Call Her Daddy - 1 - SEXT ME SO I KNOW IT’S REAL


Daddy, do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas bitches.

It is call her daddy episode 1.


First of all, I just want to go ahead and say you probably have no idea who we are.

And that is okay.

Because we are nobody’s, that’s probably why.

I bet everyone listening.

Either you your mother your neighbor’s dog.


You’ve all got a podcast at this point.


We were just feeling really.

Fucking left out and were like, let’s get on this podcast train.

Yeah, it’s kind of hot.

I like it.

So I think we should first introduce ourselves.

Like we said no one has any idea who we are.

So Sofia bring who you are to the table right now.


Oh God, this is gonna be a short intro.

Because who the fuck am I?

My name is Sophia Franklin to be honest.

I’m probably here just to ride Alex’s coattails.

Um, I work a 9 to 5 job to finance firm in the city.


And you know, I I think a lot of this is going to be us just talking about our day-to-day lives and the shit show that’s happening when you’re in your 20s.

This is gonna definitely be a shit show.

My name, my I can’t even get over how I sound on this Mike, you guys, it’s all new to me.


My name is Alexandra Cooper.

I am a stay-at-home trihard vlogger by day and an insta.

Ho by night.

Can I get a round of applause for a self?

You know, that’s what every girl wants in their life.

I’m an insta.

Ho, okay.

So for All her daddy Sophia.


And I have only known each other for what six months.

Yeah, I think it.



We met each other because we needed roommates and we met each other.

The day that we met each other.

We signed a least and he went out and got hammered that night together.


It’s a beautiful thing called, love it and it’s just been a wild ride.

It has these past six months, have been more of a shitshow than my college experience living with.

You has been an actual trip.

So, get right into it.

I already know.


I can tell you want me to go right into it happened.

Last night.


I’m currently waiting to it.

Just go for.

Let me just first.

Say that we are in a studio right now with guys staring at me and I’m like, men hold your horses and get ready for what we just did last night.


All right, so, I’ll get right into it.

So, I’m talking to this guy and we’ve been talking for like a little bit last night, Sophie, and I just decided to get drunk.

There was nothing.

There was no reason Sophia has her job today.

Again, I get to sit on my couch and do jack shit.

But Sofia had to go to work today.


So last night we’re getting hammered off.

Whiskey Class C baby.

So we’re getting hammered.

And you know when you’re drunk is a girl you need to be texting a guy.

There’s got to be one guy in your phone.

One specific guy that you’re texting at the time and so Sofia nights are texting this guy and you know, when the liquor starts flowing baby being a little hot and heavy a little sexy.


Oh dear.

God, if my parents are also watching those turn the thing off now dad, because this is where you’re going to lose all respect for your daughter.

Okay, so, you know, that thing Millennials do, it’s called, you know, texting or or sexting if you will, when you’re drunk.

Let’s just get right into it.


So we start, you know, sending some unwarranted tax.

Like this guy’s not even trying to be creepy.

He was being and I don’t know the conversation started off just like hey, how have you been in your like do you want to fuck me or what?

We’re like.

Not exactly like that, but basically, And I just want to like guys know on a little secret if you’re texting a girl and you guys start sexting just know most of the time girls are texting you with a pack.


No girl is sending you a text and being like I’m alone in my bed and I’m thinking about you right now, baby boy, you know, we got the crew.

It’s like girls read this before.

I send that shit.

It’s like you send out a questionnaire and you’re like, Check.

Yes, or this is brilliant.

Check know if it’s not.

Let’s fucking go.


You five of us were all brilliant.

What’s gonna turn him off?

On you pass that shit around.

So last night.

I tet what I’m tight?

Oh my God, like talking about his dick and that’s enough and I throw in you know, the classic.

Like I wish you were here right now fucking my tight little pussy.


Yeah, baby, let’s just break the ice earlier.

That’s I think that’s a class at the classic.

But then I also know, my whole friend over here.

Sofia is a goddamn.

Well, good song.

Wow, so I’m like, girl, take a look.

How does this look?

And Sofia out of there is no hesitation.


Sofia takes my phone and it’s like, I can’t even believe you would.

You would dare almost send that text without adding that one adjective.

I love the most, and I’m like, what the fuck is your objective?

Sophia, go ahead.

The adjective was warm.

And I thought they warm was going to take this fucking sexed up.




Don’t ask me why to the next level.

So what do you end up writing to?

Like, I wish you were here, fucking my warm tight little pussy.

It took like my God, I couldn’t even imagine what you sent that without War.

I know.

And at that point, I’m like what other fucking adjectives should we like?


I might highlight little flirty cute fun.

Ambitious pussy.

I’m like, why do we gotta grow every adjective?

And give him what he needs.

So at that point, I’m like, okay, this guy is in love.

I got a boyfriend and he lives across the country.


So I’m like, you gotta keep that shit entertaining for him.

And that’s not even the worst part of the story.

That’s not the reason I woke up this morning saying, well, you know, this is why I’ll probably never hear from this guy again.

I wake up this morning and I’m looking at you because you, I have never seen Sophia Franklin.


Leave faster in the morning than she did.

For work this morning.

You’ve never not been out here because you knew I Add some beef with you.

Oh my God, I want to cry, right?

So I wake up in the morning and I will admit I and you can kind of back me up here.

I’m that girl that I will black out anything.


If I don’t want to remember something happened.

I’m like no, I never dated you.

If I dated a girl for your I’m like no I was I was comatose that entire year.

I wasn’t there as blackout so I can usually just block things out.

But this guy I’m still talking to and so I had to reread the tax.

I’m like, what the fuck did I say?


So I start reading our texts and I’m reading the whole warm the tight.

I’m like, oh my God.

You made that change.


No, I’m gonna call you.

The fuck out right now, because we haven’t even talked about it.

So, guys, I look at my phone in the morning and aside from the hot sex thing that went on.

I remember I left Sophia my phone and she decided somewhere in her blackout state.


That this statement that she wrote him.

And I swear to God guys.

I’ve read so many sex in my life.

I have never heard a girl.

No guy to do is turn this off.

No, go ahead Sylvia.

Tell them what you wrote to him.

Because I know you remember I need to preface this with yeah.


I’m a little bit psycho, but I came from a good family, a good home normal, you know, you’re trying to give your exposed to, you know, crazy stuff.

Something happened in that blackout.


Where I thought it would be the sexiest thing in the world to say, these are my exact words.

I want you to degrade me, too.

Not hot.

That is not sexy.

No guy thinks that that.



I’m looking at the guys in the room.

They’re like, what is wrong corner?

You see, I want you to degrade me.

Oh my God, pause.

Oh my God.



Well, that was on my phone for you.

Why would you know the worst part is?


I’m reading this and I’m like, Hi, how are you want you to degrade me?

Like, where do we go from there?

But the saddest thing is like, he kind of went down.

And that’s why.

I know I’m not protecting him and I want to know from guys.

Yeah, would that turn you on?

Because I’m gonna guess one out of 99.


Black guys would be into, and I’m praying to God.

I’m not thinking about it.

I’m praying to God, that guy was drunk, because, as I kept reading guys, he said some weird shit about like, spitting in my mouth after that.

And I was like, yo, alright dude, maybe you’re a little crazier than I thought.

You’re welcome.


You’re welcome.


Now we want some is kinky little minx, and I’m like, so by the way, and I know he watches my vlog.

So he’s probably going to listen to our first podcast and be like, so you’re basically sexting.


You’re not expecting, Alex Cooper.

You’re literally sexting.


So that went down last night and I realized from then on moving forward.


If you guys any guys that actually follow me one, a DM, me and let me know what your response would be.

If I texted you and I said, I want you to degrade me.


Now, I’m thinking about my bad.

Guys would like, oh, yes, Alex.

Coming in hot.



And you know what?

I wanted to yell at you this morning, but I think Karma kind of a chew in the ass because on our way here, in our Uber, Sofia realized something that’s the most embarrassing.

It’s all story.

This story is we’ve all heard stories about getting blocked.


Blocking people know, you know, I have to say though, before you go forward.

I haven’t heard that many stories about people getting blocked when I moved in with you.

Six months ago.

I have never seen a girl block dudes.

Like She’s just going pee like you’re like poop blocked.


He sent me like a.

Hey, what’s up, but I wasn’t in the mood so blocked.

If you block people, like it’s her job.

It’s crazy.

So go ahead.

I have I just get trigger finger happy.


So tell them the story, Sophia.


So I’ve been talking to this guy.

We were like really into each other so a few nights ago again, there’s like a few cocktails involved and we got in a little tiff.


I didn’t think anything of it.

People get in fights.

And I was trying to play the whole like, you know, I’m not gonna like answer him if he tries to reach out, blah, blah blah.

He doesn’t try to reach out.

So, you know, I gave him a little phone call like two hours later.


He doesn’t answer the liquor keeps flowing. 10 phone calls later and phone calls.

No, no, no intent X and I hate to say though.

You know, how girls are in the morning?

Like I cannot believe I called him ten times, as Sophia’s like know.

And then I called him ten times.


Yeah, no wait.

So yeah.

Yeah, that’s not normal.

And then the next day, I was like, oh my God, I’ll just call in like twenty nine more times on my lunch break because nothing shows how in love.

You are.

Then fucking blowing up, someone’s phone.

It’s true.


You’ve had an interesting man, affection.

He’s he’s really not giving me the time of day.

And I started to genuinely feel like shit about myself and I’m like, we had this great thing going.

I don’t know what the fuck happened.

And this was for those, for two days.

And then that’s why it that’s also why this was into the day of her sexting for me.


I think that’s why you took such a personal interest in my sexing life, because God knows you weren’t getting shit on your phone.

I’m like, whoa.

I’m not sexy.


So we so we’re about to ask, you get Grated baby, let’s go.

Yeah, absolutely.


So, and I am not shitting you on our way here.

I randomly decide to just look at his contact info.

I don’t know why the fuck I decided to do it probably, because I’m psycho, and I have the option to unblock him to unblock him, guys.


She has been sending green text me like this motherfucker turned his phone off in my drunken State.

I had block.

At him pissed off in the middle of our fight had no recollection and thought I was getting ghosted.

You ghosted yourself go.


See my fucking something.

That’s I guess you, we made it a thing.

How does that even happen?

Dude, your face.

I swear to God guys.

We’re taught.

We’re trying to talk, you know, the podcasts on the way here and Sophia’s like guys, they can’t get old like yeah, how is it guy?

Ghosting me like, come on.


I’m hot.

Like, I don’t deserve that shit.

I wasn’t that crazy and my stuff that you called him.

Twenty thousand times.

Meanwhile, little did we know he did not get one text when call nothing.

God only knows what he’s been trying to tell you.

He may have been calling and texting.

He probably was honestly and there I am sitting in my room being like, wow, you’re a disgusting piece of shit.


I think that is though, what you get for the amount of people that you block its uncommon.

The first person I ever blocked was my most recent acts and I’ve never even like had to fraternize with the whole idea of blocking until I met.

You, you’re the one that Actually told me to throw up the block and you know what, though?


I have to say because this generation is hilarious.

The way that we interact via social media and texting Etc because I think to myself and like normally you have to talk to your ex about whatever I blocked my ex.

I’m at work one day and I get an email from my act.


So you throw that shit like I’m like blocked bit and like no, no, I blocked you on my cell phone.

You think that’d be enough.

I haven’t.

Email and the subject line is hypocrite and I shit you not within the next three days subject hypocrite.


And I have a I have an email, a hundred and one emails later, I decided.

Alright, let’s fucking unblock this bitch because dear God, I don’t want to go into Gmail anymore, dear God, that and that is like, and I know people have like talked about this quite a bit, trying to reach people on different platforms.


Gonna say, hold on.

Let’s get some beer.

Franklin a moment to talk about.

So again, you’re the queen of blocking.

I want you to take our listeners through because you know, what girls and guys if you’re worried, you know, oh my God, he blocked me or if you want to block them, but you still want to talk to them.


Let’s turn it over to Sofia to take it up, the crazy Notch and tell us when you block them via texting and calling.

How can you then move forward and how have you talked to the guys that you’re talking to you not.

Well, that’s the great thing about 2018 is A fucking million ways to talk to people.


I thought venmo was a crazy way to try and get my ex to notice.

What the fuck was up.

Then I realized that this guy is obsessed with Fitness and eating healthy and you best believe MyFitnessPal app.


Became my new go-to.

I was like what’s up, you’ve had 28 carbs today and and I’m sliding the fucking call me.


I’m blocked me.

Like well, I’d you ate that yogurt.

Pick me up when you’re done baby boy.


I’m here and I’m ready.


I remember walking back from eating our fat asses eating some 99-cent delicious, New York City Pizza and Sophia goes.

I don’t know.

He’s just been a little distant lately.

It’s like one of the guys, you talking to him.

Like, are you crazy, by the way you he’s been blocked like a week and this is a normal thing.


Like social just blocks and blocks, and she goes, I’m Not going to lie to you, Alex.

Let me just tell you.

I stopped his venmo.

And I’m like, what?

What do you mean?

He stalked?

His badminton.

You like.

And I saw that last month, he paid this girl and I have to say, I’m a little concerned.


Yeah, and so I’m staring at her.

I’m like, no, I don’t like, I don’t understand.

And it wasn’t the subject, so knows it, literally.

I think it was like a puny much food, but this is the thing.

And this is where you’re really gonna think I’m crazy.

Is that Where you have to catch up them because they’re fucking off guard and they don’t think that you’re paying attention to their venom on your like be W of it.


I’m in and around the venmo.

Let’s hang out.

What about you?



This is this is why I love living with you because you teach me the tricks of the trade last night.

And I think honestly, this is where you catch some guys.

We’re talking and Sophia just rattled off.


You’re talking to a guy, you’re talking to you go babe, like in the cutest.

To because Sofia has her little Valley Girl voice and she does babe.

Like, can you give me your Apple ID and password?

And I’m like, okay.

I was like 80% joking when you person did I just want to see what I can make them really?


I just wanted to check in like see what he’s doing.

So moral of the story was we are we are absolutely crazy.

I don’t think we’re sitting here happy about it.

No, I know.

I’m kind.

That’s what I’m afraid of is coming off.

Like we’re wearing it as a badge of her.

I’m I want to fix that.


I want to work on it.

I want it.

I want to be realistic.

I shouldn’t be like this.

Is there a changes that need to be made?

I mean, I think when you admit that you’re going on to your Fitness Pal up and you’re checking after his yogurt.

That’s what I’m going to slice them.

You know what?

We’re seeing accountable.


We are we’re going to be coming on it and can I just say and this is where all right, like you said, we’re not wearing it as a badge of honor, but we had made girls.

Our girls are out of their mind.

Girls are crazy.

Can we just admit that?

Guys can be crazy to just a little bit, just in their moment of weakness, and let me say this.


This is what makes well, okay, maybe it isn’t crazy.

It’s just you’re obsessed with yourselves.

You’re annoying.


So what was it a couple days ago, you know, I don’t have the biggest data plan at my father.

If you’re still listening to your God, turn it off, but can you get me a bigger data plan think that?

So I’ve got a delete shit on my phone.


I’m like, okay.

I’ve got 10,000 pics.

It’s time to reel it in Alex.

Okay guys, when I tell you, That I have on my phone, more dick pics from my most recent ex, then I do selfies of myself on my phone.


I am not kidding.

You, the amount of times that guy thought, here’s a Christmas present, baby.


Wake up and smell the morning dick.

Like, I got that shit on my phone so much that it was almost like, I don’t even know what’s so and I sound like I’m exaggerating.


I’m not, I Go out in New York City and give everyone their own individual Monique album of my extra deck is like, one for you, one for you, which is crazy because how can you get that creative with a goddamn day, right?


Girls have very very like we.

Oh, yeah, you can hit the back shot, the V shot, the tit shot.

You can even take a selfie with your surface of your, you know, feeling it.

Meanwhile, guys.

It’s either like you take a pic of your abs and your dick or it’s just your dick.

And if you want to throw in a soft ankle, which he actually, sometimes, I can still pray to God.


That’s art at that point.

That is about art.

It is, it is.

And the funny thing about that is my ex was the same fucking way.

Like, dick picks up the asshole.



No, but I think, guys think, okay?


And this is actually, if I can give any advice to anyone listening because I know sometimes on my Instagram people Reached out to me and they want advice.

My first line of advice to a guy as if you are in the beginning stages of talking to a girl and I mean, you can correct me if I’m wrong.


I think it’s so gross.

When a guy just ran out of nowhere.

You’re not sexy.


Just randomly throws me a dick pic.

Hi, baby girl.

I mean, it did well cutest thing that’s interesting.

You say that because I feel for the most part girls talk about a dick pic like it’s disgusting every single time.


It’s never appropriate.

Honestly, if a guy sends me a great one and we’ve been dating for a while.

I think it can be hot.

No, I listened.

They really can.

You can love a good dick pic.


Once in a while in a blue moon, absolutely throw me, a nice dick pic.


So I’m like, well, nothing thinking about me this morning.



I love that.

Love that his weiner whole, dude.

Sophia is like weird obsession with these guys.


Like his dick, but I’m Sofia and I love the word wiener really like, it makes people feel like you’re never thought anything of it until you’re like, you say weiner, very weird.

I’m totally calling you out here.

I think it’s because, didn’t you tell me that this stems from one?



Can you think she’s fucking with one of your exes used to send?

Go ahead, tell you, I know it’s fine.

That’s how we thought we were gonna like.

Pull up a video, right?

Now, he would use permanent marker, and put two, little dots above, his wiener, whole Suite.


So he writes to two dots in their eyes.

And yeah, and the wiener whole organ is the mouth.

Maybe, that’s why I started talking about wiener holes because I didn’t know you could turn a wiener and a wiener hole into a fucking talking character that says, howdy ho in the morning.


Honestly, I said, that’s, why are you guys not married yet?

This is and that’s what I say.

No, I just said it but I’m like I doesn’t that kind of make you feel like he loves you.

He’s he is obsessed.

She had to get up.

He found the perfect Sharpie.

He made the eyes so cute and he said that knowing like a baby girl’s.


Gonna love my little league little wiener.

All I never met have been eyelashes on the eyes at one point.


I actually love that one.

I do like him a lot and shout out to you because I bet you’re going to listen to this.

But that is unique as fuck.

And that’s It’s something that I’m like, hey guys, like my ex would never think about that though.


And I think that’s something that well.

Well, well, I think that’s something that you and I have actually talked about a lot is the difference between your ex, verse my Axe and I think it’s almost one of those things where I think a lot of girls talk about, like my ex back in the day, like, our most recent axes are so Polar Opposites, we could do an entire podcast about each of them.


I mean, that’s just a perfect example.

He was Send me a video of his weiner whole talking to me.

We got, you know, my ACT, your XO, so insecure, and that’s just like the little like, okay, you know, what?

How about this is, how they’re different, my ex thought it was the sexiest fucking thing.


If I would fuck another guy in front of him.

Let’s just hold on.

He thought that was the hottest shit that I could do.

I see that you guys?

I think we need to pause on that for a minute because and I’ll admit.

So when I was growing up, I was always, I felt socially like a little bit ahead of the curve.


I always was like doing something.

I don’t know.

Mom, Mom.

I’m not saying I’m doing a leader inside of it.

Oh my God.

I’m not saying that I was doing crazy shit.

I just always felt like my friends came to me for advice because I thought I was like, I knew what I was doing when I met you Sofia and the shit that you brought to me.


I’m like wait, hold on me and my ex were just just Having sex.

Like so my actually was telling me.

So he wants me to fuck this guy.

My hold the phone.

Yeah, so your ex genuinely and I need you to clarify again one more time because I still your ex wanted you to fuck another guy in front of him.



Well and I will not see the other component to it as he was like honestly.

Like I If you were ever to hook up with a guy like behind my back, I want you to be honest about it.

But if you do, please bring it the fuck up.

While I’m having sex with With you, he’s like if you give me details about fucking him, while we’re fucking, that’s the hottest, the hottest thing you can do it.


I’m like, you are, you’re running water.

Look, can you please imagine my ex your ex boyfriend would fall to the ground Bobby and be like, no.

And that’s what I’m saying.

Guys are so different when you brought that up to me at.

And I know now that I have to think about our listeners guys.


When Sophia told me this I legit was like, to hold on.

Hold on.

Hold on one.

He’s out.

He want he would even he’s like, oh my God, my dream is to watch you.

Fuck someone front of me and then two.

If not, it would be so dope.

If you did fuck a guy that when you come full circle back around to your homeboy.


We’re fucking hi, babe.

Talk about that shit like that.

To me that take.

But you know what?

That takes a specific kind of man, because he is so confident in himself.

Yeah, then I think he’s probably the best you’ve ever had.

Let’s be honest the best sex I’ve ever had hands down.


Not even if anything, that’s crazy because I’ve always I told you it’s like if a guy looked at me the wrong, man, the club, my ex was like we’re leaving when we got in the car.

I love you so much.

I’m gonna cry.

Like, yeah, and I’m not trying to shit on him.

I’m just saying, like, I my ex verse, you’re very different.

But yeah, people, he’s okay.


Okay, let’s just, you know.

Threesome threesomes.

I’m going to say nine out of ten guys, wants to do a goddamn threesome.

That’s every absolutely, my feel like you girls you, whatever the two girls are going up each other.


So hot.

No, no no.

No not Anna.

Was I dating a normal man?

No, threesome was not enough.

I couldn’t just be like, be like, look at this.

Super hot girl.

And of course, he would think it’s hot, but he told me dead.


Serious, he’s like there is one thing that I want to accomplish in my life before I die.

And it’s in FFF FFM.

Now, please explain that to her listeners because the kinky World Alex come on get with the program.

It’s three girls and one guy and I’m like to you know, what the fuck do I use our cold calling bitches and be like, you know how you have an unlimited amount of girls.


I can just come fuck us.

Like let’s go.

Let’s just get.

The line going on.

Legit, you got like, two two extra girls.


I like let alone one.

Holy shit, babe.

Let’s do it.

Three times.

I don’t force it.


And I remember you asked me and you’re like, yeah, and the girls have to be like super hot.

I’m like, we could grab two homeless people off the side of the road and he’d be like Wow Let’s have a ton.

That’s actually.

You know, what?

I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say this because I mean, I guess I can I’m not using any names, so When I was dating my ex.


We are obsessed with this show and it’s called Impractical Jokers and it’s these guys and they do crazy shit around New York.

We are obsessed with the show.

We thought these guys are great.

Then one of our girlfriends told us that she knew one of the girl that is dating one of the guys and I’m here, learning about your life, you know, and I’m taking it all in and then here in behold, I find out that this is kind of a normal thing.


Some couples do this crazy shit.

So what they told me was, He was so into her fucking other guys, which again to me is so foreign.

But so let me give you an example of what they told me.

So they would order pizza.

They would have no idea.


They were just know if it was going to be a man or not.

And if it was going to be a guy he would say, you know what the mission is.

She would answer the door.

No, no and her job was to Allure him into the apartment.

Get him to like, you know start.


Talking to her and the end goal is I want you to fuck him.

The pizza delivery man in front of me.

Once you’re done, he leaves.

Then we will get into a giant fight about how you’re a horn, your slot, and you’re this and that, and then we’re gonna have fucking nasty.


No sex.

Okay, so they do like every ten fight about basically role-playing except the poor is.


You’re gonna tell me you haven’t thought about fucking the pizza guy like current delivers.

Deli, man, that we always go to the date.

Oh, no, I’m drinking.


Bathing him.

Eventually pretty talking about our landlord.

No, I’m, I’m just saying, I’m just saying it’s so crazy to me because to involve other people like that pizza, guys, probably.

Oh my God, I just had the time and he’s walking out goddamn if I could get that number.


He while this is just all part of their little little get together.

They’re trying to do and so he and again, oh my God, it is kind of degrading to a woman, but I guess if that is something I understand role-playing.

So if that’s the most extreme role-playing, like you said, you’re having for your, your boy wants for sums.


Maybe we’re taking all the way Pizza mail.

Let’s bring the cheese and the bread sticks.

And, oh, by the way, did you bring a condom is?

Let’s fuck.


I English.

It is way more common.

I mean, y’all don’t openly talk about it.

You know what?

Till now, once I call her daddy of the sewed, one baby.


Let’s go.

Do you know what?

It’s true.

People don’t talk about it, but there’s definitely every so I’ve never had a threesome in.

Life and putting it out there.

Hello everyone in New York City and anywhere else.

I’ve never had a threesome Alice Cooper, but I’ve definitely talked about it with my ex has multiple X’s sounds a little funny.


So I’ve definitely talked about it.

But I knew that my most recent acts we talked about it and it was like there was so much jealousy in that relationship.

Like if like I said, a guy looked at me the wrong way, there was no way he was going to be okay with watching me with you.

Or even another girl I think.


Because he was like, oh my God, you’re my angel.

You’re my princess.

I think, like we’re in our 20s.

So we don’t feel the need.

If I’ve been married to someone for 15 plus years.

I might kind of be like, fuck the fucking.

Let’s just do know and I think I, we’ve even talked about that week and I know we’re not even at that age.


So it’s not even kind of that relatable.

But there is a there is this point in your life, where you go babe.

How do we spice this shit up, but I want to just say that That kind of reminds me that like we’re talking about how we’re doing crazy shit and like it is kind of crazy.

But guys, love the crazy.


They were sitting here saying I am on record right now.

Men love the crazy.

Don’t try and tell me you don’t because you fucking do you can read ten that you don’t, you love it.

You love it is.

And you know, what?

If you’re dating a guy that’s a little bit old like in a like 40s 50s.


Maybe, they don’t love the crazy anymore because, you know, that They’re trying to tie shit down and they’re done and ok.

Never mind.

Never mind.

Never mind.

I don’t care if you’re 90 on your deathbed, you like the crazy.

It just, it is what it is.

It’s definitely and it’s not good.

It’s not cool.

I’m not being like, Oh my God.


It’s so fun.

It’s fucking no way, no stop.

So like I said, Sophia and I lived together.

We live in New York City, but we have, we have a third roommate and she’s doing great things with her life.

She’s getting her PhD and she’s saying we know nothing about Is becoming a doctor and saving lives.


And we were here, talking about Dick and whatever assholes.

But so she’s getting her PhD.

And so she’s had a boyfriend through college, and now, until now Sophia, and I sometimes have to spend time alone because she’s always working.


But when she’s home, I think it’s kind of a reality check for us, how freaking crazy we are.

And again, I won.

I want to reiterate, we are not proud of the crazy know and I think sometimes her name is Lauren Lauren.

Aaron almost brings us down to earth sometimes because there’s always that one friend.


That’s like I’m not calling her the mom of the group.

Hi Lauren.

I love you so much, but you always, she calls herself the moms because because she’s like, guys, hmm, you are not threatening to hack into this guy’s iCloud, ruin his life and expose him to TMZ and five minutes.

And were like, oh, yeah, we exactly know how to do that.


What you talking about.

She’s like no, no, no, guys.

It’s because we sit there and we come to conclusions.

Let’s talk about.

Yeah, I think half the reason that we are crazy because we have a Much fucking time on our hands.

Let’s be honest.

That is in girl’s, heart a crazy.

It’s true.

It’s not even insecurities.


It’s not even like whatever board hates doctors.

Start some crazy shit because I’m so bored half the time.

I’m little like Sophia.

Why do that?

Well, why do you say that fire?

Just like I was bored.

Let’s go get food.

Yes, and and this type of crazy is I feel like but then there’s another level of crazy witch.


Alex, I know this guy super hot super successful.

Like multi millionaire guide could have you know, any girl, any girl, super hot and he’s been dating this girl and she likes to dabble with, you know, Ambien and Xanax and alcohol, you know, just you’re just you’re nightly nightcap like, whatever kills.


So cool.

She’s a great time.

Let’s be real.

And she went on Facebook and I saw this firsthand.

And started posting about how his company that he, you know, his joy and pride and love in his life is taking over people’s brains and hijacking their brains to buy the company’s product and this is not in a vindictive way.


This is in a she genuinely was on some ambient trip and is like, oh my God, she thought they were a little video cameras and little speakers and like recording shit in her apartment.

So now my natural reaction as a man would be Like, Okay, so this girl has gone onto a social platform and she is posting that.


My company is ruining people’s lives and I’m hijacking you.

I don’t, I don’t know.

I actually haven’t even asked you the end of the story, but let me guess because there’s two options either.

He’s never talked to this girl, again or something.

Great happening.

Go ahead.

Tell me.

What are they doing?

They are on a yacht in Cuba and I can’t make this shit up there.


They literally posted a picture the other day and they’re frolicking in love, and she Lee thinks, his company is taking over her brain’s like and that’s how I know Facebook.

He’s going to ruin your life.

He’s like, oh my God, baby.

In fact, given fresh material than, I don’t know.


What the fuck it.

Let’s go and he pays for everything.

Oh, get on this fat.

Yeah, baby girl.

Let’s sail away together.

So, how can a guy expect us to expect anything other than we want to be crazy to be on that fucking yacht.

Are ya?

All right.

So, you know, I didn’t his crazy never been a champion and let’s get on Facebook for my own well-being.


I feel Like, I wanted to tone it down.

I think I actually do too.

I think we can both agree that call her daddy episode one.

We’ve talked about how we’re crazy.

But we’re getting there.

It’s almost like a therapy session guys.

I love that you’re hanging out with us, huh?

You’re listening.

I hope you guys can relate to a little bit of what’s going on next week.


We’re going to come back and we’re going to hit you with episode 2.

I hope you guys enjoyed episode.

I think I enjoyed episode.

Well, I mean, I’m sure there were probably like eight or nine people that listen to this and I love that but you know, that guy’s done.

Birth is about the time you had and what you felt downstairs while you were listening.


So next, we all three of you next week.

Listen, we’re running out of time, which is beautiful.

I didn’t know if we’d had enough content, but I want to just say next week.

I’m calling Sofia out because on the way here.

We actually started talking about her little cheating scandal.

So, if you have some great cheese stories and we get into that next week.


So I hope you guys come back and listen and but for now and for the record, no, I’m not proud of cheating and I genuinely will never cheat again, but the The way that I got caught cheating will blow your fucking mind because I’ve never heard something like this in my life.


So please bear with us.

It is pretty fucking.

Yeah, and so you all’s well, you’ll have to come back and listen for next week.

But until then, thank you guys so much for hanging out with us listening to call her daddy episode 1.

I hope you guys hang out with us next week and call her daddy.


Call her mother fucking down.

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