Call Her Daddy - 13 - Let it’s Time for a Facial


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

It is hump day.

Daddy gang.

Welcome back to call her daddy.

Let’s talk about questions.


You guys don’t know this already.

You can go to call her daddy on Barstool and at call her daddy.

There is the question for him and we are answering all of your questions as best as we can.

So number one, one time, when my boyfriend was eating me out.


I accidentally farted.

This happened a different time, also, and he got pink eye.

And now he thinks from eating girls out.

He’s going to get that all the time and so he doesn’t anymore.

So this girl, It twice and will you know one time she really like she couldn’t hold it in.

Oh and he got pink eye.


What’s uh, sorry fuck this girl.

Honestly, she’s making the rest of us look bad.

You’ve got it all know.

You couldn’t all the day.

You could have at least one to like once live like honeybee.

I can forgive her but to dying.


That’s fucked up.

Imagine that’s like is mouth.

You say he literally Should have been like, you just shit in my mouth.

You just shit in my mouth.

Like, his face is literally right there.

It’s like sniffing a part of this girl’s asshole.


That’s not a best girlfriend.

You gotta, you gotta take care of that out.

Yeah, you gotta get something going on down there.

That doesn’t hurt.

Least like push his head away and be like, I have a cramp and then far.

I don’t know, just don’t do it directly into his mouth.




She’s number two.

I had a Jesus Christ.

I had a threesome with my wife and her sister.

Hold on.

We we we we had a threesome of this sister.

No, hold on.

Wait with his sister and his wife.



I said, pay attention.

I said his sister know, it was his wife and her sister or if I can lose any it guys.

Like that’s kind of hot.


No, shut the fuck up, inbreeding or whatever.

Okay, so he had a threesome with his wife and her sister style.


Finally fucking inappropriate.

He’s a we all got drunk and it kind of just happened.

I flirted with her sister.

What the fuck?

I’ve flirted with her sister before but never thought it’d go anywhere anywhere.


Now, the holiday dinners are awkward.

I mean, her sister ate my ass, while I was balls deep, in my wife, not sure how to make this better.

Do we just not talk about it at holiday dinners?

Well, I don’t know.

I wouldn’t expect you to just bring that up at the hollow of your gonna be fucking kinky as shit.


I know that’s a level of kinky.

That’s whoa.

Own it.

Yeah, you guys did it.

Why cry over spilled milk?

Just all.

Except if they did it when they were drunk.

I think you guys.

It’s better.

That you don’t mean own.

It is in like bring it up.

Bring it up.

Like kids mom.


No, I already had a threesome.

Yeah, Mommy sister.

I mean it was it her stepsister know that.

Shit’s fucking blood and blood.

Oh, wow, okay.

We can you I have a sister.

I could not imagine fucking.

Oh my God forward.

No, I’m over that one.

How do you feel about giving your recently?


New boyfriend, your location on find my friends.

I secretly want his location, but don’t know if it would be weird to ask him.

No, no.

Oh my God, that is the most, and I’m a psycho.

And like, that’s even psycho.

I just think that is weird to.

And then hopefully, very unhealthy very, and I mean, and it’s annoying.


Like, what if he Wanted to like go surprise you or something and he like gets home late and you’re like, why were you at the mall?

And he’s like, oh I was buying you Tiffany’s necklace.

But fuck it.

It’s just really annoying.


We have a friend that has it and I think it’s unhealthy because she’s always checking in being like, Oh my God, like he said, he was home and he’s not home yet.


And like so what is he doing?

And I’m like, I would never let a boyfriend habit.

I let you have it.

Of course.

I mean Alex, I have each other but that’s like completely different.

I was dating someone no fuck that.



Next is Okay, so I was having some bomb sex with my boyfriend, minding my own business in my room, my roommates, then sent a text in the group chat with all of our friends and told me to stop moaning.


They then ignored me for days, because I was being disrespectful, they said and they were mad at me.

LOL, real or fake friends, like, aren’t your friends supposed to support you in hype, you up for the D?

What’s wrong here?


So let me get this straight.

This girl has roommates.


She had a guy over.

She was being loud while they were.

Fucking her roommates got pissed.


No, that’s that’s I don’t know.

Don’t well, I think again we need more context.

Does she do this?

Every fucking day?

Guy would be like, bitch.

That would be annoying.

Take it somewhere.

I be annoying.



Um, I mean, I think I’ve heard you before Oh my God.

I’m sure you’ve heard me.

You’ve heard me.

I knew, you know what, when I hear Alex, you know, what I do.

I take advantage of the situation.

I’m like, I’m gonna get my Loop out and I’ll just be right there with her.

I’m gonna touch myself and finding It’s like we’re about to come.


You hear me saying?

Oh my God, babe.

I’m about to come.

And just because I like know, Alex.

I know.

She’s about to be like, guys, I’m coming with you guys.

I’m coming with you over there.

I like, put my ear to the door.

I’m like, here we go.

I like after I’m like guys that was so good stretch coming out of my room.



We have those windows situations where I could technically see Sofia through my window dude.

The one time I was in my room, my ex had come over.

Over and we were having like some nice makeup sex and it was summer.

So, my window was open and Loki.

My head was fucking getting railed on them.


And I’m gonna read telling me that I Sophia our windows are right there.

I could have Like, Oxygen my I’m doing it too and just getting back together.


Okay, so I honestly think, though, if it’s just like once in a while like let your fucking roommate get it you just hear some moans here and they’re like laughing.


I can see girls being fucking annoying about that shipping like you.

Honestly need to be respectful and I okay.

Yeah, I think it depends on how often you’re doing it.

So let us know how often it was this week.

We’re just going to get right into it and talk about facials.

It’s my what an amazing topic.


Are you talking?

What kind of facial?

What kind of talking what kind of facial do you think the call her daddy?

Girls are talking about a facial?

You got out of spa or a facial when a guy’s blue jizz all over your face.

I’m gonna say the ladder.

Yeah, me too.

I’ll perfect.

I’m glad we’re on the same page, so facials.


Yeah, loving it living.

It feeling it.

So I heard you’re gonna punch me in the head, facials.

I actually know I’m on board with this.

Okay, are good for your skin.

Oh my God, Alex, please.


Don’t tell me you’re one of those girls.


I am sorry.

That is totally a myth that was made up by a man out there.

No, it’s not.

He could convince girls that he could come all over their face.

Don’t Alex Cooper is about to disprove you.

So I actually Sophia looked it up on medical daily.


Okay, medical daily.

I literally screenshotted a.

I want to read it.

It says sperm, a Chris.

It sounds like we’re about to do an ad for facial sperm.

A crystalline polymer mean, compound called sperm.

Amine is an antioxidant and it diminishes wrinkles smoothes.


The skin helps tame and prevent a Acne and can also be used this one.

Gets me as an antidepressant.

Okay, if you’re depressed, get a facial, you know, what?

If you’re really gonna find antidepressant?


I don’t, who wants to come on my face who in this office.

I’m literally gonna go outside and be like, come on my face.

Literally would we get, would that be considered sexual, harassment?

I don’t know.

But yeah, okay.

I just don’t buy it.

I mean, that medical daily article.


Let me guess a man wrote that are Okay, but think about this, if it is true, how many girls are about to get?

Have get facials from a guy?

And instead of quickly running and getting the towel.

They’re going to be like, okay, hold on, and there’s or massaging the comments and like it.


There any, is there a little bit dripping out of the tip of your wiener hole?

Because like, I want to and you put a little bit more on my forehead.

I mean, this goes back to, like, what we talked about the girls at our eyes closed because they just got come Don and they’re like doing the mummy.


To the bathroom.

Yeah, that’s like one way to do it.

Or you have become Savage right where she just hurries and like wipes up your come and see what they ingest it.

But now this time this is a different, come Savage, who cares about her skin routine and she rubs it in W to really in.


I love that.


It’s now guys are going to be looking at girls and if they’re a Savage they’re going to expect them to swallow it.

And instead they’re gonna be like Oh, I’m massaging this in to all of my pores, right?

So Daddy’s out there view real-time.

Sophie and I are encouraging you to literally start massaging your skin with your man’s come.


I love it.

I love that too.

Okay, so I actually have a little funny story.

Oh, my God about facials.

The guy that I always talk about that is, you know, the Milf Hunter, the guy that fucks everything and Legend, he has, okay.


I think he basically explained to me that like, his fetish is facials, which is, I guess, That’s actually pretty good like fetish to have, right.

I mean, like people haven’t figured a first.

Yeah, people really weird fetishes.

I feel like that’s on the safer side.

So okay.

He has a story about facials that every time he is about to give a girl a facial.


He pulls out his phone, right?

When he’s about to come and most of the time, the girls know that he’s going to do this and I’ll get into that later of, why how these girls are like, yeah, sure.

Go for it.

Film me.

But so he films himself.

It’s blue zhing all over their face.


Like Exact minute, he starts recording it.

And literally, that’s not even the best part.

He has about 50 times that he’s done this to girls.

He filmed it.

He sends it to his group chat and then his group chat takes the video, and they will make a boomerang know the cam going on to their groceries.


And they pick like their favorite part.

Because how many different parts can you pick from a facial?

Oh, my God, it’s coming out of the tail out of the tip, like, hitting her in the eye bolts, like the me going into the A mouth exactly omalu?

Okay, that’s insane.

I like want him to try and do it on the actual Boomerang and Instagram.



I want can you tell him like so because that would be as request.

Like, try it.


Because that would actually take legit skill.

Like, think about it.

He has to time it perfectly and the boomerang you have to just press it down, right?

When it’s about to go down.

Yeah, but so yeah, so he has over 50, literally, 50 images of girls getting God.


Not all over there.

And he said, one time.

One time specifically he this girl.


This is also a point for girls.

If you’re asking a guy to give you a facial.

Why do some girls keep their eyes open?

Unless you’re locked and loaded with goggles on your fucking head?


Don’t Close Your Eyes and open your mouth and act accordingly.

But so, he said he one time, this girl kept her eyes open and he went like, literally his come went die directly into her eyeball, like the entire fucking splooge landed in this girl’s eye, and she Like had pinkeye or some shit for like the next think he have some control over that too though.


Yeah, maybe you long enough.

Maybe you wanted it to look like I think I found a little more control.

No, I agree.

But so that’s amazing.

With that being said though.

I feel like so many people are going to listen to that and be like how the fuck did he even get these girls to allow him right?


Become all over their face.

And let me tell you, I mean, read word for word.

I texted him last night cause I was like, how does this go down?

And he goes, The most important thing I do is use the line that I’d never pressure you to do anything.

You weren’t comfortable with doing.

I would never disrespect you ever and then I ask them how they feel about facials.



So are these like listen I will never.

I will never disrespect you.

I am here for you and then he’s like, but like low-key girl how you feel about facial and then he says a vast majority have never had one and they’re opposed to it and then he will ask them.



And he’ll begin the process of Changing their mind.

And he said the most, this is the fucking weirdest.

He said the most successful is usually walking them through the cleanup process and how into it.

I am.

I’ll clean them up thoroughly and I communicate that I’m not going to abandon them once I come on their face.


He’s like if you love me you’ll let me rock like those but but think about it.

I kind of think that the most degrading part in a girl’s mind is Legit after he comes on you and you’ve just got all the come on your face and you’re standing there and the guy goes to clean himself up, or he like throws you a rag.


I think that’s where girls can get in their head and they’re like, okay, this is so fucking weird.

I need come streaming marking down, battle like the passion and all of that is gone.

You guys have like finish and now you’re sitting there with like jizz all over thing down your face and you’re like, what is my life comes fast?



And so that’s why I think his tactic is being like I Love giving girls facials.

I will like walk you through it.

You need to do feel so comfortable like you’re going to love it.

I both know that he like, literally wipes it off their face with the towel for them.

And then he says, he talks about skin care 24/7 with them.


Just so that he’s like, and I swear this helps with your skin.

Well, I would tell a guy to fuck off if he said Haley, Alex, because you were talking about how it is good for your skin.

And I don’t know.


Well, there you go.

I’m going to tell you a facial store.



I’m ranting.

So, the first time I ever.


Marketed or let a guy do this act to me.

I’m trying to like sensor it.

So my mom’s not like cringing here.

It’s okay.


So the first time I ever got a facial, I was like, so, ready, you know, when you’re about to try something for the first time.

So you like mentally prepare yourself.


Yeah, absolutely.

And you’re like all excited to try it.

So one of my ex-boyfriends, I like woke up in the morning.

We were getting after it.

And if you guys listen to me in previous episodes, I talked about The best position to got give a guy a blow job is to push him up against a wall that gives you.


And it really gives him the most stability and like force.

And then you also have a better opportunity with your emotion.

So I, of course, you know, me just thrown up against the wall and made him get up from bed and put them against the wall.

And I start going to town, you know, give him the Cooper special whatnot.


And then I’m ready.

I’ve the all I’m thinking about during this is like, okay.

I’m going to give him the Cooper special and then he’s gonna Come on my face this time and he doesn’t know he’s gonna get to do that.

Oh, and I’d eat you whole word basically, dating.


I know.

So I say finally, I’m like, okay, babe.


Like I want you to come on my face.

He is like, oh, you could tell he like, wait, what?

And then finally, he comes.

Yes, and to happen.

That’s not the best.

It’s not great.

It wasn’t great.

Because guess what happened?

What about to tell me?

And he’s sitting on the bed and he’s like, babe.


Can I be honest with you?

And like, yeah, and I’m waiting for him to like prey.

Raised me and he’s like, and and mind you.

Okay, my boyfriend was completely blind and he goes, I did not see any of that because I didn’t have my contacts in.

Oh my fucking I wanted to die because as a girl, I’m like I’m like, let’s fucking go like I just got that was the first time that you had ever done it.


Yes, and he didn’t see it go down.

He had no idea.

He had no, he could have like came on your toes right now and he was like, oh so hot.

Oh, well, yeah idea that I said come and he I was like, why the fuck didn’t you?

Stop me and go put on your fucking glasses.

Like I couldn’t stop because like I wanted it to happen and I was in a moment and it was so good.


I feel like Alex.

Just please don’t move lay there with my tongue and let me go get my glasses.

I’m not kidding you.

I was just about to say and so I was in the bathroom and he comes in and he’s like, please don’t take it off your face and he put his glasses on.

And you just wanted to see the come on my face.

I was like, no, the best part is watching it.


Go on, not after the aftermath, fuck me.

So that went out, you know, like, you should have set some rules with him, like, If you are not touching me until your contact with like what I hope you like, made that rule a lady’s moral of the story is make sure if your man is blind before you offer him to fucking come all over your face.



You offer that.

He puts on his glasses.


She’s okay.

With this said about the facial thing.

It is really really hot to tell a guy to go on your face, but it’s not something that you should be doing every single night.

Oh my God.

No, you know what?

I mean, like insects like you gotta mix it up because it’s also hot to guys.


You’re like come on my tits are like come on man.

Like just if you just tell like I were to come absolute like we literally had a girl right in.

And she was like, hey, I like was fucking this guy and he was fucking me from behind and he I told him like to come on my ass because he said, I’m about to come where should I come?


And I said in on my ass and instead of coming on my ass, he pulled out and he fucking shoved his dick into my asshole and he came in my ass and I don’t know where to this day, where the come went.

Because it never came out of my butthole.

Butthole really does service like a suction.


Yeah, like it’s hard to there’s like a little black hole, right?

Unless you’re really trying as hard as you can, nothing is falling out of.

That’s pretty amazing.

I’m so glad we talked to just be be, do it sparingly with the facials because then it then it loses its own turf.


You really want to surprise its luster.

If a guy your face, I ask you something.

That what what would you do if a guy like I asked you on first hook up.

If you could come on your face.

That’s a really good point.

I am totally the type of person that if you are my boyfriend, I mean, the world is our oyster.


The world is your oyster, like this is what?

Where dreams come true, because I’m down to fuck.

And we can try whatever.


If it’s like a one-night stand.

I’m a little bit like there’s no fucking way that you’re going to give me a facial.


I don’t.

The nightstand or a first date, or whatever.

Yeah, I personally think, if it’s gonna, okay, I agree with you.

I think it would be so weird if a guy randomly felt like it was okay to be like, all right.

I’m going to come on your face.

Is that okay?

I think if you’re fucking, like we said, with a real slut, come Savage and she’s just down to fuck that night.


If she offers it fucking go for, but if she’s not offering it, there’s no way you on a first day.

I literally was reading one of our submissions and a guy said, how do you propose?

Anal to a girl on a first hook up.

What the fuck?



No, I would you like in 10, what would you say to that?

I’m honestly, I’m pretty sure I’ve offered it actually on the first day without without even planning on doing it with just saying it just to get a rise out of him, but I never ever ever.

Okay, Sofia, I mean, Talk Dirty to me.



Talk to okay, talking dirty.

I’m so glad you just said that, okay, because we’ve had so many fucking people.

All right, in being like how do I talk dirty?

You mentioned, you how to text that you wanted to read to me on answer?


Yes, but I have not heard it.



I’m terrified.

I’m actually kind of excited.

Okay, guy.

So again, it’s like we need to have my guy friend on, he’s like, okay.

So this is the same guy.

That’s the mill Hunter and that’s the one that’s doing facials on girls faces.

So he we have a very weird relationship.


He always sends me like the nudes that girl send him if I’m like, like, what’s the hottest?

A girl should send as a nude.

He’ll send me like his photo album is favorite.

Once he’s like, pick some of these, like, these will be great.

I’m like amazing.

Thank you.

It’s like for research purposes.


And so he also sends me some sex from girls.

What if they’re like, really good or they’re really bad.

I want to just read you one and I want to get your genuine opinion on this one.

Okay, here I go.

This is from Becca back.

No one knows who Becca.

So doesn’t matter, I can say her name.

Okay, while you’re sleeping.


You’ll be fucking my throat.

Like it’s a vacuum made just for Are you your dick will throb until you just have to come?

I’m going to look up at you and smile while you explode and cover me with all your warm come.

And I’ll fucking love it.

And that’s how your morning’s will go.


Then after maybe.


Will shower together?

And I’ll just wash your whole body and you’ll love how pretty I am.

Well dripping wet way is Eva still going on.

Here we go.

In every way, then we will smoke the blood that I already rolled for you while you were.


Maxing from coming so hard, then eventually we will eat a lox platter bagel, bagel and you will play Fortnight with your boys and I will know, I don’t believe you.


I will laugh at how trash they are compared to Daddy and we can fuck again when you’re ready for this, pussy.

I mean, I guess I don’t need to ask your reaction.

Well, Don, I have 50 things, the Lox Bagels, that’s a joke, right, dude.


Why first of all?

First of all, that’s a guy’s worst nightmare to hear you mention that you want to have breakfast with him.

The next day.

He wants you to write in the sex, like, right when you come, you’ll turn around and I will be gone banished.

That’s what he wants to hear.


So, you mentioned breakfast.

The next day is terrifying.

His boner just went down.

Also, I have to say for sext.

Okay, I agree with you is that we have to say on the locks bagel for a minute, but I have to say the whole end then.

And then and though next you’re writing your thesis on how you’re going to fucking fuck.


This guy go next.

It’s like no and then no while there for moving forward in the next scene.

No, no.

No, but good that locks Bagel thing.

I’m sorry.

Let’s keep it simple.

Fucking quality over quantity.


Hey, that was that was a full on a thesis.

I had a beginning middle and end do I’m sorry.

I can’t, I can’t get over the fucking lock legal insanity.

Zane but I think also with that her mentioning the Fortnight and stuff.

I just want to reiterate because I think we move past the too fast.


What you saying?

Why are girls be like and we all watch you play Fortnight?

No, bitch.



Well, you fucking sitting behind him.

Like, I can see.

There are so many girls that think like, oh my God, he’s going to play video games and all massages back.


Nobody wants you massaging shit.


You let yourself out through the window and that’s it.

Okay, but you agreed the home, the whole monologue thing.

Yeah, so Quality over quantity.

I really think that it should be like two to three sentences because you and I have talked about it.

It’s like there is something about sexting that is actually really fucking awkward.


It’s like, when you’re sexting, I think the business biggest awkward part of.

It is the time frame and how like, right, you basically, if the person doesn’t answer in like eight minutes to your, to your sexed, then it’s like fucking over.



I don’t want to, You you have one to two minutes to quickly reply.

That’s why.

When girls get a sex they like run into the living room.

They’re like ladies, get in here.

Everyone in here.

Everyone get like your thinking caps on and literally if you guys gotta decide what was that episode 1, the the infamous degrade me, comment, right.


That literally go home again for her.

If you guys haven’t listened to episode one, which this is the perfect time to say.

If you guys haven’t listened to our other episodes, a lot of people write in and ask questions, and they seem like we’ve talked about, That’s to make sure you guys.

Listen, our previous episodes but episode one specifically Sophia and I were really drunk and I was sexting this guy and I was so fucked up that I thought it would be a good idea because I didn’t think Sofia was as fucked up as I was.


So I handed Sophie on my don’t ever fucking assume that.

I’m not as fucked up as you guys rule.

Number one.

I was my first, okay, but I handed Sophie on my phone and I said, like, can you answer this for me?

And she I ended up saying, I want you to degrade me, which is just fucking really in and disgusting and it’s not cute but it’s not you but it’s not even sexy but like he was into it.


I mean if you ask me personally, have I ever sent that to someone?

I was texting.

No, did I do it from your phone?




But so, okay.

A lot of people this is not exactly what I want to do today.

But because we’re recording this in the morning, you know, I’m not like that horny right now, but here we go.


A lot of people ask us how to talk dirty and like what to send for sex.

I want if I’m like sweating right now that we have to do this.

This is how much we love you guys.

Yeah, because this isn’t fun.

I know.

It sounds like it’s fun and it sounds sexy and yeah me but it’s not my mom listens to these episodes.


Okay, so I want to first start out with setting the scene.

We understand that there are there’s a big demographic that listens to this.

There are some people that are virgins.

There are some people that are in college and they’re like, Like fucking around.

There are some people that are married, there’s a lot of different people.


So when we talk about these things, sometimes guys, make sure you’re not taking these word for word because again, you need to read your audience.

If you’re a virgin you obviously don’t know what a three.

What to do in a threesome.

Yeah, well explained.

So we want to give you guys some line word for word lines that you guys can use.


That’s what we’re gonna bring you right now.

So this is beginning.

I’m not going to say this is like a beginner status, but these are some like, basic good go to sex lines that you can hit them because we don’t know your audience again.

Yes, so it is either dumb it down or X ramp it up.



So let’s just start with the classic.

The my pussy is absolutely dripping wet right now thinking about your hard dick, inside me, classic classic, beautiful saying the word, you know, like the pussy dripping wet hard dick inside me.


Yeah, you can also go for the I want to ride you and fuck all of your hard cock deep inside me until I come all over your soaking-wet dick.

Perfect fold.

And I love it.

Loving God’s fucking a.


Another one is to really describe the whole lip thing, and you can be like, I love when you say be believe.

Yeah, the Vlog Don’t Call Him flaps when you’re sexy.


No, that’s not SEC.

That’s not fucking cute, but you can be like, I love when Spread my lips as the tip goes in and the deeper it goes.


The more I shake knowing it’s not even halfway in.

Oh, my that’s like hot because you’re like you’re not even halfway in and I’m already shaking.

Yeah, the lips like spread my lips like guys think that’s really really hot and just take advantage of that.

I also think that’s kind of similar to the whole like like I want to feel you in my stomach as I ride you back or rubbing my clit soaking wet all over you.


That kind of stuff.

Like that’s hot feeling him in it.

Your stomach means he’s big.


Oh, but before I continue, can we talk about the whole big thing?

I already know what you’re going to say girls that go off on like, how big a guy is and like how big he feels and stuff.

Like if he’s not big, don’t fucking say that.


Like, they’re not dumb.

They know we’ve had guys right in, I know I will never forget.

The one guy was like, I know I don’t have like a small dick, but I do know that I’m not fucking huge and my girlfriend won’t shut the fuck up about how I’m this ginormous schlong.

Do you like he?


But he guys know it’s like, it’s like a tits and he’s like, your huge hits and you’re like, bitch.

I can’t even, I spot them with a magnifying glass.

Did he fuck you and your like I cannot, I couldn’t we drive past push together my skin.

It’s like, lick your nipple like ee, boobs.


And you’re trying so hard like that’s just embarrassing and rude, right?


Like so let’s just fucking calm down with the comments about how big his dick is guys.

More talk about how it’s like, how it’s hard.

And it’s throbbing and it’s like, whatever do you have other ones?


Because, you know, I do have one thing I think if you have fucked before.

I think it’s really good for guys.

Visually to imagine like places you fucked and reference those in your site.

So like let’s say, and you’ll really counter exactly.

Say your place is the bathroom.


And if you’re like, we should be in your bathroom right now.

Me bent over with you inside me.

And then I always think it’s good to be like, do you miss that?

Babe, you like the way I take it your dick slides in and out of my tight pussy.


There’ll also because they’re imagining fighting.


They’re Imagining the exact location.

Like that’s perfect.

And especially for people that are scared to sex and like they feel weird and like uncomfortable doing it.

Like just like mention things that you guys have actually done like that’s not awkward at all.

Yeah, like remember when I got on top of you and I was writing you right?


You know what I mean?

It’s exactly going back to like, yeah, what’d you run prints of what you’ve already done?


Yes, I was going to say, this is some great.

This is some easy stuff, right thing right there, really basic, generic thing.

And listen, again.

We’re not shitting on you if you use these, because it depends on your relationship, right?


I use them right.

But but there are people that like have fetishes, Etc.


And the whole threesome thing, Alex, and I were talking about this and like even if you never plan on having one, I feel like you can still use it during sexting.


Oh my God, guys, right it is.

Look at that.

Fucked up.


Because I want to ask a guy like if I full-on in sexting about doing something I never plan on doing about fucked up.

No, because I like hair.

No, no, like he doesn’t know you can act like you’re going to do it one day, especially a threesome.


It’s like, well babe.

Like we just haven’t been able to find a third girl.

It’s not my fault.

So tell them what you could celebrate just from watching porn.

It’s just so easy to me, so easy.

It’s so easy for a threesome.

Okay, we’re talking to girls one guy.

Okay, I would just say I the most generic one is, I want you fret bucking me from behind while I’m licking her pussy.


Right film.

So they can get a great visual.


Let’s get a little more intense.

Let’s ramp it up.

Let’s wrap it up.

You’re going to say, I want you to go back and forth between our pussies.

I want her stacked on top of me.

Your come dripping out of her pussy on to my amazing.


That’s so easy.

Breezy, beautiful.

No, that’s perfect.

I can you keep it going.

Roll, let’s go.


I want to lick your come out of her pussy and spit it back into her mouth.


And then I want to make out with her, with my mouth full of your come.

Love, your come dripping down.

Both our Chin’s.

That’s perfect.


That is guys.

Imagine a guy thinking about you, eating his come out of her pussy, like making out.


And they can see the like the article come kind of like going between your mouth and he’s just sitting there.

Unbelievable it brilliant and it is every guy is going to I died over there.

Yeah, um, I want to make out with another girl on your cock.

I want to share Coughlin on the girl raised be okay for two guys and one girl.



Well, which I think it’s so weird.

Let us also confirm call her Daddy has no issue with two guys and one girl.

I know a girl wrote in to us and was like, my boyfriend wants to me to like fuck another guy and like my girlfriend’s think he’s gay for that.


That’s what I mean.

The what is it?



I feel like a lot of girl.

I read that a lot that like, guys are into that watching their girl, get fucked by another guy.

That is not gay.


We can talk about that another episode of the whole cuckolding thing.

But okay.

So if you’re doing two guys are okay.

Well, you’re into cuckolding, you can just be like, I want you to like watch me get fucked by another guy and like come all over his cock, right?


And see how good he makes me feel, right?

That’s a good one.

That’s perfect because we’re like, I want you to look me from behind while I’m sucking his dick.


Just you guys.

I mean come on.

This is it’s not hard.

I put some porn on.


Well now they don’t have to us because we literally just word for word, gave you line.

So I hope you had your pen and paper to say everybody.

If you didn’t have your pen and paper, you’re not writing this on your phone.

Go home.

Go back to this part of the episode and take notes because these are great and I think it’s great that you brought up the point of the threesome and if you haven’t even had a threesome, but you and your boyfriend have like talked about Possibly having a threesome.


I think it’s very good to throw that in a cagey with the sack, right?

Because I know a lot of people have written in to us and been like, I sex my boyfriend all the time.

We have a long-distance relationship.

How do I spiced up?

You gotta go for the fan.

Honestly, it just fucking lie to him just to get him off.

So, you can go to bed.



It takes like 30.

I said, she’s tired, right?

You’re done sexy and just be like, I want to lick your come out of a girl’s pussy.

Good night.

Good night.

Well, I think that’s a great Point.

Sophia the whole ending of sex Seeing I think that’s also one of the really weird awkward points of sexting.


If you guys aren’t straight up saying you’re masturbating because that’s easy to say.

Oh my God, babe.

I just came so hard.

Like this, the hottest fucking thing.


If you are both just talking leading up to hooking up or talking about what you want to do to each other.

Yeah, how the fuck do you end sexting?

Is a lot of questions that people ask obviously, if you guys are both masturbating while you’re doing it.


It’s a simple.

And exactly I just came but so I think The best way.

Probably, I don’t know.

Just literally just saying like, babe.

I’m so horny for you.

This turns me on so much and just basically tell him like, I’m gonna think about this and touch myself to it later.

Yeah, or you can just say like that was so fucking hot.


I can’t wait to see you again.


And it’s like because then it’s like, okay.

Now, what are you doing?

The rest of the day?

I’m going grocery shopping.

Like I get it’s awkward or just like tell him you’re you’ll send him a video later of you doing it.


Oh, beautiful.

You guys Alex.

I have a confession.


Ian, I received a picture the other day from this guy.

I’m talking to.

It was a picture of his new puppy that he bought and I bought in call her.

Daddy’s tell you about say I receive pictures.

Dick said, puffy.

Threw me off his puppy only.


Okay, keep going.


Um, he sent me a picture of his new dog, and I went over to show it to Alex.

I’m you guys, I am not making this up.

I showed it to Alex and Alex.

What did you say?

I’m like, oh my God, it’s puppy.

So, I was like, no, no, no, not the puppy.


Like the other thing and Alex was like, what the fuck are you talking about?

I was like Alex, that shiny like object in the left hand corner of the pig shows like, oh we’re getting crazy with its Sophie, I write and I was just like, oh my God Alex.


This is a thing like this second, a guy, sends you a picture of anything.

The girl is zooming in on all of the Dead Space around like the I checked.

You wanted to show her, right?

The focal point.


We are zooming in on everything.


It’s actually like, disgusting.

Like this.

Second guy sends me a picture.

I get all hot and bothered and excited when it’s like in his room and I’m like to, can I find a condom in the background?

Can I find a condom wrapper?

Can I find a pair of girls panties?

Was there a girl there?

Like I literally go around.


Oh, yeah.



What I can find.

My ex one of my exes used to always send me nudes in front of like his mirror.

And I’m like, okay, whatever the new deck with great.

Okay, what is on his dresser and I’m like zooming, and why don’t you move out.


Hold on.

Why is the lube out on the counter?

No, it’s oh my God, guys.

I just thought about maybe one of the craziest things I’ve ever done, which I was like, hold on.


Listening is like turning up their volume.

Like, Sophia Franklin is about to say one other create.


You are you’re crazy.

I remember I was dating this guy and he sent me.

Me a picture of like him in bed.

I was probably like, show me your home and in bed, just kidding.

I’m sure we’ve all pool but lucky not really.

You were dead Esther.

You gotta have those photos ready to send out people.



You’re out.





Anyways, so he was just laying in his bed and I saw that there was a the tiniest Speck of blood on his pillow case tiny tiny.

And you know what?


I knew that there was No other explanation for that blood except that he had been having sex with a girl who was on her period because why else would a little speck?

Be on his pillow case.

I’m pretty sure your ex always got nosebleeds.

You always told me that but like, Nana know it could have been nosing, it had to be a game.


Was a for-sure gangbang.

All three girls are on their period.

There was no other option and I was like, I can love.

Wow, throughout the fuck did you do?

So I drove over to his house.

Hey, I’m like this, shame.


Of course, you did.

Of course.

I remember this vividly.

He was terrified.

I went over to his cabinet.

I like grabbed the scissors out of the cabinet.

I cut the little speck of blood, out of the pillowcase, cut it out, the detective.


So I had the little cloth with me that had blood on it.

I was like, this will be sent in for DNA testing.

You bet your ass.

This will be sent in.

I was like, I’m probably gonna have to collect a blood sample from you as well, to match the DNA.

And we’ll see whose blood that really is on your pillowcase.



And good day, sir, Sofia it all out.

I’m like ashamed of who I am as a human.

I can just imagine you storming into this guy’s apartment and he knows how crazy you are.


And you going for a pair of scissors.

He’s like, right.

Is this bitch about to do?

And right?

You cut the fucking pillowcase out, cut it out, put in a little plastic baggie and your onion read it in the fridge.

So this sample wasn’t soiled and went on my day you that’s actually fucking amazing, but that just shows like that picture.


LED you to believe there was a possible gang?


I mean we didn’t say it the pictures and I the thing is is I knew God damn.

Well, there was that fucking probably got a bloody nose.

I knew there was a one percent chance.

You gotta keep him that it was with a girl but you know, you gotta make once my mind things.


There’s a one percent chance it becomes in a hundred percent chance and there’s no bringing me back to reality.

Hey K.

Don’t date me.

Okay, I don’t think anyone will they does after this?


Ok guys that is it for this week.

I hope you enjoyed this.

I hope you are getting your sexting game.


Ready, and that’s it for this week.


Thanks, guys for listening.

You, we had so much fun.

I can’t wait to talk to you guys next, Wednesday.

Next Wednesday, guys.

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