Call Her Daddy - 5 - Fine Dining: An Eating Out Special (ft. The Cooch Gobbler Combo)


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Good morning, everyone.

It is Alex.

And Sophia, we are in the Barstool offices for the first time ever recording so crazy.


No, this should have, it’s hilarious because we have never been in, like, a legit set it.

We’ve never been getting paid for this.

No, how did this?

Even how we have a job?

Assisting us with this?

We’re in the studio, and no one is in here with us for like I guess we can do whatever the fuck we want.


We’re having our beer and we’re having a great time.

I’m so hello guys, it’s Alex and Sophia.

It’s been amazing.

We just joined Barstool if you’ve been with us from the beginning and you don’t know what bar stool is, go check it out.

We just joined and we are full time employees.


If you are new because you are from Barstool.

Hi, thank you for having us.

We’re so happy to be here.

Yeah, we are so excited.

We’ve gotten a lot of loving support.

We’ve got a lot of loving support.


The Comments are, you know, so loving so cute.

I actually want to quote one of my favorite ones Alex and I can, yeah, I know, please do.

Okay, so and I quote, and it goes, which one of these Hogs sucked.

Dave’s dick to get this gig.


I love that shit.

I mean honestly you guys that is so ridiculous that you guys think that we wouldn’t go.

For this CEO of the company first.


I mean, come on.

It’s insulting guys.

We went straight for Erica like deep good old-fashioned, all’s we are.

We offered her services to Erica the CEO.

Unfortunately, Erica doesn’t dabble in the kiddie pool, which is fine.


We didn’t know that.

But okay, week we made our we made our past.

Yeah, and then you know, when she denied our advances at that point, we went straight.

Today we would hang right today.

We had it out on the casting.

Couch, and here we are.

I mean the interview process was grueling but it worked out and now we were pretty far still.


Thank you.

Okay, so we made it.

That’s amazing.

Now that we have entered the Barstool.

Let’s get right into what we usually do.

Let’s talk about our weekend.


Are freakin weekend.

So this past weekend, Sophia and I, we went to dinner.

We had absolutely no plans of going out.


No, because we’ve been in such a rut like every single time you go out.

It just hasn’t been fun.

We haven’t been vibing.

People, it just hasn’t gone.

Well, it’s been a bus because half the time we’re out.

Nobody’s coming up to us.

No, not one person is like, hey, let me buy you a drink.


Everybody’s drunk.

It’s a waste of time.

We’re like, are we doing something wrong?



I don’t get it.

We basically left in her and we went to a bar downtown for one drink and to our surprise the hottest guy.

Actually, I just say here.



I say it’s high because of what he did all this.

We were sitting there and the bartender comes over and brings us two shots.

And the bartender goes, this guy pointed, the guy sent these two shots over for you.


Here you go, guys.


Start taking fucking notes because this shit was so hot half the time as girl.

When a guy comes up to you at a bar.

You’re talking to him.

You don’t even know if you like him yet and then he gets you a drink and automatically you feel fucking obligated to hang around even if you’re not vibing.


It’s like oh shit.

This guy’s buying Drink, so I have to hang out with him.

You don’t even absolutely and like on the flip side for guys.

Yeah, this whole thing takes the pressure off you like you can literally stand from afar.


Send the two drinks over and see, how we’re girl responds.

You don’t have to like worry about being put on the spot and being denied, most of the time you will be able to see by her body language.

What’s up?

Half the girls.

I’m like, oh my God like at that fucking Shadow away from you so girls because they have a boyfriend or you’re gonna look like Sophia and Like, oh, also boyfriend or not.


I would take the goddamn.

So I hang out with you for the rest of the night.

I don’t care who the fuck it is.

Didn’t care what he looked like like Bundy, what we want to spend the night.

Okay, you know what, it reminds you of Alex just quickly is the whole game that a guy plays when he pretends that he could give two shits if he hooks up with the girl.


Oh my God.

Okay, quietly tell me about the same thing.

So if you and I are sitting on our couch, the other night, this guy, she started talking to.

She’s like, oh my God, it was so it’s Crazy.

Alex, like he’s telling me right now that he doesn’t even care about touching me.


He just wants to hang out with you Sofia and she’s believing it.


Sofia walks over stick.

I can’t believe this.

I’m so turned on and like Sophia, shut the fuck up.

How do you not know this?


The guys play the game and guys, if you’re not doing this do it now because it works on every single girl.

If you are trying to get a girl and you play the whole, I don’t even want to touch you.


I just went out with like, hang out on the couch, watch a movie.

Let’s just chill.

Girls are gonna be I be like, he literally was like, honestly, I see us being homies - like, I want you inside of that.

I want you to ask me what the fuck because it’s like if they push you away before you even meet them.


It’s so fucking hot.

So God guys.

Hi play this game and girls also be able to get we’re playing both sides.

Not they’re not.

We need a pic it aside.

So basically that works and so whatever.

So the whole bar situation worked out, it was so fucking cool and I love to have it.




It was, it was so, do you want o to talk about?

What’s not till?

Oh my God, you say?

Okay, so, hold on, please.

Okay, so my X resurrected from the fucking dead this weekend, and he slid right on in, blowing up my fucking phone, like some psychotic with some psychotic shit, like legit paragraph.


It was too much.

You were there for me.

Oh, and you know what?

Why tell me right now?

You know why?

If you were listening, listen the fuck up Alex has and a lot of other girls have the voodoo clam, the voodoo clam.



Do-do clam, baby.

Alex with the voodoo clam is the voodoo clam ladies.

If a guy has ever showed up at your fucking house, unannounced called your mother.

They’re damaged.


Any of your property.

Tried to ruin your life on social media.

You better fucking believe.

You’ve got the goddamn Voodoo clown.

When a guy asks out so crazy.

It’s because you have the voodoo clam AK that bomb pussy because it causes rage anytime.


A guy goes into like this full.



You can bet you have a voodoo clam, dude, I don’t me.

I don’t mean to you.

A rude but if a guy cries over you, okay.

So yeah, my ex just take this in my ex filmed himself in a 15-minute video segment crying trying to get me back.


So like that video, I have that on my phone like that takes a guy in a mental state to let her girl have that.

Like what the fuck?

Well, okay, one of my exes.

I’m like remembering this right now.

He cracked.


My laptop in half over his knee.

So, surely the keyboard and the screen or your desktop.

It’s not a lot of anywhere.

Even yes, talk.

He ripped our bedroom door off the hinges.

I was like, this is an Incredible Hulk.

I literally thought his clothes were going to split off his body.


He was gonna turn green and just like, what the fuck are you doing?

Honestly, so feel.

All that tells me though, from the video.

I have of my ex to your door.

Gone to your laptop, fucked up.

What does it say about us?

The food.

Ooh, clam all that says is that we have the goddamn fire pussy.


Oh my God, my V is fired at.


No, but it’s so true.

If that doesn’t scream.

I have a voodoo clam that I don’t know.

What does he need to make t-shirts for everyone fucking murch and be like all hail the goddamn Voodoo Queen who do clam fucking throw that in your vocab.


We’re ready to go.

Okay, let’s move on.

Let’s move on.

Okay, so something happened the other day and I want to bring It up?

Okay, because I just need to know that other people know what I’m talking.

Okay, so you’re talking about the Instagram thing.


Okay, before you go on, let me just say we brought this up to our roommate the other day and she had no fucking idea what we were talking about.


Like she was.

She was very interested in it, but she had no idea.

So, Sofia and I feel like we have a lot of things that we know about, but not so, tell them and explain it.

We’re here to educate, even though we should be the last people.


We don’t do things.

Well, please cover.

So my mom, we do like a family trip ever.


Year like a few and she’s listing off places for me her and my brother to go, right?

And she’s like, what about Dubai?

And hi.

I’m sorry, my heart sink to my butt because I literally had to look at her and say, mom, I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai but we cannot go for fear of everyone thinking that you’re getting shit on.


And when I say shit on, I mean, pooped on man.

You have no idea or not.

What the fuck are you saying?

No, I know it sounds crazy.

But anytime you have a group of women and they’re going to the Middle East, specifically Dubai.

And there, you know living the high life in Dubai.


You automatically think there is some rich.

Chic taking a major massive shit on their chests and might be wrong here.

No, you’re so right.

What the fuck?

Did your mom say to that?

I think she was like Sofia I’ve lost you.

I lost you a few months ago this podcast but yours, I get it.


Your mom is mortified.

If okay, if we can put it into perspective.

It’s like when girls like tigers sponsor.

Yeah, every girl that you see on fucking Instagram.

They’re like, oh my God, I’m on this yacht.

Like God bless.

I’m like bitch.

You did not pay for that and then it’s like, oh my God, like we’re on this PJ like flying out.


First of all, when they call it a PJ, I’m like you’re on a private jet.

You’re not on the PJ.

Fuck that.

It’s like you’re calling it a PB&J.

Like I think about Peanut butter, jelly sandwich.

This is not fucking PJ.

Okay, that’s it.

You’re not a private jet.

So girls always fucking do that.

Like tag your sponsor, but you’re not paying for that.


You’re saying you can’t go to Dubai.

No, there’s no upon a time within want to do anything.

That looks somewhat expensive in a foreign country automatically tag your sponsor.

But Dubai’s a little bit more specific words, like you could automatically tag your Sheikh who pooped on you earlier.




Well, I genuinely hope that was common knowledge to at least one person listening, so we don’t sound insane.

Yeah, but I now that I’m saying common knowledge.

It kind of makes me think about the Leonardo DiCaprio story that we always talked about.


I mean, I’ve heard it from multiple people.

That’s why I like assume.

It’s common knowledge that well.

And then we knew a girl that it actually happened to send it solidified, the deal with.

Yeah, like, Leonardo DiCaprio has a full glass.

Home in his backyard, and his house in la la that literally has a mattress and a pillow on the ground that he like, takes girls back to, to have sex with them.


That is so romantic.

Do you know what really is the romance is our friend?

Oh my God, who actually was taken back there said that he I’m not making this up.

He walked into the Dome, looked at her and in the most romantic way, possible said take your pants off.


That was the only Only thing that was said to this poor girl for the rest, so of the hook, so, the girl literally gets on the mattress.

He’s doing her from behind and I guess like, maybe girls don’t look back because like, oh, fuck, it’s Leonardo.

She had the balls and she looked back at him and I shit you not, when I tell you, she looked back and Leonardo.


Had big ass Bose headphones on while he was fucking her like this, guys listening to heavy metal on.

I don’t even know what drugs.

Oh my God.

Seeing her with headphones on.

He’s missing EDM music and he’s on Molly.

So guys, if you ever get your chance with Leonardo, there you make home, Leonardo Leo if your chance of Leo, go for it.


But yeah, there we go.

That’s an insult topic on the topic of celebs.

We got a lot of great feedback about the practical jokers.


I know.

I kind of exposed and everyone’s being DME.

That’s asking us which in practical joker is the one that’s into the kinky shit.



Maybe we should come up with something like I will.

Elise that info if we get to number one on iTunes.

Wow, guys, go leave that serve.

You always plug.

Okay, since we work for Barstool Sports now, yeah, I’m going to say a quick little story, a really good-looking wide.


Receiver that plays for the NFL.

Okay, Granite rain on my friends.


Let me just give a quick back story.

Yeah, that’s do.

My friend was at a stoplight and the car next to her had to I think it was like two maybe three guys.

She said they were really hot rolled down their window and they were Come to this party with us.


She just saw like two or three attack guys and was like, okay great.

Let’s go.

Okay, cool.

So she follows them in their car.

They go to a party at this like mansion and I love out.

So casual.

I’m just at a stoplight and I just follow these guys because they tell me to go to a party with them other than sound fucking creepy.


She’s one of my friends.

Yeah, so we got to the party and she got DP’d.

I think I don’t even think people know what getting DP’d means.

Let’s explain it to them.

I’m Sofia.

You don’t know what a good old DT is.

Okay, it’s double penetration.


So it’s in the v and it’s in the ass.


Boom one guys.

In one hole, one guys in the other.

You know, like why waste time right?

Do you have all night long?


No threesome shit.

Let’s go right for the DC.

I love that.

It may have been an air tight situation.


If there was a third guy do people don’t even know what an air tight situation is.


Okay, sex ed here, girl.

Have three holes.

All three are filled up.

It’s an airtight.

So your mouth, your V, and your ass.




That I’m management people.

That’s what that is, does efficiency.

That’s pretty unbelievable.

Okay, so we don’t know if she got deep and not sure that’s pretty unbelievable.

Okay, you can be an acronym for a lot of stuff.

Day-after pill, donkey punch a donkey punch.


What the fuck is a dog?

He funds.

Yeah, thanks is a girl from behind and then you punch her in the head.

Okay, a donkey punch is when you’re getting, it’s when you’re fucking a girl from behind and then you punch her in the head when you’re coming.


Are we love you sis?

A long story short, a DP.

Either the day-after pill, Doctor petryís, dr.

Pepper or a donkey punch.

So anyways, it can be a lotto.

Boom, go get yours today.

Last week Sophia and I went with a group of our girlfriends, for a wine filled dinner.


It was really fun.

And then, in the middle of dinner, a guy that Sofia used to hook up with a few months ago, he walks in and I’m not going to lie.

So if you like he’s a fucking head turner, whatever you want.

Yeah, like, he checks out all the boxes.


He’s young surgeon.

He’s tall good-looking scrub.

Like he’s a whole fucking pocket.

So he Walks in and our entire table was uninterested.

And we went back to eating and do you know why that is guys?

And let me fucking tell you.

It’s not because he and Sophia hooked up a couple months ago.


No, I mean, truthfully, anyone could hook up with him and I’d be like that was a no shot speed.

Go for it because you had no strings attached, know what it was.

I’m sorry, I’m laughing is it’s because Sofia gave him a b d are and the bdr is fucking career suicide.



What is a bdr?

The bdr is a bad dick review.

There is nothing more focused than a group of girls.

On a Sunday in their apartment at brunch and the group shot getting the most specific and in-depth detail of what the fuck went down in his room that yeah information travels so fucking fast with girls.


Like it’s crazy.

Yeah, and when it comes to a bad dick review, guys, it’s close to impossible to recover from that.

It’s detrimental, and it literally could single-handedly derail your chances.

Has of getting fucked in that social legit ever again.


No, seriously.

It’s like, what happened?

Okay, let’s just talk about this.


Guys don’t understand is that girls?

Generally they, we care about who we have sex with like new bodies are a big fucking deal to girls.

So nothing is worse than liking someone new having sex and it’s fucking over in five minutes with no round two.


Like it’s depressing.

Like that is be physical equivalent.

To a fucking heartbreaking.

I know guys that go into sex only caring about themselves and they only care about their not.


And let me just say that’s cool.

Like that’s fine.


If that’s how you have sex.

That’s not but got no, but but that’s not me.

That’s not cool.

But let me just say guys what we want to emphasize right now is how impactful a good dick report is if she runs back to her entire group of friends and tells them how she got absolutely pounded by you.


What do you think that does for their friends?

Perception of you like, dude, contrary to popular belief and I’m just being completely honest.

Not all girls.

Find you off limits, after you fuck their friend.

He can look fucking good, he can talk smooth, but if he cannot fuck girls would rather fuck the guy with the dad bod, then the jock with a nice Bob that can’t fuck.


Just fucking true.

You cannot come back from a bad dick review.

Here’s something that can make sure you don’t get a bad chicken, you even if your dick is bad.

Oh, and you know, what has nothing to do with your dick and everything to do with your mouth.




What a transition baby.

I was made for this.

We’re going there.


Well, here we go.

Um, okay, so it has everything to their mouth.

I’m gonna let you start this segment Sofia because I don’t you go and I’ll run with it.

It is called.

The cute gobbler combo.


And the reason I’m saying this is because we got so much, good feedback.

We didn’t look like.

Yeah, and now we have the girl part version and it’s called the couch gobbler.



What is it Alex?

What is it?

Hi, everyone.

The couch gobbler combo is the no eye contact hummingbird, figure eight suction cup, extravaganza.


Go, you are keeping your head down with a suction cup clit trap.

And of course, if the fingers aren’t involved, then you’re doing something wrong.


I would say to this is arguably more important than the Glock.



I agree my name.

Maybe it’s because we’re girls.

I’m about to give it to you, straight to do it.

And this is gonna be the most important thing that you hear about going down on a girl.

Here we go.

Do not spread her legs and start going.

To tell you this, please please for the love of God.


You can’t yourself.

That’s the first thing you should not fuck.

Yeah, you guys.


Men treat it.

Like there.

They just pulled up at the drive-through in and out ordered the animal style burger and they’re ready to like devour it down.

No, no, no, listen to me.


You’re at a five-star restaurant.

Boo Michelin star.

Okay, there’s wine you order the Char Cooter eboard.

You have artisanal cheeses.

You’re going to sit there.

You’re going to take Your time you’re going to try ricci’s, you are going to take your time on the China emphasize.


And when I see that, you’re gonna start slow, tease her, kiss her inner thigh a little bit.

And this might sound counterintuitive.

But once you’re actually, like, doing the deed on where you need to be, she will finish like 10 times faster because of all this build-up.



The build-up is key.

I, I know, I don’t know.

I’m kind of peering through the window right now.

We’ve never Record that bar.

So like I’m looking at these guys like pleaser.

Goddamn you listening - buddy.

I can see my boss.

Dave is literally through the window.

I’m like, here we go.


I’m get about to give it to you, straight.


Let me just say, I’m gonna, just be honest, like, fuck it.


We are.

We got the job.

Let’s see if we can’t get fired for this shit.

All right.

Do not go fucking straight for the clit.

Okay, here we go.

If you also do not know what the clit is and that’s your first major problem.


Do research, some have a little bit of roof over their head somewhere.


Little bit more open and free-spirited going around the town hanging out.

You gotta know.

What a clit is in order to fucking fulfill that girls needs.


Moving forward, the figure eight motion with your tongue, hit that shit.

Like you’ve never had it before.


Make out with it.

Do not slobber the amount of times.

I would look down at my ex and be like, you look like the dog that just got his bone and he is going to town with his tongue.

That’s not what I want to see.

Such a good point.

It’s so fucking grows.

So, this guy is today.

It used to do.


I want to cry.

He would, he would say it’s so harming bird me.

Okay, I would be down there and he would hum a little bit and like the vibration from his mouth.


Would feel so fucking amazing.

It was like the craziest thing because I think we’ve talked about it.

It’s like girls and their vibrator that shit is like your best friend.

Like and and we’re not trying to discount.

Is like if you fuck right, that’s great girls and their vibrator.


You can’t fucking match that shit and not something you and I have already talked about like girls bringing in their vibrator with sex.

It’s it literally changes the.

Yeah guys, if you can try in any way to emulate that like if you can try to get that some type of vibration, it really does change the game for girls because it just feels different, so go for that and then can I at least say I think that guys need to pay attention to body.


E language more so than they do to the moaning because we’ve talked about moaning is such a fucking fraud that we pulled.

It is like it is so fake.

Yeah, I feel like especially when you’re first trying to hook up with a guy girls will just pull up the moaning to be like I want this guy to know that I don’t like him moaning is more.


So just to encourage you and to give you that confidence.

When you’re when you’re going down on her in the beginning, if she moans, it’s a show and I know guys Don’t tell me that.

Like, my guy friends, like, I’m holding my ears.

Don’t tell me that you think throws, she fakes her moans, but it’s true because it’s more so for encouragement.


Yeah, once they get started though, then you can start to trust a been beginning.

Fuck that.

So this is a huge point though.

Going down on a girl is different than a blowjob.

Let’s just be completely honest.

It’s so hot when your girls giving you had and she looks up at the you and you guys make eye.


Contact superhot, degrade me, degrade me baby.

We as women In, do not fucking want you to look up at us.

It’s not cute.

It is not cute.

No, I mean, for women, honestly, it takes 10 times more concentration to finish, and so like having to worry about like, looking down on the guy and make eye contact and like still look hot for healing.


Absolutely, not like fucking know, man.

Keep your eyes down Whistle While You Work hum while you work and fucking close your eyes.

Want to throw our head back.

We want to grab the sheet and focus on how it feels and you’re getting turned on.


This is Veronica.

Also, I just want to say something if your jaws getting so tired and even if it’s not getting tired actually no scratch that incorporate your hands, your fingers because that feels so good to and it helps you out.


You can go back and forth like switch it up and then hit her with both of them at the same time.


But if you’re not doing something with your fingers, then you’re doing something wrong.

It’s like if a girl gave you head and never used her hand, right?


Like hello, and then also Public Service Announcement.

Oh, our clients are very sensitive.

Please be careful.

Also, if you’re going to suction grip with your mouth, that shit is a couple seconds and you’re out.


So guys, out to do, we could convey need to stop.

Really could go on for hours.

I want to switch it up for a second because there is nothing better than when we read.

Everyone’s entries to the website.

Oh my gosh, you guys are so hilarious and I feel like I’m with my friends.


I’m like, yeah, this is exactly what I talked about with Alex and like, with my other friends.

It’s amazing.


The first question that we have is someone wrote in and said and this is from a guy.

I’m in a relationship right now, but I want nudes.

I want Nu nudes and I’m still looking at Old nudes.


What do I do?




So you guys know I’m a little bit liberal as you notice tomorrow.

Other podcast.


Um, and I’m actually going to put my foot down on this one.

Yeah, Nu nudes honestly, I like that is a form of cheating to me and that perspective.


That means you’re going out of your way to approach a girl ask for something.

And even if you’re not approaching but Sending know, like it’s not allowed.

If you’re going to go back and you’re going to look at old shit.

I don’t want to say that’s fine.

But it’s fine.

Like I mean if yeah, if you’re asking for new content, it’s really a form of cheating.


But girls and guys, if you do not believe that they are going back and looking at their exes shit.

I’m sorry for this truth bomb, but come to terms with it.

As I have in Sofia has he is still looking at Old shh.


Shit, and so she okay.

It’s just a damn true.

Listen to me people and and D reset it on.

Our other podcast nudes never die.

Like you can be a fucking seven-year-old in the nursing home and you grab your Jurgens and you’re going to take care of yourself.


Looking at Rebecca when you were in eighth grade who sent my music, I’m sorry.

I can try.

I’m sorry.

I oh God.

I yeah, it’s true.

So I have to say this one because it So overused by think what?

Let’s just fucking quickly address it.


Someone said, do you guys have fake tits and fake lips?


Okay, actually no, we don’t.


So first, it’s no, fake laugh Iya, and I we both do not have fake tits are call her daddy picture is so fucking Photoshop recognize.

There’s a difference between having fake shit and the picture having fake.


So okay, our lips High.

I look like I did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge before we Took that picture got stung by a bee.

Our lips.

Do not look like that in person.

There you go.

There’s your answer.

No, we don’t have work done.

It’s just Photoshop baby.

Let’s go.


So next question is, is it bad to hook up with your Uber driver with a fucking I’ve literally, like, during the ride at a stop light situations.


What do you mean coming back from the bar?

I had to sit in the front.

See, all my friends were hammered in the back.

Having me so hot.

I remember there was a stoplight.

I leaned over be kind of made out.

He was hot.


Your it was okay for a.

Now the you could speak English.

That’s fine.


I’m down the throat, you and you just speak.


It doesn’t talk about her and and that’s not, but he’s activity.

Let’s tax is a little different.

I think is probably good because like you don’t want to have to register, your Uber drivers like a sex offender them.

Yeah, really good.

Okay, moving on.


Okay, so oh I fucking love this one.


So someone said, what is more Important to girls a guy’s face or his body, Sophie.

And I are talking about that.

The other day for girls.

We are more focused for a guy on.

Well, I guess were its both.


Both a guy’s body.

I don’t know.

I feel like it’s even maybe a tiny tiny, bit more Facebook for the most part even.

Yeah, okay, but guys, guys done, you could be wearing a fucking clown mask from the movie it and if you have an awesome, He, they’re like, well, you gotta give her the benefit of the doubt.


Her face, was probably great under there.


Let’s go to bed.

Now, that I’m thinking, guys, only care about body and you and I have not fucking renewed our gym membership.

Think about it though.

It’s fucking fall bitches.

And you know what?


That means?

Layers season baby deer season, which means this skinny fat will prevail AK Alex and I are fine.

Fucking ready to fill in the season leggings and three sweaters, and a scarf, baby.


So I’m sorry to all you poor bitch, is that I’ve been working out all summer, because now we’re on the same playing field.

I was gonna say the one of the guys Sofia’s talking to you, right?


He was like, oh my God, babe.

Like I saw this girl that my guy friend is talking to right now.


She’s a fucking hottest body.

She runs six miles a day and then goes to the gym.

What a fucking asshole.

What why is she trying to make us look bad on purpose?

It’ll stop going there.

Like to stop.

Why can’t we use all softcore in the gym and then none of us will look better than the other one and we’ll all be fine.


He’s like her ass is so dumb.

I know eyes.

Her eyes widened wanted to be like, can you give me her number?

I want to call her and be like, why did you personally victimized Me by working out?



Okay, girls, that work out of me.

Like, shut the fuck up.

Okay, but whatever.


So, the next question, I like this question.

I think we could probably end on this.

So a guy wrote in and said, so I love the podcast, it’s packed with so much great information and I want to introduce it to my girlfriend so we can listen to it together.

But how do I bring it up to her without being weirded out?



I was bringing this up to Sofia.

There are so many people that have written into our podcast and been like dude.

This shit has changed my life.

We’ve had girls right in and be like, I’m going to hook up with my boyfriend right now or my rebound, and I’m about to do the Glock on him.

We’ve had guys, right in be like my wife, listen to your podcast into the Glock.


Yup, like shit’s crazy.

And so I think our answer would be approached it, super chill and super casual.

I think a great line for the guys who say I think you will really enjoy this.

Like, it’s so great that like, babe.

This is going to be so fucking fun for us to listen to, and we can, like, spice things up in the bedroom.


Let’s try it.

Like, I’m so excited for us.

Make it more.

So, chill.



And like a collective thing more.

So as opposed to being like, learn what the fuck luck is I get down to minutes and Seconds, Ireland, you to put your headphones in and do.


Here’s a notebook and a pen.

And like did you hear helped?

You know what the double hand twisted?

Like, did you learn how to draw Kong?

And like, yeah, so don’t give her a pop quiz.


Make it more acceptable, make it more friendly because at the end of the day that shit, then you guys can listen to it for fun.

If you guys have any more things that you want to hear from us you go and you right into the call.


Her Daddy website.


Super simple people constantly.

They’re like, oh my God, your interns are responding to the shit Sofia and I wish we could have an internal fuck Sophia.

And I have full control over our all of our Instagrams, all of our websites, like we respond to all of this shit.


So you are talking directly to us.

When you write in, thank you guys so much for listening.

So much.

You’re so excited and Alex every Wednesday.

Every fucking hump time.

You a new episode will be released.


We’re so excited.


Thank you guys so much for listening.

We can’t wait for next.

We thank you so much for listening.

Bye guys.

Thank you.

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