The Trojan Horse Affair - Part 3 Sir Albert and the Missing “H”

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From serial productions and the New York Times, I’m Brian Reed.

I’m home to say this is the Trojan horse affair.

Here’s what Hamza and I have figured out.

The Trojan Horse affair wasn’t a mistake.

The government didn’t overreact simply because they failed to investigate the source of the Trojan Horse letter.

It hadn’t tricked them.

They hadn’t actually missed the link to add early primary school and was voted R and then pressed ahead anyway, with teacher bands, legal cases, school takeovers, enhanced national security policy to tell you the story of how we figured that out, we’re going to go all the way back.

To our very first week of reporting to an interview we did with a key figure in this saga, the first person, the Trojan Horse letter was sent to a man named Sir Albert bore.

It came to me in a brown paper envelope.

Unmarked, there’s nothing remarkable.

The envelope the envelope just was addressed to me.

No, that would have been November when the Trojan Horse letter arrived in November 2013.

Albert Gore was the leader of the Birmingham City Council.

He’s not leader anymore, but he’s still a council member.

He’s one of the longest serving in Birmingham, first elected in 1980, counselor boards.

A physicist by training with bushy Gray eyebrows and a shirt with its three top buttons undone, and a gold chain against his chest.

He was given a knighthood in 2002 for his service to local government.

This conversation we had with him.

It was before we done any digging into early primary school ourselves before we really focused on revenue.

Darren, the legal trouble she was facing when the Trojan Horse letter popped up portraying her as an innocent victim.

At this point our reporting.

We were still just gathering basic info about the letter.

My staff, they opened the letter.

And brought it to me and said that we were hopeful.

Councillor Paul may have something useful to share because not only was he the first person to receive the letter, but he seemed like one of the few politicians likely to be candid with us.

I remember back in 2014 during the hoopla, he came across as a skeptic of the Trojan Horse letter.

He publicly said the letter was probably a hoax and called it defamatory.

He also attacked the Department for Education decision to send former counterterror Chief Peter Clarke to investigate Birmingham schools.

He thought handing the inquiry to a high level terrorism investigator was overkill, and risked alienating burgers Muslims.

It’s not that albore dismissed the idea that there was something worth looking into.

The Council did appoint their own non terror investigator.

But overall, he’s been a defender of the city and its schools, so here inside the City Council building Council House, Abal walked us through his very first moments with the Georgian horse letter when he arrived here in his office.

I of course, looked at it, read it, reread it, and he brought the letter to the attention of other top officials at the Council as well as the local police who got back to the Council and said this wasn’t a matter for the cops.

They didn’t see that at that point there was anything illegal going on or unlawful and therefore their view was there was nothing there for them to investigate.

That surprised me a little then, and it surprises me a little now and in what surprises to you about it.

Well, because statements in the letter which would have indicated that there were individuals who were acting in a manner which was leading to.

Changes in schools against against the normal.


I guess the sort of change that would be allowed for by the regulations if you like, within which we operate.

So if I sat there next to Brian, confused for one Counselor board seemed to be exerting an abnormal amount of effort to construct his sentences and what it sounded like he was saying in those sentences was he’s always read the letter seriously as a viable threat that there appeared to be a systematic attempt here to change the ethos of a school.

There were things going on which we could not condone, and it was about dealing with.

But it said back then the letter was probably a hoax.

And now here I was, watching him reach across the table for our copy of that same letter, just just look at and I’ve opened up the letters to look at the steps that the letter sets out.

First step identifying the school and reading through the plot steps.

Third step, put in some governors as if they were real plans for a real conspiracy.

These steps were having the desired effect in a number of schools.

And what was he doing?

Why is he waving the letter around talking like this?

I thought about say something I wanted this matter to be looked at and looked at urgently.

This is like sorry gone, but equally from the very start I was OK.

That didn’t go well.

Mental note, stop skipping class at journalism score to go do these interviews.

Who do you think wrote the letter?

Do you have a thought about no idea who wrote?

You’ve never considered it.

Oh, I have.

I’ve I’ve sometimes asked the question, I wonder who wrote this letter?

Someone set this out.

For what purpose?

Was this a hoax?

Was it not a hoax?

Who might have written it?

Who might have sent it?

These were questions which were always about and never answered because they couldn’t be answered.

They still can’t be answered.

Well, yeah, I mean I guess like for me I I discovering who wrote the letter.

It’s not just a curious thing, it’s about figuring out the motivations of the person who wrote it.

You know, if you find out more about the person who wrote it, you might figure out more about whether the allegations made within or actually real or not, look.

You’re seeking to become an investigative journalist.

I commend you for trying to find out who wrote the letter.

Your objectives are are good.

But those objectives weren’t my objectives.

My objectives were to find out whether.

Steps one to five in any way happened amongst Birmingham schools.

And if I was at a bit of a loss I had to proceed.

Whether he was just acting so differently than I’d expected.

From what I knew AB or had a well established relationship with Muslims.

He represents a ward with lots of Muslims in a city with a big Muslim population.

He’s a member of the Labour Party, which is the Liberal Party most British Muslims support.

He was married to the first Asian Muslim woman elected to burnsey council.

He has Muslim kids.

Yet he was putting stock in the Trojan horse that, despite his initial misgivings about his authenticity, and despite what he’d seen with his own eyes in his Birmingham.

For instance, Parkview, the school I’ve been having such success that brought up boys say such pride before the Trojan horse allegations.

Constable had visited at school.

I I can tell you I went to Parkview School and I was amazed.

By some of what they were doing absolutely amazed.

This is before Trojan horse thinking.

You understand what I mean about the nature of this letter that you marveled at the same school that this letter had convinced but but educational achievement is one thing.

But operating a school with an ethos with other values is something we also have to reflect on.

And ethos other values?

Words I’d become pretty familiar with from clash of civilization type texts that argue Muslims aren’t compatible with the Western way of life.

The Push Counselor Board to explain what he was alluding to with these words.

What have you learned that you are shocked by?

What precisely, had the Muslim educators who working in these schools done that was so concerning to him?

He kept referring to reports from the Trojan Horse investigators, but when we asked, Albert bore what from those investigations had shocked him.

It was telling that apparently nothing was disturbing enough that it stayed with him.

He could only point to how governors and Stephen East Birmingham had created what he called ominously, an atmosphere where a school governing body is putting unacceptable pressure on teachers unacceptable pressure on the head teacher.

To do things in a way which is not acceptable to enable certain objectives to be realized in that school.

Saying certain matters and certain objectives.

What’s the inappropriate thing that was actually happening?

It’s ‘cause there’s words like things are a little vague.

Well, yeah, let’s show the vague, but if you read these reports, it’s quite clear that things were things were happening which was against the run of what should be happening in that school.

I don’t find it so clear.

I feel a little confused by the reports, having read them recently.

Quite honestly, what exactly?

About this is bad, you know, like undue religion against what standard is that being measured when you read it?

It’s a little hard to get your grasp on what exactly the report is saying and and you know.

And I’ve read it in good faith and really trying to understand it.

It’s about the reason would come to Albert War to try and get some clarity.

The evidence and conclusions in these reports seemed fuzzy to us, so we were hoping Albore could help us understand what had made officials go from celebrating these schools for incorporating the students faith in culture to condemning them.

Instead, what we got from counselor bore.

We’re insinuations there were, quote UN quote matters of concern, he said.

A set of activities, individuals acting in common by the end of the interview, he’d come up with exactly one example of a practice that was found going on in these schools that are pulled him.

In some schools, there were certain activities which appeared were being done on a single sex basis, and those activities Abiball told us.

Wear PE and sports and that was because of the Muslim so-called Muslim ethos that was being applied.

Is that unusual for schools or totally?

Yes, it’s totally against the normal activities of a school.

The government doesn’t keep statistics on how many schools teach PE to boys and girls separately, but the Department for Education specifically allows for him and from my own experience going to school in England, and every Brit I can remember ever talking to about this.

That’s pretty standard in schools, Muslim ethos or not.

Council both said he thought there were other inappropriate changes changes, he said would have been OK.

By the way, if these had been denominational schools, which they weren’t.

But again, he wasn’t positive, what changes he was talking about?

In our 2 1/2 hours with him PE was all he could remember for sure, so there’s no evidence of anyone being incited to.

Violence, incited to join a group that that I don’t think there’s any evidence which could lead you 100% to that view.

There might be evidence around Constable picked the Trojan Horse letter back up.

It’s a partial letter.

Well, it appears to be that you see there was something before this first page and would appear that there could be something after the final page, because it says I would also like and then it stops.

So that sentence is he’s refound to the bottom of the last page of the letter.

That final sentence fragment.

I would also like as if the thought would have continued on the following.

Age had ever been found, so this was part of a bigger document.

Was there some further steps towards the end of this letter which is about Islamic extremism?

I don’t know.

So alright, well, we learned where Albert Gore stands, right?

Fucking surprising, I’ll tell you that mate.

Hams and I headed out of Council house.

We put its columns and Dome and clock tower behind us and started walking.

Hamza was animated, that’s fine but now just sit here and talk as if from day one you receive this letter.

You accepted it, you went around and you tried to get other people to reflect your urgency.

No one else is on board like you were.

No bullshit mate.

I love how mad you are mate.

I’m pissed why?

Look at the power that the letter had on officialdom, right?

Look at it.

Four years on, it is so ingrained in their mentality that.

You know all these things are sinister as fuck.

All these things were happening, they had to be stopped.

These practices these block these steps.

What the fuck was concerning?

Tell me what’s concerning me just break it down to me you’re literally poking me in the chest right now.

Hey, I’m I’m seething the audacity to say that the results hums and I kept walking around city centre past the clothing stores in the cathedral and Elaine called Needless Alley then passed the clothing stores in the cathedral and Needless alley again.

It occurred to me we’re not actually going anywhere.

Don’t give that shit.

I’m just like I couldn’t believe it made the way in which he was describing a situation.

The the terms in which he was kind of like addressing this issue.

I’m like fucking hell mate, you’re saying some radical shit.

Essentially, about me.

I cannot think of the top of my head at moment where I’ve sat opposite someone and they have just.

You know?

Disparaged Muslims in the way that boarded today.

Really honestly, I have not without quite doing it without quite doing it openly, but in a kind of like.

Not in Wink kind of way suggested that may come on, he’s he’s guys are fucking extremist.

Let’s be honest you know I mean and do it so casually so comfortably.

I guess counselor boards attitude towards a Trojan horse affair shouldn’t have been such a surprise to me.

What he had said, the letter was probably a hoax, defamatory, even when I looked back his earlier statements, I don’t just say he had always equivocated purveying the same logic.

There’s so many others had the even if the letter wasn’t genuine, it would still be pointing to serious issues.

pissed me off though, was counselor.

Both reliance on the letter throughout our interview and the vague language he was using alongside it is innuendos about extremism.

I don’t think Albors are racist.

I believe he hasn’t say concern and sensitivity about Burma with Muslims, but he still managed to make people like me sound alien and dangerous in some way and I didn’t feel good.

And I actually thought at one point, like does he know what my name is obviously been corresponding with Brian Reed?

Does he know there’s Hamza?

Say it in this room.

Personally, was eye opening really this interview?

Well, yeah.

It’s a conversation I’ve had with my friends.

With my conservative Muslim friends who’ve always had held this belief that like.

There’s a bigger wider conspiracy you know and like everyone is against Muslims and there is no success for us in the West.

And I never entertain any of it.

I know it’s common for us immigrants to get twisted up in our split, cultured existence.

But honestly, I’ve been able to make it work for me.

I grew up in a conservative Pakistani family, but we always lived in white neighborhoods.

I’m a Muslim, but I went to a mostly white Catholic school and was in my service more than a mosque.

And this helped me carve out a pretty sweet spot for myself.

A brown person who white people were at ease around because I dressed like them and speak like them.

I can get them to pay attention and care about what I have to say.

Like convincing a Brian Reed to fly over from New York to join this hunt.

This is part of what I was hoping to do as a journalist.

I thought I could get access to white rooms or power and focus them on our brown issues.

So my Muslim Pakistani mates who aren’t as native to Whitespaces tell me that the West has it out for all of us Muslims.

I’ve always denied it.

I’ve always said they’re paranoid.

And it’s talk like that.

That’s held us back.

It’s talk like that that so you fight with your friends about this.

I used to fight with them every opportunity I had.

I’ve always, always, always argued against that.

And then I said, opposite Albert War.

I mean, look, I didn’t feel like I was sitting in front of a bigot.

Does the rational man?

What educators were learned in a position of power.

He’s even married a Muslim once, and yet here is someone who can only look at this matter in terms of like.

Something sinister?

He was more willing to entertain the idea that the page was missing at the end of this.

Trojan horse that this was gonna ultimately lead to radicalization, extremism, he was more willing to entertain that than he was willing to entertain that idea that actually there might have been something good happening in this course and his kids were actually thriving.

Is that making you rethink the stance you’ve taken in the past, I guess?

Or is that what you’re saying?

It just makes me think that as much as convinced that their stance wasn’t right.

Maybe my stance wasn’t right either.


That makes me a little bit easy.

‘cause you really believe that stuff?

Yeah, I mean God, it was very important for me to to to believe that it gave me the impetus to kind of explore other fields or their careers.

Because I didn’t think there was, you know, some kind of.

Fundamental distrust of Muslims.

Who the fuck was I defending?

What do you do with these feelings?

As a journalist, I wonder?

I don’t know, maybe because like for me, the worry is.

And I don’t like talking about this because for me the worry is what if you become the Muslim reporter?



Say this as a society that you’re operating in where if Muslims take over school and turn it around.

It’s a threat.

But imagine a Muslim journalist who’s coming in.

What if people start listening to their words?

Is that not equally a threat?

If you weren’t here on this story with me, I don’t know if what we arrived to together as a conclusion, even if I arrived at the same conclusion on my own, would have enough credibility.

Because these words are coming out of my mouth.

They’re gonna be received differently.

For the sheesha, can we get a vanilla and rose and can we get a pot of minty as well please when it got dark out, we ducked inside a sheesha cafe, a hookah lounge.

It was cool.

It was up at the top of this abandoned movie theater.

I put my recorder down.

I thought we were done for the day.

Hamza picked it up.

Like ask you questions at some point I should ask you questions he said, which fair enough?

Yeah, it’s fine because like OK, so I want to know why was I here.

He asked me doing this story with him.

What was I hoping to achieve?

I did this story this summer where I went to Alaska and of course Alaska is exactly where I thought this would go.

Keep driving through anchorage.

You keep driving another like 5 hours.

Brian told me about how he’d been reporting a story.

About immigration there.

Recently in a town called Homer.

That’s the end of the road in America, and that’s Homer.

And they were fighting.

I googled the place after we talked pictures of Bears, lakes and mountains popped up a far cry from Birmingham, UK.

Yeah, they’re having this fight about immigration and their town, even though they have no immigrants.

They’re planting stories about places like Birmingham had influenced people out there.

Brian kept interviewing Alaskans who told him they were afraid and angry at Muslims because they dread online.

Having Europe, we taken over large swaths of cities.

And turn them into so-called no go zones, where non Muslims can’t enter on a Fox News segment.

Birmingham was famously accused of being taken over entirely by Muslims, the whole city.

He said it struck him how powerful these fears were in a place where Muslims were basically a theoretical idea.

There’s only one Muslim guy as far as Brian knew who lived there on a boat.

Apparently the night I walked up to Brian backstage, who’s looking to report a story in one of these supposedly captured European cities to dispel the myths about them.

Cheers, no go zones mate.

In one right now, no.

I don’t know.

I heard all of Birmingham was.


I mean depends.

Depends which outlet you tune into.

Do you think will change anyone’s mind?

Buy anything.

Is that even an important ambition to hold or does it does not matter?

I don’t think about that.

What I’m doing a story because I feel like it will often lead to disappointment.

The things that motivate me to do a story here ‘cause it’s a good ass story and I want to tell a good story and I feel like it can have all sorts of byproducts like changing peoples minds.

But for me I think I would get disappointed a lot, whereas like if you’re doing a store where you personally want to know the answer to something you personally want to do, the best story you can.

Then that’s like we try to derive the motivation from.

You know?

No, I didn’t know.

Why would you do a story if you didn’t care what impact it would have?

Or’s letter was written to influence that Adderly case.

We sharpened our strategy.

We started asking people important people.

Did you connect the Trojan Horse letter to the Adderley dispute?

And what did you make of the connection?

But when we ask these questions.

It became apparent that early primary school was the No Go zone.

How about Adderly the school that’s talked about at length in the letter?

What did you do in terms of taking that on?

But what do you mean taking it on?

Ian Kershaw, the consultant Albert Baur brought in to investigate the Trojan Horse letter for Birmingham City Council.

We pressed him on the Adderley dispute.

Did you read up about that situation early that was developed at the time?

Yeah, yeah.

Can you give us a bit details about our situation?


It is particularly important that I don’t kind of touchy, huh?

I’m certainly not going to comment upon it any further than I’ve already.

We understand that when we started filing Freedom of Information requests with the Birmingham City Council for documents, we suspected had information about Adderly, they were touchy, too.

They stalled, issued ridiculous denials were found by a regulator to have broken the Freedom of Information law numerous times in their efforts to withhold documents from US.

When I asked the Employment Tribunal for its records from the Adderly resignation case, the Birmingham City Council hired a fancy barrister to fight me.

Not only do they not want the records released, the council wrote to the tribunal that the case file ought to be destroyed.

And oddly, the City Council submitted that request on behalf of Rosanna Dar and her husband Kadir RF.

Even in Westminster, things were weird.

We went down there to the House of Commons to talk to the Member of Parliament who represents Alum Rock, A guy named Liam Byrne.

We thought he’d be helpful because Adderly primary schools in his district and we knew that one of the teaching assistants who accused Rivanna Dar of faking the resignation letters, had gone to Liam Byrne for support.

We knew he sent a letter to the Birmingham City Council about Mrs Starr saying he wanted her investigated immediately, saying this was so serious.

He wanted to talk to a Council representative directly that was Varnadore was still at the school and quote has the freedom to destroy evidence.

But when we tried talking to Liam Byrne about all that about Rezvan Adar and the way she was described in the Trojan Horse letter.

This is the second page of the Trojan Horse letter.

This section, in particular by Adderly Primary School, which is in your constituency.

Yeah, did it stand out to you in any significant way when you read it, no more than the rest of the letter.

He would not engage with it.

We’d brought his own letters to talk to him about, but he sat there refusing to look at them.

It was really awkward.

It’s right there next to you if you wanna read it or not.

I think you’re allowed to look at it seriously.

I’m just not.

I’m I’m I’m not going to comment on anything to do with correspondence.

Here’s why, or representations for individual constituents need to do.

And if you don’t respect that, then I think we’re gonna conclude it here so you never had a conversation with anyone else about Rezvan Adar being the author of the Trojan Horse letter.

I can’t.

I can’t talk to you about why can’t you talk about that?

We’re talking to Dave leaving us what I don’t understand, you’re waving us goodbye.

He stormed away.

Meanwhile, back in Alum Rock just had another door slammed on us.

This is moments after a former chair of governors, Adaline Jawad Iqbal shut his front door in our faces.

Aliquid surprised him or anything.

We’d had a friendly conversation the week before, and he knew we’d be coming by.

But this time he threatened to call the police on us.

The third person to make that threat in a month.

So weird to have someone make you feel like you’re doing something criminal that move.

Trying to criminalize what you’re doing, which is completely upfront and decent.

You know you’re struggling with this more than I am.

I’m a fucking minority mate.

My entire life.

Is this?

Why are we doing this story?

And you realize the story you’re reporting on who you talking to?

So weird to have people criminalizing.

In a known behavior, shut the fuck.

I’m like, fuck , you know.

man you got me.

appreciate the mirror you’re holding up to me I’m glad you’re having these moments mate welcome to my fucking world.


It struck us that on the one hand, officials were insisting they’d barely thought about where the Trojan horse that I might have come from because it didn’t matter.

And yet when we ask them about their relationship, apparently primary school to the letter, it triggered an almost Pavlovian response to them to run away as fast as they could.

But one afternoon in a research.

Brian came across a clue as to what they might be running from.

We follow that lead after a break.

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I was noodling around on this site one day called whatdotheyknow.

com, which helps people make Freedom of Information requests in the UK and keeps listings of them online.

When I found a reference to a Birmingham City Council record with a title that piqued my interest, final audit report, Adderly Primary School alleged falsification of documents.


I saw that a woman named Pauline Geigen had requested this document, which looked to be an investigation report from the Council in 2014, and the Council responded that they would not be disclosing it, pulling it, asked for it again a couple of times over the years, and each time the Council refused her.

They spent, so we met Pauline for dinner to find out what she knew about this report at her favorite Italian restaurant, Birmingham City centre.

How’s the fish?

Lovely though, that makes the dinner sound like a much more normal evening than it was.

Pauline’s the kind of person who cultivates a certain mystique.

She wouldn’t tell us the name of the restaurant to meet at, for instance, she directed us to rendezvous at a statue instead, though, as we found out, the statue no longer exists.

When we finally did make it to the Italian place, the proprietor beckon Pauline to the host station where he wanted to have a few words with her privately, which seemed mysterious in the moment.

But we later learned, was because she hadn’t paid him the last time she was here because her fellow pastry tasted unusual.

You have evidence.

Here’s a little story now as we’re eating dinner, I’m trying to coax out of her anything she knows about this report about the falsification of documents at Adderly.

Keeps telling me to turn my recorder off.

Don’t put that on there or kill you.

I’m still not clear what Pauline’s profession is, by the way.

But for our purposes, I’m going to go with vigilante local journalist.

It’s used to run a Twitter account called News in Brum.

Brum is Birmingham’s nickname the Trojan Horse scandal is one of her biggest stories.

Our dinner with Pauline was a bit disjointed, so we met her again the following week.

This time she Hamza and I packed into a Carol at the Birmingham Public Library.

Our suggestion she wanted to meet on a gallery bench in the Art Museum.

She came bearing a bunch of old notes from her time reporting on Operation Trojan Horse.

You can see how much I was immersed in it.

I could tell you were immersed in it from afar.

I could tell it.

Yeah, ‘cause I knew people lying.

That’s why people who shouldn’t be at all levels.

And people who paid a lot of money to be leaders and honest and open.

Pauline told us that while she was covering Trojan horse, she got a tip from someone close to Adderly that after that, as there had complained to Birmingham City Council that Mrs.

Darr might have fabricated their resignation letters.

The Council did an investigation and that an audit report was written which.

I have seen some of, but not all of despite many tenacious Freedom of Information requests which have been rejected by the Council.

I’d requested it too before meeting Pauline and the Council also denied me.

Times of us for it.

We saw yes for at least twice.

I’ll ask for it more than like some ask privately as well, not not putting it on whatdotheyknow.


Clearly they don’t want us to see because so many people have asked for it.

I know other, I believe BBC people have asked.

I’ve asked, I know other journalists that work independently, that I’ve asked.

You’ve asked nobody is getting it, are they?

Really, if you wanted to put your money into anything in this investigation, it would be get that audit report.

Test, test, test test test test 1/2 OK what are you holding that right?

OK so we.

We have just been given the audit report.

Final audit report.

It’s in my hands.

This makes it sound easy, but I have to tip my hat to Brian here.

Getting this order report was quite an ordeal, not least because as we would learn one of the reasons that Council was so sensitive about this report is because they eventually rather mystifyingly retracted it, which will tell you a whole story about later.

Anyway, it took some maneuvering from Brian to dig it back up.

I’d catch him late at night in his hotel room, on his phone, swapping messages with sources.

He’d say about this audit report he once ran away in the middle of a football match.

We’re watching together to continue some secret conversation.

I was weeks away from flagging his behavior to his wife.

When one day he came up to me and said Watson, I said, stop calling me that he said follow me and we had it.

We had the audit report.

I can’t say much about how we got it, except that we obtained it legally.

We were able to authenticate it by cross referencing it with other documents and the honest way it was.

It was held with gloved hands.

Honestly, I feel like we just acquired state secrets and so it feels like there’s an app it really does, except it’s about primary school.

This is the cover page, restricted.

Oh boy.

Substantial 16 pages.

16 pages.

Brian ready to me.

He’s cleaned by misses.

The document was put together by internal investigators, auditors, including account of fraud, specialist at the Bone City Council, looking into the dispute, resignations from the 40 days to determine whether the resignation letters have been falsified, and if so, whether Mrs Darr was involved in their production.

The report stated the 3rd of October 2013, about seven weeks before the Trojan Horse letter appeared at the Birmingham City Council.

So this is the information that Council had about reservada, and those resignations, as they were deciphering the Trojan horse layer.

This report it’s a brutal document for Mrs DA.

The Council investigators paint a picture of Mrs.

Dawe trying to get her Ocean’s 11 on to set up that as but fumbling at every turn.

Let me share just one memorable detail.

Investigators observed that on the resignation letter, Mrs dot insisted was written by one of the teaching assistants, a woman named Shahnaz Bibi.

Schnoz is name is spelled incorrectly.

It’s missing an H, meaning if she knows baby had written it, like Mr Dog was claiming.

She misspelled her own name.

Then a couple of weeks after Mr.

DART announced that the woman had resigned, the school sent greeting cards to all four of them, parting notes, wishing them well for the future.

That alone was quote inappropriate for the school to do, the auditor writes.

Given that the employees were adamant that they hadn’t resigned, but on top of it in the greeting card, oddly centralized baby.

Schnauzer name is also spelled incorrectly.

It’s missing an age the same age that was missing on her alleged resignation letter.

According to report, when the auditors tried to interview Mr.

Darfur, their investigation she cancelled on them four times.

The report says that lawyers for Olderly insisted in an email that Mr Da and the school had quote substantial evidence, witness testimony, and forensic that she had not forced the resignation letters, but they never provided any of it to the audit team.

Adding these lawyers had advised Mr Da not to participate in the investigation since the school was an illegal fight with the TAS.

The conclusion of the inquiry that it is right.

Is that although they found no direct proof confirming that the resignation letters were fabricated by Rezwana Daher self, the manner in conduct and how she has chosen to deal with the resignations and this audit investigation is concerning and undoubtedly calls her integrity into question.

Wow, we have determined that the resignation letters have been falsified in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, it is reasonable to conclude that Mrs.

Dar may have been involved in the fabrication of the resignation letters in order to terminate the contracts of employment of four individuals.

Who each have an unresolved grievance raised against her?

Birmingham audit will be seeking the Directorate’s agreement to refer the matter to the police.

Wow, so dramatic.

There you go.

This was new to us, a bombshell.

The City of Birmingham was all over this case.

Their auditors have been scrutinizing it for months down to a graphological analysis of greeting cards.

They determined that the resignation letters were fabricated.

That Mrs.

Dar might have been involved in fabricating them, and as a result, lead sick.

The police on Mrs Dar.

She was in big trouble.

Well, we discovered in this audit report was proof that the Birmingham City Council, Albert Bourez, Birmingham City Council, was intimately familiar with the Adderley case before the Trojan Horse letter ever appeared.

So when they read the Trojan Horse letter, their investigators had already concluded that the scheme Dover throwers vendors had teacher.

The most detailed example of operation.

Trojan Horse was based on the evidence they’d seen not believable.

They’d found no plot against her.

Quite the opposite, they thought if anything, Mrs.

Darn may have been the one who had plotted to ouster colleagues.

They thought Mrs Darr was out there.

Possibly planting fake letters.

Dude, this is something.

This is something the city knew all this.

Next time on the Trojan horse affair.

The meeting and the mole.

The Trojan Horse affair is produced by Hamza Saeed and me, along with Rebecca Lacks.

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