Call Her Daddy - 24 - Confessions of a Mistress


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

It’s called her Daddy back at it again.

It is Alex and Sophia.


We’re back here.

Another episode of call her daddy.

I’m so excited today.

This past weekend.

I like, let’s get right into it.

We brunch guys, we brunch and we branched hard, Sophie hard.


And I went in on brunch this time.

Not to brag guys, but we went to brunch and not to brag guys, but we went to brunch alone.

Literally, just Alex and I sitting in a corner table alone.

People talk about brunch or anticipating their like we wanted a big You and I are like and so it was us and we got the corner Booth.


So it looked like there were supposed to be more people coming in.

The never came.

We crunched so hard that other Brokers were.

Appalled Paul’s.


We’re like we need to stop.



No, we went to brunch and you know, naturally as a daddy gets we were approached by men.



And, you know, it was fun for a little bit and Sophia specifically had a man, the came up to her up.

I don’t know.

Know, if I’m going to get shit for this.

I don’t know care.

I don’t know who’s gonna be upset.

I really don’t give a fuck guys.

We’re not trying to offend people in this pod.


No, but fun.

It was fucked up.

I was fucked up, but he did you not what you did today?



So this guy comes up to me really nice guy.

We’re hitting it off.

We’re talking, he was of Asian descent.



I’m totally fine.

Totally so far so good so far so good.


He decided he wanted to play a little game with me.

You guys he had me.

Is where specifically he was from the kicker.

That’ll gotcha.

Like what had hit me to tell him like what country?


He was born in and like, where he is from like to me.

I’m kinda like what was the point?

Why are you putting me in that situation?

Was he trying to make you look like an ass?

I don’t think he was, I think he liked, but he was really, really nice.

I think he was just like being genuine and I was like, I cannot answer this question.


While toning like an asshole, right?

So what did you accuse me being an asshole?

So I gotta go.

I tried to avoid it.

Like I guessed wrong feel like you live on the upper west side.

He’s like, where was I?

Born bitch, I guess wrong.


Why do people lie?

Why it was a rough start.

Alright, so I just anyone out there.

Stop fucking asking people.

Where do you think I’m from?

Well, like, what the fuck?

So, anyways, that’s not that’s not Brunch ended though.

So Sofia and I after we got rid of all the men around us, who is harm.


There was like too.

Wow, we are walking away.

No, so finally we’re like, alright, let’s go home and we decided that Sophia had been on Raya.

That’s the dating app that were on and she was like, you know what, I’m going to message you guy.

Maybe we should hang out.


She messaged a couple guys.

Yeah, they get back to her and then Sophia was like actually I’m not in the mood to hang out anymore.

Let’s go home.

However one guy.

So there is a guy Why I texted him?

And he said, I’m just driving around right now, which honestly, I was like, what?

And I was like drives around in New York.


Nobody who’s just.

Like, but he said that and Alex were wrapping up brunch and I was like, oh cool.

Like do you want to give us a ride?

Alex over here?

So the guy says yes, but Alex over here.

She constantly thinks that she’s under attack.

I always look at every moment.


She’s like, who’s trying to kill us?

We’re getting kidnapped.

We’re getting mugged.

They came out for us.

Yeah, the kid now.

Like, I’m like Alex, you can’t live your life like that.

This will be fun.

He’ll just pick us up and give us a ride home.

But then I’m like so he’s gonna know where we live, whatever.

So finally, I’m like, okay, fine, whatever.

Let’s just do it, could do some good old tuck and roll.


I got card, get it.

He shows up.

He’s in a G-Wagon plus plus check.

Jack check.

Just kidding.

I feel like those are kind of the douchiest.

Yeah, and those are the ones that are like low-key sociopaths and, like, would kill us.

Oh, okay.

Get into the car.

I get in the backseat.


Sofia gets in the front because She was won that match with him.

We start driving and slowly.

I realized that he and I have notched.


This is one big and special three hockey, Raya family.

So then Alex, I like get into one of our moods, Alex brings up that she had matched with him and we literally play The Bachelor.


We also like to make people feel a little uncomfortable because it kind of brings good.

Yeah, it breaks the ice, right and so we’re like, we’re like by the end of this car ride.

You have to decide who you’re giving a rose to They’re me rowlock.

So I’m making eye contact with him, like in the like mirror and Sofia’s like trying to like touches are more.


Like, who are you gonna pick whatever?

And the whole, the whole car ride was great.

Yeah, like it was like a 15-minute thing.

It was so weird.

It was like a little speed date, right?

Like do is locate like, really great.


So moral of the story is, do get in the car with strangers.


Discover strangers.

Because later that night, he didn’t even pick one of us.


He texted you almost.

Like do you two want to go out to dinner with me?

Not even like me and a friend just like, hey, do you want to go to dinner with me?


And I guess, I’d say he gets the package deal knows that if you’re going to date one of us, you date, both of us thousand pump, but like doing shit.

Just on a whim and being spontaneous like that shit was fun as shit, 15 minutes.


We were done with him onto the neck.


So we have always I mean, I think it’s going to be a topic that is reoccurring for us because there’s never enough, you can talk about what to do when to, when you go to a bar right now.

Can I pick up a girl?


How can I pick up a guy?

I’m pretty much about to drop some knowledge.

It’s not he’s going to fuck up your lives in the best way possible guys.

This segment is about like take out your notebook.

Yeah, guys and girls because the shit we have got for you is bril brilliant.


It’s great.

Okay, so this is going to be specifically geared towards men.

Okay, when you are going to pick up a girl at the bar or really any setting, the 3 B’s, the theism boy.



Whoo, I wouldn’t listen.

Up the Three B’s.

I’m ready.

Number one.

Be able to put sex, completely out of your mind, number to be excellent.

In her presence.

Number three, be gone.


Oh, A little sexual.

I’m wet.

Let me kind of talk about what this me.

Yeah, break it down.

So the first B is being able to put sex, completely out of your mind.


I don’t know why men are called dogs because women are more like, dogs.


Hear me out.

Hear me out.

No pre.

They can sniff out a guy’s desperation, his horniness, his thirstiness from like, a mile away.

Tell me.

That’s not so true.

It is so transparent.

Euro trans, you’re right.

And if you can put, if you can put your carnal desires out of your mind.


For those first few moments of initial contact, it will go such a long way at bringing her and keeping her walls down.

I can’t agree with this more, right?

It’s like you can feel when the guy is straight up.

Just thinking pussy.

Yeah, you know when he’s just like you are literally trying to get in my pants and you’re trying to get my number when it’s more authentic that when you fucking Vibe with some 1,000%.


Umm, okay.

What’s the Next one.


The next B is great in her presence.

You said without any, excellent in her present?

Okay, Ian, you’re a.

So if you can get number one down that makes number two, that much easier for sure.

I think, I think the point is, you be authentic.


Like there are so many guys that have like there.

Go two lines or they’re trying too hard or they’re like, so aggressive play.

Be chill.

Find some common ground and just talk about that.


And then every station simple and the last one is be gone.

Be gone.

Thank you.

There’s no business.


Like Show Business people who get out like a doubt.

My favorite thing, Alex, we talked about this.

I love when a guy asks me for my number when he’s literally leaving the bar, an orgasm like literally that’s just the definition or that I’m like, oh my God, he’s so hot.


He’s probably getting my number and we’ll connect the in soon.

Leave them wanting more.

Looks like Psychology 101.

Shout out to the movie town of Steve, beautiful.


Brilliant fucking brilliant.

It that is on point.

So guys, and girls can Do this.

But I’m going to focus on guys for right now because I feel like they’re the ones, usually initiating bar convos going up to girls.


So men you need to get in your mind that there are two things that girls think when you come up to them at a bar.

They think, who is this guy?

And or when is he going to leave right?

Like, even totally hot and you’re with your girls.

There’s just something about girls that it’s so forward and they feel pressure to decide in that very moment.


Xiety it is, it is it’s just too much.

So Basically girls, like shit to feel organic.

This is a trick that I’m pretty sure this is actually from a book.

This is a trick that is guaranteed to work.

At the bar, friend has used it right on as use any said, it works every single time.


Oh my god, let’s get into it.

So you are with a group of guys at a bar.

Okay, and you spot a good-looking group of girls.

One of the guys from the group is going to go over and approached the group of girls.

Got it when he goes over.

It is so imperative that you basically We have that stance of like one shoulder into the group.


One shoulder out.

So you are like, so unassuming.

Yeah, and you go in you’re like, hey girls.

I’m sorry to bother you for a minute.

Can I got a quick question for you?

So immediately you address you have a question to you have your reason for being there?

And you also tell them you need to get back to your boys quickly.


So they know you’re leaving soon.

That’s like girls are like, okay perfect.

We fuck me right now.

We’re like perfect.

You won’t be here long.

That’s perfect.

So you go and ask them.

And listen, this is just one example, but you can like My put the trick on your own, but the question is my boys and I are trying to figure it out.


What are the five?


We know the Atlantic Pacific, Indian and Arctic.

But what is the fifth ocean?

No one is going to know that answer and you know it fuck no exactly know.

You ask them what the fifth ocean is and and then a girl, one of the girls.

He always said, one of the girls is going to go be the asshole that pulls out her phone and goes, no.


No, you can’t Google it.

That takes it all away from it.

So finally, he said, usually None of the girls are ever going to get the fifth ocean without Googling it.

So what you’re gonna do is like, alright.

Thanks for the help.

And then you’re going to walk out and you don’t linger guys when they don’t know it.


You basically like.


Sorry guys, I gotta get back and you know, he then said every single time he’s ever done, this one of the girls will go over after having Googled it and been like, okay.

I know you guys did not to Google but I just want to, you know, like the last ocean the, by the way, the last ocean is the father and Southern Southern.



There we go, the Southern Ocean.

So then what happens guys?

Like, this is an organic fun situation.

Usually then once she goes over the other group of girls will come over and now you’re a big party and he said to make it even more unassuming that you’re trying to fuck them.


What you can do is like, okay.

Now you girls try and go up to a group of guys and see if any of them can get it.

Because what happens in that very moment is the girl is going to go up to the next group of guys and she’s going to be nervous to go up to a big group of guys and her Reet is back to this other girl, delete.


So you become like a group of friends at a bar.

I love it.

And this is like if these guys weren’t hot, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter, because they’re so fun.

That’s what we always say.

Like play to your strengths.

If you know, you’re not the best fucking looking guy.


It doesn’t matter.

If you’ve got some fun asked group and you and I always talk about this.

Yeah, the group, at the bar totally fun.

I hang out with this group of guys, and they Have girls eating out of the palm of their fucking hands every single time, like we’re leaving and it’s not even, I mean, they are very attractive.


But like that’s not why?

It’s because of like, what they do in there in the bar.

One of them will take like, you know, those unicorn Mass.




He’ll like take that to the bar and like put it on and kind of like dance funny like yank it off and just hang out with it.

That immediately girls are coming over and are like, can I put it on?


Ya Orleans?

And oh, yeah, dude.

That’s the thing.

And let me just clarify though, for you guys.

Like you have to really be careful though, when you’re incorporating like masks and shit like that.

You’re not annoying - that’s already enough of a statement.


Don’t be loud and obnoxious and screaming.

Let that shit speak for itself.


This shit would fucking work on me.

It’s a conversation started.

If you see a group of people having the best fucking time.

You’re just going to gravitate towards and can we also agree that every single person at a bar, even when girls act annoyed?


Guys, coming up to him.

First of all, don’t go to a bar.

If you don’t want to interact with humans.

Okay, and who I like, right?

There’s one girl that show up and they’re like, don’t talk to me.

Like I’ve heard podcast of girls being like I hate when guys come up to me a bitch.

Why are you at the bar that I are you wearing our cunt.


Fucking V, right?

You know what you’re looking for?

Okay, just stop.

So, I think the main point of this is like, everyone is at the bar trying to get laid or trying to just at least meet someone and interact with people, huh?

Things like games and like little fun.


It takes the pressure off of everyone thinking about pussy and dick for a fucking second.


That’s the thing.

The second a girl you go up to a girl.

She’s thinking in her head.

What is this guy’s end goal?

Want to try and get my number and like, that is not fun.


I don’t know not.

I really?

I think this is like, low-key pretty fucking genius.

Yeah, every guy should have their group of guys and have their fucking one little thing that they’re ready to do to a group of girls and don’t all go up to them.


One person, one shoulder in.

Way out, tell them you gotta get back to your voice and your fucking it right on the Three B’s.

Three B’s baby.

I hope you all wrote that down.

And dude, now not even the masks.

You can have a fucking degrade me, sweatshirt on.

And people are like, what is that?


That’s why the merchants fucking working at bars?

People getting fucking lately.

I mean, just genius.

All right.

Everybody’s out here.

Cheating everyone.

Your mom, your dad, your grandma, your grandpa.

I’ll do know everyone in this office is cheating.


It’s just, it’s a thing.

It’s a phase of 2019 and I’m truly here for scare the shit out of people know.

We’re every guys, where’s my dinner?

We’re gonna get into it.

There’s all of this fucking cheating drama right now.

And in lieu of that.

Yeah, I mean, it’s just too easy to cheat in 2019 it is.


And this whole like Jordan and Kyle the George And Kylie.

Oh Miguel.

Oh, hold on.

Hold on.

You tried to slip that one right in there.

I couldn’t.

You’re like Miguel and Kylie Jordan.


Miguel, Miguel have to tell them.

So I was talking to my friend the other day.


We were talking to her friend the other day.

Yeah, and she casually slipped in that.

She fucked.


You guys know Miguel.


He He is a huge artist right now.

So let’s just explain to them what happened.


Miguel was engaged, because now he’s married to knobs to NAS.

Okay, but he was engaged to her for a long time and are all he was engaged to all fucking our friend.



And it was just the craziest thing to hear her talk about it, because she would be, like, I would go to his hotel.

We would smoke together.

We would fuck, and then afterwards, he would talk to me about his fucking wedding plan.

Well, okay.

He’s um, then he would tell her that.


She reminded him of now like hey, girl, you’re reminding me of my fucking fiance.

I don’t you think that guys would try to pick women that don’t remind them of, like there.

Are you cheating on her be separate and if you think that keep your mouth shut, what?


I just think.

It’s personally crazy.

That there are these people in Hollywood that are cheating on their wife, or their fiancé, or their girlfriend, and they’re just outwardly cheating.

No nda’s.

Nothing, and now our friend sitting here showing us text literally have Miguel’s phone number in front of us were like, okay.

So Miguel was cheating on nods with our friend and then I think they have like a conversation about.


He mentioned that he is really in love with her, but it’s like, oh, yeah hot but like you can be in love with someone and still fuck someone else.

I’m like, I why don’t you explain that to knobs?

I’m sure I’d love to hear that inside.

I’m kind of laughing.

No, because meanwhile, like fuck you and we’re like cheating for the win and 2019 like we contradict ourselves so much.



But I think it was just good to mention that because I’m just like, what the fuck.



And everyone’s everyone’s doing it and I am.

Sorry for the trust issues that are about to fall.

Can we just quickly give a little PSA to people that they need to fucking this girl, specifically need to stop saying like, you know, I just I have really bad trust issues.


I love I love watching Alex, watch The Bachelor because all the time these girls are like, you know, I just really need to confess something.

I need you to know like Like I have trust issues that’s like other room.

It’s like you’d be cooler is if you said you didn’t have trust issues.


Thank you.

That would be refreshing.

I would be like everyone.

Whoa, you are, you are something, you’re something special and new and original dude.

It’s so true.

Everyone has trust issues in 2019.

It’s fucking happening everywhere with her Millennials and it’s easy to cheat.

So, pretty much we’re here to teach you how to cheat, or how to catch a cheater.


See we played behind.

Look at us being so generous.

So guys.

We this past week have been reading DM’s and reading where you guys writing questions in any.

It is like we the daddy gang is just slowly giving us all these different ways to catch a cheetah or to achieve.


So let’s just get right into it.

What’s that?

If you guys don’t know what WhatsApp, it’s like the messaging service.

Usually people use it when they go International, right?

And that’s what I thought when I go away, that’s what I’m using this.

However, you thought it was his cousin that lives in Israel.


I oh, Millie.

I would have stopped it.

Really was Stephanie who lives down the street.

On Lucky Guy’s WhatsApp.

Is where the side goes live.

That’s where they will stay forever.

That’s where they live.

That’s where they marinate.

Decide, hoser, and Chillin and WhatsApp, right?


It’s not your fucking cousin from Australia.


Like a girl was like, dude, my boyfriend told me that.

That’s where he talks to his cousin.



No, you said it’s Stephanie.

Okay, this one, Alex.

You brought to my attention notes, notes shook.


To the core.

We are second your notes on your phone.


How does it work?

Okay, so in iPhone Notes, uh-huh.

You, I guess I didn’t know this but you can share your notes with another person and they can edit the notes.

So straight up.

This is what’s happening.

A guy can have a notes in his phone and he’s like my grocery list.


Meanwhile, the other girl is editing it, and she’s talking about her fucking pussy, but it’s code word for the tuna and the city something style.

And she’s like, well, like they are to be people.

This is going on and it’s crazy because now it’s looks like one of his notes and yet the girl or the guy never ever think to look in notes ever.


That is I think that truly is the one of the last places I would ever look, right.

I’m looking at all apps for the note.

So girls guys if you’re trying to catch a cheater you go and you look at their notes check out that grocery list you serve on any fuckin.


This one is huge.

Uber fucking a man.


I mean, The thing about ruber is that you can never like delete that history.



I guess Uber has a thing where you can never delete a ride.

So basically if you’re fucking chugging over to your homegirls at 2 a.m.


And coming home at 7:00, right?

That that history can’t be deleted.

Okay, so the girlfriend could go in and check it out.

How do you cover that up?

Like, pulling on it.

Helped them get out of it, too, because if you’re cheating, and there’s an Uber that shows you.

Left your house at 2:00 a.m.


When to another house, and then went back home.

Like, where were you going into?

Am to your drug dealers house to get weed?

Oh my God.

We got it.

Like I need sleep.

I needed some Xanax.


No, you tell him you’re like babe.

I am working.


I’m working on this secret project and it’s taking up a lot of hours and I’m doing it during the night.

So I go ha top secret project that I’m doing during the night so I don’t take away from our Time together during the daytime maybe of the biggest surprise coming your way and you’re like, fuck.


What is that?



The Uber can totally fuck you over.

Totally, cuz if she goes to her, or he goes through it, how do you explain it?

I don’t know.

I think maybe use the one of those top secret project, irr some weed, this one.

I fucking love.

So one of the girls from Vanderpump Rules.

It’s a reality show.


Kristen Dodie.

She came up with us.

She said that you can catch them by you.

Italy are going to ask them for their iTunes, password.

I think this is so brilliant because you play it off like babe.

I want to watch a movie.


I forgot my password.

I want access to like some music.

Like, can I do is hop, ah, meanwhile what she said was usually, and I can attest this because it’s fine.

Usually, the iTunes password is connect, same fucking thing of the iCloud, password nine times out of ten.


I would say so like so then when it her in the fucking iCloud, oh you are Inside of his sperm.

Anyway, I’ve seen where the sperm has gone nowhere.

That shit’s been shy, you know, it’s going on.


So yeah, Turley guys, that is huge.

I think that’s brilliant.

Ask for the iTunes password and you’re in and around that I class II wanted to mention another one.

Okay, is there like applications that look like it’s a game on your phone and you can hide nudes in there.


You can hide anything you fucking want.

In there, if you think all of a sudden your boyfriend is taking up like crossword, puzzle eating.

No, he’s back at Brick Breaker like back and from 700 Crush my asshole out of here.

No, they’re called like the vaults.

And they have like Vault apps and they’re like, little booties that like brick breaker and I like fighting one.


Ah, she’s in there with her fucking ass working.

I get out of here, Dropbox, guys.

We had people, obviously, I told you guys about the iPad, catch them off, guard the infamous iPad and then last, oh, yeah.

There was one for Snapchat.

Like a thing called my eyes only.

You can save stuff.


So you have to put a password in.

But people said usually the password, if you know, your boyfriend or girlfriend’s password to their phone is usually what they pick for their Snapchat and a girl found all these nudes in the, my eyes only section of Snapchat.

And then lastly is the Google account and supposedly if your boyfriend ever signed in or girlfriend ever signed into their email on your computer or, you know, their email and password, once you get into Google, you can see everything, you can see where they have been you go into settings and the Data and personalization looks.


I tried this last night.

Like I like, I cannot let anyone have access to it was like, I didn’t know.

I spent that much time on PornHub this week.

Well, I got it.

If you’re grabbing your partner’s phone and you’re looking through their text grow up.


Grow up.

There’s knock it off.

That’s not the way to do it as well.


But if you are going to go through the text, if you are.


Because you are just an amateur ass bitch.

Yeah, then go through their texts with their friend.


This is a shot girl.


For sure.

Oh, yeah.

In there.

No, I mean Andrew is going to change to Andrea.


We’ve talked about it before y’all gonna change the name.

Yeah, that’s why you gotta try to do all these other hacks because everyone’s too smart for the phone, but they’re not fucking far enough for all this other shit, right?

So content.

So the detective unit because we are solving crimes up in this bitch.


Okay, so we just gave you all the ways to catch a cheater or to cheat.


We’re going to talk about once you think you caught them cheating.

What do you do?


Yeah, let’s get into it, the accusation.

Oh, I think we’re in a courtroom, like the accusation like lights are shining on us right now.


I feel bad for any human being that has ever had to date.

Either one of us.

I really lost you in the future.

Yeah, okay.

The association a lot of times when a girl or a guy thinks that they caught their partner cheating, or they have like a little inclination.


You got a little somethin somethin here.

You’re ready to confront.

Yeah, and this is such an Important part and I want everyone especially girls to listen up because every girl’s initial reaction is to go balls to the fucking wall screaming throwing out closure, ripping his shit up.


You are ready to full-on obliterate attack and destroy this person.

You gotta do it in person.

You gotta do it in /.

You cannot get on your cell phone and start going.

Ham or you’re fucked.

And why is that basically guys?


Eyes, you cannot tip them off.

Yeah, so many girls can’t hold it in and they’ll text him and be like, can we talk when you get home or they’ll start the fight?

When Gil, do you charge?

I’ve done a million times.

And now you’re not hot.

Myself didn’t know what happens.

Every single app that we just talked about that has evidence.


Deleting is wiped.


So you need to catch them off guard.

Like I talked about in a previous episode, when I thought something was on the iPad.

I didn’t warn him and I pulled it out right in front of him, when he came home and told him open it right now.

Did he have Delete anything absolutely fucking not.



So girls.

You gotta keep it together.

Until you’ve got him in a room alone with the lamp and a chair and a table, and then cups.

Yeah, cos okay.

So now the second, the second part of now, confronting them.

You’ve got them alone.

You got to hold out for this confession.


Got a hold out.

Oh my God, you gotta be Stonewall Jackson up in this bitch, and this can go on for days like selected fat of the out.

Alamo Dave history, but the way we describe like catching a cheater.


So this is what we’re saying is you need to hold out for the confession.

So what we mean by that is they’re gonna deny till they die tonight.

It is is because we play Both Sides.

If you’re cheating deny till you die, if you’re confronting, wait for the compression and just keep pressing him.


What did you do?

It’s literally whatever over and over.

What did you do?

What did you do?

And what happens is you have To do this in the most calm manner, so we’ll say like you’re not freaking out, you’re going to sit there.

And what I usually do is I trick them.

So you are going to convince them.


You know, this relationship.

I promise you is salvageable.

If you can just man the fuck up right now and be honest, if you tell me the truth right now we can move forward and then your bags are fucking pie in the face.


And I’m like, I will forgive you.

If you can just come clean.

Clean comes clean and I’m like, I also fucked your best friend.

I’m your father and your future son.

I will be fucking him like Liz.

I’m so scared.


It’s true though.

It’s light.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

No guys guys and girls you have to convince them that there is a future if they can just be honest and then you fucking decide the future after they be honest.

Yeah, because guys, what happens is as a cheater, having done this Path.


If they approach it calmly and they just keep saying like what you want to do for dinner and you’re like we can go to dinner.

Once you tell me what you did.

What do you want to do later tonight?

What did you do?

If you just keep pressing them in a very comment or, like, I can’t move forward until your honest, they are going to crumble, they will crumble but you cannot engage in any activities or any conversation though it during this process that doesn’t have to do with cheating.


Like you can’t like go get dinner and talk about other stuff.

He literally needs to feel like he’s He’s talking to a broken record to a parrot.


It’s like you live.

What did you do?

What did you do?

What did you do?

Tell me what you did.

What are you doing?


What did you do in the past?

Tell me what you did that night?


What went down that night?

Who was she?

Who was she, where do you want to go?

What did you do?


Did you put it in like was it good?

She tight like straight out of his dick.

Big like anything.

He asks, just every single thing has to go back to that because he’s gonna be like you don’t want Fine and they’re like, bitch.


I actually don’t even know.

I just came out sometimes take days the other day can Alex, I was trying to catch this guy to lie.

Yep, and he did not come clean until like I think I started accusing him like two days before and it was two days later.

It was like the third day.

And finally, I remember before you got on the phone call with him.


I’m not with you.

And I was like, dude, you need to be so calm.

Yeah, and you are just going to be like babe.

Yeah, we can move forward, but I know there’s something off.

So you’re just gonna tell me right now.

We’re going to get it over with and then we’re moving on.

We’re never talk.

About again, that’s what I did with one of my exes.

I told them block.


I liked by me saying we will never talk about this again.

I mean, I don’t never be talking to you again bitch, but you just need to confession.

So, everybody if this is what you got to take from, this is the initial reaction is to blow the fuck up.


And if you blow the fuck up, you immediately set a trigger off in their mind and they’re gonna be like, I can never confessed to be calculated.

You gotta be gotta hold out for the confession, you know, cheating in the deli.

It thing and you got to be really smart.

If you’re the cheater, you deny till you die.


Because most of the times unless unless they hand you hard cold evidence like have an actual picture of you fucking yeah.

Person has never happened.

It never happened ever.

However, he took things to the Grave, like, people in 2019.


Are speculating.


No, unless they have evidence.

You don’t admit on the other side bitches and Men, you are fucking Holding Out for the confession.

The crazy thing about this process is the lot of crazy.

You can really accuse them of something that you have.


No conclusive.

It don’t fucking clue.

That’s the scary thing.

Dude, it’s me with you had make someone think they cheated on you and they did it like fuck.

It hurt.

Not gonna be like confessing shit.

They didn’t even do like I think two years ago we were together.

I know it’s like they know it’s so true.


You sometimes have no idea but a lot of times I feel like a specifically a woman’s intuition.

It’s just there.

That’s why I knew what the iPad is.

Like there was just something on.

So guys get fucking witty with it and the cheaters all the apps that we just talked about.

Make sure you fucking locks on them, gr.


Be cheated on.

That’s what I said.

How did brilliant and also really do we have mental problems?


Can we talk about sex?

Sofia sounds like God every time I’m with you it’s all I think about So let’s talk about sex.


I specifically really want to talk about high sex, little Stoner donor up in this bitch.

So I have a couple things that I want to talk about was high sex because high sex is the best sex and you’re gonna disagree with me.


But because you have a fucking on a relationship with marijuana.

I wanted to do the high sex route.

I would be the girl.

That’s like can I also have a paper bag?

So I Brother into it while you’re fucking me.


Did he see the hospital?


You said that you were ever time.

I’m like, do you want to smoke you?

Like I actually want to go to the hospital, marijuana and Sophia we have, we have chemistry, but it’s like a love-hate.

It’s just sometimes it works.

Sometimes, it doesn’t.

Yeah, so I truly believe and listen, we are not coming on this podcast, telling anyone that you should or should not smoke weed.


I’m just saying if you do or if you’ve tried it, but you’re like nervous to do it during sex.

I’m just here to educate a little bit on why.

Why I think high sex is the best sex.

Alex is here to educate us.

Oh, no, no.


Listen, I think that drunk sex can be great.


Abstract leaves is a slippery.

Fuck it.

Is it we can talk about the another episode because that shit can be fucking rough.

You like can be great to wake up with your underwear.

Ripped off your body.

Really what?

I know.

You’re like, whoa, lipstick on your butthole.


What was what?

Let’s talk about drugs, sex eat.

But first highs eggs.

Um, I think that high sex is truly where it’s at.

Because first of all, I think there’s something about like, knowing your level of what, where you smoke.


Because I remember in the beginning when I was dating, one of my exes.

He was a total Stoner and successful.

But a stoner I’m not dating.

All these losers guys have faith.

So he was a stoner and I was super nervous to smoke with him before we had sex because I was not really well-versed in smoking.


I had done it in high school, but I could never do in college because we got drug tested for soccer.

So I was like, I don’t know what my limited’s finally.

I started smoking just casually with him during like the day and stuff got my limits ready to go.

Finally had high sex started having more High strikes, best sex of my life.


And this is what I’ve definitely heard that.

It’s because it increases your sexual pleasure, like you literally are out of your head.

And you just feel your body.

I mean, I’ve had high sex before and like everything feels unfuck you good real legit, maybe those Ecstasy, but I’m pretty sure.


I think he was straight up like the the weed.

I remember also, like, I will be honest.

I personally, it allows me to turn into way bigger frequent.

I’m hot because like, all of us that’s straight-up.


I’m not kidding.

You guys when you’re high and having sex, I try so many different moves that I didn’t even get.

No, so cool.

It is, dude.

I have not like, I would do the, I feel like I would turn into the dead fish.

Okay, that I was gonna say.

When you’re having high sex.

You gotta know your limits, because if you smoke too much, your dogs have been.


You’re the dead fucking fish.

We gotta talk about that too because there are too many girls in general during very interested, tell me.

So you like so you turn into like a real free, a real freak.

So I will never forget.

I actually want to talk about this, move on another another Jesus Christ on the next So because I remember I was in the bathroom and my ex and I were about to get into the bath together to watch like TV.


That’s something we did.

That was weird.

It was cute.

All right, Pete.

Thank God P.

Bitch boy.

It’s boy.

So we are about to fuck and we’re in the bathroom and I will never forget.

I was so high and I did this move in the bathroom to him.

And after we fucked, he literally came in like three, four minutes and afterwards.


He looked at me.

I swear to God, he thought I was cheating on him.

He looked at me and he goes.

Where the fuck did you?

You learn that and so, you gave him the best.

I could look like, and convince him.

You cheating, dude, win-win because he literally said, I have never even seen that in porn.


So, like, where did you learn that?

And in my mind, I swear to you guys.

It was just my high State felt good on my vagina.

So, I just started doing, are you gonna tell us what?

It was?

How, you guys next week?

We got, we got more shit to talk about.

But so basically, guys high sex.

It’s fucking, it’s the shit because it just literally Tightens everything.


I so go for it.

I got what you’re saying.

All excited.

You did damn it.

I guess I’m.

But you know what?

For those of you that are more into uppers?

Oh uppers.



Think a little cocaine on her clit.

Yeah, look at all like it all a little little pleasure.

The whole numbing on your tongue, a little sensation.


What is it?

I know we’re gonna walk out like you.

We’re done.

We’re canceling discontinued.

Okay, let us begin talking though.

About a move.


That is really, I think this is pretty near and dear to my heart.

It is the girl’s legs over the man’s shoulders and I don’t understand.

We have to explain this to you.

Daddy gang.

I love you, but you got to add this one to your audit start.

Do I think guys need to specifically listen up because Sofia agree that Every single girl has that one girlfriend that takes pictures for her and knows her fucking angles udemy and yes Irreplaceable, right?


The only thing I personally think that’s fathomable to that comparison would be a guy.

That’s hitting your angles.


Okay, fucking mad.

So instead of its with an iPhone.

He has a dick.

Basically, I want to say to guys that the pounding non-stop like fast.


X or rabbit, the rabbit in the same fucking like three positions, that’s not What a Girl Wants wrong.

Pussy has angled.

It needs to have a change of pace and we need not one.

We need our ankles hit.

Yeah, so I want to talk about the legs over the shoulders because I think listen it’s not the best overall position like doggy or if a girl knows how to get on top and ride it.


Absolutely not.

But this is something I think every guy needs to add to his Arsenal because it’s like a brilliant move.

Like I’ve said that hits the ankles.

Why do you love this?

Addition Sophia like, let’s talk about it.

Good one.

Well, first of all, I feel like you feel him super deep inside of you.


Yeah, it’s like number one.


Number two is, if he’s like angling it correctly.

He’s stimulating your clit.

Thank you.

Yeah, I and you can stimulate your clit to that’s a thing.

Another Edition girls.

It can really help you down and touch yourself rub your clit while he’s fucking.



So I also think I want to bring up that the legs over the shoulders.

Are great.

You can also do the say you’re standing up.

The guy is standing up in your laying on the bed and your legs are up.

Take one of her legs off of your shoulder and just have the one leg up on the shoulder because that also creates a different angle and sensation for her.


I actually like the one leg up me to our than to it just hits it differently.

It’s always fun to mix it up.


And then also you guys, if you want I personally think this is a pretty great one.

You can take both of Legs and put them over one shoulder.


So this is pretty great because she’s basically angled very differently at this point.

She’s a little stretched out all the way to one side.

So you would have say you her legs are on your right shoulder, guys.

You would be holding both legs with your right arm.

And then you take your left hand and you put it on her thigh and you use that when you want to switch up the the pace slow stroker, then ramp it up and you use that to like pull her towards you and not relax.


I will be able to see right now.

Alex is literally like doing the hand motion.

I like how it sounds.

Are you over to sit on your lap?

My hands in the air?


I also think the pillow under her butt.

Oh, hit him where it hurts with that.

I call them about that.

I don’t think a lot of guys know about that.


Well, it’s going to angle her similar to this.

Yeah, to where, once again, she’s feeling you very deeply and then the clay is being stimulated.

There’s something about a pillow emboss the, but you hit her.

I think it’s so high.

If a guy whips out a pillow under my bike, this guy know this guy, fuck this guy fucks and he’s overly fucking me.


I think still that’s one of the hottest things is to talk is for the guy to first of all know what he’s doing.


And that’s why everyone’s are you listening to call her dad?


Number two, if he acts like he cares and gives a shit if you come.

And also if you just like knows that little pillow trick and then I just want to emphasize one more time that the change of pace take your fucking time.


Like, You can have slow Strokes in this position.

Make her feel it.

Give yourself also a break.

You don’t want to try to fucking blow the engine on your first fucking lat like you really need to.

And it’s that position is not like bang.

Bang, bang, bang, bang like slow, pull her clothes, Etc.


That position is a great one to throw in and you should all be fucking using it.


Get out there.

Get out there.


I have a little story time for a solid.

I love when you bring me story time.

This was brought to my attention from my friend and I was flabbergasted.



Sure gets to the core.

There is nothing scarier than a scorned woman.


I’m looking at a terrifying Beast right now.

I’ve seen you seen me in action.

See her in action.

There is nothing scarier than that.


Yeah, there’s not.

So my friend was visiting me and she told me about this story about her friend.

They live in Vegas or both cocktail waitresses there.

They’re okay.

And she told me the story which I later found out.

There’s a Google article on it and Alex we have to post the link because it’s my God.


So insane.

But I kind of got like some Insider info.

Yeah, that’s low-key.

Great, you know the girl with the Articles here.


So this girl was at work and met this group of guys.


Okay, she hit it off with this guy and they started a full-blown relationship.

Are you hooking up?


Okay, love that.

He was engaged.

Oh, love that too.

He pulled the classic move where he was telling the bottle, waitress that he was going to leave his fiancee for her.


Okay, he would say it all the time.

The classic I’ll be there.


It’ll happen soon.

Yes, they were pretty much in a full-blown relationship.


Fuck Jesus.

He is planning to get married at the end of summer.


But he’s gonna leave his fiancee.


Alright, for right, he’s going to leave her.

It doesn’t even matter.

The bottle girl is gonna get it all.

Just wait, right?

This guy went as far as to invite this girl, the bottle waitress on his bachelor, party trip.


What he brought his fucking mistress concubine on his bachelor party trip her and all of her friends and all of her friends.

All of my friends.

So it’s literally a party.

It’s little he Fucking married with his mistress.


This girl that he’s telling him to leave his wife for Isle of Man.

This is the thing guys is that’s not the story.

Okay about this story.

Okay, what this girl did is actually insane Alex like it rocked my world and I need the daddy gang to know and I need the world to know.


They don’t already know next thing, you know, this girl cannot get a hold of him and his wedding is coming up.

Oh no, and she’s reached out to him over and over and over.

And And he has blocked her and he is obviously going to go through with the wedding.

Oh my God, on the day of the wedding, this girl created.


Oh God an Instagram account.

Okay titled A Summer Affair guys.

I’m not making this up.

You can literally there’s a Google article on.


Daily Mail article.

Okay, she titled it a summer Affair.

The profile picture is of the man holding the bottle, waitress hurt.


It’s okay with her tongue.

To underneath.

So there was no trying to retell like that was fucked, and we fucked good.

Okay, like showing the talk to you.

So, you know, it’s real.

Okay, she posted picture after picture of her in bed, with him of them on vacation of the bachelor, parties as come all of this shit.


Okay, it gets better, it gets better.

Okay, because this is on the day of this lady’s wedding.


She uses the couple’s wedding.


Jesus fucking hot dog, the Pearl sun’ know.

No, she uses the hashtag.

She Geo tags each photo with the wedding venue, you know, like nowadays.


Like, when you’re getting married Josh tag and the geo-tagging of the wedding would and you everyone is going there for the pictures.

Last wedding.

I went to you would quickly go and then you would see if you ever in any of the other pictures.

So you literally go to the hashtag little when they go to this hashtag.

There is the pictures of this affair, okay?


On her wedding day.

Like this man and the mistress in bed together.

Could you do something like that?


Because do I think when we did the wedding happen, the wedding went through with the wedding.

She did.

I’m leaving.


Oh my God, machine.

That is maybe the most humiliating thing I’ve ever heard.


So this girl, literally found out right before she walked down the aisle.

That her entire hashtag for her wedding was with his mistress and the geotag for the wedding venue is just Literally pictures from the account of them together in a bed.


Oh and then I forgot to mention in the Instagram.

The bio was like my moments with C or like my Adventures was see and I guess that was like his nickname was sick.


So we’ve got a couple situations going on here.

The girl could be a full-blown psychopath except for the fact that like, this is my take on it.


There’s so many different angles.

First of all, I don’t understand why the fucking girl married him.

Like if that happened on my wedding and like this girl’s a badass, like she’s an executive at like Trump’s organization.

Okay, so like why are Going through with this marriage.

That looks embarrassing.

Second of all, this is my issue.


I know we always tell the girls, like, stop reaching out to the other, the, the main girl telling like, oh my, your boy is cheating on you with me.

However, in this situation, I hate to like, kind of support this crazy crazy bitch because it’s like, she does not know this woman.


She owes her nothing and she literally is just like you said you weren’t getting fucking married.

You strung me along.

You brought me to your bachelor party and now you’re actually getting married.

Fuck you.

This is a fuck you to the guy.

I don’t think this girl had any intention of being like, fuck this woman.


I want to ruin her wedding.

No, it’s like, fuck him.

He needs to be expecting.

Like, who do you really think was more humiliated that day?

It wasn’t the guy.

It was great.

And I know, I know no.

And I’m about to got fucking suck.

I think of myself is pretty well.

I do.


Yes, compliments.

Oh God, but I don’t think I could go through with this.

I don’t think that I could like, completely I think on my end.

I probably would never do something like this, because I’m the type of person.

Like, if this ever, if I saw him getting married, I would block and be like, I wouldn’t even want to be with this man.


Anyways, now that I think about it, the amount he strung her along but yeah, like it’s this guy.

Do you usually you know, how I am?

I’m like the blocking Queen.

This is a situation where I would be like no, I need some type of Revenge.


That’s what I feel.

Like the mistress is always like I want to tell my story.


I want to tell my story and I feel like this was her way of I can telling her story very Millennial way.


This Savage listens to call her Daddy.


Yeah, my friend told me she like loves our podcast.

So shout-out.


Do you are a fight with this but I have to, dude, we support it.


It’s always a fucking tough one when you’re the other woman, but goddamn I have to give it to her fucking brilliant.

Yeah, that whole little plan.

She did.


I mean, dude, imagine being at that wedding and just going to the fucking hashtag hate.

Seeing that?

Holy shit.

I can bril brilliant.

That’s a daddy right there.

Questions, I need your advice ladies.

So I have been self-conscious about giving, my husband, a blow job ever since he told me that he only has been able to come one other time from just a blow job by his ex-girlfriend.


He has never done it with me.


I am scared to do it because if I don’t make him come he will just think about his ex and be like, damn, she was able to make me cum in my wife.

Can’t, how do I build up?

Build up the confidence, to give him what he wants.


This is such, actually, I was about to say this is Should be bullshit.


Like feel confident.

I actually think this is like, really prevalent, like I do think girls are, dude.

My, my ex-boyfriend told me that he told me, that he had only came one time, and I was like, that’s totally fine, because I’m not planning on making you coming.

My mom can make you cum in my vagina and you’re gonna get me pregnant.

Here we go.

I literally, he like told me that he’s only came from getting a blowjob once and I like did encourage really great.


I’m not going to do the work.

You can go to hell.

My pussy.

I don’t give a shit.

I was like, okay cool.

Go down on me.

What are you talking about?



No, I think my biggest advice for this woman would be, first of all, you need to start just making a blowjob more normal.


In your relationship for foreplay.

Like before, you’re going to have sex, just get his dick wet and like start sucking his dick.

I was gonna say, don’t go in there with this huge end goal for his come to enter your mouth.

No, like just go in there and like just make him feel good and then like after a while like shirt sucks.


Yeah, exactly.

I also think that girl’s my Mill, punters.

MILF Hunter in college would send me literally porn every single day and be like Cooper, you need to watch this perfect this and I swear to God, if you watch porn of porn stars giving head.


I’m not saying do exactly what they’re doing, but you can learn a thing or two and I know women don’t want to do that but like straight up that will help women do.

Yeah, the dogging women Daddy, I’ll do it, be open to it.

Go watch a really good porn star and watch her give head.

And then also go listen to episode 3, we talked about the GLOCK GLOCK.



Something just occurred.

Good to me.

Is this like a tactic?

This guy is using literally being like, you know, I like don’t really come from had like 500.

So the girl is like, okay.

I need to give him the sloppiest gracias, like trying to hold out but no girlfriend.


Honestly also you should not be uncomfortable to your husband.

I know you want to be confident for him, but just literally just start sucking his dick before sex in your coochie.


Okay next.

All right.


This one is from a Troodon gang member so I know in past episodes Alex has talked about Guys can fuck with girls over text.


I recently match with a daddy gang guy on Tinder and we talked about your podcast but he’s been pulling all of the shit that you talked about in your podcast.

He’s been giving me a thumbs up constantly and iMessage and leaving me on red.

I know exactly what he’s doing and that makes it really frustrating.


My question is, how can I fuck with him back?

It just occurred to me that they’re probably going to listen to this episode.

I actually fucking love this so much.

This like gets my dick wet.

Okay, this is a situation.

That I have actually experienced with guys, that even just try to play like the read receipt game with me back.


This is the moment where you can pry on his fucking and security so hard and you are going to call him the fuck out.

And you are going to stop playing games.


This is what I do.

I would say, LOL, you do realize Bud that.

We listen to the same pot that they call him.


Yeah, and then I would follow up and say, you’re going to have to come up with your own original content bitch because we both listen to God.

Howdy and then he’s gonna be like, mmm, right?

Okay, I’m going to stop with the double Taps and I think in that very moment.

Usually what I do to fuck with guys, I turn off my read receipts and I just start literally playing a complete opposite random game where he’s like we wise her right with you.


I think you completely stop playing a game absolute.

That’s what I’m saying.

The guy stopped and then stops to then you go back to.

Yeah, you don’t need to be like super aggressive about it.

I honestly would just text him and be like lol.

Like I know what you’re up to.

Yeah, I live.

So come up with your own original content that fucking ceiling Alex and Sophia’s fuck off.



You got it Daddy.

It’s literally once the game is being played back.

Then you stop playing the game.

It’s all about just like shifting and moving and grooving and poorly movers and shakers.


This one’s kind of disgusting.

Daddy gang.

I have a story for you.


Once upon a time in college.

My girlfriend came over.

I was flying back home for the weekend.

So she decided to surprise me with sex.

I was in a giving mood so I decided to go down on Her a couple days later before I had to go out of town, my whole mouth and throat became unbearable.

It was like an extreme sore throat, but you couldn’t swallow or drink anything.


The next day was my flight and it was even worse easily.

The worst travel experience of my life.

I eventually arrived in, told my parents what was going on and they took me to urgent care.

After I could not even swallow ice cream.

I arrived in the lady.

Helping me looked at me funny after inspecting, my mouth, it fucking turns out.


I had a yeast infection because Of going down on her in my mouth.

The doctor told me I could have been seriously ill or potentially died.

If I didn’t get it checked out soon.

I had the fucking.

I had to fucking ride on a plane with yeast infection in my mouth.

Shout out my ex.


Hold on.

So she had a yeast infection.

Then he contracted it.

I didn’t even know that was I guess at that.

I think I’ve heard of like chlamydia and your I guess whatever.

Is in a girl’s vagina can be contracted in his mouth.

It’s like if a guy had a bath, yeah really tear that Loki.


A c and cottage cheese up in that guy’s mouth.



Whoa, thanks for sharing.

I’m getting lunch with y’all.

No cottage cheese in your salad.


Okay you okay you okay, we’ve all heard of panty fetishes.


But this question took a turn.


Why do you guys have a panty fetish?

I love wearing my girls panties both when me and my girlfriend.

Oh fuck and also when she jerked me off, do you girls find that sexier weird?

Hold on.


I thought it panty fetish was just like they like to sniff your way.

Where whole like, oh, hold on.

I’m on the same page as you girlfriend was like I thought that’s when like you send them your used underwear and they like, like to like, yeah, whatever.

Hold on.

He’s like wearing her thong.


I’ve also heard, I’ve heard of guys jacking off and kind of holding the underwear.


I’ve never heard of them.

Wearing silly.

He likes riding around in a little fall like he’s wearing the degrade me.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Wait, I think if I saw my boyfriend wearing my thong, I would be a little, I would be a little confused.


I mean, we’ve always said this, you whatever.

If you’re into it, I just have never heard of that.

I haven’t either something new every day on this podcast, guys, write in, and let us know if that’s like a thing.

And if you like, when your boyfriend, where’s your underwear?


Oh, this is a fuck.

This is literally an addition to the Ting segment, okay.


Okay, Daddy gang.

Here’s a story that happened that couldn’t have unfolded without your pro tips.

Listen up, baby.

So a few weeks back.

I listen to the episode where you talk about.

Getting caught sending old nudes.

Thanks to the iCloud showing the date.

The photo was taken at the top when someone saves the new to their camera roll.



Now, let’s fast forward to today.

My man was supposed to come over and take me out tonight and in about the same time, he should have been leaving his house.

He sends me a picture of his car in a Under Bender saying, hey baby.

We have a small problem implying he won’t make it over because he obviously just got in a wreck, right?


So immediately I save the goddamn picked my camera roll because who knows, my man might be playing games.

I go to my camera roll and sure enough.

The photo was taken on August 22nd 2018, people six fucking months ago, how to catch her man 101.


Holy shit.

Daddy gang.

Thank you.

Oh my God, so this goes beyond news.

Ooh, this goes Way Beyond news.

I’ve never thought to do that.

We now to check for the holy shit.


I’m sitting here thinking about the amount of guys, that would, like, send me pictures, like, oh, I’m at the Golfing Range or like one of my really good friends.


And I, every single time before we went out.

She would take a video of us in her room so that when we went out that night and her boyfriend was like, where the fuck are you, like, did I could she like, wasn’t allowed to go out.

She would send him the video.

Brilliant fucking love it.

If you actually want to save videos because you can’t.


The data on videos, you actually have to download an app and I’ve done it before like a psycho and you can change the date on a video.

But I never thought to look at people when they’re like, oh, I’m at a restaurant or like oh, I’m golfing want to go through tax now.

So guys now like if your man or your woman sends you something like showing where they are, you fucking say that shit and check that date because they could be lying to you.


Daddy are keeping people accountable in 2019.

Priestly Daddy go.

That’s a fucking knew.

One, love that.

All right.

Here we go.

This person is wondering, is it cheating or hot?

Hot, hot hitting?

Okay, so my girlfriend I have been dating for eight months and she’s very sexually adventurous and she said that her fantasy would be to watch me with another woman.


She said, I want to see you, do what you do.

I want to see your power over another woman.

I want to see the female reaction, you elicit.

I want to be on the outside looking in and then get to re-experience.

And sit.

So basically cuckolding cuckolding, but flipped.


And I was like, we are so annoying that we didn’t bring that up because that’s totally a thing.

There is cuckolding for girls.

I know guys, episode 23, we talked about cuckolding and we should have addressed that.

Yeah, like I mean, I actually have friends that they think it would be hot.



I’m thinking about it now because my initial reaction big, I don’t know if I actually kind of think that I kind of think I would be into it from the standpoint of like if things were getting like a little Stale and we wanted to spice things up.

I fucking love being jealous.

Like I fucking nut gonna spit it.


Like especially when you know, they’ll like, it is your man and like they love you, but you’re like, okay, but I want to keep it almost gets.

I guess that’s what I do.

I get bored.

So I think this would almost be like a really hot turn on for I’d like we got fucking a look at him with that other girl.

I totally agree to, he would have to wear a condom but, you know, and maybe it doesn’t even have to be sucks.


Like maybe your watch them just kind of fool around, or like him.

Go down on her.

Like, you know, like there’s All these rules, that can I would want to watch a girl trying to like, give my man head and I was like, okay, now let me over now.

Let me go on.

But as far as is that cheating, no, no, especially if you’re like agreeing to it one that wants to it.


No, I just wanted to bring up that question because maybe like on a different episode, we can really get in the car.

That’s every man’s dream.

Can you imagine if your girlfriend was like, I want you to fuck this girl in front of me and I’m just sit here and he would be like, is this interesting about threesomes?


We’re talking about Two different things.

But threesome will ya girls are really into them to power always thinking it’s just the guy being like hey bad.

No, it’s girls too.

But a girl in the corner, I don’t know, a lot of girls, but I’m like, damn, it’s a guy’s dream and of girls into it.

You had a fucking Savage on your hand.



Oh, yeah.

This one made me laugh.

So I just want to read it because I feel like we’ve all been in a situation like this, and it’s just so relatable.

So, I picked up a guy at my college bar and we went back to his apartment.

He wasn’t very good.

So, in the middle of fucking, I tell him, I have to leave, and I grab my things.


Fucking daddy move.

I throw my clothes back on, and I call myself an Uber.

I’m about a bottle of wine deep at this point.

And I’m really trying to get out of this apartment complex, which has all these locked Gates makes sense because it’s in the city.

It’s 2:30 a.m.


All the exits.


I’m running around, literally a maze in his apartment, trying to figure out how the fuck to get out.

I am trapped.

I have no other choice, but I’ve no other choice, finally, but to jump the fence.


This gate was probably 8 feet high and I just start climbing.

I’m climbing.

My legs are spread over the top.


I am struggling and then I see my Uber pull up a my driver runs out of the car comes grabs.

My feet catches me, helps me down, safely to the other side of the fence.

And I got home safely.

And this is one of the most match.

It Tuesday’s, I’m not how many times multiple times so underrated.


I keep getting off on the wrong floor and then you’re scared that the guy is good.

I see you like fuck.

I’m still in its building equally left 20 minutes ago.

I can’t get.

I’ve had so many situations where I’m running around.

It’s so embarrassing to have people.


See you.

You’re in like a whole outfit.

Remember that story I said, I couldn’t knock it out of the neighborhood and I had to like, drive up to him in the girl that just caught us having sex.

They’re like, get the fuck out your like.

I don’t know.

I know, dude.

Those moments that were specially for A girl’s every girl has been there where you’re like, yeah, that’s funny.


You got to have an escape plan.

That’s why it sucks.

When you do it, when you’re drunk and you go back because you don’t pay attention to getting into their apartment to have no fucking idea.

How you even God, I am.

I right like, where am I man in the outfit you’re wearing and I’ll go Central.

I love that.

So relatable.

Okay, this girl wrote in, I think I have a sugar daddy, but I’m not sure.


Okay, it started out with my friends saying.

I know this guy that saw a picture of you that you posted and he wants to meet you.

He has bought Her a bunch of stuff dinner and lunch every day.

A brand new iPhone access a to me, backpack tons of other shit for no reason.

Gave her a $100 one night for passing her exam.


This man is a little bit older than me, not bad looking, but I’m not looking for anything.

He has kissed me twice, but literally like, kisses, you would give your family and that’s it.

My question is, do I have a sugar daddy?

And what do I do?

If he expects me to put out a LOL, I want to bring this up because I have met women.


Who have sugar daddies and they don’t fuck.

And Everyone is always like you are lying.

It’s like this super usually they’re super super old and they just want companionship.

I think we should do a thing.

I agree.

I think we should do another episode on sugar daddies because I agree.


I will admit like, when I was younger, I would initially be the one to judge me.

Like they have to be fucking.

Yeah, we now knowing all the shit and having friends that literally have sugar daddies were like these girls are literally not fucking right?

Like its legit.

Just they call they talk.

Found they go to dinners, its companion, chair companionship.


There are there are guys that I’ve heard of girls that they literally just talk on the phone.


So where the fuck?

Where do I get one?

Let’s go, dude, if this girl, it sounds great.

You got a new phone.

You got a little and she, I mean she’s worried about, do I have a sugar daddy?

Who cares?


And then you can decide when he to put out right?


But for now take the fucking free shit.


Oh my God, 800 bucks for passing your exams until you die up the ying-yang.

Alright guys.

Well, that is another.

Our episode of call her Dottie, you do question.

Oh my God.

Yeah, wait.

Someone actually wrote in and said they like you questions, although wait, wait, that’s really the one.


And only probably maybe we should start doing other accents, like a country accent questions all the way.

That was not a country.


We need to end this.

I’m also, if you guys want to write and I know a lot of people are struggling to find where you write in.

You just go to the bar stool, website, and you go to call her daddy podcast.


And then it’s just like, writing questions or An easier way to write in, is, if you go to our Twitter, I pinned the Tweet of the link to where you can write in.

So little just go to our Twitter page and it’s our first tweet is like where you write in.

Okay, cool.

I was also going to say, if you guys like want to know when an episode drops and just like be on top of it, also helps Alex and I so fucking much.


So we can like keep this podcast going is subscribe.

Oh, yes.

I’m so happy.

You brought that up.

Yeah, guys, it means so much.

If you guys can press subscribe on your eyes.

Tunes account talking about illegal drugs in there.

Yeah, I to shoot down.

Do we have enough subscribers?


Daddy, Daddy’s Keep Us Alive?

Yeah, guys.

And also, if you press subscribe and then you unsubscribe and press subscribe.


I’m pretty sure that helps.

Let’s like, hack the system.

Let’s go.

Let’s get Daddy to the top.

Let’s fucking go, baby.

Every fucking wet.


And say, I love you guys so much.


We need to delete UPS.

We do.

We gonna party hard Ranger.

Let’s do Coke off on it.


We love you guys.

We will talk to you next week.

I have an amazing weekend get after it.

Hope all of you are fucking something or someone.


See you dad.

I got easy.

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