Call Her Daddy - 21 - Sex Tapes & Cucumber Fun


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Daddy gang.

What is a pit is Alex and Sophia bag at it again.


Hi, Daddy gang.

All right, you guys and I am pretty sure I’m suffering from dogs.

No God.

No, you’re not.

She’s been walking around all morning.

She’s like, I’m dying.

I’m like, you’re not dying.

You guys have no idea what happened to me yesterday.


I went in for like a pap.

Smear, and I was like, feeling some kind of discomfort down there.

But like, I didn’t really think Thing about the doctor pulls out an old tampon out of my vagina that has been in there for over a month.



So that happened to me yesterday.

I’m not doing great guys.

Sophia sent me a picture of her legs up on the like operating looking table and she was like, you are never gonna fucking believe what just happened.

It was so embarrassing.


I know I shouldn’t be embarrassed because like it happens.

But yeah, it was just the Nasty, it also felt really crazy being pulled out.

You gave birth to a tampon know and I like I like the fact that it happened to someone.


I’m just so close to someone so near and dear to my goddamn heart rise.

I lived to tell the tale of Woe.

And yeah.

All right.

So we’ve got a little bit of drama this week and to the like honestly, this wasn’t even our drama.

No, this is fucking bullshit.


We were just sitting chilling at her.

I was like leading popcorn.

I do your own business, right?

So guys a lot of Barstool went to the Super Bowl this weekend and Sophia and I stay back in New York and I guess we’ve talked about Rachel Bush on our podcast before.


If you do not know who Rachel bush is.

She’s an Instagram model that is married to an NFL player and she fucks around with a lot of NFL players.


So before I guess I’m a couple weeks or Months or something.

Before they got married.


She fucked and Tonio Brown.

And then I guess for Revenge her husband when they were married fucked, this college girl.

And on our past episode.

We weren’t even really Throwing Shade at like what she looks like or what she posts on the internet.

We just had an issue with the fact that she basically goes after the woman that slept with her husband.


And we were just saying, you know what?

Girls solely get mad at the other girl and they like, don’t think that Mansion of any accountability.

It’s like craziest.

It’s like, you literally are married to this man.

And he vowed to this girl doesn’t want know you.

So, anyways, so, I’m our boss, our boss, Dave, Portnoy.


He said something at this event that I guess.

Rachel Bush was on the guest list, and he said, Rachel Bush hates the call her daddy girls.

Okay, and that was when and tweeted, I guess someone, quote tweeted him.

So that’s something our boss that Alex and I had no fucking clue what was being sad, and I guess Rachel Bush saw this and she Tweeted with a comment and said stop using my name for cloud.


I don’t I don’t fuck around with these.

What did she calls?

Like bug-eyed?

No, she called his bum ass bugs, bum-ass, bug-eyed hose or something.

Like I’ve never been called that.

What does that mean?

We have big eyes.

I don’t fucking know.

So anyways, all of a sudden she says, stop using me for clout.


It’s the craziest thing when she sang that we are using her for cloud, but she’s literally giving us the biggest shout out about It keeps retweeting.

It be commenting and liking posts about us, and Meanwhile, we’re in our beds.

Like what’s going on.

Do you lucky feel like, Rachel bush is the kind of girl?

That would be like, she pulled my fucking who, if we saw her two parties, you would totally throw some punches out of.


Yeah, and like, Alex are not exactly the most equipped do it again.

Fuckin just such a so, not us.

We’d like, what are you doing?

Like a fucking shit?

Let’s go, bitch.

And I be like, I don’t want to run, we would and she looks fucking slow.

So, Oh Rachel Bush, Rachel Bush.


Love you, girl.

I love you girl.

I’m your bum ass Bob best bug eyed girl.

So we I saw a post.

This is just more drama.

I like talking about drama.

We saw a post a couple post of people posting pictures of us.


Being like there’s no fucking way that these girls don’t have sugar daddies like there’s just no fucking way.

It’s like have you guys seen our apartment?

That is what right?


Our apartment.

I don’t know how many times that we have to tell you.

It is fully furnished from the trash legit.


We have a heater that’s broken.

Me and Alex if you didn’t see like on our story, we’re literally huddled around her one huddled trying to stay warm like a little portable heater that you and I are standing in front of and everyone’s like there’s no fucking way to they don’t have sugar daddies.

I’m, like, bitch.


If I had a sugar daddy, I would have a doorman.

We would have here, we would be living, we all we live, we live in like Sub-Zero temperatures and like don’t even know if I’ll wake up the next day.

There’s some moment.

I’m like, this is the end like we straight.

I mean guys we have talked on episodes about like having shit and pee leak out of our fucking bathroom.


And there’s nothing wrong at all with having a sugar dough.

We welcome it.

We totally welcome it but it’s just ridiculous.

And people are like how these girls are like such a fucking Liars.


We’re not the other day Lauren and I were laying in our bed.

And our window was kind of cracked open.


So our Landlord or are super.

I don’t know which one it is.

He’s outside and Lauren goes.

Did you hear that?

I’m like, know what and she goes.

You literally just yelled at someone and said, if you ever show up to my property again, I will shoot you like we live in the ghetto.

No, he isn’t locally scarifying.


So if everyone that says we have sugar daddies, it’s like we just said we’re not mocking.

First of all, the lifestyle, the girls that have them we want them, but please fuck off with that.

It’s so annoying.

Do we have rich friends?




I mean mooch Central, Alex and I will music until we die.

But this is the difference is say we have rich friends and they offer to fly off somewhere for a weekend, right?

They may be paying for it.

But at the end of the day, we fly on back to New York guys and we go back to our city as apartment know and you know, it’s almost worse because we get a little taste of the great life and then Alex, I have to fucking well, I come back.


We’re still poor.

Yeah, speaking of being poor.

It’s Valentine’s Day.

Now, is it next week?

It’s next week.

Well, we don’t have boyfriends.

So we’ll just be scissoring each other.


Oh, wow.

You’re gonna get everyone a little bit excited because what are they calling galantine?


It will it will, let’s not use that term.

So it’s Valentine’s Day.

So this is this is what P.

We have.

A lot of people asking us, what the hell do I get the girl for Valentine’s Day?

Now, I have to say, I truly do think it’s one of the most overrated.

I don’t even think we should call it a holiday, but if You are a guy, and you have a girl, the time you have to get her, something girls fucking care.


I mean, I care.

Yeah, if I’m in a relationship, like, even though I think it is kind of dumb, like, yeah, I care.

I think.

Also, and it’s so dumb to admit, but like, just because social media and everything, every girl’s going to be posting on their stories of the shit that the guy bought them.

So like if you don’t get your girl, I actually have a really funny story about that.


So my friend was dating this guy and he like pretty much just would treat her like a piece.

To show.

He didn’t get her anything for Valentine’s Day and she cared so much about like her social media and shit that she went and purchased herself.


Like all these balloons roses Etc.

Oh tagged him in the picture that it up in her room.

So it looked like he had bought her something and he did it.

That’s hacked him.

Yeah, he was.

He probably saw it was like, what the fuck, man?

I mean, that’s so sad.


That actually is really Sad, so guys.

Listen, I know even if you’re a girl says she doesn’t need anything.

Just get her something.


So Sofia and I are here to save the day.


We this past month have been working on a little project and we basically wanted to provide you guys something to get your girl for Valentine’s Day.


This is not an ad, was it?

Not an ad we literally don’t make money off of this right away.

Like straight up.

That’s right up our fucking poor life.

So Sofia and I designed some shot glasses thongs and can Well, we put degrade me on the thong because then everyone wanted it, right?

A polymer.

Like what should be made in the the booty shorts that we did a short safe Daddy on the inches.


Super cute.

So cute.

The shot glasses are dope.

And then the candles too.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure we asked to put it live today.


Yeah, and you can and it will get there by Valentine’s Day.

I’m pretty sure it says, like in the shipping, it will get there.

The 13th.

Yeah, those are great options.

And I mean, if you’re willing to spend a little bit more money, you can get the Venus do Fleur.


They’re real flowers.

Hours, but they’re dipped in some chemicals.

So they last you an entire year.

They come in like this box.

I mean, any girl would just die to get them.

Like, they’re so cute.

Don’t the Kardashians.

Always have the yes.

Wow, if anyone’s listening, send me a box of those.

Yeah, I don’t get a fucking set me about.


Yeah, but they’re so cute.

They are.

And, I mean, you can always also do like, you could hook your girl up and get her the womanizer and be like babe, when I’m out of town or I’m gone.

Yeah, out of town or like we’re using this tonight.


Because the womanizer.

Yeah, if you’re looking that’s a good one.

You could just get a I’ve your day.


Oh and give it to her or girls.

Could you?

Oh my God.

Okay girls.

You should get your man.

A mold of your vagina.

Remember my ex-boyfriend was so obsessed with Lisa and yeah, there’s like a mold of her vagina and I was like this close to buying it with regard to Valentine’s Day.


We came up with a pretty good idea.

Why I like this idea.


This is our call her daddy idea from all the songs in the shock class.


And if you are trying to save money, I know like a lot of listeners are in college.

This is the way to go.

Yeah, broke.

Bitch life, we’ve got you.

Yeah, our to.

So guys, we came up with an idea, literally.


All it takes is a pen and a paper.

Yeah, and it’s basically going to be like, the call her daddy coupon book.

It’s we’re not talking food.

No, okay.

No, so, guys, you basically, on a piece of paper can write to your girl for Valentine’s Day.

One free couch, cobbler, combo, or you know, what?


That’s some pussy shit.

You should be.

Like, I’m going to give you the couch cobbler for two hours there, you know, you can put a Time on it could try for two.

Yeah, couch cobbler in the car.

Yeah, that’s right.

So I think that could be dope.

I didn’t even do other like more basic shot.

I’ll watch the fucking car dashians with you, for our love, watch The Bachelor right when I like that.


What about?

Yeah in or like a massage back?

One free massage for our and then ladies.

Don’t worry.

We didn’t forget about you.

You guys can do the same thing like straight up.

I would write on it.

Like one free GLOCK GLOCK.

Totally one free Cooper.

Special 130 A Rocket Ride.


A reverse cowgirl trip girls.

I think a lot of times people appreciate, like an experience and why not having a sexual experience.

I mean, that’s like pretty fucking original.

That is, are we ingenious?

And I think we are.

I’m pretty sure.

Oh, we’re such Geniuses telling you that you’ll give your man a we blow dry.


No, do we know honestly, if I was a guy, I would end up breaking up with her before Valentine’s Day and then get back with her like the next week and then do like a dinner for her.

And that would be like, so cute and special.

You’re just like, if you’re just gonna go throw your ass bitches break up with them like the day before, love it, and then get back totally.


Okay, that is just healthy relationship 1101 from call her daddy.

Also, if you want to buy her a bag and like actually spend money, I mean what if you buy your girl, a Chanel bag, like she will be getting it up the butt from you.


Oh, she’s gonna fuck you right that night.

Oh my God, if a guy bought me a Chanel bag, we sound, we literally Early just got done saying whatever hole you one if he should not done saying, we don’t sugar daddies.

That’s how you know, we don’t ya my cuz we’re fucking desperate, fuck.


All right.

I think this is something that is quite hilarious.

Truly but low-key terrifying because guys are delusional but girls have to deal with it and it’s terrifying.

So I am so excited to fuck you too.


So let’s just talk about a good old flaccid dick, you know, love a good flaccid dick when a guy sitting when he’s doing his thing and we’re not fucking.

When were fucking, I don’t love a good flaccid dick.

You know what?

I mean?

It’s just not the mood.


It’s not the groove.

It’s not what I’m in the mood to see when I’m like, put it in me.

So let’s talk about Plastics.

I think almost every girl has probably experienced.

Yes girls.

Let’s set the scene.

You’re hooking up with a guy.

It’s getting hot and heavy.

You’re about to just start fucking he whips out his wiener.



He literally is like, let’s fuck like I can’t wait to be inside of you.

You reach down and it is a squirmy wormy ridiculous.

Little floppy dick, you’re excited.

He’s excited.


And his dick is an excited.

His dick is not exactly like, like, it’s it’s really the crates, like those inflatable, things outside of the car dealership like flailing around and he’s thinking in his head that you guys are about to fuck the delusion.


You would rather just be like, all right, like we can just make out like excetera and they’re like, no, let’s fucking do we fucking?

What is that?

That little macaroni?


How am I putting that in me?

That is, that’s where the delusion is.

I don’t know if they’re waiting for you to, like, try to put it in or if they’re trying to, like, do they think we’re not going to fucking notice.


I know people probably listening are like, oh, yeah, but that’s whiskey dick.

No, no straight up sober homeboy.

Can’t get it up.

And he’s legit coming at me with this little anteater thinking.

It’s about to go inside me.

I think that they are hoping that they are going to put in in in some capacity.


And that you will not notice and that you can just like ride them and like everything will be fine.

That is not how sex works.

Like bitch.

How know a ends up like you end up trying to put it in and it’s fucking like embarrassing and awkward.

The gate doesn’t even really go in.


Like what do you want me to do with?

Like, why are you lying to my face to my face?

Why are you living in like such denial?

There is nothing I can do with this dick at this place.

I’m looking at it and it’s soft and he’s like no it’s hard.

I’m like it.

It is soft.

He’s like it’s soft.

But it’s hard like, I’m soft.


But yes, I am hard or something.

I need guys to ride in and tell me what your thought process is.

When you try and pull that shit.

I think what happens sometimes now that I’m thinking about it because I was trying to like Channel milk Hunter and I’m like, I think maybe sometimes guys like they can lose it for a minute and they’re like, no no.


Like it will come back.

Like I just need if I stop hooking up with her then it’s really not going to come back.

So maybe if I just like My mind pretending we’re about to fuck that.

It will just get hard.

But listen, it is such a turn-off for a girl.

When a guy is straight-up just pretending like, he doesn’t know that things just flopping.


When I’ve encountered that like sometimes, I’ll try to just ask to go down and do it that way.

But guys, if you are not hard, just go down on this girl yelling, you’re out for a little bit because it is the most ridiculous thing.

I have to say that this reminds me.


Me and it may pain you but it reminds me that there is no one.

Yeah, and this world that deals with a soft dick better.

Then you Sophia Franklin.

Oh my God, the video of a man’s dick.


You have, you need to tell the story?

Like I didn’t prep you for this one.

Take it off.

I forgot how I remember it, but you forgot.

So, And I, we were in La.


I entered a full-on block out, love not brown, not like really hammered black.

I have no recollection of anything.

I wake up the next day to a video of a guy with his pants pulled down his soft dick and a fucking song playing while I took the video.


So like what happened was?

We were trying to hook up.

I got I figured This all out, like the next day, love that.

We were trying to hook up.

He wasn’t getting hard and in my blackout.

I like saw his dick and I was like, I know the perfect song to go with this day, like who says, the Earth thinks that video was produced created and directed by me.


Like, it was a work of yours.

Truly, dude.

It was just of this guy’s dick with a song that I picked and recorded it.


See this is the thing.

I was also drunk at this party guys, and I’m like, where the fuck is Sophia?

So I walk downstairs and I opened the door, and there you have it.


The man has his pants around his ankles.

Yeah, sitting in a chair.

Sophia has her music blasting on her phone and she’s like, in that Crouch position.

You see like, parents get in when they’re like, taking the photo for the kid Sophia’s in a crouched position.


You are moving.

Zooming in and zooming out at this guy’s dick, you’re like getting different angles and you’re filming his dick with a song on.

It was me.

It was a song that was like doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo and this guy is so fucked.


Up to you is sitting there and his soft dick is just hanging out.

I didn’t even end up hooking up with him.

I literally filmed the video.

Got up and like went deep my room dude.

I know because I walked into Sophia guys and I legit and like, oh my God, like, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry and then I saw it was going on like wait what?


Like sorry guys about took up and Sofia’s like no, I’m done with could have bed and we walk out of this room in this guy’s pants are around his ankle soft dick out and he’s just like what the fuck.

He was like, what?

Just transpired.

It’s every time I think sometime like what was the thought process behind that video?


Like did I just see his dick?

And I was like, oh my God, I know the perfect song that will go with this dish.

Like what like what that?

You know, what?

That is what we’re going to have girls.

Do, you’re not going to ask him?

Um, can I give you a blow job or you’re not going to take a minute?

You’re going to take out your phone.


So your flashlight was on to, I forgot that aspect of it, turn your flashlight on, get your video recorder out, and put on a song and start literally filming the ice off today guys.

Trying to say like, let’s fucking, He’s flaccid.


That’s what your and you just start filming it.


I totally agree.


I want to talk to you about doggy, getting it from behind.

I’m going to give you guys just a couple points.

Wieners number one is you’ve been waiting to say this aalto every day.


So feels like I’m bringing up the doggy in the next episode when girls are getting it from behind and they keep their focus up ahead.

Like they are driving a car.

I’ll Speed Ahead know, it is like the craziest thing to me.



If you if your man is fucking you from behind and you are not looking back at it and looking back at him and giving him like, Sex eyes and like moaning.

You’re fucking doing it wrong, dude.


I’m just picturing like, I know and girls were not shitting on you.


But like it’s Gotta stop today.

The minute you listen, is episode.

You’re never just staring Straight Ahead.

Literally is like, when you see a guy and you doing like, the horse and buggy thing, and the horse is going, and he’s holding the straps.

Like you cannot be the horse.

I mean, act like you’re kind of in.


Yeah, I don’t actually make it even if you’re not enjoying it, which I don’t know why you would.

You but like if you’re not enjoying it, yeah, no, we’re going to say they’re enjoying it regardless.

You need to turn around.

You need to look back.

And that’s the hottest thing.

You can do.

Look back at him bemoaning.


Do I contact and tell him to smack your ass?

Tell him to grab your ass and you can even like again a faint like you can start like touching yourself with your one hand.

I think you just go back and forth.

Exact you don’t fucking keep your head that, like I said, all right, speed ahead and you’re just like looking forward.


The other thing.

If you have your back hunched over, no, I’m gonna literally you look like a dog.

That’s about to take a shit.

Like, you know, how like their backs?

Yeah, all hunched up, a guy is going to be like, what the fuck?


What are you enjoying this?

What the hell?

What am I looking at?

Because it makes your ass look, bad.

You look like you’re in pain.

You look like you’re about to take a shit.

You look like you’re having menstrual cramps.

It’s like what did this turn into a thousand percent.

You need to have that back part.


That’s what you need to do.

And if it’s hurting you, then change position.

But like, right now, that’s not hot.

No, I remember milp Hunter said, I said like, what’s one of the most unattractive things?

And he said, when the girl when I’m fucking her from behind slowly, it’s like 10 seconds, 15 seconds and each incremental time slowly, her back just starts hunting hunting hunting all the way till she looks like fucking Hunchback of my job.


And it’s like, bitch.

What is this dude?

Because it also makes your A body look, so bad.

That’s not acute angle.

So girls also, like I think if anything slouch the other way.

Sometimes what’s worked for me is like, say he’s big and like, you’re just like, damn.


Like this is just hitting a spot that like, it almost hurts.

What I do is if you’re on the bed, say you almost like spread forward and go down.

Like what’s it downward dog position?

And you kind of do that and then that also is so fucking hot.

That’s a really hot position for a guy to see you in and that just helps you like get Feel it in a different spot, but girls, we gotta clean it up with the Hunchback.


It is so unattractive.

Mac needs to stop and like, you need to, like, look back at him and like, make like yeah, I’m type of clean.

Those were just a couple pointers.

Those are just a couple of things that God has heated this past afternoon.

All right, so Alex and I we weren’t going to share this story, but we’re telling it.


Because listen, we have talked about fetishes and Kinks before we don’t shit on any of them.

We know people like certain things.


Yes, and I’m going to preface this by saying.

This does not mean that these people like to do this in real life.

Do you know what I mean?


That’s huge.

People don’t realize like fantasies enroll playing stuff like that.

Is not something that’s actually needs to happen.

Like in reality, for sure.

Like legit rape fantasies rate.

We can talk about that another episode, but I definitely, okay.

So, all right, now that we’ve scared the shit out.


I know everyone’s terrible, like what are the Galt that do people are always like, what are they going to talk about this week?

And now they’re like, what are they, right?


So the term Daddy, our podcast is called.

Call her Daddy.

What is Daddy?

It’s usually it.

When you are just letting your guy know that he is the man.


Yeah and then vice versa.

That’s why we say girls can also be Daddy.

Yeah, it’s when you are the ultimate basically like a Savage you take control.

You have the power.

Yeah, boom.

So so our friend is hooking up with this guy and this is her first time.


This is her first time hooking up with him.

She was like super Into him.

Like they were amazing and he’s like really hot.

Oh my God, dropkick words and successful.

Very little older and also the nicest guy ever.

I think the guys sometimes it seemed the most stable.


Well, here we go about to spill some shit.


Our friend throws out the daddy during sex.


She says that feels so good.

Daddy, whatever you’ve all been there.

We’ve all done that one.


I love it.

This guy starts doing a roleplay.


She Him daddy, and he responds with, oh my gosh, like you’re my little girl.

We I’m just gonna give you guys some of the lines that she told us.

We need to be quiet.

We can’t wake mommy up.

We’re going to be you’re going to be late for school like you’re so naughty or so disobedient to keep this a secret from Mom.


Like you’re right like, oh my God, and then he was saying stuff like your pussy’s.

So small.

Your oh, I just small little mouthwash you.

Is like sucking his dick and he was, he was like your small little mouth, tiny throat.

So insane.


Oh, and dude, she was just so taken aback, and I’m just curious to know like if anyone has like encountered this before I get, I get it in the sense that like people like the perversion of it.

Yeah, you know what?


I mean?

The thing will also, I think we should talk about that because in this situation guys, she said and which this she is She does not do kinky shit.

She was like, guys, it was one of those things where like he’s so hot and he started doing it.

She ended up fucking putting her hair in pigtails and full-blown acting.


Like she went with it.

She and she liked it.

She said it was the craziest thing, but I ended up like, like it was hot and she was like Oh Daddy.

Like and it was like, yeah.

So dude, I don’t even know what I would do in that position.


I just I really just go along with it.


But this is the thing.

I know immediately people are like, okay that is like straight up pedophilia like that is just not because you guys don’t understand that your fantasies and role play and stuff like that is like dude guys want girls to dress up as a little schoolgirl.


Like you’re not gonna go fuck a little schoolgirl or a nurse.


Well, I guess you would fuck a nurse but no.


I think it’s just this weird thing with fetishes.

And I mean, anyone that is listening and that has had this happen.

It is let us know because This is just another form of role play.


But this specifically, I think can be more of a controversial one, just because it’s like, you’re basically acting like you’re fucking your dad and your, fucking your daughter, right?

And you’re telling her be quiet, mom.

He’s in the other room.

Holy Jesus.


I also think like similar to the rape and I say, I know we haven’t talked about it, but it’s like these women don’t want to be raped.


They want to role play and like kind of have like that Dom, yab Yang, but Like, I know I didn’t even really know about rape fantasies until you told me about it, but we are going to, I think we should talk about that in another episode.


I lucky, I feel like we need a fucking specialist to talk about that.

But I know people are going to like, you have fucking lighter lines.

Finally the call.

Her daddy.

Girls have gone on the edge.

But really, I mean, I don’t know.

I think I think another thing that you made a good point about because you make so many good points and his the perversion, there’s an and I think that that’s something that people lose sight of when they hear About this shit.



Listen, we’re all about not judging on call her daddy.

And people I think almost like years ago.

I would have been judgmental of this and I’ve definitely changed my view on shit.

But like this specifically the perversion is, what is so many guys are attracted to.


And I do think that more guys are into that than girls like the perversion of things, right?

I mean, totally, I mean, I mean with anything like there are exceptions, but I totally agree.

I mean, there’s like, there’s a lot of different.

It’s really get off to that Che.

I want to transition to a little thing called social media.



I think it’s time we talk about fake accounts.

I think you should actually, because that wasn’t.

What was that episode to you?

Talk about Sandra Martinelli.

Yeah, so I was doing some stocking.

I was dating this guy, I ended up on his ex girlfriends Instagram page as you do.


I was like a year deep.

I was literally in like 2016.

Hanging out with her cousin, right?

Right, right.

I was trying to zoom in on like this swimsuit picture.

Whatever the fuck I was doing.

I did the double top and my heart fell out of my butt and I wanted to die.


I had 30 seconds to figure something out.

And this is what I did.

I changed my name on Instagram from Sophia Franklin to Sandra Martinelli.

Don’t ask me where I got that name.

From what?

It just fucking flew out of me and I don’t even know.


I changed my profile picture to a picture of like a cartoon or something and I put my profile on private, you know, it’s just it’s just it is so really in it at its finest like truly.


It really is.

I’m so proud.

Yeah, so when that girl went to go see who had liked her fucking photo from three years ago, right.

Sandra Martinelli liked the Also, if you have Franklin, No, Sophia Franklin.

Don’t even have an Instagram anymore.

No, nope.

So, so with that, we wanted to preface it with that because first of all, thank you because that’s such a amazing story and I don’t even think I would have thought about that.


Yeah, so fake accounts.


I truly believe that every single girl has a fake account whether they are going to stalk their ex-boyfriend.

Yeah, their ex-boyfriends new girlfriend, their exbest friends, like every fucking King girl has a fake.


Yeah, it’s point.

And if you don’t have a fake account, you can use your friends fake account.

Like you always used to use my fake account.

But now we got you set up with a new one.

Oh my God my fake account.

I created my first one like a week ago.

I just went to the popular page and started requesting to follow all these random people.


It is all like construction related stuff.

Like yeah Will Be Girls posting with drywall.

Yeah, there will be guys like posing with like a fucking saw.

It’s like the funny.

Chef Guys, I tried to help Sophia because Sophia didn’t understand like what do you do with the fake account?


I’m like so you need to have followers and be following.

It’s not working out that great.

I literally went to go follow my ex like, oh, a couple days ago and he texted me, a screenshot of the account and he was like, why do I feel like this?


Is you like?

No, he’s like I pretty much still.

No, you’re the crazy bitch.

I used to do that just shows how fucking crazy you are because if you’ve not talked to him.

And the fact that no and straight up I picked the profile picture.

I know it’s from it’s someone from the daddy gain.


I think the picture that was like two girls.

They look like they’re in a sorority.

It’s like super wholesome bitches and Sophia, that’s her profile picture.

And your name is like, Gina some bullshit.

And so she requested him.

He called her out.

Yeah, but the best thing about fake account.


Mmm, is what are you gonna do this week?

Sophia, with my fake account.

You’re going to change your name.

You’re going to change the picture.

Oh my God.

Got a couple more followers and you’re a different person.

I’m going to completely reinvent myself as many times as it takes until this fucker.


Lets me follow him, guys.

If you have a fake account remembered also post pictures in there, right?

When people see that you have zero posted like a, that’s a fake account while we are psychos.

We are psychos.

All I want to say, though, is like, we’re just talking about these lightly.


I’m sorry, but fake accounts can really put you in a fucking mental state thought.

Oh, can be detrimental.


Don’t, dude.

It’s the worst, the amount of stalking and rabbit holes and hours.

Countless hours that I spent stocking from a fake account, is like not good for your mental.


It’s not healthy whatsoever.

And I think it’s just important to say that.

I think it’s inevitable that everyone’s gonna have one.

Yeah, but I do think girls.

Like, it’s gets unhealthy when you’re straight up, checking it just as much as you’re checking normal count.

Like, you wake up and you go to your real account and then you check your fee.


I’ll it can be a little wild.

Yeah, I think I mean, Dude, faking do you think guys have fake accounts?

I kind of think they do.

I know that like one of my exes did really what it is.

Also a little girl in a little bit a little bitch boy, whatever.


We what do you what do you think he was doing on it?

Just like stalk you and yeah, I think there’s also people that have them so that they can follow accounts like guys want to follow like hot girls and don’t want their right girlfriend or their wife to find out.

This is like great, you know, like not do she at all.

Like super cute totally with Hard to social me he T ha.


Um now let’s talk about Snapchat for a second which I I mean we got to talk about it more and I guess I need to get back into the snapshot game.

But yeah, maybe we’re just like hoes and we just keep sending our nudes through text message and I can save them.


People are sending nudes through snapchat.


I be I barely use Snapchat.

So Snapchat, everyone’s like, how do I fuck with someone on Snapchat?

And I’m sure a lot of people use this, but we just want to give you guys a little heads-up.

If you’re not using that, I do this all the time.

It’s just the writing, right.

So what pretty much what you do is you begin typing something, but then you just delete it and you never send it.


So they still got a notification.

Yeah, right.

Notch out to beautiful thing.

It’s like, you can be sitting there and it’s like, David is typing and you’re like, oh shit.

What’s David about?


Yeah, and then you never get a message from them.

And then it’s like a mind.


And you like, want to reach out to them.


You’re like, yeah, if you’re trying to get someone’s attention.

Mission without full on saying something like, you’re going to play it off like it was a mistake.

Yes, but I think this could this could really work but don’t overdo it and pick your timing.

So girls or guys, let’s say you’re trying to like get back into your ex is mine.


Look, I kind of want to fuck with them a little bit right?

Don’t do this at 2:00 a.m.

Do this at like 2 o’clock in the afternoon typed them on Snapchat.

Yeah, and they’re going to be fucking at work and they’re like we why is like Chelsea writing to me and then stopped writing and don’t send anything.

And then immediately for the rest of the day he’s going to like did she what she what was she gonna say?



That guy’s is a perfect way to fuck with someone go type something.

Delete it and boom Bill you’re in.


Okay, Alex gave us the fucking story of a lifetime last week about shitting herself lease, which is kind of my favorite story ever and I can’t stop talking about and when we’re meeting guys, I’m Leo.


Have you heard?

Heard of this story.

No, this is the fucked-up thing.

I actually got a DM from a guy and he was like, haha, like just listen to your poop story.

Like, I have to say like, it almost made me more attracted to you.

And I was like, what?

He’s probably the type of guy that once you like fucking give him a dirty sanchez.




So thanks for everyone who is so supportive of my shit.

So the reason I’m bringing up that story is because we were like, we need to give these people another story.

The other story.

Change their lives.

I just all right, we call this the Cucumber story deal.


The cucumber’s story is so near and dear to our heart.

Sofia and I went to Vegas.

When was I don’t know, was like a while.

It was like close to when we first met.


So almost a year ago.


And Sofia.

And I got invited to this party.


It was like a house.

Not a how little it was like a penthouse party.

I don’t even I don’t even remember where It was but pretty much and like we that sounds.

So like we’re trying like, oh, we went to but no, no, we had plans that night and then we randomly got invited, probably because I thought we were fucking prostitutes, which, right?



So we go to this Penthouse party because we were going to go to a club and we’re losers.

Whoa, like a penthouse party.

Let’s do it.

Because his Penthouse party and every single girl looks.


Kind of like an escort.

So we didn’t understand the dynamic of this.

We’re like, let’s get fucked up.



I really like not a lot of the girls were drinking and without basically like These girls were trying to land this guy as their sugar daddy.

There were not many men at this party was like straight.

It looks like the fucking Bachelor, right?

It really does.

So we’re at this party and all these girls are trying to get time and talk to this guy.


And meanwhile, sofiane are like, where’s the bar?

So, Sofia and I are getting fucking hammered at the bar.

And there’s this one girl who definitely has his attention.

She’s spending a lot of the time with him that night.

Yeah, and then it gets back to us that there’s a little situation going down.

Yeah this girl.


So this guy was going to take some of the girls on a shopping trip each to some people listening with their like, what, which is normal.

That’s his that is so normal.

It happens in Vegas all the time like, you know where I just so more.

Mold guys will like pick some girls and like take him to like Chanel would ever.


Have we ever get gone to that know?

I don’t own any should’ve died.


So so the one girl finally has his attention, so we find out that he basically made a little barter with her.

What was the Garter?

Sofia, he bargained with Sure.


That he would be down to take her shopping and let her be one of the girls if he got to fuck her with a cucumber.


Listen guys.

I know, as you’re listening to this on your drive to work or you’re working out, you’re like, now you guys are fucking lying.


Here’s the thing guys.

And I wish we were fucking like I don’t I mean I would probably be really fucked up to release it.

We have a video.


Of what actually went down if it wasn’t so fucking Fucked up and evil.

I wish like we could just blur out her vagina.


Hind up.

I have this video.

So everyone that says we faked our stories go fuck yourselves because I saw this with my own two eyes.

Well, I’m like, thank you all the videos on my phone.

Now, your phone I wanted to talk and this girl.


So anyways, this and I mean a lot of these guys in Vegas at have a shit ton of money, they like to do stuff like that.


Like our other story where he made the girl crawl around like a dog.

If yeah, if you haven’t heard I mean they have money and they up.

Our the like, why not?

So all of a sudden they straight up have all of the girls get into Vans and Sophia are fucked up on our way to get into.

These Vans.


We are going to what was it a Whole Foods, they like a 24-hour guidance to us.

So this guy has us all the girls from the party.

Go to Whole Foods and pick out a cucumber.


Look this girl took that he’s gonna like fuck this girl with of course because I’m a sweetheart.


I like big like a job and he’s cute.

I was running around being like, no, like we want to find her a baby one.


Well, I’m getting though.

Biggest largest Mongoose like.

It was looking cucumbers.

Like it was funny.

Like there were some girls walking but no one really like took it.

That seriously dude.


You were like, where’s the organic one?

You’re a fight.

I don’t want this sweet girl to have pesticides going in her pussy.

Noah, please just picture all of these girls.

Leaving a penthouse.

Yes, getting into a van and walking into a Whole Foods to find cucumbers.


Yes, like I imagined.

The fucking person in that grocery store.

First of all, right.

Look, I look like prostitutes time and you know what, when this went down, which it did, he fucking put a condom on the Cucumber.

Yes, let’s talk about that.

So we get much, we go to Whole Foods with like a gaggle of like beautiful girls and they little mini dresses and stripper heels were picking out cucumbers and con and he’s standing at the top of the fucking line and all these guys are putting their cucumbers right on the fucking conveyor belt.


We get back, we put At the cucumbers on this.

Like, it was like a glass big dining room table.

Yes, and Sophia.

And I had this point like my drunk was wearing off.

So I was like, this is funny.

But this is some type of look.

What is going on.

Like this is kind of fucked up at then like the girl was so down.


She was like, let’s get after it.

So then I was kind of like, okay go girl.


So finally, this guy it was pretty fucking hard.

It was a large one.

He picked a large cucumber and he proceeded to get a condom out and he straps.


Cucumber up with a condom.

Yep, and all of us are standing around like it was actually, if we were watching like a show, like, it was fucking weird dude, but like, at the same time, it was fun.

It’s like what happens, right?

Yeah, like it was It was kind of fucked up.


It was kind of like cool to see iCloud.

So he proceeds to do in and out of this girl’s pussy with this cute dude.

She is she literally hiked up her dress.


God on this glass tables.

Yeah, read her.

Legs and yeah, Alex.


Wasn’t that your first time in Vegas here?


I review, I lived in Utah side.

Go to Vegas all the time.

Buyers that was reinforced and I like low-key was terrified, but I’m like this place is amazing.

So we just watch this and then as it started happening girls naturally to started getting with now.


They think about it’s kind of fucked up but girl started getting their phones out, right?

Sofia wait her cell, which we did as well, and Sophia got Up on that shit.

And we just literally filmed her as she got fucked by this cucumber.

How fucked up if we can just post the picture.


But I’ll throw a huge Emoji over her vagina.

So it will just show her legs.

And then the Cucumber, I know, the first of all, the fact that our Instagram got taken down because we have, it’s literally because of the videos of us sitting in this room talking.

Okay, we would so get fucking shut down.

If we ever put that like, legit a cucumber with a condom on it is already an issue and then it’s integrals pussy.


So that was my first experience.

Since in Vegas and that poor girl’s vagina.

Dude, that thing was ginormous and I was like, low-key like terrified for her.

But that is our cucumber, Vegas Story.

I mean, it’s quite storage.

Do I need these girls are fucking Hustlers and big write-up Hustler.


Like, damn, like I pray to God, she got herself a fucking Burke in the next day because to get that up your v in front of everybody.

Dude, dude.

I kind of love her and I kind of respect idea.

I wonder how she’s doing now.


Out to you.


So I hope you guys enjoyed that one.

Let’s get into questions.

We have some good ones this week questions?

Where socials are totally.

Okay, it’s over.

All right.

All right.

This girl asks, I’ve been with my boyfriend for four years and lately.


He’s been wanting to film us.

Having sex?

Is this normal?

I low-key like if it don’t want it to happen every time we have sex, sweetie?


You did not just ask he’s not normal course.

It’s nor every fucking guy wants to make a sex tape.

Every single guy, especially for years into a relationship sex, tapes, up the wall, Google the word.


I don’t even fucking know.

But dude, people have sex tapes all the time.

And I think they can be so hot.


I’m not.

I you know, it could be one of me out there like there might be hypothetically.

There could be.

But it is a risk.


It’s a risk.

Pretty much.

What I’m going to say is you have to be prepared that.

This may like show up on the Internet.

Yeah, and I know that sounds really crazy.

And I know but like when you’re dating someone for that long and you’re super in love and you trust them more than anything like you’re going to feel, you’re going to feel comfortable, making something like that for sure people change.


Shit happens.

Yeah, and you know, you can’t fully trust.

Anyone can have that type of stuff on you.

It’s so true.

It’s like it’s this weird line of like in the moment and in your relationship.

It’s like the This idea that like you can watch it when he’s away and he can watch it when you’re away.


But then at the end of the day like relationships fuckin end.

Yeah, marriages end and then there’s a sex tape of you that they have on your phone.

And I mean, Sofia and I are like hunting down anyone.

We’ve ever had sent nudes to well?


Idios to causes me anxiety.


No straight up cause I’m like, dude, they’re about to fucking release it and be like, here’s Alice Cooper’s fucking new, which I’m lucky like.

Alright, quickly, release it.

Hurry up.

Loving a famous my off.

No, I Yeah, I think Isaac.

I mean the sex tape thing is it’s a tough one, but you got to just decide to see you can try to not have your face and it but like, I don’t think mouseau mask on put a mask on, but a ski mask on it done.


That’s kind of cool.

That’s a great way to do it.

Okay, next one.


What do you do when a guy you’ve been flirting with sexy with finally comes over?

But it happens to be while you are on your period.

Do you tell him or do you make it seem like you don’t want to have sex?


This is what did what do you usually?

Okay, so I think if I’ve been having sex with the guy, I don’t think it’s weird at all to tell them.

I’m like, yeah, babe.

I can’t tonight.

I’m on my period, but I’ll give you a mean-ass, blow job.

So, make up for know what there have been times where the guy wants to hang out and I know I’m on my period and I’m not really trying to just Netflix and chill, right?


You’re like, I don’t actually hang out with you not like we’re hooking up.


And I’ve like actually texted them before being like I’m on my period.

So tonight won’t work and he’s like, Sofia.

Likely, you’re telling me you use me for sighs.

I guess you’re only wanting to come over when you want the deck.

Oh, I can love that.


Yeah, girls.

I think, I don’t think that period should be an awkward thing at all.

Everyone knows it exists.


So every guy needs to shut the fuck up about it and just be like sorry like am on my period.

Yeah, and if he has a problem with that, fuck him and if anything girls if you’re afraid he’s not gonna invite you over because he knows you’re on your period.


Then, just wait until once you’re there, you know, there you go.

All right.

Next one.

One time.

I was blowing my boyfriend, and I told him he could come in my mouth.

Good job.

He’s about to finish.

So I brace myself to swallow.

He fucking pees in my mouth and I have fucking chipmunk cheeks.


Full of his come and pee mix.

I wanted to die.

I just threw up in my fucking mouth.


That is fucking disgusting.

That can you don’t like common P together in your mouth?

Oh, my.

God, I’m like, you’re my mate.


You’re getting your like making me feel like act like I want to gag dude.

That’s so fucking gross.

Oh, go pee before you’re gonna fuck, that’s pretty fucked up.

And like the girl.

What does she do?

Just literally open her mouth?

I’ve been I would have spit all over him like everywhere.


Yeah, like I wouldn’t be able to like swallow that.

Holy fuck.

Imagine what that looks like to.

That’s disgusting chunky.


Thanks for ruining my day off.



All right.

Okay, so this guy said, so you’re doing anal with the girl and the guy looks down and sees shit on his dick.


How do you react?

Like do you tell her immediately or that’s a good one?

This is the thing.

If you want to do anal, that is just a risk.

You have to be willing to take absolute because it’s gonna fucking happen.

Eventually you’re putting in the pooper expect.


You could possibly see some poop.


I actually asked Guy friend and he said that you will just keep going until you finish and then go wash it off.

I listen, I agree with that.

You do.

I think that?



No, I agree to it to a certain extent.

I think obviously if this girl’s shitting her fucking brains out and it’s like all of your dick is brown.

Now, ya know, you gotta end it if there’s a little bit like, what do you expect, right?


Dude, you’re in her asshole.

That’s where she shits.


So like, what?

I think if you’re real Savage, you keep going.

He also told me a really cute story.

He told me one time he was doing anal with this girl.

And he, these are his words, not mine.

He packed her fudge so hard that when he peed right after a little worm of poop, came out of his penis hole.


Oh, he I love how he says.

What do you think?

He packed her blood and then, a little worm poop came out of his head whole worm of poop out of the wiener home.

Yeah, it is.

This bug me when guys get, like so pissed off like that hobby.


Like what did you think was gonna happen?

Like what the fuck?


So when I was a freshman in high school, I started dating a junior and he had more experience.


He wanted me to give him a blow job.

I had never even seen a guy’s penis in person before.


So I was already nervous as is how don’t watch porn nothing.

So I went down on him and I legit blue on his butt.

Fucking dick like as hard as I could, because I thought that’s how you gave a blowjob.

He jumped the fuck out of bed and started laughing his ass off.


I remember being so, embarrassed, the next day.

I went to school and all the boys were making huffing.

Huffing noises at me, fucking hated it, then.

But now I ll every time I read hate, dude, that is so fucking good.

You blew on his dick because you thought that’s what a blow job.


And I didn’t see why is it called a blow job.

But like, Psychiatry.

I don’t blame her for kind of like not knowing what it should be called.

Lick job or like I suck job or like a.

Oh my God.

No, that’s actually so cute.

Oh my God.


I love her.

Like, how does that feel?

She’s like, you want me to breathe fast.

Literally like what?

Oh, I love that.

That’s fucking hilarious.

Do the shit you do when you’re, oh my God.

My first blowjob.

We should low.

He talked about like high school experiences because mine was not fucking key.


I think I tried to do it.

I gave the guy like the worst blue balls ever.

I don’t know.

Probably like bit as dick.

Yeah, classic.


So this story is fucking insane.

This girl was dating, this guy in college and they had been together for three years and she was super in love with him.


But she always had a feeling that he was being shady but like she could never prove it.

And she had a really bad feeling about this girl named Haley, who was like his neighbor, and they were always talking to each other.


This is what she did to try and catch him.

Is it about Daddy move.


This is maybe the biggest audience I’ve ever heard of.

Oh my God.

I’m about to take notes.

So, she went to Haley’s profile took her profile picture.

She created a new Facebook account, a fake, Facebook account with Haley’s picture, and with Haley’s name on it.


Okay, from that profile.

She messaged herself saying I just need you to know that I have been.

Fucking so and so like your boyfriend.


I’ve been I’ve been fucking your boyfriend.



Screenshotted that conversation.

Sent it to the guy.

Her boyfriend, her boyfriend and he ended up confessing to everything.

Oh, I am, like, I have chill.

I am so, I fucking crowd.


I am.

So, where is this woman?

And come on.

Our, how genius is that?

If and the crazy thing is like, she had Kind of like an IPS.

She didn’t fucking do really didn’t know any like what would have happened if they weren’t fucking and then he goes to Haley and he’s like, why the fuck did you tell her?


We’re fucking we don’t fuck.

Yeah, that would have been a desire.

No, but like it just happened to work.

How smart is that?

So girls if you’re trying to catch your man, dude, that you have an idea.

What girl it is?

I say fucking do that because I think about it, if I was in that situation and it turned out that he wasn’t and he was like went to Haley.


And he’s like, what the fuck?

And she’s like, that’s not me.

I didn’t do that.

Yeah, the girlfriend can denied till she dies right leg.

Well, what do you think?

I did?

Made a fucking fake account of this bitch.

Obviously, something’s going on.

I love that.

He probably went to the girl that he was like cheating on his girlfriend with and was like what the fuck?


And the girl was like, I would never do something like that and he was probably fuck.

Yeah, now he’s done with her.

Hello guys.

That is the dadaist of daddy.

I’ve heard all day.

She pretty much catfished her damn self to find out who her egg.

It was fucking holy shit.


I mean, that was a good one to end on.

Yeah, that’s great.

So guys that is another week of call her daddy.


Thanks buddy.

Out with us as the crazy brace.

The crazy fucked by cucumber.

Catfish your boyfriend.


Yeah guys, if you want to get all the holiday shit that we designed, you can.

I’m pretty.

What is it?

It’s on Barstool.

You go to go to the store.

Then you go to the store.

Yeah, and then you go to call her daddy.

And it will say, like, Valentine’s Day.

Yeah, inner some shit.


Yeah, but girls, if you want to get yourself with song to it yourself, right?

I mean, I think, I think the presents are so cute.

They’re cute.

So again, if you guys want to be featured on the episode, make sure you guys write in go to Barstool and go to call her daddy and it’s just in the ask a question, right?


In a story or ask us a question will feature you guys.

We’ll see you next time.

We love you guys.

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