Rituals - E45 • The Magic of “Pellars” & The Life of Tamsin Blight

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The story of Tamsin blight, has it all sorcery a drama-filled marriage and an enterprising business woman / which at the center of it.



Are you on it?

The sounds like a reality show.

Well, all of it took place in the 1800’s in Cornwall England, which has been called the Salem of Britain.


So that’s, which has over there.

I take it back.

If I know I’ve said things about time travel, but if I were to time travel, I think this is my new destination.

Yeah it sounds too expensive for TLC’s location manager to do some scouting.


Hi everyone and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from par cast.

I’m Christine Schieffer.

And I’m M Schultz and every week, we’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices.

And the impact on Modern culture.

And today we are talking about Tamsin blight and talk about a doozy, Christine, because we’ve got witches.


We’ve got queer history, we’ve got Scandal.

And I mean, I know, I we put TLC on the back burner but like, maybe will produce a show.

The sounds like something I want to watch.

Oh, okay, well first, we need a production company.

Let’s hop on to that next.

A step one will have a meeting after we record this.


Let’s crack into it.


Christine, what do you know about Cornwall England?

Besides the fact that you were a time traveler, I’ve heard that it’s considered the Salem of.


I don’t know where I heard that but I feel like that’s something I’ve learned in the past.

It sounds like not at all recent information.

You got within the last 60 seconds?

No, I don’t know who would have taught me that but otherwise not much.

I feel like this is one of those places.

That lives in my subconscious.


Sure, as a place I’ve heard of, but don’t really know much about.

Why are you laughing at me?

What a great way to find that’s like, oh well, it’s officially a place in my mind as of.

Yeah, there’s a pin in the map in my mental map.

I know exactly what you’re talking about and maybe it’s the neuro Divergence that we share, but it’s in my mind Palace.


So, I feel like I’ve talked about Cornwall England before on and that’s why we drink.

I feel like there’s a It must be because if it is similar to Salem which I know a little bit more about but again still haven’t been still just a pin on the map then I’m imagine it had to be somehow related to a topic.


You’ve discussed.

I feel like the issue with having to podcast and one coming so much later.

That’s much more well-researched.

Yes, that I regret like 300 episodes where I didn’t have the park us research, team by my side.

So if I ever talked about Cornwall England and that’s You drink and now you’re popping over here and you’re screaming at in your car about us sorry I missed the mark not knowing right and miss the Mark I’m not taking any responsibility.


Well I guess our version of Cornwall would be Salem Massachusetts.


Have you ever been or is there a town?

That’s particularly what she to you.

As you know I’ve never been and as you know I complain about it at least once a month and I will go eventually, but I feel like I have to go with you at this point because it doesn’t feel right to go without you.


So we’re going to just have to make a trip one of these days.

I know you’ve been and it sounds like the kind of place I would.

Absolutely adore.

It is especially we just had Halloween.


People really flocked to Salem this year.

I remember seeing like articles coming out with like the town of Salem was like, please stop coming.


We don’t have any more fun, witch hats to give out.

Yeah, we’re out.

We’re sold out.

It started out really tame.

We’re like the hocus-pocus house, which happens to actually be in sale.

How much I love that factoid because most of that stuff is like, LA or Atlanta.

But it’s actually in Salem the house that they filmed in, and people live there, it’s a residence.


And so I guess, no, no, and they’re used to during Halloween, all of a sudden getting a lot of traffic in their neighborhood and they put out a post being like, you’re welcome to walk.

The main streets and take a picture from afar or not drive here, but maybe walk here, it started out with that, where Salem was like, everything else is open though and then like three days later.


Almost like never mind.

Don’t recover, please smell help.

But no, I haven’t been in a while.

And I’ve always gone during the off-season, what should still spooky during the offseason?

They have a great Wan shop, I really want to take you to, it’s a good place.

There’s a lot of Tours, there’s a whole like historic area which they also filmed Hocus Pocus that by the way.



Anyway, let’s move on before.

I don’t stop about movie factoids.

Okay, have you ever heard of Tamsin blight?

I sure have not me either.

And once again, I don’t know.

How we’ve had a 300 episode True Crime paranormal show where I’m just like so behind.


But at this point I’m like past embarrassment and just at like a rose.

I’m resigned to the fact that I don’t know anything.

I feel like our show is now.

Just a walk of shame every Sunday.

I’m just like, oh yeah.

Well here I go.

Pretending to be the excellent.

Again, do you know any other famous witches though instead of Tans and plate?


There’s your your stepmom.

There’s my stepmom.



She would be very thrilled to know she’s a famous which famous in Mind in your mind palace with Cornwall England.

Some examples.

I think a figure that pops up in people’s minds.

A lot is Madame Laveau, the voodoo queen we’ve talked about on our other show, the Bell which we’ve talked about Agatha Tamsin.


Oh yeah, I know, they’re also not witches, but I feel like they’re attached to Salem history enough that we think of like Giles Corey and things like that.

I do know of many more historical which is especially from all the tutelage you’ve brought to the table on the spot.

I don’t do well under pressure.


You know, the phrase tutelage hurts a little because we both know it’s I’m true.

Ooh, but yes, I understand what you’re saying.

I’m going to ride that high until someone calls us out on Reddit about it.


Well just to catch up to speed then on Miss Tamsin, Tamsin blight, was a well-known, which in Cornwall England during the early 1800s.


And before you ask or wonder because it would be natural for you to wonder at this point.

She was actually not persecuted or burned at the stake.

Thank God we got a good story to type.

We did it.

I guess when you said 1800’s I was surprised.

I was thinking this was going to be another like sixteen hundreds, which persecution story.


You know, I feel like we and by we I mean as a generation, I feel like when we think of witches, it’s either far into the past sixteen hundreds or its modern New Age Witchcraft and there’s no one ever talks about what’s going on in the gray space.

So, yeah, we’re talking about the 1800s today, which is fun, but finally, I don’t have to end this with.


She was burned at the stake.

So God Yeehaw, she was actually born eight years after Parliament.

I meant abolished this kind of capital punishment.

Oh, she’s like right on time, she made it, she didn’t even suffer any kind of outcasting, and she was actually pretty popular, and had powerful social standing in her community.


Oh, good for her, good for her, but the witches from, like, 150 years before, or like, are you, are you effing kidding me.

Kidding, me Tamsin was born in 1798, but little is known about her early life and it’s assumed that she was born into a poor family.

A lot of what we know is from a Cornish folklorist named In betrayal who wrote about tenzin’s life.


And I’ve got a fun fact for you, Tamsin is apparently a nickname for her for thomasine.

Which macine should I wonder if that?

Is that the feminine Thomas?

It sounds like it’s kind of cute.

I’ve never even heard for the, I mean this is I feel like baby names right now.


We’re going through a wave of like, quote older names.

Yeah, we love like the grandma generation names now.

Yeah, and I feel like thomasine could fit right in, I bet.

It’s out there somewhere I mean Josephine right?

That’s another yeah that’s a great Point.

Anyway, she also went by the nickname Tammy bleah which apparently blee is Cornish for Wolf and I feel like I love that cami wolf would have really thrived as a radio DJ.


So yes, are like a NASCAR driver but we’re just calling her Tamsin to keep it simple.

So now, if you’re going to get to know Tim’s and you gotta understand where she comes from first and Cornwall England during the Teen 1800s was a very witchy place to be, which does blow my mind.


A little that we’re now celebrating, which is so quickly.

After the 1600s, I feel like it took a lot longer for us to become more accepting of this.

But absolutely.

Mary Ann Gibson is an expert on 16th and 17th century paganism.

And she described the area like this, every village would have had people thought to be skilled in Magic and one way or another and people in the area would go to them for their specialist Services.


Just as we might go to a lawyer or plumber.

Today, I mean, talk about a change from the dark history of Witchcraft from not too long before.

Absolutely like what?

A shift but a cultural shift.

Everyone went.

Oh, never mind is, well never mind.


You’re now in the Yellow Pages.

People made yearly pilgrimages to the magic Sorcerers in Cornwall that actually go in the spring.

This is a lovely spring tradition, I think because that was when the sun’s rays were thought to increase the power and Patrick.



So it was just like the most powerful time to go to get your services done, I love that it was probably just better weather and Halloween time was like, it’s too rainy and dreary.

Let’s go in and start a great point.

I like, oh yeah, especially most of our probably walking are like taking like yeah.


Yeah, yeah.

Outdoor Transportation.


Which is healers like Tamsin were called pillars and that’s a word that most likely comes from the word.

Well, so someone who can expel or repel spells feel like, I’m Eminem, all of a sudden.


Yeah, you sound like it.

I’m as I’d assuming as him when you take the first look.

Yeah, certainly.

So there’s someone who can expel curses spells things like that.

And okay, I feel like, I would love to know a pillar today.

I could still find a way to use them.


Yeah, I love that.

Especially you and me.

I feel like we’ve got something going on.

We’re just constantly screwing things up and in need of somebody to Spell are probably another term for pillars was actually cunning folk at the time.

Oh, I like that, too.


I feel like even their nicknames are just so complementary.

Like, they’ve got a way with words and people really respected these cunning folk.

If someone even mentioned that they were going to a pillar, it could be enough to convince a thief to return stolen goods or make amends.



Are you kidding me?


So these pillars were not to be trifled with high esteem.


And if you’re curious what distinguishes pillars from being grouped in, with the stereotypical evil witches at the time, which I certainly am because I was like, what on Earth could what?


What’s Happening Here?

How did all of a sudden we go from?

Which is bad to peller’s just on a pedestal.


So it’s theorize, that pillars weren’t targeted for witchcraft because they worked alone, unlike which is who met in covens.

Okay, it seems like putting hairs, right?



Like a silly distinction.

I mean not a silly distinction but like as far as like you’re going to Cute.

One versus the other that seems like really, that’s the line you’re going to draw, okay?

So I feel like during the trials like they didn’t ask if you were in a coven or not they just thought oh if you’re a witch we’re coming after you so it doesn’t matter if you work alone.


So that’s said to be the reason which I feel like I would have squinted my eyes and lowered my proud.

A few people.

Yeah, pillars.

Also claimed that they could fight witchcraft, which oh, okay.



And people often went to them for helping with curses Has so on occasion, pillars even would help identify supposed witches or even just everyday criminals.


This is getting a little.

I don’t know about that.

It feels like they just like pillars because they’re like narcs in the which Community, you know?

Yeah, it’s yeah.

And honestly like how do they know these things that sounds like they’re just kind of playing along sometimes I don’t know the details but I don’t know.


The rubs me the wrong way.

I like the idea of them lifting curses and identifying everyday criminals.

It feels almost hypocritical in a certain way because like, I still like the like, okay we are now entering this.

This wave of Witchcraft is powerful and something to be admired, but it feels very on the nose of the inverse of just calling out people for whatever craft and yeah, all of a sudden people that are known for witchcraft are just going to point their fingers at somebody and say criminal.


That’s what I’m wondering is like they’re pointing out every day.

Criminal, how are they knowing this?

Are they just guessing?

Are they saying?

I just get a sense of it, like, this could go wrong.

The sounds like the inverse like you said, of pointing fingers at which is, especially if I have to assume at least one of these pillars is bullshit.


They’re just going around pointing fingers at people being like, oh, they should be in jail, you know.


I don’t love that.

So I don’t know where I stand just yet, but definitely fascinating.

Mmm, and as historian Owen Davies, put it that witches were evil, but cunning folk were useful which I don’t know how I see.


See that they made a difference in their mind.

But to me I’m like, which is could have been useful to if you didn’t call them the enemy.

Yeah, they were like getting corn.

Oh, right?

Stolen from the sky or some are mailing Corner.

Something really corn left and right.

Here’s the other thing though, where it gets a little shady.


Okay, pillars were also very secretive and they told clients not to share tricks, or spells with anyone.

So, a lot of the details on how the magic was done, was kept Under Wraps, mmm?

Okay, which like I’m sure a lot of business is done behind closed doors.


I guess that’s your prerogative but it makes me feel like they could possibly advise people to do anything and call it magic.

It feels like, like, what are you hiding?

Yeah, I also jotted down.

I wanted to say that.

I feel like a hundred years ago, private counsel by these people would have been considered threatening by people who didn’t understand witchcraft.


So interesting.

But now we’re praising them for being secretive.

I agree.

And yeah, I feel like if you’re doing it behind closed, doors, there’s got to be a fraud.

More end there.

Then you’re just telling people whatever you want until I’m a mope cured.

Yeah, it’s a little topsy-turvy.

I mean, I would agree that it’s much better than how it used to be, but it’s still a little bit.


Yeah, like you said Shady.

It’s interesting that I so badly.

Want them to be the underdog and win, but I also still have my like my wits about me and I’m like, hmm.

What could this mean you have at least one Whit left about you just like clinging on?

Coming up now, you know, her worlds.


Now let’s dig into the details of Tamsin blights life and magic and how she may have gotten her powers from a captured mermaid.

Okay, well, now I said Topsy Turvy, too soon.

Now what on Earth is happening?

I can’t wait.

This is season finale material.


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By this point you know Tim’s and Blake comes from a magical place.

Cornwall England and there were allegedly Villages where pillars lived two.

People came from everywhere to visit but we also know the magic was mostly kept on the down low when it came to understanding how it all worked.



So, where did Tamsin blights magical?

Powers come from mermaids.

Oh my, oh, my did not see that twist.

I don’t did not see that plot twist.

Here’s the story pillars from Cornwall like Tams And we’re said to come from the bloodline of Matthew lutie of Curry, okay?


According to Folklore, Matthew captured a mermaid and the mermaid, of course, was not into this and wanted to go back home.

Instead of being abducted, sure, you know how it goes and in exchange for returning it to the Sea.

She gave Matthew magic powers which turned him into a pillar, which I feel like you just got rewarded for a crime.


But okay, yeah, I was going to say pointing at him as a criminal.


You know, pointing him out that seems like not the way to do it, but okay, and the origin story, I understand her bribery for self-preservation, but also, I feel like his whole bloodline afterwards like was somehow given the spectacular gift.


Yeah, Tamsin was rumored to be related to Matthew and got her Peller Powers somewhere along the bloodline that way.

Okay, okay, interesting.

So, she was born with it.

Yeah, Tamsin was a practicing Peller.

When at age 38, she married her husband, James Thomas also, A self-proclaimed Peller.



He also worked at a mine which loving the plan B that.

Yeah, we’ve got back up and come.

I love that.

Love that you need to diversify.

You know, I also love that on their wedding day.

Did she call herself?

Thomas and Thomas now that it’s fun.


I feel like you could have marketed yourself real good with that, a name like that.

Yeah, Tammy Thomas Tamsin Thomas.

Tammy, the wolf Thomas.


Yeah, that sounds like a lawyer on a billboard.

So the couple most likely lived off of James’s income for a while.


Until tamsin’s Peller business, took off great and she was known for writing people and animals of evil spirits, which I like the animals were part of her clientele.

Yeah, I love that.

There are even stories of her healing people who came to her on stretchers and they would leave walking.



Now, this is starting to sound like biblical stories.

It’s starting to sound miraculous.

What she’s capable?


Yeah, and there’s a famous Cornish tale called, The Ghost of Stith Ian’s that involves Tamsin, where a man wanted to conjure the spirit of an old female relative in order to find where she had buried her Fortune.


Oh my, that’s a say hi, and I miss you.

But like, huh?

Not to see all the family secrets?

No, just give me the money.

Some money.

So, Tamsin organize a circle around the man and conjure, the spirit of the old woman.

It took place in the stiffens graveyard where the woman was buried.


I read and Witnesses report, hearing crashing sounds and moans and groans from the grave of the woman while this was all happening, okay?

But so wait, so they thought didn’t think this through.

They’re going to conjure her, but she’s still in her coffin.

That’s such a good point.


Like, it sounds like she was still in the grave.

Yeah, no wonder.

She was moaning and groaning.

She was like, I’m buried alive, crashing around.


Like what on Earth?

That seems like you skipped from step one to step 10.

Well, anyway, she has no involved herself and Ghostly.

Which I love a ghostly, lure me to.


So the group got scared and ran off and no treasure was ever found, but it seems to have been great PR for Tamsin.

So, not a total wash.

Yeah, I mean, it’s a powerful move if that’s the case, I do kind of hate that they conjured her from the dead, and then left her in her grave.

But, you know, probably didn’t uncon juror her.


I don’t know.

I would think not.

Well, she’s at least got the credit now was like, oh, yeah.

I’m part of a ghost story.


And she’s the main character in it too.

So, yeah, when, when, for her publicity, Hmm.

Okay, here is the drama situation and escandalo I’m very excited.


Hey, I’m ready.

So while Tamsin was busy Healing The Sick and pelling Spirits, her husband James was busy doing other things.

And I take that to mean, he was not in a mine, he was doing other other.

Yeah, he was doing tertiary things.


Oh no.

So rumor has it that his pillar career was not going as smoothly as his wife’s which led to Rivalry.

Oh boohoo.

Okay, a jealous man.


Well we’ve we’ve seen it before.

We’ll see it again.

Ever heard of him, James had a reputation for overstating his powers which again quelle suprise a man bragging when he doesn’t deserve to, but okay, a newspaper called him a drunk, disgraceful beastly fellow.


So Seth, which I feel like he was not he was bragging about being in the paper, but then when people would go look at the paper, who’s like, don’t read it though, it’s like I was featured on The second page.

Yeah, but I don’t read it too closely.

I was headlining but also I don’t need you to know what it said for all the wrong reasons.


It called me a fellow, that’s for sure.

Hello, fellow in my own mind, I was like, on his brochure.

It said, like dot dot dot.

Hey, fellow quote-unquote.

And then like the newspaper.

It’s so I guess the paper had something to say about him, and maybe they were out of something because very soon after that James gets accused, Of using magic to seduce men.


Oh my, yeah.

Because you can only do that with magic, right?

It’s not like you could actually back in the day.

Why else would a man sleep with another man?


Well, hey, that’s like there’s some certain internalized homophobia going on there or maybe just general homophobia going on there.



It’s like, oh you had to be Bewitched to do something.


There you need some dark power to get that to happen.


Also, I gotta flip it on its head real quick, because here’s the situation.

Ation and it becomes a little cringe.

He apparently was sleeping with several male clients as part of a ritual to lift curses.


They were which changes the game.

Oh, that’s bad, that’s power Dynamic yet.

Not good.

Yep, yep yep.

Yeah how Noble of him to provide the service for people?

So there’s no word on whether it broke a curse or not or if his rituals worked but this was extra taboo compared to how taboo we see it.


Currently sure it was extra taboo.

Then Same-sex relationships were illegal in England at the time, and before we get into James, I do want to throw in a little quick queer.

History lesson in 1533, the British Parliament passed, an act that outlawed same-sex relationships and if convicted it was punishable by death.


So basically, you’re saying a which now is no longer able to be executed, but someone in a same-sex relationship.

It’s okay, cool.

Interesting, the timeline, Is I don’t know what was going on before the 1500s but this was a hundred years before which oh, this was much earlier.


Okay, okay, I see, I see, but imagine the 1600s your queer and a wedge which is a lot of people, I know what you’re gonna.

Yes, you mean current day, you’re not back in the sixth.



You’re in Double Trouble.

By the way, I do want to say, looked it up and there are still places where this is the case where same-sex relationships can be punishable by death.


So there’s 11 countries I think on the roster.

At lease.

Oh yes, history has yet to be a full circle all the way through, but we are much closer than before.

Thank goodness, and this law of a homosexuality being punishable by death.


This was the law during the lifetime of Tamsin and James and it was the law of the land until 1861, okay?

So it was still, it was still during the witch trials.

So it lasted longer than the execution of which has basically yikes, okay?


And the death multi for same-sex relationships was done away with after that, but you could still be punished with prison time, which will even how gracious even more than 11 countries today still have this also, yeah, definitely.

Then in the late 1960s, England started easing restrictions on sex acts between men.



So 60s, 60 years ago.


And then in 2013, England, and Wales allowed same-sex couples to marry.

So, and those 60 or 50 years, we have certainly Changed History and actually, Last week, same-sex marriage, became legal in all of Mexico.


So I want to clap but just very slowly and not enthusiastic, right?

Because it doesn’t really feel like, you know, feels like it’s about time.

But, you know, I want to give one apprehensive snap of like, yeah, there you go.

Hey, good for you.

I mean, I’m happy about it.


Don’t get me wrong.

Well, back to more things to bomb us out about queer history, which James has inserted himself into now.

So, back to tamsin’s husband, James, who, Lived during some of the most restrictive times for same-sex relationships and decided using his power, as leverage was the way to go to.


I know yikes, it turned out his Ploy of seducing clients as part of his magic was something that he did repeatedly and word got out.

And a warrant was issued for his arrest for wanting to commit a disgraceful offense, which I do not like that.


He is being arrested for the wrong thing here because the disgraceful offenses him.

Being gay.

The well, yeah, exactly.

Like he’s being arrested for, for being gay.

But it sounds like the actual crime here is like, coercing, people to sleep with you.


Yeah, yeah, under false pretenses.

Yeah, we also don’t know if any of the clients were even like semi consenting to this or just felt obligated to do it because it was a ritual.

So I guess for all, we know, maybe it was consensual and, you know, just to spare themselves, they said, oh, he did it as Magic or something like who know why don’t we don’t know.


But if it is like he was coercing them.





Definitely a power Dynamic.

I would still want him investigated for.


When James is drama started, affecting tamsin’s reputation.

The couple separated but could Tamsin escape the damage?

Her husband Scandal had caused.



I mean sounds like she’s pretty damn powerful.

So I think perhaps I think you’re right she’s got a good she’s going to figure it out.

Up next.

I’ll tell you about the magic charms that saved tamsin’s business.


Okay, well as mermaids first now magic, charms.

I’m buckled up.



So let me use all your worries.

Despite the marriage drama Tamsin blights work as a pillar was still in high demand.

All right?

And being a successful businesswoman, she decided to diversify her income with a new product magic charms.

Oh my, okay, okay, and the charms have the power to ward off evil.


I could Use a charm to be honest.

I think we have plenty, we have crystals.

We have, we have all sorts of stuff.

This was, despite the fact that they were nothing more.

By the way, they weren’t crystals.

They weren’t the terms we’ve got.

They were literally, Christine little pieces of paper with magical words written on them, okay, which okay power of manifestation, but guess yeah, till she was somehow business was booming, and she was just writing words on paper, and that was reme.


You know what I intention is?

Intention isn’t times when I guess, but the words were, most likely copied from other books.

So they weren’t even her own original words, okay?

But here’s the thing, some of the words had no meaning but in like not any magical connection at all.


Yeah, I don’t know if like manifestation works.

If you don’t even know what you’re reading or saying, it’s a great Point, Christina.

I don’t know.

I’m just throwing that out there.

Some of the magical words that she would write down on these pieces of paper were now go Okay.

Tetragrammaton what?


That’s not the your go-to.

That’s that’s what I write on the mirror and every morning I look at, I look at it, I say detriment reggaeton, and I say this is me manifesting all my dreams.

My wildest dreams you give yourself daily affirmations.

You say, yes, tetragrammaton.


I am beautiful, tetragrammaton.

I am wanted and another word that she would write down was actually abracadabra.

That one, I know that what I know to and a quick sidebar and Abracadabra.

Its origin is apparently from 1690s Latin, okay?


During that time, it was actually written out and warn to ward off sickness.


So that one’s a, you know, has a little bit of History.

I guess we should have done that during like the heat of the code.

Pandemic, just written Abracadabra on our shirts or something and boom, no sickness problem solved out, definitely don’t know, vaccines needed, it was that easy all along.


So powerful, you need a piece of paper. /, thank God, I do know a few people who would think that’s actually accurate, who would be like, really okay.

Another word from that time, that was also thought to have magical powers was an Ana zapka and that is zabka and that was actually like a common word.


I don’t know how Abracadabra made it through history and is still a phrase, we know.

But Anna’s Apple wasn’t you know an ant has Abracadabra has like a nice rhyme and like a nice little swing to it.


Abra Abra it Rhymes.

I feel like an Anna Zapped.


It doesn’t really do that for me.

It’s feels showy though.

I feel you.

Goanna Zapped.

It does work.


If you say it like that, you’re right.

Yeah, I don’t know if you were to come up with a magical word.

What’s your go-to?

What’s your go-to?

Magic word?

If you were to go on stage and tah-dah, what would your word be?


Oh, goody Boogedy now.

Hold on.

Hey, alright.

It rhymes.

Like, I already made one up when I tried to repeat, tetragrammaton, and I said it wrong.

So, so Touch Your Dragon.

Touch a dragon Tron.

That’s that’s mine.

Okay, cool.

I would like to bring back a Nana’s at diving and Nana’s app to sounds like the way you said it kind of convinced me, you got a bit of like Pizzazz, you got to be on with it, you, this is for sure you don’t get to you know schlep around with a Nana’s app dot, you gotta sense.


What I always say, you gotta be ready for it anyway.

So Tamsin would use these words.

Just these arbitrary words, I guess, except for Abracadabra, and she would write them Out on these pieces of paper here but you’d also write spiritual names on the paper’s like Adonai jaw and Jehovah.


So I’ll different names referring to God, Tim’s of would also for an additional charge.

Add an extra design on the paper.

She’s like let me doodle on this but it’ll be five dollars.


Okay got it it supposedly made the charm stronger I guess to have maybe an image to focus on or what if it was like a big swirl and you stare at it and you go and you hypnotized Abracadabra.


You know, oh my God.

How cool that hypnotized me?

Just thinking about it.

And you know what, maybe I have a new.

I’m diversifying.

This is my new career path.

Yeah, I’m officially not a part of your platform and I remember vez shaking in my boots over here.

But yeah, you’re totally right.


She was essentially, just doodling on pieces of paper and calling it.

Magic and Yanks people were still buying it though.

I mean, like, I don’t know, I guess you’d have to call it grifting at someone had to have bought it and thought this is probably just like a tacky little tchotchke, but Like it anyway.

Yeah I wonder I wonder there’s something to be said for being able to convince people that you’re really powerful and hand them.


A piece of paper and get up to pay for it.

So I do give her credit on that front.

Like that’s pretty impressive.

Yeah, I think she’s still a businesswoman.

She’s a great business.

At the end of the day, she is a businesswoman and people are listening mmm-hmm, and as we’re talking about this, I gotta tell you her charms, where I hit and made her a lot of money.



Especially interestingly with the demographic of sailors who would buy them before leaving on trips.

So, Now she’s getting like tourist Chach cos she’s like sure it’s fallen into that industry.

We’re like and I Know It Sailors are historically Very Superstitious so hmm.


It would make sense that if they believe this was really a helpful trinket a magical trinket that word would spread and people would want to.

I mean I just heard a fun fact about ships that having a cat on board especially a black cat was bad luck and meant your ship would sink.


Wow, black cats of just Bottom of the barrel again, rough time, rough time, these black cats.

But anyway, if that’s very interesting, that like Sailors were the ones, who were notably into this, into this trend.

I wonder because they were notoriously superstitious.

I wonder if they were like look if you say it can help, I’m not going to knock it.




And so they just were like, you know what we happened to not sink every time we brought that piece of paper on board with us actly.

I mean talk about marketing and then one time Gerald dropped his in the ocean and just became a soggy crumpled mess and a black cat appeared in.


I don’t know.


It’s something like that.

What happened and sounds about, right?

But Darkseid time because Tamsin wasn’t perfect.

Oh no, she was rumored to have actually drank away.

All of her earnings from her work.

Oh no and she didn’t always use her powers for good.


There’s a story about a village cobbler who refused to take Tamsin shoes because she was bad about paying her bills and she reportedly told him you’ll be sorry for that furnace short while I will see to it.

That you have no Work to do.

Oh no.

And can you guess what happened?


The Cobblers business went under and he was forced to leave town, that’s terrible.

Which maybe her magic Works.

Maybe she was manifesting really hard.

Maybe it was a could just be telling her clients like, don’t go to him.

Yeah, I was gonna say or baby, it is convenience or baby.


She is telling them whatever she wants to tell them.

It is affecting people’s businesses.

That sounds like she had a lot of power with all her clients.

She could probably just say, Oh, that guy is a force of evil.

He’s a shitty cobbler.

I don’t know you.

But I say a lot of things.



Cause him trouble and that’s not really fair.

I mean, he just wanted you to pay for his work.


It doesn’t seem like he did anything much worse than that?

Yeah, I feel like anyone could threaten the same thing today and not be magical.

Just be like, oh yeah.

Well, you’ll be sorry because something’s going to happen.


I’m going to ruin your job.

Like, that’s terrifying terrifying, an easy threat for anyone to make.

So I don’t know how magical she was, but Because of her reputation people ran with that of like, oh, wow, she just destroys lives.

Sure, and as we said from the start, we don’t know much about her life, and much of what we know about Tamsin is from stories passed a verbally over time instead of actual writings got it.


But based on her death certificate, she died in 1856.


Okay, wow.

What a life and that is Tamsin blight.

Oh man, I mean blight, new meaning to that last name, what do you think about Tamsin?

But also do you have any opinions on which Entrepreneurs in general, after hearing her story, I mean, which which prisoners?


Which her burner, which were noor’s Alarcon.

It sound to me like something awesome that.

I want to be a part of.

I love it, I love it.

I feel like Tamsin was maybe doing a little harm through her witchery her witchcraft.


I will say to like her drinking and stuff.

I don’t necessarily equate that to being a bad person or I don’t either.

So I don’t mean she was struggling.

Yeah, yeah, or maybe she just liked to drink and people rumored or maybe she, she was a woman, you know, some education, also a woman, right?


And they could have said anything about her been like mmm.

Well evil and it was a rumor and people have their vices at cetera.

That’s not really where I’m going, but the part about, you know, a power Dynamic G.


Both of them seem to have been okay, with abusing their power to get what they needed.


Yes, yes.

So, in that way, they were were Kismet and for each other.

So I will say about which entrepreneurs, I am on board with you were like I do think it’s very empowering and awesome and I am certainly bought many things from which entrepreneurs.

Yeah same I just think there is definitely a I don’t know if it’s a heavier ethical code than other entrepreneurs but there’s a lot of trust that I think your clients probably put into yes there’s an additional responsibility because you’re tampering with something that’s very sacred and also a lot of people don’t know anything.


About and you the entrepreneur know that.

And so it is a balance of like, oh, if you’re going to, you know, make a living off of this there you do have some added responsibility and I think Tamsin was, like, ma.

No, I totally agree.

And, and or maybe she was just like, now when it suited her, you know, I don’t know.


But, I mean, it goes with a lot of careers.

They are, I don’t know a life coach or a doctor or whatever where you are influencing people’s lives in such a big way.

Yeah, I imagine there is a code to live by have to have some strong morals if you’re going to play that industry especially because remember I said earlier, a lot of pillars at the time were super secretive and did most their stuff behind closed doors.


I would argue.

You could also have zero morals and really be successful.

You know what I mean?

Dining, true, you got to be one or the other either.

Gotta commit to your morals or you got of zero, morals.

And just be a charlatan and succeed that way because I know many people do.

I do wonder what she was up to during private sessions because if she was just publicly like Doodling on paper and selling it.


Like, what was she up to in private session?


Like how much of that was real or not?

Or how much did she even?

She believe.

It’s interesting.

I feel like if I could ask her any question where I knew I was getting the truth out of her big.

What’s truly the most powerful thing?

You feel like you’ve accomplished or something like that.


But I mean, either way, I still appreciate the story for female empowerment back in the day she mating, she found a way to make it on her own and she was a hustler and Italy.

Yeah, I don’t deny that one bit sounds like she was quite the businesswoman.


I like this one.

I like that.

She has also not getting burned at the stake at the end.

Hey, you know, that’s a fun.

Plot twist that we usually don’t get.

I am taken aback.

I’m like wait a minute, everyone’s alive shushing.


Oh well.

Thanks for listening Christine.


Thanks for your expert.

Tutelage, and yikes.


Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.

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