Call Her Daddy - 9 - Faking O’s and Threesomes-Oh My!


Call him daddy.

Her daddy call her daddy.



Nut November everybody.

I mean that doesn’t apply to us, right?


We can still masturbate unless you’ve referred to your orgasm.

Is a nut.

I’m pretty sure women can still participate.

Okay, so we’re good.

Okay, so guys, we’re back at it.


Alex and Sophia call her Daddy.


What if up guys?

Happy Wednesday?

I need to go home for Thanksgiving.

My mom.

Things that I have lost it.

I’m sure if you guys have heard the podcast, you can see how parents would be a little bit concerned.

My mother has lost her mind thinking that I am so far gone.



She told me the other day that she knows that Alex and I will be approached to do a porno.

Okay, fine.

Okay, that’s fine.

She said we would be approached.

Okay, but it’s What followed up that concerned me?

She said you know what you girls might get off.


Offered like a million dollars.

And I’m sure you guys have contemplated doing it.

I’m sure you guys have contemplated doing it.

Wow, Mom.

And then, this is what else she said.

She said, how is a porno that different than what you girls are doing now.


I don’t know.

I just had this weird feeling that seeing a dick going in and out of your daughter’s vagina, maybe a little bit different than it is describing a teeny bit like a dry hand job.

We’re like the You know, like hey, no, no, no.

And that’s how I know.


I almost lost it.

She full-blown things that we are going to do a porno.


Well, my parents literally were so casually trying to be like, we’re not going to go to like the big family Thanksgiving this year looking to keep it small, ha, ha.

And I while goddamn well, I wanted like Mom Dad, we’re not going for the family.


Thanksgiving because your daughter has ruined the Cooper family name.

Mmmmm, I gotta talk about dick for a living now.

So you’re welcome, Mom and Dad how many things giving left with a turkey?

No, fuck us.

All right moving, he’s doing.


Alright, so last last week we talked about profiles.

I mean the past two weeks, we’ve talked about diem profiles and you’re a and whatever.

We have a couple comments that we want to make regarding those profile.


We we have a, we have a lot going on.

All right, first and foremost, we’ve had guys.


DM us being like, holy shit.

I hear you about the solo shots, but at the same time, we I I think that we need a little bit of a mistake there.

When we said solo shot.

We just met.

First of all, you can’t have a lot of them know.

They have to be few and far between.


Also, they can’t look Force.

Yeah, guys.

Listen, if you go on vacation, if you go to Paris, if you go to the even the beach, like it is totally acceptable to pose and have someone take a picture of you when you’re out exploring the world.


If you live in New York City, and you are Posting up against a blank wall with your one foot up on the wall, looking to the left and your caption is right.

If it looks like this Sunday, gave you Direction.


That’s when it’s a no.

We apologize to clarify.


You can have a few solo shine.

And also please do because some of the profiles that we went and looked at we’ll get into that in a second.

But like we went and looked at some of your profiles and there were times where I was like, who the hell are you looking at me?

Yeah, you have to have a syllabus or even if it A picture with a like your mom or like, Atlas a dog or something, just to like differentiate between you and all of your group photos, right?


The apologize for that, guy’s make sure that you have some type of solo picture.

It just can’t look like a fashion Nova.

I exactly, and you are not a Greek anak not for structural and you can’t have too many.

Number one question, we’ve had from some guys is like, what do I do?


If I’m balding?

This is not something to be super self-conscious about it.

At all.

And like, weird already with a girls and I’m like, no.

No babe.

You shave your head and move on with your life.

Not don’t, I mean, especially if you’re balding.

Don’t look like you’re holding on for dear life.


No, don’t have to comb over with no more pieces of hair to the right and know, like, still got that on his.

No got that hair beautiful.

Many hot, guys.

I know that our balls, it doesn’t change anything, but David the fuck off.

Who’s looking Korea?

Secret models Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.


Got her husband so hot.

I’ve hooked up with bald guys before and I’m like, you’re so fucking hot.

You guys have to not overthink it also going in to let’s talk about beards.

I think every girl will agree, Scruff is so hot.

I mean, I think almost most of the guys I hook up with they always have scruffy.


I prefer scruffy beard.

I think.

But also if you can’t grow, facial hair don’t have facial hair, but we’re just saying if you can grow beard, grow beard.

Okay, this is also reminding me of tattoos because I know some people have written about that as well.

Oh my God, okay.

Okay, I think most of the guys I think like one or two guys I’ve ever hooked up with haven’t had them but almost every other guy.


I I’ve ever hooked up with how the tattoo Todd’s.


I am so into tattooed, but I think that’s almost another thing.

Like Don’t Force It, if it’s not.


Your thing.


I don’t I don’t think I think it can be really hot.

But I also it’s not one of those things that I’m like, oh my God like unless he has tattoos.


I’m not into more the guy that you once hook up with.

Oh, I do that.

See that was a little too.

I remember I was hooking up with this guy that was tatted up from head to toe.

Like I’m ready’ entire ass was covered in tattoos.

And it was a little it’s freaking me out.

Like if he’s naked.


I’m like, oh, yeah, I don’t know.

So I’m like, okay Alex you could not pull off my to and I couldn’t either I really couldn’t like the guy I’ve been talking to for almost three years.

I’d probably keep coming back to him because I think he’s so hot because he has like a full sleeve tattoo and he can rock it because he’s like a little tan.


Yeah, looks great me with a full sleeve.

Tattoo, good night.


Idiot, if you have super fair skin and light blond hair.

I think it makes it a little bit harder.

I agree with.

Maybe we don’t need to get it.

I think the whole thing about tattoos is like, just make sure like, my brother couldn’t pull off the top.

There’s no way I can pull up that, right.


You guys asking about the beards and then touches its you gotta just know your style, know.

You’re a self.

I think maybe so let us just transition into the lovely topic.

The universal topic.


Of nudes wooed.


So Sofia and I were talking about there is a few things about nudes that we have been asked.

First of all, guys are wondering, when is the appropriate time to ask for nudes?

And how do I go about it and girls are asking us?


Hey, guys.

When should I send a new?

When is the appropriate time to send a nude?

So we’ve got a couple thoughts about this.

Yeah, we’ve always got a couple thoughts about things.

So first of all, let’s talk about guys.

Guys asking for nudes now, Sophia and I were talking about this, because listen, there it needs to be subtle guys.


You can’t trade it be like, hey, let me see that ass shot.

Let me see.

The titty know, if I can talk know if a guy came at me with that, it’s done.

Good night.

Goodbye blocked on.

So this is the best way guys.

I think personally to ask for nudes indirectly.

You wanted you want her to believe that you’re interested in something other than her tits across in her pussy.


So make her believe, make her believe.

So what you’re going to do guys, is when you start talking to her, you’re going to ask her for that.



Hey, babe.

I just want to see your face and I love that face.

Send me that face.

Send me that yeah, a pic of your face.


Selfie, whatever.

Yeah, and you make her believe, like Jesus Christ, you make her believe that you really just want to see her face.

Tell her how much you love her.

Make her believe you care.

Okay, as a girl in your mind, we will send you a selfie because like, oh my God, he wants to see my face.


He wants to see that, whatever, and then once we’ve sent you a selfie and you asked for it a couple more times.


Girls subconsciously because I am a 100% for that.

I am.

Absolutely once.

He’s like the third time like babe.


Let me see that face like send me a selfie.

I’m naturally as a woman want to talk my last selfie and Maybe my third selfie, I don’t know, a little cleavage.

Maybe there’s a little cleavage.

Yeah, and then the fourth one there.

I am with an ass shot in the mirror and holy shit.


He thought he was getting a fucking basement and you see my goddamn thing.

Yeah, I want to emphasize you need to leave a certain amount of time from when you asked for the selfie of her face to the nude because I’ve had guys that are like, oh my God, let me see that face and two seconds later.


They’re like, let me see that.

I can feel my core.


All Also, I want to bring this up because it kind of depends what guy you’re dealing with.

All right, especially older men.

I know from experience that I’ve kind of mentioned sending a nude and I’ve maybe sent one of like my tits are my ass and the guy will literally go.


Oh my God, so cute.

So cute tits.

And then I’m a little taken aback.

I’m like, oh cute.

I didn’t know that my tits.


I thought maybe, you know, I see I want to fuck that.

Exactly cute.


And sometimes you’re fucking with us real Savage.

He might be like, okay, your tits are cute.

But what about the video of you bent over with a toy in your ass and your fingers going in and out of your vagina?


And then you’re really like thrown for a loop.


You like, what type of new to my supposed to be doing?

I didn’t know, I was supposed to be getting it in the ass by myself.

Over here my bed, and you wanted that.

Yes, you know what I mean?


Well perfect example we were talking about this.

I was talking to an older guy and I was joking around with him and I was like, oh, well, I was gonna send you a nude and he looked at me.


Like I said, I was gonna like kill someone.

He was like, why would you do that?

And I was like, is he like sweetie?

Why would you disrespect yourself like that?

I don’t know.

I just wanted to fucking degrade myself.

So you thought I was hot.


You’d want to fuck me.

I don’t know.

I don’t know.

So I’m like, okay mature Alec right in my God.

How dare I try to send a fucking video because he’s so you just need to.

You just need to know what crowd you’re working with.

Evaluate the crowd world.

The story is, I’m thinking the crowd, listening to, this guy’s just be so subtle, and don’t force it.


Because, if you keep asking her for selfies, naturally, girls, if there are they have any bit of nasty in them.

They will end up sending Ian nude because they’re going to want to top the selfie, over the selfie over the body shot.

To the yard.

Now girls.

Let’s talk about when is it appropriate to send a nude?


So if you and I’ve talked about this a lot and of course, every situation is different, but I think the general consensus is the best time to hit them.

With the nude is when they least expect that that’s when it’s going to be.

The sexiest is when a guy had no clue that it was coming his way and he literally opens up his phone and you have sent him a new exactly if you’ve sent himself he’s if yeah playing that game.


And then out of Where he’s, you haven’t talked for like, right, two hours, and right, send him that I’ll shop.

You send him the video.

I think that the vibrator in the v and it’s like, oh, yeah, I when you catch him off guard, that’s when it’s going to sexiest.


I want to talk about the face in the nude.



We’re, in a time where you should never be putting your face in a nude.

People can hack into anything.

And you know what?

I only think this is a blessing in disguise.

I was talking to Alex about it, and I’m like When you have to worry about your body looking hot, that’s one thing.


When you also have to, you know, factor in your face.


It goes, God, do you like?

Oh my God, I’ve seen my guy friends have shown me nudes and there have been girls that are doing the duck face.

Oh, my god, with their tits and I’m like fun don’t like smiling.


You’re on the yearbook photo.

You’re like hi like tits and then a smile like a full-blown and portraits miles.

So not cute at all.

I like should I throw up like Double PCI.

Times Mile with like my tips in there with the peace sign next to me.

It’s like BVB.


Do magic.

Looks like no listen girls.

I think the best thing I always think the best thing.

Also if you’re gonna do anything with the face just have your phone almost covering your facial expressions.

They can read your hair and kind of makes it easier but that’s just so awkward.


When a girl is like full blown like hi.

I love my family and I go to Christian Mass, every Sunday and you can see me smiling, but also you can see my full blown vagina.

I don’t know.

What’s worse smiling in a new door?

Duck face and a nude.

But then also, when you’re doing this sexy face and you’re like, you look so trihard just you’re Orgasm by yourself in your bathroom and like you’re about to go out with your family to dinner.


Just cut it the fuck out girl.

So guys world.

The story is make sure you plan your nudes be so just be so subtle about it because eventually it will come.

Everyone is a naturally corny motherfucker.

Remember that girls are horny, guys are horny.

And if you’re asking for pictures everyone really knows where this is leading it’s more.


So just a matter of when and where and it’s all about taking and also what kind of nude because you might come across a nasty.

GE doesn’t care about tits or ass.

He wants full vagina lips spread open.



I’m Good-Bye Baby.


Well, I’m gonna say don’t get uncomfortable.

But because we’re moving into a very nice topic.

Oh, um, Sofia, let’s talk about faking orgasms.


Oh, it’s the time.

So it’s either this is really Gonna Hurt.

Look at those.

I want to talk about this and every single man listening right now on your commute to work while you’re working out, whatever you’re doing and you’re about to x out, because you’re like, oh, I’m not about to listen to that, right?


Strap yourself up bitch, boy, and don’t fucking fast forward because if your A real man, you’re about to listen to this shit because we’re giving it as it is.

We’re telling you how it is, and we’re also going to help you out.

So a couple months ago.

I was talking to my best guy friend, who is an absolute Savage.


He fucks everything.

He fucks younger girls.

He fucks MILFs, he’s disgusting but when I gave it to him straight and I said, listen to me when I tell you out of 10 girls that you have fucked, I am going to say eight of them fake dunno.


I’m sorry, Alex.

I would sadly say 9.5 have faked to know out of the ten.

That’s that’s how fucked up.

It’s gone.

And you know, his response.

He literally when I was telling this to him, guys.

He goes stop Cooper.



Stop stop.

He’s covering his ears.

He’s like, don’t tell me, no, no.

No, he’s so upset.

He’s like, I can’t listen to this because my ego can’t take it.

There’s no way every girl’s faking, you know, and like I love you to death.

I bet you’re stroking is so fucking point, but it doesn’t matter because they’re faking it.


And the thing is, guys, you guys can stick your dick in a couch cushion and come.

It doesn’t work that way.

For girls.

Okay, doesn’t it?

No reason that this whole thing was brought up Alex.

I’m so sorry.

I’m going to expose one of our really good friends right now.


I have to do it.

All right, our friend called us.

He’s a guy because they guy love you.

We love you.

He listens to the podcast.

We just need to expose this whole thing.

He’s talking to us about a girl that he hooked up with, and he says, the sex must have been amazing because the girl came four times.


The girl came four times.


That’s not a fucking thing.

Okay, the thing guys ankles.

So fucked up for saying this and I feel bad for guys that I’ve ever said this because trust issues are about to have, trust issues are about to happen.

If a guy comes at you and says that he made a girl, come four times naturally.


Guys are like, oh damn fuck.


He fuck meanwhile girls are like She didn’t come once and that I am worst sex of her life.

Yes, the liar.

I would rather hear from a guy.

Oh my God.

This girl had one amazing incredible orgasm.


Because the moment I hear you say four times.

I’m like liest girl was lying through her teeth while she was fucking listen folks.

I would say, one out of a hundred Girls comes four times, especially on a one-night stand situation.


Ali, guys.

Listen it.

It is quality over quantity with Sofia and I said, yeah, like I feel bad for the guys that are like my stroke game in its fart.

It’s almost impossible to make a girl, come four times.

So like we’ve said, you guys get and okay.


Here we go.

It is so easy for guys to come, so I don’t want guys to think we’re shitting on all of you.

Like, we’re not saying, you’re fucking her wrong.

It’s just really hard for girls to come.

That is so you may be fucking her great.

However, I would just want to say every single girl has been there.



We’ve been laying there.

It may be the best sex ever.

It may be the worst sex ever.

Do you think that we should say something that girls don’t necessarily have to come for the sex to be amazing.

Okay, sex can be great without an orgasm.



Okay, so every single girl has been there and it’s the sad truth, but it’s the truth.

There is a point where a woman decides.

I’m not going to be able to come.

I can’t Kasim.

So all of us have been there when you mentally decide, I’m about to have to fake this orgasm.



And it’s it’s not.

It’s so I think second nature for all of us at this point.

It’s not even hard some fake, it better than others.

But so there is a point where you decide you’re like, alright without directly telling him that he needs to hurry up.


You’re going to tell him.

That you’re about to come, right?

And so you’re going to do the whole.

Oh my God, babe.

I’m about to come.

And what happens is you’re trying to basically get him to come with you, right?

Because once a girl says, oh my God, babe, like I’m about to come this.


It gives the guy the okay that he can come absolutely.

Because any gentleman out there will hold off until the girl has finished.

Absolutely and also at the same time that’s Pretty much one of the hottest things during sex for a guy is watching the girl come from his penis.


Okay, Julie.


So the worst goddamn thing girls is when you’re like, I’m about to fake this.

Oh, it’s gonna be the best thing ever.

He’s gonna come with me.

It’s gonna end, we can move forward.

We can go get food and you fake your goddamn.

Oh, you’re like, here we go, baby, you fake Theo.


And you look up at him and he doesn’t fucking come with you and you’re like no fucking way.

I I just fake the morning.

I grabbed the sheets.

I grabbed him everything.

You figure.

Oh and the goddamn guy doesn’t fucking calm.

So I left Alex at this point.


We do something very creative.

And this might really Crush guys around the world everywhere.

First of all, this is exactly where the whole I just came for time.

Thing happens.

We’re going for round two ladies.


I mean you have to fake another one, but this one is going to be a little bit different.



Going to be different because you’re going to include him.

This is what you’re going to do.


You obviously have to space it out.

So your second orgasm, doesn’t look fake as shit.

You can just like, oh my God, I’m gonna come again to Second.

Here we go, baby, boo.

So, what you’re gonna do is you are going to include the guy in this orgasm because you’re pretty much telling him that he’s gonna come with you.


Okay, because it’s sexy.

It’s you coming still.

And it’s pretty much in a roundabout way without directly telling owing him.

He’s gonna come because I think a lot of guys get freaked out.

If you’re like, are you gonna come?

So this is what you do, ladies?


Okay, you’re going to look at him.

You’re going to look up at him and you’re going to start to fake your.

Oh, again.

Here we go.

But this time instead of saying, babe.

I’m gonna come.

You’re gonna look up at him and you’re going to say, oh my God, baby.


I’m gonna come again.

And I want you to come with me.

When you tell them that you want them to come with you.

A guy is like no shit at the same time.

That shit’s hot as fuck.



Let’s go.

Yes, it’s almost.

It’s like you try to do it in unison.

You’re like synchronized swimming.

You’re like, okay and five, six, seven, eight, and come.

Come on.

Let’s go one two, here we go.

One, two, three.

Let’s go.

Here we go, babe.

Why aren’t you coming?


I’m coming, but I’m not to come and let’s go then.

It is like, you come with me.

Why aren’t you coming?

And when they don’t come, you’re literally looking at them.

You’re like, why I have no fake.

My second, donut your dry as fuck.

And I had this point.


I’m also dries much, but I’m trying to fake that.

I am fucking coming and you’re not working with me.

And that is the work though.


Is there anything words when you as a woman, when you are bigoted?

I’m good.

How many times have you been there, Alex?

And you do the whole like synchronize coming.


And then it’s like, I’ve done and you’re like, did you come and it sounds like, no, no.

And you’re like, okay.

I actually go fuck myself.

Now be no pulled out all the stops and you are not fucking condo.

And then you’re like, oh my God, I have to somehow fake and third believable orgasm.


So fucked up now that we’re talking about it goddamn truth.

So now comes the third one and I think this is when we’re going to tell girls breaking it down.

We are the most hypocritical fucking podcast out there.

Because at one point where Honestly, leave him.

If he can make you, oh, and now we’re about to be like, so girls.


This is the exact way of how to face.

We can say it really quickly.

So if there’s a couple things, well, first of all, fuck the whole porn.

If you start screaming right later, oh my God, it’s not believable.

If you pull that I kick in and stares at you and he’s like, why are you screaming and especially a key like sticks it in for two seconds and you’re like, oh my God, I’m coming.



No, there’s some super simple things.


Number one you’re going to Tense up your entire body.


Number two, you’re going to clench your vagina number three.

Don’t just start Screamin out of nowhere.

You’re going to start heavily breathing make it seem natural.


Your breath is going to add a little bit heavier.

You’re gonna start moaning a little bit louder and then you can be loud but not like bloody-murder screaming, like grab his phone unless that’s a real orgasm from you than you go.

Girl, go girl.

But if it’s not, then, fuck that shit.

Yeah, grab his thigh, grab the sheets, kind of like don’t throw your Back.


Like, you just got like, jolted on a roller coaster.

Like, he’s that shit back.

Like, you don’t make it believable, but also ease into it and then there’s about to happen.

You guys, you need to be like out of breath, every guy.

All they want to do is see you come.


So if you can try to build make them believe this, I think it’s a cool thing that is come together.

This is so fucked up.

But yes, this is all true.

Okay, there are trust issues coming from this pot coming and interject because I don’t want guys to to feel discouraged and be like every girl I’m hooking up with his Faking.


It know guys, if you listen to Alex and I on this podcast, we are going to give you every way to make sure that she’s not Faking It number one.

Okay, the couch cobbler AKA eating her out.


If you are making sure that you’re being attentive to her clit, with your mouth, with your fingers Etc before you get into the sex, your likelihood of making her.

Goes up tenfold.

This is seriously important.

You have to understand like for a girl, for play is so important right now, as guys, you love getting your dick sucked.


Okay, great.

Well, girls love to get eaten out because we need a certain amount of time.

Pray, get in the mood.

We need to be mentally and physically stimulated in order to get there were guys.

Like we said, you can stick your dick in a couch cushion and you can come right.

A lot more than that.


So you need to take care of her clip before for sure and then Then, you cannot neglect her clit.

After during sex.

You still need to keep her clit stimulated.

The whole time.

Is one of the biggest issues with sex.


Don’t you feel like some guys, they think they kill the game.

They’re down on your pussy.

They’re like, oh, I just ate her out.

I killed it.

And then you guys start fucking and he literally forgets you even have that.

He just thinks he can fuck you.

And then, you’re going to come.

It’s like you have to understand guys, like, it needs to be stimulated the entire time.


Whether you’re using your hand girls, you can use your own hand or guys can use theirs.

I think one of the best ways to do it is girls get on top because that way you’re in control.

You can rub your clit on his stomach when you’re humping him.


That’s another thing.

I know a lot of girls think they’re supposed to just like, bounce up and down.

No, you need to like, go back and forth rocking chair.

Stop yourself on him.

Yeah, Rock.


There you go.

Rocking chair.

Is going up and down, should only be happening when you’re getting your squats in that day, which one of my exes like to say.


Okay, your spots and baby were all sexually aroused in this room.

Don’t you?

Get your squats in?

You literally should be squatting and then you’re going up and down.

Don’t just be like going up and down with your knees on the bed.

You should be feet on the bed squatting.

Okay, but I’m not that I think when girls are on top, they really need to focus on like humping going back and forth as opposed to up and down one of my biggest I would suggest girls.


I think guys also think this is hot, but fuck that because this is what will help you.

If you guys are on top, use your fucking fingers because you know what you like best and help your clout for yourself and guys are going to think that’s so hot.

If you lean black back, you’re on top, you’re touching your clit.


He’s gonna be like, oh my God, this is so fucking hot.

And then what I usually do because I think, guys appreciate it.

Is you get in your Rhythm and you take his hand right and put it on it there.

So, He understands where to go and exactly what motion to do and that helps him out understand that you want and then you’re also getting what you want.




This is one of the hottest things you can do.

If you’re a guy is, if you like grab her hips while she’s on top of you and you kind of force her down onto you and kind of like, rocker back and forth and you’re pretty much forcing her to like rub her clit on you.


I’m so glad you’re literally moving her back and forth like yeah, back and forth.


Thank you for showing and ha, ha ha.

And girls will be like, oh my God, and her clit is going to be activated because it was great.

Umm, believable tips from the color daddy girls yet again.


No, this is not porn, huh?


Okay, so that’s just like a couple things about the clip that we also.

By the way guys, just a little side note.

Please dear God for all that is Holy and all of our klitz shut your goddamn finger nails.

Yeah, I’m gonna go down south.



And clit, Sensitivity.

I don’t even know why we should have to throw this in here at this point, but listen, guys, lips are like this, like magical create understand it.

I’m not, you know, an expert in anatomy.

I saw there’s a million.


I’m not gonna say million.

A lot of nerve endings in your clit.

Don’t be overly gentle, but are more on the gentle side.

Then you don’t going in there like pinching fighting know when I signed cringing.

DM us being like this.

Guy bit.


My clit.

I’m already checking myself into the hospital if I’m like, what’s up, guys.

Just be careful.

That’s all I have to say.

I just be sensitive and I think this is another thing.

Like ask the girl babe.

Do you like that?

How does that feel?

It’s like imagine when a girl is giving you head, if she looks up at you and you’re like, she’s like babe.


Do you like that?

It’s the same thing for a girl girls, also have reached out to us being like, how do I articulate to a guy like what I want in the bedroom because they think it’s so hot.

Fucking hot guy.


So hot me, like, babe.

I want you to do this to me because at the end of the day, all he wants to do is please you right.


You know what I mean?

So girls get after it, guys, get after it and just let’s all get after it.

Lets up those in.

No, not November.

You can’t wait.

All right, now it’s time to talk about threesomes.

So first of all with threesomes, I just wanted to say there is a culture of threesomes that we want to talk about.


I think a lot of girls aren’t into them specifically, because if you’re talking about It with their husband or their boyfriend, they can get jealous.

Or also, sometimes girls just have this connotation in their mind that oh my God, threesomes are so nasty.

And I don’t want to be known as doing a threesome guys on the opposite spectrum of threesomes.


This is I think almost every man’s Ultimate Fantasy, right?

We want to just put it out there that call her daddy approves of the right kind of threesome.

We are judgement free zone.

We really are.

So I want to put you guys in a little situation because we’re going to get it into the whole threesome situation.


If you’re in a relationship, if you’re married, but first, we want to just dive into threesomes.

As if we’re talking about two girls in one guy girls.

Let’s put yourself in this situation, you and your girlfriend.

You’re just trying to get after it.

You want to try a threesome, I think.


Sofia, you and I can both agree.


Every girl has a little bit of lesbian in them.

Yeah, I think girls have thought about it, solutely.

What are we talked about the other day that porn porn?

I’ve heard that the number one watched porn for girls is girl-on-girl porn.


I think there’s a number of reasons I think because a lot of porn is geared towards guys.

So it kind of freaks girls out.

But also who knows if it’s China better than a girl.

Absolutely right?

So girls listen if you and a friend you want to pick a guy and just go for it and don’t worry about the guy you have to understand every single living male.


Mm is going to say yes to a threesome with you and your friend.

So say there’s a guy that’s out of your league.

Say he’s a 10 and you maybe a seven and your friend to 7.

Let me give you a couple numbers.

Here girls.

If you’re a seminar and sambal math simple math, if you’re a seven and your friend is a seven seven plus seven equals 14.


He’s a ten.


It’s done.

Now, you’re out of his League.

Now, you’re his fantasy.

And now you’re about to be his best story to his guy.

Goodbye done.

That’s right.

In the game.

There’s no way.

There’s no way in 10 is going to turn down a 14.

It’s just not possible with seven baby.


So girls.

Yeah, after I don’t think there’s anything wrong with threesomes people know, you’re think about it.

No, I think with threesomes, I think what’s really important is?

What happens during and after the threesome.

Yeah, let’s talk about it.

You know what I mean?

Well, because you, and I have talked about keep sounding like, you’re about to be like you.


And I’ve done so me and Sofia are Balto’s with some Okay, no.


So basically, we understand there are some people in relationships that would never try this, but we are just putting it out there that adding a third person to the bedroom can be an awesome addition, right?

It can really really spice things up and Done, Right?


This is Gonna sound fucked up and I don’t think a lot of podcasts would say this, but if you are the woman in the relationship and you’re feeling a little bit insecure and intimidated and scared pick a bitch that’s uglier than you, boom done.

I said it Very simple.


It is if you’re an eight, you know grab like a six and you know, what we say about fives and sixes.

She’ll be a nastier bitch in bed.

Okay, it on your, you don’t dick in the one, you don’t want to do a threesome with some 10.

Who wants you to cater to her unless unless you’re super confident and you want that tend to come in because you know, she’s super skilled the better, the teach you in your mansion and when she leaves you guys can carry that on to your next sex after paid without her, but I personally think Like, maybe, I don’t know for the to give, you know, I was thinking like, I don’t know why I’d rather like a Megan Fox situation or if I want, like, a real freak, who’s like a sick.


I mean, I don’t know.

They’re both.


I think if you’re gonna try three smell go for both and see, which is drinkability.

Honestly this time.

Anyways, yeah, go for some.

That’s what we’re trying to say.

Fuck it.

Three sometimes four for some of these days.



Let’s talk about three some etiquette.

Okay, if you and your man want to bring a girl into the This is so fucking important.

You guys, if your girl decides that she wants to try out a threesome.

You better act like she is Queen Elizabeth wait.

Before this goes on what make sure we let the guy know you really should never be the one to ask for a threesome.


All right, let your girl bring it up.

Do not be like babe.

I want to try a threesome.


Fucking punch you.

And I think I remember a guy asked us like, what’s the best way to approach it men?

I think all you can do is Express that You think it’s hot, but you can never ask for it.



Yes, so I think during the threesome, I’m not an expert but I’m pretty positive that you need to make sure that your girlfriend or your wife feels like she’s number one with that said, you cannot let the third girl feel neglected.


It’s this tricky thing.

I think the little things we’ve talked about is, guys, if you’re in the bedroom, say, you’re fucking Third girl, you need to make sure little things even like making eye contact.

I Clement is probably the biggest your fucking the other girl.

Look at Briar woman and make sure she knows you’re thinking about and while you’re fucking I see role.


I think a really big key is to just say babe.

This is so hot.

What you’re doing.

You look so hot.

You look so sexy, you know what I mean?

So important guys, because what happens is in that moment and it’s natural and it should happen that That your girl gets a little jealous.


That’s okay.

But I’ve heard that the jealousy aspect in a threesome is almost a turn-on.


You know what I mean, which I could see.

Well the whole thing about guys wanting to watch their girl fuck another girl in front, but another guy one of them right here to talk about the Tiger on a later episode.



The etiquette after the threesome.

I think how you treat it after is almost more important post threesome.

You need to bow down to your fuck your girlfriend or what up.


Don’t fuck it up.

I need this girl just did this.

Hopefully it wasn’t just for you.

Hopefully she was trying to explore it as well.


If you’re feeling a little you know by or a little curious threesome is a great.

Way to go with that said, the guy post threesome, this sleeping situation.


That’s a huge thing.

I think you need to make boundaries before.

So, you know what, to expect.

Sure that we should have prefaced with that the boundaries easy to make boundaries beforehand because what ends up happening is if you don’t have these set plans, shit happens, you’re horny.


This shit goes down, and then you’re all in bed together and then why?

The side bitch is sleeping next, to your hand.

The edge of the bed and my that and maybe you’re okay with that, you know, some girls are.

But I think a lot of girls are like, see you babe.

Thanks for enjoy her neck.



This makes me also think of, I’m sorry, if I’m taking a little Loop here, but when we’re talking about threesomes, I know my one guy friend has never.

So he said, I asked him if he’s ever done a threesome and he was like, no.

I actually, haven’t I’ve done well, he’s done one, but it’s just been two guys.


One girl.

Oh, but he said, he doesn’t go for the to girl because he said it is so annoying.

How often girls fuck around and they tease you about a threesome and nasty shit like that, and they never followed.

Oh, my God, I could see that being the most annoying thing rolls.


Never be that girl.

That teases a guy and it’s like, oh my God, babe.

Like do you want a threesome like, oh my God.

I’m down for that shit.

And then, you know, you’re the girl.

That’s never gonna pull tragen.

You’re never going to follow through, right?

Absolutely be a little.

Use it, you know, you’re about to get into the bedroom and do that shit.


But if you’re going to be at ease, don’t do that.

Don’t become the girl.

That’s known for being the annoying.


Yeah, it’s, that’s always telling the guy, she’s about to get down.

Never down.

Say shit, for attention.

It’s not cute.

But what that just made me think of, as okay, about that.

Was I just mentioned two guys, and a girl.


So, he was telling me that he’s done that before I think guys, if you’re fucking with a really nasty girl, see how nasty she is, because I know some girls.

Are down for this and tell her while I’m going to be with my buddy tonight.

Do you want to come around?


He’s down.

There are some.

But what are you telling guys right now?

If you’re fucking with a girl, you think is I’m not.

I’m not saying this is about to be a DP.

I’m just saying there are no girls comes with two guys.

Don’t necessarily have to be a deep even Eiffel Tower.


I don’t know.

Is it a DP though?


It’s in mouth.

And but I know DP wrote about mouth and just be cancel out the but cancel out the bus.

You can never forget the but oh, no, but guys, this is the thing I’m saying is see how nasty she really.


Is, obviously asked her, like, would you be down for this?

But he literally said there was a girl that was like, absolutely, they turn the lights down and one was in her mouth and one was energy and had a good time.

Alright, but that takes a certain type of guy.

Oh my God.

A guy that can pull off a threesome with another guy.


You have to be so comfortable with your sexuality.

So confident in your food when you’re beat.

Being a DP.

There is a potential that your wieners your wieners could.

Absolutely not Collide it if it’s in the butt and in the v there’s only like a little bit of skin that is like separating them.


Uh, you could potentially hit piazon.

It’s like, whoa, we’re crawling Lanes here on the highway.

I Cedar really be confident in their.

Yeah, if you’re trying to fuck around with DPS everyone listening that’s like saying they want to try one.

Just know you could potentially be touching your weiner with another wiener and just make sure your Down for it happening.


Let’s move on to question.

Thank you.

My Jaime God.

I may die.

All right, let’s talk about questions as we always make my favorite part.


Www, dot call her always write in every week, guys.


We have some great stories this week.

So, this is the first one.

What do I do?

When my girlfriend of two and a half years wants to start wearing a condom again after a year and a half of not wearing one.

She has been on birth control for three years and I have never came inside her, dude.


She’s fucking cheating on me.


Whoa, I think there’s two options.

She’s either full-on cheating or she wants you to think she’s cheating.

Yeah, dude.

There’s nothing.

I mean, in a relationship for that long and out of nowhere.


She’s like, babe.

Can you whip on a condom?

Hey, let’s pull call her daddy style for him, though.

Oh, crazy.

The crazy.

This is what you should.

Do you didn’t ask us what you should do, but we’re going to tell you first out-crazy the crazy.

You know what you should do.

You should say babe.


Thank God, but you brought up using a condom.

I’ve been wanting to bring that up.

I think I should wear a condom even when you suck my dick not honestly and also I think we should start doing.

STD testing weekly.


Thank God.

We’re on the same page.

Love you, babe.

She’s gonna look at you and you’re like it back in her face on when you suck my dick.

She’s gonna be like, what the fuck is this bitch up to just throw it back in her face?

How crazy, the crazy.

But yeah.

No, dude.

Your girl is probably absolutely cheating on you.


Moving on.

I’m sorry.

We love you.


You’re gonna love this one.

So I met a girl online and she told me to come over and fuck her.

I went to her address and I called her and she said, I could come in.

It was a popular College neighborhood.

So I figured I was good.

I got there.

I knocked on the door.


She didn’t answer.

So I just walked in again, not a good idea, but I was kind of fucked up and I just went into the door.

It was dark.

No one was inside.

And I figured I was about to die.


I see the girl and I say hi.

I’m before I could say my name.

She covered my mouth and she said, shut up.


She took me to her room and she sat me down.

I tried to ask her questions and she told me to shut the fuck up.

She said, I don’t care who you are.

You don’t care who I am.

You can be whoever you want to be tonight.

We fucked.

It was the best Buck I’ve ever had.


And then she kicked me out.

When it was over to shade of her.

But I am so shook from that shit.

Oh my God is my hottest thing I’ve ever heard.

I want to pull that shit.

Oh my God, just not in her apartment.

But somewhere that I can happen to a guy coming in and me being like, don’t fucking talk sit down and let’s fuck it and leave that’s actually best case scenario.


Unless you’re a guy cuz the girl will probably think you’re about to kill a girl can pull this shit out of a guy with no sit down and fucking and like, we’re in the dark.

Don’t make a sound.

But for a girl that isn’t that I want job tonight and do that and do that, pretty much literally call a guy up and just pull that shit.


That’s amazing.

I love that.


Next one is I started talking to this guy who is super sweet and caring but he isn’t really.

My type looks-wise.

I’m really nervous about what my friends are going to say about him.

Oh my God.

Okay, why are girls like this?


First of all, if your friends main concern is what the guy looks like.

That is a huge red flag.

Egg and your friends, you to grow up all your friends.

He’s got the biggest baddest bomb, dick in the game and you’ve never had better sex.

Also, that was a joke.


Sort of also.

Tell them like, I don’t give a shit.

He treats me like a friend.

Yeah fine.

Like why do people really can?

You know, that’s the only thing that should matter other.

I know if your friends are worried about what he looks like your friends need to grow the fuck up.

So goodbye.



I’m going to read this because I think girls, if you have it in, you you should low-key pull this because I think I want to pull.

This a guy wrote in and said, a girl that I’ve been wanting to hook up with got on top of me.

And we started hooking up at this party.

She’s gyrating on my piece.


Then she reaches down and starts choking me.

And I mean, both hands eyes locked on mine.

While she is moaning squeezing, my throat.

I honestly was kind of afraid, but mainly just curious and turned on after five, shallow breaths.


My Airways are totally shut, and I’m starting to wonder if If I’m going to get choked out here, finally, I let myself relax my eyes closed and I let myself just feel in the moment.

Then at one point.

She let go of my throat and her vagina tightened somehow.


I came so fucking hard.

Holy Christ.

I felt like I was coming like a fire hose for 15 seconds.

Straight seeing Stars, gasping for air and my body was shoveling.

I just looked at her in amazement.

She climbed off and just giggle.


Adorable, Giggle and she went to the bathroom to clean up.

I sat there for a second wondering, what the fuck just happened?

Also was curious.

If I was going to have a kid coming in nine months, ladies.

I’m still shook.

I think I’m in love with her.

I’m also fucking terrified of her.


She won’t tell me if she had got plan b, or if she’s on birth control.

What a hell of a night.

That is a daddy.

Da da girl is Daddy, legit.

She is die.

Want to try that.

So, I mean, obviously, I’d like, Done choking the bedroom.


But to the point where I see the guys about a fucking pound know, that something like, guys will jack off and do, it’s like a fixie, right?

You’re right.


I just think really fucked up.

It’s like so hot, but the fact that he knew exactly the moment, she clenched her vagina and let go.

All of his senses were like, what the fuck is going on.


I think like, what I think would his face starts to turn.

Purple is when you kind of release.


Next one.

So, I was dating.

This guy.

Oh my God, I fucking love this one.

I was dating.

This guy who was an emotional basket case.

One day, I ended things with him because I found out.


He was cheating on me classic.

He got so worked up emotionally that he started bawling his eyes out and then proceeded to whip out his Vic and jerk off in front of me, while still crying and bawling his eyes out, dude.


He’s like And cheated on you, but I still love you.

But I’m gonna jack off and cried the same time.

I fucking love you.

Why, what can you all just sit there and close your eyes for a minute and picture?

You are breaking up with someone and they start crying and they start masturbating in front of you.


What is going on?

Daddy game you’re taking on without I am.

So in love with this story.

I want to meet this guy.

Let someone to do is in front of me.

That’s a badge and if you were a girl and you just started Actually, I was gonna say imagine your girl’s her fingers.



The guy would probably like, you’re forgiven.

That’s true.

But a girl the guy whips out his dick.

He’s like babe.

I imagine she’s jacking off.


Well that’s to raise definitely a daddy’s story.

Let’s finish it with sugar daddies because next week we are absolutely going to talk about Sugar, Daddy.


Ah, this girl said, I had a sugar daddy who’s literally old as shit.

We used to just meet up for coffee and he’d give me $1,000, every single time.

Oh damn, then he asked if I’d fuck him for 2K and I honestly felt comfortable with him.


So I did it.

Oh, damn.

Yay, then we started fucking on the reg and I had an ignorant amount of money.

I was living lavish and I got comfortable.

And then, he ghosted me, I was so confused for a while and then my friend and I were hammered and I Googled him and he’s fucking died.


I found his fucking obituary.

Ha, ha ha ha.

Are you kidding me?

Can you imagine fucking?

Oh my God, he’s how old is this guy?

We holy shit.

I mean, if he just died unexpectedly or expectedly looking like an eight-year-old props to you girlfriend.


I mean, wow.

Retches fuck now, that’s actually unbelievable.

This is an unbelievable.

Unbelievable story.

That is pretty unbelievable.

I like we have some great.

Sure, daddy stories.

Not personally, not perspiration.

So next week, we’re going to be talking about sugar daddies as well as a couple of other things, you know, how we get into a daddy gang but for This week.


Thank you so much for listening, guys.

Thank you so much.

Daddy game.

We love you.

You know, it every single fucking Wednesday.

I believe next week.

Thanks guys.

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