Call Her Daddy - 30 - Sex Toys & How to Not Catch Feelings


What about in the middle of fucking you’re like doing dirty talk and you’re like I want to eat something now.

We we want to bounce up and down on that.

We we oh my God, holy shit.


Oh my God, people wonder if we’re like this or it’s just for the podcast.


Welcome to our LOL.






Hi, what’s up?

How are you?

Hello, what’s going on?

It’s the founding fathers.

Hola back at it again, for another episode of call her daddy’s gonna say it.

You’re hungover.

We are so hung over guys.


I have tears streaming down my face.

Be sure.

I had like five drinks total and I’m like, what?

It’s like in high school.

You can finish an entire waddle but water bottle of like vodka.

And now I’m like three.

Drinks in and I really can’t see the night sky. - I was talking to my friend about this the other day and we would take shots of Ever every year.



That isn’t that like a little disgusting.

But like, no wonder my no one really neither have.

I swear to God the amount of drinking I did when I was younger, it’s all right me too.

Did my brain capacity?

Well, that’s okay.


Baby, baby.

So while in Allah, when in La, we went on a double date last night.

Well, we forced a double day.

Yeah, that’s what we always.

We were on a dating app and I reached out to a guy and I pretty much was like, okay, awesome.




Let’s go ahead and make this a foursome because Alex will be coming with me, please.

A man for her dating before you Sophia was so boring.

And now that we actually just basically whenever one of us matches with a guy and he invites us out, we’re like, hey, can you bring a friend for my friend?


If I was a guy I would want to go on a date with both of us.

Yeah, cool just one, I agree.

So anyway, we went on a date last night, but that’s not even the point.

No, guys.

I know this is the point.

A lot of people ask what?

It’s like dating when we have this podcast.


Yeah, obviously we divulge more than we should as my mother.

Let me know multiple times.

So yeah, we did.

And we also like are basically sharing our secrets and write out the way we play the game.

So if you listen to our podcast, if you date us, it kind of gives you like a 1-up and a lot of information.



So I mean, when it comes to dating guys, if the podcast is brought up, which a lot of times it is I will have the conversation and then some guys are like, oh like I’m not going to listen.

Yeah, and then some guys are just super open in there.

Like I Yeah, then there are some that straight up lied to our faces, a bowl of you live.


Had men lie to you.

I’ve had men, I’ve had men lie to me and this is the thing guys is always comes out.

Always, you cannot be exposed to that much.

I’m from Washington info life the way they think, Etc.


And it doesn’t somehow slip out and somehow it’s always going to slip out.

So guys, fast forward to We went on this date last night, and the conversation starts flowing.

The drinks are flowing.

So they asked us what we did and Sofia made a joke about.

Oh, you guys didn’t stalk us like, yeah, we have this show, this show.


It’s like kind of crazy and they told us, they acted like they had no idea what they were.

We were talking.

Now, the problem I already have with that is I didn’t believe them immediately because when you match on a dating app immediately, you’re going and stocking that person, you’re going to their social media and in our bios itself, says, co-hosts of call her that Medium.


And it’s like our entire Instagram.

Everyone does like right thorough sir.

Yes, so we are sitting at the table and the drinks start flowing.

So people are getting a little Loosey, Goose little loosey-goosey and somehow I can’t remember why, but we started talking about, like, our last relationship like our friend Max’s Rica and one of the guys, it was my guy.


He ends up saying, let me I guess like your last relationship ended because you cheated and then the other guy other guys, this tipped it off immediately.

The other guy goes, haha.


Chi or be cheated on.

I was like, no hon.


I’m sorry.

No one in their right mind says that, unless you’ve listened to call her daddy.

And also I was thinking like the way they set it to it, immediately tipped us off that they had listen guys, because the way they said it it was like as if they had this inside joke with us and No, we don’t have inside jokes.


We just met and you just said you don’t know about our podcast.

The, I don’t know.

How are you making cheater?

Be cheated on Joseph a little bit, right?

And I mean, there’s just no way you say that no fuck.


Also like who said who would even say that as a natural response to anyone saying that, you know, you cheated on your life might be surprising.


But Alex, ion, just openly talk about cheese, right?

First date.

Fuck me, like, oh you must have cheated.

So anyways, I look up at the guy.

She is Sophia is shoving my finger into my thigh that very moment.

Because we were both like yeah, I was like, nudging you and then I looked up at the guy and I was like, oh so you guys have listened and they both got so awkward and they were like, no we novel and then big girl Alex comes and steps in and I was like, I honestly wish you two could have just been upfront because now I’m looking at two little bitch boys.


It’s like you guys young guys Daleks talk show E.

I did said bitch boys.

I like like all they listen to the fucking podcast and they know the term so it was the rest of the night.

Guys was It did a like went downhill but more or less story is men.


They’ll try to say they don’t listen the truth will always come out every every single time though that I tell people that I’ve dated guys were there.

Like I won’t listen like I don’t like when people are like an Arab listen lying to you like I am dating this guy right now.


Yep, and I look at him and I’m like if this poor unfortunate soul, you heard the private.

I did I Sweet.

This segment.

I had just recorded.

I’m not gonna be sitting in this room right now.

Is that is it then guys?

It’s like, listen trust us when we say.


Like there are some people that don’t listen because there’s no fucking way.

You can sit there and pretend you haven’t you can’t have that much inside of someone’s life and not something so it’s so fucking yell a boy.

Okay, Alex.

Okay, so guys Uber Ube.

So Bill who bailed out was through those great.


Um, so we are like a little shook, a little shaken to the Core.

Yeah, so we had some guys, actually right in and it was I just don’t get it at all it just in these doesn’t match.

Well with me, these men, don’t know shit saying that they didn’t know they were supposed to get the girl view birth, to go to his place or meet him at the dinner that they’re going to guys.


I didn’t know this is not like a common or a well-known thing men.

It is.

So I know it sounds weird, but it is so hot when a guy text me and he’s like, let me know when you’re ready.

I’ll call you an Uber men.

Do you?

Stand that the likelihood of you getting fucked, like ozone up.


Tiny folds legit.

If you get her car straight up, it’s so yeah, because I again, don’t be in the car.

No, do the car.

When you pick her up and send her the car so she can ease.


We talked about that on a past episode.

I think some people were like, you guys are actual crazy.



I don’t like her.

Don’t care.

I’ll meet you there.

We don’t want it really sit in the car with?

No, but we will, and you don’t need to be picking us up in.

Like like a 1992.

Honda Civic, like your mom’s more like your mom’s minivan, with a car with the car seat in the back.


This is great because that’s fine because she won’t even need to know.

You, exactly, maybe I’ll be, like, reveal out to her on like perfect day.

Just like how girls reveal their crazy on the fifth day.

So are the minivan on the fifth day.


So yeah guys, you should be like offering to get her an Uber or like to come over excetera.

It’s like really hot how to avoid Catching Feelings.


Oh my God.

This is very different than how to trap a fuck-boy.

How to avoid catching feelings, in a hook-up situation is so difficult for some people.

We’ve had so many people asking like what in the hell do I do Sophia?



You’re quick first knee-jerk reaction.

What would be your go-to advice for someone who’s not trying to catch feelings?

What do they do?

You’re gonna put me on the spot right here right now.

Come on, quick, go get his Xanax prescription.

You know, you never cease to amaze me.


Honestly, I honestly if that that it really could be.

That is a great way to numb.

Those little pesky emotions that come around from time to time.

Fuck feelings, fucking ocean.

I consider those.

Yeah, no, fuck that.


So, how did not catch feeling?


I want to address girls first.

Okay, go ahead.

This is gonna really, really, really ruffle some feathers girls.

Is the motto is you are just a whole.

We’ve said it once the most fat again.


I don’t think no, no.

No, I don’t think that I embrace women.

Right, right, but men, look at you.

Like, you’re a whole men.

Look at you.

Like you’re a hole in there.

Like, which one am I gonna put it?

But I and then maybe they don’t.

But that’s the mentality.




That’s what you need to think of your, just a hole.



Yeah, and then on the other side, guys, guys, if you’re trying to like, oh catching feelings and shit, just remember.

Yeah, that you’ve all got different.

X, but I promised, your dick is nothing fucking special and there’s 10 more that are fucking larger in a 5-foot.


Vicinity of you don’t get cocky with it.

So that’s like, that is just a little just like don’t let yourself think to.

That’s so fun.

And don’t let your think, don’t let yourself think of you of any more than just a dick and a hole.

Once again, like we’re just telling them what actually works.


It’s true.

Is it healthy?


Oh, fuck not here to give a healthy advice.

No, sorry.

Anyways, how to avoid Feelings with a hook-up is there are the stages pre-sex that you need to take and then post sex.

Let’s talk about priests acts.

So pre-sex.


What is your advice?

Pre-sex, Sophia.

When you’re starting to talk to someone to knock it feeling with a hookup.

To be completely honest.

Okay, that’s all we want from you.


That’s all we’re trying to get out of here.

I’m like just really thinking about myself.

I’m doing some soul-searching.


I need some self-reflection.

That’s what this podcast.

I’m pretty good at not catching feelings.


Okay, and I just realized, I go into every interaction.

Every day.

Every relationship, expecting nothing, like, I’ll be expecting.


Glimmer of hope like this might be the guy for me.

No, this could be the one.

Yeah, fuck out of it.

What about you?

You know, God, I kind of wish you said something more healthy because now I’m coming out of even worse spitting.

Know what is true when I got to my freshman year of college.


Actually, I I would brainwash myself to believing that I was the guy in the situation.

He said and I know that sounds fun.

So just that gender role confusion technique.


Gotta love it.

What about that?

Young man?

So I know it sounds toxic, but like, okay.

Basically I would literally, like you kind of said I would expect nothing and I would assume the worst in everything.


So yeah, I would basically mentally sabotage any potential that it could get started.

Oh, yeah, and how I did this, I actually think this is like a really good bit of advice for both guys and girls.



What I did was I would reverse the roles in my head and put myself in their shoes.


Like, so for me, I was like, from this guy’s perspective.

He’s hot.

He’s young and is in a position to be getting a lot of pussy.

So, why would he choose just one?

And why would he choose?

Just me and I constantly drilled that into my head but knowing like think of yourself in their shoes and mentally brainwash yourself to be in the other and your boom.


I Just this, this is really the motto.

This is the motto, real model.

All right, this guy is a fuck boy or a fuck girl or a fuck girl until proven otherwise, oh, that’s it.


Okay, like a good tactic.

I’m just gonna say it for girls, but it’s obviously works for guys, like okay.

Every single man on the face of the planet and I don’t care who it is.

Obama fucking Dolly llama care.


Well, fuck boy until they show me that they aren’t Okay.



Do you get what I’m saying?

Oh, that’s hot.

That’s what your mentality needs.

I think that’s really smart.

I think that I literally.


I’m sitting here like so how, what can I give them?

An example of how the fuck did you brainwash yourself?

You idiot?

I would be fucking like at lunch with this guy and he could be making the most organic fucking joke that was related to the conversation.


We’re having and I would start laughing.

And then immediately in my head.

I would reverse the roles and I’m like, oh my God, he’s probably fucking over.

Being like this dumb bitch.

I use this joke with every fucking girl.

And she’s over here.

Fucking kylin Zhang and it’s like a joke that there’s no way he could have told me, but it’s like, literally specific.



I’d like you liar.

Oh my God, he’s fucking opening the door, and I’m like, a part of me is melting like, wait, he’s such a gentleman and I’m like, no.

He has an STD.

He just fucked a girl.

This morning.

Like, you have who hurt you?

That is why I want to ask you to do something like that.


No, it does everything we’re saying.

NG I understand that everything we’re saying, like, we sound like scorned women, right?

Dude, we sounded fucking like psycho.

This is a thing without sounding too ranty.

You never ever, ever, ever, give them the benefit of the doubt.


It’s the true.

You never you ever, you assume.

Everyone’s a fuck, but you never give them the benefit of the doubt.


They are a fuck-boy until they have proven that.

They’re not hence.

Why brainwash myself sweetheart.


Um, okay.

No, so I want to get into like I’m gonna get a little bit more personal here.


And I want everyone to know.

Like this was just my tactic, but obviously, you can make it your own.

So when it would come to sex, I kind of, I think I’ve talked about it on a past episode, but it was very briefly.

I personally have this thing where I don’t sleep with guys until about two to three months into talking to them and I know that sounds like a fucking long-ass time, but just hear me out.


It’s all strategic and tactics.

This has nothing to do with me, you know, Holding Out for religious purposes.

You know, one day.

Thank you.

Anyways, but basically, I would take the strategy of manipulate and play the game and T’s and do everything like a fuck-boy except for fucking.


So do you so the BP goes in the mouth?

The pp is in and around the mouth because it but I personally believe my like little secret formula over here.

I was personally, was foreplay the good old goddamn fucking Gluck Gluck.


No, but I am looking out the glass between.

So I imagine what two men were teeth.

That’s you, right?

So from the start, I’m articulating to the guy.

I don’t really sleep around.

Like, I don’t really know you, if I don’t really know you like that.

So, like, nothing emotional with it.


I’m just, like, not into that right.


What I would do is like the first hook up, I would give these guys, like, maybe an above-average blowjob.

And then the next hook up, I would ramp it up to like a little bit better of a blow job.

And when I say above-average, I don’t mean to be an asshole, but it’s so fucking obvious that like, I’m happy.


We’re teaching the daddy gang but like girls give fucking wack ass head Bay DUI, give a guy would be technically, considered in my mind, a below-average blowjob and I see them fucking losing their fucking shit.

When I’m like, I’m like wait, I’m not even doing shit.

They never get good head.

So what I did is I like capitalize a lot of girls don’t know how to do it.


No, they don’t.

But with the clothes, With the Gluck.

So basically the point what I’m trying to say is I would slowly each hook up, ramp it up in a different department of foreplay to have him be like, holy fuck.

I fucking love this bitch and I want sex with her and by the time I was ready to decide if I wanted to have sex because listen everyone fucking loves the chase.


So finally, when I would be like down to fuck, he would be freaking the fuck out.

Like holy fuck.

I love this bitch.

Like finally.

Oh my God.


Yes, yes.


And I’m over here like uh, okay, sex was good.

But I’ve already prepared myself.


I don’t have any feelings and now he has feelings.

Oh, so it’s just, I know it’s a little, I’d little bit of a different tactic I take in hired.

I know everyone out there is like, okay.

We thought your fucking fucking on the first date every night know it, but it’s just my strategy.

This, I think that we are the same Uhn 99% of things in our lives, in this area.


I’m pretty different.

Yes, and that’s fine.

I It has to do with being older and why you’re so old Sofia her and wiser older and wiser.

Fuck off.

No, I’m just kidding.

I just take a completely different approach where there’s really like no strategy.


Okay, I if I want to have sex I will and if I don’t I don’t and it doesn’t matter like if it’s the first date.

Second date.

Third day.

Yeah, but I have already programmed myself to genuinely.

Not catch feelings under any circumstance.


But see you’re say you’re sitting over there, but you’re sitting over there saying you don’t play a game.

That’s your game.

Do you see what I’m saying?

Like your game is to go in with nothing on your fucking mind.

You’re like there is no way.

You’re programming yourself to be like there’s no fucking way.


But this holds bitch.

It’s gonna get in my field.

I have programmed myself.

There’s a good point.

If I don’t point where like a man could be on one knee proposing and I would be like, how many girls have you proposed?

You’re like, wait what how many today?

So okay.

So I Is it is it is?



It’s what it is.

Is everyone has to find that one thing that will keep them from like catching feelings.

And so mine was like, I was getting off on watching these guys slowly fall in love with me because I would just be like, giving them different types of fucking blowjobs every time and like I’d be like won’t make me come with your fucking mouth bitch before.


You can make me come with your dick and they’re like, oh wow this bitch.

This is fun.

It’s a Chase yours.

Guys can sense when I know the way you talk.

Talk about it.

You go into shit and you have you are so closed off.

No motions.

You’re like basically they’re in your room.

Basically are basically there to fog cold hard, a soulless with a vagina.


Why are your eyes black?



What the fuck?


And so your game is literally making sure that they feel that like this bitch wants to leave.

We just stopped and she like does not want to say, she wants to get the fuck out.

And I just want to say just one one positive healthy thing.



Okay, this is In the beginning.

Yeah, you know, yes, this is my heart.

Yeah, obviously, after a fucking wild.


And he’s proven to me.

You gotta give it a little bit but still then I still keep myself guarded.

Let me explain something to you.


This is how I kind of see it.

And again, jeez my poor psychologist.


Like Alex, you sound like a psycho mom.

Turn it off.

All right, aren’t those the ones that their kids are usually psych.

Yeah, fuck.

I do get that a lot.


This is the thing that this is how I kind of look at sex.


You people that are just down to fuck sex is the goal.


So those people that are looking for casual sex, they are playing the game.

It’s gonna be weird Knology, but they’re playing the game like a video game.


Oh, okay, the game got a gamer on our top.

The game is to have sex and once you’ve had sex you won and you’re on to the next game, but Sometimes you play it, like you’ll obviously, play the game, a few more times.


You may even fucking by the game, but you always want to be renting other games.

So you’re never going to play one fucking video game for the rest of your life.

You may have a main video game or a main bitch that you love the most, but you always need side games.


You always want side.

Bitches, always want to go back to playing World of Warcraft.

Yes, and that’s what I would do.

I have Fused in my mind acknowledging, there will always be side games or side.


I refuse to ever be the side game.

So I decided I would tease myself as the main game and make them beg to have me as their main, and hold out for sex and do all this and worship.


The moment we had sex and then I would just decide after that.

Like, oh, no, I’m not going to give them anything.

Emotionally, that makes sense.

No, the yeah.

That definitely means that you think a video game analogy, but that’s how guys and girls, listen, avoiding catching feelings.

That is kind of how you have to see it.

It’s like, uh, A game and I know it’s fucked up and I know people think this podcast is fucked up, but this is fucking reality because a lot of times there’s gonna be two people to tango, and one of them usually is not catching feelings and one does.


And so, if you feel like you could be the person that’s going to be catching feelings.

You are a whole, you are just a day and you need to make it yourself when they’re convinced.

Like, with all these things were telling you, that they are fucking around.

Going to be better off.

So film.

We’ve been kind of Like addressing this to girls.


I just want to talk to men for.



Yes, guys.

Get feelings to absolutely Mill.



We were just on the phone with him and it’s just girl.

Yeah, milk Hunter just told us.

He’s like, I have a few of my boys that like, they fuck a girl and they are in their feelings.


I think like that shit’s real, right?

I think for guys, first, it’s when they encounter the voodoo clam, the God damn Voodoo clean, and if you don’t know, the voodoo clam is, it’s when your vagina makes guys key or car burn your house.

Down do crazy shit for love the Vudu.


Take a video of themselves.

Crying - I know it’s so well, so, so I think with guys, it’s after sex.

Usually men.

Don’t let the sex blind.

You know.


She made your we we feel things.


We we know it’s true and stop thinking with your dick period.

I know that is cruel.

This girl was fucking your Friend, Brad the night before she does that to every fucking book a ride.

It’s nothing special, you little bitch boy.

Yeah, man, get feelings.

You gotta toughen up and just realize as much as you may think girls are the emotional ones.


There’s a lot of times, the voodoo clam will getcha it will get you so so so menu should also.

Yeah, you got to basically manipulate yourself.

Also, if you’re feeling like, oh fuck I’m catching feelings in this girl’s just down for a fuck.


So let’s talk about posts.

So I think we’ve covered priso post.


Sex is always obviously like The fucking riskiest, right?

You’re more inclined to get feeling yachters.

Will be just what it.

So post-sex.

All right, you’re about to catch feelings.

How do we fucking avoid?

How do we avoid it?


I think a big one is to keep the roster full 100.


He’s careful though.

Be careful.

Because if your rosters sucks and you’re messing around with guys or girls that aren’t that great.

It might push you towards the person, more that you’re trying to avoid.

That’s actually such a good point.

We’ve all been there.


I’ve been there where I’m like there’s this, there’s this guy that I’m kind of fucking around with but I still have like my ex.

I’m still looking for - someone else, right?

But like my ex grosses me out and the other guy like did something that like grossed me out and so it just makes me like the main guy more.



That’s how I have had that to.

You got to be really careful that the people you’re surrounding yourself with aren’t just, like actual little specks that you don’t give a shit about because it will, it could look make you like a person more.

I think, another really, really Really good point that I want people to start doing.


If you’re trying to avoid feelings, post-sex is hit up an old body.

Someone that you are familiar with that, you’ve had sex with not so pick one that you’re comfortable with and just literally go through your old bodies and randomly, hit one up, catch up with them.


You don’t even need to fucking hang out with that.

I literally will just you could start sexting and like talking a little bit more and just keep your mind off shit because I think a lot of times especially with girls if you’re not trying to be fucking more than one person at a Time just texting an old body.

That’s like easyacc your mind off.



I mean, yeah, that’s a good one.

A basic one is.

Don’t sleep over.

Okay, God don’t be cuddling up.

Snuggling up to him.

Like don’t don’t let yourself get in those feel do here and there you can fucking sleepover.


I get it.

We have had 12 Tequilas and you’re like, I’m not again.

We trying to like, get an Uber like, no, no.

No, I agree with, don’t I think.

Yeah, I think that’s especially girls.

I think at a little of Fucking emotional or there are some fucking bitch boys that they try to act so cool.

And then all of a sudden, you end up being the fucking big spoon and they’re trying to be little time with you.


You’re like bitch.

What the fuck.

So I um, I mean, I guess like a really good one to is just fucking increase your masturbation.

That is don’t rely on them for low anything.

You’re horny that can sometimes have ran the fucking like someone when you don’t?

Yes, okay.


It starts to look real fucking right around here when you’re really horny.

Okay, you may jump anyone.

Don’t fuck around with like pet names.

Don’t be doing babe, baby.

Honey, bunny bunny bunny like no, no, no.


And do not let them call you babe or baby, autism.

Don’t ever.

Ever, ever ever engaged.

It’s disgusting Behavior.

We sell it.

No psychic told me babe, disgusting.


Are you trying to?

Cute with that.

Knock it.

The fuck off.

As far as you’re concerned.

I’m your whore.

You’re not your captive.

And that’s it.


No, I agree with you.

Yeah, fuck off with the pet name.

Um, I think I think this is one of one of my best and lasts would be for how to avoid fillings.


Post-tax is.

Do not be the one.

Who act different?


After sex, you do not initiate any fucking change.

Keep the same Pace the same energy.


Basically, you’re not you cannot let this out the sex clout your judgment.

There are too many people that all of a sudden.

It, I feel like girls who this all the fucking time and it’s pathetic.

It’s like all of a sudden you guys fucked and then it’s Friday night.

He hasn’t hit you up.


He made it.


He’s not hanging out with you that night.

He’s ghosted.

You and at 2 a.m.

You’re fucking calling him and texting him.

Trying to get your booty call.

It’s like if you don’t have plans.

Yeah, you are not texting him.

It is your hook up and they owe you nothing and then you are pushing that boundary.


You look fucking way to clearing if your if your behavior changes especially if you’re starting to act more needy.

Yeah, he is going to be terrified.

Yeah, especially and girls the same.

When a guy does it to me after we fuck and he’s like, all of a sudden.


Blowing me up.

You’ve had it that, like, this guy won’t stop fucking calling you and it’s like, dude I get it.

The sex is fucking bomb, but still the fuck out.

Just cute.

This I ain’t play.

I’ve had a guy do that too.

And it freaked me out.

Now you go girls, like right.


Do I’m like running away.

But then also keep in mind, guys.

That’s also the side of when you do start doing that, it immediately gives the person, the upper hand.

They immediately have the power in the hook up because you’re the one that’s contents constantly.

Straying from what the initial plan was and now you’re getting a little bit more mushy with guys play fucking you am Todd damn.


Fuck out of here with that shit.

All right, you mentioned someone you don’t want him calling you baby.

You I’m calling you a whore.

Oh, yeah.

Thanks and it made me think of something for reminding me make the sex.

Super dirty.

Oh, yeah.

Discussed make it so nasty.


None of this lovey-dovey stuff.

And I know sometimes people think it’s hot to be like this is Is yours are like, oh, you’re I always say that like it.

Fuck me.

Like it’s yours.

Yeah, whatever no.


No, do not be saying that.

Okay, you’re gonna be like, I am a whore.

Fuck me.

Like course, luck is not go 1, 2 3.


Whoa, for we ran a train on me earlier.

That’s all your dude.

I think that’s actually such a good point because I feel like a lot of times also, it’s kind of fucked up but especially with girls if they’re getting mushy with it and they’re like, oh, fuck, baby.

Like, it’s yours.


It’s yours.

Even in dirty talk girl.

Fucking psych themselves up, and I’m like, it is his.

I know I love you and I will stir talk water.

When it comes to getting feelings with a hookup.

I know our advice, may not be the generic kind that you hear on most podcast, but I do think that like this shit fucking works.


Dude, the I, I have not cried over many people, my life.

And I’m not saying I’m gonna do this my whole life, but right now, like, if I’m just trying to have a cup, I don’t want to get fucking feelings and there’s a lot of girls and guys, that Get way too emotionally involved.

If you see the signs that it’s just a fucking hook up, stay in your lane.


Don’t change the fucking pace.

And brainwashed herself rain, wash yourself healthy healthy healthy.

Everybody is a fuck boy or fuck girl until they prove.

Otherwise basically until you’re married and then they still down.

It’s probably your first date hate you.

Hey, Phil.

Hey, they’re shooting on you until they prove otherwise, okay.


Sofia, brought something up to meet is actually swerve off the road.

Fall off the fucking treadmill, worthy.

Like this shit can’t be real and I still don’t believe you actually, but not as you that I like looked into it, but I didn’t just cringe cringe, cringe, Brandi and Brandon Currie.

Change up.

My butthole - you’re almost Corner couples who have Instagrams to why it’s insulting to why.


It’s it is so insulting.

It is so insulting your right to the human fucking rapes.


What is that?

Knock it off guys.

You For people that haven’t seen it.

There are couples.



That have shared Instagram accounts.


Okay, AKA Peter and Sandra Smith.

Yeah, and they have one instagram account for the both of them.

So disgusting.

I don’t like okay.

First of all this screams the two of you have no fucking independence from each other knowing if that’s number one, which is number 2 to me is the BIOS.


That these people, what is it?

I’m trying to think about it.

Like, what is in your bio?

Oh, well, well, you say see, I’m saying, like our let me guess.

Our journey and love till death.

Do us part.

Basically, dude.

I wrote it down this one couples.

It literally starts, and glad you found.



Because I fucking had to look it up.

This couple goes in the bayou.

True love stories, never have endings.

And then insert a sunshine emoji, and then it goes Dan - Senior acquisition executive. - no Taylor - surgical neck, living love and then puts a heart.


No, we are.

They married.

No, they’re boyfriend and girlfriend are not even married and they have a fucking joint Instagram, these motherfuckers.

And they are, that is just rust.

Love stories.

Never have ending.

That is disgusting.

Also that shows me, that shows me that there is a break up on the horizon.


Oh fuck.

Yeah, because there’s absolutely no independent.


There’s probably Trust, I’m sure one of them was like I don’t want the other one having access all side world without me being able to monitor really fucking not.

I think couples like this that are so up.


Each other’s fucking assholes.

They don’t spend, those are the fucking couples that don’t spend any time apart.

One of them is terrified of one of them cheating.


It’s like their soap is one of them is usually, so possessive and scared and then God forbid, like one of them goes on a weekend getaway.

They immediately right minute, they get out of their grasp.


It’s like cheetah.

It’s like guys this is I was actually thinking about this.

I think that I usually would think it’s the girl initiating because think about it.

I feel like guys aren’t really into yeah, because guys don’t really give a shit about instagrammed are few guys who would really care enough to do something that fucking desperate and if you are that fucking desperate than you little your balls, have been fucking a top tie.


If you wanna fucking boyfriend was like, Sophia delete her, and no a pain.

Joy in the journey.

What fucking Journey To find your balls.

If you ever catch me doing that with a man or woman, who knows?

Maybe I’ll decide I’m a lesbian down the road.


I’m into it.

I wanted the whole fucking slap me across the face.

Fuck you up.

Push me down a flight of stairs.

I would actually love that and be like, what’s wrong?

Liz it.

This is the fucking issue.

The main issues that look like a fucking.

You look like a fucking loser.


This is embarrassing.

No, and it’s done.

It’s got.

So if any fucking daddy gang member happened, that’s a Can you guys just please diiemma, some of the ones you come across.

Because I’m, I’m fascinated.

It’s Ripple.

And it’s to me that that, that just like, what are we talking about?


Couples getting fucking tattoos together for.

Why, for?

What, for why SIM for y for Hill?

Fuck you soon.

Okay, similar to what I was just saying about not catching me into every Relationship thinking that there will be an end.


I just do and that’s just the towel and that’s what I like.

Even when I get married.

Like that is my first marriage.

That’s my future ex-husband.

That’s it.


Nothing is set in stone.

Nothing is permanent.

Nothing is permanent.

So, why are you putting something permit on your fucking body?


Someone it’s bad.


Don’t fool.

That’s gonna be real cute.

Okay, when you get his or hers name, tattooed on your body.

And you come home early from work one day and you walk in on him, fucking your daughter.



What Sophia, I think his name is tattooed on your ass like real cool.

Like why you did that sound.

What’s his fucking name?


Rob Kardashian, and that when he was dating the Cheetah Girls Adriana bitch.

They got their each other’s names tattooed on their and yes, and there was an episode on Kardashian’s where he’s getting it.

Like, Move.

They got it.

Mike guys.

I don’t mean to be an asshole, but like do get fucking matching bracelet or necklace has its it is honestly like a permanent stamp that you guys are gonna break up the following.


It’s a sure sign.

You guys are gonna break up.

My friend actually would like got it done with her boyfriend and then they obviously fucking broke, obvious, honey, hot the name tax legit and he was like, that’s gross.

Oh, thank you.



But she kept getting the name changed every single time.

She got a new boyfriend and now, dude, it looks like a blob like it’s the ugliest tattoo I’ve ever seen in my entire life.


I just saw actually a girl.

I used to talk to this guy.


That’s actually really sad.

I used to talk to this guy and this one girl was actually like unwell obsessed stalker Vibes of the guy and I just saw.

She’s literally just got into a new relationship and they just got matching tattoos, and I’m like And if the guy used to talk to would hit you up, you would literally cheat on your boyfriend, and you just got a fucking tattoo on him.


You little pussy ass.


Get it removed now.

Yeah, guys.

Just be care.

Well, we went off on a tangent there.


Oh, what did we want to talk about?

Sugar daddies?

Oh Alex.

What the hell?

Is he?

Yes, yes.




Sugar daddies be scamming.

Oh, they’re scamming around a me.

Um, okay, so I actually fucking love talking about sugar daddies because I feel like It’s one of those topics.

There’s never enough.

You can all, there’s always new content.

Every girl has a different situation.

We just actually had a girl right in.


And she was telling us how long this guy just like, but her tit job and everything is great, great time so they can be good.

However, we want to teach Bruce all you, the basic titsjob titties titty titty-fuck in there.

Okay, sound like a man.

Anyways, um, so I want to do a huge warning to all the girls that either are talking to a sugar, daddy or have been obviously like are getting confronted with Opportunity in your like on seeking arrangements or whatever.



There are so many fake sugar daddies out there there.


So for example, there will be sugar daddies that will say that they can’t use venmo PayPal or really like any reputable at reputable money transfer.


They may give the excuse like oh I can’t let my wife see or whatever so they will ask that’s a good one.

He sugar daddies are smart smart.

And so what they do.

Do is then, they asked intern for your actual bank.

Login, info and says that’s the only way he can deposit the money and the amount of girls that are falling for this.


And then their bank accounts are being wiped by these men because they’ll be like, I’m gonna put 10K in there and girls see dollar signs, and they freak out and their pussy gets fucking wet.

And then it’s like, well.

Now you couldn’t be drier than the fucking Sahara Desert because your bank account is zero.

That’s why do sweetheart.



That’s cute.

I can you fucking imagine.

So, messed up these girls.

Like looking to get money and yeah, you like sending nude and then you’re like go to check your bank account for the 10K and then it’s 0, flat balance.

Also another hack for anyone with sugar daddies the Amazon wish list.


So, a lot of times girls you basically set up a wish list on Amazon and anyone can like purchase the gift for you.

So what happens is a lot of times guys will do it as a trade.

So if you send me a nude, I’ll buy you that Chanel bag.

That’s in the earth box.



So what happened?

What is happening?

Okay, you can cancel the order, can’t you?

Yes in 30 minutes.

So, this is what’s happening, guys.

The sugar daddies are, sending these girls, the receipt.

Like she has it on her phone like shit.

He literally paid for this Chanel bag like 8K, I’m gonna send in the nude and what happened is, you send the nude and then a week goes by and then two week goes by, and there’s no fucking Chanel bag sweetheart.


They are.

Canceling, their orders in 30 minutes.

You guys need to fucking wait and get that bag in person before you’re sending any noodle Peta.

Chanel bag off Amazon.

I’m just curious.

I actually, I don’t know if it’s Chanel, but you could actually, maybe, I’m pretty sure there is designer shit.


Yeah, so girls are getting fucked over.

Sugar daddies are fucking taking shot.

Is the thing is, if you want to have a sugar daddy, which I do, which I definitely hook me up.

They can take away your stuff as quickly as As they gave it to you.


Yeah, Amazon wish list within 30 minutes gone, it were okay.

This reminds me.

I don’t know if anyone watches Vanderpump Rules.

I do, there’s a scene bitch.

I said next time every single night.

We watch TV together like I know Alex.




So Lala there’s a scene.

She’s like dating this guy.

I guess it’s not a sugar daddy because they’re engaged but he liked what he started kind of.

Okay, so there’s a scene and she’s freaking out and he’s like crying.

She’s like, Took my Gucci slides back away from me because he like got in a fight or something, which is so so like, dude.


I think they’re like, slides.

He took her Gucci Sly and it’s pathetic there, like 300 bucks, but I have a little Insider info.

Oh, get us wet.

Get a sweater Range Rover.


Okay, I think Randall the sugar daddy gave it to her.


Oh, she said it off after their first duck.

She just said that on the one last episode.

She said after I fucked him the next Stay.

He was like, hey, do you want a Range Rover?

Okay, and then she got a roller that Range Rover was taken away from this girl.

I know Angie Layton and handed to Lala we.


So Randall had a sugar baby.

Her name was Angie Lee Ann.

Yes and funky.

She’s the one of the hottest girls I’ve ever seen and she took the Range Rover away from Angie and handed it to all on was like here you okay?

Okay, Lala’s out here.


So I think she’s like guys, I got a range.

Like, yeah, because Angie’s driveway is now completely Barren.

And now yours is looking fucking pimped out.

As quickly as it was handed to Lala was taken away from another whole.

I kind of feel bad that she’s going around like flexing on everyone.


It’s lightweight.

Does she know that that was literally a hand-me-down from that?

Girl, Angie talks, that reminds me.

I told this story in a previous episode of this girl.

I know she lives in Vegas and she like has a sugar daddy and any time like they get a huge fight.


He I thought it was a tow truck.

Like that would pick up the car but it’s not.

He has like his personal assistant, go because the prison system has a key.

Go get in the car, drive it off there for her freaking driveway and she walks outside.

She’s okay.

I’ll be taking the bus today.


So it’s like she doesn’t think our dude that shit.

I mean por la la girl you deserve better.

Sex sex, sex sex sex.

It’s like I was just waiting for the whole time.

I’m like on the edge of my seat.

I know.


I’m asleep.


And I’m awake.

I’m awake.

And we’re talking sex toys guys.

This is such a beautiful segment to be told people been wanting to talk about forever forever.

I don’t know when we became this experts, but here we fucking go.


This podcast was even supposed to be a sign.

The road so vibrators and sex toys.

Okay, so we are not getting into the segment bollocks without addressing Lube.


Oh my freaking The Middle’s lubrication Noob.

Live it up.

Okay, Lube it down for some, rub it around.


I’m losing it.

Okay, men for some reason.

Well bitch boys, I should behave think that Is the enemy, the enemy?


And why is that?

I think it’s okay.

I think guys think it’s the enemy because they’re so immature and uneducated on it than they think it insecure.

And they think it means that lube equals them not being able to get the girl wet.

Grow the fuck up.


Oh lewb literally enhances everything.

It’s okay.

Lou pocket feels amazing.

Oh my God Lube feels so amazing.

It feels way better than using spit.

Abso-fucking-lutely enhances.

Every we need to fucking normalize Lube.


Oh, we’re not normal.

We are celebrating.

We’re not using it.

We’re celibate.

Have a fucking party.

Yeah guys, I think listen girls.

If you’re having a hard time getting wet.

You should feel free to show up to every single goddamn dick appointment with Lube, in hand girls it again, honey, for the bitch boys in the back.


Okay, asleep.

It for real star.

Using it.

First of all, you men out there.

I know are lasting longer than two seconds.


Okay, so you can’t just expect that.

This girl is going to stay wet for like three hours.

Yeah, the fucking street, that should be three hours.


And how is it bitch?

Going to stay fucking wet the whole time?

She’s not in.

Let her enjoy her Liu.


And lube.

A lot of times makes it easier for you to come.

That’s show anything.

Oh my God.

Yeah, for like your Clinton stuff, right?

Because like the rubbing on your quiz.

Like if you have Lube, it’s just not as rough and the lube makes its silvery and it’s fun.


Silky smooth.

Okay, but actual sextoy sextoys that you need Lube to you’re gonna be using sex where you need fucking Loop.

So a lot of girls are unsure how to bring out a sex toy during sex and they’re afraid kind of similar to lube like, but they’re afraid that their boyfriend or their Huckabee is going to be insulted.


Yeah, and I think it Again, but bitch way again, but girls everybody every girl, listening.

I think, let’s give them basically a line to say to like make their man not feel insecure.

Okay, so I think when you’re pulling out sex toys never be like Oh, I’m not having orgasms life.


I want to you know, not like he will automatically know you got a boost his ego, some way inflate it more and get him more excited.


Yes, you think she’s gonna get off.

So I’m gonna do I think The go-to line is going to be like I want to play with this.

I want to watch you.


I want you to use this on me.

It will be so hot.

Yes, literally if you just tell them this is going to be so hot your dick and this in me.

I’m gonna come so fucking hard.

That’s such a good point.

You brought this up the other day.

You were like make sure that you’re involving his dick.


Yeah, don’t leave his little sensitive dick out with little wheelie.

All the guys listening.

You should be actively wanting to fucking enhance your girls sexuality.

Fucking pleasure.

That’s what I was going to say.

Like, men shouldn’t you want this?

Like isn’t a guy’s biggest turn-on is to watch their girl.


Oh, I would fit do this.

What I?

This is how I feel.

We sit on this fucking call her daddy podcast and every guy listening.

We don’t endorse The Dead Fish energy or fucking trash head.

We also don’t endorse little bitch boys that are saying no to lube and notify can sex toy.


If he says, no, if he says no goodbyes.

He never hears from you.

You are dead to me and you and fuck, and you key his car and Yuki sex.

Toy into the side of his three, little bitch.

You are dead.

To me.

You were never alive.

You’re done died.


I just think it ought if it’s trash.

It’s if you are making an effort to make her come.


Your trash girls.

Throw them away.


Girls Girls Girls.

Good thing is let’s talk about vibrate when you’re actually going to bring out the toys.

I would suggest that you’re not pulling out a fucking Inch flesh covered dildo, you know, like if you’re pulling that out around, this guy is gonna run away.


I could see.

Even if I had a dick and a girl pulled that on I can’t see myself going flaccid work or on the flip side of your guy.

Maybe don’t pull out like your Lisa and Fleshlight underneath your pillow or your blow-up doll.



It’s about easing into it is than you don’t want to scare them away.


I’ll talk about vibrators.


Okay, love a good.

Vibrator, love to incorporate a vibrator into sex.

I personally love a good like clit ring.

So like it’s a vibrator, and it’s attached to basically a ring.


So it likes it’s on your finger.


You can put it on his finger as well, guys.

A lot of times why people are intimidated also of things is because they don’t know how to do them.

So what I usually do is say, I’m at this guy’s place.


I will go into his room by myself.

And text them to come in and he’ll like walk in and I’ll be fucking myself with like my vibrator.

And then what I do, you’ve never eaten that one eye.

I’m sorry.

So sorry.

She didn’t tonight.

Then what I do is I will tell him, come here.


I want you to do this to me.

So basically girls be fucking yourself with your toy and tell him how good it feels, but it will feel even better with your dick inside me and you fucking me with this on my clit, a guy.

And if you show him if you’re like what babe like do this to me and you put it on his finger and he takes over so fucking hot.


I and then you feel like he’s he feels included and he feels like he knows what he’s doing because he’s watching you do exactly what you’re doing.

I think I completely agree with you.

I think the vibrator is a sex toy staple.


Girls know exactly how to come from their trusty Confidant violator, you know, so cute vibrator and they we are For such guys that such girls.


I love them and they want you in on the fun.

And again, the toy is not replacing your dick.

Know, you guys are having fun and exploring and, you know, just instruct the guy to hold it on, your clit, show them how you like it and tell him like you get to be in charge of giving me the best orgasm.



Listen, would you rather have your fucking girl laying there?

Going through the motions and faking her orgasm?

Or do you want her to?

To be so fucking into it bouncing up and down on your fucking dick.

Like pornstar level.

It’s so fun fun.

Switch at the fuck up and get into it, dude.


Imagine a girl fucking owing.

Every time you’re fucking her and it’s a real one because you can fucking tell when it’s real or maybe she is having a nose when she fucks you obviously, right?

This is just gonna give her a different.


I just guys, if any man listening to this, it is down, not down for fucking sex toys.


Get the fuck out of here.

I mean, in fact men, why don’t you have a sex toy?

Why don’t you have a fuck we buy?

That’s actually I was going to say that’s actually a really good point.

What would you do if you or if this has happened?

Let us know.

But what would you do if you went to a guy’s place to hook up with him and he pulled out a vibrator for you?


Instinctively like a little slut.

I would be like, little male more Jain has have encountered this but then look here.

Like, as long as you wash it after laughing.

Some Dom, let’s find out if it guys gonna take initiative like that.

Yeah, like, oh, I want to see God if you’re just there to fuck and it’s for good time.



I feel like I can have great sex.

When there’s a vibrator involves.

Like, why not go for it.



So besides the vibrators, okay, but plugs butt-plug butt plugs.

Yeah, for the win.

So, there is something about having something in your butt.


Ha, ha, ha.

That makes the vagina stimulation.

Go through the roof.


Stop sensation, so much better.

It puts like a pressure on your your booty and it feels amazing for girls it does.


And if you guys are going to incorporate this, I would like start with a small one.

Yeah, but for a lot of girls having the pressure in there, but area feels amazing and then when you’re mixing that With like your clippings together and your vagina’s United.

It feels amazing girls.

They like describe it as like a feeling of being full.


Oh, yep.



And like waiting for ya when they come, it’s like it’s like overwhelming, right?

Like they’re you’re feeling all of this shit.

I think that’s such a good point.

I think butt plugs are one of those things where it’s like, I feel like every I mean, everyone has like this weird thing with like, but stuff and everything, but if it’s gonna enhance your fucking orgasm, why are people being awkward as fuck?


Out it like if that’s you feels good.

We always say if it feels good.

Do it, do it.

Yeah, and that’s what I want to say.

I know every single the guy just hooked up with last night.

I was like making a joke about expression.


Why do I bring this up?

I’m like, how are you?


I asked him if he would like if he’s injured but I didn’t even have one with me.

No, but I was just curious and like, would you be down for about plugs?

And he got all weirded out.

And this is a thing.

I think it’s so much manlier and hotter.

When a guy is not like, oh no, oh my God, but stuff.


I wanted to say to you guys is why I always say.

It’s like you don’t hook it to you, fucking try it.

I think girls, what I would do if you guys are really looking to spice it up with your man and he’s down to play around, you can have your guy, use a butt plug and then you sit him down on a chair.


While you either suck him off or you ride him on top of the chair.

Obviously make sure it’s not one of like the wheelie rolly chairs.

I think one of the Fucking positions.

I enjoy is riding a guy on a chair.

I know.

It’s really fucking random.

But there’s just something about how hot it is.

And like the D, your ability to ride.


And if he has a butt plug in the way, he’s sitting guys his orgasm, like, he’s gonna come so fucking hard.

I promise.

So you guys, if you’re down, try to mix it up with your guy unencumbered.

It had sex with a guy on a chair.

Oh my God, life-changing.

I want to bring ya back.


You should do that tonight.

Thank you.

A lot of girls.

Girls, I just want to add this also.

A lot of girls don’t feel comfortable with a guy using their hands sometimes.

Oh, yeah.

Yeah and there but you write like a guy will put a finger.


It’s like that segue there when he’s like eating or out or when he’s having sex with her.

Whatever girls.

I can get a little bit self-conscious.

So this is a great way to like a butt.

Plug is basically his finger.



That’s a good point.

That’s because I know.

Yeah, you’re right.

The whole poop thing girls are like for try anal, beads anal be if you’re planning on Anal at some point down the road.


This is a perfect segue.

It really is.

I think yeah, I think anal beads and but the butt plug is honestly a game changer.


I feel like rose.

You don’t understand what dolls like to have something in your but no and then also have an orgasm from your vagina, even if you want girls.


Like if you’re too nervous to do it for the first time with a guy, if you’re masturbating can do it with on your with yourself first thing like screen, but yeah like yes, no, yes t-shirts team butt plugs.

So, yeah, anal beads.

I just realized the whole BDSM thing.


Okay, I feel like after 50 Shades of Grey, people went into like a frenzy.

Oh, yeah, like handcuffs and all that.

We should talk about that like handcuffs with because that is full of such a good way to spice up shots.

Yeah, guys.

I kind of feel like the moral of the story for guys, right now, in this segment, is your usually insecure because you have a misconception of something, you don’t understand that.


Girls and guys body.

Orgasm differently.

Okay, the toys do not demean the value of your fucking dick.

But seriously, I think if a guy has more willingness to help you, come guys, that is gonna fucking Skyrocket, your cock stock.


I just actually talk your cocksucker who doesn’t have great cock sock.

I love it.

Increase your value, boys.

Invest in yourself and be down anytime.

A guy just asks desperate to make you come.

Oh marriage!


Judge, I’m pregnant.


I am Mary.

You’re literally in a full-blown relationship.




Oh, okay, question West.

Jobs of the week where she lands of the Wieck.

Oh my God, Paul the Wine Guy abla.


Please put me to bed.

Carry me home.

All right, let’s get into questions.

Give it to me.


Why don’t you start you little bitch?

Okay, bitch.

See that I’m trying to pull up my quest.

I’m putting you under pressure - this one.


I specifically got to ask our Queen Alex.

Oh, and it’s very interesting because I’ve seen this a couple times.


Okay, this girl wrote in and she said, okay.

I have a story with a question.


I was on a cruise.

Hooking up with a guy fucking hate cruises.

I’m sorry.

There’s this podcast.

That was into she calls and Ting Walmart.

They are and you’re like bound to die.

I like some shits gonna hide.

Ya, fuck cruises.

Okay, but I mean whatever whatever is your I would actually love to be honored.


Yeah, I would too but fuck.

Okay, so I was on this Cruise hooking up with a guy and as I’m giving him the blow job of his dreams or so.

I thought he asked me to use my teeth.

So I started using my teeth.

Then he asked me to buy even harder.


Is this a thing?

A fetish I need an answer.

I There was another girl that road and seeing a guy wanted her to use her teeth.

What is this?

What is that?

I think for the first time on this podcast and specialist guy, like my heart hurts right now difference to kind of just be grazing with your teeth.


But like bit like he wants me fight.

If a guy asked me to fucking by tile dick.

I actually would probably fucking do it.

Like sure you little fucking weirdo.

We just hit.

Check out of your sausage.

But like what what I heard he lie.


He must have like a very deep bow tie.


It’s about a thing.

Like, sometimes guys don’t have certain nerves and their dicks, or maybe like, literally a bite feels like a lick, maybe your fucking grinding that shit.

So, okay, you’re flabbergasted.

I have never.


I had a lot of opportunities to be asked questions about specific blow jobs that they want, and I have never been off.

You’ve never had a guy.

Ask, never my mother.

Have I?

What a fucking is this a new thing.

I would like the new trend.

I would like to every girl that’s like younger and has braces right now is like so happy.


The guy tried to use his teeth and he was eating me out a little nibble on my clit, punch to the head back and round off back handspring.

Push him off the balcony dead.

It was an accident.

I’m sorry.

I actually murdered the guy, but that’s your fault.


Hey, um, it’s getting a little hot in this room.


I’m getting a little loopy.


A guy offered me. $1,000, that not me just to confirm is not my story.

A girl wrote in and said A guy offered me $1,000 to shave his asshole and take pictures of him in a thong.


No sex.


I asked if I could bring my friend and split it 50/50 500 each.

Let’s just say it was a good bonding opportunity for my friend.

And I I wanted to ask you, Sofia.

Would you be down to do this with me?

Hold on the guy, paid. $1,000 for her to come over shave, his asshole and Take pictures of him in a thong.


Like I’m low-key kind of down if dude if he’s like, here’s a towel.

If we were just like partying and you want to be like shave his asshole.

Five, shaved you guys but before fine, have you ever done that?

No, but I was all I got shaved.

Like it’s back in his butt.

So, you know, I actually would be down.


That’s very interesting.

I guess that’s like a fetish or like a kink type thing.

Like the guy wants to have pictures in a thong, nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re into but a thousand bucks to shave a but and take some pics for a guy.

I’m down.

Hit me up.

Slide into I want that extra 1 K.



Go, this is not a question.

This is not a story.

This is okay, Comet.


I loved this girl said, one time.

I faked a limp the next day to make him think he did me that good.

Shut the fuck up, dude, Daddy Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.


But like is it Daddy?

Because I’m like, wait, if you didn’t fuck you, that good.

Don’t limp.

Well, but wasn’t he?

Maybe it was but she just wanted it but really know I Kind of want to try this.

We like you little kid straight guys, like to know, like you’re in pain that they’ve done some.


I like sore right now, like if a guy.


Ever like, slapping your ass.

Like and he like leaves a mark and then, that’s what you said.

Say that I love it.

I love.

I think I look mention it.

I don’t know if I even mentioned it in the nude segment.

We did last week but I like a guy if he’s gonna like bite on my tit or something.


Um, I like kind of encourage it because then later I’ll send him a picture once.

I got to have bite marks and I’ll send it to him.

That’s hot with like the pillow.

Okay, so I think this is like somewhat similar.

Yeah, I don’t think I want to try this.

I fucking condone that 100% it.



I have a bunch of Kinks.

I’m just going to read this one.

I had someone that wanted me to take supplements to produce breast milk so that he could suck my nipples like a baby.

I said, absolutely not.

That was a whole new level that I wasn’t ready to enter.

Um, um, so Um, what?



Next question.

Oh, I don’t I I personally a man wanted you to do it.

I wouldn’t, you’re in love with this man.

I’m not ever going to be now.

Just getting.

Um, I personally would Em Down for a lot, but I don’t think I would be willing to take like supplements because and like, do something to my body, like having like my boobs, are soaring, you’ve breast milk, and he’s fucking sucking them.


And he’s getting his calcium for the day out of your teeth.

Like, No, I would actually just maybe try it one.

Okay, try everything once and then see if you like it.



Yeah, you never know.

Maybe you like a good little titty, sock.


Okay, this girl wrote in.

Hey Alex, in Sofia, huge daddy gain.


Girl, here need some advice.

What do you do?

If the guy you like and having talking to you for a few months has super weak dick game.

I enjoy his company and he’s a sweetheart, but when it comes to the bedroom, he lacks dominance.

And kind of just act like a dead.

Fish man can be dead fish to expect.


Me to ride him and do all the work.

I typically am attracted to a guy who knows all the moves and dominates in the bedroom.

But unfortunately, this guy doesn’t do it.

God and she said that guys that do do that are typically douchebags, which I don’t necessarily think is true.

Anyways, this is what I’m going to say.


OK, if he has weak dick game.

Okay, I think that you can entice him to be more dominant to try new things.


Like I think it’s so hot of you do this.

Whatever the problem is, if the sex doesn’t get better after a few months, it’s never, I hate to say this, but it usually is never.


I think I’ve got multiple times.

I’ve had friends that have gone through this.

Like, I mean if it’s right in the beginning, I think you can kind of like Express to him.


Yeah, I like see if he’ll try to help a change.

But if if nothing changes and about months have gone by your kind of I agree with you that fucking sucks because I don’t like be as verbal as you can about.


What you want, but it doesn’t change in like two or three months girlfriend.

I’m kick him to the curb.

That’s shit’s trash.

You don’t need trash sacks.

There’s lot of things out there.

Okay, this is a quick question.

I’ve a really quick question for you.

I was recently getting some really good dick and I was loving it.


But while I was riding him I decided I didn’t want to look at his face anymore.

So I put a pillow over it.

So I could focus on myself.

Is that too much?

I love I have felt the need and the want to You this multiple times?

I think I’ve done it.


I swear, there have been times where I’m on top and like sometimes I don’t want them looking at my face.

Sometimes the guy even in, or if he’s like just him.

He’s moaning too much or something.

I’m glad I’ve had guys, fucking put a pillow over my face to shut the fuck up and I’ll do the same for them.


Oh my God, that’s the worst.

If I like like moaning or something and he chose a pill happy where he is.

I’ve wanted to do that before.

I think it’s hilarious.

I don’t want to focus on I like Wonder What A guy thinks when that happens?

That’s like low-key pretty.

Like Daddy of a girl to do that.

Okay, let’s try it.

Okay, my question actually, I’m sorry.


This is not a question.

Okay, this guy wrote in and he said PSA for guys who think their girl is cheating on them, can’t catch your girl.

But no something is off check under the toilet seat at her place.

If she hasn’t done a deep clean of her apartment in a while trust, you will know of another dude has been there, dude.


Cannot aim.

It’s a fact of life.

Oh my God.



Hylian unbelief.

You think?

I think that that could be accurate?

We especially the guys over there.

Fucking this girl like and they’re cheating.


I feel like he’s not going to be trying to aim in the toilet, dude.

Yeah, and especially like I feel like guys, um after sex there p goes everywhere.


That is so fucking brilliant.


King is brilliant.

So get under Underneath their fucking toilet.


Sands, baby pack.

What the fuck?

That’s a sorry, ladies, but sorry.

Jai on your fucking toilet at chain, your toilet.

I’m giving you a heads-up.

Holy shit.

We are in La.

We just said and we just wanted to give you guys a little update on what we’re doing right now.


If you guys don’t follow us on Instagram, go follow us in Instagram on the caller ID, Instagram.

We’ve been posting stories, but when we actually today we’re going on Logan, Paul’s impulsive, which we know.

Little controversial which we know good contact.

So are we so are we are excited?


We’re excited.

So we’re going on impulsive.

It’s a podcast.

But if you guys want to watch it, it’s on his YouTube channel for impulsive.

So if you guys can go over and just like, give in the comments some daddy gang love that be also, I would be great.

But yeah, I’m interested to see how this one goes.

We’re doing a couple other shows and we’ll put them on our social media.


So guys, that is it for this that Iggy.

We love you.

So, so, so.

So, nobody out here in the Uh, daddy gang is catching fucking feelings.

All right, we’ve said it and we’ll say it.


Everyone is a fuck boy or a fuck girl until proven everyone so brainwash yourself, get onto it.


Alright guys have the best weekend.

Happy hump day.

Happy hump day.

See you next week.

See you next week.



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