Call Her Daddy - 8 - Plot Twist- Small Dicks for the Win and Using Tears for Lube


Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Happy Halloween, Daddy’s, it is Alex and Sophia back at it again for another episode of call her Daddy.


We hope you guys are getting after it tonight.

We hope your walk of shame tomorrow is nothing short of beautiful.

I want and I want everyone to just let their freak flags fly tonight.

That’s what Halloween is all about.

So, let’s talk about the moment.


We knew we were soul mates.



So initially, I will admit my first impression of Sofia was that she was some vapid value and I thought Alex that you were some dumb blond, innocent check innocent, what the I wish my parents were listings, innocent.


Okay, and I heard you dated some professional athlete.

I was like this stuck-up bitch.

Okay was just skeptical.

Okay true, but but but can you agree?

So guys, everything basically changed?

When we were on the subway, after we were looking for apartment and Sophia, she came to me with a problem.



I was freaking out over some guy and I was like, trying to win him back.

So I asked you for advice and Alex.

What did you tell me?

Oh, the allotted.

I tell you.

I looked you deep into your eyes and I said, babe.


Listen, there is one thing that can always solve any problem and That is a great blow job.

This is when I was introduced to the goddamn Glock like 9,000.


I told you the glücklich has never failed me.

So I knew it wasn’t going to fail.

You and what happened?

What happened with the guy that night?

This guy fell in love with me.

People fell in love, and welcome and honestly any other relative giving me some bullshit answer.

Like just call him and apologize.



Alex is over here.

I could Dick.

Suck a dick.

Like a champ, and he’ll be in love.

No, but I just need you to admit now that we’re on record.


I do.

Give the best advice.

Do you really do?

I didn’t really do.

And I see, I can’t wait to tell this story your wedding day because the toast that I make will be incredible.


Yeah, about blowjobs to my husband.

Thanks, Sofia, and your father, and your brother, and your family.

Okay, we are moving on and we are moving forward into a very fun topic.

Okay, how do we begin this?

Rachel Bush?

Hi, Rachel.

But we know we’re late to the game.

All right, we were talking about when a man cheats.


Yeah, and the girl instinctively goes for the girl that her man cheated on her.

With as if her man has no blame in the situation.

It blows my mind.

It blows my mind and then Rachel Bush came into the conversation.

Rachel bush is an Instagram model for all of you.


That don’t know her and her husband is, Jordan is his last Jordan poyer and he is a professional.

Football player for the Buffalo Bills, right?

He cheated on his wife with a college student and instead of, you know, dealing with it inside of their home, Rachel took to Instagram to Twitter to every form of social media.


And instead of ripping her husband.

This girl is full-blown attacking.

Yeah, the girl that fucked her husband, but what were some of like the?

I’m pulling out my phone about to read it.

Okay, so she goes biggest, ho ever fucking with a married man class.


Jordan gets drunk as fuck and is a bucket Caso que já are just as much to blame as he is.

If not more Rachel.

I am so sorry.

I don’t know.

You personally, but you look so fucking crazy and but hurt, right?

No, you look, so dumb.


First of all, the fact that she’s blaming on the fact that he gets too drunk.

Oh my God, I could blame the things I’ve done on a too drunk and a basket case.

I would be a rollicking sea life.

I wish I could so that’s what we were saying.


It’s so bizarre guys.

I mean this girl this poor girl and Rachel and I know you’re you look like a very confident girl with your Instagram.

That’s good.

Way to put it.

No no shade, but you look so dumb for how you reacted to this because then guys, she goes on to say, I have people everywhere.


I find out everything the minute that I find out where you are.

I will literally have everyone and their brother beat.

Crap, you fucked with a married, man.

You stupid child.

That is why I tell you, shame to be a woman.


Let me tell you a little something, Rachel Bush.

Your husband has a ring on his finger because he’s vowed to be married to you.


Oh, you shit.

This is actually the biggest pointer.

Give it to me, Sofia, you know, that he was in the room with his dick hard salivating, telling this poor college girl that he fucking Is sign, divorce papers, absolute that morning and that the divorce was on its way.


Anything to know.

I’m not with her anymore.

Like we’re done.

We’re getting a divorce after Rachel’s.

Like he would never do something like Rachel.

He will literally say my wife died tonight.

In order to fuck this girl.

He guys will say whatever they need to say in order to get their day.


Like I’m not by morning, the lost my wife died earlier this morning, let’s fuck.

So the moral of the story is Rachel bush.

I mean, I don’t know you personally but I’m just saying the way she handled the situation is so embarrassing.

It’s like that girl owes you nothing your husband owes you everything in the way that you’re threatening this girls, like go throughout your husband.


This girl owes you nothing.

And if you’re feeling really insecure, and if you’re feeling really intimidated by this girl, you’re only giving her more Powers lutely, you’re already giving her more power of your showing.

How much she’s affected your life.

And I mean, the whole girl getting mad at girl thing.

It’s happened to both of us.


Meet both me and you I mean age, Adriana Lima has you blocked on Instagram?

Maybe I wasn’t supposed to bring that up.

Let’s get right into it.


Um, yes.

I am blocked on Instagram from Adriana Lima back in the day.


I guess we talked to the same guy and I actually really have no idea like what the story was.

All I knew is during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show days.

I was like, oh my God, I need to go get my body goals, gonna stalk Adriana and she was nowhere to be found and why?


Why did she block you again?

Because so we were talking to the same guy.

I guess I didn’t even know we were talking to the same guy.

The same time.

I don’t, exactly.

I thought it was like, exactly, you didn’t know.

Yes, and she blocked me.

Well, Adriana Lima unblock her, because she wants to see what you just want to stalk you, please.


So yeah.

I’m so hot with the same thing happened to you.

Okay, be in a worse.

Why are you told the story?

Because I like this story.

It gets me all excited.

Was I was making sweet.


Love to this guy.


He was balls.


Deep balls.

Deep got it.

Got it.

And this girl walks in the room.

I’ve been dating this guy for like a month and I’m like, why is your sister here?

Y, is the Postmates person here.

Like, what’s happening?

What’s going on?

The girl looks at me and she says, just so, you know, this guy fucked me earlier today without a condom on.




I’m over here naked, trying to cover my tits and ass.

I would have paid to see that.

And what is the guy doing?

Why isn’t she on?

The guy.

Oh, he’s just taking it all in on the sidelines.

We just say this is a perfect example.

Yet again another Rachel bullshit.


Why are you yelling at Sophia when you’re supposed I guess man.

Well, what were they?

They weren’t dating.

They were like, on-again off-again.

It, totally not deed.

Okay, so fuck you, fuck.

I know it was ridiculous.

Anyways, I threw my clothes on, I got in my car and they were in the front lawn fighting and just my luck, this neighborhood was impossible to get out of all of those and I I ended up fasting then like 37 times.



So I finally decided to ask them for directions.

So I stopped, I roll down my window and the guy came over to the car and he says, Hey, so this girl was wondering, if you wanted to do a threesome, a threesome cut, the fucking cops.

Hold on.

Hold on.

Let me get this straight.

So, first of all, she’s literally screaming at you saying, he just came inside me earlier this morning and now, she’s like petition want to do a threesome.



It’s because, you know what, she’s doing.

She’s so goddamn petrified that he’s Leave her.

So now she’s had enough time to realize.

Fuck maybe if I throw in a threesome offer.

He’ll stay with me insane.

I’m so tired.

I barely knew this guy and that’s what came out of his mouth.

And this is a perfect example of a girl holding on for dear life.


It’s pathetic.

No, threesome is going to solve your own relationship.


Do not save relationships, but good blowjobs do.

So last week.

We talked about DM’s.

We got a lot of good feedback, but we forgot to talk to you guys about one thing specifically that we think you should make sure you do with your profile and that is make Make your profile public guys.


Ain’t nobody got time for a private profile in 2018.

It’s true.

All the guys that have their profile on private.

You’re not getting late as much as the guys that are on public.

I swear to God.

It’s the truth.

Every time I go to a guy’s profile, if I see that shift on private.


I’m like bye.

Oh, I don’t even waste my time.

There’s no point.

So guys, make sure you clean that shit up.


Oh, this pains me, but the gym.

So yeah.

I personally don’t even think you should have one gym selfie on your profile, guys.

But Sophia, I think a guy can have one.




Agreed week.

He can have one like one sells picture.


One fish picture, one.

Jim cell.

Wait, really, the fish picture of what I blacked out for a minute.

Fuck, no.

Wait, you can have we selling one big-ass fish by the one fish.


You can write one big picture one.

Jim picture.

So I’m not.

So we wanted to dress with regard to the DMV.

Is all of everyone’s like okay guys.

What do I do?

When finally I get in there?

I split in she answered and now I’ve got to keep the convo going.


What do I do?

Yes, thankfully for you guys.

I had.


Alex has been talking to a guy and he’s killing it.

Yeah, for sure.

So specifically, with the whole social media.

He’s killing it right now.

So I want to give you guys like a little inside.


Scoop of what he’s doing, right?

Because he’s got my attention, Okay, so let me just break it down for you guys.

Well, my biggest And when you’re trying to transition out of dming, to get their number, you always just go with a hey, I don’t really check this app.

Here’s my number text me.

That is that’s to go to Boom.


You get the not, you give them your number and you leave it on them.


So once you guys start texting, first of all, I always suggest put my read receipts on Sophia thinks I’m an insane person, but I suggest, right from the beginning, a read receipt.

You’ve got to play the game.

I don’t care if you guys like I’m over games you’re playing the game.

So you guys are texting for good amount of time the conversations going well, but you know, it’s like, okay, what do I come up with?


Next, this is what you do.

You leave that person on read if they send you something.

Even if it warrants a response or if it doesn’t weren’t response, you are leaving them on read and what you are going to do.

Next is in like, 30 minutes to an hour.

You’re going to message them on Snapchat or DM.


There’s almost different etiquettes in each kind of app.

It’s like Snapchat, can grab it more sexual GM’s are a little bit more funny and informal and then texting it’s like that’s where you decide like.

Hey, do you want to hang out?

Let’s meet up.

That is the more formal part.

I approach we talk.

I agree.

So guys, girls go around in all these different apps and you’re going to use them because if you leave her on read, then she’s gonna be like wait he read my text, but he just sent me a Snapchat or you just deemed me and it’s going to get them guessing.


Also, if you leave them on red, make sure you post a story post something on Instagram or SnapChat as a story and you leave them on red and they’re going to be like, oh wait, wait.

Why isn’t she answering?


I’m just like oh but use all of your different apps guys.

I’m telling you if you work it and you do it.


It in a specific cycle.

I know I sound like a full-blown signed.

I’m a working at all and work.

All right, so last play, Let’s talk about anal.

Whoo, but no, we’re not gonna talk about you know yet we actually just wanted to ask you guys.


Do you guys even want us to talk about a not?

I I get so many mixed reviews men.

Do you like it when girls play with your but during anything during head during sex?

We need to know and girls.

How do you feel as well?

Because Sophia and I have partake.

Is that even a word?

We have both participated in both have done it too man, and he’s done it to us and we will help you guys want to hear about us.


Yeah, we’ve done in our expertise.

I can’t tell guys like you’re not like some right?

I’ve gotten mixed reviews.

It’s one guy asked.

He was like me and all of my guy friends, love it so much.

We’re wondering if we need to shave our but yeah, that’s actually something.


So we were we were talking about that because some guy told us that his girlfriend like would wax his asshole because they did a lot of ass play and So he was like, I wanted it to be like enjoyable for her when she went down there with her mouth blood, Mother Teresa.



What a woman while we wait for everyone to tell us if they want to hear about anal.

Let’s talk about manscaping.

We’ve right.

So many people ask the girls.

What do you want to see?

I mean, I think we’re both the same on this topic.


Well, first of all to everyone each their own, yeah, that’s each.


Their own.

Yeah, but I don’t want it to be like, Chewbacca down there.

No, but I don’t want like a newborn baby.

No, no, In mole rat situation now.

No, that’s not what I want.

Is, I would rather more hair than no hair.

I agree.

I’ve had like a couple different.


Hey, Alex, I’ve had, I’ve seen a couple different.

She’s not as much laughter.

Ah, um, one of my exes would always be completely like a naked mole rat, and it just was like, not manly, didn’t he?

And then my other sometimes, well, they wouldn’t shave at all and I dick.


When I put my face down there, right?


I don’t want to be eating a hairbrush basically.

Like you’re like, be choked.

Hang on pubic area.

I don’t want to choke on your dick in your Vault.

Oh, you’re okay.

Cut that out.

Anyways, so I think guys, the moral of the story is just make sure it’s like, groomed a little, but I think a little bit of hair is nice.


How about for girls?

Okay, you know what, what I think girls can do no wrong.

So ladies, whatever the fuck you want to do, do it.

No, but okay.

So Sofia and I, we texted a couple of our guy friends, a couple of our exes and we asked like what they like, one of my exes responded and said he likes Completely bald, he said issue when I said so you don’t like a landing strip at all or any hair and he was like, if you and to that, I say, fuck off.


First of all, you’re lucky to even be touching anything, right?

So, take whatever you get.

I personally think it’s fun to mix it up.

Especially if you’re dating someone for a while.

I don’t think I would ever go full 70s.

No, no, but I think a landing strip can be so big, and I both said, every time we hook up with a guy usually, especially if it’s a new guy, we always go bald, but if you’re like dating someone, you can fuck around and lose weight and get long.


This reminds me.

Yeah, I’m gonna do a quick segue.

Okay, because I want to put money on it.

I truly believe no other podcast in the world.

Any girls gonna say this?

No, take it away, Sofia.


I’m talking about the shave.

How many of you girls have shaved your vagina for the sole purpose of making your man.

Think you’re cheating on him.

You ha ha ha ha.

You heard it right baby.


Not answer insane, girl shit.

As if you said this to me the other night and she like, really didn’t expect me.

And I’m like, absolutely, you and Alex agree with me.

This is no.

But that we asked our room and she was like, what the fuck man.

I know.

I’m so interested to know because it’s a thing like explain to them.


I’m going to give you some background.

When you’ve got your man.

You only shave when, you know, you are going to be having sex with him later, right?

You let it grow out when he’s out of town.



If you want to mess with his head, though, you will make it known that your vagina is shaved and looking beautiful.


When he knows God damn.

Well, he isn’t fucking you that night.

So if your guys on a trip and you’re like babe, like lets, you know, I like want to send him a picture.

You want to do a little FaceTime video session and he sees your shaven and he’s like babe.


Why are you shaving like Rave right Dave?


Literally just so he thinks her being shady.

What is wrong with us?

That we are.

We do that on.

Yeah, and they freak out or you’re going out with your girls.


It’s gonna it’s supposed to be a ladies night and you make sure to shave and you make sure he knows and he’s like, why did you need to be shaved to go out with your?

Hold on, babe?

I gotta go take a shower.

Like, I need to shave.

He’s like, why?

Yeah, they’d like, I was gonna shave and he’s like, why, and you be so sketchy and immediately.


He’s like, why does her vagina need?

You look beautiful tonight, when I’m not going to be inside it saying this out loud.

We are Beyond fucked up.

Our weird Dimension.

But at the same time guys, love the crazy on.

Keep reiterating that you’re welcome.


She’s eating tips from Alex and Sophia brought to you by collared.

I Chief it is making think you are.

Yes, it’s just fun.

So I saw so back to the whole shaving thing.

I agree girls really do whatever the fuck you want.

But I specifically think I do guys like it bald.


I don’t think eyes though.

Should Of any opinion on what a girl should do.

I agree when they’re like let you know.

So lucky that they’re even down know when they say it’s gross to any like me when I’m thinking about my ex and now I’m like, okay, that’s like when guys are like you period sex.


Oh my God, fucking period set.

Oh my gosh, that is it is a natural thing that happens and when a guy says you to period sex, I’m like shut up.

You can go jack off by yourself the rest of the year list.

There are so many guys out there that are so So scared and intimidated of periods, I don’t get it.


Why they’re always saying it’s gross and I’m over here.

Like, hey, if you’re a true Savage period, blood is just more Lou.


Thank you.

Also, have you ever heard of a goddamn shower shower?


Get yourself.

A nice chair in there and go to town boy.


Stop crying about the period sex.

Get in there.

Be a man.

Be a man.

Don’t be a bitch boy unless you have whatever it’s called.

What is it called when you have a severe feel?

The Bagel or something.

Really think some shit, okay.

Okay, Moving On.

Moving On.


My friend was dating this guy and my friend got like a UTI or yeast infection or something, and guys before you click out, relax because I’m about to shut up.


I’m not to tell you something little bitches and just listen a little bitch.


Boom bitch, boys.

Listen up.


She had to put a serum up her vagina.

Take care of this yeast infection, that happens.


This guy.

She was dating was like, nope.

I’m gonna douse my dick.

This serum in this cream and I’m gonna fuck the yeast infection out of you - like I had a fuck.


I gotta run into you and we are gonna go to town until the shit is gone.

Hi, what does she have done with him?

She can she give him my number so he can fuck me.

What the that is amazing.

How amazing is that?

And you guys are be thinking, like, oh, girls the hottest thing can use.


I know what all over his dick.

You think I got like Spain.

What is that mean?

That means he’s a Rico.

And that means he’s good in bed.

That’s without me.

We want to give guys a little inside info.


This is huge.

There are so many guys.

And listen.

I already said this was Sophia.


Like, I truly believe guys, that have sisters sometimes are better off because like, they grow up in like, oh my God, the period and like the tampons and they see it.

So they’re a little well-versed.


If you guys act, grossed out by anything that a girl has to do with her vagina, it may they are gonna Insecure and therefore they are not going to perform like a freak in the bedroom.



Oh my God, this second a guy acts like he’s totally chill with whatever, she’s got going on period sex.

If she’s shaving, if she’s not shaving, this girl will feel so secure with herself with anything she’s doing and therefore she will be a free.


So, basically take her yeast, infection cream, slobbering all over your dick and fuck her.

So she knows it’s real.

Like if you act like you’re unbothered by anything, yeah, she’ll feel so confident, be potentially a freak and then she’ll choke on your dick.


Moving on.


I’m in a transition for girls here because all right.

So last week we talked about dirty talk and episode 7.

If you haven’t listened to it go.

Listen now, we had a lot of girls at wrote in there.

Like I Luv This Shit, I think it’s nasty.

I want to bring it to my husband, my boyfriend, my one-night stand whatever be but I don’t know how to do so because specific For people in relationships.


They’re like guys, how do I just randomly one night?

Get on top of him and change the entire speed of however fucked up.


Yes, I fucked up.

All right.

Listen, this is what someone DM me and she asked me what to do.

And this is what we suggest girls.


Listen up.

If you feel damn my man is going to be like wow, that’s really hot.

But also it’s a little awkward because it’s kind of like you’ve never done this before you text him and you tell him babe.

I planned a little night for us.

I want us to just like hang I got some wine for us.



You are going to go by the hottest fucking lingerie or a little outfit.

He, if he has a fantasy of a schoolgirl, Learners, whatever it be, you plan to dress up for your man, after you guys are a little wine drunk.

You say, hold on, babe.

You go into the bedroom or the bathroom, you change, and you come out in your little costume and you are going to get on top of your man.


And that is, when you can start saying, I want you to fuck me.

Like, I’m your whore, I want, like, turn me around like a puppy.

Daddy like all That’s tough.

Because basically, your little costume shows that like you’re in character.

You’re going to play it up.

And if afterwards after you guys fucking, he loves it.


Because I guarantee you girls, he’s gonna be like, where did this come from?

I’m so in love with her.

Oh my God, if you want to make him think you’re cheating on him, do this to never done before the where’d you learn that?


Where’d you learn that?

I don’t know.

But so do this guy’s and then afterwards back babe, like did you like that?

And he’s gonna be like I fucking love that.

And then literally the next time you have sex, normal sex, you whip that shit out all those lines and it will become normal and he’ll love it.

Yeah, fake it till you make it, I told you can do that with anything in your life.


I do that.

My I’ve done that my entire life.

I only know how to do half the shit.

I’m doing boom.

Maybe a quarter.

Okay, but I do quickly want to address when guys, try too hard when guys hurry and put on music when you get back to their apartment when they throw on like some Marvin Gaye.


And like I’m leaving, I’m like That’s the thing.

With girls.

We pretend that we are not having sex with you until we are naked and you’re naked and you have the condom on.

We want to pretend that it’s not going down.

Obviously, even dating for a while.


I forgot like husband.

You’re in the early stages and get the few games, you get back to his place and there’s music and candles.

He’s like rose petals and I’m like, oh bitch you think you’re fucking so we won’t be fine.

I’m going home.


The amount of times I’ve seen or my girlfriend’s have I’d like a guy, your mid, you’re hooking up whatever and he’s like, hold on and he gets up and he turns music on.


Well, this is my cue, I’m leaving now.

Okay, but I also get the music thing because I think it’s awkward when it’s dead silent about, which is why I think sometimes, like guys will like, purposely have like, the TV on, however, may I say, how awkward is it girls when you were getting rail from behind and the Toyota commercial comes on.


It’s like, come on, down to Lane 59.

And we’re gonna give you a Percent off discount on your oil.

Tear about to have your orgasm.

Really, I don’t think.


Now I’m thinking about my 20% off instead of getting fucking Ralph.

So listen guys, I what we can suggest is be as subtle as possible.


Don’t try too hard.

Don’t come on and put music on on your phone.

Just pretend that there is no sex happening until the very last minute and you better believe there should not be any condoms anywhere that known see them.

You better like oh my god.

Look, I found one on the ground moving on.


On moving on.

All right, let’s talk questions because every single week, we tell you guys right into the call, her Daddy website, the questions, you guys send us.

You guys make your own episodes.


That’s it is amazing.

I sit in my bed at night and read these questions and they go like and we like send me off to my girl.


That’s my guy.

Let’s go.


So I’m gonna start.

Someone said that their girlfriend will not swallow his come and he wants to figure out how the hell do I get her to swallow it?

Out being a dick and telling her bitch.


You need to swallow it.

Sophia take this one.

So what you’re gonna do is the next time, she’s sucking your dick.

You’re gonna hold the back of her head on tier dick and you shove it on.

You’re gonna force-feed her.


You’re gonna you’re gonna baby bird that come down her mouth the way she needs that.

If you want anything, serious of them bitches, and don’t lie.

Leave room for her to keep it in her mouth because then she’ll spit it out.

You got it.


Insert your dick into the back of her throat.

So there’s nowhere else for the come to go.

Okay, we’re gonna do you’re gonna lie to her.

Yes, and you’re gonna, you’re gonna tell her that your come specifically your come because you take a lot of vitamins is almost like a probiotic.


Yes, and it’s going to make her hair grow and her nails grow and her skin glow.

Re bitch is gonna start to swallow come if they knew that was okay.

Slide till you die.

We’re getting we’re getting.


No deal.

You’re going to say that you find it so sexy.


If she if she ever did it just say babe.

That was so hot.

Like I love it.

Boom moving on.

We need to move on.

Alright, some girl was saying I’m hooking up with this really hot guy.

He’s so attractive.

The only problem is he has a really small dick.

You know, what they are is about to take the world for a spin because Sofia and I are about to be small dick club.


And Here’s why, okay?

A very reliable source told me that a smaller dick hits your G-spot in a way that a bigger dick cannot in a better way.

Yes, Harold stimulates your G-spot so much.

Yes, and guys.

Listen, if you have a small penis, that is fine.



I am telling you, if you have listened to episode 5, when we talk about the couch gobbler, combo, if you know, how to stimulate a girl’s clit and you’re also fucking her right in her G-spot.

It doesn’t matter.

How big or small your Dick, is whatever you’re doing, if it works.


It’s working.

Also, just a little tip for guys.

If you do have a smaller penis, if you do, if you do the position where her legs are over your shoulders and you kind of lean her upwards and she’s kind of like arched back at the same time that can hit her G-spot and so it will hit her right where it needs to be and you’re good to go.


So pretty much if you have a big dick get away for.

Yeah, let’s go.

Those small dicks. 2018 Baby Woo.


Moving on.

Someone said, what do you do about your mouth?

Is getting super dry during a blowjob or even during regular sex girlfriend, you can do the right podcast.


So what I usually do, when I’m going to put a penis like I’m elk is I usually will have like a water bottle and this is like a really weird trick that I have and just maybe you should practice on like a popsicle before you do it or something or banana, but you put water in your mouth and then You literally will, I’m not saying to like deep throat it, but you keep the water in your mouth water in your mouth.


Yes, while you’re while you go down and you’re not like releasing it on to his dick, like spinning on.

It’s still in your mouth.

When you go down and you come back up.

There’s no water.

It’s just a residue from what in your mouth.

I’m imagining it.

If I took a sip of something and then I put a popsicle, my mouth.

I could keep it in my mouth.



Which is like, putting the Pub’s hole in and out of your mouth, the water down your throat.

I wish you guys could see the video version because you really got me.

Yes, I got So much and it will get.

So it will obviously be a lot of water on there and guys also think it’s so hot of you randomly come on there and you have water in your mouth.


Wait, how did she just do that?


But it didn’t come out.

I got my dick.

What’s going on?


I just imagine you getting ready to have your water bottle and whatever else I like and love it Gluck Gluck and you’re ready to go.

Yeah, I was gonna say, if you’re deep throating it.

I feel like you just naturally, get, I don’t want to say mucus, but you just naturally will get more lubrication and you’re taking back your throat.


And dialing.

And, you know, it, you’re gagging and you’re choking yourself with his dick.

Some tears will come out and that will also add it back up something so depressing, and so sad, while you’re sucking that dick and start crying and the lubrication.


Well, your eyes only okkk, that was amazing.

We while we’re talking about crying out of your eyes.

I have something to do with your eyes.

Someone, whose story I want to give a shout out to this girl because I need to talk about you on this podcast.

This girl said, I was fucking with some guy and I said some stupid shit.


Like, come on my face, Daddy.

And did he ever he sprayed that shit?

Like you been what?

That’s not stupid.

Yeah, girl, that’s not stupid.

That’s amazing.

And did he ever he sprayed that shit like a fire extinguisher, all over my face and hair while slapping me with it.


Fucked me up.


A week later.

One of my eyes was swollen shut and I Look like, fetty WAP, when outside.

Ahh, I’m going to an eye specialist and turns out.

The motherfucker gave me.

I chlamydia.

Oh, yeah.

She’s she goes another week of looking like a monster and some pills.


I was like get the fuck out of here.

How hilariously rude awakening, protect your pussy and protect your face lat.


I chlamydia.

I’ve actually never heard about that.

I think’s a bitch.

I’m obsessed with this girl.


I wish you took pictures and laugh.

That’s a true Savage.

Well, if you don’t want to hear facials though, I mean God if there’s anything guys love or they dream about, it’s giving a girl facial.

So if you guys want us to talk about facials on our next episode we can absolutely do.


Let us know.

High chlamydia.

I thought he has had to, you know, keep my vagina’s safe at ayodhya over goggles.


Next time.

I’m going to town.


Okay, there was one last question.

I want to address because before we came on here, girl, DM doesn’t want us to answer it.

She was saying her ex blocked her on basically every form of social media or like do Get her off, Facebook, Etc.

And she was upset about it because she was like, he may have a new girlfriend.


He doesn’t.

But like why is he deleting me from every form of social media?

Let’s just give her some advice because I think this is actually one of probably the one of the most relevant topics.

Just what do you do when like your ex decides to block you or delete my or on follow you or maybe even delete all your pictures Etc.


I feel like it’s such a blessing in disguise.

It it honestly is it might not feel like it at the time but it really truly is out of sight.

Out of mind, the best way to get over.

Someone is to not be constantly reminded of their presence on social media.

I also think you’re better than that.


You’re gonna get better than that and just don’t, don’t let it FaZe you.

Yeah, boom.


Love you guys.

I mean that chlamydia and the ice /, kick it over it.

Like holy shit and love.

Okay, so guys, that is our episode for this week.



We just tease you a little bit.

We offered some possible anal play.

We offered a little bit of a facial conversation.


Let us know if you guys want to hear more about Yeah, so thank you guys so much for hanging out with us.


Every fucking Wednesday.

We love you guys so much.

We had so much fun this week.


We love talking with you guys.

I hope you guys go to iTunes.

Make sure you guys leave us a review and rate US if you like the podcast and nudes will become food will be coming.

I can’t solicit them on the podcast.

We love you guys.

Thank you so much for listening.


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