Call Her Daddy - 25 - Post D*ck Appointment Flashbacks


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Is call her Daddy, it’s Charlemagne.

And Charlene back at it again, with another episode of call.


Her daddy is episode 25.

So we were both away this weekend.

So you went to Utah, tell us about it.

I went home there.

Is this phenomenon you guys in Utah?

Oh Muppet faces.


Like there is a look that some people in Utah have where they literally look like a muppet.

It’s like they have these.

What no, wait why?

I think it’s from like inbreeding.

Like the hold on.

It’s a thing.

It’s like from the polygamist that like live there or used to live there and Like from inbreeding and it’s like this.


Look if I mean if you’re in Salt Lake City, Utah, it’s not a big deal.

But if you’re going down to the valley like it is a look for sure.

Oh Luke, we I did not even know that was the thing.

I think our listeners will be interested here.


We’re most East Coast.

So I went to Florida to visit a man.



Well and it was I was just like double-dipping this weekend because if you guys follow me on Instagram, I met a guy on the plane.


Oh my and then I was gonna restore you.

I never met someone who thinks document any time.


We’re so invested in my story.

So guys, to clarify, the guy was super hot and so I told him about the podcast and I naturally told him to start he was like, What episode should I start on?

And I was like, oh I pisode 3, and then I realized like a fucking idiot that this guy is sitting next to me listening to me talk about fucking Gluck locking up on a deck and I’m like, oh I would not tell a guy about my pot.


Do I Wearing the call, her daddy, hoodie.



Is that?

My guess?

My showed.

He’s like, let me listen to it.

So he downloaded every episode.

Before we took off.

I would have felt so awkward than yours.

Had to sit next to him and he started episode 3, so that’s when we’re like, it’s like you’re in the Sahara Desert and your dick is a bottle of Poland Spring, and you’re gonna Glock lock it up like, fuck me there, like a movement in his pants.


I said, on my story.

I’m like, he went to the bathroom like 10 times.

I’m pretty sure he’s touching his wiener and I was like goddamn, so we’re so hungry, but he ended Giving me his number and he invited me out like on a boat and ship.

But I was like, I’m going to visit my grandma.

Meanwhile, I was going a little Dippy, a really good time.


And that was fun.

But now we’re back in our issues are back.


No, the issues are here guys.

You’re all like, what the fuck?

Are you guys talking about your here?

And they are here to stay.

We have issues, guys, and I want to lay it out for you because Sofia, and I were sitting in our living room yesterday, staring at each other and were like, I, I already have anxiety.


We have this issue guys, where Sophie and I are roster is extremely full right now over.

It’s quite overflowing.

Yeah, it really is.

And so with that we have taken on a team of men and these teammates got Central, we’ve taken on a team of men and so we love to entertain all of them by text.


But there is this thing that happens that they want to hang out.

I mean, I, Are they actually want to see you in the front?

Just want to be a pen pal and then I want to hang out with you like once every couple weeks.

It’s one thing to say.

Can you hang out tonight that already puts us away Edge, but when they say on the night of fucking like March, right?


What are you doing?

I’m like, I don’t know.

How could I know and I know how would I know if my hair looks good?

That night baby.

Come up.

That’s the thing out.

Last night when we hang out with the opposite sex.

It has to be like the stars aligned that we’ve got you.

The wording of the Reds.



Yeah, I’d like sure you’re busy.

Because if you’re not, then you’re in your bed, watching Netflix.

I don’t fucking like, you can abandon you like stop the issue.

Yeah, we are an old married couple.

That’s what it is.

It’s really like unhealthy Alex.

My son every waking second to do and so I think it’s it weak.



We come up.

So this is our problem guys.

We start to come up with the biggest lies.

It’s not fun because Sofia, you say it all the time.

You can’t just say, I’m sorry, like I’m too busy, you know, because when you say, That you know what they say.

They’re like, okay.

Well, I’m very busy too and I can make time you’re like, so then you need to come up with, you need to come up with something.


So inaudible, amp it up a notch.

They cannot doubt you and they cannot be angry with you.

For example, I people are really people are not gonna believe me.

I tried to get Alex, to come with me to the New York, Presbyterian Hospital to just go in there and grab like a wristband.


People take a picture.

Alex, with like the hospital wristband, like the impatient who’s trying to try to convince.

This guy that I was in the hospital feels like I’m gonna have to be here overnight because that’s so much easier than being like, I’m sorry, you know, I can’t like a kind of, in trucking down to the hospital pop in, you get a Newbery pop in the hospital.


You get a wristband, you’re good to go.

You can literally use that excuse for like a week.

You could use that for a week and you’re golden.

I mean guys, I would actually love to hear if like any other girls are guys do this because Thea and I just cannot seem to commit and stick to plans.

And then guys, get pissed off.

As I said, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like that.



No, that’s why.

I know people are going back to why the fuck are anymore painting.

I like them a lot.

I’m talking this one guy, specifically, and great but once a week, what Holly in handy.

So you guys are like fucking and then he’s like, do you wanna hang out tomorrow?

And you’re like, oh my God, like the, it’s the on.



So yeah, Sophie and I have crippling anxiety.

I’m sorry.

If you guys will have come, that will not just with men though.

The lies that I Is to come up with when I used to work like a nine-to-five at like a fuck.


This goes way past, just guys, I mean, so I know your mama be the okay, the worst is when you are actually across the country and there’s no way that you physically could.


Guys, this is what happened to me.

Okay, I went to Coachella last year.

Another Sophia crazy story.

Here we go.

By this guy was Didi who’s like, I’ve an artist pass for you.

Come fly here.

Now, I’d two hours to get to the airport and I was like, oh, I’m just I have to go.

Okay, Beyonce was playing.


I like, we have to go.

So, what are you?

Yeah, so, without even talking to my manager, anything I get on the plane classic Monday rolls around and I should be, you know, walking into work.

I’m in a car in Palm Springs, living in Basque country and the email that I sent my manager will.


You’re actually going to die right now?

Okay guys, this is what might this is the email I want crying and I say I will not be able to Get into work today.

I am unwell, that’s all I wrote.

That’s it.

I didn’t put a high.

I didn’t say it was from Sofia.

I have the email.


It’s still funny.

I will not be coming and say, I am unwell, I am unwell, then you did sign it.

You would even say hi.

I’m so sorry.

She didn’t even respond to the email.

So you feel like, usually, in those situations people come up with the biggest elaborate like you and I we’re going to a hospital.


Meanwhile in you’re drunk and fucked up.

Say you’re like, I’m Unwell by, can you imagine if My manager was like, no Sofia.

We really need you to click.

We’ve got a huge meeting.

I’m sorry, but you need to come in out after throwing up.

You like you see?

The thing is it’s actually cross the contracts with lying, like just it’ll get myself in situation.


Why do we say we’re going to a hospital.

You like Alex?

You’re in the hospital tonight.

I’m like, oh, I guess you’re ditching another date.

Fuck me.

Classic one, a classic common, very can trade Wars.

Got hit by you said that last night.

You’re like it.

Maybe I could have Tom, I got hit by a car and popped Titus, my car my car and I just needed you literally said.


Last night, the guy was trying to hang out with Sophie and she’s like I’m just gonna say I got tapped by a car.

I’m going to be fine, but keep a couple days to recover that way.

You don’t need like, great, the hospital bracelet.

So you just feel like I need to ladies him in bed for a little bit.

There’s no sexual activity.

I could go on my limbs are two weeks.

Yeah, the fuck.


Okay, so, you know, in previous episodes you and I have talked about the post not Clarity and it’s been a smash.

I mean, every guy is like, holy shit.

Couldn’t be more accurate.

Yes, but the thing is is that there’s always two sides.

It’s just something daddy gang today.


We are bringing you the girl version basically us and their hosts, not Claret and there is a girl version.

Oh, there is a fucking drummers, his called the post dick appointment flashback the post dick appointment flashback and it is a real it is real and alive.



I want to just point out some differences between that in the post.

Not yeah, please explain it men after they ejaculate him.

They have the post not clear.




Yes, they lay there and for the next two to three minutes, they’re like, what the hell just happened on my day.


What happened?

Like right after you watch porn?

They’re like, what the fuck does have?

Yes for women, or women?

This can occur like, three four days weeks months after the year appointment.


And what happens is you’re sitting at the stoplight and all of a sudden, you have a flashback to the The insanely ridiculous crazy, psycho sex that you had with a guy your dick appointment and it’s tell me that hasn’t happened to you before.


Oh, I know the worst.

Yeah, you worse is when you are with your fucking family.

I little my fucking parents and all of a sudden I have a flashback is wiener going, right Dinah, but it missed my vagina to win in my but hold on.

Mike Grandma.

You’re the worst is when you’re at brunch with family members, and then you have the flashback and What church?


Yes, staring at your lord and savior up and then all of a sudden, his foot looks like the guy’s wiener and you’re like, oh my God, Trevor in eighth grade.

When I was it, just you just have these flashbacks and you just go on these tangents and you don’t mean to, it’s like you’re tripping.

I play, it’s literally like an elephant, you know, people say like you take LSD, none of you crack your back like incorrectly or something.


All the chemicals like, go rushing back to your brain.

It’s like that.

I know.

I didn’t know that took you about, okay, you have like a full-on flashback of what happened.

It’s truly insane.

It’s, you know, It’s literally like That’s So Raven from the Disney Channel, you obviously, and Raven, like stops in her tracks and your eyes like, go all crazy.


She makes the ugliest face and she like sees the vision.

Yeah, that’s what she’s like.

No really.

That’s So Raven.

It hits.

You like a ton of bricks out of nowhere?

The post-appointment flashback or we can shorten it to PDF supposed the PDF, the the, what would that be?


The post dick flashback, their PDF, when you have the PDF, it’s like, usually a little cringey.

I feel like it’s a little.

Oh and but it depends on situation know.

I think sometimes they like turns you on.

Yeah, it’s like oh it can’t be both darling.

I’ll be honest.

I still have those moments when I think about like my disgusting High School hookup.


Do you have flash from high school?


Like if I see someone on Facebook or something and it triggers me in my fight, ever saw him in a picture.

I actually just want to like die and I have a quick flash, right?

It’s like a quick little picture of his wiener, and I might think, Damn, so ladies posting appointment flashback.


I mean, it’s a, it’s a fucking thing.

Last week, we talked about ways to catch a cheater or to cheat one of my favorite top.

There’s like a hundred applications on your phone.

A hundred different ways to do it.


Well, we didn’t talk about is how you’re going to get into your partner’s phone.


It’s like so many people write in and are like guys, I love the ideas.

But what if you actually just can’t get into their fucking phone?

I couldn’t get into my ex’s phone.

I did not always easy, please.

It’s not an easy Fleet.

So, So we were trying to think about ways that you could get access to their phone and I had a different type of flashback.


It wasn’t a post dick, appointment flashback.

It was a traumatic recollection of us.

Very scary relationship.

I was in.

All right.

I was in a very tumultuous relationship.


Love that for you.

He got access to my phone in a very interesting way that I want to bring up to, you bring it to the people.

Hey, please imagine this.

Okay, I was not being very forthright.

Oh my God.


I wasn’t being very forthright in our top.

So fuck.

I was talking to another guy.

Nothing had happened though.

I had not had honestly if something had none of this fucking business.

All right.

Okay, that’s an important relationship was like a shit show, right?


I’m sitting on my phone minding my own business in the living room.

Love that and all of a sudden I feel something creeping up behind me.

And this guy ripped my phone out of my hands did a triple Axel 180 front flip, sock bun sprinted to his car locked, the car doors and sped away with my phone unlocked.


He forgot it happened to me.

I was I have tears running down my face right now.

Think about how terrifying?

Oh, no, hold on, guys.

Think ever happened to me?


This is though.

I think this is, like, one of my biggest nightmare.


Oh my God.

Someone having your phone.



No, even if it’s your boyfriend, your mom, a co-worker and goes on anyone.

Having your phone unlocked leaves you at the house, gets in a car and drive away as way.

I remember her.

Oh, he ripped the phone for my hands and I ran after his car.

I had to sit there in the living room for hours without a cell phone.


Without any way to contact.

Anyone just sitting there thinking about all of the shit that all of the values, dude.

I mean, did I deserve it?

No, absolutely not, but did I kind of maybe a little bit?

Yeah, maybe but not you not me.


No, but I did it to him.


He did it to you fucked up.

How terrifying?

I We that is just something that it’s like, in that very moment.

We always talk about games and stuff like your entire plan.

Yeah, is just ruined.


I know that he got everything.

We’re his everything in front of him.

We’re always trying to talk about sneaky little manipulative ways and like little hacker kind of Tendencies to get into a phone and it’s like you can just do the good old-fashion.

Rip out of their free and fun, run get in your car because even when it’s there’s a difference between if One goes and locks themselves in a room not to ask you.


If a guy took your phone and locked himself in his room.

Would you like try to bang down the door?

Yes, dude, this shit on my phone.

Would you like, go get like an axe from the garage?

I think I would say I would start saying some crazy fucking shit.


Oh, and police are on their way, right?

And I’m about to say you’re fucking yeah.

I don’t even know your company, but I’m calling him.

I would probably I think I would I think I would go get shit and start.

Trying to knock the door - I think I would too.

I would start painting if it was his place.

I would start ruining his shit.



Like I would like I’m Chuck.

You should put your fucking TV out there.

I’m gonna fucking smash.

Everything is fucking kitchen until I get.

What’s rightfully mine.

Oh, it’s it is a situation.

That is true.

I’m so sorry.

Like, I’m but the thing is, I guess you, technically could have just been like deleting your text with that guy.


But I know you’re a little convo.

That’s rude.

You don’t need to do anything.

It’s not his that’s pretty fun.

Crazy, yeah, I I love that.

I actually have a story.


Now, that we’re talking about iPhones.

I when I was visiting the guy that’s weekend.


He told me the story, and I was like, I have to tell this to my podcast.

I hope you don’t mind.

He’s like, yeah, just don’t fucking mention my name, classic.

So this is a pretty unbelievable story.

This 13 year old boy has FaceTime sex with his girlfriend all the time.


And so this the guy that I was seeing, he knows this because he’s Friends with the kids parents.

Okay, the kids parents one time, caught him after the active FaceTime sex, and we’re so pissed off at him because let me explain to you what this kid does.


Me at space times, I God when he is about to finish during FaceTime sex with his girlfriend.

He proceeds to put the iPhone on the ground.

His girlfriend puts her face, very close up on the screen.


Oh and he Jack’s off and comes and finishes on his iPhone stock.

He is coming on her face like, Virgo like reality-based.

I sex this 13 year olds, like pioneering FaceTime sucks, virtual reality, wouldn’t even things.


You do that.

I told Mill punter and he screamed.

He was like, who is this child?

He needs to be in a position of power.

He’s a Sheen.

Yeah, dude.

He’s third. 13.

Imagine the shit he’s going to be doing when he’s 23.

How is she?

I’ve never thought of that.


Wow, girlfriend has her face and on discrete and hums all over his phone.

Like I truly the parent.



Wait, okay, I’m back at that’s what Mill punter ass.

He’s like, hold on.

Hold on.

How did they find out?

So I guess they walked in and his phone was covered in fucking come and they were freaking out at him like we fucking pay for this fall.


How dare you?

What are you doing?

And guess what?

His response was what?

Mom, I have the waterproof OtterBox.

I think that the world truly underaged to undress rates of horniness of humans in general, but specifically the 13 year old male Shore.


Like seriously.

Wow, his pioneering ideas.

No one, I know has led, what person is getting a waterproof Otterbox so they can come on their girlfriends face and pretend it’s real.

Well, obviously, I mean the point of view, the POV shot.

I mean, my god, wow, so if I did very impressive, any daddy gang members out there want to try it?


Go get yourself a waterproof.


Right after insurance.

I got the iPhone apps and make sure you get insurance on.

That are getting facials here, fucking iPhone.

My God, the world we live in today.

I love it.

Me, too.

All right, Graham Instagram, Instagram, Instagram.


What a lovely place to be.

It’s the only place people.

Hang out.

Pretty much.

The thing is, there are people that you follow cringe.

Follow the cringe follow on Instagram.

It’s a thing.


You You literally follow these people and freak.

The fuck out like you watching.

What host.

You can’t unfollow.

You want to unfollow.

You like this shit is so ridiculous.

Can’t bring yourself to do it because you love to hate on it.

You love it.

Yeah, for example, I think one of the biggest cringe follows on the internet, right now is Britney Spears.


What happened?

What’s going on?

Is she well in the head, she’s lost, she’s literally, lost her mind.

I left the Earth this.

So she posts like let’s explain.

She will put on outfits and just like walk towards the camera that way she and then to like turn around and walk away and then put it on another output and then she loves to do the filters.


Oh, oh, it’s horrible.

Oh my God, the filter the filter.

Let’s have a conversation really quick.

Someone brought something to my attention really Disturbed me.

Okay, and they told me that there are men grown ass men using the filter.

Knock it off.


Fuck it up.

There’s no way.

I have never seen that.

Have we will?

I Now that I’m think, I mean, I’ve seen like, like James, Charles are they doing the dog filter the hearts?

Like, what filter are these men using?

Okay, PSA to the daddy gang men.


If you ever fucking dare use a snapchat filter, you’re not fuckable.

You are no longer fuckable.

I’m sorry, but what are you fucking doing?

Oh, I could I really couldn’t believe my.

I don’t want to go off on filters again.

But the guy that I was just with this weekend, I think he made a great point and I just want to reiterate it to all the daddy gang females.



He said.

When I see a girl posting the actual filtered pictures of her with the dog or the heart on her actual Instagram, I immediately think this bitch is ugly in person because if she’s not confident enough to post her, you get to post your best pictures on Instagram.


So if she’s deciding to post a filtered picture with the dog shit, he was like you obviously think you’re ugly.

So bitch.

I’m gonna think you’re a great like, why would I want to fire you if you don’t even want to fuck yourself?

I totally We agree.

We gotta stop girl.

No, I had a girl reach out and say, okay.


Well, we’re not all hot.

And you know what I say to that is, learn how to photoshop, Photoshop and faced him sweetheart, Photoshop and Phase 2.

In the second row.

We have a filter.

People are not actually, I like, that’s not what I was.

Don’t fucking know.

FaceTime face to know but they do know when you’ve got dog ears.


Are you going to show up on the date?

With pumpkin two ears and a nose?

Fuck know, bout to the okay.

Sorry just follows is a tangle girls at you.

Gotta go through.

Really, every single one of those.

I’m sorry, the cringe, follow french fries.

I just want to describe it a little bit better.


It’s when people completely lack, any self-awareness.


It’s got all at all.

It’s the people that have like 500 followers, which is completely fine.


Okay, Haley.

Fine, but it’s when they announce things like home.

Hey, everybody.

Everyone has been asking me where I got these Forever21 little sandals.


I’m gonna post just wipe.

It’s like no one asked, you know, your grandma.

Emma asked you, where you got your Forever21 Santos, her texts her.

It’s like that, you know?

When people do that, it’s like your group had asked to you and then you took to your story.


Just answer in your group chat, which no said, I get there.


Some people that are trying to curate their Instagram and they’re trying it.

That’s how you build it.

But there’s just a lack of self-awareness of these people have when they act as though they’re speaking to millions.

And they’re speaking to 200.

I’m probably just being a hater because I actually am the worst person within see ya.


You are like, I cannot tell us for the life of me, but It’s like the self-indulgent.



People filming every single thing that has gone down and they’re like hi world.

I went and got this coffee from Joe in the juice or whatever.


Well, I think that’s what we’re saying.

It’s like, I’m not shitting on people that have not that many followers.

I didn’t have fucking followers at one point in my life.

I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing.

But you have to be self aware.

That the people that are following you are people you probably see on a day-to-day fucking basis, and they don’t need to know that you’re getting a fucking Starbucks.


Bucks every fucking day.

Or the people that post inside joke on their story.

It’s an inside joke between the one person and maybe two or three of their friends and they put it on their story and nobody gets it.


Not one person gets it, except the two or three people radians.

It’s like a cryptic message and it’s like, you want attention.

Not bad, right?

A lot of times people will do it to like show that they’re talking to certain people.

You know what I mean?

Like if a guy’s in their group Top, Want to put it on their story.

So people know that like I’m in a group chat with this guy.



It’s like, don’t do that.

The only time I will ever post pictures of a conversation is when it relates to the masses.

Like if it’s about like I’m talking to Milf Hunter Valley side, hose for example, and I’ve seen what you post, right?

Anyone could see conversations you post and understand immediately.


What I want to choke is and guys listen, we are not shooting on people.

I feel like people are gonna be like, okay, we can talk always talking shit.

Stop being so fucking sensitive, but people need to stop doing this.

Shit, the people that have a lot of followers, for example, I’m going to call this grout Rocky Barnes.


Oh, what is she doing?

I didn’t I point this out to you.

I love.

And now it pisses me off her her pictures.

I’d like everything is so amazing.

Yeah, she hashtags her photos talking in third person done.


When someone talks in third person.

I’m done.

Want to punch you in.

I’m actually done.

It’s like Rocky takes London.

Rocky Peaks, China, Rocky.

Dunkin Donuts.

Yeah, first time, shut up.

Do not talk about yourself in third person.

That’s so I loved her until I started seeing.


It’s just annoying.

Rocky takes me Cano.

Shut up.

Can you imagine?

Can you imagine Alex?

Hangs out.

Sophia takes Mykonos.


I would have 70 people.

DME of my family and friends, like don’t are you well, yeah, it’s guys.

I think it’s just having self Awareness on the internet.



I have posted some cringey fucking stupid shit and then I have someone like Sofia, Like delete and I do the same for you, but it’s just be self-aware.

Be self-aware on the fucking internet.


Don’t because I also love following and, you know, say it’s so good.


I want to go back because you brought up the guys using the filters and we need to address men.

Now, we’ve got our cringe follows for girls because girls have way more leeway to do this shit because we’re always posting whatever.

I know it’s kind of unfair for guy.

I know it is they can’t really be a crunch follow.

However, yes, they can because hello.


We’re back at it again.


Gang men.

Listen the fuck.

We hold you, if you use a filter your unfuckable, let’s talk about their poses.

So yeah, in their pictures Alex and I were sitting in our living room, slash kitchen / family room / room because we are poor Ashok.


We were sitting in there and we started talking about the poses and I’m going to try to explain this one as best as I can.

Yes, it’s a man a man.

He’s standing there.

Chin up eyes, looking down.

Down mmm feet like a little bit spread apart.



Wide arms down and the one hand is holding his wrist.

Yeah, the hands together and like a clasp indication House near.

I think would be near his genitalia.



And his shoulders are bad and back.


So, it’s like a power stand.

Yeah, and, you know, sometimes I’ll get really crazy and they will be like five of them.

And they’re all doing is that I?

Hi say.

I hope that is explained that Greg because they do know we’re gonna do, we’re gonna take a picture tonight.

And we’re gonna post it on Instagram child guys.


Go look at her Instagram by now.

We will post a picture.

We’re going to do it.

Knock it the fuck off.


What was the one you brought up?

I brought the one, you know, it’s true.

That one is so fucking bad.

I hope it’s clean it.

Well, oh my goodness one is the fucking one finger.

It’s like sideways pointed up.


It’s like.



Yeah, it’s more like number one.

No, it’s like.

They’re pointing to like the sky.

Like heaven.

Hey, like bless.

Us up like number one more.

Like Wonder with someone like famous the like kind of point at him like point up.

Knock it, the fuck off.

Knock it off.


Knock it off.

Knock it the fuck up.

It’s truly like it really two girls.

I think that’s just like the weirdest pose.

None of us know what you’re doing.

You guys think?

It’s like for the boys and girls think it’s disgusting problem though is when they get their friends involved in.

They’re all doing this year.

God like they’re about to drop a mixtape.



Okay guys, it’s just you need to be self-aware doing it.

Ironically Joe.

Yeah, okay.

So I was talking to Sophie about this, when we brought milk Hunter, we were having a big conversation last night because it is something huge.

So first and foremost, I want to say to the daddy gang that we always talk about like getting people to double text.


It’s like you win.

If you double taxed or that you get the double tax, but I do want to make it clear that if you don’t get a text back from them, it’s not the end of the world to double tap.

Okay, I’ve definitely like I need everyone that’s listening to this podcast.


No matter what fucking age, you are, or what game you’re playing.

You gotta have fucking confidence that fake it till you make it baby.

This is something that I want to bring to you guys that I use in almost every time.

I’m dating a guy.

So it’s basically I like to say it’s having an inside joke before you leave a hangout.


This is what I mean by that, if it’s your first Hangout, It’s your first few Hangouts.

Everyone’s always freaking out saying, holy shit.

What am I going to text him?

If he doesn’t text me, or what?

Should I text her when she leaves Etc?

If you can find some type of common ground with someone like if you can find something you both love or you both hate or even just in the moment, something that you guys have discussed.


Yes, something in the moment food, whatever.

When you leave that hang out, then when you’re struggling for something to say.

Strike up conversation with you go to one of those things.


The best.

Yeah, it’s easiest.

It’s so much better than you saying.


Hey, how was your day?

How are you doing?

Hate those texts, those like the word, how was yours?

And then you have this.

This is the thing, people fear that like blank awkward conversation because it’s like, after we talk about our day.

What is there left to talk about?


So basically this makes it easier for you to just continue conversations.

If you’re worried, you know what to say, you’re going to hit them with.

An inside joke or a topic and your fucking in basically finding pet peeves are shit.

They are so and I think it’s brilliant.

Yeah, and I think if you don’t have an inside joke, like if you guys didn’t really connect on anything, make something up, mate.


Do I am the queen?

Oh, we just talked about, we are going to go to the hospital.

Yeah, the ticket out of some.

I’d like I just saw the craziest thing on the street and I’m like, I live in New York, so it’s believable and nothing fucking happen.

I just think it up and I text him about it and then we start a conversation, nothing wrong with a little white lie, so this is This is what MILF Hunter has been recently doing with one of his recent conquests and I want to share it with you all.


So he said right now he’s talking to this girl who hates little dogs like hates.

So what he does is he will send her pictures of little dogs all the time like whenever he’s out walking around if he sees a little dog who will take a picture of it or video funny already so funny.


Okay, then what he will do is he will follow up that picture or video with a video of himself.

He takes the I’m Ronnie Point, sit down at his feet and he will take a video of himself.

Punting the air to make it look like he’s punching the dog.


That’s okay.


So, he’s like basically because they had a joke.

It’s like, yeah, you can punt a dog.

Then it’s not a dog.

So he said, she fucking loves it.

He said, she thinks it’s so funny.

She’ll joke with him and be like, wait a know.

Like I like that one.

Like, don’t punt that one or like wait.

No, that one’s cuter.


Like, yeah, punt that one.

It’s too small.

So and then Milf Hunter said, imagine me Cooper.

He’s like, imagine me in public.

I’m sending these videos.

People are fucking staring at me, as I’m just punching the air and he can bring that up.


He literally said she thinks it’s so goofy is cute that he does that in public.



And risks looking like an idiot of it, just send it to heard milk Hunter.

He doesn’t stop.

He said, honestly, I don’t give a fuck.

If it’s Goofy and it looks stupid to people.

I want to fuck her.

So I’m gonna fucking do whatever it takes to fuck her.

And if she wants me to fucking putt, I got them are, I’ll put the goddamn hair, so I think.


Dude that for me.

I would fucking I love it that because yes and guys listen up right there is immediately he can honestly he has no limit to how much he can text her.

He continued the minute.


He sees a dog, he can’t exercise.

You can double tags if she wasn’t that into him that right right there would make me want to talk to someone.

This is this is what milk hunter called.

He says.

This is the funny flirting.

Okay, he said There is a problem with men that they think flirting is just by telling a girl, she’s beautiful a hundred times.


He said, I’m not a 10, I’m not rich.

So I have to be funny and he said all of these girls.

He said it took me so long to realize it in high school.

He’s like all these girls are that are fucking tents.

Are dating.

These guys that look like they’re about to be fucking accountant and he’s like, what the fuck is it?

Any realize?


It’s because they’re fucking funny.

If you can make a girl laugh on the phone over tax in person.

You’re fucking in it sounds so cliche but a personality especially for men can get you.

So fucking far.

It’s so true.

Fart is I swear to God, I think that’s more important to me than a guy’s hot.


I do too.

So guys, I think fine this type of inside joke with a girl because you’re fucking in boom.

And the same goes for girls.

You can do the same fucking thing.

So we’re going to talk about sex guys, honestly, before we talk about sex.

We just gotta we have a quick PSA.


Because girls have been writing in saying, my man, literally.


Ali will not switch positions.

Like it’s either missionary the whole time.

It’s either doggy double time.

It’s two positions, the entire time you’re falling asleep.

No, no, no, you got to switch it up and don’t do it so much because then, it’s no.

So annoying.

And then, you can’t have an orgasm, absolutely.

But guys, it can be so simple.


Yes, you’re doing a missionary and then, you can kind of flip her on her side, love that.

And then, you can flip over onto her tummy and it’s like this rotating no fun situation.

She’ll take the rotisserie chicken.

No, okay.


These are gonna lose history, chicken rotisserie.

Chicken move, boys.

The rotisserie chicken meal, a classic, it really being Arctic and if you are a woman who likes to have the warm embrace of not one but two men, this is a beautiful meal 1 1.


Are you saying?

This is how you ease into a DP Sophia.

That was your subtle way of being liked.

What do you know?

This is a little different.

We just love talking.

We do DP is one in the but one of the vagina.



This is a little bit different.

Okay, where his dick is in your mouth?


Oh, and then the other day dick could be in either the vagina, the bus, so it’s really up to you and me variety and you around sometimes you’re giving him head on your back.

Sometimes on your side, sometimes on your belly and it’s literally like a rotisserie chicken.


Oh, I tell.

Let’s are the cutest thing ever.

That is so cute.


The rotisserie chicken rotisserie chicken.

You see, when you like, go to get a kebab.

I just kind of like floating around.

Yeah, rotating around.

Well, every girl’s gonna want to be a rotisserie chicken this weekend.


I’ve no idea.

I know I do sign me right up.

Come on down for a big routine.

I’m guys, that’s great.

Yeah, Skies the point of switch positions.

So yeah, I mean you can do it solo.

Oh, you don’t need two men in her, but if you want to add to, you can, but just just Rotator around.



I want to transition to something called a blow job.


I know.

It’s kind of crazy.

I don’t even really know how to give blowjobs.

But I think maybe I’ll give I’ll give a laughs dad.

I want to just hear what you have to say for yourself.


All right, motherfuckers.

So in the past, we have obviously taught you the Gluck Gluck.

I don’t even know what the hell.

Come out of your mouth right now to like, actually make a blow job, even better and more intense.

Like what are you about to say?


Told Sofia today?

I was like, Hey, like I just want to add like a little segment about like blowjob just have like a little thing and she was like Alex.

What could you possibly Adam like?

Oh my God, there’s so much but like this is just a little thing.

It will only take me like 15 minutes.

I promise I’ll keep it short.


So basically I want to talk about blowjobs featuring saliva really quickly and now in the Gluck Gluck If you guys don’t listen to it, episode 3, you know, religiously study that one, but we’re actually on Urban Dictionary.

Someone submitted, the Glock lies definition to Urban Dictionary, which is so dope.


So, so if you got, our parents are going to be both so proud.

We made it baby.

So, basically, in the GLOCK GLOCK, we talked about how it needs to have, a level of saliva.

That is Second To None.

Like this thing needs to be lubed, the fuck up with your spit.

But today, I want to talk to you guys about something because I don’t think that I Really emphasize it enough.


Oh God.

Thank God.

So God because I was like, God kind of bullshit blowjob this.

Fuck I’m talking about.

So when you’re giving head, if you want to be sloppy, that thing is not staying in your mouth the whole time, right?

Okay, the wise words of melts punter, if she does not smack my dick on her cheek lips tongue or faith.


It isn’t a top-notch blowjob.


I actually knew that trips like One this thing.


So I’m going to call this if this is like we’re talking about like a little band here.


So his dick is the drumstick, your face is the drums and you and your talk.


And here comes her rock band solo.



Here we go.

So when you are going to pull his dick out of your mouth, mid blow job, you are going to try to pull out and have gathered up.

So much saliva in your mouth that when you’re pulling off.


On the tip, the spit from your mouth is going to stay connected to the tip of his death.

So it’s like a string of saliva coming.

It is literally like a kit.

We’re calling this, the jump rope.


Oh, the long strand of saliva is the Rope held by his dick in your lips.



This is a veteran move guys and I want every fucking daddy gang girl to add this.

And guys, you have your tongue out while you’re doing this.

So once you get off his dick, your tongue is out of your mouth.

The Iva is connected to your tongue and top of his dick.

Okay, how much eye contact should you be doing the whole time?


No, not the whole time, but for this specific mood, you are looking up at him like you are fuck.

You already made your degraded.

It’s like what’s the fucking lady in the Tramp movie when they’re doing this?


Leave it to Cooper to make you fucking Disney movie sexualized.

But ya know you want that string to be as literally as long as it can go.




So now that you have that spit and it’s disconnected.

You are going to basically take his dick now and you should be rubbing it on the sides of your cheek of tapping it on your your tongue.


Like I know this sounds like weird to girls in your like is it like hot guy?

Yeah, like you’re basically what are the fucking Instagram ads that you get like the face cleaner?


His dick is one of those Clarisonic dodging like a big like marker when I was little and just yesterday.


And what You’re going to be doing, is the whole time, you’re doing this guy’s, you have your mouth wide open with your tongue, still out and occasionally, you’re still licking it and then you’re putting it on the side of your cheek.

You’re rubbing it on both cheeks, but this spit move.


I’m promising, you girls, if you can get it.

So nasty and wet.

And there is a strand of saliva that is literally hanging off of his dick.

In your tongue.

He is going to be like, this girl is a fucking Savage.

We’ve said it a It’s true nastier, the better uglier.


You look legit.

The Messier, the better better milk Hunter said I love when my balls and like Gucci area are drowning in a puddle of saliva that has accumulated while she’s going to work.

It’s the sexiest fucking thing.

It’s jut.

It has to be so sloppy.


That, like, your mascara is running.

You’re drenched.

You look like you got hit by you.

Are you do or you took a fucking shower?

It waterboarding is a I’m of torture in the United States, but we fucking we condone it on.

Call her daddy with the dick.

Try to perfect the saliva detaching.



Really wants to write a fucking five.

Six inches away.


Or more you like run across the room like it’s still, it’s still do but girls, this is Sookie.

I just I think it’s just fucking hot guys are like, oh fuck.


So the jump rope.

The jumper alive.

AA attached to his dick.

Your mouth.

I mean, we’re just it’s like the Glock, like, 9,000 fucking elevator.

They did love.

It’s just each thing.

Just you just can keep ramping it up to gross.

I mean got there’s a lot more.


There’s a lot more.

It’s all coming.


So blowjobs guy, a to say to have it all.

All right.

I just have a little tiny story that I want to tell my favorite time because we were listening to Kanye West and Kid Cudi yesterday memories and And I casually said I’m Kid Cudi’s arch-nemesis.


And Alex was like, what the hell are you talking about is like Alex.

I told you this fucking story.

Kid Cudi wants me to die.

You know sometimes Sophia when you say things I just it takes me a minute because some shit is just so outrageous.

Let me just explain it to you.

Break it down.


It Cuddy is not my biggest fan.


In fact, I really bother him.

I hurt him.


When I was a young lady Young Thug.

A young ratchet ridiculous party fiend psychopath.


I was at a Kid Cudi concert in Utah.

Great and naturally my clip in extensions had fallen out of my head.

And after the concert was over I was searching the ground for them.

Hey that are you itself to die.


I think about who I was.

Blond, I was a complete lined.

The extensions work.

I think I was holding two of the kids and then the rest on the ground.



I don’t know why.

I thought I could Salvage them but I like to watch.

Okay, so you got, you went to find your clip in extensions.

So I was perusing the ground for my clip in extensions.

I couldn’t find them.

I had a man approached mean, he was like, Kid, Cudi wants you back stage and I was like, you know, like does he have like my excited like, LOL, see what I look like right now.


And at that point I had actually lost my friends and I was actually a little bit scared and I didn’t know where to go.

So I was like, you know what?

Sure, I’m gonna go backstage.


I went backstage.

I was heavily intoxicated.

I don’t know if I had to like clarify that.


I’m sure you guys already know already expected to be a hammer, but why not to say it, but I sat I made myself at home.

Let’s just put it that way.

I sat in a chair that already had like a drink that someone had been drinking out of out of, did I care?



No, I started sipping on that drink.

As if it was my own.

I was, ER, roofies in it.

You just went it out here.

Okay, care.

Probably, at that stage in my life.

I wanted there to be roofies.

Are self-destructive Kid, Cudi comes up to me.


Oh, okay.

Mmm, and he was like, he said something about how I was drinking his drink, but he was very nice about it and he was smiling and he was funny about it.


He was like, can I make you one?

And I said, yeah, that would be great.

He was wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt.

He was wearing a shirt with a picture of Mickey Mouse on it.



I thought I would make a little joke.

I thought I would just open up some conversation and your sarcasm baby.

Sometimes go right over people had sometimes.

People don’t appreciate right, you know, yeah you do.

Oh, yeah, I get it now, but sometimes people really don’t get them off a little.



So I said, why are you wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt?

Are you like 12?

L’ve which, you know, in hindsight.

That’s not really.

That funny.

Actually not funny that all about it.

No, that’s not fun.

That’s like low-key, like, you’re a fucking loser.


Are you wearing that shirt?

You might as well have said, I don’t know what I was thinking.


Right, but you hate funny.

The type on toxicated on some shit.


So Kid Cudi looked at me in a way that made me feel like there was some disdain guys that he was not.


He didn’t love it.

He didn’t laugh.

He didn’t appreciate ya.

So he turns around and walks away and I’m like, oh my God, he’s like going to make me a drink.

I got totally fine, two security guards.

Run up to me, pull me out of the chair.


I beg.

You tell me to get the fuck out.

When you’re rushing past.

We’ve can get the fuck out.

I’m escorted out.

If we don’t know, kid, cause he’s about to get all three guys, guys.


Oh good.

I’m escorted out.

The reason I know that this affected him dearly.


Lee is because my friend several years later found herself in a hotel room with him, and she knew the story.

She’s like, one of my best friend.

Okay, and she was speaking to Kid Cudi and she said, oh my gosh, I think you had like an altercation or an interesting interaction with my friend.



She said this about your shirt, he turned around and looked at her and said, I remember that girl vividly and I think that it is so messed up.

Make fun of people’s clothing and what hides dead serious and was like, I do not like that girl, and I’m like, hold on while I just stopped.


I do not like themselves.

What is this bitch have with Mickey Mouse.

There’s something up with him on his shirt.

Hey, why you Mouse like best friends?

Hold on.

I do not like that girl.

So, Kid Cudi, if he ever saw, you gotta get the fuck down.


He thought it Was the most disrespectful thing.

Like, Get over yourself, Kid Cudi.

I get it.

You’re an incredible.

Amazing art.


Right, right.

Stop, right.

I just love, like, I love you in your Prime with your ratchet hair and you’re like, watching you walk into backstage holding two strands of hair strands.


I was really holding my shoes.

I had been crying.

I know scares everywhere.

Why I was invited backstage.

I cannot tell ya then.

I can kick down as quick as I was invited.

I was quick towel and Kid Cudi fucking hate.

He does.

You know, guys, just a little mini story for your dad.


I think though that’s a great story.

I think everyone can agree word team Sophia, here.

We are team.

We’re always team so far.

You can do no wrong baby talking about which I said I would never do but here we are.

I also think that’s just something like everyone has their ratchet moments and they’re like in the moment you feel like fuck me, but look at us.


We’re telling the story.

It’s great.

If you guys have a shitty fucking night.

Look at, look at that.

Look how you turned it around, and it, guys, I’ve grown ups.

You’ve grown up.

No, you don’t have hair extensions.


Questions questions, questions all the way.

We, we, some girl wrote in said, she does like it.


So I’m gonna keep doing it until you guys will be otherwise.

Okay, like, oh, so, okay.

I feel like my sex life with my boyfriend, was getting a little stale.

So, we were watching TV and oh, this is something sorry to cut myself off.

But this is something that is a very simple thing.


I want every daddy, girl or gotta just listen to of just how the fuck to just, like, be spontaneous and spice it up.

So, she’s with her boyfriend, their Swatch, they’re watching TV one night and after an episode was over they’ve been drinking a little bit.

I got up, handed him a shot and said, meet me in the bathroom and five minutes.


He was totally interested.

I went upstairs put on the best laundry.

I had and started using my vibrator on myself.

So, when he came upstairs, I was lying on the bed already getting ready to go and it was a great night of sex.

After I just thought of my thought to myself.

This is the daddy move guys.

It’s that simple, right?


Legit being a little spontaneous.

Meet me upstairs.

Throw on, come on.


And then take the initiative.

That’s a good grip, writer a shot, get your vibrator and got a fucking town on my pussy.


He’s gonna be like, I want to fucking marry this girl.

Oh my God every girl.


I know we talked about how we want you guys to initiate 50/50 but like that’s a perfect example of just like being spontaneous.

You guys are in sweats watching TV Hanuman shot, get upstairs.

Get after.

Okay Daddy’s please.

I need your help.

I’ve been hooking up with this guy for about a month.

Now every time we have sex and I’ve given him head but he has yet to return.


Turn the favor by going down on me.

I really don’t know if I should say something because he is a thousand percent leaving me satisfied.

In other ways.

He makes me finish every time, but I do still feel like, hello.

It’s just the principle of it.


Should I bring it up?

Please help.

I say bring it up.


I think you bring it up.

I think you could try to bring it up in a sexual way first.

Like I like I want you to taste me.

Yeah, like exactly right, say in some sexual away, Lee Turn Me On it.

Would turn out.

So yeah, like if I want you to taste me and then even if you like Star, if you’re laying in bed together and you start fingering yourself, and you like take your fingers out and you put it in his mouth and you’re like, I want you to taste me.


Like grab him and kind of like push him towards use.

Honestly push his fucking head.

Push his head down, suffocated, make him go talk to nobody or when he’s laying on his back, literally straddle his face and I didn’t see him.

There you go, and then you’re done, but honestly, to get something she could bring up.


And it’s actual way for sure.


And it’s Chew away and then if that’s not working, I think she could.

Yeah, like, babe.

I really want you to go down on me.

Like, I think it would be so high.

I know, you’re so good.

Like, I want you to go down on me.


This one is short and sweet and I fucking love it.

My best friend’s date showed up in khakis to our formal.


So she photoshopped Navy pants on him to match his jacket for her into pick.

A real fucking Savage.

Daddy do it.

That is immediate.

She was like, I give no fuck this fucking loser, showed up like this, and I’m just going to Photoshop it and make it look like, I didn’t go on a date with a loser.


Incredible thing.

That is a dad, a tree daddy.

Wow, amazing.

I love it.

I love it too.

Okay, this girl wrote in and she said, LMFAO you guys so I broke up with my ex, like two months ago, but we still hook up once in a while.

He really wants me to get back with him.


So he’s been doing anything and everything to get me back.

I told him we were never going to get back together, and he was so upset.

He called me out for asking him to buy me a call her daddy, swimsuit and a half.

Hot fast-forward to me, giving him the best sex of his life and making him press complete order.


All, I wrote him like an equestrian daddy moves only.


So this girl is cooked for Merch and I’m speaking.

I’m here for I can.

You imagine what a power move?

Literally press compressed order bitch.


And then I’ll fuck your brains out.

She got a daddy how to Daddy.

So I’m Sue and I think it’s incredible and I love her, I haven’t Hawkeye like you truly, truly are Daddy’s out here.


Making your own Dreams Come True by the click of a button from a little bitch boy.


Good for you.

All right, here we go.

I’ve had a mega crush on this guy.

I met randomly a year ago.

He had a girlfriend.

So I waited they broke up and he hit me up.

Instantly a few days later.

He was railing me.

It was great.

He was in this past relationship for over a few years and before that.


He was only single for a few months.

So Much this girl is wondering, should I start dating him right off the bat?

Or should I give him some time to be single?

Do I keep hooking up with him or do I let him have it or do I let him have time to enjoy singlehood for the first time in years and come back to me when he’s ready to settle down 100%.


So let him do his thing.

I think I think this is how I always play it.

Even if you know, he really likes you and even if you really want to start dating there’s something about a man and his fucking freedom and it’s Just it’s a thing.

And so if you are stuck, chill girl, that’s like down to just let him experience shit.


And then he keeps coming back to you.

If he really does like you then he’ll be down to get in a relationship.

But if what will happen is if he will look at you and spitefully, if for some reason you guys get in a relationship and you start fighting, he’s gonna be like, well I shouldn’t have got into a relationship this soon excetera, but let him live it out for a minute.


I agree with that, but don’t you also think that it would be kind of It was like it wouldn’t make sense for her to actually be like, okay, like we can’t talk anymore like you need to like do know for sure.

I do mean to just for them to not rush into a yeah, I think she just says like listen, like you just got out of a relationship.


Like like I think let’s have let’s just let’s just keep let’s just take this slow.

Let’s be casual.

I don’t want you to rush into anything.

We don’t want to rush into anything.

Let’s just like chill.

Like, I’ll just be chill and hang out.

Obviously everything can say the same.

But like, I don’t want to put any labels on anything.

And I use gonna be like, damn, this girl’s dope, and then don’t get freaked out when he goes to parties, or if he hooks up with someone and then eventually You guys will come together for sure.





Someone just asked just doing anal.

Someone count towards their body count.



No, no, no panel doesn’t even count.

And if you use the condom your mouth doesn’t count.

Can you guys please address the dad bod do girls seriously.

Prefer guy that has a beer gut over a guy that puts time and effort into working out and eating right to look good.


I swear, I see girls all the time that are solid aids with their boyfriends, who looked like they just slammed a case of beer.

What is the point of putting all this effort into looking?

A fit.

If a beer gut is held to the same level value.

Listen up, buddy.

This is what I have to say to this one.

We talked about it in this episode.


Most of the time there with that guy because one, I bet he fucks.

I bet he knows how to fuck regardless of what his body looks like.

And to that guy is making her fucking laugh.

He’s got a personality of a 10.

I was about to go.


I don’t want a gym rat that can’t make me.

Latin is fucking a to in the sack.

Like I don’t want that.

I mean, oh I am telling you a guy’s physical.

Attractiveness is not as important as girl.

It’s true out to be and I mean obviously some girls may not think that way but for me, it’s like if a guy can make me laugh and it’s so fucking good at sex.


That way Trump’s a guy and what he looks like, obviously need to be physically attracted to him.

The other thing is their personality can also make you sexual track.

We talk about it all the time guys, owners and it girls are like, I know he’s not that hot, but you just have to meet him and when you talk Actually, I can like Commander.


Oh my God, he can make you laugh.

If he that?


That is.

It is so bad way hotter to me than like a fucking guy with like, an insane body and right, six pack and he’s like boring as fuck.

All right, Daddy’s guys.

We brought you the jump rope, the jump rope line, drum solo brought you the PDF the post dick, appointment flashback, a flashback of the year.


I also brought you guys the inside joke.

Move the friendly flirting.

He Have it and then you’re in.

Yes, and just you know, Daddy’s how some confidence out there.

Yeah, don’t be afraid to send the double text.

No, fuck it.


And I do it all the goddamn time all the time and I felt boyfriend’s so you don’t gotta So I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


Get after it.

Be Savages.

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Oh, yeah, guys, make sure if you’re staring at your phone right now quickly, just go and I know we start going, we sound like a broken record, but it helps us.

We do subscribe, and then unsubscribe and then press subscribe again and will love you forever.


Honest, this crack in the system up in this bed.

Every fucking one.

Say guys.

Love you.

Daddy game will see you next Wednesday.

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