Call Her Daddy - 28 - Finessing a Fuckboy (or girl)


Call him daddy.

Do I call her daddy?

Call her daddy.

Who is it today?

Who, who is, who is that?

Oh, the Father, the founding fathers.


Our brothers are here.

Back at it again for another episode of call her daddy.

Okay, let’s tell them, let’s tell them, let’s tell them, tell them the news yesterday.

Alex and I were listening to another podcast that someone recommended and we had a revelation, we must sound guys like we smoke crack, do seven lines of cocaine and like pop out or I’ll Huff.


Well battle, before we record as we literally, I don’t listen to podcast.

I just, I don’t even listen to my own and And are you kidding?

Oh my God.

I really enter a witness protection program towards ever listening to, I’m like, turn it off, turn it off.


Turn it off.

I don’t listen to myself.

So guys, we listen to this podcast.

We like put it on the speakers at our apartment and Sophia and I have the first, like, she what?

Two minutes we looked at each other and we were like, what the fuck?

Well, what in the I actually I think for the most part podcasts are, I don’t even know how to explain it searches.


He consumed in a way.

That’s just like chill.

This is not calming.

This is it’s like we say something, and then two seconds later on a completely different topic among and then he fucked me in my eyes.

And then I turned around and I felt the bed.

Yeah, it’s so anyway, it was it was just shocking to like know how we sound.


There was a girl that wrote in actually and she said, guys, I need to tell you, there are certain parts of the podcast that sound like they’re sped up like something happened like during the editing process.

And I’m playing batting, that’s not his benefits, and we’re like, what?


Why do we talk so fast?

I think as we could so hyped, I’m like, oh my God, the post-op Clarity.

Let’s get into it.

Yeah, if you’re five or six die, for that dick, and then we don’t know.

So guys, I apologize.

If you are listening to us and like these girls are on fast forward.


So that wasn’t the news though.

Oh, no, that was not holux and I the The craziest thing happened to us.

The most embarrassing thing.

The most embarrassing we have talked about our apartment, a million times.

Well, there’s breaking news, guys.


I was sitting on actually a piece of furniture that we got from the trash.

If you guys haven’t listened to our past episodes, Sofia, and I and Lauren our other roommate, we have furnished, our apartment.

Basically solely from the trash.


Our permit is fully furnished from the trash ask.

I’d from the coffee table.

That means everywhere.

Every couch, everything every painting.

Yes, from the side of the road and tried again, but let me clarify from the trash is, we mean a lot of people in New York City, just put their shit on the side of the road.


And then, you know, it could be a new chair and they just didn’t want it there.

It’s from NYU and we’re like, yeah.

Well, I can assure you that we do not have a new chair.


So anyways, so we are sitting in our apartment and I get a DM because I just posted a story of Our Lives.


Ring room.

And what do I read?


This girl wrote in and was like, oh my God, that’s my chair.

No, I hope you girls enjoy it.

Like, what?

Hey, why?

We a fan rights in and her garbage is, in our living room, our furniture in our apartment.


That is my kind of terrifying guys, in that moment.

I think we were both, we just stare at each other and were like, yeah, what the fuck is wrong, but I know No, we literally have a fans chair in right, our apartment.

So this is we would have no furniture if it wasn’t for our third roommate.


That’s true.

Alex and I I really truly believe.

We are Frat Boys, at heart.

We are we are we’re messy.

We don’t really give a shit about what our apartment looks like.

Like we spent the first few months in her apartment eating sitting on the floor.


Sitting on the floor and finally our third roommate Lauren.


She was like you guys we Let’s see, we need something to sit on where like, you think.

Yeah, I’ll try to just walk over the trash, like, it’s just.

Yeah, but you know what?

I think we’re gonna when we move guys, we’re going to move soon, and I think we’re really, we’re going to get it done.


We’re gonna, we’re gonna buy all the furniture, I think.

So maybe and we’re going to make it cuter and none of the furniture from our apartment will become trapped us.

Oh, yeah.

I know from from our apartment.

I almost had her apartment number but oh, so yeah, so guys Guys, just, you know, come on this journey with us.


Come on this journey with, you know, we’re growing up.

We are.

And I think a lot of times girls wouldn’t admit this stuff that we do in the shit that we do.

Literally, I think a lot of girls also aren’t disgusting.


Yes, there’s that too.


So social media, here we go.


Here we go.

Let’s just make this quick because it’s such a joke, guys.

Daddy gang, a lot of you been writing in and you guys are like, oh my God, guys.

We I have such a great hack, like it.

You want to post The Thirst drop on your Instagram story and have the guy that you’re trying to get his attention.


Like if you want to see him to see it, but you don’t want obviously your whole Instagram following to see it like your mom and your grandma that follow you use the close friends.

No, knock it off.

Knock it the mother effing father right now.


It’s huh.

You don’t do it.

It’s probably the most transparent thing.

You can do.

Everyone knows what you’re doing.

Let me sympathize with you guys a little bit because I understand that on Snapchat is the whole you had the whole feature in the beginning.


When you could basically choose people who you want to.

Yeah, I remember however, on Snapchat that person doesn’t know how many people are seeing.

Yeah, with Instagram, in this whole close friends thing.

You guys have to understand, like, I am on someone that has me as their close friend, and you guys are not closer with why does he have me on the?


And he decided like, Flex when he’s flying.

On his PJ.

I’m like I don’t care.


Why am I on your close friends?

We’ve literally met once so.

So neither.


Listen, I get the idea guys, but I also confirmed with Mill punter and he was like, I think it’s so weird when I go on a girl has like obviously I’m never going to complain about an ass shot in a mirror selfie, but he’s like it’s kind of weird when she has water close friends and I’m like, I think we haven’t even like split into each other’s DM’s.


Yeah, like why am I on that?

It’s too little too late to transparent.

So guys clean that.

At the the fuck up, it’s embarrassing.

I wanted to bring up just a little comment that I overheard.

Oh, so I was actually talking to my guy friend and he was talking about dating apps and he was like, there is a rule that every guy lives by, okay, and he said that what he does when he goes to a girl’s profile on a dating app.


Yeah, he goes and finds the ugliest picture of her.

Okay, and he says this is what she will.

Like in person.

Oh, he strolls through every picture until he finds the ugliest one.

And then decides like, that’s what she’s gonna look like.


This is what she’s gonna look like.

And do I want to go on a date.

I thought that was very interesting, actually, so intrigued.

Because I’m over here rasping.

I’m like, nobody has two photos.

We kinda looks hotter than the other ones.

He’s really like, do I just give him a chance on the hot photo?

No fucks.


So maybe we gotta kind of all rewire ourselves here.

Daddy, Yang, when you go to a guy, Guys or girls profile?


For on the dating app.

You gotta just when you see you’re the ugliest.

One and know that’s what they’re going to look like or worse.

I think that’s a really good point.

I just had a random flashback to I think there’s like memes on Instagram and Twitter with regard to the whole like picking who you want to see your story, isn’t there?


That Meme where they’re like when your girlfriend is like you need to post me more and so he post her on her Snapchat or on his Snapchat story, but he’s lost.

For everyone, but her.

So she got a little bit that he posted me, but no one else sees it that way.


It wouldn’t even work on Instagram.


If I was a girl and I told a guy like babe, like let’s start posting pictures together, which I would never, never ever held hostage.

If you see a posting with a man, it means I’m literally out of a gun to my head.

I would never, I could be, it could literally be life or death.


I would never ask a guy to post a picture of no, but if he went and put it on a close, friends, a picture.

It would be like, do you think I’m dumb or close friend pull of your close friend?

Let me see that.

How many are there?

It’s literally me.


And like, my two best friends on there.

Just to please.

You guys, actually not funny.

This new segment right here.

This segment is truly gets me hard, like, thinking about giving the daddy gang.

This is getting me cool.


Like, I feel like Beyonce in lemonade when she has a baseball bat and she’s like, yes.


Lysing every car.

All right.

Daddy gang.

Let’s say it together.

One, two, three.

How to trap a fuck-boy, daddy gang.


I want everyone.

In to sit back and relax.

Okay, because we are going to give you step-by-step detail by detail Master manipulation.

Like you have never heard and this is probably going to piss people off.


We’re exposing the game we are and I think a lot of times people will write into our podcast if they don’t with, they’re not fans and they’re like you guys are promoting unhealthy shit and you guys are manipulating XYZ.


I say it with milk Hunter all the time.


There are two people in this world, those who finesse, and those who get finessed and you choose, which one you want to be.

Listen, I get it like oh cheating and all this shit.

We know it’s not healthy, but it’s reality.

Yeah, like people get so pissed when we’re trying to help Crack the Code of a gun.

For example, what we’re about to talk about how to, you know, wrap a fuck boy.


This is what I’m going to say.


Alright, I am going to sound like a meat amateur reasonable.

Oh grown up.



I’m going to say number.

One, you should never really be trying to trap a fuck-boy.


I know that sounds like the opposite of what I just said, but just hear me.



You if you feel like you need a trap, someone you probably just need to get the fuck out bought I’m saying, okay for sure.

You shouldn’t be trying to trap a fuck-boy or any man for that matter.

You should be going and getting a self-esteem masturbating and learning to be ecstatic by yourself, whatever.


And like, let a guy come to you.

If a guy wants you to let you know.

Let me whip whip that said we’re going Tell you how to fucking trap one a fuck boy.

It’s like a fucking burning building.

Not everyone out.

Here is a fucking firefighter, but some of us bitches want to play fucking hero.


I get it.

A lot of times.

We like don’t go for the fuck boy, but we some of us can’t help it felt like I just founding fathers.

We are we’re gonna obviously height you I just needed to tell them right the healthy route.

Well, I’m gonna get fucking bad with there we go.

Alright guys, so liking a fuck-boy is really one of like the way.


Weirdest emotional things a girl experiences because especially when you’re a little bit younger and you have like your first run in with your first love B.

I know it’s sad, but it is kind of funny because correct me, if I’m wrong, a lot of girls will act oblivious like they didn’t see the signs when in reality a fun going.


Even if he’s the lying type, A fuck-boy will really always kind of show you sides.

I mean, it’s denial.

We don’t want to snow and we’re dumb and we convinced ourselves to catch feelings.

Or my personal favorite is when girls are like I can change him.

I can save him from his awful life of fucking a bunch of bitches.


No, no.


So, what is a fuccboi?

Two types of fuccbois two types.

There’s there one.


Go ahead.

Okay, there’s the one who is truly a fuck-boy to the core.


It is part of their personality and like pretty much.

They will never change, right?

Like, when there’s 60 years old, there.

Fuk Boi, it’s really in their court.

And then the second type is they’re going through a fuck-boy phase and every girl goes into the relationship, hoping right now that it’s the fuck-boy face and they’re gonna come out of it.


We can change him.

Yeah, I can save him.


I know you can’t.

So you can’t save him but what you can do.

Is you can match his fuck boy Persona and fuck with him right back?

Well quickly.

Okay, Alex.


Yeah, I feel like a guy is not a fuck-boy if he is being upfront with you.

Yeah, if you’re going in to the relationship and he’s sitting you down and he’s like, I am not looking for anything serious.

I’m here to fuck.

I’m here to have a good time.


And if you’re down to fucking knock a feelings are for it.


And girls will try to say girls will try to be like no, like He is a fuck-boy are saying it’s like those girls that if they ask their friends like, oh, like what does he fuck around a lot?

She’s like, yeah, he’s such a fuck boy.

That is lit.


Let us clarify.

That is not a fuck-boy.

If a guy has sex with a lot of girls that does not make him a fuck-boy.

Yeah, and then and that’s just you fucking catching feeling, Sarah.

Sorry, but no, that’s not.


And then if he’s being completely up front with you in the beginning, he’s not a fuck boy.

He’s telling you.

What’s up?

A fuck-boy?


Is the guy that lies to your faith.

They use it against you in bed.

Yeah, you know what?

I mean?

It’s when they use manipulation tactics and they can ask the situation to get the fucking poon.


Oh, how we were said that word.

I’m going.

You really are a frappe.



I don’t think I’ve ever said.

All right.

So how do you trap one?

Call her daddy fashion.

We’re going to teach you how to trap a fuck-boy.

Let’s get into it.


In order to trap a fuck-boy, ladies and gentlemen, guys could kind of listen to this too.


Because if you’re fucking with the fuck girl, because there are some I’m looking at one sitting across the table from you.

Listen, first and foremost is This is a classic game of mirrors.

All right.

Yeah, so when you are trying to fuck with the fuck boy and trap him, the Tendencies of a fuck-boy are in inconsistent communication.


Yeah, there’s the public flirting too.

Kind of like embarrass you.

If you’re at the bar, your have you been hooking up and then you see him with another girl.

They disregard your emotions.

Yeah, just inconsistent Behavior All Around sporadic texting following other people on the gram after you guys.



I think your post and 10 others at the same time acting like super into you.

One second and then you don’t hear from him for him.

Three days.



So in order to trap a fuck-boy.

Yeah, you are going to play the same type of game you mirror, you wear it all.


So Sofia.

Yes, Milf Hunter.

I love when you say A fuck-boy MILF Hunter told me that he was fucking this girl.

All right, and this is going to be an example of how you can basically trap a fuck boy.

So he was fucking this girl and he went and followed for of her sorority sisters like in an hour.


Okay, the girl was like why the fuck did you just follow like all of my friends?

Like what the fuck?

A normal girl?

Who’s fucking with a fuck boy?


She called him out, right?

You should never never be calling him out on his boat.


Shit ever.

It makes me sad.

You turn a blind eye to what he’s doing.

Its you never never ever.

Ever, pull them out on their shit.


Knock it the fuck off.

Knock it off.

Listen girls.


I Get It In the Heat of the Moment.

You guys just had sex the week that before and you see him falling off like a winky face on your best friend’s picture.

Yeah, I get it.

You never ever?

Never hold them out.

This is what you do.

Do MILF Hunter.


Then said, I got a taste of my own medicine because another girl I was fucking, I followed her friends too.

And instead of calling me out.

He goes Cooper.

I posted one of my boys on my story with me and I tagged him.


Yeah, and then I saw two hours later the girl that I had just fucked on a Wednesday.

She went and followed my boy and I was like, hold on.

Hold on Hon.

Didn’t know he was like, you can’t just go.

My fucking boys.

I’m the one you’re, you’re fucking, you’re mimicking, their behavior, their behavior and you’re not calling them out.


Let’s talk.

Can we talk about that?

Let’s break down.

Yeah, the first step I think to trapping a fuck-boy is you are never calling them out on their shit.


With that said you don’t want to look like an idiot.

You’re not calling them out on their stuff, but you’re not like incomplete lala land and like fucking all your friends and you don’t you know that Girl, it’s like almost a fuckboys dream is when it’s like she does everything for him.


She fucks him.

She leaves everything.


And then he’s fucking around and she never calls him out.

And he’s like, Okay, this bitch is oblivion.

Yeah, there’s a line to which you don’t call them out.

Yeah, but you do subtle fucking thing.

Yeah, I’ll talk about these subtle thing.


Yes, you make almost inconspicuous comments about how they are a fuck-boy, but they need to be executed.

So well, So, from the start from the get-go.

Talking about sex and dating with them.


Right off the bat.

I am super open about talking to the guy and like what he’s up to right?

Because on a first date you can go in there and you can talk about like oh so like do you do this on a first date?


And like have you had girls do?

Yeah this and Etc.

Yeah, and it you don’t look crazy because it’s the first day you like I met you, 20 minutes.

You have no loyalty.

No jealousy.

I think that’s something that On a first hangout or something, huh?

My strategy is come off.


So open and and chill.

And in a way that I’m like.

Oh my God, we okay.

Can I ask you last girl?

You fucked?

Did she?

Oh when she was like on top or like you basically just like joke around and ask them questions.

You need to go in there.

Did she always she long time but you know what, I mean. 100% joking section.


I always like to ask about like the dating Zone.



I’m like, oh so like, okay.

Because I’m a little more prepared.

I’m like, did she fucking come the point of this everyone listening?

The point of this is immediately, this guy is seeing we why the fuck is she okay with me, telling her, like, what I’m doing to other bitches exactly, we have.


Why is she chill with?

That’s number one?

Yep, and then number two is when you’re that open with them, in the beginning.

It shows that there are no feelings.

No feelings.

Uh, none.

There are no feelings on your end and it also Sets you up for the future?


Is that?

Then when you keep making those comments, it’s not out of nowhere.

It has been set from the beginning.

That’s the precedent.

And that, when you start to get closer to possibly having those feelings, you can drop the like, okay?

Say like, the last girl, you fucked.

Did you?


And then he’s like, why the fuck is she okay, with knowing that the let you know what I mean?

Yes, and then giving them just a little bit of that like, you know, you kind of have some insight into To a guy’s mine.

Yes, you know what?


I mean?

Yeah, because you’re, you’re like, oh, have you ever had a girl do XYZ?

And you’ll say something that you know, a guy fucking hates of a girl does, right?

And like and then he’s like, why does this girl have like this inside in phone to a guy?

Dude, the fucking post nut?



Do I bring?

This is your go-to writing it up all the time all the time.

You’re like guys are like, how do you know about it?

Yeah, legit on Sophia’s laugh.

Last guy that she was talking to you Alex.

I called it.

The And he’s like, and he’s like, what is the PNC?

I’m like, no.

Like the glass girl.


You fucked a job Loki.

Try to cuddle you when you have been posted on Claire, huh?

And the guy, what did he say?

He was like, how he was like, what is the PMC?

First of all?

I said the post like perfect clarity.

Good God.

What are you talking about?

You know, you know better than I do.

Like, why do you know that?



I was like, bitch, what how do you know that?

So it’s it’s it lets them know that, you know, the game, you know, the game, you have insight into Howard.

I think, yeah.

And you Entertaining with it.

Yeah, you’re entertained by talking about it and it throws them off.

So after your, into your first few Hangouts with a fuck boy.


This is my tactic you.

We talked about making comments.

Okay, you cannot over play them and I can’t stress it enough girls.

It, you can, you have to read the setting and you have to make sure your tone is not coming off to sarcastic.


You come off as but her, this needs to be executed perfectly.

For example, I used to do this to the guy used to date before we started dating, and it fucked with him.

I knew he was fucking other girls, but he kept like, forcing the whole like I like you.

I like you and I’m like, you’re literally talking to 12 other girls, but like, okay, gotta love it.


So, what I would do, he was going to go out for a boys night and I would be there beforehand because I was going to go for a girls night and wild like, all right.

I’ll see you like, tomorrow, whatever.

He’s getting ready.

I’m sitting on On the bed, he would come out in his outfit that he was going to go to the bar with.


And I will look at him and I’m like, oh my God, babe go change.

And he’ll be like what?

And I’d like, you cannot wear that shirt to the bar.

No, girl is gonna go home with you and fuck you.

Let alone go up and flirt with you at the bar.

You need to go change.

Go change immediately.


I know I know immediately.

He’s standing there.

Like we hold on.

He’s like, why are you okay with me?

Getting fucked exactly.

Like, wait, why?

Do you want me to change and look good for other girls?

And then this is where you come in and you say something.


So like inconspicuous.

He’s guessing you.

Why is either going to say wait?

Why do you care?

If I’m gonna fuck or he’s gonna say, um, I’m not fucking other girl.

What do you mean?

I’m not going to the bar to fuck other girls and you’re going to just brush off his question and you’re just going to be like, I just want you to look presentable babe.


Don’t you go change?

Go change.

You laughed it off that guy’s.

I cannot be no mind for Fuck you, a guy fuck out there.

Like, when this is this is, I think, another good point we can make is so you say that whole thing.

You need to go change.


No girls gonna fuck you in that shirt, if he comes back, you news.

Like, what are you talking about?

And you’re like, I obviously know, you’re like talking to other girls.

Like that’s fine.

That is not the move.


Keeping it going and being like, I know you’re talking to other girls.

It’s fine.


Like get, it looks so much better.

Now, you looked about her.

You have to make the job.

Oh my God, no girls gonna fuck you in that shirt.

Please go change.

He addresses it.

What the fuck and then you brush it on.

Then you’re like, relax.

Just go to go to go change, go change.

Yes, that a fuck-boy cringes inside of his skin.


He’s like, why is she acknowledging that I could be potentially getting pussy.

And you guys don’t underestimate the power of these jobs like, it fucks with them fucks with them in a way that they don’t know what to do.


So let’s talk to them.


When is a time that you don’t respond to a fuck?


So so like for example, I just said, when he says, what are you talking about?

I’m not going to go fuck this bitch, after you brush it off.


So I think there’s there’s two instances where you don’t respond.

Okay, boys.


When he comes at you asking questions about what you’re doing.


Well, that’s a good one when he is like, okay, so like you know, what are you up to are?


You talking to me or what?

You know, like, what so far did you do last night?

So, for example, if you had said that to him, when he you’re like go change and he was like, well, I’m not trying to go fuck girls at the bar.

Are you gonna go - I don’t read.

What are you up to?

You brush it off rush it, you never respond to that.


Do not engage in that conversation.

Don’t know.

You are this town Shady make shade and you’re like, I always I think usually when they hit me with the like, well, who the what are you doing?

You fuck.

I already know what you do.

You answer sarcastically.

Oh my God.


Are you kidding me?

Like, I don’t have time to do anything baby.



You’re the only man in my life, or you go completely opposite.

You’re like, oh my God, I’m literally doing the entire Tri-State of New York.

So, when you and they obviously know your fucking kit, when you answer that sarcastically you are not, you’re not giving them any writer and they’re annoyed because they know you’re lying.


You do not engage.

So even if he’s like, no, tell me the truth and you’re like, Dave, I was a virgin before I met you.

You were a virgin and we both took each other’s v-cards and he’s like, what the fuck?

And then you laugh it off and you’re like, relax and you literally walk out of the room or yeah, you can literally say that’s for me to know and you to find out but see it’s so sorry to have you did joke because you guys are I promise?


Like I’m up, you know, good baby, baby.

Let’s go baby.

Let’s go baby.

You literally could see that.

He didn’t like Are you psycho unwell, yeah, it’s brilliant.

Okay, the second time that you don’t respond that you shouldn’t be responding.


Okay, is anytime this fuck boy, is trying to have an intimate moment with you or a serious conversation?

You come please do this gets my dick wet.

Yes, I fucking love this one.

For example, if a guy is just like, you know, like I’ve been wanting to talk to you, like it’s kind of like we’re kind of getting to like, there’s like, I really like You here?


Yeah, you’re my girl, whatever those comments.

Those are the times that girls fall into the Trap and they get feelings and they’re like, oh my God, like no!

Me me, me is like he I’m dumb.


No, it doesn’t fucking like you pussy boy with you.


It’s true.

So what I do is I act as if it almost made me feel awkward and I hurry and change the topic of conversation.

It’s so weird looking right now, but when everything coming out of your mouth and like, yep, I do that too.

Yeah, and then he looks at you and he’s like this girl really doesn’t want to fucking go there with me at all.


Yeah, guys.

The fuckboys pry on using the lines of I like you and you’re the one and I really like I’m I just obviously like we don’t need to be in a relationship yet.

But like I think that we could be seeing all that shit.


They blow smoke right up your asshole.

And what they usually get back is.

Oh my God, I like you too girl when he says this to you.

You are gonna like Sofia said, look like kind of awkward you feel a little bit uncomfortable and like, you don’t want to go there and you and you change do not respond and person.


You’re like you kind of like chuckle and then you’re like, all right.

I’ll well.

Alright, let’s watch this Netflix thing like literally a voice.

Yeah, that’ll cost.

This is going to be the best piece of advice.

I’m going to give because you just said the fuck, boy likes to blow.

Smoke up your ass and tell you all of these things to your face.


Yep, this is so cliche, but it is the truest thing.

And I use this in my day-to-day life all the time.

All right, and everyone’s like I don’t really want Sophia’s advised honestly, but she’s this is innervated a psychic.


I know it works but actions speak louder than words.

This is so huge when it comes to the fuck boy.

I’ve been in this situation in my God.

I have a guy sitting there looking me in my eyes, you know.

I love you.

I’m in love with you.


I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

Like that’s a nice.

When you have a guy telling you that you, you know, you want to eat it all up and be like, oh my gosh, of course, but when they’re saying that and then their actions say differently, he doesn’t respond to you.

He’s like, yeah.


Ignoring you for days at a time.

Those are his actions and that’s the only thing you need to be paying attention to are the action.

Only thing that matters, like literally it fucking I love you.

Okay, get the fuck out of here that I love you.


Everyone said they look like a dick so I know and I think that’s such a good point because listen girls the whole point of how to trap a fuck boy were talking about it mirror their action.


Yeah, when you are avoiding talking about shit when they get a little emotional with it when they try to get you and your feelings and you don’t respond or when you make a comment about oh my God, no one’s gonna fuck you at the bar and then he’s like, wait what?

And you’re just you laugh it off when you are so casual and Mill punter.


From this guys.

Fucking hate anything.

That makes them feel like they are sharing a girl.

Yeah, even if they know, they are Mill, funders.

Like, I don’t want to know about it.

I don’t want to think about it.

And when you act like, you don’t care, it makes the fuck-boy think we.


So, they’re being casual with me to.

This is just about sex.

They don’t even, they don’t even like me.

They may not care about me.

I’m just here to have fun.

I’m here to fucking fucking Haley.

They look at you like, okay.

So this girl could give two fucks about me and about getting serious.


Like she’s just down for a good thing is just having fun.

And for some reason guys are so attracted to oh my God, they’re like wait no marry me.

They’re like, I really boner.

Oh my God.

Yeah, actually, older guys, gay always.

They always are thinking like for sure.

God there everyone’s ready to settle down.


So brilliant.

Another thing.

I want to say.


And this is a big one, ladies and gentlemen.


Oh my God, this pure, the inconsistent communication from a fuck-boy is one of their strong suit.


It’s something that really almost is the Catalyst towards forcing girls to like gravitate towards them.

If it’s girls like wait, it’s The Chase.

I want it.

I want it.

You’re sitting around waiting for his tights and it’s driving, you crazy.

So disappearing is something that That you should just go away for a couple days and and not answer them and then literally hit move Meg.


Hey, like, I’m coming over tonight.

Like let’s fuck her.

Something fall off the face of the Earth.

Literally a couple days.

He’s like where the fuck is Alex?

That is like the main, the main you can do.

And you know what?

I want to tell a little milk hunter story about all basically, tying all of these into one.



So for research purposes, of course, we reached out to Milf Hunter when we knew we wanted to talk about fuck boys.

Lee fuckboys answer for president.


So reach out to him and I was like listen, we’re talking about fuckboys talk to me about a time that a girl kind of cracked the code and and slid in to your heart a little bit.

I can he’s like, all right, I’ll do it.

I’ll do it for the daddy gang.

Oh, man.

I can’t.

I don’t like it, but I’ll do it.


I can’t wait for this story.

So he started talking to this girl.

I met on a dating app, their Texting their sexting.

All this shit.

Okay, finally they hang out for the first time.

Hmm, and he said, this girl was unbelievable in every aspect of in bed and the way that she hung out with me.


So she was, he loves getting his dick sucked.

Just putting on all record.

Yeah, no punchies.

Like he’s like, you know what?

I’m really good on bad.

Getting my dick sucked.

Getting my dick wet.

Love when a guy says dog said Cooper.

She Went down on me before we started fucking and she like, suck the life out of my dick.


It was the hottest thing.

She just went ham and it was the sloppiest, nastiest grosses about anything.

And she was like down there committed to the game.

So she sucked his dick, they fucked and he said it was an amazing fuck.

She was crazy.

Whatever after they fucked.


He said that she gave him a unbelievable passage.

He’s like, I went through my post, not clarity.


She started with Saj, love men, love a massage.


I didn’t believe you.

I know you did until I started dating this guy and he was like, oh my God, I would actually want.




That was just the tangent but girls, if you want to give a guy massage, Jesus Christ, so she starts giving him a massage and he said, I had gone through my post nut and she was massaging me rubbing my Hair Etc.

Until literally she massaged me to sleep.


Oh my God.

He said he woke up about Three minutes later something and she was gone.

Oh my God, Sergeant to sleep.

I let herself out.

My mind is blown.

He was like, what a fun things?


Daddy didn’t?

He said this was the best fucking case sucked.

My dick.

Fuck me.


Massage me to sleep and let herself out.


Now this is the kicker.

Yeah, on their second hook up.


So in his mind.

And he had the images of her sucking, dick of her fucking him.


And he was like, I was amped for the second hook up.

We had been talking nasty.

We had been sexting, it was getting disgusting.

I was ready for the second hook up.

I was ready to try all these new moves on her.


He said, she didn’t suck my dick for that long.

It was like, a little pre sex blow job, but like not as nasty.

And it’s like, a quick little one over.

Try overdrive overdrive on that deck Lucknow.

It was a look like 1,000.

If okay, so and then he said, we fucked.



And after they fucked, she got up started getting ready.

Immediately grabbed his face like his two cheeks with her hand, kissed him on the cheek and said, I’ll text you when I get home and walked out.


Please tell me she didn’t text him.

We did not expect him when she got home.

She did not text him when she got home and Mill punter was like I’m not here.



Where’s my massage?

Was that dick sucking turbo looks 595 writing and where the fuck was her getting crazy nasty.


What the fuck happened?

That is so incredible said he was like and I’m ashamed of myself.

Yeah, he was like, she started to make me feel insecure Cooper.

She didn’t tell you and he said he learns that.

I felt emasculated.


I thought you for the Milf Hunter because it come out here and take he’s feeling insecure and used.

Oh my God.

This bitch knows the game.

So watch what he said, he ends up doing.

Oh my God.

She was like, first of all, are you that?

He’s so funny.

He’s like, obviously I don’t care about her safety, but I use that as an excuse and I texted her and I was like, did you get home?




So Milf Hunter post fuck fucking slidden and texted.

This one did not hit him up.

And what he said was I started to feel like a side piece.

I am.

She literally made me feel Does this bitch have a boyfriend?


Yeah, hold on.

She mind-fucked the fuck, fuck the fuck out of his soul.

The first time and came back, didn’t give him asajj, then give him this incident, text him, what he said, was, he was like, if she hadn’t played it like this.


We probably wouldn’t have hung out more than twice because she wasn’t even my type physically.


He was just addicted to the fact that he felt like he was chasing her around and he was like, wait was the dick knock.

Gray, what happened?

He was unattainable unattainable and she was confusing.



And that is what you get me to teufel.

That’s what eautiful milk Hunter.

Told me.

There are two ways basically, for a girl to get his real like attention, Okay?

And capture his heart, but not really, but just like kind of.


He said one.

It’s those who mirror a lot of what I do.

So they kind of are acting like the guy in the situation.

I like wait, what the fuck?

Pay attention to me or to those who are super thoughtful and nice to me.




Listen to this.

He had said I know that’s kind of confusing because you’re like, wait what the fuck?

He said, one of the girls that he was fucking would just bring him food like he would never ask for it and she would always just grab him something from home or make him something.


She would bring she bought him, like, tiger balm and brought it over, and would like, massage him and she would come over.

Fuck him, leave.

And I was like, wait, does it kind of Klingon?

I was going to say that sounds like stage five Clinger, right?

I said that to him and he was like Cooper.

No man is gonna be like, I’m not going to eat this Chipotle because she wants to be something.


I’m going to fucking eat the Chipotle fucker and then maybe just not answer for to geyser.

Just so animalistic.

It’s lightweight.

Describe it it he that food.

Give them pussy dude.

He said he had a girl.

It started to progressively.

Start doing his laundry after cookie.

He was like, I never knew.


I needed her around so bad.

But when she fuckin did, that first load of clothes and hit start on that spin cycle, baby.

She had.

I thought that was like rule number one.

I used to, like, not be doing it guys.

Well, that’s the thing.

If okay, let’s talk about this.



There is a level of if you do that.

Yeah, any wakes up the next day and you’re still there after sex and your lingering in your fucking sitting there like what you want to do today?



Stage 5.

I wanted to bring this up because you mention how the first girl was gone gone the next day.


So after you have sex with the fuck boy.


What is the protocol?

You know, I think the answer is inconsistency.


You should never do the same thing I do.

There should be times where you leave right away, print out of maybe leave like 4 a.m.


Right and then throw in a couple times where you sleep with him at, but you never stay there, past the morning.

You’d never ever, ever, ever.

I think so.

I do you, like, you can sleep in with him for sure.

Once you wake up, wake, you gotta go.

You’re not like let’s get breakfast.



No, I think that’s so important to because he said like I just said no Thunder said, it’s if she mirrors what I’m Doing, or she’s nice to me.

And he said, what is the way to trap?

A fuck-boy is, if you combine those, right?

So what we balance?


Exactly, it’s a balance because I was, I was talking about Alex, Thomas.

The other day.

I was hooking up with a guy, like a few months ago and I just hated sleeping in his bed.

Like, I know I fucking hated it.

So every single time you would hook up, I would be like, thank you.


I hope gone.

I would be gone, but I felt like a fucking prostitute, like, thanks for the fuck.

Gotta go like that made me feel like a prostitute.

So it’s like, you gotta mix it up.

You know, I think that’s the whole mixing it up.

That’s the whole name of the game.


It’s the inconsistency that drives them to want you more because every fuck-boy I I’m telling you in your life right now, every fuck-boy in their life has the girls that are literally being forced shoved out the door.


Like please leave your staying too long, the girls that are massaging them doing their laundry.

Re and then they’re staying the next day hoping for breakfast.

No, no, no.

And then they also have the girls, like we said in the beginning that are down for the fuck they leave and they never ask questions and that’s fine because maybe that girl’s not even trying to trap it.


Maybe they did dicks just so good.


But the girl that trying to trap the fuck-boy, whether your intentions are to try to date him or just to trap him or just to fuck with him.


The name of the game is mirror.

What they do in consistency and never Play your cards and tell him what you are doing, because you will come off like, you’re trying so hard to prove to him.


Oh my God, fuck to.

There is a line that when I was in high school.

Oh, I would say this and Alex tell me that you didn’t say this line.


It is fucking mortifying.

That I would even say this.

I loved to walk around and be like, you know, I’m just not like other girls.


Oh my God, I want to die.

Oh my God, I’m cranky.

I’m hardly tell me that.

You didn’t used to do that in high school.

You think you’re so fucking cold?

Honestly, I’m just not like other girls die die.

I’m not like most girls.


Knock it off.

Alex Cooper and Sophia Franklin in high school back.


Knock it the fuck off.

Get off.

That’s so embarrassing.

Don’t talk about in previous episodes when girls are like I just have trust issues.

It’s worse than that.

Wayward girls, you should Never ever be saying I’m just not like other girls.


If you’re saying that then you are every other fucking basic bitch.

Shut the fuck up.


No, I think it was um trying to channel my inner High School.

I think you say that because you’re like you want him to think you just like such this fuck girl.

Like you’re so yeah.

Well and you’re cool under woman.


The boys shut the fuck up.

No, you look so fucking epic.

That’s what I’m saying is you cannot let them catch on to that you’re trying know, you know, that’s what When we said don’t, if he’s like, well, who the fuck are you fucking?

Don’t be?

Like, don’t worry about what I’m doing and you’re doing what you want to do.


I can do what I want to do.



No, I got a little smirk on your face and just be like, babe.


Just do the amount of times.


I used to tell the guy, I talked to to relax.

They get insecure.

Don’t play your hand and let them believe whatever they want.


Their mind is going to race.

Yeah, because like I said, Mel punter said even though they’re fucking Twelve million girls out there.

They don’t want to believe that you’re fucking someone else.

This strategy that we just gave people.

It’s kind of we just gave them serious Insider information and I don’t give a shit.


I don’t give us want to help out the daddy gave me too because a lot of girls are like I want to fuck with the spec point, you know, that most podcasts are like that is so unhealthy.

That’s not how that’s not mature.

That’s not how you should live your life.

That’s fine.

It’s fine.

I agree with them.


But that’s not going to change.


The fact that the fucking game were absolutely.

Every time will always be the game.

It’s always going to be there and it’s just if you want to play it or not, right or you want to get played instead.


Okay, dude, you know what’s gonna happen?

Eventually, we’re gonna get its gonna fuck us in the ass.

Some guys gonna listen to this episode.


We start dating know and he’s like the thing is.

No, no.

Because the thing is is when they listen to this and they come out us with the game.

We’re creating a new one.

That is what P arcing.

Oh, yeah.

Ask us dude.

They’re like Howard.

You’re digging all your secrets.

We will create a new game a new game.


There’s to fuck with the fuck.

All that fucked the fuck boy.

That new game.


No, I’ll just invent a new one.

And then a new one.

You and I are taking over the fact that one in finesse you once again, fuck, you.

Here we go.

Holy shit.


Can we get into sex?

I’ve ever stood waiting for you to ask me that.

Like I can.

We have side.

We have sex right now.

Like, hurry álex for real.

I’m into, okay.

Guys, I’m playing hard to get and I’m over it.

Come on over here, and sit on my lap.

Let’s hope on cats with you over here.



So a lot of people are always asking it’s like, guys how to spice it up.

How do I spice up my sexual intercourse?

Whether it’s with your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your wife, your husband, your fiance.

There’s several Sub Girl.

Your fuck boy inside piece.

There’s a mistress.


Okay, I think there’s a million ways, but we want to talk about role play and this has something to do with a wig.

Whoa, I get excited.

So guys hmm girls.

I think there is something to be said about a setting a setting.


Yeah, for sex.


I’ve heard this a million times when people are married and they’ve been married for 10. 20. 30 years, sex experts, which I am not.

Oh, yes, you are darn.


Um, actually guess I am I not have the degree but Kind of they always say change up the setting literally, if you guys have to just go get a hotel, which it a motel of your emotional.


If your role play, is to be a prostitute and get it, get the room by the hour.


Boom, gold.

Love it.

So women and men.

Here we go.

Sophia and I want to give you guys an idea.


Ladies you are going to tell your man.


I want to meet you.

Dream want to meet you for drinks.


This is not going to be any normal drink situation though.

We’re gonna role play tonight.

Yeah, you are going to be whoever you want to be and I’ll be whoever I want to be ladies.


You’re going to go whether it’s on Amazon or to a store and you’re going to by yourself.

Yeah, a hot wig if you’re a blond go brunette, if you’re a brunette.

Go blonde, go redhead.

Go Curly Straight longer shorter, whatever you want to do.

You wear a wig?


You dress to the fucking nine.

Yes, you tell him time and place.

You tell him to meet you at a hotel bar Hotel bar.

I think that’s like.

So if I go to and you have to set the rules, mmm with your man or your woman, yeah.


That the minute that you to see each other.

You cannot break character at all ever.

I think a lot of times Couples, baby.

You’re like, oh God.


Wait, here we go.

No, no, you are, literally if your name is fucking Sofia tonight, you’re Veronica and Dave, you’re Robert for that.


Okay, you’re gonna do this.

You gotta go a hundred percent and go through with it and no little like, oh my gosh, like, no solutely.

Like I am Veronica.

Fucking throwing accent.



You got to fucking do.


I think this is so fucking hot.


Because listen, you bringing in this like you’re a different person.

You’re wearing a wig, you’re giving him like a complete different Persona if you’re super shy, right?

Be that girl, if you’re confident and sexy Etc, meet him at the fucking bar and fuck his brains out.


When you go up to the hotel room together, have a hotel room booked Spice Shop, do this.

I want to go try me too.

First of all, that sounds so fun.

So fun.

And then so hot dude, if couples integrate this it’s like babe Saturday night.

You want to role play.


Let’s get that hotel room.

If you start integrating this into your Relationship.

I know it sounds fucking kind of crazy but like every other weekend, you can be a different woman.


And a different character.

And it’s so fucking hot.

And then also, you can literally transform yourself in the bedroom as well.


On these night.

You’re not as vocal with your husband, or your boyfriend, or your girlfriend, or your wife.

This is the time for you to all of a sudden, become a major freak because in their mind, that that’s the point of this, right?

And try out moves that usually will ever do You get a little drunk.

Have some you can’t you can be whoever you want to be loved it.


Loved we have a little sex tip.

Yep a little sex position.

That is so hot.

It’s really fuck Alex.

Let’s get into it.

This is for guys.

Hmm girls can obviously do it too in a different way.

But let’s focus on the guys is it tip for guys Alex and I’m I’m not going to say which one but one of us had an experience with a man that ran our Fucking world.


Okay, tip side to side up and down.

What this man did was the hottest thing and we have deemed this move.

Yep, the Mona Lisa Mona Lisa Mona Lisa.

We’re not talking about the painting.




You guys thought we were here to educate you.

You guys thought we were here to talk about art.

You guys know saw her.

No, no one thought we were here to talk, like, fuck off the Mona.

Lisa, you know, say it with me.

Alex just One, two, three, the Mona Lisa.


So this is what you’re going to do.

You’re on top of her, you are going to Waddle up and plop your dick in her mouth love.


This just sounds like a regular Facebook.



No, you are then going to instruct her to touch herself.

And you were going to say I want to feel you coming with my dick in your mouth.


If you’ll your moans on my dick and I want your mouth full, make yourself come.


Okay, I just came.

I am horny.

Now, he’s little and I need to go to the valley, literally came in my pants.


I didn’t know you could do that.

If a guy did this to me, I am.

I am the worshipping, his dick.


Like, I will actually put your dick in my mouth, even when it’s flaccid.

I don’t give a fuck any time any day.

They are like in me kiss the ground you walk on?


I think every single guy really needs to pay attention to this move.

Even if she doesn’t fully understand what you’re doing, take her hand and start putting it down where she needs to put it.


Have your dick in her mouth.

This girl is going to start getting herself off and I’m telling you guys when she is coming.

There’s two things.

One for the girls, going to be great to for you if a girl is fucking coming and your dick is in her mouth.


Out and she can’t open it to actually have her.

Oh, it’s your dick is literally basically suffocating her.

I mean, you’re gonna there’s a vibration.

You’re gonna steal her moaning.


And kind of mean it’s, it’s gonna be amazing.

Also, you can do a little glance back.




And watch her touching herself.

Also guys, you have to understand like four girls getting skull-fucked is not usually what we plan to do on a Sunday morning.

No, not really, not really like a girl’s favorite.

It Pastime but say absolutely but if you’re going to add in this move, where you’re taking charge up, and you’re also telling her like I care about your pleasure as well.


You know, this is this makes it Fun.

For example, this move is absolutely one that girls can offer as well.

And if a girl, it’s a girl’s ass fuck you by God to do that your dick in my mouth.


While I touch myself, I wanna moan all over.

Dick while I’m mowing.

I think a guy would actually cry cry cry of tears of joy that he found an angel.

Yes, the fact that one you’re offering him to face.

Fuck you and to you’re going to be coming while his dick is down your throat.


I mean three you’re going to be touching yourself and you can watch you.

Oh my God, and for your initiating, oh my gosh.

Girls, you know are known to not do so.

I think the Mona Lisa is something I want every daddy in member to And then if you can kind of like, make sure that you come the same time as she does.


I mean, that’s fireworks, the mon Eliza.

Oh, Plan B.

Let’s get right into it.


I go plan Billy.

Oh, here we go.

Plan a.


Fuck it Plan B.

Let’s Talk plan.




All right Plan B.

What a what?

An interesting capsule.

What a great.


A great pharmaceutical drug.


A great invention.

Chin, yeah, fun fact.

Milf Hunter has never bought Plan B for girl, but he also said he shouldn’t be laughing because it’s fucked up, but it’s like kind of amazed but to he said, he’s never also had a pregnancy.




He said, I don’t fuck around with that.

Yeah, great.

That’s a quick.

Thank you know, game is so brilliant.

Andy, there’s a million things to say about Plan.

B really is.

But I think the main thing is, a lot of girls have been writing in and they’re like the Next day after I had sexual intercourse and plan, B is the move.


How do I approach this?

Do I tell him to buy it?

Do I split it with him?

Do I go get it myself.

So there’s a lot of fun living for that.


So there’s a lot of factors.

Yeah, there are I know girls who they’re In the Heat of the Moment and you’re getting it on.


Yeah, and if there’s just something sexy about saying, I want you to feel me.

Fill me up.

I want you to fill me full of cum.

Yeah, boom.


It is hot.

We’ve all done it.

We’ve all talked their way baby.

We quickly got me pregnant person, really stop with the generalizations.


We’re like, everyone has read English.

Everyone’s done this like every single person in America.

That is a female has a guy to fill me up with your comp.



What the fuck you has bee buzzing?

No, I feel, you know, I feel like I’ve done it.

I think if you’re doing this That’s kind of that’s going to kind of change the game the next day.


Yeah, if you ask him, fill me up then.

Yeah, it changes the game because all right.

Let’s talk about it.

First of all, when do you think is an appropriate scenario to expect the guy to play for pay for Plan B.

I would say, I would say every single time unless it’s.

Yeah, so let’s get into actually, even if you did that, I would still expect them to be but because probably my age.


Yeah, I know, like in college and stuff is a little bit.

So, for example, out of college, now if I was a fucking with a guy and like he came inside me or even if he didn’t always worried about pre-cut because he didn’t use a condom.

I think, if you are openly talking about it, like you say like fuck I’m a little nervous.


Like I haven’t been taking my pill on the same day or even if you’re just nervous and you express that and you’re like, I think I’m want to take Plan B.

If you vocalize that and tell them, I think they should man up and be like, okay.

Like I, yeah, do you want me to pay for it all?

Then do your Do you want to go get it now?

However, I know a lot of times girls and I’ve done this before where you leave.


You don’t want to deal with.

You’re not even if, especially if you’re not really close with a one-night stand.

Yeah, you’re having a one night stand.

On the next day.

You’re like, oh my God.

I hear.

I never want to see you.


And then you had to CVS or whatever Pharmacy and you pick yourself up because you’re like, I don’t want to have to involve them in that shit.


And I mean obviously if it’s your boyfriend or someone you’re super close with, I will be like, hi.

Let’s go get Skittles and whatever and also get me a plan B.

Yeah, you know what?

I mean?


I am one of my ex-boyfriends.

I remember the first time we hooked up and this was before we were dating.


I was being a little promiscuous.

You guys out there.

He took me to Walgreens and he came back to the car and he like had the plan B and then he had Gatorade, he had all these snacks.

He was like, he was like, you should probably eat something with that, which I don’t think you need her to open.

It is like still feel my God, marriage material and About this Ox, you’re talking about this.


What if you wake up in the morning and he literally, like comes into the room and like hands, you the Plan B pill.

Oh, I’m like fuck out of here, right?

I just, yeah.

I already have had stories of girls being like he went and bought it for me and I woke up and he was like, here, take this and hand me water and wanted to watch me take it, dude.


The guy went on a date with the other week.

I don’t, you know, I don’t know how these things come up on first dates, but, It did your talk to you, like ass play, and then you’re like, it was the weirdest thing that you talked about sex the whole time, but I asked him somewhere in the conversation between appetizers and the main.


I was like, so plan B.

And he told me actually because he was, he’s like a wealthy guy.

He was like, I actually make girls, I get it for them.

And then I make them.

Take it in front of me and I was like, you another story.


But don’t you think that’s weird?

Dude, that would really upset me because cuz it’s like, it’s not your decision.

It’s like, who do you think you are right to tell me to put someone in my body?

What type of other than your come know?

For me?

It’s like, do you think that you are God’s gift to Earth and R.

I want to have your child.


I will take care of it.

Yeah, I will fling myself down some stairs budget, but I can hang her up my video so I can get upset about.

Okay, but I dated a guy and he did the complete opposite of what my Did he would have me?


Send him a video of me filming myself.

Shut the fuck up.

I’m not kidding.

Putting the plan B in my mouth.

No, and then open my mouth and like, lift up my tongue and show him that I had taken it.

What the fuck?

The fact that I even did it.

I did it like once or twice, and I really liked in the middle of filming or something.


What am I doing is like, Sofia.

What are you doing?

And like, that pisses me.

The fuck us does, he think you want to hang out, chili, and on top?

It’s you would be so lucky on top of that.

I’m pretty sure we Were using condoms this.


This was like a high school beginning of caller saying but like still he was psycho.


Dude like OCD the video.

I actually remember a daddy gang member wrote in and was like, I remember this guy that I was hooking up with came in and like balmy Plan, B, and made me like, put it up, put it up her butt and Ivy and know, but she was like, I, he made me show him like me, swallowing it.


And then she was like, and I was like, fuck this guy.

So I put it under my tongue, and I didn’t actually swallow it and then I spit it out which to bitch, but she was, like, just in Sochi and I didn’t want to.

She was just gonna risk pregnancy.

Just fight him.

I love him.

No, but I think, I think this is a really good topic, because first of all, if a guy ever asked me to send him a video of myself, swallowing Plan, B, I would tell him to go fuck himself.


Alright, but there is something about some guys and I know this is fucked up but haven’t you felt in your in your sexual history?

Sophia guys with more money.

Oh, yeah, for sure.

Push the plan big.


The guy that made me take the video.

His dad was like a millionaire.

Yeah, and I’m not fucking kids in college like, oh should we get it going to go half sand kid, with the trust fund is like I brought you three of them and so you can take one today tomorrow and Just to ensure its kind of crazy.


Yeah, but then I also have this weird thing where I went guys, do say it to you.

I get why girls get a little annoying because it’s like bitch.

First of all, don’t tell me what to do.

Second of all, I don’t want your fucking kid.

I will take care of it.

Relax, just a me, 50 bucks.


So I mean, we said earlier the, the dirty talk will indicate the plan be processed.


But now that I’m thinking about it, even if you’re trying to be kinky and telling him to do that, at the end of the day, the guy Guy is going to decide where his come go.

It’s true.

Okay, unless you are, you know, holding him loud in which some do a lot of girls with some celebrities and athletes.



They’re holding him down.

I doubt a girl can hold a fucking athlete, you know, you never know, but I’m just, I’m just saying.

I really it’s up to the guy where he’s gonna come, and I think that they should do girls are crazy.

I mean, let’s talk about what pregnancy scares.


The girls doing the fake pregnancy scares.



I want to talk about this.

It is.

It is something that I find fascinating.

It is because it is very prevalent.

It’s so prevalent.


This guy dated dated this girl and he said that she had would do it multiple times and every single time he fell for it.

And I’m like, how, what, how I actually remember.

In high school, this girl was dating this fuck boy.


And he and her were always had such a tumultuous relationship and they would always break up and get back together.

And then he actually fucked a girl in school and she found out and she lied to him and was like, I’m pregnant.


I found out yesterday and immediately.

He was just like what the fuck and they had so much history that he liked got back together with her and then Elite eventually, these girls obviously have to tell him that you’re not pregnant.

And when finally he found out and everyone found out he left her immediately and was like, that bitch is crazy.


That’s the thing.

It’s such a temporary fix.

If you are trying to trap a guy with a pregnancy that’s fake, eventually when it comes out.

The guy immediately is gonna be like feeling a sense of like almost like a freedom like, oh my God one thing I got a moment where I realize I don’t want to fucking child with this bitch.


And now that I know that she won lied and to she does she’s not actually pregnant.

I’m out.

It’s completely just a temporary.

It is the only time I think I would maybe do it.

Also side note, if guys are wanting to fuck the crazy because they’re the best in bed than they have to deal with it.


Yeah, they got to deal with the aftermath of the cranes.


You know, when would you do it?


I think they’re the, you know, I love good block.

Love a good eye.


You did my favorite thing.

Yeah, I gets you hard.

I also have been in relationships where men have noticed, how much I love it and they like to do it right back to me.


They play the game right about that.


Not today.


If you think I’m scared of a drive by and showing up at your house, you are saddling, everything fucking a drive-by.

I’m like a drive-by shooting Sophia.

What know when I see Drive By Me, you literally can we are out back in a minute.


I’ll just picture Sophia Franklin in her car.

Sunglasses on Hood up.

Drying power fun.

It’s so fun.

But there have been times where I’ve had guys block me.

And I, you know, I get on my fitness pal, right?

Then Mo I try to do the whole thing email, my fitness pal.


I just said that Kashmir.

I think I talked about that on an epic.

It was like episode 1 2 or 3.

I was like, I see how many fucking carbs you’ve had today and I sliding in, but if you was hittin, you the block and I just desk because when someone blocks you, it really does something I got it, it worked.


Really fucks with you.

That’s why quick side note.

Every time girls are asking, should I reply with a k or should I just leave him on red and not respond.

There is nothing daddy gang.

There is nothing more powerful than silent silent.


Think about yourself.



Oh, yeah, if he responds K, or if he just doesn’t answer your whole world crumbles, you know, they don’t respond.

Another tangent is on the last episode.

We were talking about.

If someone cheats on you.

And how some people get super vengeful.


And I’m like, if someone cheats on you and you actually disappear.

Oh my God, and they’re like, where did this human being yellow?

That is?

Oh my God.

A hundred times more of a mind.

Fuck, like, been getting bended.

Piripi to get over the complete Island.


You’re like, where did they go?

What is happening?

If you completely fall off the face of the plan.

Yes, fuck all the case.

I feel like I did that in high school.

And now I’ve never had you waited in silence.

And the silence is Do disappearing silence.

It’s okay bacteria.


That’s what I’m saying.

What was I saying?

You were saying?

Oh, okay.

So if he had me blocked, okay, and I desperately was just trying to get through to him.

I may be wrong.

We got a baby in the pond.

I may throw in a little something.


I’ve done some crazy shit when I’ve been blocked.

I just had a baby bun again.

That was the old baby in the oven.


Oh, II agree with you.

Actually, this is something I think I’ve done.

How many times have you told the guy you’re talking to you?

I’m late on my period, like I haven’t gotten it yet.


You know what generally?

Why I do that and tell me of your kind of um, I already know why, because you kind of just like to see their reaction.

It’s not even that you’re trying to be crazy, know them by are bored.

I’m bored.

Every cool.

I’ve literally done it just started guy listening to this is freaking out of pure boredom.


I’ve been like I’m kind of late.

I’m kind of late just because I’m sitting on the couch and I’m like, oh, I wonder like how he would you like?

What do um you’re asking.

Did Our plans and then the next thing, you know, I’m like, oh, by the way, I’m late.

You just want to see.

I’ve actually done that.

I’m thinking one of my ex-boyfriends.

I remember in the beginning because again, you can kind of see where they’re at in their relationship.


In the beginning of the relationship II told him that because it was true.

I was late.

But my periods always Braddock and he was like, oh my God, and he like we made jokes about like he was like, oh guess I gotta push it down the stairs or something and I’m like, you interesting.

You’re like, so maybe that’s not who I want.


And then fast forward to about like, Six, seven months later and I told him that and he was like, fuck.

All right, like I guess should we go like get a pregnancy test and like, we’re gonna talk about fake pregnancies.


I need to bring up this daddy gang member wrote in, he told me that this girl, he was dating sent him.

A picture of a pregnancy test, a positive pregnancy test and was like, I’m pregnant.

He threw it up on the internet.


Did a reverse Google image search and was able to find that.

It was a fake photo.

So let that sink in people because you’re if you’re sending the picture of a of a fake pregnancy, you’re going to Google and you’re taking a photo from there, you know, we that’s so smart that he did that.


I actually didn’t even know.

You can do that until like last year.

Someone it was a long story, but that happened to me and guys.

Yeah, you can put that photo in Uh, yeah and see if it’s anywhere.

All I mean, holy fuck.


I forgot that you could do that too.

That’s huge.

Girls are fucking crazy, man.

They are so our guys, so our guys men can be just as crazy.

It’s true, especially when they’re in love.

They can do some great.

I have some crazy fucking stories about guys that were in love and they pulled some crazy shit.


We are talking about stories that Daddy gang members have.

And and you just said, guys are crazy too.

Yes, Sophie I did there was a daddy gang member that wrote in and said that her daddy’s poppendieck.

This week old are amazing.


You are?

We read every single review guys, and it’s like it.

So I feel like the crazy out of that.


So like I never told anyone that’s got.

Here you go, cuz I’m like, it’s a Secrets as well.

This poor girl had it happen to her.

Okay, so a guy went crazy on her.

She had a guy fake.


A suicide, fake.

A suicide that the entire town was like a lot into Autumn Leaves it.

This kid was dead.


To get her attention and get her back.

Okay, so guys are like, bitches be crazy with it.


You’re crazy too.

When that thing, when your heart starts to flutter and you feel this thing called butterflies, that’s love bitches and you’ll do some crazy shit.

When you’re on that drug.

I think we need to give him some of the detail epic story.

Rocked my okay, so she’s with her girlfriends on Friday night, huh, and she gets a call that her boyfriend tried to commit suicide.


She tried to OD on Benadryl.


So all of them were like that would be a tough one.

That’ll be a tough one that will for sure be a tough one.

So it didn’t work.

He tried, it didn’t work.

So she’s with all of her friends and I like, let’s get fucking black out.

Like this is ridiculous.


My boyfriend is such a sore ex-boyfriend had just broken up with him and she’s like, he’s a psycho.

So they all just get hammered and he’s texting her.

Her psycho.

I just tried to kill myself.

I’m gonna kill myself.

Why don’t you love me anymore?

All this shit.

So she blocked him.

Okay, the not all the block.


Drove him to really kill himself.

The next morning.

This girl gets a call from her ex’s mother sayings saying Tyler hung himself and is dead.


So when those guys mom mom contacted the ex-girlfriend said, Tyler killed himself and Blamed it on her.

Oh, Ami my God, this girl obviously feels so bad because she blocked him and like she didn’t get any of the text of him being like I’m gonna kill myself all this shit.


That is so fucked up.

She’s mourning the loss of her ex.

She cries.

She’s blaming herself.

She posted even on Facebook being like I wish I could have saved you all the shit.

Oh my God, everyone in there.

Yeah, the girl, right.

And she’s like the entire zip code.

New was like planning the funeral, right?


She I said every what they were writing on his Facebook page saying our IP bro, like the whole fucking tri-state area.

Yeah, literally thought that this kid was dead.

That’s insane fast-forward to 11 something at night and this girl gets a text from someone saying, Tyler’s not dead.


I just talked to him, huh.

So this has been morning.

Alex racks for a few days.

It’s he was resuscitated resuscitated by not happen.

Sometimes people die for like a few minutes and they come back dude and not benefited do so, but the girls were like, imagine us.


I’ve been posting on Facebook.

Like I wish I could have saved you.

I’m on fucking tweeting the quotes about, you know, I’ll miss you and our IP bro.

And then it’s like, oh, by the way, Tyler’s not dead.

That would be such a mindfuck.

I’d be like, I would be like, oh my God, is it?

His ghost?


What a fuck?

What do finally, hmm.

The Dead Guy?

Calls her Tyler calls, her off a random number trying to convince her that he’s walking out of the hospital and he’s on his way home in a cab.


And we need to get back together.

She’s like died.

There’s a memorial service for you.

And she just said it was one of the things in this town that this kid had everyone.


That he fucking killed himself.


That’s so great.

And then he rose from the fucking dead.

I’m not gonna lie.

I’ve been in some messed-up relationship - yeah, you faked your own death.

No, but I haven’t in relationships where guys will hit you with like the something bad might happen.


If you don’t talk to me, it’s like about guy actually my boyfriend in high school pulled that shit.

I like, I don’t mean you can’t asshole, but, and listen, again.

I know that that happens in some relationships where that shit actually goes down.

But if you’re using that to get the person’s attention fucking relax, we another random part of this way.


I just remembered she wrote in and she was like also a side know when we thought that he was dead.

A guy that I had used to talk to was just texting me from like this random number and he was asking me if I was okay and if I wanted to get fucking dinner turns out, oh my God, it was her.


Oh my God, using a change my number app and he was texting her.

So then your didn’t think to see if she was being shady if she wanted to.

She was like, yeah, let’s get dinner.

And then she shows up in her dead, fucking boyfriend sitting at the diner and she’s like.


Okay, so he faked his death and then was trying to text her from a random number meet up with her and see if she would like do it.


Bosz a fucking trip.

You would not be also, is he going to be mad at her fishies when she thinks he died?

Died and went to get dinner.

So he’s like, he’s like even if I die you are not allowed to go on a date or get dinner than me, but he’s like bitch.


I got you.

What I said.

Wow, dude it gotta love it.

God, I fucking love it.

All right, let’s get into question.

Also is a song where she saw the week.


Alright, I have a crazy one.


We’re going to hit him right where it hurts.

New York City.

This is fucking nuts.

It’s only place.

I could happen.


Story time.

Okay, a cougar Sugar.

Mama story, ready?

I am a 20 year old.

I’m an athlete at my school in NYC and I am broke as fuck.


So my friend told me about the website seeking arrangements and I decided to give it a try after about a week of checking my account.

I got a message from a woman who lived on the Upper East Side.

She told me she wanted to take me out for lunch and would pay me $200, just for being there.


So, I met her at a brunch place and as soon as I got there.

She began to pump me, full of drinks, love that.

Ah, conversation was really casual inorganic.

So I was having a good time after lunch.

We hit some bar at around 7:00 p.m.

She asked me if I wanted to see her apartment and that there could be some more money in it for me.


So I guess I must have said, yes.

I was.

I am, ER, I’m imagining this meeting a friend for sure.

So she got an Uber with me.

We went back.

She lives in the penthouse of an apartment building edit is gorgeous.

She gave me a tour and then She said she was going to take a quick shower and change.


All my gosh.

He left me alone on the couch with a bottle of champagne in the living room.

When she came back, she was wearing nothing but a silk robe and when she walked back into the room, she told me to finish my glass of champagne because she had something to show me in the bedroom.

As we got into the bedroom.


She dropped her.

Robe, got naked proceeded to show me how girls or women are supposed to throw it back.

Oh afterwards.

She ubered me back to school and Heed me an extra $600 when I got back to school.


My girlfriend was frantic and asking where I had been all day.

I gave her $100 and told her not to worry about it.

And what the month, I go to the other side to my sugar, mamas apartment, and pay my girlfriend $100 to not ask questions.

Okay, hashtag degrade me.


My God - it is out of a movie that is out of the.

That’s the shit, isn’t it?

So fuck.

I’m so jealous.

Also have guys, this sounds Weird, but like I feel like girls it’s like we get all judged if we did that with the guy.

Oh, yeah a guy did that like what a woman.

But actually what a boss dude going seeing that she’s asking me had how she drops her robe.


She’s like, let’s fuck.

He she hands him money.

Yeah the issue with this story.

That’s all fine.

What is this?

So he hands the girlfriend $100 bill for her to shut the fuck up and not ask questions.

If your boyfriend came home and you’re like, where the fuck have you been any hands?


You $100.

And he’s like, don’t worry about it.

I’d be like, I’d put it in my wallet, but then I would be like, what the fuck?

Oh, fuck dude.

That story is some fucking movie shit.

You’re right.

I’ve I love it.

Alright this I’m so excited.


I so excited for this question.

Listen, and I’m just going to preface this with like, I think we’re ruining lies but ruining lives, but we’re also helping helping God.


Listen, I’m a new listener after listening to The fourth episode and hearing that all guys, keep all the nudes including their exes.


I entered crazy mode all got along.

I’m not proud of it, but I had to know what was on my boyfriend’s phone.

Not to mention that he hates when I try to take his phone.

So he falls asleep and I get in that shit.

And there they are.


The mother fucking news.

Not just his recent ex, but some random bitch.

I’ve never seen before sprinkled.

Middle of his exes.


So now I’m here.

Like what’s my next move?

Help me Alex, nnd nude.


Never die, motherfucker, ever.

It’s like, sometimes I feel it.

What’s wrong?

Are we men?

Why do we know this shit?

So many girls don’t know.

I know so many girls don’t believe it, which is the sad thing, and it’s kind of crazy because I listen, I feel bad one.


Were releasing a got the guys secrets and then two girls are getting all upset.

This is the thing I have to say.

Yeah, as much as it’s like, oh my God, we’re cracking the code.

They all nude is.

It fucked up that like, I don’t really fucking care.

If my boyfriend has all his old, new Daleks.


I genuinely I actually made a comment on an episode that my ex had shown me videos that he had with his ex-girlfriend.

Which obviously that’s crossing boundaries not cool.



Her right arm, or Over her.

Like I genuinely did not care, right?


He likes water.


He’s with me.

Nobody fucks.

Her obviously has fucked her.

He can close his eyes and imagine what it was, like, fucking hurry.

What’s the big deal for him to have it on his phone?

He even told me that, like, he’ll still jack off to it from time to time.

I remember people didn’t believe you and you’re like, I don’t care.




Okay, I could see some girls getting upset about that because it’s like, oh my God, he’s thinking about her and watching her and him have sex, he can just close his eyes and Magic.


I just think, like girls daddy, gang.

Listen, if you want to be the girlfriend.


That is way Chiller than most don’t freak out every single man a guy in the office.

We literally told him about this and I was like, you’re never going to delete your news, even when you get married, right?

And he was like, he had a good point.

He was like, know, I’ve worked hard for those.


It’s almost not even about the actual news, guys.

It’s legit, like a little trophy to that.

We have issues that it doesn’t cause I’m sitting here thinking about.

I’m like, it doesn’t faze me and it doesn’t FaZe.

You, I buy it.

I don’t think it should face girls because at the end of the day, it’s not going to stop.


You can hear make though.

It’s like, you know, what, right?

Excited over something that will never change.



This is really quick.

I’m going to do too because this is just a comment.

I have to read this girl.

Holding goes my boyfriend.

Just got the ugliest haircut.

Does it count as cheating?


If I fuck around a little while it grows out?

Daddy through this girl’s it.

Can I please fucking cheat on my boyfriend while his haircut fucking sot combinations.

While it grows out.

I want to DM her and tell her to come over amazing.


All right.

This one pisses me the fuck off.

Oh guys guys.

I need your help.

I’ve been with my boyfriend for a while.

So we know each other pretty well, sexually, I’m trying to work on switching things up a little bit, spicing it up because it’s always more fun.

However, No matter what happens when I try to rub my clit.


He always pulls my hand away.

It’s almost like he finds it offensive solely because he think he isn’t pleasing me himself.

And obviously, that is in the case, how to make him comfortable with that, so we can just both enjoy sex that much more.

The fact that he’s swatting her fucking hand away, but I would hurt I would slap him slapping and punching out Donkey Punch.


Fuck out of here, bitch.

Boy, I would slap his dick away.

I’d be like your dad.

Big isn’t making me come.

So I’m going to swap that away.

Swap that one away.

What guy?

It’s not happy.

When a girl is touching her, an insecure little bitch boy.

Little bitch.


This is what pisses me off.

I’m like, dude.

You literally are your girl is about to get off.

That’s your side of her.

She’s taking care of her clit.

I also want guys to understand, I am always that girl.

That’s like, I’m gonna suck your dick and use my hands and give you like Blow job and obviously is your hand my hand.


But there’s no need for me to really give you a full from start to finish hand job, guys, know how to give themselves a hand job better than anyone in the world.

Girls know their clit better than most.


So guys, you should never fucking tell a girl that she shouldn’t be touching her.


Clit thousand percent.

Okay, now, all right.

Oh wait.

No, actually, I’m doing this one first.

Okay, this is fucking Colo.

Well, you’re literally not going to believe this and I swear.

It’s not a lie.

I fucked a A 50 year old ex-porn star, when I was 18 years old, his name is and then I have to bleep it out.


She asked us.



He literally want to porn award for eating the best.

I wish I was joking.

But yes, he did live up to that.

That’s a dress and then she goes he took my virginity.

It was fucking great.

He is so sweet and asked me how my vagina was doing.


The next day after has your man ever done that?

He tried to have a threesome the next day, but I ended things with him and I’m going on a date with a guy my age, but it worked out.

So she lost her virginity to a porn star.


I’m obsessed with her.


I want to be that that woman has moving forward to 18 year old.


She fucked a fifth year old porn star won an award for eating the best pussy.

I got almost no.

Now I’m kind of like fuck it fucked her for the for every other guy moving forward.

Every guy that eats her out to eat.


Like he ate it.

Yeah, like that’s fucking crazy.


Wow, who’s to you girl?

This guy wrote in and said the past two months.

I’ve been hooking up with this girl.

But we both live at home, which makes it somewhat difficult to be intimate.

I’ve always snuck around and kept quiet, which actually ended up being really hot until last week.

When we finally got some alone time.


When I say this girl was loud.

I mean, we would have easily been kicked out of hotels screaming.

Like, someone couldn’t hear her front row at a rave.

I don’t think she was faking it, but it was to the point where I was pretty turned off.

I ended up Faking It guys can fake owes to and now I don’t really know what to do.


I try to talk to her a little bit about On it, but she actually said that it had been brought up to her before and that it probably wouldn’t change.

I’m not trying to be an ass cure.

But honestly, it’s so bad.

It makes me self-conscious to do you have any advice?

All right.

I’m sorry or okay.


Those are going to say orgasms.

Those are somewhat involuntary.

Like if you’re going to be loud during knives, like what, five ten seconds of legit, if there is no reason, I just don’t believe it that this girl needs to be screaming.

Bloody murder during Is that guy?


I’m sorry, dude.

It’s a little guy.

If you want to be loud and he loves.

You are loud.

That’s fine.

But there’s a level though.

And guys, we always say, Daddy gang be vocal and make noises, and let him know that he’s fucking right.

But there’s also a line of like, if you are not shutting the fuck up, which is fine.


Yeah, you’ve said you don’t have to fight him during talking.



But your noise level, like if you’re screaming.

Yeah, and it’s like bitch, if he pulls out in a second.

He’s gonna want to see You be like, I’m what are you doing?

It’s it’s not a good look.

When girls look like they’re putting on a show and it’s I mean the that the fact that he brought it up to her and she was like, I don’t think it’s gonna change.


I kind of just want to call bullshit on that.

I think that you can, you know, you can absolutely fucking shove your face in a pillow J.

If that’s what you want.

I remember being in a hotel room with my boyfriend and the couple next door was act.

This girl was literally screaming bloody murder and he was like, dude that so Attract, I think there’s girls that you know, they Hero guys like when you’re loud and they just take it to that level.


Don’t knock it the fuck.

I’m sure when I was younger.

I probably owe me to a little obnoxious but this is the last one because I just have to say it.

Hmm Alex on the topic of you peeing on the guy all these fucking girl it triggered everyone.

When I tell Mikey story.

I have a little something worse than that my boyfriend at the time we got very drunk and went home to fuck.


I was on top of him and didn’t really remember much, but he stops mid-fuck and goes what is that?

Smells only realize I started shitting on him by accident.

So my fight-or-flight mode kicked in and I say, that’s what you get for putting it in my butt and he was so fucked up and drunk believed it, and he was like, oh my God, I’m sorry.


And we never spoke about it again.

I was so embarrassed, dude.


It’s Umbra lot and how quick she had to come up with that.

That’s what you get for putting my halo drunk.

He was like, fuck.

Maybe even her assets that are vagina.

That is brilliant.

I mean, you run the risk if you’re doing a task.

Daddy gang.


We love you so much.

Everyone’s day.

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Can you guys.

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We love you so much after this.

We can get it in this week and it’s hump day.

It’s hump day, baby.

Every single guy and girl.

Girl out there this weekend.

I want you doing one thing.



The Mona.


The Mona Lisa.

And every girl go trap your fuck boy, baby.

Gotta love it.

You guys next one.

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