Call Her Daddy - 19 - Men, Talk Nasty to Us


Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

What’s up, guys?

It is call her Daddy back at it again for another episode.

It’s freezing.


Oh my God, my toes actually hurt.


And I were walking to work today and it’s 8 degrees.

So that’s cute.

We were walking to work today.

We saw this woman and like the parka that goes all the way down to your ankle and I’m like, I know that’s not fucking cute, but I low-key want one.


It’s a walking sleeping bag.

Yeah, he might get it and it just, I want one.

So we’re freezing in New York, and I noticed Today said to Sophia, that there were a lot of people that were writing into us being like, Oh my God, guys, like are you?

Hi because of your neighbors.


Because into our past episodes, we always got high for free from our neighbors blazing up outside and that’s not the case anymore, guys.

It’s winter.

No, there’s actually something much much, much more intense that happens in our apartment that we want to tell you about, because you guys are always intrigued by the fucking trash that we live.


Our ratchet ass apartment guys.

The heater the heater I okay.

It was so bad that Alex had a highlight reel called title key term water wars because the heater in our apartment is so insane guys.


We moved in.

And the first time I actually started to hear this.

It was terrifying.

It literally sounds like some Darth Vader.

Coming out of hell, guys.

I was documenting every night.

I’m like crying in my bed.

Like there’s someone coming into the apartment because it sounds terrifying.


Sounds like someone grabbed it.

Barbie like, entered into our apartment and is trying to just like they’re like, hitting the walls and murder us.

There is a guy that was staying over, and we were dead asleep and he, like, shot up from the bed and was like someone’s breaking and entering Sofia like, oh my God, I was like, no, no, let’s just the heater and he’s like, what are you talking about?



Tell you, it is so loud that Alex has three sound machines.

People think it’s so funny.

It sounds like she’s sleeping in a wind tunnel.

No guys, if anyone wanted to wake me up in the My room, you couldn’t because I haven’t actually more like, I pounded on your door, trying to wake you up before I’m like, God forbid.


There’s ever a fire because homegirl homegirls dead.

I have like, five sound machines and whatever, but let’s talk about what happened the other weekend.

The Moose.

Oh, the Moose, my God, how do we make this?

Like, I wish we could insert like this emu.

This is gonna be a not funny segment of the podcast.


I know we always keep it like that.

I’m funny.

Fucking fuck.

This is fucking terrifying.

Yeah, our roommate.

Has a moose, like a stuffed animal news in her room.

I just realized when you said, our roommate has a moose.

Do you remember when she was texting us will get into it in the story.

But when she’s texting us, my mousse is missing.


We’re like your moose.


Are you talking about your move?

Like she wants to go on a hot body.


She’s fucking high.

So yeah, Lauren has a moose in her room and one night were all a slit, like, we’re going to sleep.

It’s like midnight and Lauren text the group taught.


And she’s like, guys, My mousse that has been missing.

I just found it and it is on the fire escape.

We were both like Lauren.

What are you talking about?

Like you found your missing moves acrylic?

What the fuck finally Sophia?

She’s like no guys.

I’m like really upset and freaked out.

You need to come out here and Sophia and I like, okay.

Wait, what the fuck?


So we get up and we go into Lauren’s room going to, Lauren’s room and she like peels back the curtain from her window and all the sudden out on the fire escape.

Her mousse is like strategically placed on the ledge, like just stand there.

It’s staring literally.


Directly into her window.

Her Musa staring at her, from the fire escape, right?

Like that means just so we can like, all be on the same page.

That means that someone had gotten on the fire escape crawled into her room from the window walked across her room.


Grabbed the moose and took it outside and placed it on the ledge just to fuck with us.

Like it was nothing.

I have no need to because first of all nothing was missing like Lawrence shit like she had Cash in there.

She had laptops.


Like she had a lot of shit in that room.

Nothing was missing.

Literally someone just wanted to fuck with us.

It was the creepiest thing.

Guys were going to release a picture on call her daddy because we’re not fucking making this up.


I felt the worst war because it’s her room.

It’s really fucking scary.

So we’re Le stories were moving soon.


Yeah, Alex.

Hashtag blessed the apartment.

I have something.

I want to tell all of our female, Daddy’s and every man, listening will be happy that I’m bringing this one up.

Putting the dick back.

And who?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

This is like, okay, guys, girls so many times.


The man is the aggressor.

He’s one initiating sex.

He’s going for it.

There is nothing hotter.

Hmm then if his shit comes out during set, sorry if his dick, I’m not saying shit if he’s dick comes out mid-fuck.

If a girl takes the initiative and grabs that thing and puts it back in so hot a guys will fucking Love you, girl, because the thing is, it’s like, I think a lot of girls don’t know what to do in those situations.


If you shove it back in and you’re like, I that shows a guy I want this.

Yeah, I need that.

You were fucking me so good.

That that is like I need it.

Put it back in.

I’d give you more right?

I think sometimes girls get like awkward and they’re like, oh my God, this is awkward at fell out.



It does not eat already.

You can turn it same thing with a queen.

Yeah, you can turn this shit.

That is usually awkward into something fucking hot.


Say it again if you queef your Say.

Oh my God, like you and me.

So wet or that’s how I know.

You’re fucking me, right?


Like keep going.

Yes, this thing you are going to be like, I need you back inside me like that guy.

Oh my God girls.

I don’t think you can understand it enough like to a guy.

It’s like, holy shit.

She’s fucking theming for my dick, guys are always initiating ever.

Always got to put it back in and they’re always like yeah, this on a girl’s end.


Daddy’s I want every daddy.

The next time that thing fucking comes out.

You are shoving it back in there.

Oh my God just fucking charity work.

I also this like is reminding me when you’re about to have sex and he’s about to put it in, like, if he’s kind of struggling.


I know sometimes girls just, like lay back and like, let him like, put your fingers on there and spread your lips.


I think it’s hot.

Yeah, I think it’s, you know, taking a little initiative or sure.

I also think sometimes, like girls get all awkward when they’re laying there and if it’s not going in, or if it’s not wet enough or something.


First of all, Girls, like your fucking fingers and put it down there, and get it wet or, and also help him out.

Like, I don’t understand.

It’s a teamwork make or what.

Is it?

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.



So totally girls get a little initiative.

Yeah, and because guys will fucking love that be like, holy shit.


She’s and that’s amazing.

That’s showing you want it to Daddy’s.

Daddy’s daddy.

Oh, Daddy, there are so many social media do’s and don’ts and we, I mean, we love you to death and Alex might have been there, but we just To all get on the same page and there are some things I need to go hide a queen of everything that we’re about to talk.



So let’s just get right into it.

First thing is first is girls need to stop avoiding thirst trap.

When I say that, I’m saying that embrace it, if you’re posting it a shot at it shot, a bikini shot fucking rocket.

I don’t want to see girls know hosting the fucking Gandhi quote, when I like, do not disrespect Gandhi like that.


Do not disrespect to my God.

These girls are half naked.

And are putting some like deep deep a shit philosophical quote.

And I like, knock it off.

Put it in.

Put a fucking Emoji in your caption.

Ya gotta exactly girls.

Arthur strop is a thirst trap and we got it embrace it.


Poet up in 2019 and own that shit.

Okay, guys, I probably did this ten times worse than anybody on the gram.

The fucking drunk party pics or party snow.

I would die to be able to see Behalf of this actually.


No, I wouldn’t want to see this shit that I posted a college, but you absolutely can have like some pictures of you drinking alcohol here and there like you party what, right?

It’s when every single picture is you with like a shot and like a beer in one hand.


And like you look fucking trash.


Yeah, your vagina’s hanging out and you’re like about last night, like know, your weave is like hanging on by a thread of you, but you were baking cookies last night and you’re a Wholesome.

Bitch, like ends up looking trashy and to a guy as much as you think I was like, oh she must be cool as fuck.



Don’t really want to fuck around with the girl that I’m getting fucked up.

I always see the girl that gets fucked up every night.

Just don’t show anyone out.

Those are just pigs though the snaps, this snaps your stories.

Let me tell you, ladies less is more.


Absolutely, if you are trying to make a guy or girl jealous it, you’re not going to accomplish that by basically.

Basically letting them see your entire night unfold on Snapchat.

You need to be fucking sketchy as shit.

You post a pre with like at the pregame with your girls are out the pregame with your boys and then you never post yet.


So they know you’re going out.

They have no idea where you are.


I love how you said post something sketchy.

Like, post yourself in an Alleyway and the dark make him really wonder what the fuck.

You’re up the drug snaps.

Just in general when people go to a concert.


My friend was my friend was in Vegas and Drake was performing.

And when I say that I heard passion fruit.

I heard every song the whole Take Care album.

Now, you heard it.

So yeah.


I don’t know.

I can just I can pull him up on Spotify.


I don’t need to hear this shitty.

Like I you don’t need to fill in the hole.

You you Sofia you were basically in Vegas at the concert.

Why should he is controversy?


Because the shittiest quality.


So people I texted my brother I It was like a few months ago and he went to a concert.


He was doing that.

I texted my said knock it off.

Knock it off.

Yeah, what is that shit bottle service.

We are going down the line right now.

I’m like if I mean guys, okay.

Oh, I was such a bottle rat.

Oh a second like the bottle 1942 the second a bottle of Dom showed up.


I was shaking like a soft to go on my story.

It’s so embarrassing.

No, every fucking girl is Snapchat.

The bottle service that was not even paid for.

It’s from a fucking promoter.

It’s either a promoter or it’s an old-ass, man who they needed hot girls at his table.


That story is, you didn’t pay for it.

It’s like what are you bragging about?

Right promoters?

Okay, Alex.

I mean, I don’t want to shit on them because we have some friend.

No, I just so funny because never have I met a promoter who has said he’s a promoter unladen like a group of like seventeen year old girl that he’s about to get into the club like in the daytime.


He’s not a Moto like, you know, I’ve got this like business, right?

And it’s like, and then I also do real estate and I’m also like, I’ve got some properties.

It’s like, you get your a promoter either promoter or drug dealer and I hope it’s the latter.

That’s just what it is.


Oh, it’s true.

The guy that I actually just went to visit.

I brought this up to him and he was like when I get a bottle, I literally tell them do not dare.

Come to my table with the sparklers and shit.

I just want the fucking bottle that I’m paying Joan to the presentation, right?

Like right, discreetly power.


Pass me the bottle.

That’s so hot.

So hot so hot when you fucking act like you’ve been there before Alex, you said this the other day and that phrase has stuck with me.


Like you’ve been there before, your daddy’s, I say this all the fucking time.

This is our new motto.


Act, like you’ve been there before whenever you’re thinking about posting something.

For example.

Oh, let’s talk about, listen.

It’s okay to occasionally post a flex, but when I see you taking a picture, Of, I don’t know your new nails and it’s in front of your Mercedes.


But you know, what is probably a five month lease and you’re in the fourth month and you’re about to have to get rid of it, or it’s your fucking neighbors.

You’re like him, Stephen.

Can I take a pic in your car, guys?

The, the flex is our.


Or it girls that are like, uh, I love my Moksha.

And there is a perfectly placed Chanel bag.



His own it.

Like you had talked about when you see people and their front row and they’re trying so hard to show your front row.

So they like pan up their phone.

Like your Courtside and they like show their pee on the gore and it’s like Pam the phone up.

Big like that.


Hey also guys, how many times is this stuff?

Just like you said with a Mercedes.

It’s not even something you purchase.

It’s so true.

It’s a gift that your sugar daddy.

Got you.

Oh my God.

Fucking sugar.

Daddy, dude.

I need to tell the Daddy’s what my friend told me.


My friend has been dating a guy for a couple months now.

And I would say he is a A septuagenarian man because he is he is in his 70s.

All right.

I like how old is she?

She’s in her 20s.

He’s in his seven loves that for her has a prune dick.


You eat?

His ass is all wrinkles.

They’ve been dating for a while.

True love.

But the amount of shit that this guy buys her is insane.

Like she will send me pictures of It, new Chanel bags, like, Hermes like anything.

And I’d like me getting low key jealous and I still want a fucking sugared.


I was gonna say, so, Where are Sugar?

Daddy’s Eyes?

Yeah, so he’s in buying her all this shit and, like, sending me pictures and the other day.

She’s like, so if you you have no fucking clue, what I just found out, he gave her a Birkin.

Oh, okay, same.

She was just she like, took it out shopping whatever and she noticed like it’s harder to easily rip on the inside which a fucking Birkin does not easily rip on the inside.


So she was like what the hell?

She took it to the store.

She took it to the store and the fucking sales.

Clerk was like, this is the fake bag.

I have ever seen in my entire life.

Oh, what obviously shouldn’t say that intense, but the lady was like, I’m suspicious fake.


I’m sorry, ma’am.

This is a fake bag.

My friend goes home.

She’s like, looking through all of her shit because this guy has gone her like jewelry, Greta and like, all of it.

She’s pretty sure it’s fucking fake.


She is fine.

King a wrinkly small wiener hole that he can barely get it up and all that shit.


She’s been fucking for his fake.

Just have a dead.

He’s a dead man, having like Viagra parties with this old man.

Like it’s all fucking fake.

I’ll face any girls listening on.

Call her daddy.

That have a sugar daddy.

You better be making sure goddamn well, but that shit is fucking real.


You’re not fucking for fictional baby.

No, no more fucking for real Chanel and real Perkins.

So when He dies.

We can go and trade it in and get cash.

Match it.

Like what?

Like what I thought shit.

What the fuck?

So brilliant.

I know I need a sugar daddy first, though.

Taking all increase.



Well, they probably don’t even screams.


Okay, that’s crazy.

That’s fucking I’m rattled.


So here we go.

It’s like every episode where name dropping and I’m waiting for someone to bomb us and be like you’re fucking done, but I’m gonna do it because I don’t really give a shit.


Alright, I’ll give you a call.

We’re back at it again.

Once again, what pisses me the fuck off about her is the delusion, Olivia has her assistants take videos of her where she appears to be completely unaware that they are filming her, and then they go.


And they are posting these videos on her story with captions that make it seem like.

Again, she has absolutely no idea that they had her phone and they are Posting these videos on Instagram like oh, hey.

So really the truth is that Olivia is posting these videos and then she’s trying to play it off like she had no fucking cryo like they take videos of her while she’s sleeping and they’re like Olivia’s tired from her nap and it’s on her own fucking Channel X.


Can you imagine if I put on my fucking story like Sofia is just so tired to face sleepy time.

Can you imagine?

Like and there was just a video of you.

On your bed and it’s like Sophia, you literally, no idea.

No one has your password imagining you like filling out the gym and be like Sophia is getting after today.


I’m putting it on my own fucking.

It’s like the third-person thing and I’m like, Olivia everyone fucking knows that no one has the password to your fucking phone and nobody is throwing up a story without your consent.


You are typing that captionsync sleepy time for Olivia guys.

I know your story can only be in first person.



Alright knock it all third.

In stories.

Not get the fuck.


Anytime you try to have a candid.

Anything on your own stories.

No, look.

She’s acting like someone stole it.

Stole her phone.


Knew her password was able to record her when she wasn’t expecting.


It was able to throw it up on her story without her seeing.

And she happens to look like a goddamn Beauty.


I remember one was in Vegas and she was like a crook like a little far away from the camera and she was like, partying and she was doing something with a champagne glass and her assistant, whoever the fuck is.

Unis videos zoomed in on her and was like, oh my gosh, like this girl knows how to have so much fun.


I do understory.

I’m like, Olivia, you ran across the pool, took the phone looked at it and you’re like, wait do it one more time.

And then she is capturing it being like Olivia knows how to have fun Olivia stop by and I don’t want people to feel like we talk show on her Alex.


We’ve talked about this for Olivia.

We just want you to be a sabot.

Yeah, you’re so hot.

So hot that it’s like I want you to treat Danny Amendola like shit right now and I want you to be shady and I want you to fucking shave your vagina and make him think you’re cheating.

Like we want you to get fucking crazy, but I don’t want you to put these stories.


I want you to post a story.

That is like I am a badass bitch.

I’m so fucking hot Olivia, own it and be holding the champagne and be like, I’m about to get fucked and I will know actually don’t say that but like own it.

I think the thing we have the issue with her is but like I just had the delusion, you know, you are being filmed Olivia.


Well, I mean, you’re not asleep.

There’s there.

Away, and you just handed her her your phone and you unlocked.

And you said, okay, do it like this angle?

Her stories are pretty rough.

They are.

Okay, let’s talk about sex.

Um, I know you guys have been all waiting for this part of the episode stretching because I’m about to get fucking dirty beaten.


I’m excited.

Okay, so mostly girls actually have been like, how do I get my man to talk during sex?

And this one?

It’s real close to home for Alex.

Yeah, you pretty much de de de musique de.


That’s exactly what I was gonna say.

I dated him you and it was fun and it was Now I’m getting those fucking horrible guys.

I always tell Sofia I would look up at him while we’re fucking and he, I’d be like, yeah, babe, you like that one and he’s just like and I like, dude.


I did come back in there to wear like you’re doing it and you have no idea, right?

You got any with no clue if they’re even into it.

They’re disgusted.

They’re asleep, if they’re awake.

He’s just going to pound town and you ask him questions and there are times that my ex would literally just be like, yeah.


I’m like Okay, so I guess I’ll just go fuck myself alone.

It’s like you’re having sex by yourself.

So it’s getting guys to speak up and bad.

So huge because this is the thing it’s harder for guys to talk during sex and girls girls can be like, oh my God, like you’re making my pussy’s so wet.


Meanwhile, the guys like yeah, same my dick is wet from your pussy, like you don’t, I mean it’s harder for them.

So I think my first go-to line I want to give two guys is literally just saying the word fuck.

I know it’s short and simple.

But just that can make a girl know you’re fucking turning your turned on and you’re enjoying yourself.


I know it’s such as shortly.

You know what I mean?

When I hear a guy, even if it’s under his breath, say the word fuck.

While we’re having sex or like when he just puts it in ya it is the biggest turnoff.


I don’t know how to describe it.

But when I hear a guy say the word fuck it just does something to me.


So when you’re fucking bitch if it does something to me, it will probably do something to her.

All right, this is huge and this Isn’t even dirty.

Okay, a guy telling a girl that she is hot while he is fucking her and I know it sounds.

No, that’s so underrated.


You guys don’t understand.

Girls get in their head so much.

Yeah, and if they hear you, give them one compliment to say.

You look so fucking hot right now and then the girl feels hot.

Yes, and then she feels super comfortable to go anything.


She’s an actress.

She’s gonna throw it back in your face and squirt on your face.

And booted on your face, if you’re into that, you know what I mean?


No, absolutely.

I was going to say like I think like the whole like fuck baby, you’re so hot a girl is going to.


Like, we’ve always said in the past, if you reinforce her with some positive reinforcement, she’s gonna get fucking nasty.

Yes, and she’s gonna slap your cock all over her face and put it in there and rub it around and squirt on you.

Like that’s just the goal.


If it guy is telling you that I’ll yeah.


Well, we’re fucking I want to ride his dick that much.

Harder film.

Oh God you stallion.

I think another one is like just saying like the whole you’re so you’re so wet.

Like, oh my God, babe.

You’re so wet like a girls like fuck.


Because you’re fucking me, right?

And then it just mutual thing.


What do you feel?

How do you feel at the slut?

You’re my ears lot before we see the slut?

Okay, telling a girl how tight.

Oh, I think I got an award.

I like that.

That’s a huge when you feel so tired.

Like your pussies like gripping my car.



Wow, I’m a fucking Master, a poet.

You didn’t know, you know, what surprise do.


No, I like that one.

A lot.

Yeah, guys.

Compliment how wet she is compliment.

How tight she is going back to the whole flat thing.

How do you feel if a guy um, like your first buck was like, you’re a fucking slut.


I’m not even gonna lie to you.

I think that if he just straight up called me a slut while we were fucking for the first time.

I’d be like, all right, I’m gonna pack my bags might Uber’s, oh my God, I gotta go.

No, I think, listen guys.

It’s a weird thing but it’s like it’s got to be on our terms.


Yeah, I get to call myself a slide.

Not you, you can say, hey, call me a slut exact, and then I can call you one.

But out of nowhere.

It’s just like, at least in this one.

Yeah, once you guys are comfortable.


Those are comfortable.

The fucking freak.

Oh, yeah.

With me, in the face, with your deck and call me before why even guys can start saying seven.


I know, with the whole me to movement, Etc.

Guys are like a little bit scary, but once you’re comfortable, the girl, Once you gives you the okay, you call a girl, a whore and she’s like, oh fuck I’m gonna fuck you harder.

Some x-rated shit guys.


So now that we’ve given you the basics wet, the tie everything.


Let’s give them some more x-rated content.

I think this is more.

If you’re into kinky sex and you have, like I said, the submissive situation.

Because listen, I one of those girls.

Like, I think it’s so hot when a guys like a little bit of Dom.



And we’re that means dominant.


Yeah, and and if he takes charge, Jenny like kind of takes control of me in the bedroom.

I think that’s hot.

I think it’s hot too.

So I think the what do you think?

It’s like a good one?

That’s like really out there.

Give them something that they’re going to be stuck at than the panties.

Yeah, I think for guys something really, really raunchy they can say is like, you’re just a whole you are just a hole for me to fuck.



You’re just a whole you’re just the whole bitch.

Brilliant, just straight.

Brilliant, beautiful.

Poetry that appears on her game.

That’s an intense.

You’re just a hole for me to fuck.


Oh, are you know what’s really fucked up and twisted things?

I’ve heard.



And do is if they’re into that whole role-playing thing saying, you can’t even make me come.

Oh my God to the girl.


I love that because in that I’m like, oh my God.



That guy’s, if you say, you can’t even make me come personally, obviously, like, it’s got to be this, right, girl, but a lot of girls As would take that as a challenge, I’m like, oh, oh, you think I keep my God, if you’re the girl, you look up at him and you’re like, I’m just going to get bigger slut though.


That’s all we talked about it.

Last episode you pull out and you suck his dick.

I go right at him with the Cooper, special flip them over.

Let’s go beer, the booty hole.

Oh, we gotta talk about money to have somebody talk about that.

But um, and then I think obviously if you are comfortable at the girl just saying you’re like you’re a whore.


Like you’re my slut.

Like, yeah, you’re a slut for me.

I love the possessive Twist on.

I think that can be really.

I really like that, too.

And then I think also just asking questions, guys.

You just saying, like, do you like that?

Like, are you going to take all of me?

Like, tell me?

Oh, I think the tell me.


It’s mine can be hot.

If you’re fucking say, you’re fucking her from behind.

You’re like holding her hair back and you kind of like pull her hair and make her like Turner had to look back at you.

And he’s like, tell me it’s mine and she’s getting fucked from behind and she said it’s yours.

What’s yours?

Yeah, like take all of me to like, do you like that?


Are you gonna take all of me?

And she’s like, yeah, I want you all inside me and you just squat down on his dick, get your squats and girls, guys.

This is just shit that you say with words.

These are phrases you can use unless you’re just using the singular word.

Fuck, which is always amazing.



If you don’t want to if you’re feeling a little hesitant, that’s fine.

Yeah, that’s totally fine.

But I want to hear something.

Come out of your mouth, please.

Mon runt, I don’t care what it is.

It is not fun.

When you are having sex with a guy and you have no idea if he’s enjoying and you can’t hear anything.


Coming out of his mouth.

Commute is not fun to fuck.

I’d rather be with my vibrator my lube and having a great fucking time on my own.

It really turns me on and it gives me motivation.

Yes, when I hear a guy kind of Moaning grunting, I can tell that it feels amazing.

Doesn’t it turn you on so much with that said with the whole moaning hang and I wanna talk about Paris for a second, the infamous Paris trip.



Everyone wanted to know what happened.

If you guys didn’t know, I have a vlog where I met a guy and he was hot as shit, but something sexually went wrong.

When you came home from Paris and you told me the story, I couldn’t breathe for the next four hours.


Because it was the funniest realist.

Should I heard?

This is what we want to call Paris, boy.

Equals the seizure face, the seizure, the male sexual seizure.

When I said that, I want to hear you moaning or grunting.


I do but I don’t want it here.

You or watch you seizuring?


Let me break it down for you girls.

I went to give this guy a pretty fuck blowjob and Casual.

I know.

Sorry, so I’m just going to, you know, going to do my I thing and I went to start by and you know, this may be part of the Cooper special.


I went to literally just take my tongue and flirt around with the tip of his penis.

Literally, his weiner whole flirting flirting.

It’s a little leakage, little circular motion, will up and down in and out of the wiener hole.

And like me.


I’m like, okay, I’m like yawning.

I’m like, here we go.

And he the minute I put my fucking tongue on this man’s weiner whole.

All of a sudden.

I lose him.

He goes to a different dimension and I see this man, literally, his left leg start.


I’m like shaking like a fucking dog, when you’re like, scratching them and you know how the dog looks like his Rarely is just like shaking and then all of a sudden, I see his eyes roll to the back of his head.

His left leg was shaking and he’s like, oh my God, if a girl’s eyes roll into the back of her head, it can be kind of hot guys.


I never want my gosh.

It from, you’d I wanted to.

I wanted to stop and look up at him and be like, I did it.

Your dicks.

Not even wet dude.

I haven’t even lick the whole fucking shower lat act, like you’ve been there before.

Thank you, men.

Act like you’ve been there before act like your dick has been in a vagina act.


Like your weiner holes been in a mouth for the little got Alex.

No, dude.

It literally he looked like he needed like yeah gone through an exorcism.

I can’t breathe right now because I know exactly what you’re talking about.

You are hooking up and all of a sudden they are quivering.



They are Twitchy.

Yes, it is involuntary.

You have them and rather body.

Usually, like, it’s either, right?

When they stick it in or right when you start giving them headed.

Who and all it is doing.

What are you doing?

Like somebody get a fucking priest in here?


We need an exorcism.

We need some.

Holy water.

The Bible.

Let’s go back to me like that.


It is terrifying girls.

I feel like every girl has had that guy that they’re like, oh his sex face is rough.

And listen.

I want to, I want to make sure every guy’s knows we’re not shitting on you.


But listen, I understand that some things insects are involuntary.

With that said, you should be able to fucking control a little bit of yourself like Most things in life balance because we want to hear you but we don’t want to feel like you’re about to have like, you’re not on Earth anymore.

You’re gone, it combustion and fucking explode.


Hey guys, please watch out for the seizure face.

Be careful and just keep it together and don’t get that fucking night.

It sounds like and you’re like, I want to take my tongue off and like, you goodies like and I’m like, I’m done good.



Good day.

Like bout embarrass me like this.

What the fuck I should be using my Skillet announced that really deserve odd.

So, oh my God, I’m like heated.

I’m like sweating.

Oh, I’m fucking riled.

So yeah, that was fucking Paris.

Boy fuckin sick joke.



I want to try to talk about this sex thing that I do, but I I’m gonna really try to paint a picture because I was having a heart.


Sophia was say it staying at a hotel.

That’s because her mom was in town and I was trying to Explain it to her last night.

I’m like, wait, like I think I may want to bring this up on the podcast.


I couldn’t explain it.

So I put my phone down, mid face time and I spread my legs.

I’m like, alright, so this is how it goes and Sophia was in public in like a library area.

And she’s like, everyone’s watching this happen.

I was yeah.

I was like Iran, I like working inside and I was FaceTiming.


You and also you took the phone.

It was down your pant.

Like no, I’m like, okay.

Okay, having base times height.

Yeah, girls.

This is just a little added thing that I think.

It is really great to incorporate when you’re putting the dick back in the v.

So I want everyone to Envision.


I’m going to say this is for like missionary style.

So because that’s like a boring ass position so we can spice it up.

I Love Missionary me to do.

I know.

I like it too.

It’s fine.

It’s fine.

But you said it’s boring.

I don’t think it’s it can be boring if it can be boring.


If you’re boring in bed.

I think you can totally spice it up.

We could we could talk about missionary and how to make it which so When we had a comment saying, I was a dead fish and you can go fuck off because this sawfish knows how to fuck.

Oh, shut up.

So, okay.

So I want you guys to every girl, envision your on your back.


You’re about to do missionary.

So every guy, like, the feeling of going into a vagina is just like the best feeling in the world, you know, so and especially like when you’re super tight, everyone get your kegels in, it’s great for guy.

Yeah, this is something I do occasionally just to like, give him the extra Extra Sensation that like, he like of tightness, almost.



So, what I do is, I take my ring finger know, I take my end up my pointer finger, and my middle finger, and I spread them like a V.

Kind of.

Okay, then I point them like a peace sign.


So then you’re going to point them in the downward Direction.


So everyone be putting your fingers down.

Okay, then you’re going to basically be putting them like on top of his dick.

Got it.

So it’s like a little stick.

Figure on top of his dick.

So you’re going to spread.

Add your two fingers and onto both secure scissoring.

His dick with your yes.


Okay, so ladies, so he’s about to go inside.


You, you are going to put these fingers at like basically the top of his dick where the tip is.


So we’re going to start it there as he’s about to go into your vagina when he’s going forward.

You’re going to go in the opposite direction with your fingers.


So you are.

And so you’re going basically to the bot like to the base.

So the shaft of it and you’re it’s like, Momentum of his degree in your fingers kind of going along it.

So it’s almost like it’s kind of like a, it’s like a not a hand job, but it’s like extra sensation.

So when he’s going in your fingers as he’s going in your vagina and you can keep this close to your vagina girls as he’s going farther in, but you slowly are taking your two fingers and they’re just kind of like wedged up against the side of his dick.


And you’re kind of putting a little bit of pressure and you move it all the way towards his the base of the shaft.

I could see that being really hot because guy and seizure different title.

A lot of guys have said, like, like it feels amazing.

It’s the Chopstick move.

The child.



Also, though, if you want to try, you can also do it where you put your thumb and your pointer finger together and you couldn’t bring an okay size by your right.

And then you put it around his tip first.

And when he’s about to go in, then you slide it down and girls.

I think this is just you don’t have to do it all the time.


But this is just something to put into your repertoire of like guys, occasionally you can Do it in and they’ll be like, oh shit.

Like that feels fucking great.

Well, I want to give that a try for sure.

I would love to hear the feedback.

Oh, the Chopstick.


We didn’t even plan that I know.

I’m so proud of you.


Um, I when I was visiting a guy this weekend, he told me a really funny story that I want to just like, share on this podcast because we in the past we’ve talked about like, funny ways that guys have like jack off.

Like they all have their certain, right?

My ex-boyfriend used to hump the bed.



I don’t know what episode.

It’s, oh, I told the guy that he was like, Like what?

Yeah, like didn’t undergo lotion.

Just a furry blanket.

Humps the bed.

Very interesting.

Okay, so he said that this guy he knew would let bananas get super like ripe.


They would get like a little brown.

So once they start to get a little bit Brown, make banana bread.


Sofia, um, he would take the banana out of the banana peel and he wouldn’t peel it.


Like all the Down.

He would try to like, pull the banana owl and then he would fuck inside of the banana peel.

I don’t believe you and he said, I do, if I had a dick, I actually would like to try this because, you know, how there’s kind of like that.

Mushy shit.

I, in the banana peel left and he said, it’s the best way to jack off.


And so he said, like, whenever they would go on trips and shit.

This guy would like get a shit ton of bananas and bring them to the hotel rooms and like that’s how he jacks off is into the banana peel.

I want to make a guy do that.

And we.

All right, go, no guys.

Daddy gang any men if you want to try this and write in to us and let us know.


I would love.

I don’t think we should be telling guys to, like, jack off and let us know how it was.

But, no, just let us know how it went with the banana.


Another thing.

I wanted to bring up before we get into questions.

I had a lot of girls writing in being like Oh my God, this guy was like I said, I’m in nude and it was amazing.


Like he said, he jacked off to it.

Blah blah.

That’s if I can Joe, that’s a fucking joke.

Off to new girls know guy is jacking off to your nude.

I’m sorry.

That’s nice that they’re trying to make you feel good.


But I think it’s a PSA to all girls.

Just so you know, no guy is holding his phone and looking at your nude and jacking off to it to fruition.

It’s not happening.

It may get him horny.

He never figured your nude is an inspiration him to go.

Watch porn.

Yes, like, inspo.


It’s an integral pick.


So this is like, literally that’s an insult pick.

So, like girls.

Just so, you know, No, like obviously, we’re not trying to make you feel like shit.

But just so, you know, whenever a guys like oh my God, I just jacked off that.

That was so hot.

No, he didn’t.

And this really needs, this guy can watch like three girls always strap-ons fucking each other and then like a girl.


Yeah, being an Ethiopian team, run a train on her wall.

Looking at your fucking nipples.


Holy shit in her little booty shorts with no bra on and the mirror.

No, he’s not fucking doing that now.

Maybe if you do a full video.


Yeah, and that’s a different thing but a new Fuck off out of here.

No, no girls.

So next time he does that often is faith.

Daddy, gang your questions this week.

We’re fucking wild.

I love this.

Want me to go ahead and start you.

Go ahead.


Start it.

Here we go.

How does the daddy gang feel about their boyfriend?

/ husband’s going to strip clubs and getting lap dances.

I thought this is very quetta.

I thought this was really interesting.

I personally don’t give a shit.

I don’t give a shit about this.

Like I don’t either strip clubs the lap dance.


I think he got a little while because I don’t know.

I don’t care what anybody says.

Times guys, end up fucking those girls.

I my ex-boyfriend has told me he has fucked like numerous drippers just from a lap dance.

We’ve really, yeah, for sure.

Oh, so inside.


This is also the same guy that would like dance with girls and tell me he got boners with.


We then while we were together.

So either you’re in right there.


Okay, but no, I actually I personally don’t really give a shit about strip clubs.

It’s like I’ve gone to strip club.

What about, you know, lap dance, like they go into a summer room and she’s like grinding on his dick in though.


He’s gonna get a bonus.

I still don’t care that much.

I don’t care that much, but I really don’t like II.

Don’t really care that much.

But if I could, I would prefer them not do that.

If your man goes to the strip club and gets a lap dance.

So are you allowed to give a guy a lap dance?




I like that.

Don’t you think?

Oh, like so you should be able to go to a party and get drunk and like give a lot of sand on a guy for fun.


People guys are gonna free fucking hate us, girls get after it.



Now, Next.

What do you guys think about music during sex?

One of my exes and I tried it once she had her phone on shuffle as we were getting into it.

One of the songs ended, we were mid-fuck and then the next song that came on was silent night.

That’s fucking.


This is what I think about music during sex.


No, I disagree.

I think this is the thing.

I think if there’s music in the background, I think if it’s in the other room, that’s fine.

But if you are specifically playing music for sex and you have like this playlist, even if it’s a fucking sex playlist, I think it’s so awkward.

Because say, he’s like, you can’t help but like kind of fuck to the beat of a song and then the middle if that song ends your fucking that X like awkward and then it’s like silent until the next time.



I hate it.

Guy has a perfectly planned out playlist.

It’s like Marvin Gaye and like all these slow jams like baby grand.

We have no, I’m like, I don’t want to grab.

I’m drier than the Sahara.

Get the fuck out of here.

I hate it.

Yeah, so I mean listen, I know some people like it, but if I was fucking Guy, I don’t want him to like hold on.


Let me turn on music and put on his plate.

It’s the same thing with the TV on and then also there’s like a Toyota commercial inside, come on, down to the center of and Street and gets her Camry today.

We’re like, no, shut up.

All right.


This girl said selling used panties online.


Have you guys done it?

Or do you have friends who have done it?

Where does the Daddy getting stand?

Whoa, I’ve never done it.

I haven’t either I’ve gotten off.


I have to, I don’t know.

I like kind of low-key think like, who gives a shit like, why not?


Like I I mean, but if it is to a random I get it’s also weird.

I had a girl in college who is on my team and like she would always she was in a long-distance relationship.

So she would like wear her underwear for a day and then she would put it in an envelope and she would ship it to her boyfriend and he like loved it.


I read guys love sniffing underwear.

My ex-boyfriend like he’s straight-up confess.

He was like, oh, yeah.

He’s like when I’m doing like Laundry.

Like I’ll sniff.

Yeah, he told me and I was like, okay, I would never sniff your shit.

We were watching a show in a girl was in a lie detector test.


And it was like, have you ever sniffed your boyfriend’s underwear?

And she said, no.

And it was like, that’s a lie.

You have I’ve never in my life, father died.

I’ve no reason.

I’m not like shading any girls, but I would just love to know, like what is it exactly that you like to smell?

I guess if you’re into it.

Like, whatever.

But anyways, if you should sell your panties online, honestly, I guess if the price is right, fucking, hey, if the price is right, this house.


That shit call her daddy.

I think I agree.


So next one is, oh, I like this one, every guy listening because you should use this line last year.

I went home with this guy from a party.

We started hooking up.

And nevertheless.

He finished quickly PSI, but then he whispered in my ear don’t move or make a noise until I make you come.


And he proceeded to go down on me and let’s just say he did the goddamn Lord’s work.

I’ve never been eaten up better.

That is so hot to me.

It’s like, I understand there are sometimes guys, literally can’t.

Troll if they’re going to come fast, but for that, for that guy to be like, don’t move or make a noise until I make you come.


I’m like, hi.

He Jerry me.

He just made up for coming too fast.

So hot so hot, guys, I wouldn’t even give a shit if he came in two seconds if he did that.

Absolutely, so guys, I think that to your repertoire and and use that if you come quick and go down on that girl and just go to town.


Alright, this girl said, my guy is super insecure about me using my vibrator and even hid it from me.

He wants to have all of My Pleasures to himself.

I’ve since found it and still use it without him knowing LOL but have either of you do something like that.

If a guy ever had my vibrator, I would fucking slap him in the face with it.


What the fuck?

Would hide his Xbox and be like you want to play this.


Let’s fucking go.

No, it’s what do guys.

They like don’t understand the more girl masturbates on her own and the more that she gets comfortable and like knows how to make herself.

Come the better and more pleasurable, her sex with you is going.


Absolutely, I think it’s so weird when guys get all insecure and but her like I know I was Any guy that was like told me that hit one of his exes, like named her vibrator and would always bring it and he’s like I started getting jealous up like I hated that thing.

I’m like, shut the fuck up about is your own insecurities.


Get it little bitch.

Bitch boy shot.

Don’t be a little bitch boy.

I just think like dudes need to get the fuck over that and I think we can do an episode about bringing toys into the bedroom and like using vibrators and stuff.

And it’s like, what is he not allowed to jack off that great.

Okay, but done bill, you can’t jack off and I can’t use my vibrator.



Oh, this is fucking Savage.

I was fucking this guy and I got my period and I didn’t want him to know it was one of the first times we were hooking up.

So I gave him head to suck off all of the blood.

We’re still hooking up in to this day.

He has no idea.

Oh my God.

I thought you were gonna say.


She said that she that he popped her cherry.

I’ve heard of girls do not know you sucked.

Her own blood off his dick dude.

That’s so fucking Savage like props to you girl.

I don’t know.

I don’t know things a little bit of blood.

I think I Go down and like, get that shit off.


But like if it’s like and she’s just having like, suck her teeth and make sure there’s not like a lot all over vampires.

Oh, oh, true.

Oh my God.

What a goddamn Daddy.

What a dad?

You took that and he never found out good for you.

Straight up - straight up Dad.


You are a dad father.

Okay, next one.

Do you have any?

I’ve one more?

Okay, go your girlfriend suggests that she’s open to having a threesome and she asks to pick.

One of her friends to join you guys.

Do you pick one of her hotter, friends, or do you go with slightly and uglier friend?


Or does it not matter?

I don’t want her to get mad or upset.

Take me up there, one.

Obviously, you just you have no, it’s girls already fucking letting you fuck another girl and yeah, you gotta go do what I can.

Okay, like if I if I was in that position like I would want, I would not pick you.


Fucking fuck you.

I would you let you around.

I’m picking someone.

I can call it.

I wasn’t looking too cute.

And like, you know, you want to fuck with me and my boyfriend.

Yeah, Sophia get the fuck out of here.



Maybe maybe it’s maybe you can go really hot.


If it’s a random.

Yeah, but like a friend know also that does make the girl look badass.

If she’s like yo, I brought like Angelina Jolie and that’s true and then this guy shows mad confident mad, but I think when you’re fucking around with friends go for the uglier because that shit is just too close to home.


Like you think one minute, you’re a horny and you’re fucked up and it’ll be fine.

And then the next Time, you go to a bar and you see your boyfriend looking at her, you’re like you’re fucking thinking about her pussy in your mouth.

And it’s like, no, you gotta go with you uglier one.

You gotta go.

I mean, I do know girls who just go with like any girlfriend, even if she’s like the hottest thing and I always thought that was like, I would never be friends.


I admire those are the friends.

I admire their too bad.

I mean, no, I think.

Yeah, if you have a boyfriend, I mean if it was a random guy though, I would do it with you.

But yeah, wait okay, this episode It’s getting a little too hot in this room.


Um, all right, but we’ve talked about this.

Like if a celebrity like of Channing Tatum’s like let’s we’re having a threesome and left.

I’ll sell my left tit.

Oh, okay guys, is that it?

That’s it.

Oh my God.

Oh my God, another Wednesday down guys.


New merch is coming out again.

And the degrade me one should be out.

Yes, what this week next week.

So guys, if you want some merge go.

I’m pretty sure what is it

Just go to the store.

Call her.

The car, daddy, the daddy hops, are there?



Love the daddy game.


Well guys.

Thanks for hanging out with us for another episode next week.

Oh guys!

We have there was one person that one you wanted on our podcast and this person is going to be on there coming from across the country.


They’re coming onto our show.

We’re so fucking excited as our first real guess.

We’re going to talk about sugar daddies anal you.

Aim, it were going with it.

Next episode is going to be fucking wild.

I’m so excited.

I’m gonna crack any up party and it’s going to be so make sure you tune in.

If you guys have a minute again, we can’t emphasize it enough to help so much.


If you guys just leave a rating and a review on our iTunes, you can literally leave multiple.

So if you’ve already like left one, you can leave another one access so much.

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Oh, oh, I love that you.


So make sure also you guys right into the call her daddy for Them.

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I love you guys.

So thanks for hanging out with us.

This Wednesday on Wednesdays.

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