Call Her Daddy - 6 - The Post Nut Clean Up & the Gluck Gluck continued...


You call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

What’s up, guys?

It’s Alex and Sophia back at it again for another episode.


We’re having the worst fucking day of Our Lives.

I hope you’re having a good fucking this morning was such a shit show.

Oh, I woke up you guys with a splitting headache?

And my lips are so swollen.

I look like Angelina Jolie.

Okay, what about me?

I have?


What is it called?

Sofia, because I’m a fucking style, my eyeball.

It looks like, what does he even look like?

I’ve a caterpillar just chilling above like to Love you Bill.

Yes, I have fat fucking eyes right now and I need to stop cursing.

But yeah, it’s bad.

Um, I just thought I looked like Angelina Jolie.


Like it was a bad thing.

Shut the fuck up Sophia.


First of all, you don’t look anything close to you look hideous today and I’ll give you that one.


Wow, Alex.

I can’t wait to go home.

So I’m gonna punch you in the face.


We’re going out it.

So we’re having a really fucking bad day, guys.

I don’t know, everyone has bad days.

Just bear with us.

But and you know, we We’re adults.

So we came into work.

All I wanted to do is lay in my bed and be like, fuck it and I’m here and for everyone that says we have sugar daddies.


I wish I would have met you.

I would love to be able to call him right now and pay, you know, babe.

I don’t feel like going to work.

I’m quitting.

Just need to get me on that salary.

Let’s go.

Also, I just forgot like we’re like talking about how we have a bad day.

Well, Sophie Sophie in any walk to the sino-soviet, I walk to the subway everyday because we’re peasants, and we again, Don’t have fucking sugar daddies and we’re walking to the subway.


Yeah, I’m dying.

Go ahead.

You take it because it was about you.


Give it to I like lagging behind, Alex.

I shit.

You not a homeless.

Person goes, yo, you look creepy and like I literally want to do a double-take.


I like, you did not just say that to me.

The guy with a trash bag, surrounding him and a fucking crack pipe in.

His pocket told me legit hammer for of all he was blending in with the garbage and like you said that and I look back and Sophie looks like she’s about to ball her eyes out because I don’t know if there’s anything worse than getting fucking taken down by a homeless man.


You know, it’s bad when a homeless person is telling you that you look creepy and he’s hammered at 9 a.m.

Okay, so good morning.

Good morning.

Call her daddy episode 6.

Let’s get it fucking going.

So we’re going to get right into it.

We had a lot, a lot of feedback about the Gluck Gluck.


I’ve had people asking for more of the GLOCK GLOCK, but I want to quickly just address some questions that came out that we’re going to go right into.

So the glücklich 9000.

Where’s the best place to do it all because obviously that we kept getting that question.

Yeah, so and we didn’t address it which I’m really upset about.


So where is the best place to do the Glock?

Look and I don’t mean like legit location, like at a fair or at school.

I legit me alone.

All right, I’m Legit talking where?

Is the best place to do the clock from a little birdie male friend of mine.


Also from experience.

I know from a fact that the best place to do.

The glücklich is to push a man up against a wall.

There we go, and now guys are going to say so standing in a know there’s a difference between standing and getting head and then when I say you need to straight up have this guy, he needs to have a backboard.


The wall is his backboard and why I This is because when guys when you’re getting your dick sucked, there’s something about having the support of this wall.

It’s different when the guy thrust forward and it’s different like it’s a different kind of contact.


No, I got the okay.

So yeah, so I’ve heard it from a lot of guys that have had it and I feel like a lot of guys complain about having to stand up.

Yeah, and I’m saying legit don’t stand get up to a wall and like lean back on that shit and girls it’s like imagine like it’s kind of like fuck this is bad to say, but it will in your like face.


He’s fucking her and your hand is on the case.


Well, it’s basically skull-fucking.

It’s when you put your hand on the back of her head and you’re kind of like getting that like traction and contact.

That’s basically what you’re having with the wall.

Okay, I’m going to hell.

Anyway, after that people have written in and they’ve said, I don’t know if I can, do the double hand twist because his dick is too small.


His dick is never too small to do the double hand twist.

And let me tell you while at that point you just use like your thumb and your pink, you know, not the pinky.

What do you think what you’re doing?


I’m not.

Everyone put your hands out right now.

I want everyone to put their left in their right hand out and put your palms down.


You’re going to take your thumb and you’re going to take your index finger and you’re going to put them together, like they’re our Circle.

And now you’re going to take your left and your right hand, you’re going to put those little circles on top of each other.

That shit is about 2 inches.

So you’re stacking those.

And it’s about 2 inches.

Every dick is bigger than 2 inches.



So what you’re going to do then is you’re going to twist those in different directions.

So, I just hope that clarifies that and then you start stacking more fingers, the bigger, the dick is, Is so if that helps clarify, I know this isn’t as funny.

But this is legit terms that I want to just clarify really quickly.

Before we get into this podcast, a dick is never too small for the goddamn Gluckman dolls.


Now, the balls goals.

Okay, Sophia, what would you do with the balls in the glove clock?

I don’t know.

I’m a spy.

Just give it a try.

I would bounce around like a basketball game.

No, I’ve always thought you better.

I just liked it.


That just heard my dick.

While you were saying, why would you tell my name is a little aggressive just like lightly.

No, don’t bounce them around.

Okay, here we go.

All right, the Glock.

Like what do you do with the balls?



First of all when you are dressing the balls, if you go down to the ball, you do not.

Leave his dick just hanging out there sticking up like it’s midnight.

You need to take it and always have your hand on it to make sure you have one hand on the dick.

When you go down to his balls.

Make sure you have a lot of fucking saliva in your mouth, because no one wants fucking dry balls.


Near their mouth and no guy wants your mouth on their dry balls.

Make sure it’s wet.

You put one ball in your mouth.

Whoo, got him going to.


Okay, I’m sorry.

Here we go.

I’m just giving straight back.

You put one ball in your mouth.

You kind of swish it around.

I’m trying to think what is something you put in your mouth that you would never chew and you like lightly kind of just like go from side to side with your right.


Let’s target a starburst.

Like you don’t get it right away.


I am learning and you guys are hearing me.

Faster ice cream.

When you put a big chunk of ice cream in your mouth.

That’s the best.

Okay, your you started your good with the Starbuzz Starburst, you lightly, kind of like swish it around your mouth.


You would never chew on ice cream.

You’re the fucking devil.

If you chew on ice cream, you’re the devil.

If you chew on a dick.

So you lightly put one in and then if you can and girls you, can you just have to get the right mentality.

You slowly.

If you can pop the other one in your mouth and then you’ve got two in there and you still switch them around and then Then while you’re doing this, your left hand or your right hand is on the dick.


And then what is your other hand doing?

Sophia while your mouth has the balls, your left hand has the dick.

Where’s your other hand?

In his butthole at least know that and you don’t go right into it.

You start your massaging down and then you eventually go can talk about but stuff at another episode, but that just a couple things of what to do with the butt and the balls.



I’m going to hell and now we’re moving on.

So hopefully that makes him come.


Come what a word, a word.

What a beautiful word speaking of come Sophia’s ready for this one.

I feel like I can actually put a little input into this one.


You go, Sofia, take it.

Take this.

There’s, there’s two sides to this for the guy.

It is so hot.

If you’re telling him where to move.

Whoa, babe.

I want you to there’s really no cute way to say that.

I’m like, trying to think of something.


I cannot come up with anything luge.

Oh, okay.

See that was horrible.


It’s so fucking hot.

When you tell your guy where to come, babe.

I want you to come on my tits on my ass, on my whatever, you know what I’m saying?

It’s so hot, and I don’t know if girls think about that, especially if it’s a one night stand there.

Like I don’t want to speak up even if they’re being dominant in the bedroom, fucking gopher and tell them where to come.


I think there’s two sides for a girl do this to save your makeup that you just spent two hours on or the Glam Squad.

That you just spent $200 your spray tan.

The amount of times.

I’m like, Honestly just come in my mouth because if you fuck up, if you dare fuck up my spray tan, you goddamn motherfucker.


I won’t.

We’ve all been there.

You needed, like, get in a quickie before you’re going wherever you’re going.

Yes, and sometimes I’m like, honestly, let’s risk.


Just come inside.

He got me pregnant because I just spent $250 getting my face beat.

I’d rather have twins and nine months then you fuck up this spray tan right now.


Protect the spray tan and protect the makeup over everything.


So guys, that’s the moral of the story is girls.

It’s so In hot, when you direct them where to come, boom, done.

We’re moving forward because this, this is people that we are about to drop on.

You is going to change lives.


It’s going to change guys lives because I feel like some fuckboys just don’t even think about it.

It can really help you.

It is called.

Here we go.

The cleanup job.

The cleanup job is a team effort, guys.

You need to understand whether you’re literally just trying to fuck this girl and have her as a consistent fuck.


It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do is in Sure that she will answer you after you fuck her.

If you totally.

You’re not even like if you ever want to date her, or do you want to fuck this broad when you want to have sex with her again?


You better do this, but it’s okay.


When you want to get in a relationship.

You better do the cleanup, right?

So, everybody knows, guys, if she has to get up and clean herself off and run to the bathroom, and hold that shit, and make sure it doesn’t fall over her beep, wrong every guy, whether you meet it or not.

Get up, go to the bathroom.


Bathroom and get her a goddamn towel and bring it over to her and I’m sure I’m sure she’ll take it.

Honestly, get a little Windex, and a paper towel and treat that like a window and take care.

Take care of the girl that you just fucking came all over her face.


She’s like, I love when guys come on your face and you’re blinded and you’re literally have your arms out like a mummy and you’re trying to find the bathroom and they’re laying there on their phone looking a Barstool Sports and they’re like this.




Look at this, portrayal in your like, I just you snatched her off the wall.

Or men.

Sometimes you’ll encounter what I call a slut Savage and you literally turn your back to get the cam rag, turn back around and all your colleague on because she ate it all up.

And that, that is.


What is the definition of this stuff?

All of a sudden, the come is gone because she’s ingested it and she lives with me.

She’s like, we’re gonna go in to go to dinner because I’m full with all my protein.

Hey girls, I know we’re gonna get shit for this.


But listen, the hottest thing we told this to our roommate, the other night and she was like really girls.

We are not saying to do that.

You’re not telling you have to do.

You want to come out?

Come across like a nasty freak than doing.


If you don’t, then don’t then don’t.


But we’re film.

That’s all we’re saying.

Bill options are giving you options girl options that you can charity work.

We’re just putting it out there the Lord’s work.

Okay, we’re doing the Lord’s work.

We’re moving on.

Okay, let’s talk.


So anyways, the other day that Sofia and I were talking about how well I think you already know.

We’re fucking crazy.

But Sofia and I were listening to actually a random podcast and they brought us up because they were kind of reviewing our episodes and they were like, we thought we were crazy.


These girls are fucking and I was kind of hurt my feelings that I kind of felt empowered.

I kind of was a shame, but I kind of was down.

I didn’t really know how to feel, but I was like, ah, Right, whatever.

We’ve got to roll with it because we have a job.

Now, we have to keep going, so there is no option, so we know we’re crazy.


But II want to just talk a little bit more about us being crazy, girls being crazy because I think the ship’s kind of funny and I do think it’s gonna relatable for guys and girls Sophia.

I want you to tell them the story.

You were talking to me about the other day of what you did to your ex.

Oh my gosh.


Okay, my ex-boyfriend, and I, when I lived in Utah, we got in this huge fight.

He was sleeping in the guest bedroom.

I was in our room and I was asking for hours to join me.

And to come to our room and come to our beds.

We could go to sleep and he wasn’t having it.


He was so pissed off.

Okay, so then I got fucking pissed off.

I did something that you guys need to listen up and take notes notes, girl.

I don’t take notes or take notes.

No, okay.

I walk into the guest bedroom.


I crawl on top of my boyfriend at the time, so seductively I start making.

Making out with him.

I’m you know, rubby rubby has energy to say you grabbed his wiener.

He gets a little excited hard.

So, if you trying to think I’m making out with him.


He’s ready to go.

Like, he’s so fucking excited enemy.

And I mean, there is nothing to get you out of a fight quicker than whipping it to Diaw.

Oh my God, nothing.

Nothing men are discussing.

It’s hot.

So I’m on top of them were making out.


He’s like, ready to go.

I started to unzip his Little bit and I go babe and he’s like, yeah, I’m like, I’m gonna fuck all of your friends and I’m gonna download Tinder right now and fuck every guy that I match with on there.


And I stood up and I slam the door, like, what to my room and I laid on the pillow and I had the best sleep of my entire life.

That is so psycho.


Like I do like BP looks so much.

You’re about to get so fucked up.

Good night.

I’m going in like now he told me that he was actually terrified.

Magic penis hits.

So arrived to be so hard and you walk out and he’s so confused and slowly shrinks and he’s like that was these psychos.


He’s like, I’m so turned on but I’m so scared, but I want to punch you in the face when I want to fuck you.

We’re fine.

Yeah, it’s amazing.

Yeah, I did that.

And that’s fucking crazy insane.

But also I commend you and I think that’s Savage.

Okay, this is making me think of a story.


That’s a different type of crazy that I just want to talk about.

Okay, this is something I would never do but it is just as crazy.

It’s the girl, you know Taylor friend Alex.

Oh, by the way, we just want to put out that we ask Taylor if we could talk about this story.

So don’t think we’re like exposing her Taylor said, Thank you Taylor.


Shout out to Chicago to you crazy-ass, bitch.

Let’s go.

So she told us about how her friend met this billionaire guy.

He took her to the Louboutin store.

He opened it up a Four hours and said, you can pick out any Louboutin you want, and he said, but first you’re going to get into your bra and panties.


I’m gonna put a collar on you.

I’m going to put a leash on you and you’re going to crawl around.

The Louboutin store and pick out the shoes.

You want with your mouth.

And this girl did it.

Would you do that?

Would you do something like that?

I’m not gonna answer that.


Actually said it out loud and that’s that is a level of crazy.

Like We I’ve never done something for money or like gifts are shit like that and I get, I don’t listen.

I respect the hustle.

Holy shit.

A girl getting on all fours.

Basically naked with her mouth, picking out a fucking Louboutins.


Like that’s but you get what I’m saying?

Like, there’s a different level crazy.

There’s diff.

It’s not even levels.

It’s just different types.

Yeah, like girls are doing shit.

Forget you’re doing shit to fuck with, it’s mine.

Yeah, can we put up rule?

No, I was gonna say there are different levels.

All right, there’s a lot of people that have written in and Go.



I’m going to bring it up.

I know you don’t as much want to talk about it, but it’s something that I really compassionately talk about.

So there is a thing called ghosting.

It is October.

So I just want to let everyone know that ghosting is a hundred percent approved by call her.



I’ve never seen someone use read receipts like this Bittle to my left.

I’m not ever.


It’s insane.

So I guys Is listen, every answer for me regarding texting dming, snap chatting with any type of guy, or girl you’re talking to, it comes back to the fucking read receipts, and let me tell you why you have complete control when you have read receipts on because there is a difference mentality wise.


When you look at your text and you sent something, whether it was risky or whether it was a, what’s up?

And Look at that shit and it says delivered or it says read at 3:46.

Am like it is a huge know, it can fuck with a person.



So what I’m saying you is when I start talking to a new guy, I throw my read receipts on.

So every guy out there if you’re going to start talking to a new girl, turn your read receipts on and girls turn your read receipts on.

If you’re talking to another guy and I don’t want to come off advice or whatever, but I’m telling you.


I’ve had a lot of experience with dating.

And this shit work, you’ve seen it fully and it’s so crazy because usually everyone says the same thing.

If someone has read receipts on their weirdos, for some reason when Alex uses it, it’s like this fucking magical potion because you have to play it, right?


You are about to have people in the palm of your ham and you’re about to have the power and let me explain why.

I was basically, before I started dating a guy.

I played the read receipt game with him.

I would ignore his text and I would leave him on fucking read for about like three to four hours and he Get so fucking insecure that he would then.


Double text me and say, honestly, if you’re gonna ignore me, please, at least turn your read receipts off.

And you know, what?

I responded to that.

You didn’t respond.



This is the thing guys.


If you’re talking to someone right now and you’re trying to get advice, what I have to tell you is start leaving them on read a little bit.

I’m going to just address one of the questions that we’ve had someone basically wrote in to us and said I found out the guy that I’m Fucking has a girlfriend and I don’t know what to do.

I kind of want to message her.

I kind of want to reach out to him.


Let me tell you something.


First of all, don’t fuck with a guy with that has a girlfriend.

But if we’re just gonna help you out here, what you need to do is you need to turn on your fucking read receipts and the next time he texts you, you are going to read it and you’re not going to reply and then he’s gonna text you three times and you’re not going to apply.


And finally by the third time.

You will reply back.

Hey, babe, like what’s up?

Sorry been super busy.

Hope you’re good.

What’s up with you?

And then he’s gonna respond.


Going to read it and not reply.


I get that in.

This sense is if you’re ever having an issue with somebody, you replying back to them as angry, only shows that you care.


And that you’re butthurt and that’ll never work.

Moral of the story is ghosting as a tactic that many can use but don’t overeat.

That’s one thing, don’t fucking overuse it because when you overuse it, then you actually may never get a text again.

So let’s all goes together and be one together.


I want to transition because Ali.

All that stuff.

Yeah, I’m gonna let you take this over because this is your story to be.

Told I have nothing to do with this one.

Thank God.


I know because you guys have tagged me and sent it into my DM’s and send it to my family members.


I know that when you type my name into Google a beautiful gorgeous mug shot shows up.

I know this, I would you rather have a nude out there of you or that much nude, nude nude a million times nude because that was something I can perfect.


And wow.

Yeah, we already talked about how to perfect a nude girl, listen to episode 4 always plug, but this mug shot was taken like 12 hours.

After a complete binging, drunk session.

Tell them how it happened.


All right, so people listen up, I’m gonna say it one time, one time only.

This is a dark time in my life.

I leave a bar JK.

I was kicked out of him.

Bar with my friend, that you thought we go behind the bar.


We’re Chillin, we leaned up against this door.

We tumble inside of what I found out.

Was a frozen yogurt shop.

No, and the door slams behind us.

The cops show up.

No Byron.

Can I stop you?

We quickly you so casually.

So we fall into his frozen yogurt shop.


It’s and the door closes and we’re locked in.

Can you guys please imagine Sophia with video footage of her and her friend running around in a Guardium frozen yogurt shop, trying to get out and they can’t get out because they’re locked in and the door slammed behind us and locked us in their security footage.


So I get put into handcuffs and that triggered me in a way that told me that I needed to run for my life.

Very smart Rich my life.

I was talking to the ground by a police officer.

He threw me in the back of a cop car.


My friend.

And I go into the drunk tank.

So then we get to the drunk tank.


And my friend gets to skip on out of there because she didn’t resist arrest.

They were trying to scare the shit out of me and they booked me into the actual jail, which is completely different than the drunk tank.


This is like the real deal.

I was in there.

I wish you could see my baby.

This drug dealers like crazy people.

I’m not kidding.

I’m not sitting with a convict right now, like deep to me.

They put me in a jumpsuit.


They took all my belongings they made.

Do the bend over and cough maneuver?

We you did not tell me full on full on terror.

You bend over and cough.

Okay, holy shit.

They even took out my clip in extension, because he knows the clippings, which brings me to another quick story about my best friend, Leticia that I met in.


There was a wonderful woman who when they went up to her to take out her extensions.

She said, they said, is this your hair?

And she said, Ed, bitch, I paid for it.

So it’s my hair and I was like Savage Savage.


Why did I think to say that?

Well, your unclipping every screw up.

Here we go.

Here we go.

Take it.

She was a great woman.

I Wish I Still knew her.

If you’re listening Leticia.

We had good times in that home girl, miss you.

That’s amazing.

So I go into jail.

They put me in an actual jail cell.


They say I’m going to be in there for a few days, a few days.

I’m and I’m saying loud now.

I don’t know.

It’s fun.

It’s Utah.

So I think they have nothing better to do but to like really take care of those underage drinkers because there’s nothing else happening.


Okay, so you’re in the cell.

So I go into the cell.

I’m bawling my eyes out.

I’m shaking.

I’m like, I what brought me to this point.

I’m going through my entire life and I’m like, what happened to you?

Homie homegirl.

So I’m laying there and they bring you food.


They just shove the tray on.

There’s the door and I grabbed it.

I at this point I hadn’t ate or drank anything for hours and hours and hours or so.

I take a bite.

I spit it out because jail, food is disgusting.


It is repulsive.

I don’t even know if people survive in there.

It’s honestly the best diet plan you could ever say, let’s be real.

So if you’re like, holy shit, I’m gonna get so skinny in here.

I probably a probably a fucked-up part of me was kind of thinking and so I leave the tray and mind you this whole time.


I’m in this cell, there is a lady On the top bunk of this bunk bed, who has not said one word to me.

And now after the food arrives, and she sees that, I don’t eat it.

She says, are you going to eat that?

And I’m like, no.


And she’s, like, can I have it?

I was like, sure she crawls down from the top bunk.

She is a 80-pound meth-head crackhead, sores, all over her face.


Like psycho.

I’m like, it’s over for you.


I’m gonna wake up in the middle of the night to this lady, like, feasting on my leg.

I’m terrified.

So then she eats all my food and crawls back up a couple hours pass and I’m act.

Now, I’m starting, I’m fully sober and I’m starting to be like, what is going to happen?


Like, I’m in jail.

So I reach out to the only person I can.

And it’s the lady on the top bunk.

And I go, I’m really scared.

Like, I’m really scared.

Is there anything you Tell me and she goes, it’s better in here than it is out there.


It’s better in here than it is out there.


I address the fucking psycho telling you that.

Why even the movies I’ve watched in my life.

You never admit that you’re scared in action.

I think Leticia did tell me that but I was just, I didn’t listen to you.


Never show your scared or you’re gonna get like ass fucked with a fork or Some shit, imagine being in a jail cell and someone tells you that it’s better in there than it is out in the real world.

And I was like, I, for sure, my life will be over, but that must have really put things in perspective for you.


And you never went to jail again, right?

Please, you’re gonna tell me?

No, I didn’t.

But I just at that point.

I knew it was over.

Yeah, that’s about.


I think that’s a legendary story because I have nothing comparable to that.

I’ve never been to jail.

That is that’s amazing.

Your mom’s gonna call you when she hears this episode said Sophia.


Why did you tell?

There you go.

Everyone enjoyed that and I hope I hope you enjoyed that and Leticia.

If you’re out there, Missy bitch, I missed you.

So now is the beautiful time where we’re going to answer some questions and listen guys.

Like we get so many questions a day.


We fucking love your question.

This is the first question.

So I was hooking up with a guy and the second time that we were hooking up.

I find out that he’s in a relationship and then the dude was like I’m breaking up with her in a week and now they’re still together.

Do I tell the girl?

Oh, no.


No, no idea.

Girls do know, it’s not your place.

It’s really not.

It’s just gonna backfire the listen.

This is the thing.

He’s never gonna leave that girl for you.

If that’s what you’re thinking though.

Stop trying to get revenge on a girl who has done nothing to.

It’s the guys who just no, don’t fucking tell the guy.


The girl if you’re pissed at the guy.

Never, it’s so immature and it makes you look so bad and also not to like be twisted but if you tell the girl, then you have no chance with the guy like he’ll never fucking Deeper for you now.

So baby.

Keep your mouth shut and maybe he’ll leave her if you stay quiet.



Alright next.

What is the advice of how long you wait to text a girl after getting her number at the bar?

The next day?

Yeah do not touch for the same night.

She’s hammered.

Don’t text her because then what ends up happening is you have to then text her the next day.

So it’s a double tax.

Just text you, the next a great Point.


Alright, next, these I’m going to combine for some reason.

I’ve always hated when guys go down on me, me and I’m super self-conscious about my vagina.

Is it gonna smell is it?

Gonna taste funny or something.

And then there’s another guy that wrote.

My girlfriend is super self-conscious and never wants me to go down on her.


So let’s address.



Yes for girls.

Number one.

You need to realize that if you’re practicing hygiene.

The rest is.


Well fine.

You should never be self-conscious about your vagina.

Own it all of them, look different.

And if he has a fucking problem with it, then cheat on him or find avoid another one.




So flip side as a guy, If you want her to be like totally into it, yeah, talk about how hot her pussy.


All the time babe.

I want to eat out like, oh my God, you’re so fucking hot.

All I want to do is go down to you.

I want to shove my face and blah blah blah, like you make her legit talk about it.


Like, it’s a fucking burger from Shake Shack.

Like I want my faith in that shit devouring it because girls are big.

Oh fuck like he legit is so into it.


I want it guys.

You have to if you talk like that to a girl, she’s gonna want to spread her legs and go for it.

So there you go.

That’s the advice.

Next question.


Why should you kiss a guy?


After a one-night stand or a quick casual bang?

I’ve been in the position where a guy has driven me home after a one-night stand or just after a random booty call and I didn’t know what to do when getting out of the car.


Do I kiss him by or just run out thoughts?


So the okay Alex, literally, I literally giving fives them.

Are you told me that you like and then I gave him a high-five and I’m like, wait rewind.

I think if you give them a little Peck and you run out if The kind of girl you are.


That’s yeah, that’s the kind of girl you are.

And then if you’re the kind of girl that just high fives after you get fucked.

That’s cool, too.

Okay, fuck me.


Okay, moving on being 28.

I’ve come to find out multiple girls.

Have asked me to choke them and pull their hair Loki.

I’m finding out girls are freakier than guys.


Yeah, no shit.

Anyways, do girls want me to fully send it, and get out, ropes and tie them up and shit.

I don’t know if I should come off too forward, but do girls like guys that are dominant in bed, apologies.

This is weird.

If it’s a one night stand, don’t be punching her in the head and fucking, tying her up with ropes because she’s gonna think that you’re about to, like Jeffrey Dahmer her and like Chopper up.


Would you are in the kill her?

Yeah, if you guys have been dating for a while, then you can get freaky and she’ll love it.


I think there’s like absolutely a time and place for the weird dominatrix it and like domination.

And I think that’s cool.

Especially people wrote in and been like, how do I take this to the next level like bring in toys the bedroom?


Bringing weird shit, but if it’s the first fucking date, no, fucking way.

Yeah, okay.


Oh, we’re do one more.


The next one is my girlfriend of four years.

Never sucks.

My dick or makes me come.

What should I do?

Cheated on her?

No, we’re getting.

Oh my God.

Our producer was like, kind of time.


We talked about cheating.

It’s a joke, really?

No, no.


Listen, I think people that don’t get their dicks sucked.

It’s like you need to, like, guys are so afraid to ask for an.

I think once you’re in a relationship really both parties should be doing stuff.

I think it’s helping each other both out in different ways.


So but you should be going down on her 20 times more.



Then she should be sucking your dick.



So thank you guys so much for listening.

I hope you guys enjoyed this episode.

Always remember to write and to call her with any questions comments stories you have and we will try to answer them as we can.


Yes, and we will see you every Wednesday.

I really went embarrassing ourselves.

I may have another mug shot out there.

I don’t know, and we’re gonna have fun.

Thanks for hanging out with us, guys.

We love You call her daddy.

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