Call Her Daddy - 18 - Facetime Sex & Morning Head


Him daddy, do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

All right, it’s us.

It is, it’s you, and it’s me, it’s me.

It’s the father’s back at it again for another episode guys.


Let’s just tell them what happened this weekend?

Starting with the gym.

Whoa, the gym.

Whoa, well, I’ll tell you what happened at the gym.

I entered it.

That’s what happened.



Nobody know.

The first part that we have to emphasize is if you guys, listen, back to our episodes, Sophia, and I talked about how we were dodging our last gym membership that we were part of because we both lost our credit cards.


So we stopped paying for and you guys are sitting here thinking that we paid the fees to get out of that gym.

No, no, we just switch gyms.

Yeah, we did Crunch Fitness were like Your credit is going to be shit guys.

We don’t get off this credit matter.


Come on.

So the other night it was Saturday night and Sophia and I were like, let’s get our pregame workout in.

So we were like, alright, let’s go to the gym, guys.

When I say that I got on the treadmill and I lasted about three and a half minutes.

That’s not a joke.



So being I get on treadmills, right next to each other, were those girls in the gym that follow each other everywhere and then I turn and Sophia’s gone and I turn around and she’s just Walking herself to the bathroom.

Yeah, I like I mean, okay, that sounds really bad.


I was fine.

There’s gonna push it her small.

No, but I had to sit it out how you did it, but then I pulled up the beach body on demand up and I was like, okay, let’s get some booty workout thing, which I have to say having something in front of me.

I’m not gonna lie so much easy and like it times the word route for you, which if I didn’t have that, I would do like, eight lunches and be like, Oh, have been going out of this forever.


So that was fun, guys.

So if you needed any motivation, you couldn’t Be looking at two girls that literally are starting from the bottom.

Yeah, so start with us.

Yeah, you guys love when we bring up our little encounters with the homeless population of our work.


Gotta love it.

We were walking home and I saw quite the scene.

We were walking home.

And for those of you that live in York or like a major city or for those of you that don’t they have like this area in between like the outside.


And then the inside of the bank.

Yeah, it was a Chase bank.

And where the ATMs are it’s like this little closed off section so you can get like murdered right?


So if you’re going to use the ATM, it’s not just you’re not completely outside and someone’s going to come up behind you like your travel.


Love that.

Okay, we’re walking past and I noticed that it is like Smokey in this area because it’s obviously all windows.

And I’m like, what is going on?

And there is this homeless guy sprawled out on his back.

Back chilling, chilling hotboxing the fucking chase.


Bang literally a joint in his hand hotboxing.

The Chase Bank.

I know Alex didn’t, I didn’t, we walked past it and Sophia was like, dude.

There was just a homeless man, that Chase Bank blazing up.

I’m like, shut the fuck up.


She’s like, no, I’m not kidding you, I had to turn around.

Yeah, like this Stoner.

I am and like, what?

The fetch up to?

I turn around and I walk back and there he is on his back down legs up against the Window then he’s just blowing oath out their way and I’m like this Chase Bank is going to smell like a marijuana Plantation.


That shit is forever left without homeless man.

Stench, not of the homeless man stench, but of that weed, right?

I mean like that’s just the shit we see but imagine being a homeless person like that.

Sounds like living a lucky speechmaking.

Yeah, he’s got it mate.


Yeah, and then we want walked home and we saw a couple people like getting carried out on stretchers.

It’s like someone screaming screaming.

Yeah, just You, Gotta Love New York.

Yeah, let’s talk about a favorite topic of mine.



We get so much backlash for this topic.


There’s so many people that come Cryin to us.

Like, how can you guys like talked about cheating in that way?

It sounds like you guys condone cheating.

No, we don’t.

I know we like jokes.

So we’re always like, oh my God, like if he is doing this cheat on him, if she doesn’t come home at night. 18 on her like it’s like oh, it’s he doesn’t buy you.


An ice-cream cheat.

God always.

Our go-to is just like just cheat on them, but we’re obviously joking.


Like comedy podcast.

Relax calm your tits.

Obviously, like, I mean, if you’re horny, it’s not really cheating.

Yea, of course, if you’re horny and your significant other isn’t around that time, obviously cheat, that’s fine.


Yeah, but like, if you weren’t even that horny, that it’s just fucked up, right?

But like if you’re horny obviously cheese, guys, we’re fucking Kitty.

People are Our cars are jamming us right now.

People are fucking their typing away right now.

No, okay.

So let’s talk because you and I had been kind of talking about like, what?


Exactly do you consider cheating?

Yeah, and you would think it’s so simple and it’s not like it is not simple at all.

Is it just like intercourse?

Is it anything physical?

Like I’ve had friends that are like, oh like it was just an innocent make out like I’m not going to be mad at him or her and I’m like, Yeah, oh, there are people that say like sex is cheating and then there are that those people that are like, oh my God, he followed and like two girls picture on Instagram.


He’s cheating.


So there’s just like a very wide range of what constitutes cheating and I want to talk about it.

Well, that’s just like the physical aspect.


Like, there’s a whole like emotional aspect of it.

Oh, I feel like you’re what?


I have a good.

I have a good actually.

Well, I don’t want to consider emotional cheating because it’s about me but it could be in some people’s eyes considered but not you.

I know you would never do that.

So I when I was dating this guy and my ex-boyfriend came to town, and I went out for like a girls night and I just really pulled one of those like drunk needed to see my ex moments.


Okay, which is fucked up cuz like I guess I mean, I think I was So in love with my ex that doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship, but okay, you know, it was just the relationship was fine.

It was very convenient.

That doesn’t smell like a healthy relationship.


Okay, this is bad.

Okay, then I’ll give you the better, your like I just was in love with someone else and now, okay.

So I was so, I was, I went out with my girlfriend, pulled the classic like, oh, sorry, babe.

Like my phone’s gonna die.

I’ll see you at home.

Yeah, I I lied to him and I ended up going to my ex-boyfriends hotel room.


We did not have sex.

Oh, we didn’t even make out this a hotel room and I’m like, I know it does sound a little but and there was fucking sex going down.

No, we didn’t even have sex and we just sat there and we talked for a while and talked about our past and kind of like yeah, shared that we had bet like, oh, look who’s being Said, we love each other all that, like dumb, but she’s Shay.


And then I went home to my dear beloved boyfriend and he like asked me like, where the fuck were you like your phone was off.

I texted your friends because I think he kind of like something and or and I was like, no like you’re crazy whatever and I just played it off and I took it to the grave and he never found out which he’d ever.


I was about to say, which he never will.

But here I am fucking blow your goddamn podcast and I know his friends - doesn’t smell like take that to the Grave sister and I’m like, oh, just kidding her in front of Of a microphone and going on iTunes tomorrow.

So, so yeah, that went down and I was like damn, like, obviously I’m taking that to the grave.


But like, is that considered cheating?

Yeah, you know, I like, don’t me old school.

Call me old-school back.

I personally think that is a form of cheating, not when you do it, right?

I like, when you did fine, but like, that’s so funny.


How people are like that, like my girlfriend’s, if they cheat, I’m like, you know, that probably wasn’t the best thing to do.

At like slay Queen like when she Queen that’s the motto, this 2019 like we cheat Queen, lets it go to brunch and like talk about it.



If a guy does it to one of my girlfriends on more?

One of my guy friends, but then I will destroy you and your family.

Yeah, and it’s over chop up your dog into little pieces, but no, I agree with you.

It is funny because we definitely give each other different double standard.



You think I cheated?

Shut up.

Shut up.

No, I did it.

But if he did that to me, that was fucking cheat.

Oh my God, he did that to you.

Like I would make you break up with him.

And there’d be the last time you saw him.

Okay, let me paint a picture for you.

Love when you paint pictures.

There’s a girl, your girl friends at a party.


Okay, she’s drunk.

She’s in a relationship with a man, but she’s a little bit to drink.

She’s starting to get like a little bit frisky.

She makes out with one of her girlfriends at the party.

Oh, okay.

Girl on girl, girl.

Is she by?

No, she’s straight.

Okay, so, she has a boyfriend.


And and she goes to this party and makes out with another girl.

Is that cheating?


So the whole girl-on-girl thing, I personally don’t think that that’s cheating because I feel like, I mean, think about your side fucking made out with a girl in like high school.


Like, oh my God, I want to turn the guys on at the party.

I think that’s good.

Maybe piss your boyfriend off.

I know I think about it.

All of your exes.

I think all of my exes would be okay with me.

Making out with a girl, mine too.

Yeah, but I know there are some guys that there are definitely guys that like, they take it the same way as if like, the girl had made out with another guy.



Well, let’s turn around because we’ve always got to play Both Sides.

What if your boyfriend made out with a guy at a party drunkenly?

That happened to me actually in high school with you?


I swear to God.

I remember I was like at this party and I was sitting in this room and my gay best friend came in and he was like, you don’t even know what just happened.


I’ll just call him Jake.

I’m also his name Jake.

Grabbed me underneath the stairs and like, shut his tongue down, my throat and started making out with me.

And I was like, okay, fuck you.

First of all, because you’re supposed to be my best friend.

And should I be concerned, like, what’s happening?


So that means so, was he gay or was he by?

Did he come my boyfriend at the time?


I I am like almost positive that he’s gay, but I don’t think he’s like, hey man, that sucks that he couldn’t just be open with you, right?

So, let’s take anything.


I turned him.


Because I miss who were sick or you’re a fucking psychopath.

Yeah, I actually want to just do I love how you went right for the girl-on-girl.

Why don’t we just do a normal situation?


Where what would you do?

Would you consider it cheating?

If your boyfriend went to a party got super-drunk made out with a girl and ended up with like babe.

I fucked up.

I made out with a girl at a party and then nothing.

Do you consider that cheating?

I do consider cheating.

I can already see your hair.


Like if I do that, that’s not cheating.

What if I can have sex with someone?

I’ll be like, you know what?

There was a condom, so there was a barrier, so it wasn’t even cheating.

So I’m totally fine.

So leave me alone, condoms involved.

It doesn’t count.

I think.


If my boyfriend made out with a girl at a party, I would consider cheating, but I think I would maybe be able to forgive him.

Not if you’re ever going to date me in the future.

Don’t think you can just go home.

I can party and stick.

You’re talking about a girlfriend.

I should have said that.


This is why I like yeah, we’re friend is going to be?

Well, we’re never getting married.

So just relax.

No, I agree.

I do think that that’s cheating do.


I would take it to the fucking grave.

If I made out with a dude at a bar demand, nothing you guys this.


This is where some people get upset and this might be an unpopular opinion.

But if you cheated, do not tell your significant other, are we the only podcast in World that says that probably but I don’t care like fucking keep it to yourself.



I think there’s a there’s a specific way to put it though.

I think that if you cheat once and it is a drunk and make out and like like you have a fucking family with this person or if you’ve been together for so long and it meant nothing and it was like you genuinely fucked up.


People fuck up.

People make mistakes.

I think you take that to the Grave if though this is a consistent ongoing thing.

If you’re cheating on someone fine, fucking be cheating on someone, but let the person fucking go and don’t try to have your cake and eat it too.


And keep that person around because that’s fucked up.

Like that’s I this is the first time call her daddy’s ever be.

Like you can’t do that.

But I think you let that person go.

Because then you’re actually fucking with someone else’s life.

Be a fuck boy and be a fuck girl, but just don’t make that person.

Think your Notch.


And again, we’re not saying go out and cheat, but we are just saying like if you make a mistake, yes.

The fuck up.

Keep it here.


And yeah, I hate when people like Ivan guilty.

Is there something wrong with us?

I don’t have a guilty conscience when I did that and I tell I like it’s water under the bridge.


We’re all we went to myself, like, it’s gonna be fine.

Can I ask you?

We forgot to bring up because this is a good one.


I’ve had this happen to me.

Do you think sexting and sending nudes is considered cheating?

If they never acted on it?

If they were only sexting and they were sending nudes.


Again, obviously, if we did it, it’s not cheating.

But if abortion today, I kind of feel like it’s cheating.

I do too.

I feel like Alex our morals or he was happening outstandingly good.

We can really have an amazing world cup.

We do, you think that nudes are more cheating than sexting or the other way around.



Yeah, nudes, because you are like full-blown sharing.

You are like exposing yourself, your genitalia.

One of the most intimate ways.

You can know.

You’re right.

We are giving people trust issues like seriously.


Everyone’s like so everyone’s cheating like the girls that are like, he would never cheat on me that punch to the head.

That is this me off so much like when girls are like, oh my man would never cheat because he knows I would kill him.

I’m sorry.

Do you have a criminal background?


Do you own a gun?

Do you have a gun license?

Like well, this guy isn’t not cheating on you because he thinks you’re gonna kill him to that.

One is so bad when girls act so ignorant laughs, he would never mind would never.

Yeah, like it’s just, it’s not possible.

When I go into a relationship, you go in giving that person a hundred percent.



Yeah, but you’re not the idiot that sits there saying.

Never in my wildest dreams.

Could this guy possibly do something like that?

To me.

If that IQ thing guys, girls, I think in this day and age they probably do it just as much as Guy.



I think we’ll look at the two people.

I have this goddamn fucking listen episode like four and one, two, three, you tell your best cheating story, into everyone go, listen to episode two of you.

Haven’t heard it.

Sofia breaks out her cheating story.

No, but I agree with you.


I think you could get struck by lightning, bitch.

You can get fucking cheated on.

I remember being in high school and I got cheated on and it rocked.

I don’t know.

I just maybe I was like laughing at you cooking.

Karma’s a bitch.

I’m sorry.


No, but I it like rocked my fucking world.

Like I remember being like 16 or 17 and be like, I don’t think I can go on, you know, is when you’re that age and it’s just like it’s design site.

Relax, sweetie, your whole life.

I would like to ask the daddy gang if because you just mentioned High School, I don’t know if you guys would be at all interested in, Sofia and I talking about our high school and college days.


And And getting to know that part of our life.

Let us know right into our Instagram or Dion’s the maybe the most righteous.

Yeah, you do.


I want to move on to a big thing.

I’ve seen in our DMS that is like an actual fucking brilliant movement.


I don’t know the first person that did it.

But I want to shout them out because Milf Hunter also is doing it.

Dating apps.


Yeah, everyone is writing into us being like what the hell do I put in my Bio God?

Hmm, without tooting our own fucking horn over here.


Yeah, put call her daddy in your Tinder Bumble, grinder, whatever bio and hear us out here us out.

Yeah, it’s not just us being like Oh throw call her down there.

Oh fuck that.

Tell me that that is not the best conversation.

Starter dude having call her daddy and your bio initially gives you two things.



If the person doesn’t know about the podcast call.

Her daddy is a very interesting time.

So immediately Italy a girl or a guy is going to be like, what is that?

If a girl sees that in a guy’s bio, I would be like we call her daddy.

Wait, who is this guy?


And then vice versa for a girl?

It’s like oh shit.

This girl’s boss has big and if the other person knows about, no, I gotta it’s like a done deal match.

Me you ought to fucking fight of her and that’s just it and girls you’ll be getting the couch cobbler combo, right?

And do you guys will already have so much to talk about?


Exactly sure that.


So it’s a conversation starter if they don’t listen to Or if they do listen, it is a huge conversation starter to.

So I think every single dot e gang member in every single dating app that you’re on.

In your bio.


You could even just do like hashtag call her daddy, as simple as that.

I like that starts a conversation.

It catches someone’s eye.

It’s different and automatically you on your own right when they message you, you have a go-to you’ll say.

Hey, did you see my bio?


If they don’t mention it?

You mentioned your bio toad.

Did you see that deals in a podcast and then you start?

I totally, it’s an easy way to just segue right into fucking, um, talking about dating up.


So I need to mention this.

Okay, I over the break.


I was hanging out with one of my gay friends love and he told me that he was on Grindr and was messaging the phrase, degrade me, stop.

So if you listen to episode one, you know, the degrade me is near and dear.


To my heart.

Yes, and he was sending it out and he said, he had like a 90% success rate with song that makes me.

So how it is so funny because it was a drunken mistake and now it’s just like, it’s a goddamn fucking do it.


That is amazing.

So so everyone hit.

Oh my God.


We know we have a huge gay community.

That wasn’t.

Okay guys.

Put that in your fucking bio.

Let’s go call her daddy.

Um, here’s Another topic.

I wanted to bring up because people on dating apps have been asking us.


Okay, so we match on the dating app and we’ve been talking and then we segue to texting.

So, now they’re on texting terms, people are asking, when is the appropriate time to follow the other person on Instagram?

If they don’t be like, hey, let’s follow each other because there’s a lot of guys that are like I ended up following her and she didn’t notice or they’re like did I do it too soon, right?


This is my take on it.

Apps are all different forms of flirting at this point.


People get laid off of fucking Instagram.

I’ve gotten laid off against Graham, you have.

It’s just what it is.

So I think if you matched on a dating app and you guys are texting, you should leave.


If you can following each other on Instagram, leave it.

Leave it for a little bit diet.

Go and follow them.

Yeah, there’s so many people that jump the gun and they like you match and then you go follow them.

It’s like no no no and you don’t want to come off like to know.

And and the best thing is is literally you following each other on.


Instagram is now another part of your relationship as crazy as it sounds because you’re gonna start DM each other memes.

And you’re going to start sending each other pictures, Etc, through Instagram, DM, which and I know I’m a psycho with read receipts if you know, DMS have read receipts on them.


So that is another way you can also play the game.


And I know it sounds crazy, but you guys should be if anything hold off on following the other person on And I think for as long as you kind of can, yeah.

Because then it brings another dimension to the relationship.


I totally agree.

What about this?

What I’m interested to hear what you say about this one.

God we’ve had a lot of girls asking, so I matched with him on a dating app.

Where texting we’ve never met in person yet.

When is the appropriate time to send nudes and sex this second?


His phone number is entered into your phone.

No, no, this is my take on it.

Okay, I think there is two situations.

So if say you say the person lives in New York like you and I match with someone in New York.


Yeah, I would never ever send nudes or sex them before I meet them.

No, I want to get taken out on a date.

Yeah, we hang out.

Go to parties, Etc orders.

If it’s a long distance, long distant, if the person lives in LA and you’re texting and everything, and you It’s going to be awhile before you guys see each other in person and you’re planning a meet up.


You want the person to come flying to you or you go there?

Yeah, I think it’s so much better to test out the waters.

Send a goddamn nude, sext a little bit and see if you have any type of chemistry.

I agree.

Girls Sophia and I’ve been looking on Instagram a little bit and listen, we can all have our study moments in college.


I dress like a goddamn fucking slut but I think you we both say you can’t where you can’t show leg ass and tits out.


You can’t do leg midriff.

Yeah, and it hits you can’t do cleavage and a crop top and be showing most of your leg because listen in college.


I was always like well wait, I want them to know.

I have nice tits and a nice ass.

Oh, oh, oh shit that I know your picture is yeah, like a Forever 21, two sizes too, small tube dress, that would like disintegrate on my body.


And then you end up is just a shirt, your mouth.

How do I think?

Also, listen, just just try to keep it.

Like one thing is show because it is, you can’t do all three.

You can’t just pick one little thin as I get older.

I’m getting I’m turning into a grandma more and more that I’m like, you Turtles ice for the way.


Let’s talk about Dick.

You thought I’d never bring it up.




I was waiting for the day that you would talk about sucking a dick.

And here we are.

Who knew this day would come new.

I never talk about that.

So, okay guys.


I was reminiscing about the Gluck Gluck because listen, how can you not?

It’s a brilliant if he’s changed lives.

It actually had a job, which is dope as shit.

So I mean the testimonial Rules of girls that right in and are like, I gave my man, the Glock luck 9000 and it literally changed his life.


There are so many girls that said, I’ve never gotten my boyfriend to come from head before and I gave him the Glock luck and he literally came in like 30 seconds.

I’ll explain you, don’t tell me that there’s about to be a Glock like 10,000 because I just don’t think I have it in me.

Know, the next drop is the Cooper special, but we’ve got to get like 1 million subscribers or something and then I’ll drop it.


That’s literally what it’s going to take 1 million.

Well, that’s not gonna happen.

So I guess you’ll never find out what the Cooper special is.

No, but there is something I’m going to bring up in the next couple episodes called the lollipop pop and I want to bring it up and I’m not going to do it today.

She’s like, okay.


Anyways, so we’ve given you guys the best way to suck.

Dick, if you guys haven’t heard that episode is episode 3.

This is what I have to say, though.

We’ve talked about the main necessities of the Gluck Gluck.

Now, I want to talk about kind of like the before the build-up of blow jobs, guys.


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, guys.

Will literally let you give them head at any time.

Any other animals at any time driving.

It could be very shocking, zombie apocalypse up in this bitch and kids recital or kids recital.


You get down on the ground.

So but there Our specific moments that you can give your man a blow job that will stand out in his mind that will make it to the group chat with all the boys.

If we could only be so lucky.

If I hope and pray.


I make it to that group chat.

I agree.

Well, yeah, I think I have.

So I think girls forget how much guys love blow jobs.

Like I know they know the guys love them, but I don’t think girls are capitalizing on this.

You want a guy to fall in love with you?

God, suck a dick.


Hey, oh, okay, that we have been maybe the right.

No fun zone help you.

But listen, like I said in episode three.


If you are not sucking, your man’s dick, that’s fine. 100% your decision.

That’s fine.


But if you are not sucking, your man’s dick.

Someone else is Boom.

So get on the dick.

All right, so I want to talk about my favorite way to surprise a guy with a blow job.

This has to do with and this A classic.


But I just again, guys, a lot of you may do this, but I just want to help everyone out there.

So the morning and middle of night blowjob is something near and dear to my heart.

The what was the morning and and middle of the night blowjob?

Oh my God.


Okay guys died.

So I have a specific instance that I was dating a guy and it was the middle of the night.

We had already had sex like a couple times.

Good night.

Before we were exhausted and he was dead asleep.


And, you know, I was just feeling in a God, damned giving mood Savage mood, and I woke up in the middle night to go pee, and I was like, you know, what would make my man?

Really fucking happy is if I give him a goddamn blow job, so, I get underneath the sheets and I just, you know, wake him up a little bit Cooper style.


And guys, he was so tired and out of it.

He wasn’t saying no, but he was like, babe, babe.

Oh my God, and I literally look at him and I push him down because he kind of like lean forward and I pushed him down and I was like, you’re gonna just lay there.

Don’t worry, close your eyes.

I’m going to do all the word but I’m pretty sure every guy listening to this is like I am going ring shopping right after the Sun.


That is what?

Okay, girls you have to understand.

There is something in a guy to obviously guys, like, like morning, sex some don’t, but they can be tired at times.

I said, guys, love blow jobs at all times, but they can be tired with a like, hold on.

I need a Innit.

If you tell them like, baby, babe, don’t worry, right?



They don’t have to pull your hair back.

They don’t have to look at.

Ya, literally lay there with your fucking eyes closed.

Let me do work.

Let me go to work baby.

That sounds so amazing.

It’s charity work over.


It is.

So girls.

I want you if you’re trying to think of ways to spice things up with your man, you know, wake yourself up in the middle of the night, set a fucking timer.


I don’t know what it is and just literally go down on your man and suck him.


Got him up here.

I At this because for the most part, I mean maybe this is like a generalization but guys are usually the ones initiating sighs.

Yeah, initiating stuff.

So just right away just you initiating it is.




And then you fucking surprising them when they least expect it.

I’m surprised like he didn’t come in your mouth.

The second, it got on a day.

Well, that exactly, this is another one.

I want to bring up.

I just have a couple examples.

Sorry if I’m like, gonna go on a little bit of a Cooper, ran a jobs, but I think I think I will be totally fine with it.



The second one is I really love to do this and it’s a little bit of a tease.

But before I get into the teasing part, I want to let everyone know.

Call her daddy does not fucking endorse blue balls.

Absolutely not we don’t but I was afraid I was gonna say unless they deserve it then give him a fucking sandpaper handjob.


Fuck that bitch, but we don’t endorse it if it’s like unwarranted.

So you’re gonna start by teasing him.

You go into a hangout.

And you verbally Express to the guy like, hey, babe, like I’m just so tired.

Can we just hang out like kind of make it clear?

You just like you’re not in the mood for sex.

Like I’m just really tired and verbally Express that.


Tim, you’re exhausted.

So the guy is like, okay, fuck me, whatever.

I guess, we’re not going to fuck tonight.

But whatever.

We’ll just watch a movie.

We’ll cuddle girls.

This is a huge opportunity for you to get a guy to be fucking infatuated with you.

Because if a guy gets in his mind that you’re not fucking, then all he can think about, About is fucking a guy, is some fucking manipulated and I’m fucking into their down, pour it, right?


Oh my God.

So this is what you do.

Your say, it’s a, you know, a cuddle session, you’re lying.

You’re watching movie, start rubbing like a little bit on his lower stomach chest area.

You’ve got your hand there and automatically like I said, when you tell the guy you’re not, you’re just tired babe.


He’s gonna be like, I know she’s not trying to fuck because listen guys and Mill punter.

Always says this, there are so many girls that are A big game, but they will not actually go in for oh, I want to fuck you like this.

I’m going to do this to you and then you show up and it’s like okay you talk a big game, but what the fuck?


You never initiate sex, you’re never trying to spice things up.

So this is something that you make them think.

Yeah, you’re going to totally catch him off guard.

So, again, hand on the chest.

I would suggest I love this move.

Use your pinky finger and your ring finger and kind of slide it in between their waistband.



I just kind of have it there and like, just like a little tease, but then, When a guy is naturally going to be like, okay, fuck her.


She’s just teasing me and they’re gonna get hard because you don’t be afraid to graze a dick.

A little bit out of fucking nowhere girls.

He’s probably going to get hard.

You were going to whip his dick out.


He is gonna be like, wait, what?

And you are going to initiate it?

Okay, we’re gonna literally whip.


Stick because when you have your hands kind of near their your fingers are in his waist, he’s his mind is going to be racing and you’re going to gently graze his dick and then you’re eventually going to fucking whip it out.



The point of this is a guy is going to actually be like this bitch is my bitch.

Now, because no guy is anticipating a girl to fucking whip this shit out.


So girls get after it go down suck his fucking dick and he’ll and no I’m not kidding.


You when milk Hunter was telling me a girl did this the other day the other day he was like, I’m not kidding you.

If a girl pulls this, she’s instantly getting invited over again.

Totally is.

Oh my God, Nicole back.


She initiated think he’s like, oh, he said, I am emotionally attached to a girl for at least a few hours as if she pulls this shit at least a few hours at least.


Well Okay, Sophia.


I talked to you about this.

Yeah, and you said you don’t do this?

Yeah, introduce you.


Nobody is good because I think a lot of girls don’t do this today.

I’m bringing you a new fucking thing because this shit needs.


Be happening.

What is it girls?

I talked to you about sucking dick and how every man loves it.

Why are girls not incorporating sucking dick and having sex?

Yeah, together right.

Girls are like, I’ll give him a blow job or I’ll start it.


They’re two separate entity or they’re like, oh, I’ll just do for play and then we’ll fuck.


No, this is my favorite one.


Okay, I truly believe this is the heart, stealer.

This is the soul.

Snatching, combating.

Make a guy fall in love with you.


Here we go.

Working every time.

So when you guys are fucking girls, you at one point, obviously, you’re ramping it up.

You’re going to be like, don’t stop.

Oh my fucking God.

I feel all of you.

Please keep fucking me.

Just like that whatever, you know, something obviously to get his blood racing.


While you’re fucking as your kind of into your mid-fuck.

I want every girl at some point to literally say, oh my God, you are making me.

So where I want to taste, how wet you make me?


So fucking hot fucking hot.


Yeah, immediately you’re going to basically disengage from sex and you’re going to start sucking his dick and when I tell you you’re going to start sucking his dick, you’re not going to be giving him regular head.

Okay, like you are trying to literally suck the wet come off of his dick, like your own wet cough.


Yes, like you are trying to get every last, right?

Fucking that Rob’s that you are nasty, bitch.

But now they’re gonna die.

Fucking bitch.

I promise you he will be in shock trying to just comprehend.

What’s happening, right?


Girls, when you say that line, you make me so wet.


I want to taste how wet you make me a guy.

Well, he may come right there, so fuck.

But that’s a huge one, guys, because I’m gonna be pissed off.

If after this every after this episode every daddy gang female member is not sucking, a dick, mid sex, ladies when you’re switching positions.


It is so important to.

Okay, for example, say he gets up and he gets on the edge of the bed.

Yeah, to fuck you like doggy.

Like you know how?

That’s a great position.

The minute you’re switching positions.

You should suck his dick.


I was going to ask.

How long should you be doing it?


Because it’s like, I feel like if you’re in the middle of sex and then sometimes a beer sucking and like, it comes off.

Like you’re giving a blowjob.

I know.

And the site’s is you don’t want to do it to fruition.



Such a great question.

Sofia, speaking for the massive nature.


Stop it.



No, that’s a great question.

So what you’re going to do?

Ladies is say you’re switching positions.

You are going to make eye contact with him as you’re crawling to the other side of the bed to like go meet him for your next position.

Make eye contact with him, put your hand on his peace.


And literally basically, do a quick, a quick version of the GLOCK GLOCK, like you’re going to start sucking his dick.

I contact ladies because at this point, your fucking your intimate.

You’re doing it.

Make eye contact, start sucking his dick lick up at, get it super wet.



Like, this is a good time to kind of make like a sound because you’re licking your asshole.

I’m like, yes.

Yes, Sophia, a goddamn guy and the student has become the master dude.

It’s true, because, like I said, guys sucking his dick and sex are two of them.


A man’s favorite things into different sensation.

So why not exactly.

Why not combine them?

A guy getting his dick sucked is a complete different.

The milk under literally says, half the time.

Sometimes I’m just tired.

I’m not in the mood to like have sex specifically, but I do it because I want to get my dick sounds like, but I am in the mood, I am in the mood and I want my dick.


Like, you know what, I’m really good at doing getting my dick sucked.

So I’ll fuck her fucking eyes.

So ladies that is my little tip for today is We should be sucking our guy’s dick mid-fuck, and it does not have to be long.


You don’t want to ruin the mood.

It’s literally like a little transition.

Yeah, you are just quickly getting after it.

Make it sloppy, make it wet or like spit on it and like have this bit kind of like be attached to your mouth and his dick and pull away and look up at him like all that sloppy shit.

And then he and then transition with like you can transition with a hot word or like it’s phrase to get back to fucking God.



Want you back inside me?

Like yeah, I’d be like boom early your back.

Back totally.

Uh, you’re back in the game.

I’m like picked.

I mean guys, I’m not kidding me.


Hunter literally said, you know, this sounds Alex.

I’m like listening to your job, The Sounds fucking hot because you had said you have never I mean I thought maybe yeah, but like, I’ve never done it like that and I’m about to I’m going to anyone, any takers one.


So yeah, let me know.

Alright guys, so beautiful.

I think that covers it.

I think that covers it.

Our next topic.

Hmm, FaceTime.

Sex damn.

How many people have we had?

Right ruin?

So many people.


It’s like I think because it’s such a fucking hardtop.

It’s it’s hard to do it.

Is this sure takes a level of confidence.

That’s pretty intense.

It’s try know.

All the daddies out there.

You guys can do this obviously fake it till you make it.


I’ll thank you.

Will you fucking make it?

So we’re here to give you the fuck and so many of you guys have written in, I’m in a long-distance relationship.

But what do I do?

How do I spice things up?

This is the this is a way.

If you’re gonna randomly FaceTime her and hope for FaceTime sex.



No, I think the guys need to text them.


Earlier in the day and be like, babe, like I’m thinking about you.

I’m so horny for you.

Like can we FaceTime later film and then girls can do the same two guys that can say, the exact same thing.

I’m really horny.

Can we FaceTime later or he’s?


Conveyed guys are, you know, ready to pull their dick out and jack off at any moment.

Yeah, and So girls, if you want, you can just like the surprise blow job.

You can do a surprise FaceTime sex situation.

Could FaceTime sex?



So let’s get into it.

So FaceTime fucking can be so hot because it kind of combines porn with real life.

Oh, it’s like, it’s, I like doing it on your phone.

So it feels like porn, but you’re doing it with your significant other.

So, it brings like a realness to it.


And it’s almost like your girlfriend is starring in like Go porn that you’re writing and directing or that whatever you just said was so beautiful.

That was like a thesis dude.

I know.

It’s so funny.

I never thought of it though.

I know that’s such a good point.

Like the girl can.


It’s basically this is like our time to be cam girls.


I know I’ve always been a dreamer.

I’m not even gonna lie.

There may have been a moment where I was like, should I?

I remember I had a guy approached me and he’s like, you will be making like three to six thousand dollars a session and it really best believe I pondered it.


Of course, I would.

People assume that FaceTime sex is like sexting.

It’s not it’s not at all.

I think during phase times x.

You talk less.

Yeah, then normal.


You know what?

I mean?

It’s way more of a big less than when you’re actually fucking.



It’s way more of a visual thing.

This is where you’re going to really show off your body.

Yes, for girls.

And this is directed to girls.


I’m going to say the confidence thing again.

We can’t reiterate it enough.

We’ve talked about the episode we talked about getting on top, right?


It Equestrian Girls, anyone none of us have the perfect body.

Okay, if you have confidence, that’s all that fucking matters.

I girls I can’t express it enough.

Like I don’t care if you’re like, oh I have that extra like winter chub or like I’m not feeling my best.


If you get in front of a camera and your fucking walking around like you’re the hottest fucking thing and touching herself.

No guy is looking right that extra whatever.

I just want to say right now the great thing about FaceTime.

I’m sex is like you’re usually going to be like laying on your back of your holding the phone, which automatically I feel like makes your body look so hot, you could and you’re in control of the goddamn camera.


Okay, this is how you’re going to start it.

First of all, okay, you’re going to start with lingerie on.


No, no.

Not even necessarily lingerie, but brought underwear or like clothes just like a little tank top with like no bra on and you’re going to give the guy the visual like this is about to go down.



I mean, I guess it could be fun to FaceTime who might be naked already, but I just say it.

A bit more build up.

Yeah, build up is better.

So you’re going to start with that and then I think you always start with your tits.

Do not rush it like teasing, pull down your tank top and this gives him, you know, the go ahead and plot your dick.


Grab your Jergens lotion.

And this is not get after it.

Then I would take off my bra and this is going to sound.

So studying, this might sound kind of weird, give it, but this guy thought it was the hottest thing.

You like, try to lick your own nipple.


You told me that before.

For he thought it which I do never know.

Was like, that’s so nasty and he was like, and if you kind of are doing that and you look up at the camera and you’re like, I’m like, I’m your slut, like, I’m being a slut for you.


It learning something every fucking Betty.


I am so basically, so you pull your tit up and you basically try and get like, I like doing it.

I know.

So that’s a good one girl.

That’s one thing you can do, then.

What I do is I start panning the camera down my body.

Yes, so I’m gonna like show him my tits again.


I’m going to Grab my tits.

Like, grab both of them like just it just makes it more like a tangible thing.

And then I’m going to kind of like put my hand and just start sliding it down my body and have a camera followed by the camera.

Follow my hand and also have underwear on and always have like my hand go into my underwear.


Yep, and then you’ll kind of just like play around and then it’s kind of hot to just move the underwear to the side.

This like this is also for sex to you.

I’ve had like a lot of guys say that they think that’s so hot if you just move your Underwear to the side, your light.

I just can’t wait for you to get inside of me.


Like we’re like, yes, you know, that’s a little Wayne song.

It’s like slipper panties to the stars or yeah, that’s a great one.

I agree.

I think.

Also, when you do go down with your camera and with your fingers and you slip it in there, have the camera, kind of, like, diagonal underneath your vagina.


So it’s like, yeah, well, Dairy virtual, right?

So, you’re not going to town yet.


No, you’re not.

So then I think you take off the underwear.

You kind of like Play-Doh yourself?

Yeah, and you’re still going to continue to play yourself.

You’re going to kind of rub your clit.

Yeah, and just keep it like that for a while.


You guys, you can’t rush this whole thing.

Like, that’s that’s what I need to emphasize.

You got to just kind of take your time with it.

I think that’s also the biggest thing like we had just said about the confidence.

I think there are a lot of girls out there that are like fucked.

Like, like you’re thinking about him.


Yeah, like, oh my God, does he would, is he gonna come or like should I just?

No, no.

No, you take your fucking tongue.


Make it.

Feel good for you and you all because he wants it also to be long.

Like yeah, guys, not like hurry up bitch.

No, he wants you to fucking marigny in that shift focus on pleasing yourself at the end of the day.


That’s what’s fucking hot.

Don’t just hurry and like, put your fingers in start with your clit.

Play with yourself.

So hot if you like start licking and like sucking on your fingers after and like be tasting yourself, yep, then you are going to put one finger in.



And toe.

He needs to see that visual.

That’s why sometimes I think it’s good.

I was going to say and I can die case when you’re first going in.

Yeah, handheld.

Yeah, you’re going to do one finger.

Then you’re going to go up to to end like really show him your fingers going.

Yeah, and you want it to be wet.

So if you need Lube or you need to spit like whatever, make sure it took hearing as if his dick is there, but your fingers.


Yeah, totally.

And also let’s incorporate the talking.

You don’t girls, you don’t really need to you can just you can just say things here and they’re like, oh I like I taste so good when your fingers are near my car.

By me but wish you were here.

Like I’m so aware.

Yeah, I wish I had your cock.


Yeah, just but you don’t need to be talking whole time and just obviously like naturally as you as you would be, doing.

If you’re masturbating on your own you will be moaning.

You like as you’re touching yourself.

It will kind of honestly come a little bit naturally while you just need to focus on the body individual.

Yes, and like the words usually will come along.



So for me, I think once you do the handheld and you take off your thong or whatever underwear you’re wearing, I I think that’s when you like lean forward, and you put the camera down and you’re like, I want you to watch me totally.

And that is when you get on the bed and get your fucking toy.


Well, I think they can both be hot.

The, there’s pros to both the other one.

It shows your whole body and like you can use both of your hands.

I think sometimes guys, like, when you’re holding the camera, because it’s more point of view, though, which is like, how poornima.

And then also it’s close up on yesterday.


Yes, you know.

Yes, so.

There’s pros to Bellows gonna say, we always talk about you’re gonna FaceTime sex more than once.

So try out multiple ways, get a vibrator, get a dildo.

Not, so if you’re trying to give this guy a fucking Tony award-winning production, I think they all are Sophia, and I think bringing in toy in is so hot.


I agree.

A vibrator a dildo.

Yeah, what have you?

And then I think you should incorporate the toy.

The same way you were with your fingers.

If you want to be a serious freak, you can like put a toy in your ass.

Yes, and then like keep using your fingers on your I was going to say.


Also I think if you want to be a freak, you can also like fuck yourself with the toy and then take it out and when your handheld bring the camera up and basically like suck on the toy as if it’s his back and they say for sure that’s really hot and it will be wet.


So he sees like you’re literally sucking the way he’s off of the toy.

Yeah, and then along with the dirty talk.

I just want to go back to that really quick.

I think this is a great time for you to ask questions.



Say like do you want to see this?

Like, it’s like, starting a bond like, yeah, like how hard are you?


Like, show me your cock.

And So, Right, Moves the camera to his day.


So I literally the, I think the best one for girls that don’t know what to say is literally like do you like that?

But yeah, it’s I think it’s so hot.


So then I think after a while of doing that you will say, okay, I’m going to come.


Yeah, like, do you want me to come?

Um, like this is like so fucking Like I’m so horny for you.

Like I’m thinking about you.

I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come for you.

Yeah, boom.

And I want us to come at the same time.


I’m gonna come.

Oh my God.

Yeah and be doing whatever I think also.


Like because when guys are just like at that point, you should be ramping up your speed of whatever if you’re using your finger or your toy, or whatever, and showing him, because then he’s going to be jacking off and totally, you could probably finish at the same time.


So that’s FaceTime sec.


I do think that initiating.

FaceTime sex.

For guys, this just occurred to me.

If you’re kind of wanting your girl to do that.

It kind of has to be on her own terms sometimes, but not all the time.

If you’re in a relationship and you’re dating, like and it’s you’ve done it a lot, then you can ask.


But like if you’re kind of new and starting to talk, I think it’s kind of like guys can’t but I think what they can do with similar to nudes where if you guys are faced timing and she’s like in her better, something be like, can I like kind of see like you can yeah to be like Oh, I can kind of see your bra strap.


And then if she doesn’t give you anything that you gotta lay off a dish, but maybe she will maybe she’ll buy just those guys really quickly Sophia.

What do you think is the best way for them to set up their camera?

I think they have to set it up.

I agree because I mean, they’re probably going to be using lotion.



And it’s an are probably going to vigorously be using one hand.

I agree.

And I also think for girls it’s there are some guys that would literally just hold the phone in one hand and jack off in the other eye.

I think it helps girls to also see like he’s hard.

He talking definitely like it’s like motivation, motivation, totally so girls guys, I really hope I mean, I think that’s a great basic start up of how to FaceTime sucked.


Have your little outfit on touch yourself, lick your fucking tit.

If you can, Sophia that one out of nowhere, they’re bigger than you guys.

Yeah, this week after go to you should be fun sex this week.

Oh, You pull it apart.

Yeah, so you guys maybe we’ll give you some more tips and tricks, but that’s what we’ve got for right now.


I like that a lot.


I want to get into story time.

I feel like we always do a good story time.

Do so Sofia and I were reminiscing and I want to also first say that on call her daddy.

I’ve had people I read, it’s very there’s not that many but there are some people that write in and legit.


They’re like, that’s not true or the haters are like it makes me worry.

Is so True.

And you know what?

We have footage we are buddy, and I think we’ll obviously we’re not going to release it.

But I do think like people we are never going to come on this podcast.

No make shit up ever.



No, so let me set the scene.

I was talking to this guy and he lived in LA and I had been talking to him for a little bit.

Thanks for getting a little serious and he had come to New York to visit me.

And then he was like, all right.

I want you to come to LA to visit me.




I was like, okay, so if he is coming and naturally For our flights.

Yeah, we let’s to address that before we go into.


I’m paying for flights.

Girls have written in and said, if a guy pays for my flight, do you think that I need to fuck him?



No, this is what I do.



Tell us every lessons.


They’re whores.

Know if a guy is going to fly me across the country to fly you anywhere.


Fly me anywhere.

I’m going to ask, do I have my own room?



I have my own bed because pretty much, if you Don’t.

And he’s like, we’re going to be sharing a rumor a bed.

Then you’re going to fuck him.

Absolutely dude.

That’s why it’s better to bring a friend, 1000 much for bringing a friend, like you have any like friends for her, whatever?


Because it’s like, they’re I like hot guys.

Be like, oh like no.

We can just share my bed like but like we won’t do anything bullshit bullshit.

It’s gonna put a pillow but yeah, hang out.

Yeah, so girls, if you are feeling pressured like the guy wants to fly you out which to anyone listening that’s never hurt like or heard of that, but they only Think prostitutes do that.


That is so fucking common for guys to offer to fly you out somewhere.

Shut the fuck up, but we go to La when we show up, we literally had no idea where we were staying was insane.

And safe.

House was crazy.

All right, so one night, they throw a party, which we had no idea what’s going to happen is so severe and I like, wow, this is dope.


Like this is really cool because there’s no House parties in New York.

So the party was great.


I was vlogging a little bit of the party.

We are at the party.


We go down to the movie theater room.

Yep, and we’re like chilling in there.

I remember this perfectly.


I was doing like an outro or something for back.

You’re like vlogging.

I’m just like kind of in the background hanging out and someone I remember vividly was like, Shylock is how can I become take shots girls?

And I remember we both, like, ran upstairs because we’re fucking alcoholic.

Yeah, we run upstairs.


We’re taking shots.

Yeah, sauce forward to our way home.

Oh Rama, my God.

We are on the plane.

Alex and I and actually I always go through my footage.

Are sitting next to each other.

We’re going through her footage.

We’re just like sitting there kind of like, clicking through it and like louder sudden.


We hear like moaning horn, a straight-up porno, and I’m like, what?

I’m like, Alex.


Well, I mean guys, if you’ve ever seen any movie, like I’m like, literally talks on the camera.

I’m a good fuck guys.


When I tell you I’m looking at the clip of me when I was doing my Outro, I start fast-forwarding, cause I’m like, why is this clip so long, right?

Lo and behold?

Oh, my God, two people.

After we left the movie theater room.


Walk into the goddamn fucking movie theater.


They shut the door behind them, you guys and they start going at it, like, fucking rabbits, and that’s not the crazy part of the story.

No, it’s not.

It was one of the few famous people at this fucking party.

So let me just so I can imagine yourself.


Yes, on the fucking plane back.

Back to New York.

We have a camera and I am watching a fucking celebrity fuck on my goddamn.

Fuck camera of an actual porn of a famous at her side.

And it’s the craziest thing guys.

You, I wish I could have logged our reaction because Sofia and I on that goddamn plane.


We we didn’t know to do.

I mean I’m like to be silent.

We what are we doing?

I think that’s the most fucked up thing you can do, but you better believe.

I was like, how much money could get for this is Sophia.

And I We are friends with those guys in Allah and their friends with that person.

Absolutely didn’t want to fuck them over.


So Sofia and I’ve been keeping his souls.

He could be like, this is really the first time we’ve talked about.

This is the first time we ever not have.

I think one day we’re going to release this name again, if we get to a million subscribers or a million some shit.

Yeah, dude, but I need guys.


I think that was just one of the things things we wanted to share with you.

It’s like you can’t make this shit up on caller, Daddy.

I make this shit up and also it’s so crazy.

Alex is vlog.

Camera because we haven’t had anything even as close as crazy as this happen on your blog account.


But like crazy, Alex will sometimes leave that thing on and like we’ve liked her we like over her people kind of talking about us.

Like you kind of seen eyes when I blog at party.


I don’t think I’m just vlogging myself and I’ll leave that shit in rooms and like, yeah, we’ve had girls one time, literally talk shit about Sophia.


And I have it on my fucking camera.

It’s kind of like a pain.

It’s kind of insane.

So, all I get from this is, I gotta keep vlogging.

And all I’m getting from this is people to literally are not gonna want to hang out with us so fewer.

No, we’re gonna get fucking Rich one day because we’re going to expose a celebrity say how we will, but guys it was so wild.


It was that footage is in our apartment was just so funny like us on the plane and I swear to God, like the lady next to us.

We had to sit there and watch the whole.


I just turn the volume down.

Wow, and this lady next to us.

I swear to God, she was watching it guy like look so uncomfortable.


And I was like, honey, you you know who this is.

I know.

I know who this is.

And we’re gonna watch her.

Name them.



Holy shit.


Story time for this week.

I hope you guys it.

Love that one.

All right.

Let’s get into questions our favorite time of the year.

So this is just a, quick little story.


One time my best friend and I were in the car with these two guys, and we decided to have a little competition and we started sucking their dicks.

To whoever could come first one Alex.

Have we ever done something?

I don’t believe we’re not even that close.


So two girls two guys, one car.

They’re both sucking the deck.

Okay go so they’re doing a race to see who can get the guy.

Operated on first.

Well, who’s ever doing the cluck-cluck?

9000 your winning first.

Well, kudos to you.


A duel name a better do all.

We really all right, you go.



This is from a girl.

Can you guys talk more about porn masturbating for girls?

What should we be watching?

Is it normal to watch porn with your boyfriend?

Is a weird to be attracted turned on by girls in porn.

If you’re not even a lesbian is needed.


Number one, watch porn with your boyfriend.


That is not weird.

That’s so hot, and so fun.

And you guys are going to both get horny and have sex with each other.


My main point though, however is I don’t know if a lot of girls know this listening, but sometimes the hottest thing to watch is girl-on-girl and that’s four straight girls, dude.


I watch girl in court girl.

You watch.

Girl, needs and watches it, like, and it’s just hot to watch because honestly porn is geared towards men.


So, you know what?

I mean?


So there’s this website that actually, my friend told me about bellezza be ele.

É esse.


It’s not an ad.


No, this is not enough.

You guys, I wish you were so amazing.

This is a website and it’s porn geared towards women.

You guys, it’s just like stuff that girls love that girl.

Even if you’re not watching girl-on-girl porn, give it a try because it’s really fucking great.


And it’s because girl, who knows a girl’s vagina better than a girl.

You said it, you said it beautifully.

So when your significant other ask for the number of people that you slept with, do you tell the truth or do you lie?

Why do we have to keep answering them?

Oh my God, you don’t fucking why do you don’t tell them you say?


After really immature question and that’s not something I want to get into and we shouldn’t have to moving on.

If they won’t leave you alone.

You lie.

Lie lie.

How much like what number should they lie though?

I ordered less fucking less.

What if it’s like, okay, like two people know, no one fucking say to obviously it’s better.


They like four to five and guys be like 10 lie to his face.

If you want me to do, if any call her daddy person listening ever.

Asks again.

What someone’s number is you’re not a daddy gang member because that is just Guys, you can’t be that insecure and immature it comes off weird.

Just don’t ask and you’re not going to get the honest answer.


So you’re asking to be lied to your face again.


Okay, the next one is who this is weird.

This guy thought it was so hot and he was slapping my boobs back and forth.

So hard over and over yelling.

Yeah, you like that and he kept trying to stick his entire hand in my vagina.


I had to kick him out awful night.

That sounds like the worst off the Facebook.

I’ve ever fucking hurt.

I don’t know why it’s funny, popping my tits back and like trying to like stick his forearm.

Literally, what the fuck sounds terrifying.


Oh, can I read this one really quick?

This is about read receipts guys.

I just want to really lay this out really quickly because I know I told everyone that listens to call her.

Daddy should have their read receipts on when they’re talking to the opposite sex.

Someone said, do you have to turn on your read receipts immediately when you start talking to a guy or a girl I will I’m now on.


But am I I’m fucking with this guy right now.

I’ve been texting for a while, but I haven’t had them on.

Is it too late?

Daddy gang?

It is never too late to turn your read receipts on.

If anything, it’s better that it’s out of nowhere.

A lot of people ask me.


Well, what do I do?

If they confront me about it?

Listen to me girls and men, if they ask you, why you turned it on?

First time over text, you completely ignore the question and you just keep the convo going without answering, like, oh, like I’m on my way to the gym.

What are you up to?

Literally, come?

You are completely ignoring them, if they ask you again.


Why did you turn your read receipt on?

You’re going to hit them with something short and make them feel insecure.

You’re literally going to text them, lol.

Relax, like what are you up to?

Whenever I tell a guy to relax, they immediately feel insecure.

It’s like, oh, relax.

What are you up to girls and men?


You do not answer when someone asks you.

Why you read receipts on?

They do not need to know that information because if, as far as they’re concerned, it could be for someone else.

They don’t need to know.

Yeah, so girls men, turn your read receipts.

On but it is never late to randomly do it.

And when they ask, you’re not fucking answering them, never too late.


Okay, I fucking love that question.

Is there any way to recover from a drunk text snap or DM you guys?

You said it once and we’ll see it again.

You are one with the Lord the next day.

If you drunkenly sent this person, something you do not acknowledge it.


That’s the worst thing you can do is the next day being like, Oh my God, sorry.

Like I was so hammered.

I think they’ll be able to tell by all the Dispelling.

Absolutely fucking exclamation.

Like Sofia said, guys, you’re one with the Lord birds are chirping that church.

I think it’s so good.


If a girl or a got, well, usually it’s mostly girls because we’re fucking emotional shit.

But like if you send that embarrassing, crippling text ladies the next day you can if even if you have like 10 texts to him from the night before you can just hit him up.

Hey, babe, look, what’s up.


But yeah and then handing it over high and you may look fucking crazy and you know what guys?

Love their families.

So there you go.

So it works really don’t feel like you can’t literally go right back at them that morning and pretend like you didn’t do shit.

Yeah, boom.


Boom guys more.


No, I think that’s it.

I have one.

Okay go I have my last one and I just want to address this because it breaks my heart.

This girl said I have never come before.

Why and how listen to me.

I know that there are girls listening to this that never have you can and you will These girls need to get it out of their heads that a guy’s going to come by and he’s gonna do it for them.


No girls.

You need to get to know your own body.

Know yourself spend time a girl, like you doesn’t happen right away.

You should get yourself a couple toys and every week you should be trying a new toy trying a new thing.

Like we said, watch a longer length or get at your salon.


And when you can do it yourself is when you can also do it with a partner again, but with yourself first, I was going to say I think a lot of times because if Owls have never come.

You guys are overthinking it in your heads and you’re laying there and you’re like, okay, it’s gonna happen.

No, I relax, you gotta relax.


Stop putting so much pressure on it.

So what so it still feels good and if you don’t like having orgasm like tomorrow, still a fun time exactly.

So relax.

Try different stuff.

Get lube.

Get a toy boom, and it will happen.

That’s right, baby.

Okay guys, that is episode 18.


Wow, that’s fucking amazing.

I need to get out of this room because I’m Judith.

Well, Fucking hot in here, bully.

Both have moved on again.

Merch, always plug.

If you guys have not gotten call her daddy merch.

It’s so sick.

I’m sorry.

Well and let me just tell you like I all I do is wear hoodies.


So I promised you I would not make you guys or ask you guys to get.

Yeah, I wouldn’t tell you guys to get something.

If I didn’t fucking love it.

We’re coming out with the degrade me hoodies, which I, I can’t fucking wait for it.

So just go to Barstool go to call her daddy and go to shop and will be Gucci film.



Is there anything else?

Any other?

Housekeeping things, we love you.

I’m sweating.

I’m sweating.

I’m gonna pass out.

I was really about to pass out.

Our producer is going to come get us at.

I’m going to be literally on the floor, right?

All right, guys, we owe the Facebook group.

We are working on it guys.

We are trying as hard as we can to accept people.


Just bear with us.

We’re trying to keep an exclusive group.


We love you, Daddy.

We love you so much.

Every goddamn thing.

Let’s do this.

Peace out.

Daddy gang.

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