Call Her Daddy - 11 - MILF Hunting Season


Daddy, do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Welcome to call her daddy.

Oh, okay.

What is of Daddy’s, guys?


I hope everyone is getting ready.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and you better Goddamn well be getting down and doing the couch gobbler.


In honor of this amazing holiday Pavel, gobble gobble.


You should be gobbling up your Thanksgiving dinner with your family and gobbling up your significant others privacy.

It part and I hate the way you just said private part.

That’s like I don’t know why I would rather you literally say like a dick and a vagina instead of private parts.


Don’t you feel?

Like that’s kind of creepy.

I mean, let’s just roll with it.

Just gobble them up.


So yes, guys.

Tonight is the biggest drinking night of the year.

I know.

I mean everyone’s going back to their hometowns, which is so exciting.


Yeah, and I think it’s Called blackout Wednesday, is it?

I I think regardless everyone gets blackout first and foremost.

Obviously we have to say because we’re responsible adult.

Be safe tonight.

Everyone get your Ubers have a designated driver but fucking get after it for sure.


Oh, yeah.

Everyone’s going back to their hometowns and I think I mean you’re going to Utah.


I’m going to be going to Utah.

That will be exciting and you’re going to go to Pennsylvania, right?

Yes, the Amish and the Mormon take Hometowns.

So, I was just thinking about how like Everyone goes home.


And I feel like, first of all, everyone’s probably getting that like, hey, stranger text, right?

It’s like you go home and then all of a sudden you get hit up by like your high school guy or the college people and everyone starts coming back together.


Well, it’s just crazy about going home because you’re going to go to the bar.



I don’t know if you have like your go to bar from when you were growing up there, but you’re gonna run into someone and people, I feel like at frisky.

Okay, but wait, think about it.

People get frisky over Thanksgiving break great.

Where the fuck do you bring your, hold up?


Hey, come on back to my parents house and let’s fucking get after it.

Like in your childhood room.

You have to like, push all the stuffed animals off the bag and ripping, my Joe Jonas poster.

Awesome, like that, never happened and pushing all of my stuffed animals.

Yeah, that’s kind of fucked up.



I don’t really know.

How about work?

We don’t even know.

No, okay.

So, yeah, so everyone, I hope everyone have safe travels.

I hope everyone smart tonight.


What time, your You’re getting on a flight soon.


I am speaking of flight.

There is something that happened that Alex and I are not proud of, but it is a hack that is really going to change lives here.


So listen up Alex and I were flying to Florida and we faked a death solely to get out of a late fee, for changing a flight.


We are going to music festival.

And basically we, we were so dumb.


We booked the flights when we were drunk one night, and we woke up the next morning and we realized we literally booked the flight for the wrong weekend.

Yeah, of the festival.

There was no other choice but to change this fly.

Yeah, and I mean Airlines nowadays, it is impossible to change a flight without having to pay a ridiculous amount of fees.


Yeah, and basically, the only way that you can really get out of it fee.

Free is if you are deathly ill and you have like a doctor’s, no, right.

Or if you have In the family, so so give it to Alex.

I had no clue how this was gonna pan out, but we just tried it.


We called in the lady said.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

We need two pieces of information.

We need the name of the individual that passed away.

And the funeral home that they will be having the service at and you know what?

Alex and I did.


We looked up the local obituary and we found the name of someone.

One who had recently died in Florida in Florida.

It lined up with the flight that we needed in terms of time in terms of time.


And I just interject and say you guys see Sofia and I look like different.

Like your complexion different.

I look different.

We, there’s no way we could be related.

We both had to get out of this flight change.

So we literally said we were related and that we were cousins like what the fuck dude were like, yeah.


And we’re cousins.

Our grandfather died.

And we both have last names that are different.

And then our grandfather has different housing.

But, you know, it’s all the same.

It’s our grandfather.

And we miss him dearly like what?

I mean.

It was a stretch for sure, but they bought it, but we found the obituary.

The obituary happens to have the funeral home of that individual, a lot of the time, which was unbelievable.



So we call back.

We give them the info.

She says, I’m so sorry for your loss.

Your flights have been changed.

No fees whatsoever.


No fees go on your way.

All right, P Grandpa.

You guys might be thinking.


Yeah, we’re gonna get shit for this.

You guys might be thinking, this is so fucked up without getting too depressing.

I just want to say, I know everyone’s out there being like, that’s so fucked up because I’ve actually had a death in my family where I had to change my flight and fuck you and Bubba.


Love you Grandma.

My grandma just passed away this past weekend.

And I know goddamn well, our IP love that love that bitch.

She was the best woman in the game.

I know if she knew I needed a way to save $700.


She be like Alexandra.

You better put my name there.

You better, put my funeral home and you better rock that shit out.

Okay, we I like I want to call my grandma after this and be like Grandma.

Like how would you feel if you died and I use that to get out of a baby.

It’s not like it was like this big accidental death.


Like it was his time to go.

He was like 98.

Pushing a hundred.

Yeah, and it was his time to go.

I did we send flowers to the funeral home.

This guy that we’ve never met.

We should you not after it.

Sofia and I were like is this kind of fucked up that we did it’s and Sofia and I literally sent flowers to the funeral home.


And then Loki later.

We were like is it kind of fucked up that we just sent flowers?

Is the family going to be like who the fuck is Alex and Sophia and what was this his Mistresses?

It was a good.

It was the LIE.

Oh my God, right?

Because it was like a 90 year old man, but it honestly was, the least we could do.


They, I mean, he saved us, like, $1,700 in Italy.

So, whatever the story is, if you guys really are endless and we don’t condone doing this, just casually because also I’m pretty sure the flights keep record of if you change, like your name and shit, so don’t do this all the time, but if you are in desperate need of changing a flight, look up the local newspaper where you’re flying and guy and Grandpa popped out.


That we yeah, okay, moving forward.

So I’m gonna just gonna bring up a topic that has nothing to fucking do with flights and grandparents passing away.

Okay, threesomes.

Whoo, so, the other week, Sophia and I talked about threesomes, we talked about how there can be great for relationships, but afterwards, we had a lot of people writing in asking us how the hell do my partner, and I find a third person because they expressed to us that The last thing they want to do is go for a close friend higher prostitute, higher prostitute.


The are we allowed to say that do not legal.

No, I don’t know.


Yeah, that actually isn’t a spirit from us, but just hired.

Oh, yeah, we know people that have hired prostitutes and things went great.

But yeah, so people are asking like, how the hell because I get it.

You don’t want to always just do it.

Your best friend and if it’s with your boyfriend because I can be like issues of like jealousy and shit.


So you sometimes want like yeah, Loki like a rando.


So, we talked about this, and we came up with a game plan for you guys because we’re doing the Lord’s work.

We’re doing to help you.

Got a third.

I think the best way is to approach.


Someone in a party setting free-flowing alcohol.

Your walls are down.

You’re feeling a little frisky, looking a little here.

That is exactly.

I think that’s and I mean, let’s be honest.

How many hookups have you had after nine a party?

That’s just do it.


The amount of horniness that girls get when they’re drunk and they’re at parties, like girls.

We all know you’re in the goddamn bathroom and you fall in love with every girl you start talking to.

It’s like yeah.

That God babe like your tits are amazing.

Like I love your fake tits.

Like let me feel them.

You pee in front of them.


You pull your pants down, like everyone’s having a little orgy in the bathroom.

Let’s roll.

Yeah, girls.

Yeah, become lesbians are like, you’re so hot.

Like, let me see your Ted’s.

Like, oh my God, like let’s just go pee in front of each other.

That’s what lets me.

Go sometimes it gets to that level.


It’s guys are always like what the hell do girls do in the bathroom.

You’re drunk.

Exactly that.

I know Canada.

Every Girl’s tip.

We’re all talking about what we’re doing, what we’re wearing.

So it’s great.


So I think that this is really important.

I think the girl needs to become friends and comfortable with the girl unbefitting for.


She’s going to bring in the aspect of her boyfriend.

If the girl and her boyfriend approach the Third.


That’s so intimidating.

Yeah, that’s so aggressive.

Yeah, I could see that being like a little too much, like, I would personally be a little intimidated.


But if I had a girl in the bathroom being like, Oh my God, you’re so hot.

Like, let me see your tits.

I’d be like, absolutely down.

Yeah, and then slowly, as you guys start to, like, Vibe a little bit, and if that girls, like my boyfriend, like thinks you’re I wanted you to my boyfriend’s gonna think you’re so hot and he’s gonna love you.


That’s so much better than just right off the bat being like me, and my boyfriend thing.

So hot.

Let’s absolutely.

So guys party setting 110.

And you can also kind of tell like there are certain girls that are down for it at parties or down for a good time.


And then they’re also girls, obviously, you’ll be able to gauge.



How interested they are.

Not within, I mean, just go to the bathroom attendants, right?

You are they naked by the time you’re walking out or not.


So other ways we talked about.

Well, we actually, which is kind of random, but we talked about Bumble.



Well, your experience, I, I’m in a sound like such a loser.


I don’t even care when I first moved to New York.

I had no friends.

None of my friends really live on the east coast.


So when I moved here I was a total loner.

I lived in a studio by myself and I had Bumble for like a week.

And at first I was just going and hanging out with guys and of course, all of these guys were thinking, when are we fucking?


Yeah, let’s hook up.

What is this app for?

And I was treating it.

Like it was a find friends app, like I would go and hang out and be like, oh my God.

Homey, and like besties and like let’s hang out, pull your fucking labia out and you’re not gonna know.


So after like a few days of that.

I was like the it was it was annoying.

Like, you know, that feeling when, you know, a guy wants to do something and then they start getting annoyed and yeah, but I hate you you’re Satan.

And I was like, I can’t believe I’m doing this right now, but I’m just going to do girl seeking friend.


That’s a girl.

Oh and Alex when I tell you I had like three or four girls contact me saying you are so Pretty me and my boyfriend would like to meet you.

The Bumble.

I don’t know what’s happening on Bumble, but they get a little wild.


So, and you never met any of them.

I’m going to confirm for your mother’s sake.


Um, but yeah, that’s I think a perfect way.

Also, if they like have pictures with their boyfriend and they’re trying to meet girls.

I think you’ll kind of gauge that way.

Is a great way to meet people.



Also, this is like reminding me of Craigslist.


I don’t know in Utah, there’s this.

Whole section of Craigslist called back pages where you can like higher.

I wish you guys.

Could I be hearing this?

You can like hire girls off of there.

And of course, they don’t flat out say with her on there, for what they’ll be like masseuse or.


You know, I could let me come over and give you a masseur.

She’s like I’m here for a good time.

Not like fun.


Oh, wow.


So Craigslist.

I’m pretty sure that we’re going to get in trouble.

But I know, are we allowed to say, you’re like, okay, so I don’t give a shit.

I’m going people, get a threesome.

There you go.

Um, okay.


So yeah, either hire a prostitute, go on Craigslist.

So I’m Bobble or go to a party and that ladies and gentlemen, is how you find your threesome.

Last point.

Maybe you need to just do a swinging situation and you’d like where it’s like couple switches with a couple.



Fuck threesomes.

Go for the force of, right?

Because at that point I kind of think that’s maybe one of the better things also for older couples.

If you’re like married and shit, just have other apples.

Come into the bedroom with you.

And then there is no jealousy because you’re all together and Absolutely, but we also just wanted to talk about threesomes in regard to two points.


One is girls understand that if you allow your boyfriend to have a threesome with you, he met.


Look at you.

Like you’re the most Savage, girlfriend in town and everyone’s gonna like, holy shit.

You’re so lucky your girlfriend’s down for that.

But Sofia, what were you saying, call?


Her, daddy is a judgment-free zone, right?

I just think that there is sometimes a slippery.

Pre slope that comes with threesomes because your they’re hooking up with a third person.

And I think sometimes that can normalize right hooking up with a girl for the guy.


I mean, your boyfriend’s dick is inside another girl and if you happen to just not be around one day and he’s already been doing that.

So often with you, what makes it wrong to do it, when you’re maybe not there.

I think I think that is just something to take into account.

That is a possibility.


It does kind of normal.

Fucking someone other than you absolutely.

Pretty much is what we’re saying, but on the flip side, I also think like that works for a lot of marriages and you’re able to spice it up and get some variety and the husband will never stray or do anything for sure, or the or the woman for that matter.


Absolutely girls are never in the wrong cheese as much as you can on girls.


I’m like, yeah, let’s go.

Okay, moving on.

Um, I want to talk about a topic that I think is near and dear to a lot of men’s hearts and Well, let’s let’s talk about this transition from threesomes.


Are a threesome, is every guy’s fantasy, Every Man Has thought about it.

But what tops, a threesome, for a lot of guys are MILFs.

Oh my God.

Oh my God, that is like guys, never shut up about Mill.


Yeah, I think obviously I think the MILFs are more of a folklore than the threesomes because I think I know a lot of people that have had threesomes, but I don’t know that many people that have fucked MILFs and I mean the whole Lisa and thing, holy shit, my God, I for every guy that I’ve dated, their number one was Lisa.


And yeah, every time I was like, who the fuck is this Lisa, and girl?

Yeah, for all of you.

That don’t know.

She’s like the MILF porn star.


I think she might be like the number one searched porn because because then I think MILFs are the number one search point, but overall she heard her own right?


Think my God.

Hey, woohoo, Isa.

Love it.

And teach us something.

What are we had her?

You would never lie, but I personally didn’t even think she was.

Okay, but we’re women.

But like do I don’t even think that I, well, Alex silent and did our research or research purpose.


Our job.

We went and looked at her and I get it.

She’s a total MILF.


She is fucking hot.

Yeah, she’s not my style.

Like we came across.

Kendrell us.

Yeah, and we both agreed that she was way more of our alley.

Okay, we watch TV.


Full video like this.

Yeah, we watch 50 minutes.

Kendra less.

We watch her three hours special.


So horn do this.

Anyways, so, guys, this topic.

I wanted to bring up because we are going to give guys a little insight into a thing.


I like to call MILF hunting, it’s milk hunting season.

Baby strapped up, boys.

So milk hunting.

What is no funding.

Well, I think every guy always says, oh my God, my dream is to get a MILF, but I also do I think a lot of guys know it’s not realistic.


It’s hard.

How the fuck do I do it?

So like I just said I have a few friends that I’ve had threesomes.

I have one specific male friend that has fucked to milt’s one was 35.

One was 38 beautiful Sophia and I have looked at both of their pictures.


The one was so fucking hot.

Oh my god, there was a blond one that I was ready to go for mesmerized.

She they both have fake tits and they were down to stop.

Just they both have kids both have rings on their fingers.


Oh, so I want to okay, so I want to take you guys through just a little bit about his experience because obviously Sophie and I have no experience with MILFs, although maybe one day, we’ll be them, but I’m just kidding.


So anyways.

This is how he found his MILFs.

The first one, he found at a Barnes & Noble on a Saturday morning.

Shut up.

I’m not fucking kidding.

Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble on a Saturday morning and the second one he found on Bumble.


So tell me about this Barnes & Noble situation because I don’t even know what the fuck just come out of your mouth.

How well think about it where we also go to Barnes?

And no, I know, I even know they exist.

I was gonna say think about places Mills to be Panera Bread Pilates.

Foods places like that, right Bill City.


So he’s at Barnes and Noble and he said that he was walking around hanging out and he saw this MILF and he’s the one.

He’s the guy that I always refer to that fucks everything and so he’s a Savage and he knew what he wanted.

And so he starts making eye contact with her and she’s reciprocating.


So they’re making eye contact a bunch.

Then they go to the checkout line at the same time.

They go to the checkout line.

He checks out first.

He walked out the door.

She fought like you like Whispers.

Like you’re my fetish bitch.

Fuck me, my car.

Okay, so then he’s driving his stepdads car that day.


It’s a really nice car.

So he parked kind of like far away in the parking lot.

Okay, no car around.

No reason for this bitch to start following him.

He’s making his way to his car.

And he sees, she’s like, five steps behind him and he’s like, no fucking way.

No, fucking way.


Is this bitch literally falling me to my car.

So, finally, he’s a Savage and he turns around and he looks at her and he smirks and he goes you lost and Laughs.

And then before she has a chance to say anything.

He introduces himself.

They start talking.


She gives him her number.

Okay, the next morning they meet for coffee and bagels and that night.

They fuck.

Wow, like you can’t, you really can’t make that shit up because I know I wouldn’t have believed it.

Mmm, fast forward to two weeks into them.


Fucking I had a boyfriend at the time and he was always giving me tips about what to bring into the bedroom.

He calls me.

And he’s like, Like cooper, cooper, stop.

Whatever the fuck you’re doing.


I need to talk to you.

I’m like what?


He’s like, you will never guess what.

My milk just said, he would call her if know anything.


You’ll never guess what my milk just did.

I mean, that’s better than his mom next ha, ha.

Okay, so he’s like, you’ll never guess what my melt is in.

Were like, what, what what he starts going on to explain, to me, that she just did a position that she had never seen done it.

He had never seen done in porn.

He had never had done to him and he was like, this is the hottest fucking position that’s ever happened to me.


I just about fucking came all over her had to keep it together.

She pulled some move that I needed.

So badly to know what it was.

He sent me a picture and Drew it on a piece of paper and was like Cooper perform this on your man likes dick.

Thank you, Nurse technically, show me the picture of looking around.


I will show you later.

Maybe we can throw it up and call her daddy.

I would die.

So, anyways, so he this girl.

He said was the best fuck of his life.


He explained it as like an animalistic, fuck.

This woman was insane.

I get that because I feel like older women are so comfortable with Bodies, they’ve been around the block, they know what they want.


They’re not scared to be like bitch do this?

This and this.

And that’s how I’m going to get off.


And I think like what I aspired, that’s gold right there.

So so that was one of his best stories and he fucked with her for about like, I would say almost four months.


And yeah, and he was like, he dropped all of his in age bitches.

I stayed with the mill for, as long as she is fucking Hill.

The next story.

I’ll just quickly tell you guys, which is probably the most Elastic for all of you.

If you’re trying to seek out a MILF, if you’re hunting for Mills, you are hunting for milks this season.



He found her on Bumble.

So, for two weeks, he set his preferences to like, 35 to 42 and it took him a while.

Finally, he found this milk and he said it was the sketchiest way that he was fucking with his Mill.

So she said, do not text me.

And he was like, okay, what the fuck finally she called him had a place to meet up with him and then he texted her, once, I think, like, wait, what’s the address called him again?


It was like, never.

Fucking text me and he’s like, oh my God.


He said they met up one night fucked.

It was the best sex of his life and then literally the next morning.

He called her went right to voicemail.

She blocked his number and she unmatched with him on Bumble and he never heard from again.

She just you literally used him.


Used him.

Like I kind of love that, right?

I fucking aspire to be that to like fucking Savage.


So this is such an interesting topic to me because never have I ever sat here and been like, oh my God, like, it’s Dill.

If hunting season, let’s go get some Daddy to fuck a dilf tonight.


No, like, I don’t understand it.

Like, is it really?

Is it just that they’re older or is it that they have kids?

I don’t know, like thinking about us like the other day.

I was on the subway.

I was like, I was like staring at this guy.

He was hot as shit and I can, who’s obviously older.

I was like IQ was reading a book and I couldn’t see if you had a ring on, I’m like, bending underneath the see if he has a ring on but I didn’t care really if.


Yeah, it has kids or not.

I was like, it’s just a hotter older guy like women will just say like, oh my God, like I’m into older.

Guys because there’s like older women.

I’m sure older guys.

Know how have had more experience in know how to fuck better.


But I’m not like, but he needs to have little kids.

Like, does the does the fact that the woman has kids make it even hotter.


I think that’s what my friend said.

He said was so hot.

He was like, she would text me and be like, hey, I just put the kids to bed.

You can come over now and he was like, fucking her knowing that’s so fucked up fucking her knowing that like kids were in the house was like the hottest know.

I could totally see that busy like ha How to keep it down.


This girl’s being 10 times like more of a slut because our kids are in the other room, right?

So, I don’t know, I guess I would love to hear of girls have ever like fucked around with dilfs and hopefully, they’re divorced.

But, um, but yeah, I don’t know.

I just think it’s the craziest thing and not and now maybe we’ll start deal haunting this season.





Moving on from dilfs and Mills Galore.

A lot of girls have been writing in how to get it.

To ask.

What are we?


That’s such a typical question.


We’ve all been there.

You’re fucking around with a guy.

Even doing it for months.

You guys are getting really close, your hang out all the time.

And you’re wondering, what the hell, are we in?

Like, where’s this going?

Yeah, for sure.

I think every girl is always writing in asking, don’t worry, ladies.


We’re here.

Yeah, and and I think, the key thing is that the girls don’t want to be the one to ask.

Of course.

And I think in absolute, call her daddy fashion, my advice.

This is be sketchy.

Be fucking shady.


That’s exactly how I do it.

I know the way I basically got a boyfriend, one of my first boyfriends.


I wanted to know what the fuck we were doing.

I my pride is too fucking big that.

I’m like, I’m not going to fucking ask, he needs to ask.

So what I started doing is and please do this sparingly because some girls throw this shit out way too much, but you tell him, you can’t hang out that night.


Okay, you guys are in a consistent Groove and you can’t hang out that And you like yours, like?

Oh no.


I’m just going out, don’t give a lot of details, next thing.

He knows you post some like inconspicuous little Snapchat story, and there happens to be a guy’s arm in there.

And I know my guy friend literally said Cooper, it breaks guys hearts when we see the girl that were fucking, but we haven’t wifed up and we’re not locking down her posting a story of like, knowing she’s with another guy.


Yeah, perfect example.

Okay, Alex is you’re saying like be Shady be sketchy, but it’s not really be shadier.

Be sketchy.

It’s act single because you fucking are act.

According act accordingly are single because this guy has not put a label on anything.


He’s not saying you’re serious.

So act that way.

Absolutely don’t, don’t give him the benefits of being a girlfriend when you’re not his girlfriend.

Yeah, you don’t own this pussy until you actually have been writing that you own it.

So factly.

I also think, okay, fine dropping little hints gasps.


It’s all about subtle, but get the point across.


I totally agree.

I think that’s what you should do in the beginning.

Yeah, off the bat.

Yeah, I think if you’ve been doing that for a while, if you’ve been living the crazy single real life for a while and it’s not affecting him and it’s not getting to him and he’s not freaking out and asking you what’s going on.


I think that’s kind of a clear sign that he doesn’t want anything serious.

And I think that’s a clear scientist guys.

Usually when they know they know and they let you know, it’s true, you know, it is 50 times have you know, Do you know?

And then you know when you know and you know, and you know this.


So, I think at that point if this guy is not making it clear what he wants.

Yeah, I think what is the harm in fucking asking him?

Oh also.

I just thought of a quickly another way to get him concerned is if you’re fucking consistently and you’re doing the whole like cuddle and sleepover thing get the fuck out of bed, one night, and like high-five and be like, yeah, I’m going home.


I’m going out.

And they’re like, wait what you like?

Thanks for the fuck pace.

You’re like good day sir.

Good day sir.

Good day.

Tennis SE.

Peace out.

You know that definitely can fuck with a guy because guys want to be that guy.

I don’t want the girl doing that.

But what I was going to say is I think at a certain point it gets to where you’re like, okay, fuck it.


I’m just gonna ask and and what do you have to lose it?

That point nothing, you know, if he says he wants nothing, you either decide if you want to just keep fucking him because if the dick is good, you’re going to stay in it.

Or if you’re catching feelings and you don’t want to stay, then get the fuck out and go find another.

Fuck buddy.



I totally agree another way.

To make people think that you’re being shady.

That we’ve talked about who is sending that errant text.

Oh, they are intact.

I wanted to talk about because first of all, an errand text is a text.


You send pretending that that text was supposed to go to someone else.

Does that make sense?

Oh, I know exactly.



So like my forte, my forte.

No, you know what?

It’s actually not my forte.

So this guy I Talking to once the poor guy was, so not in the game.


Like he did not know how to play the game, that sometimes he played the game and didn’t even know he was playing the game.

He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the know.

So I wake up one morning and I have a text from him and it’s literally, hey, babe, and then he follows it up with.

Hi gorgeous.

And I’m like, oh my God, he literally meant to send me.


Hi, babe.

And then some other broad.

Hi gorgeous, and I’m like, hello.

That’s That’s a good one.

And I’m like the poor guy.

And you know, what, all I took from?

That was I learned from that and I used it myself.

Oh, I wasn’t even upset.

I’m like genius.

That’s how I know.

I’m fucked up.

I’m like, yeah, unbelievable, pure creative, genius again.


If you didn’t even know what, I never even called him out, but I was like, thank you because and I did that to a guy once and he was like, what the fuck?

And I like played it off, but then hangs up my asshole for the weeks to be completely transparent.

I think it’s the dumbest thing you can do.

Absolutely, when people do that to me.


I See right fucking through.

I’m like, no one accidentally sends text anymore.

Maybe, every once in a blue moon and few and far between, do not to call out because daddy gang, we support you always, but I just want to give some feedback.

I saw someone wrote in and was like, oh my God, like I fucked with him and told him that I accidentally in quotes accidentally.


I accidentally texted him and said, right?

I need to wash my sheets from last night.

That is a cool fucking, it’s crazy.

Ange were no.

It’s too obvious way too obvious.

If a guy texted me that the next day, I would be so done with him.


I’d be, I would be like, I don’t even care if fucked, I’m upset that I would just rather you had cheated on me and fucked, then sent me something so stupid.

Hey, I’m not having, I’m not procreating with an idiot.

I’ll procreate with a cheater moving on if I can salvage.


Don’t be a little bitch boy.

So you guys have to be yeah, you have to get creative with it and know your moments guys.

Shoot your shot when it’s right.

We always say that.

Don’t Overdo it don’t over post his arm in your story.

Don’t over text him.


Alright, let’s get into questions.


So, first question.

I wanted to know your thoughts on piercings on guys specifically nipple piercings.

I’ve had one of my nipples pierced for like ten years.

Should I take it out or not?

I have mixed reviews from females about it.

So I figured, I would go to the pros.


Ha ha.

Keep doing your thing.

Well, intense hilarious.

That’s that’s ten years, too long.

I was gonna say they need to thank you for the compliment.

However, I’m going to have to tell you to rip that thing out of your fucking nipple right now.

No, I don’t want a guy to rip off his shirt and have nipple piercings.

No, I mean again it may just be me and Sophia but I personally don’t think that’s fine.


There’s a certain type of guy that can pull it off.

What type of guys are ya?

Who I guess?

Lenny Kravitz could maybe help one.

Maybe I would like let it slide.

You would let us live for Lenny.


Okay, but he’s only one.

Yeah, I just think that’s not fucking hot and a lot of girls have asked us about nipple piercings.


What do you think about nipple piercings for girls?

I mean, I know guys, It’s so hot.

I think it’s I personally could never do it.

But I hate how I just touched my till I’m like, who’s I’m not going to try to do it right now.

I personally don’t think I could do it because I’m so afraid of needles.

But I I mean, I think it’s hot when girls have that.


I think it’s I think it’s a little over the top when girls are constantly now on Instagram posting with no fucking bra trying so hard to let everyone know.

They have their nipples pierced like psych make it.

Yeah, they’re wearing like this super shell white cotton toddler.

Leave a little bit to the imagination then really when girls do that without a piercing and there are going out of their way to like show, I have a picture full fucking nips out on my Instagram.


So shut that down right now, Sophia.

So you think it’s hot?

No, I don’t.

I think overboard.

Oh, absolutely if it’s like everyday, but if you throw up one every time I get here, it’s fine.


Oh, oh, everybody strapped on for this one?


Because I think everyone can relate to this for girls at least, possibly happening, but I don’t know a lot of people to happen to.

So, this girl said the worst thing of my life happened to me.

My boyfriend, and I were at a bar / restaurant that we frequent.


I had to pee.

So, he told me to take my phone and show him.

How wet I am.

We are, like rabbits.

We were talking dirty at the table.

I record myself on Snapchat because that’s where I Usually take all my pictures / videos and I just saved them.


I posted on my story.

Me fingering myself in the bathroom at a restaurant.

What the fuck?

Oh my God, sweaty.

I’m sweating.

I’m cringing.

I’m to see that is the worst possible scenario.


I’ve ever heard in my entire life ever.

I’m speechless.

There’s the amount of times.


I don’t.


I don’t even know what it is.

Snapchat camera is just better than your regular.

ER camera, I always take my pictures in there.

You always save them and then can you?

And I’m always paranoid about that exact thing same.


So I’m always like obsessive, like OCD about.

I, I genuinely can not even feel for you because I can’t even imagine what would happen to be in that very moment, like props to you for handling it, like a champ and writing in and sharing it with us.

Thank you know what, but he’s just it happened.


There’s no point in crying over spilled milk.

Nope, just and I’m sure you looked great.

I’m sure.

You looked great.

I’m sure as well.

Okay, tell people, they’re lucky.

Yeah, next.

I’ve been hooking up with a guy for a while.

He’s normally pretty good and bad.


However recently, he’s been super meanie me like telling me to suck his dick every five seconds and I’m not really feeling the pleasure reciprocated.

What do you do in this situation?

But he’s like, okay.

I think the best thing to do in that situation is to just start making comments about how the sex isn’t that.



We hold on.

How would you just casually drop that?

I would just say, just went every single time.

He wants to go hook up.

Just kind of be like, I’m not in the mood.

Yeah, I just don’t really feel like doing it.

And then when he asks, you just say, I don’t know.

It’s just not really how it used to be your.


I feel like there’s something missing like I want to get back to how it was and fuck with his head.

And then, in his mind, he’s going, like, wait, what the fuck?

And then he’ll probably try to please you, or you can pull a classic like little little comments like something about like, oh, I’m sure.

Yeah, you will you get your dick sucked all the time.


I don’t really get mine.

Even just like in the moment if you’re drunk or something, and he’ll be like, oh wait, I think I think go right at it or yeah, your way Sofia I gotta I kind of like my wig because okay, why not bruised his ego a little bit.

I love using a good ego.

You’re right.

All right, follow Sophie on this one.


Next, how bad is it to send nudes to a guy with a girlfriend?

Like he’s really hot and asking and I’m fucking desperate.

Okay, wait this I’m not Dang.

It are they is he is, she like, are they fucking or know?

She’s literally just sending him nude.


So she’s just sending nudes to a guy with a girlfriend for what reason attention that, that is that doesn’t sit.

Well with that is low self-esteem.


Insecurity 101.

Listen girls.

We love our daddy gang, but we also got to be harsh when it’s when it’s necessary.


This is a this is a perfect example like so you’re not fucking him.

So so what are you doing?

You literally just are Join getting attention from a guy that’s telling you look hot.

When you send him nude.

There are so many guys out there that are single that you can be doing that too.

There are so many guys on the horny internet that you can be Snapchatting your fucking tits in your V2.


There’s no reason that you need to constantly be sending nudes to a guy with a girlfriend.

I don’t know if that’s your fetish or what, but if I were you I think that, yeah, that does come off as desperate, right?

And he’s literally using you for fucking new.


If you need that kind of attention like throw that shit up on Reddit attention for damage it.


So Oh, yeah, I think I want bar stools website, and you will get attention.

Like you’ve never even gonna be like, shut the fuck up.

Okay, next one.

This girl, invited me out to go for drinks and things were going really well.

So, we went back to her apartment and started talking.

I started to tell her how I’ve been listening to this podcast, and she seemed intrigued.


So we listened to the Gluck Gluck episode within five minutes into the episode.

She starts ripping off my pants and proceeded to give me the best hat of my life.

Thank you, Alex.

And Via, FYI.

I’m writing this from her bathroom the next morning node.


We gotta end on that is back in amazing dude.

I swear to when you guys write in and girls are like I just gave the Gluck this morning and it changes fucking life or all this shit of you guys telling us.

Basically you’re fucking to our podcast.

That’s fucking I love just daddy that he’s writing a film.


I love you.


That’s amazing.

I love that.

I’m so happy that because of our podcast, you were able to receive the Gluck Gluck happy.

Be hunting out there for all of you looking for the Glock like because my God this podcast is giving a lot of kids that good old blow-dry a right.

So I’ll also if you guys haven’t heard the glücklich episodes episode 3, but that is it for today, guys.


I hope you enjoyed this episode.

I hope all of you are getting ready to go MILF hunting.


I hope you guys are getting ready for Thanksgiving.

Yes, and again, be safe tonight.

Have fun and most importantly, get laid.

Bye, guys.

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