Lex Fridman Podcast - New Name: Lex Fridman Podcast

I’ve been hosting this podcast called Artificial Intelligence for over two years now.

I decided to change the name to just Lex Friedman Podcast for several reasons.

First, that’s what most people call it anyway.

Second, I’ve already been interviewing physicists, historians, philosophers, mathematicians,

writers, athletes.

Switching away from AI in the name gives me the freedom to do that a little bit more.

I still want to talk to the top researchers in artificial intelligence and science and

tech in general, but also people who inspire me and have had a big impact on my life outside

of science and tech.

Third, most practically, I’ve found that guests even slightly outside the field of

AI like neuroscience, neurobiology, physics, chemistry, math, have been intimidated by

the name AI.

So going with a silly generic name, my name, just seems easier.

Hopefully you see that I try hard to make the guests the star of the show, not to take

myself too seriously or seriously at all, and always ask the simplest possible questions

in hopes of arriving at something fundamental and even beautiful, even if it makes me look

like an idiot, which I very often am.

RSS feed is still the same, everything is still the same.

If you enjoy this thing, share it with others.

Your kind words as before, as always, and your love has been fuel for me for which I’m

forever grateful.

Version 3.0 will be outside the simulation, but for now, let us stay here a little longer.

Love you all.

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