Call Her Daddy - 20 - Butt Stuff


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

I Dottie’s Daddy’s.

Is that you?

We’re here.

We’re alive.


The father’s are here.

The fathers are here.


We’re mourning the loss of a guest.

That was a supposed to be, a should have been a would have been a could have been Tana.

Mojo will not be joining us, but we are going to get into it.


Yeah, if you guys follow us on social media, you know, that we announced that we were supposed to have Tana mojo on our show as a guest.

Um, her people reach out to us excetera and now she’s not coming on and it’s a fucking story.

It is a story, so stay tuned because we’re going to get into all of it.


We’re going to tell you guys, every single thing that happened because we are fucking raw and real with the daddy game, and we’re not gonna leave anything to the imagination.

We’re going to bring you guys all the tea.

But for now, we’re just going to accept that.

We got ditched.





We have a couple other things.

We want to address before we get into all of our yes.

Yes, we have some housekeeping.

You guys, the fucking khaki, dude.

It’s like we’ve said it.

And we keep saying it, and people still have questions.

So we’re just going to keep answering that.

So when we say khaki pants, they are the baggy tan pants that have pockets all over them.


There is a certain type of pants.

Okay, there’s two different type of khakis.

Also that are no-nos the ones that are like cargo khakis with all those Pockets you’re talking about.

And then there are the ones that like the prep school school kids have to wear to like boarding.

Thank you.

It’s like either of those are no goes.


Yes, if you’re wearing pants that are tan or gods or whatever, totally covid-19.

Oh, yes fine.

That is totally fine.

You guys, you guys know what we mean by khaki?


Can I say what the fucking khaki shorts?


For some reason, people are literally tweeting us.

Youngest being like, okay, we get what you’re saying about the khakis, like, I hear you guys, but what about the shorts khaki pants?

Key shorts are the same fucking thing.

Like I will not have it.

It’s like I don’t know why people are just so offended about the khaki pants are not willing.


Like let’s go know.

There’s other shit.

You can wear.

I promise knock it the fuck off guy.

Anyways guys.

It’s just a particular type of pants like not all of them are like that.

Another housekeeping you guys freaked out when we said that men don’t jack off to nudes.



I understand.

I totally And if you are, you know, in the sixth grade that you might go to a new to jack off or if you’re traveling through like a Bermuda Triangle situation.

You don’t have high speed internet.

You’re going to go doing the Seas and you can’t get your porn up on your phone.


Then you go back to the new, right?

I mean there were guys that like, wrote in that, they were like on a military base and they were like, you know, we don’t have access to Internet and they were like, you know, Sophia send me a picture of your pussy man, which yeah, Daddy gang if you ever starting to hook up with a military guys, send me.

The military men.




Yeah, I mean or anything they’re serving our country like fucking act accordingly.

Yeah, so something new.

But besides those situations I just if you have access to porn and you have access to watching like a girl, get DP Dan and girl-on-girl and all this shit.


You’re not gonna be like, oh my God, her nipple is in this.

I’m going to town, it’s true.

I think guys like they obviously and at one point in their life are jacking off to a nude.


We’re not saying that we’re saying if they have access to fucking poor, right?


They’re not going to watch a standstill photo and be trying to imagine what she can do with popping that pussy as opposed to watching.

Porn watching them actually about the pussy.

What guys do is if they’re like, kind of talking to a girl, they will find porn.

Looks that looks like her.



That’s what every guy does.

That’s our go to.

Yeah, so trust and believe they’re not.


Doing it to your new.

They’re going to find porn of someone that looks like you, right?

So everyone.

The fuck up.


I want to bring something up that.

I saw this morning that I got.

So fucking annoyed and it goes with social media.


I wish we brought it up last week, but the lip singing to a song on your fucking story girls with with a filter on.

I am so done with girls trying to sing to a song and post it.


While they look hot, post, a hot video of yourself looking hot.

I don’t need you singing to brew.

No, fucking Mars.

Like looking out the window and looking back like look around and like look sexily at the camp while they’re like Li lip singing.


It’s what Kylie Jenner does and you’re not fucking Kylie Jenner and he singing usually.

And in any capacity, it is true.

Also guys don’t think it’s hot.

Like one guys don’t think the fucking filters are cute when you do it every time they don’t think the fucking sing me out.

If you’re going to post a fucking thirst trap video post it, alright and then move on with your life singing in the car needs to stop.


What does that mean?

It’s like I’m I’m literally going to report you to the police because not cannot be safe.

Driving conditions.

Oh, there we go.


All right.

So let’s get into the episode.

First of all the whole Instagram model becoming DJ.

I want to just say all of these hot models out there.


Need to stop attempting and trying to switch the beets.

These at all.

The young kids say at these days.

You just say so Should be its wish to be put on.

Hold on.

Hold on before we get into this topic because I agree like they needed.


Knock it off.


There is something you guys need to know about this.


She does not know about music.

We were talking about like house music, EDM music.

And she was talking about the people that like make EDM.

She’s like, oh, yeah, like the EDM errs, and I about he died.


DM her dude.

I just know.

I have to admit.

It is truly my My biggest fear when I go on a date, when I start talking to a new guy, him asking me, what kind of music do you like, flash?

Listen to, I just about died inside.


I don’t know what it is.

Was I make you play all the music at home.

I’m constantly connected to the Bluetooth because let me just put into perspective.

Alex will attempt it sometimes and it will be a playlist from, I swear to God, like, 2009.

Like I like what you did it.


The other day when you played Katy Perry’s, cat.

On your girl’s, you let it like bad.

Like you played it seven times.

I was like, you know, that song was released a while ago.

I am the girl that still has the U2 album that we were all forced to have on our phones.


Like that’s what just autoplay is and like oh, they’re what’s this Jam?


I know.

Fuck me.

Anyway, so I just have to say about the Instagram, GM’s, Instagram, DJ’s, Jesus, Instagram, DJ’s.

Nobody judge me.

Also for playing that Katy Perry song.


It’s a good song.


Okay, the these girls are hot as shit Instagram models.

It’s like I wish that they would stay in their Lane stay in their secondly hot.

They have incredible bodies, beautiful faces, people want to see them in their swimsuits.


They want to see them frolicking around the world and posting shit.

Why do you need a return your DJ?

They need to just Embrace and work with what the lord gave them and not try to like I just said, Swizz Beatz.


Okay you watch the post.

It’s of their DJ set and they are behind the DJ booth, just not even touching the buttons.


Just like jumping up and down with their headphones are around their neck.

I’m like, you’re not doing anything.

You are, you are literally jumping up and down your height, their height, man.

Oh my God, that’s exactly what it is.

They’re height men, and it’s like, well, fuck, that’s what a DJ is Alex.


You would blow people out of the water because you are a height man.


Oh my God know, when I think of a DJ, I think of someone that is pretty.

‘Using music.

And then, when they’re there to do a DJ set there like cutting music in, you know, drop in a be hosting the band.


They’re not just jumping around.

Yeah attending to like do it.

It just needs to stop.

This is something that is like, I think he listened people shit on Instagram models and I’m not going to because God, I would love that.

I would quit this podcast right now.

No offense to everyone that I love bye-bye.


I had to do is post my body on a, like, a picture on Instagram by every single week.

But when you’re trying to now segue into DJing in needs to stop, for example, what comes to mind Chantal Jeffries?

Charlie Jordan?

Yep, that there’s this covers Brooke Evers.

These girls, you are all beautiful.


You’re hot as shit.

Love you all to death.

Stop Standing on the fucking stage and jumping around and acting like you were born in Destin to be like, Divya is.

Chantel Jeffries is dating Diplo.


Okay, Chantelle is dating Diplo right now, and I don’t know if that made her truly believe like this is my passion and calling, I see him doing it now.


Now I can do it.

She just thinks like through osmosis.


Like she didn’t know just because he’s fucking you and entering, you doesn’t mean now that in be entered you.

Now, you somehow have his power to be a fucking DJ.

Look, I am all for a girl using a guy to further her career.



Don’t Lana Del Rey fucked my way up to the top.

I love it, but that she’s using him to become a DJ.


Could do way more than enough blame.

No, it’s just, I think that, that makes me think of the whole name-dropping thing.

Oh, Like, oh, oh my God, if you weren’t listening when you don’t, listen, nothing will compare to the name dropping that this guy did with Alex.


You, I’m sorry.

I don’t want you to out him, but you have to out him because it was fucking insane.

He’s gonna like, sue us.

I don’t care.

All right guys, I think all of you remember, so a few months ago.


Let’s tell them the back down a few months ago.


The call her daddy.

Instagram was taken down.

You know why?

It may have been because Sophia hours, listening nudes.

I don’t know, that’s neither here.

Nor there.

We don’t need to get it.

We don’t get into that.

That’s not the way.

The story, the point of the story is the Instagram was taken down and we were freaking out.


And let us just say that love Barstool love.

Every we work with everyone was trying so hard to get it back up.

I was reaching out to you ahead and talk to me like seven years.

And I remember that night.

I sat Sophia down once we were like four days, deep of not having an Instagram and I looked at Sophie.

And I said, listen bar, stools not going to be able to get this done.


Nobody, that we are reaching out to youth, can be able to get this done.

We need to get slutty and we need to get slutty quick.

So feels the amount of things that can be accomplished by just throwing out some cleavage or just, you know, tempting with the voodoo clam.


It’s didn’t say it is.

Well, we can talk about.

So this is what I did.

I had met this guy and he had a very prestigious.

A job high up somewhere in Tech.

Okay, let’s just say that I reached out to him and I told serious connection, very serious connections.


I reached out to him and I told him that our Instagram is down.

Now, of course, I flaunted.

The idea like, oh, yeah, I’ll come visit you and we can hang out soon Boba, but first, I can’t do that.

If I don’t get the Instagram back, so we start talking and I’m just asking him to connect me with someone that through Instagram, that could get me to the top.


And he goes, I’ll connect you with my boy, Bob.

Let’s say my great.

Let me read the text.

He says, I’ll hook you up.

With Bob, I connected him with Drake a few weeks ago.

He helped him with his account.

He was having issues.

I can also reach out to Zach, he can make it happen.


No, no.

And for all of you listening, Zack, you didn’t know II, you don’t need to abbreviate Mark, Zuckerberg can create a Facebook with a Zuck.

Bella Mark Zuckerberg.

You fucking do Mark Zuckerberg turned Zach and the fact that Drake Drake and Zuck, we’re both named dropped within a sentence of each other and not wear graph.


Like dude, I literally had to reread it because guys him saying I connected him with Drake a few weeks.

So he could have just said I connected him with someone a few weeks ago.

And it worked out.

He’s like Drake and then no suck in.

Like like we’re just tangling and dangling with all these celebrities and I’m like, I don’t give a fuck.


It was that John of name dropping like I’m sorry, doubt this guy but that is the douchiest.

Most embarrassing thing I’ve ever read.

It really is like one of those things where it’s like he is in his own right?

So successful and I’m like, but you don’t need to drop Drake and Zuck.


Oh my God, fuck I will never get over that.

Let’s talk about sex.

All right.

Y’all let’s get into side um finger in the butt.

Oh wow.

Finger in the butt.

I want to address because a lot of girls are like Alex, you know, you give us your blow job tips, but what do we do?


Do we put a finger up the butt?

And the answer ladies is.

Yes, of course, of course we flirt and we take roll up the butthole.

I didn’t mean to be off-limits.

Absolutely not.

Don’t neglect the, but however, I do.

I have to say when you are giving a guy a blowjob.


I am making this a rule unless again, I mean, you don’t have to follow this but never do on the first hook up because that is also a secret weapon.


You can, like I said, you cannot use all of your ammo in your first hook up, the but is such a lead-up.


It’s such a build-up.

It’s such an opportunity to spice fucking thing.

Right, guys.

I mean, you just got to be careful.

What you’re throwing out the first time for sure.

So girls, absolutely blow job.

ABS need but action.

But I do have to say, I’m looking at my fingers.

We’ve talked about it, dude.


Your nails.

I’m like, looking at your acrylic nails right now and you couldn’t straighten murder.

Someone’s, I double hole with one finger girls.

If you wear long nails, you have to fucking cut that shit, dude.

I’m not kidding you.

When I know I’m going for a dick appointment, at some point if I’m like going to see a guy that weekend.


I literally you will see me and my nails will be short.

You see Alex and short nails.

I just got gank.

When I have long nails, I’m like in a littles period where I know I’m not going to see you guys so no but finger in the butt.

I hold.


I totally get that finger in the butt.


I mean, it’s you.

It depends on the guy still.

Well, and also I mean, we don’t we can get more in details of actual details, but the whole like come hither thing with your finger once you get in there, it’s true.

Because girls guys have prostate, you’re stimulating, the prostate, when you’re giving him a blowjob.


He can come 10 times faster if you’re stimulating himself, so, Hold on.

So you stick your entire finger.

So you got his, okay.

So this is what we do.


You’re going to maneuver like your way down to like, the taint area, which is in between the thighs.


Yeah, guys.

The tan and the but are completely different and I think that stimulating them like separately is totally your finger massaging.

The taint is such a different experience in the booty hole.

So I think I do think, yeah, you should be putting a finger.


In and making a motion.

It shouldn’t just be like, stick it in a little.

What the fuck is the Cotton?

That we there’s a prostitute to be found and I Alex Cooper find.

This is like, blowing my mind.

So you put your entire finger.

It doesn’t have to be the whole thing.


And then you do the come-hither motion.

Like, when it guys fury, it’s more, it’s like a tapping light motion, but you have to be fucking comfortable with the guy and he needs to be comfortable with you.

Some guys may be like, hold on, hold.

What are you doing?

You’ve got to ease into it.

And see his body length that you like kind of just fish around for that prostate.


With that being said, I do think there’s something to say like why are girls neglected of the but okay, I think Ur in like I swear to God, the only thing people talk about is like doing shit to a guy’s ass, right?

Girls like that.

We haven’t asked to I mean girls totally like that.


I think the best position if you want to try it out with your girl is when she’s on top.

Yeah, that’s a pretty good one.

And I think with girls and I Of this is similar, like when you’re doing with a guy, like you should just try kind of just putting pressure on her booty hole and just kind of playing around there.


Like before you just stick a finger in.

Yeah, I’ll totally, she’s gonna be like, what the hell, totally easing into it.

Is key, guys.

You can’t just go right for.

It’s like if you fucking go for and no lube nothing and you shove it in there.

Yeah a recipe for fucking disaster.


Also, if you are like most guys out there, I’m not gonna say most guys, but a lot of guys you’re wanting to try anal with your girl.


This is like the perfect size.

Segway and like, getting her comfortable with stuff going in there.

You know what I mean?

I love that so stuff going in there, right?

So I think that’s kind of like how you start Segway and start letting her know that you’re comfortable with it.


She should be comfortable with.

It can feel good.


I’m a fucking genius genius.

Can I bring up?



All right.

Now, we just literally brought this up to our editor and I was like what?

I know what it was so for anyone listening that does Know what pegging is.


It’s when a girl puts a strap-on on and fucks her boyfriend in the ass.

We have a lot of people asking, is this weird one?

From the guy’s perspective, guys are like, is it weird if I asked my girlfriend and two girls are asking, does it make him gay if he’s asked me to fuck him?


And yeah, no, no, no, no, not make your man gay at all.

In anything.

It does the opposite because he’s not fucking comfortable design, quality that He’s like, let’s give it a try to shoot.

It’s like we said he has a fucking prostate and guys.


It’s like it is not fucking weird.

Have I ever done it?

No, have you done it?

I haven’t.

But I’ve had a guy.

Ask you.

Yeah, and honestly, I’m kind of down to try anything once.

Yeah, I think we were like a little bit more like into the relationship.

Like maybe I’ll try, I don’t know.


I was going to say so for pegging for me.

I think that I would probably need to be in a relationship with the guy because first of all, obviously some girls may get freaked out by And obviously we’re getting no pleasure out of this.

You know, it’s not like we’re like he’s looking back at it and like it’s like we’re fucking him from behind and it’s like hot rookie in his ass.


Like it’s obviously all for the guy.

So I think I would want to do it if I was in a relationship.

Yeah, but then again, if you’re real freaking you want to just try it one time.

Do it for one night.

So I think it’s kind of like the most call her daddy thing you can do.

I kind of it and I think like that’s going to be something we do this year.



We’re going to bed.

We’re going to try to pack someone.

I’m not skipping.

Let’s I don’t know.

Is like you and yours in time that his deep piece of wood together.

We both have strapped on tan and we Peggy, I guess he couldn’t that know.

We could, we could do to in his asshole, one in his mouth.


Oh, I would be so down guys.

Listening to this, like, please stop.

It’s this whole thing.

It’s like, reverse gender, roles, and I can awesome.

And I’m here for it.

Call him.


No, call her daddy.

I was just thinking, you know, how we there’s always those like, horror stories of like a guy, or like a All shitting from anal.


I wonder if there’s any horror stories of a guy shitting from getting pegged.

I want to know Daddy gang.

Let us know.

I don’t deny me too because that would like low-key be an amazing story.


I know a lot of people are always asking like, how the hell do we spice things up?

This is a really good one.


Yeah, it could really cause you know what?

Even if it doesn’t work out for you guys.

It’s a fucking experience and if you tried together to bring you guys closer and sleepy fun, boo.

I like want to try it.

Um, before we move on from, but stuff.

There is a trend.


I don’t know if the male population is like fucking starving, but the amount of guys talking about eating ass.

I’m like, what what is going on?

It is like they’re famish and they might ask and they need it now, right?

What is going on?

Like hunger, pains?

Let me see your asshole.


I don’t know.

I remember I was hooking up.

I it was the first time I actually ever hooked up with this guy and he went down and I thought he was just going to be eating me out.

He was eating me out and then he straight up like scooped my Up a little bit more so you could get to my ass and he started eating up my ass and I was like, so taken aback because I just was not expecting out.


Like this is first hook up.

I don’t even know this guy and I kind of like pulled away and he grabbed my thigh so hard.

Like I had marks on it the next day and he just looked up at me and he said, I want it and I was just like really hot isn’t but I was kind of scared.


As I know if that’s like guys fucking love it.

Yeah, they love eating ass.

I don’t I actually dated a guy and It was, he was his favorite thing.

I just cup of tea in the morning.

Okay, but guys, I think some guys like to have their ass.


Let me tell you a little story.

Eight eight.

Yeah, a little-little lickety-splickety up in that asshole.

I agree and this is another thing that pisses me the fuck off because some of my guy friends, I’ll ask them all day.

Do you like getting your ass in?

And they’re like, what the fuck?



Like, this does not make you fucking Right, it does not look if it feels good.

Daddy gang.

If something feels good to you.

You do a do I don’t give a fact, just means you are a freak.


There’s nothing to Aspire to be, that’s better than being a free.


So with regard to eating a guy’s ass.

I guess we can kind of circle back around on this because it can be incorporated into a blowjob.

So ladies.

Listen, it takes a certain mentality and it takes a certain girl.


There are some girls.

I know that are like I would never do that and that’s totally fine.

But I’m just presenting to if you want it.

So I remember I was hooking up in college with this guy.

He was older and you know, I thought I was gonna lose him.

I thought I was gonna lose him and I needed to come up with some II needed to throw a Hail Mary in there liked his butthole to try and Salvage the relational.


Let me tell you fucking her.

You found.

Love guys.

Don’t fucking listen.


Don’t Save your relationship with my eating insects, you know, this work.

So all right, so I had given him the great blow jobs that I give and so I knew at this point like we’re kind of there’s just something going on.


So I was like, you know what?

This night?

I’m really gonna try to step it up.

So I’m giving him head.

He’s loving it.

But I’m like, oh, you have no idea what’s coming for you?

So no idea what’s coming for you?

So this is what I did.

I’m first of all dick in.


Unhand balls in the other mouth on the Dick, the trifecta Patricia.

The next thing I did was I got off my mouth came off the dick.

And I went down a level.

The, what I did was, I started licking and sucking his balls with my mouth, and then my hands were now free free falling.


So my one, my thumb went on to his taint and I started like kind of pressure rubbing with my thumb on his Area.

And I had, I had made sure that my thumb was like a little wet.

So it was like, nice and wet lubed up.

And I was just kind of rubbing pressure.


Then I got off of the balls and I went down and with my left hand.

I was jacking him off and I went down and I start slowly licking his taint while.

I’m also kind of rubbing it still.

Okay and slowly.

But surely Alex is making her way down south towards through the bumhole to the bumps Keys.


Okay, and when I tell you because you had to told me, you know, you’ve maybe like you flirted.

You’ve licked guys after.



Well, I fucking went and ate ass.

Okay, like I wasn’t really anticipating with that dude, dude, dude, you need to be careful down there that you just like set it to me, like brought it to my attention.


Like that is pink eye in the making, like, you better, throw some sunglasses on goggles goggles.

What are you gonna do?

If you literally just whipped out goggles you like, I’m going in and you just start You guys look you love that.

I’m gonna do that.

I’m sorry.

So anyways, so yeah girls make sure you wear sunglasses when you’re eating a system World.


Dude, people are doing your hair in a ponytail.

Throw some sunglasses on like let’s go to town on that ass.

I um, I am jacking off with my left hand, which I don’t know why.

I just realized I do use my left hand even though I’m a righty.

Anyways, I know.

So I’m going down and I start licking his ass.


And what happened to me was I wasn’t anticipating to fully be like going to town on it.

But his His fucking reaction when I started using my tongue and doing like kind of like it was like suction cup tongue, swirls in and out like it was a lot and my face was just plummeted down there.


Like I was kind of low-key getting suffocated jacking him off.

While you’re just like focused on the Yas.

Like I was basically eating out his asshole and I couldn’t really breathe.

I was lowkey suffocating because he was on his back and my head was just down under but he came from me, jacking him off.


Like the first and then I tried to quickly, like, come up and swallow it, and I catch it in the air.

And whoa, acrobatics have been bluffing.

Did not know.

I like a dolphin.

Look at kind of Kate started coming like his side and they throw the fish to the dolphins really quickly.


We’ve back.

No, I just tried to exam gone on the side and then I quickly got the rest.

I I get that because I think the bigger the freak this sloppier you’re being in any capacity guys.

Fuck him.

He said after he was like like I have never experienced them.


Yeah, I think like if a guy does want a girl to do this you he can kind of initiate it by kind of thrusting.

His hips up words like an upward motion like lifting his butt up.

I think that’s who she like - she gets you know, she gets the hint that he wants her to like go down there, guys.


I think Sofia just made a brilliant Point.

Any guy.

That’s listen.

I know any guy that’s listening.

I think that’s a great move.

You literally just kind of thrust your hips up just a tiny bit and then she’ll go to town on her face.

And if she doesn’t then she’s not a daddy but she’s not a - no girls.


Have you do what he asked?

Don’t you?

That’s what I’m telling you is you need to eat ask, so go fucking eat out.

Okay guys.

Dating UPS has been such a fucking success.

I know.

I wish we could just have a separate segment where we just start reading testimony.

I know because it’s so insane.


Like you wouldn’t call her die in her bio or daddy gang.

If this is again, your first episode, you’ve listened to, you should be listening from episode one on, but we told basically Daddy Yankee every fucking guy.

And every girl is like how the goddamn F.

Do I slide into a girls or guys?



You should have call her daddy in your bio.

People are straight up.

Having sex, dude.

People are like getting into relationship.

People are getting married.

People are married because you know, I had a guy and he message me who’s like hey, I just wanted to thank you guys so much because I put call her daddy in my hinge bio and I literally have fucked two girls this week that were part of the daddy game.


So crazy like goddamn follow, many people are like, it’s insane with all set.

Yes, we still are humans and we’re not all simulations acting online.

So we do go to bars and we do go out.

So I’m still a huge fan of meaning organically.


I know I’m on diinya.

I like it the most I think.


I was out the other weekend with Sofia and this is kind of become like my go-to thing and Sophia was like you have to just tell the dad again because this shit works.

So this is I think would be mostly for girls the napkin.


And with your number on it.

Yeah, and let me just tell you guys quickly how I do this because I just wanted to share it with you guys.

If you’re struggling.

Cause I know a lot of girls like fuck.

How do I just go up to a guy?

It avoids conversation?

It doesn’t make you confrontational and just leave, and it’s on that.


So, basically what I do and feels pressure exact at all.

And that’s the most important because that a bar when someone’s lingering and you’re like, I don’t want to talk to you right now.

Yeah, I put my name and my number on a paper on a napkin and I go up to the guy and I walk up to him and I will I will literally take his hand.


Yeah, I know look at me and I’ll put the napkin in his hand and I’ll look it up, look up at him and I’ll say I think you’re so hot.

You can do with this as you please and walk away.

Oh my God, telling a guy, he’s hot.

I know, they’d love it.

They die.

So the fact that you give him the napkin with your number and then on top of that you’re like you’re so hot and I love ya.


I’m like, you’re so hot.

Love it.

Do with this as you please and then you walk away.

I do think it’s genius because like Like girls, he then has to just make the move, but you already sort of made the move for him.

So he knows you’re going to be open to talking to him.

Yeah, boom.

I love it.






I am forcing Alex to say this story.

I don’t want to.

She was so pissed and she’s like, I cannot do this.

It’s so embarrassing.

And I’m like, we’ve all done it.


Alex girls go number two, and you just wait.

You talk about it guys, Daddy getting this is how much we love you.

We couldn’t fuckin have Tana.

Here’s what we’re up to hit you with a story.

That is even better than having her on.

This is Christ.



Yeah, let me just tell us.

All right.

It’s a poop story.

Here we go.

Everyone buckle up.

So I was in college.

I was dating this guy and I was hanging out at this at his apartment with all of his friends and there was one bathroom and the one bathroom was in the living room where everyone was hanging out that in itself.


Is it an issue?

An issue terrifying.

So I am sitting there and all of a sudden all of a sudden a wave of an explosion hits me.

Okay, let’s just put it that way and I am like oh my shit.


And you know how you kind of just are hoping like this too, shall pass like, right?

This one may actually just breathe, ask me if I just totally sit in French and sweat it out.

You feel about movement and you’re like, I’m gonna sit this one out, honey.

I Meet you later.



Hey, you will not be coming out of me anytime soon.

So, okay.

I think they’re sweating something.

It’s running crunching and then within about, I think it was 15 minutes.

Like this one was a rocket.

This was an explosion of a rocket.

Like this was not going to be cute and I was like, you know what, this this is not going to be able to wait till later, right?


So what I did is I did what I do best.

I texted the guy, let’s call him Josh.

I texted Josh and I Proceeded to begin to fake a fight, Alex Cooper.

You are a fucking psycho.


I hate fake a fight.

Like, what is this story?

I can’t.

So I text him, he was sitting across the room and I was like, bring me home now and he was like he text me.

He looked up, he’s like, what’s wrong?

Anyways, we go back and forth a little bit.



I stand up and I say meet me outside.

He comes in.

He meets me outside and I’m standing next to his car.

At this point.

I am shivering like, shivering from Chilled of having to shit.

Like this is not going down.

Well, so he comes out and he’s like, babe what the fuck is going on?

And I say, get in the car.


I’m like, get in the car, open the door.

So I get in the car.

I’m sitting there he starts driving.

He is freaking out because as far as he’s concerned, we had a great day together.

He’s driving down the freeway.

I’m like, get me fucking home right now.

He finally, I get it.

He’s like what is going on?


He needs an explanation.

I start you did this.

I saw you looking at the girl at the mall.

Take on April 25th.

You were like, what?

I made, a level, everything level of psycho.

I am living for, you know what?

I mean?

You just start.


I just had to make shit up.

I’m like, and I know this about you and I literally literally you don’t even know what I’m talking about.



Look you guys, I really don’t know.

What the fuck.

Are you talking about tonight?


So at this point I’m like apart could leak out of me.

I’m not close.

Roll down the fucking window.

I roll down the window and stick out my head knowing god.


Well, something could begin to skills are like sweating and you to make sure that your head is in the game.


And this dude you look like, you know, everything had its indicator girls.

They like look out the window and they’re like in a pissed-off.

I think I’ll just you put your head out the window.

I didn’t do another level.

And you know, when you’re trying to concentrate, your like don’t make me laugh.


When you’re with your friends.

I can say you have to shit.

You do not make me laugh.

Like I need to concentrate.

Like you just said, head within the game.

My head was out the window.

I’m focusing.

He’s like, I don’t understand what’s going on.

Whatever firelight.

Don’t you dare?

Like nothing even happened.

Don’t even look at me and he’s like, I’m officially dating a psychopath.


So I’m making up this fight.


We are getting to the house.

I am on the road to my house and, you know, when you know, you’re getting closer, you just start to like, unclenched a little.

So I’m sitting in the car and like, hurry the fuck up.

And he’s like, I don’t even know what to do at this point.

Feel so bad for him.


I’m sitting down and he finally Search the car.

I realized that that very moment, like, there’s no fucking way that I’m going to be able to walk.

Normally a bright boy.

Like just really quickly was he like, just tell me what I did like Alex, I you can’t get out of the car, until you just tell me that I am getting out of this car and you’ll never know.




Well, I know once I shall bake.

Hey, what’s up under my cover?

So, I get out of the car.

I realized I can’t walk straight.

So I tell him.

You need to leave and he’s like, at me, like a psycho.

I’m standing in the Bilderberg.

He’s like, let me just make sure you get in.


I said psycho leave, so he finally drives away.


I look at the house and me, and it’s like, we’re five miles apart.

And I realized all I have to do is make it to the toilet.

That’s all I have to do.

So I’m walking kind of fast low, you know how you you like waddling waddling, penguin?

I want to up to the house.

And finally, it’s like Victory and walking towards the bow.


My God couldn’t have a better feeling.

You literally are basically action.

On your pants earlier.

I’m not yours is mine for the taking my fucking grown.

So I go to the bathroom walk towards it.

The door is locked.

No, all of said oh I hear moaning.


Oh, fuck Jordan.

Oh my God.

My fucking roommate is fucking her boyfriend in the fucking shower at this point.

Shit is coming out of my asshole?

At that point.

I would have broke down.

I don’t even like, get the fuck out, don’t you?


I was a freshman at this point and shoot.

Was a senior and she fucking her boyfriend, and I was just like my God.

What am I supposed to do?

What am I gonna do shit?

The senior guy that I thought was so hot.

So you shit your pants?

No, this is what I did.

Sofia, I get back into the game and I waddle my way out.


The front door, around the house into the backyard.

I wrote literally rush to the back of the house.

I get up against the fence that separates our house in another house, and I literally pull my pants down and I Shit, I shit my dad still like just lava like over it out of me up against it.


I am sure it doesn’t end there.

What I am squatting in my backyard literally shitting, lava spewing out of my asshole and all of a sudden.

Hey bright fucking light, shines on my ass from behind, I turn around and my neighbors are coming out of the back of their fucking house.


And you know, how garages have the automatic light?

Like like goes on.

Oh my gosh, you’re like on a spotlight.

I am literally spewing, soup and they seen he and me.

I literally, I’m not kidding.

You like fucking Humpty Dumpty.


I just topple over onto my side and I am laying here with my pants on my ankle spear.

Oh my God.

Oh my God.

I proceeded to wipe with Elise.


There are so many layers to this story.

Like I can’t the big fight that you did with your boyfriend, is unbelievable to.

It’s unlike parallel to anything I’ve ever heard no guy in their right mind would ever ever.


I’ve done I’ve faked a fight for like various reason not to shit.

Maybe I have, I don’t know.

I would love to hear because I mean, you know, what I’ve done is the whole like you Know what?

Like I just I need some fresh air.

Like I’m gonna go for a walk.

I totally done that and then you’re gone for like an hour, right?


Yeah, that’s fucking insane.

I know.

And then like, two seconds her I’ve done that.

I’m like, you know, what?

Babe, like, I don’t even know like what that was, but I believe like it’s fine like where you like they’ve come pick me up.

That’s like, they want to hear what the fuck is wrong with this bitch.

That is so amazing guys.

Girls go number two.


All right.

I totally get that.

Don’t judge me.

It’s just know.

I can’t believe I do a podcast.

I told that story and it’s see, you know, There’s some fucked up stories of mine that are about to look pretty.

So, I know and I assume other were stories, but there you go.

So make fun of me.


All right.

Question is, what shows up?

Maybe if anyone needs that, please write it in Thai.

Just shut the fuck up.


This is actually a statement that I just want to read because it made me laugh, which is probably fucked up.


Hey, you guys have a terrifying.

Lack of morals.

If guys said any of the shit you say they’d be fired for sexual harassment in an instant.

Fuck off, babe.

That’s the compliment.

I’ve ever think of that shit.


Women have been repressed and oppressed for fucking years.

Shut up.

Shut the fuck up.

You would terrifying, lack of morals.

I know.


So first question I have is, oh my God, this is a fucking Savage, and I want every girl to do this.


Okay, I went on my boyfriend’s Dropbox on his phone and bitch, his ass got busted nudes to the sky of all of these hoes.

And you know what I did, I didn’t even Confront him.

I deleted that shit for him and I’m waiting for him to ask me if I deleted his Dropbox.


Like I want him to tell on himself by asking me.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

The Dropbox, the delete.

This is the fact that he didn’t even hesitate and she deleted I all of his news is so Savage.


I’m wet.

This is literally, I could not be more proud in this very moment.

Oh my God of all to think of Going to the drop box.

I want I’ve literally going to look out for that.

We two girls or check the Dropbox app.

Secondly, the fact that this girl had enough control to be like, you know, what, what’s better to confront him or to do it and make him Wonder?


Right me can ask he’s having a fucking Panic Tucker.

Know he is.

He cannot ask dude.

That’s literally probably like, how, Mel funder always talks about how there’s a volt.

The guys have always have evolved where all the news are that.

It’s probably his fuckin balls and it’s gone.


Oh, that is so amazing.

And I want to be goodbye.

I want to be with you.

What does that Avril?

Lavigne, talked to every nude that you have a girlfriend.

Fuck your boyfriend.

That’s amazing.


Well, amazing.

All right, my question.

My boyfriend, who has been broken up with his ex-girlfriend for about three months, accidentally called me by her name.

What does this mean?

And what should I do?

This is a This is I think that’s a very common, very common.


I mean, I’ve done it.

I’ve done I’ve been in the middle of having sex and called the guy by a different guys name.


It is a complete accident, don’t look into it.

Don’t try and make it into a fight because like it’s just a little slip.

I agree.

I think people I listen.

I know that can be like rattle you if you’re on the other end of it, hold on.


Wait, what the fuck did you say?

But seriously, I really do think it’s just like a mishap.

I do too.

I mean come on.

You’ve spent years calling someone’s name.

Yeah, like it’s my word vomit.

I think you should be more scared if they’re saying a name that you’ve never heard.

That’s true.

Like whoa, really cold?


Like, if it’s an ex-girlfriend, that’s only a good sign of that actually strengthening.

And they’ve never had a Stephanie in there.

Like a fuck.


Good one Sophie.

I like that.

Okay, this fucking Story scared me.

Like it gave me the creepy crawlies and I need everyone to hear.


That’s saying a lot.

Okay, here we go.

Hey Daddy’s, so a guy for my school has been wanting me to come over to his house for a while now and give him.

Sloppy toppy, of course.

I was going to hit him with a Glock like until he text me and said, when you come over, would you mind doing this one thing for me?


Of course, me being a dumb bitch.

I was like I’ll do anything and then he goes and tells me that after I suck his dick and he comes in my mouth.

He wants me to hold it in my mouth while he gets an empty water bottle for me to spit it into.


So he can label it with my name and put it on a Shelf.

If in his closet with all of the other water bottles, filled with saliva and come from past blowjobs.

At first.

I thought this was insane.

It was totally against it.

But now I almost want to do it just for the experience.


Should I go over there blah blah, blah?

This guy.

I wish we could show my face right now.

This Y is collecting his own come from blowjobs.


He’s received.

From girls.

So there he just has all these water bottles with a bunch of girls names with those his face and his come in his closet.

That is that is some serial killer shit.

That is like he is going to end up in prison for some crazy shit and we years what it is.


I do like the most disgusting and creepiest thing you’ve ever heard.

I’m like, sitting here visualizing a closet with a shit to I’m literally drinking a Poland, Spring bottle.

Right now, I’m looking at him, like, imagine discussed at the bottom.

Just a bunch of come.

Like, how many are there?


I don’t know, dead body.

But what the fuck?



And the, that girl literally said that she’s and then she’s like, should I go do it for the exact?

But I’m like, you won’t be coming out of that house.

A lot fucking way.

No, that is some rolls.

We love if you’re a crazy freak Daddy, but that you can know.


That’s like you’re saved.

I do that.

I may be one of the craziest like-likes creepy stories.

We’ve ever been.


I want you to open a fucking closet and seeing that it, what is that guy doing?


It’s like one thing like guys, always could have like, a, like a notebook filled with all the girls.


They thought that’s his way of.

I need to see what this guy looks like, an what he’s up to Daddy.

If this was your story, please send this, right?


Send us his Instagram because I want to do some fucking Rabbit Hole study too.


That made me feel weird.


All right.

All right, this question is short and Sweet.

What should I say?

If I come too quick?

First of all, I want you to address it because I think it’s more weird if we just pretend like it didn’t happen.


Yeah, I don’t like when guys come and then they just like roll over.


I’m like, I want like one punch him.

It’s awkward.

It’s so I think you can just address it and just say fuck.

Like it’s been a while or like fuck.

That was just like so hot.


Then and then I don’t know how many times I just say it.


You’re gonna follow up by saying, Don’t move.

I’m going to I’m going to go down on you till you come right.

You are just as long as you are willing to tell her you now you’re gonna make her come and make sure that you both are getting yours.

Like it’s fine.

Act like you fucking care, right?


And be like, let me go down on you or you know, if you don’t want to because you’re a little bitch boy, then I guess you can say like just give me a minute and like we’re going to go around.

Yeah, you had guys right in and be like, I feel like I came way too fast.

Like I know, I don’t know if she’s gonna hook up with me again.

And this can prevent us from leaving and going home be like wait.


Did I just fucked it up?

Say it in the moment?

Yeah, I think.

Now it’s time.

Let’s talk about Tana.

Okay, let’s guys the best.

I don’t even know where to begin.

I think we begin with professing this with Tana’s team reached out to Barstool and said that they wanted to see if we would have her on our podcast.



So right then and there you understand that we did not go, right.

Asking this girl begging her to come on our show.

I want to reiterate that to Alex, and I wanted to Hannah were she was our Dream guest, but we genuinely thought like, you know, what?


Like, I don’t know if we’re ready for that.

Our podcast is still kind of getting off the ground.

He never reached out.

We never reached out.

Her team, went out of her way to say.


Would love to go on call her daddy.

Can you guys please have her?

So, with that being said, we scheduled that this Wednesday would be For Tana, like, you know what?



She can.

Come on our show.

We would love to have her.

She seems like a daddy.

Yeah, so that initially is what we planned.


So let’s start from the very beginning.


We confirm this with Tana.

Yes, like last month and Alex and I are Beyond excited.


Yes, beyond the amount of preparation.

We did that.

We put in to this interview that we were going to do with her was insane, guys.

We knew like listen, we know, Sofia, and I, we’re comfortable with you guys.

Daddy gang.

We are trying very hard to make sure that if we have guests on that you guys are going to be interested in what their yeah, the day of the interview.


First of all, we when we don’t fucking do shit.

For anyone know we went and got Taco Bell for this.


We watched her videos of what she eats.

What’s your order works?

I spent hours watching her YouTube shit.

So we could get an idea of what this girl likes.

Like favorite candy, like that drinks, whatever.


We got this talk.

We had the merch team order her merch in.

At it like we had this girl hooked up, we get here the day the interview is scheduled for 12:00.

So finally 12 o’clock comes around and we were notified that Tana would be texting us when she was five minutes out your PR team.


Yeah, so we don’t get a text and they keep saying she’ll be here.

Any minute should be here any minute.

Okay, and so we’ve got our camera crew was all set up so that when she gets here we can be filming it, production team, the camera crew.

Like there were teams.

We are team the guest coordinators here.


Serve as people were cleaning the bat like, Everyone was ready to go.

So Alex and I are standing around.

It’s 12.

It’s 12:30.

It’s 12:45.

And when you say, you know, like she must just be running late.

Like we got it.

Like, do you guys know where she could be like?


So finally our team reaches out to her team yet again and her PR person and I quote says, hi guys.

I think Tana went on a bender last night.

We can’t get ahold of her or find her.

Guys, her own PR person, literally out at her and said she went on a bender outed her and could not get a hold of her or her assistant.



So at this moment in time Tana has something scheduled for an hour ago, and neither her, assistant are can’t even find her.

They can’t even find them.

We check out her story on Instagram and all the people she was with and these people are on a fucking Bender.


Binger rage.

It was like 5 hours ago.

She was seen at a club which was like, she’s like you’re half naked which is totally fine.

I totally support that but she’s half-naked like look like crap.

Like laying like, I mean, it was just so obvious that like they had been party.


Yeah, it was obvious.

She died the night before.

And so we knew we knew she was fucked up.

So finally, two o’clock comes around and were like this, she’s not coming and they still can’t even find her.

Finally, they call us and they tell us that they found her.

Oh God, they found her and they were going in and shaking her and going to try to wake her up.


Try to wake her up.

Try to wake her up.

Like what like what is she said?

They were sitting there saying, you know what?

Like running out of guys be there.

We’ll get her up.

Like she’ll get there.

I mean, Alex and I are sitting here waiting and waiting and like hoping and like right.



It was It was kind of it’s shitty guys to because I have been watching YouTube My Entire life and I have been the biggest fan of Tana’s, you’ve heard people say.

Like, I don’t want to meet the people.

I idolize.

I don’t want to meet the celebrities I love because you run the risk of being led down for sure.


And like the veil is gone and like, you know, sometimes he’ll be disappointed for sure.

So, finally guys, it got to the point where we Sophia and I were freaking out because usually record episodes on Mondays, so that audio levels and everything can be fixed by Tuesdays and released on Wednesday, Sophie, and I didn’t have an episode.


So we were Fox, guys, like we’re recording this on Tuesday right now.

Hoping it gets out on Wednesday and we’re going to make it happen.

But we finally were, like, let’s go write an episode, then they tell us, you know, she might be able to come actually.


How long can you be at the office?

And it was as back and forth.

Maybe she can do a phone interview.

Maybe she could make she never showed up.


She has the audacity to go to Twitter and say she has strep throat.

I mean, a guy’s I have been deathly hungover.

Before where I’m throwing up dry heaving cetera, fucking got my ass to work.


I got my ass to work.

I know we have not heard from her.

No apology.

Nothing, nothing.


Not one.

We waited, we had till 7:00.

We waited Pepe booking studio time.

People at our office couldn’t record, because we were holding it for her and then we went to read it afterwards and we realized we saw so many people have any issues with her.


Do you?

And I was like kind of like what and then I started looking into it and I guess.

It’s like she’s just known in the YouTube Community for like pulling this shit.

Yeah, so I do you know, she’s 20.

She’s making a shit ton of money, a lot of money and you know when I was 20, like I was out of control, but it’s still really fucking sucks.


And all I have to say is if you’re not reliable and you know, that you’re not reliable, don’t go out of your way to try and schedule things with people because it really fucks up their day.

It’s super disappointed.

And also I’m pissed off because, you know, what every week, we try to put out fucking content for the daddy gang.


It is high-end good shit entertaining and she our episode, who knows?

I was, you know, it could have been better or this or that but I was really really excited to meet her.

Like that’s the other thing me too.

We were both like, you know, I’m pissed.


We’re going to try to get a kissing picture with her.

We were like, let’s break the internet three-way kiss.

So guys, I’m sorry if you were excited about today.

You know, what?

We are going to have guests.

Oh, yeah.

We are just holding out for someone.

That’s fucking worth it.

Yeah, fuck.

I don’t want to just bring on like, you know, I feel like we’re in this little exclusive thing.


We’ve got the data gang.

We got you and me and I think until we fall, except as long as I have you babe.

We’re good.

Good golden Gucci, baby.

We got the daddy gang and we’re going to still have fun.

Alright guys, that’s it for this week again, so we are so sorry that we didn’t have a guess, but I hope Alex is poop Story made up more.


I hope you guys are going to buy strap ons and you’re going to fuck your boyfriend.

Yeah, I can call her daddy’s I have about to eat ass.

When you give head call her Daddy.

I hope you’re shoving a finger up there.

Call her daddy style.

Yeah, so every single Wednesday you guys we love you so much.


Thank you for listening.

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