Call Her Daddy - 17 - Daddy Girls’ Arrested and Kinky Fetishes


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Five, six, seven, eight.

We are back in the studio.


Gang fathers Sons.


This is your founding father.

I love that one.

Yeah, it’s your founding fathers back at it again for another episode of call her daddy before we get into it.

I’m so excited.

They thought we could never.

They thought that it was too raunchy.


They thought it was too sexual.

They thought our podcast was too explicit to every could never land a Goddamn sponsor but here we are baby.

We need it today telling you.

Holy shit guys.

We got a sponsor.


And again, we just want to reiterate we would that was not English.

We want to reiterate we would never endorse something that we don’t full support.

You sound great.

Sophia sick, doctor.

That was the first thing that you had to bring up this whole morning.


We woke up.

So feels like how am I gonna get to the podcast?

Like I sound so bad, but I think you lucky love it.

You’re like I sound like a Scarlet.

Johansson right.

Like a little raspy voice.

Yeah, that’s kind of sexy.

But I think you’re giving yourself too much credit when you have a cold.

It’s hard.


It’s like really hard to suck dick.

Okay, these hard to breathe.


Hard to get hurt.

You get to your day, like hard to suck a dick.

Well, I would equivalently.

Can I speak English night?


I cry.


What’s the word?

I would.

Equate having a cold and sucking dick to give it if you have like cotton a lot mouth.


I read my mind.

I just little Stoner.

Don’t you agree?


I mean, no.

Okay, this is the thing.

When you have a cold and you’re trying to suck dick.

It’s like you can’t really breathe.

So you have to try to breathe out of your mouth, right?

You can’t because there’s a dick down there.


Do you have any tricks tips or tricks?

Oh, I would try just to really talk on the deck.



Does IT guy want you sucking his dick of?

You have a cold?

A guy will literally.

Are you kidding me?


He will literally, have you suck his dick no matter what, no matter what state you’re filming at the mouth.

I was on straight vacay mode.


I know line your Dynasty to just say it guys.

I live from vacation mode to straight Sikkim.

Oh, I fucking hate you.

She has been waiting to say that line, literally, since last night.

So if he has like how genius I’m like, that’s the stupidest fucking thing I’ve ever said.


It’s fine.

Sophia and I have this thing.

I think we’ve talked about, on a past episode.

You and I literally size up any guy, and he doesn’t matter who the mail.

Man, the man, making our family, this size of every single guy’s dick in this office.

And I’ve never seen it with my own two eyes, but I know, you know, every single person, every single, man.


That’s Sophia, and I see whether we’re attracted to them or we’re not know.

We are always like, okay, he has a huge wiener the other day.

I was like, that guy has a swinging pendulum die.

I called it that we really need a carrot verse swinging, pendulum.


Which one is it?

And then we Or those like a guy in the middle, but we size up every guy.

So every guy in the bar stool office, is that sexual harassment.

If we say that we’ve talked about every single one of your dicks.

Maybe we have our producer, cut that out, or maybe you shouldn’t not, but I, I literally did it the other day.


Like I was at the resort Mar del Cabo shout out.

They’re not paying me for this.

It was amazing in Mexico and the guy that was like cleaning our room.

I I thought I liked so used to being with you all the time.

I like said it to my mom and my mom was like what the fuck is wrong with you guys.

Like Mom, he’s huge.


I’m like, please leave me alone.

Okay, so I guess we can get into this episode.

But before we start, first of all, if you are new listening to call her daddy, Sofia and I were thinking about this the other day, our podcast is kind of interesting that you really should start from episode one and then listen on like in chronological order, right?


And I also think that we hit so many freaking topics in just one episode like times.

I will writing questions and we’re like, that’s a great question.

We actually like, yeah in a previous episode, for sure.

So if you guys are new, literally click out of this and go and listen to episode one and then on, because we start to use lingo throughout, that will make sense.


If you’ve heard, right?

Like when people are like, oh my God, what do I do about?

You know, if I queef I’m like, oh baby girl, episode 10.

Gonna tell you what to do if you can even how to make it hot.

So yeah.

All right.

I want to do a drum roll.

Oh shit.


Sofia is about give it to me.


I’m you guys may be aware because of you type my name into Google one of the first things that shows up is my mug shot and I’m not proud of it.

I do before you go on you and your mug shot.

Sophia think she looks fucking gross and her mug shot, but she was terrifying.


It worked 12 hours after my arrest.

Well, let me say this for a mug shot.

You actually look pretty fucking hot.

Like y’all know.

I don’t dude.

I will never believe you.

I look at that picture and I cringe.

I tried to get it down and down.

I begged her lawyer for three hours.


I was like, who do I have to pay to get it taken down?

And there were these guys that were throwing the mugshots up and now they’re both in jail, but they were letting people pay them and then they would take the mug shots down, and you were really like, seeing a business.

I’m like, how do I get ahold of someone in prison because I’m offending him?


$1,000 check, but I was like, you look hot.


I really don’t.

But whatever, what episode do you talk about the arrest episode 6, okay.

It’s a pretty crazy story.

Just what I talked about.

Yeah, there are layers to this ship people and it wasn’t like the drunk tank that you guys are assuming.


It was full-on jail.

I had to wear the orange jumpsuit.

I had to bend over and cough.

I it was, I had to tell them, people on Sophia, calm down.

It was like a full jail experience.


So what happened over break?

All right.

I was talking to my friend and he reminded me of a huge.


Plot line in that story when I was arrested.

I went home after you know, a day or two in jail.

That’s an actual degenerate like, our boss is gonna hear this episode and I could have got it.



Convict on our hands.

Okay, keep going, I get home.

And my phone is blowing up, and everyone is like what the hell like, why were you arrested?

And I just like, I didn’t really realize like so many I knew I just like brushed it off and I was like, maybe, like there’s heard from word of mouth.


I don’t know.

I walk into work and my mug shot has been printed 50 times and my mug shot was plastered all over the office all over weight.

Like, I was a Joe, like they thought it was the most hilarious thing.


I opened up my desk drawer, and my mug shot was in there.

Like, it was everywhere.

People thought it was like, hilarious.

We wait.

How the fuck did they guy was?

Like what the hell?

Like, who?

How did this happen, right?

This is the thing you guys have.

You heard of Busted magazine know I don’t know.


This was a Utah thing or what busting magazine was this like super cheap, it like hasta dollar just newspaper that was printed every week and it would have everyone that had been arrested the week prior in.

It would have their mug shot and then what they were in there for and it was like, so fucked up to the point like there were games and there were you would like Match someone to like, what crime they did.


Why not even kidding?

And now it’s probably illegal.

Now, it’s illegal because like think about it.

There are people that are that are arrested that are really innocent and you are innocent until proven guilty with it.

And you were in it.

I was the front page.

My picture took up the entire front page and if you guys want I will just find it in my soul to post.


It is the first time I’m hearing this guy’s I’m well, I have a picture of it, the map.

Kazeem was my face blown up and then there were like, maybe six other people with little teeny tiny mugshot pictures around mine.

You were on a magazine cover.


It was like, yeah, equivalent of the Covergirl.

But busted wait.

What the so what happen is like, an it is a, every 7-Eleven, every Maverick every gas station, and it’s sitting there just on like the the place, like the ridges and your, it’s your face.


And so people like I remember this guy, I’m Kevin.

I worked with and like this other person I went to school with they were like, what the hell did you do?

You know?

And they were like, I saw you on this magazine.

I’m like, what do you mean?

What did I do?

Because if you listen up is so it’s six you guys this was all over and under age drinking ticket, which isn’t right.


That meanwhile, you look like America’s Most Wanted on the fucking cover of a magazine.

Yes, you guys.

This is what took it up.

Another notch as he says if it wasn’t crazy enough already.

They wrote underneath my mug.

Not that I was in jail for forgery.


Wait, what for forgery?

And I was like, what in the hell and I was because I had a fake ID that had my name, Sophia Franklin and my picture, but it like lied about my age.

Saying I was 21.

So like, all these people are like Sophia.


Like are you like forging checks?

Like what happened to you?

Oh my god.

Meanwhile, it literally looks like you’re conning the United States.



It was.

You’d craziest thing.

Like people thought I was a full-on criminal.

Oh my gosh cry.

So guys, I’m gonna try to find this picture.

It’s really ought to be to post it.

I cannot believe.

Yeah, you were on the front cover of a magazine, the front cover, blown up.


And it was like, dude, all of my friends went and bought every single time.

We could get their hands on and like I wasn’t able to like live it down for like we do you think yes.

That if we put that magazine cover on a T-shirt and sold it for merge.


Would it be our highest seller?


Yes, I would wear that.

I want.

I want a pillow case about.

I want a banner so ridiculous.

I wanted to draw zero attention to the mug shot and here I fucking now, I know dude, that’s I know but it is kind of cool that people can just Google it and look at it.


Okay, so that’s Sophia’s a restaurant.

That is so beautiful.

I appreciate you for sharing this.

Thank you Alex for making you a lot of money bitch.

Okay, so I went on my trip, right?


I took some pictures.


I do fold hot pics.

Thank you yours as well, here as well.

Thank you.

And I threw them up on my Instagram and I came home and I was chilling with Allah. 6 and he brought up the page.

The page Alex.


What is the page?

You know guys someone out there.

I don’t know if it’s a man or a woman, they made an Instagram page and it is I’m not gonna actually say that I don’t get yeah, I don’t to get publicity but they made an Instagram page of Sophia and my feet.


Like what the fuck they did.

It’s just zoomed in our feet right Ike.

Come home.

I’m like sitting on the couch and Alex was like, oh, yeah, like the foot page was updated and like your feet are on there and I was like, excuse me.

I’m like, oh, did you see the new pet?


Did you see?

No, you know what when that page was first created by my fucking brother said that?

He messaged the person in charge of the foot page and was like, I’m gonna get like pictures of Sofia’s fee when she’s not looking and send it to you for money.


My own brother.

My Blood blood is literally slit like we solicit nudes.

He’s soliciting feet picks for money.

He’s a fucking Hustler.

That’s looky John.

You know, why are we still not sold our feet pictures?

I don’t know what Alex, I just the foot fetish thing.


Like, have you ever like encountered that firsthand?


So this is actually great topic.

We’ve had so many people ask us about foot fetishes.

So when I was a young thug, imagine me hooked Jesus.

Just spit out my water.

What I saw you drinking.


Okay, um, when I was please don’t ever say those three words again when I was young and getting it all my freshman year of high school, little baby Alex.

And I started dating this guy.

He was a senior, he kind of scared the shit out of me because I knew he was way more advanced than me.


I had never had sex yet.

I was like so innocent.

I played soccer.

I would have games and he would text me after and be like, hey, like Joking.

Set asking me to send him pictures of my feet.

Which like in my soccer days, guys.


Like your flower grow, right?

Your feet.

Cute like wearing, like, super tight clean.


And like, you can get like blisters and like your feet are fucked up.

And so he would ask me for pictures.

That might be okay, but that’s the thing, is that guys with a foot fetish.

That’s what they fucking love.


They want them sweaty and grow buddy, gross, dirty smelly.


Like I think that’s part of the like, isn’t that Croco fucking crazy because when I was younger and I would initially think of That I would like, holy shit.

I feel like guys that have foot fetishes would want like the feet to be like perfect, right?

You know what I mean, but I guess.

No, no, okay, but then don’t they also love like when you get a fresh pedicure, so maybe there are different kind of foot fetish guys.


Some like the mines actually don’t fucking say that Paige is gonna come out of smarter than they ever how.

I guess.

We don’t know.

Like I guess maybe some foot fetish guys are so into like the nasty right?


They did you send him the Hers or know.

So I never sent them.


And then we went to hook up and I’m like, oh, like maybe he’s going to finger me.

Like maybe it’s gonna go down, like maybe this is the time.

So he starts going down and like, oh wait, maybe he’s going to eat me out and then he just keeps going south and then South and then South and he gets to my toes and he took off my fucking saw.


Oh my God.

I’m like, I like the equivalent of taking off under way.

He’s like we slipped off my panties.

He slipped off my sock.

And at that moment, I like freaked out.

I was so Mature the time.

I was like I can’t I just like God, I’m like, oh my God, I forgot I had class and I ran out.

Oh, what the fuck?

Have you ever had?


Someone stuck your toesies.

You know what it is.

I remember I was hooking up with this guy and he would love to start off by like, licking my toes and like he would put like my entire big tone to smell, which I have a tiny big toe.

But okay, I’m getting descriptive about me.


Do not.

Do not describe your feet ever on this fucking podcast because every guy just whip their weiner out.

Put those chubs away right now that every guy.

No hard.

Yeah, he would like lick and like, I mean, it’s not my thing.


But yeah, you think it would be a deal-breaker for you.

Well, okay.

Let’s say you have the full package, man, and he has a foot fetish.

Let’s say, let’s say Brad.

Pitt wants to fuck Alex Cooper.

So that’s never how that would absolutely happen.


And so and then like what if he had a foot fetish?

I feel like, I feel like it’s not a Real Pro.

I don’t want to either there are much worse that it is in the world.

The shit fetish you were telling me about a story and I did not believe I know we’re trying to tell.


Okay, here we go.

So I saw this on the internet, so there was a girl.

She met this guy on Tinder and they he invited her over to his house to like cook her a meal.

So they have the meal and afterward.

She’s like all of a sudden I was overcome.


With an explosion inside me, like, I needed to let it out and she’s like, I needed to literally shit my pants.

So she’s like, I’m, I need to use your bathroom and immediately.

He was like, oh, hold on.

Let me go freshen up my bathroom, which is what, what guiding he probably had, like pubes all over the toilet.


How to like brush.

Yeah, but like what guy actually gives a shit.

So she’s like, okay, so she’s waiting, she’s waiting, and he still in the bathroom.

Oh my God, Bill and she’s like, I’m clenching my butt hole again.

T-shirt herself.

She Shit herself.

Oh my God, early explosion.

And so she exploded.


And so he comes out and she’s just sitting there and she’s like, I, I’m so sorry.

Like I literally just and he she said that, he was so calm, and he was like, don’t worry, please.

I do not even feel embarrassed, like it’s fine.

Like, I will give you an extra set of clothes.


You can take a shower like you’re good.

I like a plastic bag of clothes into like, okay, that’s like pretty chill the guy like wow, but I mean if I was a girl, I’d run either.

He’s gone, so she goes, and she showers and she puts on his clothes and she like opens the door.


And he is holding her pants and literally smelling and wiping her shit all over his face and she was like, what the fuck is going on?

And he ended up telling her, like being honest.

And was like, I have this huge fetish of like, when girls poop and I put laxatives no your Food be and he knew it was going to happen.


That’s why he went and he closed himself in the mouth.

So she couldn’t shit.

What the fuck?

Dude, Pete.

That’s first of all, crepey.

That’s like putting hot sphere.

That’s really, really scary.

But also like, I just we’re not.


I thought I’d say we’re not shitting.

We’re not shitting on my lover’s better.

I love saying we’re not talking shit.

Okay, what’s not shit?

We’re not.

Talking badly about not judging anyone that’s into it.


But I really can’t wrap my brain around that because I know it’s a thing and I think it’s more common than we think it is.

Well, okay.

Before we get more into that, what would you even do in that?

First of all, that girl, I would homegirl you make up the biggest lie and you get the fuck out of there.

Like you leave the fight.

She just stopped there and shitters.


Honestly, I would either run or if he was like, I need a pressure of the bathroom.

I’d be like, no you fucking don’t know, you don’t move - tonight.

You’ll get the fuck.

Like, anyway, that story that I’d like scene.

It like went viral and a girl dropped the kids off.


She dropped one kid off at the pool at the pool, one little poop, little log in the toilet and the toilet wouldn’t flush.

Would you leave it in there or pick it up wrap and in toilet paper, but in your first like she did.

What do you think that shit is going in my Tory?


Burch purse, and We are booking it out of there.

I think.

My prayers are just like so what else do you do?

And I think I really think that normal think she would be to leave it in there.


I think a lot of girls would pick it up.


But then it would start to smell.

Okay, you know, we gotta get off this object.

Guys are like stop.


I know last night you had mentioned pumpkins.


How do you feel about belong Sophia?


How many blumpkins have you given in your life?

Let’s go.

I just remember being in high school and doing them all the The time.

I’m just kidding.

I just remember being in high school and like calling your friend a blumpkin and like it was the funniest term.

Yeah, because you’re immature.


It is a thing.

I mean not much has changed.

Like, I’m still in the gutter, not blumpkin thing.

I’m still mature, but imagine if you guys don’t know what a blumpkin is.

Yeah, guy is going to the bathroom number two and you are giving him a blow job during yeah.


What if Alex please picture this, you’re doing it and he like a log falls down.

I’m like water splashes onto your face while you’re doing it dude.

Extra loop.

Everything on Daddy’s is actually like your tears extra lose your throw up.


If you throw up on his dick extra lube, it toilet water extra lube.

No, I mean I have never in my life given one.

I don’t think that’s something.

I aspire to know you.

I don’t know.

Maybe they’re.

What is it about guys?

That like that I guess.


Is this sensation?

Like I don’t know.

Yeah, is that when a deal breaker?

That’s that’s a deal breaker for me?


I’m not into that shit.


What about the tickle fetish?

I brought this up to a lie, and no fucking idea.


Yeah, and it’s like pretty common.

We were just like watching previews and then this documentary preview came on and it was literally these teenage boys were like being told they would get paid like $2,000 or get a car to just film these segments where they would Hold each other down or like, chain, some chain each other up, and then just, like, tickle them.


Okay, that’s like kind of creep.

It is, but it is totally a thing like this.

It’s a tickle fetish.

It’s usually someone’s restrained, and someone’s on, top of them, tickling them, and then, like people watch it as porn and, like, get off to it.

I think that is so crazy.

Yeah, the documentary is called tickled.


Just watch the preview.

You guys will be like, what in the hell is happening?

Because we, I had never heard of, you know, she is, Crying every time this happens.

It happened to her.

But I’ve seen it firsthand.

How you held me down and tickled me and my sweet, like, would girls go get a pedicure.


You’ve never heard like girls will going at a pedicure and, you know, they have to the bottom of your feet and it’s so ticklish in your freaking out right there, like scrubbing, the bottom, right and I seen Alex, I’ve seen her have an orgasm but I don’t really.

Oh, you’ve seen me like my panties gets to me.


Everytime everytime I go get my nails.

Done my toes and I I’m just orgasm.

Yeah, but have you ever heard like girls can have orgasms by the sensation of the bottom of their feet being tickle?

No, okay, but maybe, you know, something and you’ve experienced something?


I don’t.

Ya do it guys.

If you can’t get your woman off with the couch cobbler, again, that’s really practical on the bottom of during.

If you can eat her out will also clean the bottom of her happy.

If she, you have a raised up a leg one hand is tickling the bottom of one.

Hand is eating out, dude.


Wait on this one.

I kind of want to try that and I’m not even sure.

Let’s try it tonight.

Okay, so that’s the tickle that.

Hey, this is gonna be the last fetish, but we have to talk about.

Okay, there’s just, no way.

We can’t.

It kind of freaks me out.

I don’t know.

I swear like I was watching a series where they were like showcasing fetishes because I brought all this shit up to near like what are you talking about?


Sofia knows all these fetishism.

Like are, is this what you’re into each of the goal of getting shit on your chest?

Don’t like Dubai is my second home.

Okay, but for real Adults dressing up as babies.

Oh, there is a place in London that you can go.


They have like, adult diapers.

They have like a crib.

You got to sleep in.

They have a high chair.

You got to eat in and I was reading the article and it said, for $25, you got a diaper change like a bargain.


A bargain, a messy chain.


It’s a messy change for $25.

Everyone head to London today.

Adults, like to do this.

They dress up as babies.

I heard it’s usually more men than women and they like act like a baby like they regress back into like being a baby.


They’ll like talk like googoo gaga.


I think.

Now, this is what fetishes or something.

Really fucking good to me.

I could never have like a rug rats.

Tommy Pickles.

Looking at coming at me with a fucking hard dick, but he’s wearing a goddamn diaper Rock and he just hopped.


Stop is high chair.

Yeah, fuck.

No, that’s I think that’s a deal-breaker for me.

That would terrify me a little bit.

No, it’s Alex.

I will really research this adults.

Baby situation will let you know.

It is quite funny.

Like, when we’re at Barstool, people will be like doing research for their jobs.


Like, they have like pop culture, or they have sports and Sophie and I are at work and we’re like playing porn on our way to turn down the volume because like, it’s for research purposes.

I swear I did so self-conscious trying to like, think about it.

Episode with Alex is, I’m like, all right, and then he put the dick in her mouth and the dick in her office.


And then the kidnapper trying to write an article.

He said, can you guys please stop?

I’m getting horny.


So a lot of girls have been asking us.

I mean, actually, guys to guys are actually pretty up there to about deleting pictures with your ex on Instagram.


Yes, and it’s like the girl actually.

One of the girls gave me three options that she wanted to know which we would choose.

She said, number one.

Should I just keep all the pictures and just like embrace it to should?

I delete them or three?

Should I keep them and just change the captions Alex?


No, I think we can both agree.

You delete them all.

Delete them all, delete it.

I know a lot of you guys are like, but it was like a huge part of my life.

We’re still on.

Good terms.

No one gives a shit.

No, keep it for Facebook.


Keep your fucking shit on Facebook.

Nobody wants to see that shit on a no one cares about your memories are a good time.


Absolutely not.

This is the thing guys and girls.

Listen up.

If you are keeping pictures of your ex on Instagram, the minute, the opposite sex goes to your profile.

There’s one thing.

There’s two things they see and they see you.

With a potential X or current one, they could, potentially think you’re like a slime ass cheater and you’re just like, trying to DM them and you have an actual girlfriend or boyfriend.


So that’s number one.

And number two.

They could look at it and know, it’s your ex but be like, okay, so they’re clearly so not over the person cries.

I can’t delete that shittily.

I would like make that assumption to and the girl mentioned that she would just change the caption.

Like what are you going to change the caption to like my long-lost?


Cousin, the good old good-looking cousin of mine.

Mine stepbrothers, half feathers.

I sometimes stick my tongue down his throat.


And I also think you and I always talk about it, like you go to a guy’s profile and if you see him even with someone that like look like a girlfriend, even if it is his sister.


Yeah, if he doesn’t like straight up, say this is my sister.

I’m like, I automatically leave the pain.

You’re done.

I like goodbye.

So Daddy gang officially everyone is clearing out the pictures of their acts like we said, can you can keep that shit?

Your camera roll, keep that shit on Facebook, but it’s got to go.


Oh, we have to address facetune.

We talked about phase, tune last episode if you haven’t listened, go up, so go, listen.

Facetune issue is we addressed in our past episode that we condone facetune and photoshopping for the ladies, absolutely make your shit look cute.


But there is a line that needs to be drawn.

When you look literally like a circle of a smudge and just two eyes and a mouth.

We’re not trying to put women down.


That was not what we were trying to know, at some point.

We’re trying to help you guys out because guys notice this shit when you go too far with it, so we had people write in and be like totally, I have that one friend that face Tunes too much.


People are asking how the fuck do I tell her that she’s doing it too much.

And I want to say that, I understand girls are very sensitive.

And so it’s hard to go up to your girlfriend and be like, hey, like you Soon the shit out of this thing.


I know that’s not your face.

I feel like I could do that with my friends.

Yeah, I would straight up.

Tell you Alex below you and take them.

You you and I walk out of a room.

Like what the fuck?

Is that?


But there are some girls.

I think that obviously don’t have that.

I understand.

So this is what I would do because I’m a compulsive liar.



So what I would do is I would approach it and act like it happened.

I got called out, you’re going to say, oh my God, someone some random person deemed me.

And they called me out and they were like you facetune your picture so much and I’m like so embarrassed and then you’re going to say to that friend.


You’re like I from now on out.

If you guys don’t mind I’m literally going to send you guys liked my pictures like right gasps.

Like let me get send you my picks after I face to them to make sure it’s not too much.

Yeah, and then you be like if you want to to you can obviously totally send it to me after good because this shit is so embarrassing now.


I’m like, yeah, you kind of scare them and you’re like someone called me out.

So you’re gonna go I need you guys to help me.

So then that girl like gets the hit and obviously if your pictures aren’t as facetune does hers, maybe she’ll get the hint and honestly, if she doesn’t get the hint you just leave a comment on one of her pictures and use put facetune.


All cops.

I would fucking punch you in the head a few days, two days to face.

Um, should we talk about business?

T really quick while we’re on the topic of sure.

Why not?


I’m not gonna give this too much air time, but you guys listen to our bonus episode, a lot of people.


Wanted us to do a collaboration with him.

We know a lot of the data gang members did not know who he was, which was totally fine.

Because I know our bars we’ll have.

We don’t have a Barstool audience.


We did it was half of our fault.

We didn’t do our research.

We were told this guy was going to come on and basically be like this crazy out there.


Talk about whatever we basically talk about and then, you know, he came on and he didn’t really give us much to work.

I mean it was which is no shade to him, no shade to him.

But like maybe maybe it threw off the we asked.

All right, so Later went on to like record and they said that we ruined, the whole vibe of the interview because we asked him to pull his dick out.


And honestly, I don’t give a fuck.

We did what call her daddy does.

Yeah, you’re if you come on the call?

Her daddy podcast.

Yeah, we they were asking to come on.

It’s not and they’re like, oh, didn’t they ask you to come on?

No, no, no.

No boys, boys.


No, we did not know.

This man was in town.

He walked in the room and we were like, all right.

We’ll take your pants off.

I mean, let’s see your dick and he didn’t like that.

So I’m go home and cry about it.


So, um, I want to talk about Instagram for a minute.

Okay, because I feel like we always give like some little tips about Instagram for guys specifically because I know guys it’s hard for guys with Instagram.


So, let’s Snap Chat has kind of died unless you’re like, sending nudes and Instagram.

Stories are really where it’s at.

So but to be completely honest, I rarely am seeing guys that I follow you, sir.

Freeze and it is a huge mistake.


Okay, and the milp hunter uses them in a pretty brilliant system.

So he everyone loves a good poll.

You know, how you can do like the pole on the Instagram story.


I love every single time.

I don’t even care if I like I don’t even know about the question as I just want to see like what the answer will be a percentage.



So what he does is guys this is going to be a pretty good trick for you guys to get your fucking up.

All right, so you’re going to make a A story pole.

Okay, and you can like throw in some random shit.

If you’re not like big on Instagram, you’re like way this would be way too random for me to pull.


You can preface it with like, hey, like me and my boys are trying to settle like an argument.

Like I need your guy’s help.

Females, answer this slide.

Next one is for guys.

And so you put up a poll.

It says, females only and you’re going to be like, have you ever had a guy that you wanted to be just friends with benefits with?


But they wanted more.

So the women will say, yes or no, and then the next slide will be Men, have you ever had a girl that you want it will ever bulla?

Obviously, he does not give a fuck about the man’s answer.

He’s looking strictly for the women and basically what he does, this is so fucking crazy.

He is really crazy.


What he does is by this pole.

He is looking to see which girls said that they wanted to have a Friends with Benefits situation because you know, when people vote you can see their actual name.


So every single girl that said they wanted a Friends with Benefits situation, he Seems he knows that they’re down too far down there down by casual.





Oh my God, I did it again.

I know you, he’s like, oh, I would answer that poll like so fucking time, dude.

I answered.

Yes, and then I text him, like, what is that about?


And he told me about it and I’m like, okay.

Well, you’re obviously not trying to fuck me but like, holy shit.

How many girls said?

Yes, and he said, Cooper, the amount of girls that said, yes.

I am.

I have like 15 Bring all my idea and he just slides into the DIA.

Yes, because it’s the easiest way to start a conversation.


We’ve said this will say it again.

Dming, a DM, a girl replying to her story is the best way to DM her.

If you have a story that they are interacting with that gives you the go-ahead to message them.

Like he actually is a mastermind.



So guys that obviously, if you’re not as comfortable right off the bat making story, Like this because you’re not as active ease into it.

Post funny memes.

The mill punter, said every time he posts funny, memes, or like something with an animal girls, fucking love that shit.


Anything that can spark a laugh and interaction a conversation.

That’s literally all it takes to start the DM Gap.

And if you initiate it on your story and they reach out, first your fucking in your in, that’s so much you are, and her vagina, you’re in, and around the vision, and the Clinton, the Levi.


Yeah, let’s go.

Thank you.

The question.

Question, question questions of zooey’s really?

I think we’re done.

It’s literally noon right now.

No, it’s too and we are hazel.



All right questions.


All right, my first question.

What do we think about guys?

Always asking, did you come yet during sex?

I want to bring this up.



Okay, because I think it can be annoying and then on the flip side, I think it can also be hot because it shows that he actually gives a shit if you come.



Yes, and no, I think there’s a different way to ask it.

So this is how I feel.

I think when guys are like, did you come yet guys?

Imagine if we’re sucking your And we’re like, are you going to come that?


It’s there’s one way to find out there yet.

And they’re you, what about now?

Here we go.

Now, the coming.

What about now?

Is it ready?


Let’s do it.


Come on now.

Come on.

Come on.

Like that is so, okay.

So I know girls.

First of all, never in your wildest, fucking dreams as much as your jaw hurts.


If you are sucking, a guy’s dick and you look up at him and you’re like, are you almost going to come?

He’s going to shrivel up and his boners gone.

You cannot ask that.

Because it just puts too much pressure.

Really kill ask a girl that I was so I was going to say.

Yeah, the equivalent is to a girl.


We’re in this Zone when we’re trying to come.

It’s like we need to get to a place of like, we’re in a different world.

And if a guy asked me that sack, did you come?

Yeah, I’m like, I guess not.

We’re fucking god.

Alright, fuck me, right?

If he’s like, I want you to come for me or let.

Yeah, even though, I guess, you know what?


Now that I’m thinking about Alex and you made a really good point, it is so hard already, I want It’s hard but like no, it is harder for us.

Yeah, it is.

It’s a little bit more difficult or a lot more difficult.


To come.

And we have to like really, we need like all the stars straight line for it to hide in the back in any little thing.


Can throw us off.


I think, even just like the one thing that may not be annoying as if they’re if they say before they like go down on you or something.

If they’re like, I want to make you come.


There we go.

There we go.

That’s the way to do it.

Absolutely not to be and then that way the girl knows like okay.


He really is going to try to make me come here so she can get in the Zone.

Yeah, and the reason I say that like I think that it can be a good idea to say something like that is because I’ve actually never had this happen but like I’ve had friends tell me that like they hook up with a guy who literally gets on top of them, fucks comes and like gets off, and they just feel used and they’re like, what the hell Sophia that is one of the most common.


I can’t believe you’ve never.


I’ve had a guy literally you fuck and then it’s like they’re done.

So we’re done so that they could.

I thought, guys, thought it was hot.

Right to make you come.

And that was the whole point.

Hey, we talked about, guys can fuck a couch cushion.


Can fuck.

Ya know.



There are some guys that literally don’t care about the girl getting off.

They just crawl.

On top of you.

Go for it.

And they’re out.

Well, fuck you.

If you’re listening, please get out of my podcast lie, that’s not fucking call her daddy style and fuck you.

That’s a bitch boy for sure.



No, I don’t.

Yeah, I don’t phrase it as.


You just say, I want to make you come obsolete.

I’m going to do this until Will you come?


Okay, this is a story and I want I haven’t read this to you.

I want you to get excited.


Okay, it’s weird.

Wow, and you’re weird.

Um, okay.

I was married to a woman who lit my sexual desire, like no other woman I’ve encountered in my life.

Our future was cut short by her untimely death.


I know.

So to my point five years later, I still And myself drawn to her blood or how do you say that bowed or pictures or her or our videos?

When I tend to my sexual urges?

I sometimes feel like that is taboo.


What are your opinions on that acceptable?

Or do I need to purge my laptop and mental spank bank of my dead wife?


So this guy is jacking off to like old memories and like old pictures and videos of his wife that passed away.

Yes, fucking love it.



I love that.

I think that’s amazing.

That’s the dances and dead baby.

Even if it’s dead.

It’s not that no take it up a notch.

Get a Ouija board in there and fucking fuck her ghost.

Bring her back.

I love that dude.


That is kind of fucking hot.

I think that’s awesome.

And you know me, I’m like such a sucker but I you afterlife and I’ll be shed.

I am down for that guy.

Now, I think you would do with your fucking your if you’re fucking your wife that is deceased and it’s doing it for you.

Keep on.

Well, you just literally said necrophilia side of your fucking your wife and she’s deceased maybe don’t okay, wait for us, not her corpse, but the memory like this episode.


A is really okay, next.

Okay, you guys, here we go.

Blocking your ex on social media.

This girl was wondering, she said it seems a little harsh but in between wanting to know what he’s up to and wanting a complete clean break.


Is it wrong to block your ex?

She doesn’t want to come off as Petty block block block.

He’s blocking never see him again.

While complying ever.

Awesome, right?


You guys.

Why are people so awkward about the block?

We are just great trigger finger, happy with that shit.



We love ya.

I got like you’re scared of coming off, Petty, whatever you guys are done.

So whenever he thinks of you is kind of doneness.

You know what I mean?

This is the thing.

You have to take care of yourself after a breakup.

Guys and girls if you are uncomfortable like oh shit, is she going to think?


Or is he gonna think it’s Petty?

Or oh, well, we we ended on good terms and I don’t want him or her to think that I’m being, you know, like but her but at the same time if you are constantly looking at your ex is shit because it’s hard.

Only not just go and quickly.


Look what they’re up to.

You are going to end up in this cycle where you got looking.

So you got forget that really is like one of the worst feelings out.

Oh my God.

Yeah, you’re going through a breakup and then you’re looking at his stuff and you’re seeing other girls know it like same thing with guys your heart.



Yeah, same things with guys.

So for your mental stability and and you know what, you can eventually unblock.

I know one of my exes, we blocked each other for like the first couple months of our breakup and then we ended up on blocking each other and now like we could see each other if we needed to.

But we don’t see each other.


So it’s fine.

Yeah, just give yourself time.

Yeah, and if they acknowledge it, fuck off you already broken up soon and he’s blocks if you won’t even know exactly.


So next One is.

All right.

I decided to take the advice of the podcast and send my man.

A surprise nude, beautiful love that.


We’ve been together for three years and it’s something I’ve never done before and he mentioned it several times that he wanted to.

So I took your advice and I sent a nude and I hit send, he took 10 minutes to respond after opening it with the reply of.


Thank you.

He dead-ass replied to my nude with a thank you.

Like I had just held a door open for him or Something is he not appreciative of it?

Or did I just send a really bad nude?

Not worthy of a better reply and if so, how do I amp up?


No, I can’t even read the Red Cell.


I don’t care.

If you sent the worst nude in America.

You have been dating for three years and you sent him your first nude and he said, thank you.

He thank you next.

Fuck off.

I like a little Ariana Grande anytime.

I am going to send a nude.


I already am expecting that.

You’re going to grovel at my feet for the next two weeks.

If I gotta thank you, Alex.

I think that I would block literally.

Yes, Kim first and then blah.

No, I don’t get it.

And I don’t know if it necessarily means that the guys not into you.


I don’t think that’s the case all the time.

It can be easier.

Sometimes guys are just clueless but sometimes and then sometimes guys are like a little bit weird about like showing how they really feel.


They do have emotional issues.

No, listen, girl.

I if anything I would do not Feel uncomfortable.


Do not think that.

Is your last nude.

You get back on the horse.

You get you up.

You send you something other 100.

I say you send a new to another guy.

Okay, after I’ve been dating for three years.

Well, I’m Carrie fucked up.

So now you’re gonna post that on install and wait for something.

What you’re gonna do is you’re going to send that new to someone else and see their response, and then screenshot it, and send it to your boyfriend.


So he knows how to respond moving forward.

No, but seriously, if I were you, I would get back on the horse.

I would take another one.

I would send him if he gives you not as good a response.

He doesn’t.

Then you’re tight shit.

You say that.

Is the last nude.

I will be sending you and I will be sending you another one.


Yeah, when you get your act together and you can think of a better fucking response.

And oh by the way, you’re going to be fucking her hand for the next month.

Goodbye totally.

And you know what guys if you’re kind of like, oh, well, I just like feel awkward.

I don’t know.

Really what to say back.

It’s so easy.

You say that’s so fucking hot.


Like I can’t wait to talk to you later.

I’m hard on.

My got me hard right there.

All you have to put is a fuck.

All right guys, literally Just write, fuck back.

And I’m like, hmm.


He likes that shit.

So girlfriend.

Don’t feel bad.

Fuck that, man.

Okay, I want to end on one thing someone wrote in and said, I love how free-spirited you guys are and just how you openly talk about sex and it just sounds like you guys can go and have drinks over and trade battle stories stories.


I love that.

My friends are extremely private when it comes to their sex lives and I wish we could exchange stories, like you guys.

Do you how do you get comfortable?

Talking about sexual shit with your friends.

I want to be able to just talk with them and have sexual advice from each other.


What are your tips to break in the eyes?

Our podcast actually?

Yeah, that’s a huge ice user use call her daddy.

And be like, let’s have a girls night.

Let’s drink wine.

And I our podcast and with that have an opportunity to start talking about topics that we talk about and kind of break the ice, right?


Because, I know some girls like, well, fuck my friends are going to think.

I’m being slutty.

Use us, whose us is the slutty one to be like, oh my God.

They sound like they have so much fun and then boom.

And like we said in past episodes, the friends that don’t want to talk about it.

Are the closets last?


They’re getting down there.

Getting the train ran on them.

So, really once, and I’ll say it again dream.

So just yeah.

Use our podcast guys.

Honestly blame everything on us.

It’s what we’ve said in the past blame us and you should be good.

Also, the Facebook page.

Let’s talk about that.


Okay, you guys, we created a Facebook page until I keep trolls and people out.

I have no idea what call her daddy is and you don’t know about the daddy gang.

We’re just going to have a question set up.

Its super if you like listen to the podcast you can answer it easily.

Then you’ll be led into the Facebook group.


And this is a place you guys that is going to be completely judgment-free.

Yeah and like the most daddy way.

So Facebook groups will basically give the entire daddy gang an opportunity to talk because we know we can’t answer all of your questions all the time.

So this will basically be a forum if you have any questions or you have a funny story, you’re going To go right into the Facebook group.


People will be able to comment and again just so you know, fuck the whole Anonymous thing when you come into the Daddy, getting Facebook group, there is no shade.

We’re not going to have people fucking troll, but be kicked out.

In fact, like, we’re gonna go through and delete any hate.

That is on there.


We want you guys to feel like you can talk about whatever the fuck you want.

Yeah, like ask any questions you have.

It’s going to be amazing.

Talk about your fucking sex life.

Talking about that DP the other we can absolutely.

So we’ll put the Facebook group on our Graham.

If you guys don’t follow us on Instagram, it’s just call her daddy.

That’s the end of the episode daddy gang every Wednesday on Wednesdays.


We listen to call her daddy and everyone every single God didn’t want a.

So we hope you guys enjoyed this episode.

If you guys have a second just if you could leave us a review on iTunes and give us preferably a five star rating, a fat five-star.

It really does help the podcast so much.


We love you guys.

Look for that.

Look group about to turn up.

I’m so sorry.

Just said that we’re gonna have fun in the fuck up.

All right guys.

Thank you so much for listening.

We’ll see you guys later.

Bye, daddy game.

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