Call Her Daddy - 12 - Ride it like an Equestrian


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Daddy gang another episode of call her daddy.

All right.




Wow, I’m fat as hell, still bloated and nauseous and want to die.

Everyone’s out work right now, going to work, coming home from work, and we’re all miserable break is over.

I hope everyone’s thanksgivings were bomb.


I’m ready for Christmas break.

Like, I can I order a sugar daddy.

I just can’t.


We did you either or How was your break?


That was the longest.

We’ve been apart for a while.

So I miss you so much, but we got our face times in.

We did.

So those are cute Alex.

I will put FaceTime on and fall asleep by the time and I’ll say this is like ASMR.


Okay, look at her kidding me.

Okay, anyways, so yeah, so my Thanksgiving was pretty good because I got to just be with my immediate family.

I mean obviously over Thanksgiving.

Shit was fucking weird.

Like my dad I think is trying And to embrace the podcast.

So like I wish he would kind of, just not talk about it.


But instead, this Thanksgiving break, he and my brother would make little jokes, right, sexual jokes about my podcast and like, use my lines and like, Dad, Dad.


Fucking, don’t put me through this.

Like this was, no, it’s not talk about the glug glug.


No, but, my brother said something about the couch cobbler and I’m like, I just I can’t that’s not fucking funny.

Hear your relatives, your blood talking about that shit as far as you’re concerned.

In fact, that’s not my job.

That’s kind of amazing.

That’s cool though.

They’re supportive.




I’m in Mormon Ville, Utah.


Tell me fucking Bumfuck Timbuktu Utah.

Loved it.

And I you were just with your immediate family.

That’s a blessing.

I was with like my extended family and there were definitely a few aunts and uncles but did not say hello to me, but you didn’t did anyone like call you out and be like what the what the hell?



No, I well my grandma she was like a little bit concerned about where how I brought her down a planet Earth, and that was assured her that you will not be doing porn.

Like your mom.

Thought you were going to do it one point.


No, I think a lot of people like we always say, people are so fascinated by our family life.


They’re like, what do your parents think of the podcasting?

I keep telling people, but I don’t think we’ve ever really explained it.

I’ll just reiterate again.

I guess my family is really supportive.

I think I know it’s easier for me than Sofia.

I’ve my dad is in the entertainment industry.


He’s a television producer.

So like he gets it.

I’ve been doing this my whole life.

You on the other end.

This is all new to you.

Yeah, but I left my corporate job.


A few months ago.

So they’re like so this kind of does look like porn to you.

Well, have you completely lost?


Yeah, like I did a complete 180 with my life and I wouldn’t take it back for anything.



So over Thanksgiving break.

Like we talked about, I think our last episode it was when As day and it was the night, everyone’s going out to get fucked up.

And so I also went out over the weekend like with my brother and some of his friends and it would, guys.


Okay, we have talked very, very briefly about what guys should wear them.


I shouldn’t wear.

When I tell you, I went home and so I literally texted Sofia and said, we are fucking talking about this on the podcast because like literally they’re wearing khakis and polos to the bar and I’m like, this is exactly why people need call.


Some of the stuff that I saw guys wearing when I went back home.

I was mortified terrified.

I was like, how the hell do you think?

It’s okay to wear a fucking polo shirt with jeans that fit you discussing?

There is okay.


Flood genes are horrible.

Okay, I don’t ya and when you just said the pole thing, I don’t care how big your arm muscles are.

I don’t want to see how tight a polo can suction cup your bicep.

I don’t give a fuck.

I don’t want you.

During a polo.

So if you guys follow us on Instagram, a couple weeks ago, Sofia and I basically offered on our story.


We said guys, yes, comment on our post hashtag daddy gang and we will go to each of your pages and we will heart any picture that we think you should delete, right?

And you guys Alex night laid in my bed for hours and we went to know, exact recent, no exaggeration hundreds of your profiles, and they just kept coming in and coming.


In and it was getting into the thousands and we were like, holy there’s just no way that we can like get to all these people.

So what we decided is we’re going to make a post and we’re going to put a few different outfits on this post of what is hot for men to wear.


I think we should pick like five to ten.


Basically like, go to outfits.

And I also want to clarify like guys, we understand just like girls, like guys all have different styles guys, in the South.

We get it, you are naturally preppy.

That’s how you were raised.

We have the Cali, boys.

We have the North These boys out, we get it.

However, throughout all of those looks, there should be a very specific Trend that runs throughout and there are also knows that run throughout.


So Sofia, and I will post about five to ten pictures of outfits that are call her daddy approved.


I think I’ll be great.

I do though.

However, like since were talking about it.

There are a few Staples that I think are so hot that I did.

See some guys wear.


Okay, I think it’s so sexy when a guy wears.

A light wash jean jacket.

Yes, and it’s so hot.

It’s that.

Or when they have like the sherpa on the collar for jean jacket.

Can I also clarify though that I hate when guys wear a jean jackets if it looks so fucking cheap, there are guys that have on jean jackets that look like it’s from fucking Lands.



Don’t let me know that your mom bought the yeah, because you’re from Utah, people in the east coast, know what the fuck Lands End is, and you should not be caught dead if you’re over the The age of 10 wearing Lands End.

Also that goes the same for the leather jacket.

You guys look so hot in leather jacket.


And like a big black scarf tucked into the leather jacket, or leather jacket with a hood.

Not if it looks like it’s $5 Right girls don’t look good.

And cute are cheap leather jackets.

Neither do guys, so fuck that moving forward.

I also think listen there’s a big controversy over the Chelsea boots because girls have now deemed them like basic, like guys, say shits basic for us, like the flannels around your fucking way.


Chelsea boots have been deemed basic, but I personally think that guys wearing Chelsea boots to a bar.

You really can’t go wrong.


I think it Chelsea boot is so hot totally fine.

I do get however that there are guys listening to this.

That are like you guys can fuck up.

Fuck off.

I’m not wearing a Chelsea Boo and a leather jacket, you know what I mean?


Yeah, because that’s not some guy and to those guys.

I see get like a well-fitting hoodie like sick dope hoodie and where it was like ripped jeans and vans because that look is also hot to I Vans on a guy are so fucking hot.

I think that some guys don’t know what to do where I really do think any guy can pull off a good van, like the black man with the white totally fine.


But the hoodie cannot be like your school hoodie, like find a cool.

Yeah, black gray hoodie.

That’s kind of like a universal.

Go to Hoodie.

We’re that.

I also approve of hats.

I approve of guys wearing hats to the bar.

Not on a first date.

Let me clarify not on a first date, but I do think hats to the club or hats to a bar.


Totally fine for joggers.

If you’re just chilling joggers, if you guys are going out like grab food and it’s not like an official.

First date joggers are so hot on guys.

I totally with sneakers.

I agree.

You said earlier if you’re going to be doing like a leather jacket or a jean jacket.


I mean this really applies to anything jeans as well.

It’s not that they necessarily have to be expensive but they have to just look like they’re good quality and they are expensive.


So some Brands we mentioned.


Yeah, guys.

Listen up.

I know this may not be in some people’s price points, but this is what you should be.


Basically replicating your outfits off, has off of, for example, All Saints.

So Rag & Bone, off-white.

Those are perfect examples.

There are so many outfits in All Saints.

That literally you just replicate, which is do it a little bit less expensive.


Hey, we get if you can’t afford that absolutely fuck.

I can’t afford.


Also guys, we have, we totally understand.

What the hell guys?

Do not have diversity.

When it comes to what they can wear to a bar pant wise, you guys literally can only wear blue jeans, or black jeans.


Let me say though, invest in a good fucking pair of jeans.

I should not be able to shove a baseball bat up your fucking pants.

They should not be that baggie.

Okay, they should be on your fucking leg.

What about when it’s genes of like a little Flair.

Good night, Gotta Go Gotta jet.


Okay, like Cody KO, top mad at us.

Knock it off the jeans.

It they’re not.

Even floods but they’re just short enough that you can see the guys.


I die.

I made are not getting one job.


You one job is to get a good pair of fucking jeans.

Why can’t you just?

It’s not that hard funded entire Sunday going shopping for one pair?

Yeah, no girl is gonna know if you are wearing the same pair of jeans on Friday night for Saturday night, right?


Yeah, so I do like a rip in the gene for guys, right now.


I think that’s totally fine.

Totally hot.


If you rock that.

You’re good.

Okay, so moving on.

Yeah, we’ll post it on our story or an honor Instagram.

Let’s move on Sofia because I have a very passionate topic.

I want to talk.



Hey guys, it’s time to talk about girls on top.

Oh, we’ve talked about eating out girls.

We talked about the blow jobs, and there’s always more to come on those aspects, but we really haven’t talked to girls are home.

Girls are daddy gained about what the fuck to do when you’re on top of a dick, so Good morning.



Our daddy, girls are here to give it to you.

We’re here.

So first and foremost, Sophia we have had a lot of girls right in saying that they are insecure.

Sometimes if they’ve been having a bloated week, or if they feel like they’ve been gaining weight.

They don’t want to get on top because they’re afraid of what their body looks like to the guy girls.


This is what I had to say.

Don’t flatter yourself, don’t flatter yourself thinking that this guy is looking at anything, other than your tits and ass.

While you’re writing hand, your butthole do.

Get conceited.

He’s literally looking at your tits, your ass, your vagina, your butthole.


Your mouth at the end of the day.

You’re just three holes and he’s trying to figure out where he’s going to come like what he’s gonna say.

Okay, dude, it’s true though.

I hate to say it.

But black girls.

You just you don’t need to worry about it.

You know how many times I’m like, I feel so bloated.


I feel so gross that I don’t want to get on top of the sky us coming back from Thanksgiving break.

Hungry, Hippo, over here, and I’m still gonna get fucking on top and write it.

Like, I’m a goddamn supermodel, they don’t care.

They’re not looking at your blows sweetie.

They’re not.

They really don’t give a fuck.


They don’t like me said, guys can fuck a couch cushion.

So he will absolutely fuck you if you’ve got a whole.

So woo!


Now that we’ve all gotten past her insecurities.

Yeah, get up there and ride this thing.

Can I add one little?


If you get on his dick and you are confident about it.


That’s the highwomen.

Is thing guys.

If I don’t try and it’s almost she, it just is when, oh, dude, when a guy like grabs, you and puts you down in like looks like he knows how to fuck you.

Yeah, guys.

Feel the same way.

If you’re, if you literally are getting fucked by him and you are like I want to get on top and you shove him down and you get up there.


He’s like, holy shit.

I’m gonna watch it go, girl.

Go to work.

He’s like, I don’t care if I’m fucking fucking heifer.

No Miranda.

He’s like, have around it, doesn’t matter if you’re 80 pounds, 200 pounds.

It doesn’t fucking.

Matter, enjoy yourself.


Because at the end of the day girls, we know when we’re on top is prop is a lot of times mostly when we enjoy the most.


So let’s get into the dirty details.

Daddy gang.

There are a couple positions that we want to talk to you about.

Because we’ve also talked to you guys about, if you, if you’ve listened to the couch cobbler, combo episode about how basically it allows you in this position to come easiest because we can stimulate the clit.


We can control the G-Spot, everything’s working for us up there.

So you write his dick like you’re skinning in a chair.

So you’re saying, yeah, so Sofia you Whole, you always talk about the scooting in the chair.

So why don’t you talk about that a little bit?

Okay, I think this is the best position of you’re trying to have your clit stimulated.



I think it’s also enjoyable for the guys.

Well, absolutely.

Um, I mean, it’s pretty like self-explanatory.

You’re humping or grinding, you’re going back and forth.

You’re not going up and down.

Yeah, and it’s kind of fun because you can also, like, bend over and like, kisses neck or back out with him or yeah, whisper stuff and is year.


Well, that’s pathetic specific.

Fishin, I would also like to clarify guys, I think it’s girls.


I said guys girls, it’s so hot.

If you are scooting in the chair kind of thing, huh?

And you lean forward and you’re like, kissing his neck and you start talking dirty to him.


And then there are two things you can do with your hand.

You’re either going to be fucking shot.

Him in the face.

You’re gonna grab his fucking neck and choke him out.

No, I wasn’t sure, I did.

No, no, I do.

You always get so much.



Either, you are going to go down and you’re going to touch your clit while you’re talking to him.

He’ll feel that.

And that’s feels great to him.

Because he knows you’re pleasuring yourself or to, you are going to put your hand behind your back and you’re going to go for his balls and you’re going to basically lightly massage and fondle his balls while you’re fucking him.


And while you’re talking dirty to him in his ear, girls.

This gets guys all the time.

I’ve literally this TMI, but I’ve literally done this in one position and not Not done anything else.

And made a guy come because I was being nasty in his ear saying things and my hands were on him.


I’m still like it’s great.

Maybe you could even like put it around his butthole.

You can absolutely fingers but to you could you could go down, you go down south wind around the bend and will position.

So that guy’s is a great position.

However, I am convinced.


I’ve seen it like you see it in their eyes.

They’re like, no.

She fucking didn’t girls.

If you want to take things up a notch and Listen, I know some girls may be like, yes, we know this Alex but there are some girls that don’t so I’m just, you know, informing the daddy game spread the love when you’re on him guys.


Going up and down when your knees are on the bed and you’re on top of him is just like Child’s Play.

Like, we’re not fucking around with that, Daddy gang.

You don’t go up and down on your knees.

You’re getting your squats in.

Like I’ve said in the past and I’ll say it again.

You are getting your squats in today.


And that means your feet, your toes and your heel are on the mattress on the bed.


Okay, so you are literally in a full-blown crouched, squat position with his wee-wee inside of you.



So you got you start on your knees like he’s inspiring here on your knees.

And then and then you literally put your hand on his chest.

Look at him and you put your right leg Auto.


Your yeah, literally waddle your way up and you are squatting.

Oh, wow!

On his dick.


When you do this.

I swear to God.

Men will fall in love and girls, although it is kind of a workout, which is great.

Yet our work out then.


It’s a lot of words.

We’re not going to the gym so well, fuck no, but guys, this position.


It’s definitely one for the boys and the girls because you’re we’re both feeling everything at that point.

You’re going up and you’re going down and you’re going all the way fucking down.

What does that ride at a fair where you’ve got thrown up?

And then you go fucking down the rock it.

I did a rock it.

This is a rocket.


This is the rocket first rocking.

No, not the reverse Rocky yet.

We’re going to get there.

This is just the rocket you’re facing him.

So while you’re doing this guy’s, it’s so important that you You switch up your speeds.

You’re not fucking bouncing up and down, like a psycho start slow, always have like, maybe your hand on his chest and the beginning.


Okay, so we’re gonna have like, your left hand on his chest, other hand, maybe touching your tits.

Whatever it be, touch your hair.

I don’t give a shit as you start to progress with your help, the speed of it.

You’re going faster.

It’s really fucking hot.

If you go, no hands and you just kind of let your hands fly back and you’re just kind of look ma.


No hands.

Look look.

Pod, no.


Look Paul know how to basically that’s what you’re going to do.

And he’s gonna be like, I am ready to come all up in there and you’re not done yet.


You’re really not done so that.


Yeah, so we’re going to call that the rocket which should you should all be doing it.

If you’re not absolutely daddy gang get on the rocket.

So you’re doing that also, you can be doing the same thing.

Always touching your clit, touching yourself, touch your boobs, whatever next position where we want to talk about.


We’re going to call.

All the reverse cowgirl Cyclone.

Oh shit.

Oh fuck.


Alright girls.

We all know what the reverse cowgirl is.

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all done it and if you haven’t, don’t worry, we’re here.


So reverse cowgirl is pretty self-explanatory.

You’re on him and reversed, you’re doing what we just explained.

Yes, but back and you can always do, you can be on your knees for that.

And you can also get in the squat position, which is really fucking hot.

Hmm, my suggestion for the reverse cowgirl, Cyclone is girls.


This position is enjoyable for us.

But I want you guys to think of sometimes it’s like when I tell girls like how to suck.

Oh, wow, that’s pretty fucking porno.



I tell girls how to suck?


I want you to just like imagine you have a penis, right?


Like, you know what I mean?

Like, it, is that sound weird, but no, I just, I always imagined my penis.

I’m always honest.

I do.

I’m like, I obviously think about what feels good for me, but it’s like it’s a cow with this feel.

If you were doing it.

Like the, the sloppiness, the wetness.


You can kind of Envision what it would feel like.

So when I tell you guys, when you’re in a reverse cowgirl, at one point, I think a lot of the daddy gang members are going to get wifed up in married.

If you pull this shit, now, you are on your knees.

You don’t have to do this in the waddling duck upward squat position.


You’re on your knees.

You’re riding him your scooter.

Your chair, he’s looking at the beautiful view of your ass.

Now again, about the whole self conscious thing, before I tell you guys, what this is girls.

There are so many girls that are.

Oh my God, he’s going to see my asshole.

He’s literally going to be like, oh my God.


This is such a weird view.


This is what guy’s dream of.

This is literally the position every guy wants guys.

Don’t look at anything on a girl’s body and say it grows when he’s inside of you specifically.

Okay, so looks like clarified that.

So basically this is how I’m going to try to explain it.


I I can’t Get on the top of the table and explain it.

Some really gonna try to get descriptive.

Okay, he’s looking at you.

You’re fucking him reverse cowgirl.

You’re going to lean forward as if you’re like, like, stretching out like, in a crawling position almost like you’re bending forward.


Your arms are going army crawl.


Okay, so he’s still in you but you’re kind of like your chest is bending forward towards the bed away from him.

Okay, this point his dick is inside of you.


I figured love that you are going to Have it basically come out halfway.


Oh and what you’re going to do is at this point.

Your legs can be like your knees are on the bed.

There are little spread apart and you are going to basically shift side to side, while his dick is halfway in you.

Okay, half of a shaft is out half of a shop is out.


The rest is and you are kind of like almost like grinding back and forth like like a shimmy like yeah, like back and forth like swaying.

Swaying, your sweat, got it.

And so his view is He can see it in there, but you can also see some of his to and it’s a great View.


And then what you start doing is you start kind of doing circles and you go back at you lean back on it.

And then you go out of it Forward.

I am so I like thinking about like a figure eight almost.

Yeah, it’s do.

That way.


I know my chair.

Okay, and I got it.


I wanted a pedo guys.

I was hired.

I can see, Alex.

I thought I was like a total Savage.

I really have never heard.

That move ever and I’m like ready to get by about sound so hot.

I listen.

I know this is really vulgar.

But I’m just trying to spread the fucking love to the dad gang.


I know it’s really out there.

But like this shit is so fucking hot.

I remember one of my exes was like where the fuck did you learn that right?

And I don’t know.

I don’t want happy end of the day.

We’re all trying to fucking Excel here.


And that’s what it comes down to girls.


Get into it and try it.

And like listen, I will be Yes, it is difficult.

If his penis is a little bit smaller to do so because like you’re trying to get off of it a little bit and start the motion, but you just got to literally get creative with it.

And if you especially if you’re pretty close with the guy that you’re fucking just be like, babe.


I want to try something.

Yeah, and then maybe you just don’t hear them to be as pulled out exactly.

You know what I mean?

Previously more of him in so think just, you gotta think I am the dick.

What is indicating?

What is the dick wants?

Oh, girl.

You have the rocket now, get your squats in today.



That’s what you’re going.

Hex all your friends.

Did you get your squats in tonight?

I have a spot.

Okay, that’s the rocket.

And then the reverse cowgirl, Cyclone you are going to be swaying back and forth halfway out.

And you’re just going to go to town girls.

And also if you want to really add it in you can he can see you with your hand and you can be like tough touching your clip while you’re doing guys, usually in every position.


Also, if you really also want to get handcuffed.


Okay, but also and and Contact.

I think in that position can be hot if you just like one look back.

You don’t need to do the whole time.

But one eye contact, that’s always feel any time.


You can look back at the guy.

I’ve heard that.

That’s so amazing.

So, I hope you all had a great time at sex, ed with Alex, Cooper are thankful for Alex Cooper.

That’s what I was thinking about during Thanksgiving.

I was like, goddamn, where would I be without this girl, not doing the Gluck Gluck.


I told Sophia that I had like a little segment.

I want to talk about on the podcast today and I tried Like Loki explained her in her apartment.

What I was going to talk about and I am like your come to my bed.

Like let me show you and I didn’t go out and she’s like to save it for the fucking podcast.


So you guys can only imagine me trying to show Sophia that in our hotel.

In our I was about to say our old apartment.

Moving on, beautiful dicks.

On the topic of dicks.

Love it dick pics.

Okay, Sophia, we’ve had people write in and they’re like how in the hell you guys have talked about?


About how guys can ask for nudes and tip pigs.


How the hell do we ask guys for dick pics?

You say?

Can I get a picture of your dick?

No, I can.

I have a picture of your dick.

Like everyone else would you know, okay, but sure think of tank of some girls.


I know we have like some people are of the younger audience.

I get it.

There are some girls that are going to be like a little I don’t know.

It’s like a little forward to just be like hi.

Can I have a picture of your dick?


The only reason I say that is like, just asking for a picture of his dick.

It’s because like it’s a guy feel like they’re always right show off their did.


I personally think girls if you don’t want to be that forward, I would just say hey like can I get a picture of you?

Can I get a pic?

I think it would be so hot, right?

You know what I mean?

I mean, and I think guys would obviously know what you’re talking.

My God, just tell a guy that for anything that would be so hot if he’s so hot, if you bought me a pair of Chanel.


So basically sake, can I get a pic?

I think it’d be so hot.

And if he says of what literally just say of Of your dick.

Yeah, but if you guys want to like, get a little bit more, slutty with it, you can always obviously, pull the whole.

I want to touch myself writer and think about, you send me a picture of your dick feelings.


A good one, classic.

So girls, I know we’ve had a lot of people also be like you to dick pics and like, I only think, first of all, I have a lot of dick pics in my DM, which I don’t fucking appreciate.

So if you’re that guy, I don’t really get it.

I must be for attention or they get off on that shit, but guys, that’s And take pictures unsolicited in the d-ends.


Fucking stop unsolicited.

Dick pics in general.

Yeah, I think are no.

No, unless like you’re dating any like sense?

Go for it.

But if it’s just like a guy guys, if you’re just talking to a girl, don’t just fucking whip out your Dickinson.

And I don’t care how hot your dick is.

No, you don’t want, have the girl asked for it.


But also girls, I don’t think you should be like a new dick.

Pics are gross.

If like you have friends that want dick pics in her ass and I’m like, okay if he’s gonna be fucking you later.

Obviously you want to see what you’re working with or if you’re missing it.

Whatever the fuck it is.

Yeah, like if you’re dating, it’s hot.


If he’s like, babe.

I’m thinking about you right now.


And so, is he Mary?

There’s a picture of him and there he is.


I want to get into one of my favorite topics ever.

I love when you get excited about topics and it’s not just me talking about how to whip and Crews your vagina on a dick.


This topic is going through your partner’s phone.

So many people have been writing in and asking if that’s okay to do.

I am going to say something that might come as a surprise.


Considering that we are the podcast.

Call her daddy.

Yeah, I think that it is not okay to go through your partner’s phone, unless you are almost a hundred percent certain that they are up to no.


Good cheating.

What have you?

So I agree with that.

Yeah, and I think you can agree.

We don’t condone going.

Their phone unless you’re almost positive that something’s up, right.

Yeah, because listen, I think I mean, I think you and I have both done this.


Yeah, you told me about your ex.

Dude, you were in and around his.

Oh my God.

I used to like get on there and tree.

Like it was my phone.

His friends would text him.

And I’d be like, no Brad.

We won’t be coming to dinner.

I didn’t give a fuck.

I didn’t give a shit.


But like, yeah, that’s what I’m saying.

Like, if your relationship is Going great.

And you guys are in such a good place.

Don’t go for the phone and just try to sabotage day because that’s what I would do.

Yeah, I would be totally great and I would still go for the fun.

Because do you also think, like human nature?


The minute you do?


I think personally, it gets so addicting and it’s, like, one minute you’re looking at the tax and then the next minute, you’re in the Snapchat.

And then the next minute you’re in their photos, and it’s like, it just keeps going.

And every time he goes to the fucking bathroom.

You’re checking his goddamn phone and it’s unhealthy and you just can’t help.


But keep doing it.


And then, at that point, you start to see things that are going to hurt your feelings, but things that are perfectly okay for him to be doing.

Yeah, he should be allowed to like vent to his friends about like, what a bitch you’re being that day for.

He I mean, you’re going to get on there and maybe see a text from his mom saying, you know, she’s upset at you about something like you’re sure you’re going to see things that are going to hurt your feelings and everyone has a right to have their private.


Well also, I know No, just from experience.

Like, things can absolutely get taken out of context.

You can see a fucking winky face or a smirky face and you’re like, okay, bitch you’re cheating were done and it’s his fucking cousin that lives in Wisconsin, and you didn’t even know and he’s like, it’s just you guys.



I understand.

It’s tempting.

It’s 2018, were all, it’s so easy to cheat nowadays.

It is so easy and it’s terrible.

But at the same time, if there is no trust in the relationship than what you’re wasting your goddamn time, if you feel like you have to check his phone 24/7.



I know, you didn’t think we both really deal.

When are we gonna turn it around?

Said, if this person and we’re saying guys doesn’t go for guys.

And yes, if you are almost positive that this person is being shady and it’s not just you being paranoid.


Oh, I say go for the fucking phone.

I was going to stop you because you knew I was not the cut it.

Ladies gentlemen.

The fucking phone is Child’s, Play, don’t even ask.

Ask them for their phone, you walk into the room, you put down their computer or their iPad.


And you say, babe in order for us to move forward.

I need you to open this right now.


It’s called the motherfucking iCloud.


You think if he’s being fucking shady, if she’s being fucking shady.

She’s gonna leave shit on her phone.





It’s the goddamn truth.

Yeah, so I have personally had experience with it.

I talked about it in an earlier episode where I knew this guy was being shady.


I he had literally would be so open with his phone, but I was like, what the fuck is wrong.

And then it occurred to me and my guy friend was like Cooper, the fucking iPad, baby.

And I was like, gold and this is the thing girls.

And guys, you have to decide though before you bring this to them, what you want to do, because there are some girls that are going to bring the iPad to them.


And they’re going to open it for you and you’re going to find everything and then you got to have a game plan.

Are you going to leave him?

What do you do?

So when I tell you, I sat down.

I handed in the iPad and I said to him, I need you to open this right now and obviously, let me also say that he and I knew we were having issues, like this wasn’t out of fucking nowhere.


And I think that’s just a, the best way to do it because you’re not invading his privacy.

Yeah, and you’re not, like doing it behind his back.

You’re saying you’re gonna.

Do you really think there’s an issue?


Honest with your partner and say, I’m really, really struggling right now.

I need to see and also and I hate to say it, but guys, half the time, he doesn’t even need to open it.


You’ll be able to tell the minute.

I remembered the minute.

I pulled that thing out.

The guy turned Casper, the fucking ghost.

He was so pale.

He was shaking.

And he was like what?

And I’m like your thumb puts the thumb on opens the iPad and as I’m scrolling and seeing everything he was like mortified, but then he tried to play it off.


He’s like what what and I’m like, what do you mean the what the fuck?

I didn’t know what it was.


It was amazing but guys, so yeah.

I personally say, bring out the iPad, bring out the computer, because no one’s fucking cleaning up that shit.

Because at the end of the day, in their mind, they’re like, I’ll delete everything here and then all the nudes and all the tax will be on my computer.


And they don’t think we’re fucking Savin us, but they don’t understand daddy game.

We are all Savages and we fucking know the game.

So guys, pulled the iPad and pull up the computer and use, but use it sparingly.

Absolutely, and also understand that people are going to fucking change names.

Yeah, but actually, guys, I was going to say this this applies to guys and girls know because girls are never going there.


Remember our last times, I was like, fuck that.

Wait a second.

Never go through a girl’s phone ever yells.

You can go through your man’s phone, but don’t go through real spot.

She didn’t do anything wrong.


Oh, you did.

What did you do?

Obviously word, look inward.

Um, Sofia you had a story I do.



I love.

Sofia stories.

I have a story because, you know, being shady is a common topic and I remember this story and I was about to tell Alex and I was like, I want To save it for the podcast.

I’m here.

So I started dating this guy and he told me a story about what he had done in the past to his ex-girlfriend.


Okay, he was cheating on his girlfriend.

He was in his room balls.

Deep into the side piece, love that his girlfriend shows up.

No sounds like it’s going to be a classic story.

A classic getting clashing story.


No, no, he hears his girlfriend.

So what does he do?

He throws the side bitch into his closet.


Fact, the mistress concubine goes where she deserves to go and he tells her to shut the fuck up.


If she knows what’s good for her.

He probably duct taped her mouth.

I don’t know.

So she’s in the closet and he knows, God damn.

Well, his girlfriend’s downstairs - 30 seconds to text his roommate and be like, I don’t know what the fuck to do.

Can you stall?

My girlfriend?


Who’s at the front?

Or okay, his roommate.

I wish I could give him a shout-out.

Is where the shadiest characters?

I’ve ever met and came up with the most brilliant idea I’ve ever heard.

Oh my God.

He said, let me grab the side, bitch, and pretend that she is here for me.




So my boyfriend goes downstairs and grabs.

His girlfriend says, Dave.

I’m so glad you’re here.


Thanks for surprise.

Rising me.

Like I wasn’t expecting you and he takes his girlfriend into like another room so that his roommate can go upstairs and grab the side bitch out of the closet.


She’s Christ.


So the roommate goes upstairs, grabs the side bitch and takes her downstairs and introduces the girl to everybody including the girlfriend who pretty much have no idea, has no idea.


And doesn’t know that her boyfriend’s dick is still wet.

From this knowledge that they were just introduced.

I mean, how fucked up.

So this poor girl friend is probably being the nice, hospitable girlfriend.

She is and she’s probably like, hi.

It’s so nice to meet you.

Oh my God, your bulb was roomy, right?


If you’re hooking up with him.

Like, I love that like, you know, that for you guys.

You guys are so cute.

Hi, nice to meet.

You should double date.


Your ex is like, literally wiping his dick off like, oh, I’m still wet from her fucking come, right?

What a good dusting.

Is that how gross is that?


That and I mean this guy had via the nerve and the audacity to expect me to trust him when we started dating after, he told me that story, that brings me to a really good point, do not divulge the shady shit.


You’ve done in your past to someone, you’re planning on dating because it will fuck with their head.

I never trusted this guy after he told me that story ever, but you went on a date with him.

I did see him for like, two, three years.

So but I did, but I trust him to Rob cellino.

No because that, I mean, dude, okay, there’s two sides to it.


One not the call.

Her daddy side.

Is that takes some type of fucked-up person to literally be inside a girl.

Girlfriend shows up walks down.

Literally introduces, the two of them to each other and has no fuckin issue and it plays it off like a like nothing the call her daddy side of me is like what a fucking genius.


Holy shit.

How the fuck?


Did they come up with that?

Because I mean I’ve had my Shady fucking moment and I’ve tried to like dip and move in this shit, but I never once would think just act like, you know, I fucking person Alex.

Why do you think I dated for two or three years?


Because he’s a fucking genius.

He might be cheating on me, but right.

Whoa, holy shit.

I need those jeans for my kids heart.

Oh my God.

That’s, I mean, that’s an unbelievable story.

I would love to hear other people’s like possible.


Oh my God.

Is that?

Where are we encouraging bad behavior?


I just think I would just love to hear other people’s stories because I’ve done shady shit.

But that is a different level of Genius.

It is, I mean, Alex, if you’re ever in that situation, bring the guy over to me and I will play it off, like he is my boyfriend.

I love that.

I also think it was a good point.


You just said, was a lot of people have this problem of boundaries.

If you are going.

If you were an oversharer, if you if you like to talk about yourself a lot don’t fucking share with someone all the deep dark holes of your past all the time.


They don’t need to know that especially if you’re trying to pursue this person dating.

Sometimes I think people feel like it’s so good to be open and honest, you have to be aware that there are some situations that need to be kept to yourself.

And you do not need to share that with that person 100 because it fucks with someone, like you said, you could never really trust them.


That story is always in the back of your head right here on the podcast.

Telling you right now.

I’m like you everyone, you’re introducing me to him.

Like was he just inside of her?

I don’t know.

Well, no, we’ll never know.

Talk about questions.


So first one from the daddy gang members.


I saved a nude from this guy.

I hooked up with and it was from 2.5 years ago.

Is it me?

Or is it seriously a long time to keep a nude like is your dick so unfolded genic that you can only get a nice picture every two years.


Holy shit.

When a half year if you guys never heard our fourth episode, just to give you guys a little background on why this person’s writing.

And if you haven’t listened to all of our episodes, in our fourth episode, we literally go into detail and explain to people, everyone has their fire nude.


If you’re going to reuse nudes, you need to make sure you screenshot it and send the screenshotted nude or else when they save your picture.

If you sent the original, that was taken back in March.

It’s showing that it was taken in March, not in November, brilliant.

So you guys girls, everyone’s getting fucked because now guys are all saving your nudes and scrolling all the way up and like this was taken six months ago.


Save yourself screenshot your nude, send the screenshot and you’ll be gutti, but I didn’t even know, like, guys.

It’s so easy for them to take dick pics.

Why are they re using?

They pick two and a half years?

Like I get it.

And I will be able to forgive you of, it’s like a few weeks.

Maybe a month.

Yeah, two and a half years, that kind of scares.


Yeah, like what’s going on down there now?


So next one is, I have been fucking with this guy with a girlfriend for a while now, but obviously I’m out exclusive with him because he has a girlfriend, no shit.

So I went for my annual checkup thinking it was no big deal.


But then I got a call a few days later.

It’s hang, I had chlamydia.

Obviously, I had to tell the guy because I figured there was no fucking way that he didn’t have it.


I’m also over here being a crazy happy bitch thinking he’s gonna have to tell his girlfriend that he has chlamydia and he’ll break up with her plot twist.


This dude gets tested.

And tested negative.

Apparently this guy is immune to the clap or something and I’m pissed was damn near thanking chlamydia for getting him, to break up with his girlfriend.

On the plus side.

I clearly have the voodoo clam because he still fucks with me.

Even though I had a chlamydia scare.




I have a couple issues with this me to.

I have a few and listen, I don’t want to shit.

I don’t want to shit on you guys because we appreciate you writing in, but there is a couple things wrong with this fucking story.


I think the number one glaring issue.


Is what is this?

Girl have against the girlfriend?


Yeah, why are you being a bitch and being like, I wish you got chlamydia?

Yeah, it’s all about you being pissed at the guy won’t break up with her.

But at the end of the day, it’s like so you literally, well.

This is the second point.

You literally wanted this girl to get get chlamydia.


So they would break up and what he would just end up with you.

Like, you’re the default.

Like, oh, fuck, she broke up with me.

So I guess now I’ll leave her for you.

It’s crazy how much these side bitches.

No offense to call you a bitch, but you like these I’d girls, they feel so entitled.


And they’re like talking shit on the girlfriend.

I’m like, at the end of the day.

She’s the girlfriend.

You’re on the side, right?

She’s the one.

He takes two events.


Do you want your on this side?

Girls are paying dishes’, the turkey and you’re the cole slaw on the side, right?


So you have, you have no reason to ever be like fucking mad or mean to the main bit.

I don’t get that.

Also, again, I don’t mean to be rude, but like he’s still with her so clearly she’s got something you don’t.


So don’t be a bitch to her.

She doesn’t even know you exist.

And also don’t be a bitch and try and go tell her through what an STD.

Yeah, it’s fucked.

I mean, you should really never wish an STD upon anyone.

Yeah, especially a girl.

That’s literally has never done anything to you, right?


So, I don’t know about.

Listen girlfriend.

I’m glad that you got over your chlamydia, scare.

I’m not going to comment any more and what you should or should not be doing.

With a guy that’s in a relationship, but I think what we would help you out here is just kind of be weary of don’t fucking be a bitch to someone that doesn’t even know about you and has never done anything to you.


Take it out on the guy, number three choking.

So I need to adjust choking, please.

This is from a guy.

I’ve had some girls who demand choking in the bedroom and then some who are turned off by it and others who turn and try to choke me.


Why do girls like being choked?

Do girls?

Like that just because we think they think we like choking them that they’ll like it because that’s just false side.

Note also, address the craziness who’d want to actually be choked hardcore and slapped always weird to encounter.


Okay, this is so interesting to me.

Because do you guys even like that for real?

Like I want guys to like, let us know to get choked.


I think this is, if they like choking, this is my thing.

I think a lot of times on this podcast guys, we are Talking about situations that Sofia and I both fuck with or we don’t fuck with everyone has their own fucking deal.


Some people fuck kinky’s, some people don’t and everyone has their own shit with regard to choking.

I have been with some guys who are into it and I have been with some guys right?

Aren’t into it.

It I think it is very situational.

I think there are some girls that just like, oh guys like to be choked.

So now I’m going to do this and it’s fucking awkward because they’re forcing it.


And you know, I think people can really sense that and I can tell when you’re forcing it and you’re faking it like yeah just be genuine if you’re gonna like try some kinky shit.

Yeah, I agree.

And I think also girls are the same way.

It’s like there are some girls who like to get choked I have been but then there are also times where it’s like, taking a little fucking too far, right?


So I and I also think how comfortable you are with the person.

Sometimes they can be fucking hot in a one-night stand, but if they go too far, it’s fucking scary.

Because you’re like, so I’m about to die, you know, it’s all about balance and it’s also all about who your partner is at the time and what you guys know about each other and feel.

They targeted next one.


So, okay.

I told my husband to fuck me.

Like, I’m a little whore and he told me to stop trying to act cool.

I literally went to bed help.

I actually love, I love that.

I’m so sorry.


Because again, just like what we said not, everyone is going to be down for stuff and I can just imagine her husband looking at her and being like, shut the fuck up.

Just stop it.

Okay, we have, we have three kids and having the same sex.

Seven years and I don’t know where you’re about to ask me to call you a whore and I can also see you’re just rolling over in bed.


I’ll fuck.

I love how when we tell people things were just like it works.

Every time you have to say it just say you’re his little slut but I do think it’s one thing to go right after it if you’re with your husband and you’re out of nowhere, like, oh, call me your whore.

I think maybe have a drunk night.


Maybe say something a little less aggressive and then slowly ramp it up.

I think sometimes people whip it out of nowhere and the guys like, Like you if it looks like she’s trying to be a porn star, you know, you’ve got a really ease into it if you want to make it happen.

That’s why we have suggested in past episodes, get fucked up, do something crazy when you’re drunk.


So then it became an become normalized When You’re Sober.

Yeah, next one.

So I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and a half and he loves to fuck with the lights on.

That’s nice.

That’s a compliment.

But I think there is something that makes me more comfortable to get down and dirty and try new things, which will hopefully Be more comfortable with the lights off.


I totally understand what she’s saying.

I me too.

I think that they should mix it up on and off.

I mean, I personally like, especially like obviously there are times that it’s hot like morning sex or something.

If it’s like, the lights are on, but I think you can definitely get freakier and girls naturally are more insecure with their body and what they’re trying to do sometimes.


So just put turn the fucking lights off your girlfriend.

So, I’ve noticed like when it’s really dark almost pitch black like all of your other senses are heightened and you too.

I kind of feel around more and like almost be more like sensual with your body.

Yeah, you got to be more in tune with how it feels and not focusing on other shit.


Like it can be amazing.


So I would tell your boyfriend to shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up bitch boy and we’re going to fuck a couple times with the lights off and then we can do your way maybe once a week.

Okay, so that is it for questions this week, guys.

Thank you guys so much for listening.


I hope you guys are getting back into the swing of things with work, post-thanksgiving Vibes.

I thought you saved back in the swing of things.

Like swingers.

Oh, well, that too.

I guess.

Thanks so much guys for listening every single Wednesday.

We will see you next week.

We love you guys.

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