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Kevin Keith 00:06 The time I got arrested, I was home ,watching TV, my fiance, she was mingling around the house and she said she looked out the window and she said she saw a bunch of police officers. So I was headed actually towards the door to open the door, was when they kicked it in. And the first thing that went through my mind was okay, I’m getting arrested again for drugs. But I haven’t sold any drugs since I got arrested and got out on bond. I thought about telling them there no drugs in the house, because I didn’t want them tearing the house up, because I know how my partner felt about that. Then actually, when they kicked it in and broke the door, I’m thinking about what she’s gonna say. So immediately, they threw me down on the floor and roughed me up a little bit, and put the cuffs on me, the rough up really didn’t bothered me I was just more concerned about the door, they just kicked in. I was going to open it for them but they kicked it in. And so they put cuffs on me and I heard one of the officers say, that I don’t think it’s him. They put me in the police car and we headed off to Bucyrus. I was in Crestline at the time at the home I was living in and on the way to the Bucyrus County Jail, where they took me, where they eventually took me at, the cop was still telling the other officer that I don’t think this is the guy, don’t think this is the guy. And so when they took me over to Bucyrus and to the courthouse, I’ve seen a lot of cameras, a lot of people. So the first thing went through my mind is a okay maybe I got arrested for something I don’t know nothing about. And they take me over at the County and started processing me. Nobody still told me anything. And then they took me across the street after the media gathered up again. You know seeing media like I never saw before. And so they took me in there and I’m talking about million dollars bond. And at that point, hearing million dollars bond, believe me, me being naïve, I kind of felt important. Million dollar bond! Like, okay, the guy’s hear this, you know, they really think, you know, I was naive, I was 30 years old. When he took me back over, at that point they told me what I was being charged with, you know, as soon they told me what the charges is gonna be, all of that, I thought I was important went out the door. No, they gone and arrested me for this murder. And I had this unbelievable feeling.

Kim Kardashian 03:15 I’m Kim Kardashian, and this is The System. Kevin says he wasn’t expecting the arrest at all. So much so that he was at home watching soap operas when the police kicked in his door. Supposedly the police were even shocked to find Kevin there in such an unguarded state. And Kevin wasn’t the only one taken by surprise.

Charles Keith 04:01 I was sitting in college in class one day they were doing a roll call. And Professor got to my name and he called out Keith, Charles Keith.

Kim Kardashian 04:13

This is Charles, Kevin’s older brother.

Charles Keith 04:16 And somebody in the class, says “Hey, are you related to that guy that was on the news this morning?” And I was inquisitivem what guy?

News Clip 04:25 30 year old Kevin Keith was arrested at his home in Crestline, halfway between Bucyrus and Mansfield. He is charged with three counts of murder for allegedly killing three members of the Chatman family, including a four year old girl.

Charles Keith 04:38 And he says well, his name is Keith. He’s from Crestline, Ohio. And when I heard Crestline I knew it was my family because that’s where I was born and raised. I knew the victims in this particular case. I had grown up with the victims, their family, our family. We’re very close knit at the time we were growing up. We played together we played little league baseball. We all went to school together, high school, elementary, junior high, you know, they were family friends. There was no controversy. I mean, everybody was young. There wasn’t a lot of very large black population in Crestline. So yeah, everybody was more or so family. I didn’t see Kevin, immediately after his arrest. I didn’t see him for like maybe two or three weeks, there was a lot of things going on, I allowed the process to take place. There was a lot of information I didn’t have. So I didn’t come on the scene, as you know, as the Savior. I just wanted to know what was going on and be there to support my brother. I didn’t set out to prove his innocence. I just had this find out for myself. How could they have found that my brother was guilty so that I could relate this information to my family? I wasn’t convinced at all. I know Kevin’s character and me being the older brother. We were without a father. So I was more so the older brother father figure, but Kevin was a jovial guy, he was more laid back more of a goofy, silly type guy, you know, always laughing He always had a joke. I could never even recall him being in a fight. Now, if they just said that he was talking about somebody or said something about somebody that would have been more believable, but the hostility, the violence of this magnitude, I knew that wasn’t Kevin’s demeanor at all. So when they came out and said, Kevin Keith had done this hideous crime, I knew in my heart right there. He didn’t do it. I knew he didn’t do it. I mean, beyond a doubt. But again, you know, given respect to the law, and the investigation and what the police had, I had to at least pay attention to that, you know, show me that’s all I asked, show me where he’s guilty. And I would have to walk away from this. Kevin was never interrogated. I didn’t know that until I had talked to him. In fact, the newspapers had covered that he was never asked, did he do it? Or did he not do it? I mean, the police never really sat him down to ask him one single question. He actually didn’t even know that he was under arrest for the murder. During this case, they never found any any evidence of any kind linking Kevin to the case, they checked for fingerprints. They checked blood fibers, they checked the carpet. They checked his clothes for glass fibers, I mean, anything that they could find. The BCI had stated that there was not anything to tie Kevin Keith physically to this case. He had four alibi witnesses, placed him 30 minutes away from the crime scene. They had no physical evidence whatsoever. They found him guilty. And he was given the death penalty. I’m willing to accept that he was found guilty. But no one ever proved to me that he did it. Show me that he did it. And I’ll walk away. I’ll leave it alone.

Kim Kardashian 08:15 At the end of the last episode, Damon Chatman, a relative of the victims said he was sure Kevin did it.

Damon Chatman 08:21 We knew Kevin did it. There’s no doubt we knew it from the jump that Kevin did this.

Kim Kardashian 08:27 Kevin says he didn’t do this crime. His brother Charles believes him.

Charles Keith 08:32 He says Chuck, I didn’t do this man. I did not do this.

Kim Kardashian 08:37 Charles mentioned that Kevin had an alibi witness that placed him 30 minutes away from the scene of the crime in Bucyrus, Ohio. The alibi is one of the most important things in a criminal case, particularly when there is a lack of forensic and physical evidence. Ask any defense attorney being able to prove that you were somewhere else during the crime is the strongest defense in the courtroom. So where was Kevin Keith on the night of February 13th 1994? Here’s Lori Rothschild, again, a television producer and wrongful conviction advocate.

Lori Rothschild 09:12 Kevin has an alibi for that night. He has four witnesses attesting to it. His entire alibi is that earlier he drove Zina to work, his girlfriend’s name is Zina. He called Zina his fiance because Kevin actually had another girlfriend named Melanie. So the fiance, even though the ring wasn’t on the finger, gave Zina a little bit more status, if you would. So Zina, his fiancé went to work at the factory. She worked at the GE plant in Bucyrus. He dropped her off using her car. She had a blue Dodge Dynasty. He drops Zina off at work. And he said that he then went home and then after that at around seven o’clock, he went to his girlfriend’s house, his girlfriend’s name is Melanie Davidson. And she lives in Mansfield. He took Zina’s blue dynasty and drove to his girlfriend’s house. He said that he went to Melanie’s house and that Melanie cooked him some dinner.

Melanie Davison 10:17 Well, I was always cooking, I had three children. So if I knew he was coming, it was just one of those things that happened. And I think it was Sunday.

Lori Rothschild 10:28 She was in her kitchen, and they hung out, they had dinner, and he specifically remembers standing in the kitchen, looking out the window in her kitchen, and seeing a drunk driver get pulled over. And he says, I remember this, you know, we were standing there watching because it was kind of funny, you know, it’s like this guy. He gets pulled over for drunk driving. And he knew it was drunk driving, because the cops started putting bottles, all the bottles from the car on top of the car, you know, so we’re watching it and the whole thing and you reference that the car had a number 10 on the top of it.

Melanie Davison 10:59

I see that I see this glow. He’s standing right there. And we see this car,

Lori Rothschild 11:05 Who’s standing right there?

Melanie Davison11:06 Kevin.

Lori Rothschild 11:06 Next to you?

Melanie Davison 11:08 And he was, he had his arms around me from behind. He was standing there and then all of a sudden it happened. We saw the lights. We saw the car. We saw we saw the car ten. And we just, were just watching it.

Lori Rothschild 11:24 I looked up the police report on the possible drunk driver that was pulled outside of her house. I did a FOIA request for that. Not only did it happen, it was car number 10. They remembered it perfectly. How come none of that was ever listed, was ever brought up into Kevin’s case, never. She was discredited as a witness.

Melanie Davison 11:47 What I remember about that night, Living Single was having their Valentine’s finale show, something to that effect. And we got to choose the date that night. And we watched that with the kids.

Lori Rothschild 12:07 Living Single was huge back then. In 1994, you could actually call up and press a number and you could affect the end of the show. Like it was a call in.

Melanie Davison 12:20 I don’t remember this ever being done. So it was a big thing and Living Single this. It was hot back in the day. And this was just one of those things that, okay, I was gonna say if you were black, you want to be in front of the TV watching because it was positive. And it was it was us and it was we had a say in it.

Lori Rothschild 12:40 I looked up what was on at 8:30 that night on February 13th 1994 at 8:30pm Living Single and I will tell you it was the Valentine’s Day special. It’s the exact episode she remembered.

Kim Kardashian 12:53 In fact, Melanie’s downstairs neighbor Judith Rogers was also watching Living Single, which is how she knew what time she saw Melanie and Kevin leave the apartment. During Kevin’s trial, Judith Rogers

took the stand for questioning by Kevin’s attorney, James Banks, what you’re about to hear as a recreation pulled directly from the court transcript.

Re-creation 13:19 Please state your name for the record. Judith Rogers. And Ms. Rogers, where do you reside? In Mansfield. Do you know a Melanie Davidson? Yes, sir. I do. And how do you know her? She lives up over me. I’d like to bring your attention to the 13th of February 1994. Do you recall that date? Yes, sir. I do. How do you recall that day? It was on Sunday. And I was well, I was I wanted to use the phone upstairs. So I went upstairs to use the phone and Kevin opened the door and let me in. I want to call my mother about my older son being out and I want to know why he wasn’t in preparing for school. What time was this on Sunday? Approximately 8:30 in the evening? Yes, sir. And then what did you do with the rest of that evening? When I went back downstairs after I talked to my mother and at about 8:45. I seen Melanie and Kevin leaving because I was watching in the Living Color. You’re were watching A Living Color. It was Living Single. Do you know what time that comes on? Yes, sir. What time did it come on? At 8:30. Now you said that you watched Melanie Davidson and Kevin Keith leave? Yes, sir. Leave the apartment? Yes, sir. I did. And what time was that? About 8:45

Kim Kardashian 14:42 Melanie’s neighbor Judith Rogers said she saw them both leave at 8:45. And she testified to that on the stand. So where were they going?

Lori Rothschild 15:16 He said that he wanted to go to his uncle’s house, Gene Keith in Crestline. They were in Mansfield at the time. And Crestline is about 30 minutes away from Mansfield. So he and Melanie got in the car, again Zina’s blue dynasty, and drove it to Crestline to go see his aunt and uncle who lived in Crestline, Gene and Gracie Keith, who are, unfortunately have passed away since. His story as he goes in and that he wanted to borrow some money, knocks on the door walks in. And several people say including

Kevin and the witnesses that saw him there, his uncle, his aunt, a guy named Roy Price, who was also there at the time, along with his wife, Yolanda. They all place him there at nine o’clock at night. Is that Grace Keith says he was there around nine but can’t be exactly sure what time it was. You’re saying he was with you during the time of the killings?

Gracie Keith 16:20 And I can’t say that because I don’t know what time it was no more than what I seen on the news and in the paper. That’s al I know.

News Reporter 16:29 Give us the exact times he was with you.

Gracie Keith 16:32 Well really I didn’t pay no attention to that part of it, either. But he was at my house, maybe around nine o’clock. My son said he came in and borrowed $5 from him.

News Reporter 16:45 His family says there’s a lack of evidence in the case and they’re standing by Keith’s alibi that he was in Crestline. The night of the murders.

Gene Keith 16:53 Kevin was at at my house at nine o’clock, cause I was laying on the bed watching TV. When he come in the door, I looked up at the clock on the VCR. It was nine o’clock. He come in and say, hi Uncle Gene, what you doing? I say, oh I’m laying here watching TV, then he went on back in the room talking to my stepson. And he asked my stepson could he borrow $5.

Lori Rothschild 17:21 And he came in, knocked on the door borrowed a couple dollars, chatted with him a little bit left Melanie outside in the car and the reason why he left Melanie in the car is because his aunt, and I believe Yolanda Price knew Zina.

Kim Kardashian 17:38 According to Yolanda Price, a friend of the Keith family she was there at Kevin’s uncle’s house that night. Yolanda Price gave an affidavit stating that she saw Melanie that night in the front seat of the car waiting for Kevin. Lori interviewed Yolanda Price in 2020. Here’s what she had to say.

Yolanda Price 17:57 When we got over the Gracie’s I remember Kevin coming in. And I remember seeing the car Zina’s car sitting there. And Melanie was in it, now I had never met Melanie. So I kept seeing this other girl I’m like, that’s not her, that’s not Zina. So I found out she was Melanie. And I remember the car very definitely. Because I knew Zina. We worked at the same place. So she had a dynasty, a light blue dynasty. And I remember distinctly that was Zina’s car that I saw her in. I wasn’t there that long before he came. He left out before I did. He went towards Mansfield. I remember him coming in and asking Ward for $5 to try to get some gas money out real cheap that day. Because he had to pick up Zina later

on that night. That’s all, all I remember is I remember when they came and got Kevin I was like seem to be up to nothing. Very odd. Very, very odd.

Lori Rothschild 19:06 So he left Melanie outside, got back in the car with Melanie drove back to Mansfield because he had to be in Bucyrus at 11 to pick up Zina from work. So he gets in the car in Crestline and drives back to Mansfield and other 30 minutes around 9:45, 10 o’clock he stays there for a little bit and then says to Melanie I gotta go because he has from Mansfield to Bucyrus, it’s another 35, 40 minutes. So he has to leave there to get to Bucyrus by 11 o’clock. And he does and witnesses have said that he picked up Zina from work at 11 o’clock in Zina’s blue dynasty and that would have been two hours after the murders. Just so that we’re clear on the timeline. The shooter walks into that apartment somewhere around 8:50 Gunshots happened somewhere around nine o’clock because 9:06 is when 911 is called from the restaurant. Kevin would have to be in Bucyrus between 8:45 and 9:06 to commit the murders, and we have him and he says and Melanie says, and all the people in Crestline say that between those times he’s either in Mansfield at Melanie’s house, or he’s in Crestline, which is still 30 to 40 minutes away from Bucyrus, and he has all those alibi witnesses attesting to that.

Charles Keith 20:50 There was an eyewitness who stated that they saw a large black man I believe her name was Nancy Smathers.

Kim Kardashian 20:56 This is Kevin’s brother Charles again.

Charles Keith 21:01 She said that she couldn’t identify the man she wasn’t close enough to see any type of facial features or or anything of the sort. That is another piece that caused a lot of confusion because there was more than one large man on that particular scene.

Kim Kardashian 21:17 There were reports from multiple eyewitnesses that saw a large black male around the Bucyrus Estates on the night of the murders.

News Clip 21:25 People that live here have told news for and the police that they saw a man fitting Kevin Keith’s description using this phone here at the apartment complex the night of the shootings. His name is Karie Walker. He says he doesn’t want to be linked with the horrible crime but says it was him not Keith, that witnesses saw around the crime scene after police and ambulances had arrived.

Karie Walker 21:44 Because I was running here because I stay around there with a girlfriend of mine. But you know, I was using the phone at night there. And I was around you know, as far as being around walking around projects that time of night.

News Clip 21:56 Keith’s attorney says he believes the witnesses thought it was Kevin Keith on the phone because they didn’t know that Walter was back in the area. Walter had been in prison himself for three years and was just released four days before the murders.

Attorney James Banks 22:09 Project. If there relying merely upon the fact that it was a large black man that they saw in the project area, and then being shown pictures of Kevin or him being shown on TV and a person saying yeah, that’s the person I saw that night. If that’s the information they’re relying on. That’s not too accurate.

News Clip 22:25 It needs to be made clear that police have not ever implicated Walter in this case.

Kim Kardashian 22:30 Okay. Karrie Walker actually looked a lot like Kevin, so much so that during trial, James Banks brought Kerry into the courtroom to have him stand side by side with Kevin to show their resemblance. Kerry had recently been released from jail and had just moved back into the area, which James Banks believed made him an unfamiliar face to the neighborhood. This is from a 1994 interview with Kevin and NBC Four of Columbus, Ohio. In this interview, Kevin has recently been arrested. He’s wearing an orange jumpsuit and sitting next to his lawyer James Banks. Though Kevin was never questioned by law enforcement, he was interviewed by the media.

News Reporter 23:13 Where were you? Sunday night at the time of the crime.

Kevin Keith 23:17 Well, the newspaper said it happened at about nine to five, after nine and I was at my aunt’s house in Crestline.

News Reporter 23:26 And your aunt can testify to verify your story.

Kevin Keith Yes.

News Clip 23:34 Kevin Keith says he was at his aunt’s house in Crestline. At nine o’clock Sunday at the same time, three people were shot to death and three others wounded in Bucyrus 12 miles away.

News Reporter Where were you before you went to your aunt’s house?

Kevin Keith 23:46

Well, I was at home I was watching TV, I watch the news on up to seven. Then I rode to Mansfield I was gonna go to a friend’s house. But wasn’t anybody there.

News Clip 23:55 By his own estimate. It takes only 15 minutes to get to Mansfield. That would put him there at 715. Throw in a half an hour trying to find his friend now. It’s 7:45.

News Reporter So you were in Mansfield, and then you turn around and go back to Crestline where you went to your aunt’s house?

Kevin Keith 24:10 Yes.

News Reporter 24:11 And 15 more minutes for the drive back to Crestline. And it’s only eight o’clock. So where was he for at least an hour until he got to his aunt’s house? Is there any possibility that the timeframe is off here that you’re wrong about what time you’re at your aunt’s? Maybe you were there at 8:30? And left or?

Kevin Keith 24:27 No, I’m pretty sure it was close. I’m pretty sure it was about nine.

News Reporter 24:31 But you’re not positive?

Kevin Keith 24:32 I am positive about this, a couple minutes before nine.

Kim Kardashian 24:37 This interview that Kevin did with News Four looked particularly bad for his case. The alibi was broadcast on TV and left 8pm to 9pm wide open, a critical time period for an effective alibi. Not only was there plenty of unaccounted for time, but this alibi was also different than the one that eventually came out during trial. As it turns out, Kevin had personal motivations for not giving a full alibi to the media. We asked Kevin’s current attorney for her take on this interview.

Rachel Troutman 25:10 When Kevin first got arrested, they thought this was going to go away.

Kim Kardashian 25:16 This is Rachel Troutman from the Ohio Public Defender’s Office.

Rachel Troutman 25:20 When I watched the footage of Kevin, from the news interviews that his attorney let him do, I had a lot of thoughts about it. One being, I can’t think of any other case in which an attorney voluntarily sets their

client up in front of the media. I mean, you have to have a whole lot of faith in your client’s innocence if that’s something you’re going to do. Probably the thing that stuck out to me the most about those interviews, is that his attorney lets him answer, pretty much any question about the the murders that he was arrested for. And then the reporter starts to ask him questions about the drug charges from the January prior to the murders. And as attorney says something along the lines of he can answer questions about that, because you know, because of pending charges. Then the attorney stops the questioning, because he has drug charges pending, so won’t let him answer because there are charges pending. But he lets him answer all of these questions about the aggravated murder, when there are aggravated murder charges pending and a death sentence on the table. I believe that his attorney and Kevin obviously they both knew he was answering questions about something that he did not do. As an attorney in my brain, that’s the only thing that makes sense. That’s the only thing that can explain the length to which he allowed his client to be questioned. And then the immediate shift in the demeanor of both of them when drug charges were suggested, I think there’s a couple of things that probably account for the wishy washy timeline. I think that for one thing, he had no idea that he was a suspect, which is one of the reasons why when they arrested him, I mean, he’s just sitting in his living room watching soap operas. He wasn’t cataloging where he had been and who he had been with. And I think he was trying to cover his relationship. He knew that Zina was going to see this this interview. And he didn’t want to be admitting on TV that he was with his girlfriend, Melanie Davison. Once he realized, once things got real and continued down the path towards trial, then he came clean. And his relationship with Zina didn’t last.

Kim Kardashian 27:37 I could only imagine what Kevin would be thinking, but I’m torn on this one. I think if he didn’t know how serious this was, in his mind, he thought, Okay, I know I didn’t do this. There’s no evidence that can link me here. So what am I going to say? I’m going to save my relationship. And that’s the one thing that he ultimately tried to protect. Someone that’s not media savvy, and doing an interview about their alibi. I get it for sure. Because I understand that he was protecting his relationship with Zina and not wanting his girlfriend to know about this other relationship. But looking at it from like a legal perspective. Now you’re like, oh, my god just don’t speak. Because it ultimately really damaged his whole alibi.

Damon Chatman 28:26 I mean, I will never forget it. Never.

Kim Kardashian 28:31 For Damon Chatman, brother to Marichell Chatman, and uncle to four year old victim Marchae, February 13, 1994 is a night he’ll always remember.

Damon Chatman 28:43 The day that happened. I came there like 15 minutes later, I could go in that apartment till this day and show you every place where my sister was laying, my niece was laying. Evil monsters. I mean, he’s just, he’s evil. And he’s really more evil to shoot a four year old twice in the back. I just think about it all the time. And what makes it so bad. I work in Bucyrus. So I work like close to that place. And it’s like, it just dwells on me all the time. Yeah, I think about before, before that happened, you know, but it was. It was. It was fun. We had everybody. You know, I enjoyed being around my sister and being around my

little four year old niece. I enjoyed that. I was like some of the best times of my life. The police started restraining me from going and they tried to stop me from going in but there was no stopping me from going in. I knew that was my sister’s house. And I just went in there. Quanita and Quentin was laying right beside each other. And I was talking to Quanita and Quentin because they were the only ones breathing because I checked everybody. And they’re like, don’t touch them. Don’t touch him. But I was, you know, it was me. And I’m like, I want to, I want to see if my people are still alive, and none of them was, besides Quentin and Qunaita. And I’m trying to talk to him, I was asking them like, who did this to you? I was like, who did this to? And they’re trying to speak to me, you know what I’m saying? But they couldn’t because they was hurting so bad. All they could do was like, just like they would like breathe. I could still see Quanita and Quentin’s eyes just real big just looking at me like just fighting for their life’s. Just because they was young. You can’t say that. Oh, they don’t know what they’re talking about. No, they know what they’re talking about. They know who shot them. Two kids are not going to forget nobody’s face who shot them and tried to kill them.

Kim Kardashian 31:01 It’s worth noting there’s no documentation and police files that Damon Chatman was at the scene of the crime that night or in the apartment, especially while the victims were still there. If this was the case, the scene of the crime was not locked down by the police as it should have been, according to active crime scene protocol. Two days after the crime on February 15, Kevin Keith was arrested. Three days after his arrest, six year old survivor Quanita Reeves was interviewed by the police for the first time while she was still recovering at the hospital. What you’re about to hear is an excerpt from her account of the night.

Police Officer Michael Corwin 31:49 Friday, February 19, 1984. 11:33am and with me in the room is this is Captain Michael Corwin. Captain Roger Blankenship behind you, and your mommy’s here, that’s Joyce Reeves. And your Quanita, right?

Kim Kardashian 32:00 Lead detective Captain Michael Corwin introduces himself as well as Captain Roger Blankenship. Quanita’s mother Joyce Reeves is also present in the hospital room.

Police Officer Michael Corwin 32:12 Do you remember what happened while you were there? Can you tell me about it?

Quanita Reeves 32:18 Daddy’s friend Bruce.

Police Officer Michael Corwin 32:26 Who’s this Bruce?

Quanita Reeves 32:32 Daddy’s friend.

Kim Kardashian 32:32

When interviewed for the first time by police victim Quanita Reeves doesn’t say the name Kevin. She says the gunman was someone named Bruce. At the time of this interview, Kevin has already been arrested. But Quanita one of the only living eyewitnesses gives a different name to the detective. When the police ask who’s Bruce? Quanita says, “My daddy’s friend.” It’s important to note that no one named Bruce has ever been charged with this crime. So who’s Bruce and where did the police get Kevin’s name from in the first place? We’ll get into that and more next time on The System.

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