Call Her Daddy - 3 - The Gluck Gluck 9000


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Good morning, everyone.

It’s Alex, and Sophia back at it again.


Making Monday’s great again with another episode of call her daddy.

Oh, yeah, baby.

Oh, yeah, in our Fields today.

It’s so hello.



How was your weekend?

How are you doing?

Oh, wow.


My weekend.

I’m tan.

I’ve lost four pounds.

Um, how is my weekend Alex?

You fucker.

You’re attached to my hips.

Know how my weekend was stop playing around.

We were together all week.

Now last week, I said I was going on three dates though.


Give me my minute.

Like let me have a moment to just like talk about my shit moment of silence.

One, two, three, go.

So, last week, I went on three days.

One of them, I cancel.

Then he’ll never talk to me again.

One of them.


I regret more than anything in my life and one of them I loved I had an amazing date.

It was the last one.

So I guess.

Save the best for last.

It was an awesome date and we really just hit it off.

To be honest.


We ended up going on a lunch date the next day, but it wasn’t like a morning after kind of lunch to hate.

Like I slept in my own bed.

We didn’t do anything.


And and then we met up for lunch the next day.

And it was very like, we’re in love, like, hi.


I’m in love.

Let’s do the damn thing.

So that’s amazing.

I think you and I before we clear.

Yeah, I have something I want to say go last week.

I try to not listen to what I record.

So I don’t, you know, cry myself to sleep, but I realized that I keep calling women bitches and I just want everybody to know.


I mean it in the most endearing way I call myself a bitch.

I call Alex a bitch’s bitch.

Everyone’s a bitch.

Let’s Go.

It’s fine.

Own It own it.

Love it.

Love it.

Feel it.

I agree.

I know.

I’m like, wow, are we putting girls down in?


Like no, we love you.

Always support you.

Let’s do the damn thing altogether.

So shout out to all the women.

This is honestly for you.

I love you all.

I love you first.

Okay, so we called people bitches.

Second of all Sophia.


We got invited to the mother fucking Hampton this week baby.


This Rite of passage.

If you live in New York, you’re like, how do I get there?

How do I get the whole idea there?

Do I do?

Oh my God.

Boom, everyone.

That’s anyone is in the Hamptons.

Bujji as fuck.

Okay, so we got the invite and you know, we got the invite from.

So the guy that I had a successful date with boom.


We he actually invited us out that weekend, but ironically, I mean you think New York is in a small town.

It’s a goddamn small town because the guy went on the date with his best friend is actually Someone Sophia used to hook up with for quite some time and he invited us to The Hamptons.


We knew he was going to be there.

So we’re like, oh, I don’t know if we want to go.

If we don’t want to go.

I don’t want this to get too insular, but I used to hook up with a guy and now his best friend is somewhat talking to Alex, and he’s one of invited us and the best friend was gonna be there this weekend.


I’m like, what do the four of us?

Just do.

Like, we’re gonna have a nice horse time.


Not a foursome.

I know.

I have a reputation.

I meant for way happy.

We can boom, boom, boom, altogether.

It is funny because when you were hooking up with him, you wanted me to hook up with his friend.

And now I finally found its friend but not through you and I want you to go back and hook up with the friend.


So it’s a big fat for some.

Let’s do it.

Let’s get it, right?

Okay, so so, so, so that’s our update.

We had three dates.

Whatever will I had high as we discussed last time is you?


So anyways, I want to just say we set up the call her website shit Poppin, I mean fire, Guys are the the shit the tits.


Lickety lick.

Thank you so much.

I actually don’t know just came out of my mouth.

Disregard that cutback at that.


So thank you guys so much because your shits awesome you guys sent in stories.

You sent in advice.

You said an everything that we could actually come up with content for days, with your questions, and your guys.

So entertaining.


So, relatable.

I’m like, fuck.

I want to live on this page.

Can I say my favorite, my all-time favorite questions are the foot fetish.

And now, let me just say a lot of times guys slide into my DMs or like, baby girl.


What can I pay you to get a pic of the feet?

And I’m like, your God.

Oh my God, what the hell and and literally in our Forum girls.

Is it?


If a guy has a foot fetish what the fuck?

Okay, you’re saying, what the fuck I’m saying.


I had a guy and I can pull it up right now in my DM and he said, hey, Send me a pair of your use shoes.

I’m not making this up, her 500 bucks.

What a pair of you shoes.

I think I maybe should Lauren before our roommate.


I don’t know.

And, you know, that moment.

I don’t know how I was doing with money, but I looked at the corner of my room and I saw these disgusting cheetah Forever. 21 Flats now literally, maybe $19.

I don’t know and I was like money finder in your eyes.


I could just send these nasty things for 500 bucks.

Like designing be about person, is that brilliant?

Should we start a business?

Should we start a business called the fucking phone?

You are you looked at a 12 dollar pair of shoes in your like babe.

This guy wants to lick in and around my toe.


Hold, let’s get it poppin and it just occurred to me.

Nobody said he said The more used the better and guys with a foot fetish.

That’s what they want.

They want the sweaty.

They want to know that you’ve been walking around New York in those for like, 10 days in state 1.


Picture of just your feet.

Well, we know he wanted the actual shoe and then he was like, so I know it’s your feet.

Like I need to see like a picture with you in the shoe and the sheets.

Really a nude just way.

Way down south.

I wonder what put like a little flossy me to my toes and had my hand on my feet were thong and that would just get him the fuck up.


Like, that’s basically her vagina the tangent honestly to end this little story of foot fetishes.

Let me just say, Sophia all I’m getting from this conversation is Let’s start a fucking foot.

You got it.


Let’s do.

Let’s do this for our listeners.


Let’s see how many guys we can sell pictures of our fee to and let’s fucking count as much money we make and we can donate to charity.


Any guy of the foot fetish out.


We are about to send you are Forever. 21 Flats fucking DMI by have so many dirty as shoes.

They’re coming your way now.

Yellow shoes in my pants.

Okay, so, thank you guys.


Is so much for writing in, though, to the call her

Let’s move away from the feet and let’s get to the real fucking content.

So I took down a couple questions that people wrote in, and I have to admit, I didn’t tell Sofia beforehand.

So I’m just gonna know.


Whoa, so I’m just gonna rattle them off.

Here we go.

All right.

I got a guy wrote in, he put his gender.

I don’t know.

He just said male.

I’m like, okay he wrote in and he said on a scale of 1 to 10.

How stalkerish is that if I keep watching my snap map.

On Snap map on Snapchat to see where someone is.


So I accidentally run into her.

Um, it’s fucking brilliant.

It’s romance, its dedication.

And that’s all it fucking is.

I go for it.

So confused.

Why we haven’t thought about that.

I have people on Snapchat.


I’m like, hey, let’s do you know me?

I should probably not.

No, but thanks for the ideas.

One crazy person to another.

Whoa really ingenious.

So Okay, next one.

I matched with this guy on POF.

Everything was going well until he suggested.


He wanted to watch me fuck.

Another guy in front of him.

I honestly didn’t know how to react, so I just ended up blocking him.

Well, I know you can tell her how to react but also what the fuck is?

PFC that I met a guy on POF.

Are we old as shit with the hell is pure?

There’s a high school.



Someone help me.

It’s a high school, dating up.

And now I’m 50% off.

Is I say hi Mom.

Oh, wow.

Someone said it.

Bad, I’m whole shit.

This is actually kind of a funny one.

No, is it bad?

I’m trying to get back with my ex.

But I’m also looking for a sugar daddy, because I’m broke as fuck.


I don’t have any romantic feelings for the Dottie’s.

I’m just trying to live a debt free life.

Oh my God.

I don’t even have to like, hesitate on this one.

Your boyfriend, your sugar.

Daddy are two different entities.

One is a relationship.

One is a business.

Your boyfriend doesn’t need to know anything.


Just keep your Chanel bags in your Louboutins, you know a little secret or LT.

Might have questions but besides that go for it, baby done.


I love that answer.

I couldn’t feel more confident about that.

Holy shit.


Someone said, oh, I love this one.


Every guy in America.

Listen up, baby.

What are your thoughts on coming too fast?

Is it a deal breaker?

What if it’s the first time you have sex with them in?

You’re really interested.

I kind of feel bad, you know, every time a guy says that I’m like close your eyes, imagine.


Didn’t your mom eating out your grandma and if you can come after that, then you have problems.

If not, you should be able to hold it in.


My God, I’m getting arrested by.

No, but seriously, you gotta think of shit like that.


Hold it in think of anything that just, you know, takes it from a midnight to whatever it was.

Okay, love that Sophie.

I really appreciate that.

And yes, guys, it does kind of matter.

So really do your work and think of grandma and mom, okay, too.

Jesus Christ.


This one’s kind of bad.

Okay, 2 a.m.



So he said a really long story about this crazy girl, he met and I was like, oh my God, but the moral of the story is that the end, he said, 2:00 a.m.

She fucks me with no condom.

Should I be worried that I’m going to have a kid in nine months with the most crazy girl on the planet to that.


I say, dear God, you’re in our prayers and Godspeed.

Honestly, you’re dumb.

You’re dumb.

But at the same time, like I would love it.

Invitation to the baby shower and like, you know, if you’re gonna fuck with no condom with the crazy bitch.


You better get ready for 12 kids Cheaper by the Dozen up in this bitch.

What are we talking about?

I’m sorry.

I’m just saying it.

So I just want to say.

Thanks guys so much for writing in.

We have so many stories and there’s going to be more on each episode, but whatever every episode, that’s I’m ready.

So, with that being said, let’s talk about last week because Sophia talked about cheating.


Yeah, that story was he was fun, but let me just say, I kind of feel like people maybe, like, Damn, she cheated.

But what if you’re the person who gets cheated on, I’ve been cheated on before and that’s what I was gonna say.


So I had I think I think I got cheated on, I do gang.

So I think you don’t know, we’re still, you know, we’re still debating.

But okay, so let me quickly say it was guy was talking to way back when and you know, I was just trying to keep it light and tight and bright and I think it we would I think of we were exclusive like it was very good.


Like in between, I don’t really, really fuck with the word exclusive, but we tried it and well, here you go.

Here’s what’s happened.

So I felt like he was being shady now.

Everybody listening, this, am I bad person?

I feel kind of like you.

Okay, so, okay.


So this is what I felt.

I was being shady as fuck.

So I knew he was being a little twin.

What do you do?

I’m saying, sometimes if you’re being fucking shady and you see him pulling out the same Tendencies of the shade.

Enos I’m like, hold the fucking phone motherfucker.


I just did that.

She last week when I was XYZ.

I said I was at Burger King.


Nobody was hurt and I’m hanging.

I’m sorry.

Talks like energized.

Yeah, when you’re acting the most paranoid crazy.

A lot of times, it’s because you’re being fucking JD.

I’m crazy.


So ever admit, I was being sketches.


I’m sorry.

Anyway, so I’m being sketchy and you know, I’m like, ìokay.

I do like to play a little bit of games, he comes home, and I’m like, hmm.

Every guy thinks there’s every girl to because I just same fucking thing.

You’re so smart.


My phone is clean.

You’ll never find anything on me.

Motherfucker, the iPad or the fucking computer.

They never because the iPhone is so much to worry about already and I myself, you don’t think like, gotta babysit that I’ve had gotta babysit.


The waffle, is fucking everyone left and right, so I’ll go for the iPad.

He comes home and I admit it.

Like I did care, I really did care about the relationship.

I was in it, but I kind of just want to see him squirm.

So you were talking.

I’m like you’re being shady as fuck.


Whatever bulb up.

Pull out the iPad right in front of him.

And I didn’t even need him to swipe it open because his face turned Casper.

The Friendly motherfucking goes.

He was so fucking white.

I’m like, okay, so yup.

I’m gonna find mad shit on here.

I could have walked out of the room, but I’m like, no, I need to pain him even more.


I said open this in front of me right now and you just like, oh, It’s well, I yeah, of course, but I got you right now.


Let me just I forgot my password.

Hold on.

Let me just, and I’m like, bitch.

The fucking thumb.

Put that shit on and activate it like the thumbs like.

Okay, that’s but, you know, some girls kind of do that at night.


They’re like here babe and you put the phone and I’ll put some on it and he’s open, that’s a size up.

Okay, so he opens the iPad and I look, and of course, asked hits.

I’m like, yeah, I expected all this shit, but I’m trying to like, watch him while he sweat and then I found the most Brilliant girl.


Ever, she sends him a video of herself sucking.

Another guy’s dick.

Oh, Harry is fuck.

Guys, you know, keep it a little bit, like cleaned up trim.

Go see Bruno at the barbershop.


So then I’m like, okay.

Holy shit.

She’s down on this dick and filming it with her fucking head away.

Not feeling it.

No Sonia and I fucking love.

That is my ex-boyfriend, nothing.

Fucking another guy.

I’m watching this and like a mind you he’s sitting with me watching my reactions and I’m like smiling and he’s like, okay, so she did she not find the ass and tits and like I’m enjoying every second of this because this girl dude, this is Art.


She’s filming herself.


Fucking another guy’s dick and then she sends it to him and in quotes, as she literally, says, practicing for you babe.

I’m like, oh, hold on.

How is the practice?


So before I get into all the practicing was because That’s a whole nother story, poor girl.


He I don’t think he was into it cause there’s a lot of hair whatever, but she literally, I go to her Instagram because I’m like, who is this?

You know, maybe she’s a nice girl.

I see her Instagram.

Mother fucking Teresa country.


Oh my God, I know saying to dick in my life.



I’m like, hold on.

What like Sunday posted Church, you know what I have to say about that.

Any time?

A girl looks like a fucking angel acts like Angel.

If you have those friends or best friends that they never talk to you about getting dick.


Once again, I sound like a truck driver.

What about getting dick?

Those are the ones you have to fucking worry about the girl that never talks to you about getting down and then you hear from someone else that she, you know got a train ran on her.

I’m like, I can’t trust you.


We see right.

I hate that.

That’s why I said so I said, Instagram like lies.

This is all lies.

I’m Watching you and you’re at home videos.

Yeah, but this guy’s dick as you’re sending it to another guy and then I’m like, wow, she’s got a little cute dress on and she’s with the family and the little brother in the dog at the golden retriever and I’m like you are a liar.


So I was like shit but back to it.

Yes, the I think it made me feel a little bit confident because the dick-sucking was a grade c - D.

I’m bridge.

I’m going, it was tell anyone listening.

I can’t describe it.


But there’s something called the Ken Cooper special and I know that’s why you’re about to start talking about sucking dick Cooper, special.

You heard it here first.

Dad talent talent.


So do you want to talk about blowjobs?


I will end.

Let’s just do it.

Let’s get into the fucking blowjob topic.

I would appreciate it.

If the Cooper special is put on hold and let’s talk about the motherfucking Gluck Gluck. 3000 /. 9000.


Boom, Sophia’s face is like, here you go, Alex.

You take this segment cause I don’t know what the house.

It came out of your mouth.

Every man, listening.

You may honestly think you have no idea what this is, you, however, I pray to God, you have experienced this, but you just didn’t know how to name.


Ladies, listening.

Let me just say, I promise.

Focus is key right now girls because this will change your sex life.

So a little birdie, a male birdie told me and I want to call him something, because when I say a little male birdie, this guy, Maybe the most experienced guy.


I know exactly what birdie, no, let’s call him male X.

Male X is the most, well, versed, man.

He has had sex with every kind of girl.

Every nationality, every age.

He’s doing MILFs younger girls older, you name it.


He’s done it.

So I trust his opinion because he, he fucks.



So he basically told me and girls.

I know you’re all like, Alex.

What is it?

He claims.

And Quote the GLOCK GLOCK three thousand, nine thousand is every man’s Kryptonite.


Now, every guy on here is a coma go home, but we will we ever got in the room is like, all right, bitch.

Tell us tell us.

What is it?

What is it?

All right, so I will give you the little definition of this Glock lock.

It is a vacuum seal double hand twist Gaga combo.


So if it is followed every cherish the cool vacuum seal double.

A hand twist.


Can we talk about not a vacuum cleaner?

Let me tell you, listen, any girl can give a blow job.


It is the accessories that you bring with that blow job, that make America great again.

I’ve heard about a lot of trump supporter.

Fuck me, huh?


So let me just say you’re like, well, okay?

What the vacuum seal, the vacuum seal.

Let’s just everybody close your eyes and picture her in.


You’re in the Sahara Desert.

And you are parched.

You need water.

She’s been trapped in.

This is Hara.

It’s been three days and she needs water and his wiener.

He is weiner is a big fat gallon of Poland, Spring Water.


Okay, so feels like okay.

Okay, here we go.

So naturally, that’s not really anybody.

That is parked.

They will die to get to that water.

They would die for dick about A point.

They a I would die for dick about point in the series that you will die for.


That motherfucking do, you’re saying, blow job has to be you acting.

Like you are about to die for that day.

Listen, if a guy looks down and he sees a girl that’s like, okay, wonder I’m gonna have like dinner tonight.

Like, oh my god.

When is this gonna be?


Like, why hasn’t he come yet?

He’s like, okay.

Well then here we go.

I’m getting soft.

And so.


It’s over.

You need to look like I am starving.

I am going to die until He literally gives me that.

Oh God.

I’m sorry.

Because you like, l in the water.

Oh, shit, white like her the better.


So your dang.

You’re dying to get that.

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, sir, the emphasis.

Okay, the emphasis on the Glock 3000 is this.

It’s the noises.

It’s the volume at which the saliva and the sloppiness comes on his penis.

And then it’s the hand usage.


And when I say hand usage, and every guy in this room just Has your eyes because you’re all gonna show me which one is going to be.

So happy to hear this.

The double hand, lets him know that piece is ginormous.

You gotta hit him with the double hand cuz he’s like, goddamn, my shits, big, you have to.


So, what I’m saying, though, is for 3000 29,000.

There’s very different levels at which, how sloppy are you getting how crazy you’re getting with your hands?

Are your hands doing the same motion?

Or are they going in different motions?


Hands going right?

Right hands, going left.

And we’re switching that shit up and we are going on the map.


Go around motherfuckers Lefty.


Wow, sloppy.

I feel like I want to text that to a guy right now.

Can I give you a sloppy?

Blow dryer?

I feel like he’s gonna go from 6:00 to midnight.

There is nothing.

That is considered a blow job unless it is the sloppiest wet.

It’s nastiest thing you’ve ever seen in your life.


Hi you, if you?


And this is what he claims research shows.

He said within 24 hours.

You will no girlfriend.

No, no, well, kind of actually within 24 hours, if you do the Gluck, Gluck, which I mean, your double hand twisting, your vacuum sealing.


You are the sloppiest girl in the room.

Oh my God, I’m sorry.

I swear.

I’m not degrading women.

I’m just giving you guys tips here because I swear works.

Okay, in 24 hours, post blow job.

You will know if you are a 9000 performer or if you’re a 3000, performer, 9000 is like you ramp everything.


The fuck up.

It’s like if you’re on a treadmill and you’re at Speed 3, I’m like me and my grandma are chilling and nine.

No, bitch is fucking catching you to the Finish Line because I’m about to make this guy come fast.

In life.


I feel like I must be a 3000 because I didn’t know about the hand mojito and bananas in her apartment and we know we’re going to get to the ninth level, real fucking quick.


A genuinely thought it was all about the Deep throws.

I do anything anymore thing.

Living in the past when I’m telling you years, when I tell you I don’t know anymore with fucking cobwebs down there.

When I tell them noise takes a guy from a zero to a hundred in you.


Like we said, you are dying for that dick.

Put on a soundtrack of your Your mouth looks like rice did.

No no, no, like like make noise and he will actually come.

So like I said, guaranteed, if you are at the 9000 level and ladies, I’ll let your research little bit.


And if you guys want to write, and let me know if you want me to actually go into more detail.

You can let me know, but I know my dad.

Listen, so Hideout, whatever.

Okay guaranteed, I’ll start texting you back faster.

Yeah, he will randomly hit you with the face times.

He may start to send you little cute animal emojis in the DMs. And you know, the guy is literally going to be like babe.


Have you eaten today and send you that like to eat?

I just want to be to user that important.




Let me just say this.

Okay, are they?

This is beginning episode.

Whatever the Alex Cooper testimony on blowjobs.


Here we go, if you Are not sucking your man’s dick, that’s fine. 100% your decision.

I respect it.

I understand it.

However, if you are not, somebody else is, I’m sorry.


It’s the truth.

Let me just say no guy is in a committed faithful serious relationship.

And he is abstaining from oral sex.

I’m sorry, every girl can hit me in America, but I’m telling you the truth.

I swear to God, you can Great sack.

Absolutely get down and do your damn thing but a blowjob and sex are completely different experiences and you can’t just satisfy one unique satisfiable.


What just came out of your mouth.

I’m So Gone guys.

I’m like I suck dick for a living.

My God.

I just know I want so you can suck it.

I’m just telling you that’s my experience and that’s what I know.


Well, and I understand and I agree / - disagreeing.

Okay, you know the guy my ex who I obviously, you know referred to frequently, he’s a time.

He actually because he’s having fucking foursomes and another girl sucks.

His dick for now time to worry about it.


No, I just feel like sometimes a blowjob is not the most important thing to a guy.

My ex would tell me if you like every guy in the subway, this listening to his words like rolling their eyes.

Like, oh my God, Sophia, come on.

Suck my dick.

No, they know better.

They know.


Oh, okay.

Sometimes it’s nowhere near as important, as having great sex.

No, you know, how?

I like my ex would tell me, I would be like, I want to suck your dick more.


I’m and he would be like, I, you know, that’s great.

But like, I just sex for me and like our sex is so much more important.


So much hotter, Bubba.

And then wasn’t, just because I suck to giving head, which I know my God genuinely was like that.

Well, you know what with that?

So, I’m gonna say something.

More important.

Oh, because we’re fucking talking about how to get a guy off this entire podcast.


How about it?

You’re dying for that dick and giving him the glücklich 3000.

You better be suffocating his fucking face with your labia and love it.

And this is serious and that’s what should be happening.

If you’re gonna do that and even if you’re not he should be going down on you for 45 minutes.


Hopefully knowing how to do it.


You the Treatment.

I agree.

Wait a second.

Hold on.

My mom will be so proud.

I want to clarify to this podcast is not just about like, you know, please your man and make him come.

No, this is also about guys, we’re gonna get to you.


Don’t worry.

I know you’re sitting on there like yo, Alex and Sofia are giving us the shit and it’ll we’re about to apparently.

I’m not gonna let anyone Rush.

We’re about to roast you.

What I’m saying is you guys I hope I pray to God.

Tom, Brady does not watch film.


He is the Best.

Why does he still watch film?

You can be the best at something.

There’s always room for improvement.

I swear.

It’s so imperative.

Some people think porn is the craziest thing.

Watch porn together.

What do you want?

Is, what do you want your man to do to you show sent him a video of it.

What do you want your guy to do to, you show him?


Because at the end of the day it kind of makes it more fun.


We’ll try this night.

They look do the same.

The great way to go about it.

Is thanks showing.

I know you like, you know, great successful relationship.


It’s just always Playing in her room.

I’m like, can you turn done hub off?


Oh my God, okay, but listen to what I think we want to make sure is everybody knows women.

We’re going to get to you.

Don’t worry, we will roast them and we will teach them how to go downtown and really get suffocated by your vagine in the pristine way.

However, I’m just going at guys right now because it’s easy, but well, actually we do.


We kind of sound like, dudes.

I’m like, yo the glug glug, it’ll blow your fucking mind.

Like I am repeating sound like, dudes, but, you know, whatever the moral of the story, Story is women were coming for you.

I just taught you about the Gluck Gluck and I want all of you to research it.

Even if well, we actually kind of just found out that an eleven-year-old listens to our podcast.


So I want to give you a shout out because baby girl, please don’t do anything, we’re talking about.

I know, you’re, you’re just getting ready, you’re preparing for the race, that’s going to come in 20 years at.


You’re 18.


We’re like 17 year olds, don’t listen.


And then we just found out.

Even your old listen, so I love you and you’re honestly the ship but just you know, like abstain a little bit longer.

Anyways, the point is girls.

We love you guys.

Find out what the fucking clock like is girls find out and make it happen.


Next week.

We’re gonna teach men.


How is give up to say.

We’re gonna teach men how to go down south on your woman.

Oh my God, we’re gonna teach men.

How did you the Glock like 3,000 Yuan a girl?

Okay, cause I’m more important.

Tell me.

Every guy’s not going to like, okay, gotta schedule the date.

And I’m about to lose all that shit because I need to make my girl because I know guys, get embarrassed if they come first prefer girls, so we’re about to talk about all that next week.


Also, next week.

Let’s just talk about but stuff because you know, that gets the crowd while but stop give me work out.

It could mean anal.

It could mean in a number on the butthole.

All right.

Thank you guys, so freaking much for listening.


Don’t forget to write in any questions advice, you guys need or any stories.

You want to tell on, call her daddy at call her

I appreciate you guys for listening.

I hope you learned a thing or two, and we’ll see you guys next week.

Thank you so much.

Bye bye.

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