.

I’m sure that exists.

They do.

It’s like one of those laminated like he’s a college study people Flynn’s.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

We should get one of those.

We should each get one because I could use that to.

I love the directories but I don’t have any crystals.

So together, we’d make quite a team though.


If we combined forces Isis.

We would all be your librarian.

Your Christian.

I’ll FaceTime you and ask, you know, what’s this one?

Because he had, I’m looking over there, I have a beautiful shelf of them, I just need to, you know, get more intentional about using them and I think that maybe this episode has inspired that because I’m actually going to tell you some ways you can care for and cleanse.


Your crystals that are actually very accessible.

I feel like I’ve always been a little intimidated but they’re very accessible.

So how could we all learn a thing or two?

So next step up, do you think crystals have any spiritual or healing powers?

Honestly again, broken record.


I feel like this is the case with every episode for us, but I feel like if you give something energy and power then, yeah, and intention.

Yeah, I agree.

I’m sort of on the same boat where I’m like, you know, I know that they have different compositions and, you know, the energy all that good stuff is based on their molecular structure and all that.


But I think probably most importantly, I would imagine as the intention behind it.

So yeah, I definitely don’t know about the science, but I do have a blind faith to it anyway.

So as we do about everything, T much?


Well, according to Pew, research, 42% of Americans think spiritual energy can be held in a physical objects, like a crystal.


That’s what I expected 42% of Americans.

I’m surprised by that.

Yeah, I wonder what they’re like range was like, is this like from huge Believers to people who are slightly open minded?

Are these all people who solidly are down.

Now this is PU so they do like I used to do their surveys, they would send me five dollars in the mail.


Oh they do like a canvas of People all across the u.s., all sorts of different stuff, political you never went on heard of you, okay?

I used to go on their website, like, a big dork and read through their statistics.

I’ve heard of them, I’ve probably used them when I was doing like research papers in college, but no certainly not about Crystal work, but cool, I’m down to 40%.


I’d like it to be 50%.

So maybe this episode will convert a few people and raise that number Pew.

Are you listening to yourself?

So I have a fun question.

What is the strangest product that you’ve seen a It’ll either on or in like sort of infused with or, you know, that kind of thing.


It’s usually carvings.

Like I’ve got you a crystal penis a while ago.

Oh, that’s right.

We have that.

Yeah, the courts dildo, that’s it.

Yeah, I hope you enjoy that on your shelf on your shelf.


As I say, like from afar.


Well, so, one of the things that I actually have found that I really like it’s on Etsy, but I don’t know if it would be useful because I wonder if the stones even work Or, I don’t know but there’s a little carving of like a hamburger but it’s like two yellow stones and make the buns and then like there’s a green one that makes the lettuce and then there’s a, like a brown or why don’t you find this is like that’s crazy.


I wish I could spend a day on your algorithm and just see what happens apparently.

It’s like there’s like a hole at Sea industry of like food being carved out of stones and so that I could for sure get into but I don’t know if Like takes away the Integrity of the crystal, or anything like that.


So, interesting.

Well, maybe you can check where they Source their Crystal and that kind of thing, maybe they put that on there.

What about you?

Well, you know, the example that was in this research, which I’d also seen are the water bottles that have like, crystals inside of them that are supposed to infuse your water with like healing benefits.


I’m not sure.

I follow especially the amount of money.

They’re charging for this kind of thing.

Yeah, I don’t know if I believe in that.

I feel like until like some sort of practitioner has backed it.

I don’t know.

Spiritually cleaning.

It as also all I can think about is that Crystal accidentally.

Dislodging and then straight down the hatch.


You know, it’s a big one.

It’s like this big.

I got a big gullet, okay.

Got to be worried about it.

I would say probably the strangest use of a crystal, that at least, most of us have heard of is goop.

Gwyneth Paltrow her vagina eggs.

Yes, the Jade egg.


It’s a rose quartz egg or Jade egg starting at 55 bucks.

A pop, and we’re going to get more into the Weeds on that one.


Yeah, since I went nuts knows no bounds.

Oh she’s also got the candles to match.

So if you’re into vagina products know exactly where to go.


Also, if you want a great salad you also know where to go.

She’s got it all over there so it’s like really anything high-end and expensive but you’d like to better your life.

Quote unquote, yeah, crystals have been popular for a very long time way before the trendy crystal shops we see today.


For example, some of the first known uses of crystals like rose quartz or by ancient Roman Egyptian And Greek civilizations.

The earliest evidence of rose quartz jewelry dates back to ancient Mesopotamia, which is modern-day Iraq.

The word, crystal itself comes from the Greek word, crystal Oaths, which literally means, by the way, love this.


It means coldness drawn together.

Oh, beautiful.

Yeah, I really enjoy that, especially with the word coldness.

I feel like they found a way to make the word cold sound.


I really like that.

Meaning a lot more scientifically.

Speaking, a crystal is a solid.


Matter with atoms that are arranged in a repeating pattern.

So most of Earth’s minerals can be identified as crystals.


So when you take your vitamins and minerals you can just say you’re taking your crystals.

Yeah you’re like this was I bought this at CVS.

It’s just a mineral from the drugstore.


My natural crystal intake is low.

I got to go get some iron.

You know, my iron is low but I don’t think iron counts the Crystal but, you know, that’s okay.

It’s a mineral, right?

I don’t know.

I’ll shop it around and see how many doctors shake their heads at me.

I see if maybe just Google it.

Are you go shop it around?


But, you know, you do what you gotta do in ancient Egypt, crystals and healing Stones were used as talismans and amulets, which some gemologist believe were used to help prevent evil and bring Good Fortune to the owner and that sort of feels like how we use them today, often times.


Yes, kind of symbolic like hoping to, you know, either repeal that Angie draw, good energy toward you, so courts, which forms crystals that are clear and almost glass-like.

Like that is what the penis statue.

That you so lovingly gifted me is made of, could only think of you, when I saw that, who else, right.


There’s only one out there and it’s all for you.

So quartz is believed to have been used to prevent aging.

So yeah, wait, now I’m wondering.

Are you trying to tell me something?

This was for my 31st birthday, maybe you were hint hint.

No comment.

You want me to rub that on my face and reduce wrinkles.


I’m not going to tell you what too rough on your face.

To prevent aging.

Okay, I’ll check group for that.

Okay, no comment on that either.

According to lore, the greenish Stone Peridot, apparently warded off evil and prevented night terrors.


So, you know, if you’re out there, you’re struggling with that.

Get you some Peridot.


Is there any issue in your life that you wish could be treated with a crystal?

Let me count the ways.

Loaded question, I just gave you.

Yeah, when my friend is telling me that she’s going to rub her crystals also, and then contact gu about rubbing things on her face to prevent aging, is there a crystal that stops at Forever?


Happy birthday gift for that?

I would say honestly, truly anxiety.

Hmm, productivity, sleep issues, spooky wise.

I would like to keep - spirits and negative energy away.

So I feel like all the general thing.

Yeah, those exist.


There’s a crystal for That could you say that about my first example of why I need a crystal?

Maybe we could combine a few, we can make a hamburger out of them.

For that, what I think is just duct tape.

I was put it gently over your mouth and over your own ears and then we’re all happy.


Well, I would say, I know that this exists as well, but I’m always drawn by the crystals that promote a connection to the other side.

I love this.

The idea of like Having, you know, dreams that mean something and being able to kind of help with meditation that kind of thing.


So that’s usually where my mind goes.

What I’m seeking them out ancient Vedic texts, which are mainly religious writings in India.

Show crystals were used in ayurveda, which is a holistic medicine.

That is thousands of years old.

One story from The Vedic, texts explains, where crystals may have originated.


So just buckle up because this one’s a doozy.

Okay, so a Vedic demon walks into a bar.

Wow, let me Me rephrase that a Vedic demon was invited to a pretend sacrificial Ceremony.

This is step one, step one immediately invested.


You’re already in for the drama.

I know.

So the someone tricked a demon into coming to a party.

Absolutely, okay, yes.


So he thinks this is a demonstration and he agrees to be tied to a stake.

Don’t agree to that folks.

That’s is a PSA even for a demonstration.

Even if it’s your friend saying, let’s try a silly.


Like this is for a tech talk, you know.


Yeah it’ll be funny.

Don’t Don’t do it.

Yeah, then shocker he suddenly realizes the ceremony is real dun, dun dun it escalates, extremely quickly now because then his body was dismembered.


Oh well, okay that’s no easy way to get into that.

I feel like boy there was certainly more details.

That could have helped me get to that point but we’re really just jumping into it.

I’m okay with them.

I just didn’t have the energy to find like an easy transition here.


Like he ain’t got invited to a party and three.

Both later he is dismembered on the stake for changes the whole world.


So he’s dismembered and his body, the pieces of his body that come off are turning to gem seeds and these seeds fall across the Earth from mountains to Rivers everything in between and become gems.



So the blood of The Vedic demon was turned into Ruby’s little cross there and and these in turn could be used to help blood circulation.

Get out.

Oh, that’s not fun.

But is fun.

It was not fun for a minute.


It wasn’t fun for him.

For him, certainly not certainly.

No pearls are considered the teeth of a demon.

I should’ve had you guess that because that’s kind of a fun one or two fucking one.

Yeah, yeah.

But they help with creating a calm mental state.



And then do you want to guess what the emeralds are green?

Crane fungus has closed its his bile.

Oh, okay.


Or not.

Far off.

I don’t think I don’t know much about bile but I do not think it’s Pleasant his book.

He’s I don’t know, he’s I mean maybe a different kind of Boogie.


So emeralds are the demons bile and they increase Clairvoyance and psychic abilities, which you know, that’s me going.

Oh, I want that one.

Oh yeah.

So it sounds like gems.

Originally came from like a demonic Place.

Yeah, that’s true.

But we’re like, oh, these are all going to keep away, bad energy.


It’s like it’s made of the Demons, Booker’s, you know?

I’m saying like a fork.

So do know what you’re saying?


Yeah, I don’t know why that happened.

I don’t know why that, you know, maybe he like fell into a million Pebbles and rocks and all the bad energy escaped him.

So I’d stuffed his good pretty things.


I don’t know.

That makes a lot of sense.

M historians way in.

I think that goes without saying that you got that exactly correct.

Okay, perfect.

Coming up, we’ll get into how people are using crystals today and the dark side of the world of crystals.


Because of course, one exists.

Okay, this is something I know even less up.

So I’m very excited to dip.

My little toes into this.

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All right.

Well, we can’t talk about the modern-day use of crystals without talking about the New Age movement.


Now I’m curious, what do you think?

Because I have very strong associations with that phrase, New Age movement.

I think we all do at least if you’ve lived in l.a. maybe I feel like if you’ve lived through like the 90s at least in my mind.

Yeah it’s like the height of it in my experience.

I think I compare new age to like today’s modern either witchcraft or wave of like spooky spirituality.


Like I think crystals a straw Geology people who are open to like Paranormal stuff in general or like early Basic Spell work or the cosmic energy.

Like very granola, kind of new agey.

Yes, definitely.

That’s tough to fit for you.


Yeah, I have a very specific memory of the phrase New Age, which is going to Barnes and Noble.

And remember how you had those.

I don’t think they still do where they sold the music.

They sold CDs and you would put on those big accounts and click the buttons and they’re like new age albums, then you would click it and it would be like Like, and ya know, like that kind of really 90s energy.


You know, I thought of a lot of things and I thought of new age but not like borders, audio stuff like it’s Barnes and Noble, but, you know, right.

I think maybe there’s a little bit of a wow, over.

Yeah, my brain just like, unfold that that part of my dark memory and I don’t know why that lives.


So prominently in my not even subconscious like in my conscious mind, but it does.

So here we are hahaha.

Well, thank you that now, I will always associate uh, with that so well, the new Age movement, if we’re being more technical than my answer refers to a wide series of beliefs and practices that revolve around, heightened spiritual consciousness.



The movement borrows from cultures all over the world.

From indigenous, American mythology is to ancient Celtic Traditions to Eastern philosophies.

So some examples are, you know, Sage Reiki astrology, psychics and of course, crystals falls under that umbrella.

Mhm, new ageism peaked in the u.s. in the 1980s which is probably why.


In my mind it was like, A big 90s thing.

I remember like my mom’s kind of woo friends would have like amber necklaces.

And yeah, it was just like a whole world that I was at the time.

Really not interested in.

I think nowadays, I like the current sphere of it a little better.


Yeah, yeah.

So new age is a time, like I said, peaked in the 1980s and so did the demand for crystals.

So you can see that kind of parallel going up.

In fact, in 1986 the New York Times reported that the price of Of quartz had gone from one dollar per volume to ten to twelve dollars.


So really doing it.

Wow, really skyrocketed?



And just like in the time of the Egyptians and Romans crystals were being used for healing.

So I want to get into kind of how Crystal healing works.

So according to Crystal healer, Audrey kitching, quote Crystal healing is the use of a crystals vibration to affect the human energy field, crystals act as a conduit for Ling, allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body while pushing - toxic disease causing energy out.


Okay, so that’s kind of a summation of how it works.


Electrical charge from a crystal is thought to affect the body’s electrical charge or Vibe.

You might say I know that word that word that word we can all understand the one that took over the 2020s.


I suppose.


The same Vibe or energy that makes up any living entity according to traditional Chinese medicine.


I think a clicks more for me as an electrical charge.

I think I get that.

Yeah, hadn’t thought of it like that before.

I think that’s an interesting way to look at it for sure.


The healing part of crystals can rely on the user’s mindset, which is sort of what we were talking about with like intentionality by setting an intention practitioners.

Think the crystal can then help with things like regulating your nervous system and boosting your immune system fun.


They can also be used for meditation where you Our holds a crystal in their hand or gazes at the surfaced.

Go into kind of a trance, like a crystal ball.

Some users recommend wearing crystals to get the biggest vibrational impact and bonus.

They’re very pretty.

Like we said so you know they make a good jewelry, okay.


But it’s not enough to just use the crystals since the thinking is they are conduits for energy.

It is important to cleanse them regularly, as I kind of side.

I’m I very dusty and non cleansed crystals in the corner.

You could just hear R them screaming for their attention.


So over it there like she does not care enough about us.

So I think maybe this episode is really inspiring me to take better care of them because according to the crystal website, energy Muse.com, quote purifying your healing crystals, lightens their energy and ensures that they are vibrating their healing properties at The Highest Potential and you know who wouldn’t want that.


Yeah, nope.

I totally get it and as someone who lived with a woman who demanded, Crystal’s always be cleaned and perfectly charged.

I can tell you that I don’t know how to live any other way, if I have crystals in my home.

So yeah, I do, I’m good.


Like I said, ignoring things that aren’t directly in front of my face, your crystals are desperately trying to come up with an escape plan to get to my house.

All the sudden I’ve barely remember to wash myself and take a shower.

How am I going to remember to cleanse my crystals the crystal?

Do those going to do like the Chef Boyardee move and just roll all the way to my house.


Oh, what a journey He, that will be, oh my goodness.

Well, good for the crystal dildo while he’s rolling across the country.

He’ll probably get cleansed because you can bathe your crystals in sunlight or Moonlight to cleanse them.

And one of the ways to do this is to bathe them in sunlight, or Moonlight for at least four hours.


Oh, and this can also charge them, which is different from cleansing.

So it will charge them and cleanse them as well.

Like a two-for-one like a two-for-one.

My fear is that I would Leave them outside and forget about them and I don’t know what the like time limit is like, is it for hours or is it like 4 plus h?


That’s like a phone.

It’s like at 100%.

Should you really have it plugged in any longer or you really actually draining the battery?

Or is it like harmful to the long lasting battery?

Is exactly the thought I have I don’t want to like abandon them outside but I know I won’t remember.

So it’s just something to think about Crystal’s.


This might work better for me can also be placed in a house plant.

Or other object of nature to rest and recharge for 24 hours, which made my heart really happy.

I think that’s so beautiful.

You can put it in a plant.

And actually, you know what?

There’s a plant hanging right next to my crystal shelf.


So maybe just hop on over there, maybe that’s enough.

Maybe, another thing you can do is submerge.

Your crystals in salt water, to cleanse, its energy.

But after that, you need to be sure to wash them off with clean water.

You also just side note should be sure you are.


Looking up the type of Crystal your cleansing, to make sure that it can safely come in contact with salt water.

You know, we don’t want to destroy the crystal by putting it in something, it’s not compatible with.

And there are some crystals that can be affected negatively by saltwater.

So just something to be aware of, okay, well, thank you, good, PSA.


You are so, so welcome.

So we now know how crystals are being used for healing.

We know how to cleanse and recharge our crystals.

Now, let’s look at how Crystal healing is being used in people’s lives.

Oh yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Oh yeah, oh yeah.

Here’s the good stuff.

So, let’s start with some success stories.


I don’t know if you remember this, but Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris a few years back.

Yes, and she credits healing crystals for helping her to recover from this terrifying incident.

Oh, okay.

Hey good, I’m glad something work or whatever works man after she got back from Paris, friends bought her healing crystals.


And Kim says she quote started to really dig deeper into what they meant and the meanings behind them.


The Rinse led her to create a new line of perfumes, where the bottles are designed like crystals.

Then there’s supermodel Miranda Kerr who used rose quartz Essence in her makeup line Cora, okay?


The gem helped her quote Infuse, the vibration of self love in the products, which that’s something.

My father would like, just absolutely clock out of a conversation with, I think, yeah, it feels a little gimmicky to me.

I would like to know the science to how How you inserted the self-love vibrations?


Oh no, there’s really any science that would kind of Venn diagram over that phrase.

But maybe maybe I’m certainly more open-minded than other people, but I still have questions.

I feel like when he starts selling stuff like this, it’s a little bit and it feels a little gimmicky to me, but that’s just a personal opinion.


Fair enough here is where Crystal healing becomes a little bit controversial.

Like Miranda Kerr’s line of makeup crystals have gone from being Display pieces to being used in everything from water bottles to beauty products mmm-hmm.

Yep, there are even frequency raising.


That’s a quote frequency raising face Mists infused with gems.

Like Moonstone and rose quartz interesting, which she spread on your face, obviously, okay.

I feel like I see.

We’re like, maybe the good intention originally started, but I also feel like those gemstones could probably be used better or in a different way or I also kind of we’re starting to touch on like exploiting certain practices, and things like that, so it feels like the price tag would be really painful for me to look at.


That’s kind of where my mind immediately goes like Crystal infused face.

Mist seems like something.

I can’t afford.

I would also like to know who’s running these kinds of shops.

Like I just want to know we’re like what the history to these are or did you just like get into crystals last year?

You know I’m saying?

I mean I think we can all guess when it comes to get a model selling fakes -.


But you know And just to guess just an opinion.

Okay, so we’re getting into the problematic stuff and I am on board so far though.

See in the troubles, it gets much worse.

All right.

How can we talk about crystals being used in controversial ways, without sharing the story of Gwyneth, her company goop, and her Wellness brand, and how crystals have kind of become a big player behind her brand.


So, boot became Infamous when they began selling crystal eggs for vaginas and it’s basically exactly what it sounds like.

It’s an egg made of Jade that one sticks inside their vagina.

Why do they call it the vajayjay?

They’d shut of the vajayjay, the vajayjay.


Well shop it?

No, I think I’ll move on.

So a few years ago, the company claimed that their Jade egg could do everything from balance hormones to regulating a user’s menstrual cycle, okay?

These are Big medical claims that led them to being fined by the government, 145 thousand dollars for making unsubstantiated.


Marketing claims in 2018 and you think they would have kind of clock that sooner that they probably shouldn’t be making those claims, but they really believe.

That’s what it did.


The JTAG is still for sale on the goop website, but the marketing claims have now changed, okay?


The product description.

Now reads that they harness the power of energy work, Crystal healing and a Kegel like physical practice.

Got it started just sound like a kilo practice, right?

Kegel way.

Wait, I don’t know what the right price is very fancy Kegel waste.


Yeah, it’s like, which if that’s what it is to just say it, you know.

Yeah, I feel like that kind of, in my mind is the most provable benefit I would imagine from this product.

But I will say, before we go any further before, all you little clicky, click fingers, are adding to your shopping cart.


Many OBGYNs have warned against using a Yoni egg, or reasons, like infection and other issues.

That can arise from putting a foreign object up there, you know.


Use your own imagination on that one folks.




According to a Forbes guide to healing crystals, which I feel like you might want laminated so I might shift that to you later.

Oh I’ll send you to Kinko’s to grab it.

I would fly down the highway to the kid goes for a laminated healing Crystal guide from Forbes.


No questions asked.

Oh well, according to this guide, there are no peer-reviewed studies that show that crystals actually work.

I was not surprised by this fact, but here we are.

But there is not any evidence that they do harm either unless of course you’re putting them inside orifices of your body.


But that’s a totally different thing.

Good call, good call Dimension.

That little caveat in 2001 psychologist, dr.

Christopher French carried out a test with 80 volunteers half.

Were given an actual Crystal to meditate with.


And the other half were given a piece of plastic that resembled a crystal.

They were given a list of Sensations.

They may experience, including consciousness-raising and a sense of well-being and here’s the result, regardless of whether the person had a real crystal or plastic Crystal, they both experience Sensations at the same rate.


Okay, ha so you know according to the psychologist dr.

Richard Wiseman.

He concluded the power of Crystal’s is in the mind instead of in the crystals.

Clearly, there is an effect, but people are paying hundreds of pounds for crystals and they might as well just pay a couple of quid.



I mean, it just sounds like an, like, a placebo effect.

But yes, if your works for you, if it Taps into something Grand leashes, something in you that you need a physical object to do it with, go for it.



And you know, we don’t know, maybe they do, you know, actually affect our vibrations.


I mean, there’s probably certain things that could not Not even be measured scientifically that, you know you could choose to believe or not.


Up next, we’ll get into where these shiny colorful.

Gems are actually coming from and the story isn’t always pretty.


Oh okay, I feel like more problematic things are coming our way big time.

Okay, let’s go.


So here’s the dark sorted, side of the crystal industry and that is the impact that crystals are having on the earth and on the people that mine them.

You know, they’re pretty but they got to come from somewhere.



According to the organization Earthworks, which monitors the environmental and human impact of Mining.


Quote, healing crystals are mined in places like Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo were mineral.

Extraction is linked to severe human rights.

It’s violations and environmental harm.


In fact children, as young as seven years of age are reported to be working in mines in the DRC, which produced, popular crystals, like, smoky quartz amethyst, citrine and tourmaline.


Whoa, and you’d think we’ve hit the bottom, but there’s more God.


Because even groups as notorious as the Taliban are profiting, from the crystal industry.

Oh my God, yes, the anti-corruption NGO.

Global witness reported that Lapis mines in Afghanistan, bring in 20 million dollars a year for the Taliban.


Oh wow!

Okay, big bummer.


Okay, so are my throwing my crystals out as I will?

We’re doing.

Let’s not do that because that just seems like, wasteful, no matter.

What could I support am?

I allowed to be down with crystals and, you know, way that’s an excellent question.


I’m going to tell you what a crystal lover is to do in this scenario, once we find out how to responsibly enjoy crystals.


And the good news is there is A way to ethically source and support your crystals so don’t even worry about it.


How God?

I had a real panic attack that we’ve been like hopping crystals this.

Whole episode.

Doesn’t go.

Just kidding.


Okay, so we can do it, ethically?




There is a way to ethically and, you know, consciously and very intentionally seek out, you know, a better way to find your crystals.


So sure there is a movement of Crystal sellers focused on ethical sourcing and places like moonrise.

Crystals, which you can look up, online lists details about each Crystal, including the mine, it was sourced from the factory where it was polished and other details about the route.


The crystal took on its way to The Cellar.

So you can kind of just you know be assured that the seller has traced back where the gems have come from and made sure they are supporting an ethical operation for sure.

And I know that’s where I buy my jewelry as well in, you know, they have these conflict-free diamonds now, I don’t buy.


Ins for myself.

I should not have phrased it that way, I guess what I’m doing.

What I meant to say is when, you know, my husband and I bought our wedding bands, we made sure to Source them from a place that does conflict free.

Jewelry is actually put that I wish, but I don’t frequently by myself diamonds.


I went to mood for a quick Diamond just for like a quick online shopping at night, you know.

It’s just like a peek around.

No no.

But you can check to see if the seller you know has listed out these details.

And that’s Great way to support an ethical operation.

Another Crystal alternative is lab grown crystals and you know, this is something.


I know that’s becoming a bigger concept but some people say lab grown crystals won’t carry the same healing energy as they aren’t directly from the Earth, but I don’t really see how that tracks just because even if you are making it, it’s still the same composition.




Here’s the thing.

I wonder well it could it be any better energy?

If a Our old has mined it from the ground.

I mean, that doesn’t seem like it has very great source of energy either.

So bingo, bango, I’d rather an ethical one from a lab than you know, one with a mysterious Shady background.


Just saying also, I’m not completely writing off the fact that they have some sort of scientific property to him or how they work, but if it really is all a placebo effect, well then it doesn’t matter either.

Wiser mom’s friend.

Yeah, exactly exactly.

And on that note, others point out that lab Crystals are made of natural minerals, so they have the same potential to affect energy, they do work, then you know, the composition is the same and they’re made of the same material.


So you’d think either way it would probably have the same effect.

But yeah, I’m sure this is debated among people who are more concerned with that kind of thing.

So, I’m not personally opposed to a lab grown Crystal.

If it means it’s a safer origin than where you might get another one, it also sounds cooler to me, to buy some cool built in a lab, or you kidding me.


Me, why wouldn’t I want that?

But so cool.

Well, that is the story of crystals.

I wonder where you stand now.

How do you feel?

I feel like I want to get more into it but I stand just about the same where it feels like.


If you give it in tension or you’re putting energy towards it just like everything else.

Then it’s at least powerful for you and that’s very beautiful.

Yeah, but I didn’t know to the gravity of how unethical it could be.

I knew it could be somehow problematic.

I didn’t really know how, so thank you for educating me on that.


You’re so handsome.

I also So no to not use maybe any Jade vagina eggs, any time soon, honestly.

I feel like I’ve done a really important job today.

Where do you stand on this after all your storytelling?

You know, I think I’ve just developed an even greater fondness for my crystal collection and I have some really beautiful ones, some elephants that you’ve given me, I have a pendulum that I like to use.


That’s, you know, made of quartz and a little mushroom, just some really beautiful pieces and I think I’m going to put them in my My plants and see what happens.

Can you imagine if we get off of this call and then you just like, leave the room and your crystals.

Watch you walk away again.


Just be like, are you kidding me after ever?

Seriously, we heard everything.

You said?

You made such big promise.

Oh no.

That’s it.

Make you attach a motions to them but just know that they’re staring you down right now.

I mean, some of them have eyes their elephants.


I’m like, no, what?

But some of them are skulls and they certainly don’t have eyes.

Very prominent lack of eyes.

Yeah, well, thanks so much for listening to my schpeel.

Today em, I’ve had a great time me too.

Thanks so much for listening.


We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.

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