Call Her Daddy - 15 - Escaping the Friend Zone


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

What is up?

Daddy gang?

We are back another episode of call her daddy.


We have a change of scenery.

Yeah, if you guys watch the video version of this, we’re actually in a different studio today.

Trying it out, little dark ominous, little sexy.

It is a little sexy.

We have another woman in the studio.

We’re like, I just want to preface it.

Like, I hope, you know, like what we’re talking about this week.


Like we don’t want to scare anyone but she’s on board.

She’s on board.

We’re fine for - she said, only two, Love ever gotten kicked out of the studio.

And we’re like, uh, well that maybe us today.

Um, moving forward to Arch, shitshow of a weekend.


Shit shit show.

You guys this past weekend, Alex, and I decided to switch it up a little bit.

Yeah, we had reservations at this pretty exclusive restaurant, and I’m not saying that to sound cool, trust.

No, I don’t think they’re gonna think we’re cool.


Once I hear the story, Sophia, a lot of people know, this New York is just one of the most exclusive places in the world.

In terms of like trying to In place absolutely shit show.

So we were feeling pretty fucking high on ourselves the other week.

We’re like, we’re going to one of the best places.


Kylie Jenner goes, and she’s in town, like we’re in this shit.

So we show up to this place and basically we didn’t really give a shit about the food, right?

The whole point was to get into this, like, it was like a speakeasy type of situation upstairs at this restaurant.


And that was the goal because this is a thing, think about how many people DM us.

And they’re like, hey, I’m I’m coming to New York this weekend.

Where should I go?

And a lot of times people?

Will Google like the hottest places in New York at the time.


If you can Google a place in New York, it’s not fucking cool, but it’s the hot spot.

It is not the hot.

It’s a tourist spot.

The places that are the cool places are literally where you Google and either said it’s closed indefinitely Or just doesn’t even show up on Google.


So Sofia and I went to this restaurant with really no intention of wanting to We were ready to party.

We pregame we’re like, alright, let’s fucking go.

Let’s have a couple appetizers and get upstairs in order to get invited upstairs, which is what we heard is what happens.


You can’t ask to go up the invite, you yes, like either like the weight stuff, like someone will approach you and ask you if you’d like to go to write.

So I decided that we would sit there until someone approached us and invited us.


And when it was the most shocking thing.

You’ve ever seen two people trying to make their dinner last, as long as possible is not easy.

Just, let’s start with the drinks.

So fan.

I sit down were feeling great.

He’s like, what would you like to drink girls were like, hmm.


This may take us a while to figure this one out.

I tried this one.

No, no, something that bad.

Can we try this?

It really good and then we end up finally.

After he’s a girl’s, what do you want to drink?

Like, I guess I’ll just have like, vodka.

So do you write and he like pulled the wine list away from us?

He’s like, okay.


So then it comes to the appetizers and we are like, hmm.

This is gonna take us a while pulling the classic girl.

Like, I don’t know what the fuck I want to eat.

It’s gonna take me a while and our waiter starts to catch on already into the appetizers.

So we order, what do we get?

Like a tuna tartare?


We were trying to make this appetizer last so goddamn long.

We were just moving the food around the plate.

We were like hiding food underneath the place, guys.

It was pathetic.

Eric, Sofia and I are sitting at this table and every time the waiter comes by really, he’s gonna catch on.


So when he would come over, I would like take the biggest scoop of food and like Sofia eat quick quick quick.

Quick delicious.

You guys have been working on this same bite of food.

Yeah, laughs 30 minutes.

So finally he was like, you guys are ordering your main.


What do you want?

What do you want?

Really, sir?

Like we haven’t even gotten into the burrow.

All right.

Well here you got order now, so Lo and behold, Sofia.

And I look at the entrees and what do we see?

We see a fucking risotto that next to it has parentheses and it says we’ll take an extra 20 to 30 minutes to cook, just like our Saving Grace is going to be this risotto.


This risotto is going to get us to come out to us will take, you know, 35 minutes to eat it, the waiter comes and he’s like, ladies, what would you like?

And we’re just trying to To play Coy, you know, I really like act cool.

And we’re like, we’re trying to decide between The Bolognese Arizona and he cuts us off so fast and he’s like Bolognese Bolognese Bolognese this point.


It comes we don’t eat anything of our entree and finally, he’s like, all right.

The check and Sofia’s like sure, what about dessert.

Did you not offer us dessert?

He comes by he gives us two options.

They’re both discussed.

Yeah, I think he did that on purpose, right?

I think he did to be like pulled like the most disgusting piece of cake and I look at this thing, like it was the fucking Mona Lisa.


I’m like, I have never seen.

I can take incredible artistic piece of ever.

So be a little egos, sir.

We’re gonna need a big piece of that guy.

So then he brings out the cake piece and Sophia and I are not touching it and so feels like, should we ask him for another piece?


I’m like, no, it’s okay.

We haven’t even touched the fucking cake.

Okay, so just, we’re now about to get kicked out.

You like, trying to take the plate away from me and I’m trying to pull it back and he’s right Sofia’s, like I’m not done.

He’s like, you haven’t fucking Aiden.

One thing this entire.

So finally guys, we realize it’s our time to a game over people next to us on both sides.


Have we’ve had like three different parties.

In go and so get her just chugging along.

So finally, the dinner is over and we’re 10.

Vodka sodas D.

It’s a fucking $500 dinner at this point.

I’m like, wow, we better get invited up.

So I start flirting with this.


Hold ask go up because there’s a bar in this restaurant and we’re still hoping and Alex is like, you know, three vodka for vodka sodas and she’s like, oh my God, you have to get a drink with us upstairs.


He’s like, what is this?

Vicious like 82 and I’m like, sir, like you are so amazing.

You’ve been so hospitable.

Like I need you to come upstairs and this man is like yeah after my shift them like know right now, bring us up and he’s like so confused.


So it was funny.

Then Sophia is like I need to just go outside and we need to like re-evaluate every step to defeat.

Yeah, we go outside and low and behold someone approaches us outside and says late.

He’s would you like to come upstairs?


I just about shit myself.

I’m like there it just under $500.

Here going upstairs.

We found out, it has its own entrance.

So we just spent five hundred dollars, three hours later with an 80 year old man.

His everyone off trying to get invited and all we had to do is go outside.



We go upstairs. 000, people were up there.

So many people behind the counter.

Well, first, I want to say it was like a long Stairway to get up there and And Sophia, and I like poking each other.

Like we need it.

We made it baby and there’s not one fucking person in this way.


And we had go to the server were like, what’s going on?

Like is there like another upstairs?

It like we don’t even see go through a secret passageway and they’re like, it’s Art Basel.


What are you doing here?

Like punching Sophia in her face?

I’m like shut the fuck up disaster, Alex.


And we’ve seen it.

Go back to the low.

Full bar and like, no eat with you with our own kind.

Know it guys.

It was one of those things, like it was a wake-up call that.

First of all, we’re not shit, but we’re also not shit at all and York, right?

Like that shit was so rough and spend so much money, but you know what we tried.


Yeah, I do got there a little story.

What try again.

We’ll try again.

We’ll give it another go but we will keep you guys updated.


This is one of our most highly requested toppings actually because I think it’s just so relatable to everyone.

So let’s just Dive Right In.


I want to say this is going to be a little bit more geared towards the guys that are listening.

Yeah, because when is a girl in the front, I know every guy is like if you’re friends with a girl and she wants to fuck she’s gonna fuck you absolutely nuggies.

Like I don’t know.

We’ve just been such great friends like yeah.



You want to fuck am be my friend.



So I think it’s safe to say that a lot of guys, literally, just chill and marinate themselves in the friend zone.

They are sad to see.

It is almost pathetic at.


Sometimes a guy’s gets so trapped, so deep.

You guys need to stop playing the game that you’re playing.

I think the biggest problem with a lot of guys in the friend zone is you guys are naturally thinking if I please this girl, if I’m her bitch, if I do everything for her.



She’s gonna fall in love with me.

It’s like pretty much any time.

You’re like picking up a girl’s, dog from the groomer and you’re not her boyfriend.

You’re in the fucking friends.

Oh, absolutely.

Not be like doing favors or anything like that.

So I think, yeah, I think the biggest misconception for guys is like if I’m just there for her like a shoulder to cry on and this and that it’s like eventually.


No, no, no, no, which is so soccer and creepy.

That’s that’s true too.


So escaping the friend zone, here are a few things that I personally Personally think guys you need to start doing if you are trying to get out of the friend zone with one of your girlfriends, as I’ve said it before the queen of read receipts or read receipts.


However, you want to pronounce it.

I think immediately you need to be turning on your read receipts because the girl needs to know.

She’s gonna text you sometimes and you got to leave Ron red and just like you’re just you’re not available the time, you’ve got a life to she’s not your girlfriend emphasis on, she’s not your girlfriend.


So you don’t really owe her much.

She is your friend.

So like don’t do it all the time, but Read receipts are huge deal.

So obviously turn that on.

I think every fucking person listening to call her Dynasty and just leave her on ride.

Just leave her on read as some time.

Thank you.

Don’t care.


Like sometimes you’re just, you’re beautiful or you could be like, fucking another girl and you just can’t answer because we’re getting fucked.



So Step 2, and I Know Sofia you were a little, like, we re on this one, but I swear it works because it’s been done to me.

Male X, Milf Hunter, always does this thing?

Where, like, with girls, if it’s so obvious?

You’re in the friend zone.


Obviously, if it’s the beginning and you’re trying to differentiate like, oh it could I fuck this girl or not?

Don’t do it.

But once you are very set in stone in the friend zone, guys, you are going to start calling them nicknames that are so not cute like Bud and bro, and you’re not going to make it obvious.


I don’t like you’re always like punching her being like robe.

That’s to fucking obvious.

I think I’ve had guys, kind of pulled out, like, way too early on where I’m like, I see what you’re doing.

Like stopped exactly me the shoulder, but I’m like, okay, so don’t be fucking transparent with it guys.


But what I want you guys to do is start occasionally being like hey bud, like what’s up and girls if they have any fucking real interest in you deep down they’re going to fucking hate that because if they even if they call you out and they’re like, why are you calling me bud?

Like, why are you calling me bro?


You’ll be like, what do you mean?

Like your art?

We’re not friends like yeah, like I can’t I can’t call you bud.

So that is a huge thing.

And I know guys you may be like wait, is that really going to work?

I promise you, it works.

It works.

For male X, it will work for you.

You just have to do it sparingly and at the right time.

And then the next big hitter that a lot of guys, maybe a little afraid to do, but I swear it’s gonna fucking work and it has to do with sex.


Well, I not, you know, call her daddy podcast, hear what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna hold her down in fucker.

You can find her in the head knocked her out.






Okay, we gotta be him.



Um, yeah, I know.

Are in a different studio right now, so I’m like, oh shit.

It’s just, I’m joke to know.

You’re okay.


So what you’re going to do is you are going to find the hottest new that you’ve ever been sent by a girl.


A video or a nude.

It doesn’t matter and about like 10 minutes before you leave from hanging out with her one day.


You are going to be like, holy shit.

Wait, let me send you this girl.

Like, do you think I should fuck her?

Not, she sent me the fucking hottest picture and you show her a girl that is like, obviously hotter than her.

Because It is.

It is so fucked up.

Another hot girl.

Like is it me?


No, it does because it’s something every single girl you and I sitting here every single girl at some level is insecure.

Okay, and every single girl also craves attention, so when you’re first like, when your formal form of attention is from your mail best friend and he comes at you and he’s showing you how attentive he is being to another girl.


The friend is going to freak out if she does have The underlying feelings or wants to fuck him.

So you’re going to sit down.

You’re going to show her the hottest fucking nude you have and be like, dude, like don’t you think this girl’s so fucking hot.

Like should I fuck her like she’s nasty.

Like we’ve been sexting makeup should if you need to fucking do it, and then you leave her with that, in mind.


The biggest thing that you guys are going to do is you are going to basically Watch What Happens the minute you show, and then the minute you’re leaving and afterwards, look at her body language when you show it, listen to her reaction.

If she gets defensive, if Sitting on this hot girl that is step one to her being insecure and being a little territorial when you leave if she brings it up again at some point in a texting conversation.



She can’t stop fucking thinking about the nude or the Whatever video that you showed her.

Don’t you think that’s a fucking effective.

You know what?

I’m like thinking about this now and I would totally be a sucker for that.


If I like I’m thinking about it.

Like if I had a guy friend and then I’ll send, he was like, showing me pictures of Like this other hot chick.



Acting like I wasn’t shit.


Am I kind of like it doesn’t seem to no, excuse me, which I need to really go to therapy for that one.

But Bob know, it’s true here and even even aside from just, the whole friendzone thing you and I like MILF, Hunter, male X, sent men, remember, when he sent us, that amazingly hot video about Girl.


My God sends me fucking news and videos of girls all the time.

The nude.

Yeah, this it was a video and this girl was completely naked.

Well, first, she Her phone up on self like timer, right?

And she likes set up her phone and she like steps back from it.


Completely naked.

Well, first, she’s in a towel, right?

That was the hottest party.

Alex obviously has really studied this week.

They don’t remember these easy to put the phone up on her.

Dresser, press play goes, and she’s like, her hair’s wet from her shower.

She has a shower towel on.

She backs up and then she just literally drops the towel.



I mean, the confidence on this girl was so sexy.

Like she could have not have even been there.

Not hot, but like the confidence was oozing, Sophia.

He was just doing turns you like getting on the bed and just like putting her butt up in the air.



She was like we grabbing.

Yeah, she was grabbing her ass hurt it.

She was like rubbing her body then she like slowly crawled onto her bed.

I mean, how many girls when they do a new there?

They try and act super like Coy and they write, you know, and you want to get your best angle.

This girl is like this is me and you can see the whole fucking show and Sophia and I mind you where were we?


We were at brunch when we were looking.

God, doesn’t you?

And I were like, hovering over my phone like wine.

We’ll look at what you did that.

It reminds me of that scene in.

I feel pretty.

Amy Schumer.

Don’t talk.

Oh my God.

Yes, and she’s like, that’s but ask me about my guys, like you are so hot.


Yeah, you’re owning all of this.

So basically every yeah.

Every single girl, if they’re going to look at another girls nude, if we’re all doing it.

So you naturally are going to compare yourself.

So your girlfriend is immediately going to think.

Oh, wow, either.


She’s hotter than me.

A or he think your best friend?




Yeah, and so that is a huge way.

I think, in order to get her on a level of having decide will fuck, do I want to be sending those things to him or do I want to be getting fucked by him?

So I think it’s a really effective way.


I yeah, another example that I think is so important is girls.


I don’t I don’t mean to say, like, prying on their insecurities.

It’s just a little, sorry.

Because I think you are kind, okay.


So when your girlfriend like your girlfriend, sorry your friend zoned woman.


How do we, what do we call her?

Whatever the friend, when she say, she post a picture on Instagram, guys, you are not going to like her pictures every picture.

You’re not liking and commenting or liking like, you need to stop being her little bitch.


Okay, stop.

Giving her the attention.

She wants.

Instead, you’re going to make her feel insecure and like, male X always does, he’ll put like the crying laughing.

And face, like two of them on a girl’s picture.

So he’s never like beautiful.

No, not even a light.



He doesn’t like it.

He just laughs at it and then immediately, he’s like, the girl will text me and be like, why did you like, comment that on my picture and he leaves them on red and then like later he’ll text me like, hey bud, like, what’s up with you up to and the girls?

Like what?

What is this really depressing?

Because I think I would be a sucker for all of this.



Like if a guy did that to me, I would DM him.

Be like, what’s, what why?

And you’ll feel inside your now, I know?

We got doing so now you can’t do.

This is why our podcast is fucked.

It could be give guys, perfect advice of how to fuck with a girl and then we’re telling girls how to fuck back, right?


But girls.

Well, no, I’ll, we can get to you guys.

But guys, that is a perfect example of exactly how to kind of fuck with your girls, girl friend, and she’s going to get insecure.

I know this may not work for everyone and I know I talked to you about it a little bit last night, but basically male X kind of explained that that his go-to when he was friendzoned with this one girl for so fucking long.


Like he was like, she was studying, she was in grad school studying like third world immigrants in their transition to the struggle of the United States.

I don’t know some like, really in-depth bullshit and that’s not bullshit.

Take that back.

Sry, sry, sry insensitive in just a very bright subject.


So he was like, I could give two shits about the topic, she was studying, but I made her come over and he was like, I just I told her like I want to learn about all of this.

I want you to tell me about it.

Let’s get some wine and I acted, like, I couldn’t have been more interested in what she was saying.


I had her like, put her feet up on me.

I got us wine.

We were just hanging out like friends.

And then this is the move, he pulls.

And I’m a little back and forth on this because I think it only takes a certain guy that could do this.

His go-to for friend zones is this is going to sound weird, but the massaging.


Okay, Alex.

Had to talk to me about this.

Okay, and if I had a guy ask me to massage him, I would tell him to get lost.


So keep in mind, he plays Sports.

He’s Nathalie.

And so when he has these girls over, he’s always like, oh my God, like I’m so sore from lift today.


Like, do you mind like you just give me like a little massage.

Like, come on.

Come on, like, I’m sure you’re so good at it.

And he’s like the minute, the minute that girls physically touch a guy in like they fucking no.

No, but like you, It’s just something changes like when a girl starts like massaging him.


I guess he was like, immediately.

I see their body language, change their little uncomfortable, but I make them feel so comfortable doing it.

And then I’m like, do you want me to do it?

And he’ll be like, why are like, he’s like, why are you so tense?

Like you’ve so many knots like he goes into it and then he’s like, eventually the girl that he was fucking with the third world country.


Whatever that was his friend, they fucked and he was like, it was the easiest thing because the minute you even he says, he pokes girls.

Sometimes just like touches them a little bit like, hey, Like, and they immediately fall for it.

I mean, I got it like, once if it’s someone in the friend zone and then there’s physical touch being involved like I got that.



I just, I don’t know about them.

And I think, I think in college, this is a perfect go to in dorm rooms.

People are hanging out like that shit, so easy.

I don’t know if for you and I if a guy told me to fuck a massage and I tell him to go fuck himself and like by, but I think that’s a perfect example, right?


I think the thing is is guys think over Being the girl, they want to fuck attention, is going to get them.

Fuck, and you’re doing the wrong thing, dig a deeper grave.

When you when you do that.

You need to act like you don’t give a shit about her sometimes and make her think.


You’re fucking other girls who don’t have time to be her friend.

I agree.

Okay, so guys glad we got that out.

I hope you guys start to comment laughing emojis on girls selfies start getting massages and prying on their insecurities.


Alright next.


I think we can both agree that every single guy.

Why let’s say from like age 12 has been beating his meat all the time.

Every day.

Every single guy has been in his or has in his room somewhere, a crusty ass t-shirt, or towel.


It’s his go-to.

If you pick it up, you could split it in half it so hard.

The thing is, is that everyone has a different way of Master reading, right?

My ex-boyfriend.

Yeah, would he had this blankie called Elmo?

She had Elmo and he had grown.

Over this is and it was like this certain type of material.


I had to be really really soft.

He would lay down on his bed and he would hump his bed and come from humping his bed.

With this blanket with no lotion doesn’t use his hands.

I think I could kind of puts one hand down like underneath him like to just help hump the bad easier, but that’s how he would come.


And I remember he would tell me, I’d be like, okay like Like what, like what are you doing saying?

He’d be like hooking up with this sexy, redhead and he’s hung like a picture of Elmo.

The blanket.

What the fuck?

What the fuck?


That’s weird.

I mean, it’s so obvious.


The entire world is so open about guys, jacking off.

Yes, irking off masturbating whatever.

Yeah, and they just fail to mention that girls like to masturbate to what?

Yeah, why they do.

I know there are so many guys that don’t even know girls.


Own toys and masturbate just as much as them girls do.

And you know what?

It’s all about the toothbrush telling me.

Yes or no, dude, I think back to how many girls is that?

Like the First toy they ever you?

Many you got like an electric toothbrush for Christmas me like it was that dude.


Could he feels nice right away.

Even tried on your teeth a couple times.

You’re like shove it down there.

I mean I can’t I hope all the Kids do that.

Start with that thing, or at least cleaning it.


Yes, but what do you mean?

Like the bristle?

Like the bristles go on, you’re rubbing the bristles on your clit?

No, I’m not kidding.

No, so I mean, like in there are so there are so many toys and there’s so many identical to use and I feel like when you’re younger you just kind of grab what you can.


It’s nice.

It was an electrical toothbrush.

Sometimes you were in like the jacuzzi jet or so.

Have you ever done the jacuzzi jet?

I mean I was younger but I just remember having like, you know, my peers when I was younger peers.

There were the girls that were like a little sluttier and they’re excited every a little bit older and they’re like, you know, it feels really good.


It’s like when you just kind of get in the Press up against the jacuzzi jet.

We okay.

So speaking of ways that girls masturbate didn’t your one friend, use the bathtub all the time, like that was her go to.

Yes, she would like Go underneath the bathroom faucet and just like spread her legs.


That was like her thing, but I don’t really understand that because I feel like it badge.

There’s just no way that would be that powerful.

I think there’s I feel like there’s definitely some that are powerful.

I give her the time a fucking head you’re working with well are like, yeah the same thing with a shower head like so many girls are into using like the show not so not the one in our apartment.


Oh, that’s another fucking reason.

We need to move out of that shithole because we don’t have a good shower to masturbate.

You don’t have a No, you don’t have somewhere to do a, take a bath.

So we don’t have a bathroom faucet.

We don’t have a detachable shower head.

Why when we get a broker, you know, in a couple months, we’re literally at the top of our list, the shower or the bath tub with detachable shower head, you know, normal people in New York City or like.


So, what’s the main thing?

You’re like, oh, I want to live in West Village.

I want it to be a three-bedroom two-bath.

You and I are like the shower head needs to be detachable, or there needs to be a tub.

So I can shove my hand.

Get in here and feel the water pressure.

Alex broker.


Give me a couple minutes.


Let me in there.

Okay, so some girls use a bathtub, some girls, use a Jacuzzi jet.

Obviously the classic go to is a vibrator, right?

I like that at your normal text or yeah, I would say for the most part.


That’s what girl.

And I feel like, that’s your, I mean, Lauren our roommate bought me one for my birthday.

It was, I think it was last year.

She was like your boyfriend.

Never makes you fucking come.

Here you go.

Choose the best time ever, that’s like kind of like that’s, you know, well, I had one before it, but she really likes stepped it up and like she brought me to a sex.


You’re from like a $25, like stupid one to like the fuck is she?

Like dropped Bill?

She’s like girlfriend.

You need to come more often than once a month and I was like, honestly, there’s a jury.


So vibrators are good, but you don’t use vibrators.

And you know what I use is the womanizer, the one and I want everyone to listen up because mmm.


Just the name itself.

Shit, will change her life.

A womanizer.

What could I say about the womanizer Alex that you don’t already know.

I know, I’m over here.

I’m like, it’ll change your life.

How do I know that do?

Did he do tell him?

Let’s just say the womanizer has been passed around more than Rachel push herself.


Any horror that you know, in your local Hometown.

Well, this womanizer, it’s been passed down more than her in all realness.

Vibrators weren’t really my thing.

I tried out this womanizer.

It has like Suction cup action yet.

Like focuses on your clan.

It doesn’t, it doesn’t go internal.


So what the fuck do you do internally?

You know, that’s just up for the daddy, dangerous.


And I know he’s you, leave it up to them.

So, I got this womanizer and I was, I was bragging about it to Alex for so long and our roommate and I roommate.


And finally, I was like, you know what, we’re all girls here.

I’m gonna give you guys a little go, so we We all took turns and we all every night would pass around the womanizer.

Obviously, we’re cleaning this shit guys.



Yeah, but all of us, we were all using the same toy.

We were using the womanizer and we would talk about our experiences.

I’m like, holy fuck this shit does wonders compared to a vibrant?

I mean like there’s different sensation.

I care about my friend, but now you won’t let us use him.



I made you guys get your own.

I was like I’m not doing this like I get it.

Monday Wednesday Friday thing.


No, I understand.

I mean know if you guys are looking for like a new toy if vibrators have been working.

The womanizer is the shit.

Although it is kind of bigger.

And I don’t know if you can incorporate that into sex which we can get into in another episode of Girl bring friend.


You can incorporate anything into that.

I can assure you could shove that up your butthole, what?

Okay, so those are ways but okay, it looks like an ear thermometer.

It leaves die.

Like what you get at the doctor, right?

You can like put up to your ear.


Okay, it’s brilliant.

But don’t you think that this brings up a great point of?

It is so known to everyone, the common man.

That guy’s jack off.

And for some reason, it’s so unacceptable to be like and girls masturbating back up to like, what the fuck is that?


No, I totally agree.

It’s it’s, you know, I don’t think girls are is open about doing it.


Girls are insecure or embarrassed about the way their vagina.

So how many girls Alex have?

We had right in dude?

It’s literally either like, oh, my God, is my vagina to Pink.


Is it to Brown?

Is it to this?

Or it is with regard to the labia, right?

The flaps is you like to come people always get mad when I call him.

Look what your flaps look like.

I like the other night for research purposes because we knew we were going to talk about this Sophia and I are like looking in our pants sitting in in our family room, someone get us.


The ruler right now.

We’re at Barstool late-night right now.

So lucky.

No one’s in the office.

Maybe let’s go find a ruler and let’s measure our flaps.

I will post our measurements and we can all fucking compare, but Instagram.

No, but honestly, everything go ahead.


I was going to say one of my best gay friends.

I remember described a vagina as an open wound.

He was like, they’re so disgusting.

They’re like open will know.

That’s fucked up, bro.



Oh, I’m hoping that straight guys.

Don’t feel that way about fucking pussy, but I’m not sure.

They don’t well with that.

It’s like their vaginas that look like the hot dog bun.

It’s like what you see on porn.


I think most important.


Is this lit?

Then there are girls that have lips or like, I know labia are longer than others.

Yeah, and like people jokes like, oh, it’s Roast beef, but your aunt is always like your aunt’s like older and she’s like, oh my God, a fucking more meat bitches, totally love that.


So and I listened every vagina is different.

Every dick is different.

Fuck an uncircumcised big, small not circumcised lie.

I mean, I guess because guys are always fucking holding and like doing whatever with their did.


From a young age.

Geyser having this idea.




They’re with their.

They’ve got a hold it every time I fucking piss.

Yeah, they have to look at that thing.

Girls don’t have to look at there. - so it’s like an out of sight.

Out of mind thing, girls get to know your fucking vagina.

Really could avoid your vagina at all.

Call you good.

What’s but call her daddy.

If you have not gotten to know your vagina.


We approve of you sitting in front of the mirror and fucking gets know that bitch.

We do a little introduction and like, fucking just start just start to get out after their dad after I agree.

I also isn’t there.

A thing with the clit?

Like some girls have a hood over their clit?




Some girls clits are way bigger.

Bigger than others.

Some are like, tiny like that.

You have time, there’s like a hood.

Or like a rooster thing.

Sorry, that did not sound cute.

I’m not shitting on you guys.

I just so immature.

A rooster and the hot dog, roast beef sandwich and we’re on a farm and we’re eating some shit.




No, but what we’re trying to say, there’s no, first of all, don’t compare your vagina because they’re all different.

I mean, obviously, if you guys want to like, go out a sleepover without all your lady as and be like, oh, this is what one looks like just to get educated.

But yeah, don’t be insecure about that shit.


Oh, and if you’re fucking with a guy who has any problem regarding your vagina, he can go fuck himself.


He that’s, it’s like, guys, you can’t control.

If you got a small dick, a circumcised dick, a big dick.

It doesn’t matter.


So neither can girls because I know it’s gotten to the point where literally girls consider getting surgery and I just yeah.

Disclaimer call her daddy is telling you your vagina is great.

As long as it did.

Can go in there and you’ve got a clit.

You’re good.

Hi, I mean, just the gospel is what I hear when you started and enjoy yourself and your master date.


So we have talked about our neighborhood in our apartment, in the past.

I want to be, I want to update the daddy gang on a little Ryu and I saw this past month so pretty much there are quite a few homeless people where we live, which is like any, you know, yeah, it’s normal in New York, right but these particular homeless people are doing something really interesting.


There’s kind of this phenomenon going on.

Okay, if you walk outside, there is at least one person on every street corner standing.

I’m there, but not really standing there because they’re completely hunched over.


Okay, so just imagine someone living and breathing they’re alive, they’re alive, don’t worry honey, but they’re completely hunched over to the point where like their head is almost touching the ground.

Okay, but the and when I say that they’re standing there, they are standing there and not move or four to five to six hours at a time without budging.



It is pretty crazy when you’re walking we walk out of Subway, we are entering an episode of The Walking Dead.

It is The Walking Dead.

He’s like terrifying, except they’re not walking.

They’re just standing there.

Yes, they’re full zombies.

That just have no movement whatsoever.

Now, you may be asking yourself why?


It’s so high.


I was hanging out with like, one of my guy friends and I’m sure one of them like growled at me and I was like, okay like what’s happening like what’s going on?

And my guy friend was like, oh, it’s K2 and I’m just like K2.


There’s always there’s always like new.

New drugs and popping up to see be from like, Kanye West song.

Yes, so I brought that up to me.

I was like, what the hell are you talking about, K2?

It’s a form of synthetic weed.


I asked him, where you would get such a drug.


Can imagine he said?

Oh, you can just pop down to your local Deli and they sell a pair of the local Del.

He loving, I can’t wait to try this week.

What the fuck?


Really can just go to the deli and I guess like it’s just really prominent in the neighborhood that very available.

What is it 25 cents?

And all these homeless, people are just popping.

I have no idea.

I don’t know if it was like a horrible strain.

I guess it’s kind of like in Brooklyn.

Now, these people are out of commission.


Four hours we leave for work.

When we come back and they’re still.

And in the same position.

They’re hunched over.

I really think I have a picture of video that I should pose.

So if you guys ever are in New York City and you’re trying to get a little the opposite of fun and Just stay on hunched over 2 for 12 hours, your local Deli, hang out with the local homeless, folks and pop some k 2 2 2.


We sound like we live in the dumps, the slum.

I know K.

So yeah, you know, fun things in New York.

We thought we love living here.

But these are just a little pleasures that we get every year.

And every year, what we’re we’re here in there.

All right, beautiful questions.


Let’s get nasty with it.

This first one is going on, last week’s podcast, when I’m sexting my man.

What is best to use?

Can I say his dick, his cock, his penis, excetera inside me.


Like what each one is better.

Do not fucking call it a penis, don’t know.

That is too technical of a term.

It’s the same with vagina.

That’s literally Lee like sex.

Ed talk, right?

We’re not fucking around with a penis.

You like.

I can’t wait to lick your penis later, hawk or dick.


I use a piece like take his whole piece.

Yeah, but I wouldn’t really use that one.

I occasionally throw that one in there.

For sure.

It’s definitely my vocab, but I’m not, I’m not fucking around with like, oh my gosh, I’m thinking about your penis right now.

Your phone is your wiener.


No, that’s like our joke, dude.

People are starting to curse.

So yeah, I need to get off this question, but it’s too technical.

But yeah.

When you’re sexting, don’t say penis, my boyfriend always makes his venimos to me private.

So nobody can see them red flag or nah abso-fuckin’-lutely.


That’s fucking weird.

That’s weird.


He’s fucking cheating on you.

No, no, no, that’s shady.

That is kind of if he has other.

If his entire venimos private then that’s one thing.

But I do think, yeah, obviously, there’s something that he’s trying to hide if some of his transactions are public and then everything he sending to you is private and maybe it’s not necessarily he’s cheating.


But But he wants to hide.

Yeah, the bottom someone absolutely they’re doing over.

All right, totally question.

My fiance admitted to me that she cheated on me, eight years ago while she was wasted at a party.

She said she wanted to clear her conscience before we get married.


Am I crazy for being super pissed about this and second-guessing marrying her?

Okay, I don’t even care about the guy.

Why the fuck did she admit that?

Why would you admit that?

Eight years later?

No, I’m saying I feel like Alex night.

Like I the Should be after two years, the cheating just Falls.


Okay, I don’t even know.

Cheating falls off your hood.

Do your Sophia.

I’ve never been in a relationship for two years.

Let’s try two months.

Two mugs are so late hook, two months without cheating, but for real, no, that’s the thing where it’s like, clear your conscience.

Go to a church and, and knows, repent, for your sins. 8/8, if it’s eight years later, you can you take that shit to the green?


Absolutely fuck that.

I have the worst advice, but think, but the guy did ask.

Should he be pissed?

No, Like that move on.

You’re going to marry the bitch.

Anyways, just do it.

Or you know, what you might have been doing is saying it was eight years ago, but really was like eight days ago.

People do that just to kind of feel out like how bad, what did you reaction going to be?



I probably have done that.


Okay next.

Okay, x-rated question.

Oh, when I’m kneeling my wife’s vagina doggy style.

It hurts really bad for her deep inside.

How can I fix that?

I’m 7 inches and a little thicker than This center of a toilet.


Paper roll sir.

In order for us to give you good advice.

I think we’re going to need to see a picture, just so we can really need some photo evidence because I need to see what a little thicker than the center of a toilet paper.

Roll it.

How many times do you think that guy has explained his dick like that?


Or do you how many times you think he’s stuck his dick inside the toilet?

Paper roll.

He’s like, nope.

It must be a little bit thicker because it can’t fit.

I think maybe just lube it up.

And don’t go fully into.

In all the time.

Half the time girls.

Oh better.

If you aren’t in all the full way because that’s not going to hit your G-spot.


So I don’t know.

Maybe an also like easing into it.

Yeah, don’t I mean I’d be like a fucking anal.

You just shove it in there like it’s not.

Well we got to talking about anal.

A I know we need to stop teasing it.

We just got to do it.


Last one is it totally weird if my boyfriend still has nudes from other girls?


I never asked if he still looks at them, but it really annoys me that he still has them on.

Phone should I ask him to delete them sweetie?

If you have listened to episode 4?

Nudes never die guys, you will get married to a man and he will still have nudes from his exes.


No, man is ever going to delete his knuth.

It may be somewhere else.

It may not be on his phone.

You might delete the news, but he’s gonna have it on his friend’s phone because iPad the computer and 30 years from now.

He will still have nudes from other women.


I feel like girls have such a Time hearing now.

I my ex-boyfriend used to be like, oh my God, like I just jacked off to, like, my ex-girlfriends like video.

And I was like, okay.

Oh, yeah.


It really doesn’t bother me.

Why would it bother me?

No, I know.

I mean, some girls.

I think that my father did Sophia, but that you may be a little special in that area.


But I do think it’s like girls at this point.

You gotta just fucking accept it.

Guys are horny.

They’re disgusting a lot of times.

And if you ask them to delete it, they’re just going to be more awkward and hide it and like download an app.

He didn’t run and delete all my news that I have from God.


Oh, no.

No, it’s a dick pic.

But I think pink.

Yeah, so girls.

Just get off your guys about that.

Like it’s there’s just no point.

Ladies gentlemen, I guess that’s it for this week.


What is next week Christmas?


I have a little special something coming your way.

We might, we might guys, every Wednesday new episodes of call her daddy.

We love you guys.

Don’t forget to write in and let us know what you guys want to hear about.


Make sure you write in your questions.

Thank you guys so much for listening.


Love the daddy game.

Daddy game.

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