Call Her Daddy - 23 - Cuckolding, Everyone’s Doing It


Daddy, do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Oh baby, it’s your father’s, the father’s, the fake ass hoes.


According to everyone, that looks at her picture, guys.

We were cracking up last night.

So, if you and I were talking about our cover, what do you call it?

A cover?

Album, our cover photo for our podcast.


We look like we were made in Beverly Hills on iTunes, you guys, it’s to blow-up doll.


It is the most photoshopped picture of you and I hope people are You guys have all this work done.

No the picture.

How the picture I look like.

I have a full-blown like lip implant.

Yeah, like my lip is bigger than my head.

It was me.


Looks like a pillow.

My tits look like.


They’re triple D.


Let’s just keep ourselves accountable.

That’s just not what we look.

It’s the biggest picture in the game.


So turn up.

Turn up for Photoshop and turn up for her fucking picture.

That’s not look at what we look like in person.

So I just wanted to address that.

Yeah, but welcome to call her daddy.


Was that is why parcel Sports?

How’s everyone?

I’m feeling today.

It’s a Wednesday.

Everyone is actually plastered, right?

Yeah, we walked in the bar.

So officer, I’ll offices in everyone’s hammered.

I know.

Everyone was like, kind of like acting a certain way, and you mean, by talking to us.

We walk into no one ever speaks to us.


And then today is the first day that people in Barcelona are like really acknowledging us.

Everyone outside is hammered.

Um, that’s Explains It.

All liquid courage.

Yes, Alex.

I wanted to talk about something that happened to us.

Oh, yesterday.

We were walking to work.

I have been getting Over being sick for a while now and I apologize.


Because I’m sure I sounded like shit on the last episode.


I was coughing and I didn’t cover my mouth and I’m so sorry about that.

Usually I’m better about that.

Whatever there was a lady that was about two feet in front of us.

Yeah, like an arm’s length.

And then another arm’s length.


She’s like that far away. 90 far in front of us, that my cough should not have affected her head away.

This lady turns around and starts talking shit to to me about coughing like disgusting asshole, like, like keep that shit to yourself.


I do ask contest, bitch worldwide.

It was insane, like out of nowhere and the cough, like it wasn’t like a huge cough.

No, like she’s a nasty ass know.

I’m surprised.

She even like heard it right.

So I got upset and usually I would just like keep my mouth shut, its New York, whatever, but I just felt the need to like, clap back at her and I was just like, um, don’t worry about me, like, worry about yourself.


Like you’re literally you Like you’re 10 feet in front of me and she turned her out my God.

Oh my God, what’d she do Sofia?

She spit a loogie and I talked a big fat logger and just chucked it out of.


She turned around and spit at us and I could not believe my eyes, like this fucking lady.

She had like a purple, we like down to more.

It was literally down to her ankle and she just hocked a loogie out of here.

Like this is the shit that happens in the New York, all you have to do to get any type of content is walk outside in New York and you will find.


Usually, I would have like I wanted to so badly, be like you fucking dumbass.

But then I didn’t, because, you know what, you do not know what these people are capable of.

Those type of people are the people that would straight up, turn fucking turn around and punch you in the Goddamn face.


They would throw punches and Alex and I are not exactly, you know, the most, I feel like we may not be the girls that are like, you know, down.

To get in a ring until my would be like, girl.

You’ve got this.

Like, yeah, I’d like by Sophia and I’d run away.

No, but so like, that was when I mean do people in New York in general, when they’re in a bad mood.


They’re just looking for a fight.

Someone could have stopped to tie their shoe and she would have been, like, get the fuck outta my way.

Be like, who hurt you?

Who are you?

And your might hurt you honey.

But yeah, so upset.

Oh, guys.

The fact that she spit.

We all know that she should be swallowing.


That’s what I’m saying.

She’s a spitter, not a swallower.

I am disappointed.

Appointed, not a goddamn Daddy, get out of here.

So we have a PSA, a big fat chunky, large inflamed psac.

Social media.

Don’t guys, we’ve kind of talked about filters beforehand, but it’s come to our attention from men that girls are putting filtered dog, pictures and other filtered pictures on.


They’re dating profiles, guys.

I’m gonna pass out.

You can’t have a filtered picture with like the heart, going around your head, a crown like a dog.

You cannot have that as your profile picture on a dating profile.

Even guys, I listen girls.


I know the alien eyes that like, make your eyes look better and your skin better just do photoshop on it.

That filter literally morphed your head and guys fucking know when the picture is there.

It’s so obvious.

We’ve got to stop with the filter picture.

It’s we do.

Have to talk and honestly, we’re talking about dating profiles.


Like I think you can have one on your Instagram.

Okay, what the other day?

I went to stock a daddy gang member and her entire profile know.

You’re like, I went to stock a daddy because we always talk.

Daddy do like, how are they doing, or they still wearing fucking khakis?


And so, I go to her profile and almost her entire profile was the shade of pink and she had every type of filter was every single selfish, you know.


Men hate it.

Just first of all, guys, fucking hate us wearing makeup in the first place.


Guys can spot a filter from a mile away.



I actually have a story about this one.

Hit us.

There is a girl.

It’s like this big, long story.

I was going to get short.

I know her from Utah.

She was filming her kid playing in the snow for like an hour on her story.


Okay, the kid didn’t have a shirt on.


Someone called Child Protective Services like your child is in freezing temperatures.


You doing classic.

And that’s not even the story though.

Oh, okay.

Got on her Instagram story and started crying into her story.


Talking about what had happened with the dog ears filter.

Like, what are you fucking kidding me?

She and she was crying, dude.

I don’t understand.

I don’t like what she was trying to film this thing of her being so upset and crying.


And she had the Fucking dog years.

She’s like, child protective services are on their way, and I can’t.

And then like the tongue is coming out as she’s trying to tell the fucking Rory.

It’s guys.

This is the thing girls and I’m just we’re going to cut it short here.



Are you allowed to have any type of filtered picture on your dating apps?



Fucking not know, because guys now see through it and they think it’s so annoying and on your Instagram, you can have one if to.


Okay filters.

It’s got to go guys.

And listen.

I like I said, A facetune and fucking Photoshop.

If you want to fix the picture, the filters.


Need to go, the hearts need to go.

Thank you for that.

Ted talk.

If you want to just, you know, elongate the chin, make the last petal puffier.

Do whatever you got to do a little brighter, but I do not want to see you looking like a dog or looking like.

You have a heart floating above your head.

Thank you, Sophia.

Let’s talk about DMS really quick.


Okay, because I had something happened to me.

The other day that I was like, I need to tell the dad again.

We gotta talk about this guy’s DM.


So some people when you send a DM you are constantly going back and checking to see if that person has seen.



It tells you seen like a read receipt cause she had that for text while.

I know.

I know.

I wish everyone had read receipt.

So you’re constantly waiting to see.

Do they see the DM yet?

Some people when they see that the person is yet to read their DM they have a change of heart.



They’re like, who was that a good response and they In send it.

Yeah, and then they’re resending, just like a little bit of an edited version of that.

DM, guys.

Let me just tell you something.

Even though that person didn’t technically, see the DM and they didn’t open it, people have fucking notifications on their phone and they see that you’re on sending, and then you’re sending a new one.


You look insecure and you look like you’re questioning yourself.

You look dumb.

Just listen, when you’re going to send a DM read over it 70 times and then And let it be because I’ve seen I’ve been talking to guys and they will unsend something and I’m just like and then resend something like a little bit different.


You don’t even know how to play this.

You don’t it’s like it’s embarrassing.

So people you just need to be a little bit more mindful when you’re sliding into that.

DM, make your decision of what you want to say.

Yeah, send it or not.

Put your phone down and wait for the response.

May be much.

It’s embarrassing.


Not really uncensored know, in some capacity.

They fucking know what, you see.

Don’t exactly know what I mean.

Don’t use the unsaid.

Send when you’re trying to slide in because most of the times they’re fucking seeing, unless you fucking sent something actually anywhere in a blackout.

That’s a different story.


That’s a different story.

Clean it up.


Let’s clean it up.

Let’s get into this little thing.

Oh, I am so excited to talk about this.

Me too, cuz holy shit needs to be addressed.

It says the response time and by response time we’re talking about texting and how long it takes you to respond guys.


Set the scene, do not be that person that if someone texts you two hours after you texted them that you then are going to be Petty as shit, and now you’re going to take two hours to respond.

Oh listen on.


Call her daddy.

We talked about playing games.

You need to find a balance of looking like you’re playing the game, but also like you don’t give a shit, right?

You know what I mean?

So you it’s too transparent when the guy takes Two hours and then you just happen to take two hours.


You know, what respond, you know, what I used to do when I was younger and I am ashamed and appalled at the person.

I used to be tell us if for every like our a guy took to respond to me, I would double that amount of time.

Oh, no, I would go out of my way.


That was my rule.

No, like the rule with me and all my friends.

Like, if a guy took like an entire day to respond, he would not hear your enemy like for like the next two days.

No, no, Do guys, it needs to stop?

This is my thing.

I kind of think listen, if it’s once in a while that it’s just so happening.


I think it’s so hot if I was busy all day and then I text a guy back and if he texts me back, like kind of immediately, I think it’s so hot because it shows he doesn’t give a fuck.

He’s not playing the game.

He doesn’t care.

However, daddy game.

If the person is constantly not answering in a timely fashion.


Then you stop fucking answering.

And what do you do?

You Leave them on red.

You need to like, look at the situation.

Yeah, you know what?

I mean?

And I think it’s just good to mix it up because it’s also, it’s just annoying when you can tell that someone’s going out of their way to.

Yeah, I agree.

So let’s talk about texting.


The people that have all day to text the people.

It’s it, is it has ruined relationship has me because this is a thing in high school and college, guys.

Listen, we get it you’re going to have that texting buddy, that you are legit glued to your phone texting.


My boyfriend’s.

Like when I was in high school my dad even after college like it was all day everyday and I loved it.

I look forward to your texting buddy now.

No, I can’t.

Because guys in high school and college.

The one thing I want to give you guys is this is our advice.

It is going to be so fun.


When you have that texting buddy.

You need to fucking go MIA once in a while.

I know you’re like oh shit.

I don’t want to like stop this.

Just fucking go MIA for a little bit.

It will keep it interesting and fun.

I just always think about like do these people have appointment, right?


Do they do they drive a car?

Do you go to a doctor’s appointment?

Do they talk to their mother on my phone?

Like don’t take a shit.

How do they shower?

Oh, like how is it that every moment you’re able to respond to me almost exact you, it’s so I don’t you sleep.

Do you have your phone on loud?


Like, right next to their head.

So, guys, you gotta go MIA.

Oh, I mean, we have to tell them Alex.

So we have been fighting lately, that we have come across.

That get mad at us for not texting them all day long.


There is nothing that is going to dry up and shrivel up my vagina balusters that usually getting upset.

I don’t like seriously bonding in time.

So I was talking to this guy a couple months ago and I wish we could give him the shout out of the year because Alex got to a point where I would get if you had anybody for did you text him back at?


Let’s just call like you need to call him, please.

So basically what would happen is if I I was not answering his tax while I was at work.

He would take to Snapchat.

He would Snap Chat me.

And if I opened the Snapchat, then he would text me being like, so you have time to look at my Snapchats, but you can’t text me.


It’s like, do is hit you up on all of these different platforms.

I want to read you guys because it literally got to the point where he started.

So cool.

I wouldn’t eat it.

We’re going to read the tag because guys, I started 24/7 doing the whole like texting, buddy thing and then he turned crazy eyes.


Did not answering is fast, and I’m going to read you these texts from him.

He goes, he goes, he goes.

And I quote, we went from zero to a hundred real quick.

And I loved it.

Then we went to a hundred to zero quicker than ripping off a Band-Aid.


I was nothing but nice to you and I enjoyed talking to you and I made that clear over and over again, yet.

You made it clear that you didn’t care and that you were done talking.

I write you on, snap.

You open it.

And ignore, I just talked to You know why?

And then this is the kicker.


He goes, you you act like you work.

Every second of the day.

I work more than you.

I have three jobs that I run and I operate, I never once ignored you or told you, I can’t talk to you.

We are all busy.

That’s a shitty excuse, if you want to make time you would.


So I’ll say again.

Why route Alex.

He works more than you.

You dumb bitch.

He’s a fucking like promote her husband.

She let me guess.

He’s a fuck.

Reach all second.

You said three jobs and the second you told me that he can text at any moment promoter.


He lives in Allah and every time I asked him, what his fucking job was, he was like, you know, like I have a couple things here and there I’m like absolutely fucking a dude, the insanity.

It’s insane.

The insanity of someone being mad that I’m at work answer.

Because, dude, think about it, when we go into a meeting and I open my phone quickly.


I can open a Snapchat.

I don’t have time to text, you.

I’ll text you when I’m home after five.

What do these guys want?

Do they want us to just like send a heart?

Oh, gee, that’s gonna make you happy if I just put cool.


What I want to send you a one word tag, you had the same fucking thing though.

It’s like we’re being bombarded by these motherfucker.


This is what this guy told me.

So we were talking for a while.

Okay, and this is when I literally had to stop talking to him.

Is this text thread, great.

It goes, make sure you take one hour to say anything.

You make sure of it and I put wait, what?


What does that mean?

You know what you said, you?

Answer me every hour.

What is your problem?

You go out of your way to make sure that it’s every hour.

Oh, I’m he said, you know what?

Fuck it.

I’m gonna let you be like that to someone else your loss, dude.


And then he proceeded to text you 10 more times at night, answering every hours, actually, really wicked.

I’m like look you ever hear of like, Okay, Sophia, I’m proud of you.

This is what I have to say.

It is truly really kind of comical that this man.


Anne thinks you have enough time on your hands to play game.

It’s, he felt you’re playing a game with him.

You’re like, bitch.

I just didn’t look at my phone all day.

You know what the fact that he had dressed how long it was taking he’s looking, he’s sliding in time over.

He is telling me that I’m like pretty much essentially playing a game with him.


Makes me think you are playing games?

Exact, you are insecure.

Yes, you are a joke, do it.

It’s I love.

Do you really think Alex?

I’m sitting here with a fucking alarm.

Everybody got a text him.

Got it.

It’s so bad.

This is what I’m going to say to everyone.

This is the moral of us, bringing this up is you got to find a fucking balance if the person is out snap chatting with all of their boys and they’re not responding to your text.


And then they respond two hours later.

Then you leave that on read and you don’t answer for a while if they’re just fucking busy at work or doing some shit and then they text you, if you have your phone fucking answer them.

You gotta read the cues.

I think the huge Point here.

Is you never call them out on it.



Ever it’s just going to make you look dumb, no matter what.

Guys, listen.

We are no longer anyone a part of the daddy gang.

You are no longer sending the pissed-off text or calling people out for not answering you in a timely fashion, your way of calling someone out now and letting them know that you’re done.


With their bullshit is by leaving them on red.

I love it.

That’s beautiful.

You look.

So butt hurt when you send the fucking paragraphs.

No more paragraph texts are coming their way.

We’re done.

You can do the double top, right?

And the double top we talked about it.


Last episode episode 12.

Yo, I think the thumbs up, double top is the moment agree more condescending, con disabled top.

So guys any one that’s getting infuriated, get another fucking texting buddy and never send a fucking paragraph text.

If you’re pissed, bucking Josh, get the fuck out of here about one hour here.


Stop timing your fucking.

I have a light spots.

Has Dear God.

No cock cock holding how cold cock holding my hand.


Got cold in guys.

Listen, everyone’s doing it.

It’s just like the nude fast like friends, doing it.

Your parents are doing it.

Your grandparents or your dogs are doing it.

Everyone, you Sofia.

Not know if you’re not cuckolding.

You’re not living.

You’re not.


Everyone listening to this.

We realized that we talk about some weird shit and there may be some people listening to this podcast today.


What the fuck is cuckolding?

Well, Sophia.

What is cuckolding?

Cuckolding is when your man gets sexually aroused by either seeing or thinking of you with another man.

It’s actually beautiful beautifully said, if you guys remember Canary Urbandale, okay, you guys I have talked about this in a previous episode.


I think it was one of our first ones I brought up the show, the Impractical Jokers and I told you guys, Guys that I knew someone that personally knew them and that one of the Impractical Jokers like to watch his girlfriend, get fucked by anyone and everyone and then they would have makeup sex.

Tell us who it is.

I can’t ya tell we sold to get to a million followers on Instagram.


No, so basically she would go as far as having, like, the pizza man shows up and he would, he would have hurler him in fuck him and then they would have makeup sex.

So that’s basically like what cuckolding is.

Yeah, but there are so.


Let’s explicit.

Let’s really dive into this holding can happen.


In a lot of different capacities, of course, there’s you know, a threesome situation.

Almost, we’re watching your girl with another guy and you’re hopefully jacking off.

And I’m just sitting there.

So, basically the guys like in the room we, yeah, we’ve actually had someone write in.


And the girl was saying my boyfriend, would let me fuck a guy in our bedroom and he walked and he jack off and then when the guy finished, he my boyfriend would get on the bed and he would eat me out to like clean me up.


We like lick the other guys come out.

Yeah, wait a sec.

So weird.

So there’s a lot of layers.

So like, basically guys, so that’s one way.

Is they sit there and they watch your girl there girl, getting fucked by God.


Another one is that they could have you talk about it later, right?

So I want to hear you.


I dated a guy who was like in a cuckolding.

I never did it.

But what I would do is like Like during sex, I would talk about like my past hookups.


Okay, so he really likes to hear about balls deep and I was like, oh James was James and he’s like, no, I actually like he liked it.

It’s like that weird perversion where they’ll it’s like also it makes them may be jealous and gets them off.

So guys like you to bring up.


Yeah your past fucks or whoever he let you fuck like the other weekend and I was like tell me about do you can bring it up?

They watch you.

I mean, I’ve I know People that even if they’re like, you’re in the Next Room with another guy, Yale, ER, Taylor.


Oh, so we notice that the name, whatever, whatever Taylor will be fine.

I there’s 70.

Taylor’s in my life.

Yeah, like figuring out.

So our friend Taylor was dating this guy for a little bit.

She did not know that he was into cock holding and he and she went on a trip with her boyfriend’s, best friend and her.


So, the three of them were on the trip and at night, they had connecting hotel rooms for her and her Boyfriend.

And then the best friend was in the other room and her boyfriend fell asleep.

And what went down Sophia.

Well, she told us that her in the guy like started getting really friendly and then she was like, I can’t do this to my boyfriend, your best friend, right?


And he was like, oh no, I already talked to you about it.

We’re totally cool.

They ended up fucking all over the hotel room and her boyfriend was asleep in quotation marks in the Next Room.

The next day, the boyfriend was like, that was so hot.


I was so pissed off, but I ended up Jack.

King off twice listening to you.

Oh, like he was like, fuck you but like that’s like fuck.

You like loved it.

Yeah, dude.

This is this is and that was her first time experiencing its de guise.

She was like, I did not know what the fuck was going on.

Half the time.

She was like, is this really cheating?


As he tricking me turns out, that’s okay.

So girls we’ve had a lot of girls right in and they’re like, okay, so I mean, should I be okay with this?


Is this like, cool?

Should I be comfortable this?

First of all, first of all, which are you gonna hear?

You gotta fuck whoever you want.


A man is just sitting there.

It’s like you get to be single and then have the perks of a boyfriend.

And this is the thing.

I think a lot of girls, Wonder.

Hold on.

There has to be a fucking loophole here.

If I get to fuck?

Is it because he wants to be fucking other.



They think the guy brings it up just so he can be shady and that’s so not the case.


That’s not it.

Safe for the most part.

The guy doesn’t even want to know how much your look at another girl.

It’s just hot for him.

It’s legit.

Yeah, it’s legit.

A Arm of like a fetish or a kink Heat.


This gets him off.


He doesn’t need to do it with another girl.

It straight up seeing you with another guy gets him off these girls being like should I be okay with it?

Shut up.


Count your blessings out your goddamn.

What a bitch.

Dick is you all with seriously.

I know someone wrote in that experience.

It was like it was kind of crazy because I was just able to get dick every other weekend from a new guy, but also of my boyfriend.


It’s why it’s really prevalent like it’s crazy how prevalent it it actually really is.

I kind of love it.


One find me someone find me a cuckolding, loving, man, who I’m trying to, like, actually picture myself in a like serious ass relationship in my boyfriend’s, okay, with this.


Can you fucking imagine your boyfriend?

Just sitting in the corner?

You jacking off while you’re taking it.

There was a guy like fucking me.

My boyfriend is right there.

I would like avert my gaze.

Yeah, I’d be like dude, the ceiling the floor, my name.

No, I would feel kind of awkward.


I feel like babe like I still love you, but like I’m getting fucking railed doggy.


As I’m staring straight ahead of you.

You’re like, I’m not coming but I’m coming in like this guy’s lot but like this guy’s hot.

We in there.

Also, a thing that they said that another form is if you take video footage and you send it to your boyfriend because there are some girls that the guy will allow them like say they’re going on a trip and he’s like babe.


If you find someone, you’re attracted to, you can hook up with them.

As long as one, you tell me about it when you come home and we fuck and then to take video and send it to.


It’s like an open relationship, but one-sided.

Oh, that’s a great way to fuck with.

Would adjust the sexual off right there?


Not like emotionally doing anything.

I mean, I do think it’s kind of fucking crazy.

I’m here for it, like holding for the win, for the fucking wind.

So anyone if you’re scared about your boyfriend, you’re thinking.

Oh my God, it’s because he wants to fuck other girls.

That’s not the case at all.

Do a little bit of research.

Listen, this episode you’re fine and it’s just a matter of if you’re down or not.


If you need to ease into it to start with a DP.

There you go.

It’s like we’re all in it together.

Lowly Branch off to just one man in your man in the corner guys.

Start slow start.

What if she’s like, what if she’s like having the guy fuck her?


And then like quickly to make her man feel like I still love you.

She like rushes over right?

When he’s about to come in like swallows has come.

Oh my God, that’s my street cuckolding for the win. 2019.

Let’s go.


I don’t do a fucking monologue guys.


This is Alex, is monologue.

So everybody’s keep close your eyes and really get yourself in the zone.


Okay, so I have like a really, really, really big point that I want to bring up, and I can’t say it enough.

I need every girl, driving her car right now to pull to the side of the road.


Take out your notebook.

And sorry.

I always tell people to stop, stop driving, like don’t care.

If you’re on the freeway fucking park, your car, get out and start writing notes.


So the point of this is teasing.

All right.

I mean, I know this is going to be your monologue.



Feel free to jump in baby.

It’s just like God damn God.


You’re not teasing.

I don’t know.

Not living doing seriously.

So agree with me on this Sophia or disagreed.

The amount of girls that don’t initiate sex.

I cannot stress it enough girls.


It is so huge guys fucking love.

Love it.

Love like a cream themselves.

Yeah thinking about a girl initiating back.

I couldn’t Salvage my three last relationships of I just yeah.

Well I did and it works.

So that’s why I’m here today, but this Ted talk.


I just listen, the amount of guys that have to be the aggressor all the time.

It is so hot for girl to be an aggressor.

So a lot of people are saying, but how do I do it in a sexy way?

I’m here to give you a step-by-step.

I was just going to say, guys, you could literally say I’m horny and spread your legs and guys, if you like, right, so, am I so am I?


Let’s go baby.

So girls, if you’re really trying to get your man to fall in love, because isn’t that the goal?

Let’s set the scene.

You’re going to get on top.

Him you guys are laying down.

He’s laying and you got on top of him.

Okay, you start making out with him slowly.


You’re going to go down and you’re going to get his dick wet.

Okay, and when I say you’re going to get his dick wet.

I’m saying a very quick, blow job.

Not even it is not the GLOCK GLOCK, nine thousand.

You’re just it’s tagged.


It’s a Glock.

It’s like a little spit of.


So whether you have to put a shit ton of saliva in your mouth, and then just do one kind of like deep throat situation, or if you To spit on it and have it just get all lubed up.

Get them lubed up.


I know you’ve had a dick in your mouth before.

Let him know you pot of them there before.

All right.

So then you’re going to start going back up to him, once his dick is clearly, wet on your way back up.


You are going to lick your fingers and you’re going to put your fingers on your pussy to make yourself wet.

Okay, so now you’re both lubed up.

All right, you’re back on top of him.

What I want you then to do.

Is you are going to put your hand down like in between your legs and grab his dick?


Okay, very slowly.

You’re going to slowly start jacking him off.

And I mean more like a stroking of his dick.


While you’re making out, you’re not just like boom.


No, this is like slow.

Like massaging up and down while you’re making out with him.

Then this is what you’re going to start doing girls.


You are going to start rubbing his dick on your pussy like in between your lips.

I think this Is such a good point, I’m sorry.

No, no.

Come on in hum on it.

I’m on it because it is so much hotter to do this then because I feel like most girls get like a little bit nervous.


So they’re just like grouted a dick and put it in.


This is going to like drive him crazy.

If you do this, the the sliding of his dick.


In between your lips, moving it around slapping tapping his dick on your fucking clit and your pussy.


Yes, as you’re rubbing his dick back and forth on your vagina because it’s wet, he’s going to be During the wetness, you’re going to take his dick and you’re going to start like tapping it on your fucking click.


Like smacking it on your pussy.

Okay, then after this is going on for a little bit slowly, but surely you are going to move his dick.


So it’s in place to go in.

No, you’re going to put it in place to go into your vagina as you’re making out with him aggressively.

You are going to lightly sit.

It back on his dick, when I say lightly.


I mean, you are not even putting the whole tip in, like, you are literally giving his dick a little taste of what your warm pussy.

Feels like.

Okay, then you’re gonna come right, back up, off it.

All right.

He got a little taste slowly.

Start teasing him going down a little bit more than going back.


Up your like rocking a little bit back onto it and then going back up.

Okay, and you’re going to keep your hand on his dick and after you come back.

Up off his tip, your then moving it again up and down your wet vagina.

You can also put your hips in little like thrusting forward and back motion.


So he it’s basically like you’re gyrating on his dick.



This is the big moment.

You are going to take your hand.

You are going to grab his neck or his faith.

You’re going to get close to him.

You’re still stroking his dick up and down, right?


And you’re going to bring something up to him.

That’s like a little punishment worthy.

Okay, for example, like you haven’t been good lately.

I don’t know if you deserve this pussy and you’re going to ask him.

Do you deserve this?

And he’s either going to say yes or no?

It doesn’t even matter if he says yes or no.

Your next line is going to be then.


Tell me you want it.

Say you wanted.

This would be great.

To do like after a fight.



I would like anger tension.

Build up your like, tell me you want it and he’s going to say I want it finally did great him degrade him.


This is the move.

If you guys have your hair down, you’re going to flip it.


All to one side, and you’re going to kind of lift your body up a tiny bit, so that he when he looks down, he can like see his hard dick, and you can see her pussy, like, hovering above it.

Okay, the attention, I know, I know, but it’s so hot for a guy to see it, like going in.

So what you’re going?


To do after you’ve lifted your body a little bit with like your elbow or whatever, and your Voodoo clam is hovering around that goddamn fucking dick slowly.

You’re going to go down on his dick this time, but not light.

You’re going to take half of his shaft.

You’re going to go down on it.


And when and you’re going to be making eye contact looking down.

So he’s looking you’re both watching this happen.

You’re slowly going down on his dick, then you look up at him as you’re halfway in him and you’re going to as he’s halfway on you and you’re going to say, do you like that?

And when he says yes, you’re going to go up and then you’re going to go all the way down on his entire shaft.



And you’re going to do this a couple times.

And after you’ve done it a couple times with your hand around his next, you’re going to spring up and you’re going to get in your writing dick position.

Oh my God, so like you’re literally getting him to the point where he’s like, I just want to be fucking Insight.

Like you’re almost this.


Teasing has him ready to fucking come already.

Basically, I like the idea of really making the the focus on him.

Seeing his dick go.

And you guys guys think that is so hot.

It is like your dick, the POV shit and girls, I can’t emphasize it enough.


Like obviously you can make it your own but the point of the lightly just going on his tip a little bit.

It’s like the feeling of a girl’s vagina on a guy’s dick, is the hottest fucking thing.

And so when he can’t have it because you’re in control, your hand is around his neck or you’re like holding his cheeks and you’re like, do you fucking like that?


He’s gonna be like, I just, I want to just everywhere.

Don’t even need to go you now about to cry.


I’m ready to fucking go.

Oh my God, so girls, I hope this is a good like way to get you guys comfortable with taking initiative.

A guy will fucking love you.


If you get on top and you pull this and girls be in charge in fucking short.

I mean, the teasing just in general, it needs so hot.

It needs to happen and don’t even get me started on guys.

I wasn’t going to go there.

We’ll do another Apple will do it on another episode but men you need to be fucking teasing.


Her absolutely like her fucking tits.

Playoff there is Should knock on hurt if you don’t kiss someone.

And then within three seconds their dick is inside of, you know, know there’s an hour of foreplay that needs to be happy.

Thank you, Sophia.

So girls are teasing your man and make initiative.


He will fucking fall in love with you.

That is like, I don’t mean to be a bitch, but that is half.

The reason people fucking cheat is guys are like, my girl, never fucking initiates it.

I feel like she doesn’t even want to fuck me any more and then they look the other way and then Becky comes along, and she’s this little printing home, and she fucks him, and that’s that.

So, Rebecca, get on your And Dick before, Becky does yes, boom.


So this I mentioned last week, something about turning off your iMessage.

So it looks like you’ve blocked somebody but you can still read their shit.


I’ve another little hack.

I fucking love when we bring the hacks to write your fucking psychos.


This is for all the Shady people.

I’ll do it.

Every single.

One of our Hawks is basically to be fucking shady.

It’s never a normal hat.

I love my always preface with Like I’m not condoning this.

I’m not saying do it, but this is how you would fucking do it and get away with.


So fucking do it.


This is how you get away with murders, what?

I’m not legit.


This is what I call the voicemail trick.

All right.

Oh, so back in the day.

Your girl was a little shady.

Okay, I do back in the day like anything’s changed only.


Hi l, I’m growing.

Okay, you’re growing up.

There is an episode of where I talk about how I got caught cheating.

It was with my ass.

I The voicemail, but this is a different voice mail, trade ever, voicemail.

This is what you can do.

You know that you’re about to go be shady and, you know, that your girl or your guy is going to be blowing up your phone and being like, where the fuck are you?


And so you need to save yourself and cover your ass.


This is what you do.

You’re going to grab your phone and another person’s phone, doesn’t matter.

Okay, two phones to phone in hand, in hand.

You’re going to block your number, and I’ll explain why later on both on both star, six seven.


Going to star six, seven your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Okay, got it.

One of them is going to go straight to voicemail.

One of them is going to start ringing, you.

Hang up the phone that starts ringing, you leave a voicemail on the one that went right to voice on the one that brought it right to voice.


Okay, and you’re going to see on that voicemail babe.

I’ve been trying to get ahold of you.

I think there might be something wrong with your phone.

I’m going to be in a movie and whatever.

You want to say, pick your line, but I guess like, let’s talk soon.


Like, when I get back to my phone.


I’ve been trying to call you, please answer, so he’s covering his bases.

This is what happens when you call from two phones and leave a voicemail.

There’s no missed call.

Oh, so this person is going to receive a voicemail with no missed call notification.


And if you’ve blocked your number, it’s going to be a voicemail from just like an unknown number.

So the girl I’m just using a girl’s example, the girl naturally if she saw she had a missed call from her boyfriend and voicemail.

She’d look at it immediately right this way.

There’s no missed calls.

So she’s not like alerted hoop.


Gotta go.

Listen, see what my boyfriend’s up to and you guys might be kind of thinking, like, what the fuck is the point in that, this is probably the shadegg shade when this person comes at you, the next day and is like, what the hell is wrong?

Where the fuck were you for those hours?


You got to look this person in the Goddamn face and say, check your Voicemail you crazy bitch.

I tried calling you 73 time.

Meanwhile, he was balls deep in his side.

Bitch ain’t covered his ass.

And now this bitch is like well, I didn’t get a missed call you like why I left you a fucking voicemail.


That’s not my fucking issue that your phone.

We are so fucked up dude.

Ruining Society.

But like I just want the daddy going to have a fucking owl but it’s true.

Every single person do the amount of times I could have used this when I talked about in the past.


Episode going to my ex’s hotel room and my boyfriend at the time was like, where the fuck are you?

If I had had that could have left a voice mail bag.

Cover myself, had an alibi.


And the reason we say to block the number is so that you can and you can just straight-up play it off.

Like there must be something wrong with your phone.

I don’t fucking know why.


I went as a private number.

I called you.

You can just let it be from yourself.


Block it.

But I just I’m thinking of a way for that person to not try and get in contact.


Yes, they’re not going to immediately look like a voicemail from a private number.

They are going to if it’s from there boy.

And who they’re looking for?


Why would be a total sucker for?

Oh my God, like I’ve done it, but I’m also thinking, if my man went missing, oh for four hours and you go batshit like you I show up at his house.

My favorite thing to do good old drive by popping check in make sure he’s breathing.


How’s everything going?

You show up?

And if this guy was like, you are insane.

Check your voicemail.

I’ve tried calling you 50 times.

I would look at my phone.

Phone and I would shut up.

I would be like saying I am so sorry.


It’s so I’m calling Verizon.

I’m what the fuck?


Verizon just word know it’s true.

And then you can also if they really come at you.

Like what were you doing in that hour that I called?

You need an answer?

What were you up to Alec?

What were you doing?

Sophia around, on them?

Turn it around on those.

My favorite things.

This is pretty brilliant.


I’m so happy.

You brought this up.

So, if you have because this voicemail trick is for, the Shady McCoy Shades that are always getting fucking caught, because Don’t have an alibi.

Here’s your goddamn Alibi motherfuckers.

Here you go.

There you go.

On a silver platter.

Just like Alex said, throw it in their face during wouldn’t be like, why were you answering my calls?


And I’ll be like I don’t have any was called yesterday.

That’s what I did.

That’s what I thought.

The voicemail trick ladies and gentlemen brought to you by Sophia Franklin.

So guys, we always love to keep you updated on our lives.

Keep you up on the shit show.


And we always say when a New York.

This story is like, when in fucking New York, it only happens in this would not happen anywhere else.


This happened to Alex when last weekend and he’s just a truly unbelievable.

We need to share.


Oh, drop baby Rico.

All right.


So Alex, Maier with my friend Mel and we were going to meet her friends, Sam, who Alex and I had never met before and we were just going to go to his apartment and like pregame yes to go out.

So we show up at his building its in West Village super nice building.


And there’s like a little camera that goes down for Sam to like buzz Us in.

Yeah, and there was a lady behind us and didn’t think anything of it because you know, there’s other human beings that live in apartment complexes and New York naturally.

So we walk in the lady.


Comes in behind us.

You go into the elevator and we press floor 7, the lady does not press the floor.

Totally fine, fine.

She lives on floor seven.

We’ve never been here.

We don’t fucking know each other.

Well, so So the elevator door opens up and the lady who is standing in front of us, you know, common courtesy usually says, you get off the elevator.


Yep, homie didn’t budge.

Okay, this lady didn’t do so, we like awkwardly slide past her like we all had to like walk around her and we’re like pitcher fucking elevator etiquette as fuck.

But, okay, I know weird, right?

So what I’m talking to Sam’s and she’s like a little bit behind us, but she’s following us and there we go into Sam’s.


And Sam says, hey everybody hands us drinks.

It’s this nice little Soiree, Alex and I are standing there by the bar.

The drinks are flowing.

There’s music.

Playing the lady from the elevator was there.


She came in Chillin.



So Sophie, and I are sitting at the bar.

We’re drinking our drink and, you know, we had our, we were talking because Sam was talking to Mel.

At first, we were waiting to introduce will be to introduce ourselves.

Be honest Alex.

We were kind of talking shit.

Okay, true because POC, this lady She was like Raggedy Ann.


She looked a little homeless.

She was like in rags.

Yeah, he was much older.

So basically before we got to kind of like have a conversation with Sam, because he was talking to Mel, Sofia, and I were like is Sam like with this girl Sam works for National Geographic and I literally for a second was I did he bring her in here for like a project today?


Meanwhile, I was like, maybe they’re hooking up.

Like let’s not be right around and I was like, oh my God, is this his girl?

Like there’s no way you.


Maybe he’s interested kind of suck.

Wait, he was like missing teeth legit like older forties raggedy and well, okay, whatever.

Finally Sam comes over and he starts talking to Sofia and I hi nice to meet you.


I’m Sam, whatever.

We’re like, great.

We’re all getting friendly here.

There’s five of us in this room and what happens next, Sam turns around and we’re like, waiting to see his interaction.

Is he gonna kiss?

This girl?

Is he gonna hug?



He puts out his fucking hand for a handshake and says hi.


Nice to meet you.

I’m Sam, what’s your name?

And the bitch goes?

Hi, I’m Ava.

This my fairy Mahmoud Mia smell.

And Sofia are lying looked at each other.

The fuck.


Do my jaw like dry.

It was like the music stopped writing but the DJ’s I just cut it off.

We and that very moment guys were like, hold on.

I remember.

I literally said out loud.


Hold on.

Wait, Sam.

You don’t know this woman?

Every guard face isn’t.

We’re like all the sudden, everyone’s like, looking at each other and were like, wait, wait, wait, Sam.


You don’t know her and he turned around and he was like this, that she’s with you and we’re like, no.

She’s not kidding me.

It’s not never seen this lady in my life.

So we all turn naturally, right to her, to this fucking woman who just is sprawled out on the couch Rider and Sam goes.


So do you know anybody here?



No, we were like, what?

The actual fuck.

So Sam finally goes.

Well, ma’am.

I think you’re making us a little uncomfortable.


And what does she say?


She says, well, you guys are making me feel a little bit uncomfortable.

Why we’re making her feel uncomfortable, bitch.


How you just broke in like, who I am.

So at that very moment.

We knew we had a spot, a copepod.

It’s so scared with shit like this.

And Alex just start sweating because she wouldn’t leave.

She wouldn’t like she wasn’t leaving your think.


Once it’s brought to everybody’s attention that you are literally just an outsider.

Yeah, joined in on a five-person soiree.

She was like, not leaving not leaving.

She just kept Sipping, our tequila Sam was kind of like you should go.

She wasn’t really listening and then Alex is like should Alex like tries to cover this elaborate lie.


She’s like, well, we have dinner reservations like we gotta go blah blah and I was just like Alex, Josh and Alex, no only at this very moment.

Sofia, you know, me and my fear I thought the bitch was gonna pull out a knife and I was like let her take whatever she wants.


Ava Ava, Ava, finally, Sophia gets a little bitchy.

Sophia’s cat claws.

Come out.

I kind of turn into mean girl.


I stood up, I opened the door and I was like, you need to leave.

Yeah, and I was just very Stern.

Alex was like my Sophia shop.


Don’t like looking for shelter.


She goes.

Well, I could use a water.

The M gets her, a fucking water bottle.

He’s like, do you need anything else?

You want me to make you a fucking goodie bag?


Go finally, they both escort her to the door.

And this is the scariest thing.



I thought of the whole night.

They get her to the door.

Sophia’s like here you go bitch and she turns around and she looks at all of us and she says, I’ll see you guys later.

We are getting murdered.


You know, what now?

I’m saying?

The story like the balls at this.

I mean, that’s kind of a daddy Moon.

Oh, she is, she has done that before.

The level of delusion is honestly commendable.

It is.

Is it is one thing if this girl walked into, or this woman walked into a party where no one knows everyone.


It was five people including herself in a room.

She didn’t give a fuck a fuck.

I like like was what was she does about start?

Like ransacking Sam’s apartment that I was going to say now that we think back to it when we were going into the building.

She saw an opportunity of these girls looking like fucking hose in there little mini dresses and heels.


And she was like, there must be a party.

But once you realize it’s five, 300 kind of get out situation.

Maybe it was like, she was just, I’m too far deep way too comfortable, do realize he was, like, one of us.

I’m surprised me and just like, take her to Soho J.

So, now we’re always like, ah, Ava this to girl, wherever you are.


Hope you’re good.

So, guys, that is just a little story of the shit that fucking happens to us.

And I know it’s like a new, you can’t make this shit up, right?

We got spunk, we got spit on and then we had a fucking homeless person chillin with us.

Drinking tequila.


That’s a good old Saturday night for the daddy, girls about books.


Question a question of the week.


We okay.

I’m going to first, go ahead.

So usual per usual.


So one time I had a yeast infection and at first, it was subtle and I really didn’t know exactly what it was.


I just knew there was some irritation and some itching.

Well, my boyfriend.

Now, fiancé decided he was in the mood and wanted to have sex, so we did and let me tell you the in and out motion.

I felt so fucking good not because I was gonna come but because it itched so fucking bad.


It was scratching my itch and I didn’t want it to stop.

It was so good.

That my boyfriend looks at me and goes.

Wow, baby.

You’re about to come so hard.

I’ve never seen you moan that much and I was like, baby Felt So Good.

OMG, I’m discussing.

It was a fucking yeast infection, and I was having him scratch.


My God.

Damn it.

So great dude.

I hearing that.

Felt good.

Listen, TMI.

I’ve had one yeast infection in my life and it is literally you want to go to hospital.

I think it is.

It is literally is a, you’re unable to, oh my God, how good would it take till scratching legit?


As I was reading this.

I was like, this is the Lucius infections Journey.

Girls into sluts out.

He’s right up there.

Like I need the G in and out for like an hour.

Like you’re like, let’s go round to Quick.

Get it back up.

Let’s go with totes.

Go like you need it and I need it.


Let’s go.


Savage, Okay, Sophia.

Okay, this girl’s head currently listening to episode 15.

I heard you guys say something about using your electric toothbrush.

For a vibrator.

Well one time this guy asked me for a sexy picture and asked me if I had a vibrator, I thought to myself, well, kinda.


So I sent him a picture of my vagina with the toothbrush in knee with half of it hanging out.

He asked me, is that a toothbrush?

I go back and look at the picture and it says oral.

In big bold letters.

He blocked me in ever talk to you guys.



Oh, no.

We mentioned vibrating vibrating branch of masturbating with a toothbrush.

When we were like in middle finger up, Henry didn’t have access to a vibrant and listen, I’ll give it to you.


If you need to use it in the comfort of your own home, then decrypt, they go for it.

Put that shit on your clan.


We don’t have ever see a fucking Oral-B toothbrush.

Hanging out of your vagina.

No guy.

It’s like, oh, there’s a Oral-B with some crusty as toothpaste hanging out of her fuckin flops.


Not what we meant.

No poor girl.

Oh, I’m so sorry.

All right.

This is a great story.

Okay, I am a division 1 athlete with a girlfriend at a pretty big university lately.

Our sex lives have been boring and I feel as if she is taking me for granted.


We’ve been dating for over two years and I have a I have ignored and turned down.

Many girls passes at me.

Except this one girl who caught I a connection was there.

The first night we met at a party and we swap numbers and we both have significant others and maybe that was the sexiest thing about it.


We discovered that we were both very kinky people and decided to do something crazy.

I bought a mini vibrator at a sex shop, except it was one of those that you could control by a remote from over 40 feet away.

We planned it.

So that one weekend we were at the same party with our significant others.


We stepped aside during the party.

I gave her the little Freighter to put in her pants, I could now control her pussy with a touch of a button from anywhere at the party with our significant others.

At our side.

We locked eye contact across the room.

Every time I made it vibrate, we love our significant others, but sexually, we connect on another level.



Wait, wait, wait, hold on.

I need clarification because I’m actually beside myself.

You’re telling me that he never has like touch.

This go has just given her a little mobile device that vibrates on her Clinic.

Dude, this dick.


Can you imagine if they get caught cheating?

But it’s like he’s not ever actually touched her.

They just have this weird thing being the girlfriend or the boyfriend, you’re like so you catch him with the remote and then the girl it’s like what are you doing?

I rather you just fuck me too.


What in the what in hell, like you’re not fucking but you’re basically making a vibrator vibrate on her pussy.

I want to get one of those for you me to.

Let’s do it during around a party, but buzz buzz, bitch.

I’m here.

Okay, I love it.


You guys should just fuck.

Fuck, the vibrator.

Come on, man up and get your fucking dick, wet rice.

If you’re gonna cheat like fucking cheat dumbass.

All right, okay, a guy used to hook up with wants to have a threesome.

This is the worst question to follow this up because people are literally gonna be like, what is your pocket?



Okay, like I used to hook up with wants to have a threesome with me and my best friend, but I have a boyfriend.

Now if he only puts it in my butt.

Is that still considered cheating?

Not if he puts it in the but chances that question, right, you know what we’re gonna say?

Don’t think cheating is good we but if you get in the but it’s not cheating.


And if he uses a condom in your vagina, it’s not cheating.

And if you’re gonna do it, there’s a voicemail hack and your fine.

We’re saying, okay, I’ll drink.

Oh, okay.



This one gives me the cringe spots.


I took a fire nude to send to my fiance on Valentine’s Day.


I took it on Snapchat, I go to send it to my future hubby and like the Dumbass, I am I clicked his friend’s name.

That was right next to his I should have checked.

I should have made sure but I just hit send before I could even realize I fucked up and call him and explain or message him and just be like, holy fuck.


I just totally fucked up.

Don’t look at that.

My fiancé’s best friend sent a dick pic back.

Like I was like whoa!


Whoa, dude.

I was just I send that to you by accident.

I was not wanting you to actually see that and he said, I won’t tell him if you won’t.


And now I’m sitting here.

Razzle, it as fuck.

What in the hell do I do?

Oh my God, that gives me legit anxiety.

That’s that gives me anxiety.

Why do what?

Just instinctively?

I think she just has got to keep it to herself.

I know it’s fucked up and I know that probably means that like his best friend is like, not a good friend but like the call her daddy and me is like, fuck it.


Like, if it ever got out you could be like, wait.

What are you talking about?

Kind of thing and just be like, that never happened, but there is a part of me.

I think it also depends on their relationship.

If she’s so open with her husband, like I know I’ve had relationships that are more open than not, be like babe call him immediately, but babe and act like it just happened and just tell it fucked up.


The thing is is I don’t think it would ever get out because the best friend is royally more screwed over than the girl.

That’s true.

Like he he at.

Yeah, you know what?

I mean?


So I think it’s one of those.

Take it to the Grave, take it to the goddamn grave and it just it could cause such major major issues.


That is, that’s it.

Oh, quick side note, I did read from On every girl.

Usually, for some reason, we take our Nudes on Snapchat, a daddy wrote in for a pro tip.

And she said, if you guys are taking your nudes on Snapchat and saving them, put your phone on airplane mode, while you’re taking your little nude, photo, shoot.


So you prevent yourself.

If you do press accidentally, the story option, it won’t actually post.

So just a note for all you knew T Snappers.

Okay Max Nipper Snappers in herself.



This one is Very simple.


How are you supposed to look hot while giving head?


Oh sweetie, sweetheart.

Maybe it’s a man.

I don’t know.

But oh, having a dick in your mouth.

Hot is how you’re going to look hot like at I can’t I can’t say it enough.


Anything you do during sex, a guy is really rarely ever.

Going to think it’s gross penis.

Being in, you know, these girls you have to get over the fact that you have your Eyes are watering and you have a dick in.

There is hot that it is, right.


Not your most attractive.

Why don’t?

I mean, I want to say is kind of the uglier.

You look, the better hard.

I was gonna say the sloppiness, the wetness, the drink, even if you fucking shit coming out of your nose, like you’re running nose.

That is what a guy want, our animal, the sloppier.


The goddamn is legit.

Okay, go to town and be sloppy.

All right, so if you prepare yourself, oh God.

Because the beginning of this says, prepare yourself my best friend and I went on a double date because she was nervous about meeting this guy from Tinder, because it seemed like it would actually work this time.


The entire dinner was normal and the guy seemed super cool, super nice.

And the complete package, my friend, and I had a meeting in the bathroom because she wanted to know, if she should go back to his place.

I told her to do it because it was going so well, the next morning, she called me to tell me how it went and I almost dropped dead.


She walked into his apartment.

And he had five pet hamsters / gerbils, with pictures of them all over the living room.

She was a little uncomfortable, but she figured it wasn’t a big deal.

They went into his bedroom and started making out.


Things were getting hot and heavy so he pulled away.

And in the most serious voice, he looked at her dead in the eye and he said, I don’t know if you’ve ever done this before, but I want you to put this tube in my ass and let one of my gerbils crawl in mortified.


I said, excuse me to, which he got extremely defensive and kicked her out.

I don’t know about you girls, but I don’t know.

Thank gerbil.

Porn was actually a fetish dude, Alexandra.

I have talked to her about this terrible situation before and I really believe it’s real.


Dump a gerbils up there, but it could not be more real.

Let me tell you why.

I know it’s real, I will be straight up.

So, back in the day.

I was no.

So I was sitting with my mom over Christmas break and I, and she was telling Amy.

She listens to the podcast and she was like, there is something I know that you girls haven’t brought up yet.


That it was such a phase back in my day and I’m like, what mom like oral and she’s like, no, mostly it was for gay.

Men would have gerbils crawl into their asshole and eat out their ass and there was literally an epidemic of gay men having to go to the hospital because gerbils were getting stuck up their ass.


So, thank you.

No, I swear I’m gonna do it.

I’m gonna do it.

It’s from my mother.

The psychologists of all, I believe your mother.

Maybe you don’t believe me if I’m relaying it.

Right, right.

It’s and I think the pipe is so that it doesn’t get stuck up in there because it goes into the tube and it licks the asshole and then it doesn’t get.


Actually I’ve seen this on an episode of South.

I’m sweating.

I was like some celebrity guy that used to do it, dude.

Don’t believe it’s straight-up gerbils.

Eat out there asshole.

It’s The craziest fucking thing and then okay, they get stuck.


How do you, what do you do?

Hope that you poo it out.

They literally go to the hospital and have to get them out for them.


It’s so fun.

But you know what, guys, I’m going to do my research like the journal, Googling it right now and I swear it’s a thing.



I swear.

We’ll see.



Daddy Daddy’s, this was a really fun Wednesday.

I hope everyone is going to fact-checked me with that gerbil situation.

I hope.

None of you are ever sending the long-ass text bitching about someone.


Not answering you on time and read receipts for the wind.

We’re not doing doggy filters while we cry and girls.

You are initiating the fuck out of sacks.


It’s 50/50 girls as teasing, teasing teasing.

And you know this weekend, if you’re trying to be a shady motherfucker, you hit that voicemail trick and you’re on your way to success your side.


Oh, how can we?

All right guys?

Thank you for listening to another episode of Of call her daddy, Wednesday.

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