Rituals - E49 • The Lord of Gravity


Hey, I’m do you think if an apple fell on my head that maybe I would come up with a super genius idea like the law of gravity that Sir Isaac Newton came up with.

So yeah, I will say only you because you’ve been through shockingly weirder things.


So I think if you said, oh yeah, an apple hit me in the head.

Now I’m a physicist world-renowned, that’s true, either.

It’s true.

Or you hit your head so hard.

I’m not going to challenge you.

I’m sure.


Oh, Christine that’s true.

I feel like the only thing that could genuinely turn me into a real physicist, is a head injury.


The folds illusion that a PR 50-pound Apple would cause yeah.


That’s fair.

You know what?

I’ll accept it but to be totally honest with you and I have a fun fact, it’s actually not certain that an apple fell on Sir.

Isaac Newton’s head even though that’s kind of what we’ve grown to believe.



Despite that Newton is obviously.

Of the most influential scientists to ever exist.

Not only does he have this achievement but he’s also been called The Last of The Magicians.

And that’s because of the years, he spent dedicated to the study of alchemy believe it or not, the last of the magician.


Sounds like it’s supposed to be the title to like the new Y, A series.


It sounds like the greatest showman part.


Or something.

Yeah, by the way, in my mind, it does not start Isaac Newton or you by the way, before you have something to say.

Maybe I was next up.


Okay, yeah.


Hi everyone and welcome to rituals a Spotify original from our cast.

I’m Christine Schieffer, and I’m M Schultz and every week, we’ll explore the evolution of spiritualism and the Occult through stories practices and the impact, on Modern culture.

We’re discussing Sir, Isaac Newton today, empathy and I’m excited to tell you the ins and outs of this weird fella.


I love ins and outs.

I love weird fellas.

It all makes sense.

Well, let’s crack into it.


Before we get into Sir, Isaac Newton’s life.

And how good are you at science?

Please just Regale us with all of your scientific background and how just a stem how engrossed in stem you are.

I feel like the people of Park asked who wrote These, talking prompts are just trying to hurt me at the now they’re just having fun.


Because hmm, either they don’t listen and truly just have a good heart who just want to know the truth but maybe they listen to the show and there you know exactly how I’m going to have to answer this which is that I wasn’t that hot at science.

My friend.

No, no, let’s just put it this way.

I always wanted to get into I was the kid with like the chemistry sets but I was the kid with the chemistry shots where I was pouring things together that should have not been put together and then I took an actual chemistry class in high school and I did so badly.


That the final was eleven pages.

I answered four of them, this is my high school final determining my grade and then I wrote on the back, it’s my birthday, please.

Please be nice to me.

And were they?

And I didn’t have to take the class again.


So he probably gave me the lowest grade he could without ever having to see me again, which to be fair.

It was not fun for him to have me in his class either because I was the whole time I was kicking and screaming, I was told that by many science teachers that is so not fun to have me in their class.

Yeah, I actually at Target saw my old Advanced biology teacher and I just act it Polly.


Did not look her way.

I was like, I guarantee she does not want to interface with me ever.

Again, you did just humblebrag with the advanced biology.

I was never, welcome to that class.

When I started high school they were like, oh, will your grades are good enough to get into advanced biology in about two weeks and my teacher was like, who put you here?


I don’t know.

I didn’t ask for this.

Oh man.

Well, you couldn’t handle biology.

I couldn’t handle chemistry.

So Nice to know ya you know I liked physics to an extent but well let me ask you this first.

Is there a favorite memory?

You have from say a physics or chemistry class, besides you absolutely bombing your final on your birthday.


That’s my favorite memory of York.

It was so embarrassing to because our chemistry teacher was like known at the school for being apparently, like the cool teacher.

He had like a reputation and I just we never had that connection together.


In physics.

I actually surprised myself how good I was at physics.


I was not good, but I was surprised that I was not that bad.

Yeah, and actually my physics teacher was one of the only teachers, you know, the teacher who like changes you and makes you miss school or mean something to you.

I don’t.

But I’ve heard those exist.


Okay, well, one of them was my physics teacher.


He was really cool.

He lives in a bus.

That’s all I know about him now because he, he was kind of like one of those ships in the night, he just mysteriously Mysteriously vanished and why he told us would we left the school?

It was going to be his last year working there too and he let us know that we would never find him.


He was like oh he was so like anti social media and stuff and he was like you will never know where I am but just know that I will miss you fondly and I was like that’s sweet.

And also, so spooky.

I’m so afraid of this person, I’d love to putty so cool, he encouraged me.


I said, one day, I really thought about actually becoming a physics major in college.

College Lord because of him, I forgot how bad I was a physics.

I was hoping for more teachers like him so huh?

Well I didn’t become a physics major.

So we’re clear.

Well I think that I’ve we all kind of figured that one out.


Okay, I would say my favorite memory from a physics class is the time what when an apple a 50-pound Apple fell into your lap and you became a genius, right?


But a really, really heavy metal bar that was holding up the projector screen swung down, Hit our teacher and a head and he fell on the ground and we all just sat there and he was bleeding profusely promise and we had to go.


We didn’t know what to do and so we like called the nurse like we didn’t know what to do.

We like use his phone and called the nurse and he had a concussion and then a week later we saw the guy come in and like screw the thing back in and he was standing at the board and it happened again.


Ha ha ha.

And the problem was he had an anger problem and he had talked about how he was an anger management and so it’s slowing down and hit him in the head the second time.

And he started swearing like a, like I’ve never heard a person swear before and he started like throwing stuff.


I mean it was such a dramatic day.

I like how I said my physics teacher changed me and he watched your minded do most high twice mind it too and it never really struck me.

How Floating-point irony was that he was also struck in the head by an object much like the father, I could maybe he was trying to become Newton.


That’s what it sounds like you watched him to have his own experiment failed.

He just was being tested by the anger management God’s which I believe you failed.

So anyway, that’s my favorite memory of physics.

Hope you’re doing well, sir, please don’t hear this.


I think we can end the episode here, right?

The end.

This is the most spooky.

I mean this is gotten already.

Eddie pretty Off the Wall.

Yeah, I do.

This was going to be a good story, for sure.


So anyway, do you know anything about Sir?

Isaac Newton em.

Besides what we’ve discussed the Apple, the Alchemy, I know it’s like fun facts about him, but in terms of science.


No, I don’t.

Oh, what fun facts do, you know?

I know that he owed his dog one time.

This feels very akin to you watching your your own class.

Go up in Flames.

Literally his dog accidentally sent his lab.


Fire one time.

Oh no, do the dog survived.

Let’s say yes because I don’t, I don’t know the truth.


Can you imagine just walking in and like Gio’s just sitting in your podcast video and it’s just a flame.

I do, can actually I can imagine that a little too well and vividly that.


I’m starting to get a little nervous.

So, let’s move on.

Okay, I mean, that’s more than I knew.

I mean, I knew some Basics about him, but I didn’t know about his dog.

So thank you for the info.

Yeah, and speaking of Newton and some fun facts, do you know anything about his work in alchemy at all?

I know that he was in a few comics and they mentioned a lot of.


It’s okay.

We’re actually going to get to that.


Okay cool.

Yeah you nailed it?


I also know he was in our Emerald Tablet episode.


Because we discussed a lot about alchemy in that bad boy.

What an episode that was, I remember being so, overwhelmed overwhelmed.


And at the end having more questions than when we started really, that’s half of these episodes are.

I’m like, crew was I just educated or do I need to know?

Learn so much more, no less than I did when I started.

I’m not really sure it’s a great 101 podcast, that influences me to then end up in the middle of the night.


Looking for more answers, coming is an expert in the most strange and Niche categories.

You’ll hear I go look it up.

Alchemy again tonight, my computer is getting very used to it and the Tab history.

So, well, let’s get into it.

So, Sir, Isaac Newton or as he’s better known to us, the Lord of gravity was boarded.


III in Lincolnshire, England.

His father was a wealthy farmer but died.

A few months before Newton’s birth.

And when Newton was born, he was actually a preemie baby and was not expected to live pretty sad.

When he was a toddler, his mom remarried and moved in with her new husband.


Oh spoiler alert, he did live.

So I don’t know if yeah.

Why come back?

Well let it come back yes.

But when he was a toddler, his mom remarried and moved in with her new husband.

And in the meantime Newton stayed behind with his grandmother, So unfortunately this sort of Abandonment by his mother haunted him for the rest of his life when he was a young man.


He even once wrote a letter addressed to God in which he confessed to threatening to burn down his mother’s house and in this same letter, he also confessed to punching his sister.

Oh dark.


Having a hard time and understandably so he attended King’s School in Lincolnshire, which is still running today.


And while there he actually lived an apothecary.

The dream.


You know, living in an apothecary is exactly the witchy Cottage core.

I’m looking for in a future house, exactly.

And also, if his school is still running today, you know their science lab is like just a bunch of jerks like they’re so bragging all the time they’re like well Newton came from here.


So our esteemed teachers hundreds of years later they’re responsible.

Don’t say noon, they say, the Lord of gravity.

All right, y’all know it, I forgot.

Yes, yes, yes, okay.

You’re totally right.

So while there he lived an apothecary where he was introduced to the concept of chemistry.


Hmm, in 1661, he got into the prestigious Cambridge University ever heard of it, okay?

And to pay for his education, he was a servant to wealthy students hikes.


I didn’t even know that was an option.


As you say I’m thrilled.

That’s not really the norm nowadays because I think that would create a really awkward dynamic.

Amick in class.

I deserve then to.

Yeah but also Imagine like maybe he wasn’t like the smartest kid in the room yet but imagine the smartest kid in the room is a servant to you.


That would be interesting.

It’s like cleaning your shoes or something.

It’s just such a weird dynamic.

It’s almost as weird of the dynamic, as the pressure, this poor chemistry teacher has at his current school or at the school that still running because of him.

Oh yes, oh yeah, imagine being the chemistry teacher there.

Oh my god, when the Great Plague of London raged throughout Europe and see 1865, Cambridge University had to close and by the way, this is starting to get a little close to home as we record this in 2022.


The Great Plague hits the school has to close Newton returns home.

And it is during this period when he starts formulating ideas on light color, the laws of motion and other things.

In other words, he was almost as productive as you and I were during quarantine I’m wondering maybe during the pandemic.


When we were isolated, what kind of scientific?


Did you face and what sort of worldwide theories did you attain?

And develop, I just wonder, I just wonder what did I achieve?


You got your hair pretty long?


Yes, my hair is like obscenely long and I have to figure out its next step.

I gotta tell you my quarantine projects did not involve physics, that’s a fact.

I got really good at building my family tree.

Didn’t you make a mini golf course that seems like physics-related?

Sure, you know what?


Call me a physicist I won’t do that.

It was for my girlfriend’s birthday, because we usually go mini golfing a lot.

So I made her a course out of cardboard, but if that puts me at Cambridge level physics, hey, Shirley said that, but you implied, it is what I’m saying.


Maybe I implied it.

What about you?

My favorite scientist?


Breakthroughs that you have besides a baby?

I’m sure I got hit in the head a few times but unfortunately nothing quite ingenious came out of those experiences.

We were like a New York Times best-selling book.

But only did I book.


That’s true.

I would say that was more a deranged frenzied, period really than any sort of like, enlightening experience.

No, sanity was put into it.

That’s true, absolutely not.

No, that’s about as much as I can say, we accomplished during that time.


So him and I we probably wouldn’t have been like, super close.



Maybe maybe you would have been on the monthly Zoom happy hour, but I think that might have been.

As far as it went, we would have had a mutual friend and every time I make small talk with him, I’m just Don’t even want to ask because I’m to intimidate them.

There’s nothing like whatever you’re going to say.

I’m not gonna understand half the words.



So you want to play mini golf?

Yeah, yeah.

So it was during Newton’s break or, you know, quarantine time for him.

When the story about the Apple falling on his head actually came to fruition.

So the story itself goes something like this.


While Newton is sitting under a tree.

One day, an apple falls on his head and this allegedly got him thinking about why the Apple fell straight down and not at an angle.

And this is what made him investigate theories of motion and gravity but as we alluded to at the top of the episode, there’s no actual evidence that an apple ever fell on Newton’s head.



But it’s not a total myth because there is an element of truth to this story in that Newton reportedly did see an apple fall, and it did get his scientific juices flowing, so to speak.

So he watched the apple fall, it just didn’t necessarily Bonk him in the head.


I see similar fun fact to George Washington.

He never chopped down a cherry tree.

Top down a pear tree.

What’s up with these weird fruit lies lies.

This fake news is.

Fake news about fruit.

I don’t understand, I don’t know.


They couldn’t keep their fruit straight back in the day, I guess, I guess not.


Coming up Isaac Newton, becomes a force in the Scientific Revolution and also gets a job as Master of the Royal Mint where he sentences people to death.



I feel like that should be more popular than the Apple story.

For sure.

It seems like such a plot twist that none of us were expecting.

I don’t know what, how did we miss that in history?

The fruit thing.

I can understand there being some loose ends, but this feels concrete So, we just talked about the Apple falling, but not really falling on his head and how this moment, drove, Isaac Newton to investigate theories of gravity and motion, but there’s more to Newton’s life than this, incredible scientific discovery.


Hmm, so when the plague ended in 1667 new, I wonder when ours is going to end.

Technically, you know, I feel like they say, oh, that’s cooler, but not really over, I don’t know, I gotta tell you, I just don’t know if it’ll ever and at this point Romance.

Thought, I think sometimes, oh, yeah, when the plague ended in 1667 Newton, headed back to Cambridge University and the following year, in 1668 Newton invented, the first reflecting telescope.


Oh yeah.

No big deal, right BFD.

Everything so far is a no big deal with him.

It seems honestly it’s like oh I have a break from school where most people would just veg out and like re-watch Gilmore Girls, but now I think I’m going to discover how gravity Works.


Can you imagine?

If he were dealing with this plague instead of that plague and he had Tick-Tock at his disposal, oh my God.

First of all, he would have been so distracted.

He would have gotten nothing done.

That’s true.

That’s true.

But also, if you were making these discoveries and then just went on Tick-Tock and was like hey I think I figured something out.


The man will be viral and then would have a podcast with Neil deGrasse Tyson the next week.

They’d be crazy.


And he’d never go back to Cambridge.

Who are?

We kidding?

He’d be like, I’m instafamous, he’s going to his own hype house, you get it, you get it, you get it.

The Alchemy high-pass I don’t think anyone would join him there.


I think it would be his house and he is calling it, The Hype house.

So other people might want to come and help pay rent.

Yeah, I don’t know if it would work though.

I think he might plant an apple tree and be like, see what I did and be like, nice nod.

My guy.

Okay, you wouldn’t be that creative.

Yeah, so like I said, Newton invented.


The first reflecting telescope in 1668 and this discovery would see him inducted into the esteemed scientific Academy London’s Royal Society.


And a side note on this, we can thank Newton for the Hubble and the James Webb Telescope speak.


I was, this is where it all began.

So, pretty cool.

That is a fun Butterfly Effect moment a year later in. 1669, he got a master of arts and a job as a professor of mathematics at Cambridge University.

He fun, fact, achieved all of this before, the age of 27, okay, relax, right, like it hurt.


Also, I feel like once you’ve invented the telescope you’ve learned things about lighting.

Well, are you or?

And the Royal Society, you went to Cambridge you don’t need to go back to grad school like now what like, why are you getting your Masters?

Like what do you not know yet?

What are you trying to prove?


Oh, that gravity exists.

Okay, I guess you could, I guess I could do that Newton also.

Discovered that white light is made up of all the colors on the Spectrum.

So we got red, we got orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

He also figured out that light is created of particles and not way.



And I’m going to tell you now, how he discovered this and you’re not going to like it, okay?

He discovered this by placing a needle in his eye socket.

Wow, no, he didn’t.

Well, I you truly I refuse.

That’s how that should be more important than the Apple story.


Why is that what we don’t know about?

I promise, neither of us are ever gonna forget that fact.

So I don’t know why they don’t use that in class.

If that’s what it takes to be a scientist.

I was never meant for that kind of toughness, that life is not for me.

I would love to know the details of why he will you okay.


I immediately Googled it.

Of course and what I found was that he took kind of a big sort of a crochet needle type thing with a blunt end.

And he put it between where the eye and the eye socket are.

And then he was able to see different colored sort of face.


What face its hiding behind my by very sad hands.

Oh my God.

Okay, I think I’ve heard a night.

That’s all.

Did you ask?

I get it.

I get it.

But also, you know what if I ever had to do a science experiment and that was part of the experiment.

I’d be like I guess I’m not doing the experiment like there must be another way like you’re a scientist, you could figure out another way, Guess The World Won’t benefit from all these great findings.


Now I’m like, you could not be considered one of the smartest people on Earth, if that was your best, call is to stab yourself in the eye with a knitting needle to be fair.

It was between the okay, we’ll talk.

Who are you?

What defense are you trying to come up with Y?

So no, I can’t stop.


Rubbing my eyes.

I’m so scared that.

Something’s Gonna just pop in there.

Like, it’s gonna walk into my house and have a knitting needle with him.

It’s gonna be your next night terror.

Knitting Newton.

That’s coming at me with his old needles.


That’s sleep, paralysis material, right there.

So you’re not the only one who critiques Newton at this point because Newton’s findings were met with criticism.

Also from the head of the Royal Society whose name was Robert Hooke, Now hook was a physicist who discovered the law of elasticity and Newton did not take criticism.


Well, sounds kind of like us in that.

No, it’s not that we don’t take it.

Well we just don’t enjoy it but I guess who Does.

Yeah, I feel like, well also think of this man’s confidence level.

He’s put himself on a pedestal.

I think.

And he kind of deserves to be there.

I mean, he’s he deserves to be there but he I think he was being humbled 45 seconds and all of a sudden he went hang on a second.


Thus I don’t like he’s like, who are you?



Bobby Bobby hook.

So Newton did not take criticism well and The two scientists got into it and this is where I tell you Newton was known for being a bit of a tyrant and unfortunately this ultimately led to him having a nervous breakdown after which he had to withdraw from public life in 1678.



Not to let some tough criticism.

Get him down during his absence from public life.

Newton got to work on more history-making science.

It seems like these breaks from The Real World are actually Actually what get him into these Discovery modes.

You know, either he is he just doesn’t want to deal with the rest of us or maybe he gets bored when he I don’t know.


Something about these isolated periods seem to be getting his creative juices flowing, you know, good for him.

Because I do the opposite, I’m like, oh, a whole to hibernate in excellent.

That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Anyway, in 1687 Newton published the Principles of natural philosophy, which is best known as principio.


Principia is one of the most influential books on physics, if not all of Science and it got Newton worldwide attention in the book Newton details.

His three laws of motion and these laws are what helped him come up with his theory of gravity.


Now M let me ask you this out of all the biggest discoveries in history, which one would you have liked to have discovered?


If you could go back and be in the shoes of the person who discovered it?

Who would it be?

And what would would it be time travel which already exists?

So there’s that it hasn’t been documented so you would want to discover, okay?

If it would require going back or going forward, I would do that and discover time travel, that was why I actually wanted to learn physics.


I didn’t College, I wanted to be on what a far-fetched like gold.

I mean, it actually makes a lot more sense than just, my teacher lived on a bus.

And so I wanted to learn physics in college the time travel.

More sense to me, it helped.

I really liked him and I was like, oh well, that’s also a good sign that I should go towards physics.


But the real reason I was, I’ve always been obsessed with time travel.

So I feel like it made sense that I should be on the team that discovered some travel and then that physics teacher went.

What makes you think?

It has already been created and then my whole brain explode and boy my world shipped it and truly, if time travel exists in the future, it has technically already been discovered in the past because if you can time travel and get to the Past and then you have to time travel back to your present day.


It’s been their baby.

So that’s not what you wanted to hear, but that’s is my answer time travel.

It’s not necessarily what I wanted to hear, but it’s what I absolutely knew.

I would hear from you.

What about you?

What something less manic than my aunt’s are.


Well, I don’t know if I can offer you anything less Manic and I think we both know that already, but I will say, I growing up always wanted to be in.

This is probably just as laughable to any of my old science teachers.

But Always wanted to be an archaeologist.

And so I think I would have loved to make a discovery of say King Tut’s tomb or some sort of ancient artifact, like ancient pyramids, that kind of thing that would have been my cool Discovery.


Good to know.

And another worlds, I will time travel to you where you’re the archaeologist and then I’ll just take you on trips and you can discover things.

Oh, I could take you to the Future.

And we are continue to even to not get th the future and we could bury things for the future future.

That’s That would be an interesting task, we could leave little notes.


Little scavenger hunt or you could be an archaeologist today, technically.

And just start burying things now for future.

You should be like, I know where things are, that no one else would.

So, I have to be trusted on this assignment and then just dig things up, he it’s under King Tut.

I don’t think we’ve ever had a more chaotic conversation.


I don’t know that that’s true, sadly but it’s possible that one felt fully off the rails.

I wonder when the park has team writes, these questions, if they go, what on Earth do we think the answer is going to be?

It was like, I put that back on them.


I say, well, what did you expect after all of these episodes?

What did you expect?

Because this never ends.

Well, maybe I went back in time and created these problems for us because I knew they’d be juicy, you might have added them.

Yeah, in a past, like, that’s possible, it’s very possible.

All right.

Well, there are answers folks, anyone listening at home.


I hope you feel Safe, maybe less safe with us now so I think probably not.

Anyway these are just some of the discoveries that made Newton and integral part of the Scientific Revolution, the precursor to modern science.

So I’m here’s another fun fact for you.


Did you know that Isaac Newton is also credited with inventing calculus?

Oh no, I feel like with the amount of things I’m learning on rituals, I feel like we’ve covered everything that was that needed to be discovered now.

Everything’s been discovered by somebody.


Talked about.

Yeah, yeah, like five people everything’s been discovered like, oh my God.

That’s crazy.

Well, this is all so crazy because it’s thoroughly laughable and I wonder who thought this would be an apt question.

Asked us M and Christine was calculus fun for you.


Mmm, that feels insulting I’m offended.

I’m actually not offended.

I’m honored that anybody would think I ever even took calculus because I absolutely did not.

Do I feel complimented that someone thinks I still have one brain cell left.

That could have achieved calculus.


Yeah, I took a precalculus and I was incredibly bad at that.

So I imagine calculus wouldn’t have been much more fun.

I didn’t even take precalculus.

I somehow evaded, all of that in high school, I took geometry, which I got a D.

So I then took Algebra 2, which I didn’t do that great either.


Then I had a stats class and then I took trig, we’ll all of it was bad.

I am glad to have missed calculus, I don’t think my grades would have been better if I took calculus.

I’m professor I’m pretty sure it took the exact same course, load that you just outlined except I did get an A in Geometry.


That one for some reason, always, always worked for me.

None of the others.

I knew on the first day that it was going to be bad.

But a shame because there’s one of my favorite teachers and I was like, oh man, we’ve had such a good rapport up until now.

And now, I’m one of her students.

Instead of just like someone in the Halls, she’s gonna realize what a dummy.


I am in, like, the next half an hour, it’s like sayonara that relationship.

I mean, when I don’t know what a rhombus is, she’s gonna know the real me.

I still don’t totally understand.

You’ve probably figured out by now that Newton was a pretty hard working guy Not only was he making all these discoveries, but he also held down jobs at the same time.


So in 1689, he became a member of parliament where he represented Cambridge and then as if that weren’t enough in 1696, he joined the Royal Mint as its Warden and not to rest on his Laurels after only three years there.

He became what’s called Master of the mint How many resume boosting titles does the sky meet?


It’s getting obnoxious.

I was going to say it’s like he can’t stop at just the entry.

He has to go to like the highest was Parliament not enough.

Like what’s not.

What is the goal?

I feel like a lot of people who don’t do enough.

People say like well, what’s your one big goal?


But then if you’re someone like him, it’s like you’ve had too many goals.

You really need to like just go on a vacation leave some for the rest of us.


It’s like now there’s a waiting list for other people to get into Parliament and It’s almost like you don’t even care, you gotta do it.

While he was Master of the mint, he went hard on people who were counterfeiting money, a crime that could see a person hanged drawn, and quartered mmm.


Thanks and Newton actually had people sentenced to death for trying to scrape gold off coins.

So God, yeah, he took it very seriously, he was also part of a team that created coins that were hard to forge.

And one of the techniques was making sure the patterns on the coins were more.


It and it worked.

And this tweak actually led to fewer forgeries, so he’s doing a service and maybe not necessarily good service as far as putting people to death.

But you know what, a service, a service nonetheless, Sir, Isaac Newton died on March, 31st 1727 at the age of 84, so he lived, nice, long life, hmm.



But this actually wasn’t the end of his discoveries because more would be revealed after his death.

Up next secret, manuscripts of Newton’s found.

After his death, reveal his controversial, passion for Alchemy and biblical prophecies in which he tried to predict the second coming.


Nothing you say about him, shocks me anymore.

I keep trying this sounds exactly on par with everything else at this point.

So looking forward to it.


Following Sir, Isaac Newton’s death.

It was discovered that he had left behind a lot of writing and I mean around 10 million words in total, which is approximately equivalent to 150 novels.

She’s oh, my God, just hiding out, just secret.


Secret novels, you know, this is what I’m saying.

He doesn’t even seem to care about any recognition accolades, right to right. 150 books and not even tell anyone, you wrote One?


Absolutely not.

I’ll tell you why.

It’s because these books revealed that Newton had spent Thirty secret of years, studying Alchemy, and all these writings were in secret.


So he had been studying Alchemy, kind of behind the scenes, and this was not public knowledge.

And so this writing was not meant to see the light of day during his lifetime.


Got I just want to write in it then.

Hey guys.

Well, I know you wouldn’t have No, we’re two different people, but I’d be like, oh, man, like I kind of will always need recognition somewhere somehow some way, and if this is going to be kept secret, that’s going to stay Secret in my little head.


That’s where would say not gonna cramp?

Your poor wrist.

Yeah, exactly.

Half of it baby.

A notepad in my phone.

You know, maybe.

Maybe a voice to text.

Exactly can say it out.

Look how perfect.


That’s too much.

Half of the writings were on religion and there were about 1 million words on Alchemy.


Much of the work was copied from other people’s ideas.


And before we get any further, I want to Define alchemy quickly here.

So the Royal Society of chemistry describes, Alchemy as having three goals to find the Philosopher’s Stone to discover Eternal Youth and to figure out how to transmute Metals in the 17th century chemistry.


And Alchemy pretty much came under the same umbrella.

So a lot of times people were looking at chemistry and Alchemy in the same way.

Okay, people who were close to Newton during his lifetime wanted to keep his manuscripts away from the public because they didn’t want to tarnish, His reputation and some of his views would have been considered heretical.


So this was like a dangerous feel to be playing in at the time.


Got it.

It’s important to note that he was considered one of the fathers of the Enlightenment.

And at this point Alchemy was not widely accepted, it was actually illegal until 1689.




And on top of that Alchemist could be killed by people who wanted to extract their knowledge.

So and varying levels.

This was a very dangerous field to be a part of Yeah, I don’t think I knew that it makes sense why he would hide those books.

But man, I was going to say, oh, well, if it’s legal, so many people are doing it.


But never stopped anybody anyone, especially if you think like everyone will understand when I find the elixir of Life Force exact know exactly Newton’s interest in alchemy actually started early in life when he was young, he used it as a diversion from his Dysfunctional Family Life.


Remember earlier I said his mother had sort of he felt she had abandoned him.

And he resented his mother throughout his life.

And so this was kind of a way that he was able to escape that experience, okay?

A young, Isaac Newton was fascinated with the book mysteries of Nature and art, which contained a mix of Occult Philosophy and practical engineering.


So really seems like quite a cross over there.


Hand in hand when he was at Cambridge University, he continued learning about alchemy, and focused on both the Practical and theoretical sides of the field.

And, as we mentioned, A moment ago, Alchemist wanted to discover the Philosopher’s Stone and Newton was no exception.


So if you’re wondering what the Philosopher’s Stone is, here’s a quick refresher.

The Philosopher’s Stone is said to be a mythical substance that some believed to be the key to eternal life.


It’s believed that it can also be used to turn base metals like lead into gold, which you can imagine the power that, that would give the person who had such a stone.


Oh yeah.

In his writings Newton wrote down a recipe for A substance thought to be a step toward making the Philosopher’s Stone and I know this was called Sapphic, Mercury Mercury Newton copied this recipe from the American scientist, George Starkey but he added his own notes to it and I love this corrected a mistake that George Stark, he had made so.



He’s like, nice try.

It’s like okay George you did a good start pat on the back but I got this from here in his Writings Newton used, cryptic reference has like green lion, Neptune’s Trident and the scepter of jove and as of this recording in December, 20, 22 no one has ever deciphered.


What these references could mean?

Oh, well, that’s just another reason to be fascinated, by alchemy that like you’re reading a book and you’d still don’t even know what you’re reading at the time.

It’s like still a code, you know, it’s still a mystery because Alchemists are actually known to write in code to avoid being copied.

I guess George Starkey didn’t have such a I wonder if Jorge is, the reason they started that’s a good point.


Especially Newton.

He was like well I fix someone’s stuff.

They’re not going to fix green lion.

I’m not going to fix Neptune’s Trident?

No, but my scepter.

Yeah, alone also I wonder if that was like if you were that confident in your formula you didn’t want anyone messing with it and ruining it or something.


So maybe it went both ways of either someone’s trying to correct it or someone could absolutely tarnish it, you know.


You never know.

I feel like it’s already a dangerous field to be And so, if you want it kept to yourself, you might as well use a secret code.


And speaking of being cryptic, by the way, Newton gave himself alchemical pseudonyms.


So one of them was Jehovah Sanctus Dominus, which means Jehovah the Holy One.

Okay, seems a little high and mighty to me but I guess he’s giving narcissism it’s like to say.

It’s a little self important but I guess if anyone deserves a self-important nickname, it’s the guy who’s telling us the Lord of gravity.



The Lord of gravity.


It’s thought that Newton’s practice of alchemy most likely inspired his work on Optics.

Like, we mentioned earlier, his discovery that white light is a mixture of various colors, was one of these big discoveries Newton was also interested in the ancient world.


He even wrote a text called and this might take me a breath or two because it’s a very long title.

So buckle up, okay, the chronology of ancient kingdoms: 2, which is prefixed a short Chronicle.

From the first memory of things in Europe to the conquest of Persia, by Alexander the Great.


Oh my God, that’s the title.

Oh my God.

And the entire piece, the entire text was 87 thousand words.

Most of them were in the title.



Fair Point.

Fair Point Newton.

Theorized that the ancient Egyptians had been in possession of knowledge that had been forgotten over the centuries and he became fascinated with a unit of measurement called qubit a measurement that was used by the people.


Who built the Great Pyramids, okay?

And Newton believed that, the qubit would help him figure out the exact size of other ancient buildings.

For example, Newton was Keen to know the dimensions of the Temple of Solomon.

Which he believed would help him better understand the biblical apocalypse, okay.


And speaking of the Bible Newton studied it intently because he was trying to decode Divine Prophecies, of course, of course why not.

And is what else are you gonna do?


If there’s ever another quarantine, at least, he’s got a project, he’s got a light Beach read, and it’s from The Book of Daniel in the Old Testament, he guessed that the apocalypse was going to happen.


No earlier than the year 2060.

Hmm, which gives me much to my own annoyance, a sense of dread.

It does it, it does because I think to know that we’re not even 40 years out.


Yeah, he’s kind of a smart guy.

Like what?

If what if For real, I mean, that is something a lot of and I don’t know about the yeard exactly 2060 but they have said, like 50 years from now.

The world is not going to look the way it does today.

So well, that much.

I do know.


Maybe he’s right.


I don’t know.

I don’t know.

We’ll find out.

I guess.

Fingers crossed by the way.

Folks, if you don’t want to do the math, it’s 37 years away.

So we got almost for a little under four decades to.

I don’t know, do what you got to do, completely reverse everything that’s ever happened.


And right, right.

So to stop the apocalypse.


Newton’s, religious beliefs were pretty unorthodox for the time.

He actually rejected the Trinity, which is the belief that God exists through three equally Divine figures, father, son, Holy Spirit, and this is another reason why his writings were kept hidden for so long again.


This was a very heretical belief right to have had.

Now let’s fast forward a little bit to somewhat recent years.

It wasn’t until the 1960s that Newton’s papers on Alchemy and theology were actually widely So it took awhile.

The renowned economist John Maynard, Keynes bought some of, Newton’s papers.


And after reading his writings, he’s the one who said that Newton was quote, not the first of the Age of Reason.

He was the last of the magician’s.

Oh, I know, it’s like such such a powerful statement, a thing, powerful thing.


It’s a powerful thing.

I clearly, I don’t have a way with words, like this guy does John.

Yeah, in 2023 page.

Ages of Newton’s writings three pages sold at auction for around five hundred and four thousand dollars.

Well, half a million.


Wow, I just know that’ll never happen to me too.

Well, I mean, I just know, I’ll never write something that our own anything that’s worth half a million dollars.

No, certainly not.

So and this is where we get into the Marvel.

Fun facts, Marvel /, Isaac Newton, collab like Marvel, X, Newton, collapse.


Oh, hell, yeah.

And I wonder how much you know about this Sir, Isaac.

In was one of the sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel Comics.

And according to our research, he was the most evil one and he was also leader of the Brotherhood of The Shield.


None of this means anything to me.

So I had to mean something to you.

It does.

It means a lot to me.

Great and also.

So you know a sorcerer Supreme that’s currently Doctor Strange.

There’s always one person I’ve heard of him.

You happy and Isaac Newton was one of them.


Whoa sorcerer Supreme is the master of the Mystic Arts so kind of Expensive.


He’s into Alchemy.

I also, I think it’s interesting.

One of my things that I really like about marbles, if they’re gonna bring in characters.

A lot of times, they really will do solid research that way it’s rooted in some true.

Pretty cool.

There are a few things that you said we’re similar.


So Brotherhood of The Shield he was in a secret society just like this, it seems the secret society claim to know more than others about the world and where it was going.

Like, even in the comics, he says that he knows the world’s going to end in 2060.

Oh, Lee.

And why interesting though in his Brotherhood of the shield, and that secret society, he was mentored by Galileo and then murdered him.


He murdered, okay?

That part.

Well because he’s the most evil one and just like in real life.

How we were saying that he was threatened by people either being better than him or calling him out or like correcting him on stuff.

He felt threatened by the other like really smart scientist.


So he went on like a murder Rampage and started telling other people so that was a little bit of that was made.

Be a little bit of creative Liberty.

They took their well, get this.

Okay, the way that he would kill people.

He was knitting needle in the eye.


But that would have made so much sense about.


No, he left an Apple at every one of the murders, huh?


That’s spooky.

It was definitely a weird and it he discovers the elixir of life and he becomes Immortal.

He also has baby time travels and is raised by Nikola Tesla.

Oh okay.


He’s apparently a main character.

Some ABS, you know, I had absolutely no idea that he was even slightly involved in Marvel, let alone so deeply involved.

And one more bullet here in the comics Newton does figure out the formula like you said for the elixir of life and so it’s sort of like what he was hoping to do got to be played out in the comics, which I think is pretty cool.


Honestly, it whatever I’m trying to achieve in this life.

If it became a Marvel comic when I’m dead and my baby time travels and is raised by someone else, I’ll call that a win.

That’s my goal.

I’ll write a comic for you.

It won’t be Marvel level, but it’ll be like a drawn on a Post-It note and I hope that’ll do that’s enough, that’s enough.


Yeah, just tape it to my grave so I can take a look at it.

Well, what’s your biggest takeaway from today’s episode?

Did any of this strike you as new information?

I didn’t know about the sentencing people to death thing that actually makes sense.

Now, with the comics because he was on a killing spree.


Oh wait, oh, it didn’t even put that together.

That makes so much sense.

I love marble.

Oh, I guess they aren’t totally the same thing, but I can see between Alchemy, I always thought he was more into just physics.

I didn’t know he was into Alchemy, I guess I can see the similarities now that we’ve been involved with rituals for so long that I feel like now it makes sense that a lot of people in any science were involved in alchemy.



So I see the overlap but I had no idea that that was part of his life, especially when it was done in secret during their lifetime, because he was getting accolades for his scientific achievements.

But all of the Alchemy stuff was behind the scenes so it’s not anybody then even really knew.


I wonder what achievements are, what accolades he would have gotten if he were allowed to be public with it?

Like would he have or do you think it was still a science?

He felt like he knew nothing about because maybe that was his one big challenge.

Like, well, I stand that one since it was illegal he probably would have been in big, big trouble and I’m saying if he could have been public with it, like well I see I wonder if he would have been famous for that too or if they would have been like you should not try off me.


Sick with physics.

I don’t know.

Because I mean it seems like he was correcting certain scientists, but then also well that makes us to why he was working at the mint, right?

Because he was like understanding coins and medals a pulling people were scraping gold off of the coin.

So I mean maybe that was intentional and it just looked like a random job to other people but it was with ulterior motives getting some Insider knowledge.


Very interesting em.


So was it surprising to you to know that Newton wanted?

To figure out when the apocalypse was going to happen.

Because I feel like when I learned about Sir, Isaac Newton in, I don’t know, junior year of high school.

Nobody told me about the fact that he thought the world would be ending in 2060.


No, especially, because in my mind, I have very staunchly separate scientists from like faith-based people.

I know it’s not fully accurate, but when I hear like Isaac Newton reading the Bible, I’m like, oh, that sounds like the setup to a joke.

Like it sounds.

Yeah, I’d say no.


You’re right.

It doesn’t really fit.

What we know about his work?

Yeah, I did not think he was concerned about the apocalypse, unless it was like rooted in science.

Yeah, yeah.

Very interesting that he based that solely on the Bible.

Yeah, it’s intriguing.

Well, if Sir Isaac Newton were living in today’s times, I think we already discussed this really.


But he’d probably be Tick-Tock famous.

I think so.

Yeah, he would.

At least he’d be like a Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Yeah, yeah.

I could see that for sure.

Like have some fun web series may be like Do a kid’s thing like Bill Nye.

Yeah, I wonder if instead of the Apple maybe he would do like an avocado or something a little.


Yeah timely you know a little more like current youthful and apple wouldn’t Intrigue anyone especially like think of his haters on Tech talk like oh you threw an Apple at your head.

Now you’re a genius.

Well you know, I don’t know.

I could see people making skits about some say that actually does sound exactly like a tick tock.


I’ve probably heard and then it would make him more viral I guess so he could try it with different, you know, like that.

Tip series, will it blend where they just put different things, he would just dropped it.

Well, it drop.

Will it drop.


Just drop different fruits on his head.

Boy, this is why we do not get into talent management because we would probably send everybody to the death of their careers.


Oh yeah, drop a persimmon on your head.

Yeah, I don’t know how it would work.

Maybe he’d have like a collab with a trampoline company and then he could just drop things about them getting hurt.

I don’t know.

Oh my God.

That probably already is a web series.

Let’s be honest.

He would get a brand deal with.

Mott’s apple juice, you know?


Now that’s what you want.

That’s what I want.

I love apple juice.


Thanks so much for listening.

We’ll be back next week with another great episode information.

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