Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard - Bob Mervak


Hello, welcome to the armchair expert.

I’m Dax Shepard.

And today we’re going to speak with Bob Moore.



Novak is my wife Kristen Bell’s best childhood friend or one of her best childhood friends, and we came to know each other about 10 years ago through Kristen and I discovered quickly, that Bob is a musical genius, a Phenom, and he and Kristen used to perform together in high school for higher at funerals weddings.


All kinds of weird stuff you could.

Probably get them out to just about any event for about 100 bucks.

And I then worked with Bob on the movie hit-and-run, which I made in 2012, and he’s just a genuinely wonderful person and I thought he might be of interest to all of you because he is special and gifted and we get to hear him sing and play the piano and it’s really fun.


He’s an unchanged.


But that was it was a war microphone.

So you’re rolling.

Okay, welcome to the armchair expert.

I have a very fun surprise for myself and for you, my friend, Bob Murray.

Evac is here from Detroit Michigan.

He was visiting and so I’m forcing him to do this.


He’s going to play a song for us, right out of the gates.

He’s too modest to admit this but he has a very bad cold.

I might even call it a flu and he’s gonna push through that for our auditory enjoyment.

He’s going to play a song that I requested and without further Ado, Bob, whenever you’re ready to sink your dinky a lot too proud.


Okay, say I have the flu?



Hey, little girl, is your daddy home.

Did he go away?

Leave you all alone.

I got a bad design.

Tell me little girl is he could see you and Kenny Duty the things that I do.


Oh no, I can take you.


Sometimes it’s like someone took a knife, baby edgy and all cut a six-inch Valley through the middle of my skull.

And I don’t wake up with the sheets soaking wet and a freight train running through the middle of my head and you Can cool my design?


Sometimes it’s like someone took a knife baby edgy and oh and cut a six-inch Valley through the middle.

Have my skull. and I don’t wake up with the sheets soaking wet and a freight train running through the middle of my head and you Can cool my desire?


Look at my eyes.


Well, do which only happens to me when I see Kristen sing.

And then I think you she made me cry.

What you say.

Well, tell you, right?

Cause she’s got a thing.

Oh, well, I think to like you and I share this, we love her.


And so you can’t help but be like, so proud of her when she does this thing.

She can do so well, at, there’s something so beautiful about it, for sure.

Yeah, right.

And she doesn’t she doesn’t do it.


No, always.


I mean the whole time since since all this success.


I’ve always kind of wondered like what are you going to do more with that thing with?

Yeah, secret weapon and I’ve been with her for ten and a half years.

I’ve probably seen her sing live seven or eight times and every time just completely uncontrollable.

Just water or really, yeah, I don’t get so far as to like vocally be sobbing because I haven’t done that since I was about seven.


But I am definitely welled up.

Does she get nervous about?

Oh, she told me his nervous about it, you know, her and it’s not something she would do for me at home.

I mean, she’s things around the house but never like, you know, 100% go for it.

Right, and I guess to the stakes of being on stage and all that just amplify the whole experience.


But as I just said, the reason you loved her too, is I know you because you and Kristin were childhood best friends old buddies that accurate to say what age did you know?

Say so she was a year behind me.

So we met in the tenth grade and she was and we hung a little bit in high school, but honestly wasn’t till she went off to college.


I think I had this really jealous girlfriend in high school, right?


I’ve heard of didn’t want me to have you guys, have you heard of absolutely want me to hang out with yourself too much.

And so yeah, and first I think probably she had some issues and then secondly also an intimidating best friend for your boyfriend to have probably in high school.


I would think that’s just super cute and You guys performed a ton together.

That’s not something you and your girlfriend are doing.

I can’t imagine.

She’d know that really is a matter of fact, Kristen did a post about me when she went on the Harry Connick show and on Instagram and said, hey, this one’s for you and because idolize Harry Connick jr.


Yeah, and she said, my friend, and I used to get together and sing songs in high school and I don’t usually scroll through the comments.

But I did happen to see this one comment.

And this one guy said, yeah, your best friend was trying to get out of the friend zone.

I think I’ve accused you of that prior to real.


I mean, how do you know she’s not trying to get out of the friend zone?

Well, okay.

Yeah, sure.

As I came to know you more, you guys really don’t have an attraction but my argument to her was because I think pretty black-and-white about these these male-female relations to a fault.

So the so do I, that’s the thing and it’s unconventional but I’m like if you if you want to go with it, but I go look at following you.


I’m Bob.

I’m Bob, you know, your you were in high school together.

We perform all the time together.

How on Earth.

Did Mom not want to have sex with you.

I just, I found that Most impossible to believe.

But again, as I came to know you much better and I do, I do.


Well, yeah.


All right.

Let’s just say the base levels.

You would have probably had sex with anyone attractive.

I was in high school for three.

Yes, of course, but you aren’t actively preoccupied trying to bet her no, to my knowledge.

Is this, why you have me on here.

This would be great.

If we expose, by the way, I could give a shit less if you had been trying to bet her.


But yet so you guys were really close in high school in a couple of things that I found very humorous about your history.

Is that you guys used to perform at funerals?

Right, weddings and funerals says that and but yeah, I do remember that.

I don’t protect.


By the way.

I’m prepared.

I’m prepared for you to call bullshit on.

Almost every story.

You know, that’s, you know, that sounds accurate, but she might remember funerals better than me, right, but I hope there were some few.

I know we did, you know, because we went to Catholic school.

So there was a lot of church, a lot of churches gigs to be had.

I remember her baby barrettes.


I had a crush on her and she can go.

And then I started dating that the job.

Right, let’s call her.

It was well, at first, it was what.

Kristen was out of town.


And I think she went out of town with her family for a week and then the girlfriend moved in.

Okay, and I’ve said a few things like that those high school years.


What was I thinking?

For a girl and she went out of town for like 48 hours and I’m Ethel said, yeah.

Right now, I think attention span of a fruit fly, right?

I was like, I would have killed for this girl, but she’s in northern Michigan season Marquette.

There’s no way I can escape.


Gotta run them Escape.


Prepare for a lot of Michigan jokes that no one will get because we’re all from Michigan.

Yeah, Wright brothers.


It’s a 69 Big Beaver predators and maybe see Warehouse.

I like to think ABC Warehouse was a national chain.

But so you guys, meet and then, is it aside from the bar rats?


You guys immediately start talking about music.

We were in, we were in Musical together at some point.

Oh, okay.

So that much Madam under the guys.

I can’t remember.

I can’t really remember the first time we talked or anything like that.

I think I remember girls kind of being, I think they were kind of jealous.


And remember I remember they were saying some saying some shit.

Can I say that can say this is a podcast?

Yeah, you can you can say shit.

We kept it at shit.

Alright, okay, if you want to say asshole, we prefer you say a whole.

Can I say Earl coitus?

So you can say you’re all quite a, yeah, because that’s the that’s the scientific, they were teenagers.


They were talking some poop about Christine for us.

Okay, right there, you know, like who’s this girl wearing baby breasts and like it’s gonna be super hip at the time, but and so, I think maybe I was kind of standoffish for a while because girls were jealous of her.

So she was sort of like, you know, we should be talking to this to this pose or something like that.


I don’t know what, right?

Everybody was jealous of her active.

Very threatened by Kristen Bell.

Oh see that’s that’s refreshing to hear because again, I only hear everything through her filter and we are so diametrically.

Scalia posed in general that when she says stuff that seems implausible to me I go.


Well, maybe that is how it worked at Catholics.


Right, but I do find it hard to believe that she would have been pretty and super talented and people would have just been so supportive of that in high school.

It seems a little bit threatening.


Yeah, I would think so.

I don’t think I suffered that in high school.


You didn’t because I’m not super good luck.

You’re a nine kind of whereas.

She’s a ten.


I’m a bit of a, you know, mutant now I wouldn’t Let’s go through in high school.

Usually, well, usually they get if we’re to believe the movies, they get pissed at one point and they destroy the cafeteria and then they gotta get whisked away to like a special power school.



I was kind of a Willow in high school.

What is Willow?

Usually Willow the little person from the movie Warwick Davies.

Oh, yeah, big break was astounded by your knowledge of actors names.

She was homecoming queen, right or prom Warwick Davis.


Yep, Diane Warren.



I don’t remember is terrible.

There’s a picture of her at least, for she was, at least on that Court.

Probably a question.

Number one.

I don’t know.

You gotta get nominated to be on that.

Those people have to like you.

Yeah, if you make it on the court, you’ve clearly you’ve, you’ve jumped over a lot of hurdles.


If I find out she wasn’t number one, though.

I think I do need to rethink the whole relationship.

When did you start playing music?

Bob when I was a kid, my mom started Me on piano, which we had a piano in the house.

And what is a kid at six years old five. 54.

I, you know, I mean, that’s as far as I can.



I remember she taught me Sentimental Journey.

She like new a little bit was like And that was the song we danced to my mom and I’d answer actually.

And is it something that you like to right away or something?

You felt?


Oh, you did, it didn’t feel like Hallmark to you the practicing and everything.

No, practicing always feels like homework to me a little bit.


I think it was more or the practicing that I’m supposed to do.

Yeah, practicing the technique and practicing but just sitting down and jamming are either of your parents musicians.


My dad plays the guitar a little bit.


He was in a band in high school.

Was it a bad call?

The jesters, of course in college.


And The yeah, they probably did monkeys covers or something.

Like my mom sang in choirs and stuff.

My mom, my mom’s claim to fame.

She got a voice lesson with Duke.

Ellington, because she sang in this, if you believe that she’s I do, I did.


I know you said that I did until you just said he believes.

Oh, right.

Because my mom God bless her.

She’s my number one, lady, but there are some stories as I’ve gotten older.

I’m like, is that, could that have really happened?

I’m so, I’m just curious.

You know, what are the odds?

Your mom really white vocal training, ones who killed maintenance.


Well, there’s another thing about, if you’re from Michigan, like we both are, everyone knows someone who was in Bob, Seger’s band or, you know, claims to have been in Bob, Seger’s band at some point.

And it’s just after you meet the 20th person who’s been in Bob Seger’s band.


It just gets a little suspicious.



I had our landlord was Drew Abbott who was the original guitarist of the Silver Bullet Band?

Oh, really?

And they all, they all grew up in Birmingham, right?

They did.


Again, I had a stepdad who claimed he Played their prom that they were classmates and peers I’ve met and now I don’t know.


That said that specifically stuff like that Rahm.



It’s a real step.

And then this is totally off topic, but then my best childhood friend Aaron weekly, he had a stepdad.

I mean they never actually wed.

But you know, he claimed he struck out Kirk Gibson and literally.


So I think there’s life is all these Regional fucking lies that are pretty common.

I think it was Curly be out because you Because your wipe, it all these things off the list of things, I believe.

But let’s just assume for the time being that she did train to Killington.


How did that even come about it?

She was singing in a, in a choir at U of D, called The Don, large chorus, and down large, was kind of a time.

He’s kind of like the was kind of like the coral Guru.

Detroit was like a perfect way to be a winner and a loser, all at the same time.


Sure, and and he was asked to do a gospel concert or he was asked to supply.

The choir for gospel concert that Duke Ellington was doing it.


So this, this city more and more plausible to each and she sang in the down large chorus.

And so she pulled her aside and said, you’re no, sharp here, your flat here, your perfect.


I think each kid got like five minutes.

Oh, that’s cool.

That’s so, so, as you know, it’s nothing.

It’s not super brag worthy.

But it is like the fact that you were in the same room with Duke Ellington.


Who’s arguably, you know, one of the top five musician and I thank you, you know, I’m just theorizing now, but I do think when people People meet people like that like a Duke Ellington in their childhood.



It does break a barrier, where you go, like.

Oh, I’ve actually seen this person in 3D.

I’ve touched them.

So this is something that’s possible.

Yeah, they give you.

I hear a lot of stories of successful.

People who did have a run-in with somebody, they idolized early on.

And then somehow, realizing they occupied the same time and space is this person made the goal?


May be more attainable.

So are you the type of kid?

In my experience, the kids in my school that were like virtuosos at Guitar.

They were pretty reclusive because acquiring that Talent requires.

You sit in your room by yourself and get weird, right?



Were you doing that?

Where you, that kid?

I was doing it.

I’m one of six kids who had people all over them and you’re a middle child.

So it was hard to get.

It was hard to get a loan.



Third of six kids.

So it’s hard to get a loan.

So I would do it with them all around and and I would get told to stop a lot of the time because Cuz it was because because yeah, I get sick.


I wonder if that helps though, building up some kind of confidence.

And as far as adding vulnerable it performing in front of people, right?

Simply because you probably only way you could prove.


I was.

Yeah, right.

And they probably hate it.

Like if you had wings are so fucking mean to each other.


They were probably saying the worst things that people can see my mom.

That was the worst.

Oh, real driver guns.

And and she was the one who was, who’s pushing me to learn the most, but she be in the kitchen.

She’s like, I can’t take it anymore.

Yeah, I would think.

But with other with The kids run around stuff too.

Like, if you’re never naked alone, you’re gonna get pretty comfortable being naked in front of people.


So that’s right.

Are you guys off to where you’re also nude in front of each other?

A lot as siblings.

I have to sincerely because my brother and I never were we were are you are?

Yeah, it was weird man.

Like we get out of the bathtub and I think we could have used some direction parenting in that area because like, the babysitter had come over the hey, and everyone’s just nude everyone.


I can tell you the probably the weirdest.

My brother and I ever shared was he, you know, he had beat me up daily, my entire life because he’s five years older than me.

And then we hadn’t fought for a while because he was now 19 and I was 14 and he had moved out, but he was kind of how sitting on my mom was out of town.


And it was the morning of this, our big basketball game, our Crosstown rival basketball game.

So I was like playing metallic upstairs.

He’s downstairs with his girlfriend.

Apparently, they’re sleeping nude.

Because he comes upstairs and a towel.

My bedroom and he says you got to fucking turn that down.

And now I’m like, you know, you’re not my boss anymore, you know, and you know, one thing leads to another, we get in this huge fight in his towel comes off in the middle of the fight.


So he’s bare naked and I’m wearing a suit, because when we had away games and basketball, you had to wear a suit to school.

So, I’m fighting in a full suit and he’s bare naked.

And I remember like getting distracted by seeing his penis in his pubic hair and stuff and then I ultimately won that fight.


Which was the first time I ever beat him and it was such a great way to go into this.

This very important, basketball game.

And anyways, the he was nude, and then he, I finally, let him up from the bed because it had ended up my waterbed.

I’m into my, my water bed and then I let him up and he had to get up bare naked.


And then he had a cross, the room to get the towel and put it back.

I as he was putting his towel back on.

He said, you know, who won, even though it’s very, very clear, who won.

But whatever.


I just remember a very awkward about the fact that my brother was naked.

In front of me again because we didn’t have a dad in the house.


So we weren’t seeing either of you.

I wasn’t seeing like a full-grown men naked, right?

As I guess both, most boys do really interesting.

Those be like like I’ve got to beat up this guy naked and but the other guys like I gotta beat up this naked guy, so it’s kind of who is it worse for ya.

Don’t think it was great for either of us.


Stay tuned for more armchair expert.

If you dare.

But, you know, the complement means nothing coming from me because I really have no musical expertise.


But by my estimation, you are a musical genius.

There have been numerous times.

You would visit and I heard you sing, and I thought you were just incredible and you’d be playing in our living room.


Just by yourself and I’d be eavesdropping and I always loved it.

And then when I did hit and run, I asked you.


Hey, could you reinterpret the song Hot Rod Lincoln, right?


That was a good moment.


Good about that.

Yeah, and I just kind of asked you out of the blue you were in Michigan.

Like, hey, could you is there any way to make Hot Rod Lincoln?

Cool and you sent me like three versions and then one version, it just blew my fucking mind.


If we went, we really it.


It was so great.

You don’t remember it.

You know, of course.

No, I do.

I don’t remember.

I don’t remember the words.

I remember something like, yeah, that’s Claire liver that I remember.

That’s tough.

But you made this super cool version of Hot Rod Lincoln and then we cut an early trailer of the movie to that song.


And then we took that iPad around and that’s how we sold it right internationally.

It was so inspired and awesome.

And then based on that, I asked you, if you would score the movie, which you had never done.

This was, this was Rife for disaster because I had not directed a movie where I had.


I had directed one other movie, but there’s no score in the movie.

Nor had I doubt a score yet, nor had you done a score.

So I don’t have the tools to communicate with you, what I need.

I also don’t have the, the musical vocabulary.

So, I can only say to you, like I kind of want it like out of sight, but also, like, you know, Willy Wonka and I and then I want this and, you know, for me, it’s a very hard moment in the movie making process because I don’t speak the language, you know, I can do that.



I can talk to a cinematographer.

I mean that’s 98% of The gig half the time.

It was some, right?

So you tribunal lost in the language.

Anyway, yeah, but so, then you and I set out on this this project to score hit and run, which was a really, really fun process.



And how was it from your vantage point?

I was I was excited about it and I was nervous about it.

And I remember, you said.

Hey, man, I love what you did with Hot Rod Lincoln and I love you, too.

I’d love you to take you, to take a crack at the whole thing.

And I was like, man, of course.


Yes, you know, and I’m like, nobody wants to hear man.

That’s going to be hard.

I’m not ready for that.

And so, yeah, so I got on the phone called my buddy Colton from Philly and he came and lived with me for two weeks and recorded everything.


He had some actual Technical Training.

Oh, yeah, and movie score him.


He’s a victory right killer engineer.

And he went to UCLA.

I think for for his graduate work and film composing and yeah, he’s a what a lucky thing.

You happen to know him, right?


I mean, I know a lot of guys like that a lot of Engineers because because my engineering is so mediocre that I kind of need to have them around and stuff and right but Colton is one of the Colton’s maybe the best engineer.


I know he’s amazing.

And he’s so thin he’s so so unsuspecting about it.

He just gets in there and he does it and he got a better mix in my living room then than anything I’ve ever heard.

In fact, I sent we sent over Waltz of hate.


Yeah, that’s my favorite thing in the movie.

Yeah, I really like that.

Yeah, and if you’ve seen hit and run, this is the moment where Bradley drags a guy along the sidewalk with a leash.

We had a and my friend came to play drums on that.


He was black and I was like, I showed him a scene.

It was like, no, it’s funny.

You know, what’s funny about that scene is I haven’t really, I don’t think I’ve heard too much criticism of that, but I did or my mother-in-law on Parenthood, the woman who’s playing my mother-in-law, who I came to have, just the greatest relationship with and she, you know, felt comfortable enough to say to me, you know, it’s a little it’s a little dicey that you basically Lynch a black guy, you know, Bradley puts a leash around the guy’s a hate crime.


Well here is my here was my defense of the whole thing was that scene had been Because I stole it.

I stole that seen piece mail from a TV show, I had written.

And in the TV show, it was a white guy was set in North Carolina, and he had, like one of those bright orange tank.


Tops, you know, these weightlifter do juicy.

That are lik over the hill.

So, in my mind, I was always going to be a white guy.

So, I write the scene with a white guy.

I’m not thinking of any of the implications of, you know, putting something around someone’s neck.

And, you know, I’m not thinking of the lynching correlation.

So, I get to the moment where I’ve got a nowcast, this role.


Well, I need a A guy that’s humongous who can also jump in the air six feet in the air and then fall on his back, right?

So my son coordinator says, oh my God, I have the perfect guy for you.

The Duffy Brothers.

Have you ever heard of these guys?

They’re humongous and they’re super athletic and their stunt guys, and they can act.


So I, I Audition one of them in a hotel room.

I applaud this guy, he had it, comin in the weirdest circumstance of fucking audition in my hotel room while we were shooting and he was great.

And I was so excited to give him that part again.

And at no point, am I thinking of Racial implications of this.


And but then when you do see the movie, it’s very easy to draw that kind of conclusion.

And you know my defenses, I would have rather have hired that guy who are in that role in, whatever you can think what you think?

And I can live with that.

I didn’t think anything of it, but I was afraid to show it to a black pigs and yeah, which is very fair, right?


We tried a lot of different stuff with that and we tried a lot of goofy stuff.

And there are moments where I have.

I have this on video somewhere where you Hear us you hear us just kind of like Keeling over and laughter and I because we tried stuff like yeah like that kind of thing where like this guys getting strangled and drag down the street.



I was like an early that would have left me with no defense of.

I think that would have tipped.

Yeah sending it to you.

Like I don’t think I think he’s too stressed.

Yeah, but we sent that track over to Your engineer at the time, uh-huh, and he was so impressed.


He was like, where did you record this?

What Mike’s did you use Bubble Bottles like this mic in my living room and that and that’s the kind of stuff.

Colton sounded, you know, this kind of stuff you can do.

I mean he can just take.

Yeah, you can take a lemon over the percussion in particular in that song.

Is off the charts.

It’s all right, and we ended up reusing.


I think we use a over.

The title sequence was also used.

Somebody got the Detroit Police Department got a hold of that movie and they really like that song and they used it.

There was this viral.

YouTube series of police departments, all over the country doing the running man.

Oh, really?



No, I gotta, I got presented an award from the Detroit chief of police.

Oh, you did kind of a badass.

I really.

Wow, your virtually on the department.


It’s really cool.

They loved it.

They thought it was the greatest thing.

Yeah, so that was a very fun experience for us.


And then you also made a really cool version of the chips theme song.

Early on.

I said, can you kind of do that?

It can you can you do the Bob Novak magic and make this trip song you made that chips on.

We then found out that the the writing was over 500.


They wanted five hundred thousand dollars for that.

And then ultimately, I, you know, I don’t know how awkward you felt about it, but I was in a very awkward position of you had scored hit-and-run.

With, with my friend Julian wasps who also did some songs for it.

And as happens when you do a studio movie, they basically say here’s a list of 12.


You can have composed the movie, let you know they’ve done movies for us in the past.

And so go ahead and familiarize yourself with them and you get to pick one but that’s it.

You don’t get to bring your composure.

So I ultimately felt very guilty that I wasn’t then able to offer you that job.

Did you feel guilty?

I felt terrible about that.


I felt terrible about that.

I felt terrible about not being able to use my editor from hit-and-run.

Oh, yeah.

No, I love.

I remember you were bummed about.

That one’s even sadder because I had gone in there and they said, you have an editor.

I said, yes, Keith and they said, Ed great.

And then they did not tell me until two days before we started shooting.


Oh, by the way, you can’t have Keith.

He’s not done any movies for us.

And so you need to pick from this list.

So I actually did call Keith and say, I need this job.

I told you, you have a now don’t have right fucking heartbreaking.

I hated it.

I get it.

I mean, I want to use my own dudes for everything.


Everybody wants to.

I mean, that’s just a more of a corporate version of using your own dudes.

Everybody wants to use their own, look, I can make their argument or I can make mine.

And, and their argument is, is very simple.

They’re shelling out 20, Million dollars.

They’ve been fucked royally in the past and they have a bunch of people that have delivered for them in the past.

So there’s only so much risk.


They’re willing to take on and so you end up fighting other battles in.

You’re going to win, if there’s twenty battles, you know, you’re going to win maybe three of them.

So you got to pick which ones and usually it’s going to be cast, you know, you’re going to fight for an actor.

They don’t want.

You’re going to spend a lot of capital doing that and then you can’t call them an hour later and go I’m not doing the movie without Bob Novak, right?


You know, so very sure it is very stressful.

To have not been able to bring everyone who I loved working with on, Hit & Run.

I got to bring some people, but I think it bring everyone that was good.

You know, I met a lot of great people too.

So that was really cool.

And so you, you and Kristen are performing in high school and you guys are making money, right?


You’re getting paid.


Yeah, you know, whatever it was, you know, 50 bucks.

A uh-huh, a service or something like that.

We have a high school like High School in the 90s. 50 bucks.


That’s a whole week.

Another good time with your hot wife.


Superhot wife.

I never wanted to have sex with.


And when do you start?

When do you, when you start loading up enough gigs?

Where you go?

Oh, I’m going to be able to do this professionally.

It’s a good question.

I started I think I started looking at music schools halfway through high school or something.



I don’t want to do that whole thing and you got into one in New York, but you didn’t go.

Is that I got to where I bought it.

I got into Berkeley, Boston, got a got a partial scholarship to Ali.

Uh-huh, audition for that.

I think at the time I was 30 grand a year.

My parents did have the other 25k, right?


Or they really meant partial when they said partial they were only going to pay 5 grand, 5 grand, that’s good.

I think it kind of did that on word other than oh, no, really.

I wanted to study Jazz.

I don’t even think Berkeley.

I don’t know, Berkeley does really any classical concern, but that it was all I had done.


Uh-huh, leading up to that and I think I actually went into this Jazz audition to play to Chopin Etude and no I think I did.

All right.

I was allow me know.

I got five.


So, right.

The only a $5000 screwed up, you know, today, like a 16% scholarship and I hear what the numbers are.


Was that a trustful as hell to audition, was really nervous.


Yeah, it was really nervous.

And, and I don’t think I knew what I want to do.

I still don’t think I know what I want to do.

I so I ended up going into jazz at Wayne State and Detroit and I had kind of this Mentor their kind of straighten me out Jazz Theory and Harmony and I knew that I loved that Harmony and I and I didn’t know.


How to make it happen, uh-huh, and and I this teacher your favorite who are your favorite jazz pianist?

I was obsessed with Harry Connick, jr.

He was caught, he was kind of my gateway.

Mmm into it and I think sometimes, you know, there are a lot of music nerds who are who are maybe quick to write him off because he’s not one of the old dudes at guys, the finest pianos alive.


I mean, well so practically raised by the Marsalis.

Who were the first family of jazz.

Oh, yeah.

Went analysis.


He’s like the real deal.

And so I think you’ll hear a lot of his influence in my playing stuff like that.

I love.

Will, you know, from from the outside.

Not again, I haven’t.

No, no musical education to me.


I was like, oh I see this guy’s kind of a throwback.

He’s got like a gimmick, right?

And then I took a jazz history class in Santa Barbara and I had to watch all these videos of his concerts.

And when I saw him play the drums, I was like, holy shit.

This guy’s like a fucking Premier drummers.


I got job baby.


He’s an incredible drummer and then, you know, when you hear other Legends kind of talk of him, then you realize like, oh as you just said, he’s probably the best right right?


Honest, yeah, you and Kristen share a favorite Harry Connick song.


Oh, yeah.

Well, I don’t know that that’s my favorite song but like in high school, we were really into that.

I kind of get more into his style and that was the one he played for her on the show.

And I don’t think he had played in 20 years or something like, but he’d be still crush it.

Oh, yeah, he killed it.

Always, I mean, yeah, he’s also good looking.


He’s got he’s incredibly Charming.

He’s gotta bet that Marlins accent.

Right, right.

Oh my God, he must have really had a easy way of things is actually.

British accent.

It’s like it goes up.


He’s like, no, I get more into his and it’s more of his style.


He does this, he does this thing, you know, he gets into that New Orleans.


Yeah, I love that.

I love that New Orleans again.

I’m such a lay person.

That from my perspective, your attend as a musician.

And there couldn’t be anything more repugnant than being asked to rate yourself, but As I don’t know anything if Harry Connick is a 10.


Where do you think your skill level is?

I don’t you die.

Would have to be asked this question, but I have to ask for being able to do what he does.

I mean, he’s he’s the best at what he does.

So from doing his thing.

Yeah, I’m doing I’m the best at what I do.

I’m the best at my thing.



And so I think, I mean, I think I have certain gifts that no other, would you say that your strength is more creativity than technical plane, or are they on par?

No, I’d say.

I think you’re incredibly creative.

Yeah, that I guess I would.

Yeah, I know, I would say, I think, I think that I think the creative side of me Trump’s the ability, but I don’t, but I do because you’re weird.


You’re off your left of center.

I try to be.

Yeah, I’ve been doing a lot of Studio like a lot of Pop records.

The last, you know, five years and I feel like it gets kind of, you know, they get kind of antiseptic and I try to be as creative as I can on him, but but it’s not usually encouraged and yeah, you know they want they want what they want.


Yeah, they want they were inside the box.

And so and you got to that’s a You know, you got to, you got to strengthen that muscle.

Did you feel that way on chips?

You got a big Studio.

You got a bunch of money and, and you got and well, when I feel that way, is the difference between being a lead in a movie in a supporting character.

So, if you’re a supporting character in a movie, which I often am, you are there to facilitate the lead story line.


And so it’s not necessarily time for you to shine.

You think most of the lead still have a lot of creative room.

Oh, Joe from well, no, I mean like like they’re granted a lot of creative space from the director.

And so I guess it’s I guess it’s Direct its director to director, but there are, you know, the very so much among actors.


Some actors hate improv hate to make their own there.

They love the text.

They want to learn it inside now.

And obviously I respect the hell out of that, that I would be bored doing that kind of like, yeah, as a pursuit of like, trying to perfectly execute, what the writer thought of two years ago.


I can admit there’s some irony in here because I am sometimes that writer and then I just want that person to somewhat do what I had to Imagine the right there.

But yeah, the I think it all just varies on, whatever your whatever, whatever excites you about the thing.


And I imagine for you.


Excites you is your little filter, your interpretation of all this stuff.


Well, I did, and I did a movie as, you know, a few years ago.


You acted in a movie.

I acted in a movie, George Clooney.

I am equally as much of a Layman with acting, not even a Layman.


I’m not, I’m not even the same universe as you think you are as a musician.


I think they’re actually dead comparable because you’ve seen a million movies.

And all I’ve done is watched him are listen to a million album.

So I don’t know.

I think you have more business.

More musical ability than you give yourself.

I played the drums.

There’s didn’t use the word tone-deaf.


Yeah, you are not.

I I do.

I may or may not be tone deaf, but I at least.

Am I three out of ten?


Yeah, and I’m a 1 out of 10 guitar player.

What’s great is even though I have no skill.

I know what it’s like to.



The Euphoria of having created some Melody and use it like a drug.

I do know what that feels.


I think, I think you’re also not afraid to say what you, I think, because of your peripheral participation in music, you’re not afraid to just like what you like.


And you don’t feel pressured to like what everybody else is lacking and, and your hands Halo 4, Steely, Dan.

Yeah, my open declaration music.

Almost intimidates, me.

You and you’re pulling out deep stuff that I’ve never heard.

You said, I kind of Something like this for hit-and-run and you were pulling out afro-pop that I had and I’m like what is and so then you just hear something you like.


I like that and yeah and and Jingo, right?


It was the song that.

Yeah, I guess regret but I did.

I didn’t know that I had never.

I mean I’ve never been this is back to your acne.


The question was George Clooney.


Movie is a George Clooney, movies called The Ides of March and the Ides of March.

He directed it, right?

He directed it and he was in it.

Yeah hears it.

He started it and Ryan.

It was the was the big deal that movie and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

It was one of the last movies.

He did Marissa Tomei.

Paul Giamatti is like a real shitty cast.


All these dudes.

I came in and I was, I came in and I was playing the piano as practicing warming up for the movie.

And I hear that, you know, there’s a drum set on stage and I hear the drum start playing at turn around, Ryan Gosling’s playing drums.

I’m like, oh really?

Where am I man?

That is surreal.

And it was surreal.

And was he any good?



It sounds good, huh?

Yeah, and I know, I didn’t see that.

That most recent thing, the jet.

What is it with?

The Jazz Allah.

Yeah, I didn’t see it.

But I heard it.

But I heard he played well, yeah.

Yeah, and I know he does some music projects on the side, some something bones, Jack.


I don’t know.

Yeah, he’s very close.

All Formula One race car driver.

Who is he?

No, nothing would shock me to fight Ryan, guys, but, but they approached the script like that, and they were, I think most, I think George Clooney’s, a director, probably just said I hire the dudes, I want.


I let him go.


Just don’t make me, you know, any good managers, like don’t make me manage, just use your talents and I saw, I had a copy of the script and this was mind-blowing to me and probably not to professional actor.

But I mean that script was a suggestion at most and I watch them do this scene. 10 times.


It was conversation.

I mean was a conversation between like three or four people in this bar and they just vibed off each other and and I mean it changed dramatically the dialogue.


Scene to scene.

Yeah, and it was like in this At the risk of sounding cheesy.

It was like mm.

Mm watching jazz.



Yeah play you have a form and you have an idea.

Uh-huh, you know, where your in theory?

Supposed to go?


Yeah, right.

You have maybe kind of a destination in mind and then you just well, that’s locked in and they went to, they just went to Mars.

And there were, there were times when Philip Seymour Hoffman would scream.


I gotta take a shit, walk off stage, and I think the line was something like, I gotta hit the head or something like that, right?

I gotta take a shit.

And it was, it was crazy man.

And I realized those were deeply talented people.

Yeah, I would say that’s, that’s the minority of projects.


You know, that generally, it’s not chaos like that.

But Parenthood was six years of chaos like that.

And I used to feel so bad for the guest stars that would come in because we all had all this practice with one another of navigating and staying on story, but going berserk, as you say, and these poor guest stars, they have this I like the really didn’t make any sense anymore.


Like they didn’t know where they’re supposed to come in, because there’s I’m supposed to say, I need to 10 pound bag of potatoes, and then they’re lying, right, but I’m not saying that anymore, right?

I just really, I had a lot of Sympathy For Those folks, but you gotta, but man, when you developed like something like that over five six seasons.

He I mean you got it.


You can’t usually, you can’t tell me it down to your least, common denominator.

Here I go with that.

So this makes me think of a story.

I don’t know that this is true.

Don’t sue me, but apparently, the story I’ve Been Told Old, is that David Crusoe CSI or whatever?


We take some sunglasses on and off and apparently, from an actor.

I, I talked to who did an episode of that, is that he rewrites his dialogue the night before, they’re shooting.

And then he when you get there, he hasn’t Rewritten your dialogue.


So you now have all this dialogue.

That makes no sense whatsoever.

Wow, and kind of a Brando, like, Brando used to like piss people off like, oh, yeah.



In fact, Jane Fonda was Us on Howard Stern last week talking about he was like, oh, what was it like to work with Brando and she’s like, you know, if I’m being honest it was miserable because nothing I had made sense, right?


Are you had to like join his weird little trip?

Yeah, but a feather in his hair, but do not fair.

After has a feather in his hair.



I mean easily it tips from like creative to Total arrogance and self-centered narcissism quite easily.

There’s very very thin line between those two things so psychopath, but you are on this movie and then you called me at a In point, right?


Yeah, what you just reminded me of today.

I said, well, I said, man, if you know, I’m about to go work with George Clooney with all the legends of Hollywood, or my first project.

Yeah, thrown into the fire.


Well, your first time ever thrown that, I better always at the Super Bowl, right?



I’ve been invited to play football.

That’s kind of what I was kind of.

What what I thought about Taylor Swift when she came out because I remember a lot of people were saying, man, like she’s not singing that while I was like, yeah, that’s because most musicians, learn to sing and For ten years, before they play at Madison Square Garden.

The like our first gig Rio.


She like cutter teeth.

Unlike, you know, you know, radio station grounds grid that right?

Yeah, exactly.

So, and that’s kind of what that felt like a little bit.

You know, my first acting gig.

No, I called you.

And I said, I may as well, you know, call one of the more famous people, I know.

So, do you know, Ryan Gosling?



You know, George Clooney?

And I remember you had said, you said, I’d have not met either those guys and say, I love Ryan Gosling and I remember you were fan and And you said I said, I don’t know what’s give me two seconds of advice.

Going into my first movie gig and then you were like they hired you for you.


So just be you.

Yeah, this is about you already.

Yeah, exactly.

Easy advice.

I give him very hard.

And you said, you got the gig based on what you did, give them what you gave them.

That’s what they want the auditions for them.

And then when you get that, On set your time, like you jump through the hoop illustrator, and if you don’t make that time for you, then none of the experience was for you.



Right, of course, the auditions for there.

That’s trying to give them what they want.

But once they’ve hired you, I do think it should be for you or they’ll be no part of it.

That is for you.

Well, and a good and a good director would assume that about you, too.

I mean, they want to give you the ball.



I mean, look in my opinion.

What a good director is doing is, he’s letting the actor.

In charge of the moment and making that moment real.

But but he has his eye on the grander prize, which is the overarching story.


So he has to make sure that that moment ultimately fits into this big long Arc of a story.

So really the difference between the actor and the director is one has a macro view on as a microvia.


You gotta figure this Steve Jobs movie.

He said, he conducted the orchestra, right?

He said he said, he said all these that was in defense of not being a great computer program and be like those guys are the violin a second.


The orchestra, right?


That was his yeah.

Real Charming.

Level of arrogance.

Yeah, right, right.

And quite often, when you’re acting, you have to make some sacrifices.

You have to do some shit.

That is is inauthentic in that moment to service the bigger story.

But it always feels a little shitty.


But you know, you you’re there to do that.


So you get this role and you have lines Nola.

It’s I do lines you sang.

And what song did you see, picked?

He pick three.

And he picked George did.

Yeah, George Clooney.

Did he was?

Did you find him to be musically proficient?


Did he well?

His aunt was Rosemary close?

Oh, right, right, right.


Famed the iconic jazz, jazz, singer, uh-huh.


We must know.

All he was her driver when he was a kid 15 or some used to drive around.

And he was telling me stories, when you could be a professional Livery at 15.


The right?

Yeah, exactly.

I was a driver and a lot of, yeah, I know.

He said, yeah, he said that when he was a kid.

I did, I had this shinned, why addition for the casting company?

And and I think he went through some videos and yeah like mine, they were hanging out.


There, was this bar called Cliff Bell’s, that they were hanging out at in town that they really liked and I think they got to know the the owner a little bit and and I know the owner well, and did you play gigs there?

Yeah, and he claimed he claims that he that he vouched for me said, like he said, he said to George Clooney, you know, like hey man, you know, Bob Novak.


Um, he said, yeah, we’re looking at him.

Couple other people.

And I guess he said someone, hey, who put you in charge of this outfit hire.

Bob Novak.

So, so he picked out three songs.

And, and I did, I kind of picked his brain about Rosemary Clooney.

Like every second.


We had a chance to talk.

I talked to him and he told me some old stories because I mean, he was, he was like, one generation removed from that Golden Era of jazz musicians, but he was so connected to it because his of his aunt and he picked out three songs.

He likes having jazz music in his movies.

He picked out angel.


Lies, what’s that?

Beautiful old ballad?

I’ve heard Sinatra do it.

That was the one I really.

That was the one.

I really clung to MMM to learn this too.

And he smokes during the performance.


He coughs during the performance, but it’s like great as usual.

Yeah, he’s kind of goes off the mangoes.

It’s a great kind of punk.

Rock wasted.

Yeah, and he’s just, he’s like miserable he but it’s a killer.

So I do you want to hear?

Are we going?

You texted me.


See if I can remember this.

Try the thing that loves not around.

But it’s uncomfortably near.


My poor, heart ain’t gaining any ground.

And my angel eyes in here.

Angel eyes that Old Devil sent.


They glow.

Unbearably bright need.

I say that my love’s misspent.

Miss spent with Angel Eyes us tonight.


So, drink up all you people.

Or anything, you see and have fun.


All you, happy people.

The drinks and the laughs on me.

Pardon me, but I gotta run.


The facts uncommonly clear.

I gotta find those now and why my angel I in here?


Scuse me while I decide.


Mmm, I want to have some scotch and yeah, I’m all non-filter.


Got some cigarettes.

Yeah, that really have to run straight to a meeting after this nice.

So he picked that one and two other ones.


And I learned all those, let’s get away from it all, which is another big Sinatra one, and we’ll meet again, which was like a World War, two era.


We’ll meet again.

Don’t know where don’t know when but I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day.

Like classic American Songbook stuff and he kept saying, every time I would do it.


You be like just quiet quiet.

Just a little bit quiet.

A little.

Oh really?


It’s just just like just throw it away a little more.

We did like maybe four or five takes, it was like so good, so good, because when he was, when he was kind of convincing me to do it slower.


I think it was at a point where I felt like, I don’t know if I can go quieter a.

I say, like I’m willing to yeah, but I don’t know if like volume exists at that level and right.

And and he said, Said he was like listen one more.

He said Dianne Reeves, one or two do Lullaby of Birdland all all up-tempo.

And I said, no man do it is about Jews and she said, no, no.


No, I want to swing it out.

She want to give this energy because she finally relented and did it did as a balance.

She got I can’t say that but can I say I’ll fix it or you were always really good.


I’m not saying the n word but aside from that I think you’re good at y 0.


So Bob, it’s 2018.



Yeah, you can’t say that.

And he said, he said Dianne Reeves and she finally relented and took it as a bath.

She got the fucking Grammy.

Oh, that’s what he said.

Yeah, and he was like, take a quieter.

But that’s yeah, it’s hard to argue on that.


She did rollout fact.

He’s basically saying yo, yeah, I’m a man.

I one time had a project.

In fact the very first script I ever sold Adam, Sandler’s company was producing it.

Happy Madison and that then, you know, president was this guy, Jack giarraputo.


And we were having some script meaning and he said, you know, you got You got to put a monkey in this movie.

And I said, I said, you know, I don’t think I’m comfortable putting a monkey in the movie and he said, we put a monkey in the animal May 90 million dollars.

And I’m like, all right.

I’ll put a monkey noise.


Yeah, no matter what, what would know what he had for me?

He had some reference to a movie, they had crushed on in their heart that it’s hard to win the argument one day.

Yeah, I don’t have it.

I don’t have that kind of weight.


One thing I’m always in awe of because just you were fucking around at the house yesterday, and I said, Something about the Rolling Stones, then you immediately just started playing this Rolling Stones song.


I would love to know scientifically neurologically.

How on Earth.

Do you have all those songs in your head immediately to me?

It would be like having memorized thousands of poems, right?



If you love them rise, the same way people who’ve been you think it’s a muscle memory thing.

Do you think it’s different than like, trying to recall a passage in a book?

Do you think it’s more about?

Like, your body knows?

How to move.

I think I started playing this and I started doing that.


It was I just like that I liked it when I was a kid that was a great time for me to bring this up.

So it’s like you remember Mickey Mouse because he had a huge impact on you.

Remember, whatever your favorite Disney carry and like, for that, that was like, yeah, but, you know, you was that, that kind of like that kind of piano like especially because it was a prominent piano, they can pop music at the time, which was not, which is primarily guitar-driven so-and-so.


You nerd out like and I think I think most pianist would agree with me like that like rock.

I mean, a lot of pianos don’t even get into rock and roll because there’s just not as much of a spot.

Like I think I saw some meme where we were talking about Billy Joel the other day.



I was like fearful to text you and say like I forget what song was I wanted you to check out?


I just saw the piano was fucking banging.

Those are, is it, is it going to be lame of me to say, like how great this Billy Joel P90 thing?

Buzz killer player, right?

Is he great?

Yeah, I think he was going to hear is I think he was kind of want to hear kind of June.

Heroes at.

Okay, growing up because I so often run into this were like I’m talking to Chris and there’s some musician, I love, and then she’ll just point out gently and kindly that technically that person’s quite terrible.


Like we were, we were, I made you read.

There’s a very famous, great guitar player, Pat Metheny.

He’s a jazz jazz musician and he is a virtuoso and he’s also a scholar of music.

And I said, you, have you ever read his critique of Kenny G, which is one of the most mine scrambling passes juice.


You could ever read.

I so I implore you to look it up on Cinema quietly.

Those of of Kenny G, is he goes on a tirade about Kennedy’s technique that it’s just, I’ve never heard anyone dressed down that much.

So at any rate, I often like people that I have no idea if they’re actually good or bad.


Like, I don’t know if Kenny G’s a good or a bad.

That’s, I don’t get into that though, man.

L dice a like, if you like him.

He’s great.


I’m only saying that to say, if you had text me back, you know, Billy Joel’s actually a really A piano player, I would just have to accept that even though I love it.


I would have to accept that.

He’s maybe technically a terrible man.

I love.

I had this guy come over the other day and he was a refugee from the Hungarian Revolution.

Definitely drag.

I didn’t know I had you and your name dropping A Refugee and he was like, put a monkey in the song.


He was like I made 90 million.

But of the.

So it was a Hungarian, Revolution happened, and I think it was like a six or eight day thing in like 1956 or something like that.


It came over here as a kid.

He was just kind of a fascinating dude, and he was used as peanut of a man, and he dresses, impeccably, just like everything just fits in his press.


So nicely.

I have never be that and he said, I have this is melody in my head and these lyrics that I wrote, you know, when I was a kid and you know, in the 60s, he said this he never wrote it down.


He’s had this melody in his head since like the early sixties and said, I’m wondering if you could script it out for me.


I think he just kind of maybe wants to have this before he dies.

Oh wow.

Have it have it documented?

I said, sure.

Come on over and he came over.

We worked on the song and and is he humming you?

The the singing.

It’s always sings because, you know, it’s something like when the flowers blue.


I’ll wait for you.

What a little to do and he’s on his mediocre singer.


And by American elicited by American Idol G.

But continue all refugees are like that statistic.


By, you know, by classical, you know, soprano, standards or whatever, by American Idol standards.

He’s a mediocre singer, but right, I love that.

I mean, that literally could have been nothing better.

If it was one of the best things I’ve done and well Neil Young’s not a good singer, right?




Dylan’s not a good singer.


It’s if that were the compass that they used.

Yeah, most people, most of my heroes would not be but I do want to cuz I think I think this is a great time to bring this up because the whole reason you were playing the Rolling Stone.

One was that the first three years?


That Chris and I were together.

I had a long-standing hobby of replacing the word dick and balls replacing lyrics with dick and balls and tons of popular songs.

And I would sing them all around the house about dick and balls.

Something dick and balls.


Whatever it is.

Get super creative with it.

I do she hated this about me.

She thought it was so immature and stupid and then you were visiting one time.

And then we discovered that you too.

You to really enjoy replacing lyrics with dick and balls or sucking dick and balls.


And when she came into the living room and we were deep into singing like a dick and balls song Something lifted for her and she no longer hated that, I did that.

And I felt like it was something about my person.

I was really stifling for her, and I didn’t feel right about it.


I thought this is part of me.

And then you basically liberated me right there.

Any license to Forever, then sing songs about dick and balls.

I think we get, but too, Ever laugh, but now once now that she because you’re her musical Idol and once you approved, all of a sudden, I had license to do it.


So all of a sudden this is brilliant.

So yeah, so you and I will send each other Christmas songs, right?

Right, right.

It’s well and that’s kind of honestly, that’s what When do you know, somebody’s like, I mean, not to throw Kristin out of the boss, but if she, but if she said, hey so-and-so is actually not technically a good whatever.


So yeah or piano player.

Is she basing that on her own observation of this person or she basing it on a student in music school?

Who told her that from?

Who heard that from a professor who like, for example, everybody always likes to say that John Williams steals or borrow the composer’s.



The composer like The Great Australian composer.

Ja ever lived?

Yeah, tt-that’s a memorable one.

Yeah, and but people say he stole he stole from, I think Strauss was his big in my mind.

I always thought I loved John Williams, you know, but like, there’s always that thing, like, you know, is he does, he steal from composers?


And yeah, I’ve never actually, but then it occurred to me, you know, I’m listening to stuff.

I don’t know where it can’t like far as I know.

This is, this is the most original stuff I’ve ever heard.

I couldn’t tell you one classical composer that he, that he stole from.

That I heard that.

Yeah in college.

So how you frame a comment like that?



So one version is he stole a version?

I could pitch is wasn’t it’s a it’s incumbent upon you to pass on these great things to a new generation.

And the sad thing is this generation simply not going to go back and watch Fletch.


They’re not going to go back and watch Caddyshack.

They’re not going to watch Smokey and the Bandit.

So it’s almost incumbent upon you to of course, do your own version, but To reintroduce that, you know, or its kind of lost.

So there’s this cyclical nature of all the stuff that I think is beneficial to everyone back to dick and balls.






I haven’t gotten off top things know, my wife will laugh at one out of every ten thousand, uh was rewrites.

And I’ll do them up and down the hallway, all day less.

So since my daughter was born, well, but I did, but the most recent one she laughed at she hadn’t left and I’m talking one and You know, one a year maybe it’s makes it all worth it because she hates it as Kristen does.



Until you know until I’ve encouraged until I conferred genius status.

A pilot now Kristen’s on board.

It sounds like, but but the one she left at the other day.

It she particularly doesn’t like it when I do it to like Disney’s kids movies.

Oh sure, sure, but we were doing Moana and it was something like this.


The wind in the sail in the nursery behind me.

How far out.

And I think I did.

Well, I try to suck your balls, but you dick it blinds me.

And now I know and she can’t, she couldn’t take him and she lied.


She said, your dick, blinds me.

It blinds her.

Give me so many things, which is great about.

It could be pure, be alarmingly large.

It could be pal.

The public is our dead blinding.

Well, I’m the only one that I’ve gotten that.


She seems to tolerate, is the very popular.

Christmas song delete dddddd.

Oh, yeah stroke the shaft work, the balls, the balls the way I guarantee you do can buy get to know you better.


I can sing like, it’s good if I can work my way into buns like she does think bonds is funny.

I tried it try to steer them into like tickle the bouquet.

Yeah - don’t ignore my bonds, right?


So you did you sent me a voice memo one.


Time of of Silver Bells.

It was silver balls.

Like stroke my balls.

Squeeze my balls.


There go, my bum, don’t ignore them inch the head.

Some other things to do to a dick and balls.

A starting early on really connect with you.


You are.

I was just when I had you on the hook, so then what they don’t do, one of the last things I want to talk to you about is in and it’s going to be very hard for me to navigate this question, but I’m mulling a I’m going.

It from my own personal egocentric point of view.


If my good friend growing up and I both were super into comedy and then I did not move to LA in my friend Aaron weekly moved and became a highly paid comedian.

I would have a very hard time, being supportive of that it personally and not being jealous or not.


It would be One way or another, it would have a pretty huge impact on me.

So I’m curious having grown up with Kristen together.

She’s not better than you musically and she has now become super well compensated for that.


What what effect does that have on you or has it evolved?

Well, the years I was there and weekly doing well.

What’s interesting is so Aaron weekly my best friend and truthfully still 80% of my sense of humor, 80% of my comedy.

Aaron weekly, it’s everything.


He and I developed from seventh grade told 12th grade heat, but he never had a desire to do that.

Yeah, passionately.

So it doesn’t seem to be an issue for him.


Other than it is weird for him that, you know, we both grew up wanting a doom buggy and I have a twin turbo Doom buggy.


I think that aspect of it is a little weird.


I’m just guessing because he’s never really voiced anything.

But if I’m well, I mean, obviously the The more noble place to be, would be to be proud of her and nothing but happy for it.


And my instinct is to say that because that’s what I feel like, I’ve always felt.

But if there is any jealousy, it’s I’ve buried at way deep in a place that I find.

It’s best.

If you ever have any issues of animosity or jealousy is best to focus them back inside.


Sure sure.

Put him down and hold, hold him there.

And never tell anyone about it.

Yeah, your lower GI, probably right, right.

No, we weren’t after the same thing by Any means?

Okay, great.

So that’s when that because it goes first.

Yeah, there’s a million different responses to this.


I might expect, which is her level of public figure.

Now this might seem like a death sentence to you.

So it might not be anything you would want again.

I’m coming from my own ego Centric place where I wanted all that stuff.

I wanted to have, you know, large appeal or broad appeal and then make money from that, right?


Did you have that desire?

That mean the rock star thing?

Like everybody has to be a hoot?

It’s hard.

I mean, I wanted to be a rock star to the point where it’s hard to buy that that there’s anybody that never has that bog.

Oh, yeah, even if you’re a car but Brad Pitt wants to be right.

Jagger Carpenter.


You want to be?

Yeah, it happened around the star witness.

You’ve accomplished a lot.

Barack Obama certainly has a musician.

He wished right?

Was yeah.

You did want to be a rock star.


I did want to be a rock star.

I think I’m jealous of You know, I like I’ll hate.


I think Norah Jones The Killer musician, John Mayer’s, one of my favorite musicians of all time, but I’ll hate on them and find and find things.

I don’t like about them.

If I yeah.

Inadequacies in there in there playing and their songwriting stuff like that.

And it’s because I’m fucking jealous of that.

Yeah, and that’s why.

And I can super relate consciously consciously, I don’t think about it that much, but I know that that’s what’s there.


Yes, and I don’t think I feel that with Kristin, as far as if I feel any Adequacies about, you know, by success or lack thereof.

It’s more like a blame myself and I’m not mad at people around me who have gotten there.

But I want to be clear like, you are a successful musician, you support your family playing music, which is a humongous win.


So I’m not an anyway, saying you haven’t succeeded.

I’m just saying that, you know, Kristin has succeeded on this, you know, pretty unrealistic right platform, right?

Yeah, so, it’s no, it’s some of that still exists somewhere to ask you this, but it’s Thing I want?



No, I think it’s terrific.

You’ve asked me some questions.

It was you the other night?


Were you molested?

Which kinda it took you off guard?

Yeah, you’ve asked me something else.

Wow, and then I realized sometimes it’s nothing.

You don’t want to talk about things.

Just you’ve never been asked because no one in no one in their right mind would ever ask you if you been molested point-blank, but I yeah, I still don’t remember.


Put your mom’s underwear on as a kid.


No, it’s not a comfortable for me to answer at all.

In fact, it’s cool.

It’s cool to have a conversation with that because I mean I go through different things as far as like being able to deal with Kristen celebrity and your celebrity and stuff like that and you both have two totally different ways of making people comfortable with it.


But a lot of it just depends on me and what my mindset is.

And but also I’m here doing a podcast with you, which is great.

And that’s because I’m friends with Kristen.

That’s, I mean, that’s that’s awesome.

And also, I look at things like I think about it sometimes and I don’t know if I, you know, you start to have different definitions of success.


And is that because you have different definitions of success, or is it because you’re justifying it, you know, our and it’s probably a little bit of both, but I do remember there was a place we were playing.

I was out on two of the songwriter.

It was up in the mountains, California, this venue.

And it’s in this old loggers town and I was playing there and I we had just, I think we’re either on our way to La where I was going to see.


As a religious left, the can’t really remember.

But I was playing at this at this venue and and I was thinking for some reason, Kristen it like she entered my mind and I thought she would probably never play this venue and never get a chance to play this venue and I was and I think is because I was in love with this place now.


Yeah, this is like a romantic and amazing in the audience was, you know, 50 people or something.

It was in this tiny little place.

I’d never seen something so thoughtfully decorated.

I don’t even get into that, but I Like wow, just everything about this place is amazing night.


And and I hate saying this because Kristen’s not competing with me, right?

Nor am I consciously competing with her most time but now and then, if I ever like, I had this, so I’m I’m ashamed to say.

But I had this moment where it was, like, I was justifying That Celebrity to myself and I was saying you have some Kristen would never ever Kristen, right?


Kristen would never get to come in here and play this gig and in remain in Obscurity, yeah.

And and and get to have the exact same experience.

I have.

So I and there I’m sure there’s nothing that suggests supernormal thought to have.

I don’t think there’s anything negative about that.


But in fact what the fact that I would think something like that is indicative, that maybe there is some jealousy there.

I don’t know, something like that.

So yeah, and I guess, I’m my curiosity is more like first and foremost, you’re not in a cubicle 40 hours a week.


Yeah, wishing you could play music Professor.

So you’re already Like whatever the spectrum is, right?

You’re already in the 75th percentile because you’re doing the thing you love to do for a living, right?

So that’s that’s goes without saying but I do wonder if you ever played the game with yourself or you’re like, fuck.


If I had moved to New York like she did at 18, would I have been on a similar trajectory and where you and I did it.

You didn’t write, but do you ever play that game with yourself?

I think I’m at a spot where I say.

I did it.

I think.

That used to play that game.


Yeah, and now I’m going certainly, it’s evolved your, what?

The 38?

Yeah, it’s early and you have a kid that you love and you have your wife.

Is he who you love?


Have a great fucking life.

So it, yeah, would be very Unbecoming of you to be sitting around going like, fuck.

How did I end up here?

Because you end up somewhere great, but I only, I do wonder if when you were a little bit younger, we did you ever think like fuck.


Well, the only thing the only difference between her and I because there wasn’t a skill level difference was that she moved to New York.

No, no, I don’t think so.

I’m trying.

No, I don’t think I don’t think about it that much.


Okay, I think I think you’ve just surpassed how much I think about it.

Okay good, or maybe I just don’t think about it in that way.

I don’t know.

But the the little the the smaller person in me right now as far in regards to the celebrity and feelings of inadequacy and stuff is flattered.

That you even think about me that much, I do think about you a lot and, you know, and you’re amazing.


Versus my shitty life that is not at all what I think, because I don’t think the things about our life that are awesome.

Have anything to do with those elements that us being famous as being famous is like, you know, 5% of wire life’s great, in my opinion, for sure it but it is 5%.


Yeah, and that’s great because I because I kind of had like because I have had a little bit of a breakthrough, 10 years ago and I started realizing that I wanted that it was okay to want some professional success because for a long time, I felt If I’m playing good music, I don’t care where I am.

And I and that’s so idealistic and I and I and I did believe that for a long time and I still believe that when it when it works, there’s nothing better Kristen who basically moved New York had to drop out because she went to straight to Broadway.


I was in LA for 10 years auditioning and making zero money and was pretty certain that is how the whole experiment was going to finish and end in for me.

It was I had a show every Sunday at the Groundlings and around Thursday, or Friday?

I’m talking.

My friends in Michigan, who went another way and have speedboats, and houses, and kids, and I’m like, I fucking blew it, right?


But then, I would have that show on Sunday and it would be all this Fuel and I go.

No, it doesn’t really matter for me.

It doesn’t matter.

If I never leave this one-bedroom apartment Santa, Monica that show for me, fills up the well, so much that it’s it doesn’t matter.

Later wrote in the soil.

He said, there’s a, there’s a line.


And I think we may be off his new record, where it says.

You got a family but I got my dream.


And he’s talking to some girl from his past or something.


That and that’s and that’s cool.

And I thought it was arrogant all the same time ever and any of these topics or so, but he did it.


But he’s at a point where he can realize that.

And and so I said and like I don’t talk to Kristen about it too often, but I did ask.


I was like, was there a point where you’re like, yeah, I made it whatever which is which is almost an insensitive question away because it kind of like denies that there’s she’s way more Be faster than that then, you know, there’s more going on in her life.


Yeah, on that, but but she didn’t think there was really a moment and she thinks that’s more fan imposed stuff because I said, because I brought it, you know, I said, you know, the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, you know, that was the, you know, the definitive moment and so many stars and she said yeah, she said I think that’s more a status that’s conferred on Stars by well and it her in particular.


She has a oddly healthy perspective on all All of it.

I don’t know where that came from her.

Why she’s that way, but, you know, the thing you’re circling is this thing that I so you’ve watched American Idol.

And I we’ve watched a bunch of season’s American Idol.

And the thing I’ve always been really jealous of is that those kids when they, they have the coming home week, when they Whittle it down, to whatever it is like four or five of them or something, and then they go back to their Hometown and often they get, they get in a parade on a convertible and they sit in the back of this, convertible in The Whole Town’s cheering for them and they have brought it at.


Oh, I’ve seen Like a dozen times on American Idol and they like they can take it in, they absorb it and then they start crying.

And they feel the feeling of oh my God.

I did it.

And I have every time we see that I say to Chris and I’m like, I’ve never had that sensation II.

Still feel like the guy trying to get somewhere.


It’s just my nature.

I think and I’ve never read a lot.

Oh, I did it.

I made it.

I never had that.

He’s getting really felt that way though.

I mean, either that or they’re like great on demand, fake criers, but They are balling with this like adoration in for me.


And I’ve said this in the past, the way I take it all is really dictated on what my own self esteem.

Is that day?

So people in the airport will stop me all the time and those say like, oh I loved you in this and then the majority of the time I say to myself, well, they simply recognize me.


What the fuck else.

Are you supposed to say to me.

Other than that, you liked it.

They probably hated it, but you can’t do that.

So this person probably, who is me, but they, but they rob it as somebody was that.

Yeah, probably, what, yeah.

It’d be exciting to see how I navigated.

We added.

We had, we had like you and Monica have a lot of interesting talks about race.


And yeah, and analyst.

He’s she would sensitive and who knows where the center is and where the truth is, but I think you know, she’s certainly more sensitive than you and she has a right to be.

She’s right Indian, right?


Yeah, and I and I I think that I don’t want to say that you’re in But I said, I talked to you yesterday, I said and most people would be, you know, whatever we’re talking about.

Whatever is potentially offensive.

Yeah, and I think that’s going to become a thing.


Like I don’t think the I do like you’re not offended by things and also, although alter alternately.

I’m super sensitive.

Like on Twitter, if you if you say that like I looked ugly on something.

It really hurts my feeling really.

Oh, yeah.


Yeah, it definitely triggers.


All - I think.

I’m gonna think about that often.

Now, like, if would like, if there’s If there’s a racial conflict that I’m thinking about, you know, is this offensive, wasn’t it?

Monica’s rolling her eyes.

I’m so sorry for Monica’s.


Mike has been confiscated by the amplifier and it’s just not fair.

It’s bad timing back to Kristin.

She, she weirdly, I don’t think ever was striving for attention so much.


You know what I’m saying?

Like, I think she genuinely loves singing, she genuinely loves acting and she wasn’t feeling some whole.

I certainly was craving that attention, wanting that attention and then shortly after getting Going.

Oh, this isn’t what I thought it was.

This was let’s talk about something you and Kristin, both loved and bonded over so much in.


And I want to set you up to play a song.

You guys were both very huge.

Martin Sexton fan.


Still, I’m sure.

Yeah, we go, we go see him around the country, right.

You were basically parent or parrotheads deadheads.

Yeah, for Martin sex heads, sex ads and I have a favorite song of his in its escaping me right now.


Are you like candy?

Yes, I love Love candy.

Thank you.

That’s like it’s like asking like asking a guy with a cold to sing like Stevie Wonder.

Oh really?

Well, I kind of thought a cold would lend itself mazak.

Who knows man.

Alright, that’s I don’t know if I remember the sun you do.


Hey, little jailbait.

Tell me a story.

I’m a bum, a smoke.

We can chat about wanna hear talk straight.


So, let me hear a story before you get off and make change.


Talking about a woman who hasn’t felt today to while talking about a woman who just can’t say no.

She needs another lover.

Like she needs another dose in her bloody talking about a woman, but no candy.


She’s so far.

She’s shaking all the Backstreet lie.

Lacquer last danger that long for this world.


Don’t use a good emotional.

Don’t use the show.

My veins hisses.

Only when I speak and when I’m making tracks sweatman’s.

Just my mean way, show me where I am?


The can you tell me where I need to be?

If it’s true, those eyes is she won’t hurt this guy.

I see through it.

It’s they coming from the rain girl.


The ringer, talking about a woman.

She loves me like a dog loves a bone, talking about a woman.

I just can’t liquor.

I need another love.


Like I need another hole in my head.

We’re talking about a woman, no candy.

She’s so funny.

She’s shaking all the Backstreet line.


Like a loose cannon, a shame to explode.


When am I gonna learn to let you go?

You’re my candy.

You’re my last angel that long for this world.


Yeah, damn.

I know it’s fucking infuriating.

How talented you are.

Get out.

Get out.

I mean, it really is.

I’m sorry.

I don’t know that.

I’m, it’s, you want to talk about jealousy if we know anyone in our Circle.

I’m madly jealous of, I would fucking kill to be able to open my mouth and let that come out of my being.


It’s so intoxicating.

It’s such a superpower.

I’m so into it.

Thanks, man.

Oh, yeah, so so, yes, so yesterday, you you created a song with the help of my three-year-old, Delta U.

She created a song for the heck me.


All right, because so modest of you to defer.

Yeah, so what happened?

She said Oops.

I Farted, right?

Yeah, he does.

A lot of that.

Yeah, like her old man.





Who doesn’t man?

That was kind of like it.

Was it sparked something.



In the room during all the jewels in the room chair.

That was like, it was that song wrote itself.

We were just the best ones do, right?


I felt like Delta and I were just the vessel through, which that song came out.

It was already written.

It’s been written for 100 years, okay.


Here it goes.

It’s been written for 100 years.

So nice.

Round number.

Oopsy oopsy.




She’s oopsie.

Oopsie oopsie these.

Oops, I farted I farted oopsies.


Caesar see if season sees obscenity.

Oopsy oopsy sot, I farted.


I farted I farted.

Oh my God, I mean, could be a hit fucking song.

Yeah, that happened as Monica saying in 10 seconds and I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna I’m gonna steer my boat into the sacrum territory, but I do want to, I want to be sincere in this.


I have never witnessed anything like when you’re in our living room and my girls are singing with you in the way that you can incorporate the whole environment.

Turn it into this experience.

It’s I just am so grateful for it.

I’m so glad you’re in our life.


And I And you’ve every time you’re here, we joined the Bob train, you this this musical bubble.

You live in, then you invite us into it and it is, it’s such a great gift.

I’m sorry for everyone who doesn’t have a bomber vac in their life.


And I think like people like Bill Gates should hire you for a billion dollars to just come in and weave the fabric of their family and to this was a real examinable.


So if your little pisher big, I’m sure Bill Gates is earning, right?

Oh, one more thing, Monica.


I should have started by saying the armchair expert theme song and I never Tire of it.

I get sick of my own voice, but fuck that song could play 24/7 for me.

I should mention the guys who recorded those takachiho on bass and Rick beaming on drums, Keith Kaminsky and Mark, by early on tenor, sax and trumpet respectively.


And Brian Reilly, who engineered that session and they were just there killer they were, yes, I still don’t think I paid keys for the gig.

The pain this weekend or something like that.

Just take something from our house while you’re there.

So you’ve deemed to have some value and then just bestow it on to him.


But that theme song is the perfect example of your own eyes working relationship, which is occasionally in a movie.

When you cast somebody you have this idea and then they just fucking blow whatever idea you had out of here for me and chips Adam.

Brody was like his his role was almost a placeholder for the guy to give information.


Just every time he acted I was like, Holy shit.

Thank you for making this incredible thing.

It’s so fun.

So, yeah, you know, I give you a fair.

I can’t even remember the stupid broad Strokes.

I was saying to you like sincere yet, fun, Bubba, blah.

And then you come back with this and it just makes me so happy.

As I think we’re like mine did too.


And I’m really glad because because I don’t think everybody would have would have dug though.

I’m a bomber vac fans.

I like to every version and then this one which is that was awesome.

What you said about the living room and that makes it feel like a family and that’s really cool and And don’t die.



Okay, and I do think I have a thing with Krista.

It’s since she was we’ve always played music together and it’s just like when we get into some but I do think I have an effect on her and she’s most definitely gotten effect when you guys get together.

It is definitely like the Shel Silverstein missing piece thing like you guys click into this shared identity.


Which again is very much what Aaron weekly and I had which is like you were one person.

Yeah and in she’s so confident.

Around you.

She I can see her love music.

Ten times more when you’re around and that’s awesome.

Yeah, so why don’t you take this off with out with whatever your favorite song is to play my favorite song.


I plan on it’s a lot of pressure.

Oh somebody.

Yeah, that would be great.


Can we afford that?





Call the ASCAP.

Look at Monica’s crushing.

By the way.

She just reminded of us about oh farting.

She - that you wrote the theme song and now she’s reminding.


Me to be a good host, and have you play your own salsa?

Be about Monica?

We would be adrift at Sea.

Thank you.

This is actually appropriate.

This is the this is the first song I ever wrote.

And this was about a girl who broke my heart.


And this was, this was the girl who I started dating in high school when Kristen went out of town.

And she never take a trip, who knows?

We went down before, we would have sucked.

It’s great to know that.

Origin stories of iconic.

Thank you for when I walk in the door.


I don’t know.

If I write the melody, that will make you cry. but if the truth is good and ever come out, and I just met I just might Well, I know where it’s can get in the way.


Lord knows I’ve said too much but if there’s something I can do it’s gonna make you stay one more night.

I just might but, you know, you know, I changed my tune in the third movement.


But sometimes I can’t tell.

How is gonna hurt?

There’s no room for improvement, your God, just the same.


I hope you’re doing well.

I hope you’re doing well.

You and I will never be.


It it’s me anymore in the night.

Well, I don’t know where to go.

And I don’t know what to do.

Sit here, think about you, but you know, but you know, I just can’t help thinking that the next chance is gonna be the one where that, if I I changed my life.


You’ll come running along.

Well, that one day we’ll both the crying at the same song and you’ll hear my voice.

But for now, all I can say is, I hope you’re doing well.


I hope you’re doing well.

And I hope your angels shining bright and I hope your We enormous Mi heard for solo, but I think I’m coming around something real.


I took a deep breath out of you cried until I drown.


This is how I feel.

I hope you’re doing well.

I hope you’re doing well.



You know, side note to have a fucking Outlet when you’re young and you have a heartbreak the fact that you can you can use that to create something like your average, you know, 18 year old, they have a bar.


That’s what they do.

You go to at the bar with all those feelings and you, maybe turn that into a fistfight or underage, peel out leaving the parking lot while and driving.

Apparently, it’s really not, but I advocate Yeah, that was an honest one.


That was I remember that was an honest one of.



It was my that was my Was my Gateway in the songwriting.

It was as, you know, a real one.

I’ve always dug the real songs, you know, my father-in-law bust my balls about being too emotional.


He’s like, who my feelings feelings Bob?


Thanks for coming and sharing your superpower with us.

Tickled to you.

I love you.

I love you.

Good night.

Stay tuned.

If you’d like to hear my good friend and producer.

Monica badman point out.

The many errors in the podcast.

You just heard.

Monica badman, we Bob Murdoch was just on and I bet it was hard for you to even fact-check because when we left that conversation, you said to me, what did you say about Bob?


I said, he’s the most talented person I’ve ever met in real life.

Yeah, and that just made me so happy because I feel the same way about Bob and I mentioned it during the podcast.

But again, he was very, very sick.

So his voice normally has even five times better.

He’s a Phenom and we love them.


What did he say that?

We can embarrass him with very quick.

I was a quick one quick fact check.

So Kristen was on the homecoming court or a little dicey on whether or not she was on the homecoming court and I clarified.

And she was, she did not win.


Okay, good.

Now, it doesn’t deserve to win.

But did you did when you where did you find this?

You didn’t ask her.

I asked her.

Well, that’s that’s what it was.

And I say this would love.

I would step in front of 1,000 trains for her mother of my children.


She’s perfect.

Her memory is Is useless.

So I wish you would have like, consulted her yearbook or something.

Well, listen, she went to that phony, baloney, High School know, him.

Probably even have a year.

But no, this is what happened when Bob was talking about it.

I said, wait, wasn’t she on the homecoming court?


Because I remember seeing pictures.


From My Perfect Memory, uh-huh, right.

And then I decided to just corroborate.

And so I double checked with her and she said the same and you’re right, if she is, she’s not a 50/50 shot.


She’s not all that reliable in her memory, but all in so many other ways again, America.

I just love her.

She’s so nice.

Do you love her?


I love her too.

But her memories for the fucking Birds.

They really.

I mean the where it really hits home is just the idea that she’s forgotten about fitful vacations.


We’ve taken, you know, that’s a little.

Yeah, it’s a little rough to stomach initially.

I mean visit a bad vacation.

No, that’s what makes it sad as it was like a very nice memorable.

On vacation that you’d hope to reflect on a porch on a farm.


When you’re retired.

That’ll just be me explaining to her where we went and I shall have to rely on me, for me to go, you’re really happy like, you know, you loved this vacation.


I hope she remembers our previous vacation from this year again, if yes, it does.



So we that we all went on a vacation Lover’s Retreat, to be the true children Monica Bell and I went to beaches in Turks and Caicos it was Awesome.

How sad will you be when in 5 months?

You go?

I wasn’t it fun when you’re watching peaky?

Blind and she’s like, we had couples massages.


Yeah, you and her had a couples massage that she won’t remember any of that.

Isn’t that a little bit heartbreaking?

Yeah, but I have the memory for all three of us.

Yeah, and ultimately it really is only about your memory.

What the fuck do you hear something?


Yeah memory.

Yeah, but she was on the homecoming Court, the Harry Connick jr.


Song that Kristen love and Bob played a lot in high school is called book.



People want to go check that song.

I Wish legally, we could just play it right now because it would be promoting him, but we can’t do that.

I don’t, we do someone money.

You can look it up on iTunes.

It’s an impressive display of P.


Anak ability, not a word, but should be and I prowess.

And then when Kristen was on that show heat Harry Connick jr.

Played that played it for her person brat.

She probably won’t remember that a couple no-show.


Remember that because it’s music.

Yeah, anything music-related.

She’s it’s there.

Bob mentioned that Ryan Gosling has some music projects on the side.

When you guys are talking about a la land and and he had said, oh, it’s something bones or something.


And Ryan Gosling is 1/2 of a rock duo called Dead Man’s Bones.

Okay, his friend Zack Shields.

Is he dead?

Zack know, maybe said, man.

It’s a ghost and him.

Okay, and they’ve had one album release in 2009, called Dead Man’s boat.


Birds, did you listen to it?

No, I wish you would have said well me whether it’s it would be hard for me to like it, you know another actor who had a musical project that few people know about is Robert Downey before Iron Man had an album that I love.


Oh my god.

Did I love it?

You know, I had those reoccurring dreams about him and everything so that probably fed into it but he is a fucking awesome voice I’ve ever.

Heard him sing with with sting.


Oh my God, he sings with sting.

It’s It’s outrageous.

It’s what’s the genre of his music?


Yeah, it’s interesting.

It’s hard to kind of pinpoint and that’s probably why it wasn’t a gigantic lie successful.

He had one of his songs was on the Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang soundtrack, but it’s kind of jazz, you know, it’s a little bit Jazz.


This is a negative word you use with it, but a little new agey Jazzy feel but it’s tremendous.


What I was going to say about Ryan, Gosling, because I’m jealous of him.

I’m not jealous of Robert Downey, jr.

I look up to him and worship him, like a deity.


But Ryan Gosling, I’m jealous of, okay.


Can you clarify the difference?


Well, I think ones much older than me, you know, and ones younger than me.

So it’s threatening.

Like, I look at down.

He’s an elder Statesman in my life.

Like I was a kid when I saw him and you couldn’t have been in things.


He was in, could have never been in him.

He’s of a different era.

Why, you know, even though we’re only like, I don’t know, nine years apart or something.

But but he when he was in a Weird Science, he was his tiniest role and I was just fucking straight Target lock on him.


So drawn to him.

I just I just love them and Ryan Gosling’s more like I’m already working.


This guy comes out of nowhere.

He’s fucking great.

He’s better than me.

He is.

So good-looking.

I’ve talked about this, this stupid identity.


Find out for myself where I thought I was a macho because I rode motorcycles and stuff.

Yeah, this guy by my estimation.

He came out of like Disney the he was on The Mickey Mouse Club is on Mickey Mouse.

So like my worst nightmare would be the guys would find out.


I was on the Mickey Mouse Club show right?

From the identity.

I was trying to carve out as someone who fought a lot and rode motorcycles.

And here’s a guy that proves that you’re way more appealing by just being a nice source of Bright Lights, is what we were just talking.

Thing about you realize that we were just talking about on another fact.



Okay, about acapella groups.


Don’t don’t don’t use this comes from Weaver.

We’ve said enough about the product.


So for a guy to take a completely opposite approach as you taken in life and then yield all these amazing results.


Of course.

I’m just jealous of him.

Yeah, of course and then I’m going to go even I’m going to really deep dive this.


Me is, someone will hear this and not only report one part of this sentence to him, and he’ll think I was bad-mouthing him, which I’m not.

So I’m in awe of his talent.


He’s perfect, but the other is, so I thought he was so brilliant half-nelson.

If you never seen that movie, it mean what a performance.

It blew my mind.

I’m like this guy is it, then I saw in a couple movies where I thought he was just too.

Busy, too flashy.

The too big of a little crazy jacket, crazy hair too, many tattoos.


Right things.

That might not have been.

His decision.

No, I think they’re definitely driven by him because I’ve been in those situations, you’re talking the director.

All I think it’d be cool if he had this this and this and should certainly.

I think he made a lot of these choices, but then, if I’m, I’m super honest about that.


It’s because I’ve done some stupid shit in my career where I was just trying to get a ton of attention.

And so, I’m naturally assuming for Jackie.

I’m projecting that he too was a bottomless pit of approval and then so I’m hard on him for making similar dumb choices.


Ever made.

We really just do that all the time.

We just see the things and other people and we hate about our stuff sounds.

And then the list for me is long.

That’s why I’m so many people I could make the same speech about, you know, I’m just jealous of them.

But anyway, so that all that in some Asian was his music would have to be really fucking great for me to concede.


That it was great because I’m jealous of them Downey.

Probably could have been half good out of loved it here.

This kid have to be extra good for me to like it.

Because he’s so gifted and gorgeous.



Bob said that George Clooney likes to put jazz music in his movies.


Okay, and he mentioned, good night and good luck, but couldn’t remember the other one and he does have jazz songs in both of the movies.

He’s directed before, Ides of March.

The one that Bob was in Confessions of a mind and leather heads.

They both have jazz music.


Even Leatherhead.

Yeah, didn’t see it but it didn’t seem like a jazzy type movie.

Yeah, but it was it was set in it. .

Yeah, it leather.

And all I can remember from the trailer is Krasinski, wearing a leather helmet.

Yeah, that’s about.

I had a movie poster of that in my room yet body.



I did.

Oh my god.

Let’s go over.

Your crush is really quick.

Your number 12.

We have been crushed.

But Matt, Damon and Ben Affleck.

Number one.

They’re tied for number five.

Remember one for Life.


And your goggles for them.

It’s just the best.

It’s so not doesn’t matter what they do.


It does matter, they do the right thing, always.


There you go.

That’s right.

One of them.

Yeah, even if one of them was like, showed up on a red carpet, very, very puking.

They just pull them out of a river.

You’d be like, look at that.


That’s how you do a red carpet.


Sorry weird.

Easterly really are after I got really hop track.

Anyway, I had a movie poster and they were wearing helmets.

So leather helmets, leather heads Bob is talking about His person, he had over.


Who was a part of the Hungarian Revolution.

Hmm, and he said, it was a six or eight day thing in 1956, and he was half right about that, which I find that’s good.

Pretty good.

You be 30%, right?

You’re crushing it.



The Hungarian Revolution was in 1956, but it lasted from October 23rd to November 10th.

So it was a bit longer than 17 days or 18 days.

Yeah, you like how quickly I do math, but there’s the makes me feel nervous because then I feel like, oh, I gotta check it and I can’t check it that quickly.


You said 23rd, right?

So, seven days to 30.


We’re into a new month plus 10.

Yeah, but October has 31 days.

Yeah, that’s why I said 17 or 18 because I don’t know how many days are in October, but I know it’s going to be 30 or 31 18.

Yeah, great.



Well, so no wonder he said, hey, is it was 18.

So he had the eight.

It’s a story.

He said six or eight.

So yeah, that’s what I’m gonna give it to him still and that was a nationwide revolt against the government of the hungarians, people Republic, and its Soviet imposed policies.


Mmm Revolution.

Yeah, that whole block over there was.

Real busy with Soviet stuff and communist.

And yeah, Cold War.

What else we got?

Okay, last one.


It’s a soft fact.

Okay, you said, the new generation is not going to go back and watch like old classics like Fletch Caddyshack and Smokey and the Bandit.


Yeah, and I don’t know that, that’s true.

I think there are Classics that people still see young people.

I will be very honest and say I haven’t seen any of those three movies.

And let me just put a qualifier on there.

You’re a fucking comedian.




So if you haven’t seen them.

How on Earth.

Who’s someone?

Who’s not obsessed with comedy?

Gonna go.

See, I know, but I have a big, big, big crush, a human.

I spent my whole, my every minute.


I had Watching.

Good Will Hunting on repeat.

So I didn’t have much time to watch, Fletch, cat and Caddyshack.



So I’m a weird case.


Yeah, it wasn’t worth studying a lot.

You got perfect grades.

I was some people are lazier.


Okay, about now, that makes me mad at you.


I can accept that.

You got a 4.0 if I knew you worked hard, but if you just tell me, you found it in and got a 4.0.

Then I’m going to naturally hit you.

Just like, what’s his name?

Just like Ryan Gosling.


I’m gonna put you in my rosin guy.

And if you ever have a fucking band, it had better be as good as the Rolling Stones for me to just think it’s as good as REO Speedwagon.

First of all, I’m very happy to be included in any category that Ryan Gosling is a okay, so I feel good about that second. - 4.0 in high school, you got a three point.


Nine nine nine.

No, I got something in high school that I don’t remember, but was high, but was not a four-point.

Okay, but in college 4.01, be 89.9 wouldn’t?

I was high, I was in the three-seven range.


I think whatever magnet islami was.

I don’t even say the word, right?

But I got it.

How do you say it?

Magna cum on that day, right?

Say the laude part.

That’s a weird word.

I say that they should give that award to anyone who can pronounce it correctly.

That’s it for Bob Novak.


Sorry, that we took up most of Bob’s time with Ryan Gosling musings in Robert Downey jr.

Musings, but such is the way of, I don’t think it’s River.

I don’t apologize for the amount of time.

We took up talking about Ben and Matt know we need to do it.

All Standalone episode about the many ways, you’ve demonstrated your obsession for them.


And yeah, I’m split, by the way, I half of me wants to cash in all my cultural capital in and get them to have dinner with you for your birthday because it would make your dreams come true.

But then the other half of me is like they’re just real people.


So you’re going to you’re going to probably be bummed but look like what my obsession with Natalie Portman.

It is just no way that she could have delivered.

Yeah, my obsession with her.

Yeah, and we’ve also discussed that I don’t find famous people interesting anymore.

Okay, by their Fame.


Aha, okay, um, but I still am in love with them.

You’re not giving that as much credit as you should look.

I only I only suggest that may happen because I’ve been there myself.

I would have, I would have my senior year of high school.


I would have cut off some of my toes or fingers to go on a date with Neve Campbell.

I mean, I used to watch party of five in my heart hurt, so bad for her.

It was like painful for me to watch that show.

I loved her so much.


And then I met her and she’s very, she’s pretty and nice.

She’s wonderful, but she’s not the character on the show.

Do you know those guys are not in Good, Will Hunting.

I Mean, he’s Matt Damon as smart as he is.

He is not that smart.

You know, he’s yes.

Not as smart as Will Hunting.

Oh bona fide, genius.



A savant is very smart because I’ve watched so many YouTube videos.

I can’t even tell you what it was YouTube.

I would did he go to Hoppers.

Yeah, I went to Harvey.


Well, that’s cool.

Now we partner with the have it taken.

Oh, yeah.

All right, go to have it.



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